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The Law And Drink Driving WA

Offenses such as drink driving WA, Driving under the influence WA, Drug driving WA, DUI WA are still major concerns in Australia and people think that they are well aware of their limits especially when they are behind the wheels after consuming a few drinks. It is because this lopsided approach that people get killed or injured, every year and that too in road traffic accidents that were caused by drivers being under the influence of alcohol. Those of you who have been charged for drunken driving or have been involved in an alcohol related crashes; rest assured that you may get some very serious penalties. It is therefore advised for you to seek the help of a You are therefore advised to seek the advice of that solicitor who will be able to get you the Extraordinary drivers license WA. Your penalties for your drink driving WA, Driving under the influence WA, Drug driving WA, DUI WA will be based on the seriousness of the incident. It will also depend on how much alcohol you have consumed. The highest amount of alcohol which you can consume while driving is in the ratio of 80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood or 0.08% blood alcohol content which is equivalent to no more than two pints of normal strength lager. Although there is an alcohol limit, it is still not advised that as a driver you drink any alcohol before attempting to drive a vehicle. Some people are still under wraps that they can drive fine after a few drinks. And still others think that they have the ability to drive drunk. You should always remember that alcohol is likely to impair your judgments, you're driving skills will not be up to the mark even after you have guzzled a couple of beers. Due to the many factors involved while driving under the influence of alcohol there are very severe laws and serious punishments for those who are caught in the act. All of these laws and punishments have been made for a valid reason and that is those drivers who are under the influence of alcohol in their judgments and physical movements can really be impaired and also your ability to drive safely. You will suffer from the following:

? You will not be able to see clearly ? Be incapable of judging speed or distance ? Have less reaction time, which will affect your stopping distances Driving under the influence of alcohol can get you a penalty of 6 months in prison, a ban on your driving for at least 1 year and even a fine. If you have been involved in serious drunken driving incidents where someone is killed a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison and a minimum of a 2 year driving can be given to you. If you are charged with a drink driving offense, then you should seek advice from a specialist road traffic law solicitor who will be able to get you the Extraordinary drivers license WA as soon as possible.

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