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NMC went through a restructuring in 1992 to increase functional efficiency and productivity of NMC by improving flow of information through the organization. In 1995, a new committee structure was implemented that included term limits for members and size limits for committees. While NMC’s overall goal has remained the same since the 1960s, the organization’s actual mission statement has been revisited several times. The current NMC vision and mission statements were adopted in 1999: Vision: The global information source for the production of quality milk. Mission: To provide a forum for the global exchange of information on milk quality, mastitis and relevant research. Communicate that information to the dairy industry enabling it to reduce mastitis and improve milk quality. From time to time, discussions centered around a possible name change for the organization, a reflection of NMC’s growing global membership and expanding interest in other milk quality issues. Following several years of debate, in 2004 the organization decided to adopt a new name and new look, and became known as: “NMC” with the tagline “A Global Organization for Mastitis Control and Milk Quality.” (The legal name remained National Mastitis Council, Inc.) To complement the name change, NMC also adopted a new logo which is still used today. Using only the initials “NMC” for the organization’s name proved challenging to both members and non-members alike. As a result, the organization underwent another name change in 2011; returning to its roots to be known once again as the National Mastitis Council. The change back to the original full name is hoped to better reflect the history and mission of the organization. It is important to note that the word “National” is not intended to refer to any particular nation; instead, the word “National” applies to NMC’s worldwide membership and all nations represented.

Communications Communication has always been an essential part of NMC. The NMC newsletter was first published in 1964. There have been six editors, the first being Graham Coulter of Kraft (1965). James Smathers of the Maryland and Virginia Milk Producers Association took over in 1970, followed by Cathy (Machan) Sherman from Farm Journal in 1978, Ewing Row from Hoards Dairyman in 1982, Jim Dickrell from Holstein World (now with Dairy Today) in 1985 and Ewing Row again in 1987. In 1989 NMC Executive Director Anne Saeman assumed editing responsibilities. The NMC annual meeting proceedings, containing all of the papers and reports presented during NMC meetings, have been published since 1962. These proceedings have included a remarkable amount of valuable information and history related to the advancements in management and technology related to mastitis prevention and control and the production of high quality milk. In 1975 the NMC Board of Directors established a policy that all NMC members would receive a

50 Years of Milk Quality

copy of the proceedings whether or not they attended the meeting; a policy that remains today. The tradition of publishing a separate regional meeting proceedings began in 1993. Prior to that time, papers from regional meetings were generally included in the annual meeting proceedings. The meeting proceedings were made available on a CD-ROM for the first time in 2001, and an online proceedings library was added to the members-only section of the NMC website in 2003. The NMC website was unveiled in 1996. More recently, newer forms of communication using various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have been implemented. These types of communication will continue take a more prominent role in the future.

National Mastitis Research Foundation In 1983 the NMC Past Presidents Committee and Long Range Planning Committee recommended that NMC study the possibility of establishing a research foundation representing all segments of interest in the industry. W. D. Schultze, US Department of Agriculture, was named chairman of the study committee. After several years of planning, the National Mastitis Research Foundation (NMRF) was formally established to support research in areas affecting udder health and milk quality. The foundation awarded its first research grant in 2000 during the NMC 39th annual meeting. Additional grants were awarded by the NMRF in 2004 and 2006. The NMC Scholars Program was introduced in 2007. This program, funded by the NMRF, provides travel scholarships for students who have a strong interest in udder health and quality milk production to attend and participate in NMC meetings and activities. The overall goal of the program is to support the development of future milk quality researchers and specialists. The NMRF is funded solely through donations by NMC members and supporters as part of their annual dues payment, renewals, or through special fund-raising activities. The NMRF no longer provides grants for active research projects.

The people “The NMC is a unique organization. I cannot think of any other group comprised of so many segments of an industry, all linked by their common interest in a single disease,” said Bob Eberhart, Pennsylvania State University and NMC president in 1984. Indeed, no other professional dairy organization enjoys the wide range of expertise as is found in the NMC membership. From the farm to the processing plant, all of the groups involved in the production of high quality milk are represented within NMC, including farmers, dairy

“The NMC is a unique organization. I cannot think of any other group comprised of so many segments of an industry, all linked by their common interest in a single disease.” - Bob Eberhart, NMC president, 1984


NMC Commemorative Booklet  
NMC Commemorative Booklet  

This book is a collection of the past 50 years of mastitis control, milk quality, the history of the National Mastitis Council, personal rec...