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I’ve started my journey to a healthier weight...... The fact is, I’ve started this journey every Monday morning and by 11.30am I’ve failed miserably as the office biscuit box is passed around and I’ve helped myself to a few cookie’s to dip into my coffee and two sugars! I’m tired of waking every day, thinking, ‘I’ll start my diet today!’ Sound familiar? I’m one of the many thousands of women whom struggle every day to eat healthily. Work and family commitments, coupled with a desire to comfort-eat when I’m feeling particularly stressed or the day just doesn’t go my way, has led to me carrying a few more pounds than I’d care to admit. I’ve tried every diet going……. You name it and I’ve done it and yes, I’ve lost weight many times. However, I’ve put it all back on again, falling back into my comfort-zone of picking from the fridge, binging on sweet treats late at night and indulging in too much red wine at the weekend. My Husband celebrated his 40th birthday recently and to celebrate we booked a special cruise to the Caribbean. It’s a holiday of a lifetime, but instead of looking forward to the holiday, I was filled with dread at the thought of squeezing into a swimsuit and parading around in my summer dresses. At least in winter I can cover up (sound familiar again)? Then, out


of the blue I received an email from Lighterlife Fast regarding their 5:2 Weight Loss plan. I’d tried fasting before, but struggled to stick to the 500 calories a day as it left me feeling dizzy and weak. However this was different. Its aim is to make 5:2 intermittent fasting easy and nutritious with no cooking, food shopping and most importantly, no calorie counting. With the LighterLife Fastpacks™ you eat between 500-600 calories a day and every food pack is 100% nutritionally balanced. They call it a ‘No Fuss Approach to 5:2!' I had just four weeks to go until I headed off to the sun so I decided to see if LighterLife Fastpacks™ could help me lose the extra weight before my holiday and then maintain it upon my return. Intermittent fasting generally involves cutting calorie intake to around a quarter of what you would usually eat, for just two days a week. On the remaining days, you eat as you would normally. It’s perfect for either shifting a few excess pounds or for simply keeping your weight in check. By eating four Lighterlife Fastpacks™ on each fasting day, I consumed 600 calories but still received almost 100% of my recommended daily allowances (RDAs) of key minerals and vitamins, together with plenty of protein and fibre. It really does work. On average, I lost 2lb per week following the Lighterlife Fast 5:2. Yes you need to be

focused and have will-power on the days you fast but I never felt hungry and had loads of energy. I found that it really made me appreciate basic food such as vegetables and a simple, low-fat sandwich. And because you can see the results every week, it really spurs you on. Fastpacks™ are easy to make up and portable. The fool-proof packs take the hassle out of 5:2 which makes intermittent fasting a sustainable lifestyle choice. I’m certainly going to keep using the packs each week. Available exclusively at Superdrug stores across the UK and Ireland, the new range start at £7.99 for a box of four Fastpacks™ - which is enough for one day of fasting. The Fastpack™ options include: • Savoury meals such as spaghetti Bolognese and pasta carbonara. • Porridge. • Shakes in Vanilla, Strawberry, banana and chocolate flavours. • Meal bars in nut fudge, crispy peanut, cranberry & raspberry and toffee flavours.

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LighterLife Fast are available exclusively at Superdrug.

National Weddings Magazine Summer 2014  

Welcome to the summer issue for 2014, with competitions, colour themes, real life wedding, wedding news and much more...

National Weddings Magazine Summer 2014  

Welcome to the summer issue for 2014, with competitions, colour themes, real life wedding, wedding news and much more...