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Grow Your Association and Transform Your Brand Ron Kunitzky

Partnership Marketing Expert

“I have been in the room when Ron is speaking and his engagement with the audience and his passion about the correct approach to partnerships is tangible and motivating. He had such a strong connection that he went from session speaking to full workshops. Ron’s sessions are well worth attending.” Canadian Marketing Association

“Ron Kunitzky’s program is an excellent combination of theory and practical advice. He illustrates ideas with real-life examples and current situations. That mix, plus contacts made among people who attended, made his course both interesting and helpful.” Canadian Wildlife Federation

Ron Kunitzky founded Geyser Marketing Group as a result of his unwavering belief in the power of mutually beneficial strategic affiliations and partnerships. Taking his years of experience in leadership roles for world class international companies in Canada as well as in the United Kingdom, Kunitzky has been able to parlay his expertise into a marketing company that has the ability to build your brand’s social and commercial capital. Join companies such as Walmart, Dell Computers, Choice Hotels, and NASDAQ OMX who have reaped the benefits of his strategic programs. Author of Partnership Marketing, Kunitzky shares his extensive knowledge of business development, branding, and marketing to create powerful strategies to grow any association or business in any economy. To find out how Ron Kunitzky can inspire your organization to reach higher levels of success for your next conference or event, contact: National Speakers Bureau Toronto / East Office 1-800-360-1073 Vancouver / West Office 1-800-661-4110 /



by Ron Kunitzky Most Requested Topics How to Grow Your Association and Transform Your Brand Through Smart Collaboration

Drive Successful Membership Acquisition And Retention with the Right Marketing Partners

Google, Microsoft, Apple, Starbucks, and Wal-Mart are "category killers." Why? One key to their astounding success is that they have mastered the art of creating highly attractive partner and customer value propositions. They have all built their business on the principles and practices of Partnership Marketing to offer superior products, create long-term distribution opportunities, new revenue streams for their businesses, and increased brand awareness on a world-wide level.

Everyone wants to use more cost effective inbound marketing channels to acquire new members, create more value, and generate more revenues for their association. Partnering with the right brands that already target your audience and have your members is a costeffective way to achieve those objectives. Come out and learn about the many successful associations and companies that are leveraging Partnership Marketing today and discover how you can apply it to your own association or business.

Developing an affiliation with the right partner allows both parties to realize successes that they could not have otherwise achieved on their own by transforming their individual strengths into mutual performance. Whether you're an association working to expand your membership and increase value or a corporation looking for cost-effective ways to stimulate growth and brand-presence on a tight budget, Ron Kunitzky can guide you through this essential business practice.

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MBNA Bank Canada

Want the full customized package? Post-presentation round-table sessions and onsite seminars are also available with tailored marketing tools and templates to help start you on your Partnership Marketing plan.

“His dynamic and pragmatic approach personifies the cultural dimensions necessary when organizations intend to leverage partnerships as a key component of their growth strategy.” Export Development Canada

Ron Kunitzky Partnership Marketing CSAE 2011  

Ron Kunitzky founded Geyser Marketing Group as a result of his unwavering belief in the power of mutually beneficial strategic affiliations...

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