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European Horse Trade Jumeirah Islands, Cluster 18, villa 2 Dubai, UAE + 971 55 6041465 In the USA European Horse Trade is represented by: Sarah Bernheim Boston, MA 781-366-3898

Welcome to European Horse Trade European Horse Trade offers dressage horses, hunters, jumpers and ponies from Europe for sale at prices that will put a smile on your face. Are you looking to buy that special dressage horse or a warm blood made for the hunter/jumper ring? Do you have trouble finding your dream horse while staying within your budget here in the US?

Selecting A European Horse Make your own list of requirements: Age Show experience Quality and Talent Character and Ride-ability Are your requirements realistic with the budget you have?

To reduce the price for a horse you can think about reconsidering some of your strict requirements. Most horses between 6 and 10 are more expensive than a 5 or a 12 yr old. Also think about the training level: It is often less expensive to send a horse to a trainer for a month to work on the flying changes, than to buy a horse that is confirmed 4th level. So, it may be sensible for you to either go with a little bit older or a little bit less experienced horse to stay within your budget! Let us do the work: search, selection – pictures and video’s The only thing you will have to do is be very specific in what you are looking for! Is a flying change a must have? Does the horse have to be a schoolmaster over fences? Is trail riding experience a requirement? As soon as we know your requirements we will send you information on the horses in our current selection that meet these requirements. About two weeks before your trip we will start the real search; we do pre-visits to the barns and make short video clips so that you can see the horses we have selected. Prepare for your trip: so you can focus on the horses while you are there There are several levels of preparation: Make sure you know what kind of horse you are looking for, AND make sure you have clearly described this to European Horse Trade! Make a list of what to bring (e.g. video camera and helmet), and maybe a list of questions for the owner of the horse you liked best; prepare for a purchase: do I involve my own vet? Are my funds available? Insurance? Is my trainer available to see some videos? Ride, compare and ride again Once in Holland you will see up to 8 horses per day. The days will be long. We recommend taking many (mental or written) notes about each horse! At the end of each day, review your videos and make a shortlist of candidates. Please let us know immediately which horses can be deleted from the list and which ones are of interest so that we can inform the owners. On the last day there is usually time to try the most interesting horses again! Involve your trainer We do recommend that you involve your own trainer. The amount of involvement is up to you. For most people setting requirements, showing the video’s and discussing preferences is enough. Some people bring their trainer on a trip to help choose a horse in person.

Contact Us Sarah would love to connect you with the horse of your dreams. That is why she founded European Horse Trade back in 2002. Originally from Holland, Sarah has all of the connections to help you locate and bring home the perfect horse. Email is checked regularly. You can expect a reply within two days. Voice messages are usually returned on the same day. Filling in the form below is a great way to receive a quick response. The more detail you provide the better.

European Horse Trade Jumeirah Islands, Cluster 18, villa 2 Dubai, UAE + 971 55 6041465 In the USA European Horse Trade is represented by: Sarah Bernheim Boston, MA 781-366-3898

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EHT will help you select the right horse while visiting stables in Holland. We handle all of the details to bring your new horse home.