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THE SPACE IN BETWEEN – MARINA ABRAMOVIĆ IN BRAZIL By Marco Del Fiol Sun 15 Oct | 7.30pm Sun 29 Oct | 7.30pm Brazil | English and Portuguese with English subtitles | 2016 | 88 min | M18 (Nudity and Some Disturbing Scenes)




One of the most influential performance artists of our time, Marina Abramović was compelled by personal pain to travel to Brazil in search of healing and artistic inspiration through its mystical practices. Known for testing the limits of her body in her art, Abramović seeks to overcome physical and mental confines by committing to the process of these unfamiliar sacred ceremonies. Partdocumentary, part-video installation, this film follows her as she engages in various spiritual acts: connecting with “psychic surgeon” John of God in Abadiâna; participating in healing rites at Vale Do Amanhecer; consuming hallucinogenic ayahuasca in Chapada Diamantina; and encountering the energy of crystals in

Corinto. Her body becomes the site of change, drawing the connection between ritual and performance. From this experience, Abramović created new artistic interventions to empower the public to create their own performances and go on transformational inner journeys in the absence of the artist. The life-giving potential of art is realised, enabling one to access that shimmering space where things come into being, and faith resides. The Space in Between – Marina Abramović in Brazil had its world premiere at the 23 rd SXSW Film Festival (USA, 2016) where it was the only foreign film nominated in the Best Documentary

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