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SESSIONÂ ISSUE of the 37th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece

brought to you by the AthLens Media

MANUAL INSTRUCTIONS before reading through this issue

Dear Delegates, dear Officials, Finally you can hold it in your own hands, you can feel the paper, form it, enjoy it. What we are talking about, is the official Session Issue of the 37th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece. We as the Editors are incredibly happy to share this little masterpiece with you, containing important information about EYP, how the session was perceived by different people, which projects the Media Team facilitated and especially, what reason every single Media Team Member had in mind when conducing their projects. This issue is not just a simple collection of projects and articles, no, this issue should remind you of the incredible four days you spent here in Athens. With lots of love and hugs, Firi and Lukas

Words from the Board of the 37th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece Dear delegates, It’s been exactly 4 days since you have arrived to the session. During this period of time you had the chance to meet new people, discuss interesting topics and have fun during teambuilding. For some of you it may have been intimidating and frightening at the beginning, for others more exciting. Nevertheless, we believe that the session has left an positive impact on you. Although the session might have been exhausting and difficult at times, we hope you will leave this place with a good feeling and satisfaction. But before you leave, we would like to give you something to hold on to even after the session. Our message to you is simple. The true power lies in knowledge. If you want to be more powerful in life, educate yourself. Education is the most important thing that matters in todays world. Imagine what the world would be like if people were more educated and paid attention to events that are happening around them. Learn. Observe. Be inspired. Even the smallest actions can make a difference. You can change the things you are not satisfied with and make the world around you a better place to live. Find your purpose in life. There is nothing more inspiring than living a meaningful life and doing something you enjoy. Take this chance like an opportunity to start your life journey and head wherever you want. The direction is only up to you. This session is only the beginning. We encourage you to further continue in EYP whether you get selected or not. We wish you lots of luck and hopefully we will see you around in our network. Even the biggest things always had small beginnings. Yours, Can, Ilias, Tereza and Vicky

Athens Baby! Greece discovered by non-greek people by Ersagun Ersoy

It is always fun to be in a different place, where you’ve never been before. Walking on differently designed streets, communicating with foreigners, eating their food and of course, listening to their music. These are the fundamental things that differs from country to country. As a first-timer in Greece, I need to indicate the fact that I am pretty impressed by your culture. They know how to party, their very intense music and “weird� dances we witnessed on the first day looked so thrilling and special to me. Greece is one of the European countries that have their very own culture and it differs a lot from the Western European ones. Narrow roads everywhere, graffities, Aegean people and good food. That describes Greece the best. As a Turkish boy, I feel really close to the Greek culture because we shared these lands for years and it was impossible to not get influenced from each other. I can see the similarity on every field and it is great to share these values as two separate nations. This might be the reason why I feel safe and comfortable here. Even if there is always a competition between us two, I personally felt honored to see the fact that we are so alike. I liked Greece because I liked Greek people. Their hospitality, kindness and understanding were so nice that none of us felt mistreated or overwhelmed at any point of the session. I enjoyed my time in Athens and tried to make as many memories as I could. This is a beautiful place and I am looking forward to come back for another session!

New laws in the EU How do they affect me?      by Elena Ignatiadou

By the end of 2030, the EU aims to put some new regulations into place, that might affect our personal lives directly: > People will only be allowed to use their car for one hour maximum per day, in order to reduse the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere > Students will no more use books at school, to keep the wate of paper as minimal as possible > All foods produced within the EU will no more contain conservatives, due to the scientific proven harm of the latter to the human organism > The existence of solar panel in all houses will be mandatory and that fines will be issued to those who don’t comply with this rule > All EU companies manufacturing clothing will be required to produce their latest collection by only using material from recycling older clothes > Every EU citizen has to comply with a limited water usage per month, in order to contribute to saving of resources Isn’t it fascinating how many things are going to change in the near future? People seem to realize the importance of protecting the environment and respecting their natural environments. The changes we are expecting are already going to be partly implemented. Can you even believe it? I hope you do not, because all the points above aren't true, the are completely fictional. The credibility of information is really significant. Blindly trusting and believing in everything you read or hear is not a solution. You should always keep in mind that no matter how credible your source seems to be, you always have to go through deeper research and to verify or double-check the information you just found. Be critical, especially in times of photoshop and the internet.


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A short story inbetween

by Laura Cantós

Yesterday I bought a cookie, in a little shop that had a floor made out of trampolines. I enjoyed the cake I had just taken before, it wasn’t too dry. So I ate the cake without hesitation. My belly was so full that I had to call a friend of mine to pick me up from the sofa. So yes, maybe I hate all the session’s doughnuts but it was the apple what made me sick. After a long and tiring day this was the worst thing that could happen. My mom called me and told me that my dog had been ran over, I started to cry and never left my room again. This is my kingdom where I keep my fears and doughnuts of course. But yesterday - I bought a cookie. THE END


We all have our comfort in mind like Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz” had Kansas, but we are one thunderstorm away to get to the Oz. The optimistic view about life mentions that everything happens for a good reason, every type of change is the reason to come a step closer to what faith had promised you. Dorothy managed to fight her fears and finally beat the Wicked Witch.

You can become Dorothy in your own fairytale of life and escape your dull reality. You can make your life shine like the emerald city. Step by step you learn how to become less adaptable to changes and in the end when you realise that everything is not a dream – just life - you understand that the infinite process of changes is what motivates you and keeps you feeling alive. The yellow brick road is not just part of a kids’ fairytale, it’s the path you’ve decided to follow and describes your choices. It’s the resume of your experiences and in the end when you reach Oz you perceive it as the best taken decision to finally feel you are on the right track. On your journey many unexpected events might happen, many people will keep you company and some will be with you until the last step. This week you decided to follow a different direction in your path and you might be wondering where this new path is leading. Like for Dorothy, Oz is waiting for you at the end of the road. Congratulations for following the path to EYP. Welcome to your OZ. by Nikos Alexiadis


ZERO TO HERO Have you ever gotten to that point in your life where you just started trying new things? Well for me, that point was last year when I first applied to an EYP session as an organiser and I discovered a whole new world full of amazing people and moments to be seized. That is how I originally came up with this project. What I am struggling to get across is that you should, by all means, start exploring the EYP organisation and become an active member. All these smile shots are trying to depict how much we enjoy having all of you around and seeing you cooperate with each other. This is us trying to capture your interest, provoke a reaction from you, but most of all trying to connect with you. I can vouch that this will be a “game-changer” for everyone who takes up on the challenge. We want YOU to be the next generation of EYP!                                    by Vasilis Farsarotas                                                                                 

COLOUR POINT What do you need colour for? From its inception, photography was about the moments, the expressions, the objects. But that’s a bit vague, isn’t it? What defines a photo? Is it the concept, the symbols, the angle? Those questions were the starting point of this project. Colour Point is about the object and the symbol, the colour and its absence. The photos of the project are black and white, but with colour. How is that possible; by colouring the things that catch the eye, by colouring ideas. Each photo represents a concept, an expression of sentiments. From a simple cup to a turban, from a bracelet to a pair of glasses. The objects are lightened up with colours in the same way our minds are coloured by ideas. In each picture, there is a dominant colour. In each mind, there is a dominant idea. Absence of colour leads to seeing things beyond the surface. In a way it makes us observe elements other than colour. By only adding one colour to each picture, this project focuses on transferring the principle that lies beneath those black and white points. This exhibition was made for you, by you. Observe the colour and imagine what it tries to say, focus on both the colourless and the coloured points.

by Natalia Ferrando & Laura Cantós

TWO FACED Will every EYPer agree if we tell him that the organisation is a mixture of feelings, post positive and negative, that blend together and make us become addicted to it. They could be described as the two faces of a participant, regardless of their job at a session. One one side, we find seriousness and concentration, usually found during Committee Work and General Assembly. One the other hand there is the complete opposite: the fun, crazy and hysterical face. Our main aim was to show the process that a participant suffers throughout the session and that even though there may be some downs during the event, an EYPer never loses his enthusiasm. by Natalia Ferrando & Pavlos Paraskevopoulos

WHY EYP? As the session is coming to an end, all the feelings are starting to kick in. It’s always good to remember that even the worst moments are actually some of the greatest and that we should enjoy every single moment we have. Maybe you’ve thought many times of quitting EYP or maybe it never crossed your mind, however we all miss it when it’s over and there’s nothing we’d rather do. This project aims to remind us one simple thing that we all share; we keep coming back for the people.

by Elena Ignatiadou

POINT OF VIEW During an EYP session, we see so many things, but at the end, we tend to erase from our memories those little moments which we do not consider that special. So, that’s why I thought, that presenting the session, from the perception of a delegate, was a great chance to show all these things that we tend to forget. For me, EYP sessions are more than just the academic part. The sessions are about the people we meet and the things we experience with them, things that may seem small ( like walking to your committee room after a coffee break), but have a whole story behind them. by Anastasia Tsilivakou & Ersagun Ersoy

LOOK AT YOUR HANDS We deeply believe that the importance of art, as a way of expressing oneself, can be shown in every aspect of human life, as we use art to thrive in this world. However, it is indeed particularly hard to find inspiration in the commonplace and especially within EYP in which you’re asked to do exactly so. Although there is some difficulty finding inspiration, we’ve come across lots of interesting and creative photo projects, such as themed portraits as a way of showing individuality. Our main idea was that individuality and creativity can be shown through the most irrelevant things such, as a photo of a hand. Lastly, we wanted to show that the key to being creative is not to see things as they really are, the key is to see things as you want them to be. by Elena Ignatiadou & Ida Eerola

PHOTOBOOTH We wanted to create a fun project for all the participants of Athens 2018, including ourselves. The whole procedure, which started from making the props and setting up the photobooth, felt extremely fun and refreshing for us and we enjoyed creating it. Those positive vibes were also transmitted to the delegates. During committee work they don’t often get pictures of themselves taken where they’re allowed to express themselves freely. The photobooth allowed them to show their personality and to act the way they wanted to. We also wanted to show that sessions are not always just about discussing serious issues. It can often be just about having a laugh with your friends and that’s something they got to do in the photobooth. 

by Nikos Alexiadis, Vasilis Farasotas & George Spanias

EYP ENGAGEMENT According to psychological evaluations, people tend to think one thing when they get to know a person! Can I trust this person? It’s a difficult question to answer when you are interacting with a person in a normal environment. If you establish a friendship in an EYP environment, you get this answer from the first steps of your friendship on. Cooperating and giving an output to people along with someone else gives you the chance to build strong relationships, built upon trust. But are EYP friendships that strong? The answer is No. they are powerful, they are longlasting and the barrier of distance is not that important. Counting down the years since my first time in EYP and realising that some of my best friends are friends I’ve gained in EYP drives me to the realisation that EYP is indeed all about its people.

37 QUESTIONS 37 Questions Getting to know the faces of the session, the people responsible for most of the framework. A project inspired by Vogue, in order to show the superstars of this Session from a different angle and to capture their energy and demonstrate some details about their lives. For a while, forgetting their stressful position full of responsibilities.

TIPS ON SUSTAINABILI Y by Anastasia Tsilivakou

MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION Or: The Theory of E v̶̶e̶r̶y̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ YP Having fun and working during EYP Sessions, two sides of the same coin. In order to be able to have full time energy during the whole 37th NSC of EYP Greece held in Athens. How can the AthLens Media ensure the survival of all delegates and officials teams? Submitted by: Natalia Ferrando The AthLens Media; A. Taking into account the looks from 'normal' people when doing teambuilding in public places; B. Deeply worried about the session being held during April, 1st; i. Noting with deep concern the struggles it caused in the media team ii. Recognising the Oscar for the best improviation performance should be given to Lukas C. Pointing out that the "big fat pony" is the most loved teambuilding game; D. Fully alarmed about the health issue the aforementioned session triggered by such as: i. Rising caffeine-blood levels and coffee addiction ii. The dangerous lack of sleep iii. Sugar overdose due to excessive donuts consumption E. Asks for delegates patience when It comes to the resolution handing hours F. Emphasising that first EYP experiences are always weird, especially mentioning the following instructions, often shouted and combined with odd movements: i. Oh, Allele ii. Allele Kita Ponga iii. Hamassa Hamassa Hamassa G. Seriously concerned about the official’s mental health regarding their enthusiasm when dancing H. Supporting the idea that organisers provide reinsertion programs back to nonEYP life I. Viewing with appreciation delegates shouting during Hi Ha Hu.

1. Proclaims the AthLens Media is the best media team ever 2. Advises delegates not to try to explain EYP to non-EYP friends, and if delegates are still keen on doing it, we recommend them to be extremely patient 3. Confident that delegates may finally get used to being photographed a) Further noting than during committee pictures delegates must not smile b) Viewing with appreciation duckfaces during the photobooth c) Taking into consideration that the president may never ever want to take an interview again 4. Approving “Pub quiz� as a challenge suited for the Summer Olympic Games a) Noting that the media team was the absolute and undisputed winner b) Kindly ask the chairsteam to let other teams answer during the quiz c) Supports the enthusiasm of the president 5. Contemplating the idea of giving reparations to Joe for mental damage a) Ensure that the button factory doesn’t cause him Arthritis b) Kindly asks him to tell his boss that he is busy 6. Congratulates the Organising team for their divine taste in latex gloves 7. Calls for the creation of everlasting sessions 8. Trusts delegates to recover from the session by seeing photos 9) Firmly convinced that delegates should not fall asleep during General Assembly a) If they do, note that the AthLens Media is surely going to have it recorded 10. Convinced that the 37th NSC of EYP Greece in Athens is the best session ever.


by Ida Eerola

HOW TO STAY ACTIVE IN EYP You are going through your first GA. Fascinating, right? To be honest, yeah, it is quite fascinating. But for now try and take a moment. Look back to what you have went through the past few days and you will understand that you experienced far more fascinating moments. Three days ago you came to a place with people you had never met before. You played games with them, in your attempt to become a team. And I really believe that you made it. If you had failed, trust me, you would not be here today. You laughed with these people. You shared things about yourselves with these people. And eventually you reached the point of calling them your teammates.

Even though it might not seem so great right now, give it some time. It definitely will. But honestly there is no need that the closing ceremony ends the magic that lies in what you have experienced the last four days. EYP is something unique. Something that will help you develop as individuals and become better in numerous aspects of your life. EYP does not stop at your first session. The exact opposite. The first session is the beginning of an amazing journey. It is not the easiest journey. However, you will not regret a single moment embracing it. Try becoming an organiser. Be one of those amazing people that do their best to make the session happen. Why not helping people when they need some information? Or why not be one of the people setting up a coffee break? Or dancing around without a reason. If you think that you are not suitable for this role and you want to be more creative, then the media team is the place you belong to. You will be walking around holding a camera, making sure that everyone has a moment to remember from the session. Or you might be more into supplying others with knowledge. Then you are more than welcome to join the chairs team. Be around the committee room with your delegates and discuss about important topics coming to fruitful solutions.

There is no need to decide right now of course. Just do a small recap. And see what these last days offered you. I am more than confident that you will find it. And you will want to continue. Like all of us here did. We love EYP. We love it like we do with our family. Because EYP is a family. A new family we hope that grows bigger.

37th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece | Session Issue  
37th National Selection Conference of EYP Greece | Session Issue