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Helmet cameras – Advantages, Functions & Features Helmet camera, as the name goes, are hands-free camcorders that you mount on your helmet so you can take the action as it happens. These are the video implements of choice for individuals who would like to tape the action as it happens. Skydiving, mountain biking and even rock climbing are the types of activities that once you do it; you want to have some proof to show people just how close to the edge you live. What better proof is there than video taken on an inexpensive helmet camera? With all the different types of cameras available; there's no doubt that you can find a camera that will fit your adrenaline fueled lifestyle as well your budget. There are so many advantages of wearing helmet cameras. Here are the top seven: 1. Helmet cameras allow you to capture the action form your vantage point and share it with family and friends. 2. Helmet cams are essential for training purposes. You can mount the helmet cam to see your technique so you can improve it before the actual competition. 3. Helmet cams can record the action for hours so you can enjoy and review the action for the whole duration of the event. 4. You can use the film you've taken in a particular sport to get yourself a sponsor for your next sporting event. 5. Helmet cams also come with built-in speakers and microphones that record your voice as well as the sounds of the environment around you. This gives a total viewing experience. 6. Waterproof helmet cameras are a must in scuba diving or water sports.

7. No one wants to anticipate bad things. But in the event of accidents, helmet cams provide valuable information on what went wrong. When it comes to choosing a helmet camera that suites you best, it might be hard to find all the options that you want to adapt to your recording all in one camera. Many of these cameras you have to give or take one feature to have another. Some of the cameras offer extended waterproof capability, maximum memory recording capability, DVR Instant Play Back, Full High Definition, and the options of how to view your videos after recording them, whether being from your computer or television. So choosing a helmet camera that has the most important features that are important to you will help you decide which one suites your needs best.

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Contact Us Tachyon, Inc. 401 E Corporate Drive, Ste 100 Lewisville TX, 75057 USA Phone-972-353-0888

email: Phone: 972-353-0888

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