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Fun Along the Way to Adulthood


hether a child puts on a white coat to give her doll a wellness check or uses an old briefcase to hold all his “important” coloring books, being a grown up looks mighty fun to little ones. Pretend play teaches kids beginning life skills and feeds their imagination.

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According to the American Psychological Association, parents/caregivers are essential to the life of a child. They give them health, safety, skills and the tools needed to succeed in life. Pretend play teaches children these essential life skills by mimicking grownups while making believe. Here are a few products that do the job: Bears for Humanity teach kids all about giving to others. Parents can explain that every purchase results in another teddy bear being given to a child in need. In addition to this education in empathy, stuffed animals are an excellent tool for language development and building confidence.

Helpful Books for Parents of Children The Secret Rules of Social Networking T by Barbara Klipper & Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser b

B outlining the unstated rules that guide positive By relationships r overall, this book then demonstrates how one can c carry these relationships into an online environment. The T authors address Internet safety, romantic relationships, online o vs. in-person interactions and more, with a particular p focus on adolescents and young adults with communication and social skills challenges. c



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Parenting Special Needs  

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Parenting Special Needs  

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