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MR PHILLIPS had an endearing personality. His graciousness, generosity and fairness made him a godfather to his staff and friends. He loved the lumber industry and dedicated his life to helping people. It was a pleasure to have known him. — MELVITA BOYCE, CUSTOMER SERVICES MANAGER MR PHILLIPS was a respectable, caring and no-nonsense employer, who looked out for his staff and customers alike. His presence inspired staff in the various departments to maintain a business-like atmosphere. He also had a jovial side, and would often say things that would make you laugh for days. We will all miss him. — HEATHER BOWEN, SENIOR HARDWARE CLERK I met Mr Phillips when I came to work at Barbados Lumber Company over 30 years ago and was immediately impressed by the love and care he showed for his employees and customers. As time went on, I saw this humble and kind gentleman always thinking of other persons and their concerns before his own, and going out of his way to make others happy. I will always remember all the good things he did for so many people for as long as he could. For now, I say so long to my Boss, Friend, Trusted Advisor and Mentor, until we meet again. — BRENDA BOWEN, ACCOUNTANT

AMORY PHILLIPS (centre) in 2003 with staff who had spent 25 to 30 years with the company. (GP)

AMORY PHILLIPS (second left) celebrating with staff at the Speightstown branch. (GP) AS A BOSS, he always made sure that staff and their family were comfortable and not in need. As a Mentor, he provided valuable advice on negotiating the potholes of life. As a Friend, he was always there to give a listening ear or a helping hand. I consider myself truly blessed to have had the privilege of knowing a humanitarian such as Mr Amory Phillips. — GRACE GREENIDGE, ASST. MANAGER, SPEIGHTSTOWN

FOR ME, Mr Amory Phillips was the most caring, understanding and gracious man I have ever known. He was a man who inspired loyalty from his staff, and I was most impressed by the way he interacted with people. From the start of my working life at the company, he was my role model and father-figure and I remember going to his house every Sunday morning where he taught me everything I needed to know about the lumber industry. Through the years, he shared much of his life experiences with me and Mr David Leslie during our Friday lunch outings. I loved that he kept me close, and this inspired me to want to succeed at every task, no matter how difficult or how small. He made us all feel that we were the Lumber Company, and the Lumber Company was us. We believed in his vision for the company, and we all worked hard to make it happen. A great man has gone. — GORDON DEWER, ASST. MANAGER – LUMBER

... A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver – Proverbs 25:11

AMORY PHILLIPS (left, back row) with the management team at a Christmas function. (GP) MR PHILLIPS was a wonderful and caring boss. He was a cricketing person who loved the game. I remember him officiating and loving it while on a UK tour with my club after his playing days were over. He will be missed by Lumber Company employees and my cricketing fraternity. — IAN BROOME, LUMBER SUPERVISOR ‘…good friends we had are good friends we lost along the way’ – Bob Marley INDEED we have lost a good friend. It was an honour to have known Mr Phillips for the past 11 years. He was a man with boundless enthusiasm and a personality that would light up a room. — TITO ROCK, INVENTORY CLERK

I HAD the honor of working with Mr Phillips at Barbados Lumber Company for more than three decades. He brought vision, direction, purpose, fearlessness, professionalism, confidence and a great sense of humour to this company and his other endeavours. He had a ‘never say die’ attitude, even when the odds were heavily stacked against him. His humility enabled him to interact with persons from all walks of life. Like the Apostle Paul he has run the race and kept the faith in finishing this earthly course. — ANDREW PHILLIPS, LUMBER PORTER A MAN OF MERIT, who was always willing to help others in any way possible — PEGGY MOORE, ACCOUNTS CLERK MR PHILLIPS always looked out for his staff. He was an honest person and loved his work. — EDISON PAYNE, SECURITY CLERK

I HAD the pleasure of working with Mr Phillips for over 35 years. He was a very kind, loving and understanding boss and dear friend. I will miss him – LURITA AGARD, CREDIT OFFICER MR PHILLIPS was a kind and generous man who was always willing to help others. His generosity was seen when the company was having financial challenges and he insisted that the workers still receive a little bonus. — RONALD HINDS, HARDWARE CLERK MR PHILLIPS was a nice individual. When I applied for the position at the company, he did not hesitate to say yes, which gave me the opportunity to better myself — MELBOURNE HOLDER, LUMBER PORTER

MR PHILLIPS was a very caring person who would always look out for his staff and make sure that we improved on our job skills and personal lives. He would listen to us and make sure that we were comfortable at work and at home and he would make sure that we got something to take home at Christmas, no matter how little it was. — HARRIET GRIFFITH, CASHIER I HAVE KNOWN Mr Phillips for the past 33 years. He always had a pleasant manner and a very good working relationship with his staff. He was a loving manager and will be sadly missed by all who worked with him. — JASPER BARROW, SECURITY CLERK

AMORY PHILLIPS (right) chatting with a customer during customer appreciation day at the Barbados Lumber Company’s Waterford branch. (GP)

AMORY (right) with his brother, Speightstown branch manager, Vinston Phillips. (GP)

I HAVE known Mr Phillips for over 30 years. It was through him that I became employed by the company. He took an enormous interest in all of us who worked under his leadership, and encouraged us to have own our home. He helped make this possible by giving staff credit at concessionary rates. He was a very caring person and a father-figure. Sometimes I would sit in the lobby with him and just talk politics. I will surely miss him. — VERLA SPRINGER, SENIOR HARDWARE CLERK

Amory J. N. Phillips - A Special Tribute  

A Special Tribute for the life of the Late Amory J. N. Phillips, 1934 - 2011

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