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Native Foods Resource Guide Community Wellness Department FIRST EDITION

Welcome to NAHC’s Native Foods Resource Guide! In response to requests from NAHC Community Wellness Department staff, we have compiled this guide as a resource to facilitate greater use of Native foods and food vendors in our programs and events.

We have gathered information on the following categories: Native Food Vendors: Community-based food enterprises nationwide that sell traditional food products. We have contacted each of these vendors to ensure they will accept NAHC’s check payments, and obtained their pricing and product lists. Native Caterers: Native-owned catering businesses in the Bay Area that you could use for events. Sample menus are provided Native Food Presenters: local community members with knowledge in Native foods who may be available to provide food demonstrations or presentations. *This Guide is current as of July 2012.

This Resource Guide in addition to full price lists and resources from NAHC Nutrition and Fitness are stored in the shared drive: S:\FCGC\Shared\Native Foods To add vendor, caterer, or presenter suggestions, or any other resources to this Guide, please contact Bonney at

Native Foods Resource Guide In this guide you will find: Introduction

What do we mean by Native Foods?


Native Owned Food Vendors

List of Vendors 3-4

Pricing and Product Lists 5-8

Local Native Foods Caterers & Consultants

List of Native Caterers and Presenters

Resources and Links Native Foods & Recipes: Pinterest Pages Cookbooks and Resources at NAHC


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What do we mean by Native Foods?

When we say ‘Native Foods’ we mean more than food in its usual sense. We mean nourishment. Sacred Nourishment. We mean the foods that sustained us before we were introduced to white flour on reservations. The foods that are indigenous to the land we are also indigenous to. The nourishment that our ancestors formed deep relationships with and still remain embedded in our genetic and spiritual memory. These foods unlock this memory. They are the best foods for our health as indigenous people. Our bodies, over thousands of years, were made to eat the foods naturally found on the land we live with. Corn, potatoes, pine nuts, squashes, cactus fruit, etc. were the foods our bodies adapted to, not white flour or alcohol. White flour has been of the greatest detriment to our physical health in the past five hundred years: it has led to obesity and diabetes. Alcohol has been of immense detriment to our spiritual, psychological, and communal health since its introduction was made (many ‘treaties’ were skewed with alcohol by forcing chiefs to drink it as if it carried cultural importance in meetings and then in their intoxicated state, they would be taken advantage of and land would be stolen) and has resulted in crippling alcoholism and a devastating death toll in DUI’s on reservations. To be in balance with the earth, we must be balanced within ourselves first. And nutrition is the first step. Many times, our traditional, healthier foods are more expensive, and therefore less accessible while unhealthy floury sugar products are more convenient in price. So at the NAHC, we thought there had to be a way to combat this obstacle. If we could reach out and find Native owned companies that sell Native grown and cultivated foods, we would not only


promote our own health, but the health of the community, and in buying from these businesses we would be supporting the health of the communities of growers and sellers of indigenous foods across the Americas. In this way, we hope to feed our surrounding community the foods they should be eating with their overall health in mind at the events we have in the future. In addition to this, we wanted to spread the awareness of the foods that are native to North America, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. in some sort of widely-accessed way. So we created a Pinterest where we are actively posting pictures of the native foods and recipes both traditional and new. In this way, we hope to raise a generation aware of the roots our ancestors left behind for us to cultivate. Now it is time to harvest and plant them anew. Kelatztli Mendoza, NAHC Community Wellness Department Intern May 2012



Vendors Tsyunhehkwa: Oneida Nation Cannery Oneida Tanka: Native American Natural Foods Oglala Lakota Native Harvest Ojibwe Red Lake Nation Foods Red Lake Bineshii Foods Ojibwe Native Natural Foods Navajo McGreevy’s Midwest Meats Lower Brule Sioux Native Natural Isleta Pueblo Sugpiaq Sun’aq Tribe Umpqua Indian Foods Cow Creek Band, Umpqua


Pricing and Product Lists For CWD Staff: To order, contact each vendor directly to price your order and obtain an invoice. Submit this invoice with your check request and have checks sent to the vendor. See the Shared drive (S:\FCGC\Shared\Native Foods) for any additional pricing info or order forms we have for these vendors.

Native Natural

Joseph E. Jaramillo | (505) 869-6327 | 300 Tribal Road 90 | Albuquerque, NM 87105

Blue Corn Meal (1lb) $4.00 Anasazi Beans (1lb) $4.00 Parched Blue Corn (1lb) $5.00 Red Chile Pods (8 oz) $3.00 Blue Corn Pancake Mix (12 oz) $4.00 Blue Corn Muffin Mix (12 oz) $4.00

Bineshii Wholesale


(218) 335-8461 | 1 (800) 484-2347: Pin #7580 |

Fry Bread Mix (12 oz) Corn Bread Mix (12.5 oz) Yellow/White Hominy (1lb) Wild Rice Salad Mix (1) Wild Rice Soup Mix (1) Blueberry Pancake Syrup (12 oz) Jams (8 oz)

$4.20 $4.20 $5.40 $6.00 $6.00 $9.00 $4.20

Tanka: Native American Natural Foods

Donna Looks Twice | Toll Free: 1 (800) 416- 7212 | Phone: (505) 869-6327 Fax: (605 455-2019 | 287 Water Tower Road | Kyle, SD 57752

Tanka Bar Traditional Box (12 bars) Tanka Bar Spicy Blend (12 bars) Tanka Bar Traditional Case (144 bars) Tanka Bar Combo Case (144 bars) Tanka Bites Traditional (6 pouches) Tanka Bites Spicy Blend (6 pouches) Tanka Bites Traditional Case (36 bags) Tanka Bites Spicy Blend (36 bags) Tanka Wild Gourmet Sausage (1lb) Tanka Sticks Traditional (13 sticks) Tanka Spicy Sticks (13 Spicy sticks) Tanka Sticks Traditional (144sticks) Tanka Sticks Spicy Case (144 sticks)

$28.80 $28.80 $345.60 $345.60 $38.94 $38.94 $233.64 $233.64 $16.89 $21.58 $21.58 $239.04 $239.04

Tsyunhehkw: Oneida Nation Cannery

Raeann Skenandore, Supervisor | (920) 497-5821 |

Dehydrated Corn (1lb) Corn Mush Flour (1lb) Hot Corn Syrup (1 quart) Berry Corn Mush (1 quart) Fresh Hull Corn (1 quart) Triple Berry Jam (1/2 pint) Apple Butter (1/2 pint) Dried Apple Chips (2 oz) Pickled Beets (new product)

$8.00 $5.00 $6.00 $5.00 $4.00 $4.00 $3.00 $3.00 $3.00

Full Pricing List & Bulk Herbs and Oils Catalog on Shared Drive: S:\FCGC\Shared\Native Foods


Lakota Foods | Phone: 605-473-5042 | Fax: 605-473-5052 PO Box 132 Industrail Park Lot #2 | Lower Brule, SD 57548 |

2lb Bag Unpopped Popcorn $2.00 Lakota Microwave Popcorn (3 pack) $3.00 Lakota Microwave Popcorn (12 pack) $12.00 Caramel or Honey Popcorn (10 oz Bag) $5.00 Lakota Gift Basket $45.00 6oz. Ready-to-Eat Popcorn $2.50 Butter, Cheddar, White Cheddar


Toll Free: 1 (800) 658-3706 | Phone: (316) 946-5522 | 230 N .West St. | Wichita, KS 67203

Sirloin Steaks (box) $44.50 KC Strip Steaks – Boneless (box) $52.00 Rib eye Steaks (box) $48.50 Top Sirloin Steaks (box) $44.50



Isabella | 206-755-2126 | | Twitter: @Sugpiaq

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (5.2 LBS) Alaskan Sockeye Salmon (10 LBS) Alaskan Halibut (5 LBS) Alaskan Halibut (10 LBS.) Alaskan Salmon and Halibut (5LBS) Alaskan Salmon and Halibut (10 LBS) Alaskan Rockfish (5 LBS) Alaskan Rockfish (10 LBS)

$136.00 $193.00 $145.00 $252.00 $143.00 $237.00 $99.00 $137.00

Umpqua Indian Foods

Toll Free: 1 (866) 766-4372 | 402 South Main Street, Canyonville, OR 97417

Varieties of Beef Jerky (8oz) $10.95 ‘Nana Crisps (.35 lbs) $3.99 Pango (Pineapple & Mango Strips) $3.99 Veggie Chips (.35 lbs) $3.99

Native Harvest

Toll Free: 1 (888) 274-8318 | (218) 375-4602 | | Mail Order Form on website and Shared Drive: S:\FCGC\Shared\Native Foods

Cream of Wild Rice Soup Mix $7.59 Wild Rice & Multi-Grain Cereal $7.65 Wild Rice $8.50 Various Soup Mixes $7.59 Wild Rice Cake Mix $10.00 Wild Rice Cranberry Pilaf $7.59 Wild Rice Pancake Mix $9.98 Wild Rice Flour $8.50 Chief Hole in the Day Coffee $14.50 Muskrat Coffee Company Dark Coffee $14.50 Muskrat Coffee Company Medium Coffee $14.50 Yergacheffe Coffee $14.50 Fry Bread Mix $7.98 Willow Woman Granola $12.00 Hominy $9.50 Bergamot Jelly $7.95 Chokecherry Syrup $10.49 Fruit Spreads: Raspberry, Rosehip, Sumac, Wild Plum $7.95 Honey $5.95 Maple Butter $9.95 Maple Candy $9.95 Maple Syrup $8.95 Loose Teas: miskomin and ode’min $6.25 8

Native-Owned Catering and Food Presenters Pera: A Mediterranean Affair

Sherry Wilson, Owner | Dine’/Pee Posh (415) 796-3812 | | 1457 18th St | San Francisco, CA 94107 | PERA is a full service restaurant

Catering for Small Groups/Workshops (10-20 people) As Native inhabitants of the Americas we have our own food landscapes and flavors, yet on many levels we share in the world’s cuisines as a great number their raw foods originated on this continent and were exported after contact with Europeans. It can be said that as food, such as tomatoes, potatoes and beans traveled abroad, other foods came over to us. One such food is lamb, or better known to the Dine’ as mutton from the Sheep brought over by the Spanish. Here at PERA we serve lamb in its fresh form, which gives full flavors while retaining many of the nutrients. With the understanding that we are a thriving body of people that make up the Native Americas, we can be open to these and many futures food exchanges and fusions that enhance our health rather than harm us. These choices are limitless, and better yet, it is we who choose what foods we cultivate and eat rather than someone else choosing for us. Food is power. PERA is a full service restaurant, providing lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. We serve fresh authentic Mediterranean foods. DIPPING PLATTER Melitzano Salata | Hummus | Tzatziki Small Platter=10-12 ;$45 Big Platter=18-20;$85 APPETIZER PLATTER Spanakopita | Dolma | Zucchini Cakes. Small=12 pc each item;$50 Big=20 pc each item;$90 WRAP PLATTERS Chicken Wrap | Kofte Wrap | Grill Veggie Wrap Small= 6pc each wrap;$90 Big=12 pc each wrap;$160 GRILL PLATTERS Chicken shish kebab | Lamb shish kebab | Turkish Meatball Small= 6 pc each skewer;$65 Big=12 pc each skewer;$120


White Buffalo Naturals

Nicole Spencer, Herbalist | Peoria (650) 676-0571 |

White Buffalo Naturals herbalist, Nicole Spencer, brings traditional knowlege of food and harvesting. Her presentation follows traditional Indigenous healing whether it is through herbal medicine, all-natural products or just about anything relating plants, animals and nature. Nicole comes prepared to speak on how to grow your own medicine herb chest, methods on gathering plants, making teas, using herbs in cooking, traditional food gathering and cooking. The importance of traditional gathering of plants includes an understanding of the proper times to gather and how much. She also brings storytelling and songs that come with plant harvesting. Nicole is able to speak on how to use herbs and traditional foods in one’s diet to treat health conditions and take preventative measures. For food presentations, Nicole is able to bring herbs to show how to make a variety of tea blends. Nicole holds a Food Safe 2011 certification in addition to a Phytotherapy Course of Herbal Medicine - Pacific Rim College, Victoria, B.C. Canada. She has also worked with Coast Salish Native Elder and Healer for the last 10 years.


Sweet Sonya’s: Native American Frybread & More Sonya Leonard | Rosebud Sioux (650) 834-0838 |

Sonya grew up learning the traditional grassroots Lakota Sioux recipes from her elders and has continued to carry on the tradition with not only her younger family members but the public as well. Having lived in the kitchen with her elders, it was easy for Sonya to learn how to cook her Native foods. Over time, cooking and baking became Sonya’s passion and the time spent became an art and a form of therapy. Sonya grew to love to cook and saw the importance of feeding others as a means of connecting and communicating with friends, family, neighbors and strangers. Cooking and baking great food is a happy experience for Sonya and relieves life’s pressures. By nourishing others and making them happy, Sonya feels satisfied herself. Sweet Sonya’s is currently promoting catering because it plays an important part in the company’s expansion and success. Sonya’s gives free estimates! Our traditional diet consists of high protein/low fat foods, using as many fruits and lean/grass fed/free range meats mother earth has to offer us. Specialities Buffalo Stew & Buffalo Burgers, Juniper Lamb Stew, Indian Tacos (using all types of meat and/or Vegan), Variety of Breads - Frybread, Wild Sage, Pumpkin Pinenut, Gabooboo, etc.


Native Pride Catering Crystal Wahpepah | Kickapoo (510) 619-4341 | Pricing to be determined per request Native traditional foods Pastry chef and pastry art, breads -EntreesPumpkin Frybread, Fry Bread, Indian Tacos, Meat Pies, Buffalo Burger Sliders, Stuffed Butternut Squash with Wild Rice, Squash Buffalo Kabob, Corn Soup, Chili with Hominy, Hominy Soup, Pumpkin Soup, Blue Corn Muffin, Squash Bread. -AppetizersVeggie Tray, Bread Tray with Salad Toppings, Cheese Tray, Squash Blossom Tray, Fruit Tray -DrinksLemongrass and Honey Tea, Mint Tea, Watermelon Lemonade with seasonal fruit, Sweet Grass Tea, Sage Tea -DessertsNative Pudding Fry Bread Short Cake with Seasonal Fruit


Terri Roman | Southern Cheyenne Food Vendor Romannose Frybread | (760) 617-6830

Terri has been a food vendor at many Powwows and Native events in California for many years. She has been in the food / restaurant business for 20+ years. She enjoys being able to contribute as a Native food vendor. Her menu includes Indian tacos, frybread, Choctaw stew, shaved ice and other small foods (nachos). She can be found as a food vendor at Powwows, gatherings and other large events.


Native Food Presenters Vida Castaneda | Chumash, Ohlone, Zapotec Social Worker, Family Herbalist & Nutrition Consultant | (510)847-1507

Vida comes prepared to share how we can heal ourselves through food and our own energy. Her plant and traditional medicine knowledge includes knowledge includes the healing power of a variety of teas. Healing teas can be created for any ailment and can be easily made or found in a variety of locations. She also brings culturally specific knowledge around food and harvesting. Her presentation includes themes regarding Nutrition. Vida’s presentation includes themes relating to the impact of food allergies and sensitivies, the importance of eating what our ancestors ate, clean foods versus foods that can harm our bodies, in addition to healthy budget-friendly eating. Vida is able to transform any recipe into a healthier and/or allergen free version while providing an interactive cooking demonstration. Vida is able to provide recipes and examples of meals using traditional foods. These can be done in a tribally specific manner as well. Vida holds a certificate as a Family Herbalist in addition to a certificate as a Nutrition Consultant. Her father is also a traditional healer with whom she both consults and learns from.


Native Foods + Recipes We have started a Pinterest page as a resource to identify and learn more about specific Native foods and recipes:




Please share these links with community members/clients! Do you want to add to these pages? Please contact Bonney ( with your links to be added! The NAHC Nutrition & Fitness Department has produced a “Three Sisters Garden & Recipe� story and food list that are stored in the shared drive: S:\FCGC\Shared\Native Foods


Books and Resources in the Cultural Community Library

A Traditional Food Book: Recipes from the Rez Produced by Lakota express for American Indian Talking Circles SEVA Foundation 2001 (c) Native Cookbook by Center for American Indian Research & Education Kids‌Get Cookin!: All Star Fast & Fun Recipes Network for a Healthy California Children’s Power Play! Campaign Recetas Latinas Saludables: Preparadas con Amor Produced by Campeones del Cambio Native Nutrition Circles: An Anthology of American Indian Stories by Felicia Schanche Hodge and Larri Fredericks

Native Recipes by United Tribes Technical College

Find more recipes, toolkits, texts and programming ideas, visit


Native Foods Resource Guide

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In response to requests from NAHC Community Wellness Department staff, we have compiled this guide as a resource to facilitate greater use o...