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Tribute to Amory James Navarro Phillips GCM on behalf of the Democratic Labour Party. Amory James Navarro Phillips joined the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) on December 20, 1963, and remained a faithful and loyal member until the time of his death. Amory emerged as a popular person within the party. He radiated warmth and charm with a sense of fun that captivated everyone who came in contact with him. Amory was a very disciplined member, who set an example for all and his advice was sought by many. Amory loved his party and held many positions therein. He was a member of the General and Executive Councils, Chairman of the Auditorium Committee, and Senator from 1986 to 1994. He was campaign manager to a party candidate and election agent. Amory was instrumental in many fundraising activities for the party and the St Lucy branch. His residence was used on many occasions for luncheons which raised funds for the branch. The last one being in 2008, at that particular luncheon I got a tongue lashing from him. Amory offered me a donation which I found difficult to accept, after he sold many tickets and we were using his premises. Who tell me to do that? He got very

bear [employee morale] in mind because, in order to get substantial output from their workers, the workers need to be assured that there is a pattern of promotion within the organization. This applies to our Barbados Tourism Authority and to any statutory corporation or in any business. One should look at promoting oneself and gaining a promotion within the organization.” [Now we see why the Barbados Lumber Company is a successful Company].” He also said: “I believe that we DLP MEMBERS (from left) Patrick Todd, Peter Morgan, Delisle Bradshaw, Yvonne Walkes, Amory Phillips and Frank Da Silva should continue to link our sporting activities to our tourism under the United We Stand banner. (FP) activities as we have done in the offended and asked me who give name of the DLP, you could past. There are several cricket me the right to tell him when and consider whatever you requested fields in all parishes and we know what he can offer to his party. as signed, sealed and delivered. that English school teams love to When I was leaving he reminded At our last branch visit to see visit Barbados to participate. me never to try that one again. him when we were leaving and “Although it is probably just During the years 1986-94 one of the comrades said prayers. friendly cricket, nevertheless it is Amory was chairman of the Amory said, “I want to give a cricket, and once they are in Barbados National Bank, and prayer” and started by thanking Barbados they figure they are chairman of the governing body God for giving his party the playing against the best when of the St. Lucy’s Secondary opportunity to lead Barbados they come here. We will School. On April 30, 2005, he was again, and hoped members would obviously have to continue to honoured by the party for the ask God for guidance. make that substantial effort in second time at the party’s Following are quotes from sports, particularly when it comes anniversary function. Amory’s last days in the Senate to encouraging visitors to our Amory was always there for debate of 1994, precisely March shores.” the DLP, his party. Once you went 23, 1994. Final comment from Amory to Amory and mentioned the “I believe our hoteliers must was: “The tourism sector must, as

I said earlier, be able to continue to determine areas of interest and I can think right away in terms of the Garrison being an area that should be more widely used as an area for tourism. There is a lot of historical interest in the Garrison and its environs. “Indeed, I believe that the Garrison should be listed on our brochures as an area to be visited by people coming here. We could appoint a few tour guides who would be able to explain the history, relating to the various buildings, caves and armouries which can be found in the Garrison compound. “It is interesting to note that the Art Collection Foundation has established a headquarters in the area of the Garrison. Areas like this must not miss the attention of the Government and we must not consider it a small thing.” It is amazing to see that this last one was just accomplished. Family, friends, comrades we all have lost a great patriot, a great businessman, a great sportsman, a great politician and a great source of inspiration. May he rest in Peace – MARGOT HARVEY Branch Secretary.

Amory J. N. Phillips - A Special Tribute  

A Special Tribute for the life of the Late Amory J. N. Phillips, 1934 - 2011