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Now at Ecolab, he focuses on improving milk quality on dairy operations across the country.

treatment and diagnosis in school did not translate well on the farm; I wanted to know why.”

“I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to observe the inner workings of dairies from coast to coast,” he says, crediting his involvement with NMC for propelling his interest in mastitis research and discussion. “I have been an NMC member for several years, and have attended the last four annual meetings. I became involved in the planning committee for the regional meeting held in Grand Rapids, Michigan and that led to my involvement in the NMC planning committee for the 2012 Annual Meeting.”

That interest led Walker to a residency position at UC-Davis before she received her Ph.D. in veterinary preventative medicine from Ohio State University. While working on her doctorate degree, Walker was named an NMC Scholar for 2010.

Mario Lopez: DeLaval - West Agro, USA Currently employed by DeLaval-West Agro in Kansas City, Missouri, Mario Lopez grew up in Colombia and received a Bachelor of Science in animal science before journeying to New Zealand to complete his Ph.D. in molecular biology at Lincoln University. There, Lopez’s interest in mastitis began as he investigated the possibility of mastitis resistant genes. Before joining DeLaval’s technical services and clinical trials team in 2007, he worked as a scientist for Dexcel (now DairyNZ) as part of their mastitis research team which focused on the ecology of Streptococcus uberis in pasture-based systems. “NMC has always been a ‘must’ source of information on mastitis and milk quality,” he declares. “I became actively involved after attending my first meeting in 2008. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with researchers, farmers and extension staff. There is no better place to learn about mastitis and milk quality.” Jennifer Walker: Dean Foods, USA Currently the director of dairy stewardship at Dean Foods Company in Dallas, Texas, Jennifer Walker’s interest in mastitis research stems from her work in veterinary medicine. A 2000 graduate of the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, she spent four years as an associate veterinarian in a dairy herd health practice in California where she was responsible for the management of the milk quality lab. “Day-to-day management of milk quality on farms led to a deep interest in mastitis, particularly Staphylococcus aureus,” she recalls. “It seemed that much of what we were taught relative to

Mario Lopez 50 Years of Milk Quality

“NMC has driven me to think critically, search for answers and value an open mind,” she says. Rick Watters: GEA Farm Technologies, USA Rick Watters has played an active role in the dairy industry all of his life. He grew up in Fall River, Wisconsin, where he spent much of his days on his uncle’s dairy operation. He holds a Bachelor of Science in dairy science and agronomy as well as a Master of Science in dairy nutrition from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Ph.D. in animal science from Cornell University. He currently utilizes his education and experiences as a milk quality and udder health specialist at GEA Farm Technologies in Naperville, Illinois. Though he credits his education and employment opportunities for providing the backdrop for his career, Watters explains that NMC has been pivotal in shaping his role in the dairy industry. “NMC has introduced me to so many people who have an interest in milk quality and udder health,” he says. “Within NMC, I have served on the conference planning committee and have attended the group’s annual meeting for more than five years. The networking within NMC is amazing.” How has your NMC involvement impacted your career? Hogeveen: When active in a certain field of research, it is important to be in touch with others in that field. NMC provides a much wider platform for interaction (than its European counterparts) because meetings are open. The NMC annual meeting is the only international mastitis event that takes place every year. Koerth: It’s all about the connections! NMC provides the perfect forum for interaction between academia, industry, dairy producers and the international dairy community. Meeting NMC

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NMC Commemorative Booklet  
NMC Commemorative Booklet  

This book is a collection of the past 50 years of mastitis control, milk quality, the history of the National Mastitis Council, personal rec...