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OPENING EVENT 30 September

Investingnft.io in collaboration with Missony art festival and Soho Friends Barcelona have been working together to offer a unique NFT experience exhibition, involving different utilities of the NFT


The exhibition titled experience NFT, will have its grand opening on 30th

Soho Friends Barcelona will host 3 addition-

September, at 7pm at Soho Friends Barcelona, and will be available until

al events, during the month of October. The

28th October , 2022.

main goal is to offer SohoHouse members and friends an opportunity to discover,

The space will exhibit different NFT categories, from worldwide modern

enjoy and create NFT through the expo,

and classic artists collections, fashion, social impact projects and more

presentations, and different workshops:

through specialized NFT digital screens, powered by Daiara.art. At the expo you will find thekiss.art by Belvedere museum, Samuel de Sagas – the King of hearts, Dadara Zero Banknote, Victor Garcia – “The Hoop” basketball court collection, Kiltro Gastrobar NFT community, MonArt NFTs project, CTRL/ART/D with a unique collection supporting Ukraine, Trustinwine (TIW), The Art Suite marketplace, ONEG fashion collection, Stephen Vineburg, Plastic Breeze by Borj a Colom and a special guest, the chilean artist Guillermo Lorca.

6th Oct / 7pm – Dadara performance. Dadara (or Daniel Rozenberg) is a dutch artist known for his flyers, paintings, album covers, statues, and performance artwork highly influential in NFT culture. 18th Oct / 7pm – How to create an NFT collection by MonArtNFT. 25th Oct / 7pm - NFTs & Art by The Art.




HOW TO CREATE AN NFT COLLECTION by MonArtNFT 18 October NFTs are fundamentally transforming the way designers share and sell their artwork. Presented by MonartNFT, this workshpo will guide all t hose int er est ed in lear ning t he NFT basics or getting started with their ow n NFT proj ect.

ART & NFTs by The Art Suite 25 October The Art Suite is a social impact platform that uses NFT art as a tool to involve people all over the world in supporting projects globally. Artists can sign up for free and The Art Suite also offers non-artists the possibility to earn revenue with the platform, by joining their Artist Agent program. The goal is to find and sign up artists to the platform and share in the revenue created by those artists with the sale of their art in the shape of NFTs. Art with a heart

Collection name: Zero Banknote Category: Art Artist:

DADARA – DANIEL ROSENBERG Dadara began his artistic career in the early nineties designing flyers and record covers, and doing live-paintings for the then burgeoning electronic dance scene. This early work, as well as projects such as the Dadababy speakers and the Greyman Statue of No Liberty, marked the start of an impressive career as a painter, installation – and performance artist, designer, and cartoonist. Since the turn of the century, his focus has shifted towards extravagant interactive performance – installations in public space.

This includes starting his own bank and creating a religion based on social media. Many of these creations were built at the legendary Burning Man event in the Nevada desert. His work is a kind of tweaked mirror which reflects our society, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy. Perhaps a black mirror, but one that has a rainbow at the end of the tunnel.




Company name: Daiara Category: NFT digital display

DAIARA Dutch startup offering a custom solution to display NFT’s after being exposed to the use of televisions as a way to display digital art. The founding team of Daiara recognized that a better solution was needed in this new era of crypto art.

For the first version of the product this meant: IPS screen technology to facilitate a 178° viewing angle. Software that allows you to cast NFT’s directly from your web3 wallet. Wooden frame which almost makes you forget that you are looking at digital art.

Daiara distinguishes itself from its competition with the premium service they offer, producing custom frames to fit the aesthetic of your venue, living room, or art. The team seeks to provide a solution for galleries, museums, auction houses, NFT projects, and individuals alike, to make their NFT experience as high-quality as possible.




Collection name: Guillermo Lorca NFT Category: Art Artist:

GUILLERMO LORCA Guillermo Lorca García Huidobro is a well-renowned painter of classical oil. Early paintings have been successfully exposed and sold through important art exhibitions, including The Asprey Exhibition in London and the exhibition “The eternal life” in the most important museum in Chile. These days, he's on collaborations with the famous actioner Simon de Pury, art galleries, and museums, most of which are concentrated in Europe. Currently exhibitedin the MOCO Museum in Barcelona, Spain.

Collection name: thekiss.art Category: Art Artist:

GUSTAV KLIMT This NFT drop goes beyond taking the chance to own a fraction of the digitalized image of The Kiss. It is about creating a personal connection to the masterpiece. Becoming part of a community that will be written in the pages of the history of art and viewed as a pioneer in the metaverse. The exclusive drop is limited to 10.000 pieces and each one is a unique part of the high-resolution image of The Kiss. The cost of one NFT is estimated at 1.850 €, and each one is imprinted with the number and its distinctive coordinates.




Collection name: Kiltro Originals Category: Brands and community Artist:

JUAN CASTILLO The First #Nftbar from BCN. 30 limited edition pieces for the true members of the Pack. Each NFT is customized by a local artist for the highest unique quality. Owning a Kiltro Original grants its token holders the following benefits: Become Kiltro Pack founding member. Free airdrop for the next collection. Get access to benefits and events to be announced for the community members through @Kiltro_NFT Twitter account.

Collection name: Plastic Breeze Category: Social impact Artist:

BORJA COLOM The eternal impact shall be carried along the infinite waves until the author erases what he once miswrote. The Plastic Breeze NFT collection stands as a representation of the burden that plastic imposes upon our oceans. The seemingly eternal lifetime of plastic is represented through the materiality of the cloth, slowly moving inside the infinite perspective along the future that stands in our horizon. The 30% of the funds collected will be donated to Ecomar Foundation. NomuLabs is a Spanish Web3 agency with the goal of helping Web2 companies and individuals reap the benefits from these new technologies.




Company name: Monalisa NFT Category: Art and community Artists: SIBERIANA, BAD1, JAN ZEFOR, MARTÍ HUGUET, DUARTE_GRAFFITI, SOL MAGRIS, ESLICER, SIGMAMIRRORS, XAVIER JULIÀ (@BARCELONINK), SARA GARCIA Monart NFT is a disruptive project that establishes a connection between physical and digital art. 10 renowned artists from each city starting in Barcelona, then Paris, Berlin, Milan, and New York paint 5 physical works that are digitized by adding digital design elements called rarities to give them more exclusivity within the collection. In total the first Barcelona collection will have 550NFT.

Collection name: The Hoop Category: Sports Artist:

VICTOR GARCÍA – PLAY IN COLORS Play In Colors presents the basketball courts of neighborhoods and cities that were invisible, but after Play In Colors intervened, they have become full of color and life again. The Hoop collection is a collection of 10 NFT's of the courts they are customizing. If you can't find their courts on the map or if you prefer to have one and be the owner of the court to play with your colleagues, get these pieces. Be the king of the court.




Collection name: FW22/23 Drop 1 Category: Fashion Artist:

GAL YOSEF X ONEG ONEG is about 21st-century craftsmanship: We build a bridge between physical garments and digital assets while paying the highest attention to detail and precision in both. A collaborative, corresponding virtual and physical collection of NFT videos, virtual clothing and physical garment. 17 unique art pieces of characters wearing our virtual fashion – Oneg’s first collection models. A pre-collection to a bigger, wider and more affordable NFT collection based on these models.




Collection name: Nature Category: Art Artist:

SAMUEL DE SAGAS Samuel de Sagas – born in Malaga 1986 – trained in Madrid, Malaga and Barcelona where he finished Fine Arts. He has worked as a plastic artist and illustrator for large multinational companies in Europe and part of Asia. After some time he decided to bet on his own graphic work: creating the term. «Corazonizar» and exploring the versatility and limits of the anatomical heart within a current and fresh context. Using all kinds of media, tools and techniques. He published an illustrated digital book «100 phrases that I told myself and that I told you would tell you», in addition to having been the protagonist of short films and plays. But together with the Art You Gama collective, the expansion outside of Spain has become more evident, in addition to his numerous collaborations with artists, international publishers, luxury brands or tycoons from the Asian Art Toys industry.

Despite being such a versatile artist, he defines himself as a person in search of essence and equality, using everything that our contemporaneity has to prove it. The «king – or boy -of hearts», as some call him, uses any excuse or element to create a new meaning of the heart, of life and of our time.




Collection name: Been There, Done That Category: Social impact Artist:

STEPHEN VINEBURG Stephen is a multi-disciplinary artist originally from Australia, who has expanded his digital art practice into the NFT space. His digital artworks are available both as unique NFTs and as digital phone-based AR filters that bring still images to life on T-shirts and posters. His artworks have been shown at international exhibitions, including the Open Space exhibition and Venice Biennale. He has collaborated on his projects with digital art partners such as Areyes Studio and European Cultural Academy. Stephen has a broad range of interests in art, film, music, and business. In 2018, he was Executive Producer of the award-winning, independent film, ‘Emu Runner’ which had its world premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. In 2020, Stephen was also Executive Producer for the short film, ‘The Story of Lee Ping’, which was a finalist at the Flickerfest short film festival and was nominated for an Australian Directors Guild Award.




Collection name: Ukraine Now Category: Art Artist:

VARIOUS ARTISTS Support UA Gallery is an NFT art gallery created by Like Spivakovska and CTRL/ART/D. The NFT project is dedicated to the unprovoked Russian-Ukranian war and was created to provide humanitarian support for Ukranians. Brock Pierce and his wife Crystal Rose organize the NFT-exhibition of Support UA in Puerto Rico and in Texas. Later, Brock and Crystal opened a Ukranian NFT Unit at the Lighthouse gallery. 48 artworks were sold on Opensea for approximately $ 30. 000.00. The foundation undertook to purchase a Nissan X-trail SUV, ART-2 and IFAK BAG first and kits for the medical institutions. The fourth collection of Support UA Gallery opened Riga Fashion Week 2022. Recently the project has been mentioned in The New York Times, Elle Ukraine and Vogue Ukraine




Collection name: Ukraine Now Category: Art Artist:

VARIOUS ARTISTS The Art Suite is a launch platform for artists that wish to create a new revenue for themselves by converting their art into a digital format. Traditional artists such as painters or sculptors are slowly becoming the dinosaurs of the art world, an expression of times gone by. Fortunately with the arrival of NFTs these artists now have the chance to present their work to a global audience. The mission of the Art Suite is to create a global artist community, where artists from all over the world present their art to an audience without frontiers. At the same time, The Art Suite also has a social mission, supporting social impact and sustainability projects all over the world with part of the revenue of every NFTs.




Collection name: trustINwine.com Category: Photography and wine Artist:

XAVIER VAQUÉ Wine is the result of years of a vine's life, culminating in a liquid that reflects the season, human care and maturation. Solarigraphy is a long exposure image that captures all the sunlight it takes for a grape to transform into the ripe, sugar-filled berry that becomes wine, exactly 39 days for the 2021 vintage. These two very different processes are both art and wine.

A blend of the visual and the sensual, of the analogue and the digital. The result is the Satori time drop: a set of two NFTs representing wine, art and technology. The first NFT is backed by a bottle of Clos Mogador 2021, redeemable by the owner of the NFT after the bottling of the wine in 2023. The second NFT is a limited edition solarigraphy by artist Xavier Vaqué, which gives the holder an option to buy up to six whitelisted NFTs in all future drops. The limited edition artwork by Xavier Vaqué consists of 11 solarigraphs in sets of 5 for a total of 55 unique keys.