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collection will remain safe. AfricanAmerican artist Charles McGee recounts the impact of the artworks on him, “It’s teaching; it’s revealing; it’s explaining; it’s total, and it’s giving. I think that our culture is richer because of it. I don’t know what we’ll do without The Detroit Institute of Arts.” As he slowly exits the gallery in the film, the shot cuts to a school group entering to gaze at the art. Beauty and Ruin competed at the 35th International Festival of Films on Art (Canada, 2017).


Marc de Guerre is a two-time Gemini Award winner (2007 and 2008, Canada). After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design, he worked as a visual artist before transitioning to documentary filmmaking in 2000, informing his filmmaking with his background in art. His most recent work is Song of Extinction (2017), a multimedia performance made in collaboration with composer Rose Bolton. Featuring large-scale projections, it is a visual and sonic exploration of the Anthropocene period.


Painting with Light: International Festival of Films on Art 2017  

Painting with Light invites viewers to discover films that explore a diverse array of subjects, from the 20th century’s most visionary manif...