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Dr. Patrick Moore

The Sensible Environmentalist Five years in the making, Greenpeace co-founder Patrick Moore’s new book and speaking topic, Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout: The Making of a Sensible Environmentalist, has arrived.

“Dr. Patrick Moore has always believed in a practical, straightforward approach to environmental problem-solving. In these challenging times, I think that’s exactly the kind of environmental leadership people are looking for. ...Patrick’s great talent is his ability to clearly set out the environmental challenges we face and identify innovative solutions that fully take into account both people and the environment. Through our work together, I’ve found Patrick has the courage of his convictions as he helps chart a practical course toward sustainability.” Rudy Giuliani Former Mayor of New York City

From energy independence to climate change, genetic engineering to aquaculture, Moore sheds new light on some of the most controversial subjects in the news today. Moore’s presentation is also a fascinating account of his many years spent as the ultimate Greenpeace insider. He delves into why, after 15 years, he decided to leave Greenpeace to establish a more sensible, science-based approach to environmentalism. An informed, provocative speaker, Dr. Moore persuasively argues that we need to rethink our conventional wisdom about the environment and inspires new ways of thinking about environmental challenges.

To find out how Moore can inspire delegates with his vision of a more sustainable world for your next conference or event, contact: National Speakers Bureau Toronto / East Office 1-800-360-1073 Vancouver / West Office 1-800-661-4110 /



Environmentalist Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout - Sustainable Energy Dr. Patrick Moore has played a prominent role in raising environmentalism to the forefront of public concern in Canada and throughout the world. Based on his book, Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout, Moore details his vision for a more sustainable world. One of his greatest talents is his ability to clearly set out the environmental challenges we face and identify innovative solutions. His principle beliefs for sustainable energy are based on logic and known scientific facts, avoiding sensationalism, and scare tactics: 1. We should grow more trees and use more wood. Wood is the most important renewable material and energy resource. 2. Those countries that have reserves of potential hydroelectric energy should build the dams required to deliver that energy. There is nothing wrong with creating more lakes in this world. 3. Nuclear energy is essential for our future energy supply, especially if we wish to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. It has proven to be clean safe, reliable, and cost-effective. 4. Geothermal heat pumps, or simply “geo”, which too few people know about, are far more important and cost-effective than either solar panels or windmills as a source of renewable energy. They should be required in all new buildings unless there is a good reason to use some other technology for heating, cooling, and making hot water. 5. The most effective way to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels is to encourage the development of technologies that require less or no fossil fuels to operate. Electric cars, heat pumps, nuclear and hydroelectric energy, and biofuels are the answer, not cumbersome regulatory systems that stifle economic activity. Dr. Patrick Moore This straight-forward, practical approach to environmental problem-solving is exactly what people are looking for in these challenging times. Bring Patrick Moore in to inspire your organization and provide a blue-print for the future. “The fact that you and Debbie have utilized

“There is perhaps no individual with more personal these skills and practices to achieve the credibility on environmental issues than Dr. Patrick successes your the careers really emphasizes Moore. He hasinwalked proverbial walk and the point theywith willcarefully make areasoned difference backs up histhat opinions and in thoughtful our dailyanalysis.” working environment.”


Partnership for Affordable Clean Energy (PACE)

“Dr. Moore captivated our audience with his talk on forest sustainability… Strategically, Dr. Moore’s talk inspires me to re-think about how our forest management practices contribute to sustainability.” Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Dr. Patrick Moore - Energy  

A founder of the environment movement and known as the sensible environmentalist, Dr. Patrick Moore believes that one of our most serious en...

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