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Table of Contents 2014–15 National FFA Officers............................ 109 American FFA Degree Recipients........................72 Band and Chorus Participants............................... 64 Candids......................................................................... 110 Career Development Event Winners................. 42 Concert: Justin Moore and Easton Corbin....... 12 Concert: Scotty McCreery and Danielle Bradbery........................................................ 14 Convention and Expo by the Numbers............... 2 Delegate Reports....................................................... 92 Distinguished Service Citation............................ 68 Honorary American Degree Recipients........... 88 Keynote Speaker: Donnie Smith.............................6 Keynote Speaker: Jane Herlong...........................10 Keynote Speaker: Jeff Simmons.............................8 Keynote Speaker: Nick Vujicic...............................4 National Agricultural Proficiency Winners..... 48 National Agriscience Fair Awards....................... 62 National Chapter Award Winners......................60 National FFA Alumni Association .................... 104 National FFA Alumni Awards.............................. 106 National Officers Nominating Committee and Candidates......................................................... 108 Retiring Address: Brian Walsh............................... 16 Retiring Address: Jackson Harris..........................32 Retiring Address: Jason Wetzler......................... 28 Retiring Address: Mitch Baker.............................. 20 Retiring Address: Steven Brockshus................... 36 Retiring Address: Wes Davis................................. 24 Stars Over America Winners................................ 58 Talent Participants..................................................... 66 VIP Citation.................................................................. 70

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.

87th National FFA Convention and Expo by the Numbers of convention 64,409 Number and expo attendees, a record high.

of FFA members who 3,039 Number participated in Career Success Tours.

of hotel room nights 38,853 Number booked during the week.

Number of Honorary American 217 FFA Degrees awarded.

feet the National FFA 240,000 Square Expo spans the Kentucky

Exposition Center, the length of more than five football fields.

of FFA members who 1,384 Number participated in this year’s National Days of Service.

Number of exhibitors at the National FFA Expo. 448

Number of FFA members 4,189 who competed in a career

development event on the national level.

of American FFA 3,765 Number Degrees awarded.

of FFA members who 10,529 Number attended 47 student workshops. For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



Vujicic Tells FFA Members to Shine and Be Kind By Abbey Nickel He lives every day without arms or legs. For most people, that would be an obstacle to living a happy and meaningful life.  But for Nick Vujicic, his lack of limbs didn’t stop him from getting exactly what he wanted.  He used it to live a life dedicated to inspiring others and helping them overcome their own heartache. Vujicic  served as the keynote speaker for the opening sessions of the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo and used his trials and triumphs of living a life without arms or legs as an illustration to never give up – no matter how difficult the circumstances. Vujicic said a janitor at his high school inspired him at the age of 17 to use his story to motivate others. “Failure equals education. It’s okay to fail. If I fall down and I try a hundred times to get up, and I fail a hundred times, tell me, am I a failure?” he

Vujicic explained how he endured

“I feel like everyone has a different

bullying and teasing while he was in

place – and there are many different

school and how those experiences

facets of agriculture to help combat

helped him quickly realize that

this.   But we all need each other,

living a life with purpose and kind-

and we all have different gifts and

ness is critical. He encouraged FFA

talents. We are all waiting on the

members to live a life with an open

billionaires to end world hunger; we

heart and mind and to always show

shouldn’t. We need to get together

compassion and kindness.

because we all play a part,” he said.

“The fact is, you can’t change people. You can pray for them, you can love them, you can encourage them, but you can’t change them. You can’t change everything, so figure out what you can change and change it for the better, whether it’s about yourself or about the world.  Take responsibility,” he said. Vujicic told the crowd that one of his passions and goals is to help eliminate world hunger, and he believes agriculture is the answer to ending the epidemic. But in order for that to happen, the world needs FFA members to be the hands and feet to help put that plan into action.

asked the audience. “Then why do you sometimes think you are? Give yourself a chance. Miracles can come from your broken pieces.”

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#myAGstory: Donnie Smith Asks FFA Members to Share Their Story of Agriculture By Kendall Herren Telling our ag story; that was the message Tyson Inc. President and

Smith believes this is possible

He hopes they will use their voice to

through social media and students

back their story of agriculture.

speaking up about their experiences.

“Social media is the right tool in the

CEO Donnie Smith told a sea of

“Our message is to get these stu-

right hands – you’re the right hands,”

blue jackets during the third general

dents to tell their ag story, so we can

Smith said. “You know it better than

session of the 87th National FFA

take the conversation about food

anyone else… you know the truth.”

Convention & Expo. H  is mission

and agriculture back from a lot of

is to inspire FFA members to tell

the uniformed people that have a

their agriculture story and build

lot to say about food, but haven’t

consumer support.

really experienced it, and don’t

“We need to grow consumer support to grow more food in the country where the overwhelming majority of the population hasn’t experienced farm life and doesn’t understand how

even understand it,” Smith said. “In agriculture, we believe these kids can take back that ag story, really tell our ag story and what really happens, and how food really is made.”

their food is made,” Smith said. “And

Smith believes that students will

yet, they want to have a say about

stand up and be willing to stand out

food, so we have to teach them about

and fight against some of the non-

food and how it’s really made.”

sense that’s out there in social media.

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For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



Jeff Simmons Challenges FFA Members to Break the Cycle of Hunger By Michael Lotspeich “The one great equalizer of the human race, the one thing we all hold in common, is food,” Jeff Simmons remarked during the fourth general session of the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo.

“We must find the hunger inside us,

“A problem that exists right now,

before we [are able] to end hunger.

though, is that one out of every two

The key definition of hunger, in

people gets the wrong nutrition

this case, is going all out to ensure

from their diets,” he said.

security of affordable, nutritious food for nine billion people – telling our stories and making innovations in agriculture. And if we don’t make

Simmons has served as president of Elanco, the animal health division of Eli Lilly and Company, since 2008. It’s a business committed to protein production, companion

these innovations, others will.” Simmons brought out a large napkin to summarize his “hunger” — 3, 60, 1.5.

animal health and food safety, with

“The world’s population will grow to

an emphasis on helping the food

include 3 billion middle-class people

industry produce a safe and afford-

by 2050. With this growth in popula-

able food supply.

tion, 60 percent more animal protein

Before his time with Elanco, Simmons was a member of the Penn

(eggs, milk, meat) will be needed,” he said.

Yan (New York) FFA and received the

Simmons also made an interesting

Eastern Region Star in Agribusiness

analogy between food production

Award in 1987.

and the world’s resources.

Throughout his keynote, Simmons

“If we were to maintain the current

encouraged FFA members to engage

rate of food production, we would

in the speech via the hashtag

need one-and-a-half Earths to feed 9

#FeedThe9 on Twitter.

billion people,” he said.

FFA members are suited to make things better. “Future leaders are going to be hungry, if you see a blatant issue with the agricultural industry, [you need to be the one to] fix it.” Elanco’s current work includes breaking the cycle of hunger in 100 global communities by 2017 through food security efforts, Simmons explained. “Lives are changed, […] when you break the cycle of hunger and reinstate hope.”

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For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



Herlong Avoids Tomatoes, Inspires FFA Members By Cassie Olson Humorist, professional singer and

“It was like a divine spirit said, ‘You’re

“Be the best person God made you to

gonna do that one day,’” she said.

be and you will go all the way. That’s what going all out means. That’s the

Amazon bestselling author are only

And she did. Starting with local

a few of the titles that Jane Herlong

pageants, Herlong made her way to

has held. The South Carolina native

the top, so far as being named Miss

Herlong finished by rounding back to

and former Miss America contestant

South Carolina and representing the

the title of her speech.

motivated thousands of FFA members

state in the Miss America pageant.

when she filled the seventh general

She reminded FFA members that in

session with laughter at the 87th

order to get where you want to go,

National FFA Convention & Expo.

you have to find a place to start.

Her speech, titled “Don’t Throw

“You gotta start somewhere. You

a positive life contaminated with

Tomatoes at My Field of Dreams,”

might not have it all, but make a con-

negative thoughts.”

had the audience on their feet in

tribution to where you want to go!”

applause as Herlong told students the importance of personal accountability and life-balance.

“When those tomatoes come, you can be frozen with fears,” Herlong said. “Instead of being frozen, tell them you’re chosen. You can’t have

Herlong reminds everyone that their future is in their control: “The future belongs to you, FFA!”

Herlong laughed, “When life hands you tomatoes, just make ketchup, salsa or spaghetti.”

A major point that Herlong made was the value of authenticity. She recalls the shadowing image of the

Herlong told FFA members not to let the words of others get them down. In the first grade, Herlong remembered being laughed at because of her appearance, but a visit with the area beauty queens quickly made her set lofty goals for herself.

spirit of FFA.”

pageant circuit. “I became the generic beauty queen. I lost me.” The key, said Herlong, comes from being your best self.

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Justin Moore and Easton Corbin Share Their Secrets to Career Success By Lauren Schwab The KFC Yum! Center quickly filled with thousands of FFA members Wednesday evening during the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo in anticipation of country music sensations Justin Moore and Easton Corbin.  While their musical talent and flawless stage presence captivated the audience, the artists reminded FFA members of the hard work behind the stage to achieve

your talents and what your dream is.

Moore encouraged FFA members to

For me, I remember when I had stage

go all out for their dreams despite

fright. At one point I thought, I love

all odds. “Go do what you want to

to sing, this is what I want to do, so I

do, and only you are in charge of

can’t let something like stage fright

your life. It doesn’t really matter if

keep me back from it,” Corbin said,

somebody tells you what you can’t

“It’s about going all out and giving

do, you can go do it,” Moore said.

what you got, just go out there and do it.” For Moore, the importance of hard work to achieve career success is no different. “No matter what you’re

career success.

doing, go do it to the best of your

“After I was done with college I

have to go out and get it,” Moore

went straight to Nashville. To follow this dream you have to be there to make it happen. To go all out you have to put your heart out there,” Corbin said. Corbin has partnered with the Ram Truck brand to thank hard-working and dedicated FFA members as part of Ram’s celebration of the “Year of the Farmer.” “It’s an honor to get out there and give back to such a great organization,” Corbin said.

ability. If you want something you said. “To get to the top of your business you have to have a strong work ethic. It’s been a huge part of my success.” Moore advised FFA members to

“I am a prime example. I grew up in a town of 300 people and this [being a country music artist] is not something you’re supposed to be able to do. I would say [to FFA members] go do it, and when you get knocked back down… get back up on the horse and keep on.” Corbin and Moore demonstrated to FFA members what it is to go all out to achieve career success. Now is the time for members to put in the hard work, go out and do it.

take a struggle or challenge they have gone through and use it for personal growth toward their career success. “There’s always going to be obstacles; there’s always going to be lows. We really find out about ourselves and find out what we’re made

Corbin encouraged FFA members to

of when there are the lows. When

go all out for their dreams despite

you can have a high after a low that’s

any self-doubt they have. “You have

when you’re doing something,”

to believe in yourself and believe in

Moore said.

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For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



Scotty McCreery, Danielle Bradbery Encourage FFA Members to Chase Their Dreams By Abbey Nickel Like many FFA members across the country, country artists Scotty McCreery and Danielle Bradbery

McCreery said having a younger

McCreery said that while he doesn’t

audience to relate to made perform-

have any direct connections to FFA,

ing at the convention and expo all

he does have roots in agriculture. His

the more unique.

grandfather was a farmer and hopes

know a thing or two about setting

“I definitely connect with them more

goals, and achieving them, at a

than the average crowd,” he said.

young age.

Bradbery has ties to FFA – ties that

McCreery won the fan-voted singing

she says have helped her build an

competition American Idol at age 17

appreciation for the organization

in 2011, and Bradbery won the Voice,

and the youth who are involved.

another fan-voted singing competition, at age 16 in 2013.

“I really love FFA. My sister was in FFA and raised a lamb all four years

When the two performed at the 87th

of high school. Before I left for the

National FFA Convention & Expo on

Voice, I was actually in the class and

Thursday night, having a younger

getting ready to pick my animal and

audience to entertain hit close to

everything and then I had to leave,

home for the both of them.

but that’s okay. I know a lot about

“That makes it all the more exciting,” said Bradbery about the youthful

FFA, so I’m happy to have this opportunity,” Bradbery said.

that someday McCreery will buy the farm and keep it going. Bradbery said her greatest obstacle after winning the Voice was overcoming her fear of the stage and singing in front of large audiences, and realizes that fear can be applied to almost anything in an FFA member’s life. Because of Bradbery’s past relationship with FFA, she wants to encourage FFA members to continue building their work ethic and working toward their goals and going beyond their comfort zones.

crowd. “They’re like all my friends.”

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For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



Our Story We get to see, hear and feel some

I was always inspired by those folks,

Snowshoe Mountain. We got up

pretty incredible things from these

but I often left asking myself, how

the first morning and quickly got to

seats. L  ike what about our first ses-

can I stack up to that? Sure, I had

work tearing up the slopes. My old-

sion keynote speaker Mr. Nick Vuijic,

lost my grandpa, my parents were

est cousin Ryan and I were like the

or maybe it’s feeling the incredible

divorced and I had even dropped out

cool cats of our family; we were the

sounds of our national FFA band and

of preschool, things that I definitely

oldest guys and thought we were the

chorus. And for many of us, we may

don’t take lightly, but I felt as if in

best skiers, so we set out to show off

get the most thrills from seeing our

order to be a state officer, to stand

our skills…on the bunny slopes.

friends cross that stage to receive

on that stage, to be famous or suc-

some pretty spectacular awards.

cessful, or truly inspire someone you

We all know that feeling of excite-

to have some extraordinary story.

ment that comes with being in this arena, but for me, as an FFA member, there was always another feeling that

had to have proven yourself, you had

I felt like I was living in the shadows

a trick slope. Flying down this slope

You see, I still remember the state

already earned but having no idea

ing some license that others had how to create what they had. But you

speakers and others who encouraged

see, it wasn’t about creating what

and challenged us. These incredible

they had, it was about creating what

people were great role models but, I

I could have. My story.

of these individuals. I felt like they all had a story. Now I’m not referring to the kiss the girl on the playground or picking your nose at the dinner table

made our way up the ladder of difficulty until something caught our

came with sitting in these seats.

always noticed one thing about most

bunny slopes though and slowly

And I didn’t.

of those extraordinary people, seek-

and national officers, motivational

We quickly got bored with the

I’ve come to realize that my story may not be of some dramatic experience, but that’s Okla. because success isn’t defined by one event.

eye that couldn’t be unseen. It was were these guys dressed head to toe in like sponsored gear, and they were like doing backflips and barrel rolls off of jumps, grinding on rails and I was inspired. I mean these people were like Sean White! After what seemed like forever of staring we turned to each other and simultaneously said, “Do it!” It was like when your elementary school best friend is like I double dog dare you to wink at that cute girl…it’s not something you

type stories that made us laugh, but

It kind of reminds me of one of the

I’m talking about those experiences.

dumbest things I’ve ever done. You

Those big events. Those life-altering,

know, as kids we all do some pretty

So we made our way up the moun-

defining moments of someone’s

dumb stuff. You know what I’m

tain, nervous as all get out. The deal

life. Those of tragedy, of failure, of

talking about. Perhaps, the dumbest

was that we would both go off of

overcoming huge obstacles. Stories

of which for me was during my first

just one jump, simple enough, huh?

that I thought ultimately made them

skiing trip. I was 9 years old and my

But as soon as we got off the lift, the


family was spending a weekend at

first thing I saw was a sign that read

can’t do.

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ting in these seats feeling like our “story” is unimportant, us standing in the shadow of an older sibling’s accomplishments or a teammates incredible talent, or it’s feeling unworthy because of a comparison to others experiences, we all know that feeling. Ryan knew he didn’t have to have some experience in order for him to be successful that day, and I think it proves a valuable point – that success isn’t defined by some crazy situation but our willingness to create a story of our own. I mean just look at the greatest examples of people with extraordinary experiences, Michael Jordan getting cut from his basketball team, Steve Jobs getting fired from the company he started, Walt Disney being told he

“Black diamond course – EXPERTS

“wwwhhhaaattt?!? That’s amazing!”

ONLY.” I turned to Ryan and said

But I quickly realized that Ryan was

that maybe this wasn’t a good idea. I

not trying to do anything. He had

mean we were standing at the top of

completely lost control, did a half of

the mountain made for experienced

a backflip and literally landed on his

experts, in cheap snowsuits, had

head. His skis came off and came fly-

never been skiing before and literally

ing down the slope without him. I was

did with it.

were asking for a death wish. But then

about to get my mom when he finally

I realized that I could not let myself

stood up pumping both fists in the air.

So how ridiculous is it that we are

be one of those people who ride the

When he finally reached the bottom,

ski lift down backward, making it

he was like “Dude! That was amazing!

super awkward for everyone else. So I

We gotta do it again!”

stayed. Ryan and I played rock, paper, scissors to see who would go first. I lost so I inched up to the edge looking down at what I was sure would be

I laughed. But throughout the day, Ryan went off that same jump multiple times and eventually mastered it.

wasn’t creative enough. Although it doesn’t seem like it sometimes, none of these people were successful or were defined by that experience, they were successful because of what they

almost subconsciously seeking some defining moment that, quite frankly, no one should wish upon anyone, and how ridiculous is it that we are sitting idly with a life that honestly others would do anything for. In the same way that I ask myself, why I needed an experience for me to

death. I went off the edge and quickly

You know looking back I have to

picked up speed. As I came up on the

laugh at us but in all honesty, I kind

jump, my heart was pounding and

of regret not going off of that jump.

so-called dramatic experience to take

right as I began to go off the 15-foot

You see, that sign that stood at the

action? Why does it have to take a

jump…I totally chickened out and

top of the hill was this obstacle. I felt

life-changing or defining moment to

veered off to the side.

like in order to ski that slope, you had

truly be that inspiration to others?

I reached the bottom of the slope just in time to see Ryan start his

to have a lot of experience, you had to be an expert, and I definitely wasn’t.

make that jump, why does it take that

I mean really, why do we need to fail a test to teach us that we should study

descent. He came flying down the

Now hear me out, I’m definitely not

harder for the next one? Why do we

hill like a mad man and hit the jump

telling you to go out and do stupid

need to get cut from a sports team

at what had to have been like 75

things like jump a ski slope, but what

to give us motivation to work harder?

mph and went flying into the air.

I am saying is that at some point or

Why do we need to lose someone

At first I thought he was attempt-

another we have all faced a similar

close to us in order to value the life

ing to do a backflip and was like

sign in our life. Whether that is sit-

we have been given?


What if we ignored the signs that are

realized what makes her, her. She now

who loves feeling and making others

telling us that we need an experience

knows that although she may not

feel welcome. A guy who has been

like Ryan? What if we used other’s

accomplish as much as her sister, if

blessed with an amazing family, some

titles not as a barrier to our own suc-

she owns the person she was made

cool opportunities, and 610,000

cess but a symbol of what success

to be, people will see that and love

friends to share his story with.

for us could be? What if we used this

it. She now believes that she has an

stage as a symbol of what could be

important story and more impor-

achieved in that CDE or proficiency

tantly knows what it is. It’s a story of

area? What if we used others’ stories

strength, of crazy amounts of humor,

as fuel to create our own story?

of will power and a killer personality.

That’s when we truly start to succeed because success is not defined by an experience. We spend so much time making excuses as to why we can’t be like those people who stand on this stage or those who “have it all” or those who have that empowering experience, that we miss out on what truly defines the incredible person we are. Our story.

And just ask her; that realization has kept her in FFA and that realization has brought her to this convention. Just like Martina we have all lived in the shadow of someone else’s story. Whether that be the player on our team that got the start over us, the guy or gal that won that award over us, that friend that has an amazing experience that seems to get all the attention. In reality all we are doing are making excuses for why we aren’t

Looking back it’s kind of sad that it took me so long to realize it. Just like Martina, as an FFA member, I too was sitting in those seats, making excuses as to why I couldn’t be that successful, waiting for that defining moment that I failed to define me for me. My friends, regardless of the ridiculous excuses that we tell ourselves every day, we all have a story, a story that matters. And maybe that story is made up of some crazy hardships and some tough times or maybe it’s not. Regardless though, there is no room for excuses in this world; we must define who we are and what we have to offer, our story. Because our story is

This past April I got to hang out in

as good or qualified or inspiring. We

the beautiful state of South Dakota!

all say but… he got elected over me,

What up?!? On the last day of their

but… I don’t have an experience like

In fact just ask my friend Katie.

convention, this girl came up to me

that, but… he is funnier than me. Or,

She’s that person who always knows

and told me she was quitting FFA.

you finish the sentence.

exactly what I am thinking, that can

I was like wow, wow, wow, now, girl you are trippin’. She proceeded to tell me that for the longest time she felt left in the shadows of her older sister’s accomplishments or her older sister’s stories. She felt her story

Excuses only make us feel better about not doing something. And only when we stop making them do we begin to be proud of the story that we have. Our story.

would never measure up to that of

I am completely guilty of making

her sister’s and that she hated only

those excuses, but through Martina I

being known as someone else’s sister.

come to be proud of my story.

She felt like she wasn’t as smart or gifted or talented, couldn’t achieve as much. She felt like her efforts were never noticed.

You know, my story is nothing extraordinary, it’s not gonna make you laugh, and it’s definitely not going to make you cry. In fact, it is

So I asked her one simple question,

very simple. Sure, it’s not perfect

“What do you have that they don’t

and has included some bumps and

have?” She slowly lit up as she started

bruises, but my story is of a guy who

spewing all these things out. Person-

has grown from some shy boy who

ality! Will power! Emotional strength!

was just living life as an average per-

Confidence! She was excited because

son into the person who I am today. A

in all honesty she had defined her

guy who is simple, who loves getting

story right there; she realized that

haircuts, stargazing and sneezing, but

really she was just making excuses as

a guy who loves listening, who loves

to why she wasn’t worthy. She had

being around family and friends, a guy

just as important, our story matters.

be totally honest with me and can always be counted on for advice. Yea, we all know that friend. We joke all the time and in fact I can probably count the number of really serious conversations we have had on one hand. A series of which I distinctly remember… I can remember it started when I got a call early one morning and as usual I answered by saying “What up, punk?” but the response from the other side was not normal. In fact, before she could even get two words in, she started sobbing. I had no idea what was going on so I asked are you Okla.? What’s going on? Finally she mustered up the words, “I’m driving to Pennsylvania” and she stopped again. I was thinking to myself, I personally love Pennsylvania…I didn’t think going there would make someone cry. So I

Walsh continued on page 41

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At the Table If there are two things in this world

sharing a lot while we’re at the table,

born. The day finally came. On a cold

that I love, it’s hanging out with my

so we get to hear what each of us is

February morning, I, a high school

family and drinking coffee. How

going through at a really deep level.

sophomore, jumped into my 2004

awesome is coffee, right? It picks

Because of this, we all come away

red Jeep Wrangler and sped off to

you up, it calms you down. Coffee is

a little wiser. Today, just like at my

school, driving myself for the first

the life blood that drives the dreams

family’s table, I’d like to share with you

of champions. But what I love way more than coffee is to be with my family. They’re pretty neat in the most random ways, and we have some really fun conversations about music and life – filled with Saturday

some of the lessons I’ve learned along

time, proud as could be. I pulled into my school’s driveway and rolled right

the way.

past the students who still had to get

If you and I were hanging out around

they were telling their mom or dad

a table just like this, there are three truths that I would share. Our high

dropped off by their parents. Ha! I bet they had all their homework done or when they would need being picked

Night Live one-liners and random

points and our low points are meant to

up from practice after school. But not

movie quotes. There’s always a lot of

teach us, that it is dangerous to cling,

this guy. Instead, I wheeled into the

laughter when I get to go home and

and that life is always getting better.

student parking lot, parked my Jeep

visit them.

I can remember this one story I told

and strutted into school like I owned it. “Why yes, this IS my Jeep, ladies.”

Actually, I guess you could say one of

my family at the table that still makes

my favorite things to do is eat with my

me laugh today. If you’re like me,

So I walked into my ag mechanics

family. It only takes us 30 minutes to

some of the funniest moments you’ve

class – you know, the one I took

eat, but we’ll easily spend two hours at

experienced have happened over the

mostly because I wanted to keep ag

the dinner table drinking coffee and

most unplanned, spur-of-the-moment

in my schedule, certainly not because

catching up on what’s going on in our

kind of stuff that you just walked into.

lives. Some of my happiest times have come from sitting in a chair just like this and talking to my family. Like the time I came home to the dinner table, and my sister Abbey was telling us how she managed to fit our dog into one of her jackets. She then showed us this picture and explained how the

That’s been true pretty much all my life. I’ll explain. We’ve all dreamed about it. We may already have it, or we’re studying for it right now. It’s the first step into the world of freedom and adventure. That’s right – getting our driver’s license.

I had any talent for ag mechanics. I walked into class, and from across the room a group of the ag mechanic guys shouted, “Hey Mitch! Is that your Jeep?” With a big ole grin, I said, “It sure is.” The guys were impressed, I could tell. Then they asked me, “Is it four-wheel drive?” And I said, “Nope. Automatic.”… Half of ya’ll may be

dog ran across the street to show off

Getting my license was one of the

laughing because you know how

his new biker swag. You see? Perfect

biggest accomplishments in my entire

hilariously dumb that sounds. The

example of the stuff that happens

life right next to discovering coffee

other half of you have no idea why

at our table. My family feels open to

goes great with ice cream and being

people are laughing. That’s exactly

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you. We’re told to seize the day, and we

should, but when we cling, we try to preserve moments in our life that aren’t meant to be preserved. Most of us here know an old guy or girl who’s stuck in 1992 when they lead the team to the state championship – that’s clinging: Letting memories consume you. Sometimes, when we win – we want to just freeze life right there. Winning feels good – why move on when we could just talk about this the rest of our lives? But that’s not how we were meant to live. That’s the same as quitting after one defeat, or worse, before we’ve given our all. When we hold onto the past,

what I was feeling! My first day of

of us just broke up with a person who

it prevents us from getting ready for

freedom suddenly took a hard turn

meant a lot to us, and we’re definitely

future victories. There are other dreams

toward humiliation. From that point on,

not over it.

to dream. There are other wins that we

Whether you would describe this

them. Giving up and telling ourselves

I was known as the boy in ag mechanics who didn’t know a triple carburetor compressor from a flux capacitor. Am I right? Stupid. It was embarrassing. People are mean. Their jokes got harsh. That day and for the rest of the semester, I was a misfit in that class. My day of feeling on top of the world came

moment you’re living as a high or a low – I can tell you that where you are right now is exactly where you are supposed to be to get where you are going next. Each experience that comes our way is meant to shape us, teach us and grow

crashing down like that.

us. For example, from that day in ag

Odds are great we’ve all said something

of ugly pride, I say some really dumb

just as embarrassing as that once or twice in our lives. Some of us, like me, may have let those moments bring us down into the gutter. When we think

mechanics, I learned that when I’m full stuff. So live your moments. Observe it. Look for the lesson. Make adjustments. And walk on. Love where you’ve been. The good days and the bad days lead us

gotta straight up chase if we really want we’re satisfied when really we’re scared is not an option. One loss shouldn’t be enough to stop you. One win shouldn’t be enough to satisfy you. Let’s break this down. We can think of life as light. If we hold up our palms, with open fingers, we can let life pour through our fingers. Go ahead, try it out. Every victory, disappointment, everything that we’ve experienced up to this point in our life is literally passing through the palm of our hand. In life,

to where we’re meant to be.

there will be some great days: We won

best described as “blah.”

What can you learn from where you

national convention, the coolest, pret-

Maybe you’re on top of the world right

that you’re there. If it’s good, enjoy it,

girlfriend or maybe we’re having a really

because trust me when I say it’s tempo-

great hair day. It’s completely human

rary. If it’s bad, keep on going, because

nature for us to want to cling to those

trust me when I say it’s temporary. Cel-

good times as hard as we possibly can.

about it, we can either classify our life as going good, bad, or a state that can be

now – you just nailed that test last week. You shot a three-pointer in basketball, and everyone was watching. That cute girl you’ve been thinking about – ya’ll are texting everyday now. But there’s always a flipside to that. Some of us may be going through some really

are? Think about it. Either way, it’s cool

ebrate the good, embrace that bad. We need both in our lives to get us where we’re going.

that CDE we prepared so hard for at tiest girl in the whole chapter is your

And it works both ways. There will be days in our lives that feel so dark. Maybe the people we thought were our friends

tough stuff right now. Some of us here

If it’s true that these moments are lead-

decided you’re not cool enough to be a

are freshmen, and this new life in high

ing us to where we’re meant to go, then

part of their group. Maybe family life is

school is not the cool party that it felt

we can’t cling to any of them. Don’t

kind of rough right now. Maybe we look

like everybody said it would be. Some

get me wrong, clinging isn’t the same

in the mirror, and we don’t like what we

of us were trusted to make that game

as valuing the relationships we have,

see. We’re still clinging, but here we’re

winning play – and missed it. Some

or appreciating all that’s been given to

clinging to the idea we aren’t good


enough to have friends, or a happy

my brother broke his arm! I know, I

about my time in FFA, I realize that these

family or confidence. We believe a

know, I’m a terrible person, but hear

have been the greatest days of my life

lie – and then cling to that lie to protect

me out. Nick’s injury happened his

– so far. At the same time, as awesome

ourselves from getting hurt. What we’re

freshman year of high school, about the

as this is, I have faith the best days of my

clinging to is a false sense of security.

same time he was deciding that FFA

life are yet to come.  

But look what we’ve done. No light can

just wasn’t for him. While his brother,

pour through these hands. Life hasn’t

me, was doing the FFA thing, Nick was

stopped shining. We just experience

going to invest all his energies into

less of it. When we hold onto what’s

his favorite pursuit – football. With

behind us, good or bad, we lose the

his football dreams for that season

ability to move forward with our life.

destroyed, Nick had some unplanned

We have to let go of the good and bad

free time on his hands, so he decided

so we can receive this moment. Love where you are – just don’t cling to it. It’s the way we were meant to live.

to tag along with me to Indianapolis for his very first FFA national convention. With a borrowed jacket and low expec-

Let’s take a look at one story at the table that showed me just what can happen when we don’t cling.

tations, he walked into the convention hall and felt the energy and saw the excitement of this nation’s amazing FFA members. My brother immediately

My brother Nick is a great football

developed a new passion – FFA. Those

player – middle linebacker to be precise.

three days changed his life. From then

Now if you’ve watched very many foot-

on, he knew he belonged in FFA.

ball games, you’ve seen some injuries. On the field Nick had the reputation for being fearless. He played hard and tackled hard regardless of the size of his opponent. During one particular game, Nick went in as hard as he could for the tackle. Honestly, he bounced off the guy like a racquet ball, crashed to the ground, and didn’t get up.  He lay on the ground, still. That’s when we heard him all the way up to the press box where I sat, shouting in pain. It was bad. He had to be helped up, put in the car, and driven to the emergency room. We found out later that night that both bones below his elbow were snapped in two.

Nick rejoined his football team his senior year. He started every game as middle linebacker and led the defense to the team’s first undefeated season in more than 60 years. His leadership on defense was key to his team’s success and his passion ignited those around him. But he didn’t give up on FFA when he could play again. He went on to compete in national CDEs, serve as a chapter officer, and this morning he’s

Please understand what I’m saying. I’m not talking about a cotton-candy, no-pain-ever future when I say the best days are yet to come. There will be a day that the people that sit at my table won’t be with me any longer. Chairs will go empty. It won’t be long from now that I’ll have to walk away from the table I grew up around as life moves on and changes occur. Life will never be exactly as it was growing up. But that’s ok – it really is! Because soon I’ll be at a new table. Maybe it’ll have some really close friends sitting here with me. Maybe it’ll be filled with my wife and our kids. Regardless, I have faith that it’s going to better than where I am right now – just different.  There will be tough days, but our lives are like waves. Why would we let our wave crash when high school ends? Or FFA ends? Or when we win? Or when we lose? Let those events make you stronger. Make that wave stronger. And have hope – because the plans that have been made for us are bigger and better than we could ever dream.

in the crowd as the state secretary for

For the longest time, I had no idea what

the Tennessee FFA Association. No one

should be said here on this stage. I lost

could be prouder of him than me, his

sleep, I wandered around random park-

big brother.

ing lots, ate a lot of Taco Bell, hoping

Every moment of our lives is preparing

that the message I’m meant to share was revealed to me. But the truth is

A late night surgery, two rods and 13

us for something bigger and bet-

screws in his left arm meant that his

ter. Nick didn’t know it at the time,

football season was over. Nick was

but as he sits here today, he under-

heartbroken. Football was his passion.

stands. Had he not broken that arm, he

He had played with his teammates

would most likely not be here as a state

since third grade. In the weeks that

officer and would not have benefited

followed that night, I saw my brother

from all that FFA has to offer. We have

experience the lowest and saddest

to believe that our best days are ahead

time in his entire life. If you know Nick,

of us and that the experiences we’re

you know Nick doesn’t do “sad” very

going through today are preparing us

often. It was awful. Now this may sound

for something bigger and better than

Love where you are. Love where you’ve

strange, but I think it’s awesome that

anything we can imagine. When I think

been. And love where you’re going.

these aren’t profound stories that I’ve shared here. They’re the simple truths that we’ve all experienced those highs and lows in our life, and we can’t cling to any of them, all because we’re in a pursuit of a better tomorrow than we’re having today. Instead, I’m here to share with you the best truth I’ve ever learned at the table, and it really is that simple.

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For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



Here for a Reason They told us to dream. They told us

frustrating questions asked at every

Now at every FFA event, there’s always

we could do anything we want.But

family reunion, graduation party, and

that one person everybody knows

at some point, everything changed. I

holiday get-together, right as we are

– the social butterfly, so to speak.

came home today and my mom said

trying to find our path in life. And I

They’re the person who dances every

she hated her job. But she says she

can’t help but wonder if you, too, are

dance, knows everyone’s name, and

does it because she has to. How do I

chained to the same questions.

anyone can recognize them right off

keep that from happening to me?

But what if there was a way to answer

I hear people talk about making a

them? How to find a career we love.

difference all the time. I want to leave

How to make a difference in the

a mark on this world, but I just don’t

world. How to find the reason we are

know how. There are so many things I could do, but I don’t know what to choose. Sometimes it seems easier to go through life being normal instead of trying to change the world. I wonder all the time why I was put on this earth. What am I meant to do? It’s one of those philosophical questions, but I want to find an answer. I really have no idea where to start. I know everyone is here for a reason, but

the bat. If you know a social butterfly, let me hear it! If you have no idea what I mean, that person may be you. Now at the Arkansas state conven-

put on this earth.

tion, there were two social butterflies:

I think if we do a bit of searching, we

telling you, these two guys were an

can find an answer to these questions – and those answers could just change our lives. This year has been one crazy journey – filled with countless airports, road-trips and unforgettable memories. Like bowling with the Anderson County FFA at the Kansas State Con-

twins Mark and James Dement. I’m absolute hoot! You would often see them dancing, cracking jokes or jamming out on their guitars. They were always enjoying themselves. One evening, after the last session had ended, I was walking back to my cabin when I saw Mark, James and several others. They were on

how do I find mine? Where do I even

vention. Or swing dancing the night

begin? There has to be something I’m

away with the McCool Junction FFA

instruments and singing quite a tune.


in Nebraska. Even facing the infamous

As they saw me walking by, they

Polar Vortex this January with the

motioned for me to come on over

Wisconsin FFA members.

and join in the fun. So I walked over,

Growing up, these were questions that crossed my mind so many times.

the assembly hall patio playing their

sat down and listened as they played.

What do you want to be when you

But there was one experience that

grow up? How will you change the

really stands out – spending a few

world? Why were you put on this

days at Camp Couchdale for the

earth? I would sit for hours and

Arkansas State Convention. Little did

As the night grew longer, the music

hours thinking, pondering, and

I know this would be ground zero for

began to die down, and people

worrying about them. And as high

one of the coolest conversations I’d

started to make their way back to the

school students, these are the most

have this year.

cabin. Finally there were just a few of

We cracked jokes, played cards and enjoyed the nice summer evening.

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Finally we approached the end of the banquet when Lindsey, one of the camp directors, stepped forward to take the microphone. She gave it a few good taps and began to speak. “There’s someone special we would like to recognize before this evening is over. He has volunteered at this camp for 30+ years since he first brought his own FFA members.” Lindsey continued, “And even though he is no longer an advisor, he still volunteers to work the camp every year. He comes because he cares about each of you.” Lindsey looked to the back of the room and said, “Chord, would you come up here.” A man I had seen several times began to step forward. And as that happened, the entire room us around. So we started talking about

first chapter banquet. Or watching a

all kinds of things. Life, family, what

young kid see a farm for the first time.

we enjoy. And then, our conversation turned to what we wanted to do later in life. I said, “James, Mark, what do you all want to do?” I was expecting something humorous from these guys. James looked at me and said, “Well, I want to be an agriculture teacher. I want to give others the life-changing experience I have had.”

That feeling is epic because you have found what you love. And that feeling is not an accident. You have found what you were specifically born to do. What is it you’re passionate about? What makes you come alive? Maybe like Mark and James, you want to be an educator. Or maybe start your own business. Become a farmer, a pastor, a

erupted into applause. See, every time I saw Chord, he was talking to a camper one-on-one, mentoring one of the counselors or diligently managing the camp sound system. Everyone at the camp had a deep respect for this man. As the applause died down, Lindsey said, “Would you like to say a few words?” Without hesitation, Chord responded, “Sure, why not?” What happened next, I’ll never forget.

Mark said, “Yeah, me too. Teaching

politician, a scientist or maybe a million

is what I’m passionate about.” I was a

other things. The key is to ask: What

Chord began to tell us how much the

bit surprised. “So, how did you know

do I love?

camp meant to him. It meant tradi-

agricultural education was right for you?” What Mark said next hit me like a ton of bricks. “I think everyone has to do what they love. For me, it’s being an ag teacher.” For Mark and James, educating students is what they love.

Find what you love.

tion. It meant service. It meant doing something bigger than himself. But

Nestled away deep in the Rocky Moun-

most of all, it meant he was doing what

tains is the Wyoming FFA Camp. With

he loves by making a difference in the

absolutely no cell phone service, volley-

lives of others.

ball games that would give Olympians a run for their money and incredible people, I’ll never forget the time I spent

Chord has worked at camp for 30+ years because he is doing what he loves.

See, I believe the first step to finding

there. But what really sticks in my mind

I think our second step to finding

our path in life is finding what we love.

most is a special person I met there.

direction in life is doing what we love.

Have you ever had one of those

It was the last night of camp, and we

Choosing to do what we love isn’t

moments where you found something

had just devoured a feast made espe-

always easy. It takes courage and guts

you love? It’s a feeling like no other. It’s

cially for the camp-wide banquet. It was

to follow that inner passion. But when

like watching Forrest Gump’s braces fly

a blast – great food, great people and

we do what we love, that is when we

off as Jenny yells, “Run Forrest, run!” Or

tons of talented Wyoming FFA mem-

maximize our ability to change this

proudly walking across stage at your

bers showing what they’re made of.

world and make a difference.


Are you spending time doing the

magic briefcase slowed me down

is a map of some kind, a path to begin

things you love? Are you spending

a bit!”

walking down. We want to know

time where you need to be?

And now all my little first grade mind

Everyone has something they love. But not everyone makes the choice to pursue it. And the biggest injustice to ourselves and this world is not doing what we love. Have courage and choose to do what you love.

can think is: “Magic suitcase?! Shut up!” Papa Stephens straightened up and said, “Alright, time for my first trick of the day!” And then, it happened in an instant. The magic began. Papa Stephens was pulling cards from behind

When we find what we love and do what we love, it gives us a feeling like no other. And there’s one person I know who shows that feeling better

posters, quarters from our ears, and making things disappear – like our natural lack of attention.

than anyone else.

From this point forward, Papa Ste-

I have always loved school. There’s

All throughout the day, him and the

just something about learning that gets me excited. Yeah, go ahead and call me a nerd. Haters gonna hate! But there are a few days of school that stick out in my mind – especially the

phens had our attention and respect. magic briefcase would ooh and ahh us – all the way to the day’s final bell. And that’s how it was every time Papa Stephens was our substitute teacher.

what college we should attend, what classes to take, what extra curriculars we should participate in. We want a path and answers. And trust me, I’m right there with you. But without knowing what we love, making that plan…it’s not possible. It would be like trying to use Google maps to take us to a destination we can’t name. We cannot make a plan if we do not know where we are going. Life will help you determine the path, but it’s up to you to determine the direction you are meant to go. Ask yourself: What am I passionate about? What do I love? What ignites a passion in my soul to do something incredible?

first day I met Papa Stephens.

Every day was an adventure.

As we walked to our first-grade

Since meeting Papa Stephens, I’ve

classroom, my classmates and I hung

gotten to know him pretty well. And,

up our backpacks, and sat in our desks

since my mom was the school secre-

waiting for Mrs. Sayre, our first grade

tary, I’ve had a lot of chats with him

I can’t help but wonder what our

teacher. After about five minutes, she

outside the classroom.

generation will do if we pursue our

was nowhere to be found.

Papa Stephens tells everyone he loves

As the first bell began to ring,

what he does. He finds joy in mak-

everything changed like that. As we

ing students laugh, smile and enjoy

sat in our desks, the classroom door

school. That’s not something you see

flies open and in skips this older guy,

every day.

whistling and swinging his briefcase. As he got to the center of the room, he stopped, looked at us all with excitement.

That feeling I mentioned earlier – when you find what you love and do what you love? That feeling is joy. And it’s what Papa Stephens shows every

Do you all know The Bowler Hat Guy from Meet the Robinsons? Well, he’s this tall lanky guy, with this creepy little mustache, bad smile, and he wears these boots that you’d think he stole from your grandma’s closet. The guy that just came into the room, him and The Bowler Hat Guy could have been twins!

day in the classroom. I don’t know about you, but I’d love to live that life. Waking up every day, knowing I was doing what I love, and sharing joy with others. Imagine if we could all show that same joy. What a world we would live in if we all did what we love.

He stood in the middle of the room, straightened up and said, “Hello! I’m Mr. Stephens! But you can call me Papa Stephens! I’m sorry, but my

So how can we find and do what we love to have that kind of joy? I think what we want right off the bat

Those answers, they aren’t something fluffy or meaningless. No, they’re answers to how we are each designed to live.

passions. Maybe eradicate hunger in America. Feed 9 billion by 2050. Return our economy to prosperity. Or even make discoveries that perpetuate our society forward. Imagine what a world we would have if we each did what we were designed specifically to do – realizing we are each here for a reason. At the end of the day, we have to find what we love by asking what ignites a fire in our soul. Pursue what we love with courage and passion. And by doing those things, find joy in doing what we are put on this earth to do. Our time here is far too valuable and our lives too short for us to do anything less than what we were put on this earth to do. Choose to find what you love. Choose to do what you love. Choose to have joy. Because then, you will find, you are here for a reason!

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For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



Teachers Change Lives You ever look at a picture of yourself

School last May was the police

certificate because their parents are

from elementary school and wonder,

officer standing at the door of the

illiterate and simply cannot read or

“Why in the world did my parents

cafeteria…for a school of 350 middle

write, and who think bonding with

let me out of the basement looking

schoolers? We spent a few minutes

their child means doing drugs with

like that?” Just me? Cool. The way

talking in the cafeteria before the

them after school. Kids who are 17

we look changes so much from

ag teacher, Mr. Davies, came and

years old reading at a fourth-grade

elementary school to middle school,

found us. First impression: This

level and just starting the eighth

from middle school to high school

guy was cool, rockin’ some classic

grade and who needed Mr. Davies

and from high school to college.

bifocals and a neatly manicured

back in elementary school when the

While I know there is a lot more to

comb over. We noticed two things:

rest of us were learning how to read,

life beyond that, it’s strange just try-

This Caucasian 30-something

write, add and subtract. Kids whose

ing to think about the changes that

year old definitely stood out from

lives would be drastically different,

occurred in our life between those

his surroundings and his students

had they simply had good teachers.

stages. There’s one thing that stays

LOVED him. We heard multiple kids

consistent though: Our teachers.

yell, “What up Mr. D!” as he took us

It starts way back when in elementary school. Times were good man; you got recess, snack time, scholastic book fairs with cheap captain underpants books…at that age, what else matters? Stuff was easy enough and even if it wasn’t, there were teachers there to make sure you didn’t get behind. It was those teachers who set us up for suc-

to his classroom right before lunch ended, smiling at the confused look on our faces. He told us Emma Donnan was a turnaround school, taken over by the state the previous year for a fresh start. We learned that Mr. Davies was from a small farm town in Indiana and taught at one of the top high school agricultural programs in the state and left the

Mr. Davies’ students are kids who now have smiles on their faces and a respect for themselves because of the time and heart Mr. Davies pours into their lives, every single day. He’s nothing more than a teacher by profession, but to those kids, he’s a life changer. Thank you, Mr. Davies of Indianapolis, Ind., for choosing to be a light in a world of darkness for your students.

comfort of his small town roots to

Teachers change lives…and Mr.

try and change lives here in inner

Davies isn’t the only teacher chang-

city Indianapolis, knowing that his

ing lives in this country. A few

new place of employment had been

months ago I sent out a request to

previously run by gangs and was so

hear some stories about teachers

impoverished that 100 percent of

and within hours I received hundreds

the students had free and reduced

of responses flooding my in box.

The first thing we noticed when we

lunch. There were kids with phoneti-

Mr. Heuett of Castle Rock, Wash.:

walked into Emma Donnan Middle

cally spelled names on their birth

You give Megan an extra hour of

cess, starting in elementary school. It wasn’t until a chapter visit this past spring that I realized how much my elementary school teachers still mean to me and are a reflection of the person I’ve become.

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you are saying “It’s not about me.” They are required, written between the lines of their job description, to make their life about others; about their students, about their parents, about their co-workers, their administration. They are required to be selfless. Teachers change lives. Teachers are selfless. As I look back at the stages of my education, I realize that the curriculum taught in the classroom was not the only thing I was learning. I found this to be particularly true in high school. I entered into the ninth grade just like everyone else does, awkwardly. At this point in my life I was 14 years old, I still didn’t have a regular shower routine, I had an awful haircut and had no idea how to talk

your time every morning just so she

about teachers that made them such

can pass math class. Mrs. Killion from

life changers. She celebrated students

Land O’ Lakes, Wis.: You encourage

daily, promoting community service

students like Matt daily to pursue

within curriculum and consistently

dreams bigger than what their own

tutoring before and after school.

ambition can afford. Mr. Nicholson

Mrs. Lute ensured that selflessness

from Lynn, Ark.: You transformed

was embedded in every aspect of her

packs of 40 and limited communica-

Bekah from a student who took your

career at the most molecular level. It’s

tion to purely texting. However, even

pretty simple when you look at the

my extreme fear of the female species


couldn’t stop me from wanting what

• $49,000: Average annual salary of a

every other freshman boy wanted…a

class to get out of the classroom into a student who now wants to spend the rest of her life working inside a classroom. Mrs. Bascom from Dover, N.H.: YOU are the reason students like Jasmyn even show up to school. Mr. Ross of Brooks County, Ga.: Your commitment to student development and personal growth has allowed people like Callie to become the leader in our organization that she is today. Mr. and Mrs. Mayfield of Clackamas, Ore., or to me, Mom and Wynn: You chose to invest money, time and love in me

teacher. • Twelve: The number of months teachers work a year. • Nine: The number of months most teachers are actually paid to work. • Ten-and-a-half hours: Average work day for a teacher. • Nine – 11: The number of weeks a

the summer and into an intimidating species that went to the bathroom in

car. So two years go by, and it’s finally time for me to get my license and a driving machine. My parents immediately shut down my idea of them buying me a car and I was… broke…so I quickly moved to plan B, aka Grandma. After some back and forth with Gram Gram she proposed

classroom just to prepare for what

and she would give me a “very special”

they’ll do inside of the classroom.

car. At this point, some of you are like,

I deserved it. Thank you—thank all of

tify the hours of personal sacrifice that

you for changing our lives.

accompanies the career, comprised of

ents as teachers, it wasn’t until I had

grade had somehow transformed over

a deal: I work 75 hours in her garden

And how can anyone begin to quan-

growing up in a home with two par-

I was awesome friends with in eighth

year a teacher works outside of the

even when I didn’t want it or feel as if

Teachers change lives…Even after

to girls…speaking of girls, all the ones

hours spent with individual students that could otherwise be spent with family and friends.

“What kind of car is it?!” I didn’t care, I was getting a car! The next weekend I started my work in the garden and shewww it was tough; Grandma Green Thumb is not going to let you take any shortcuts. This lady could grow oranges in Antarctica alright. For her,

Mrs. Lute for seventh grade leadership

All I’m simply trying to say is that

perfection wasn’t a goal, it was an

that I started to realize what it was

when you say “I want to be a teacher,”

expectation. After what seemed like


1,000 hours, I had held up my end of

surefire ways we can do this is to be

doing something else. But after years

the deal; now it was time for Grandma

selfless, because it’s not about us. And

of traveling with FFA and hearing over

to come through. She led me out to

when it’s not about us, we’re changing

and over and over again how gravely

the garage and as the door swung

lives. Teachers change lives. Teachers

serious the shortage of ag educators

up, I saw her in all of her glory. Four

are selfless. Everyone is a teacher.

has gotten…I mean it’s estimated that

cylinder, 104 horsepower, speedometer topping out at 75 mph, rusted burgundy paint job, complete with manual windows and locks, AM radio and a pack of feral cats (three dead) in the back, was my 1987 purple people eater Plymouth Voyager Van. It was love at first sight.

I have two younger siblings who you met when they introduced me and I was told when they were little that they learn from me more than I realize. FFA members, the same goes for every one of you. It could be your younger siblings if you have them, but maybe its other chapter members, businesses

Out of all the lessons I could have

or individuals who have invested in

extracted from this story, none are

this organization, your parents, kids

as important as the realization that

you pass in the hallways at school or

came to me while preparing for this talk. If you’ve been listening to me for the past 10 minutes and thought to yourself, “Yeah teachers are great that’s awesome, I’m not a teacher how does this relate to me?” 1: I don’t know why you jump around when you think thoughts inside of your head. 2: If you thought that, these next few sentences are for you. None of the learning that occurred to me while I earned my car happened in a classroom. If learning doesn’t have to take place in a classroom, and, if some human beings don’t ever get the opportunity to be inside of a classroom but they still learn, then one thing must be true: Everyone is a teacher. Everyone. You, me, my grandma, your brother, his best friends, Miley Cyrus, Mickey Mouse, the valedictorian, the dropout, the fry cook at McDonald’s, the Queen of England, EVERYBODY. Miley Cyrus? She taught us to not write break-up songs and combine them with demolition equipment. My grandma? She taught me the value of working hard for something you want. Everyone is

random people who see in and out of this blue jacket. Other people are learning from you way more than you realize. Everyone is a teacher. Including each and every one of you. So what are you teaching? What lessons are others learning from you? Are your actions truly what you want future generations to replicate? “Whoa Jason, that’s a lot of responsibility. I’m only 14; I don’t know about all of that.” You bet it is! But guess what? A few years ago you were 9 and looking up to people who were your age now and thinking, “I wanna be like them!” This isn’t a responsibility that we choose; we’re simply born with it. Teachers are selfless. Are you teaching others selflessly? Are you making life about other people? If we’re not deliberately selfless in our actions, we are teaching those around us it is okay to be selfish. Teachers change lives. Are you making people’s lives better or worse? Every action you take is a lesson for someone else to learn. Teachers change lives. Teachers are selfless. Everyone is a teacher.

over half of the states in the U.S. are experiencing a critical shortage of ag educators. I had to try, I had to say something. After saying all this I think it’s only fair that I’m honest about my intentions with this speech. My goal in saying all of this is not to change your life. I say this, praying that you leave here and teach and change someone else’s life. Teachers change lives. Teachers are selfless. Everyone is a teacher. There is a need for teachers. There is a need for life changers. FFA members, if you want to wake up every day knowing you’ll be given the opportunity to change someone’s life, be a teacher. If you want to fall asleep every night rest-assured that what you’re doing does matter, be a teacher. If you want to provide students with the same opportunities you’ve had to learn, grow, compete, achieve, fail and achieve again, be a teacher. If you want to be the difference between a kid signing up for unemployment and a kid signing their paycheck, be a teacher. If you want to take a student who gets Ds, but believes they’re worthy of an F, and transform them into a student who gets B+s, but now believes they’re worthy of an A, be a teacher. If you want to take a kid from a family that fulfills a drug addiction and give them a family that fulfills their potential, be a teacher. If you want to be a role model, a hero, an inspiration, the difference between a kid making the right choices and the wrong choices,

a teacher, and everyone is a teacher

I struggled a lot with the topic of

the reason why your students may one

all the time. Knowing this, it becomes

teachers as my retiring address. I mean

day want to become a teacher… if you

our responsibility to be aware that

how effective could it be? For those of

want to become a life changer, be a

we’re teaching people. It becomes our

you already planning on teaching, I’m

teacher. Teachers change lives. Teach-

responsibility to teach people good

just preaching to the choir. For every-

ers are selfless. Everyone is a teacher.

things. One of the most effective,

one else you may already be set on

So go be one.

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Don’t Give Up On Home Growing up, my sister and I spent

that changed the whole dynamic.

neighborhoods and better schools

hours watching our favorite – well,

Deputy Barney Fife left town, Gomer

for families. The phenomenon is

our parent’s all-time favorite TV

Pyle joined the Marines, Ernest T.

referred to as “brain drain” – and it

show – “The Andy Griffith Show.”

Bass goes into the woods, and isn’t

is shrinking the population of small

This was back before the full seasons

heard from again. And in the end,

towns, and the heart of our cities.

came out on DVD, so we watched

America’s favorite community just

People around the country are giving

episodes that had been recorded

wasn’t the same.

up on home.

“Community” isn’t about the place,

This creates a major problem. As

it’s about the people.

educated, talented young people

onto VHS tapes – some of you in the arena may not remember what those looked like, but we had hundreds of them. Literally, we have a closet full of these things even today. Just because they were such a big of a part of our childhood, we’re too sentimentally attached now to throw them away. That show was such a big part of my life that Mayberry, U.S.A. was my favorite place in the

Today many of America’s communities are experiencing the same sort of exodus, but instead of losing iconic cast members, our hometowns are losing our most valuable assets –young, educated leaders. I’m talking now, about the people in this arena.

move away, these original communities are left in need. Our hometowns and neighborhoods need the innovation and creativity of our generation. These communities need everyone from doctors to restaurant owners. They need teachers. They need the businessmen, preachers,

world as a child and I had never

In agriculture, we talk a lot about

entrepreneurs, farmers, barbers,

even been there. Here’s the thing

“urban sprawl” and we know how

police officers, firemen, engineers,

though: My family doesn’t enjoy

growing cities negatively impact the

architects, mechanics – they need

just any old Andy Griffith episode.

amount of land available to produce

US…whatever we decide to be in our

Oh no…in fact, some might consider

food. But urban sprawl also takes a

career. Most of all, our communities

us to be Mayberry snobs. You see,

toll on our societies and communi-

need us to not give up on them.

our family only watches “the real”

ties that are left behind as newer,

episodes – the first 159 episodes that

flashier places are built up. When

are in black-and-white, to be exact.

people go to the new places that

The show ran for eight seasons total,

means they’re leaving the old places.

and seasons six through eight…well…

Census data shows that the populations of our nation’s rural counties are shrinking rapidly. Nearly 60 percent of rural counties shrank in

As new suburban areas are devel-

population last year, up from 50 per-

oped, young people – from rural

cent in 2009. In 2012, U.S. Secretary

But why are those episodes so differ-

small towns as well as the heart of

of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said that

ent? Though the setting of Mayberry

the inner city – are drawn away from

“…Rural America with a shrinking

itself changed very little over those

their original communities in pursuit

population is becoming less and

eight seasons, it was the people

of more career opportunities, safer

less relevant to the politics of this

they’re not very good.

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the shop and lots of hard work, that’s exactly what we had in front of us. We could have given up on that old tractor. We could have left it in the woods where we found it since it was past its prime; its heyday was long gone. We could have just bought a brand new tractor. But we didn’t. We put in the work, we cranked up the creativity, and we brought that old machine back to life. We can see our communities the same way. We can see our communities for their possibilities rather than their imperfections. If we ever want to make progress, to create the sort of community that we really want to live in, we have to see our hometowns not country, and we had better recognize

away from the communities we love

that and we better begin to reverse

in order to find career success, and

it.” Rural America can’t be relevant

we shouldn’t have to live in want or

unless young people like us choose to

poverty if we choose to stay and serve

stay in or move to rural areas to grow

the places that need us. I think that

businesses and start families.

there is a third option. It’s not easy, but

Today I think members of our organization face a tough choice as they consider their future and where they will start their career. We know our communities need us, and we may even sense the urgency that Secretary Vilsack alluded to in his speech. But our hometowns –whether in rural Alabama or downtown Detroit – simply may not offer the jobs we need to make a living, or start a family. So

it is fun. Our home communities may not offer us the opportunities we want as they are right now. But that’s where we come in. We have the opportunity to exercise our creative might. We have to start seeing our communities – and our futures differently. Ya know, in high school, I was on my FFA chapter’s tractor restoration team. Each summer we would pull an old rusty antique tractor out of a

what are we to do?

barn or the woods and totally restore

In FFA we love our Creed and our

showroom quality as it was originally

mission statement. We read them,

it, front-to-back, completely back to

as they are, but as they can be. People around the world are starting to do just that. For instance, in Chicago, the founders of the organization “FarmedHere” reimagined the purpose of an abandoned warehouse, and have since turned it into the nation’s first indoor vertical farm – a 90,000-square-foot aquaponic facility. They’re producing needed fresh food in an urban area while also creating 200 local jobs. Think of your own hometown and where there might be an empty grocery store, an abandoned Walmart, or deserted factory – if we started to retrofit and re-purpose these structures, we may go a long way toward eliminating food deserts and shrinking the unemployment rate in our country.

designed to look. My first year on the

Earlier this year, I made a trip to

team, we rolled the old hunk of rust

and we try to live by them. I believe

California. While I was there, I heard

into the shop, and my advisor asked

current conditions are forcing young

the story of the origin of a favorite

what we saw when we looked at it.

adults to choose between “career

snack food, baby carrots. Since we call

Someone said, “a mess.” Someone

success” – what we focus on in our

them baby carrots, I always assumed

said, “a locked-up engine.” Someone

that they must have been taken away

mission statement, and “making an

said, “a crushed radiator.” I remember

from their parent vegetables at an

impact in our home and community”

turning to my advisor and asking,

early age, which kind of made me

– that we state in our Creed. We

“What do you see?” He responded,

sad. Apparently, these carrots aren’t

shouldn’t have to choose between

“A shiny orange 1946 Case tractor.”

infants at all! As the story goes, one

the two. We should not have to move

After a few months of long hours in

carrot grower named Mike Yurosek

we memorize them, we recite them


grew tired of having to throw away so

It goes like this, “Don’t ask yourself

to be easier to find. Take a look at this

much of his crop each year because

what the world needs. Ask yourself

– Where are the parades now? Where

they didn’t fit the size and shape

what makes you come alive and then

are the community bowling leagues?

requirements that the grocery stores

go do that. Because what the world

Where are the town bands? Where are

wanted. He became so frustrated

needs is people who have come alive.”

the places people can sit and talk?

So business and innovation keeps

I don’t know about you, but I want that

a town or city alive, and in the near

sort of community to be real again.

future, our generation will be in

I want to know my neighbor. I want

charge of making sure there are

to live in a place where I know the

enough jobs here at home to keep our

teachers at the school, the local law

entire country strong. Still, even with

enforcement and the butcher at the

the jobs – there is something missing,

grocery store. I think we all might yearn

something maybe even more impor-

for that sort of place deep down. A

tant. A sense of community.

place we feel connected to – a com-

with the waste, he perfected a way of rounding down oddly shaped carrots into uniform pieces. Since the finished product was so cute, he called them “baby carrots” and sold them to the stores. Within a day on the shelf, the first grocery store was ordering more. Thus, the baby carrot was born. Today, 70 percent of the 1.9 billion pounds of carrots that are grown in California are

munity that actually feels like “home.”

made into baby carrots. One man took

Just like in Mayberry, “community”

a fresh look at his produce that was

isn’t about the place. It’s about the

thought to be worthless, and ended

If we want a better community, we

people. It’s about us.

have to create it ourselves. It’s not

up creating a whole new market – and turned his community of Bakersfield, Calif., into the baby carrot capitol of the world. What resources does your community have? Where can we turn waste into a new opportunity?

Mayberry was the town that many people wish, deep down, they could live in. Not much traffic, plenty of social events, beautiful buildings, a movie theater, you name it, Mayberry had it. But it wasn’t the infrastructure,

Our generation is finding that same

or the architecture, or the geographic

creative spirit, and I am optimistic that

location that made that community

it will help us inherit a positive future

so loveable. It was the people. The

and keep our communities alive. It

people there knew each other by

has been said that we are going to be

name, and not only that, they talked to

the most entrepreneurial generation

each other on the sidewalk and genu-

since the 1880s, and I don’t doubt

inely cared about their neighbors. The

that because I know that just within

people of Mayberry hosted parades to

our organization, our supervised

celebrate major holidays, they hosted

agricultural experiences bring in $4

community arts programs, and if it

billion annually. But we can’t earn

was a weekend afternoon, you could

that title of “most entrepreneurial” by

find the members of the community

sitting back and filling job openings as

playing a game of softball or having

they present themselves. We have to

a picnic. Those people breathed life

create them where they don’t already

into that place.

exist! Opportunity has to be made and worked for. We can build opportunities for ourselves wherever we desire, from the rural countryside to the inner city. We cannot give up on our dreams and our communities. We have to stop trying to make our dreams fit the

Now today, we may believe that a community so engaging and healthy is nothing but a fantasy – a Hollywood dream of days gone by. But the fact of the matter is…communities similar to Mayberry were at one time scattered

about the place, it’s about the people. I believe that breathing life and energy into our communities is one of the most important ways we impact our homes as FFA members and chapters. We’re taking these sort of steps around the country. This year I have met members from Maine to Oregon who work hard each year to build beautiful parade floats in their school ag shop. Numerous local chapters – like Coopersville FFA in Michigan – help to feed their neighbors by managing a community garden. Talented musicians within our organization, like those that make up FFA String Bands back home in Alabama, provide entertainment for community activities. Members I met at Tuscumbia FFA in Missouri hosts an annual tractor pull in their hometown that draws spectators from surrounding counties and provides a boost to the local economy.

all across our nation, and whether

We repair houses. We collect canned

they were small rural villages, or

food for the local pantry. We host

urban neighborhoods, the essence of

farmers markets. We plan barbeques.

I read a wonderful quote the other day

community where people knew and

We visit the elderly. We clothe the

from a man named Howard Thurman.

interacted with their neighbors, used

Harris continued on page 41

world, and start making the world fit our dreams.

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For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



Everlasting Impact I’m a farm kid and proud to be from

Our mind begins to play the com-

of the scale – my life would

the country! Great to see we’ve got

parison game. Let’s say this is you

be better.

some country folks in the room. Now,

and they are someone who you think

I love all people – so I want to give

has a much better life than you.

everyone a chance to hoot-n-holler and show their pride; if you’re from a small town, suburbia or the city and proud of it – make some noise! We’ve got a lot of different types of people here today – and on the outside, we’re all very different. This year, I’ve met FFA members from all walks of life – from the incredible mountain and salt life people of North Carolina to folks as hip-hop as all get out in California to bayouloving swamp-dwellers of Louisiana… the fact of the matter is – we’re all different. We come from different places, look different, act different – and that’s Okla.. But what if we’re actually more alike than what we think? Check it out.

Have you ever thought, if I was just a little more like them, if I had more

You think their life is so good

money, if I was funnier – smarter

because making friends comes

– prettier – everything would be

easy to them. They can afford nice


clothes. People like their Facebook posts. They’re athletic. Never get nervous. They’ve got their whole life together. We tell ourselves that we wish our life was like theirs.

You see, looking at the scale, we see that other person’s best and we see our worst… and it’s not pretty, not fun, not fair. But let’s take a look at it a little bit differently. This person, who we compare our-

Now look at our end of the scale:

selves against…they’ve got struggles

We tell ourselves, I’m awkward, I

too. This year I’ve met people just

don’t fit in, I can’t afford name brand

like you and me who have lacked

clothing. I try, but I’m still not good

confidence. People who have a lot

at anything; not sports, not music or

of friends but struggle to build deep

FFA. No one even likes my Instagram

relationships. People whose family

posts. Sometimes, I feel worthless.

life is rough, who feel pressured to

Have you been here before?

keep going out for volleyball, run for chapter office or tryout for the

I have. In high school, I would find

school play because they’re good

myself at home on a Friday night

at it – not because they actually

end is us – aren’t we cute – and on

by myself. I would wonder – where

enjoy it.

the other end of the scale is anyone

did I go wrong? Why does nobody

who is different than us. For exam-

like me? My parents would fight,

ple, if you’re a farm kid – then this

my girlfriend broke up with me,

is a city kid. If you’re popular, then

things I thought I had control over – I

this person is not popular. Different

actually had no power over at all. I

people. Different ends of the scale.

thought, if I could just be more like

You see, no one is perfect. That

This is how our brain works.

them, that person on the other end

includes you and me. But through it

I’ve drawn this nice little scale. This

That person who at times seems perfect, that person who we wish we were more like… maybe their life isn’t all that it seems on the outside.

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with their sexuality, in Ohio who is struggling with their faith, in Oregon who is struggling with trust, in Maryland who’s fighting with their friends… it doesn’t matter what we look like on the outside – words cannot possibly express how, at the core of who we are as human beings, how similar we are on inside. Wake up. Open our eyes. Deep down, with every fiber of our being, each of us is the same…each of us needs to love and to be loved. Now, I’m not talking about the fluffy kind of love – like I love hotdogs or I love Disney movies, no – no, it’s much more than that. According to ancient Greek, there are actually four types of love: Storge love means affection, or “putting up with,” like I love my dog after he has peed on my couch or messed all over the place.

all, you’ve got some positive things

you think, “I’ve nothing in common

going for ya.

with you?”

You’re in FFA. I don’t care what people

Truth is, I’m guilty of it too…for

say, you are smart. You are beautiful.

unknowingly just passing by people

You have the potential to do great

because of how they look or what

things. You’ve been blessed with the

they wear. I, Steven Brockshus, am

opportunity to go to school and get

guilty of comparing myself with oth-

Philia love.

an education. Someone believed in

ers – because, in the past – I’ve envied

you enough to say, you’re worth wear-

the life that others had.

Eros love, on the other hand, is

ing that blue jacket and today – you’re sitting at the largest youth-led conference in the country proudly wearing one. You see, logically speaking, if we take all these things, on both ends of the scale and average them out – if we stop comparing their best to our worst and start looking at the big picture – we’re actually a lot closer than we think.

But you see…looking at this scale, I realize something. Surprisingly, we are more alike on the inside than we are on the outside. Travelling around the country, I’ve seen things this year that I can’t un-see – had experiences that have rocked me to the core. Words can’t express what it’s like to sit and cry with a member in Colorado because her parents got divorced and she feels

Phila love is that general love and is probably the most widely used in our American vocabulary. This is, “I love football, I love strawberry milk, I absolutely love the movie Frozen.” That’s

romance and emotion with absolutely no logic. If your heart flutters as you see that cute guy or girl walk across the cafeteria at school, then the next week you see them and you think to yourself – man, oofta! What was I thinking? That’s Eros love. Now, we’re not going to talk about those types of love; the love we’re going to focus on is a deeper sense of true, unconditional love. And that’s agape love.

So I ask you, who do you compare

torn, being pulled both ways. Or what

Agape love is selfless; it gives and

yourself against? Who’s life do you

it’s like to sit and cry with a member

expects nothing in return. It’s the

wish yours was more like? Who do

in Idaho whose father forced her to

love we see when someone leaves a

you not give the time of day, because

run for chapter office – even though

kind note for their teacher, the love a

they’re so different – they’re so far

she didn’t want to. Or sit and cry with

parent has for their new-born child,

on the other end of the scale that

a member in Iowa who is struggling

the love a friend shows when they


help you, even though their plate is

longer loved her. See, I thought that

He had wronged my mother, had

already full. The question is, how can

was a pretty bold statement, because

wronged me, my family…and them

we shape our hearts to automatically

if after 15 years he didn’t need her,

just sitting over there, like nothing had

express this, Agape love?

then I guess that meant he didn’t need

happened, it wasn’t right! I wanted to

me either. That night, my world came

scream – to hide – to get as far away

crashing down.

from the situation as possible.

Someone who shapes our thoughts

Mom moved out. Things between my dad and me were rough. I didn’t

One night I was in my room, pretty

and beliefs – and for me, my superhero was my dad.

want to talk with him. No, actually – I

Growing up, I’m convinced that each person has a childhood superhero.

It drove my mom crazy dressing me in the morning because I always had to wear the same cowboy boots, Wrangler jeans and plaid button-up shirt, just like my hero. Chores took Dad a lot longer, because I was always nipping at his heels, asking if I could drive the tractor, or carry extra buckets for him. But that’s alright, because as a 6 year old, I loved my daddy and while I didn’t do anything to deserve it, my

did, but I couldn’t bring myself to, because of…because of what!? The hurt he caused me, the pain he caused my mother, my family. There was this anger wrapped up inside me and I couldn’t…it was a pain I couldn’t let go. Time passed by. My parents worked hard to mend the wounds. They went to marriage counselling. My father finally righted his wrongs. Mom moved back into the house. The fight-

daddy loved me too.

ing lessened. It was difficult, but after

Think about your childhood hero –

again – happy. A year went by, two

someone you idolized. Maybe it’s your mother or father, like me, or that high school varsity basketball or volleyball player. Maybe it was your crazy uncle or your ag teacher and you thought, “Man, when I grow up, I want to be just like them.” Got it? Now think of the moment you realized your childhood hero is just a normal person, someone who has qualities that make them great and qualities that make them human.

a long trek, my parents were once years, three years – I was in college. I’d come home and their love for each other was stronger and deeper than ever before. And it showed. Time out – on a side note, I don’t know if your parents do this thing where they hold hands in public or kiss each other in the kitchen – but it is disgusting. Parents in the room, if you ever show a public display of affection in front of your children, you are making their life miserable.

For me, I realized this about my dad

Please – just stop. Alright, that’s my

at the dinner table when I was 15. You

rant…time in.

see, the dinner table is a place that makes my heart smile. It’s the place my family would gather every Sunday after church to have Mom’s delicious homemade chicken and rice, the place we would stay up late into the night playing Risk or Monopoly. It’s also the place I first felt tension in the air as my parents wouldn’t look each other in

One night we’re sitting in the living

emotional and, I just didn’t understand. My mother came in, wrapped her arms tightly around me and in that moment, I realized something. This burden I feel, this cage I’m trapped in, the ball and chain dragging behind me, the pain…my mother had none of it. The woman who had every right to be upset at the brokenness of her ideal marriage, she only feels – love. How can this be!? She was exhibiting one aspect of pure Agape love. She said, “I’m not going to let my past dictate my future,” and did the one thing in her power to free herself of the hurt and pain – my mother forgave. Forgiveness…how does that make sense? Well, logically, it doesn’t. It makes absolutely no sense. Why would my mother forgive him? Why should I forgive my father for the pain he caused? Why should anyone ever forgive? When you withhold forgiveness, like I experienced first-hand, you suffer more than the person who hurt you. You feel bitterness, you feel un-easy, it

room, watching a movie. They were

affects your everyday life.

on the “love seat,” holding hands –

So what pain are you holding on to?

being all lovey-dovey like parents do. I’m on the couch, dreaming of the day that, by-golly, I’ll actually get to hold a girls hand, and it hit me. For them, things were once again great.

Is it your parent’s broken marriage; a surprise divorce? Maybe it’s the bully who made your freshman year unbearable, or overbearing parents… your friend who said something that

the eye. The place where my mother

But something deep inside me started

crossed the line. Someone calling

told us she was moving out, because

welling up. Something saying this isn’t

you fat, ugly, saying you’re not beauti-

my father, my superhero, after 15 years

right. I felt this anger, this frustration,

ful, your teacher saying you’re not

of marriage and raising four kids no

this pain toward my “superhero.”

good enough…

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You see, we must face our past –

how it works – but she knew it was

and I received a letter in the mail that

the hurt, the lies, the broken and

her time.

was forwarded from school.

So she called up the ambulance and

As I tore open the side of the envelope

busted up things inside of us – like my mother was able to do. Your past isn’t your past if it’s still affecting the present.

as they were waiting, my grandpa was standing there and Great-Grandma B was really concerned. Not because she

Forgiveness is not pretending it

was going to the hospital to die, but

never happened; it’s not excusing the

because this was May and our fam-

behavior that caused you so much

ily has a lot of May birthdays. Right

pain. Truth is, forgiveness is straight-

before the ambulance loaded her up,

up hard. It’s giving without expecting

she told my grandpa, “There’s a stack

anything in return. Forgiveness is

of cards on the commode, $20 bills in

Agape love – and that’s not easy.

my purse – stuff the letters, get ‘em

We must forgive. So what are the benefits of it? To answer this question, I turned to my friends on Facebook, including many of you, and here’s what you said:

sent – I’ll see you at home.”

and pulled out the letter, I choked up as I saw the eloquent, familiar cursive handwriting of my Great-Grandma B. It’s like she was still here. In FFA, we pride ourselves on leadership and when you boil it down, leadership is influence. And if we want to have premier leadership, we must create a premier influence that lasts long past our lifetime, just like

My grandma is crazy – she’s on her

Great-Grandma B. We must create an

deathbed and she’s more concerned

everlasting impact.

about getting those letters sent than she was her own life.

So what’s your Great-Grandma B moment? What will you do today that

Forgiveness is a weight lifted, friend-

Great-Grandma B knew she wasn’t

ship renewed, peace of mind. When

gonna have another day on this

you forgive, you’re able to breathe;

Earth – yet she chose to give one last

I envision a world where we all love

it’s a relief from anger, from guilt.

thing to the people she loved most,

each other for who we are. Humble

Forgiveness keeps love strong. When

knowing she would gain absolutely

we forgive, we receive a freedom and

nothing in return. That’s Agape love.

yourself to realize no one’s perfect. It

a love that is much deeper than anything we’ve been able to experience.

So I dare to ask the question: How do

will impact tomorrow?

doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting in those chairs or standing on this

you express Agape love for people

stage…we all make mistakes. We’re all

You see, it’s Okla. to not be Okla..

in your life? Make an excuse to insert

broken and busted up on the inside.

When we realize no one’s perfect,

yourself into someone’s life when

Close the gap on that scale. Stop com-

we’re truly able to forgive. When we’re

they’re having a bad day. Strike up a

paring, start embracing. Don’t be a

able to forgive – then, and only then,

conversation with someone you’ve

can we truly start to love.

never given the time...maybe it’s a

superhero, simply be human. Embrace

My freshman year of college, my Great-Grandma B, who was 87 years old, and I were pen pals. We would write back and forth sharing what was going on in our lives. I told her about

janitor, school cook, kid who sits by themselves or person you’ve envied all year. Listen, speak, share, pray, promise, forgive and embrace others for who they are.

being an officer in FFA, and she told

Do you see the big picture? When

me about being president of her 4-H

we truly understand life isn’t about

club “back in the day.”

ourselves, it’s about others, we look

The last letter I sent to Grandma was just before college got out for summer. A couple of days later, I got a call from my dad saying Great-Grandma B passed away – but it was in an uplifting kind of way, if that’s possible. You

different. Be real. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. Love people for their core values, not their core failures. Embrace others not because they deserve it, but because they need it. Love others in a way that long outlasts your life. FFA members, advisors, parents and guests, ya’ll are my friends. And when

at that scale and see we’re standing

we have a deep, steadfast love for

right next to people we thought were

others – just like you’ve shown me for

so different. And at that moment, we

the past 365 days – we will create an

are capable of forgiving and we are

impact that long outlasts our life.

capable of loving others for who they are…that’s Agape love.

see, Grandma could feel her heart

You know, Great-Grandma B passed

beating fast and her breath getting

away on that ride to the hospital. Col-

short and – I don’t understand exactly

lege ended, a few months passed by

Stop judging. Start forgiving. Love unconditionally and create an everlasting impact. Thank you and God bless.


Walsh continued

my big ears to listen. She needed my

said “Okla.…” from the other end she finally mustered up the ability to say, “My cousin Meagan was killed in a car accident.” The conversation suddenly shifted gears as I realized that she was reaching out to me to help ease her mind and give her some sort of peace. I started racking my brain for some inspiring quote, or bible verse, some

story, not some made up one. My story was perfect, but I failed to realize that.

and never give up on home.

people who leave the biggest impact on this world are not the people who have the most dramatic stories, but who recognize the power of the story they do have and use it.

power of our story? How often do we


not compare, doubt or question the

to be put down. It seemed like it was one thing after another. Every time we would talk, I kept searching for the words, the experience that I could use to relate to her or something that I could do to make it all better, but I had nothing. At times, I was literally making up quotes and trying to sound all philosophical and deep in the hopes that something would help. I didn’t have that motivational story that was gonna change it all around for her. I didn’t have that experience that was going to prove it would all be Okla.. I felt like I didn’t

impact that our story can have? My friends, we have a story, a story that matters, that is powerful. When I take myself back to those seats, I realize that my doubt in me and my excuses were plain dumb. I now know that when we realize success isn’t determined by an incident or crazy experience and stop making excuses for why our story isn’t important, we give ourselves permission to live who we are. And it’s powerful. Even just this week we have been surrounded by some incredible stories. Many of which have been told on

your chapter in service to your hometowns? How will you begin to use your individual strengths and talents to serve others and create opportunity? If we do nothing, we will continue to face brain drain and city decay. Our small towns and urban centers will continue to be left for the comfort of suburbia, and many people with no other choice, will be left behind. As future leaders, our communities rely on us to foster growth, create jobs, provide quality education and bring new energy into our communities. If we are proactive – if we make the choice each and every day to “go all out” in the service of our home and community – we can turn the tide of development, use our innovation to create opportunity, and breathe vital life into dying communities – those that mean so much to us, our neighbors, and the health of the nation.

experiences are a challenge to get to

So let’s chase our dreams. Let’s

using our story now.

One day though, in the midst of me

It’s time to use others experiences as fuel to act in our own ways. It’s time

vational stories, she cut me off and

to realize that it doesn’t take a near

said, “Brian! Stop! Please! I have turned

death experience, epic failure or life

to you these last few months because

disaster to motivate, encourage and

we are friends. I didn’t come to you

inspire the world. It’s time to realize

to inspire me or make it all better. I

that excuses are only a way to make

came to you because I was looking for

us feel better about not doing it. It’s

the same goofy, weird, listener I have

time to realize that we don’t have to

always known.”

wait for some crazy moment, we can

Her words hit me like a freight train.

What will you do? How will you lead

this stage. But no matter what, those

have the story to help.

stumbling for the right words or moti-

their communities, and we must keep

again, but I’ve come to realize that the

How often do we appreciate the

ized. Later that summer her dog had

nesses. FFA members breathe life into it up. We must continue living to serve

to help give her that peace, but I had

telling me her brother was hospital-

needy. And we support local busi-

I have been guilty of it time and time

story or experience that I could use

A few weeks later I got a phone call

Harris continued

act now.

You see, Katie hadn’t reached out to

We have the only story we need; it’s

me for some great deep, thought-

a story of great power. It’s a story of

provoking story that would instantly

tremendous potential. It’s a story of

make it all better. She reached out

a changed world. It’s our story. And

to me because she needed me and

it matters.

create a future of career success for ourselves, and let’s create opportunity in the places that need us the most. We cannot give up on home, we must reimagine it. Let’s reinvent the communities we love. Sure, it will be challenging, but in many cases the places that are most available and open to innovation are those that need them the most. Places like those that we all come from. Let’s begin right now, to hold true to the best traditions of our national life, and make an impact – as FFA members and chapters – in our homes and communities, which will stand solid for our part in that inspiring task.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


FFA Members Shine in Career Development Events Since 1928, the National FFA Organization has worked to create career development events that demonstrate the meaningful connections between classroom instruction and real-life scenarios.  CDEs are designed to help prepare FFA members for challenging careers in agriculture and build upon what members learn in agricultural classes and FFA.

Agricultural Communications

Agricultural Issues Forum

Sponsored by Osborn Barr

Sponsored by Elanco

The National FFA Agricultural Com-

The National FFA Agricultural

munications CDE is a competitive

Issues Forum CDE tests students’

event that tests students’ skills in all

knowledge of agricultural issues and

CDEs test the abilities of individuals

areas of the agricultural communica-

evaluates how well they can apply

and teams in 25 major areas of agri-

tions field and evaluates how well

classroom knowledge to real-life

cultural instruction. More than 3,000

they can apply classroom knowledge

situations. To qualify for the National

youth travel from across the country

to real-life situations. Participants

Agricultural Issues Forum CDE,

to participate at the national level.

attend a simulated news conference

teams must design a presentation

Through intense hands-on activities,

and use the information gathered to

that addresses multiple viewpoints

FFA members are asked to perform

complete individual practicums in

of a contemporary agricultural

specific career skills that will help

writing, electronic media and design.

issue and present it to a number of

them develop technical knowledge,

Prior to the event, students compile

audiences in their community. For

decision-making, reasoning and

media plans related to innovative

the national event, they present a

more. Industry professionals serve

agricultural practices, management

portfolio based on their local audi-

as judges so that the participants

techniques and marketing tools.

ences’ feedback and deliver their

can see how they would perform in

Each team then creates a 15-minute

presentation to a panel of judges.

actual careers.

presentation based on their pro-

Winning Team: Shaylyee Turner, Lydia Crow, Clayton Fraley, Mason Terry, Zulema Parga and Katherine Smith, Madisonville FFA, Texas

Years of study, training and practice paid off for this year’s participants. The results of each event were announced at sponsor-hosted award banquets during the National FFA Convention & Expo. During the ninth general session, the high team and individuals were recognized

posal. Members also compete in an editing exercise and a general communications quiz. Winning Team: Ashley Tucker, Bethany Niles and Maggie Martens, Fairview FFA, Oklahoma Top Placing Individual: Zachary Vandehey, Hermiston FFA, Oregon

on stage. Winning teams and high individuals received scholarships.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.





Creed Speaking Sponsored by Red Brand The National FFA Creed Speaking CDE is designed to recognize outstanding FFA members for their ability to present the National FFA Creed in a competitive setting. Members deliver the Creed from memory and respond to three questions. The event gives FFA members the opportunity to develop their ability to communicate in a powerful, organized and professional manner. Top Placing Individual: Kale Parker, Indianola FFA, Oklahoma

Agricultural Sales Sponsored by Monsanto The National FFA Agricultural Sales CDE allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. The event includes actual sales presentations, a written exam and team sales situation. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Anna Forness, Joanna Kubes, Mitchell White and Keeanna West, Dayton FFA, Oregon Top Placing Individual: Keith Shoemake, Smithson Valley FFA, Texas

environmental and natural resource systems, machinery and equipment systems, structural systems, energy systems and electrical systems. Each team in the event has competed with other chapters in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event. Winning Team: Camden Yoder, Tyler Edelman, Seth Miller and Clayton Teubel, Prairie Central FFA, Illinois Top Placing Individual: Tyler Edelman, Prairie Central FFA, Ilinois

Agronomy Sponsored by Bayer CropScience The National FFA Agronomy CDE allows students to apply classroom

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems Sponsored by Firestone Farm Tires and Caterpillar The National FFA Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Activities included in the event are a written exam, a team event, demonstration of problem-solving skills and hands-on performance activities. Areas of emphasis include

Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management Sponsored by Allflex USA, Inc. The National FFA Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management CDE tests the student’s ability to select and manage quality dairy cattle. Event components include six classes of dairy cattle, herd record evaluation and dairy management team activity. Each team competed at local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their home state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Jacob Barnett, Daniel Cooper, James Nichols and Rachel Sibert, Spencer County FFA, Kentucky Top Placing Individual: Isabelle Leonard, Riverheads FFA, Virginia

knowledge to real-life situations. Participants’ knowledge of agronomic

Dairy Cattle Handlers’ Activity

sciences was tested through several

Sponsored by Allflex USA, Inc.

levels of competition including developing solutions for problematic scenarios; identification of seeds, insects, soil and crops; and other management practices.

The purpose of the National FFA Dairy Cattle Handlers Activity recognizes the contributions of the handlers in presenting each animal to its best advantage in the evaluation of the

Winning Team: Taylor Bahan, Maggie Hall, Kiersten McMahon and Madison Shawver, North Union FFA, Ohio

dairy cows and heifers during the

Top Placing Individual: Spencer Wolter, Windom FFA, Minnesota

Top Placing Individual: Jared Helsley, North Bedford FFA, Pennsylvania

National FFA Dairy Cattle Management and Evaluation CDE.


Environmental and Natural Resources Sponsored by The Mosaic Company, Smithfield Foods and USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service The National FFA Environmental and Natural Resources CDE tests students’ problem-solving and decision-making skills in environmental and natural resources. These areas concentrate on soil profiles, water and air quality, waste management, environmental analysis, and use of global positioning units. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of

principles and concepts in analyzing

test a student’s basic knowledge of

farm and ranch business management

food science as well as the student’s

decisions. Participants respond to

ability to apply this knowledge

questions concerning economic prin-

to practical situations. Each team

ciples in farm business management

participates in a timed team product

as well as a problem-solving analysis

development project, and each

section. Each team in the event has

individual participates in practicums

competed with other chapters in their

involving food sensory evaluation and

state for the privilege of participating

food safety and sanitation as well as a

in the national event.

written exam.

Winning Team: Vincent Bushong, Steve Kopp, Cheyenne Peters and Sidney Roorda, Montezuma FFA, Iowa

Winning Team: Alyssa Torola, Christina Babb, Mistin Petersen and Lydia Meredith, Dassel Cokato FFA,

Top Placing Individual: Vincent Bushong, Montezuma FFA, Iowa


representing their home state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Alyssa McGee, Natalie Santo-Domingo, Corrina Karrer and David Kurz, Sumner FFA, Washington Top Placing Individual: Tyler Koch, Muscatine FFA, Iowa

Floriculture Sponsored by Ball Horticultural Company and Bayer CropScience In the National FFA Floriculture CDE, FFA members test their knowledge and skills in the production and retailing of flowers, plants and foliage.

Extemporaneous Public Speaking

Participants must complete a general

Sponsored by American Farm Bureau Federation

industry, identify plant materials, and

knowledge exam on the floriculture

The National FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE is designed to recognize outstanding FFA members for their ability to prepare and present a factual speech on a specific agricultural issue in a well thought out and logical manner. Members select one topic from a choice of categories, have 30 minutes to prepare a four- to six-minute speech, and respond to five minutes of questions following delivery. Top Placing Individual: Mercer Martin, Willard FFA, Missouri

Farm Business Management Sponsored by John Deere The National FFA Farm Business Management CDE is designed to test the ability of students to apply economic

demonstrate problem-solving and decision-making skills, employment and customer service skills, technical floral skills and the ability to work as a team. Teams competed at the local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their home state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Sarah Davis, Carly Fuller, Davis Kappert and Jason Moore, Southern Alamance FFA, North Carolina Top Placing Individual: Carly Fuller, Southern Alamance FFA, North Carolina

Food Science and Technology Sponsored by Kraft Foods Group The National FFA Food Science and Technology CDE is designed to

Top Placing Individual: Lydia Meredith, Dassel Cokato FFA, Minnesota

Forestry Sponsored by Husqvarna and John Deere The National FFA Forestry CDE is a competitive event that tests students’ skills and knowledge in the area of forest management. Event components include a general forest knowledge exam, tree identification, timber cruising, tree/forest disorders identification, a chainsaw practicum, forestry issues interview, and a team activity. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Taeler Dupre, Brevyn Foreman, Emmett Lee and Lexi Sanchez, Kathleen FFA, Florida Top Placing Individual: Taeler Dupre, Kathleen FFA, Florida

Horse Evaluation Sponsored by RAM Trucks, Red Brand, Tractor Supply Company and Wahl Clipper Corporation The National FFA Horse Evaluation CDE tests the student’s ability to select and evaluate horses. Event

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.





Marketing Plan Sponsored by Bunge North America The National FFA Marketing Plan CDE helps students practice and sharpen skills in marketing through the development and presentation of a marketing plan. The plan may focus on the introduction of a new agricultural product, supply or service or on improving marketing of an existing product, supply, or service. Each team competed against teams in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event.

components include eight selection classes that consist of four halter

Top Placing Individual: Calli Hyder, Yelm FFA, Washington

classes and four performance classes. Students also give four sets of oral reasons with two sets coming from each evaluation class. Teams also work together to complete practical activities and a team presentation. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Dean Klahr, Tristan Parks, Victoria Kimbrough and Samantha Beauchamp, Holton FFA, Kansas Top Placing Individual: Tristan Parks, Holton FFA, Kansas

Livestock Evaluation

Sponsored by CSX Transportation The National FFA Job Interview CDE tests student’s ability to perform effectively throughout the entire job application process. The participants prepare a resume, cover letter and complete an online application. They also participate in phone, one-on-one and panel job interviews as part of the competition.

Meats Evaluation and Technology

Sponsored by Bayer Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., and Culver’s

Sponsored by Kraft Foods - Oscar Mayer Division, Cargill Meat Solutions, Hormel Foods Corporation, and Tyson Foods, Inc.

The National FFA Livestock CDE

The National FFA Meats Technology

is a competitive event that tests the student’s ability to select and evaluate livestock. Event components include eight evaluation classes of beef, sheep, swine, and goats; oral placement reasons on four classes; and a written exam on livestock production. A team activity, utilizing reproductive and marketing information, demonstrates the teams’ livestock selection ability. Each team

Job Interview

Winning Team: Sarah Gruntmeir, Lane Holt and Colton Smith, Kingfisher FFA, Oklahoma

in the event competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Mikaela Fringer, Shyann Mattes, Bailey Samper and Jordyn Samper, Minarets FFA, California Top Placing Individual: Lori Edwards, Sonoraville FFA, Georgia

and Evaluation CDE tests students’ skills and competencies in evaluating and identifying meat carcasses and products. Event components include a general knowledge exam; beef carcass evaluation; identification of wholesale and retail cuts of beef, lamb, and pork; quality and yield grading of beef carcasses; a team meat merchandising event; and solving of a meat formulation problem. Each team has competed on the local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Tommy Fletcher, Jordan Hevner, Ciarra Gawlik and Shelbi Knox, East Central FFA, Texas Top Placing Individual: Tommy Fletcher, East Central FFA, Texas


Milk Quality and Products Sponsored by Culver’s and Dairy Farmers of America The National Milk Quality and Products CDE allows students to

Winning Team: Tanner Jones, Liston Mehserle, Ben Parker and William Schofill, Perry FFA, Georgia

Winning Team: Mark Borges, Zach Rose, Madelyn Vaca and Kristen Voss, Hughson FFA, California

Top Placing Individual: Ben Parker, Perry FFA, Georgia

Top Placing Individual: Zach Rose, Hughson FFA, California

Parliamentary Procedure

Prepared Public Speaking

Sponsored by TransCanada

Sponsored by Monsanto

The National FFA Parliamentary

The National Prepared Public

Procedure CDE tests students’ ability

Speaking CDE is designed to

to effectively communicate ideas

recognize outstanding FFA members

during a meeting. Components

for their ability to prepare and

included a general knowledge exam

present a factual speech on a

of parliamentary law, a 10-minute

specific agricultural issue in a well

demonstration of parliamentary

thought out and logical manner in

procedure, oral questions, written

a competitive setting. Members

minutes of the demonstration as well

prepare and deliver an eight- to

as a team problem-solving activity.

10-minute speech from memory and

Each team competed on local and

respond to five minutes of questions.

state levels to earn the privilege

The event is just one way FFA

of representing their state at the

members can develop their ability

National FFA Convention & Expo.

to communicate in a powerful,

Winning Team: Lacy Fitzpatrick, Melinda Groves, Nick Parks, Claire Salmons, Nolan Scott and Matt Stollings, Eldon FFA, Missouri

organized and professional

Poultry Evaluation

Veterinary Science

Sponsored by Newly Weds Foods, Inc., Tyson Foods, Inc. and U.S. Poultry & Egg Association

Sponsored by Zoetis

prove their knowledge about the recognition, selection and management necessary for quality milk and dairy products. Participants must complete a written exam on milk production and marketing, evaluate milk samples for flavor and quality, identify cheeses and characteristics and complete milk acceptability tests in the team activity. Each team competed at local and state levels to earn the privilege to represent their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Harmony Slagel, Caitlyn Ifft, Laine Honegger and Trenton Edelman, Prairie Central FFA, Illinois Top Placing Individual: Trenton Edelman, Prairie Central FFA, Illinois

Nursery/Landscape Sponsored by Arysta LifeScience North America Corporation, Kubota Tractor Corporation and STIHL Inc. The National FFA Nursery Landscape CDE tests students on their knowledge and skills in nursery practices and landscaping. Participants must complete a general knowledge exam testing horticultural principles including plant anatomy, production, marketing, turf, landscape design and maintenance. Each participant must also complete practicums involving a landscape estimating, plant propagation or potting, identification of plants, disorders and equipment. Each team competed on local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

The National Poultry Evaluation CDE tests the participant’s ability to select top-quality poultry and poultry products needed for successful production and marketing. Event participants must complete a written exam on poultry management, evaluate classes of live birds for eggs and meat production, evaluate quality of eggs, and evaluate and identify parts and products. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

manner. Top Placing Individual: Kiera Leddy, Milbank FFA, South Dakota

The National Veterinary Science CDE is a competitive event that tests the participant’s ability to apply veterinary science knowledge and skill in practical settings as well as identify breeds, parasites and equipment. Participants also complete a written exam and respond to scenario questions about current topics in the veterinary industry. Teams present to a panel of judges about the roles and responsibilities of the veterinary team in a variety of situations involving patients from companion animal to large animal. Teams competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


2014 Proficiency Winners Turn Classroom Knowledge Into Jobs Winners of the 2014 National Agricultural Proficiency Awards were announced on Friday, Oct. 31 during the sixth general session at the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo. Awards were given in 49 categories.

Agricultural Communications— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Nora Jo Faris—Missouri Nora Jo Faris of the Concordia FFA Chapter in Missouri works hard to communicate the importance of agriculture to legislators, policymakers and consumers. In March 2011, she was invited to speak with a group of industry leaders at the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

seventh and eighth grade classes. Belinson plans to pursue a double major in agricultural education and agricultural business. He is supported by parents Richard and Heather Stoll and FFA advisors Richie Roberts, Matt Kelly, Michael Gustafson and Cameron Jones. This award is sponsored by The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation and Tulsa Welding School.

social media campaigns, legislative

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication— Entrepreneurship/Placement

education efforts, multimedia

Winner: Wyatt Wolf—California

Since then, Faris has expanded her communication efforts to include

broadcasts and more. She is supported by parents Paul and Betty Faris and FFA advisor Amanda Reid. This award is sponsored by Bader Rutter and Associates, Inc. and Red Brand.

Wyatt Wolf of the Kerman FFA Chapter in California began his supervised agricultural experience by working at his grandfather’s fabrication shop—designing and constructing new trailers, equipment and components.

Agricultural Education— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Kyler Belinson—Oklahoma After Kyler Belinson of the Elgin FFA Chapter in Oklahoma made a presentation to his class about animal agriculture, he discovered that he enjoyed teaching others about the industry. Since then, he has created and taught two units, utilizing six different methods of teaching in

Working at the family shop combines his two primary interests: welding and trucks. Wolf intends to pursue a major in agricultural

Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems—Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Zachary Plummer— Kentucky Zachary Plummer of the Fleming County FFA Chapter in Kentucky helps troubleshoot and repair trucks and tractors at his father’s trucking company. While his work was originally limited to just handing his father tools, Zachary is now in charge of maintenance on the trucks, including changing tires, replacing hydraulic hoses and changing oil. This work prompted a personal interest in utilizing a biodiesel processor to produce fuel from waste vegetable oil. Plummer intends to pursue education in diesel repair and eventually start his own small business. He is supported by parents Billy and Karla Plummer and FFA advisors Tonya D. Phillips, Bobby Pease, Lucinda Pease and Chris Fitzpatrick. This award is sponsored by Lincoln Electric and Parker.

business and would like to return to his family’s fabrication shop to bring the business to the next level. He is supported by parents Jeff and Nicole Wolf and FFA advisors Toby Sheehan and Mrs. Molloy. This award is sponsored by Carry-On Trailer and RAM Trucks.

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance— Entrepreneurship Winner: Shane Mueller—South Dakota Shane Mueller of the Garretson FFA Chapter in South Dakota developed

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.




an interest in machines while watching his father and brother work on farm equipment. He started by restoring a sickle mower, two hay rakes and an auger feed wagon. This eventually led to the development of his own business restoring ground-driven John Deere manure spreaders. Mueller hopes to become a large animal veterinarian. He is supported by parents Edward (also his FFA advisor) and Julie Mueller. This award is sponsored by Briggs and Stratton Corporation, Inc.

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance—Placement Winner: Danny Paul—Oregon Danny Paul of the Pendleton FFA Chapter in Oregon started working on trucks when he was 9 years old. Today, he works side-by-side with his father servicing and repairing big rig trucks — in addition to taking responsibility for independent jobs. Paul is able to do everything from oil and fluid changes to rebuilding an engine. He envisions becoming a diesel technician. Danny is supported by parents Troy and Dani Paul and FFA advisor Patty Abell. This award is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and Universal Technical Institute.

Agricultural Processing— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: William Woodworth— West Virginia William Woodworth of the Mineral County FFA Chapter in West Virginia works as the assistant plant manager at his family’s meat processing plant that processes cattle, hogs, lambs and goats. He has been taught how to complete every aspect of the operation, from programming the label computer to fabricating the carcasses into retail cuts. Woodworth hopes to become a partner in the family business and increase meal sales by developing a branded product. He is supported by FFA advisors Charles


Bennett, John Ritchie, Julie Sions and

in Washington owns a shearing busi-

gelatin. The second tested whether

Carol Webb. This award is sponsored by

ness that specializes in alpacas, sheep,

or not a homemade garlic solution

CHS and Sealed Air Corporation.

llamas and goats. He took a course

would eliminate Crown Gall from

with Washington State University

tomato plants with more efficiency

Extension on shearing and, once he

than a chemical method. Finally,

received his certificate, purchased

she compared different levels of

hot handles, combs and cutters. Now,

anthocyanin in fresh and frozen

Grelis travels to local farms to provide

blueberries. Hoey is supported by

Joshua Haven of the Cheyenne FFA

his services. During the first year of

parents Ben and Kelly Hoey and FFA

Chapter in Oklahoma purchased his

business, he sheared 160 animals.

advisors Jennifer Johnston and Gary

grandfather’s feed business in 2010. He

In his second year, Grelis increased

Peters. This award is sponsored by the

transitioned the store to a self-service

service to over 225 animals by accu-

National FFA Foundation.

model, effectively reducing his labor

mulating a group of repeat customers

costs and allowing customers to pick

and improving marketing strategy. He

up their feed at convenient times.

is supported by parents Dennis and

Haven maintains customers by hosting

Gena Grelis and FFA advisor Dennis

customer appreciation dinners and feed

Burtchett. This award is sponsored by

Winner: Jordan Cadle—Indiana

workshops, as well as supporting area


Jordan Cadle of the Paoli FFA

Agricultural Sales— Entrepreneurship Winner: Joshua Haven—Oklahoma

livestock premium sales and fundraisers. Haven is currently majoring in agricultural business at Oklahoma State University. He is supported by parents Ray Haven and Amy Williams and FFA

Chapter in Indiana began conducting

Agriscience Research—Animal Systems Winner: Taylor Shayne Swinson—Texas

advisor Nathan Torrance. This award is

Taylor Shayne Swinson of the Sulphur

sponsored by Crop Production Services

Springs FFA Chapter in Texas spends

and Monsanto.

each summer at her grandparent’s ranch helping castrate sheep and sell

Agricultural Sales—Placement

Agriscience Research—Plant Systems

wethers for show. For her SAE, Taylor used research and experimentation

scientific research in the sixth grade as an extra credit assignment. He studied nitrogen application rates on corn seedling growth. Eventually these research interests led him to look at other agricultural production practices such as no-tillage and foliar fertilizing. Jordan is supported by parents Kathryn and Danny Cadle and FFA advisors Kerry Wyatt and Cory

Winner: Kelly Wilfert—Wisconsin

to determine what changes to nutri-

Kelly Wilfert of the Mishicot FFA Chap-

tion and selection could be made so

Corporation – Agricultural Products

her animals could outperform other

and Monsanto.

ter in Wisconsin works with her parents’ fruit and vegetable fresh market farm. While her brother became interested in

Scott. This award is sponsored by FMC

show ring animals. Swinson tested the effectiveness of feed supplements toxicity, among other things. She is

Beef Production— Entrepreneurship

She began by helping her parents

supported by parents Guy and Amber

Winner: Katie Friederichs—Iowa

stock shelves, working as a cashier and

Norris and FFA advisors Amber Norris,

answering the telephone. Eventually,

Dan Froneberger and Dannie John-

Katie Friederichs of the Muscatine FFA

Wilfert started leading sales and mar-

son. This award is sponsored by the

keting for the farm. She is supported by

National FFA Foundation.

the field work, Kelly became intrigued by the business end of the operation.

and treatments to reduce copper

parents David and Terri Wilfert and FFA advisor Jamie Propson. This award is sponsored by Fastenal and Vigortone & Sunglo Feeds.

Chapter in Iowa has had a passion for cattle since her first showing at the age of 3. She joined the National Junior Angus Association at 11 and has been

Agriscience Research— Integrated Systems Winner: Audrey E. Hoey—Ohio

building her herd ever since. Today, Friederichs has 20 cows with the goal of rearing 75 purebred Angus cows by 2025. She is supported by parents

Agricultural Services— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Audrey E. Hoey of the Zane Trace

Dean and Deb Friederichs and FFA

FFA Chapter in Ohio has three

advisors Dave Tometich, Sam Paul,

Winner: Dennis Grelis—Washington

extensive projects for her SAE. Her

Ashley Wiebe and Adam Crews. This

first experiment manipulated certain

award is sponsored by Bayer Animal

fruits so they would solidify in

Health and Rabo AgriFinance.

Dennis Grelis of the Fife FFA Chapter

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.




Beef Production—Placement Winner: Cole Hudson—Texas Cole Hudson of the Ponder FFA Chapter in Texas is a part-time farm and ranch employee on his family’s cattle operation. He has an active role in the ranch’s daily operations including feeding cattle, building and repairing fences, transporting equipment and completing routine animal health checks. After obtaining a degree in animal science, Hudson hopes to attend veterinary school and operate his own clinic. He is supported by

family-operated dairy farm. At the

seed selections for planting, picks sire

age of 6, Lopes was involved with the

selections and ensures that animals are

family farm and was able to choose

healthy. After earning a degree in dairy

his own calf (through persistence of

science, Helmer hopes to become an

his father, of course.) Lopes hopes to

owner of his family’s farm and improve

study dairy science in college with the

its efficiency with innovative technol-

ultimate goal of continuing the family

ogy. He is supported by parents John

tradition of dairying. He is supported

and Lynn Helmer and FFA advisors

by parents Paul and Darlene Lopes and

Walter J. Taylor and Tracy Heinbuch.

FFA advisors Kelly Sanches, Matthew

This award is sponsored by Kuhn North

Baffunno and Cameron Wyman. This

America and Nasco Division - Nasco

award is sponsored by DeLaval LLC

International, Inc.

and New Holland.

parents Heath and Nancy Hudson and

Dairy Production—Placement

FFA advisor Brent Lankford and Bart

Winner: Andrew W. Helmer—Wisconsin

Stover. This award is sponsored by Midwest PMS and Red Brand.

Dairy Production— Entrepreneurship Winner: Tony Lopes—California Tony Lopes of the Gustine FFA Chapter in California owns and manages 41 registered Holsteins on his

Diversified Agricultural Production—Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Andrea Thomas—California

Andrew W. Helmer of the Plymouth

Although her passion is hog farming,

FFA Chapter in Wisconsin belongs to

Andrea Thomas of the Colusa FFA

the seventh generation working on

Chapter in California really wanted

his family’s 70-cow dairy farm. His

the opportunity to drive her father’s

responsibilities on the farm are not

Freightliner hay retriever truck. As a

limited to a list of daily chores as he

sixth-generation cattleman, her SAE

completes all of the duties necessary

now spans a commercial cow/calf

to make sure the farm runs efficiently

operation, a breeding and market

and effectively. He helps choose

swine operation, and wheat, grass, oat,


and alfalfa hay production. Thomas

and FFA advisors Susannah Lanier and

product line at the farmers market.

began her swine breeding program

Brian Elrick. This award is sponsored

She also raises swine and sheep to

in 2007 and started selling pigs to

by Crop Production Services and

show and then use in her meat market.

other youth before branching outside

National Crop Insurance Services.

Blakley is supported by parents Lyle

the community to seek buyers. After pursuing a degree in agricultural education, Thomas hopes to work as an agricultural teacher and farm with her

and Rae Blakley and FFA advisors Josh

Diversified Horticulture— Entrepreneurship/Placement

father. She is supported by parents

Winner: Aaron R. Retzlaff—Wisconsin

Darrin and Heather Thomas, who is

Aaron R. Retzlaff of the Randolph

also her FFA advisor, along with Tim Crabtree. This award is sponsored by the National FFA Foundation.

Cambria-Friesland FFA Chapter in Wisconsin holds 50 percent ownership in T & A Lawn Care and 100 percent

Blair and Clay Drake. This award is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and Wahl Clipper Corporation.

Emerging Agricultural Technology—Entrepreneurship/ Placement

ownership in Retzlaff Landscaping.

Winner: Tyler Parcell—Ohio

The first company grew out of an

Tyler Parcell of the Fayetteville FFA

initial mowing contract with a local

Chapter in Ohio designs and develops

church; the second started when his

educational computer programs

FFA advisor hired him to complete

that allow FFA and 4-H members to

Tommy Justison of the Hillsboro

a few landscaping projects for the

enhance their skills in small animal

FFA Chapter in Illinois was born and

agriculture department. After primar-

anatomy and parliamentary proce-

raised on a third-generation grain and

ily using word-of-mouth marketing,

dure. To accomplish this, he learned

livestock farm. He began his SAE as

Retzlaff has had so many customers

the Java programming language

a freshman with several acres of corn,

that an employee would be necessary

and updated the programs after

soybeans, wheat and clover hay. Today,

if he wants to assume additional busi-

user feedback. One of the programs

his operation has grown to include no-

ness. He looks forward to pursuing a

includes a Parliamentary Procedure

till beans and 476 acres of production.

degree in landscape architecture or

Card generator, which became the

He is supported by parents Thomas

civil engineering. Retzlaff is supported

primary method by which his FFA

A. Justison and Pam Schaefer and FFA

by parents David and Michelle Retzlaff

parliamentary procedure team studied

advisor Mikayla Johnson. This award is

and FFA advisor Keith Gundlach. This

and practiced for competitions. He is

sponsored by CHS.

award is sponsored by The Toro Com-

currently pursuing interests in com-

pany and Wilbur-Ellis Company.

puter engineering at the University

Diversified Crop Production— Entrepreneurship Winner: Tommy Justison—Illinois

Diversified Crop Production— Placement Winner: Knapp Boddiford—Georgia Knapp Boddiford of the Southeast Bulloch FFA Chapter in Georgia works on two family-owned row crop

of Cincinnati. Tyler is supported by

Diversified Livestock Production—Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Reighly Lou Blakley— Oklahoma

parents Steve and Melissa Parcell and FFA advisor Matthew Winkle. This award is sponsored by Ag Leader Technology and BASF.

Environmental Science and Natural Resources— Entrepreneurship/Placement

farms. He feels fortunate to observe

Reighly Lou Blakley of the Oologah FFA

two types of management styles

Chapter in Oklahoma produces and

and combine them to create a new

sells top quality livestock on her fam-

personal skill set. While his initial

ily’s sixth-generation farm. Her beef

farm duties included trapping feral

cattle operation produces show calves

hog and picking peanuts, Boddiford

and seed stock, as well as packaged

Ross Christopher Andre of the

now participates in custom harvesting

meat for the local farmers market.

Wauseon FFA Chapter in Ohio man-

and supervised seasonal labor. He

While urban sprawl stunted her abil-

ages an OEPA Class II compost facility

looks forward to completing a degree

ity to lease additional land, it also

at Andre Farms Organic Nutrient

in crop and soil science and continu-

presented the opportunity to market

Recovery. Here, he takes a product

ing his family’s legacy of row crop

livestock as retail meat products. In

that was once considered waste

production. Boddiford is supported

2009 Blakley purchased 100 laying

and turns it into a premium organic

by parents Joe and Susan Boddiford

hens so that she could add another

nutrient. Ross’s facility can receive up

Winner: Ross Christopher Andre— Ohio

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.




to 100 tons of waste per day. Addi-

that she can open her own large office

and helping with his family’s farm.

tionally, the facility provides custom

and continue training horses. She is

He is supported by parents Tony and

manure application services for local

supported by parents Walter Schroer

Tish Hoffman and FFA advisors Sue

dairy, beef and hog producers. After

and Carla Taylor and FFA advisors Dr.

Davis and Logan Pyers. This award is

college, Andre hopes to return to

James Corbett, Quinton Hadsock and

sponsored by Pilgrim’s.

the operation and become a farmer

Michael L. Barnes. This award is spon-

and organic nutrient manager. He

sored by Tractor Supply Company.

is supported by parents Nathan and Patricia Andre and FFA advisors Katie Black and Brian Pike. This award is sponsored by The Mosaic Company.

Equine Science— Entrepreneurship Winner: Blaine Mibb—Oklahoma

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production—Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Clayton Mack—Oklahoma

Forage Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Ethan Scott Edward McNeely—Indiana Ethan Scott Edward McNeely of the Scottsburg FFA Chapter in Indiana has

Recalling the rides with his father on

been involved in his family’s forage

a car seat in the tractor, Clayton Mack

production operation since he was a

of the Drummond FFA Chapter in

child. On the 800-acre farm, McNeely

Because of his father’s experience as

Oklahoma is passionate about family

assists in grain production, managing

a professional steer wrestling horse

farming. Today he personally farms

the sheep and beef cattle herds, and

trainer, Blaine Mibb of the Adair FFA

320 rotated acres of wheat, canola,

working in the hayfields where he

Chapter in Oklahoma has always been

soybeans or corn. Clayton also custom

cuts, rakes, led, bale, and throws hay.

around the rodeo business. Naturally,

plants 300 acres of canola for local

Additionally, McNeely has rented

his SAE revolves around breaking

farmers. Before marketing his com-

land from a neighbor where he has

and training horses for the roping

modities, Mack always evaluates stand

complete autonomy to make deci-

events in rodeo. After implementing

establishment and studies the previous

sions concerning planting, harvesting

new training techniques to increase

year’s production to better understand

and management of hay acreage. He

horse performance, Mibb was able to

market conditions. He is currently

is supported by parents John McNeely

increase his average sale per horse by

pursuing an animal science degree at

and Peggy Bridge and FFA advisor

$575. New marketing techniques also

Oklahoma State University and looks

Sadie Davis. This award is sponsored

increased his client base by 13 percent.

forward to being the fifth-generation

by Claas of America, Inc.

He is supported by parents Brock and

farmer on his family’s farm. He is sup-

Tawna Mibb and FFA advisors Devin

ported parents Curtis and Marcie Mack

DeLozier and Shane Johnson. This

and FFA advisor Keith Dillingham. This

award is sponsored by Purina Animal

award is sponsored by Bunge North

Nutrition LLC and Red Brand.

America and Miracle Whip & Planters.

Equine Science—Placement

Charlie J. Miller of the Miami Trace

Winner: Camille Schroer—Georgia

Food Science and Technology— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Based on her father’s team roping

Winner: Derek Jacob Hoffman—Ohio

SAE. He harvests and sells dead

experience, Camille Schroer of the

Derek Jacob Hoffman of the Ridge-

and nuisance trees from his family’s

Lowndes FFA Chapter in Georgia

wood FFA Chapter in Ohio helps

1,400-acre farm. Removing these

knew that she wanted horses in her

conduct potato chip and tomato

trees improves crop production in

life. She currently works on her fam-

production research at the Ohio

areas along fence rows by reducing

ily’s 300-acre horse farm where she

Agricultural Research and Develop-

the competition for nutrients. Besides

boards, trains for barrel racing and calf

ment Center. While his duties were

continuing the firewood business, he

working, and feeds horses, in addition

initially limited to washing trays, he

also plans to start his own landscap-

to maintaining pastures. Schroer also

now plants, collects and submits data,

ing operation. He is supported by

cares for 170 cows, which are used

helps with harvesting, and prepares

parents Doug and Anita Miller and

mainly for training horses. Her exten-

machines. He looks forward to gradu-

FFA advisors Bruce Bennett and Tracy

sive experience with animals makes her

ating from The Ohio State University,

Dendinger. This award is sponsored by

eager to obtain a veterinary license so

starting his career as an agronomist

John Deere and RAM Trucks.

Forest Management and Products—Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Charlie J. Miller—Ohio FFA Chapter in Ohio took over his father’s firewood business as an


Fruit Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Grain Production— Entrepreneurship

Winner: Carina L. Duran—California

Winner: Tysen Rosenau—North

Home and/or Community Development— Entrepreneurship/Placement


Winner: Brittany Rambatt—Wisconsin

Chapter in California doesn’t see her

Having grown up riding tractors with

work at a local grapevine nursery as

his father on the family farm, Tysen

Brittany Rambatt of the Big Foot FFA

just a job—she sees it as the begin-

Rosenau of the Carrington FFA Chapter

ning of her career. The nursery

in North Dakota did not hesitate to start

grafts and grows grapevines for both

his SAE by planting 160 acres of hard red

table and wine grapes. When she

spring wheat. The following year, he

began working there, her tasks were

increased production to 220 acres and

labor intensive. Now she does less

rotated to corn production. Rosenau

prep work and more of the complex

has gained knowledge of seeding,

tasks—thus having greatly increased

fertilizing, pest control, harvesting and

her familiarity with the production of

marketing. He plans to increase his

grapevines. She is excited to continue

operation to 900 tillable acres this year

the excellence of California growers

and looks forward to diversifying crop

and vintners after obtaining a degree

operation. Rosenau is supported by

in viticulture and enology. She is sup-

parents Daniel and Sue Rosenau and

ported by her mother Maria Luna and

FFA advisor Missy Hansen. This award

for local food pantries: fish, eggs,

FFA advisors Denise Morales, David

is sponsored by CF Industries, Inc. and

vegetables and chickens. Rambatt is

Abernathy, Christopher McCraw and

Valent USA Corporation.

supported by parents Kenneth and

Carina L. Duran of the Wasco FFA

Goat Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Alexus Rose

Grain Production—Placement Winner: Eric Kenneth Coddington—Wisconsin Eric Kenneth Coddington of the Montello FFA Chapter in Wisconsin


SAE as a freshman. First, she started volunteering around her community in simple ways like painting a local church’s garage or sorting donations at the town’s food pantry. These introductions to service led her to apply for a National FFA Food for All grant that helps to combat hunger in her community. She designed a program called “Fuel Foods 4 Families” that would raise and produce four areas of nutrient-rich products

Betty Rambatt and FFA advisors Lisa

Amber Sawyer. This award is sponsored by the DuPont Company.

Chapter in Wisconsin began her

Konkel and Rick Henningfeld. This award is sponsored by Carhartt, Inc.

Landscape Management— Entrepreneurship/Placement

was able to take a tractor safety

Winner: Christopher Cline

Alexus Rose Heldt of the Watertown

course and began operating


Mayer FFA Chapter in Minnesota

machinery at age 12 on his family’s

admits that her life revolves around

farm. Today, he works as a farm

Christopher Cline Crump of the

goats. She became involved in the

manager and helps his father grow

industry at a young age as her grand-

1,400 acres of corn, 200 acres of

parents have operated a dairy goat

soybeans and 600 acres of soybeans.

herd for 45 years. Heldt exchanges

He has developed an interest in

the labor of milking and feeding

corn research and completed a test

chores for equipment and livestock.

pilot studying the effect of a split-

When she is not on the farm, she

application of nitrogen—increasing

enjoys showing goats at county, state

yields from five to 25 bushels per

and national shows. Heldt plans to

acre. Coddington is excited to obtain

study agricultural engineering and

a degree in agronomy and use his

agricultural education in college.

education to apply new practices on

She is supported by parents Stephen

his family’s farm. He is supported by

Crump is supported by parents Rodney

Penegor and Jodene Heldt and FFA

parents Brian and Mary Coddington

and Gena Crump and FFA advisors

advisor James Kocherer. This award

and FFA advisor Hannah Walsdorf.

Kipp Jackson and Scott Wheatley. This

is sponsored by Tractor Supply

This award is sponsored by CF

award is sponsored by John Deere and


Industries, Inc.

Tractor Supply Company.

Banks County FFA Chapter in Georgia spent countless hours assisting his grandfather in his shop and eventually developed the same level of work ethic. He secured a job with a landscaping company—developing important skills such as edging, string trimming, pruning and mowing. Crump also got to work outside and gain horticultural experience, helpful for his long-term goal of entering agricultural education.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.




decided to start an organic poultry

old when her parents bought her a

operation after a local poultry producer

duckling. As a freshman in high school,

sought organic egg producers to meet

Sturgis constructed numerous aviaries,

high market demand. He now operates

obtained federal permits to breed

a certified organic poultry operation

endangered bird species, and perfected

consisting of 2,200 birds. Over 90

techniques to handle defensive and

percent of his eggs are sold as organic

aggressive birds. She used these skills

under the Marin Sun Farms label. This

while working at a parrot rescue center

agreement has increased his ability to

to produce high quality exotic pet

negotiate and market his flock. He also

bird species from rescued macaws,

sells eggs to a local grocery store, to

conures, cockatoos, cockatiels, finches

neighbors and at local farmers markets.

grandfather. In addition, George’s

and lories. Sturgis hopes to pursue a

Moretti is supported by parents Mike

mother and grandmother have taught

career managing threatened avian and

and Monique Moretti and FFA advisor

him bookkeeping. These factors

game bird species. She is supported

William Costanzo. This award is spon-

have all influenced his own business,

by parents Gil and Renee Sturgis and

sored by Tractor Supply Company and

“Daylilies By George, LLC.” George is

FFA advisor Timothy App. This award is

Tyson Foods, Inc.

sponsored by Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

Nursery Operations— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Matthew George—Florida Matthew George of the Trenton Senior FFA Chapter in Florida started helping his grandfather with his daylilies seven years ago. Since then, he has built 18 growing beds in his backyard to harvest his own daylilies. He has learned time management skills and the ability to boost customer satisfaction from his

supported by parents Denny and Hallie George and FFA advisors Ashley Young and Heather Rucker. This award is sponsored RAM Trucks.

Outdoor Recreation— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Garrett Eugene Leeds—Ohio Garrett Eugene Leeds of the Fairbanks FFA Chapter in Ohio works for his uncle’s farm business that develops outdoor recreational activities as an income-producing enterprise, as well as a teaching facility for local school groups. The farm offers a variety of services including pumpkin picking, hayrides, slides, pedal carts and a zip line. Leeds works on providing a positive customer experience and has

and Tractor Supply Company.

Sheep Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Carissa

Specialty Animal Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement


Winner: Kaitlynn

Carissa Haffenbredl of the Marshfield


FFA Chapter in Wisconsin began her

Kaitlynn Buys-McFarland of the Madi-

sheep project in 2009 with the purchase

son FFA Chapter in Indiana has always

of a market lamb for the county fair and

had a fascination with the bright, flashy

a ewe lamb to keep. She has learned about vaccinating, weighing market lambs, calculating rates of gain and docking. Haffenbredl has also found success in the show ring through winning the 2011 Reserve Supreme Champion Ram at the Wisconsin State Fair. She looks forward to pursuing a degree in agricultural journalism and continuing to

colors of the fish that her family kept. This inspired her interest in aquaculture. When she became old enough, she took over the care and upkeep of the family fish tanks and started raising and selling young fish to 4-H members for their aquatic science projects. Eventually, Buys-McFarland entered into a partnership with a local fish store that allowed her the opportunity to take fish,

improved the farm’s marketing abilities

raise, fit and show sheep. Haffenbredl

and social media presence. He is

is supported by parents Kevin and Ann

supported by parents Ron and Cheryl

Lindow and FFA advisors Tim Heeg and

could then sell them back to the fish

Leeds and FFA advisor Robert Riddle.

Mark Zee. This award is sponsored by

store. She is supported by parents Steve

This award is sponsored by Yamaha

the National FFA Foundation.

and Amanda McFarland and FFA advisor

Motor Corporation USA.

breed them, and raise the resulting fry to a marketable size. Buys-McFarland

Amanda Briggs. This award is sponsored by the National FFA Foundation.

Poultry Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Small Animal Production and Care—Entrepreneurship/ Placement

Winner: Daniel Moretti—California

Winner: Anastasia Sturgis—Florida

Specialty Crop Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Although he was born and raised on

Anastasia Sturgis of the Orlando

Winner: Sam Herring—Georgia

a dairy farm, Danny Moretti of the

Colonial Senior FFA Chapter in Florida

Sam Herring of the Lowndes FFA

Tomales FFA Chapter in California

became interested in birds at 5 years

Chapter in Georgia works under his


father and uncle on their family flu-

to marketing the finished product.

has enjoyed working with and caring

cured tobacco production farm. When

He is supported by parents Jack and

for animals since she was a little girl.

he started his SAE, he was motivated

Lisa Davis and FFA advisors Aaron

When she told her parents at age 5

to learn more about producing and

Cubit and Trent Page. This award is

that she wanted to “fix her animals,”

processing tobacco. Herring has since

sponsored by Akey.

they thought she would grow out of

developed a sense of responsibility from his project as well as from doing things such as curing and irrigating the crop. Herring hopes to eventually take

it. Instead, she began working with a

Turf Grass Management— Entrepreneurship/Placement

large animal veterinarian in high school and has developed an increasing ability to diagnosis and treat animal illnesses.

over his family’s farm. He is supported

Winner: Stone Hayden—Kansas

Rutherford plans on majoring in animal

by parents Joey and Lisa Herring and

Stone Hayden of the Chapman FFA

science in college and becoming a

FFA advisors Dr. James Corbett, Quinton Hadsock and Michael L. Barnes. This award is sponsored by CF Industries, Inc.

Chapter in Kansas owns a lawn mowing and maintenance business. At the age of 12, his neighbor farmer asked him if he knew how to cut grass and for the next two summers, he gained experi-

Swine Production— Entrepreneurship

ence by mowing those lawns. Since

veterinarian. She is supported by parents Ken and Jerry Rutherford and FFA advisors Mike Maples, Adam Martin and Jim Satterfield. This award is sponsored by American Veterinary Medical Association.

that time, Hayden has also become a

Winner: Blake Campbell—Ohio

cemetery groundskeeper, caring for

Wildlife Production and Management— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Blake Campbell of the Waterford

the grass, removing old flowers and

FFA Chapter in Ohio and his brother

trimming around headstones. Hayden

co-own their own business titled,

has also taken on commercial contracts

“Campbell Brothers 2.” They raise and

with the local bank and YMCA. He

market purebred registered Berkshire,

is supported by FFA advisors Trenton

Hereford, Tamworth, Spotted and

Horn and Walter Pitts. This award is

Cole Jackson Sosebee of the White

Poland China swine. Besides selling

sponsored by John Deere.

County FFA Chapter in Georgia inherited his father’s love of fishing and

feeder hogs to local community members and at livestock auction, they also sell show hogs and compete at the Ohio State Fair with their breed-

Winner: Cole Jackson Sosebee—Georgia

Vegetable Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

decided to turn it into his SAE. With a local bait and tackle operation, he learned every aspect of the trade. He

ing stock. After earning a degree in

Winner: Greta Tank—Minnesota

developed the skills to operate a trophy

agribusiness, he wishes to become

Greta Tank of the Randolph FFA

trout fishery, feed and keep healthy

the CEO of a feed store and continue farming with his family. Campbell is supported by parents Joe and Bridget Campbell and FFA advisor Matthew Hartline. This award is sponsored by La.-Colo. Markal and Tyson Foods, Inc.

Chapter in Minnesota serves as the sales and marketing manager for her family-owned seasonal sweet corn and fall produce business. She began in the operation by helping her older brother. Because of her efficient customer service skills, she saw an eight percent

Swine Production—Placement Winner: Tristan Davis—Kansas

fish, maintain trails and waters, and help educate the next generation of anglers. Sosebee is supported by parents Terry and Karan Sosebee and FFA advisors Dustin Keener, Amanda Keener and Brad Dalton. This award is sponsored by the National FFA Foundation.

growth in sales. Tank is supported by parents Myron and Linda Tank and FFA advisor Edward Terry. This award is

Tristan Davis of the Central Heights

sponsored by Tractor Supply Company

FFA Chapter in Kansas works for his

and Wilbur-Ellis Corporation.

father’s show pig operation. They breed, farrow and sell seven different registered breeds and crossbreeds— totaling 50 sows. He began on the

Veterinary Science— Entrepreneurship/Placement

farm by learning how to medicate

Winner: Lindsey Rutherford—Tennessee

and grind feed. Today, Davis assists in

Lindsey Rutherford of the Jefferson

everything from selecting boar semen

County FFA Chapter in Tennessee

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.




Four FFA Members Win Stars Over America Awards Four outstanding FFA members who represent the most successful parts of agricultural education were named to the most prestigious honor awarded by the National FFA Organization during the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo. T he American Star Awards (including the American Star Farmer, American Star in

American Star Farmer: Zach Weichel, Cordell FFA, New Cordell, Okla. When Zach Weichel was 8 years old, he received a bottle calf from his grandfather. From that experience and others on his family’s farm, he knew he wanted to start his own

Agribusiness, American Star in Agricultural Placement

cattle enterprise.

and American Star in Agriscience) were awarded to FFA

The Oklahoman FFA member raises more than 300 beef

members who have developed the organization’s most outstanding agricultural skills and competencies through their supervised agricultural experience; demonstrated outstanding management skills; and earned the American FFA Degree – the organization’s highest level of accomplishment. They must also have met other key must agricultural education, scholastic and leadership requirements. Sixteen American Star Awards candidates nationwide were nominated for a panel of judges to interview, with the four national winners being announced during the Eighth General Session of the National FFA Convention & Expo. Each winner received awards totaling $4,000, while each finalist received $2,000. The American FFA Degree recognition programs, such as the American Star Awards, are sponsored by ADM

stocker cattle that will be transported to feedlots. He also grows wheat on 30 acres for production. “While helping in my family’s operation, I became interested in developing my own cattle business,” he said. “My dad and grandfather’s knowledge of the livestock business has helped me deal with new situations as the volume of my herds have increased.” A student majoring in animal science at Oklahoma State University, Weichel plans on returning to his operation full-time. Weichel said his goal of expanding his enterprise will come from advancing his knowledge through his education, conferences and practical experience. “The satisfaction I get from meeting the everyday challenges of farming and ranching is why I wanted a career in production agriculture.”

Crop Risk Services; Case IH; DuPont Pioneer; Elanco; Farm

Weichel, 21, is a member of the Cordell FFA Chapter in

Credit; and Syngenta as a special project of the National

New Cordell, Okla., led by advisor Brian Dowdie. He is the

FFA Foundation.

son of Keith and Lana Weichel.






American Star in Agriscience: Sarah Cox, Zane Trace FFA, Chillicothe, Ohio

Woodworth said she has learned how to successfully run a

Sarah Cox claims her love of science and technology comes

Woodworth plans to obtain a degree in veterinarian medi-

from her nuclear engineer and pharmacist parents. The Ohioan has experimented in animal and food sciences through studies involving strawberry crown rot, African nightshade phytochemicals, hoof rot bacteria and soybeans. She has interned with The Nationwide Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Asian Vegetable Research and Development Center – The World Vegetable Center and the Thad Cochran Horticultural Center and worked with university professors at The Ohio State University and Purdue University. Currently a student at Purdue University studying biological food processing and pharmaceutical engineering, she hopes to attend medical school and be a food process engineer. “Through persistence and several gracious professors and researchers, I have had the opportunity to complete very prestigious research,” she said. “As each project progressed, I grew more confident in basic laboratory skills.” Cox, 20, is a member of the Zane Trace FFA Chapter in Chillicothe, Ohio. Her advisors are Jennifer Johnston and Gary Peters. She is the daughter of Paul and Rachel Cox.

American Star in Agricultural Placement: Jessica Woodworth, Mineral County FFA, Keyser, W. Va.

business and communicate with customers. As an animal sciences and industry student at Kansas State University, cine and focus her practice on large animals. “Based on my experiences in my supervised agricultural experience and helping run a business, I plan to operate my own veterinary practice,” she said. Woodworth is a member of the Mineral County FFA in Keyser, W.Va., and is the daughter of Richard and Margaret Woodworth. Her advisors are Charles Bennett, John Richie, Julie Sions and Carol Webb.

American Star in Agribusiness: Dustin Stanton, Centralia FFA, Centralia, Mo. What started as a gift of six chicks from his uncle turned into Dustin Stanton’s own enterprise. As co-owner of Stanton Brothers, he manages more than 20,000 laying hens and gardens totaling 4,300 square feet. The Missourian supplies neighbors, local businesses, nursing homes, university dining halls and farmers markets with fresh eggs, radishes and tomatoes. A student at the University of Missouri studying agribusiness management, he wants to return to his family’s farm while expanding his own enterprise. He received the 2011 National FFA Agricultural Proficiency in agricultural sales.

As a fifth-generation farmer, Jessica Woodworth helps her

“I have always dreamed of being able to stay on the family

family produce swine and cattle as well as fresh produce at

farm and continue my passion for agriculture,” he said. “I

their farms, Flying W and MJW.

knew at a young age that I would have to find a niche on the

“As I entered high school, I was gradually given more

farm and foster it.”

responsibilities,” she said. “Over the past four years, I have

Stanton, 21, is a member of the Centralia FFA Chapter in

been involved with marketing strategies, customer satisfac-

Centralia, Mo. His advisors are Scott Stone, Lori Lewis

tion, training new employees and managing the store when

and Jessica Cummins. He is the son of Andrew and

my employer cannot be there.”

Judy Stanton. For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.




Ponchatoula FFA Named Model of Excellence Winner The Ponchatoula FFA Chapter in

Thursday, Oct. 30. Top chapters were

atypical and typical members as

Louisiana was named the 2014

also selected from the middle school,

they teamed up to train for the

National Model of Excellence

student and community development

Special Olympics. The chapter also

Chapter Award winner at the 87th


established a wetland plant nursery

National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville, Ky.

Members of the Ponchatoula FFA Chapter in Louisiana wanted everyone

where they planted and raised more than 450 Louisiana native trees.

All chapters that receive national

to experience activities that enhance

The Model of Excellence awards

three-star ratings are eligible to

personal growth by appreciating the

are sponsored by John Deere. It is

compete for the national Model

diversity and unique potential each

one of the many ways FFA members

of Excellence award. Ponchatoula

member possess. As affirmation of

accomplish the FFA mission and

FFA received a plaque in an onstage

the relationships that are built through

succeed in making a difference in

ceremony during the convention and

the FFA Buddy Program, a special

their communities and the lives

expo’s second general session on

partnership was formed between

of others.


FFA Chapters Win Honors During the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo, chapters across the nation competed for the honor of being a Model of Innovation winner. The chapters competed for the honor in three main divisions: chapter development, student development and community development. A top middle school chapter was also named. The winning chapters received a plaque in an onstage ceremony during the convention and expo’s second general session. The Models of Innovation awards are sponsored by John Deere. Oakleaf High School FFA

Student Development Oakleaf High School in Florida offers a Plant Biotechnology Academy, and the FFA chapter wanted to recognize FFA members who made the grades to be part of the academy. Since biotechnologists wear lab coats in the industry, it was decided to have a Lab Coating ceremony for those second-year FFA members in the academy. The high school principal “coated” those members.

Chapter Development Members of Nation Ford FFA in South Carolina participated in the South Carolina Strawberry Festival in Fort Mill to help advo-

Nation Ford FFA

cate, raise awareness and funds for the South Carolina Multiple Sclerosis Society. They achieved this by hosting pig races in the children’s area of the festival. Along with raising funds and awareness, the event allowed chapter members to gain the skills necessary to raise and train the pigs for the races.

Community Development Members of the Shenandoah FFA in Indiana have a passion for working with those in the community who are disabled. During the spring, they wanted to create a prom for these individuals and give FFA members a chance to interact with members of the community. Formal wear donations were made to all group home

Shenandoah FFA


Outstanding Middle School Members of the Altha Middle FFA in Florida hosted a career day to inform students about agriculture. Along with posting flyers around the campus, students dressed as agriculturalists on career day. To help out in the community, the members worked to create a paper recycling program in the school. Recycling containers were placed in key areas and emptied by members once a month. By the end of nine weeks, the chapter had recycled more than 200 pounds of paper.

Altha Middle FFA For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.



National FFA Agriscience Fair winners The 2014 National FFA Agriscience Fair awards were presented

The overall winners for each division are listed below by event:

onstage during the fifth general

Animal Systems

Plant Systems

session of the 87th National FFA

Division 1: Abby Field, Reedsburg FFA, Wisconsin

Division 1: Gage Guffy, Krum FFA, Texas

Division 2: Brinson Coggins, Lowndes FFA, Georgia

Division 2: Auriel Wright, Northeast FFA, Georgia

Division 3: Fallon Cawthon and Jade Wester, Franklin County FFA, Georgia

Division 3: Jonathan Movsik and Peter Nekrasov, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey

Division 4: Kyle Ramsey and Kynsee Gesch, Navasota FFA, Texas

Division 4: Allison Smith and Julia Barnes, N Clackamas Sd Land Lab FFA, Oregon

Convention & Expo. The National FFA Agriscience Fair is a competition for FFA members who are interested in the science and technology of agriculture. It is held each year during the National FFA Convention & Expo and sponsored nationally by Cargill, John Deere and Syngenta. FFA members can compete in the national agriscience fair in one of six categories: • Animal Systems • Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems • Food Products and Processing Systems • Plant Systems • Power, Structural and Technical Systems • Social Systems To qualify for the National FFA Agriscience Fair, students must be in grades 7-12, conduct a scientific research project pertaining to the agriculture and food science industries and present their findings to a panel of judges with a display and report. All national participants are selected as the state winner at their state agriscience fairs and earn national competition eligibility after being placed in the top-15 within their respective categories.

Environmental Services/ Natural Resource Systems Division 1: Micah Rainey, Stephenville FFA, Texas Division 2: Joseph Maggiore, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey Division 3: Taylor Applemun and Karlye Clement, Elk Grove FFA, California Division 4: Emily Warren and Hunter Corbett, Lowndes FFA, Georgia

Food Products and Processing Systems Division 1: Emma Meeks, Dickson FFA, Oklahoma Division 2: Jj Larkins, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey Division 3: Tyler Ertzberger and Kellie Smith, Franklin County FFA, Georgia Division 4: Callie Warren and Chance Hingson, Lowndes FFA, Georgia

Power, Structural and Technical Systems Division 1: Charles Maus, Perquimans FFA, North Carolina Division 2: Eric Koehlmoos, South Obrien FFA, Iowa Division 3: Riley McKinzie and Jessica Dammers, Stephenville FFA, Texas Division 4: Peter Davis and Avni Mehta, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey

Social Systems Division 1: Courtney Barber, Ware County FFA, Georgia Division 2: Samuel Gostomski, Bandera FFA, Texas Division 3: Grace Zhang and – Katherine Shiu, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey Division 4: Chandler Kudyk and Jackson Sumner, Lowndes FFA, Georgia

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


Band and Chorus BAND Arkansas: Caleb Mathis

Missouri: Molly Bean, Hunter

Arizona: Rachel Huyett Georgia: Aaron Cronon, Kayla Robinson

Iowa: Cassy Heitman, Sarah Kelly, Riane Vickery, McKenzie von Rentzell, Emily Zahurones Illinois: Brandon Grossi, Lane

Harmon, Arlen Magelitz, Lillian Rabe, Jacob Rotermund, Krista Russell, Brad Spurling, Cheyenne Summers

Indiana: Brooke Meadows Kansas: April Ascher, Brice Hackler,

Corman, Paul Dingman, Jordan Enyeart, Emily Fowler, Phillip Hegeman, Emily Johns, Wyatt Maddison, Jessica Mantel, Parker Mason, Scout Miller, Brandi Mueller, Nicole Smart, Stussy Stephenson, Aubrey Williamson

Montana: Seth Foster, Dan Lavy, Emily Standley North Carolina: William Warren, II Nebraska: Danea Buschkoetter,

Grace Harmon, Gage Hoegermeyer, Jonathan Horvatich, Micah Schut, MaryKate Steele, Randi Tomasek

Antonio Ramonda-Pruitt, Jonathan Wurtz

New Jersey: Matthew Bonett

Maryland: Jared Wojton

New Mexico: Adriana McWilliams

Michigan: Bree Oliver, Hayley

New York: Elizabeth Moore

Minnesota: Jessica Hanley, Levi

Ohio: Taylor Hesse, Alexis Miller, Tyler Pratt


Jahnke, Caitlin Oeltjenbruns

Oklahoma: Taylor Cartmell, Jozie

Kizer, Carlie Murley, Colt Schrader

Pennsylvania: Haley Young Puerto Rico: Ezequiel Acevedo South Dakota: Austin Herrboldt,

Clayton Keck, Alana Nelson, Kasey Schmidt, Mikayla Sousa

Tennessee: Chad Lewis Texas: Stephen Byrd, Ivan Dominguez, Ryan Earp, Erin Foley, Brandon Kiefer, Cecilia Moore, Elizabeth Reeder, Daniel West, Michael Zapata Utah: MacKenzie Scott Wisconsin: Tasha Henck,

James Horst, Matthew Huber, Marissa Westphal

CHORUS Arizona: Preston Frost, Mckenna Mellon

Connecticut: Rebecca Stoddard Delaware: Caitlin Wilson

Missouri: Hannah Deaver, Nicholas


Nebraska: Elizabeth Adam, Caleb

South Dakota: Jamie Mundwiler

Rebeccah Mugrage, Victoria Stoller, Malena Wheeler

Franzen, Lynn Hanson, Amanda Humlicek, Adrianne Kruger, Jonathan Laner, Christian Lichti, Kenny Osten, Madison Schlake, Lynn Slama, Christian Stacy, Cole Steffen, Ryan Umland, Christian Vera

Indiana: Courtney Gulick

New Mexico: Bayli Avery

Kentucky: Reagan Miller, Avery

Ohio: Carlee Conrad, Meagan Wise

Iowa: Alexis Costello, Kelly Gerhardt, Ian Heetland, Marina Hilbert Illinois: Nick Bickett, Tucker Lee,


Oklahoma: Emily Calder, Tristen

Michigan: Lainey Hess, Hannah


Minnesota: Emily Blosberg, Winona


Pennsylvania: Adrienne Beck, Luke

Gnuschke, Kaitlyn Landers, Caleb Mooney, Aaron Shank

Courtney, Kyndal Dugger, Caleb Earl, Ridge Hughbanks, Austin Ladd, Kylie Scott, Abigail Webster

Puerto Rico: Thalia Aguila Suarez Tennessee: Bryson Frost, Dalton Teel Texas: Colton Howard, Sawyer Jenkins, Jourdan Tucker Utah: Patrick Chase, Caitlin Dinkel, Jessica Potter

Washington: Kelby Thayer Wisconsin: Ashley Baeten,

Jamie Eder, Madalyn Scott, Anna Stukenberg, Jessica Taylor, Andrew Twardokus, Dakota Watton

Oregon: Kelsee Carlsen

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


Talent Participants

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


Three FFA Members Compete in National FFA Talent Finals By Kendall Herren

“I just think it’s awesome to be here,”

Being selected as the top three talents in the nation is a pretty big deal, and FFA members Elizabeth Corwin, Kaitlyn Ospher and Sydney Lambert went all out during the final round of the National FFA Talent Competition.

Opshner said. “Both of my parents were National FFA Officers and so just getting to be here and do something totally different from a contest and doing something that is something I really love is exciting.” Sydney Lambert from Missouri was

Elizabeth Corwin from Ohio was just excited to go out there and have fun. “The FFA convention has been great, and this year has been a great way to end my senior year,” Corwin said. Kaitlyn Opshner from Colorado was excited to be competing in some-

just excited to compete in something that she loves doing. Lambert won the final competition. “I love just getting to compete in something that I love doing all the time, something that’s a part of me that I get to share with other people,” Lambert said.

thing she loves so much.

TALENT Alabama: Brian Ammons, Tanner

Minnesota: Rebecca Dose, Britton

Texas: Matthew Hartman

Missouri: Hank Beam, Sydney


Cash, Jentry Chesnut, Kyle Fuller, Ashley Gibson, TJ Hardin, Sarah Mentzer, Kameron Patterson, Layne Raper, Taylor Rester, Jodi Shotts, Megan Shotts, Luke Stanford, Trisha Truong, Eliza Williams


Arizona: Clay Creager

Aaron Knudtson, Shaun Kourajian, Wyatt Lautt

Colorado: Caitlyn Ochsner

Montana: Christina Eike North Dakota: Westen Feickert,

Washington: Amanda Edwards Wisconsin: Jacob Beesecker, Josie Jakel, Jacob Stukenberg

Wyoming: Rowan Fichtner

Ohio: Elizabeth Corwin

Georgia: Landon Rowe Iowa: Sidney Ehret, Maddi Miller,

Dalton Petersen

Kentucky: Lyndsey Overbee Michigan: Tyler Bennett

Lambert, Greg Mynear, Olivia Powers

Virginia: Hannah Armes, Leigh

Oklahoma: Holly Barrow, Tanner Smith

Oregon: Ludi Phillips Pennsylvania: DeAnne Dickerson,

Katie Elder

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.




Invaluable Partnerships Honored During the National FFA

range of audiences. Recently, the

and reach further potential in their

Convention & Expo, the National

company also increased sponsorship


FFA Organization recognized

efforts for the agricultural technol-

clubs, agencies and organizations

ogy and mechanical systems career

that have greatly contributed to

development event.

agricultural education and FFA programs with the Distinguished Service Citation. Awards such as the Distinguished Service Citation recognize FFA makes a greater impact on students through the cooperation of the entire community. FFA and agricultural education programs have helped millions of students achieve extraordinary success for more than 85 years because of this remarkable

The World Food Prize Foundation has supported agricultural education since its inception in 1970. It has sev-

Firestone is currently working on

eral programs to encourage students

developing its dealer scholarship

to pursue academic and career paths

program, funding the agricultural

in agriculture.

power technical systems Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education course and supporting National FFA

Its Global Youth Institute and State Youth Institutes allow students to

Agricultural Proficiency Awards.

engage in research and present their

Throughout the years, Firestone

and leaders in global agriculture.

has had continued representation on the National FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board. Harvey Firestone


served as chair of the first National

Firestone Farm Tires has supported

1944. Retiring Firestone President

FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board in

findings with promeninet reseachers Global Youth Institute students can also apply for international research internships or a U.S. Department of Agriculture research fellowship. More than 40 percent of interns or fellows are FFA members.

agricultural education and leader-

Ken Allen served as chair in 2013

ship development for the past 70

and Director of Sales and Market-

In the future, The World Food Prize

years. The company’s support of

ing Tom Rodgers currently serves

Foundation hopes to develop addi-

career development events and

on the board. Firestone and FFA

tional classroom resources related to

scholarships has affected a wide

continue to work together to build

global agriculture.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.





FFA Honors Supporters of Agricultural Education The National FFA Organization selected

development event judge and, for

to receive the organization’s former

16 individuals to receive a special VIP

the past 12 years, has served as the

diversity award, the H.O. Sargent

Citation. The VIP Citation recognizes

co-coordinator for the national meats

Award. Coffey served on the National

individuals for making significant

technology CDE. He has received the

FFA Organization Board of Directors

contributions to agricultural education.

honorary state FFA degree and the

and National FFA Foundation Board

It is one of the most prestigious awards

Tennessee VIP Association VIP award.

of Trustees. Additionally, he was a

a person may receive for supporting FFA

He has also served as a member of the

member of the American Association

and its programs. Those selected were

career and technical education state

of Agricultural Educators, American

honored during an onstage presentation

staff in Tennessee and is a member of

Association of Teacher Educators in

at the 87th National FFA Convention &

the Tennessee FFA Board of Directors

Agriculture and Phi Delta Kappa.

Expo. Awards such as the VIP Citation

and the Tennessee FFA Century Club.

recognize that FFA contributes to the

On campus, Butler is the Collegiate

mission of success through the hard work

FFA advisor and coordinates regional

and cooperation of dedicated individuals.

and state FFA CDEs in livestock, equine

Without such strong and outstanding

and vet science.

commitment, FFA would not be able to

Bob Heuvel, retired agricultural education state supervisor and state advisor for the California FFA Associaton, has been awarded the VIP Citation by the National FFA Organization, recogniz-

David Coffey, Ph.D., a former agricul-

ing his significant contributions and

tural education professor at Western

dedication to FFA and agricultural

Kentucky University, was instrumental

education. Heuvel served in agricul-

in changing career development

tural education for more than 40 years.

James Butler, Ph.D., professor of

events to align with core curriculum.

He was an agriculture instructor for

agricultural education at the University

He managed the exhibitor registration

six years before joining the California

of Tennessee at Martin has been

for the National FFA Convention &

agricultural education staff in 1986. He

associated with FFA for the past 25

Expo for almost 25 years, fostering

was a member of the National Asso-

years. During this time, he has served

relationships with all who attended

ciation of Supervisors of Agricultural

as a national proficiency and career

the expo. He also was one of the first

Education, the California Agricultural

help build strong individuals of character in their members, who in turn build strong families, communities and industries.


Teachers’ Association and the National

National FFA Agricultural Technology

Development Event Committee from

FFA Organization Board of Directors.

and Mechanical Systems Career Devel-

1987 to 2014. In his 27-year career on

opment Event Committee in 2012.

the committee, he served more than

Serving in the capacity for 12 years, he

4,100 FFA members across the country.

has impacted more than 2,000 FFA

He provides countless hours of assis-

members from across the country.

tance to ensure the event is conducted

Tracy Hoover, Ph.D., associate dean for undergraduate education at Penn State served on the National FFA Food Science Career Development Event

at the highest level.

Committee from 2000 through 2013,

Marshall Poole, the technical director

where she impacted more than 1,800

of the National FFA Convention &

Van Smith, a retired principal and agri-

FFA members from across the country.

Expo, has served in the capacity of

cultural education teacher, served on

She played a key role in identifying and

technical director since 1977. He has

the National FFA Livestock Evaluation

developing material for the national

also served as technical director for the

Career Development Event Committee

event, as well as recruiting extra event

Georgia and Texas conventions.

from 1983 to 2014. In his 31-year career

volunteers and qualified judges.

Michael Robison, a northwest district

on the committee, he served more than 5,600 FFA members across the

John Jeans, retired agricultural

program specialist for the Oklahoma

education instructor, has served as the

Department of Career and Technol-

superintendent or assistant superinten-

ogy Education, had a 38-year career

dent for the National FFA Marketing

in agricultural education. He served

Plan Career Development Event since

as an agriculture teacher for 27 years,

1991. He served as state advisor to the

then a district program specialist for

Nevada FFA Association for eight years

the Oklahoma Department of Career

and also served as a member of many

and Technology Education. He was an

Virgil Wilkins, a former agricultural

national FFA committees.

advisor to the Oklahoma Agricultural

education instructor, taught

Education Teachers Association and a

agricultural education for 51 years

member of the National Association of

in West Virginia. He served as a

Agricultural Educators.

cooperating teacher and mentor

Kevin Keith, a Local Program Success specialist for the National FFA Organization, has been pivotal in compiling the National FFA Agricul-

Shelly Roy, an agriscience instructor,

tural Proficiency Award Handbook,

served on the National FFA Forestry

and he has served as guest speaker for

Career Development Event Committee

the National FFA Convention & Expo

from 1983 to 2013. In her 30-year ten-

and several state conventions over

ure on the committee, she served more

the last 30 years. Before working for

than 5,000 FFA members from across

FFA, he was an agriculture teacher and

the United States. She played a key role

executive secretary and advisor to the

in identifying and developing materials

Wisconsin FFA Association. He has

for the national event.

served on the Wisconsin Association of Vocational Agriculture Instructors, National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees and National Association of Supervisors of Agricultural Education.

Troy Selman, an assistant warden for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, served on the National FFA Agricultural Sales Career Development Event Committee from 1992 to 2013. In

Jeff Miller, Ph.D., a professor at the

his 21-year tenure on the committee,

University of Arkansas, is retiring from

he served more than 3,500 FFA mem-

the National FFA Agricultural Commu-

bers from across the United States.

nications Career Development Event

He plays a key role in identifying and

Committee at the end of the year.

developing materials for the national

Serving in the capacity for 14 years,

event and provides countless hours of

he has impacted more than 2,300 FFA

assistance each year.

members from across the country.

George Seperich, Ph.D., a professor

Von Peavy, a former agricultural

at Arizona State University, served on

education instructor, retired from the

the National FFA Food Science Career

country. He has played a key role in identifying and developing materials for the national event. He has also provided countless hours of assistance to ensure that the event is conducted at the highest level.

for more than 35 years for students studying at West Virginia University. Many of Wilkins’ career development event teams competed on the national level. He also served as a swine judge for many livestock shows across the state, teaching youth about showmanship and the quality characteristics of market swine. Steve Zimmerman, a retired state supervisor of the North Dakota FFA Association, served on many committees while on the National FFA Foundation Board of Directors, including research, budget and finance, branding and sales, career development event revisions and more. He has been a member of the North Dakota Association of Agricultural Educators, the National Association of Agricultural Educators, the National Association for Supervisors of Agricultural Educators, the North Dakota FFA Alumni Association and the National FFA Alumni Association.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.


2014 American FFA Degree Recipients WYOMING: Lisa M. Andreen,

Casper FFA; Ali Symone Ballard, Casper FFA; Kallie Berlinger, Buffalo FFA; Paul Bridges, Powell-Shoshone FFA; Shawn Butner, Pinedale FFA; Ty B. Carpenter, Jim Bridger FFA; Tate Robert Chamberlain, Casper FFA; Micayla Crimmins, Stewart McPhail FFA; Randi Rae Evans, High Plains FFA; Kylie Jo Foster, Frontier FFA; Dylan C. Freeman, Frontier FFA; Aleesha Gladson, Gillette FFA; Lauren Elise Hedges, Casper FFA; Newt Iorg, Jim Bridger FFA; Daniel Scott Kerbs, Stewart Mc Phail FFA; Madison Koster, Buffalo Bill FFA; Desirae Nichole Lozier, Lander FFA; Jenna Nelson, Gillette FFA; Cassidy L. Newkirk, Rock Creek FFA; B.W. Ochsner, Torrington FFA; Tori Carol Pike, Casper FFA; Maegan Bryanne Robertson, Casper FFA; Brett Roth, High Plains FFA; Zoey Taucher, Casper FFA; Kelli Terrell, Pinedale FFA; Savannah Triplett, Powell-Shoshone FFA; Lindsay Danelle Utter, Douglas FFA; Kyle Webber, Powell-Shoshone FFA; Tally Tait Wells, Powell-Shoshone FFA; Kimberley Lynn Wolcott, Casper FFA; William J. P. Wood, Snowy Range FFA

WISCONSIN:Thomas Michael

Allen, Reedsburg FFA; Troy Allen, Juda FFA; Jena Alling, Unity FFA; Cole H. Anderson, Freedom FFA; Connor Anderson, Clear Lake FFA; Sigrid M. Arneson, Stoughton FFA; Anthony Austreng, Waupaca FFA; Danielle Austreng, Weyauwega Fremont FFA; Amber L. Baeten, Oconto Falls FFA; Taylor Bauch, Shell Lake FFA; Jane R. Beyer, Weyauwega Fremont FFA; Kimberly Carol Boor, Colby FFA; Morgan M. Brandenburg, Horicon FFA; Jacob Brandt, Randolph-CambriaFriesland FFA; Kelsey Braukhoff, Janesville Parker FFA; Elizabeth Bremer, Cochrane Fountain City FFA; Savannah Brown, Neillsville FFA; Josh Bruckert, Sauk Prairie FFA; Mark Buchholtz, Weyauwega Fremont FFA; Nicholas R. Buss, Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Jon Compean, Randolph-CambriaFriesland FFA; Stephanie Crescio, Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Lara Joyce Daentl, Iowa Grant FFA; Sydney De Santis, Weyauwega Fremont FFA; Chris De Vries , Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Amanda Denhof, Howards Grove FFA; Joseph J. DeVries, Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Wesley DeYoung, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA; Jenna Mae Dombrowski, Amherst FFA; Kaitlin Duhigg, Big Foot FFA; Destiny Dykes , Almond-Bancroft FFA; Maria Eberle, Monroe FFA; Cierra

L. Ehrke-Essock, Fort Atkinson FFA; Evan Ensign, Colby FFA; Shea Esser, River Ridge FFA; Sterling Evert, Belleville FFA; Bradley Karl Fancsali, Wisconsin Heights FFA; Rachel Fancsali, Wisconsin Heights FFA; Ben Fischer, Randolph-CambriaFriesland FFA; Tyler Foote, Laconia FFA; Karissa Frank, Reedsville FFA; Kaitlyn Freeman, Fort Atkinson FFA; Mitchell E. Giebel, Mauston FFA; Jamie Gilbertson, Marshfield FFA; Travis J. Gilson, Pecatonica FFA; Jon Greeno, Tomah FFA; Kayla Hack, East Troy FFA; Katlyn Hacker, Sauk Prairie FFA; Loghan D. Hallett, Janesville Parker FFA; Dustin Hanes, Weyauwega Fremont FFA; Scarlett Hanson, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA; Betsy Heidt, Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Matthew Heiman, Neillsville FFA; Stephanie Heindl, New Lisbon FFA; Anthony Alan Heine, Jefferson FFA; Mina Heinen-Brown, Milton FFA; Ashley Hemann, Greenwood FFA; Nicholas Huffman, Pecatonica FFA; Alex Huibregtse, Plymouth FFA; Ashley Hurtz, Cashton FFA; Andrew Hutterer, Mishicot FFA; Brittany Iverson, Oconto Falls FFA; Rebecca James, Mount Horeb FFA; Jon Jennings, Milton FFA; Justin Jensen, Menomonie FFA; Brittney Jonas, Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Jessica Jones, Mount Horeb FFA; Dylan Kahl, Wisconsin Heights FFA; Cody Lee Katsma, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA; Travis J. Keplin, Ripon FFA; Alexandra M. Klapoetke, Westfield FFA; Anna Kleinhans, Plymouth FFA; Megan Klumpyan, Plymouth FFA; Maggie Knecht, Weyauwega Fremont FFA; Valerie Kramer , Campbellsport FFA; Anthony Kreft, Unity FFA; Thomas E. Kuehneman, Ripon FFA; Kyle Laabs, Reedsville FFA; Thomas Larson, Viroqua FFA; William George Larson, Osseo Fairchild FFA; Jacob T. Leum, Westby FFA; Sydney Litscher, Sauk Prairie FFA; Courtney A. Lobdell, Darlington FFA; Lindsey Loeffelholz, Belleville FFA; Morgan Lundy, Fort Atkinson FFA; Nick Mastey, Bonduel FFA; Eric Mateske, Montello FFA; Courtney McCourt, Campbellsport FFA; Michelle L. Meinnert, Plymouth FFA; Benjamin C. Meyer, Pecatonica FFA; Andrew D. Michaels, Plymouth FFA; Anna Monson, Darlington FFA; Emily Nelsen, Barron FFA; Tiffanie C. Nelson, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA; Samuel Nigon, Spencer FFA; McKayla T. Olson, Spooner FFA; Thomas Olson, Menomonie FFA; Joshua Opsal, Mount Horeb FFA; Ashley Orr, Waupaca FFA; Ryan August Paschke, Pulaski FFA; Deidra Payne, East Troy FFA; Robbi Lou Pearce, Ashland

FFA; Nicholas Pehler, Cochrane Fountain City FFA; Michael Petersen, Milton FFA; Becky Peterson, Amherst FFA; Jessica Peterson, Amherst FFA; Morgan Peterson, Unity FFA; Travis Pluim, Waupun FFA; Jennifer Posthuma, Waupun FFA; Derek Potratz, Omro FFA; Mike Powers, Black Hawk FFA; Erin Pronschinske, Cochrane Fountain City FFA; Christopher W. Reichert, Plymouth FFA; Janelle Remington, Dodgeland FFA; Cody J. Reuter, Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Nicole Ries, Lomira FFA; Jonathan Roberts, Randolph-CambriaFriesland FFA; Trevor Salmon, Wisconsin Heights FFA; Sarah J. Schalk, Plymouth FFA; Brianne Schulenberg, Wisconsin Heights FFA; KaLyn Schwartz, Weyauwega Fremont FFA; Reid Schwartz, Shullsburg FFA; Chet A. Scott, Shullsburg FFA; Jacob D. Scoville, Pecatonica FFA; Kyle Shepard, Seneca FFA; Dylan Siewert, Waupun FFA; Jaspreet Singh, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA; Austin Sprecher, Sauk Prairie FFA; Amber Marie Stangler, Watertown FFA; Danyelle Steinke, Osseo Fairchild FFA; Austin Stensen, Augusta FFA; Spencer Thiel, Plymouth FFA; Andrew Tietz, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA; Zachary Tietz, Frederic FFA; Jeremiah M. Tollakson, Pecatonica FFA; Carissa Ann Tolzman, Dodgeville FFA; Teal Tomaszewski, Weyauwega Fremont FFA; Zakary Turner, Unity FFA; Karoline Twardokus, Hartford FFA; Collin Vander Galien, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA; Meagan E. Vujnovich, Beaver Dam FFA; Jessica E. Wagner, Randolph-CambriaFriesland FFA; Kadence Walsh, Mauston FFA; Mitchell Waterworth, Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Trevor Waterworth, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA; Alison Irene Wedig, Darlington FFA; Levi Wedig, Darlington FFA; Kurt Weisensel, Edgerton FFA; Logan Wells, Monroe FFA; Anthony P. Wendt, Randolph-Cambria-Friesland FFA; Bryan Wendt, Stoughton FFA; Kelly Wilfert, Mishicot FFA; Jackson Wimmler, Plymouth FFA; Joseph Wimmler, Plymouth FFA; Mikaela Zenz, Reedsburg FFA; Amber Zimmerman, Beaver Dam FFA; Brandon M. Zimmerman, RandolphCambria-Friesland FFA

WEST VIRGINIA: Sophia Rose Adams, Pine Grove FFA; Julia Baker, Blennerhassett FFA; Paige Barr, Ravenswood FFA; Lex Nathaniel Allen Billiter, Tyler County Consolidated FFA; Samantha Sue Collins, Tyler County Consolidated FFA; Miranda Dodson, Jefferson

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FFA; Sierra Nicole Eddy, Tyler County Consolidated FFA; Ryan Hart, Braxton County FFA; Morgan Alexandra Henderson, Jefferson FFA; Johnny Holcomb, Clay County FFA; Kyle Kidwell, Mason County Vo Tech Center; Allen M. Lamp, St. Marys FFA; Andrew Wesley Linville, Cabell Midland FFA; Electra Livingston, Tyler County Consolidated FFA; Joshua Mattox, Mason County Vo Tech Center; Conrad Max McCoy, Ravenswood FFA; Shelby Ellen McDonald, Hedgesville FFA; Caitlin Meeks, St. Marys FFA; Rene Miller, St. Marys FFA; Ruby Morris, Pine Grove FFA; Daniel T. Pridemore, Lincoln County FFA; Lauren Grace Seckman, Tyler County Consolidated FFA; Amanda Smith, Jefferson FFA; Wyatt Snyder, Preston County FFA; Samantha Thomas, Pine Grove FFA; Olivia Leigh Ware, Washington FFA; Ashley Nicole Watson, Tyler County Consolidated FFA; James Evan Wilson, Mason County Vo Tech Center FFA; Jessica Woodworth, Mineral County FFA


Chelan FFA; Jacob Thomas Barth, Quincy FFA; William Bowdish, Goldendale FFA; Ashley Alena Catania, Battle Ground FFA; Amber Dainty, Washtucna FFA; Amy Rose Edmondson, Meridian FFA; Alicia Nichole Edwards, Tonasket FFA; Shaylyn Goodall, Omak FFA; Karlie Marie Henneman, Tonasket FFA; Sean Patrick Hess, Chelan FFA; Breanna Marie Howell, Tonasket FFA; Brandon Knodel, Lind-Ritzville FFA; Sadie Leslie Long, Tonasket FFA; Grace Maldonado, Tonasket FFA; Levi Mason, Toledo FFA; Mitchell Joseph McGreevy, Pomeroy FFA; Chad Austin Miller, Chelan FFA; Melanie Marie Morgan, South Kitsap FFA; Wyatt William O’Brien, Tonasket FFA; Bailey Maree Peters, Centralia FFA; Mikala E. Presho, Springdale Washington FFA; Sydney Reynolds, Pullman FFA; Rachel Marie Shrauger, Deer Park FFA; Harley Sweitzer, Shelton FFA; Chase J. Teigen, Asotin FFA; Rebekah L. Thomason, Omak FFA; Claire Suzanne Thornton, Tonasket FFA; Joshua S. Trimmell, Asotin FFA; Charlaine K. Utter, Moses Lake FFA; Guadalupe Villasenor, Chelan FFA; Dalton Lee Wahl, Tonasket FFA; Skyler Watkins, Davenport FFA; Erin Weber, Colton FFA; Nathan Weeks, Battle Ground FFA




VIRGINIA: Morgan Valerie Alexander, Clarke County FFA; Samuel Altizer, Holston FFA; Caitlin Atkins, Smith Mountain FFA; Mikayla Bailey, Turner Ashby FFA; Caleb Baker, Appomattox FFA; Austen T. Barr, Holston FFA; Katelyn Belcher, Abingdon FFA; Daniel Robert Black, Sherando FFA; Tyler Blevins, Holston FFA; Dustin Bowman, Carroll County FFA; Nick Bowman, Floyd County FFA; Whitney L. Bowman, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Brandey Brooks, Floyd County FFA; Richard Burnette, Floyd County FFA; Ambrosia L. Church, Central FFA; Matthew L. Clabaugh, Floyd County FFA; Neal Coffey, Eastern View FFA; Michael Coleman, Appomattox FFA; Sammy Conner, Floyd County FFA; Tayler Cooper, Central FFA; Jessica Danielle Cox, John S. Battle FFA; Katelyn Nicole Cox, John S. Battle FFA; Ashley Craun, Turner Ashby FFA; Tom Cromer, Buffalo Gap FFA; Caitlin N. Cummins, Central FFA; John William Daniel, Lord Botetourt FFA; Jake Daugherty, Carroll County FFA; Zachary J. Dove, Lord Botetourt FFA; Dylan Downs, Buffalo Gap FFA; William D. Edwards, Amelia FFA; Chelsea Ellington, Broadway FFA; Ashley Fogleman, Abingdon FFA; Clay Anthony Foltz, Cemtral FFA; Kali Leah Fravel, Central FFA; Shannon Garber, Fort Defiance FFA; Colby Grady, Strasburg FFA; Lyndsey Marie Grove, Turner Ashby FFA; Mary Katelyn Hammock, Gretna FFA; Kelsey Leftwich Hash, Carroll County FFA; Randi Helbert, Abingdon FFA; Ryan Henschel, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Amber Ray Henshaw, Amelia FFA; Katie Lynn Herndon, Chatham FFA; Eddie Hickerson, Carroll County FFA; Emily Hill, Sherando FFA; Alexandra Holloway, East Rockingham FFA; Jessica Houff, Fort Defiance FFA; Coffman Liggett, Buffalo Gap FFA; Jessica Meadows, East Rockingham FFA; Mariah Morgan Morrison, Holston FFA; Elizabeth Nixon, Eastern View FFA; Grace Christine Ott, Page FFA; Tess Elizabeth Pangle, Strasburg FFA; Virginia Clay Pannill, Eastern View FFA; Presley Summer Patrick, Holston FFA; Abby Phillips, East Rockingham FFA; Grace Phillips, Wilson Memorial FFA; Nicholas E. Pickrel, Chatham FFA; Matt Poff, Floyd County FFA; Cody Polk, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Ryan Douglas Powell, Eastern View FFA; Paige Ritchie, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Kayleigh Michelle Roy, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Zachary J. Roy, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Allison Ruhlman, East Rockingham FFA; Matt Sheffer, Buffalo Gap FFA; Alexander B Shepley, Millbrook FFA; Corey Shifflett, East Rockingham FFA; Carrie Shrout, East Rockingham FFA; Sarah Sisk, Eastern View FFA; Jesse M. Sizemore, Holston FFA; Madison Slaven, Fort Defiance FFA; Brett Speakman, Millbrook FFA; Ashton Stanley, Eastern View FFA; Paige Stanley, Clintwood FFA; Seth David Stoutamyer, East Rockingham FFA; Isaiah Thomas, Holston FFA;

Jalen Thomas, Appomattox FFA; Emily Thompson, Abingdon FFA; Brooke Trivett, Holston FFA; Curtis Twomey, Eastern View FFA; Matthew Keith Ulmer Jr., Broadway FFA; Samantha Vanover, Clintwood FFA; Jonathan M. Wallace, Nottoway FFA; Logan Walls, Holston FFA; Morgan T. Walls, James Wood FFA; Jamie Yates, Holston FFA; Justin Zullig, Fort Defiance FFA

VERMONT: Ashley Howlett, Middlebury FFA

UTAH: Cash Joseph Allred, North

Sevier FFA; Cody B. Allred, Fremont FFA; Riley James Atkinson, South Summit FFA; Darryl Jordan Barnes, Springville FFA; Addison Francell Beck, Lehi FFA; Bailey Beckstead, Salem Hills FFA; Teanna Beckstead, Sky View FFA; Britney Diane Beins, Bear River FFA; Courtney Bennett, Lehi FFA; Tyrell Bennett, Box Elder FFA; Wesley Billings, Springville FFA; Clara Ann Bills, North Sevier FFA; Jacee Ann Bingham, Fremont FFA; Cassidy Black, North Summit FFA; Will Douglas Bown, Gunnison FFA; McCoy Shane Brian, Wayne FFA; Wyatt James Caldwell, Lehi FFA; Jed Glen Capener, Bear River FFA; Emily Jane Catron, Manila FFA; Bryan William Chappell, Morgan FFA; Janessa Christensen, Sky View FFA; Jason Christensen, Richfield FFA; Sarah Christensen, Richfield FFA; Britney Ann Cook, Tooele FFA; Jessica Cowley, Pleasant Grove FFA; Zaina Shae DeWeese, North Summit FFA; Mason Downs, Lehi FFA; Micala Downs, Lehi FFA; Hannah Endemano, Riverton FFA; D. J. Danielle Espinoza, Wasatch FFA; Josh Shane Frost, Roosevelt FFA; Hailee Tiffany Garrett, Mt. Nebo FFA; McKayla Jo Garrett, Mt. Nebo FFA; McKayla Gonder, Manila FFA; Jake Harper, Lehi FFA; Kolton P. Harris, Cedar FFA; Hayden Haws, Lehi FFA; Tori Herzog, Pleasant Grove FFA; Parker Hortin, Wasatch FFA; Tanner John Hunsaker, Mountain Crest FFA; Colton Ray Ingram, Box Elder FFA; Shantelle Jacobson, South Summit FFA; Justin Cody Jaques, Uintah FFA; Justin Loy Jeffery, Delta FFA; Cheyenne Jensen, Spanish Fork FFA; Witney Marie Jewkes, Lone Peak FFA; Ashlyn Judd, North Summit FFA; Michelle Klamm, Westlake FFA; Nick Wardel Kunzler, Bear River FFA; Nicole Calypso Lawrence, Spanish Fork FFA; Casey Ann Mangum, Stansbury FFA; Cody Mays, Sky View FFA; Erika McArthur , Emery FFA; Ashlee Dawn McClimans, Tooele FFA; Jade McKendrick, Sky View FFA; Matt Mecham, Gunnison FFA; Trevor Roger Morgan, Westlake FFA; Jocee Morrell, Wayne FFA; Emily Ann Murphy, Westlake FFA; Kaila Nebeker, Granite Mountain FFA; Jeremy Clyde Nelson, Box Elder FFA; Austin James Olsen, Manila FFA; Damien Ross Olsen, Box Elder FFA; Demiree Page, Mountain Crest FFA; Linsee Park, Wasatch FFA; Macenzy Partridge, Delta FFA; Ta’Merra L. Phillips, Pleasant Grove FFA;


Sabreena L. Rasmussen, Lehi FFA; Elli Reber, Gunnison FFA; Janell Reed, Manila FFA; Austin Sean Remick , Tooele FFA; Darby Richins, North Summit FFA; Rachel Rowley, Payson FFA; Jacob Shelley, North Sanpete FFA; Hunter William Siggard, Payson FFA; Kylie Cody Sisam, Spanish Fork FFA; Jessica Anne Sperry, Bear River FFA; Brittany Kay Stevens, Uintah FFA; Thomas Jordan Sumner, American Fork FFA; Lauren Thiede, Wasatch FFA; Aubree Lynn Thomas, Manila FFA; Zach Trapp, Lehi FFA; Kastralin Marie Trujillo, Lehi FFA; Jake Udy, Bear River FFA; Casey J. Vanderlinden, Granite Mountain FFA; NaKayla Vernon, North Summit FFA; Lelan Garrett Warner, Westlake FFA; Jayce codi Watson, Weber FFA; Cheyenne Westwood, Dixie FFA; Jeremy Wilkinson, Westlake FFA; Jaime A Wrathall , Tooele FFA; Geneve Young, North Summit FFA

TEXAS: Ciara Kay Acton, Taylor

- Katy FFA; Garrett Grant Anderson, Rusk FFA; Ian L. Anderson, Bellville FFA; Katie Armstrong, Ponder FFA; Sarah Ann Bankhead, Madisonville FFA; Lindsey Nicole Barnes, Troy FFA; Callie Barrett, Pilot Point FFA; Jessica Lynn Barrow, Cotton Center FFA; Mackenzie Beasley, Liberty FFA; Kaleb Lane Bendy, Chester FFA; Wesley S. Bertsch, Fayetteville FFA; Erin Beyer, Royal FFA; Garrett Don Bigham, Amherst FFA; Alexandria Niccole Bowen, Klein FFA; Savannah Linley Bowers, Iowa Park FFA; Nathan Box, Pecos FFA; John Brad Boyett, Mansfield FFA; Brittany Jo Brenan, Seven Lakes FFA; Emily Bujnoch, Hallettsville FFA; Cheyanne Bullock, Krum FFA; Kenzie Cantrell, Chico FFA; Emilia Allbee Caylor, Spring Branch FFA; William Cody Cedergren, Clyde FFA; Mattie Leighton Chachere, Dayton FFA; Shelbie Marissa Chandler, Decatur FFA; Cheyenne Kay Clements, Shallowater FFA; Christopher Jon Coulombe, Shallowater FFA; Kadee Elizabeth Cox, Coldspring FFA; Ryon Cox , Mount Pleasant FFA; Kaitlin Nicole Craig, Taylor - Katy FFA; Brandon Johnson Cronin, Shepherd FFA; Kailon Elizabeth Culberson, Gilmer FFA; Adrianna Elizabeth Culbreth, Madisonville FFA; Bailey Nicole Dallmeyer, Carmine FFA; Spencer Deal, Ponder FFA; Shiloh Winston Dial, Skidmore-Tynan FFA; Caleb Dover, Rusk FFA; Parker W. Dunkerley, Henrietta FFA; Drew Ryan Elliott, Franklin FFA; Emily Anne Elwell, Harmony FFA; Kyle Engelking, Tilden FFA; Brady English, Gilmer FFA; Haley Evans, Pilot Point FFA; Beau Ewton, Pilot Point FFA; Lesleigh Flora, Tarkington FFA; Bailye Malone Foltyn, Van Vleck FFA; Hannah LeeAnn Ford, Peaster FFA; Emily Elizabeth Foreman, Faith Academy FFA; Kaden Price Fowler, Weatherford FFA; Harvey Franklin, Tilden FFA; Courtney Lea Freeman, Lovelady FFA; Colten Reese Froneberger, Sulphur Springs FFA; Landry Patricia Gall, Weimar FFA; Hayden R. Garlin, Carmine

FFA; Janie Elisabeth Garnier, Spring Branch FFA; Chessie Garrett, Mount Pleasant FFA; Michaela Christine Gooch, Celina FFA; Courtney Goodwin, Sam Rayburn - Ivanhoe FFA; Madison Gramling, Krum FFA; Megan Elizabeth Grant, Terry FFA; Whitney Capri Green, Stephenville FFA; Megan C. Guerrero, Weimar FFA; Ryan Taylor Guerrero, Bellville FFA; Clay Gunby, Gilmer FFA; Sami Lynn Hall, Schulenburg FFA; Trey Andrew Hamilton, Rusk FFA; Tyler Hardin, Pilot Point FFA; Reagan Lee Heffernan, Pleasanton FFA; Callie Grace Henly, San Augustine FFA; Zeth Henson, Seminole FFA; Connor Scott Hewitt, Gilmer FFA; Joshua Nicholas Horton, Jonesboro FFA; Wacey Lane Horton, Crowley FFA; Melani Howell, Seymour FFA; Brittney Hubbard, Decatur FFA; Hannah Aleece Hubbard, Decatur FFA; Ashley Elizabeth Hubenak, Weimar FFA; Katie Abigail Hunter, Tarkington FFA; Beckie Irvin, Hico FFA; James Johnson, Bellaire FFA; Jayden Kirby, Cooper-Lubbock FFA; Stephanie Nicole Kristynik, Schulenburg FFA; Chelsea Nicole Kubenka, Schulenburg FFA; Tyler Inec Landeros, Clyde FFA; Austin Langemeier, Marion FFA; Ashely D. Lewis, Tilden FFA; Sydney Little, Schulenburg FFA; Chase Long, Chico FFA; John Long, Huffman FFA; Juan Antonio Lopez, Gilmer FFA; Tana Bailey Luna, Troy FFA; Kayla Marie Mancill, Buna FFA; Elizabeth Marie Mann, Bellville FFA; Garret Stephen Marchant, Rudder FFA; John Marchetti, Rusk FFA; Madison Amanda Martin, Florence FFA; Daniel Martinez, Lanier FFA; Katelyn Nell Matejka, Rudder FFA; Michele Luren McCartney, Tilden FFA; Jenna N. McCarty, Bowie FFA; Jackson McQueen, Gilmer FFA; Cheyenne Meadors, Lovelady FFA; Dalton Todd Meadows, Paradise FFA; Cari Anna Meinke, Carmine FFA; Lucia Mendez, Weimar FFA; Samantha Maxine Mikolajczyk, Poteet FFA; Summer Miller, Decatur FFA; Travis Mitchell, Ponder FFA; Carly Moore, Ponder FFA; Kayla Moore-Carroll, Pilot Point FFA; Chanda Rae Neal, Saltillo FFA; Emily Camille Neuman, East Chambers FFA; Clay North, Ponder FFA; Cardo D. Odom, Troy FFA; Victoria Faith Osburn, Gunter FFA; Isabella Bri’Anne Ostert, Plano FFA; Hunter Coen Parrott, Plains FFA; Marita Cheyenne Pool, Canton FFA; Amy Lynne Pope, Spring Branch FFA; Brayson Pope, Pilot Point FFA; Katelyn Pulley, Livingston FFA; Amy Beth Pyle, Trinity FFA; Dakota Lee Raabe, Hallettsville FFA; Anna Reardon, Yoakum FFA; Taylor Diane Rector, Paradise FFA; James D. Redwine, Chico FFA; Lauren N. Reeves, Allen FFA; Cole Scott Rinn, Bellville FFA; Joe Roel Rivera, Yoakum FFA; Remington Roberson, Amherst FFA; Kenneth Trey Ruland, Sanger FFA; Shaye Schirripa, Chico FFA; Cory Michael Schovajsa, Bellville FFA; Clayton Allen Schubert, Bellville FFA; Kallie Ray Schuler, Rudder FFA; Karly Renee Shimerka,

Brandon Allee, Worth County FFA; Emily Allen, Miller FFA; Justin D. Allen, Skyline FFA; Theresa S. Amos, Willow Springs FFA; Alexander Anderson, Trenton FFA; Kate Anderson, Neosho FFA; Jeffery Angel, Odessa FFA; Chandra Lynn Arbogast, Higginsville FFA; David Arnold, Madison FFA; Levi T. Bachmann, Perryville FFA; Aleesha Ball, Fairfax FFA; Tyler Banks, Wheaton FFA; Chase Nelson Barbarick, Linn FFA; Josh Barry, South Shelby FFA; Abby Gayle Bass, Fair Grove FFA; Kelsey Baxter, Union FFA; Nathaniel Dean Beach, Pilot Grove FFA; Jaynee Beaty, El Dorado Springs FFA; Orren Beck, Chillicothe FFA; Jacob Jeffrey Beckemeyer, Wellington-Napoleon FFA; Blaine Beissenherz, Wellington-Napoleon FFA; Jonathan Bellis, Aurora FFA; Cheyenne Bennett, Seneca FFA; Mitchell Benoit, Centralia FFA; Wyatt James Benson, Carrollton ACC FFA; Morgan Lane Berendzen, Cole Camp FFA; Shawn Bevfoden, Union FFA; Kelsey Bird, Gallatin FFA; Leslie Ann Birkenholz, North Nodaway FFA; Susan Bishop, Fayette FFA; Clay Blake, Versailles FFA; Mitchell Blehm, Morrisville FFA; Cody Bobski, Wheaton FFA; Megan Bockting, Hermann FFA; Christian Blake Boehmer, Santa Fe FFA; Elizabeth Boillot, Madison FFA; Morgan Borts, Tipton FFA; Stephanie Bos, Billings FFA; Dalton Bourne, South Harrison FFA; Zachary Boyer, Union FFA; Kaila Boyland, Glasgow FFA; Ethan Allen Bracher, Appleton City FFA; Anna Brashers, Mount Vernon FFA; Timothy Brink, Tipton FFA; Adam Brown, Jackson FFA; Courtney Brown, Tina-Avalon FFA; Rachel Jean Brown, Appleton City FFA; Jessica Browning, Marshall FFA; Mason A. Browning, Monroe City FFA; Haleigh Bruce, Fair Play FFA; Hayleigh Brunkhorst, Fayette FFA; Carlee Buckner, Alton FFA; Jimmy Buechter, Eugene FFA; Brian Bueker, Higginsville FFA; Amy Marie Bunse, Savannah FFA; Erica Burney, Ste. Genevieve FFA; Darrell Burns, Wheaton FFA; Brittni Marie Buswell, Linn County R-1 FFA; Rachel Calvert, McDonald County FFA; Jessica Elizabeth Campen, Canton FFA; Riley Stephen Carnes, Mount Vernon FFA; Melissa Ann Cawthon, Polo FFA; Maryann Cecil, Eldon FFA; Claressa Chamberlin, Green Ridge FFA; Tessa Chambers, Fayette FFA; Chelsea Dawne Champlin, Niangua FFA; Blake Clemmons, South Harrison FFA; Anastasia Clemons, Sarcoxie FFA; Shayla D. Coale, Ash Grove FFA; Ashli Coday, Seymour FFA; Morgan Coday, Seymour FFA; Ashley Coe, South Shelby FFA; Jarred L. Coffey, Skyline FFA; Abigail Cole, North Andrew FFA; Leslyn Cole, Richmond FFA; Christopher Collins, Miller FFA; Cale Alan Comstock, Nevada FFA; Dalton Taylor Connell, Crocker FFA; Luke Cook, Cass Career Center FFA; Samantha Copeland, Polo FFA; Clayton Corbett, Knob Noster FFA; Sarah N. Costello, South Holt FFA; Miranda Nicole Coulson, Green City

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FFA; Samantha Renee Coulson, Green City FFA; Zack Craven, Norborne FFA; Brody Cridlebaugh, Princeton FFA; Zane Crites, Pleasant Hope FFA; Dexter Daniel, Gallatin FFA; Jorden Dare, Union FFA; Austin Randall Davis, Drexel FFA; Zachary Davis, Marshfield FFA; Jennifer Day, Wheaton FFA; Heather Deckard, Buffalo FFA; Chelsey DeCoursey, Lebanon FFA; Hannah Deichman, Wellsville FFA; Miranda Deimeke, North Callaway FFA; Sarah Delight, Plato FFA; Sarah Denny, Maysville FFA; Shelby Kaye Dickey, Paris FFA; Cale Diehl, Butler FFA; Meriah Dinwiddie, Eldon FFA; Adam Dodd, South Shelby FFA; Ryan Doerhoff, Eugene FFA; Shelby Dolan, Green City FFA; Braden Donelson, Princeton FFA; Darianne Donze, Ste. Genevieve FFA; Skyler D. Dozler, El Dorado Springs FFA; Kimberly Duggan, Silex FFA; Erin Merideth Dunagan, Midway FFA; Shane Dunham, Jasper FFA; Steven L. Dunkle Jr., Lex La Ray FFA; Meaghan Dye, Paris FFA; Brittany Sue Eagleburger, Buffalo FFA; Damien Eagon, Stockton FFA; Brittany Eastin, Salisbury FFA; Sheldon Ebeling, Lincoln FFA; Abby Edwards, Santa Fe FFA; Michael Edwards, Silex FFA; Joseph Eggerman, Lockwood FFA; Kylie Jo Ehlers, McDonald County FFA; James W. Eikermann, Cuba FFA; Ryan Eisenbath, Silex FFA; Lauren Eivins, South Harrison FFA; Olivia F. Elliott, Salem FFA; Kyra England, Seneca FFA; Michelle Ensor, Paris FFA; Nicole Epperson, East Newton FFA; David Farris, South Callaway FFA; Erin Finch, Hamilton FFA; Ryann Nicole Ford, Northeast Vernon County FFA; Marisa Foster, Strafford FFA; Tyler Foster, South Shelby FFA; Tyler Frank, Linn FFA; Riley Franklin, Eldon FFA; Zachary Freeman, Polo FFA; Dylan C. Fries, Hermann FFA; Jared Frieze, Morrisville FFA; Kaitlyn Fuehring, Sweet Springs FFA; Zachary T. Funk, Bolivar FFA; Coleman Gan, Richland FFA; Madalyn Garren, Neosho FFA; Alexandra Lynn Garrett, Mount Vernon FFA; Clay Gautz, Sarcoxie FFA; Alex Gerlemann, Union FFA; R. Garren Gibson, North Harrison FFA; Daytona Gilmore, Wheatland FFA; Brett Goligoski, Richmond FFA; Ethan Gooch, Van-Far FFA; Evan Gorrell, Cole Camp FFA; Ryan Graeff, Stewartsville FFA; Michelle Greenwell, South Shelby FFA; Sandra Greenwell, South Shelby FFA; Kyle Griffith, Neosho FFA; Justin Grimes, Stewartsville FFA; Samantha Grisham, Skyline FFA; Taylor Grisham,




Spring Branch FFA; Hannah Elise Shirley, Madisonville FFA; Haley Michele Simmons, Marshall FFA; Levi Joseph Singleton, Vidor FFA; Jasmyn R. Smith, Tilden FFA; Ryan Austin Sockwell, Conroe FFA; Amanda Lauren Spacek, Bellville FFA; Kelsey Beth Steffek, Hallettsville FFA; Bailey Kennedy Stout, Trinity FFA; Devin Stuckly, Pilot Point FFA; Allison Brooke Sultemeier, Troy FFA; Garrett Brent Sustaire, Saltillo FFA; Joanna Katherine Swindoll, Shallowater FFA; Rebekah Talarico, Ingram FFA; Dakota Tawater, Ponder FFA; Micheala Tennyson, Chester W. Nimitz FFA; Seth Allen Thompson, Clyde FFA; Kelli Tiemann, Bellville FFA; Ty Tinsley, Gonzales FFA; Jordan LeNoir Trees, Judson FFA; Austin Trinklein, Pilot Point FFA; Kathryn Ullrich, Plano East FFA; Megan Taylor Vaculin, Tomball FFA; Gretchen Marie Vilas, Rudder FFA; Michaela Vincent, Pilot Point FFA; Tyler Louis Vrazel, Yoe FFA; Marshall Jay Waak, Bellville FFA; Adam Davidson Walker, Gilmer FFA; Paris Ann Walther, Decatur FFA; Natalie Weisiger, Clear Springs FFA; Kayla Marie Wilkins, Poteet FFA; Brandon W. Williamson, Hawkins FFA; Courtney Danielle Willis, Buna FFA; Rhett Cameron Wilson, Barbers Hill FFA; C. J. Paul Wood, Rusk FFA; Kacie Leigh Woods, Rudder FFA; Koby Chandler Wulfjen, Weatherford FFA; Payton Leigh Wunderlich, Weimar FFA; Tanner Yeager, Ponder FFA

TENNESSEE: Anne Allen, Lebanon FFA; Kasey Allen, West Greene FFA; Abigail Armistead, Watertown FFA; Justin Lane Arnold, Pigeon Forge FFA; Aaron Atkins, Clarkrange FFA; Noah Averitt, Crockett County FFA; Courtney Barrett, Woodbury FFA; Samantha Beard, Eagleville FFA; Lacey Bell, Dresden FFA; Laura Bell, Dresden FFA; Monica Bell, Dresden FFA; Conlee Benson, Southside FFA; Sarah Best, Cookeville FFA; Elizabeth Rose Boeglin, Mount Juliet FFA; Taylor Lee Branch, Crockett County FFA; Brianna Brewer, Cumberland County FFA; Allie Broadway, Portland FFA; Claire Elizabeth Brown, Wilson Central FFA; Jared Bruhin, Sevierian FFA; Austin Bryan, Lebanon FFA; Blaine Burlison, Westview FFA; Nicholus Clay Bussell, Macon County FFA; Allison Padgett Campbell, Horace Maynard FFA; Katye Lea Cherry, Halls FFA; Kirby Cherry, Halls FFA; Christy Chicas, Station Camp FFA; Austin Clay, Carthage FFA; Justin Coats, DeKalb County FFA; Berkley Wright Cobb II, Crockett County FFA; Robin Cody, Jefferson County FFA; Tyler Cothron, Portland FFA; Breanna Rose Elie Daigle, Stone FFA; Anna Paige Davin, Dyersburg FFA; Brenna Deaton, Halls FFA; Mary Helen Driver, Obion Central FFA; Cassidy Rhea Dunaway, Oakland FFA; Lane Duncan, Dyer County FFA; Taylor Durard, Cascade FFA; Macye Ellis, Stone FFA; Preston Evans, Cumberland Gap FFA; Joseph Anthony Ferguson, Loretto FFA;

Joshua Tylor Ferguson , E. Hickman FFA; Abigail Flora, Carthage FFA; Bailey Forester, Station Camp FFA; Jeremy Blake Fowler, Bradley Central FFA; Shelby Fox, Lebanon FFA; Casey Gene France, DeKalb County FFA; Seth Fulcher, Dresden FFA; Briley Fulghum, Eagleville FFA; Dusty Fuqua, Westview FFA; James Gentry, Carthage FFA; Stephanie Graham, Cookeville FFA; Robbie Graves, Perry County FFA; Audie Gray, Eagleville FFA; Margaret Nicole Green, Wilson Central FFA; Cody Louis Griffith, DeKalb County FFA; Tommy Griffith, Woodbury FFA; Caiti Haege, Riverdale FFA; Nicholas Hale, Woodbury FFA; Melanie Hall, Watertown FFA; Cameron James Harris, Riverdale FFA; Sallie Harris, Mount Juliet FFA; Amy Lynn Hastings, DeKalb County FFA; Daniel Heidelberg, Southside FFA; Courtney Lynn Henderson, Oakland FFA; Erin Magdalena Herbstova, Oakland FFA; Reed Hester, Dyer County FFA; Amelia Higgins, Woodbury FFA; Robert Hill, Halls FFA; Sam Holliman, Carthage FFA; Morgan Katelyn Hovis, Moore County FFA; Maria Hughes, Eagleville FFA; Timothy Jones, Watertown FFA; Brett Jordan, Riverside FFA; John Lawson Keeton, Riverside FFA; Elizabeth Kelly, White House Heritage FFA; Dylan Kemp, Dresden FFA; Brady S. King, Clarkrange FFA; Shae Kirk, West Greene FFA; Charles Cole Kreig, Bedford County - Shelbyville FFA; Heather LaFever, Eagleville FFA; Alex M. Lane, Clarkrange FFA; Aerin Langlois, Covington FFA; Andrew Lawrence, DeKalb County FFA; Aaron Loy, Jefferson County FFA; Ariel Mayberry, Riverdale FFA; Caleb Eden McBride, DeKalb County FFA; Wesley Shane McGowan, Portland FFA; Jonathan McLeod, Lincoln County FFA; Halee Merrell, Polk County FFA; Clayton Mitchell, Westview FFA; Tyler Gregory Mitchell, McNairy Central FFA; Martin Mofield, Carthage FFA; Connor Morgan, Brighton FFA; Ben Murr, Sevierian FFA; Andrew J. Norman, Clarkrange FFA; Courtney Oliver, Westview FFA; Breanna O’Neal, Woodbury FFA; Hailey Parchman, DeKalb County FFA; Ryan Parks, Southside FFA; Trevor Cordell Patterson, Riverdale FFA; Mary Evelyn Peckenpaugh, Dyersburg FFA; Wesley Pedigo, Macon County FFA; Clay Perkins, Dyersburg FFA; Melinda Perkins, Paris FFA; Brad Petty, E. Hickman FFA; Caleb Noble Powell, Riverdale FFA; Hope Roberson, Southside FFA; Jeff Rogers, Munford FFA; MaKayla Romans, Eagleville FFA; Alexander Elisha Rose, McMinn Central FFA; Miranda Brooke Rose, Paris FFA; Savannah Rose, Paris FFA; Ethan Rowlett, Westview FFA; Peyton Thomas Russ, Loretto FFA; Jeffrey Sartain, Covington FFA; Grant Saum, McNairy Central FFA; Megan Scallorn, Riverdale FFA; Samantha Scott, Scotts Hill FFA; Jacob Shartzer, Portland FFA; Dustin R. Shaver, Clarkrange FFA; Kaitlyn Joy Shields, Pigeon Forge FFA;


Martin Sircy, Carthage FFA; Ashton Smith, Eagleville FFA; Breanna Marie Smith, Wilson Central FFA; Dakota Smith, Cascade FFA; Heath Smith, Cocke County FFA; Jessica Dawn Smith, Lebanon FFA; Megan Smith, E. Hickman FFA; Dalton Spurgeon, Sevierian FFA; Daniel Stewart, Watertown FFA; Eric Stoker, Westview FFA; Brant Stooksbury, Jefferson County FFA; Madison Swafford, Cascade FFA; Leah Marie Symonette, Wilson Central FFA; Jordan Teague, Cumberland Gap FFA; Arika Renee Thompson, Gallatin FFA; Samantha Tomlinson, E. Hickman FFA; Madisen Laurel Towns, Macon County FFA; Eli Turner, DeKalb County FFA; Bryan Tyler Vanhoose, DeKalb County FFA; Coty Osborne Vannoy, Chuckey Doak FFA; Brittany Veals, Oakland FFA; Paula Irene Vick, Brighton FFA; Brent Anthony Vickers, DeKalb County FFA; Johnathon Waldrum, Spring Hill FFA; Jordynne Walker, Stone FFA; Jonathon Wallace, Riverside FFA; Tyler Wampler, West Greene FFA; Jonathan Warren, Munford FFA; Dustyn Watson, Scotts Hill FFA; Jacob Weems, White House Heritage FFA; Caitlynn Corrinne White, Wilson Central FFA; Ivy Williams, Carthage FFA; Jonathan Williams, Brighton FFA; Kristin Willis, Carthage FFA; Austin Lane Wilson, E. Hickman FFA; Megan Wrather, Watertown FFA; Lukas York, Clarkrange FFA; Jim Young, Paris FFA; Sara Beth Young, Oakland FFA

SOUTH DAKOTA: Clay Abrahamson, De Smet FFA; Taylin Albrecht, De Smet FFA; Zachary Bies, McCook Central FFA; Kallan Kay Christman, Clark FFA; Tyler DeRouchey, Hoven FFA; Cheyenne Nicole Edmundson, Garretson FFA; Matt Eichacker, McCook Central FFA; Seth Engen, Viborg FFA; Anthony Even, West Central FFA; Abigail C. Flanders, Harrisburg FFA; Justin Halse, Florence FFA; Reid Kaiser, Hoven FFA; Alysha Lyn Kientopf, Garretson FFA; Natasha Krempges, McCook Central FFA; Jorry Lammers, West Central FFA; Austin Larson, De Smet FFA; Shala Larson, Webster FFA; Cole Lauck, McCook Central FFA; Anthony J. Lueth, West Central FFA; Stefani Matthies, McCook Central FFA; Jason Mehlhaf, Menno FFA; Ellen Minihan, Brandon Valley FFA; Nicholas Mueller, Garretson FFA; Melissa Nelson, McCook Central FFA; Brandi Niedert, Milbank FFA; Gerrit Pearson, West Central FFA; Lacey Kay Quail, Deubrook FFA; Brandon Reif, McCook Central FFA; Courtney M. Rickett, Harrisburg FFA; Samantha Jo Rothschadl, Viborg FFA; Emily Schallenkamp, McCook Central FFA; Maty Skinner, West Central FFA; Jean O’Neil Skoglund, McCook Central FFA; Lexi Slack, Viborg FFA; Krista Smit, Lennox Sundstrom FFA; Audrey Justine Souza, Milbank FFA; Ashley Tonak, Willow Lake FFA; Logan Tonak,

Willow Lake FFA; Ethan VanderWal, Sioux Valley FFA; Beau Wensing, Florence FFA; Cordell Wobig, McCook Central FFA


Bailey, Andrew Jackson FFA; James Daniel Chaplin, Darlington County Institute Of Techology FFA; Mikael Duncan, Lexington App Tech Center FFA; Johnathon Finch, Aynor FFA; Matthew Scott Finch, Aynor FFA; Robert Louis Guess III, Strom Thurmond FFA; Perry J. Loftis, Crescent FFA; Bradley Mitchell, York FFA; Erik Carl Richardson, Lexington App Tech Center FFA; Manning Taylor, Andrew Jackson FFA; Ryan Heath Thurmond, Strom Thurmond FFA; Heather Lynn Timmerman, Dixie FFA; Savannah June Vickery, Pendleton FFA; Adam Hunter Willey, Pendleton FFA; Josh Yeargin, Pendleton FFA

RHODE ISLAND: Cara E. Woloohojian, Exeter-West Greenwich FFA PENNSYLVANIA: Austin

Albright, Elizabethtown FFA; Jacob Eric Andrew, Conneaut Area FFA; Katherine L. Andrews, Hans Herr FFA; Matthew Aument, Solanco FFA; Brittany T. Bair, Raystown Area FFA; Royell L. Bashore, Northern Lebanon FFA; Tyler C. Bauman, Manor FFA; Brady Alan Baumgardner, Somerset Area FFA; Christopher Nicholas Bedillion, McGuffey FFA; Dennis J. Boop Jr., Mifflinburg Area FFA; Casey Boyer, Somerset Area FFA; Courtney Jill Brant, Meyersdale FFA; Eddie Buck, Somerset Area FFA; Kevin Patrick Callahan, Albion FFA; Alex Paul Cantey, Manor FFA; Michelle Renee Carbonara, Penns Valley FFA; Ashley Marie Confer, Mifflinburg Area FFA; Shannon M. Copeland, Albion FFA; Rebecca Davis, Standing Stone FFA; Elizabeth Deal, Meyersdale FFA; Sara R. Feidt, Upper Dauphin FFA; Brittany Lynne Fenstermacher, Albion FFA; Mikeal Finklea, Moniteau Area FFA; Macy J. Fisher, Captain Jack FFA; Justin Anthony Fogal, Warfordsburg FFA; Michael Ellis Fogal, Warfordsburg FFA; Amber Nicole Gabel, Newport FFA; Ashley Lyn Gabel, Albion FFA; Jazmine Marie Gabel, Albion FFA; Jasmine Graybill, Hans Herr FFA; Douglas Harnish, Solanco FFA; Makayla Hawbaker, Southern Huntingdon County FFA; Luke E. Hershey, Hans Herr FFA; Caleb S. Hess, Manor FFA; Jessica L. Kaler, Mifflinburg Area FFA; Nancy A. Kammerer, Battlefield FFA; Miranda Kane, Twin Valley FFA; Devon A. Karges, Albion FFA; Michala N. Kuhlman, Northeast Bradford FFA; Alexa Marie LeCrone, Juniata Valley FFA; Richard T. LeCrone, Juniata Valley FFA; Jacob C. Mabus, Mifflinburg Area FFA; James R. McMahon, Juniata Valley FFA; Katelin Michael, Meyersdale FFA; Kaytee Elizabeth Norris, Northern Bedford FFA; Katie Osborne, Greenwood FFA;

Cassandra Leigh Peters, Albion FFA; Tiffany Pheasant, Central FFA; Erin T. Rishel, Mifflinburg Area FFA; Jared R. Robinson, Conococheague FFA; Lindsay Jane Royer, Elizabethtown FFA; Sarabeth Christine Royer, Elizabethtown FFA; Austin Michael Shay, Milton Hershey FFA; Karlie L. Shriver, McGuffey FFA; Kelly A. Slates, H.G. Parkinson FFA; Christopher Adam Toevs, Cumberland Valley FFA; Shawna Marie Weller, West Perry FFA; Seth Yoder, Grassland FFA; Erin Nicole Yoest, McGuffey FFA

OREGON: Krystal Albertson,

Lakeview FFA; Cooper Donald Alexander, Redmond FFA; Callahan Sage Anderes, La Grande FFA; Brandon Batty, Cove FFA; Andrew Beattie, Sutherlin FFA; Pake Benthin, Molalla FFA; Nate Bernards, Dayton FFA; Hannah Nicole Bingaman, Imbler FFA; Levi Joseph Brant, Redmond FFA; Jared Louis Brown, Silverton FFA; Danielle L. Bull, North Clackamas FFA; Michaela A. Butner, Pine Eagle FFA; Maggie Collins, Heppner FFA; Luke Coomer, Baker FFA; Rachel Corn, Ontario FFA; Garrett Correa, Pendleton FFA; Katie Jane Cramer, Bend FFA; Jacob Curtis, Enterprise FFA; Gerrit deHoop, Henley FFA; Emily Dawn Dulany, Eagle Point FFA; Stefani Evers, Banks FFA; Ellie Forness, Dayton FFA; Remington Frazier, Imbler FFA; Katie Anne Fuller, North Clackamas FFA; Bonnie Gisler, Scio FFA; Kiana Gorla, Sutherlin FFA; Claire Hammond, Dayton FFA; Curt Herman, Hillsboro FFA; Diego Herrera-Cortes, Molalla FFA; Caylin Hobgood, Sutherlin FFA; Laney Hockett, Molalla FFA; Robert Holdredge, Dayton FFA; Garrett Kitamura, Ontario FFA; Nicole Maurer, Molalla FFA; Joseph Luke McCoy, Pine Eagle FFA; Myranda Marie McFetridge, Enterprise FFA; Danika McIntosh, Imbler FFA; Austin Miller, Scio FFA; Crystal Mitchell, Pendleton FFA; Aaron W. Morland, Newberg FFA; Emilee R. Patterson, Imbler FFA; Emilie Peterson, Dallas FFA; Sara Peterson, Nyssa FFA; Shelby Trace Pick, Redmond FFA; Landon S. Pope, Perrydale FFA; Kelsey L. Potter, Silverton FFA; Cody Putman, Dayton FFA; Victoria Lauren Riback, Molalla FFA; Jerry Risk III, Sutherlin FFA; Garrett Kyle Robinson, Heppner FFA; Jessica Roland, Ontario FFA; Sarah Rutledge, Sandy FFA; Eduardo Santa Cruz, Hood River Valley FFA; James Sterling Sauer, Imbler FFA; Gerritt Schmidlkofer, Banks FFA; Tanner Seal, Pine Eagle FFA; Derick Shurr, Crater FFA; Nate Tompkins, Dayton FFA; Riane N. Towery, Silverton FFA; Mikayla Unger, Dallas FFA; Katelin M. Walker, North Clackamas FFA; Jacob White, Burns FFA; Luke Wildhaber, Dayton FFA

OKLAHOMA: Reed Abernathy, Altus FFA; Katie Alexander, Weatherford FFA; Walter Allard, Texhoma FFA; Cassidy Allread,

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Union City FFA; Jaden Arnold, Drummond FFA; Kody Baker, Altus FFA; Jake Dillon Barnes, Bixby FFA; Kent Christy Barnes II, Porter FFA; Rhiannon Bean, Broken Bow FFA; Maryah Blood, Pauls Valley FFA; Rusty Don Bookout, Burns Flat-Dill City FFA; Derrick A. Boone, Calera FFA; Michaela Grace Branen, Collinsville FFA; Shelby Louise Brewer, Dover FFA; Chelsea RaeDon Broyles, Glencoe FFA; Shiann Burns, Madill FFA; Blake Michael Cameron, Kingfisher FFA; Jesse Camp, Holdenville FFA; Jamie Carey, Webbers Falls FFA; Taylor Raeann Carnes, Elk City FFA; Tyler Carpenter, Altus FFA; Whitney Nicole Chancellor, Salina FFA; Luke Sterling Chapman, Madill FFA; Tanner Chronister, Oologah FFA; Tyler Chupp, Chouteau FFA; Dakota Cochran, Reydon FFA; Tyler Cochran, Atoka FFA; Chelsea Coulson, Wellston FFA; Jacob Custer, Dickson FFA; Clayton F. Davison, Guthrie FFA; Cody Dawson, Haileyville FFA; Colton DeMuth, Blackwell FFA; Will Wade Derryberry, Central FFA; Grant DeWitt, Cherokee FFA; Devon Ross Dillon, Pond Creek-Hunter FFA; Dillon Downey, Coyle FFA; Hanna Driever, Watonga FFA; Trevor Dudark, Elgin FFA; Dillon Dugger, Hammon FFA; Brandon Duncan, Okemah FFA; Cullen Duran, Fairview FFA; Kayley Eason, Cleveland FFA; Austin Eden, Caney Valley FFA; Rebecca Eden, Freedom FFA; Brooke Sierra Evans, Poteau FFA; Patricia Felkner, Bethel FFA; Levi Fieselman, Arapaho FFA; Dustin Finch, Canadian FFA; Heather Finch, Canadian FFA; Clay Fitzgerald, Buffalo Valley FFA; Kendall L. Golden, Morris FFA; Jacob Green, Muldrow FFA; Julie Renee Green, Maysville FFA; Brice Gregory, Mooreland FFA; Kory Hancock, Claremore FFA; Sarah Harris, Webbers Falls FFA; Allyson Hauenstein, Pryor FFA; Bryce Hauenstein, Pryor FFA; Ethan Hayes, Webbers Falls FFA; Ryan Harmon Eli Hefner, Prague FFA; Emily Henderson, Atoka FFA; Braden Lee Henricks, Verden FFA; Chasten Henry, Tupelo FFA; Hammons Hepner, Mooreland FFA; Kyle Hiebert, Fairview FFA; Linzie Hollingshed, Checotah FFA; Troi L. Hornbuckle, Maysville FFA; Kendi Horton, Carnegie FFA; Ridge Howell, Checotah FFA; Jack Hudgins, Stilwell FFA; Emma McKayla Hunter, Meeker FFA; Chance Michael Imhoff, Prague FFA; Elaina Jackson,




Calera FFA; Austin Johnson, Afton FFA; Dillon Johnson, Afton FFA; Cody Keeney, Broken Bow FFA; Nikki Kirk, Chattanooga FFA; Kalli Kliewer, Thomas-Fay-Custer FFA; Zac Kunneman, Okarche FFA; Kristi Lane, Frontier FFA; Tylen Jay Layton, Copan FFA; Levi F. Lee, Chandler FFA; Jordan Leitner, Carnegie FFA; Kody Leonard, Afton FFA; Travis Link, Adair FFA; Katie Lippoldt, Kingfisher FFA; Kinsey Logsdon, Tecumseh FFA; Denton West Lowe, Amber-Pocasset FFA; Clayton Mack, Drummond FFA; Mikayla McBeth, Madill FFA; Keysha McCarthick, Tishomingo FFA; Reba Mae McCarty, Kellyville FFA; Brandon McClure, Marlow FFA; Wacey McDuffee, Harrah FFA; Dylan McGill, Tuttle FFA; Tyler Messall, Drummond FFA; Blaine Mibb, Adair FFA; Jordan Miller, Thomas-Fay-Custer FFA; Kaleb Miller, Clinton FFA; Katie Miller, Latta FFA; Tommy Miner, Checotah FFA; Dakota Monday, Fort Supply FFA; Andy Moon, Thomas-Fay-Custer FFA; Austin Moon, Thomas-FayCuster FFA; Kaleb Morphew, Yale FFA; William Dillan Lloyd Morphew, Maysville FFA; Taylor Mouse, Elk City FFA; Jim Nutley, Elk City FFA; Tyler O’Neal, Valliant FFA; Lane Parker, Copan FFA; Hunter Parsons, Adair FFA; Tuff Parsons, Battiest FFA; Chrystal AnneMarie Patton, Chattanooga FFA; Miranda Paige Patton, Chattanooga FFA; Lacie Phillips, Central FFA; James Dodge Pool V, Chattanooga FFA; Josh Pope, Tecumseh FFA; Ethan Propp, Adair FFA; Jacob Kyle Raper, Chandler FFA; Steele Rasmusson, Haworth FFA; Joel McCoy Reimer, Sequoyah FFA; Ashley Rhoads, Indiahoma FFA; Jodi Rose, Webbers Falls FFA; Katey Rowland, Silo FFA; Kandis Lorene Rupp, Covington-Douglas FFA; Brooke Sebo, Spiro FFA; Kizer Sebo, Spiro FFA; Stephanie Sebo, Spiro FFA; Walter Seitsinger, Agra FFA; Callie Shannon, Mason FFA; Garrett Sharp, Waukomis FFA; Keifer Shearer, Broken Bow FFA; Lauren Sheive, Elgin FFA; Levi Jamison Shelby, Madill FFA; Kolton Shipley, Tecumseh FFA; Emily Smith, Cushing FFA; Wyatt Smith, Adair FFA; Gary Tomas Snell, Reydon FFA; Mark Spampinato Jr., Silo FFA; Jarrett Sparks, Central FFA; Chris Spence, Madill FFA; Allie Standridge, Lindsay FFA; Clark Stout, Inola FFA; McKenzie Strickland, Tecumseh FFA; Jared Sutton, Pauls Valley FFA; Johnathon Ross Taylor, Okemah FFA; Kyle Grant Taylor, Warner FFA; Nathan Taylor, ThomasFay-Custer FFA; Ethan Daniel Theis, Chattanooga FFA; Ashley Ann Thompson, Anadarko FFA; Lawson Thompson, Deer CreekLamont FFA; Shea Lynn Thornbrugh, Nowata FFA; Cade Tibbs, Dickson FFA; Wyatt Underwood, Bethel FFA; Langston Upton, Wister FFA; Shannon Van der Laan, Frederick FFA; Skylar Vogle, Perkins Tryon FFA; Cody Ward, Pauls Valley FFA; Trent Waugh, Laverne FFA; Zach Weichel, Cordell FFA; Kristin Whisenhunt,

Central FFA; Shelby White, Adair FFA; Whitney Wilkinson, Cement FFA; Jesse Williamson, Pauls Valley FFA; Lane Winter, Lomega FFA; Mackenzie Wood, OLIVE FFA; Kelsey Kay Woods, Westville FFA; Trevor Ryan Woods, Kingfisher FFA; Jessie Wright, Jenks FFA; Sydni Shantel Yates, Texhoma FFA; Chandra Yoder, Thomas-Fay-Custer FFA; Matthew Young, Tecumseh FFA; Rodney Zeller, Chattanooga FFA

OHIO: Kirsten Abke, Eastwood

FFA; Katelyne Ackley, Benjamin Logan FFA; Cody Adams, Fayetteville FFA; Henry Apple, Bowling Green FFA; Beth Army, Lincolnview FFA; Zachary Arnold, Plymouth FFA; Leanna Bachman, Liberty Union FFA; Logan Bahnsen, Oak Harbor FFA; Jordan Barclay, Delphos FFA; Andrew Baus, Otsego FFA; Kaitlyn Beale, Upper Scioto Valley-Ohio Hi-Point FFA; Bexlie A. Beam, Wilmington FFA; Nicole Belcher, Liberty Union FFA; Kyle Bell, Ashland FFA; Adam Berning, Anna FFA; Craig Berning, Anna FFA; Ethan Bingham, Wauseon FFA; Haley Black, Bloom Carroll FFA; Peter Blair, Northeastern FFA; Levi Boggs, Utica FFA; Keith Bohman, Marion Local FFA; Hope Bondurant, Fairfield Union FFA; Jessica Boney, Caldwell FFA; Jordan Bonham, Miami Trace FFA; Brock Bonifas, Delphos FFA; Randy Brackman, Coldwater FFA; Brock Bradley, Licking Valley FFA; Cade Brannon, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Katie Bratton, Preble Shawnee FFA; Christine Broehl, JohnstownMonroe FFA; Cody Bronson, Holgate FFA; Logan Micheal Brookhart, Versailles FFA; Benjamin Brown, Edon-Northwest FFA; Nicole M. Brown, Wapakoneta FFA; Taylor Brubaker, Northmor FFA; Meghan Bruns, Fort Loramie FFA; Marrissa Burga, Barnesville FFA; Clayton Burgess, Greenfield-McClain FFA; RaKayla Burke, Buckeye Career Center FFA; Cole Burkholder, Fayette FFA; Lauren Burner, Liberty-Benton FFA; Emily Burns, Liberty Union FFA; Dakota Burris, Meadowbrook FFA; Mollie Burwinkel, Ross-Butler Tech FFA; Maddison Buschur, Versailles FFA; Amanda Bush, Mt. Gilead FFA; Diana Bushman, Eastwood FFA; Makayla Buskirk, Teays Valley FFA; Cody Call, Gallia Academy FFA; Mariah Carey, Mt. Gilead FFA; Jimmy Clagg, Gallia Academy FFA; Cole Clark, Logan Elm FFA; Morgan Clark, Madison Plains FFA; Brittany Clemens, Tinora FFA; Rebekah Cooley, Liberty Union FFA; Levi Cooper, United FFA; Megan L. Cornish, South Central FFA; Amy Covert, Sentinel CTC FFA; Sarah Cox, Zane Trace FFA; John Craft, Wapakoneta FFA; Ashley Cromer, Northwestern FFA; Eric C. Dahlinghaus, Minster FFA; Lindsay Daniel, Mohawk FFA; Dimitri G. Davidson, Elmwood FFA; Garett Davis, Carrollton FFA; Tyler Douglas Davis, Ridgewood FFA; Aaron Depugh, Madison Plains FFA; Alexandria DeWitt, Patrick Henry


FFA; Rebecca Dhume, GreenfieldMcClain FFA; Evan Dietz, Botkins FFA; Cara Dillon, Licking Valley FFA; Stephanie Dippman, Eastwood FFA; Caitlin Donohoe, Northwestern FFA; Austin Douglas, Hardin-Northern FFA; Mike Douglas, West Branch FFA; Haley Drake, United FFA; Craig Dues, Coldwater FFA; Jordan Dues, Coldwater FFA; Jennifer Durbin, Eastern Brown FFA; Seaton Dyer, Elgin FFA; Grant Earich, Westfall FFA; John Eberly, Northwestern FFA; Zachary Egbert, Botkins FFA; Ben Eggers, Archbold FFA; Erik Elfers, Northwestern FFA; Chris Elliott, Gallia Academy FFA; Kristin Elliott, Logan Elm FFA; Joshua R. Ellis, Licking Valley FFA; Julya Faulkner, River Valley FFA; Dani Faust, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Erik Fehlan, Wellington FFA; Zachary Feldner, Eaton-MVCTC FFA; Justin Richard Feltz, Versailles FFA; Britta Fenstermaker, McComb FFA; Jenna Ferguson, Amanda-Clearcreek FFA; Erik Fischer, Teays Valley FFA; Sarhra Flinn, Northwestern FFA; Skyler Foos, North Union FFA; Kenneth Addison Ford, Triad FFA; Nathan Fortkamp, Fort Recovery FFA; Nicholas Fowler, Shenandoah FFA; Thomas Fox, Fairfield Union FFA; Joseph Francis, Madison Plains FFA; Clayton Frost, East Knox FFA; Kristopher Funk, New Lexington FFA; Catherine Fussnecker, Georgetown FFA; Samuel Garrigus, Fairview FFA; Clint Gasser, Norwayne FFA; Aaron Gates, Monroeville FFA; Brittany George, Elmwood FFA; Kelli Gerber, Edgewood-Butler Tech FFA; Heath Geyer, Botkins FFA; Megan Giffin, Waterford FFA; Katelynn Gillen, Highland FFA; Taylor Gilmore, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; David Glass, Zane Trace FFA; Cassie Glazer, Indian Valley FFA; Benjamin J. Glazier, Talawanda-Butler Tech FFA; Chris Goettemoeller, Versailles FFA; Samantha Goodhart, Shenandoah FFA; Cayla Goodman, Fairfield Union FFA; Tim Goshe, Sentinel CTC FFA; Lucas Grauer, Crestview FFA; Sean Grieshop, Marion Local FFA; Zane Gross III, Hillsdale FFA; Tyler Gruskiewicz, Pymatuning Valley FFA; Matthew Haar, Woodmore FFA; Nathan Hager, Wapakoneta FFA; Sam Hake, United FFA; Adam Heffelfinger, Mapleton FFA; Austin Heiby, Coldwater FFA; Clarissa Heigley, Morgan FFA; Caden Hellwarth, Parkway FFA; Darci Henderson, Upper Scioto ValleyOhio Hi-Point FFA; Emily Herring, Pettisville FFA; Hallie Sue Hiser, Greeneview-GCCC FFA; Audrey Hoey, Zane Trace FFA; Derek Jacob Hoffman, Ridgewood FFA; Robert Householder, Sheridan FFA; Kendra Hudson, Colonel Crawford FFA; Katlyn Hulit, Crestview FFA; Mackenzie Hyatt, Triway FFA; Jacob Jessee, East Knox FFA; Emily Johnson, Miami East-MVCTC FFA; Sabrina Johnson, Northwestern FFA; Sarah Johnson, Westfall FFA; Ross Jones, Buckeye Central FFA; Kaitlyn Justice, Liberty Union FFA; Kourtney Kaemming, Tinora FFA; John Kasler,

Elgin FFA; Marie Keefe, Arcadia FFA; Nick Keller, Genoa Area FFA; Evan Kiko, Minerva FFA; Jamie Kill, Spencerville FFA; Garrett Kite, A.B. Graham Ohio Hi-Point FFA; Rachel R. Kleinhans, Oak Harbor FFA; Hannah Koch, Botkins FFA; Ryan Koch, Fayetteville FFA; Ross Kohler, Botkins FFA; Kyle Kramer, Marion Local FFA; Samantha Kremer, Versailles FFA; Jessica Rosemarie Krulic, Pymatuning Valley FFA; Taylor Kruse, Pettisville FFA; Savannah Kuns, Clyde FFA; Bretton Lambert, River Valley FFA; Lindsey Landis, Valley View FFA; Caitlin Landwehr, Delphos FFA; Jimmy Lauer, Sentinel CTC FFA; Jacob Leach, River Valley FFA; Nathan Paul Leavengood, Ridgewood FFA; Tyler Lefeld, St. Henry FFA; Cory Leiter, Benjamin Logan FFA; Jacob LeVeck, Tinora FFA; Dirk Lewis, Sheridan FFA; Stephanie Lewis, Tecumseh FFA; Thomas H. Lichtensteiger, Crestview FFA; Emily Lokai, Tecumseh FFA; Aaron Lones, Sheridan FFA; Trent Long, Elida FFA; Carrie E. Lortcher, South Central FFA; Amara Lowery, Highland FFA; Jacob Luderman, Paulding FFA; Isaiah Lundquest, Elmwood FFA; Daniel Lust, Ridgedale FFA; Allison Mangun, Norwayne FFA; Layne Markley, A.B. Graham Ohio Hi-Point FFA; Kevin Martin, Eastwood FFA; Tyler Matthews, Parkway FFA; Brandon Maurer, Anna FFA; Austin McCracken, Buckeye Central FFA; Summer McCracken, Anna FFA; Jeff Michael McCrann, Seneca East FFA; Thomas L. McDonough, Parkway FFA; Anne McElwee, CardingtonLincoln FFA; Montana McFarland, Westfall FFA; Heather Nicole McKibben, East Clinton FFA; Lucas Meeker, Southeastern Ross FFA; Chase Meeks, Alexander FFA; Jarred Melcher, Eastwood FFA; Nicholas Melvin, Benjamin Logan FFA; Abigail Miller, Firelands FFA; Katelyn Miller, Western Reserve FFA; Ryan Robert Miller, Seneca East FFA; Sierra Miller, Upper Sandusky FFA; Taylor Minyo, Caldwell FFA; Miranda Miser, Meadowbrook FFA; Tara Moffett, Hillsdale FFA; Matt Moran, Talawanda-Butler Tech FFA; Tyler Lee Morlock, Elmwood FFA; Seth Morrison, Genoa Area FFA; Levi T. Myers, Plymouth FFA; Tyler Myers, Benjamin Logan FFA; Jessica A. Nagy, Western Reserve FFA; Maggie Neer, Mechanicsburg FFA; Ashley Niederkohr, Upper Sandusky FFA; Ryan Niedermier, Buckeye Central FFA; Ryan O’Neil, Wapakoneta FFA; Elizabeth Overholt, West Holmes FFA; Lindsay Overmyer, Fremont-Ross FFA; Sonia Parkinson, Utica FFA; Clay Parrish, Edon-Northwest FFA; Dakota Parrish, Edon-Northwest FFA; Courtney Parsons, River Valley FFA; Catlin Pauley, Riverdale FFA; Tanner Payne, Fairbanks FFA; Joe Peoples, Tecumseh FFA; Cole Piatt, West Liberty-Salem FFA; Brennan Tre Plowman, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Laura Poeppelman, Fort Loramie FFA; Olivia Pohlman, Versailles FFA; Bill Potter, Otsego FFA; Anna Powell, Ridgewood FFA; Grant Price, Mohawk

FFA; Joshua Rausch, Fairbanks FFA; Matthew Reasor, Clear Fork Valley FFA; Madison Reinhard, Elmwood FFA; Tyler Reiser, Patrick Henry FFA; Sarah Riebel, Westfall FFA; Bradley Joseph Rindler, St. Henry FFA; Morgan Robison, Riverside FFA; Wesley Roby, Delphos FFA; Dexter Rogers, Hillsdale FFA; Zachery Rogers, Fairlawn FFA; Brittany Rohr, Carrollton FFA; Jacob Rothert, Woodmore FFA; Logan Russell, Botkins FFA; Timothy Schenkel, Caldwell FFA; Jason Schlabach, Hiland FFA; Matthew Schlegel, West Holmes FFA; Michael Schmid, Northeastern FFA; Kaitlin Schmitmeyer, St. Henry FFA; Ted Schmitmeyer, Versailles FFA; Brooke Schmueckle, Fairfield Union FFA; Joseph T. Schneider, Wapakoneta FFA; Adam M. Schumm, Crestview FFA; Kylie Rebecca Seese, Fort Frye FFA; David Seidel, South Central FFA; Kyle Seiter, Ridgedale FFA; Melissa Shafer, Sheridan FFA; Cassandra L. Shaffer, Elmwood FFA; Morgan Shane, Riverdale FFA; The Late Adam Irvine Sharp, Greenfield-McClain FFA; Mckenzey Shell, Liberty Union FFA; Hannah Shepherd, Plymouth FFA; Jon F. Shinew, Elmwood FFA; Briggs Shoemaker, Gallia Academy FFA; Heath Sidey, Spencerville FFA; Zachary Siefring, St. Henry FFA; Chris Smith, Felicity-Franklin FFA; Austien Snapp, Anna FFA; Carley Snider, Felicity-Franklin FFA; Sydney Snider, Felicity-Franklin FFA; Shay Snyder, Fairfield FFA; Garrit Austin Sproull, Harrison Central FFA; Jessica Stacy, Margaretta FFA; Jordan Stacy, Greenon FFA; Colton Stanley, Highland FFA; Mckenzie Stimmell, Hillsdale FFA; Jacob Stitzlein, Hillsdale FFA; Andrew Stockmaster, Buckeye Central FFA; Gretchen Straits, West Holmes FFA; Carlie Stump, Hardin-Northern FFA; Marion Stutzman, River View FFA; Isaac Sudhoff, Coldwater FFA; Alex Taha, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Alexis Taylor, Clyde FFA; Rachel Taylor, Sheridan FFA; Andrew Teet, Anthony Wayne-Penta FFA; Connor Teters, Wynford FFA; Dalton Thomas, Paulding FFA; Kurt Allan Thomson, Hardin-Northern FFA; Lizabeth Thurston, Buckeye Valley FFA; Ryan Tietje, Patrick Henry FFA; Michael Tong, Arcadia FFA; Jacob Topping, Logan Elm FFA; Saul Triana, Wauseon FFA; Patrick Troyer, Paulding FFA; Lee A. Turner, Waynesfield-Goshen FFA; Conner Unrast, Marion Local FFA; Bryant Valdinger, Harrison Central FFA; Isaac Van Gundy, Elgin FFA; Abbey VanTyne, Anthony WaynePenta FFA; Marissa Vearil, Fayetteville FFA; Brittany Vent, Upper Sandusky FFA; Megan Waldron, A.B. Graham Ohio Hi-Point FFA; Nicole Wallace, Gibsonburg FFA; Lindsey Walls, Parkway FFA; James Walters, Riverside FFA; Darby J. Walton, Mohawk FFA; Tyler Weatherholtz, Riverdale FFA; Brent Weiss, Benjamin Logan FFA; Allison Welty, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Kyle Wesche, Archbold FFA; James Whalin, Waterford FFA; Erica R.

For more stories, news and highlights, visit the National FFA Blog.

White, Ashland FFA; Elizabeth Wiemken, Archbold FFA; Ashley Wilker, Marion Local FFA; Jody Williams, Morgan FFA; Ashley Alayne Wilson, Marietta FFA; Zach Wilson, Carrollton FFA; Tori Wilt, Miami Trace FFA; Mallorie Wippel, Westfall FFA; Larry Workman, Buckeye Trail FFA; Kurt Wyler, Ridgewood FFA; Brian R. Wyss Jr., Oak Harbor FFA; Dustin M. Yockey, Eastern Brown FFA; Kyle Young, Madison Plains FFA; Anne Zacharias, Wellington FFA; Jessica Zurcher, Firelands FFA


Aasand, Carrington FFA; Brian Alderin, Center FFA; Brian Anderson, Harvey FFA; Rebecca Anderson, Kindred FFA; Kaitlyn Gail Awender, Oakes / Sargent Central FFA; Justin Bartholomay, Enderlin FFA; Brandi Boehm, Mandan FFA; Mikel Buckmier, Maddock A.S. Gibbens FFA; Destri Bueligen, New Salem FFA; Daven Dockter, Medina FFA; Katlyn Dschaak, Beulah FFA; Megan M. Eichele, Fessenden-Bowdon FFA; Brita Enderson, Wahpeton FFA; Jacob M. Erbes, Richland 44 FFA; Amber Feickert, Harvey FFA; Jennifer Frank, New Salem FFA; Joel Green, Wahpeton FFA; Andrew John Haugen, Garrison FFA; Christopher Heinrich, Medina FFA; Leo Hoffert, Rugby FFA; Brian Jordan, Rugby FFA; Drew Kamrath, Washburn FFA; Kassi Louise Knutson, Garrison FFA; Douglas Louie Koepplin, Grant County FFA; Thomas Krizan, Hebron FFA; Shelby Leslie Larson, Medina FFA; Delrae Anne Latendresse, Schultz FFA; Nathaniel Ray Ling, Hebron FFA; Jake D. Lisburg, Central Cass FFA; Grant Manock, Wahpeton FFA; Mattie McGee, Bowman FFA; Tyler Mongeon, Schultz FFA; Noelle Joy Moser, Medina FFA; Mike Ostrem, Rugby FFA; Abigail Paul, Rugby FFA; Emily Paul, Rugby FFA; Kortni Plorin, Schultz FFA; Caylor Rosenau, Carrington FFA; Rachael Rott, Drake FFA; Josh Stutrud, Rugby FFA; Emily Kay Voeller, Rugby FFA; Megan Wald, Maddock A.S. Gibbens FFA; Jayden Welk, Rugby FFA; Trevor Wettlaufer, Bottineau FFA; Ella Woroniecki, Hebron FFA

NORTH CAROLINA: Julie Ann Adams, North Iredell FFA; Caroline Akes, Randleman FFA; Morgan Barbour, Gray’s Creek FFA; Miranda Berglund, Millbrook Senior FFA; Ryan Berglund, Millbrook Senior FFA; Dustin James Black, Providence




Grove FFA; Danielle Blake, North Stanly FFA; Alex Douglas Britt III, East Columbus FFA; Preston Brown, Corinth Holders FFA; Don Byrd, West Johnston FFA; Cody Patrick Cagle, Southwestern Randolph FFA; John Ross Caldwell, Bandys FFA; Samuel Tyler Carter, Greene Central FFA; Julia McKenize Chandler, Bandys FFA; Carson Rose Clark, Avery County FFA; Dustin Cole Clark, Avery County FFA; Caroline Clement, Midway FFA; Nicole Clemmons, West Johnston FFA; Caleb Allen Coltrain, Northside FFA; Kerri Corder, Providence Grove FFA; Taylor Grace Craig, Chatham Central FFA; Michelle Charisse Cuthbertson, Avery County FFA; Cole William Davis, Providence Grove FFA; Autumn Paige Edwards, Bandys FFA; Clara Ervin, Bandys FFA; Lauren Blayne Evoy, Mountain Heritage FFA; Paul Bradley Glover, Charles B. Aycock FFA; Kaylyn R. Groce, Chatham Central FFA; Dakota Guy, Avery County FFA; Garrett Austin Helms, Bandys FFA; Paige Leigh Herring, Rosewood FFA; Codie Hope Hicks, Avery County FFA; Hannah Justice, Clyde A. Erwin FFA; Bailey Kepley, West Rowan FFA; Megan Kepley, West Rowan FFA; Jackson Lowrance, North Iredell FFA; Nicholas Maness, North Lenoir FFA; Nicolas Gill Marlowe, North Iredell FFA; Jesse Dray Mayhew, Bandys FFA; Matthew McCoy, North Lenoir FFA; Alex Miller, North Iredell FFA; Jordan Myers, West Rowan FFA; Katy Ann Patterson, Lumberton Senior FFA; Taylor Drew Raynor, Hobbton FFA; Benjamin David Riddle, North Iredell FFA; Cody Ethan Robinson, Bandys FFA; William Cody Sammons, Charles D. Owen FFA; Chad Taylor Sechrest, Southwestern Randolph FFA; Dakota Sells, North Stanly FFA; Matthew Howard Shaw, Rosewood FFA; John Grayer Sherrill, West Carteret FFA; Austin Smith, West Rowan FFA; Rebekah Palma Smith, Providence Grove FFA; Brittany Carol Spann, North Lenoir FFA; Claire Steele, West Rowan FFA; Colton M. Talbert, Providence Grove FFA; Morgan Denise Trogdon, Providence Grove FFA; Harrison Ray Tucker, Southwestern Randolph FFA; Shayna Vance, Avery County FFA; Cokey Wagner, Charles D. Owen FFA; Aaron Cole Warwick, Hobbton FFA; Christopher Westmoreland, North Mecklenburg FFA; Hunter Lee Whitman, North Lenoir FFA

NEW YORK: Xavier Almeter,

Pioneer FFA; Brianna Bertholf, Tri Valley Central FFA; Aric Boyes, Tri Valley Central FFA; Paul Briggs Jr., Schoharie Central FFA; Kaylin Broadwell, Hamilton FFA; Joseph Brown, Vernon-Verona-Sherrill FFA; John Ciotti, Vernon-VeronaSherrill FFA; Neil Collins, VernonVerona-Sherrill FFA; Jessica Mae Currie, Tully Central FFA; Kasey Demo, Vernon-Verona-Sherrill FFA; Jessica Deyo, Cazenovia FFA; Cody Doane, Vernon-Verona-Sherrill FFA; Casey Doody, Tully Central FFA;

Andrew Exner, Tri Valley Central FFA; Shannon Fletcher, Stissing Mount FFA; Bradley Fontaine, Pioneer FFA; Gregory Gleisner, Indian River Central FFA; Brandon C. Gross, Cattaraugus - Little Valley FFA; Marcie A. Hauri, Cattaraugus - Little Valley FFA; Cheyenne Hennessey, Tri Valley Central FFA; Drew T. Hill, Cattaraugus - Little Valley FFA; Bronte` Hough, Tri Valley Central FFA; Kasey R. Hulbert, Sidney Central FFA; Christina Kackos, Tri Valley Central FFA; Courtney Kelly, Tri Valley Central FFA; Dalton J. LaGoy, Vernon-Verona-Sherrill FFA; Allycia Leach, Jasper Troupsburg Central FFA; Paige Levandowski, Albion Central FFA; Bryan Marbot, Schoharie Central FFA; Logan Martin, Cattaraugus - Little Valley FFA; Brenden O’Keefe, Greenville FFA; Kyle Rogers, Tri Valley Central FFA; Catherine Rowe, John Bowne FFA; Wayne Rutz, Vernon-VeronaSherrill FFA; Daniel Short, Tri Valley Central FFA; Haley Surprenant, Vernon-Verona-Sherrill FFA; Nat Tompkins, Tri Valley Central FFA; Mary Margaret Willson, VernonVerona-Sherrill FFA

NEW MEXICO: Lexie Bailey,

Carlsbad FFA; Jordyn Bannon, Des Moines FFA; Sabra Barnett, Texico FFA; Janay Blevins, Clovis FFA; Lindsey Foote, Texico FFA; Kelsey Garner, Cliff FFA; Lane Hand, Clovis FFA; Michala Ingram, Clovis FFA; Ethan Johnson, Corona FFA; Weston Leonard, Artesia FFA; Mason Moore, Dexter FFA; Rae Prather, Texico FFA; Abigail Smith, Hobbs FFA; Kylynn Thomas, Texico FFA; Darci Thompson, Dexter FFA; Tanner Thompson, Dexter FFA; John Yates III, Artesia FFA

NEW JERSEY : Kyle H. Clement, Salem County Vocational; Kristianne M. Dowd, Freehold FFA; Stuart T. Faunce, Allentown FFA; Lauren Abigail Fillebrown, Phillipsburg FFA; Delaney Marie Gray, Freehold Township FFA; Shane M. Greco, Newton FFA; Jonathan R. Heater, Newton FFA; Anna Lubas, Allentown FFA; Caitlin M. Lubey, Newton FFA; Jared W. Martz, Newton FFA; Nichole Ondy, Allentown FFA; Stephanie Tarlowe, Warren Hills FFA; Emily Christine Ventura, Newton FFA; David P Watts, Penns Grove FFA NEVADA: Celina Bailey, Diamond Mountain FFA; Richard Harvey Barnes, Silver Sage FFA; Amberlee Burrows, Sierra Nevada FFA; Casey Jo Dack, Ruby Mountain FFA; Melissa Ann Damele, Diamond Mountain FFA; Colleen Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Wells FFA; Rae B. Garrett, Wells FFA; Lauren Gentry Gates, Ruby Mountain FFA; Branden Stacey Harris, Carson Valley FFA; Makenna Johnson, Silver Sage FFA; Jessica Kayleen Johnston, Smith Valley FFA; Sarah Frances Krum, Silver Sage FFA; Ethan Marshall, Diamond Mountain FFA; Jessica Sarah Martin, Carson Valley FFA; Cassaundra Sarman,


Silver Sage FFA; Kristina Marie White, Sierra Nevada FFA; Rachel Lyn Wines, Wells FFA; James Robert Yaunick, Silver Sage FFA

NEBRASKA: Ty Alexander, Bloomfield FFA; Shelby Andersen, Gordon-Rushville FFA; Clare Anderson, Ashland-Greenwood FFA; Patrick Arkfeld, Syracuse Dunbar-Avoca FFA; Cole Matthew Arnett, Hampton FFA; Tevyn Baldwin, Scottsbluff FFA; Zachary Bartlett, Pender FFA; Paul Bauer, Ravenna FFA; Devon Baum, Elgin FFA; Austyn Dean Beck, High Plains FFA; Kyle Kenneth Beck, High Plains FFA; Derek Beerbohm, ScribnerSnyder FFA; Alex P. Bender, High Plains FFA; Tyler Bessey, Palmyra FFA; Erin Rebecca Blum, York FFA; Kali Bohling, Logan View FFA; Tyler Brabec, Schuyler Central FFA; Kenneth G. Brandl, Humphrey FFA; Emma Bremer, Palmyra FFA; Joshua Daniel Broekemeier, Lakeview FFA; Kasie Nickole Bruss, Wilber-Clatonia FFA; Ashley Buescher, LawrenceNelson FFA; Jessica Buettner, Grand Island Northwest FFA; Benjamin Neal Burmester, Pender FFA; Brandon Robert Burruss, High Plains FFA; Gavin Marcus Caldwell, Superior FFA; Kaydee Caldwell, Sandy Creek FFA; Malcom Carney, Waverly FFA; Elizabeth Cast, Centennial FFA; Tyler Childers, Elgin FFA; Delilah L. Choat, Cedar Rapids FFA; Evey Choat, Cedar Rapids FFA; Kelsey Chrisman, Centennial FFA; Marissa Christiancy, Franklin FFA; Lane J. Church, High Plains FFA; Nathan Classen, Humphrey FFA; Amanda Clymer, David City FFA; Makenzie Cockerill, Greeley-Wolbach FFA; Summer Craft, Ashland-Greenwood FFA; Jared Crosley, Arapahoe FFA; Alexandra Cunningham, Bloomfield FFA; Dylan Dam, Logan View FFA; Brent Demerath, Plainview FFA; Trevor DeVries, Sandy Creek FFA; Brady L. Dierks, Wheeler Central FFA; Bryce Doeschot, Norris FFA; Kelli Doeschot, Norris FFA; Lyndsay Drudik, Sutton FFA; Clay Daniel Easterday, Eustis-Farnam FFA; Abbi Ebel, Wisner-Pilger FFA; Demetria Edgell, Newman Grove FFA; Elizabeth Eickhoff, Falls City FFA; Emilee A. Elwood, Gordon-Rushville FFA; Mitchell Erickson, Wheeler Central FFA; Kyle Essink, Norris FFA; Mitchell Fagan, High Plains FFA; Sarah M. Fangmeyer, York FFA; Kylee J. Fischer, High Plains FFA; Colton John Flower, Scottsbluff FFA; Riley D. Garey, Medicine Valley FFA; Justin German, Imperial FFA; Jordan Gibb, Imperial FFA; Cole Gibbens, West Holt FFA; Bryant Gierhan, Centennial FFA; Chris Gleason, Grand Island Northwest FFA; Henry J. Goeden, Crofton FFA; Eric Jeffery Goertzen, High Plains FFA; Zach Gray, Holdrege FFA; Blaine Groothuis, WilcoxHildreth FFA; Morgan Hall, Plainview FFA; Dylan Hanson, North Bend FFA; Spencer Hartman, Imperial FFA; Tyler Haun, West Boyd FFA; Tyler Heyen, Central FFA; Matthew D. Hiebner, Heartland FFA; Mattison

Hiebner, Heartland FFA; Scott Hild, Sandy Creek FFA; Jazmine F. Hinkle, Wheeler Central FFA; Brady Hinrichs, Sandy Creek FFA; Taylor Hornickel, Ord FFA; Jeffrey L. Hornung, Central FFA; Sydney Hunzeker, Pawnee City FFA; William Jack, Eustis-Farnam FFA; Kyle James Jackman, Rock County FFA; Aaron A. Jensen, Heartland FFA; Kristen Karlberg, Sumner-Eddyville-Miller FFA; Jason Kaufman, Newman Grove FFA; Cole Davidson Kayton, Gordon-Rushville FFA; Jefferson D. Keller, St. Paul FFA; Russell D. Korinek, Wilber-Clatonia FFA; Morgan Marie Kowalewski, Gothenburg FFA; Michael Edward Ksiazek, Lakeview FFA; Dylan Laible, West Holt FFA; Baylee Laub, Grand Island Northwest FFA; Callin Ledall, Imperial FFA; Autumn Lemmer, West Holt FFA; Keaton Lusche, Lakeview FFA; Sara Marlatt, Gordon-Rushville FFA; Mattie Elizabeth McCabe, O’Neill FFA; Samantha McCarthy, West Boyd FFA; Collin Messersmith, McCook FFA; Isabelle Mixon, Conestoga FFA; Grant Nelson, Mead FFA; Kendra L. Nelson, Newman Grove FFA; Andrew Neujahr, Waverly FFA; Jill Nightingale, Pawnee City FFA; Jacob Edward Nikodym, Red Cloud FFA; Aaron T. Ochsner, Waverly FFA; Alexander Ott, Blair FFA; Ashley R. Overturf, Sutton FFA; Cole Alan Pataki, Cedar Rapids FFA; Amanda C. Peleska, Blair FFA; Morgan Pelster, Wheeler Central FFA; Christina Peters, Scottsbluff FFA; Cory T. Peters, Norris FFA; Lacey Jo Peterson, Boone Central FFA; Travis A. Poppe, Crofton FFA; Blake Allen Preston, Norris FFA; Toni Annamarie Rasmussen, Boone Central FFA; Bo Rebman, Alma FFA; Brittany Reiman, West Boyd FFA; Lauren Rempe, Superior FFA; Morgan Rezac, Central FFA; Ashley Roehrs, Hampton FFA; Josh Roehrs, Hampton FFA; Tanner Rupprecht, Red Cloud FFA; Garrett Ruskamp, Howells-Dodge-Clarkson FFA; Kelsey Marie Scheer, St. Paul FFA; Chrisinda Scheideler, Ord FFA; Jenna Schilke, Imperial FFA; Caleb Schlick, Sandy Creek FFA; Adam Schlote, Plainview FFA; Spencer R. Schoof, Sandy Creek FFA; Ian R. Schuster, Norris FFA; Reamonn Seaman, Wheeler Central FFA; Dylan Shannon, Red Cloud FFA; Brady Shipley, Sandy Creek FFA; Ashtyn N. Shrewsbury, Alliance FFA; Chelsea Sidel, David City FFA; Logan Sieck, Crete FFA; Joshua Siel, Franklin FFA; Tyler Slagle, Central City FFA; Laura Smith, Blair FFA; Michael Smith, Wheeler Central FFA; Nathan Smith, Wheeler Central FFA; Rachel J. Sorensen, Plainview FFA; Dusty Staab, Ord FFA; Stephanie Stamp, Heartland FFA; Blake M. Storrs, Southwest FFA; Alex Sybrant, Rock County FFA; Austin Tatro, Fillmore Central FFA; CaLee Ann Elizabeth Thomsen, St. Paul FFA; Nicole Thramer, Wheeler Central FFA; Keith N. Towne, Medicine Valley FFA; Shaylee J. Truax, Waverly FFA; Makayla Tunender, Wheeler Central FFA; Katie Van Housen, High Plains

FFA; Austin D. Wade, East Butler FFA; Bailey Wagner, Boone Central FFA; Eleanor Wagner, Boone Central FFA; Adam Wallace, Oakland-Craig FFA; Jeffrey Wallman, Freeman FFA; Logan L. Went, Leigh-Clarkson FFA; Jordan Wietzki, Wheeler Central FFA; Kaity Jo Wilmes, Creighton FFA; Kassandera Winter, Wheeler Central FFA; Garrett Winz, Wilcox-Hildreth FFA; Jacob Wissler, Pawnee City FFA; Wesdon Wortmann, Crofton FFA; Morgan Zumpfe, Friend FFA

MONTANA: Tayler Paige

Acheson, Huntley Project FFA; Darcy Anderson, Broadus FFA; Karlene Rae Bailey, Shields Valley FFA; Nathan Baird, Big Timber FFA; Chase Berry, Ruby Valley FFA; Taylor Kristine Brown, Richey FFA; Chase Allen Brumfield, Shepherd FFA; Jynna Rae Christensen, Medicine Lake FFA; Chad Clark, Plentywood FFA; Caitlin Catherine Creighton, Missoula FFA; Riley Herman Dalke, Huntley Project FFA; Brianne Alysse Dandrea, Huntley Project FFA; Markie DeRudder, Fromberg FFA; Bobby Dorvall, Clark’s Fork FFA; Faith J. Dyrud, Conrad FFA; Jarett Eggen, Plentywood FFA; Leela Gayle Engle, Big Sandy FFA; Emily H Fochs, Park FFA; Janice Lynn Franck, Park FFA; Daniel Garza, Miles City FFA; Kylee Ann Gibson, Flathead FFA; Colter E. Guinnane, Ruby Valley FFA; Allison Marie Hajenga, Judith Gap FFA; Tanner James Haug, Custer FFA; Whitney Hilliard, Miles City FFA; Laurie Ann Hogemark, Big Timber FFA; Brady Johnson, Hinsdale FFA; Dan Johnson, Beaverhead FFA; Garrett Jones, Big Timber FFA; Ashley Catherine Kerkaert, Shields Valley FFA; Warren Krone, Electric City FFA; Mackenzie Lepley, Shepherd FFA; Morgan McQuillan, Joliet FFA; Kayla Meine, Beaverhead FFA; Tyler Murry, Plentywood FFA; Tayler Mae Mydland, Joliet FFA; Brady Osksa, Plentywood FFA; Jaden A. Paddock, Huntley Project FFA; Canyon Rehbein, Lambert FFA; Lindsay Richardson, Fromberg FFA; Brody Robertson, Big Timber FFA; Jordan Robins, Flathead FFA; Matthew Sarrazin, Shields Valley FFA; Colter Dane Scidmore, Shields Valley FFA; Spencer L. Siewert, Huntley Project FFA; Austin Standley, Missoula FFA; Cash Thomas Stenger, Huntley Project FFA; Alana M. Townsend, Flathead FFA; Danielle Walker, Electric City FFA; John Joseph Walker, Park FFA; Tara Ann Welborn, Shepherd FFA; David A. Williams, Broadus FFA; Elle Wood, Ruby Valley FFA; Brittany Lyn Woodman, Plentywood FFA; Justin T. Wright, Wheatland FFA

MISSOURI: Britney Adam, Plattsburg FFA; Rikki Ann Adams, Ozark FFA; Wayne Adams, Koshkonong FFA; Casey Adkins, Savannah FFA; Tanner Adkins, West Nodaway FFA; Michael Ahart, Eugene FFA; Timothy Akins, Bucklin FFA; Haley J. Alden, Hamilton FFA; Zachary Aldrich, Neosho FFA;

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Dadeville FFA; Craig Griswold, Putnam County FFA; Brittany Nicole Groves, Billings FFA; Rachel Groves, Eldon FFA; Hunter Guthrie, Orrick FFA; Samantha K. Hafner, Owensville FFA; Dallas Kent Hagenhoff, Paris FFA; Brandy Hall, Elsberry FFA; Brennan Hammers, Boonville FFA; Trae Hammond, Paris FFA; Remington Hampton, Willard FFA; Jamie Happy, Richmond FFA; Zane Harper, Centralia FFA; Cody Harris, Orrick FFA; Cody Hart, Schuyler R-I FFA; Deanna Harvey, West Nodaway FFA; Cody Hasekamp, Centralia FFA; Alex Haun, Holden FFA; Steven Hayhurst, Paris FFA; Daniel M. Haynes, Nichols Career Center FFA; Payton Hays, Northeast Vernon County FFA; Sayde Heckman, Ashland FFA; Haley Heil, Louisiana FFA; Kaitlyn Held, Clopton FFA; Andrew Henbest, Cassville FFA; Steven Hendrix, Wheaton FFA; Jerri Lynn Henry, Southwest at Washburn FFA; Joseph Hepler, Green City FFA; Jarod Hilsabeck, Northwest Technical School FFA; Mitchell Hilsabeck, South Nodaway FFA; Lucas Hinnah, Marshall FFA; Morgan R. Hitt, Higginsville FFA; Emily Hix, Cass Career Center FFA; Briana Hixson, Jamesport FFA; Christopher Hodges, Fair Grove FFA; Adam Hoelting, Troy FFA; Steven Kole Holliday, Boonville FFA; Taylor Hollis, Ash Grove FFA; Courtney Rae Hooper, El Dorado Springs FFA; Douglas Horn, Union FFA; Dane Hubbard, Troy FFA; Shelby Hunter, Clopton FFA; Samantha Hutchinson, Jamesport FFA; Kolton C. Hutchison, El Dorado Springs FFA; Trever Huth, Boonville FFA; Kelsi Hyatt, Moberly FFA; Tobias Hyde, Clark County FFA; Ethan Imhoff, Boonville FFA; Ryan Jacks, Archie FFA; Andrew Jackson, South Harrison FFA; Dustin Jeffries, Nichols Career Center FFA; Zach Jermain, Jefferson FFA; Brett C. Johnson, Mound City FFA; Cheyenne Jo Johnson, Lamar FFA; Brianna Jones, Lebanon FFA; Kourtney Jones, Logan-Rogersville FFA; Megan Jones, Neosho FFA; Christopher Kahlenbeck, St. Clair FFA; Kelsey Keil, Centralia FFA; Michael Keirsey, Tipton FFA; Samuel Kelley, Jefferson FFA; Levi P. Kelly, Marceline FFA; Ethan Kempf, Boonville FFA; Bridgett Kieffer, Chillicothe FFA; Daniel Kiehl, Malta Bend FFA; Grant Kilgore, Green City FFA; Garrett King, Green City FFA; Macie Kinsey, Belle FFA; Jacob Kirkweg, Eldon FFA; Ashley N. Knight, Appleton City FFA; Rebecca Knipp, Tipton FFA; Lindsey Kopp, Glasgow FFA; Jerry Kuhler,




Keytesville FFA; Hannah Danielle Kuhn, Seneca FFA; Alivia Kumm, Higginsville FFA; Kelton Wayne Kurtz, Mound City FFA; Brian Kurz, Van-Far FFA; Dayton Lamme, North Andrew FFA; John Landwehr, Richmond FFA; Tyler Nelson Lane, Brookfield FFA; Colton Layman, Hardin Central FFA; Cole Remington Leakey, Hardin Central FFA; Ashley Leavitt, Miller FFA; Leah Mackenzie Lehman, Bolivar FFA; Rodger Lewellen, Brunswick FFA; Trent Lewellen, Slater FFA; Amanda Liebhart, Bucklin FFA; Kyle Lightfoot, Bolivar FFA; Joseph Limbach, Eldon FFA; Brittany Michelle Limback, Santa Fe FFA; Nick Limback, Concordia FFA; Lindsay Link, Paris FFA; Kay-Lynn I. Lippold, Logan-Rogersville FFA; Cyrsten Lollar, Chillicothe FFA; Wyatt Long, Morrisville FFA; Derek Louderbaugh, Logan-Rogersville FFA; Hunter A. Loughridge, Belle FFA; Lindsey Rae Lower, Morrisville FFA; Shelby Lowrey, Trenton FFA; Alexander D. Luebbert, Linn FFA; Wendy Lynch, Richland FFA; Andy Lysinger, Lakeland FFA; Savanna Magee, Clopton FFA; Chelsea Lee Manson, Brunswick FFA; Chelsea Mareth, Purdy FFA; Phillip Marshall, Jamestown FFA; Aaron Martin, South Callaway FFA; David Martin, Cole Camp FFA; Miriam Martin, Meadville FFA; Cara E. Marty, Elsberry FFA; Myra A. Marty, Elsberry FFA; Landon Matheny, Ashland FFA; Lauren McBeth, Clopton FFA; Troylee Collin McClanahan, Jackson FFA; Trevor McClintock, Cassville FFA; Lake McCollum, Bucklin FFA; Thomas McCorkendale, Hardin Central FFA; Zachariah Joel McCoy, La Monte FFA; Blake McDonald, Sullivan FFA; Emma McDonald, Rolla FFA; Samuel McDonald, Silex FFA; Kaylee McEachern, Slater FFA; Dylan McGhee, Odessa FFA; Denver McGinnis, Bolivar FFA; Caitlyn McKibben, Lamar FFA; Samantha Lee McLain, Grundy County R-5 FFA; Garrett McNeely, Gallatin FFA; Marissa McNeely, Gallatin FFA; Jacob Mebruer, Linn FFA; William Rex Mefford, South Shelby FFA; Jacob Michael Meredith, Bolivar FFA; Rex Messner, Stanberry FFA; Alex Meyer, Washington FFA; Blake Meyer, Jefferson FFA; Tyler Meyer, Washington FFA; Sara Miles, North Shelby FFA; Tyler Miller, Pleasant Hill FFA; Whitley Mitchell, McDonald County FFA; Abrea Mizer, Marshall FFA; Ethan Moenning, Lockwood FFA; Mattie Elizabeth Moore, Cass Career Center FFA; Jade Morgan, Lamar FFA; Tyler Mormann, Eugene FFA; Dalton Morris, Odessa FFA; Kassandra Morrow, Eugene FFA; Andrew Gregory Muenks, Linn FFA; Ryan Owen Nelson, Van-Far FFA; Holley N. Nichols, Lakeland FFA; Alexis Nielson, South Nodaway FFA; Tim Niemeier, Marceline FFA; Brandon James Niendick, Wellington-Napoleon FFA; John Nunez, Miller FFA; Megan Marie Oberly, Appleton City FFA; Amanda O’Riley, Nodaway Holt FFA; Ronna D. Owens, Grundy County R-5 FFA; Dakoda Owings, Putnam County FFA; Aaron Pace, Tipton FFA; Jacob

Pantry, Schuyler R-I FFA; Jacob Parker, Elsberry FFA; Logan Parker, Aurora FFA; Aaron Michael Parkhurst, Linn FFA; Grant Parman, Worth County FFA; Anna Parry, California FFA; Gina Nadine Pate, Stockton FFA; Bryant Payne, Bolivar FFA; Mysti-Ane’ Pearce, Pleasant Hill FFA; Austin Phegley, Marshall FFA; Jessica Dawnita Phillips, Drexel FFA; Carlee Phipps, Lamar FFA; Bonnie Sue Pickett, Mark Twain FFA; Taylon Place, Princeton FFA; Miranda Placht, Washington FFA; Jacqualine Plybon, Sarcoxie FFA; Courtney M. Poore, South Shelby FFA; Anna Porter, Eldon FFA; Gage Porter, North Mercer FFA; Cash Prestien, Eldon FFA; Angela Purdy, Madison FFA; Timothy R. Rackers, Linn FFA; Breanna K. Rader, Willow Springs FFA; Mindie Radford, Fort Osage FFA; Kristopher R. L. Rankin III, Columbia FFA; Corey Rapp, East Buchanan FFA; Maclain Rapp, Aurora FFA; Austin Ray, Archie FFA; Gerad Ray, Fair Grove FFA; Straton Lee Raybourn Jr., Appleton City FFA; Austin Reedy, Warsaw FFA; Paul Rehagen, Eugene FFA; Cameron Reynolds, Sarcoxie FFA; Zachariah Riney, Clark County FFA; Dakota Roberts, Hermitage FFA; Brittany Robinett, South Callaway FFA; Stephanie Roehrs, Union FFA; Luke Ross, Clark County FFA; Alex Roth, Perryville FFA; Bethany Roweton, Weaubleau FFA; Hannah Rugen, Tipton FFA; Kylie E. Sargent, Mexico FFA; Morgan Anne Schaeperkoetter, Higginsville FFA; Trevor Schafer, Northwest Technical School FFA; Gina Schieber, Jefferson FFA; Jayde Schilling, Kirksville FFA; Jordyn Schmidt, Eldon FFA; Stephen Schniedermeyer, Nodaway Holt FFA; Caitlin Marie Schnitker, Savannah FFA; Bailea Schulte, Owensville FFA; Chloe Schwartz, Stover FFA; Emily Schwenneker, Princeton FFA; Connor Scott, Miller FFA; Josiah M. Searfoss, Boonville FFA; Joel Sevits, Adair County R-I FFA; Katelyn Shaffer, Carthage FFA; William Shaffer, Carthage FFA; Cody Shaw, Elsberry FFA; Daniel Sheremeta, Versailles FFA; Jody Sherman, Bolivar FFA; Britney Shields, Sarcoxie FFA; Samantha Paige Shipley, Putnam County FFA; Cody Shoop, Linn FFA; Zach Shuck, South Harrison FFA; Caroline Sicht, Columbia FFA; Kelby Sisco, Pleasant Hope FFA; Rylyn Small, East Prairie FFA; Dylan Smith, Slater FFA; Hannah Renee Smith, Windsor FFA; Jackson Smith, East Buchanan FFA; Katherine Smith, Blue Springs FFA; Kendle Smith, North Shelby FFA; Leslie Smith, Salisbury FFA; Sarah Smith, Mexico FFA; Kacey Smyser, Worth County FFA; Avery Snodgrass, Polo FFA; Katlin Renee Spearman, Atlanta FFA; Kodey Springate, Blue Springs FFA; Dustin Stanton, Centralia FFA; Spencer Staples, Mound City FFA; Jacey Staponski, Purdy FFA; Jansen William Stark, Princeton FFA; Kaila Stefka, Linn FFA; Magie Steinhoff, Trenton FFA; Devon Stemberger, Tipton FFA; Dillon Stiens, Northwest Technical School FFA; Kendra Stinson, Boonville FFA; Hannah


Strange, Knox County FFA; Rachel R. Strope, Appleton City FFA; Nicholas G. Stumpe, Mexico FFA; Justin Stutesmun, Ozark FFA; Mitchell Sutter, Palmyra FFA; Grant Talburt, Dora FFA; Raysha Tate, Meadville FFA; Dominic Taylor, Pleasant Hill FFA; Trystan Thompson, Aurora FFA; Kyle G. Thornsberry, Crocker FFA; Chase Thummel, Worth County FFA; Austin Timm, Boonville FFA; Kristen Toedebusch, Warrenton FFA; Schafer Townsend, King City FFA; Hannah Trump, Clark County FFA; Sam Turner, Bernie FFA; William Twenter, Boonville FFA; Rebecca Tyler, Sweet Springs FFA; Lexie Uthlaut, Glasgow FFA; Makaylin Vanderpool, Fort Osage FFA; Nate VanDorn, Neosho FFA; Dandy Vanskike, North Shelby FFA; Eric D. Vincent, Fair Play FFA; Grant Voelker, Perryville FFA; Blayne Vogel, Marshall FFA; Mikalah Vogelsmeier, Sweet Springs FFA; Blake Voss, Union FFA; Hunter Wallace, Bolivar FFA; Victoria Lynn Warden, Cole Camp FFA; Nathaniel Warthen, Diamond FFA; Taylor Washburn, North Harrison FFA; Dylan E. Waterman, Lewis County C-I FFA; Katie Weldon, Seneca FFA; Leighton Western, Schuyler R-I FFA; Amber Westhoelter, Washington FFA; Chance Wheelan, Paris FFA; Lauden Wheeler, Higginsville FFA; Maddison Whitaker, Centralia FFA; Shannon White, Worth County FFA; Alexandria Wiedmaier, Northwest Technical School FFA; Zak Wilkerson, Skyline FFA; Justin Willard, Sarcoxie FFA; Alex Williams, Union FFA; McKenna Wilmes, Silex FFA; Colby Wilson, Aurora FFA; Garrett Wilt, Blue Springs FFA; Dylan Wittman, Tipton FFA; Harley Wooldridge, Carrollton ACC FFA; Dylan Wright, Ozark FFA; Tres Wright, Carthage FFA; Caleb Wyatt, North Mercer FFA; Hli Yang, Wheaton FFA; Cody Yarick, Rich Hill FFA; Chase Randall Yarnall, Cassville FFA; Shelby Young, Seymour FFA; Tyler Allen Young, Rock Port FFA


Lawrence Co. Tech & Career Center FFA; Blake Buchannan, Mantachie FFA; Daniel Derrick, Alcorn Central FFA; Will Gibson, Newton County Vo Tech Center FFA; Chloe’ DeRyn Henson, Biggersville FFA; Nathanael Shawn Hutson, Sumrall FFA; Chase Irby, West Lauderdale FFA; Amy May, Newton County Vo Tech Center; Laura McCurdy, Lafayette FFA; Emily Parker, South Jones FFA; Jonathan Poe, West Lauderdale FFA; Kyle Riley, Lawrence County Tech & Career FFA; Cody A. Smith, Carthage FFA; Jessica Nicole Smith, Pearl River Central FFA; Colton Sullivan, Mantachie FFA; Sayde Turner, Kossuth FFA; Drew Wagster, Mantachie FFA; Kayla Anne Walters, Jasper County FFA; Nathan Wilburn, Mantachie FFA

MINNESOTA: Brennen James

Albrecht, Hutchinson FFA; Trey Allis, United South Central FFA; Jayme Lee Anderson, Hutchinson FFA; Rachael Anderson, Forest Lake

FFA; Dylan Antoff, Winona FFA; Justin Antoff, Winona FFA; Alan Barka, Litchfield FFA; Cheyanne Bell, Zumbrota Mazeppa FFA; Aaron Bengtson, Battle Lake FFA; Blaine Bias, United South Central FFA; Sage Robert Brandt, Ada Borup FFA; Amber Brau, Wabasso FFA; Ashley Bue, Lanesboro FFA; Jacob Chisholm, Ada Borup FFA; Josh Choudek, Medford FFA; Rebecca Church, Randolph FFA; Ali Clark, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg KMS FFA; Shawna Rae Conrad, Goodhue FFA; Tianna Cselovszki, Sleepy Eye FFA; Zackary Dahring, Detroit Lakes FFA; Meghan Duchene, Sauk Centre FFA; Rebecca Duden, Plainview Elgin Millville FFA; Matthew Duff, Randolph FFA; Katie Eggert, Hutchinson FFA; Jared A. Eilertson, United South Central FFA; Kraig Erickson, Detroit Lakes FFA; Nicholas Fickert, Mahnomen FFA; Madeline Fraser, Mahnomen FFA; Matthew J. Fritzke, Watertown Mayer FFA; Austin Ganje, Ada Borup FFA; Matthew Garrels, Hutchinson FFA; Anne Gathje, Eden Valley Watkins FFA; Nicholas Goblirsch, Wabasso FFA; Brandon Hanson, Medford FFA; Darby Harder, Mountain Lake FFA; Brielle Hauge, KerkhovenMurdock-Sunburg KMS FFA; Stephanie Hennen, Morris Area FFA; Michelle E. Hoffmaster, Owatonna FFA; Thomas Holland, Morris Area FFA; Kelly Holt, KerkhovenMurdock-Sunburg KMS FFA; Nicole Jax, Hayfield FFA; Andrew John Jossund, Norman County West FFA; Jessica Juncewski, Dassel Cokato FFA; Deanna Kanne, Medford FFA; Shauna Kill, Morris Area FFA; Emily Kjelshus, Sleepy Eye FFA; Jake J. Knutson, United South Central FFA; Jennifer Koering, Brainerd FFA; Shantel Koering, Brainerd FFA; Joshua Kotten, Sleepy Eye FFA; Colin Kragenbring, Atwater-CosmosGrove City FFA; Brandon Kral, Sleepy Eye FFA; Miranda Kramer, Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart FFA; Andrew Krause, Buffalo FFA; Samantha Krebsbach, Sleepy Eye FFA; Jared Krieger, Kerkhoven-MurdockSunburg KMS FFA; Carmen Kryzer, Lewiston Altura FFA; Rebekah Landmark, Montevideo FFA; Erin Larson, NRHEG FFA; Elizabeth Ann Lee, Lake City FFA; Chantel Cheryl Lewis, New Ulm FFA; Mary Liebenstein, Randolph FFA; Austin L. Liepold, Southwest Star Concept FFA; Kellie Jo Lubitz, Perham FFA; Tiffany Ludewig, Sleepy Eye FFA; Thomas Maidl, New Ulm FFA; Jacqueline Martin, Worthington FFA; Nathan McMullen, Sleepy Eye FFA; Neil Lynn Meincke, GlenvilleEmmons FFA; Aaron Miller, St. Charles FFA; Faith P. Miller, LeRoyOstrander FFA; Isaac R. Miller, LeRoyOstrander FFA; Rachel Moe, Hayfield FFA; Spencer R. Moller, New London Spicer FFA; Glen Morris, Medford FFA; Calvin Oberg, Ulen Hitterdal FFA; Daniel Oeltjenbruns, Mountain Lake FFA; Ryan Olson, Buffalo FFA; Eryn Orth, Lewiston Altura FFA; Bret R. Otte, Randolph FFA; Trevor

Otte, Randolph FFA; Mallory Pagel, Fulda FFA; Mikayla Paulson, Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart FFA: John Peterson, Randolph FFA; Mark Pirsig, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City FFA; Andrew Praus, Kenyon Wanamingo FFA; Jenna Radtke, Mahnomen FFA; Nolan Rockstad, Ada Borup FFA; Marissa Roden, Battle Lake FFA; Brandon Roiger, Sleepy Eye FFA; Caroline Rose Rother, Plainview Elgin Millville FFA; Brandi Ruprecht, Wabasso FFA; Katelyn Sather, Winona FFA; Paul Schaefer, Southland FFA; Sarah Schalm, Medford FFA; Jaclyn Schlaak, Waseca FFA; Tyler Schleske, Fergus Falls FFA; Ashley Lynn Schlueter, Hutchinson FFA; Joel Schmitz, Eden Valley Watkins FFA; Chelsea Schossow, Winona FFA; Andy Schreck, Lac qui Parle Valley FFA; Rachel Rihana Schroeder, Redwood Valley FFA; Matthew Schroepfer, Sleepy Eye FFA; Alex Schultz, Mountain Lake FFA; Derick T. Schultz, United South Central FFA; Laura Schultz, United South Central FFA; Stuart Schumacher, Southwest Star Concept FFA; Ashtin Scotting, Murray County Central FFA; Trevor Serbus, Cedar Mountain FFA; Lauren Elizabeth Servick, LeRoy-Ostrander FFA; Heidie Sloot, GFW Pioneer Express FFA; Aryel Smith, Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart FFA; Logan J. Sonnek, United South Central FFA; Alex Spinler, Medford FFA; Michael Sprenger, Sleepy Eye FFA; Alisha Stemper, Foley FFA; Ryan Stene, Norman County West FFA; Samantha Swanson, Buffalo Lake-HectorStewart FFA; Greta Tank, Randolph FFA; Dalton Taylor, Wabasso FFA; Jacob Trebesch, Sleepy Eye FFA; SamiJo VanDerostyne, Canby FFA; Shaina ReNaye Walstrom, Buffalo Lake-Hector-Stewart FFA; Patrick Wendinger, Cedar Mountain FFA; Brooke Wente, Morris Area FFA; Erin Wicker, Kimball FFA

MICHIGAN: Megan Abbott, Ravenna FFA; Timothy Abbott, Ravenna FFA; Shelby Anderson, Maple Valley FFA; Amber Ash, Perry FFA; Laryssa C. Bates, Unionville Sebewaing Area FFA; Dan Beers, Caledonia FFA; Wynne Blackmer, Alma FFA; Jennifer Booms, Ubly FFA; Nicole B. Booms, Ubly FFA; Brandon E. Borke, Alpena FFA; Andrea Borup, Saranac FFA; Jonathan C Bulmon, Sand Creek FFA; Kalvin Canfield, Perry FFA; Brad Cole, Durand FFA; Katie Collier, Hopkins FFA; Mandie Collier, Hopkins FFA; Trevor Collier, Hopkins FFA; Nate Curl, Homer FFA; Ashley Deachin, Ubly FFA; Jacqueline DeClerg, Durand FFA; Nathaniel Dohr, Durand FFA; Alycia Drwencke, Lenawee Vo Tech Center AM FFA; Sara Dwyer, Ithaca FFA; Amber Eagling, Alpena FFA; Martin Fabrik, Charlotte FFA; Rebecca Flynn, Branch Area Careers Center FFA; Lance A. Fowler, Saint Louis FFA; Nathan Frahm, Caledonia FFA; Alyssa Gehring, Harbor Beach FFA; Alan Green, Hopkins FFA; Erica

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Gremel, Unionville Sebewaing Area FFA; Jennifer Hagen, Ubly FFA; Nick Hagen, Ubly FFA; Juliann Handziak, Beal City FFA; Christina Hehl, Coopersville FFA; Emily Helsen, Ravenna FFA; Lexa Hettinger, Fremont FFA; Amanda Higbee, Branch Area Careers Center FFA; Kathrine Houlihan, Branch Area Careers Center FFA; Hunter Hrabal, Saint Louis FFA; Teasha Johnson, Montague FFA; Ellie Karweik, Hopkins FFA; Laura Kelly, Saint Louis FFA; Heather Koch, Saint Louis FFA; Jason Krepps, Ravenna FFA; Nathan F. Krohn, Laker FFA; Darcy Lipskey, Ubly FFA; Zach Martyn, Ithaca FFA; Patrick Merchant, Ithaca FFA; Emily Middleton, Tuscola Tech FFA; Elizabeth Miller, Hopkins FFA; Elaine Minnard, Olivet FFA; AnnaBeth Musolf, Dansville FFA; Alicia K. Neveau, Perry FFA; Zachary Parent, Caledonia FFA; Jessica J. Pell, Fremont FFA; Jordan Phillips, Corunna FFA; Amber N. Pickard, Hastings FFA; William Poet, Saline FFA; Taylor Elaine Potts, Homer FFA; Tyler Prater, Homer FFA; Abigail Recker, Chippewa Hills FFA; Hannah Reeves, Ithaca FFA; Sam Reeves, Ithaca FFA; Aaron Scott Richard, Chippewa Hills FFA; Daniel J. Ringkvist, Lenawee Vo Tech Center AM FFA; Rebecca Ringle, Ithaca FFA; Keeley Rosel, Coopersville FFA; Jessica Sawvel, Chesaning Union FFA; Walter Schreiner III, Saint Louis FFA; Abigal Schreur, Branch Area Careers Center FFA; Jessica Sherwood, Saint Louis FFA; Michelle Smith, Ithaca FFA; Danielle Marie Stewart, Chippewa Hills FFA; Melinda Sweeney, Laker FFA; Adam Thomas, Ithaca FFA; Mark Trowbridge Jr., Centreville FFA; Kenneth Dale VandenBout III, Caledonia FFA; Nicholas D. Verbanic, Montague FFA; Nick Verhaar, Laker FFA; Melissa Vogel, Ubly FFA; Steven Weiss, Port Hope FFA; David Whaley, Byron FFA; Heather Wise, Lapeer County FFA; Carmen Zwemmer, Laker FFA;

MASSACHUSETTS: Monica Aguilar, Norfolk County Ag FFA; Kaitlyn Elizabeth Benjamin, Norfolk County Ag FFA MARYLAND: Dalton Sterling

Clabaugh, Walkersville FFA; Natalie Fogle, Walkersville FFA; Ashley Fuss, Walkersville FFA; Dane Clayton Grossnickle, Middletown FFA; Jessica Lynn Imler, Middletown




FFA; Aaron Dailey Lantz, Oakland FFA; Levi Glenn Lantz, Oakland FFA; Daniel Steven Myers, Catoctin FFA; Maegan Elizabeth Olson, Walkersville FFA; Elizabeth Adeline Shriver, Catoctin FFA; Kristen Wolfe, Walkersville FFA

LOUISIANA: Marcus Aaron Babers, Lakeview FFA; Cody Lane Beard, Beau Chene FFA; Jason Kyle Benoit, Beau Chene FFA; Bobby Dybas, Ebarb FFA; Kristin F. Dyess, Pearl River FFA; Lydia Faulk, Elton FFA; Bryan M. Haley, Covington FFA; Brendan Hardee, Converse FFA; Shannon Heath, Saint Amant FFA; David Howard Kershaw, Iowa FFA; Todd Landry, Assumption Senior FFA; Samuel Laroux, Ebarb FFA; William Mayfield, Pearl River FFA; Victoria Novitsky, Pearl River FFA; Ralynn O’Brien, Lacassine FFA; Brandon Parrie, Converse FFA; Blaze Pertuis, Saint Amant FFA; Heather D. Singletary, Pearl River FFA; Nicholas Walker, Quitman FFA KENTUCKY: Trenton L.

Ayer, McLean County FFA; Cody Badertscher, McLean County FFA; Addie Baldwin, Logan County FFA; Michael Thomas Benedict, Washington County FFA; Hannah Bradford, East Carter FFA; James Griffin Bradley, Bath County FFA; Matthew K. Bruce, Webster County FFA; Samantha Jo Buckman, Taylor County FFA; Sheldon Burks, Barren County FFA; Kasin Burnett, East Carter FFA; Katelyn Carman, Casey County FFA; Abigail Chandler, Allen County-Scottsville FFA; Winifred Cheuvront, Taylor County FFA; Brittany J. Childers, Scott County FFA; Kelsey Choate, Madison Southern FFA; Zachery Choate, Madison Southern FFA; Katie Diane Conn, Rowan County Senior FFA; Ben Conner, Warren East FFA; Brandon Cotton, Spencer County FFA; Ashley R. Cottrell, LaRue County FFA; Ashley Nicole Cundiff, Bourbon County FFA; Nathan Allen Dailey, Bath County FFA; Faith Celess Darland, Mercer FFA; Clay Darnell, Harrison County FFA; Lindsey Marie Daugherty, Jessamine County FFA; Emma K. Dennis, Central Hardin FFA; Heath P. Durbin, McLean County FFA; Nathan Ellis, Whitley County FFA; Shea Elswick, LaRue County FFA; Danielle M. Fancher, LaRue County FFA; Courtney L. Finch, Scott County FFA; Melissa Fister, Scott County FFA; Ashley Fritsch, Scott County FFA; Tori McKenna Fugate, Butler County FFA; Mary Anne Garnett, Christian County FFA; Dylan L. Gipson, Central Hardin FFA; Miranda Jo Goff, Nelson County FFA; Justin Goodlett, Spencer County FFA; Rebecca Graves, Franklin County FFA; Mikayla Beth Grider, Monroe County FFA; Andrew Keith Grubb, Boyd County FFA; Jacob Howard, Apollo FFA; Morgan Hudgins, Scott County FFA; Mary-Katherine Winston Jacobs, Bourbon County FFA; Samuel Thomas Janes, Green

County FFA; Derek J. Jeffries, Henry County FFA; Patrick Reese Johnson, Webster County FFA; Ashton Taylor Jones, Mercer FFA; Destiny Jordan, Bath County FFA; Ben Lewis, Rowan County Senior FFA; Austin Dale Lindsey, Edmonson County FFA; Jerrad Livers, Marion County FFA; Allie Aleece Maples, Montgomery County FFA; Stephanie Mattingly, Barren County FFA; Carolyn Ann McGee, Allen County-Scottsville FFA; Anna Meador, Franklin Simpson FFA; Caroline Milam, Logan County FFA; Lee Jared Miles, Spencer County FFA; Danielle Montgomery, Spencer County FFA; Elizabeth M. Moore, Garrard County FFA; Kimberlie Moore, Livingston Central FFA; Mariah Mullins, Boyd County FFA; Ruth Ann Myers, Boyle County FFA; Lauren Denise Nevitt, Apollo FFA; Jacob Ovesen, LaRue County FFA; Kristen Parrett, Central Hardin FFA; Luke Perraut, Harrison County FFA; Sam Perry, Spencer County FFA; Meagan Pinkston, Mercer FFA; Joanna Porter, Warren Central FFA; Daniella Renae Powell, Estill County FFA; Clayton Rapp, Fleming County FFA; Lydia Richardson, LaRue County FFA; Jared Tyler Rose, Butler County FFA; Michael Sandusky, Marion County FFA; Sidney Shackelford, Todd County Central FFA; Alton Shepherd, Bath County FFA; Amanda Shoemake, Logan County FFA; Kelly Nicole Smith, Jessamine County FFA; Austin Smotherman, Logan County FFA; Dillon Spalding, Henderson County FFA; Richard Evan Staviski, Bath County FFA; Gabriel Stodghill, Spencer County FFA; Casara Ann Sublett, Butler County FFA; Hunter Sutton, Owen County FFA; Kenzie Swartz, Scott County FFA; Rebecca Quinn Switzer, Harrison County FFA; Meredith Davis Tapp, Bourbon County FFA; Taylor Tinsley, Logan County FFA; Hayley Marie Utter, LaRue County FFA; Nathaniel Dwain Vice, Bath County FFA; David Vincent, Logan County FFA; Allison Ware, Casey County FFA; Ashley M. Ware, Casey County FFA; Jared Whitlock, LaRue County FFA; Ashleigh Danielle Willis, Bath County FFA; Mallory Wright, Logan County FFA; Jeffrey Yeckering, Apollo FFA; Rachel Young, Franklin County FFA

KANSAS: Dayton Allen, Mission Valley FFA; Elizabeth Nicole Allen, Holton FFA; Kyle Anderson, Chapman FFA; Douglas Paul Apley, Blue Valley FFA; Lindy L. Bilberry, Garden City FFA; Heidi Bohnenblust, Clay Center FFA; Zachary Brzon, Republic County FFA; Carrie Elizabeth Carlson, Centre FFA; Tyler K. Cates, Ell Saline FFA; Emily Chestnut, Clay Center FFA; Michael James Clark, Valley Heights FFA; Kenzie Curran, Girard FFA; Wesley Davis, Mission Valley FFA; Zachary DeBusk, Girard FFA; Nathaniel Lee Doss, Washington County FFA; Treg Easley, Chetopa FFA; Brice Elliott, Holcomb Cons FFA; Randy Gaeddert, Fairfield FFA; Nicholas L.

Goode, Hugoton FFA; Kayla Gore, Free State FFA; Sarah J. Gowen, Free State FFA; Corbin Greene, Rock Hills FFA; Derek Haug, Manhattan FFA; Curtis Hewlett, Cherryvale FFA; Chance Hunley, Riverton FFA; Brooke Lee Jackson, Arkansas City FFA; Faith Marie Johnson, Paola FFA; Bailey Alan Joonas, Linn FFA; Tyler Kasl, Republic County FFA; Steven Craig Knoche, Fairfield FFA; Jacob Kralik, Ellsworth FFA; Eli Mangels, Holcomb Cons FFA; Augusta A. Marston, Moundridge FFA; Karley Anne McFadyen, Arkansas City FFA; Amanda Nelson, Anderson County FFA; Carly Newberry, Saint Paul FFA; Samantha Nickelson, Hill City FFA; Karessa Nicole Nordyke, Hugoton FFA; Cody O’Brien, Cherryvale FFA; Jake Ohlde, Linn FFA; Hayleigh Passauer, Cherryvale FFA; Dylan J. Pfizenmaier, Blue Valley FFA; Wyatt Pracht, Anderson County FFA; Gracie Rockers, Anderson County FFA; Braidyn D. Rucker, Newton FFA; Laura Rush, Doniphan West FFA; Nathan Saint, Rock Hills FFA; Audrey Schmitz, Axtell FFA; Levi Oliver Schuster, South Haven FFA; Marci A. Scripter, Chapman FFA; Nathan M. Smart, Marmaton Valley FFA; Trey Smedley, Cherryvale FFA; Ashley Stewart, Washington County FFA; Jackson Turner, Holcomb Cons FFA; Ellen Kay Walker, Arkansas City FFA; Anissa Zagonel, Girard FFA

IOWA: Derek Ackerman, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Jessica Lauren Ackerson, Indianola FFA; Sarah Al-Mazroa, Winterset FFA; Hannah Ankenbauer, Cam FFA; Kelsey Beener, Cam FFA; Andrew P. Benning, Tall Corn FFA; Jacob Bergfeld, Cascade Junior/Senior FFA; Jonathan P. Bierschenk, Benton Community FFA; Zane Bodensteiner, North Fayette FFA; Shelby Bormann, Northeast FFA; Brock W. Boswell, Central Trail FFA; Bridget Lynn Bouska, SumnerFredericksburg FFA; Harlie Boyer, Eddyville-Blakesburg FFA; Jordan Richard Brand, Indianola FFA; Dylan Brockshus, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Benjamin Burkhart, North Fayette FFA; Alex Buseman, Charles City FFA; Jared Calvert, Guthrie Center FFA; Jessica Cater, Indianola FFA; Trenton Cheers, Indianola FFA; Cole Chesnut, Waverly-Shell Rock FFA; Aaron Wayne Coffman, Southeast Warren FFA; Ross Tyrel Collins, Pleasantville FFA; Steven Connell, Dewitt Central FFA; Abigail B. Costello, Linn-Mar FFA; Dalton Evan Crabs, Brokaw FFA; Chance Denney, Cam FFA; Marshall Kenneth Dolch, Corning FFA; Marissa Donahue, Coon Rapids-Bayard FFA; Victoria Mary Eckley, Pekin FFA; Marshall Eddy, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Austin James Ehlers, Sioux Central FFA; Walker Embree, Cam FFA; Shelby Rae Erickson, Carroll Area FFA; Tanner Fellinger, Monticello FFA; Chester Leroy Fisher, Gilbert FFA; Zeb Fisher, Mid-Prairie FFA; Doug Folkmann, Marengo FFA; Michael Alexander Foltz, Central Trail FFA;

Dillon Fry, Marengo FFA; Danielle Gordon, Wapsie Valley Junior/ Senior FFA; Maggie K. Gravel, Cascade Junior/Senior FFA; Alison Green, Cascade Junior/Senior FFA; Julia Griffieon, North Polk Junior/Senior FFA; Ben Guthrie, Maquoketa Valley FFA; Geordan Enoch Hanson, Valley FFA; Natalie Anne Hanson, LaPorte-Dysart FFA; Caleb Hartwig, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Matthew Hefti, Tall Corn FFA; Meridith Heinold, Algona FFA; Evan Henningsen, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Joe Herrmann, Marengo FFA; Alyssa Hibbing, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Skylar Hosch, Cascade FFA; Timothy Houtchens, Vinton Shellsburg FFA; Wade Howard, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Ben Huntley, Estherville FFA; Evan Ihde, North Fayette FFA; Jeffrey Jensen, Marengo FFA; Dustin L. Johnson, Hawkeye FFA; Megan Jurgens, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Victor Eugene Kalb, Oelwein FFA; Kaci Keitzer, Mediapolis FFA; Kendra Keitzer, Mediapolis FFA; Matthew Kerns, Mount Ayr Community FFA; Nathan Wayne Kloft, Northeast FFA; Karissa Knutson, South Winneshiek FFA; Joanna Kruger, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Susan Krummen, Sioux Central FFA; Laura Kurth, Anamosa FFA; Nicholas Richard Lane, Indianola FFA; Shelby Lappegard, Estherville FFA; John Lauer, North Fayette FFA; James W. Leonard, Newton Senior FFA; Kayla Lueder, North Fayette FFA; Brian Mahoney, Cascade Junior/ Senior FFA; Lexi Marek, Washington FFA; Christopher Marlowe, Dewitt Central FFA; Dalton Martinek, Crestwood FFA; Leslie Jean Marvin, Preston East FFA; Tanner Mashek, South Winneshiek FFA; Heather E. McAtee, Anamosa FFA; Abrah Meyer, Wapsie Valley Junior/Senior FFA; Brooke Miller, Wapsie Valley Junior/Senior FFA; Meghan Mills, Waverly-Shell Rock FFA; Anthony Moellers, North Fayette FFA; Joseph Mohlis, North Fayette FFA; Nicole Monck, Monticello FFA; Jessica Nasers, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Dakota Nelson, Anamosa FFA; Tyler Nydegger, North Fayette FFA; Caleb Oswald, Coon Rapids-Bayard FFA; Jacob Parle, Humboldt FFA; Cole Parmely, Oelwein FFA; Joel D. Parr, Benton Community FFA; Kylie Peterson, Albia FFA; Brad Pickhinke, East SAC FFA; Abby Pothoven, Knoxville FFA; Zach John Powers, Creston FFA; Jamie Michael Pudenz, Carroll Area FFA; Morgan Renee Quick, Mount Ayr Community FFA; Bryan Rau, Oelwein FFA; Megan Marie Rauen, West Dubuque FFA; Alexis Reno, Central Trail FFA; Brandon Ross Reynolds, Indianola FFA; Troy Schmidt, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Mariah Schmitt, South Winneshiek FFA; Molly Schmitt, North Fayette FFA; Andrew Schnebly, Coon RapidsBayard FFA; Nicholas E. Schrader, Benton Community FFA; Joshua Thomas Schuster, Maquoketa FFA; Troy Schwartz, Guthrie Center FFA; Emily Seidl, Coon Rapids-Bayard FFA;


Connor Selken, Benton Community FFA; Tyler Sellner, Maquoketa Valley FFA; Brandon Edward Shatek, New Hampton FFA; Elli Slouha, Midland FFA; Heather Sommerfeldt, Wapsie Valley Junior/Senior FFA; Spencer Spain, Valley FFA; Braxton Steensen, Guthrie Center FFA; Amber Stender, Cam FFA; Nicholas Stoll, Cascade Junior/Senior FFA; Sarah Virgina Striegel, Tri County Community FFA; Rachel Lynn Strong, Valley FFA; Benjamin Swartzrock, Charles City FFA; Tyler Swenson, Montezuma Community FFA; Brandon Taglauer, Fairfield FFA; Matt Tekippe, West Delaware Community FFA; Dillon Thies, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Nathan Tieskotter, Crestwood FFA; Makenzie Toenjes, Anamosa FFA; Emily Jean Toennies, Belle Plaine FFA; Jenny Travaille, SibleyOcheyedan FFA; Johnathan Triggs, Mount Ayr Community FFA; Phillip M. Trumm, Cascade Junior/Senior FFA; Kylie VanBennekom, Marengo FFA; Johannah Michale Vittetoe, Washington FFA; Mollie Walker, Emmetsburg FFA; Jessica Webster, Pleasantville FFA; Alexander J. Weg, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Shelby Williams, Adair-Casey FFA; Gabriel Wittenburg, Wapsie Valley Junior/Senior FFA; Celina Young, Waverly-Shell Rock FFA; Nolan Daniel Zumbach, West Delaware FFA; Joseph Zweigart, Benton Community FFA

INDIANA: Allie Abney, Franklin

Community FFA; Annie Rose Achen, Benton Central FFA; Lucas Adams, South Ripley Community FFA; Alisha Christine Bahler, Tri County FFA; Zed Bickett, Tri County FFA; Cody Blessinger, Southridge FFA; Andrew Bolinger, Manchester Community FFA; Levi R. Bolser, Liberty FFA; Thomas Borgerding, Jay County FFA; Jennifer Braun, Jay County FFA; Sara Breitwieser, Northeast Dubois FFA; Samantha Danielle Brown, Rossville FFA; Sarah Bruce, Tri County FFA; Andrea Bruggeman, Jay County FFA; Jessyca Byers, Jay County FFA; Skylar Campbell, West Noble FFA; Erik Carpenter, Delphi Community FFA; Braden Clawson, Delphi Community FFA; Cameron Coghill, Delphi Community FFA; Haylee Cooper, Liberty FFA; Laura Crosby, Southwestern FFA; Makayla Marie Crossley, Hagerstown Junior/ Senior FFA; Joanne Lee Curran, South Ripley Community FFA; Lindsay Davis, Clinton Central FFA; Evan T. Derry, Eastbrook FFA; Jill Dirksen, Jay County FFA; Sarah Dirksen, Jay County FFA; Logan Scot Endicott, North Montgomery FFA; Brett Farrell, Delphi Community FFA; Robin Foutch, Tri County FFA; Cameron Frazier, Riverton Parke FFA; Rebekah Frey, Prairie Heights FFA; Colton Geiger, Churubusco FFA; Lucas Wayne Gilbert, West Washington FFA; Brandi Goldsby, North Montgomery FFA; Kelli Grimm, West Noble FFA; Austin Gross, Danville FFA; Olivia Hewitt, Switzerland County FFA; Carl D.

Hobson, Hagerstown Junior/Senior FFA; Kayla Hoenert, North Posey FFA; Samantha Homan, Jay County FFA; Cory Hopper, Lakeland FFA; Mallory Huffer, Rossville FFA; Sean P. Huss, Owen Valley FFA; Nila Johnson, Switzerland County FFA; Kaitlyn Kanis, Churubusco FFA; Ashley Kincaid, Southmont FFA; Cassie Klaus, Tri County FFA; Wyatt Krom, Liberty FFA; Caroline Kuhn, Rushville FFA; Heather Lehe, Tri County FFA; Ashley Lewis, Carroll FFA; Larry A. Lodge III, Hagerstown Junior/ Senior FFA; Michaela Pearl Long, Turkey Run FFA; Marissa Lorenz, Fairfield Junior/Senior FFA; Adam Marvell, Delphi Community FFA; Ethan McNeely, Scottsburg FFA; Emily Miller, North Harrison FFA; Anna Muhlenkamp, Jay County FFA; Rachel Need, Rossville FFA; Dylan Marie Nicholson, West Washington FFA; Dexter Jacob Odle, North Montgomery FFA; Tyler Osborne, Jay County FFA; Cree James Overmyer, Turkey Run FFA; Brianna Perry, North Posey FFA; Lucinda Rose Phares, Mount Vernon FFA; Ross Phillips, Danville FFA; Logan Pike, Switzerland County FFA; Katie Reier, Jay County FFA; Michela Rothenberger, Rossville FFA; Ben Sheldon, Martinsville FFA; Micaela Jo Sheldon, Tri County FFA; Kyle Siegrist, Jay County FFA; Shelby Kay Sigman, Benton Central FFA; Joseph T. Silver, Benton Central FFA; Desiree Steinkamp, Seymour FFA; Ethan Stevenson, Northview FFA; Matt Strimple, South Ripley Community FFA; Brooke Sturgell, North Posey FFA; Neil Underwood, Manchester Community FFA; Lana Van Auken, Angola FFA; David Veach, Delphi Community FFA; Emily Webster, South Ripley Community FFA; Hayden D. Wilder, Tri County FFA; Anna Will, North Posey FFA; Zach Young, Lakeland FFA; Shelby Zink, Benton Central FFA

ILLINOIS: Stephanie Adams,

Sherrard FFA; Tyler Adcock, Central A&M FFA; Daniel Albrecht, Iroquois West FFA; Austin Anderson, Pittsfield FFA; Corey Andrews, Triopia FFA; Dustin Lee Atteberry, Cisne FFA; Cole Baker, HartsburgEmden FFA; Ethan O. Balding, Edwards County FFA; Austin Betzold, Nokomis FFA; Cassie Billington, Cisne FFA; Mallory Blunier, Midland FFA; Kelsey Renee Burgener, Central A&M FFA; Katie Helen Burns, Sparta FFA; Jacob Burrus, Triopia FFA; Ross William Carls, Taylorville FFA; Adam Church, Pittsfield FFA; Tanner J. Clementz, Mount Pulaski FFA; Cody Conrady, Hartsburg-Emden FFA; Dakota Cowger, Peotone FFA; Noah Jacob Cross, HartsburgEmden FFA; Crystal Dau, Serena FFA; Gabriella Dempsey, Unity FFA; Paul Deutsch, Sycamore FFA; Morgan Adeline Doggett, Fairfield FFA; Ashlan Edwards, Farmington Central FFA; Robert J. Field, Liberty FFA; Michael Foley, Scales Mound FFA; Benjamin J. Franke, Valmeyer FFA; Austin Granby, Seneca FFA;

Matthew Hadden, Taylorville FFA; Taylor Anne Hardy, Illini West FFA; Perry William Harlow, Seneca FFA; Amanda Hartman, Waterloo FFA; Lauren Kay Hawker, Armstrong FFA; Nicholas Cade Hayden, Pittsfield FFA; Joe Heavner, Valmeyer FFA; Shania Hedrick, Cisne FFA; Andrew Hellmann, Edwardsville FFA; Rebekah Henrichs, Cissna Park FFA; Ryan Hildebrand, Payson FFA; Collin Neil Hillquist, Sycamore FFA; Leah Holland, Scales Mound FFA; Mallory Hopkins, Polo FFA; Kristin Horrell, Marion FFA; Chelsea Jean, Cissna Park FFA; Luke Jeffrey, Orangeville FFA; Mitch Johnson, Oregon FFA; Stephany Kaeb, Cissna Park FFA; Matt Kelly, Scales Mound FFA; Kelsey Kendall, Sycamore FFA; Ben Kiner, Mendota FFA; Patrick King, ROWVA FFA; Hayden Kinkade, West Richland FFA; Renee Kinzinger, New Athens FFA; Betsy Kirbach, Jerseyville Community FFA; Jacob Krug, River Ridge FFA; Josh Lesko, Somonauk-Leland-Sandwich FFA; Caleb Long, Bluffs FFA; Amy Loschen, Tri-Point FFA; Ray Lovelace, Nokomis FFA; Wayne V. Madson Jr., Wesclin FFA; Alexandra Mahrenholz, Lawrenceville FFA; Katlyn Marie Maloy, Cisne FFA; Jessica Manthe, Kewanee FFA; Mikayla Massie, Cisne FFA; Ashlyn May, Liberty FFA; Charles William Mayfield III, Athens FFA; Austin McAllister, Shawnee FFA; Erin N. Mckinney, Edwards County FFA; Jordan McWhirter, Edwards County FFA; Robert J. Meeker, Hartsburg-Emden FFA; Lauren A. Meents, Central Of Clifton FFA; Lucretia Mills, Cisne FFA; Cody Morris, Mattoon FFA; Kevin J. Mosbacher, Valmeyer FFA; Megan M. Mosbacher, Valmeyer FFA; Luke Muegge, Unity FFA; Karen E. Nehrkorn, Pinckneyville FFA; Meghan Obert, Liberty FFA; Courtney Porter, Payson FFA; Kolten Alexander Postin, Central A&M FFA; Brandon Prairie, Central Of Clifton FFA; Quentin Ratliff, Bluffs FFA; Kelly Elizabeth Robinson, Peotone FFA; Charles Matthew Salisbury, Midland FFA; Emily Jean Sams, Cisne FFA; Mary Kate Schopp, Pontiac FFA; Emily Schwartzkopf, Nashville Comm FFA; Sarah Sellars, Winchester FFA; Michael Shively, Paxton-Buckley-Loda FFA; Logan Simon, Liberty FFA; Stephen Snowman, Canton FFA; Jacob Sorrill, Liberty FFA; Daulton Speckhart, Payson FFA; Hayley Marie Spicer, Wayne City FFA; Corrine Stoewer, Scales Mound FFA; Christian Thurwanger, Sycamore FFA; Rachel Vaessen, Amboy FFA; Lexy Waterman, Nokomis FFA; Kortney Watts, Sangamon Valley FFA; Keri Weaver, Oregon FFA; David Webber, Midland FFA; Monte Wietholder, Payson FFA; Jake Wilken, Central Of Clifton FFA; Maria Wilkening, Cissna Park FFA; David Willming, Chrisman FFA; Brett Wilson, Paris FFA; Eric T. Winans, Taylorville FFA; Andrew Winning, Lena Winslow FFA; Nicole Zeien, Belvidere North FFA; Stephanie Zimmer, Peotone FFA

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IDAHO: Neil Andersen, American

Falls FFA; Luis Arellano, Midvale FFA; Kyler Beck, Parma FFA; Tanner Beymer, Kimberly FFA; Paul Blanscet, Parma FFA; Nathanael Brown, Burley FFA; Shandra Campbell, Payette FFA; Nicole Davis, North Fremont FFA; Kimberlyn Fehringer, American Falls FFA; Amy Gabica, Middleton FFA; Dallas Tyrel Goebel, North Fremont FFA; Melisssa Goetz, Meridian FFA; Selena Gregory, Mackay FFA; Garrett Guinn, Castleford FFA; Daniel Heikkila, Meridian FFA; Janine Johnson, Meridian FFA; Alice Knight, Salmon FFA; Jackson Knopp, Burley FFA; Sage Lanham, Emmett FFA; Doug McGregor, Filer FFA; Grace Meeker, Fruitland FFA; Preston Miller, American Falls FFA; Mark Duane Nebeker, Kuna FFA; Kenzie Nelson, Bear Lake FFA; Caden Potter, North Fremont FFA; Zachary Reynolds, Kuna FFA; Hannah Roberts, Preston FFA; Samantha Ann Roberts, Kuna FFA; Kelsey Rogers, Burley FFA; Cassidy Rueth, Parma FFA; Derek Stuivenga, Grangeville FFA; Brandy Trivett, Grangeville FFA; Lucas Villagomez, Wendell FFA; Rochelle Whitnah, American Falls FFA; Brett Wilder, Meridian FFA; Kaleb Williams, Sugar-Salem FFA; Kolten Williams, Sugar-Salem FFA

GEORGIA: Ansley Paige Akin,

Franklin County FFA; Candace Paige Barnes, Franklin County FFA; Catherine Bennett, Burke County FFA; Ashlyn Rebecca Brooker, Brantley County FFA; William Burt, Colquitt County FFA; Barron Fulghum Busby, Elbert County FFA; Colt Calhoun, Miller County FFA; Dylan Lee Cantrell, Jefferson FFA; William Lance Chapman, Pickens Co FFA; Kaylee Chitwood, Mary Persons FFA; Deanna Clay, Jeff Davis FFA; Garrison Wyatt Clenney, Miller County FFA; Christian Delugach, Habersham Central FFA; Sara Rebecca Duncan, Franklin County FFA; Kayla Marie Eason, Newton County FFA; Ryan English, Mary Persons FFA; Denton Taylor Erickson, Lee County FFA; Gregory Taylor Fain, Sonoraville FFA; Whitney Saige Frazier, Colquitt County FFA; Caleb Seth Garner, Treutlen FFA; Michael Garrett, Dawson County FFA; Cheyenne Rose Gordon, Madison County FFA; Rachel Grimsley, Miller County FFA; J. J. Harper, White County FFA; Maggie Michele Hart, Colquitt County FFA; Dustin Haskins, Jeff Davis FFA; Micah




Henry, Wheeler County FFA; Patrick Hickerson, Hephzibah FFA; Alex Holman, Jefferson FFA; Timothy Wayne Brown Hubbard, Gordon Central FFA; Colby Hunter, Seminole County FFA; Kevin Jones, Madison County FFA; Debi Bri Kittle, Madison County FFA; Taylor Lancaster, Elbert County FFA; Wilson Landin, Seminole County FFA; Logan Larmour, Burke County FFA; Jordan Leigh Lunsford, Madison County FFA; Dakota Meeks, Jeff Davis FFA; Sierra Skye Milligan, Swainsboro FFA; Ashton Mock, Miller County FFA; Vincent Earl Mohler, White County FFA; Andrew Moore, Jefferson FFA; Edward Moore, Perry FFA; Joshua Chris Moore, Dawson County FFA; Hillary Nicholson, Fannin FFA; Gabe Outlaw, Bleckley County FFA; Caleb Ownby, Fannin FFA; Caleb T. Patterson, Fannin FFA; Johnathan Andrew Paul, Oglethorpe County FFA; Jenna Dyan Phillips, Miller County FFA; Brandon Scott Poole, Franklin County FFA; Hillary Alyssa Pope, Screven County FFA; Lacy Laynn Powell, Eastside Transitional FFA; Megan L. Powell, Johnson County FFA; Hunter Pruitt, Sonoraville FFA; Justin Allen Rectenwald, Evans FFA; Olivia Taylor Rigdon, Emanuel County Institute FFA; Macie Rohler, Apalachee FFA; Cole G Roper, Franklin County FFA; Kate Russum, Madison County FFA; Hunter Saine, White County FFA; Ashley Elizabeth Sapp, South Effingham FFA; Brittany Sarah Sherrod, Emanuel County Institute FFA; Brody Shiver, Mary Persons FFA; Morgan South, Madison County FFA; Cole Summerlin, Colquitt County FFA; Savannah Tanner, Johnson County FFA; Megan Rose Todd, Dawson County FFA; Megan Troupe, Turner County FFA; Robert Veal, Johnson County FFA; Jonathan Waters, Dawson County FFA; Nathan Webb, Colquitt County FFA; Casey Leigh Weredyk, South Effingham FFA; Dustin Robert Whittaker, Seminole County FFA; Jacob Wilkie, Dawson County FFA; Joshua D. Williams, Swainsboro FFA; Tanner Omie Wilson, Brantley County FFA; Matthew Womble, Seminole County FFA; Adair Woodward, Mary Persons FFA

FLORIDA: Delaney Rose Ahrens,

Brooksville Senior FFA; Stephanie Aubertin, Brooksville Senior FFA; Jessica Marie Baldwin, Northview FFA; Hailey Bason, Chiefland Senior FFA; Morgan Belsley, Durant Senior FFA; Travis Bergdoll, Williston Senior FFA; Brady Lee Bond, Fort Pierce Westwood FFA; Brittney Bozzi, Taylor Senior FFA; Chase Brannan, Baker County Senior FFA; Regan C. Brown, Orlando Colonial Senior FFA; Nick Bruton, West Orange Senior FFA; Brittany N. Cannon, Fort Meade Senior FFA; Morgan Carlton, Kathleen Senior FFA; Quinn Michele Carter, Haines City Senior FFA; Megan Codallo, Varela FFA; Kayla A. Cole, Brooksville Senior FFA; Jesse Coleman, Durant Senior FFA; KateLynn Cook, Middleburg FFA;

Tyler D’Angelo, De Land Senior FFA; Kennedy Dean, Durant Senior FFA; Danielle Rose DeSilvestro, Lennard FFA; Morgan Dukes, Lake Butler Senior FFA; Travis Duncan, Bradford FFA; Daniel Eaton, Branford FFA; Mckenzie Farah, Braden River FFA; Thomas Farris, Kathleen Senior FFA; Niki Alexandra Ferguson, Malone FFA; Nicholas Fernandez, Strawberry Crest FFA; Kayla Christine Freeman, Lake Butler Senior FFA; George Wesley Fussell, Bartow Senior FFA; Clark Futch, Plant City FFA; Justin Gajewski, Plant City FFA; Michael Gary, Kathleen Senior FFA; Kaci Graham, Lake Butler Senior FFA; Nicole Green, Kathleen Senior FFA; Jennifer Greene, Lakewood Ranch Senior FFA; Skye Guyette, Auburndale Senior FFA; Steven Harris, Branford FFA; Lori Harrison, Trenton Senior FFA; Garrett Hart, Lafayette Senior FFA; J. T. Hearn, Taylor Senior FFA; Taylor Reigh Henderson, Branford FFA; Jessica Humphrey, Okeechobee Brahman FFA; Kyle Jahna, Avon Park FFA; Taylor Kennedy, Keystone Junior/ Senior FFA; Taylor Khare, Armwood FFA; Colin B. Kirker III, Palmetto FFA; Jackson Sidney Koon, Lafayette Senior FFA; Kelly Lashbrook, Varela FFA; Kyle Wayne Lee, Strawberry Crest FFA; Ambria Nicole Llauger, Sickles FFA; Logan Luse, Lafayette Senior FFA; Wallace Martin, DeSoto Senior FFA; Jake Andrew Maxwell, Strawberry Crest FFA; Audrey Taylor May, Palmetto FFA; Tori Mayes, Lecanto Senior FFA; Miranda Mayo, Durant Senior FFA; Ashley Nicole McLeod, Laurel Hill FFA; Felicity Rain Mejeris, Chiefland Senior FFA; Rebecca Melton, Bradford FFA; Ashley Meredith, Kathleen Senior FFA; Bryce Merrill, Williston Senior FFA; Ashley Modrow, Strawberry Crest FFA; Monet C. Moore, Bradford FFA; Meagan Morgan, Chiefland Senior FFA; Taylor Elizabeth Nelson, Sickles Senior FFA; Kelsey Jannette Newsome, Durant Senior FFA; Kaylee Jean Norris, Frostproof Senior FFA; Alyssa Ohnstad, Strawberry Crest FFA; Kyle Oliver, West Orange Senior FFA; Jennifer Lynn Olson, Land O’Lakes FFA; Hunter Parrish, Trenton Senior FFA; Ryan Perez, Lake Butler Senior FFA; Georgia Anne Pevy, Sneads FFA; Grace Pipkins, Sickles Senior FFA; Chase Plasters, Belleview HS SeniorFFA; Ashlie Nichoel Preston, Strawberry Crest FFA; Stephanie Pretto, Varela FFA; Alison R. Pridgen, Keystone Junior/Senior FFA; Cynthia Pridgen, Keystone Junior/Senior FFA; Katie Quincey, Trenton Senior FFA; Taylor Marie Randell, Branford FFA; Lauren Rawlins, Bunnell FFA; Taylor Lee Ross, Bartow Senior FFA; Christina Routh, North Marion Senior FFA; Jerri L. Rowell, Durant Senior FFA; Tabitha Michelle Rowell, Fort Meade Senior FFA; Asheton Sanchez, Trenton Senior FFA; Haley Smith, Durant Senior FFA; Megan Rebecca Stein, Sebring Senior FFA; Elizabeth Mae Surface, Joe E. Newsome FFA; Travis Lee Wayne Theige, Wildwood

Senior FFA; Allison Lee Thomas, Durant Senior FFA; Launz Owyn Thompson, Williston Senior FFA; William James Tillett, Palmetto FFA; Jamee Lynne Townsend, Strawberry Crest FFA; Allyson Kate Trimble, Okeechobee Brahman FFA; Kathleen Ward, Brooksville Senior FFA; Brett M. Wasden, Bartow Senior FFA; Jacob Clay Whitehead, Bradford FFA; Taylor Whitehead, Bradford FFA; Gordon Ryan Yoder, Blountstown FFA

DELAWARE: Anthony Brooks, Sussex Central FFA; Michelle Renee Bullock, Lake Forest FFA; A. J. S. Cannon, Seaford FFA; Melanie Marie Jackson, Lake Forest FFA CONNECTICUT: Patricia Baker, Northwestern Region 7 FFA; Samantha K. Blick, Woodbury FFA; Edward M. Donini, Trumbull Regional FFA; Rachel Anna Footit, Lyman Hall FFA; Stacey Lynn Miner, Ledyard FFA; Kies Orr, Killingly FFA; Annie Rathbun, Lebanon Regional FFA; Christopher Ricard, Woodbury FFA; Kristie Shomsky, Trumbull Regional FFA; Heather Slattery, Killingly FFA; Kaitlyn M. Way, Ledyard FFA COLORADO: Tyler James Alles,

Greeley West FFA; Kristina Marie Alm, Flagler FFA; Donald Drew Auburger, Springfield FFA; Mary Charollette Brehon, Eaton FFA; Andrew John Bridges, Lone Star FFA; Andrew James Bruining, Greeley West FFA; Dawson Wayne Chesnut, Platte Valley FFA; John-Marc Cloer, Crowley County FFA; Zach Cooper, Stratton FFA; Ryan Daves, Cortez FFA; Ryan L. Ernst, Wiggins FFA; Nicole Barbara Fischer, Windsor FFA; Kayla Nicole Hannel, Holly FFA; Karlee JoLyn Harris, Lone Star FFA; McKenzie Hatch, Platte Valley FFA; Austin J. Hatchell, Eaton FFA; Rikki Paige Heyman, Platte Valley FFA; Abigail Horn, Soroco FFA; Alicia James, Eads FFA; Mitchell Kammerer, Eaton FFA; Hubert logan Kimberlin, Olathe FFA; Courtney Nichole Klein, Platte Valley FFA; Brody Ann Klinglesmith, Fruita FFA; Bailey Elizabeth Kraich, Brush FFA; Jordan Michael Landen, Eaton FFA; Rachael M. Latta, Cedaredge FFA; Colton Dennis Lefor, Greeley West FFA; Mary E. Lenz, Wray FFA; Jarrod Leoffler, Arickaree FFA; Abby Marie Linnebur, Limon FFA; Jaylinn Marie Lohr, Platte Valley FFA; Heath Long, Platte Valley FFA; Kendal May Malone, Hi-Plains FFA; Tyler Marick, Greeley West FFA; Shealynn McCracken, Eads FFA; Brooke Elliott Miller, Eaton FFA; Andrew Todd Minor, Arickaree FFA; Jeananne Mosher, Olathe FFA; Wilson Harper Ogg, Platte Valley FFA; Morgan C. Penner, St. Vrain Valley FFA; Melissa R. Poet, Flagler FFA; Justin Pyfrom, Eaton FFA; Abigail Renee Reinick, Platte Valley FFA; Kaitlyn Richie, Hi-Plains FFA; Justin Riley, Greeley West FFA; Cody Matthew Roth, Windsor FFA; Elaina Grace Rudder, Limon FFA; Daniel

Sanders, Greeley West FFA; Collin Wayne Sires, Walsh FFA; Kelsey Deanne Smith, Montrose FFA; Megan Lynn Thormodsgard, Briggsdale FFA; Tim Dale Volberding, Arickaree FFA; Rachel Marie Waite, Platte Valley FFA; Tyler Walter, Platte Valley FFA; Jaelyn Rhae Whaley, Soroco FFA; Landan Glen Wilson, Cortez FFA; Amanda Lynn Witcher, Ignacio FFA

CALIFORNIA: Gianna Abatti, Nipomo FFA; Arturo Aguilar, Fowler FFA; Brooke Aguirre, Fillmore FFA; Madison Albiani, Elk Grove FFA; Brandon Allbright, Templeton FFA; Cayci Allison, Lemoore FFA; Donielle Aluisi, Clovis FFA; Rafael Alvarado, Carpinteria FFA; Luis Alvarez, Central Valley-Ceres FFA; Suzanne Amaral, Sonoma Valley FFA; Camille Anderson, Templeton FFA; Jacob Anderson, Wasco FFA; Nick Anderson, Hamilton Uhs FFA; Amy Andrews, Foothill FFA; Tyler Arebalo, Templeton FFA; Nancy Armenta, King City FFA; Steven R. Atkins, FresnoCentral FFA; Arianna Avina, St. Helena FFA; Dylan Azevedo, Arroyo Grande FFA; Kevin Azevedo, Gustine FFA; Ciara Babcock, Big Valley FFA; William Bailey, Ceres-Central Valley FFA; Madison Barnes, Foothill FFA; Rebecca Barnett, Big Valley FFA; Elmer Barrueta, Santa Maria FFA; ReAnn Teresa Bassett, Laton FFA; Rhett Bergman, Kingsburg FFA; Hannah Berna, Hanford FFA; Marisol Bernal, Santa Maria FFA; Melanie Berner, Hughson FFA; Hunter Berry, San Jacinto FFA; Priscilla Betancourt, Lindsay FFA; Christina Nicole Bettencourt, Newman-Orestimba FFA; Mitchell Billington, Kingsburg FFA; Chase Bisby, Sutter Uhs FFA; Brad Borges, Hughson FFA; Jacob Boynton, Lodi FFA; Michael Breen, Lemoore FFA; Mackenzie Bressler, Colusa FFA; Emma Briggs, Petaluma FFA; Jonathan Briggs, Littlerock FFA; Taylor Brown, Strathmore FFA; Michael Buchmiller, Carpinteria FFA; Vanessa Cabrera, Lindsay FFA; Alexis Cain, San Marcos FFA; Shannon Caldwell, North FFA; Courtney Amber Callaway, Cuyama Valley FFA; Bryce Calta, East Nicolaus FFA; Valerie Canas-Gonzalez, Santa Maria FFA; Andrea Canavan, Anderson Union FFA; Christopher M. Capelle, Lemoore FFA; Shelby Caraway, Madera South FFA; Eduardo Cardona, Carpinteria FFA; Courtney Michele Carlton, Kerman FFA; Cameron Cates, Kingsburg FFA; Matthew Cavallero, Madera South FFA; Megan Chamberlin, Highland FFA; Shelby Chase, Highland FFA; Albert Chavez, Carpinteria FFA; Jana Jean Colombini, Linden FFA; Jennifer N. Crisanti, Newman-Orestimba FFA; Mallory Cross, Fresno-Central FFA; Jacob Crosslin, Sierra FFA; Megan Culbertson, Fresno-Central FFA; Trent Damas, Hughson FFA; Cheyenne Dana, Rio Vista FFA; Audrey Dappen, St. Helena FFA; James Daulton, Lemoore FFA; Scott Davidsen, Eureka FFA; Dianna Dawson, Templeton FFA; Alifonso Delgado, Carpinteria FFA; Peter


DiGrazia, Turlock FFA; Gabriella Kay Dodson, El Capitan FFA; Cassie Dorrell, Clovis East FFA; Joshua T. Dowell, O’Neals-Minarets FFA; Kristen Droogh, Lemoore FFA; Anthony Borges Drumonde, Hilmar FFA; Sabrina Dunn, Templeton FFA; Abigayle Durrer, Gregori FFA; Kristen Edgerly, Kingsburg FFA; Ali Einolander, Templeton FFA; John Eldridge, Dixon FFA; Courtney Faria, Tulare FFA; Zakary Ferguson, Santa Maria-Pioneer Valley FFA; Collin Fernandes, Tulare FFA; Claudia Flores, Hanford FFA; Haylee Ann Fonseca, Woodland-Pioneer FFA; Hannah Fortin, Lassen FFA; Gabrielle Franke, Galt FFA; Alexus Galassi, Fillmore FFA; Francesca Gambonini, Petaluma FFA; Arturo A. Gaona, Laton FFA; Hannah Garbani, Pine Valley Mountain Empire FFA; Kristopher Garcia, Corcoran FFA; Noel Garcia, Santa Maria FFA; Makala Gardner, Kingsburg FFA; Joseph Garibaldi, Morgan Hill-Sobrato FFA; Abisaid Garibay, San Marcos FFA; Joseph Geraldes, Turlock-Pitman FFA; Dominique C. Germann, Ceres-Central Valley FFA; Shane Gillard, Atwater Buhach Colony FFA; Andrew Gonzales, Winters FFA; Brittanee Granada, Corcoran FFA; Erica Granholm, Nevada Union FFA; Darren Grant, Kingsburg FFA; Abigail M. Grisedale, North FFA; Peter Guillen, Gonzales FFA; Anthony Gunlund, Kingsburg FFA; Alexandra Hahlbeck, Arroyo Grande FFA; Kayla Hall, Chico Senior FFA; Mayce Hamblin, Lemoore FFA; Zane Hammon, Exeter FFA; Jorgan Alexis Hanson, Turlock Pitman FFA; Jaclyn Hardesty, Elk Grove FFA; Marissa Hazelwood, Nipomo FFA; Taylor Briann Helton, Madera FFA; Hank Henning, Hamilton Uhs FFA; Juan De Dios Hernandez-Rosas, Santa Maria FFA; Elliot Herrera, Winters FFA; Kayla Hildebrand, Templeton FFA; Kayla M. Hilvers, Turlock FFA; Cody W. Hoss, El Capitan FFA; Savannah Faith Hoss, King City FFA; Benjamin Howard, Orland FFA; Lauren Huffaker, San Luis Obispo FFA; Erik Jensen, Independence Bakersfield FFA; Curtis John, Blythe FFA; Audra Jones, Hamilton Uhs FFA; Dustin Jones, Washington Union FFA; Rhianna Jones, Fresno-Central FFA; Elaine Jordan, Altaville-Bret Harte FFA; Mekayla Danielle Karsten, Hanford FFA; Colleen Kelley, Santa Rosa FFA; Zachary R. Kertz, Valley Center FFA; Sean Kinsley, Chowchilla FFA; Arianna Koster, Tracy FFA; Jacob Koster, Tracy FFA; Zachary Koster, Tracy FFA; Sydney Kyle, Firebaugh FFA; Mary Kate LaBlue, Hanford FFA; Eric Lahargou, Templeton FFA; Roy G Lara, Pioneer Valley FFA; Jordan Lasiter, Chowchilla FFA; Clayton Lauchland, Lodi FFA; Angie Law, Santa Rosa FFA; Richard Laws, Lemoore FFA; Christopher Leal, Monache FFA; Jennifer Ledford, Firebaugh FFA; Jordan Lee, Hanford FFA; Katlyn Lee, Woodland-Pioneer FFA; Megan Lee, Modesto FFA; Taylor Lindquist, Templeton FFA; Benjamin Liwanag, East Union FFA; Mitchell Liwanag, East Union FFA; Austin

Logan, Lemoore FFA; Charles Lopez, Norco FFA; Miguel Lopez, Ripon FFA; Rubie Lopez-Segura, St. Helena FFA; Gina Lorenzi, Turlock Pitman FFA; Alexander Luis, Turlock FFA; Jeremy Luther, Reedley FFA; Peyton Maas, Nipomo FFA; Wyatt Macagno, Fresno-Central FFA; Zane A. Maddalena, Chowchilla FFA; Raeann Magill, Yuba City FFA; Max Manoukian, Healdsburg FFA; Dominique Mantel, King City FFA; Rachel Martin, Lone Pine FFA; Adan Martinez-Cruz, Santa Maria FFA; Ann Masengale, Bakersfield-Ridgeview FFA; Stephanie Raylee Mason, Mariposa County FFA; Natalie Marie Massa, Willows FFA; Harlee Maupin, El Capitan FFA; Jessica McCann, Lemoore FFA; Cody McCorkle, Hamilton Uhs FFA; Marie-Celine Anne McEuen, Hanford FFA; Randall McKay-Patlan, St. Helena FFA; Hayley Lucille McManis, Ripon FFA; Amy Mebane, North FFA; Alexis Rachelle Mello, Hanford FFA; Katelin Mello, Hanford FFA; Thomas Mello, Gustine FFA; Hannah Meno, Sonora FFA; Kendall Mickey, Nipomo FFA; Allyson Mifsud, Tracy FFA; Katie Migliazzo, Atwater Buhach Colony FFA; Jacob Mitchell, Eureka FFA; Morgan Molina, Firebaugh FFA; Garrett Morales, Atwater Buhach Colony FFA; Macayla Morse, Golden West FFA; Brice L. Mosekian, Fresno-Washington FFA; Trent Myers, Hanford FFA; Mikayla Nacci, Gustine FFA; Madison Narbaitz, Firebaugh FFA; Riley E. Nilsen, Nipomo FFA; Kevin Norris, Riverside-Norte Vista FFA; Megan O’Connell, Turlock-Pitman FFA; Kylie Ohm, Sutter Creek FFA; Trent Olson, Kingsburg FFA; Carmen Alexis Ontiveros, Firebaugh FFA; Richard Osorio-Cruz, Santa Maria FFA; Sheldon Overton, Fall River FFA; Justin Paim, Corcoran FFA; James Palmer, Mariposa County FFA; Drew Parsons, Santa Rosa FFA; Kelly Pedrotti, Eureka FFA; Noe Perez, Santa Maria FFA; Jessie Peterson, Petaluma FFA; Braden Phillips, Modesto FFA; Justin Phillips, Pine Valley Mountain Empire FFA; Jacob Pignone, Sobrato FFA; John Paul Pimentel, Hanford FFA; Kelsie Pitigliano, Tulare FFA; Amanda Prentice, Santa Rosa FFA; Riley Quinn, Elk Grove-Pleasant Grove FFA; Alexander Quintero, Firebaugh FFA; Claudia Marie Randall, Chico FFA; Kelly Raney, Santa Rosa FFA; Michaela Ratto, Ripon FFA; Kimberlie Raulino, Lemoore FFA; Adam Lane Reed, Johansen-Modesto FFA; Harrison Reilly, St. Helena FFA; Savanah Rhine, Hanford FFA; Allison Ribeiro, Lemoore FFA; Kaitlin Rickerl, Apple Valley Senior FFA; Gustavo Lopez Rivera, Shandon FFA; Ceirra Roberts, Ripon FFA; Cody Roberts, Lemoore FFA; Jordan Robinson, Lemoore FFA; Trenton Robinson, Bear River FFA; Jorge Robles, Nipomo FFA; Alexandra Rocha, Escalon FFA; Bryan Rocha, Petaluma FFA; Cameron Rocha, Newman-Orestimba FFA; Austin Rogers, El Capitan FFA; Kyle Rohrmann, Fresno-Central FFA; Brody Roland, El Capitan FFA; Alejandro Rosas, Gonzales FFA; Julissa Rosas,

Gonzales FFA : Colton Wayne Ross, Fortuna FFA; Angelena Ruffoni, Santa Rosa FFA; Marisa Ruffoni, Santa Rosa FFA; Kayla Marie Sadler, Bret Harte FFA; Gerardo Saldivar, St. Helena FFA; Elena Sandoval, Exeter FFA; Jesus Sandoval, Corcoran FFA; Carolyn Schiber, Atwater FFA; David Schultz, Lemoore FFA; Lucas Schultz, Turlock Pitman FFA; Kimberly Self, San Marcos FFA; Michael Serrato, Mount Whitney FFA; Alyssa Signore, El Capitan FFA; Emma Sills, Tulare FFA; Macaela Silva, Hanford FFA; Antonia M. Silveira, Hanford FFA; Taelor Silveira, Lemoore FFA; Eugene Silveria, Turlock FFA; Brittani Sisco, Johansen-Modesto FFA; Jackson Sloan, Nipomo FFA; Angelica Smith, Oakhurst-Yosemite FFA; Blain Smothermon, Monache FFA; Andres Solis, Lemoore FFA; Yesenia Soto, Corcoran FFA; Garrett Stane, North FFA; Tanner Stephan, Escondido FFA; Colton Alan Stoughton, King City FFA; Kameron Suggs, Tulare FFA; Alyssa Tabor, Bakersfield FFA; Montanna Tarkington, Tulare FFA; Santiago Tello, Lindsay FFA; Shoua Thao, Sacramento - Florin FFA; Jessica Theisman, Escondido FFA; Abbigayl Thomas, Laton FFA; Nicholas Thomas, Ripon FFA; Shannon Thompson, Nipomo FFA; Bradley Thurm, Pine Valley-Mountain Empire FFA; Luis Toledo, Ripon FFA; Laine Tompkins, Lemoore FFA; Michael Topjian, Fowler FFA; Michael Valencia, Madera South FFA; Hannah Van Duzer, Arcata FFA; Kasey Verreras, Reedley FFA; Lindsay Vieira, Tulare FFA; Mark Vieira, Turlock FFA; Brandon Viets, El Capitan FFA; Joe Vitoria, Galt FFA; Brandon Tailor Vittoria, Kern Valley FFA; Cassidy Nichole Vlot, Chowchilla FFA; Dustin Wallis, Arcata FFA; Brian Weeks, Gregori FFA; Garrett Werland, Nipomo FFA; Emily Whiteaker, Gustine FFA; Tylor Wilbourn, Tulare FFA; Tyler Wilcox, Sutter Uhs FFA; Gage Willey, East Nicolaus FFA; Mikaela Williams, Mariposa County FFA; Brianna Wilmoth, Norco FFA; Zachary Winstel, Sunny Hills FFA; Danielle Wood, Lassen FFA; Kiana Worth, Nipomo FFA; Jorge Zarate, Gonzales FFA; Russell Zimmerman, Hanford FFA; Mercedes V. Zipperle, Santa Rosa FFA

ARKANSAS: Amanda Renee

Bacon, Har-Ber FFA; Blake Bennett , Pocahontas FFA; Shawn Bowie, Mt. Vernon-Enola FFA; Nathan Cooper, Mountain Home FFA; Dustin James Hanson, Lincoln FFA; Ashley Suzanne Henry, Elkins FFA; Wesley Remmington Henry, Elkins FFA; Bailey Lynn Hill, Mountain Home FFA; Tyler Thomas Jennings, Mountain Home FFA; John Brian Nelson Kirksey, Centerpoint FFA; Quentin Michael Mansfield, Mountain Home FFA; Morgan Lynn Marley, Elkins FFA; Megan Elizabeth McMahen, Taylor FFA; Taylor Jean McNeel, Vilonia FFA; Caleigh Sue Moyer, Prairie Grove FFA; Jace Newby, Lincoln FFA; Mitch Crawford Rowland, Bentonville FFA; Jonathan Mason Strayhorn, Beebe

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FFA; Trent Taylor, Valley Springs FFA; Lindsey Nicole Triplett, South Side (Bee Branch) FFA; Brad Douglas Tucker, Mountain Home FFA; Isaac Wachtel, Mountain Home FFA; Lensey Watson, Decatur FFA; Sunni Danielle Wise, Bismarck FFA

ARIZONA: Makayla Anderson,

Flowing Wells FFA; A. J. Argueta, Peoria FFA; Sarahbeth Bourland, Coolidge FFA; Spencer Brickell, AAEC-Estrella Mountain FFA; Donald Coon, Paradise Valley FFA; Chad Cullison, Antelope FFA; Dalton Delia, Highland FFA; Leah Edwards, Buckeye FFA; Kelsie Faulkner, Yuma FFA; Isaiah Govea, Paradise Valley FFA; Larae Harguess, Willcox FFA; Cheyanne Hearon, Peoria FFA; Audrey House, Yuma FFA; Taylor Nicole Hubbard, Casa Grande FFA; Michaela Land, Yuma FFA; Kyla McPeak, Globe FFA; Mallory Mejia, Millennium FFA; Tanner Mellon, Gila Ridge FFA; Hayden Melton, Buckeye FFA; Summer Miller, Millennium FFA; Shaine Moir, Safford FFA; Garrett Ogram, Cibola FFA; Justen Ollendick, Gilbert FFA; Byron Ollerton, Casa Grande FFA; Bailee Ott, Gila Ridge FFA; Taylor Rogers, Gilbert FFA; Alexander Schaller, Highland FFA; Kacey Schulz, Buckeye FFA; Kayla Sell, AAECEstrella Mountain FFA; Preston Sipes, Casa Grande FFA; Alicia Smith, Safford FFA; Sara Smith, Peoria FFA; Amber Toledo, Monument Valley FFA; Megan Ware, Gila Ridge FFA; Lillian Webb, Millennium FFA; Zane Webster, San Simon FFA; Hunter Dennis Lee Williams, AAEC-Estrella Mountain FFA

ALABAMA: Austin Lee

Blankenship, Lawrence County FFA; Scott Bonner, Eufaula FFA; William Melvin Cottingham, Lawrence County FFA; Lucinda Daughtry , Smiths Station FFA; Caleb Phillip Elmore, Leroy FFA; Nikki Giba, Cherokee FFA; Chadwick Hamm, Eufaula FFA; Tyler J. Humphries, Pell City FFA; William Luke Knight, Wadley FFA; Trevor Lee, Lawrence County FFA; Timothy Austin Martin, Eufaula FFA; Justin Miller, Sand Rock FFA; John William Norris, Wetumpka FFA; Brady Peek, West Limestone FFA; Kathryn Owen Ray, Montevallo FFA; Allison Megan Saunders, Geneva FFA; Buddy Skipper, Enterprise FFA; Michael Smith, George W. Long FFA; Jonathon Ryan Wood, Enterprise FFA


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Teacher Honorees Total Number of Honorees: 58 The Honorary American FFA DegreeTeacher award for agricultural education is conferred upon teachers who both have at least 10 years of teaching agricultural education and had at least 85 percent FFA membership during the previous year.

ALABAMA: Harold J. Ganus, Waynesboro; Buster Padgett, Eufaula; Rusty Yeomans, Midland City

CALIFORNIA: Jason Bretz, Los Banos; Andy Ferrendelli, Princeton; Clay Freeman, Bakersfield; Robin Grundmeyer, Norco; Luis Guerra, Santa Maria; Cindy Rohde, Williams; Beth Swehla, Philo

OREGON: Chad Waldron, Silver Lake


SOUTH CAROLINA:William Thomas MARYLAND: Joseph Linthicum, New

Parker Jr., Blacksburg


TENNESSEE: Jason Kemp, Dresden; MICHIGAN: Don Fowler, Clark Lake

Jim Satterfield, Jefferson City

MISSISSIPPI: Dan Stuckey, Jayess;

TEXAS: Tracey Blum, Howe; Rod

Andy White, Brandon

Brinkman, Klein; Cody Lee Darby, Big Sandy; Rachelle Darby, Gilmer; Othela

MISSOURI: Bill Angel, Mayview;

Ragland, Wills Point; Keven Smith,

Brock Bailey, Curryville; Doug Henke,

Decatur; Mary B. Wilson, Dayton;

Columbia; Brent Niemeyer, Sweet Springs; Randy Plattner, Marshall; Lyle

VIRGINIA: Kimberly L. Black,

Whittaker, Miller

Winchester; Warren D. Brill, Quicksburg; Jan Massey, Spotsylvania

NEW JERSEY: Worth Christian, Long Valley

WEST VIRGINIA: Shannon N. Boswell, Bridgeport; Harold K.

CONNECTICUT: Ken Couture, Tolland

NEW MEXICO: Tony Johnson,

Skidmore II, Sutton

Corona; Connie Lujan, Ojo Caliente

WISCONSIN: Jeff Agnew, Fort

GEORGIA: Sidney Bell, Walkinsville; James Corbett, Valdosta; Barry Norris, Soperton; Joe Wright, Talking Rock

IDAHO: Larin Crossley, Preston; Lex Godfrey, Burley


Atkinson; Keith G. Kolpack, Barron

Jenkins, Kinston

WYOMING: Troy Wiant, Cody NORTH DAKOTA:Ted Johnson, Horace; Duane Schmidt, Beulah

OHIO: The Late Joseph K. Slone, New

ILLINOIS: H. Michael Delligatti, Canton; Dan Faber, Flanagan; Mike White, Paxton

KANSAS: Alan Boultinghouse,


OKLAHOMA: C.L. McGill, Tuttle

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Other Honorees Total Number of Honorees: 170 The Honorary American Degree-Other award for agricultural education is the highest Honorary Degree presented by the National FFA Organization. It is conferred upon individuals who have made major contributions to advance agriculture and/or agricultural education-FFA programs.Recipients are listed by the state or affiliation of those who nominated them.

MICHIGAN: Dr. Darrin Karcher, East

Delton; Anita Schneider, WaKeeney;

Lansing; Sherry Kiel, Montague

Brian Schouvieller, Inver Grove Heights; Dr. Michael M. Schutz, West Lafayette;

MINNESOTA: Richard Baumann,

Bradley Snyder, Granbury; Dr. Jeff

New Ulm; Ron Dvergsten, Thief

Stachler, Kindred; Dr. Richard Steffen,

River Falls; Ken Goulart, Eden Prairie;

Normal; Dr. Richard W. Taylor, Newark;

Lee Thompson, Redwing; Randy

Dan Tedor, Centralia; Ron Tilford,

Zimmerman, Ulen

Hamilton; Doug Vail, Indianapolis; Dr. Dave Whitaker, Murfreesboro; Lisa

MISSISSIPPI: Dr. Johnny Lee Allen,

White, Brentwood

Booneville; Malcolm Luker, Raymond; MISSOURI: Dr. Anna L. Ball, Columbus;


Garrett Hawkins, Jefferson City; W.


ARKANSAS: Rodney Baker, Little

David Mauk, Cape Girardeau; Dr.

Rock; Melvin Daniel, Hot Sptings;

Richard J. Norris, St. Louis; Billy Gene

NEW JERSEY: Debbie Pribell, Trenton;

Deborah H. Germany, Little Rock;

Streeter, Columbia

Monique Purcell, Trenton; Dr. James Sarruda, Columbus

James McJunkins, Jonesboro

NATIONAL STAFF: Don Ball, DELAWARE: Stacey E. Hofmann,

Lexington; Beth Bechdol, Indianapolis;


Dover; Dr. Dyremple Marsh, Dover;

Dr. Kimberly Bellah, Murray; Jeff

Lumberton; Brent Jennings Raleigh;

Maggie Moor-Orth, Hartly

Burch, Fresno; Mike Burns, Dunmore;

Dr. David W. W. Jones, Raleigh; Kevin

Mary Carolyn Chambers, Indianapolis;

Dwayne Kinlaw, Bladenboro; Chuck

Shannon Cunningham, Miami; Antonio

Layton, Friendswood; Roxie Layton,

Galindez, Carmel; Doug Hamilton,

Friendswood; Nelson Parker Powell,

Louisville; Kyle Hancock, Jacksonville;

Clinon; Dr. Curtis R. Rains, Kinston;

Nancy Himmel, Greensboro; Lisa Hoefs,

William Sherrill Weaver, Benson

FLORIDA: Billy Jones, Deland; Jim Pauley, Bradenton; David Viers, Deland

GEORGIA: Representative Brooks Coleman, Duluth; Tom Johnston, Thomaston; Dr. Jason Peake, Perry; Dr. Dean Pringle, Athens; Jody Tyson

Waseca; Dr. Jim Hutter, Springfield; Shane Jacques, Indianapolis; Dirk


Jones, Wichita; Dale Latva, Lowell;

Garrison; Dale Hruby, Bismarck

Strickland, Perry

Jon Leafstedt, West Des Moines; Jim

IDAHO: Celia Gould, Boise; Rick

Research Triangle Park; Mike Mintun,

Phillips, Pocatello

ILLINOIS: Lucille Shaw, Chicago KENTUCKY: Dexter Knight, Nicholasville; Willie Nelson, Cambridge

Loar, Walnut Creek; Nevin McDougall, Cleveland; Wendi M. Mizer Stachler, Fresno; Roger Mooney, Ellijay; Paul B. Mulhollem, Carlisle; Glenn Noll, Pleasant Lake; Theresa Noll, Pleasant Lake; Roger Phelps, Virginia Beach; Lori Randle, Indianapolis; Cory J. Reed, Moline; Clifford “Rip” Rippetoe, Louisville; Donna Rogler, Indianapolis; John Romines, St. Paul; Melissa Sayles,

OHIO: Ryan Kolb, Hillard; David McCormick, Cambridge; Sandy McCormick, Cambridge; Devon Stanley, Plain City; William Spahr, Xenia

OKLAHOMA: Ginger Cothran, Tishomingo; Wade Detrick, Ringwood; Camille Holt, Shattuck; Brent Kisling, Enid; Steve Vaughan, Oklahoma City


OREGON: Jerrie Keely, Hermiston; Melvin Keely, Hermiston; Lee Letsch,

STAR PARENTS Judy Barka, Watkins, Minn.

Dr. James Osborne, Millerstown, Pa.

Randy Barka, Watkins, Minn.

Jolene Eichacker, Salem, S.D.

PENNSYLVANIA: Carole Fay, Palmyra;

Judy Stanton, Centralia, Mo.

David Eichacker, Salem, S.D.

James “Jay” Howes, Harrisburg;

Andrew Stanton, Centralia, Mo.

Shawn Vander Wal, Bruce, S.D.

Coleen Stutrud, Barton, N.D.

Kent Vander Wal, Bruce, S.D.

Todd Stutrud, Barton, N.D.

Sharon Bowman, Mount Jackson, Va.

Donna Poppe, Crofton, Neb.

Joseph Bowman, Mount Jackson, Va.

Alan Poppe, Crofton, Neb.

Leigh Toberman, Reedsburg, Wis.

TENNESSEE: Harvey Witherington,

Rachel A. Cox, Chillicothe, Idaho

Troy Allen, Reedsburg, Wis.


Paul J. Cox, Chillicothe, Idaho

Kevin Larson, Viroqua, Wis.

Janelle Sharp, Enid, Okla.

Margaret W. Woodworth, Burlington,

Gary Sharp, Enid, Okla.

W. Va.


Representative Mark Keller, Harrisburg; Senator Elder Vogel Jr. Harrisburg

SOUTH DAKOTA: Roger DeRouchey, Alexandria; Lance Howe, Redfield

TEXAS: Tom Acton, Katy; Dale Patterson, Tilden; Joel Rodgers, Amherst; Honorable Todd Staples,

Irene Osborne, Millerstown, Pa.


VERMONT: Harmon Boyce, New Haven

VIRGINIA: Todd P. Haymore, Richmond; Robert Moss, Marion; Wayne F. Pryor, Richmond

WEST VIRGINIA: Douglas S. Lambert, Franklin; Tom McConnell, Terra Alta; Roger Lee Nestor, Belington

NATIONAL OFFICER PARENTS Chris Baker, Cookeville, Tenn.

Craig Harris, Eufaula, Ala.

Jason Brockshus, Sibley, IA

Kathy Mayfield, Clackamas, Ore.

Shanise Brockshus, Sibley, IA

Wynn Mayfield, Clackamas, Ore.

Danny Davis, Point Pleasant, W. Va.

Mike Wetzler, Port Orchard, Wash.

Sonya Davis, Point Pleasant, W. Va.

Stephanie Case, Winchester, Va.

Kim Harris, Eufaula, Ala.

George Walsh, Woodstock, Va.


WISCONSIN: Monte Dunnum, Westby; Peter Engh, Westby; Rae Nell Halbur, Fond du Lac; Julie Larson, Viroqua; John Porior, Oshkosh

WYOMING: Dale Andreen, Mills

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2014 National FFA Delegate Reports Report of the

Committee for Agricultural Conference

The Committee for an Agricultural Conference recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas, agriculture in the nation is diverse; and

Resolved, that the National FFA develop a single

Whereas, there is a significant need and interest

curriculum that is adaptable by region; and be it further

in agricultural production, science, and technology; and

Resolved, that students will be given the opportunity to meet with agricultural businesses and leaders through hands-on activities and tours during this conference; and be it further

Whereas, there is a need to grow agricultural literacy; and

Whereas, FFA members possess different levels of agricultural knowledge; and

Resolved, that the conference be offered at both the introductory and experienced levels to serve various age groups; and be it further

Whereas, FFA members nationwide have shown an interest in an agricultural conference; therefore be it,

Resolved, that National FFA develops an agricultural

Resolved, that the conference will further develop

conference; and be it further

Resolved, that the conference is held regionally; and be it further Respectfully submitted byAJ Cannon, Delaware, Committee Chair

FFA members through exposure to agricultural career pathways.


Committee for an Agricultural Conference Explore the development of a conference focused on production, science and technology in agriculture, for high school members.

Committee Leadership: Chair: AJ Cannon, Delaware Vice Chair: Levi Colquitt, Alabama Secretaries: Becca Burrow, Arkansas; Brittany Bowman, Virginia Sentinels: Mike Poggemiller, Iowa; Quade Palm, Wyoming Discussion Group Leaders: Bethany Schifferdecker, Kansas; Jack Roessler, Minnesota; Colton Flower, Nebraska; Lewis Mendive, Nevada; Manuel Catala, New Hampshire; Kaylee Eaton, New York; Ian Oppenlander, Oregon; Katie McLaughlin, Pennsylvania; Johana M. Mercado Colón, Puerto Rico; Brad West, West Virginia

Committee Members: Oklahoma: Cody Dean

Arizona: Marcus Railsback

Indiana: Hannah Maggiore, Kathleen Jacobs

Arkansas: Bailey Butler

Iowa: Devan Vander Veen

South Carolina: DeShawn Blanding

California: Amanda Skidmore, Eryn McKinney, Gabrielle Franke, Jenae Hansen, Joseph Aguilar, Luis Sanchez, Steven Pozzi, Taylor Brummett

Kentucky: Alex Housman

Tennessee: Susan Cowley

Louisiana: Callie Crain

Texas: Abby Collida, Alexis Gooch, Alivin Petty, Cheyenne Swor, Gabby Alcala, Katie Blakeley, Micah Newton, Rayann Box, Shannon Butler, Walker Carson

Alabama: Nick O’Farrell

Colorado: Rachelle Siefkas Florida: Angie Patino, Anne Schwartz Georgia: Chloe Thomason, Jarrett Williams, John Romero, Katie Cofty Illinois: Caseelynn Johnston, Collin Smith, Kolton Kimpling

Michigan: Gaige Tucker Minnesota: Sam Johnson Missouri: Brock Larson, Morgan Coday, Yia Yang North Carolina: Ashlynn Spell, Haley Lunsford

Pennsylvania: Kayla Wallace

Utah: Wyatt Snyder Virgin Islands: Amy Athill

North Dakota: Ceph Dockter

Washington: Lizbeth Bumstead

Ohio: Megan Whalin; Micah Mensing, Natalie Miller

Wisconsin: Kelly Wilfert, Matt Kortbein

Delegate Coordinator: Katy Endsley, Ohio Total Committee Membership: 72 Delegates

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Report of the

Committee for Agricultural Career Network

The committee for the Agricultural Career Network recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas, the content of the former Agricultural

Resolved, that National FFA provides state

Career Network is migrating into the new online experience; and

Whereas, students need motivation to visit the

associations, teachers and students with workshop curriculum; and be it further

Resolved, that FFA creates an incentive program for

website; and

Whereas, 86.29% of students surveyed think FFA.

being engaged in, and be it further

Resolved, that FFA offers a free and optional record

org would be a good place to offer a record keeping system; and

Whereas, today’s students are accessing more

keeping system on, and be it further

Resolved, that FFA creates an app, and be it

information on applications through mobile devices; and

Whereas, students, teachers, parents and supporters


Resolved, that FFA increases advertisement for FFA. org on social media and New Horizons magazine with the assistance of national and state officers, and be it further

need to be engaged and informed about the new online FFA experience; and

Whereas, not all users are fluent in English; therefore

Resolved, that the website offers the option for

be it, Respectfully submitted by Abrah Meyer, Iowa, Committee Chair

additional languages.


Committee for the Agricultural Career Network Identify additional ways to inform students about, and engage them with, AgCN.

Committee Leadership: Chair: Abrah Meyer, Iowa First Vice Chair: Alison Wedig, Wisconsin Second Vice Chair: Cody Morris, Illinois Secretaries: Jenell Eck, Maryland Secretaries: Heather Loraas, Wyoming Sentinels: Maya Wallace, Arizona Sentinels: Brandon McKee, Florida Discussion Group Leaders: Dipak Kumar, California; Amanda Hale, Idaho; Cole Edwards, Missouri; Chance Lundberg, North Dakota; Gatlin Squires, Oklahoma; Gracie Hedrick, Texas; Devin Parker, Vermont

Committee Members: Alabama: Anna Pollard Arkansas: Matthew Smith California: Aaron Moccardini, Breanna Holbert, Karla Camacho, Kevin Snyder, Lauren Allen, Megan Rivera, Riley Nilsen, Whitney Whitaker Colorado: Jacob Walter Delaware: Jordan Karr Georgia: Elizabeth Horne, Emily Rutledge, Emily Trammell, Jacqueline Elder

Indiana: Jacob Mueller Iowa: Brandon Hanson Kansas: Nicholas Meyer

Pennsylvania: Deidra Bollinger; Lisa Boltz

Louisiana: Kaleb Danos Massachusetts: Kalynn Kennedy

Puerto Rico: JosuĂŠ Martes Villalobos

Michigan: Brandon Borke

South Carolina: Brent Summers

Minnesota: Brady Wulf

South Dakota: Ellie Minihan

Missouri: Abrea Mizer, Morgan Walkup

Tennessee: Coty Vannoy

Montana: Carlie Brownlie

Florida: Wally Martin

Illinois: Connor Carmody

Kentucky: Caitlin Ross, Kathrine Ditmore

Nebraska: Brandon Nichols North Carolina: Anthony Scala, Kaitlyn Tetterton, Karlyn Wolfe Ohio: Matthew Klopfenstein, Thomas Shaw Oklahoma: Drake Boyce Oregon: Collin Matthias

Texas: Alex Garcia, Coley Rinard, Katelin Bailey, Kayla Hansen, Keaton Davis, Mason Kleman, Mason Taylor, Russell Payne, Ryan Prindle, Will McAfee Utah: Chance Turnbull Virginia: Daniel Black Washington: Megan Miller West Virginia: Jonathan Black Wisconsin: Hallie Kopczynski

Delegate Coordinator: Jerrod Smith, New Mexico Total Committee Membership: 73 Delegates

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Report of the

Committee for Careers in Agricultural Education

The committee for Careers in Agricultural Education recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas, there is a national shortage of quality

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization put

agriculture teachers; and

in place a national grant program for agricultural education majors that must be paid back if they do not go into an agricultural education teaching career; and be it further

Whereas, there are limited resources for prospective agricultural educators regarding the agricultural education career field; and

Whereas, scholarship information specific for

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization create an incentive program for Collegiate FFA that promotes increased involvement at the middle and high school level; and be it further,

agricultural education is difficult to find on the National FFA website; and

Whereas, there is a lack of grants specific for agricultural education majors; and

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization create a communication network to provide resources for agricultural education supervised agricultural experience programs; and be it further,

Whereas, there is a lack of excitement from agricultural education majors in college due to the lack of connection between collegiate and high school members; and

Whereas, there is a lack of hands-on experience

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization

specific to careers in agricultural education; therefore be it,

Resolved, that there is an online resource created for prospective and current agricultural education majors to better prepare and encourage them for the profession. This resource will include information about salaries, certification requirements, job listings, scholarships, colleges offering agricultural education majors for each state as well as student and advisor testimonials showcasing the impact of being an agricultural educator; and be it further, Respectfully submitted by Haley Warner, California, Committee Chair

create an agricultural education career development event at the national level.


Committee for Careers in Agricultural Education Explore ways to prepare and support students for careers in agricultural education.

Committee Leadership: Chair: Haley Warner, California First Vice Chair: Whitney Weaver, Nevada Second Vice Chair: Taylor Green, Kansas Secretaries: Sarah Lemons, North Carolina; Kati Kindschuh, Wisconsin Sentinels: Daniel Derrick, Mississipp; Lauce E. Colón Pérez, Puerto Rico Discussion Group Leaders: D. Johnathon Biggerstaff, Alaska; Zach Cooper, Colorado; Amanda Gagne, Connecticut; Carly Grass, Maine; Ashley McAfee, Maryland; Thomas Malone, Massachusetts; Paige Dexter, Nebraska ; Kelly Gangel, New Jersey; Uriel Munoz, New Mexico; Hunter Morton, South Carolina

Committee Members: Alabama: Colten Farley, Wade Gossett

Illinois: Connor Klingele, Willow Krumweide

Oklahoma: Wyatt Shaw

Arizona: Megan McWherter

Indiana : Lindsey O’Hara,

Pennsylvania: Victoria Herr

Arkansas: Carson White, Mark Dement

Iowa: Libby Fisher, Michael Tupper

South Dakota: Andrea Collins

Kentucky: Caitlin Wyatt, Tori Young

Tennessee: Catherine Moore, Victoria Utsman

Louisiana: Richard Mathis

Texas: Brooke Johnson, Catilin Lakey, Cullen Reeves, Eduardo Hermosilla, Jake Thonsgaard, James Palacios, MaKenzie Goehmann, Patrick Delaney, Sterling Scott, Tony Aguillar

California: Anna Farmer, Cameron Standridge, Danielle Jess, Grant Rogers, Makala Navarro, Trevor Autry, Valerie Cañas Delaware: Evan Davis Florida: Jana Caracciolo, Megan Stein Georgia: Caroline Waldrep, Faith Gilman, Julia Gonzalez, Shealeigh Barton Idaho: Garrett Brogan

Michigan: Emily House Minnesota: Valerie Earley Mississippi: Tyler Presley Missouri: Jack Davis, Jaret Holden, Shaylee Wallace North Carolina: Carter Jones, Harrison Jenkins North Dakota: Samantha Lies Ohio: Abby Motter, Abby Pozderac, Andrea Kackley

Oregon: Mitchell Adams

Utah: Samantha Arehart Virginia: Morgan Smith Washington: Samantha Brown Wisconsin: Jade Pinter, Sally Albers

Delegate Coordinator: Joe Martin, Indiana Total Committee Membership: 78 Delegates

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Report of the

Committee for Career Development Event Evaluation Committee for Career Development Event Evaluation recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas, there is a shortage of qualified agriculture

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization create

educators and an Agricultural Education Career Development Event would be relevant; and

Whereas, aquaculture is a growing industry within our society and an Aquaculture Career Development Event would be relevant; and

guidelines for an Agriculture Education Career Development Event to help prepare students for careers in agriculture education; and be it further

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization create guidelines for an Aquaculture Career Development Event to help prepare students for careers in the aquaculture industry; and be it further

Whereas, the Agricultural Communications Career Development Event is still relevant in the agricultural industry today, and is one of the two lowest participated in Career Development Events at the national level; and

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization send out a survey to state staff to evaluate the lack of participation and gain insight for Career Development Event changes to the Agricultural Communications Career Development Event; and be it further

Whereas, the Marketing Plan Career Development Event is still relevant in the agricultural industry today, and is one of the two lowest participated in Career Development Events at the national level; therefore be it,

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization send

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Robertson, Tennessee, Committee Chair

out a survey to state staff to evaluate the lack of participation and gain insight for Career Development Event changes to the Marketing Plan Career Development Event.


Committee for CDE Evaluation Evaluate the merit and relevance of the following CDEs, agricultural education and aquaculture, as well as that of the two existing CDEs with the lowest participation at the national level.

Committee Leadership: Chair: Kevin Robertson, Tennessee First Vice Chair: Kaden Eisenbraun, South Dakota Second Vice Chair: Sydney Snider, Ohio Secretaries: Danny Quinn, Connecticut; Sarah Draper, Utah Sentinels: Mitch Royer, Idaho; Kaitlyn Daigle, Massachusetts Discussion Group Leaders: Austin Hazelwood, Kentucky; Christen Wall, Louisiana; Whitnie Bradbury, Maine; Alex Schut, Michigan; Brian Berridge, New Hampshire; Kristianne Dowd, New Jersey; Seena Hagen, North Dakota; Tony Rice, Pennsylvania; Heather Lilligre, Rhode Island; Rebecca Foote, Washington

Committee Members: Alabama: Cody Maddox, Gracie West

Iowa: Ray Schmidt

Oklahoma: Logan Johns

Kansas: Chantelle Simon

Oregon: Kylee Fisher

Arizona: Auburn Osborn, Miriam Solinsky

Kentucky: Sara Chism

Pennsylvania: Miranda Kane

Arkansas: Morgan Faulkner, Will Clark

Louisiana: Maizy Rabalais

South Carolina: Courtney Barnett

Minnesota: Dalton Kampsen

Tennessee: Shelby Day

Missouri: Alex Haun, Kelsey Elbel, Samantha Marre

Colorado: Jaelyn Whaley

Nevada: Jason Wurtz

Texas: Abby Hoelscher, Blake Mosley, Brooke Blum, Brynn Darby, David Trevino, Jason Edmondson, Kaleb Dautrich, Kyle Mahagan, Laramie Eppler, Royce Horn, William Robert

Florida: Allie Randell, Austin Polk

New Mexico: Collin Anderson

Virginia: Ryan Williams

Georgia: April South, Delaney Foster, Luke Nelson, Olivia Minish

New York: Maria Martinez

Washington: Paige Kershaw

North Carolina: Coleman Simpson, Haley Shore

West Virginia: Callie Moles

California: Ellen Van Noy, Gage Willey, Isaac Varela, James Schwer, Jordian Bartley, Luke O’Leary, , Madison Goss, Virat Kang

Illinois: Renee Kinzinger, Susie Thompson Indiana: Derek Berkshire

Montana: Bryce Street Nebraska: Ben Rice

Ohio: Matthew Hiser, Mitchell Swonger

Wisconsin: Ethan Dado, Kolton Klement, Maggie Larson

Delegate Coordinator: Allie Ellis, Tennessee Total Committee Membership: 80 Delegates

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Report of the

Committee for Middle School Participation

The committee for Middle School Participation recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas, there is an ambiguous definition of middle school students; and

Whereas, middle school members are excluded from national competitions; and

Whereas, middle school members are a source of

Resolved, that middle school members be allowed to compete at the National level if the state so desires; and be it further

Resolved, that the National FFA Organization define who we classify as middle school members; and be it further

untapped potential; and

Resolved, that National FFA creates a task force to Whereas, the National FFA Organization is a 3-5 year change organization; therefore be it,

consider the creation of National level exploratory CDEs like the existing Creed and Agriscience contest.

Resolved, that any changes made to middle school agricultural education be given at least a 3-year probationary period; and be it further Respectfully submitted by Taylin Albrecht, South Dakota, Committee Chair


Committee for Middle School Membership Explore opportunities for further engagement of middle school members in current FFA programs, CDEs and conferences.

Committee Leadership: Chair: Taylin Albrecht, South Dakota First Vice Chair: Ethan Haywood, Michigan Second Vice Chair: Jovon Townsend, Delaware Secretaries: Will Graves, Alabama; Ashley Gotreaux, Louisiana Sentinels: Charity Adams, Kentucky; Kelsey Garner, New Mexico Discussion Group Leaders: Victoria Harris, Florida; Mollie Cromley, Georgia; Skylar Clingan, Indiana; Kyla Mauk, Minnesota; Tony Buchanan, Mississippi; Soleil Kurowski, Rhode Island; Nick Baker, Tennessee; Johnathon Garcia, Virgin Islands; Zach Jacobs, Virginia

Committee Members: Alabama: Ivy Harbin

Indiana: Dakota Westphal

Pennsylvania: Grant Carlton

Arizona: Maddie Zambrano

Iowa: Hunter Moore, Logan Bauer

South Carolina: Paul Dolan

Arkansas: Lauralee Bardwell, Mark McAfee

Kansas: Jeffrey Hadachek

Tennessee: Chelsea Sanders

Kentucky: Cody Pryor

California: Austin Vernon, Clayton Sheehan, Emily Hamblin, Hunter Berry, Hunter Brown, Joelle Lewis, Roman Waskiewicz, Sean Pimentel

Louisiana: Barrett Moore

Texas: Abby Hickox, Colton Pouncy, Garrett Scitern, Hailey Drerup, Kaylynn Kiker, Matthew Huston, Morgan Vrazel, Riley Harrison, Sam Seay, Trey Elizondo

Colorado: Alondra Meixueiro Florida: Katie Blocker, Mylie Feaster Georgia: Ian Bennett, Kandice Hooper, Sarah Chance, Shelby Key

Missouri: Ally Hultgren, Claire Silvers, Paul Shanks Calli Montana: Jo Dixon Nebraska: Amanda Lambrecht New Jersey: Benjamin Wainwright New York: Gabriel Rater

Utah: Steven Stagg Virginia: Garrett Coffey Washington: Maya Wahl West Virginia: Jesseca Walker

Hawaii: Isaiah Wagenman, Madison Kizanis

North Carolina: Cullen Hobbs Ohio: Alex Miller, Emily Starlin

Wisconsin: Danielle Jentz, Kaitlyn Owens

Illinois: Andrew Klein, Rochelle Rosa

Oklahoma: Paige Clare

Wyoming: Kyle Webber

Delegate Coordinator: Regina Fitzpatrick, South Carolina Total Committee Membership: 77 Delegates

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Report of the

Committee for Auditing

The auditing committee, which is appointed by the National FFA President per the National FFA Constitution, consists of the six national FFA officers per a policy of the National FFA Board of Directors. The committee met with Marion Fletcher, National FFA Treasurer, and Nancy Trivette, National FFA Treasurer-Elect. The 2013 audit was completed in April of 2014 and was reviewed by the national officers and the Board of Directors at the May 2014 Board Meeting. The audit covered the period of January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2013. It was a clean audit and was approved by the board. The committee reviewed the September 2014 internal financial statements with Mr. Fletcher, Mrs. Trivette, members of National FFA staff and the Board of Directors earlier this week. The next audit will be completed in the spring of 2015. The final results of which will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, including student officers, at the May 2015 board meeting. We would like to thank all of the National FFA staff for their diligent accounting practices and quality work. The committee makes no recommendations. Respectfully submittedby: Jason Wetzler, Chair Brian Walsh Mitch Baker Wes Davis Jackson Harris Steven Brockshus


Committee for FFA and Agricultural Education Advocacy Discuss the creation and implementation of a national curriculum to be utilized by local programs to advocate for FFA and agricultural education.

Committee Leadership: Chair: Garrett Reed, Oklahoma First Vice Chair: Marty Wines, North Carolina Second Vice Chair: Jeb Hogan, Texas Secretaries: Callie Warren, Georgia; Brecklin Milton, Oregon; Bryce Rohr, Arkansas; Hauk Boyes, New York Discussion Group Leader: Taylor Armstrong, Alaska; Colton Elmer, Arizona; Leigha Filla, Colorado; Brittany Young, Indiana; Nora Faris, Missouri; Shelby Furer, Ohio; Anna Catherine Wayne, South Carolina ; Christina Nolasco, Utah; Apolinar Blanco, Washington; Cheyanne Conrath, West Virginia

Committee Members: North Dakota: Klay Oland

Arizona: Aleah Shook

Iowa: Lee Thomsen, Mackenzie Lewis

Arkansas: Jonathan Hutter

Kansas: Kyle Apley

Oklahoma: Megan DeVuyst

California: Bailey Hall, Bradley Kaufman, Emma Pierson, Joseph Varela

Kentucky: Caitlin Conley, Jessica Murch

Pennsylvania: Mara Tate

California: Mara Basich-Pease, Sheldon Overton, Sierra Bryant, Todd Scott

Maryland: Jeni Lacko

Alabama: Clay Tew, Lacey Newman

Louisiana: Taylor Ashworth Michigan: Kenneth VandenBout, III

Connecticut: Jessy Stanavage

Minnesota: Erin Larson, Nathan Koehl

Delaware: David Townsend

Mississippi: Hailey Clark

Florida: Anna Conrad, Jacobi Bedenfield

Missouri: Carson Priddle

Georgia: Angel Rewis, Claire Woodard, Sara Prokosch

Montana: Allie Nelson

Idaho: Justin Nesbitt Illinois: Aaron Shull, Adam Rosentreter

Missouri: Grant Talburt Nebraska: Andrea Wach New Jersey: Jenna Pinhas New Mexico: Josh Beaver

Ohio: Caroline Miller, Mandy Taylor

Pennsylvania: Matthew Brake South Dakota: Jennifer Emery Tennessee: Amy Morgan, Elena Smith Texas: Alec Winfrey, Brice Boyd, Brooke Denton, Gariet Lenz, Kate DeShazo, Katie Holt, Makenzie Wright, Patrick Clay, Ty Gillespie, Ty Nelson, Ty Wilson Virginia: Alice Cox Wisconsin: Jared Retzlaff, Leeah Luepke Wyoming: Lacy Nelson

North Carolina: John Clark, Katelyn Honeycutt Delegate Coordinator: Sarah Dornink, Minnesota Total Committee Membership: 82 Delegates

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Three Honored for Raising Awareness, Support for FFA, Agricultural Education, FFA Alumni Three individuals who have dedicated years to increasing awareness and support of agricultural education and FFA while building FFA alumni programs at local, state and national levels were honored today at the 87th National FFA Convention & Expo. Each year, the National FFA Alumni Association’s Outstanding Achievement Award honors individuals who work to promote, serve and support agricultural education and FFA. Recipients volunteer their time and talents to encourage people at the local, state and national levels to get involved with FFA alumni efforts and activities. Virginia Damp of Wisconsin, Jason Damron of Ohio and Tammy Goodard of Wisconsin are this year’s award winners. Service has always had a place in Damp’s heart. She began donat-

ing her time to FFA when her children were members. When she discovered that she could become an alumni member, she quickly joined. Today, she is active in FFA by donating her time and services during the Wisconsin state convention, judging contests at sectional and state levels and also serving on Wisconsin FFA alumni convention planning committees. In addition, she has served as a chaperone at the National FFA Convention & Expo as well as a delegate for Wisconsin during the FFA alumni national convention for the last 12 years. A true advocate for agriculture, Damron joined the National FFA Alumni Association upon his graduation in 1999. Since then, he has actively supported three Ohio chapters. In addition to supporting four local chapters, he has served on the Ohio FFA Alumni Council for the past

seven years, assisting in activating and reactivating many FFA chapters. He has actively supported the Westfall FFA chapters and was instrumental in forming the alumni affiliate for that chapter. He continues to donate his time to the local, state and national levels. Goddard has a passion to lead, and her involvement with the Denmark FFA Alumni board has allowed her to do just that. For the past three years, she has served on the board; two of those three years has been as secretary. She has assisted with many fundraising events and was a board member during the decision phase for the construction of a new greenhouse for the local agriculture program. Along with donating her time at the state and local levels, Goddard has also served as a delegate at the past two national FFA alumni conventions.

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Alumni Awards Newsletter Awards

Affiliate With Most Members

Region III

Denmark FFA Alumni, Denmark, Wis.

Denmark FFA, Wisconsin......................................Region III Finalist

626 Life Members

Region IV

134 A ssociate Members

Ohio FFA Alumni, Ohio.........................................Region IV Finalist Anthony Wayne FFA Alumni, Ohio........................Silver Ranking Union FFA Alumni, Missouri......................................Silver Ranking

Region V West Rowan FFA Alumni, North Carolina.... Region V Finalist Putnam County FFA Alumni, Florida .................Bronze Ranking

Website Awards Region III Denmark FFA, Wisconsin......................................Region III Finalist

Region IV Ohio FFA Alumni, Ohio.........................................Region IV Finalist

Region V

7 Annual Members 17 Collegiate Members

Outstanding Affiliate Award Region II WaKeeney FFA Alumni, Kansas.........................Region III Finalist Washington County FFA Alumni, Kansas..........Silver Ranking

Region III Stoughton FFA Alumni, Wisconsin..................Region III Finalist Marshfield FFA Alumni, Wisconsin .......................Silver Ranking Denmark FFA Alumni, Wisconsin........................Bronze Ranking

Region IV Bushnell Prairie FFA Alumni, Illinois................Region IV Finalist Waterloo FFA Alumni, Illinois................................Bronze Ranking

Putnam County FFA Alumni, Florida .............. Region V Finalist

Seneca FFA Alumni, Illinois.....................................Bronze Ranking

Lexington FFA Alumni, Tennessee.......................Bronze Ranking

Mount Vernon FFA Alumni, Illinois.....................Bronze Ranking

Blue Blazer Awards

Region V Williston FFA Alumni, Florida ............................ Region V Finalist

Arizona FFA Alumni...................................... Indiana FFA Alumni

Kathleen FFA Alumni, Florida ..................................Silver Ranking

Florida FFA Alumni.................................... Montana FFA Alumni

Suwanee FFA Alumni, Florida....................................Silver Ranking

Oklahoma FFA Alumni .............................. Virginia FFA Alumni

Branford FFA Alumni, Florida....................................Silver Ranking

Illinois FFA Alumni ............................................ Ohio FFA Alumni

Chiefland FFA Alumni, Florida..................................Silver Ranking Leake Central FFA Alumni, Florida ......................Bronze Ranking

States With Most Members

West Rowan FFA Alumni, North Carolina..........Silver Ranking

Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association ................................... 8,556

Lexington FFA Alumni, Tennessee.......................Bronze Ranking

Illinois FFA Alumni Association .......................................... 5,948 Ohio FFA Alumni Association ..............................................4,367 Florida FFA Alumni Association ........................................... 3,032 Oklahoma FFA Alumni Association.....................................2,875

South Rowan FFA Alumni, North Carolina......Bronze Ranking


States With Most 100% State FFA Officer Team as Life Members Arkansas





New Jersey


North Carolina








Local Program Success (LPS) Grants Carlisle County FFA, Kentucky, “Agricultural Power, Structural and Technology Systems Program Safety Evaluation and Upgrade (“2.0”)” Fanning County FFA, Georgia, “Kids Day at the Greenhouse and Planting a Winter Garden” Oregon FFA, Oregon, “Creation of an Interview and Engaging Food for America” Northview FFA, Florida, “Backyard Poultry” Mingus Union FFA, Arizona, “Operation Official Dress” Henley FFA, Oregon, “Henley FFA Event Tent & Marketing Materials” Echo FFA Alumni, Oregon, “Classroom FFA Jackets and FFA Heritage Station Marker Set” Denmark FFA, Wisconsin, “Kids Against Hunger” Alcona FFA, Michigan, “Replacement of the Maple Syrup Production Equipment” Miami East – MVCTC FFA, Ohio, “ICEV Curriculum for Classroom Instruction and Independent Study” Eldorado FFA, Illinois, “FFA Closet” Portland FFA FFA, Tennessee, “From Plant to Pizza”

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2014 National Officers Nominating Committee and Candidates

NATIONAL OFFICER CANDIDATES: Alabama: Cadie Giba Alaska: Mya Schmitt Arizona: Dalton Delia Arkansas: Victoria Maloch California: Leah Gibson Coloradao: Kristen Schmidt Delaware: Anthony Brooks Florida: Matthew Cantrell Georgia: Andy Paul Idaho: Tanner Beymer Illinois: Sam Detwiler Indiana: Cameron Mann

Iowa: Bradley Pickhinke Kansas: Emily Beneda Kentucky: Ruth Ann Myers Louisiana: William Mayfield Maryland: Dane Grossnickle Michigan: Alan Green Minnesota: Heidie Sloot Mississippi: Kayla Walters Missouri: Jaelyn Bergmann Montana: Austin Standley Nebraska: Spencer Hartman Nevada: Lauren Gates

New Jersey: Lauren Fillebrown New Mexico: Caleb Gustin New York: Leann Green North Carolina: Emma Cannon North Dakota: David Leier Ohio: Brennan Plowman Oklahoma: Kyle Hilbert Oregon: Jessica Roland Pennsylvania: Shannon Copeland

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Chair: Craig Berning, Ohio Rylyn Small, Missouri William Norris, Alabama Clancy Johnston, Idaho Claee Lott, Utah Lena Bioni, Pennsylvania Rebekah Frey, Indiana Bradley Glover, North Carolina Lawson Thompson, Oklahoma

South Carolina: Logan Layne South Dakota: Kelli Garry Tennessee: Stephen McBride Texas: Jordon Bien Utah: McKayla Gonder Virginia: Whitney Bowman Washington: Michael Heitstuman Wisconsin: Reba McClone Wyoming: Lisa Andreen


Meet your 2014-15 National FFA Officers Andy Paul

Victoria Maloch

Ruth Ann Myers



Hometown: Lexington, Ga.

Hometown: Magnolia, Ark.

Eastern Region Vice President

Parents: Jeff and Marsha Paul

Parents: Bruce and Martha Maloch

Siblings: Sarah Paul Birthdate: Jan. 26, 1995

Siblings: Ryan Maloch, Lauren (Maloch) Mitchell


Birthdate: June 13, 1994

Chapter: Oglethorpe County


High School FFA Chapter Enterprise: Swine Production (Placement), Landscape Management, Agricultural Education State Office: State President, 2013-2014

Chapter: Emerson FFA Chapter Enterprise: Beef Production (Entrepreneurship) State Office: State President, 2011-12



Year: Junior

Year: Sophomore

Major: Agricultural Business/Pre-Law

Major: Agricultural Education

School: University of Arkansas

School: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

College Activities: Student alumni board; member of Chi Omega; traveling and studying abroad

College Activities: ABAC Young Farmers, Baptist College Ministry

Hometown: Harrodsburg, Ky. Parents: Joe and Toni Myers Siblings: Colby Myers Birthdate: Dec. 20, 1994

FFA BACKGROUND Chapter: Boyle County FFA Chapter Enterprise: Swine Entrepreneurship and Agricultural Education State Office: Vice President, 2013-14

COLLEGE INFORMATION Year: Sophomore Major: Agricultural Education School: University of Kentucky College Activities: Member of Delta Delta Delta; College of Ag Student Council Vice President and Ambassador

Future Career Goal: To teach agricultural education at a middle school level or public relations for an agricultural company.

Future Career Goal: To be an advocate for agriculture allowing it to remain environmentally, economically, and politically sustainable through policy development.

Kristen Schmidt

Stephen McBride

Caleb Gustin

Central Region Vice President

Southern Region Vice President

Western Region Vice President

Hometown: Greeley, Colo.

Hometown: Beech Grove, Tenn.

Hometown: Moriarty, N.M.

Parents: Marty and Cathi Schmidt

Parents: Mark and Carol McBride

Parents: Mike and Lisa Gustin

Siblings: Katie Schmidt

Siblings: Matthew McBride, Andrew McBride

Siblings: Jessica Gustin

Birthdate: April 18, 1994


Birthdate: Oct. 27, 1993


Chapter: Greeley FFA Chapter Enterprise: Equine Science (Entrepreneurship); Agriscience Research- Animal Systems; Agricultural Communications (Placement), Natural Resource Management (Entrepreneurship) State Office: State President, 2012-13


FFA BACKGROUND Chapter: Coffee County FFA Chapter Proficiency: Beef Production (Entrepreneurship) and Agricultural Education

College Activities: College of Agricultural Sciences Ambassadors; Alpha Tau Alpha (young farmers); team roping/rodeo club Future Career Goal: To pursue a career in marketing and public relations for the beef cattle industry and then own and operate a cow/calf operation.

Proficiency: Swine (Entrepreneurship) and Sheep (Entrepreneurship) State Office: State President 2013-14


Year: Junior

School: University of Tennessee at Martin

School: Colorado State University

Chapter: Moriarty FFA Chapter


Major: Agricultural Business

Major: Animal Science and Agricultural Business

Birthdate: Feb. 27, 1994

State Office: State President 2012-13

Year: Senior

Year: Sophomore

Future Career Goal: To be an agricultural educator in an urban middle school.

College Activities: University Scholars, Baptist College Ministry Future Career Goal: To become a political leader in the agriculture industry.

Major: Agriculture Business/ Agricultural Economics School: New Mexico State University College Activities: Collegiate FFA and College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Ambassadors Future Career Goal: To pursue a career in an agricultural related field and become involved in local and state politics.

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THE FFA MISSION FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education.

THE AGRICULTURAL EDUCATION MISSION: Agricultural education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems. The National FFA Organization affirms its belief in the value of all human beings and seeks diversity in its membership, leadership and staff as an equal opportunity employer. The National FFA Organization is a resource and support organization that does not select, control, or supervise state association, local chapter or individual member activities. Educational materials are developed by FFA in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Education as a service to state and local agricultural education agencies. Š 2015 National FFA Organization

Proceedings 2014