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Socialsupport Development and Social Innovation, this project indigenous artists. will support participants interested in training in The project involves training workersand on sophisticated, computer-based lighteligible manufacturing reserveindigenous to make multi-use First Nations art also support artists. ofcreations nations designs by creating t-shirts, mugs andto other The project involves training eligible workers make collectible items featuring the work of aborignal multi-use of First Nations art designs by creating artists. t-shirts, mugs and other collectible items featuring the work of Aboriginal artists. Participating artists will receive a royalty for Participating artists willwith receive a design, royalty for each each item sold their and the nations creations and the remainder of the item sold with their design, remainder of the proceeds will return to the is a social enterprise supported by proceeds willenterprise return to the social enterprise to employ Stó:lō Nation & Stó:lō Service Agency, social to employ more workers in Chilliwack British Columbia, Canada moremanufacturing workers in manufacturing and sales. and sales. Nations Creations is a Certified Nations Creations a Nations Creations is aisCertifed BUY SOCIAL CANADA Certified BUY CANADA SOCIAL CANADA BUY SOCIAL Verified Social Enterprise

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nations creations trademark and branding |

nations creations brand design by B.Wyse

AWARD WINNING We are honoured to have been awarded the Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for The Aboriginal Business of the Year 2017

nations creations

the artists BRUCE ALFRED


Bruce Alfred Bruce Alfred was born in 1950 in Kwakwaka’wakw, (Alert Bay), a remote island village on the northern coast of Vancouver Island. belongs to the crests Whale and Sun, Sisiutl, Raven, Thunderbird, and Kulus.

Wes Antone,traditional name X.ex.elles (meaning “likes to draw”) is from the Kwantlen First Nation, British Columbia. He has been carving for over 35 years and specializes in mask design.







Paula Cranmer-Underhill, from the Lytton First Nation - Nlekepmx and ‘Namgis - Kwakwaka’wakw peoples. Paula enjoys art related to her Kwakwaka’wakw and Nlekepmx cultures.

Simone was born in Duncan, B.C. and now resides in the Stó:lō Terrritory. Her designs are in the west coast Salish style, working in such mediums as pencil, painting and carving. Having carved her first mask at the age of 13 and by the age 16 selling her designs.

Jordan is from the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, with background in Graphic Design and original hand crafted Jewelry. For the past 6 years Jordan has been creating First Nations Art, has a background in NorthWest Coast Jewelry. .

Jared Deck is from the Tzeachten ( Chi’yaqtel ) First Nation within the Stó:lō Territory. Jared is a selftaught artist in the west coast salish art style and considers his artwork to be very contemporary with traditional elements.

Brandon Gabriel, traditional name Kwelexwelsten born of the Kwantlen First Nation of Fort Langley, British Columbia and currently resides in the Snuneymuxw territory Nanaimo, B.C.

b.wyse [Bon Graham] from Hope, B.C. and of Stó:lō (Chilliwack) and Snuneymuxw (Nanaimo Wyse family) ancestry creates art and designs to capture and preserve the Aboriginal language, culture and traditions of the Coast Salish people through art.

See full biographys of the artists at |

artists nations the creations TREVOR ISAAC






Trevor Isaac, is from Kwakwaka’wakw (Alert Bay), or Kwakwala Speaking Peoples of British Columbia. As a child he has always loved traditional art and began to practice his traditional art in high school.

Megan Jensen (Guná) is a young Indigenous artist, dancer and student of Northwest Coast design. Guná, is of Dakhká Tlingit and Tagish Khwáan Ancestry from the Dahk’laweidi Clan (killer whale) which falls under the wolf/eagle moiety.

Claude ‘Rocky’ LaRock was born in Seattle Washington, at the age of 12 he moved to his Mother’s Coast Salish homeland Sts’ailes. For four decades Rocky has built a successful career as a First Nations artist showcasing his work in galleries, businesses and private collections.


Gary Leon, traditional name“ Talekwitsen”, is from the Sts’ailes (Chehalis) First Nation, B.C. Graduated from Kitanmaax Coast Indian Art School (K’san) in Hazelton, B.C. in 1995. He also enjoys working with other mediums such as wood work, eg. masks, bentwood boxes and talking sticks.

Fred Jackson, from Tzeachten First Nation, was born in British Columbia, Canada. In uenced by his surroundings of nature, he began exploring his artistic abilities as a young child. The eyes of the wildlife have always inspired him to move forward in his artwork and to bring illustration to life.

Coast Salish Aboriginal artist, Taylor Krulicki lives on the Pacific Coast of BC. A graduate and teachers assistant with Vancouver Film School and recipient of the Emily Carr youth scholarship, Taylor has developed her unique animated style and her art has been featured in galleries in Vancouver.

Chad was born in B.C. and is a member of the Sts’ailes (Chehalis) First Nation in the Sto:lo Nation territory. An introduction to west coast salish art in his late teens by family and friends in mediums such as painting, carving, jewelry, wood, glass, etc., sparked a strong interest into the salish art style.

OVILA MAILHOT Ovila Mailhot traditional name Kwexta’lsp is from the Seabird Island Band and Nlaka’pamux Nation. Ovi has focused his creativity on Coast Salish graphic arts.

See full biographys of the artists at |

the artists


Deanna Marie Point, Traditional name “XWEI’;YA” is a Coast Salish, Musqueam member who studied Northwest Coast Art and self taught at a very young age of 7 years old. She has different styles of indigenous art through studying from drawing and painting Northwest Coast style to Coast Salish style of art.


Jason Roberts, traditional name “Sxwoxil”, is from Tzeachten Indian Band within the Stó:lō territory. He enjoys trying other crafts such as carving and beading. Influenced largely by his love of his cultural teachings and living within his Stó:lō territory.

nations creations CHANTELLE T.-MATTIES

Chantelle Trainor-Matties is a mixed media visual artist currently studying at the University of the Fraser Valley as a Visual Arts diploma student. While in school she is exploring different mediums and practicing different styles including the exploration of her Indigenous (Nisga’a and Metis) family history.

FRANK SAMPSON Frank Sampson, is a Gitxsan artist from the community of Gitanmaax in Hazelton, British Columbia. Franks art career started in his teens with drawing and painting and has spanned over 30 years.



A Tsimshian descendant, Garrett was born in Chilliwack and has lived there all his live. His inspiration comes from this mountainous region and all it has to offer. Although his natural artistic abilities allow him to easily make designs or paint, he is not a full time artist.

Vanessa Serroul, from the Bridge River Indian Band (Xwísten) in the St’át’imc Territory, moved to the Fraser Valley in 1999 and has been a part of the Matsqui First Nation Community for over 15 years.



Peter Smith, traditional name Giq-Kalas which is translated as “Son of Great Importance” making his home Gilford Island, British Columbia. Peter has been a Kwakwaka’wakw carver since 1995 but has had exposure to the art form since early childhood from many artists from his home community.

William Wasden, traditional name Wak’analagalis (The River Flows Through Him Forever) a member of the ‘Namgis Nation “Nimpkish Valley Tribe” of Alert Bay, British Columbia. He has been educated by many experienced artists starting at a young age with Chief Simon Dick, age 12 by Chief and Master Carver Douglas Cranmer and Beau Dick.

See full biographys of the artists at |

the artists nations creations the artists JENNY LEE WILLIAMS


Jenny-lee is a Nuu-Chah-Nulth artist from Ucluelet, British Columbia, and now lives in the Fraser Valley. She is always looking for new projects to express her passion of artistry to expand her skills and knowledge.

Traditional name Xรณtxwes, is from the Xwchiyo:m, Cheam First Nation within the Stรณ:lล Territory. Jonny has been an artist all his life and practicing in such mediums as drawing, painting, carving and computer graphics.

See full biographys of the artists at

the artwork


Baby Owls ID# WA72 Wes Antone

Bear ID# TI5 Trevor Isaac

L Bison ID# SD7 Simone Diamond

Butterfly ID# OM13 Ovila Mailhot

Blue Herons ID# GS8 Gary Sankey (Garrett)



Design is Laser friendly.

L Bear ID# OM117 Ovila Mailhot

Bentwood Box ID# BA9 Bruce Alfred

L ID# JR10 Buck Jason Roberts

ID# JR6 Bigfoot Jason Roberts

L Buck Hunter ID# JR11 Jason Roberts

Butterfly ID# JR12 Jason Roberts


L Cedar Moon ID# JD15 Jared Deck

Charging Bear ID# JR16 Jason Roberts

Crab ID# BA19 Bruce Alfred

L |

Crab ID# TI20 Trevor Isaac



the artwork

Design is Laser friendly.



T N’


Cultured Heart ID# FJ21 Fred Jackson

Cranes ID# DP43 Deanna M. Point

Dragonfly ID# GL24 Gary Leon

éy Swayel ID# TK39 Taylor Krulicki

Frog ID# BA34 Bruce Alfred




Eagle ID# GS26 Gary Sankey (Garrett)

Feather ID# SD31 Simone Diamond

Frog ID# GL35 Gary Leon




Dance of the otters ID# CT22 Dolphin ID# VS23 Chantelle T.-Matties Vanessa Serroul

Eagle ID# VS28 Vanessa Serroul

Feathers ID# PS32 Peter W. Smith



Friend - Siya:ye ID# TK33 Taylor Krulicki

Dragonfly ID# WW25 William Wasden

Eagle - Frog ID# DP29 Deanna M. Point

Foxes ID# TK2 Taylor Krulicki

Good Vibes ID# OM40 Ovila Mailhot

Eagle ID# OM27 Ovila Mailhot

Frog ID# LP36 Luke Pike

Guiding Hands ID# JG42 Jordan Gallie |


the artwork


L Hummingbird ID# JD50 Jared Deck

Hummingbird ID# BA48 Bruce Alfred


Hummingbird ID# VS51 Vanessa Serroul

Design is Laser friendly.

L Hummingbird ID# PS47 Peter W. Smith

Hummingbird ID# FJ49 Fred Jackson

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L I Love “series” ID# BG53 Bon Graham (B. Wyse)

Hunter’s Dream ID# PC52 Paula Cranmer-Underhill

L Mother Bear ID# CL64 Chad Leon

L Mountain Goats ID# LP66 Luke Pike

Mountain Watcher ID# FJ67 Fred Jackson

L Orca ID# BG68 Brandon Gabriel

Owl ID# GS69 Garrett


Owl at the Moon ID# FJ71 Fred Jackson

Owl & Moon ID# JR62 Jason Roberts


L Owl Moon ID# JW70 Jonny Williams

Owl Baby - Love ID# TK3 Taylor Krulicki

Owl ID# CL41 Chad Leon

Peace - Slilekwel ID# TK101 Taylor Krulicki

Raven ID# VS73 Vanessa Serroul

Raven Diamond ID# SD74 Simone Diamond |


the artwork

Design is Laser friendly.

Red Salmon ID# CL76 Chad Leon


Sockeye Salmon ID# RL83 Rocky LaRock


Salish Eagle ID# JG80 Jordan Gallie



Salmon ID# JW81 Jonny Williams

Season of the Salmon ID# BG87 Sculpin ID# BA86 Bruce Alfred Bon Graham (B.Wyse)

Soar ID# BG91 L Bon Graham (B.Wyse)

Sisuytil ID# TI89 Trevor Isaac

Sun ID# JD96 Jared Deck


Sun ID# JR97 Jason Roberts



Salmon ID# LP82 Luke Pike


Sasq’ets ID# BG85 Bon Graham (B.Wyse)


Into the Storm ID# GS54 Garrett

Sun ID# JW98 Jonny Williams


Spoqes ID# JW95 Jonny Williams


Salmon Reflection ID# CL84 Chad Leon

Shooting Star ID# CL88 Chad Leon


Bald Eagle Head dress Jared Deck

Spirit Faces ID# PC92 L Paula Cranmer-Underhill |

the artwork L

Design is Laser friendly.


Spirit Raven ID# JG93 Jordan Gallie

Spirit Transforming ID# PC94 Paula Cranmer-Underhill




Tree Frog ID# JR105 Jason Roberts

Timberwolf ID# GL104 Gary Leon


Thunderbird ID# FS103 Frank Sampson

Swans ID# JLW99 Jenny Lee Williams

True Love ID# JR106 Jason Roberts

L Golden Eagle ID# GL38 Gary Leon

Moon Cylcle ID# JD63 Jared Deck

Maple Leaf ID# JR59 Jason Roberts

Turtle Power ID# FJ108 Fred Jackson


River Otter ID# CT118 Chantelle T. Matties

L Whale ID# JLW112 Jenny Lee Williams

Kulus ID# TI155 Trevor Isaac

L Whale ID# GLGL111 Whale ID# TI113 Gary Leon Trevor Isaac

Whale ID# BA110 Bruce Alfred

Wolf ID# JLW115 Jenny Lee Williams


L Wolf ID# WA116 Wes Antone |

the artwork Social Cause Designs


Design is Laser friendly.

Wild Fire Relief Series

Hope Renewed ID# BG45 Bon Graham (B.Wyse)

From the Fires Reborn Vanessa Serroul ID# VS37

These 4 designs were created by the artists to help support relief for impacted wildfire affected communities. Partial proceeds from products baring these designs will go to this fund in partnership with the BCEDA. Thank you for your support.

Rebirth ID# GS75 Garrett

Tears of Relief ID# JR100 Jason Roberts

Although these designs are themed, they are available for orders as a design on our products.

Orange Shirt Day Designs “Every Child Matters”

Eagle Mother ID# JD65 Jared Deck

The Bonding ID# FJ102 Fred Jackson

Every Child Matters ID# MJ30 Megan Jensen

Together these 5 designs have raised over $23,000 for at risk youth. We applaud the artists for putting their amazing talent forward for such a great cause! Expect Respect ID# BG1 Bon Graham

Pink Shirt “Anti-Bullying Day” Designs

Dance of the Otters ID# CT22 Chantelle T.-Matties |


CERAMIC MUGS - Full Color 2 sizes.

Size: 15 oz. Size: 11 oz. You’ll love to take a sip out of these stylish mugs! Designs are applied on both sides using the sublimation process, which makes them both durable and dishwasher and micro- wave safe! *Color choices are determined by design. All designs available. (Custom orders for company swag available) Minimum order: 6.


Available in both white coated steel or brushed steel and sublimated with designs for long wear and durability. Don’t stop at just one... thermal water bottles are available in a variety of designs that are sure to please! Minimum order: 6. |


BLANK CARDS Size: 6” X 4.5” (with envelope) Giving an artistic card is right with any gift or occasion! Our cards are available in any one of our artists designs. Minimum order: 6 of each design


Canvas reproduction artist prints. Sturdy wood frame and quality canvas product. These are sure to please. All are full color and available in all of our artists designs. Minimum order: 6 Available in: Small (12”) Medium (16”) Large (24”) Sizes may vary


Size: 6” X 4” Postcards are available in all designs. Minimum order 6 of each design. |

Garments T-SHIRTS - Standard fit. GILDAN DRY BLEND T-SHIRT. • 9.2-oz, 50/50 cotton/polyester jersey • Taped neck and shoulders, Tagless • Adult size SMALL to 5X in selected colors • Youth Sizes are X-SMALL to X-LARGE T-Shirt Colour Options: • Black • White • Grey • Red • Purple ** New for spring / summer - Dark Heather & Sapphire *** Each design is showcased on a different color. Please check for availability. Minimum order: 6. (Custom orders for company swag or events available) *NEW


*not in youth sizes

To check out design colors , based on selected shirt color, you can go to our website: or click on this link for your interactive book |

Garments HOODIES Zipper hoodie graphic on back of garment. Pullover on the front.

Our unisex hoodies are GILDAN HEAVY BLEND brand • 14 oz 50/50 cotton/polyester preshrunk fleece knit • Air jet yarns = softer feel and reduced pilling • Double-lined hood with colour matched drawcord • Quarter-turned to eliminate centre crease • Double-needle stitching at waistband and cuffs • Pouch pocket • 1 x 1 rib with spandex • Satin label • Adult & Youth sizes Available in both pull over and zippered Hoodie Colour Options: • Black • Grey • Purple NEW adult colors: Antique Cherry & Antique Sapphire See: for full design options Minimum order: 6. Available in most designs *NEW


Antique Cherry *Youth - Red

Antique Sapphire *Youth- Royal




To check out design colors , based on selected shirt color, you can go to our website: or click on this link for your interactive book |

Garments T-SHIRTS - Ladies Fit.

ATC 1000L Ladies T-SHIRT. • 9.1-oz, 100% cotton & cotton poly options - Compacted yarns to minimize shrinkage - Taped neck and shoulders - Tear away label *90/10 cotton/polyester (Athletic Heather) **50/50 cotton/polyester (Heather Red & Royal) Available Sizes: XS-4XL • Black • White • Athletic Heather ** New colors! Heather Red & Royal, Sapphire *** Each design is showcased on a different color. Please check for availability. Minimum order: 6. (Custom orders and colors for company swag or events available)


Just in time for summer!

ATC 1004L • 9.1-oz, 100% cotton ** Athletic Grey 90%cotton 10% Poly - Compacted yarns to minimize shrinkage Available Sizes: XS-4XL Colors: Black/White/Athletic Grey/Charcoal/Red/Royal Blue. Each design is showcased on a different color.

Please check for availability. Minimum order: 6. (Custom orders and colors for company swag or events available)

Ladies fit Mens fit |


Mouse Pads

Display one of many beautiful original designs on your desk and brighten up your work space. These are available in all designs.

CARRY BAGS Vinyl design on this durable 100% polyester tote bag. Side sleeve pocket. Interior stash pocket. Dimensions: 12”h x 14”w x 6.5”d These beautiful bags are perfect to carry anytime. Inside has a water resistant rubber coating, zipper pocket and lots of room! Minimum order: 6. See for full details |

Garments APRONS FULL LENGTH APRON WITH POCKETS. - 12-oz, 100% cotton - Soil release finish for added stain protection - Two waist-level patch pockets and one pen pocket 1” wide neck and waist ties 22”w x 30”l Colors: • Black • White • Red Minimum order: 6. Colors: Black, White & Red Available in most designs


Sizes available: 6 mo, 12, mo, 18 mo Cotton Poly blend Colors: Black • White • Pink Minimum order: 6 Available in most designs |


These beautiful designs are available on both a 6” x 6” Trivet (for hot pots) / Wall Hanging OR on a 3.75” x 3.75” Coaster. Both products are manufactured onto a ceramic surface and are both practical and durable. A very unique gift idea!


These vinyl decals are easy to peel and stick anywhere you want to make a space beautiful. Sizes can vary approx. 4” tall Minimum order 12 *available in all designs. |

WOOD COASTERS - Laser Etched

Each wooden coaster is a small work of art, you will love them! Each coaster is 3.75” in diameter and are made of 1/4” thick Canadian wood product, 4 to a set. Light weight and durable. L on graphic indicates laser available. Minimum order: 6 sets.

WOOD COASTERS - UV Full color printed.

Light weight and beautiful, full color coasters are available in any of our designs. These are printed using UV print technology with a laquer finish. 6 to a package 1/8” thick. Minimum order: 6 sets


Light weight and beautiful key rings Laser etched, laquer coated. L on graphic indicates laser available. Minimum order: 12. Sizes may vary. (from 2”-3”)



Light weight and beautiful Laser etched, laquer coated. L on graphic indicates laser available. Minimum order: 12.

These custom boards are a must have for the crib enthusiast. Laser etched and laquer finished. Come in 2 sizes 12” & 15” Min. Order of 6 *availible in both laser and UV full color options. |


beside graphic indicates laser available.


Beautiful 17 oz. stemless glasses Clear glass with thick bottom. See below for design options. Professionally etched product. Dishwasher safe.


20 oz wine glasses with stem. Clear glass. See below for design options. Professionally etched product. Dishwasher safe.


Clear thick bottom 12 oz beer glass. See below for design options Professionally etched product. Dishwasher safe.


Quality plain clear thick bottom shot glasses See guide for design options, Professionally etched product. Dishwasher safe.

SQUARE & ROUND CANDLE HOLDERS Thick bottom qualtiy clear glass candle holders See design options Professionally etched product. Dishwasher safe.

ETCHED GLASS VASES Clear glass with thick bottom. Professionally etched product. Dishwasher safe. Minimum order: 6. See etched options page for designs. |

COMPANY AND EVENT CUSTOM SWAG & GIFTING Have your company logo or event on any of our garment or product options. Nations Creations will provide quality product merchandise featuring your companies logo or special event design. Perfect for corporate gifts! Email: for a quote. • Mugs • Cards • Laser etched items • UV printed items •T-Shirts •Grad Hoodies & more! |

Thank you for supporting Nations Creations vision through doing business with us. We value each and every opportunity to share our story and products through retailers, events and company involvement. We assure you when you decide to purchase items through Nations Creations, it is manufactured in Canada and the Artists are paid fairly each and every-time items are sold baring their work. As a Social Enterprise we have made the conscious decision to support youth initiatives. To date we have donated over $23,000 to at risk youth. All of these amazing things are happening due to your support. We raise our hands to you in thanks.

ORDERING: request pricing and place your order via email: or visit us at: FACEBOOK Find us on facebook at: |

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