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P ULEKINA H A ‘ ILONO (“Sharing of the News” Bulletin)


CEO / President’s Corner Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC Named on Top Business List for 2009 In recognition of the economic power of privately held businesses,, the nations’ leading business-to-business internet site, recently named Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC as one of the top businesses in the United States.

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

This is the 9th annual listing of the State’s and/or Nation’s top businesses by Ranging in revenue size, the companies listed on the Top Business Lists represent the Nation’s top multicultural earners and challenge the long-held notion that a privately held business is small or insignificant. Winners are sought after by major corporations wishing to increase spending with small businesses. “Entrepreneurs are a growing force in the U.S. economy, and a force to be reckoned with,” said Kenton Clarke, CEO of Computer Consulting Associates International, the company that built This is a whole business segment that can carry its own, that provides jobs, products and services, and generates wealth for their communities. These are the new leaders in American business.” “Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC has build a trusted name in the industry, and being a partner to the community, by providing exceptional services and solutions via an ethical employee-oriented company that gives back.” said Dr. Raymond Jardine Jr., President & CEO of Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC.

The List This List is a classification that represents the top small businesses in the Inside this issue: U.S., in sectors such as technology, manufacturing, food service and professional services. Large organizational buyers throughout the country that do business with multicultural, small and women-owned businesses E Komo Mai, Anniversaries, 2 use the list. The List is produced annually by, the Birthdays nation's leading multicultural B2B Internet portal that links large organ- Ho’okipa—Revisited 3 izational buyers to multicultural product and service suppliers. Spotlight: Strategic Planning Conference

The winning companies will be honored at a special awards ceremony at’s “9th Annual Multicultural Business Confer- CNIC Change in Command ence”, taking place April 29 – May 1, 2009 at the Disney’s ContempoSmall Business Person of the rary Resort in Orlando, Florida. Year 2009

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC will be honored in eight categories:        

Top 100 Native American Owned Business in the US – 92 Top 500 Hispanic American Owned Business in the US – 310 Top 500 Asian Owned Businesses in the US – 416 Top 500 Veteran Owned Businesses in the US – 266 Top 100 Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses in the US – 90 Top 100 Privately held Businesses in Hawaii – 23 Top 50 Diversity Owned Businesses in Hawaii – 10 Top 100 Disabled Owned Businesses in the US – 42

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NHV Assists in Go Live


Fire & Emergency Services from NHV


NHV Execs Attend the Inaugural Ball


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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono E Komo Mai—Welcome! David Bean, Shore Force Training Instructor Matt Keith, Battle Watch Supervisor Garnet Lever, Physical Security Specialist

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

Anniversaries Charlie Kistler Rick Giorgi Mark Brunette Vance Aydlett, Jr Dave Butler Gene Carmody, Jr William Dietz James Meagher Lorrie Villanueva Bud Williams David Aponte Todd Finnigan Lucianna Pikelny-Lawrence Puni Akana

Start Date


1/1/2008 1/24/2007 1/31/2008 2/1/2008 2/1/2008 2/1/2008 2/1/2008 2/1/2008 2/1/2008 2/1/2008 2/21/2007 3/19/2007 3/19/2007 3/27/2006

Technical Writer Force Protection Analyst Director of Strategic Development—DoD F&ES SME F&ES SME F&ES SME F&ES SME F&ES SME Editing Analyst F&ES SME EM Analyst Training Specialist Training Specialist Chief Operating Officer/FSO

No. of Years

1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3

Hau’oli La Hanau—Happy Birthday! Ralph Ayala Gene Carmody, Jr Thomas Bourque Robert Brush Marco Beltran, Jr Michael Jones Michelle Ponce Omar Cruz Clayton Kaplan

January 3rd January 3rd January 8th January 8th January 13th January 25th February 3rd February 9th February 10th

Jasen Takei Hector Medina Charles Kramer Amber Cazimero Carlos Rosado Stormy Baird David Dyer Megan Noyes

February 11th February 17th February 17th February 19th February 25th March 5th March 19th March 20th

Awarded Contracts Current Open Contracts = 37 Awarded contracts (Jan—Mar) = 10 Of those awarded contracts, 2 were renewed contracts.

Closed contracts (Jan—Mar) = 12 Contracts being actively pursued = 46

Did you know? … More Cost Savings from TRICARE Posted by: Major General Elder Granger It’s my pleasure to discuss how TRICARE is helping our eligible National Guard and Reserve members save money. With a change in law, TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) monthly premiums dropped on Jan. 1, 2009. To read the entire blog entry visit:

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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono Word of the day… Ho`okipa—Revisited Ho‘okipa is the hospitality of complete giving. For there to be ho‘okipa, hospitality must be unconditional. Unconditional means there are absolutely no strings attached.

She is there for you, and for no other reason. You soon understand that the lei is not really the gift; it is actually the lasting reminder you will take with you. It remains so you can keep holding that moment of aloha she had given you before the lei was placed around your shoulders, so that its beautiful scent could entice your own aloha spirit to come out and play. However by then, it might very well be that the woman is gone, an artist of ho‘okipa who has already left her mark. She did not have to wait for you to receive completely, because she had already given completely. Her giving has been unconditional, and her art gloriously celebrated. You have just been in the presence of Mea Ho‘okipa, that rare person whose ho‘ohana it is to share hospitality with complete giving. Excerpt from: Managing with Aloha by Rosa Say. For more information the author and the book go to: The book can also be purchased at

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

Imagine that you are standing in front of this beautiful woman, her smile exquisitely captured in the photo above. She is ready to give you her flower lei of yellow plumeria, but it is gently and patiently held, resting well below her relaxed shoulders so she can be fully present for you. Her first gift, her first genuine desire, is that you receive the just-for-you intention of her smile. She waits, so you will connect with the look in her eyes seeking to share warmth, sincerity, and the complete aloha she has bubbling effervescently within her countenance. You are in a wonderful place, natural, green, verdant, but it has become a background now fuzzy and unimportant; all the focus is on the breadth of her grace in your presence, and the giving of her smile to you.

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Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

By Charlie Kistler On February 5-6 2009 a Strategic Planning Conference was hosted by the Battelle Crystal City Regional Operations office for the Native Hawaiian Veterans (NHV) Executive Team. Ken Tourison, Vice President and Manager for the Battelle National Security Division facilitated the two day working session in an effort to build a second generation NHV Business Plan to include the next ten years of growth. In his opening remarks Raymond Jardine, NHV President & CEO, praised the accomplishments of the company for meeting or exceeding the milestones established in the initial Business Plan that spanned the first five years of building a foundation of vision, mission and values. Some key strategic areas of discussion included the importance of maintaining corporate values, refining and strengthening core competencies, fully harnessing the status and certifications of the company, cultivating and promoting champions within

the client and teaming community, and empowering the NHV work force to succeed as the growth strategy continues to unveil itself. A comprehensive Business Plan will be crafted from this strategic planning conference that will provide a roadmap for capturing and managing growth as we collectively build the next phase of this company’s future according to closing remarks by Ray Jardine. During the Strategic Planning Conference, Battelle hosted a Chinese New Year Celebration which featured Kenneth D. Tourison as a guest speaker in honor of his family heritage. A slide presentation was narrated by Ken about Chinese customs and family traditions and a Chinese dragon dance concluded the celebration followed by an authentic Chinese meal.

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NHV Spotlight

From L to R: Dennie G. Bourbeau Program Manager, Michael P. Jones Executive Vice-President, Mark Brunette Director of Strategic Development, Chinese Dragon from Ming Dynasty and Kenneth D. Tourison Vice President and Manager Battelle National Security Division

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

From L to R: Kenneth D. Tourison Vice President and Manager Battelle National Security Division, Mark Brunette Director of Strategic Development, Raymond Jardine Jr. President & CEO and Michael P. Jones Executive Vice President Native Hawaiian Veterans.

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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono


Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

Vice Admiral Michael C. Vitale relieved Vice Admiral Bob Conway, Jr., as Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC) Friday during a ceremony at the Washington Navy Yard’s Sail Loft on Friday, January 30th 2009. Raymond Jardine, Jr, NHV President & CEO and Michael Jones, NHV Executive Vice President flew to Washington, D.C. to attend the ceremony. There they congratulated Vice Admiral Vitale on his new position and Vice Admiral Conway on his new beginnings. Both Vice Admiral Conway and Vice Admiral Vitale served portions of their Naval career at Pearl Harbor as Commander, Navy Region Hawaii and Commander, Naval Surface Group, Middle Pacific. Both have worked closely with our NHV Executives and some of our employees. NHV looks forward to working with Vice Admiral Vitale in providing services to CNIC. For a full article on the “CNIC holds change in command,” go to Newsroom/PressReleases/CNICC_066314

Official U.S. Navy photo by Bruce Moody

Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead acknowledges Vice Adm. Michael C. Vitale as he assumes duties as Commander Naval Installations Command from Vice Adm. Bob Conway Jr., during ceremonies held Friday in the Sail Loft on Washington Navy Yard

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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono

SMALL BUSINESS PERSON OF THE YEAR 2009 Vaughn Vasconcellos, president and chief executive officer of Akimeka LLC, has been named this year's small business person of the year for Hawaii. The U.S. Small Business Administration honors outstanding small-business owners, entrepreneurs and advocates who have made important economic and quality-of-life contributions. Akimeka, founded in 1997, is a fast-growing native Hawaiian company that provides specialized technology solutions mostly for government agencies, including the U.S. Department of Defense. The company graduated from SBA's 8(a) program a few years ago, and has expanded since then.

Full article can found on: _award_winners_for_2009.html?page=1&c=y


From L to R: Rebecca Soon, Barb Payomo, Raymond Jardine, Chris Dawson, Dorian Espinosa, Lika and Puni Akana

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

Vaughn Vasconcellos also sits on the Advisory Board for NHV and was very instrumental in assisting NHV get started back in December 2004. NHV would like to congratulate Vaughn Vasconcellos on a well deserved win and also thank him for all of his knowledge and wisdom that he has shared with NHV.

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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono

NHV ASSISTS IN “GO LIVE” AT NRSE RDC By Lucianna Pikelny-Lawrence

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

In December 2005, Northrop Grumman Corporation was awarded a contract by the U.S. Navy for the implementation of an emergency response management system that will automate dispatch operations and improve incident response times. Northrop Grumman's teammates on the contract include GE Security and GETAC, Lake Forest, Calif.; Native Hawaiian Veterans, Honolulu; Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, Calif.; Environmental Systems Research, Redlands, Calif.; Security Information Systems, Orlando, Fla.; and G/I/S Inc., Birmingham, Ala. The Navy Emergency Response Management System (NERMS) is a consolidated Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system that combines traditional fire, police, and medical dispatch services with modern GIS real-time services such as address verification, automatic vehicle location, automatic vehicle recommendation and routing, map displays, and online GIS updating to enhance emergency response. NERMS is fully-integrated, scalable, and expandable, supporting Navy police, firefighters, and EMS at Navy shore locations in the continental United States. NERMS operates out of Regional Dispatch Centers; one located in Jacksonville, Florida (Navy Region Southeast – NRSE) and the other located in San Diego, California (Navy Region Southwest – NRSW). The RDCs will provide video monitoring, emergency call-taking, alarm monitoring and communicates with installation-level first responders via radios and Mobile Data Computers (MDC) in emergency vehicles in over 30 Navy shore installations. A year ago Michelle Ponce, Lucianna PikelnyLawrence and Todd Finnigan went to NRSE to train the dispatchers, police officers and firefighters on three fully-integrated system components: (1) Records Management System (RMS), the enterprise web portal centrally hosted for access by all Navy fire, police, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel and their commands; (2) Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), providing dis-

patchers with visual display, automated incident tracking capabilities, and increased dispatching capability with extended geographic coverage; and (3) Mobile Data Computers (MDCs), providing CAD capabilities to field personnel in emergency response vehicles, response unit communication with dispatch centers, and real-time input to the records management application. On Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 0800 hours, NRSE Regional Dispatch Center (RDC) officially went “Live” and switched all 9-1-1 and administrative calls and the control of dispatch for NAS Jacksonville’s Security and Fire & Emergency Services First Responders to the new NRSE RDC. Lucianna Pikelny-Lawrence and Michelle Ponce assisted during the “Go Live.” In the next few months, NRSW will also “Go Live” bringing another RDC online to serve the Navy, its Installations and Military Families. NHV is proud to assist in this segment of the NERMS project for the United States Navy.

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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono


The F&ES team consists of retired Regional Fire Chiefs that have over 260 years of combined experience in firefighting. With Mike Jones, NHV’s Executive Vice President as the Program Manager, he has put together a great team that includes: David Butler, Bud Williams, Bill Dietz, Gene Carmody, CT Campbell, Vance Aydlett, and James Meagher. The F&ES Team has assessed over 22 Navy Installations. Here is a response from CNRH’s Federal Fire Chief Glenn de Laura: “CNRH has just completed their PCA with the Team from NHV and a Representative from CNIC. The team consisted of 3 retired Navy F&ES Region Fire Chief, 1 Retired Fire Chief from both the Army/ Marine Corp F&ES and 1 "EMS" SME. This team went through our department with a fine tooth comb working 12 hours days (to include the weekend) right along side of [CNRH FFD’s] team, for two straight weeks. Having 35 yrs. in this department and going through many visits by the old Fire Marshall's program and a lot of various contract visits, WE as a Region organization had never gone through something like this. Although the team identified a lot of puka's (holes) in various programs, they actually sat with members of our department and suggested ways of correcting or improving things. Being former Navy Region Chiefs they were

all well respected, but more-so very knowledgeable about our programs. Being a Region that services both the Army and Marine Corp, they brought in a Retired SME from those areas, [and the NHV team] also educated themselves [in] those areas. They took the time out to actually understand the entire response area, not only areas where Fire Stations are located. They pounded us but more so, listened to us. It gave the CNIC Rep the time to sit with the Region Chief and discuss Region programs and other areas where CNIC could assist or even take back ideas, something he could not do while doing assessments. In conclusion, in my opinion the decision by CNIC to hand this off to this particular group is a great decision, but I also feel that a Region Fire Chief tagging along with them will ultimately increase their knowledge of their own Regions. This opportunity should not go away. Our department took many hits in the last two weeks, many that were addressed already but the ones that we are working on right now will definitely make our department a great example of what a CNIC Regional Department should look like.” Congratulations F&ES Team on another job well done.

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

Fire and Emergency Services (F&ES) is one of the many services that NHV provides to its customers. It is one of the core competencies that NHV is known for. One of NHV’s subcontracts from Battelle was entitled: Vision 2020. The contract’s objective was to develop an overarching strategy and policy for F&ES as the Navy moves into the 21st Century by evaluating the options available for specific program initiatives necessary to bring the required operational capability of the F&ES into alignment with the projected operational environment of the Navy in the year 2020.

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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono


Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

On January 20, 2009, NHV Executives Raymond Jardine, Jr, Michael Jones, and Jasen Takei witnessed a historic moment as Barack Obama was sworn into office as the President of the United States. NHV was graciously invited to join the festivities at the 2009 Hawai’i State Society Inaugural Ball.

Senator Daniel Inouye and Raymond Jardine, Jr

Michael Jones, Congressman Neil Abercrombie and Ray Jardine

Congresswoman Mazie Hirono and Ray Jardine

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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono

Mike Jones, Ray Jefferson, Ray Jardine, Jasen Takei

Mike and Ya Jones

Vaughn Vasconcellos, Ray Jardine, Chris Dawson Sons of Hawaii (with flower leis)

Vaughn Vasconcellos, Kimo Wong, Ray Jardine

HNL C&C Mayor Mufi Hanneman & Ya Jones

Raiatea’s Manager, Raiatea Helm, Ray Jardine

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC

Vaughn Vasconcellos, Ray Jardine, Chris Dawson

Beadie Dawson, Mike Jones, Ray Jefferson, Donne Dawson, Ray Jardine, Jasen Takei

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Ho’okipa Pulekina Ha’ilono

To be known as an exceptional provider of products, services and solutions to our partners and for our customers while fostering growth and profitability for our ohana and enriching our community. 3375 Koapaka Street Ste B-286 Honolulu, HI 96819-1867 Phone: 808-792-7528 Fax: 808-792-7527 E-mail:


Founding Core Values Ohana—the circle of those who are family and those chosen as family Alaka‘i—leading with initiative and by setting a good example Kina‘ole—doing the right thing, the right way, the first time

Newsletter Staff: Rudy Navor, Lucianna Pikelny-Lawrence, Michelle Ponce, Todd Finnigan

Partners and Customers

Lokahi—working together to achieve more Ho‘okipa—sharing with our ohana and our community

Native Hawaiian Veterans, LLC


Hookipa - Issue 4  

Sharing of the News!

Hookipa - Issue 4  

Sharing of the News!