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Services The services provided by a Nat ional Wildlife Removal company are live animal removals, t rapping, dead animal removals, wild animal evict ions


using various met hods, and det errent met hods t o help prevent wild animals from want ing t o become a nuisance.


Live Animal Removal


Oft en when a nuisance wildlife removal service is called out t hey

Dead Animal

Groundhog Removal

can cat ch t he animal and t ake it away on t he init ial service call. In t his case a mot her raccoon climbed int o a chimney and gave birt h t o t hree raccoon pups. In t his case t he


t ech decided t o get rid of t he raccoon mot her from t he chimney and t ake out t he raccoon pups by hand. He t hen placed t he raccoon pups in a box in t he


back yard and t he mot her came back at dusk t o relocat e t hem off t he propert y. Anot her scenario for t his sit uat ion would be t o place a raccoon t rap


on t he t op and have t he mot her raccoon go int o t he t rap. Aft er t he mot her is secured t ake t he raccoon pups out and relocat e t hem t oget her t o a st at e designat ed locat ion. Every st at e has it s own laws t o abide by and every


Nat ional Wildlife Removal service list ed here will proceed under t he wildlife removal procedures for t hat st at e.


Trapping Skunk

Wild animals oft en are not so easy t o locat e, but t he evidence of a wild


animals presence is clearly visible, t rapping is t he preferred met hod for


a quick animal removal. If an opossum is in an at t ic in t he far corner under t he insulat ion, t rapping is t he best met hod for removal. Traps set in t he at t ic or out side near t he ent ry point will usually get t he animal quickly. Our t rained professional nuisance wildlife companies list ed here on NWR have t he experience t o ident ify and t rap t he correct animal in your at t ic or where ever you need an animal removal. If you have armadillos in your yard digging, a t rap is t he only fast successful removal met hod. The t hing about armadillos is no bait is used t o t rap t hem. Knowing where t o place t he t raps is t he t rick. You see, armadillos eat grub worms in t he soil, so put t ing pet food in a t rap will only

at t ract pet s or ot her wild nuisance animals. Squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, beavers, groundhogs, opossums, and skunks are t he most common animals in Nort h America t o be t rapped and relocat ed. Dead Animal Removal M any t imes a wild animal has got t en int o a space and cannot get out . Unfort unat ely t he animal dies and st art s t o decay. This unpleasant sit uat ion happens oft en t o homeowners wit hout t heir knowledge of an animal presence even on t heir propert y. M urphy’s Law comes int o play here, t he carcass is hardly ever easy t o find and unless in plain sight cannot be locat ed unt il enough decay has happened. New soft wet spot s in walls and ceilings are a good clue t hat t here is a dead animal carcass decaying in t hat spot . Wild Animal Evict ion using various Met hods Bat s are not an animal t hat should be t rapped or live caught t o be relocat ed. To have bat s removed from a st ruct ure you must find t he main ent ry/exit point and put up bat

cones or bat net t ing. This will allow t he bat s t o exit but not allow t hem t o re-ent er t he st ruct ure. Import ant not e for bat exclusions is if t he st ruct ure is not complet ely sealed before t he cones or net t ing is up t he bat s will just move in a new spot on t hat same st ruct ure. Raccoons met hods of removal can vary depending on where t he raccoons are in t he at t ic or walls. Scent product s made for raccoons work ext remely well on mot her raccoons. The mot her raccoon is a good mat urnal animal. She raises her young unt il she cannot nurse anymore. Raccoons find ot her raccoons using pheromones t o t rack mat es for breeding. Oft en male raccoons will find a mot her raccoon wit h lit t er. This is not good for t he mot her raccoon and her lit t er. Unfort unat ely t he male will kill her young and re-impregnat e t he mot her. Nuisance wildlife cont rol officers have used t his t o your advant age by developing scent cont rol product s. These product s use t he male raccoon scent s t o scare t he mot her raccoon out of t he at t ic or st ruct ure she has nest ed. The mot her will relocat e t he lit t er usually t hat evening off your propert y. I like t his met hod because no animal handling is needed, t he mot her raccoon does her own relocat ion. Det errent Met hods The best det errent met hods are all common sense. Do not put cat or dog food out side for pet s. Raccoons and opossums will find

it and will t ake up residence on your propert y. I hear all t he t ime from my client s t hat neighbor is feeding t heir cat s out side and don’t care about t he raccoons eat ing t he food. It is unfort unat e t hat t hose same raccoons hang around and get int o ot her peoples at t ics. Keep up on det eriorat ing mat erials on your home. Replace rot t ing siding and sofit boards. Put a full coverage chimney cap on t he chimney t o keep out larger animals and birds. Do not put t rash cans out overnight , wait unt il t he last possible t ime you can put t hem out reducing animal int erest . Import ant ly if you see a wild animal on your propert y, t ake act ion immediat ely. That wild animal may be sick, looking for a place t o give birt h, or just looking for a place t o live. Get rid of t he animal before t he expenses pile up. This is a common sit uat ion we deal wit h‌ Coming home one evening a homeowner saw a raccoon running from his bushes t o ent er a st orm drain. Not t hinking anyt hing about it except , look a raccoon. Three weeks lat er at 3:30 am loud noise was heard from t he at t ic. In t he morning t he homeowner call out a nuisance wildlife service. During t he ext erior inspect ion of t he home t here was a large damaged ent erance hole in t he sofit board. Once ent ering t he at t ic t he wildlife cont rol officer confirmed his suspicion, raccoons. Not just one raccoon, but four raccoons. The at t ic had t hree weeks of feces and urine all over t he at t ic and when looking at t he

ceilings not iced many urine st ains soaking t hrough. The animal removal and t he ent ry repair alone if called t hree weeks ago would have run bet ween $250 – $500 depending on what part of t he count ry you live in. Now wit h t he added repairs t o t he ceiling and insulat ion t hat needs t o be t aken out and new insulat ion put back in t he cost has exceeded $5000. If you see a wild animal on your propert y call one of our Nuicance Wildlife Services t o do an inpect ion. Inspect ions are low cost t o find a wild animal has t aken up residence on your propert y or maybe a wild animal has


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