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Honeymoon photo shoot Mauritius .

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Backlight Photography is a Mauritius-based taking photos bureau, renowned for its Creative Storytelling Wedding taking photos services since 2008. The aim of Backlight taking photos is to convey simultaneously the best, most fervent, and most creative wedding photographers and videographers in the Indian Ocean to pattern a group focused on purchaser service, attention to detail, and creativity. With a exclusive method of latest trend and fine-art influenced marriage photojournalism, their high measures of value and creativity, and their beliefs of putting purchasers first, Backlight Photography has become one of the managers in the Indian Ocean. Christopher Barry & Billy Chan are today premier a collective of artists finding new ways in the creative documentary marriage. Our images have been published all round the world, extending from marriage taking photos magazines to commercial billboards. Wedding Photography style Inventive Storytelling through Fine-Art & Photojournalism

For us, archiving weddings means telling stories without meddling excessively with what's really incident. A wedding is not a photograph shoot; we're basically there to report what we see. We're not platitude that we shoot 100 % documentary and narrating style either. We'll move a seat provided that it’s in the way, or turn off a light assuming that it brings about a significant improvement photograph. Furthermore when we shoot wedding representations and gathering photographs, there's dependably be some course. We shoot this style since Stories move you. Captivate you. Sway you to chuckle, holler and love. A wedding is not a confined situated of unique photos. It's a story. A festival of two individuals enamored, imparted to family and companions. We are conferred to telling the story of each one wedding - saving authentic, valuable and transient minutes from imaginative fine-workmanship and photojournalistic views. Furthermore we adore being with individuals who are enamored. There's mystery there which accuses you of fervor, vigor and innovativeness. You bolster off one another. It's stunning to experience. We don't think much about marks. We're enlisted to tell individuals' wedding stories and we do it our way. If that is called documentary, narrating or something else has no effect. We shoot weddings the Backlight style, and that is the reason individuals procure us :)

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Don't hesitate to contact us at whatever time and we will welcome you with joy. We are certain you'll get a charge out of working with us and as dependably, we like our association with our customers. Sincerely, The Backlight Team

Phone: (230) 253 6720 (230) 775 6980 Email:

Honeymoon photo shoot mauritius  

The goal of Backlight Photography is to bring together the best, most passionate, and most creative wedding and honeymoon photographers and...