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Moments in National Mastitis Council history 1960 International Association of Milk & Food Sanitarians appoints Mastitis Action Committee

1964 NMC begins to

1978 NMC office begins

distribute newsletter

to be housed with National Milk Producers Federation in Washington, DC

Oct. 30, 1960 Mastitis Action

July 1980 The slide set

Conference held (organized by the Mastitis Action Committee); recommends formation of a permanent national committee

Dollars and Sense of Mastitis Control has premier showing during the NMC Regional Meeting

Jan. 20, 1961 Initial meeting to organize a National Mastitis Action Committee held; first officers elected

1969 Microbiological

Procedures for the Diagnosis of Bovine Mastitis published

March 17, 1961 National

Mastitis Council selected as the permanent name



Feb. 1962 NMC 1st Annual Meeting held in Chicago

1963 NMC office established in Hinsdale, Illinois

1963 Current Concepts of Bovine Mastitis published



1965 NMC office housed

with the Evaporated Milk Association in Hinsdale, Illinois

1966 NMC office moves

to Washington DC (with Evaporated Milk Association)


1972 Subcommittee of

Research Committee appointed to develop guidelines to assure safety and efficacy of teat dips; becomes the Teat Dip Committee in 1973

1974 Infusion Products

Review Committee appointed to review the current FDA mastitis guidelines and ensure continued availability of safe and effective mastitis infusion products



1982 NMC office relocates to Arlington, Virginia (with the National Milk Producers Federation)

1983 Update on Postmilking Teat Antisepsis published in the NMC Annual Meeting Proceedings

1976 NMC begins a more

formal cooperation with the International Dairy Federation Group of Mastitis Experts


National Mastitis Council

NMC Commemorative Booklet  
NMC Commemorative Booklet  

This book is a collection of the past 50 years of mastitis control, milk quality, the history of the National Mastitis Council, personal rec...