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MR AMORY PHILLIPS was a co-founder of the Barbados Lumber Company (BLC). I was fortunate to be hand-picked as one of the first clerical officers at the age of 18, a resident of his parish St Lucy like 90 per cent of the other staff. He quickly recognised that like him, I had a love for the lumber business. This automatically started a bond that moved from boss to include friendship, which like some marriages lasted until death, 38 years. Mr Phil, as he was affectionately called, was generous beyond measure. He was kind, loving, tolerant, knowledgeable and of course a visionary. He never knew how to be selfish. I remember in the company’s formative years part of his responsibilities was credit. This had to be taken from him since if one did not qualify for the credit that was not a problem; he would charge it to his personal account. Staff also benefited from his generosity. BLC was like a bank where they could have loans at an affordable repayment rate while being encouraged to own their homes. His generosity extended beyond his staff to many relatives, friends and acquaintances. Mr Phillips had many hobbies. These included cricket, horse racing, tennis and of course eating. I remember at one of his many parties he remarked to me: “Dave,

I FIRST MET Mr Phillips when I started work at the Barbados Lumber Company (BLC) in 1979. He was our “boss” and leader of the company. As I grew in the company I soon realized that Mr Phillips was a person whom I could approach at a moment’s notice for advice and/or guidance; he was always available to his staff. As a young person in the Hardware Department, whenever I interacted with Mr Phillips, he would always inquire not only about the department’s performance, but he took a personal interest in how I was enjoying my employment at the company. When I was promoted to the position of salesman after three years, Mr Phillips ensured my success by introducing me to two influential customers, one being Mr Hal Springer who was the purchasing manager at the NHC (Nationl Housing Corporation) the time. He continued to play a similar role in the lives of all of the staff members at the BLC. One of my early recollections of Mr Phillips was that whenever he was upset or troubled, he would appear on



the day you see me refuse food you would know that the end is near.” It was not difficult to sense when the end was near because he stopped eating. Mr Phillips endured his lengthy illness nobly and with dignity. He never complained. Mr Phil was like a father to me, he was my mentor and my confidant, and he will be greatly missed. — DAVID LESLIE FORMER DEPARTMENT LUMBER MANAGER

the balcony with a cigarette in his mouth. The strange thing about this was that Mr Phillips was a non-smoker. When we saw him in that position, we knew that something was troubling him. It was the only time when he appeared detached from the company, but those moments never lasted for a long time. As time went on, I was afforded the opportunity to travel with Mr Phillips on Sports Club tours and I was privileged to get to see him in a different light. If I was forced to summarize his personality in a sentence, I would say that Mr Phillips had a youthful appreciation for life and all of the wonderful opportunities and challenges which it presented to him on a daily basis; he loved live and embraced every challenge with youthful enthusiasm. Mr Phillips has always been a role model and an inspiration to us all and I think that we are better persons for having known him May he rest in peace! — PETER INNISS, ASSISTANT MANAGER – SALES

Amory J. N. Phillips - A Special Tribute  

A Special Tribute for the life of the Late Amory J. N. Phillips, 1934 - 2011

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