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1992 Mastitis Prevention and Control video released

2004 NMC adopts new logo and tagline

1995 NMC office relocates to Madison, Wisconsin

1996 4th edition of Current Concepts of Bovine Mastitis published

2004 NMC headquarters

1996 Procedures for

Evaluating Vacuum Levels and Air Flow in Milking Systems published

moves to Verona, Wisconsin; shares office space with National Dairy Herd Improvement Association

Jan. 2011 NMC 50th Annual

Feb. 1986 NMC celebrates

Meeting held in Arlington, Virginia

25th Annual Meeting in Columbus, Ohio





1999 Laboratory Handbook on Bovine Mastitis revised

2000 National Mastitis

Research Foundation funds its first research grant 25th anniversary logo

1986 National Mastitis Research Foundation established

2000 NMC assumes

management of National Dairy Quality Awards




2004 Procedures for

Evaluating Vacuum Levels & Airflow in Milking Systems revised

2004 Troubleshooting

50th anniversary logo

Cleaning Problems in Milking Systems published

2004 Microbiological

Procedures for the Diagnosis of Bovine Udder Infections and Determination of Milk Quality (4th edition) published

1987 Laboratory and Field

Handbook on Bovine Mastitis published

50 Years of Milk Quality

2007 NMC Scholars program introduced


NMC Commemorative Booklet  
NMC Commemorative Booklet  

This book is a collection of the past 50 years of mastitis control, milk quality, the history of the National Mastitis Council, personal rec...