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Nationalist Contributors | March Nationalist Contributors | January

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Current Obsession

Current Obsession

Current Obsession



Say Good-Bye From BeyoncÊ to Jessica Alba, wedge sneakers have been scene on a numerous amount of celebrities this year. Seen, as a way to be comfortable yet cute, wedge sneakers seemed to have taken over the fashion world. I must admit at first the wedge sneaker seemed like a good idea, who doesn’t want the comfort of a sneaker but the look of a wedge? But after trying out the trend and observing it on others, I have come to the conclusion that this trend must go. On celebrities the trend seems cool and at the cutting edge of fashion but now it just seems odd and unnecessary. Isabel Marant started the trend with her wedge sneaker which run around $695 and have now spread


In The Spotlight

Leon Thomas

Leon’s intense passion for music has allowed him to grow into quite an amazing recording artist. Thomas plays five instruments, sings, writes, and produces all of his own music. MTV recently praised Leon’s production on Ariana Grande’s debut album after Thomas earned credits on five of the songs. Prior to this in August 2012, Leon released his highly anticipated mix tape entitled “Metro Hearts.” The lead single “Forever” instantly went viral along with a beautifully shot music video to accompany. It was this “Metro Hearts” mix tape that opened up an opportunity to tour with Big Time Rush and Cody Simpson. On the acting side, Leon can next be seen in a strong supporting role in the action movie Bad Asses (2014) opposite Danny Trejo and Danny Glover. Leon is best known for his starring role as ‘Andre Harris’ on the Emmy nominated Nickelodeon series, “Victorious”. The show has won multiple awards over the years and still is one of Nickelodeon’s top rated shows. Nationalist caught up with Leon for a chat on what’s in store for him in 2014. Tell us about your sound, describe your musical style. My musical style is a combination between some of the indie/R&B crossovers, like Frank Ocean and Miguel. I am also influenced by Prince and Stevie Wonder. What was the first concert you ever went to? Share details with us about the concert, how old were you, who did you attend with? This may sound strange but my very first concert was a DIzaie Gillespise tribute and I was one week old. My mom was singing in a chorus and when the music stopped I started crying. My mom said my crying was on the news the next day.

“Hello How Are You”

Who would be someone you'd love to collab with? I would love to collaborate with Ms. Queen B (Beyoncé). I think our melodic tastes would match. What and who inspires you musically? Kanye. I respect his ability to separate his producing abilities from his artistry. Babyface is another big influence. What does 2014 look like for you? Lots of new music and a new film called BADASSES with Danny Trejo and Danny Glover. Was your first love music or acting? Both. I started professionally in The Lion King musical on Broadway when I was 10. I started playing instruments at age three. Leon has a long resume starting as early as 10 years old when he made his Broadway debut as Young Simba in the Broadway production of “The Lion King.” He then went on to appear as Jackie Thibodeaux in the original Broadway cast of Tony’s Kushner’s “Caroline Or Change.” In 2005, Leon performed in the original cast of the Broadway musical “The Color Purple.” In 2007, he appeared alongside Robin Williams and Terrence Howard in the Warner Brothers film, “August Rush,” where he performed “La Bamba” on the movie’s soundtrack. Leon has also appeared in numerous television shows including “The Backyardigans,” “Jack’s Big Music Show,” “Just Jordan,” “iCarly,” and “Naked Brothers Band.”

New York: A Love Story

by Evan Jackson


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Marooned Photographer Victoria Reichel

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Christine Avanti

Put’s Down That Bow And Arrow To Fight Fake Food

Dieting In Real Time

Fitness With Fido

Dogs As Our Doppelgangers? By: Tracey Griswold


Top Five Uncommon and Lucrative Careers Working with Animals


Get Active For Animals

West Paw Design


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Profile for A-list Nation Magazine

Nation A-list Magazine Jan 2014  

Acacia Brinley for Nationalist magazine January 2014 Issue. Nationalist is the first American magazine ever to showcase only what the USA ha...

Nation A-list Magazine Jan 2014  

Acacia Brinley for Nationalist magazine January 2014 Issue. Nationalist is the first American magazine ever to showcase only what the USA ha...