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forces that presented reports at the first Mastitis Action Conference in 1960. Appointed in May 1961, the first Research Committee chairman was J.R. Hay (American Veterinary Medical Association). Other committee members were L.W. Slanetz (University of New Hampshire), J.M. Murphy (University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine), G.R. Spencer (Washington State University), and D. Jacobson (American Dairy Association). R.W. Brown and C.A. Manthei (both with National Animal Disease Laboratory) were consultants to the committee. During its first year, the committee conducted a survey of research projects with a view to coordination of research efforts.

The Education Committee considered the primary need in the control of mastitis to be a “well-documented compilation containing the basic non-controversial information that is now known about mastitis.” Another long-standing committee, education, was first chaired by G.E. Parsons (Michigan State University). In a report during the first NMC annual meeting in 1962, the Education Committee considered the primary need in the control of mastitis to be a “well-documented compilation containing the basic non-controversial information that is now known about mastitis.” Other members on the first Education Committee were J.B. Herrick (Iowa State University), S.L. Kalison (Virginia Polytechnic Institute), S.B. Guss (Pennsylvania State University), L.H. Schultz (University of Wisconsin) and W.D. Knox (Hoard’s Dairyman). R.E. Burleson (US Department of Agriculture) was a consultant to the committee. By 1964 there were four committees: Research, Education, Membership/Finance, and, Programs and Procedures. The number of committees has varied over the years, depending on project needs and activities. Currently there are 12 committees.

Annual and regional meetings The NMC annual meetings have developed into an international forum for the exchange of information relating to mastitis control and milk quality. The first annual meeting of the NMC was held February 15, 1962 at the Pick Congress Hotel in Chicago, Illinois. One hundred people were in attendance. The program included discussions on screening tests for abnormal milk and sessions on planning for the future. Chicago hosted the NMC annual meeting for 10 of the first 11 years. However the venue that many NMC members remember as “home” for the NMC annual meeting was the Executive Inn, in Louisville, Kentucky. 1984 marked the end of an era when the annual meeting left Louisville and began rotating to different cities throughout the US. The NMC regional meeting has its roots in a half-day program that was held on August 15, 1966 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The program was part of an NMC Board of Directors meeting which took place the day before the start of the International Association of Milk, Food, and Environmental Sanitarians (IAMFES) annual meeting. The afternoon of the NMC board meeting featured two speakers and was open to all interested individuals. Following the next mid-year meeting in October

50 Years of Milk Quality

1967, the NMC board recommended that these interim meetings should be continued in future years. The meetings then became known as regional meetings. For many years the NMC regional meeting was held in conjunction with IAMFES annual meetings, the last being in 1989. Since that time, the meeting has moved around, most often in a region with a strong dairy industry. Canada has hosted the NMC regional meeting three times. In 1987, the NMC regional meeting was associated with the International Mastitis Symposium, held in conjunction with the 23rd World International Veterinary Congress in Montreal; in 1999 the NMC partnered with the Ontario Large Herd Operators to host a meeting in Waterloo, Ontario; and in August 2006 the NMC regional meeting was held in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. The first NMC meeting held outside of the US or Canada was in 1996, when NMC accepted an invitation to hold the regional meeting in Querétaro, Mexico. The goal was to further the organization’s global outreach. The format of the annual meeting programs has continued to evolve over the years. In 1983 the Technology Transfer Session (TTS) was added to the annual meeting program. The TTS has developed into a very robust part of the annual meeting and now supplements the main program by providing mastitis and milk quality information through the use of posters and one-on-one interaction. Since 2007, TTS participants have been provided the option to submit their poster presentation for consideration as an oral presentation during the Research and Development Summaries Session now held at the annual meeting. The goal was to provide additional opportunities for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, and others to be involved in the oral presentations at the NMC meeting. Additional learning opportunities were added in 1990 when NMC offered limited-enrollment short courses for the first time. These courses, designed to facilitate in-depth coverage of subject material and encourage open discussion, continue to be a popular component of the meetings. Spanish translation was offered at the 1997 annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Additional language opportunities were added to the regional meeting in 2008 and 2010 when short courses were offered in Spanish. Featured symposia have become an integral part of the annual meeting program, which were added to the schedule following the success of the pre-conference symposium held at the NMC annual meeting in 1997. Occasionally, NMC documents have been generated from papers presented at the featured symposia, such as the NMC report “Human Health Risks Associated With High Somatic Cell Count Milk” (2005).

Significant projects and educational materials One of the first acts of the NMC was to develop uniform recommendations for promoting and implementing mastitis prevention and control programs. First outlined in 1962, several hundred copies of the NMC recommendations were distributed to states, local groups, and individuals, becoming the foundation for formation of state or local organizations and programs.


NMC Commemorative Booklet  
NMC Commemorative Booklet  

This book is a collection of the past 50 years of mastitis control, milk quality, the history of the National Mastitis Council, personal rec...