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EXPERTS Expert: Jane Mather, Make-up Artist From: Image Trees Ltd.


On my wedding day I am sure to cry and ruin my eye make-up. How can I ensure my eye make-up stays in place for the whole day?

Question answered by Jane Mather of Image Trees.


During the weeks leading up to your wedding follow a beauty routine suitable for your skin type; cleanse, tone and moisturise every day (and night), drink plenty of water and exfoliate once or twice a week. All these things will help guarantee that your skin (and the area underneath your eye) is in the best possible condition for your wedding day. Before applying any eye make-up ensure your eye area is completely clean, that under your eye is correctly moisturised and that there is no greasiness to the eye area. As with the face it is really important to use a make-up primer on your eye lids; look for one specifically designed for that area. A primer on the eye lids will add a wonderful smooth base on which to apply your eye shadow but will also help to keep your eye make-up in place through out your wedding day. Wearing an eye liner enhances the eye area and if applied correctly can really make your eyes stand out, but you need to be careful to choose an eye liner that will not run or smudge. Gel eye liners are perfect for such an occasion. After curling your eye lashes opt for waterproof mascara (in your chosen colour) and, budget permitting, purchase one specifically for your wedding day, so that the quality of the mascara is at its best and it hasn’t dried out at all. Last but not least, should you cry on your wedding day don’t rub your eyes! Just take a tissue and gentle dab away the tears. 76

Expert: Ella Vickery From: Phyllis Court, 01491 570 513 weddings


At Phyllis Court one of the questions we are always asked is “Can we include a boat trip in our Wedding Day?”

Question answered by Ella Vickery at Phyllis Court.


"Yes, of course”. Whether you would like to arrive from the Church or include a half hour trip in your day, just you and your new partner with a glass of champagne, or for the rest of your guests to join you for a river trip. We are perfectly situated right on the river in the centre of Henley on Thames, we have our own moorings, so no matter how large or small the boat, we can always oblige. Our unique Riverside Pavilion has recently been refurbished and is a show piece in itself, guests often think it is actually floating on the river, so weddings are a real must in this beautiful two tiered glass building. Our other venue is completely different – a classic Ballroom with beautiful columns and French windows that lead out on to its own private terrace, with lawns leading down to the river. Both venues are perfect for a riverside wedding.

Expert: Anna & Jo From: Shades of White


I am a mature bride and planning my first wedding, I still want to look the part but worry about the type of dress I should go for can you help?

Question answered by Jo & Anna at Shades of White.


The first thing to remember when buying your wedding dress is that every bride is different. There are no set rules about what you should or shouldn’t wear. We always encourage brides, whatever their age, to try on a variety of different shapes and they are often surprised by what wows them. Getting the colour tone right can also transform a bride from looking good to looking amazing. Don’t be afraid to try champagne, gold and even Blush tones. We have lots of brides who ideally would like their arms covered and set out looking for a dress with sleeves. This can limit their search so we suggest keeping an open mind and have a play around with jackets. The choice is so vast you can choose anything from a delicate angel sleeve to a vintage lace bolero to a glamorous marabou stole. The most important thing is that you feel sensational in your dress.

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