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Table of Contents 2013–14 National FFA Officers......................125 Agricultural Proficiency Winners......................66 Agriscience Fair Awards..................................84 American FFA Degree Recipients....................92 Band, Chorus and Talent Participants.............86 Candids.........................................................126 Career Development Event Winners................60 Collegiate FFA..................................................14 Convention and Expo by the Numbers..............2 Delegates.......................................................108 Distinguished Service Citation.........................88 Eighty Years of the Blue Jacket.......................26 Expo................................................................16 FFA Concert: Dierks Bentley............................30 Fighting Hunger...............................................10 Honorary American Degree Recipients..........106 Keynote Speaker: Joe Torrillo............................6 Keynote Speaker: Josh Sundquist.....................8 Keynote Speaker: Rick Pitino ...........................4 Model of Excellence Winner............................80 Model of Innovation Winners...........................82 National Days of Service..................................12 National FFA Alumni Association...................120 National FFA Foundation.................................34 National FFA Talent Competition......................32 National Officers Nominating Committee and Candidates....................................................124 Retiring Address: Brennan Costello.................44 Retiring Address: Clay Sapp............................36 Retiring Address: Joenelle Futrell....................48 Retiring Address: Katie Hall.............................40 Retiring Address: Lindsey Anderson................56 Retiring Address: Wiley Bailey.........................52 Speaker: Katie Pratt.........................................28 Stars Over America Winners............................76 Student Workshops.........................................18 Teacher Workshops.........................................20 VIP Citation......................................................90 Virgin Islands...................................................22 We are FFA......................................................24


Number of convention and expo attendees, a record high.


Number of FFA members who attended student workshops.


Number of student workshops FFA members could attend.

The 86th National FFA Convention & Expo was held in Louisville, Ky., Oct. 30 – Nov. 2, 2013. Throughout the week, FFA members attended general educational sessions and participated in a myriad of activities — from career development events and service events to the National FFA Expo and student workshops.



Square feet the National FFA Expo spans the Kentucky Exposition Center, the length of more than five football fields.

The average number of FFA members who attend student workshops each year.


Number of FFA members who participated in this year’s National Days of Service, a record high.



Number of FFA members who competed in a CDE on the national level.

Number of hotel room nights booked during the week.


Number of FFA jackets that are sold each year.


Number of exhibitors at the National FFA Expo.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Keynote speaker

Rick Pitino commits FFA members to a life of leadership By Caroline Weihl, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

FFA members are very involved. Whether they are in service clubs collecting donations in their local community or competing for state championships on competitive sports team, members are eager to be involved and excel in what they do. Many busy members view attending convention and expo as a hiatus from their commitments at home. That does not always prove true. Attendees did not anticipate they would receive a coaching lesson within their first few moments in the city. University of Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino joined members to inspire them as “recruits” in life and to live by his “one-day contract” at the first general session of the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo at the Kentucky Expo Center in Louisville, Ky. Pitino spoke to FFA members in 2005 at the last national convention held in Louisville. He said he enjoys speaking to this group of students because of the dynamic audience demeanor. “I’m impressed with the passion and enthusiasm these students have,” Pitino said. “Most times, I don’t deal with passionate and hungry people. These youth understand it and are eager to learn.” Pitino shared his relentless passion for basketball through coaching 28 seasons. He learned from those years that in order to succeed, “you have to start at the bottom.” Pitino stated in a witty agriculture

his other leadership models continuously. He directed these components to the audience he nicknamed “the generation of distractors” because of its devotion to the digital age. The challenge he posed was a simple one: live for the present. “The past is to be learned from and cherished and the future is to look forward to,” Pitino said to the crowd. “The unique and special thing we are given is today.”

reference, “failure is the fertilizer to help you.” From his failures personally and professionally, Pitino was inspired to share his leadership experiences with audiences across the United States through speaking engagements and writing books. His presentation focused on various personal stories and shared five ways to be a leader: –– Surround yourself with positive people. –– Live by a one-day contract. –– Know the time and place or technology. –– Listen to be an effective communicator. –– Look at adversity with great courage. Pitino’s most recent publication, “The One-Day Contract,” serves as his daily motivation to live day to day and integrate

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Caroline Weihl is a senior at The Ohio State University studying agricultural communications. Originally growing up on a beef and grain farm in Bowling Green, Ohio, she is an alumna of Otsego FFA Chapter, a 2010 National FFA Band participant and 2011-12 state FFA officer. Find Caroline’s social media sites



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Keynote speaker

9/11 survivor Joe Torrillo shares life lessons with FFA members By Caroline Weihl, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

Buried alive beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center’s south tower on Sept. 11, New York City firefighter Joe Torillo was in trouble. His oxygen was quickly depleting and the pain of injured joints and internal wounds were wearing away his optimism. However, he was not afraid. He was angry at himself because he knew better than to be where he was in the building. After studying structural engineering in school, Torrillo was prepared for the catastrophic event on Sept. 11th. But he never anticipated the impact that unpredictable experience would have on his life. More than 12 years later, Torrillo joined FFA members and guests at the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville to share how individuals learn and grow from life experiences and can make an impact by appreciating those challenges. “I think it’s important for kids to understand that through such atrocity and horrendous events, it is possible to get back up on your feet again,” Torrillo said. “Life has to go on for all of us. It is the strength that you find inside of you that helps those kids build that character in life. Keep your heart open for change. It isn’t always easy, but is necessary.” Torrillo was in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11 for a presentation on a new Fisher-Price World Rescue Hero action

figure, Billy Blazes. When he heard about the first explosion, he turned into the real-life Billy Blazes to make sure people were OK. Because of his engineering experience, Torrillo helped evacuate hundreds of emergency ambulance workers before the tower collapsed. “On Sept. 11, all of that knowledge came back to me in that one day when I was able to make an assessment that the building was going to collapse,” Torrillo said. Torrillo believes many people helped alleviate pain from that traumatic event. He recognized the John Bowne FFA Chapter in New York City for uprooting and reviving a nearly-dead callery pear tree on the scene. Now, they are raising 420 seedlings to disperse around the country. Torrillo believes that FFA members learn the value of service through their

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

education. He shared that he has an increased appreciation for education after that experience and wants students to do the same. “Education is something that is never wasted, you cannot lose it, it can’t be stolen and it can’t be borrowed. Education will only make you a better person in some way and often in many many ways,” Torrillo said. Torrillo was excited to talk to this group of young leaders to help them see how the unexpected can aid in their evolution as leaders. “I wish I would have had the opportunity when I was their age to be a part of something, that first of all, is huge, but also, is something that molds a young person into growing up and being successful, respectful and more than anything, challenges you with all the experiences you get,” Torrillo said.



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Keynote speaker

Get back up: Josh Sundquist tells FFA members to buck adversity By Caroline Weihl, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

Life is tough. Overcoming adversity in tough times is a life-long practice that challenges many. We often give up. But when an amputee shares how he is able to get up after consecutive falls, does that change our perspective? Josh Sundquist shared his personal struggles and the comical ways he’s overcome adversity at the seventh general session of the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville. Beginning his presentation running around the stage and sharing many jocular comments, Sundquist engaged the audience with his embarrassing experiences with one leg. He shared his experience of receiving his cancer diagnosis and losing reach of his dream to play on a travel soccer team. “When it feels like everything in your life is falling down around you, the best you can hope for is the strength to stand and have the courage to walk,” Sundquist said to a captivated audience. Even in his moments of defeat, Sundquist saw the positives and pursued them. He set his sights on a new goal, to be a ski racer. With hard work and perseverance, he qualified and skied on the U.S. Paralympic Ski Team. His message to the FFA audience: stay motivated to overcome obstacles and see the opportunities ahead.

“Among all human beings, adversity is universal. I know everyone in the audience has problems they are struggling with right now,” Sundquist said. “Sometimes the uniform we get in life is better than the one we thought we wanted.” Sundquist was excited about the

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

vibrant, young audience in Freedom Hall and concluded with a personalized, ukulele rendition of Tom’s Petty’s “Free Falling.” “The question is not will you fall down,” Sundquist said. “It is how fast will you get back up?”



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Fighting hunger

From 1 million to 9 billion: FFA members are feeding the world By Lauren Schwab

How hungry are you? FFA members are hungry enough to feed the world, but they will start at home. The National FFA Organization’s Feeding the World—Starting at Home hunger initiative is an educational movement dedicated to helping students understand the issues and implications of hunger. Ten thousand FFA members were at the National FFA Convention & Expo to learn how they can feed the world starting at home by living to serve in the FFA Rally to Fight Hunger. “This event is going to send out those first ripples, and it’s only the beginning of a journey. We need to share this knowledge,” said Jason Troendle, 2011-2013 National FFA Secretary. “As agriculturalists we’ve been fighting hunger… but how can we do more? How can we continue to Ignite our influence? Let’s get these nice hairnets on and by the end of the week, package one million meals because we’re here at the first ever Rally to Fight Hunger!” Troendle’s excitement rippled into the assembly lines of FFA members as they made each meal within one minute. Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid organization, provided the packages of highly nutritious meals for families worldwide. Their goal is to provide a stable nutritional base from which recipient families can move their families from starvation to self-sufficiency. Executive Director Larry Moore

explained how teachers in Guatemala saw long-term benefits from the meals. “Within two weeks they noticed a difference in their kids. They were more attentive, they were learning better and they were learning faster,” said Moore. “Long-term benefits are they go to school… their bodies and brains develop better and they can get better jobs.” The meals will allow kids to be educated, productive adults and have hope for the future. FFA members know hope for the

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

future ripples into the hope to end hunger. FFA chapters will develop sustainable hunger-relief projects in their local communities and across the world. Lauren Schwab is a former FFA member from Somerville, Ohio. She is a 2011 graduate of Miami University with a degree in journalism and women’s studies. She is currently a graduate student in family studies and works full time on her family farm.



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



National Days of Service

FFA joins other organizations for clothing drive By Becca Harrison, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

“You’ve clearly never been in the shoes of someone with only one pair of clothes, have you?” one young FFA member asked her peer, who was not taking their clothing drive volunteer opportunity seriously. “We’re gonna do this, and we’re gonna do it right,” she told him, as they began their assigned duty of sorting through boxes of men’s pants. This attitude of determination and motivation echoed throughout the opening activity of the National Safe Place session of the National Days of Service celebration. A record-high 1,500 FFA members participated in this year’s National Days of Service, held at 10 different sites throughout the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo. National Safe Place is based out of Louisville, where it was started by Larry Wooldridge 30 years ago. Wooldridge ran a shelter but knew that a lot of kids in need were unable to access it. He partnered with kid-safe community businesses, now known as safe places, where kids in crisis could go for help and supportive resources. Wooldridge saw it as “a model we could replicate in other communities,” and it now reaches more than 1,500 communities, explained Laurie Jackson, president and CEO of National Safe Place. A National Safe Place (as well as

FFA) supporter, CSX Transportation collaborated with City Year, a non-profit that provides targeted student interventions, and Dignity U Wear, an organization that provides brand new clothing to children in need. “The National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville has been a perfect opportunity to bring these organizations together,” said Jackson. Each organization played an important role. National FFA was looking for service opportunities while in Louisville. Dignity U Wear provided 80,000 articles of clothing. City Year was able to organize the opportunity and CSX was able to provide a location for FFA members to organize boxes of clothing and transport them. Finally, National Safe Place distributed the clothing to shelters. On Monday, Oct. 28, FFA Delegates helped to set up the service event. Then, for two days during the convention and expo, four shifts of 80 students prepared clothing packages for shipment to National Safe Places in Florida and Connecticut. According to Danielle Ketring, an Eastbrook FFA member from Marion, Ind., her chapter always volunteers at one of the National Day of Service activities at the convention and expo. This year, they chose to volunteer at the National Safe Place clothing drive because, “Safe Place gives kids that aren’t as fortunate as many of us a place where they can be safe, so they don’t get into trouble – and

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

some of those kids may only own the clothes they’re wearing when they arrive to the shelters.” According to John Kitchens, corporate citizenship director of CSX Transportation, “We believe that there’s power, synergy if you will, in organizations like FFA working together with us. Our organization’s values are a perfect fit for this partnership.”

The organizations that FFA members volunteered for included: –– Brightside –– Dare to Care –– Habitat for Humanity –– Kids Against Hunger –– Louisville Nature Center –– Louisville Zoo –– National Safe Place/ Dignity U Wear –– Olmsted Park –– Food For All –– Youth Build



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Collegiate FFA

Career fair brings opportunities for current and former FFA members The 2013 Collegiate FFA Convention can be wrapped up in one word…SUCCESS! The turnout and support were spectacular. As soon as the expo doors opened on Wednesday, Oct. 24, FFA members and guests were immediately asking about Collegiate FFA and its programs and learning how they could be involved. Adding two additional days to the Collegiate and Alumni Career Fair allowed more members the opportunity to meet with potential employers, seek internships and full-time employment postgraduation and learn what companies are looking for in employees. Thirty-two different companies were in attendance, representing multiple aspects of agriculture. The collegiate workshops on resume building and budgeting were a hit for everyone. Participants were able to buff up their old resumes and work with career professionals to make improvements based on the information provided. FFA members in the budgeting workshop learned many of the common financial mistakes that college students make on a daily basis and how they can save for their future. At the various networking events, FFA members were able to mingle not only with members from other universities but with sponsors. People could relax a little and talk in an informal setting. This was a highlight for many people because they were able to spend time learning more about each other while enjoying some great refreshments. More than 400 people attended the Collegiate House Party at Rock Bottom restaurant. More than 100 resumes were received from career fair attendees. Collegiate FFA also hit the 5,000 mark for the number of ‘likes’ on their Facebook page. Overall this convention and expo was a huge SUCCESS in the world of Collegiate FFA.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O




Exhibitors and attendees cause record year for National FFA Expo A record number of exhibitors led to a record amount of gross revenue sales for the trade show portion of the 2013 National FFA Convention & Expo. More than 450 exhibitors from throughout the country, the largest being Ford Motor Co., RAM Trucks and the U.S. Army, showcased their companies at the three-day Expo, a staple of the national convention since 1966. Global chemical company FMC Corp. joined the Idaho Potato Commission and Helena Chemical as new, major exhibitors this year. Gross revenue sales exceeded $1.6 million from businesses, corporations, universities and groups that spanned more than 240,000 square feet inside the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky. The show’s Shopping Mall, a 83,000-square-foot area where FFA merchandise and vendor items are sold, drew nearly 50 vendors this year and topped last year’s sales by more than $100,000. National FFA Organization senior sales and development manager Bryan Kelly attributed this year’s growth of the Expo to a new dedicated sales staff that promoted the value and reach of the show to new exhibitors from within the agriculture industry and to new businesses outside the industry. “Our exhibitors are an important part of the process that transforms FFA members into productive, goal-oriented

and industry-dedicated individuals,” he said. “Exhibitors had countless opportunities to engage students, teachers, school administrators and guests and make meaningful connections during the expo.” Exhibitors had additional visibility opportunities past the expo floor. This year, companies that advertised in the Convention and Expo Guidebook, on the convention’s new mobile app and on helped the expo generate an addition $40,000.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Attendance at the 2013 National FFA Convention & Expo rose to 62,998, up from 56,176 attendees last year when the event was held in Indianapolis. Attendees stayed in 136 hotels for 39,247 combined room nights within a 75-mile radius of Louisville throughout the week, infusing more than $40 million into the local economy. The 2014 National FFA Convention & Expo returns to Louisville Oct. 29-Nov. 1, with plans to add another 25,000 square foot of exhibit space.



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Student workshops

FFA members find unique way to tell their story By Kelly Fager, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

Self-awareness is an important aspect for personal growth, and expressing yourself through creativity allows growth to occur. “What’s Your Story?” was one of several student leadership workshops that explored these issues at the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo. Interviewing an unfamiliar person can be frightening, but FFA members during this workshop were given the task. The workshop challenged FFA members to look into a stranger’s eyes and listen to their story. “Interviewing allows members to meet other FFA members and ask in-depth questions,” said workshop presenter Linda Dennis, program manager of A Backpack Journalist. This organization helps youth — at risk, military or teens — find their voice. She also said with FFA members not knowing each other, networking is the most important key for success. During the workshops members had another opportunity to interview one another and then took individual pictures of their partner. “Fill the frame, shoot for the moment, control the background and look into your partner’s eyes,” said Dennis. “These are the most important points in telling someone’s story.” Workshop participants were chal-

lenged to use those four pointers to take the best photo of their partner. After all photos were taken, the photos were shown to the audience. An e-book will be sent to participating FFA members. These photos told the story of each FFA member because all have a unique story to tell. Student workshops at the convention and expo are dedicated to helping members develop premier leadership, personal growth and career success. Student workshops are sponsored by

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Beck’s Hybrids, U.S. Army, American Association of Equine Practitioners, Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Ice Miller, American Veterinary Medical Association, and the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance. Kelly Fager is an agricultural communications major at The Ohio State University. Originally from Wauseon, Ohio, Kelly was a member of the Wauseon FFA Chapter and American FFA Degree recipient in 2012.



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Teacher workshops

Educators engage in development workshops at convention and expo By Kelly Fager, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

Advancing the future of agricultural education is important and who better to take up the cause than agriculture educators, who are always looking for ways to impact their FFA members. One such successful method is inquiry learning, which teaches FFA members critical thinking, problem solving, communication and cooperative collaboration. Agriculture educators attending the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo learned how to weave inquiry learning into their classrooms during interactive professional development workshops. Topics ranged from agriscience to leadership and gave teachers the opportunity to discover new ideas and activities, receive free instructional materials and learn strategies to increase student engagement. “Reignite fire, turn up the wick,” said Annie

Bauler, an FFA advisor at House FFA Chapter in New Mexico. Bauler believes this is something that all teachers should do before the academic year starts as well as mid semester. A workshop that took that advice to heart was “Big Mac Attack…Nutrients from Farm to Fast Food.” Teachers were asked to complete a lab that calculated whether there were proteins, starches, sugar and other nutrients in a Big Mac. Workshops like these keep teachers from reinventing the wheel and bring the real-world into the classroom. With FFA members eating fast food, this lab connects well, said Nick Korniak, an advisor with Twin Lakes FFA in Indiana. He is thinking of implementing this lab into his lesson plans after attending the workshop. Professional development workshops give agriculture educators the opportunity to better themselves and advance the future of agriculture through FFA members.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Virgin Islands FFA members attend National FFA Convention & Expo By Lauren Schwab, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

For the first time in 15 years, FFA members from the U.S. Virgin Islands showed their blue jackets at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Dr. Eddie Williams, Virgin Islands FFA advisor, organized the trip to Louisville, Ky., for 40 students and 10 adults. “The Virgin Islands FFA was strong at one time. We have not been able to be strong participants because for our students to travel, they have to fly,” Williams said. “We have not been able to attend the national convention and expo because we have not had the finances to do so.” The Virgin Islands legislature recently gave $300,000 to strengthen and grow FFA among the islands. Williams is thankful to the Career and Technical Education Board for sponsoring their trip. “We are thankful for the parents support; for the first time in history we have seventh and eighth graders here at the convention and expo. This is the first time they have ever traveled out of the Virgin Islands and are excited about it,” said Williams. Four FFA chapters from the U.S. territory came to the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo representing the

three islands of St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John: John H. Woodson Jr. High School, Elena Christian Jr. High School, Ivanna Eudora Kean High School and Charlotte Amalie High School. Karian Acevedo Sanes, Elena Christian FFA Chapter’s secretary, took time to tell other members about the Virgin Islands. “I sat down with girls from Missouri who asked me all types of questions. I told them a little about what Saint Croix is like. It is the second largest island to Saint Thomas. If you come you will have experiences you will never forget. The climate is very different and every day I feel like I need to go to the beach,” said Sanes. Ajani Gordon, the John H. Woodson FFA reporter, enjoys many cultures coming together at the convention and expo. “I have learned people don’t know a lot about us or where the Virgin Islands are. We are in a different time zone and have different food. It’s neat to see different cultures come together here. Everyone coming together means they really love agriculture and want to participate in this event,” said Gordon. In addition to a new cultural experience, the members are excited to learn and develop their leadership skills. Ricardo Rivera, the John H. Woodson FFA treasurer, aspires to be a leader.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

“I wanted to come to the convention and expo because I want to step up and become an officer,” Rivera said. “The National FFA Officers are inspiring to all of us. When I go home I can share memories and inspire others to come to the convention and expo.” Students who excel and can articulate were selected to come. Edward Smith, the Ivanna Eudora Kean FFA vice president, encourages other students to strive for excellence and appreciate being at the convention and expo. “I plan to meet new people, learn as much as I can and be productive. This is a wonderful experience and I am glad we could come because this really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I wish more students got to experience,” Smith said. Williams sees the potential of FFA in the Virgin Islands. “Our students are fired up to go back and start other chapters going. We hope to strengthen our programs and have them for seventh and eighth grade in all our public schools,” said Williams. “We have the programs and the curriculum, but we need teachers. We would like funds to start our alumni, a foundation and to give out scholarships. We hope to have national officers and supporters of the FFA to come to the Virgin Islands and support us.”



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



We are FFA

For FFA members, #WeAreFFA is more than just a statement By Kelly Fager, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

The sea of blue jackets united members from across the country at the Kentucky Exposition Center for the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo. Inside the expo members recognized more similarities than just the blue jacket. Sponsored by Farm Credit Services, the interactive room “We Are FFA” promoted inclusiveness and similarities among FFA members. “We Are FFA” was a socially connected area that invited FFA members to hang out and network while meeting fellow FFA members during the convention and expo. A roomful of activities was just part of the fun; the room also featured bean bag chairs, a photo booth and phone charging station. FFA members were able to write on big sheets of paper hung on the wall with the prompt “We are FFA because…..” The wall was filled with individual’s stories and what FFA means to them. Laura Ely, a member of the Dora FFA Chapter in Missouri wrote on the wall, “The front of your jacket says who you are; the back says where you are from. But nowhere on the jacket says who you will be or where you will go.” Within the room all 50 states were represented on the wall. FFA members had an opportunity to get their picture taken and could place the photos beneath their home state. “The ‘We Are FFA’ room is a welcoming and diverse place but seeing

the thousands of photos represented on the wall makes FFA what it is,” said Ely. Motivational speaker Josh Sundquist had the opportunity to meet FFA members in the room. Sundquist said it was gratifying to have FFA members remember speeches he has given before. “[The] message of the room is great, the idea of embracing FFA as our identity and diversity within FFA,” said Sundquist. He finds identity important having a disability himself.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

“Students have the most powerful voices and this is the time where they can make their voices heard,” said Ambra Tennery, an education specialist at the National FFA Organization. She also said hearing the members’ thoughts helps motivate what is being done at the National FFA Center. Twitter was active all throughout the event; check out #WeAreFFA to view what members shared about their experiences.



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Eighty years of the blue jacket

FFA launches

Give the Gift of Blue during FFA jacket’s 80th anniversary By Caroline Weihl, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

The emblem of the National FFA Organization is a well-known symbol inclusive of the values in the organization. This logo is famous from its most prominent location on the back of the official FFA jacket. The year 2013 celebrates 80 years since the adoption of the jacket. With references during general sessions and in various displays, everyone is proud of the unique blue corduroy. The jacket is an iconic part of FFA, and many members cherish the chance to proudly wear that blue corduroy. However, some students don’t have the chance to own and wear a personalized jacket. To provide the opportunity for more members to wear their own jackets, the FFA launched the Give the Gift of Blue campaign in honor of the jacket’s anniversary at the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky. “The idea of the program is that we want to give jackets to a lot of the kids who may not be able to afford one on their own,” president and owner of Universal Lettering Mark Hoop said. “We like to be able to see that brand strong from year to year and I think this is going to be good for all parties involved.” A starting fund of $25,000 has been raised from purchases of a book with

images from the RAM commercial, “So God Made A Farmer.” Program funding is primarily generated from individual and corporate donations. With this money, FFA strives to give between 5,000 and 10,000 jackets in the first year. “We really want to get kids into jackets because it makes such a difference in their life,” said national FFA director of merchandising operations Lee Anne Shiller. “I was a former FFA member myself and although I was able to afford my jacket, I know what that opportunity means to a person.” Members were eligible to apply beginning Jan. 1, 2014. The application includes an essay on what the jacket means to the member, activities resume and advisor confirmation form.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Members are excited that FFA is supporting the benevolent efforts to expand the sea of blue, most notably seen during the national convention and expo. Becca Lythgoe, senior and newly-elected president for her chapter in South Dakota, was excited to hear about this program. “The blue jacket is a symbol of our organization, and it just is really cool to see everyone here at the convention and expo because it unites us all,” Lythgoe said. “Everybody who wants to be involved in FFA and have a blue jacket should be able to because no matter what state we are from, we all share the same values and all have the same blue jacket.” For more information about the campaign or to make a donation, visit



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O




Katie Pratt tells FFA members to lead in agricultural advocacy By Caroline Weihl, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

American farmer Katie Pratt dared the FFA members at the third general session of the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo to be on the cutting edge of food and agriculture dialogues because of their advantage in education and experience. “I think FFA members have a real unique opportunity to share what they learn in the classroom setting with their community,” Pratt said. “FFA members are going to be on the forefront of communicating with their peers about what agriculture is.” Pratt is a “Face of Farming” for the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance’s The Food Dialogues. She engages consumers and producers in what she feels is the most vital discussion going on right now: food production. “It’s about speaking from the heart why we farm and why we ranch,” Pratt said vibrantly. “I have a farm story to tell because I’m a farmer. A lot of people aren’t farmers, but they have a food story to tell.” During Pratt’s presentation, she identified FFA chapters that are taking steps with digital media for food dialogues. These examples serve as motivation for members, chapters and agriculture advocates to use their gained knowledge and share it with the community.

“As a member, I often heard people say FFA was the future of agriculture and to be honest, I thought it was kind of cheesy,” Pratt said jokingly. “But, now that I am out of the organization and I am an adult, and I can look back, I know it’s the truth. People said that because it’s truth. FFA members are the future of agriculture.” Pratt reflected on her experiences in the FFA. She knows that the reason she can effectively share her agriculture

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

message is because of experiences in the organization. She wants members to cherish the invaluable knowledge from the FFA because down the road, they will benefit from it. “If you’ve worn the blue jacket, you know the passion that you have for the organization and the experiences you had in the jacket are appreciated more once you are out of the jacket,” she said proudly. “That is where I feel like I am today.”



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



FFA concert

Dierks Bentley performs for sold-out FFA crowd By Abbey Nickel, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

The words “Ignite FFA” fell on the eager ears of thousands of FFA members during the week of the convention and expo. On Wednesday night they were able to experience the theme from a slightly different perspective in the KFC Yum! Center as country singer Dierks Bentley ignited the sold-out crowd of 16,000 cheering FFA members through a packed set list of number one hits. While he doesn’t have any direct ties to FFA, Bentley stated that he has witnessed the organization’s impact on today’s youth. “Having to tend to something, whether it be crops or animals or whatnot, it makes you better people. It gives these kids responsibility, teaches them skills they’ll be using the rest of their lives. It’s really important for our youth. The intangible things you learn from doing that kind of hands on work, you just can’t find it anywhere else,” said Bentley. Bentley’s album titled “Riser” was released in late fall, and according to Bentley, the album speaks about some of life’s most defining moments. “A lot of FFA kids are at an age and are at the time in their life where they’re facing social situations, financial situations and all sorts of other stuff. Music has always been a huge outlet for me, country music especially, and hopefully my songs help somebody else through some tough time,” said Bentley.

Bentley emphasized that being open is essential to getting through both the highs and the lows in life – especially during your teenage years. “I’ve done a lot of living and learned a lot, but I still have so much to learn. I think the key to anything is just being open to learning and listening and having an open heart and trying to see where that leads you as opposed to closing things off,” he said. Bentley started his career at the age of 17 by performing in small venues. He encourages FFA members to never lose sight of their goals as they’re working their way up the ladder, both in life and in their careers. “Persistence and determination and working hard toward your goals, your dreams, and not giving up and not being

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

afraid to do work that other people think is beneath them will take you far,” he said. Bentley hopes that that the show had an impact on his young audience. “I hope these kids, all 16,000 of them, walk away with a big smile on their face,” he said. “As any good live show can do, it helps you transcend the moment for a little while and it kind of clears up your way of thinking and you walk away feeling inspired to go do something. That’s my hope for these kids. Maybe it’s pursuing their own dreams, goals or just working through some issues – but my hope is that they walk out feeling inspired. That’s always my goal at my shows.” Abbey Nickel is a junior studying journalism at the University of Findlay.



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



National FFA Talent Competition

New competition showcases FFA members’ talent By Caroline Weihl, National Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

FFA members are talented. The organization seeks to spotlight the many ways the students are gifted through presentations and sessions. This year, students who chose to express their talents had a new challenge. They had to compete. This friendly competition sought to name the most talented participant. On Friday night, Bailey Wesberry was named the winner of the first National FFA Talent Competition at the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo in the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, Ky. Wesberry is a member of the Waurika FFA Chapter in Terral, Okla. and presented beautiful vocal performances to earn first place. She was excited to be named the first official National FFA Talent winner. The other two finalists were Britton Pankratz from Mountain Lake FFA Chapter in Minnesota with a yo-yo act and vocal duet EMazing Grace, with members Grace Kensinger and Emily Stoltzfus from the Manheim FFA Chapter in Pennsylvania. The competition began with members submitting applications and recorded auditions to national FFA months in advance. After a review of the materials, the applicants were notified of advancement and were invited to participate in the new competition. Upon arriving to Louisville on Oct. 28, 66 performers competed in the first round of selections. This general audition had candidates perform up to two different

routines or songs. Then, they would hear if they made the cut on Wednesday to prepare for a stage performance on Thursday. After the first round, 15 acts were chosen to perform during Round 2 on

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Thursday evening in front of a live audience and panel of judges. The judges rated the top three acts to compete for a grand prize of $250 and a chance to be a part of the 2014 National FFA Talent program.



National FFA Foundation

FFA sponsors continue agricultural advo By Abbey Nickel, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

Providing FFA members across the nation with opportunities for growth and success is the primary purpose of the National FFA Foundation. FFA members might not realize just how many individuals are responsible for the success of the foundation and the National FFA Organization as an entirety – and during the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo, these people are continuing to advocate for FFA and agricultural education. Sponsors were recognized throughout the second day of the convention and expo and during the third general session – where it was announced that

the National FFA Foundation has raised a grand total of $18.2 million over the past year in support of the National FFA Organization. However, Elin Miller, chair of the individual giving council, reminded the audience that it wasn’t just about the money raised – but rather where that money was going. “It’s not about the number. It’s about the fact that because of their support, another member can put on a blue jacket, another member can participate in a CDE, and another member can go to college,” Miller said. During the week of the 86th National FFA & Expo, sponsors attended workshops, mingled with FFA members and assisted with career development events

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

in an effort to continue to advocate for agriculture. Mark Schweitzer, director of intermodal and international freight at Archer Daniels Midland Company, said that advocating for agriculture is one of the strongest needs in our country right now. He also said that FFA members are the ideal demographic to help with the task. “Not everyone wants to get into agriculture because of the cows and plows mentality that seems to go along with it – but that’s not all of it. We have a story to tell, and it starts with our young people. It starts with FFA members, and it needs to start now,” said Schweitzer. Schweitzer said that agricultural advocacy is in a greater demand than ever because of the negative image that



ocacy efforts at convention and expo is often painted to represent agriculture today. He says that one of his goals is to encourage FFA members to help repair that image and craft a more positive one. “Bottom line, we need to be good stewards for agriculture. Some of the negative portrayals of this industry today really frustrate me. We need to fix that, and that’s why I’m here. To promote and to encourage these young folks to tell their story of what they’re doing in this industry, because it’s far from negative,” Schweitzer said. Craig Bacon, a member of the 2013 National FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board as well as senior vice president of research and development at Tyson, said that Tyson is just one of many companies working to advocate both for FFA and

agricultural education during the convention and expo. According to Bacon, Tyson assisted with the judging of both the meat and poultry CDEs, and the company is also a sponsor of the poultry and swine proficiency awards. Bacon said that now there is a greater need more than ever for outside support. “As the National FFA Organization grows, the need grows. That’s really all there is to it,” Bacon said. “I’m hopeful that this week we will get more sponsors on board when they see just how much this organization has grown.” Chris Ready, a sponsors’ board member and director of the U.S. Food and Marketing Group at Elanco, says that the convention and expo creates an

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

ideal opportunity for companies to recruit potential future employees. “This week is a great recruiting tool for us,” Ready said. “But besides that, our company shares similar values and visions as FFA. Our primary driver is supporting our future leaders and promoting agriculture.” Several members of the sponsors’ board emphasized that the impact the National FFA Organization has was a primary influence for their continuing support, including Schweitzer. “If I can somehow help someone learn, grow, or change for the better – that’s everything to me,” said Schweitzer. “I’ve seen the transformation in young folks because of FFA, and that’s powerful.”



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



My own little world Travel with me into my own little world for a moment.

remote, but we rarely consider helping someone else achieve theirs. We get stuck in our own little world. We constantly think about things that we desire, like I need that new Chevrolet truck, I need the latest Nike shoes, I need that new iPhone 5 XYZ, I need to control the remote, I … I… I… And because of the selfish culture we live in, some of the most blessed people in the world in terms of material possessions are some of the unhappiest. Meanwhile, billions of people are struggling all around them to fulfill their most basic needs of food, shelter and love. So here’s a radical thought, what would our world be like if we chose not to focus on ourselves? What if we found more joy from serving others than spending stacks of cash? What needs could we meet if we united on giving more and thinking of ourselves less? Now, sure the thought of sacrificing our own potential success to elevate and help others seems like financial and career suicide. In a society that values climbing the ladder of titles and glitz and glamour it is a very unpopular one. Growing up in a family of six with two older brothers and a younger sister, I knew all about trying to compete and using my results to determine my success. Competition ran wild in our family and school was no different. My two older brothers went through school with ease. They were Jimmy Neutrons on steroids and

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Retiring Address: Clay Sapp, National FFA President

Back to a summer day at the Sapp house when I was 16. If we weren’t baling hay with my dad, my sister and I would lazily wake up around 10 a.m. and we would be left a list of chores to complete before we were able to watch TV. Now generally, the thought of chores wouldn’t get most people motivated to jump out of bed. But, my sister and I would be excited to begin the day’s work because we were in competition…Not to see who could clean the toilet the fastest or record the record for the cleanest-swept front porch, although I was a teen chore champion. Oh no, we were in competition for something that siblings around the country go to war over (pause)…The remote! My sister and I would use our best organizational skills, mop like it was going out of style and dust like we must and then run the 10-foot dash to capture the remote. The champion would bask in the glory as they watched the TV show of their choice as the other sibling would have to watch in disgust. This happened every day of summer, but there was one day that clearly comes back to memory. I woke up that morning feeling like P. Diddy. Who’s ever had one of those mornings? Apparently KE$HA has. Either way I realized that it was 9:30 a.m. This was great! My early start to the morning would put me in position to get the remote.

I can remember tip-toeing past my sister’s bedroom hoping not to wake her but as I passed, I realized that she was already awake as well. This sent me into a panic as I was not sure that I could stomach another episode of Seventh Heaven or Gilmore Girls. I ran to the chore list and saw that I had to clean the cobwebs off the eves of the house and I had to sweep out the garage, while she had to clean the bathrooms and vacuum the house. I quickly started on the chores. I used my cat-quick skills to blast the cobwebs in record time and my sweeping expertise, (my mom is laughing somewhere out there because she knows all about my “expertise”), to get the carport spic and span in record time. That’s when my inner Usain Bolt kicked in and I raced to find the remote. As I entered the living room it seemed like everything went into slow motion. I saw my sister turning the final stretch as well. Like a panther ready to attack, I found my prey…the remote, not my sister…And I pounced…… my sister did the same…And before I knew what happened she had grabbed the remote in her clenched hands. I had been defeated and I would have to suffer another day of ABC Family reruns. Now the truth for me, Clay Sapp, National FFA President, and probably most of us, is that we are willing to go the extra mile to receive recognition or achieve a personal goal, like getting the

Clay Sapp continued

they excelled at whatever work they were given. They became valedictorian of their graduating classes. Will was a tractor operations and livestock judging beast and Blake was the Peyton Manning of my hometown as the captain and quarterback of the state championship football team. And then there was me—with large ears and an awkward bowl cut, standing in the shadows of my brothers and in my mind struggling to measure up. This fueled me in middle school and high school. I worked to accumulate as many titles and awards as possible. Class president, highest grade point average in my class, varsity baseball player, chapter and sub-district officer in FFA, all because I thought I needed a title to measure up to my brothers. By my sophomore year, in my mind, I was finally on the way to accomplishing every box on my checklist to success. Or so I thought until one moment would change everything. On Feb. 13, 2008, I drove to school as the proud holder of a new driver’s

license. I had recently gotten my brother’s old truck to drive to school, and I was on top of the world. The school day went just like any other day until third period. As we sat in Algebra II working on equations that were about as exciting as watching paint drying, the principal came over the loud speaker. He said,” Attention students, our school is on code red alert (which we later found out meant a bomb threat had been placed). The administration will be pulling all student drivers out of class and checking their vehicles. For me this was no big deal. I had nothing to hide. The next week was my local livestock show, one of my favorite weeks of the year. I showed a hog on Monday night and showed a steer and a heifer on Tuesday night. However, I had noticed that my dad, who was an ag teacher, had been missing for much of Tuesday. This was very unusual. During the show that night, he seemed to act removed and distant and that was unlike him and his words on our ride home would explain it all.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

As we rode he said, “Son, I was called in by the principal today to talk about your truck being searched.” I can remember nodding in agreement and beginning to wonder where the conversation was going. Next he said something that hit me like a ton of bricks and shattered everything that I had known. He said, “Clay, today I was called in by Mr. Killingsworth because there was a hunting knife found in your truck and by district policy that requires you to be expelled from school.” Expelled from school… The next few days were some of the toughest I have faced. As I walked around our house on the first school day after the expulsion I would pass trophies, belt buckles and pictures. While they looked beautiful sitting there, they did little to take away the sting of losing every piece of the successful front that I had built. I had spent all of my time in high school working to claim titles, but not once did I see the need to serve others. It took being expelled from school and losing every opportunity that I had



for any one person or family to handle. But, this was extra difficult because Linda knew that the father was not able to take care of the child. Side note: Most people, myself included, wake up in the morning and ask questions like: What am I going to do today for me? What am I going to do with my free time? What am I going to buy? But my mother is a very special lady...she is one of those people who wakes up in the morning and asks, “What am I going to do today for others? What can I do for my patients, what can I do for my children, what can I do for my church? Linda had been around my mother long enough to know this. So a few months later Linda came for another appointment, knowing she didn’t have much longer to live and she said “Mrs. Sapp, I need you to do something for me…” My mother being who she is, asked the same thing with the same attitude as always, “What can I do for you?” Linda asked a pretty tough question. She said “I can’t leave my daughter with her father. And I know that you will take care of her. Mrs. Sapp—will you take my daughter and raise her as your own?” On that day, like every day, my mom asked the question what can I do for others and because of that… I have a beautiful sister that I have grown up with for the past 16 years. I was fortunate enough to share memories like playing teacher and student and fighting over the remote and seeing my sister work hard in school to one day serve others in her future career, all because my mother asked, “What can I do for you?” What question are you asking? What can I do for me? Or what can I do for others? Service is something that is preached over and over again to us as FFA members. Washington Leadership Conference’s action piece is called our “Living to Serve Plan” and we talk about servant leadership all the time at

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

our conferences but our words and our challenges in FFA are worthless if we don’t act. The needs are all around us. Families going hungry. Couples stuck in poverty, friends turning to drugs and violence to dull the pain, nations at war, water becoming scarce, and religious tensions grow. Now is not the time for us to sit around and pretend that nothing around us is going wrong. The blue corduroy jacket represents many things, but I can assure you that when the jacket was created 80 years ago, it wasn’t meant to be a fashion statement or easily breathable outerwear. It wasn’t meant to represent a championship earned or a title achieved. It wasn’t meant to be worn in a way that screams “Look at me! Look what I’ve done.” It was meant to represent a generation of young leaders who see the needs in their community and choose to develop themselves in order to meet those needs. It represents FFA members who choose to become farmers who will feed the world, members who choose to become agriculture educators who impact students’ lives daily by shaping their view of leadership and agriculture, members who choose to become leaders in our communities who better our governments and provide examples of what it looks like to lead with morals and character. The beauty of serving others is we don’t have to have a title. We may only wear the jacket for one year or we may never have one at all, but we can all serve. Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live and Living to Serve. We work hard in the classroom and we develop SAEs not for winning proficiencies or CDEs but ultimately to develop our potential so that we can wholeheartedly serve. In today’s world, it is so easy for us to spend our entire life focused on our self only to be left reaching for something more. It is lonely, trying to live in our own little world, but when we open our world



The beauty of serving others is we don’t have to have a title.

in school for me to realize that serving “me” wasn’t enough. Self-service is unfulfilling. We can spend our whole lives trying to get everything we want only to find that even if we get those things…we don’t want them anymore. Awards. Cars. Clothes will change and fade, but serving others and impacting someone’s life for the better is something that never fades. Maybe you are working to get into vet school or trying to win a chapter or state CDE. Evaluate your reasons for setting such big goals. For many of us our goals lead to serving others with the knowledge and skills that we gain. But ask yourself. “If all the titles and accolades were wiped away, would I still be happy with the life I’ve lived and legacy that I left behind?” I had to ask myself that tough question the days after I was expelled. I didn’t like the answer I heard back. Luckily, I was allowed back in school and was able to graduate. But the larger blessing was that I had a wake-up call. Strip away your awards, achievements, selfish desires…are you happy with where you are headed? Are you happy with how you will get there? A life focused on “I” is unfulfilling. One person who gets this concept and shows what it looks like to live for others is my momma. My mom is an advanced registered nurse practitioner and through her line of work she has to see some pretty horrible things and some pretty awesome things. And sometimes…they both happen on the same day. One display of the challenge of her job was a case that involved a woman named Linda. My mom had cared for Linda as a patient for a few years. Linda had built quite a relationship with Mom and even shared with her about her newborn daughter. So it made for a difficult day, when my mom found out that she would have to let Linda know that she had been diagnosed with terminal cancer and only had a few months to live. Now this would have been difficult

Retiring Address: Landan Schaffert

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



“Junk to joy” Growing up in the Hall house for the first two years of my life, there was only one king, the king of country: George Strait.

and the fact that my good wasn’t good enough was eating me alive. So I shut down, just like I had been doing for years. Years ago, I stopped doing things I couldn’t win. If I didn’t think I could be the best, I wouldn’t even try. I dreaded the days my sister Cassie would beg me to come out in the yard to hit a softball with her. I couldn’t make contact to save my life so I didn’t play. In seventh grade, math stopped coming easily to me, so I squeaked by taking as little as possible through high school and college. I didn’t learn. As these memories kept attacking my mind, it hit me: I was chained to performance, a pressure to win, to be the best that left me feeling empty. And I can’t help but wonder if maybe you’re chained to performance, and you feel that same emptiness. In middle and high school, we see this show up in ugly, ugly ways. You may think to yourself…I study from the time I walk in the door until my head hits the pillow, but I still can’t get ahead of her in class ranking. I work on the off season, do more drills than anybody, but I’m just one unpredicted injury away from being wiped off the scouts’ radar. I watch what I eat, work out, and get up extra early to straighten my hair and put on makeup, but I still can’t get him to notice me. I show up early and stay late for every event, I work hard and look for ways to help out, but I’m not an officer so I must not be a leader. And this doesn’t go away when

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Retiring Address: Kalie Hall, National FFA Secretary

But the first time I stepped into a movie theatre, the king of my childhood was born… As a kid, I was obsessed with Simba, and unfortunately, I’ve got the evidence to prove it. VIDEO Let me translate southern toddlereese for you, “Oh, I just can’t wait to be king!” I meant those words from the bottom of my heart! Even as little kids, we just can’t wait to be taller, better, and smarter, that our own kingdom of subjects will hoist us to the top at the end of the song and bow as we make our way to Pride Rock. At the end of the song, Simba falls to the ground, and thanks to an unfortunately placed coffee table, I follow suit. Secretly, deep down there’s a part of each of us that wants to be king and we all keep falling. Our hearts have been leading us on a quest for kingship, but at the end of the day and the end of our lives, we see that all these little prizes we’ve acquired to put in our crowns are really just junk in comparison to the joy available to us. What if with every short fall, and every slip, life is telling us that we’ve missed the mark, that our greatest joy is found in a treasure that can’t be earned but comes by grace. It’s time we stop playing the

carnival games for a cheap prize and treasure this gift! As freshmen you think they’re ancient, but when you get there it’s like you become a kid again, and I was finally there…I was finally a senior. With just one more goal to check off my list: State Prepared Public Speaking Champion. And today was the first round of that journey: the SubArea 2A preliminaries. I zipped up my chapter officer jacket to the top, pulled out my new black shoes — (whisper) just like the ones the state officers wore, popped in a few Skittles for luck and walked to give my speech. Rocked it! Questions? This was a done deal! I strutted back into the holding room and gave my advisor a smile that said “I’ve got this.” All I had to do was get first or second, and I would advance. The official announcement that I would advance couldn’t come soon enough. Finally, the time came. Third place: from Franklin County, Kalie Hall. What? Hold the phone — I had done everything right. I had spent the past two months cooped up in that little closet, typing, deleting, reciting and changing that speech until I had created perfection. For what? Third place…more like first loser. Sure, I had gained some discipline through all the research, and I had actually gotten pretty interested in urban agriculture. But you can’t hang discipline on a wall or pin passion underneath your name on an FFA jacket. I was supposed to win, I had earned it,

Katie Hall continued

we get older. We get jobs and think “I have earned that raise, I put in the extra hours…and the boss doesn’t notice. We get married and have kids and put them on the fast track to be homecoming queen or prom king and as teachers we coach our students to win that CDE. But what if that doesn’t happen?” Now don’t get me wrong, giving our best effort, pushing ourselves, even receiving the pins or plaques we award on this stage aren’t necessarily bad things. But joy isn’t there. We work, we practice, we sweat, we bleed, we cry, but we just never seem to be quite good enough. And even if we do reach

that trophy, that title, that status, our accomplishments seem to never be enough to satisfy our hearts. It’s kind of like that big stuffed animal we wanted at the carnival, but we seemed to never have enough tickets. And if we ever do get that prize…after hours of tossing rings on coke bottles or throwing darts at balloons, we realized we could have bought the same thing at Walmart for 10 bucks. The prize was junk, and the joy didn’t last. What games are you playing? What prize are you after? It will not last. The ultimate gift can’t be earned, and it starts when we realize that.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

A lyric by one of my favorite bands says, “This is not about what you’ve done, but what’s been done for you. This is not about where you’ve been, but where your brokenness brings you to.” When we see our brokenness in the chase of the carnival prize, we see our need for something better. That something better became real to me as we visited a children’s’ home a few months ago. It was there that I saw a look, from the sweetest little girl, I hope I never forget. My teammate Lindsey led us in a game of four corners. This is how it goes down. There are four corners, one person in



Catherine hadn’t earned a carnival prize, but she had just received a gift by grace. When I talk about grace, I’m talking about a goodness we can’t earn or ever deserve. Catherine showed me the truest joy of winning I’ve ever witnessed, and she had nothing to do with it. Because of grace, her eyes were opened to the beauty in the gift of that moment. Have you ever received one of those moments in your life…when by grace someone opened your eyes to the preciousness of a gift? Maybe you’ve gone through a sickness, surgery, or an emotional battle and you couldn’t take care of yourself and someone came to stay by your side and your eyes were opened to the gift of family. You probably were in no shape to be able to earn it… grace. How about the time your best friend saw the disaster coming at the end of a decision you were about to make and loved you enough to risk making you mad to warn you? Did you earn his honesty and tough love? Probably not, but he opened your eyes to gift of truth…grace. Perhaps it was a teacher, maybe even an ag teacher sitting in this room, who spends weekends at livestock shows, summers at camp, and early mornings setting up labs that opened your eyes to the gift of FFA. How could we ever repay our ag teachers for all they do for us? Grace. What is your Catherine moment? Who, by grace, has opened your eyes to the beauty of this gift? Stop and take it in. If we’ll look for them, we’ll see those Catherine moments of grace every day. Bombing a test and the teacher giving you a chance to correct your mistakes for half credit? Grace. Ladies…ripping your nylons getting on the bus, and your advisor makes an extra detour to get you some more? Grace. Mom bringing the jersey you left at home to school before the big game, a neighbor

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

coming to help when your show animals get out. Grace. And once we have received grace, we can’t help but pass it on. That waitress at dinner tonight who’s struggling, maybe she hasn’t earned a good tip. Give it anyway. Grace. The little brother or sister who asks a million questions every time you come home. Maybe they’ve done not a thing to deserve your patience today. Listen anyway. Grace. Let them try on your FFA jacket. Grace. Today, and every day, look for grace, and pass it on. When we have a Catherine moment, a gift of grace, everything changes. For Catherine, it didn’t mean that all of her family problems were fixed or that she’ll win at everything she tries, it means that she was able to simply be a kid and enjoy an afternoon playing with her friends in the home. There are moments of grace like Catherine’s we experience that change the mood of our day or our perspective on a situation, and then there are moments of grace that open our eyes to the true gift, bring our hearts to life, and change us forever. Grace isn’t just a little prayer you say before a meal, it’s a way to live. The vibrant life we were created for is more like four corners than a speaking competition. It’s more about the steady rhythm of grace that brings joy than an emotional rollercoaster controlled by the wins and losses in this life. It’s more about what’s been done for us than what we can do for ourselves. The titles, senior superlatives, medals, degrees, compliments, and twitter followers we’ve been working hard to acquire can’t compare to the value of this gift we can’t earn. It’s through grace – not earned, not deserved, but treasured. Failure is overcome by forgiveness. Falling short; falling in love, fades away; lasts forever. By grace, only grace can we move from junk to joy.



Because of grace, her eyes were opened to the beauty in the gift of that moment.

the middle. When the music plays, everyone runs around the room, and when the music stops, we run to a corner. The person in the middle, with their eyes closed, points to a corner. Everyone standing in that corner is out. The game continues until one person is left standing. Some kids would try to outsmart the game, making a lot of noise over here and then run to the other side. But ultimately this is not a game of skill; it’s a game where you were completely at the mercy of the person in the center. We played several times, and it was the final round. Two were left, Catherine and Colton. Derrick, the one in the middle, with his eyes closed raises his hand for the final time and points to the corner where Colton is standing. Colton is out and Catherine is the winner! We clapped and cheered and started running back to the middle of the room for our next game. And I turned around and noticed Catherine, the sweetest little girl, standing still with her hands clasped over her mouth, with tears welling up in her eyes like her name had just been called as the new Miss America and she said, “I have never won anything in my life.” I felt that senior FFA member rising up again, and though I didn’t say anything, my mind was racing. “Win? Catherine you didn’t win. You didn’t strategize, you didn’t practice. Winning is being better than somebody else, it’s working your tail off. Derrick just happened to pick you. This was a give me. You didn’t do it. You didn’t win.” You know, I don’t know Catherine’s entire story, but 10-year-old Catherine has likely grown up in a bad, bad family situation, been taken from her parents and sent to this children’s home. But 10-year-old Catherine had learned something that this 21-yearold child of the American dream family had yet to learn.

Retiring Address: Tiffany Rogers

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



How NOT to ask a girl to dance I learned back in Nebraska—it’s something to shout when something really cool happens. Somebody does a backflip —Boomtown. Your friend rocks a test—tell him or her Boomtown. A classmate tries a new FFA contest—give them a Boomtown. You earn a chance to attend the National FFA Convention and Expo—that deserves a Boomtown! But here is the catch. Boomtown is not a quiet town. Boomtown is not a lazy town, and it’s not an “I’mtoo-cool-to-say-this town.” So get some boom in your town. If you are ready for a good time at the National FFA Convention and Expo give me your best Boomtown, a-one-twothree! Boomtown! One thing that has definitely been Boomtown has been the last 360 days I’ve had the privilege to serve. I’ve seen members igniting FFA all over the country… at banquets, conventions, camps…but one event always stands out no matter where I go. Some are small. Some are big. Some are country. Some are hip-hop. We even have one here in Louisville… an FFA dance! FFA dances are nuts, like no other dances out there. And for me, my zone of dancing exists only between country line dancing and country swing dancing. Anything else for

me is awkward—I mean you can tell from the convention and expo theme video. So every dance this year reminded me of another very awkward situation—the first time I asked a girl to dance. Now asking a girl to dance for the first time is almost like a rite of passage for every boy. Ancient warriors would have to go into the wild and kill a wolf, with like their bare hands to be considered a man; today, a boy asking for that first dance—that is our wolf. We must slay it to enter the land of manhood; the land where mustaches and biceps rein free. This feat usually occurs around middle school or junior high. If you are a sixth, seventh or eighth grader, give me a big Boomtown! You may be soon attempting this feat. When I was a sixth grader, I asked a girl to dance for the first time. Let me show you what that looked like! One volunteer from the audience please! Tell us your name and state that you are from? Please give it up for ______ from _____ ! Now let me set the scene. (Girls Name), you are now a junior high girl. Give us your best junior high girl pose. Hold that for one minute. Now let me warn you, what we are about to show you was one of the lamest ways to ask a girl to dance ever! This dance was not even a school dance in like a gym, this was at my house. I had a group of friends over and soon a spontaneous dance party started up. (Girls Name), have you ever

started a spontaneous dance party? If you have never started a spontaneous dance party, give it a try. My friends and I did it all the time—we were doing the Harlem Shake before it was cool. But this dance had the normal junior high look. Boys were on one side, girls on the other, with enough space for a 747 jumbo jet to land between us. (Girls Name), stand over there, like way over there. Good. After observing the situation, I realized I had a choice. Stay lame or do something brave. It’s easy to be lame. Being brave has a risk. I made up my mind that I would do something that was way outside my comfort zone and ask a girl to dance. I summed up all the courage I had in my sixth grade body, started walking across the room, and that’s when a new song started. Cascada’s 2005 hit, “Every Time We Touch” came on. And I was like, “Boomtown.” This is my jam. This song was in its prime back then. So I went up to the first girl I saw and I said: (Girls Name), Ahem, “Do you want to dance?” And she was like, “Yea.” Boomtown! Now, here is where the lameness of this situation kicks into high gear. Because this upbeat song was playing, we couldn’t really do the whole slow dance thing. You know, where you face each other and hover your hands over the hips, like you both have germs. Oh no, not during this dance. I resorted to fist

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Retiring Address: Brennan Costello, Central Region Vice President

If you are ready to have a great time this afternoon, FFA give me your best Boomtown! 1-2-3 “Boomtown!” Now if you don’t know what Boomtown is, let me explain. Boomtown is something

Brennan Costello continued

pumping next to her. (Girls Name), fist pump with me. Look at this. This is a very lame way to dance with a girl, if it even counts! We aren’t even looking at each other. But wait my friends, it gets worse. I was so into this song, I fist pumped like I would never fist pump again. That’s when it happened. The greatest fear of any first-time dancer: bodily harm. (Look at girl) Hey I didn’t say you could stop fist pumping… I was dancing my little heart out, when I lost control of my awkward sixth grade body, and my elbow connected with the poor girl’s nose… and broke it. My elbow broke her nose. (Girls name), show us what facial expression you would make to the boy who just broke your nose! I wouldn’t want to be that boy. Then she slapped me across the face. No, no, don’t do that just kidding. Let’s thank (Girls Name)! I didn’t cross any bridges into manhood. Breaking a girl’s nose flings you back into the boy zone. Taylor Swift will probably see this and write a song about it. I felt about “this big” that night. But like most things, looking back on it gives me a different perspective. That first dance ended horribly, but I am glad that I asked. Asking that girl to dance represented a choice that I had to make; a choice that we all make over and over: a choice to be brave. How many of you would consider yourself a brave person? Everyone should be raising their hand. Bravery. Being brave. That’s not really a concept that we talk about today. Being brave is as simple as choosing to get out of your comfort zone, choosing to take a risk, and to do something with a purpose. Everyone can be brave. This year has taught me that bravery is not an unreachable definition. Using our actions and our choices, we can write our own definition. If you want something more out of every day; if you want a purpose that drives you; and if you want to stop standing on the side of the room and get in the middle and dance, then there is a definition of being brave for each one of us. I found my definition by

making small choices but for big reasons. For me it started at camp. Anyone here ever been to FFA camp? Boomtown! This is the place where you meet new friends, try things you wouldn’t or shouldn’t do at home, sing songs that don’t make any sense and possibly get poison ivy. Camp was my first lesson in bravery. When I was young, I had a fear of spending the night somewhere other than my home. I’m not sure what brought on this fear, but it was alive and well when I got signed up to go to camp. When I arrived, things were great. I immediately met some cool people, the food wasn’t too bad and the counselors were a lot of fun. Pretty “Boomtown.” But soon it was lights out, and my fear reappeared. Like many of our fears, my fear was not rational. Even though I had been away from home for less than 10 hours, I got incredibly homesick. Like homesick on steroids. I freaked myself out about all the dangerous things that could happen to my family or me if I went to sleep. It would get so bad I would start crying, yelling and freaking out. I looked like a 12 year-old girl at a One Direction concert. That night, it got to the point where a counselor took me to call my parents, hoping to calm me down. The phone call was a disaster. From the moment my parents were on the

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

phone—and I’m not proud of this—it was like unleashing the Hoover Dam. I just bawled and wailed and cried. It was bad— you know when you cry so hard you can’t breathe? Or it sounds like you’re speaking whale? That was me. “But Mo—omm, I-I-I, jjjjjust wanna go HOME!” I begged my parents to come get me. But soon I had to hang up the phone, walk slowly back to the cabin and try to go to sleep. I was angry, upset and crying. Not Boomtown. Crytown. But something amazing happened. A truly “heroic” moment. A Boomtown moment. … I …Brennan Costello…. survived the night. Yup. That’s it. And I now realize what a brave choice that was. I wish I could tell you that it was all my choice… that I was the brave one, but it wasn’t just my choice—it was my parent’s. My dad has told me that it was difficult for my mom and him to listen to their crying child and tell him that he needed to stay. I mean what if there would have been longterm psychological side effects? Don’t worry there aren’t, it only takes me 20 minutes of crying to get to sleep now—just kidding! Mom and Dad made a small, simple choice—don’t go get Brennan. Let him tough it out. That brave choice of theirs led me to the brave choice to get over my fear. Hollywood, television and our society have turned bravery into something bigger



Your definition of brave is much more than a pop culture battle cry. Bravery isn’t about making crazy decisions. It’s not even about having great results. Being brave is about having a reason to take a risk. And the truly brave know that reason is not about them. For a long time I didn’t focus on that reason. In high school, I was that annoying kid who did everything. Sports, music, acting, speech, FFA, 4-H, student council, blah blah blah. So much of my time was focused on the next achievement, medal, plaque, activity or what would look good on a resume. I spent hours on a search for the next award; like I had a hunger, and the only way that I could satisfy it would be another achievement. After four years, I lined up all my awards at my graduation reception—the focus of my decisions during high school. Graduation came and went, and I packed up the trophies, awards and plaques, and put them in a cardboard box, which currently sits on the top shelf of my closet at home. My decisions in high school were not always brave. Did I put a lot of work in? Yes. Was it all easy? No. But that doesn’t make it brave. My focus was on selfish results. What can I achieve? Where will Brennan’s name be next? Most of the things my name is on are collecting dust in a dark closet. I missed the bigger picture, I missed the reason. The reason became clearer when I decided to run for this position. I wish I could tell you there was this awe-inspiring moment when I understood this, but there wasn’t. But over time, through the love and support of mentors, my intentions were molded into a purpose I could be brave for. My newfound definition of bravery is to stop building trophy cases and start building people. That’s my reason to be brave, what’s yours? It’s not about a position, the result, the name on the back of the jersey or the title underneath your name on your jacket—it’s about why you are choosing to pursue anything in the first place. What is your reason to be brave? My friend Ben is brave for his brother.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

His brother suffers from a bone disease, but Ben doesn’t let that hold his brother back from any opportunities. At home, at school, wherever he is, he steps up for his brother. Despite funding, history or other challenges, Nate and Caroline from Rhode Island choose to make brave decisions to grow their FFA association. Opportunities for FFA members are their number one priority. Every time they put on their FFA jacket they know they must be brave for their members. Andy, a state officer from Georgia, desires to serve as an example of his faith in all he does, despite judgment. He serves as a role model for his team, for members and for me. Faith is his reason. McKehna has always believed in serving others. This led her to study a new major in college, to spearhead a new program on her college campus, and even to travel overseas to serve in an orphanage. She is brave to serve. And my sister, Madison, she’s my role model when it comes to helping others. Whether it is helping out a friend, serving students on her campus, or in her future career; she has a brave heart for others. Ordinary people, just like you and me, are living with a brave purpose, and because of that, are making bold decisions. Boomtown decisions. What will be your reason to be brave? These people use their reason to act courageously—not in big death-defying, heroic ways—but purposeful, bravedefining acts. The brave don’t start out courageous. But they start. And if it feels uncomfortable, that’s good. It means you are on the right track. My biggest hope for you is that you will choose to redefine your definition of bravery. Choose to do the small things in a brave way and live with courage in every daily decision. Choose to risk for others, backing up each brave choice with a bold purpose and reason. We don’t need a cape, or a suit, or a super power to be considered a hero. We just need a reason to be a hero for someone else. Be brave.



Choose to do the small things in a brave way and live with courage in every daily decision.

than us or beyond our reach. We are led to believe that the brave have perfect skin and smiles; that the brave are some elite Delta squad; or a knight who slays the dragon, or a superhero. We have blown this view to the point where being brave means you have to save the world. But when you think about it, the world is simply six billion people with six billion different perspectives. It may only take one small, brave choice to change one of those perspectives. When you do that, you change everything. My parents changed my world. Don’t devalue the opportunities you have every day to make a brave choice. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “do the small things in a big way.” I don’t agree with that. It makes me think that every small thing you do needs to be like, yelled. Going to study! Eating a sandwich! Picking my nose! No that’s weird. Instead of doing the small things in a big way, what if we did the small things, in a brave way? For me, that simply means reaching out to people I don’t know. I get nervous every time I have to talk to a new person or give a speech. But I know that it could open a new relationship, or a chance to help. It’s the brave choice for me. When given the option, be brave and meet the new person, stand up for your values, and take the risk. What brave decision can you make to better your chapter? What choice will better your relationships, your organization or your home? Do small things every day, not in a big way, but in a brave way. Now, some people may think being brave relates closely to another saying. Y.O.L.O. For the people who prefer life under a rock, YOLO stands for You Only Live Once. However, instead of YOLO being a positive phrase for making good decisions, it has become our excuse for doing something stupid. Let’s skip class and jump off a roof because YOLO! YOLO, YOLO! Let’s eat a spoonful of cinnamon, YOLO YOLO! I will tattoo my face, YOLO. No. Bravery is not about blindly making thoughtless risky decisions. Get off the roof and put down the cinnamon.

Retiring Address: Wyatt DeJong

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



“Let it shine” In the Milky Way galaxy, there are at least 100,000,000,000 planets. On Earth, there are

She had a beautiful voice, but she silenced it. This world can be pretty dark at times. I wonder how much brighter it would be if less people hid their light, and let it shine. This world can be pretty silent…I wonder what it would sound like if more girls like Carrie sang. Instead of silencing their voice… There’s one place where most of us definitely don’t silence our voices—who here has been to an FFA camp? Whoop whoop! That’s right, I love FFA camp, partly because we just get to be loud and proud, something I’m pretty good at. From dances and sports to sing-a-longs, energizers and powers to pranks and long conversations, there are plenty of noisy ways to cause a ruckus at FFA camps. One of my favorites I first learned at South Dakota’s FFA camp, but it’s easier to have someone show you than tell you… Can I have some volunteers? Three of you. What are your names? (Students share names) Let’s give it up for ____________________. In South Dakota, when a member happens to lose their water bottle or nametag, to get it back they have to…sizzle like bacon! Guess what volunteers…it’s time for you to sizzle like bacon! Oh, come on! Let’s turn up the heat! We’ve got to fry it up! I love crispy bacon! I think our bacon is ready! Let’s

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Retiring Address: Joenelle Futrell, Eastern Region Vice President

57,000,000 square miles of land. On this land 400,000,000,000 trees, 8,700,000 species of animals, 7,100,000 people, 6,500 languages, 196 nations and 50 states. All of this and only one you. The world is huge and can be pretty harsh, which makes it easy for one to hide, disappear and fade into the darkness. It’s pretty easy to hide in high school too. As one of hundreds of students, it’s simple: slide down into your desk, turn your assignments in and try not to talk unless absolutely necessary. But, in some classes, that just isn’t possible, like in choir class. I loved choir class, everything about it: the hand signs seemed like a new language, the voice exercises were ridiculously entertaining—ahhh, eeeee, iiii, ohhh, oooo—and we sang songs from the Sound of Music and Wicked to revival music. One day, I remember vividly, we were practicing Christmas songs, getting ready for our annual Christmas concert. We needed a short solo, but no one could hit the high note. It seemed like we ALL tried and we ALL sounded like this—screech loudly. Seriously, it was almost that bad. Out of frustration Mr. Kent, our choir director, looked at Carrie, the girl next to me. To really understand what Carrie was like, imagine the quietest person in your class. You probably don’t know too much

about them, maybe you sometimes forget their name. They just blend into the class without being noticed. Plain clothes, plain face, just plain. That person is Carrie. But Mr. Kent wasn’t going to let Carrie hide this time. “Carrie, why don’t you try?” Carrie just shook her head and immediately looked down. “Carrie, why don’t you give this one try?” Carrie tried to avoid eye contact with everyone in the room. “Carrie, I know you can sing. Just give it a try.” We all echoed, “C’mon Carrie, see what happens! Just try it!” Carrie kept shaking her head, her face flushed with embarrassment from the attention. “Carrie, you need to try.” Finally, Carrie gave in. She stood up, the chord played, and she began to sing. From a girl who I never heard speak came the sweetest sounding soprano voice imaginable! We listened, amazed. When she finished her line, we clapped and cheered. We all had chills! We didn’t cry, but we could’ve…it was like when Rocky won his final bout, when Rudy finally goes into the big game, when the emperor and his nation all bow to Mulan, when Forrest Gump’s leg braces fly off, when Rafiki holds up Simba in the Lion King like he was searching for cell service! We were in so much shock we only knew one thing—she had to be the solo! But, just as quickly as she stole the spotlight, she vanished…she sat down and closed her book. We encouraged her, asked her, begged her, but she never sang a real solo.

Joenelle Futrell continued

give these members a round of applause! This happens a lot at camps, but this is just one crazy example of how we, as FFA members, can be stretched out of our comfort zone, something necessary for us to shine. Shining is simple—it’s being authentic, confident and real. You see, it doesn’t matter too much what others think of you, but it matters a whole lot what you think of you. When you feel like yourself, you’ll let your light shine. Through workshops, bunking in cabins, all kinds of activities…camps help us be ourselves and let our lights shine. What lets your light shine? I don’t think Carrie thought she had a bad voice. In fact, I think she knew she had an awesome voice. What scared Carrie was that when she was out front, letting her light shine, her voice would be applauded, but everything else would be judged. If they know the real me, then they will have an opinion of me, and I’m scared of others’ opinions. Better to hide. Better

to shrink (pause) better to be silent. Have you ever thought like Carrie? I have. And Carrie is right, when you let your light shine, like Carrie did in class, like they did on this stage, people will have opinions. And, guess what? You may not like those opinions. But that isn’t the point. Hiding ourselves won’t ever do us any good. It may help us avoid disappointment, but we can’t be who we were meant to be, unless we are first willing to accept the fact that, no matter what, our light was meant to shine. Letting your light shine isn’t always easy. Life can make it pretty tough. Junior year of high school was one of these tough times. By September, my dad was halfway through a battle with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer. For those of you who have dealt with cancer in your lives, you know what that means. For those of you who haven’t, it means weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, pain

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

medication, special diets, high emotions, changes in personality, long trips to cold doctor’s offices, a hospital bed in the living room, and watching someone who was once incredibly strong, need a walker, then a wheelchair, to move. It meant watching someone who was once able to give you piggyback rides now unable to carry a sack of groceries. Someone who used to be able to work on his cars from sun up to sun down not be able to go outside. Someone who used to love to watch old western movies and Andy Griffith, now would only sleep—wouldn’t even look at the screen. It meant that someone you used to depend on couldn’t even help himself. For me, it meant living with family members, at friend’s houses, and in hotel rooms, having zero stability, never knowing when I would have to miss a day of school, not being able to play sports, go to church, do homework, play music, or focus on things a kid should because



own light shine, we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same.” I don’t know if they knew it at the time, but by bringing their light into my world on that day, they were permitting me to shine my light again. And when you are in a moment of pitch black darkness like I was…that is the exact medicine we need. They let their light shine brightly for others, and it was contagious. How can you let your light shine brightly for others? Missouri FFA members Brett, Trey, Audrey, Abby and others let their light shine through their willingness to cook and serve food. They let their light shine for others by doing so to support local agriculturists and community groups. Oklahoma FFA member Piper let her light shine by competing in the Creed Speaking contest. But she let it shine for others by encouraging her classmates to try something new as well. Kentucky FFA member Bethany let her light shine through her passion for travel. She let it shine for others by traveling to the Philippines and spending time teaching and serving those who are underprivileged. Mississippi FFA member Gracie let her light shine by always asking questions. She lets her light shine for others by confidently building relationships with people, no matter who they are. New Hampshire FFA member Erica lets her light shine by simply smiling. Have you ever met one of those people who can just light up a room when they smile? These members do it too. They let their light shine for others by making everyone they meet day a little bit brighter. You can’t blend in when you shine. How can you let your light shine brightly for others? How can you let your light shine so brightly that others can use it to find their way out of the dark? After traveling this entire year, I’ve come to this conclusion. An answer to a question I’ve been asked hundreds

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

of times by sponsors, parents and students alike. What is so special, so unique about FFA that I should support it or join it over any other organization? Simply put… what makes FFA great? And, my simple answer: We can take any student, any day, anywhere, and we give them the potential to let their light shine. The valedictorian and the special needs student both wear a blue jacket. The quarterback and the one who could never make the team both wear the blue jacket. The student who was told they couldn’t cut it in a real class and needed to work with their hands, the student who was told her hair was too blonde or too big to have an intelligent thought, the student who works every night to help support the family, the student raised on a ranch in Wyoming, the student living in a downtown Chicago apartment, the student termed as a band geek, emo-kid, redneck, weirdo, or failure. They all can wear blue jackets. And they all do. We don’t have a niche. We don’t have a target market. This jacket can be custom-tailored for any student who wants to wear it. And you know the best part… the redneck, emo-kid, band geek, valedictorian, shop kid, farmer boy, city girl, 15-year-old freshman and the 18-year-old senior all put this very jacket on. We all come here together for an event like this, and we stand together, and we proudly declare in our ceremonies why we are here together. And we laugh together. And we learn together. And we lead together. We let our lights shine together. What makes FFA great is that we give opportunity for a light to shine, to be ignited, in every student. Fellow FFA members, I’ve seen you shine your light throughout the country this year. It’s incredible and inspiring. And it is you who have shown me that it is okay for me to let my light shine too. We are unique and too blessed to remain hidden. FFA members, let your light shine brightly for others.



We can take any student, any day, anywhere, and we give them the potential to let their light shine.

I always had to be home to take care of dad. Let’s get this straight, I’m not trying to throw a pity-party on stage for myself, but the fact was for me, during that terrible time, I was filled with selfish resentment, consumed by frustration and tons of questions. Through the fall and winter, I wasn’t myself. My light didn’t shine. Into the spring, my dad’s condition continually worsened, day by day, and so did my attitude. Every day that he got worse, so did I… he lost physical strength, and I lost emotional strength. My light certainly didn’t shine. That March, in a hospital just a few miles from here, my dad lost his yearlong battle with cancer. A few days later, in a funeral home lobby, I stood in what seemed like an endless line. For hours, I met co-workers and family and friends and this person and that person who I had never heard of. My painted-on smile was wearing thin. I can hug and shake hands with the best of them, but I was unbelievably exhausted. The last thing I wanted to do was stand there in the cold in my heels and hear another, “Bless your heart, I’m so sorry for you.” I wanted to be done with all this mess. Be done with this cruel world. I was in a very dark place. And then something special happened that would brighten my day. Nine individuals walked through the doorway together. These nine friends, my fellow chapter members from Daviess County, Ky., didn’t care about appearances and formalities, what I looked like, or what flowers were sent from whom. They cared about me. They didn’t do much. They didn’t have to. They were just themselves. They let their light shine brightly…for me. Because those individuals made the choice not to hide their light and were genuine, letting their personalities shine, they had a tremendous impact on me. Erik just gave me a giant hug and tried to make me laugh by being his goofy self. Dani talked up a storm to distract me. It has been said that, “As we let our

Retiring Address: Shannon Norris

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



“Put your hand to the plow” Well my name is Wiley Bailey and I am from Alabama. Now

so many times we will be on that path, doing really well, and we will be tempted to get off track and try to live life the way that we think is best or the way others pressure us to. And if we are not careful we get led down a path that leads to destruction. But when we find ourselves down that path, we must realize that the only place to go is back to the father’s house, back to the right path. And he will welcome us with open arms if we choose to go back to him. Remember, the best way to live our lives is the way the author of life intended us to live it, and if we ever get off track, we must stop and find our way back. Give me a “yeye” if you like to watch home videos? I love to watch home videos! I was actually watching one a couple of years ago and I ran across this gem. Let’s watch… Spank spank?! Look at that face, I knew what those words meant. I did NOT want a spank spank. No, homey don’t play that. You can tell by the look on my face that I knew exactly what I was doing. Look at that face, yeah zoom in a little bit, hhhhmmmm. I knew I wasn’t supposed to get in that basket, but what was the harm in getting a little closer to the heater? There are a lot of things we don’t see the harm in, that seem to be harmless little things like exaggerating the truth. You ever heard a fellow tell a story about fishing. He’ll say I went out dar fishin’ tha other day a fishin’ and I cast my rod out thar (rod

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Retiring Address: Wiley Bailey, Southern Region Vice President

when people hear I am from Alabama they either think one or two things. They either think that I play the banjo or that I am going to marry my first cousin. Well I could marry my first cousin but then I think, “eh betta not,” but I am a banjo player and I remember one of the first banjo lessons I ever took, the fellow told me, “We’re gonna learn the dueling banjos.” He said, “It goes like this…” …And I went (funny face), “Wow that’s awesome!” Well it was probably more like this, (Little boy voice “Wow that’s awesome!”). Then he said something to me that I thought was pretty neat. He said, “As long as you play the song exactly the way the author wrote it, you’ll end up sounding awesome too. He said, you’ll be tempted to play it different ways and come up with new ways to play it, but the truth is the best way to play a song is the way the author wrote it.” Now, my banjo teacher is a good fella and he would a lot of times teach me life lessons when he was teaching me how to play the banjo, whether he knew it or not and that day he was talking more than just about my banjo playing, he was also talking about life. I can still hear him saying, “The best way to play a song is the way it is written, and if you ever get off track stop and find your way back.” See if we ever get off track in life, we need to stop and find our way back to the way the author of

life intended it to sound. I heard a story one time about a young fella who had been raised in a good home and had decided one day that he was done with all of that and he wanted to make his own rules, live on his own and leave his father’s home. Well he did and he told his dad that he was out and that he was gone, and his dad loved him so much that he gave him all of his inheritance. So he left and at first it was awesome. He was going to parties and having a big time but slowly the money started going away and little by little his decisions led him down a road that he didn’t need to be on. He actually got in such bad shape that he had to get a job on a farm feeding hogs and he got so hungry that finally one day he got down with the hogs and ate the same food they were eating. He decided that he couldn’t live like that anymore and he knew that the only place he needed to be was back with his father. So he left and went back home. And he was scared because he didn’t know if his father would accept him or not, because of what he had done. But, you know, something remarkable happened. When he got back home his daddy opened his arms and welcomed him and forgave him for all that he had done. I think so many of us find ourselves walking the same path that this boy did. See, the good path in life has already been established and

Wiley Bailey continued

noise and water noise) and I stated a’reelin’ her in and I could tell she’s a big’n and I pulled that thang up thar and, I’m tellin’ ye it was…this big, (girl voice) Uh no it wasn’t. Well shoot yeah it was. You are laughing because that’s you. I mean, hey Jack there ain’t nothing wrong with exaggerating the truth a little, right? Also with my playing that song I found that I could play “Dueling Banjos” better than how the author wrote it. I would start out like this…. and then I kind of put my own twist on it... …tssst there is nothing wrong with veering off track a little, right? My banjo teacher heard me playing like that one time and he said, “Son your picking has gotten so far off track that it doesn’t even sound like the original song.” You know the truth is that so many times in life we’ll be doing so well and all of the sudden we start getting a little bit off track here and there and we don’t see any harm in it. You know I bet if we could ask that fella that left home how he ended up eating with the hogs, how he

ended up like that, he’d tell us that it was a gradual thing. He’d probably say, “I didn’t even realize that I had gotten to that shape until one day I looked around me and I had hit rock bottom and I didn’t even recognize where I was.” It reminds me of one time when I was a little kid, my brothers and I were out in the ocean and my mom said, “Now boys y’all stay right out here in front of us and don’t drift too far.” Well we started playing around and after a couple of minutes I looked back up to where my parents were sitting and I saw them and it seemed like I had drifted just about 10 or 15 feet away. And so I didn’t think it was that big of a deal so we stayed out there and after another couple of minutes I looked to try to find my parents and it was obvious that we had drifted a little bit further away. I could still see my parents so I didn’t worry about trying to get back right in front of my parents, so then I just swam around and played and didn’t look

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

to find my parents for like 15 minutes and that time I looked and I couldn’t see them anywhere. I got scared and I ran onto the shore and James Paul and Cliff and I began running in the direction that we knew they were. When we got there I said, “Momma! We were out there and then we started playing and then I didn’t know where we were and James Paul hit me.” And he said, “No I didn’t Momma!” And she said, “Listen boys, you are alright, but you do need to stay right in front of us because when you get out there if you are not careful you’ll slowly drift further and further away from your daddy and me. And if we are not careful, little things that we think are harmless will turn into big things and we’ll slowly begin to drift further and further away and we’ll began to play a different song.” Last summer my dad decided that we were going to plant a huge garden. Well, I grew up on a cattle farm, mainly not a row crop farm, so naturally we don’t have an



a girlfriend or boyfriend and without realizing it we got a little further off of the row. And you know this whole time our father is paying attention to what we are doing and he will look down and see us mess up and he will become disappointed and eventually he has to come down and he’ll put his arm around us and say look at all that you have. Look at this free education that you are receiving. Do you not realize where this can lead you to if you work hard in those classes? Look at the family that you have that you disrespect and don’t love. All they are trying to do is help you and love you. Look at all of these things I’ve given you. These things are too valuable to just throw away. And then he’ll say, now look at all this mess in your life. Do you see this group of friends that you think are so cool? They don’t really love you; they are leading you down a path that doesn’t lead to anything but hurt and misdirection. You see that girlfriend or boyfriend that you think you “love”? Your love for them is not measured by how far you can go with them. Your love for them is measured by how much respect you show them. If you get tangled up in that mess, in all those temptations that get you off your path, it’s gonna cost you much more than your willing to pay. And your father will put his hand on your shoulder and say what you need to do is get back on track, hold tight to the plow and keep your eyes on the row. It reminds me of one time I walked into a restaurant to get some breakfast and there was an old man sitting by himself eating alone and I thought that sure is sad. So I went up to him and asked him if he wanted any company. He smiled and said yeah son take a seat. He talked to me about everything. About him growing up and getting married and working, we had such a good time fellowshipping. But right at the end he got really serious like old men do and said son in life there are a lot of talkers and they ain’t many walkers, be a walker. Be a walker.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

You know, I never finished telling you about my banjo teacher. We would get together from time to time after I had finished taking lessons and I remember one time he gave me a call and asked me to come over. He said, “Wiley we’re having a picking and a grinning over at the house if you want to come over.” I got over there and he did like this… which in Alabama means “get your banjo out.” Obviously, right? Y’all need to get out more…so I did and he began to play and I began to play and he said, “No, no, no don’t start doing that stuff again.” He said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” And we kept playing back and forth, and then in the midst of our playing I remembered back to a few things. I thought about that fella who left home and ended up in the hog pen and how he probably wished he would have stayed on the right path. I thought back to my dad teaching me that valuable lesson in the field that day. You know, I don’t know where you are tonight. You might be walking the straight and narrow and doing everything just right. Well if you are then good job, keep going. But if I’m right, most everyone in this arena tonight deals with being tempted to get off of the row often. Listen, I know high school is hard. I’ve talked to FFA members all year about what you guys are pressured with at school, but I also know another thing, we cannot live in the hog pen of this world. When we get off track, as long as we put the effort forth to get back on track, our father is waiting with open arms. When we get to a place where we don’t recognize where we are, we need to stop and find our way back. Put your hand to the plow, keep your eyes on the row, be careful not to drift too far away and I’ll leave you with the words of that old man. In this room today there are probably a lot of talkers, but we must be walkers. Be a walker and if you do, you will end up playing your song the way the author of life intended it to sound. And you know what? It sounds pretty good! God Bless.



“Get back on track, hold tight to the plow and keep your eyes on the row.”

up-to-date plow. But we do have this old mule plow that was my granddaddies. What we did was hook that plow to a chain and then to the tractor. Now… I know what you are thinking… wow, he really is from Alabama. Now, the vegetables were already coming up a little bit. Dad was driving the tractor, and I got hold of the plow to follow behind. Before he got on the tractor he said, “Son just hold on tight to that plow and keep your eyes on the row and you’ll be fine.” So I grabbed hold of both handles of the plow and he took off and…. Whoa mule, hey! Whoa...I’m sorry that was another bad joke. Finally he got the speed right and at first it was easy and I thought, “This is nothing,” but eventually I got tired and started getting distracted and started looking around at different things, SQUIRREL (Point to a corner). And eventually Daddy realized it and would look back at me disappointed. I kept getting distracted with little things. He was getting frustrated, and finally he got off the tractor and said, “Son, look at these vegetables that are coming up. You know here in a couple of months these vegetables will be picked and your momma will be able to make us fresh vegetables and soup.” Do you not realize that if you keep getting off track you are going to ruin that? And then he said, “Look here at this irrigation line that you and your brothers laid. Do you remember how much that cost?” And I told him and he said, “Think about if you get that plow tangled up in that mess. Think how much it’s gonna cost us.” And then he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “Get back on track, hold tight to the plow and keep your eyes on the row.” The truth is in our life once we get a hold of the plow and we are going pretty good, distractions will come along. We will start hanging around the wrong crowd and before we know it, we start making bad decisions and getting into stuff that we know leads to trouble. And without even realizing it we’ll get off of the row. Or maybe we get into a situation that we don’t need to be in with

Retiring Address: James Flatt

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



“GIANT moment” Glove in hand, ball cap on and that California sunshine warming my face, it was game day at Pac Bell Park in San Francisco.

value: the correct level of respect for the importance and value of your personal character, life, efforts or achievements. The difference in those definitions depends on what we take pride in and how we show it. The commercial is a perfect example of the second definition; when we watch the RAM commercial, we are passionately proud. But often, people think of pride in a negative manner. Why can’t we look at pride in a good way? Like the second definition... …and use it in a positive light, both in what we take pride in and how we show it. One thing I take pride in, using the good definition, is this jacket. And I have since I was little, but probably for an entirely different reason than you might expect. This year we are celebrating 80 years of the blue jacket. What you may not know is in 1939, FFA had a white sweetheart jacket and was a tradition continued until 1993. In fact, growing up we had this in my hall closet owned by one of the sweetest people I know, my mom. Yep, my mom was a chapter sweetheart and my dad was also a very involved and successful FFA member. My parents met in high school and were high school sweethearts. This jacket and this picture make me proud, and not just because they were in FFA, but for what this image represents. My mom and dad got married a few months out of high school and have been happily married for 32

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Retiring Address: Lindsey Anderson, Western Region Vice President

Being only 11 years old, I really didn’t understand too much about baseball but this was the very day I fell in love with the San Francisco Giants. I remember the day like it was the first time I heard Taylor Swift. I was sitting in the stands with my whole family. My mom of course had a huge bag filled with all sorts of snacks like we were saving up for the apocalypse, my little brother Jason being the squirrely little boy that couldn’t sit still, my big sis Krista sporting her cute Giants gear and Dad focused in on the game. On this day, I would have what I call a Giant moment. Now my dad is that parent that to get our attention would whistle with both hands that sounds something like this… Thanks dad. And I was always incredibly jealous of this. So on that day, I decided I wanted to learn how to make the obnoxiously awesome noise. Inning after inning, I sat next to my dad and had him try and teach me how to whistle. I practiced so much that folks all around me started cheering me on and encouraging me to keep trying. Meanwhile, it was nearing the end of the game and the Giants were losing. That was until my favorite player got up to bat, #6 JT Snow. He swung the bat and the ball went soaring out of the

park and into the San Francisco Bay for a home run that put the Giants ahead. In that very moment, something came over me. Without hesitation everyone in the stands shot out of their seats to scream, and without thinking I placed my fingers to my mouth and belted out a whistle. Shocked at both events that just happened I burst into a fit of happy tears and everyone around me started congratulating me. Now looking back I can’t believe I had embarrassed myself or my family that way. But that was the day I fell in love with baseball, my beloved Giants and have never been more proud; proud of myself and a sense of pride for something bigger than myself. It was a Giant moment for me. We’ve all had moments like that, right? Moments where you completely get caught up in this weird emotion… a mixture of excited and anxious, yet solemn. You don’t know whether to scream out in joy or get teary-eyed. A lot of us probably had one of those moments back in February when we saw this commercial play for the first time during the Super Bowl. Pride, when defined can mean two different things. First, a feeling of superiority: a haughty attitude shown by somebody who believes, often unjustifiably, that he or she is better than others. Or it can mean, A proper sense of one’s

Lindsay Anderson continued

years. They paid their own way through college, so the first years of marriage were difficult and my parents faced challenges I can’t even fathom. For the first several years, my parents lived in a fifth-wheel trailer. Fast forward and my dad was in vet school with a child and wife to provide for while my mom worked night shifts as a nurse. By the time my dad graduated with his doctorate in veterinary medicine, I had also been born. My parents’ experiences have shaped me into who I am. Because my parents have and continue to work for everything they have, my siblings and I have been shaped by our upbringing. For example,

because my parents weren’t necessarily well off, my mom used to save and reuse foil, and has taught me to be conscious of being wasteful. Because my dad supported a family at an early age, I have learned that we should work hard and earn what we have. I am proud of my parents and their humble beginnings, I am proud of where I come from. Take pride in who you are and where you come from, good bad or otherwise because it has made you to be the person you are. When I think about my family and the things we value, it is one of those Giant moments. It is that moment that makes me overwhelmed with pride. Now, think about you…

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

What things have made you who you are? What bumps, bruises, scars or moments shaped you? Who has helped shape you? Be proud of that! Now have you ever felt as though you knew someone pretty well, then come to find out there was something pretty significant you didn’t know? Yup, totally happened to me this year. See three years ago, I met Krysten Sheets and since then have seen and caught up with her multiple times. Mrs. Sheets is an agriculture teacher in Arkansas, so I also got to see her at their convention and spent a couple days with her after. As we headed to her house, we had a great convo about her dad, new teaching position and some awesome



Mrs. Sheets taught me that it is more about showing pride using this [points to heart] and less of this [points to mouth]. In FFA, we do a really good job of using this [points to mouth] but are those words matched with our actions. The FFA Creed states not of words but of deeds, we say it, but is that matched with actions that carry that out? Although cliché, we must let our actions speak louder than our words. Think about what you are proud of, and how you show it. If you are proud of your school, maybe you root for your team at football games or talk highly of it to others but do you show it with this [points to heart] by picking up trash on campus even if it’s not yours. Whose proud of being an American, let me hear ya! If you are proud of being American, maybe you shout “Murica” but do you show it with this [points to heart] and stop no matter what you are doing to place your right hand over your heart to sing the National Anthem as you quietly respect the symbol of our great nation? We put community service on our resumes to get that scholarship or position, but when push comes to shove, do we use this [points to heart] by helping out around the house where those hours aren’t counted? This is what we must use to show our pride [points to heart]. Dad always taught me that you should take pride in everything you do because it’s got your name on it and it reflects who you are; whether it’s as simple as cheering for your favorite baseball team or as important as taking a moment of silence for men and women in the military. These are the things I take pride in, that give me that Giant moment. And I need to remind myself and constantly think about the messages I am sending through my actions and check myself, before I wreck myself to see if I am using more of this [points to heart] than this [points to mouth].

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

When you think about what you are proud of and how you show that pride, what message are you sending through your actions? Take pride in where you come from, take pride in who you are and show what you are proud of in your actions using this. We all learn the FFA Creed our first year in FFA. Do you know why? E.M. Tiffany didn’t write the Creed because we needed to scare some freshmen with a speech contest. It was written as a testament to our values in FFA, what was in here [points to heart]. The hope is that these words will become something we live by. Something we say louder with our actions, with our deeds, than we do with our words. It has been an honor this year to travel around and speak to the public about FFA. But you know what it is they say the most about those “blue jacket wearers?” They don’t talk about the words we use or the content of our six-eight-minute prepared speeches. They don’t talk about the 30-second elevator speech. They talk about the way we carry ourselves. The way we show respect for others and ourselves. The way we handle responsibility. They talk about our actions. And when I meet former FFA members and alumni...well, they take pride in what they were and are a part of. When asked about their FFA experience—their Giant moments in the blue jacket— they get a little choked up and then they smile, because their pride for FFA comes from here (points to heart) not from here (points to mouth). Where does your pride come from? How will you show it? FFA friends, I am proud to have been a part of a world filled with many BBQ lunches, ripped panty hose, the power clap, crazy car rides with ag teachers, YouYube videos, early stock show mornings, hardworking yet caring people, laughter, tears, relationships and countless memories.



Take pride in everything you do because it’s got your name on it and it reflects who you are.

FFA members from her chapter. Then when we got to her house and went inside I began to see a theme, in pictures, knick knacks, and other memorabilia. In numerous photos there were men in military uniform and there was a military uniform in the garage along with a poster. Everywhere I looked, there was military stuff. Finally, I asked, “What does your husband do?” Then it all came together. Mr. Sheets serves in the military. She told me how he served in the Navy for nine years then transferred branches serving in the National Guard for the past six years. She also shared that her brotherin-laws also serve in the military in one capacity or another. I was taken back. I thought why have I seen and talked to her multiple times and hadn’t known? Why doesn’t she talk about it, that’s something I’d be proud of! Then all at once, I thought back to another experience I had this year. I was traveling with Wiley and we had the chance to visit the U.S. Army at Fort Knox in Kentucky. I had never been on an army base before and was completely taken by the overwhelming amount of pride I had just being there. I have literally never felt so proud to be an American, seeing waving flags along with men and women in uniform, the uniform that is worn to protect our country. The entire day I didn’t know whether to radiate with a smile or tear up, I simply cannot describe how I felt that day, I wish I could, but I just can’t. Kinda like if you tried to describe how you felt the first time you saw the RAM commercial. I had a giant moment in Fort Knox. It was then that I realized why Mrs. Sheets didn’t tell me. It’s not because she didn’t want to or that she’s not proud but she didn’t have to. She loves the man that her husband is and is proud of what he does but doesn’t have to talk about it to know that, it’s something she feels with her heart.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Career development events Since 1928, the National FFA Organization has worked to create career development events that demonstrate the meaningful connections between classroom instruction and real-life scenarios. CDEs are designed to help prepare FFA members for challenging careers in agriculture and build upon what members learn in agricultural classes and FFA. CDEs test the abilities of individuals and teams in 25 major areas of agricultural instruction. More than 3,000 youth travel from across the country to participate at the national level. Through intense hands-on activities, FFA members are asked to perform specific career skills that will help them develop technical knowledge, decision-making, reasoning and more. Industry professionals serve as judges so that the participants

Agricultural Communications

CDE, teams must design a presentation

Sponsored by Osborn Barr

that addresses multiple viewpoints of a

The National FFA Agricultural Communi-

contemporary agricultural issue and pres-

cations CDE is a competitive event that

ent it to a number of audiences in their

tests students’ skills in all areas of the

community. For the national event, they

agricultural communications field and

present a portfolio based on their local

evaluates how well they can apply class-

audiences’ feedback and deliver their

room knowledge to real-life situations.

presentation to a panel of judges.

Participants attend a simulated news conference and use the information gath-

Winning Team: Karleigh Howeth, Hannah

ered to complete individual practicums

Shirley, Adrianna Culbreth, Benjamin

in writing, electronic media and design.

Schexnayder, Bethany Baker and Johnna

Prior to the event, students compile

Johnson, Madisonville FFA, Texas

media plans related to innovative agricultural practices, management techniques and marketing tools. Each team then cre-

Agricultural Sales

ates a 15-minute presentation based on

Sponsored by Monsanto

their proposal. Members also compete in

The National FFA Agricultural Sales CDE

an editing exercise and a general com-

allows students to apply classroom

munications quiz.

can see how they would perform in

Winning Team: Kenzie Curran, Anissa

actual careers.

Zagonel and Austin Egbert, Girard FFA,

Years of study, training and practice

the National Agricultural Issues Forum

knowledge to real-life situations. The event includes actual sales presentations, a written exam, team sales situation, an


individual practical situation focusing on

paid off for this year’s participants. The

Top Placing Individual: Kenzie Curran,

results of each event were announced at

customer relations, customer service, or

Girard FFA, Kansas

prospecting for customers. Each team

sponsor-hosted award banquets during the National FFA Convention & Expo.

competed at local and state levels for the

During the ninth general session, the high

Agricultural Issues Forum

team and individuals were recognized on

Sponsored by Elanco

stage. Winning teams and high individu-

The National FFA Agricultural Issues

als received scholarships.

privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Jessica Long, Katelyn Long, Bailey Bitz and Nicollette Bitz,

Forum CDE tests students’ knowledge

Napoleon FFA, North Dakota

of agricultural issues and evaluates how well they can apply classroom knowl-

Top Placing Individual: Bailey Bitz,

edge to real-life situations. To qualify for

Napoleon FFA, North Dakota

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



CDE Winners continued

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems

Creed Speaking

Sponsored by Firestone Farm Tires

The National FFA Creed Speaking CDE is designed to recognize outstanding FFA members for their ability to present the National FFA Creed in a competitive setting. Members deliver the Creed from memory and respond to three questions. The event gives FFA members the opportunity to develop their ability to communicate in a powerful, organized and professional manner.

The National FFA Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Activities included in the event are a written exam, a team event, demonstration of problem-solving skills, and hands-on performance activities. Areas of emphasis include environmental and natural resource systems, machinery and equipment systems, structural systems, energy systems and electrical systems. Each team in the event has competed with other chapters in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event.

Sponsored by CHS

Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management

Dakota Massey and Julio Villasenor,

The National FFA Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management CDE tests the student’s ability to select and manage quality dairy cattle. Event components include six classes of dairy cattle, herd record evaluation and dairy management team activity. Each team competed at local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their home state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

Prairie Central FFA, Illinois

Agronomy Sponsored by Bayer CropScience The National FFA Agronomy CDE allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Participants’ knowledge of agronomic sciences was tested through several levels of competition including developing solutions for problematic scenarios; identification of seeds, insects, soil and crops; and other management practices.

Austin Wallace and Isabelle Mitchell, all of Columbia FFA, Missouri Top Placing Individual: Paige Crane, Blacksburg FFA, Virginia

Extemporaneous Public Speaking Sponsored by American Farm Bureau Federation

Winning Team: Tyler Goodlett, Caleb

The National FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE is designed to recognize outstanding FFA members for their ability to prepare and present a factual speech on a specific agricultural issue in a well thought out and logical manner. Members select one topic from a choice of categories, have 30 minutes to prepare a four- to 10-minute speech, and respond to five minutes of questions following delivery.

West, Spencer County FFA, Kentucky Top Placing Individual: Tyler Goodlett, Spencer County FFA, Kentucky

Jordyn Rhodeback and Austin Davis, North Union FFA, Ohio

Sponsored by Allflex USA, Inc.

Top Placing Individual: Patrick

The purpose of the National FFA Dairy Cattle Handlers Activity recognizes the contributions of the handlers in presenting each animal to its best advantage in the evaluation of the dairy cows and heifers during the National FFA Dairy Cattle Management and Evaluation CDE.

Dudenhoeffer, Linn FFA, Missouri

Winning Team: Carson Banks, Kira Kirk,

Fulkerson, Andrew Krueger and Shelby

Dairy Cattle Handlers’ Activity

Winning Team: Molly Bayer, Kolton Ingles,

The National FFA Environmental and Natural Resources CDE allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. This event focuses on testing students’ problem solving and decision making skills in environmental and natural resources. These areas concentrate on soil profiles, water and air quality, waste management, environmental analysis, and use of global positioning units. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their home state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

Seymour FFA, Payson, Illinois

Sponsored by Allflex USA, Inc.

Top Placing Individual: Trevor Edelman,

Sponsored by The Mosaic Company, Smithfield Foods and USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

Top Placing Individual: Kira Eidson,

Winning Team: Luke Plass, Wayne Will, Tulelake FFA, California

Environmental and Natural Resources

Top Placing Individual: Bret Brown, Marion FFA, Texas

Top Placing Individual: Bryan Ownby, Walker Valley FFA, Tennessee

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Farm Business Management Sponsored by John Deere The National FFA Farm Business Management CDE is designed to test the ability of students to apply economic principles and concepts in analyzing farm and ranch business management decisions. Participants respond to questions concerning economic principles in farm business management as well as a problem-solving analysis section. Each team in the event has competed with other chapters in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event. Winning Team: Jacob Barnett, Daniel Cooper, James Nichols and Rachel Sibert, Spencer County FFA, Kentucky

Food Science and Technology

Top Placing Individual: Courtney Petersen,

Sponsored by Kraft Foods Group

Montezuma FFA, Iowa

a team activity. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

The National FFA Food Science and

Winning Team: Jamie Conner, Jack

Technology CDE is designed to test a


student’s basic knowledge of food sci-

Sponsored by Ball Horticultural Company and Bayer CropScience

apply this knowledge to practical situa-

In the National FFA Floriculture CDE, FFA members test their knowledge and

Taggart, Jesse Carter and Zach Barnes, Nelson County FFA, Virginia

ence as well as the student’s ability to

Top Placing Individual: Jack Taggart, Nelson Country FFA, Virginia

tions. Each team participates in a timed team product development project, and each individual participates in practicums

Horse Evaluation

skills in the production and retailing of

involving food sensory evaluation and

flowers, plants and foliage. Participants

food safety and sanitation as well as a

must complete a general knowledge

written exam.

Sponsored by Ram Trucks, Tractor Supply Company and Wahl Clipper Corporation

exam on the floriculture industry, identify plant materials, and demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills, employment and customer service skills, technical floral skills and the ability to work as a team. Teams competed at the

Winning Team: Johnna Pieniazek, Chloe

The National FFA Horse Evaluation CDE

Villapondo, Randee Terrill and William

tests the student’s ability to select and

Fletcher, East Central FFA, Texas

evaluate horses. Event components

Top Placing Individual: Hali Hoch, Oley

include eight selection classes that con-

Valley FFA, Pennsylvania

sisted of four halter classes and four performance classes. Students also give

local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their home state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Mary-Kristin Phillips, Chasey Pulliam, Emily Cary and Reagan Floyd, Franklin County FFA, Georgia

four sets of oral reasons with two sets


coming from each evaluation class. Teams also work together to complete practical

Sponsored by Husqvarna and John Deere

activities and a team presentation. Each team competed at local and state levels

The National FFA Forestry CDE is a

for the privilege of representing their state

competitive event that tests students’

Top Placing Individual: Reagan Floyd,

skills and knowledge in the area of forest

Franklin County FFA, Georgia

management. Event components include

at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Hunter Parsons, Blaine Mibb, Wyatt Smith and Shelby White, Adair

a general forest knowledge exam, tree

FFA, Oklahoma

identification, timber cruising, tree/forest disorders identification, a chainsaw

Top Placing Individual: Wyatt Smith, Adair

practicum, forestry issues interview, and

FFA, Oklahoma

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



CDE Winners continued

Job Interview Sponsored by CSX Transportation The National FFA Job Interview CDE tests student’s ability to perform effectively throughout the entire job application process. The participants prepare a resume, cover letter and complete an online application. They also participate in phone, one-on-one and panel job interviews as part of the competition. Top Placing Individual: Melanie Jackson, Lake Forest FFA, Delaware

Winning Team: PD Miller, Skyler Miller,

identifying meat carcasses and products.

Mikayla McNamee and Tyler Pickinpaugh,

Event components include a general

Torrington/Lingle FFA, Wyoming

knowledge exam; beef carcass evaluation; identification of wholesale and retail

Top Placing Individual: PD Miller,

cuts of beef, lamb, and pork; quality and

Torrington/Lingle FFA, Wyoming

yield grading of beef carcasses; a team meat merchandising event; and solving of

Marketing Plan

a meat formulation problem. Each team

Sponsored by Bunge North America and Kerry Ingredients and Flavours

has competed on the local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention

The National FFA Marketing Plan CDE

& Expo.

helps students practice and sharpen skills in marketing through the develop-

Winning Team: April Molitor, Clayton Dale,

ment and presentation of a marketing

Walter Nester and Darby Gonzales, Hondo

Livestock Evaluation

plan. The plan may focus on the introduc-

FFA, Texas

Sponsored by Bayer Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., and Culver’s

tion of a new agricultural product, supply

Top Placing Individual: Walter Nester,

or service or on improving marketing of

Hondo FFA, Texas

The National FFA Livestock CDE is a competitive event that tests the student’s ability to select and evaluate livestock. Event components include eight evaluation classes of beef, sheep, swine, and goats; oral placement reasons on four classes; and a written exam on livestock production. A team activity, utilizing reproductive and marketing information, demonstrates the teams’ livestock selection ability. Each team in the event competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

Each team competed against teams in

an existing product, supply, or service. their state for the privilege of participating

Milk Quality and Products

in the national event.

Sponsored by Culver’s

Winning Team: Tommy Ozio, Hannah Cole

The National Milk Quality and Products

and Cody Culp, Madisonville FFA, Texas

CDE allows students to prove their

Meats Evaluation and Technology

knowledge about the recognition, selection and management necessary for quality milk and dairy products. Partici-

Sponsored by Cargill Meat Solutions, Kraft Foods Group, Hormel Foods Corporation and Tyson Foods, Inc.

pants must complete a written exam on milk production and marketing, evaluate milk samples for flavor and quality,

The National FFA Meats Technology and

identify cheeses and characteristics and

Evaluation CDE tests students’ skills

complete milk acceptability tests in the

and competencies in evaluating and

team activity. Each team competed at local and state levels to earn the privilege to represent their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Jordan Bailey, Jaelyn Kotzur, Kasey Reinen, and Braden Recker,

all of Lavernia FFA, Texas Top Placing Individual: Kasey Reinen, Lavernia FFA, Texas

Nursery/Landscape Sponsored by Arysta LifeScience North America, Kubota Tractor Corporation and STIHL Inc. The National FFA Nursery Landscape CDE tests students on their knowledge and skills in nursery practices and

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



landscaping. Participants must complete a general knowledge exam testing horticultural principles including plant anatomy, production, marketing, turf, landscape design and maintenance. Each participant must also complete practicums involving a landscape estimating, plant propagation or potting, identification of plants, disorders and equipment. Each team competed on local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Drew Hanford, Austin Greeson, DJ Johnson and Blake Oakley, Southern Alamance FFA, North Carolina Top Placing Individual: Austin Greeson, Southern Alamance FFA, North Carolina

Parliamentary Procedure

Event participants must complete a

and professional manner.

written exam on poultry management,

Top Placing Individual: Tyler

evaluate classes of live birds for eggs

Schnaithman, Garber FFA, Oklahoma

Sponsored by TransCanada

and meat production, evaluate quality of

The National FFA Parliamentary Pro-

eggs, and evaluate and identify parts and

cedure CDE tests students’ ability to

products. Each team competed at local

Veterinary Science

effectively communicate ideas during a

and state levels for the privilege of rep-

Sponsored by Zoetis

meeting. Components included a gen-

resenting their state at the National FFA

eral knowledge exam of parliamentary

Convention & Expo.

law, a 10-minute demonstration of par-

Winning Team: Jill Wright, Kate Wright,

liamentary procedure, oral questions, written minutes of the demonstration as well as a team problem solving activity. Each team competed on local and state levels to earn the privilege of rep-

The National Veterinary Science CDE is a competitive event that tests the participant’s ability to apply veterinary science

Sarah Rodgers and Austin Clay, O’Connor

knowledge and skill in practical settings

FFA, Texas

as well as identify breeds, parasites and

Top Placing Individual: Jill Wright,

equipment. Participants also complete

O’Connor FFA, Texas

a written exam and respond to scenario questions about current topics in the

resenting their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.

veterinary industry. Teams present to

Prepared Public Speaking

Winning Team: Katie Lippoldt, Trevor Woods, Gatlin Squires, Maegan Yost, Blair Kloeppel and Jason Murray, Kingfisher FFA, Oklahoma

Poultry Evaluation Sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc., U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and Newly Weds Food Inc.

a panel of judges about the roles and

Sponsored by Monsanto

responsibilities of the veterinary team in

The Prepared Public Speaking CDE is

a variety of situations involving patients

designed to recognize outstanding FFA

from companion animal to large animal.

members for their ability to prepare and

Teams competed at local and state lev-

present a factual speech on a specific

els for the privilege of representing their

agricultural issue in a well thought out

state at the National FFA Convention

and logical manner in a competitive

& Expo.

setting. Members prepare and deliver

Winning Team: Katie Franck, Hailey Noble,

a ten-to eight-minute speech from

Samantha Jansen, and Sevanna Stewart,

The National Poultry Evaluation CDE tests

memory and respond to five minutes

the participant’s ability to select top qual-

of questions. The event is just one way

ity poultry and poultry products needed

FFA members can develop their ability to

Top Placing Individual: Meghan E.

for successful production and marketing.

communicate in a powerful, organized

Marner, Pima JTED FFA, Arizona

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

all of Madison FFA, Texas



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O




2013 National Agricultural Proficiency winners Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Winners of the National Agricultural Proficiency Awards were announced on Friday, Nov. 1, during the sixth general session of the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo.

agriscience teachers, he decided to do

Awards were given in 49 categories.

ag educator. What began with grading

As a child, Cooper Eliason of the Howard

papers and cleaning dry erase boards

FFA Chapter in Howard, South Dakota

has evolved into creating curriculum,

would often go with his father to work

lesson plans and classroom activities.

where he operated wind turbines. Those

Poole is supported by his parents Tina

early experiences stuck with him and

Askew and Duane Poole and his FFA

when time came to choose a supervised

advisors Gary Minyard, Cale Watkins

agricultural experience, he was drawn to

and Owen Thomason. This award is

the renewable energy source. Working

sponsored by The James F. Lincoln

with his father, he’s gained experience in

Arc Welding Foundation and Tulsa

the fabrication of the materials used for

Welding School.

wind turbines. Eliason has also learned

Agricultural Communications — Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Aaron Zimmerman—Wisconsin

Aaron Zimmerman of the Spencer FFA Chapter in Wisconsin began his SAE with website design and management, reconfiguring his chapter’s website. Since those

his part in fulfilling the need. With his agricultural education SAE, he worked with his teachers to develop the skills

Winner: Cooper Eliason—South Dakota

necessary to eventually become an

to operate the 40-ton bridge crane used

early days, he has developed more skills, allowing him to include graphic design,

in the construction of the turbines. He

his graphic design abilities, he has created

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication— Entrepreneurship/Placement

T-shirts, banners, logos, sale catalogues,

Winner: Nate Tompkins—Oregon

video production, media interviews and event coordination into his repertoire. With

advertisements and more. Zimmerman is supported by his parents Cheryl and Mark, who is also his FFA advisor. This award is sponsored by Bader Rutter and Associates, Inc. and Keystone Steel & Wire Company – Red Brand.

is supported by his parents Connie and Curt and his FFA advisor Charlene Weber. This award is sponsored by Lincoln Electric Company and Parker.

Nate Tompkins of the Dayton FFA Chapter in Dayton, Oregon has been at his

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance— Entrepreneurship

father’s side in the family welding shop since the time he could walk in rubber boots. Today, he works designing and

Winner: Jacob Grossnicklaus—Oklahoma

fabricating new farming and nut harvesting equipment as well as renovating

Jacob Grossnicklaus of the Chickasha FFA

Agricultural Education— Entrepreneurship/Placement

existing equipment. Tompkins hopes to

Chapter in Chickasha, Oklahoma is a third

take over the family business eventually

generation agriculture service and mainte-

Winner: Brandon Poole—Georgia

and further his education and training in

nance welder. At a young age, he began

the field. He is supported by his parents

going on service calls with his father and

When Brandon Poole of the Franklin

Becky and Mike and his FFA advisor

as he gained the knowledge and skill, he

County FFA Chapter in Carnesville,

Mitch Coleman. This award is sponsored

was entrusted with more and more tasks.

Georgia read about the lack of

by Carry-On Trailer and RAM Trucks.

Today, he is able to repair and build corrals,

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Agricultural Proficiency winners continued

fences, tillage tools, forage and grain harvesting equipment and livestock and utility trailers. Grossnicklaus is supported by his parents Robin and Jay and his FFA advisors Chancer and Melinda McPherson. This award is sponsored by Briggs and Stratton Corporation.

Agricultural Sales— Entrepreneurship

a freshman in high school. Today, he has 115 hives and offers pollination services to local agriculturalists. Valencia hopes to

Winner: Benjamin Neal Niendick— Missouri

continue growing his business and use it

Benjamin Neal Niendick of the Wellington-

as a supplementary income to his future

Napoleon FFA Chapter in Wellington,

career as an educator. He is supported

Missouri is a third generation FFA member

by his father Emilio and his FFA advisor

and there was really no question that he

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance— Placement

Brent George. This award is sponsored

would follow in his father and grandfather’s

by TransCanada.

footsteps. It was his father that suggested his supervised agricultural experience: Selling the winter wheat that he planted

Agriscience Research— Animal Systems

to lessen erosion as wheat straw. He

Winner: Garrett Kite—Ohio

Garrett Kite of the A. B. Graham Ohio Hi-Point FFA Chapter in St. Paris, Ohio has a placement SAE with a local equipment sales and service company. Here, he is responsible for working on tractors, combines, sprayers, planets and other farm implements. At his placement, he’s also learned how to troubleshoot electrical and hydraulic problems. In the future, Kite hopes to build his own shop to work on equipment from. He is supported by his parents Sheila and Evan and his FFA advisor Dawn Wallace. This award is sponsored by Hobart Welding Products and Tractor Supply Company.

Agricultural Processing— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Sheridan Lantz—Washington

Sheridan Lantz of the Yelm FFA Chapter in Yelm, Washington works for her mother’s cottage business, processing and marketing natural wool and other fibers. She creates custom orders from other fleece producers in addition to processing fiber from their own flocks. Her duties include cleaning and washing the fibers and then processing the fibers by picking, carding, dying and manufacturing the fibers into batts, roving and felt. Lantz also managers the business website and attends trade shows to market the products. She is supported by her parents Dawn and Daryl and her FFA advisors Elaine Lewis, Mike Patrick, Matt Mounts, Dusti Nash, Sheryl Cleavinger, Rebecca Wallace, and her mother. This award is sponsored by CHS.

began by purchasing a used baler and in 2008, before he actually began his SAE,

Winner: Katie Osborne—Pennsylvania

he put up 1,600 bales. Last year, Niendick

Katie Osborne of the Greenwood FFA

produced in excess of 17,000 bales. He is

Chapter in Millerstown, Pennsylvania has

supported by his parents Linda and Neal

always loved science and her dairy cows.

and his FFA advisor Devin Garland. This

For her research project, she decided to

award is sponsored by Crop Production

capitalize on her passion and focus on

Services and Monsanto.

preventing mastitis. Part of her work was finding out which sanitizing solution kills the contagious form or mastitis-causing

Agricultural Sales—Placement

bacteria. Her research has inspired her to

Winner: Jessica Woodworth—West Virginia

pursue a career as a research veterinar-

Jessica Woodworth of the Mineral County

ian. Osborne is supported by her parents

FFA Chapter in Keyser, West Virginia

Irene and James and her FFA advisors

works at her family-owned market, selling

Krista Pontius and Michael Clark. This

retail cuts of meat, seafood from nearby

award is sponsored by the National FFA

Virginia, fruits, vegetables and spices

Foundation, Inc.

and seasonings. She began assisting her parents when she was eight years old and today is responsible for marketing

Agriscience Research— Integrated Systems

strategies, customer relations, training new employees and representing the market at farmer’s markets. Woodworth

Winner: Delaney Rose Ahrens—Florida

is supported by her parents Margaret

Before enrolling in agricultural educa-

and Richard and her FFA advisors Charlie

tion courses, Delaney Rose Ahrens of

Bennett, John Ritchie, Julie Sions and

the Brooksville Senior FFA Chapter in

Carol Webb. This award is sponsored by

Florida had little interest in math and sci-

Fastenal and Vigortone Ag Products.

ence courses. When she started doing research to satisfy her class requirements, she became hooked on the

Agricultural Services— Entrepreneurship/Placement

scientific process. Part of her research included testing types of reusable bags

Winner: Michael Valencia—California

for bacteria growth due to improper

Michael Valencia of the Madera FFA

use. Ahrens is supported by her parents

Chapter in Madera, California grew up

Brooke and Frederick, who is also her

around the apiary industry and was the

FFA advisor. This award is sponsored

proud owner of 15 hives before he was

by the National FFA Foundation, Inc.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Agriscience Research— Plant Systems Winner: Justin Zahradka—North Dakota

Justin Zahradka of the Park River FFA Chapter in Park River, North Dakota leased 40 acres from a neighbor in the hopes of expanding his beef production SAE. When he discovered that the land had formerly been enrolled in a conservation program that had changed it from cropland into grassland, he started looking for a way to change it back. He took part in a conservation program that would turn the grassland into a cover crop for grazing and return it to a cropland. Zadradka is supported by his parents Lori and Jeff and his FFA advisor Brent Arndt. This award is sponsored by Monsanto.

Beef Production—Entrepreneurship Winner: Britt Larson—Texas

Britt Larson of the Pilot Point FFA Chapter in Texas has 32 registered head of Simbrah cattle. He received his first cattle in 2002 from his grandfather. Since then, he has amassed the skills to succeed as a rancher. He has reduced the cost of production to $15.93/head, learned to self-diagnose and treat sick cattle and learned to artificially inseminate. Larson hopes to eventually earn a degree in animal science. He is supported by his parents Andrea and Craig and his FFA advisors Tammy and Randy Glasscock. This award is sponsored by Bayer Animal Health and Rabo AgriFinance.

Beef Production—Placement Winner: Jordan Sporrowk—California

Jordan Sparrowk of the Lodi No. 1 FFA Chapter in Lodi, California discovered early on that he wanted to be involved in his father’s beef cattle operation. His duties started small; at first he was merely asked to carry branding irons and putting out salt licks. Today; however, he can do nearly anything the operation requires: branding, processing, calving and doctoring. Sparrowk is supported by his parents Wendy and Jeff and his FFA advisors Mrs. Goehring, Mr. Garrett and Mr. Newport. This award is sponsored by Keystone Steel & Wire Company – Red Brand and Midwest PMS.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Agricultural Proficiency winners continued

Dairy Production— Entrepreneurship Winner: Chelsea Skidmore—Ohio

Chelsea Skidmore of the Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC FFA Chapter in Union City, Ohio manages her own herd of 25 dairy cows. She’s worked to maintain a herd average of 64 pounds of milk a day, have a 60 percent heat detection rate and place in the top five in most of the shows she’s entered. Skidmore hopes to expand her operation to 200 head of cattle. She is supported by her mother Sandy and her FFA advisor Carmen Hartzell. This award is sponsored by DeLaval LLC and New Holland.

Dairy Production—Placement Winner: Ted Schmitmeyer—Ohio

Ted Schmitmeyer of the Versailles FFA Chapter in Versaille, Ohio works on his parent’s 265 head Holstein dairy cow operation. As part of his supervised agricultural experience, he assists with milking cows, breeding cows through artificial insemination, mixing feed, vaccinating animals and managing other employees. Schmitmeyer plans on eventually expanding the operation. He is supported by his parents Brenda and Doug and his FFA advisor Dena Wuebker. This award is sponsored by Kuhn North America and Nasco Division – Nasco International, Inc.

Diversified Agricultural Production—Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Thomas Glascock—Texas

At the age of four, Thomas Wayne Glascock of the Pilot Point FFA Chapter in Pilot Point, Texas began a lifelong love affair with cattle. Today, his supervised agricultural experience is composed of production beef cattle, growing and raising market steers and hogs and forage crop production. He has 109 head of cattle and 310 acres of forage. He’s worked to increase his forage protein content by 1.4 percent. Glascock is supported by his parents and FFA advisors Tammy and Randy. This award is sponsored by the National FFA Foundation, Inc.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Diversified Crop Production— Entrepreneurship Winner: Austin Wippel—Ohio

Austin Wippel of the Westfall FFA Chapter in Williamsport, Ohio operates a hay and straw baling business in addition to farming 25 acres of corn, 45 acres of wheat and 15 acres of alfalfa. In 2012, he baled 175 acres of straw, creating 12,500 small square bales. Wippel hopes to own and operate his own grain farm within the next ten years. He is supported by his parents Marci and Jay and his FFA advisors Rick Metzger and Rachel Scior. This award is sponsored by CHS.

Diversified Crop Production—Placement Winner: Carson Vinyard—Oklahoma

Carson Vinyard of the Altus FFA Chapter in Altus, Oklahoma will become the fourth generation of his family to farm and raise cotton and wheat in southwest Oklahoma. He has proved to be a source in innovation and progress on the family’s 14,000 acre farm. He has helped install and design drip irrigation lines on 1,600 acres. He’s also worked to implement GPS systems to improve efficiency while cutting production costs. Vinyard is supported by her parents Cindy and Sam and his FFA advisors Bruce Farquhar and J.C. Stafford. This award is sponsored by Crop Production Services and National Crop Insurance Services.

Diversified Horticulture— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Daniella Powell—Kentucky

Daniella Renae Powell of the Estill County FFA chapter in Irvine, Kentucky, is a student worker at her school greenhouse and a seasonal worker at a local floral shop and greenhouse. When she began her jobs, she was given simple tasks like

watering and fertilizing. As she developed more knowledge from her horticulture classes, she was given more responsibilities and the opportunity to also develop sales and service skills. Powell is supported by parents Joyce and Shelton and FFA advisors Lynn Miller and Candrea Johnson. This award is sponsored by The Toro Company and Wilbur-Ellis Company.

cents, Goss has achieved a 90 percent renewal from his clients. He is supported by his parents Danna and Kent and his FFA advisor Chad Blocker. This award is sponsored by Ag Leader Technology and BASF.

Environmental Science and Natural Resources— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Garrett Sharp—Oklahoma

Diversified Livestock Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

While working on his uncle’s farm, Garrett Sharp of the Waukomis FFA chapter in Waukomis, Oklahoma, began thinking about conservation practices that would preserve the farm’s natural resources. Working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, he learned to develop a total resource management plan, complete with established grassed waterways, removing invasive cedar trees, construction of water diversion control structures and more. Sharp is supported by parents Janelle and Gary and FFA advisor Jarrod Johnson. This award is sponsored by The Mosaic Company.

Winner: Tanner Miller—Oklahoma

Tanner Miller of the Mulhall-Orlando FFA chapter in Orlando, Oklahoma, raises goats and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Beginning with a goat herd of 10 does, he has expanded to 58 producing females and two bucks to maximize the enterprise’s potential. For his Corgis, he has produced and marketed 52 of the breed within six states. Miller hopes to continue his investment in production agriculture throughout college. He is supported by his mother, Linda and father Allen who is also his FFA advisor. This award is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and Wahl Clipper Corporation.

Equine Science— Entrepreneurship Winner: Camber Sannes—Wisconsin

When she was four years old, Camber Sannes of the Amherst FFA Chapter in Amherst, Wisconsin, received her first pony. She learned the basics with her pony until she was seven and her mother bought her an American Quarter Horse named Annie to compete on. Sannes had a passion for training her own horses and has done so with her American Paint Horse named Laine and two Shetland ponies that she shares with her mother. She is supported by her parents Mary Sannes and John Mosey and her FFA advisor Timothy Pederson. This award is sponsored by Keystone Steel & Wire Company – Red Brand and Purina Animal Nutrition LLC.

Emerging Agricultural Technology— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Blake William Goss—Oklahoma

Blake William Goss of the Sentinel FFA Chapter in Sentinel, Oklahoma, grew up on a show pig producing operation and understood the importance of marketing and being easy accessible to the customer. With the support and guidance of his family, he developed the Champion Livestock Breeder Tracker application that can be downloaded on a smartphone. The app consists of cattle, sheep, goat, swine and commercial producers and businesses. Available for 99

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Agricultural Proficiency winners continued

Equine Science—Placement Winner: Rio Mowbray—Washington

Since the day Rio Mowbray of the Sequim FFA chapter in Sequim, Washington, saw a horse in a field when she was 5, she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about horses. Her parents enrolled her in a training course where she learned how to train horses and manage equipment, breeds, diseases and riding disciplines. Mowbray now works for a veterinarian who specializes in equine lameness. She is supported by parents Julie and Rick and FFA advisor Steve Mahitka. This award is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company.

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production—Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Joseph Boddiford—Georgia

Joseph Boddiford of the Southeast Bulloch FFA chapter in Brooklet, Georgia, works on his family farm, growing 2,100 acres of cotton and 850 acres of peanuts. When he began his SAE, his main duties were harrowing fields, picking peanuts and trapping feral hogs. Within four years, Boddiford was also spraying, planting, laying irrigation pipe and supervising seasonal labor. He is supported by parents Susan and Joe and FFA advisors Susannah Lanier and Brian Elrick. This award is sponsored by Bunge North America.

Food Science and Technology— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: William Woodworth— West Virginia

William Woodworth of the Mineral County FFA chapter in Keyser, West Virginia, works at a farm’s slaughterhouse and meat processing plant. Each year, the operation slaughters about 600 head of cattle, 400 hogs, 50 lambs and 50 goats. As the plant is regularly inspected by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service, he helps to ensure that a clean, uncontaminated workplace is maintained. Woodworth is supported by parents Margaret and Richard and FFA advisors Charlie Bennett, John Ritchie, Julie Sions and Carol Webb. This award is sponsored by Cargill.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Forage Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Jackson Turner—Kansas

Jackson Turner of the Holcomb FFA chapter in Holcomb, Kansas, began his SAE when his employer needed someone to run the scales during silage harvest and they couldn’t find anyone to do it. That first summer, he weighed trucks and calculated moisture levels on the alfalfa. Eventually, he was given the opportunity to help with the baling operation and his employers 9,120 acres. Turner is supported by parents Toni and Ross and FFA advisor Brandon Barr. This award is sponsored by Animal Health International, Inc. and Claas of America, Inc.

Forest Management and Products—Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Matthew Seals—Tennessee

Matthew Seals of the Tazewell FFA chapter in New Tazewell, Tennessee, grew up with a logger for a father and would constantly beg to help him with his work. When he was 10, his father gave him the green light. His first task was to strap logs down on logging trucks. Today, after completing a master logger class, he can help with nearly any aspect of the operation. He plans to further his education and obtain a degree in forestry. Seals is supported by parents Sonya and Jimmy and FFA advisors Jamie Mundy Ball. This award is sponsored by John Deere and RAM Trucks.

Fruit Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Jonathan VanVlake Mobley—Georgia

In his placement SAE, Jonathan Vanvlake Mobley of the Colquitt County FFA Chapter in Moultrie, Georgia, assists with the production of cantaloupes, tomatoes and watermelons. His tasks include preparing

Grain Production— Placement

land, applying fertilizers, planting transplants, scouting for crop maturity, operating tractors and harvesting melons. Mobley hopes to eventually become part owner of the operation. He is supported by his parents Torina and Mike and his FFA advisors Adrienne Smith, Shawn Collins, S. Bass, S. Beacham, G. Hart, E. Murray, M. Howell and C. Bass. This award is sponsored by the DuPont Company.

Winner: Aaron Vipond—Minnesota

Aaron Vipond of the Mahnomen FFA chapter in Mahnomen, Minnesota, works on his family farm and another in the area. Between the two placements, he works 3,800 acres of grain crops. When he began working in the fields, his duties including picking up rocks and mowing grass. Today, he is able to run and maintain all equipment on the farm. Vipond is supported by parents Pamela and David and FFA advisor Stephen Funk. This award is sponsored by DuPont Pioneer.

Goat Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Tyler Sanders—Oklahoma

Tyler Sanders of the Wanette FFA Chapter in Wanette, Oklahoma, began raising Boer goats by keeping his show does after they had completed their showing careers. Eventually, he started incorporating superior genetics into the herd. Currently, he’s completing a feasibility study of the marketability of goat jerky, goat meat sticks, goat soap and goat cheeses in his area. Sanders is supported by his parents Jan and Robbie and his FFA advisor Justin Boone. This award is sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition LLC and Tractor Supply Company.

Home and/or Community Development— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Brooke Millican—Texas

Brooke Millican of the Decatur FFA Chapter in Decatur, Texas, built a pocket park in her downtown area. When she found an area behind the Decatur Visitor Center that was just a hill with overgrown grasses and weeds, she decided this was the area that she could work with. Not only did she lead the coordination of the park, she also took on the fundraising efforts to make her dream a reality. Millican is supported by her parents Robin Stout and Terry Millican and her FFA advisors Jim Allsup and Scotty Ford. This award is sponsored by Carhartt, Inc.

Grain Production— Entrepreneurship Winner: John Schenkel—Missouri

John Schenkel of the Northwest Technical FFA chapter in Maryville, Missouri, started a row crop production operation with his sister when he was in the seventh grade. Today, he has 101 acres of soybeans and 54.5 acres of corn with an extra 40 acres that he’s renting for further development. During his years of production, Schenkel has worked to market his grain for higher prices. He is supported by his parents and FFA advisors Jackie and Jeremy Lacy. This award is sponsored by DuPont Pioneer.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Landscape Management— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Kyle Bowman—Florida

The summer of his seventh-grade year, Kyle Bowman of the Lennard FFA chapter in Ruskin, Florida, began looking for a job to pay for his kart-racing hobby. He began working with his uncle to maintain landscapes, golf courses and athletic fields. He began with simple tasks, like weeding and cleaning sprinklers. But as he earned his uncle’s trust, he began to operate large



Agricultural Proficiency winners Winners continued continued

equipment, install landscapes, and install and repair irrigation systems. Bowman is supported by parents Trish and Danny and FFA advisor Erin Elsberry. This award is sponsored by John Deere and Tractor Supply Company.

Nursery Operations— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Scott Crawford—Tennessee

Scott Crawford of the Chuckey-Doak FFA chapter in Afton, Tennessee, works at a local nursery where he raises nursery stock plants, maintains and cleans the greenhouses and assists customers with retail sales. He has learned to run the sales floor by himself and operate the irrigation system without supervision. Crawford has also led the charge in eliminating an infestation of mealy bugs at the nursery. He is supported by parents Kristine Hensley and Scott Crawford and FFA advisors Brett Butler and Stenna Meadows. This award is sponsored RAM Trucks.

Poultry Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Small Animal Production and Care—Entrepreneurship/ Placement

Winner: Cole Roper—Georgia

Winner: Regan Brown—Florida

Cole Roper of the Franklin County FFA chapter in Carnesville, Georgia, has grown up around his family’s broiler operation so it made sense that he’d select it as his SAE. The farm consists of five 40- by 500-feet broiler houses. As a child, his responsibilities were limited to turning down feed spouts and removing bird carcasses. Today, he can control air flows into the houses and maintain ventilation systems while managing the entire operation while his father is away from the farm. Roper is supported by parents Andrea and Randy and FFA advisors Gary Minyard, Cale Watkins and Owen Thomason. This award is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and Tyson Foods, Inc.

Ever since she was a young girl, Regan Brown of the Orlando Colonial FFA chapter in Orlando, Florida, has been fascinated by the process her father employs to train police police dogs. When she was 10, she was given the opportunity to train her own German Shepard. This first experience led her to begin her own operation of breeding Belgian Malinois’ to train. Within 24 months, she trained 17 dogs with a 98 industry efficiency rate. Brown is supported by parents Michele and Robert and FFA advisor Timothy App. This award is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company.

Specialty Animal Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Sheep Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Winner: Skyler Vold—Minnesota

Winner: Timothy Wayne Brown

Skyler Vold of the Red Rock Central FFA chapter in Lamberton, Minnesota, works at an agricultural research center where he raises and sustains eight colonies of different crop pest insects. The insects are raised for research and to sell. When asked about his program, he tells people to imagine a livestock operation but on a much smaller scale. Vold provides the essentials for the insects -- food, water and a clean place to live and lay their eggs. He is supported by parents Stacey and Thomas and FFA advisor Gerald Damman. This award is sponsored by the National FFA Foundation, Inc.


Outdoor Recreation— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Garrett Yerigan—Oklahoma

Garrett Yerigan of the Pryor FFA chapter in Pryor, Oklahoma, would ride the rodeo circuit with his parents and was always memorized by announcers. He loved the way announcers could have the audience on the edge of their seats. When he was 6, he had the opportunity to announce the slack competition after the regular performance. It wasn’t long before he was devising a business plan and researching equipment to launch his own business, Lightening G Announcing and Sound. Yerigan is supported by parents Kathy and Dale and FFA advisors Walt Taylor and Jarrod Melugin. This award is sponsored by Yamaha Motor Corporation USA.

When he was in the third grade, Timothy Wayne Brown Hubbard of the Gordon Central FFA chapter in Calhoun, Georgia, showed his first market lamb – named the Terminator. Spending time in the barn and show ring sparked his interested, so two years later he lambed out his first set of lambs with five ewes. Today, his flock includes more than 40 ewes and ewe lambs and four rams. Hubbard plans to raise sheep for the rest of his life and hopes his children love it as much as he does. He is supported by his mother Melissa, who is his FFA advisor, and father James. This award is sponsored by Bimeda, Inc.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Specialty Crop Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Andrew Thompson—Tennessee

When he was in the eighth grade, Andrew Thompson of the Jo Byrns FFA chapter in Cedar Hill, Tennessee, grew a small patch of tobacco under the watchful eye



of his grandfather. Today, he calls seven acres of fire-cured tobacco his own. He grows tobacco plants in the greenhouse to transplant later, plows, disks, sprays, tops, oils, houses, strips and markets his end product. Thompson is supported by his parents and FFA advisor Garry Gibson. This award is sponsored by CF Industries, Inc.

Swine Production— Entrepreneurship Winner: Amy Loschen—Illinois

Amy Loschen of the Tri-Point FFA chapter in Cullom, Illinois, has had a passion for swine from a young age. Her SAE began with two gilts that she first showed as a 4-H member and then bred. Today, her farrow-to-finish operation has grown to 23 litters. Loschen enjoys using her knowledge of genetics and swine to breed a better pig. She is supported by her mother and FFA advisor Diana and father Gary. This award is sponsored by LA-CO Markal and Tyson Foods, Inc.

Swine Production— Placement Winner: Logan Michael Brookhart—Ohio

Logan Michael Brookhart of the Versailles FFA chapter in Versailles, Ohio, has a placement on a 1,800 sow breed to wean operation. He processes baby pigs, breeds through artificial insemination, feeds, vaccinates and more. Brookhart hopes to continue working with the operation after graduation and after receiving his American FFA Degree. He is supported by parents Monica and Luke and FFA advisor Dena Wuebker. This award is sponsored by Sunglo Feeds.

Turf Grass Management— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Veterinary Science— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Winner: Evan Riggs—Ohio

Winner: Cayci Allison—California

For as long as he can remember, Evan Riggs of the Arcadia FFA chapter in Arcadia, Ohio, has loved to operate equipment like tractors and lawn mowers. By age 10, he could successfully use his grandfather’s backhoe and took on the responsibility of being the primary caregiver to his family’s 2-acre lawn. Eventually, he took on other clients before gaining employment with a local golf course. This work has inspired Riggs to pursue a career as a golf course superintendent at a public or private course. He is supported by parents Cindy and Rick and FFA advisor Douglas Conine. This award is sponsored by John Deere.

Cayci Allison of the Lemoore FFA chapter in Lemoore, California, has dreamt of becoming a veterinarian since she was a child and today, she has the opportunity to work at a local animal clinic. As a freshman, her job was to clean cages and kennels and laundry. Fast forward four years and her responsibilities have grown to include assisting in surgeries and with emergencies. Allison plans on pursuing an advanced degree in veterinary medicine and return to the local animal clinic. She is supported by parents Allison Holmes and Steve Allison and FFA advisor Marybeth Hearn. This award is sponsored by American Veterinary Medical Association.

Vegetable Production— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Wildlife Production and Management— Entrepreneurship/Placement

Winner: Laura Williams—Minnesota

The family of Laura Williams of the Fulda FFA chapter in Fulda, Minnesota, has been actively involved in fruit and vegetable production for almost 20 years. At age 5, she began helping make sales at the local farmers market. By age 11, Williams had taken over all farmers market sales. Of the family’s operation, she manages about 3 acres independently and grows cucumbers, green beans and tomatoes. She also manages planting in the greenhouse and expands their customer base and while growing sales. Williams is supported by parents Janna and Kerry and FFA advisors Michael Pagel and Kelsey Klassen. This award is sponsored by Tractor Supply Company and Wilbur-Ellis Company.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Winner: Danielle Rose DeSilvestro—Florida

When Danielle Rose DeSilvestro of the Lennard FFA chapter in Ruskin, Florida, saw the movie Rainbow Fish, her love of the ocean was sparked and her dream of becoming a marine biologist intensified. In 2008, while engaging in a competitive fishing competition, she met a marine scientist that invited her to work in the Florida Wildlife Research Institute. DeSilvestro’s work will reveal the spawning and migration behavior of fish native to the area. She is supported by parents Dacia and Anthony and FFA advisor Erin Elsberry. This award is sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition LLC.



Stars Over America winners

Four outstanding FFA members who represent the most successful parts of agricultural education were named to the most prestigious honor awarded by the National FFA Organization during the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo. The American Star Awards (including the American Star Farmer, American Star in Agribusiness, American Star in Agricultural Placement and American Star in Agriscience) were awarded to FFA members

who have developed the organization’s most outstanding agricultural skills and

panel of judges to interview, with the four national winners being announced during

competencies through their supervised agricultural experience; demonstrated outstanding management skills; and earned the American FFA Degree – the organization’s highest level of accomplishment. They must also have met other key must agricultural education, scholastic and leadership requirements. Sixteen American Star Awards candidates nationwide were nominated for a

the Eighth General Session of the National FFA Convention & Expo. Each winner received awards totaling $4,000, while each finalist received $2,000. The American FFA Degree recognition programs, such as the American Star Awards, are sponsored by ADM Crop Risk Services; Case IH; DuPont Pioneer; Elanco; Farm Credit; and Syngenta as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



American Star Farmer Tyler Loschen, Tri-Point FFA, Cullom, Ill. Tyler Loschen’s father is a former agriculture teacher and his mother was his agriculture teacher and FFA advisor in high school. So naturally, he believes that he was predestined to be a part of FFA. The Illinois FFA member always had a strong desire to farm, developed no doubt from early days of playing with farm toys as a young child to spending summertime weeks with two sets of grandparents that farmed as a youth. But since his parents didn’t farm, he knew that if he wanted to follow his dream, he’d have to carve his own path. As a middle-school student, he studied livestock and became involved in livestock judging. After joining FFA his freshman year, Loschen began a supervised agriculture experience in corn and soybean production. He eventually achieved one of his long-term goals by buying 40 acres of farmland. Since, he has bought a combine, tractor, planter and other equipment needed to produce and harvest crops. He has made tough financial and management decisions along the way as he grows his farm’s profitability and works to minimize financial risk. “I feel very fortunate that my experiences in FFA have laid the foundation for my future,” Loschen said. “I’ve faced the late, wet fall of 2009 and the drought of 2012. I’ve experienced the challenges of high feed prices and herd health issues and I have persevered. It is the result of these challenges that drive my passion for production agriculture while providing food for an ever-growing population.” “It’s been a really humbling and gratifying experience to tell

my story here in Louisville,” he said. “I’ve sort of built my operation from the ground up. The fact that FFA has allowed me to tell my story has been a gratifying experience.” Loschen, 21, a member of the Tri-Point High School FFA chapter in Cullom, Ill., has earned a host of state and national FFA awards, including Star Farmer of Illinois, national proficiency awards in diversified agriculture and diversified crop production and chapter Greenhand and Workhorse awards. He served as president, vice president and Greenhand president of his local FFA chapter. He is the son of Gary and Diana Loschen, who is his FFA chapter advisor.

American Star in Agriscience Jacob Schindler, Lowndes County FFA, Valdosta, Ga. Jacob Schindler’s sixth-grade science teacher required all of his students to participate in the school science fair. So he began plotting his project – a mission to Mars. He theorized that by introducing a noxious, invasive vine native to southern Japan and southeast China called kudzu to the Martian surface, he’d be able to convert the atmosphere’s carbon dioxide into oxygen to make the planet habitable for humans. “I read about kudzu when I was a fifth grader, and I was simply fascinated by it,” Schindler said. “I read that it was virtually indestructible. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t feasible for me to actually complete this experiment until both my mother and teacher explained to me that by the time I would be able to travel to Mars, the science fair would be over and done with.”

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Stars Over America winners continued

So Schindler changed his plans. Instead of colonizing Mars utilizing kudzu plants, he decided to study the effects that different gasses have on the plant to see whether kudzu would in fact survive in an atmosphere different than that of the Earth. Helium, he determined, kills kudzu in rapid fashion. He reached the state science fair but didn’t win. Again, he didn’t stop. In seventh grade, he tested the effects of four gasses on kudzu, entered a regional science fair and won. He was later picked to enter his experiment in the Discovery Channel Young Scientist Challenge. Years of work later, and after joining FFA as a means to continue his work in agriscience research, Schindler developed his research on kudzu into his FFA-required supervised agriculture experiment. By his senior year, he had worked with professional

researchers, had a patent pending on a drilling apparatus for kudzu control, been interviewed by CNN and major news outlets about his research and well on his way to a career in agriscience. “I’m currently working on a site in North Carolina that needs an environmentally friendly method for eradicating kudzu,” he said. “I’m working with the local parks and recreation department and a landscape architect to eliminate 23 acres of kudzu as part of a project to develop an old quarry site into an ecofriendly recreational park.” Schindler, 20, attends the University of Georgia majoring in agricultural education. He is a member of the Lowndes County FFA chapter in Valdosta, Ga., led by advisors James Corbett, Quinton Hadsock and Michael Barnes. He is the son of Eric and Dr. Julie Schindler.

American Star in Agricultural Placement Trenton Bemis, Lincoln Amal Center Humbird Merillian FFA, Alma Center, Wis. His grandfather has worked at Edlen Cranberry Co. in Humbird, Wis., for more than 50 years and his father just passed the 25-year milestone with the company. So naturally, Trenton Bemis has been involved in the cranberry business all of his life. “My life as a cranberry grower began and took its start from the day I was born,” he said. “Since I could walk, I’ve been involved to some extent with marsh activities. My father and grandfather helped me get involved at a young age and helped shape me into the dedicated worker and manager I am today.” Today, the Wisconsin FFA member is in his third year of employment at the company and was recently promoted to comanager. His employment started with routine tasks like mowing, pulling weeds and washing trucks. “But things are much different today,” he said. “I have a lot more responsibility on the farm. I manage our irrigation and frost protection procedures. We package fresh fruit for Ocean Spray so quality and appearance of our fruit is of the utmost concern. And we operate an on-site mechanical sorting and packaging facility that I manage with my father.” His goal is to stay with the company his entire life and continue to advance up its employment ranks. “I have a lot of people in my life who have worked hard to get me where I am right at this very moment,” he said.

Bemis, 22, is a member of the Lincoln Amal Center Humbird Merillian High School FFA chapter in Alma Center, Wis., led by advisor Steve Boe. He is the son of Mike and Deb Bemis.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



American Star in Agribusiness Chelsey Schlosnagle, Shelby County FFA, Shelbyville, Ky. Chelsey Schlosnagle remembers the fun she had as a small girl selling farm-fresh eggs to members of her church. Thanks to word of mouth, demand for her eggs grew. Quickly. “One day, an upscale restaurant in the area called to see if I could supply 10 dozen eggs a week as the chef was looking to use right, bright yolks for his recipes,” the Kentucky FFA member said. “At first it didn’t seem worth the long drive to take the eggs to the restaurant. But the restaurant quickly expanded its order to 30 dozen a week and the chef’s appreciation for the eggs made me realize how special they were.” At age 12, Schlosnagle was selling her eggs in the marketplace. In high school, she and her brother used an old family minivan to deliver eggs to weekly buyers. They would market their business by participating in local food events and taking sample eggs with promotional fliers to potential retail customers. Their effort landed the local Whole Foods and since, Schlosnagle’s egg business has expanded to Whole Food store locations in Lexington, Ky., and Cincinnati. “When I first began, I didn’t plan on being in a partnership that would entail selling more than 60,000 dozen eggs, 150 free-range turkeys and free-range boilers a year, which is more than half of the business,” she said. “I found myself as part of a local food movement and due to the encouragement and support of my parents and people in my community, I became more interested in the future that my unique business seemed to promise.” After a redesign of retail egg cartons, business cards and point-of-sale signage, Schlosnagle has her sights set on selling products directly to consumers through a buying club in partnership with Dutch Creek Farm, her family’s farm operation, in downtown Louisville. “That will allow me to earn retail dollars

for eggs on an ongoing basis, not just during local farmers’ markets,” she said. “I’ve been working on raising chickens since I was 6 years old and since then, it has really grown into a successful enterprise,” she said. “I am so just so excited to be here and have all that hard work pay off.” Schlosnagle, 21, is a member of the Shelby County High School FFA chapter in Shelbyville, Ky., led by advisor Todd Stephens. She is a student at Eastern Kentucky University pursuing a degree in agricultural education with aspirations of being a high school agriculture teacher. She is the daughter of Doug and Susan Schlosnagle.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Innovative chapters

Pontiac FFA wins Model of Excellence award The Pontiac FFA Chapter in Illinois was named the 2013 Model of Excellence at the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo in Louisville, Ky. All chapters that receive national three–star ratings are eligible to compete for the National Model of Excellence Award. Pontiac FFA Chapter received a plaque in an onstage ceremony during the convention’s second general session on Thursday, Oct. 31. Top chapters were also selected from the middle school, student and community development divisions. Members of the Pontiac FFA focused on recruitment and retention this year. They made presentations at seven junior highs and answered questions about joining the agricultural education program. As a result 88 new members have signed up to take the introduction to agriculture class next fall. They are also reaching out to grade school and high school students with their program P.A.I. L. – Promoting Agriculture in Literature. This year they reached 1,069 students, helping them with reading skills and agricultural literacy.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Innovative chapters

FFA chapters win top honor During the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo, chapters across the nation competed for the honor of being a Model of Innovation winner. The chapters competed for the honor in three main divisions: chapter development, student development and community development. A top middle school chapter was also named. The winning chapters received a plaque in an onstage ceremony during the convention and expo’s second general session. The Models of Innovation awards are sponsored by John Deere. It is one of the many ways FFA members accomplish the FFA mission and succeed in making a difference in their communities and the lives of others.

Chapter Development Members of the Anna FFA Chapter in Ohio wanted to improve public relations with local businesses and organizations while doing their service learning project. In their animal science class they raised broiler chickens and conducted feed trials, observed the chickens being processed and then donated them to the local Veteran’s Day luncheon. The 190 pounds of shredded chicken fed 97 veterans and more than 500 students.

Student Development Members of the St. Amant FFA Chapter in Louisiana promote healthier living through innovative ways. During this past year at FFA events, healthier snacks were offered. Members were allowed to mix and match to create their own healthy snack bowls as part of Bowl for Better Living. During the event, a local fitness trainer and past

FFA member gave a 30-minute presentation on the importance of a healthy lifestyle and shared stretches and exercises with the members that could improve daily health.

Community Development Members of the Richland 44 FFA in North Dakota reached out to the Sanford Children’s Hospital to help fill a void for many ill children who spend hours in their hospital room. To remedy the boredom, the chapter built 27 checkerboards using aspen and oak trees, two coats of varnish and lots of sandpaper. Teaming up with the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America organization, they sewed small fabric bags with drawstrings for the checker pieces. Working together brought cheerful moments to the children.

Outstanding Middle school Members of the Signal Knob Middle FFA in Virginia honed their life skills though a three-day retreat at Yogi Bear Park. The retreat focused on personal chapter goals, self-organization skills, time management, communication skills, teamwork skills and anti-bullying. They also saluted our veterans by volunteering at the National Veterans Wheelchair Games and hosting a breakfast and Veteran’s Day program for sixth, seventh and eighth graders. The National Chapter awards are sponsored by John Deere. It is one of the many ways FFA members accomplish the FFA mission and succeed in making a difference in their communities and the lives of others.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Agriscience Fair awards

National FFA Agriscience Fair winners The 2013 National FFA Agriscience Fair awards were presented onstage during the fifth general session of the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo. The National FFA Agriscience Fair is a competition for FFA members who are interested in the science and technology of agriculture. It is held each year during the National FFA Convention & Expo and sponsored nationally by Cargill, John Deere and Syngenta. FFA members can compete in the national agriscience fair in one of six categories: –– Animal Systems –– Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems –– Food Products and Processing Systems –– Plant Systems –– Power, Structural and Technical Systems –– Social Systems To qualify for the National FFA Agriscience Fair, students must be in grades 7-12, conduct a scientific research project pertaining to the agriculture and food science industries and present their findings to a panel of judges with a display and report. All national participants are selected as the state winner at their state agriscience fairs and earn national competition eligibility after being placed in the top-15 within their respective categories.

The overall winners for each division are listed below by event:

Plant Systems (Pathway sponsor: Bayer Cropscience)

Animal Systems

Division 1: Chance Hingson, Lowndes FFA, Georgia Division 2: Travis Rooney, A & M Consolidated School FFA, Texas Division 3: Celine Patrick and Ashlee Tarro, Sumner FFA, Washington Division 4: Junelyn Gamao and Layne Garza, Madison FFA, Texas

Division 1: Kylie Patterson, East Central FFA, Texas Division 2: Shawn Srolovitz, Biotechnology High School FFA, New Jersey Division 3: Theresa Seibel and Claire Seibel, Read Mountain Middle School FFA, Virginia Division 4: Cristina Panetta and Caitlin Yung, Biotechnology High School FFA, New Jersey

Power, Structural and Technical Systems (Pathway sponsor: John Deere)

Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems (Pathway sponsor: PotashCorp) Division 1: Cole Diggins, Bronaugh FFA, Missouri Division 2: Tyler Teopke-Floyd, Wishek FFA, North Dakota Division 3: Micah Rainey and Mary Butler, Stephenville FFA, Texas Division 4: Caleb Bond and William Gilbert, Franklin County FFA, Georgia

Division 1: Connor Coughenour, Casper FFA Natrona County, Wyoming Division 2: Eric Koehlmoos, South Obrien FFA, Iowa Division 3: Juan Martinez Garcia and Joshua Saleen, Madison FFA, Texas Division 4: Shantal Pai and Connor Pedersen, Academy for Sciences and Agriculture FFA, Minnesota

Food Product and Processing

Social Systems

Division 1: Cody Emerson, High Springs Community School FFA, Florida Division 2: Callie Warren, Lowndes FFA, Georgia Division 3: Andrew Manley and Nikki Steele, Sumner FFA, Washington Division 4: Michael Shen and Avina Rami, Biotechnology High School FFA, New Jersey

Division 1: Alyssa Owens, Sonoraville FFA, Georgia Division 2: Kenna Faulkenberry, Stephenville FFA, Texas Division 3: Connor McKinzie and William Pettit, Stephenville FFA, Texas Division 4: Radhika Gupta and Connor O’Leary, Biotechnology High School FFA, New Jersey

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Band, Chorus and Talent Band Arkansas:: Daniel Willis California:: Juan Guzman,

Dervin Murphy

Florida:: Miranda Kuleski Georgia:: Chloe Thomason Iowa:: Michael Howard, Keaton Keitzer, Sarah Kelly, Emily Zahurones

Idaho: Brad Labit Illinois: Brandon Grossi,

Samantha Haney, Lane Harmon, Eric Johnston, Emily Tomlin

Indiana: Paul Thieme Kansas: Don Parks

Kentucky: Bradley Larimer,

Mississippi: Sarah Freeman,

Cassady Wilson

Haleigh Hux

Louisiana: Emma Prejean Michigan: Jacqueline Wood Minnesota: Nikole Mader,

Montana: Jonah Nelson,

Caitlin Oeltjenbruns

Missouri: Courtney Barker,

Rachael Bishop, Taylor Causey, Nicole Clark, Dylan Crawford, Sarah Denny, Clayton Enyeart, Jordan Enyeart, Emily Fowler, Danielle Funk, Rae Graupman, Geoseph Husong, Mitchell Martinez, Katie McKibben, Braden Millard, Scout Miller, Brandi Mueller, Stussy Stephenson, John Stipetich, Aubrey Williamson

Emily Standley

Nebraska: Joey Geisler, Gracie Harmon, Martin Long, Heidi Miller, Randi Tomasek New Jersey: Matthew Bonett New Mexico: Sydney Stuart Ohio: Taylor Hesse, Jonah Perkins

Oregon: Nick Terrell South Dakota: Clayton Keck Tennessee: Chad Lewis

Texas: Travis Blackwell, Stephen Byrd, Morgan Cavitt, Steven Chabarria, Eric Lawson, Chelsea McQueen, Drake Parrish, Madison Simpson, Morgan Torres, Haley Vincze Virginia: Alice Cox Wisconsin: Erica Ballmer,

Madeline Bode, Britni CohenWichner, Colleen Galligan, Tasha Henck, James Horst, Brandi Larson, Nicholas Merry, Ross Ruehmann, Riley Sawyer, Samantha Spohn, Hannah Taylor, Carrie Urbanek, Casey Urbanek

West Virginia: Cody Haines, Caroline Hayden

Wyoming: Shade Frank

Chorus Alabama: Lilly Oaks Arizona: Preston Frost, Mckenna Mellon

California: Tahnee Bray Delaware: Caroline Hutchison Florida: Kathryn Blocker Georgia: Matthew McCarty Iowa: Katherine Bomgaars, Ian Heetland, Ben Kenobbie, Sydney McLaughlin, Jonathon Mohwinkle, Jacob Reistroffer

Illinois: Skyler Brazel, Adam

Furlong, Danielle Gromala, Paxton Johnson, Tucker Lee, Dylan Massie, Victoria Stoller

Indiana: Courtney Gulick, Tiffany Schuman

Kentucky: John McElroy, Reagan Miller

Maine: Cindy Ketch Michigan: Hannah LaJoye,

Lauren Miller

Minnesota: Bridget Forst, Winona Johnson

Missouri: Ben Brodersen,

Nicholas Gnuschke, Davy Ketsenburg, Kaitlyn Landers, Aaron Shank, Leslie Smith, Cody Starnes

Montana: Carlie Brownlee North Carolina:

New York: Karen Fargo Ohio: Carlee Conrad, Hannah Peterson, Charles WilsonGrover, Meagan Wise

Oklahoma: Natasha Colpetzer,

Caleb Earl, Paige Gosney, Jose Hernandez, Austin Ladd, zach rogers, Victoria Sanders, Kylie Scott, Jeremiah Weeden

South Carolina: Logan Cogdill Texas: Blakelee Brownd, Cori

Camp, Jourdan Tucker

Utah: Caitlin Dinkel, Jessica Potter, Mallory Roberts

Virginia: Richard Burnette Washington: Kelby Thayer Wisconsin: Kasey Burg,

Oregon: Kelsee Carlsen Pennsylvania: Katie Anderson Puerto Rico: Thalia Aguila

Jessica Kravik, Jacob Stukenberg, Jessica Taylor, Sawyer Wirkus Alabama: Tanner Cash, Tom George, TJ Hardin, John Hicks, Jesse Mc Clendon, Cameron Patterson, Layne Raper, Jodi Shotts, Megan Shotts, Luke Stanford, Levi Thompson, Eliza Williams

North Carolina: Luke Chandler, Dalton Shelton

Oregon: Maria Thompson Pennsylvania: Deanne

Suarez, Coral Martes, Josue Martes

Hannah Addair

Nebraska: Torie Egger, Lynn Hanson, Adrianne Kruger, Madison Schlake, Lynn Slama New Mexico: Bayli Avery

Talent Arkansas: Doyne Higgins, Joshua Joiner

Arizona: Cody Nguyen Colorado: Talli Heid Florida: Jacob Brown,

Jaimie Tabar

Georgia: Landon Rowe, Matt Dylan Thompson

Iowa: Morgan Kahler, Cody Walter

Idaho: Taylan Beymer, Mattie

Martindale, Aubrie Nield, Klancie Seiler, Amanda Solomon, Jentrie Stastny

Illinois: Summer Clapp Kentucky: Beth Carpenter, Blake Ishmael

Maryland: Makayla Hastings Michigan: Alex Green Minnesota: Britton Pankratz Missouri: Zachary Amos, Paige Mcclamroch

Mississippi: Jessica Smith Montana: Hunter Doeden,

Amber Eskew, Kailey Todoroff, Kaitlan Warmbrod

North Dakota: Westen Feickert, Aaron Knudtson, Shaun Kourajian

Dickerson, Grace Kensinger, Emily Stoltzfus

North Dakota: Wyatt Lautt New Mexico: Angelina Romero

Ohio: Elizabeth Corwin Oklahoma: Holly Barrow,

Jesse Jakel, Josie Jakel

Bailey Gilbert, Lane Pilkington, Will Shelby, Courtney Toliver, Bailey Wesberry

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O


Texas: Elizabeth Conner Utah: Alexandria Perry Virginia: Patricia Hale Wisconsin: Whitney Disch, Wyoming: Allison Womack


2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Distinguished Service Citation

Invaluable partnerships honored During the National FFA Convention & Expo, the National FFA Organization recognized clubs, agencies and organizations that have greatly contributed to agricultural education and FFA programs with the Distinguished Service Citation. Awards such as the Distinguished Service Citation recognize FFA makes a greater impact on students through the cooperation of the entire community. FFA and agricultural education programs have helped millions of students achieve extraordinary success for more than 85 years because of this remarkable dedication. John Deere, supporting youth leadership and educational excellence for the past 70 years, is the longest-running sponsor of the National FFA Organization. The company’s support of core programs and scholarships has affected a wide range of audiences. Recently, the company also increased its new dealer scholarship program which resulted in more scholarships being offered to FFA members. Beyond financial support, John Deere is working to connect more employees with FFA, utilizing company visits with the National

FFA officers as an opportunity for employees to learn more about FFA and the company’s relationship. John Deere has consistently had representation on the National FFA Foundation’s Sponsors’ Board and this year became a first-time platinum sponsor. John Deere and FFA continue to work together to build and enhance their relationship and how they can reach shared goals and objectives collaboratively. For more than 60 years, RAM Trucks has supported core programs of the National FFA Organization and the National FFA Convention & Expo opening video. In January, RAM worked closed with FFA to develop and fund a Super Bowl ad that honored the American farmer. As a result of social media outreach, RAM made an additional donation of $1 million to FFA to help support programming with a special focus on the strategic initiative, “Feeding the World—Starting at Home.” Throughout the years, RAM has continually supported FFA and its mission of premier leadership, personal growth and career success. This year, RAM became a platinum sponsor. RAM is currently working to connect local dealers with FFA chapters in meaningful ways,

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O


including scholarships, huger initiatives and determining local chapter needs. Since 1985, Tractor Supply Company has supported the National FFA Organization and National FFA Foundation and their various programs and initiatives. The company is a strong supporter of proficiencies, career development events and alumni programs. In 2012, the company developed Growing Scholars, a program during which Tractor Supply customers donated $1 to FFA at checkout. Tractor Supply raised funding for 284 scholarships for FFA members and created a “Out Here Cookbook,” a publication of recipes that raised $41,000 to support “Feeding the World-Starting at Home,” an FFA hunger-fighting initiative. Tractor Supply supports FFA nationally and at local levels throughout the country. This year, the company launched a DuMOR feed program that discounts and rewards FFA members that buy feed from their local Tractor Supply store. The company continues to look for new ways to invest in the National FFA Organization and this fall will have representation on the National FFA Foundation’s Sponsors’ Board.


VIP Citation

FFA honors supporters of agricultural education

The National FFA Organization selected 7 individuals to receive a special VIP Citation. The VIP Citation recognizes individuals for making significant contributions to agricultural education. It is one of the most prestigious awards a person

may receive for supporting FFA and its programs. Those selected were honored during an onstage presentation at the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo. Awards such as the VIP Citation recognize that FFA contributes to the mission of success through the hard

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

work and cooperation of dedicated individuals. Without such strong and outstanding commitment, FFA would not be able to help build strong individuals of character in their members, who in turn build strong families, communities and industries.



Jun’ichiro Chidani from Japan served as an advisor to the Future Farmers of Japan for more than 30 years in various capacities and retired this year. During his service to FFJ as an advisor, he hosted the National FFA Officer Team in Japan on many occasions through the National Officer International Experience program. He has led several exchange programs that have brought FFJ students to the U.S. to build relationships between FFA and FFJ. Carhartt sales representative Gary Connell from Buckhannon, W.Va., has organized and managed Carhartt’s participation in the annual National FFA Convention & Expo since 1999. He has managed the Carhartt/FFA Grassroots State Officer Jacket Award and State Scholarship Sponsorship programs throughout the country. He has donated more than $40,000 of in-kind and outof-pocket funds to the local FFA chapter for events and activities and raising funds for FFA and other youth groups through his barbeque business, Jaws BBQ. Connell is a life member of the National FFA Alumni Association. Frank M. Dry from Springfield, Ill., retired at the end of 2013 as associate executive secretary with the Illinois FFA Association. He has sat in on more than 1,500 American FFA Degree interviews and helped nearly 1,500 Illinois FFA members earn their American Farmer Degree. He coordinated nearly 30 Illinois FFA Foundation fund-raising campaigns that earned more than $9.1 million combined. He was also honored for serving as an assistant for the National FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE for 19 years, a facilitator of the National FFA Star Selection Committee for 10 years, a member of the National FFA Foundation’s board of

directors and a member of the budget and audit committees of NASAE for more than 10 years. Dry taught agricultural education for 15 years and completed three years of service in the U.S. Army.

Fair and evaluator of American FFA Degree applications. Dwight Stoddard from Glencoe, Okla., is a retired Career Tech state agency auditor with the Oklahoma Department of Career Tech. He grew up in Lawton, Okla., and has served as chairman of the Oklahoma FFA state officer election process since 1986, treasurer of the board of the Oklahoma FFA Foundation’s board of directors since 1985 and as a volunteer national judge in the extemporaneous speaking and proficiency awards at the annual National FFA Convention & Expo. Stoddard also serves as a member of Oklahoma State University’s Ag-Ed Scholarship selection committee that awards more than $40,000 in scholarships to future Oklahoma agricultural education teachers. He served in the U.S. Army in Korea and achieved the rank of colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Doug Hanson from Willmar, Minn., retired in June as the convention and career development events coordinator with the Minnesota FFA Association. Hanson served as convention and career development events coordinator for Minnesota FFA for 13 years. He guided more than 3,000 FFA members annually through CDEs during the annual state FFA convention and managed to secure judges, enforce rules and compile results. He has served as past president of Minnesota FFA and has been an agricultural education teacher in Minnesota for more than 30 years. Dr. Cliff Ricketts from Murfreesboro, Tenn., an agricultural education professor at Middle Tennessee State University, has graduated more than 300 agricultural education majors who are today teaching throughout the country. He has authored three editions of “Leadership, Personal Development and Career Success” for Delmar Language Publishers, a publication used in agricultural education and FFA programs throughout the United States. He has also authored two editions of the “Agribusiness: Fundamentals and Applications” textbook for Delmar language in use in classrooms today. He has written more than 25 agricultural education curriculum guides and testified before Congress on alternative fuel, flex fuel, multifuel, hybrids and more. For several years, Ricketts has assisted with the national floriculture and nursery landscape CDE at the annual National FFA Convention & Expo and served as a judge for the National Agriscience

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

Melvin Thompson from Tifton, Ga., recently retired as south region agricultural education coordinator with the Georgia FFA Association. He has accomplished a lifetime of service dedicated to FFA and agricultural education. He began a career as an agricultural education teacher in 1969. In 2000, he was named regional coordinator of the south region of Georgia FFA and was instrumental in growing the state’s FFA membership to the thirdlargest association in the country today. His three daughters served as Georgia FFA state officers and obtained college degrees in agricultural education. In retirement, Thompson continues to support FFA by serving as a judge for state and national CDE and proficiency categories, contributing financially to the Georgia FFA Foundation and regularly attending the annual Georgia FFA Convention and National FFA Convention & Expo.




2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O




American FFA Degree recipients ALABAMA: James Z. Alford, Samson FFA; Asa Jackson Harris, Eufaula FFA; Cameron Hill, Skyline FFA; Logan Cook McCord, Marbury FFA; Zachary Hunter Padgett, Eufaula FFA; William Perry, Skyline FFA; Joshua Kevin Williams, Douglas FFA ALASKA: Wendy Jones, Homer

FFA; Rayna Nelson, Effie Kokrine Charter School FFA; Mya Schmitt, North Pole FFA

ARIZONA: Haylee Bidegain, San Simon FFA; Wyatt Collier, Millennium FFA; Erika Derma, Gila Ridge FFA; Alexandria Eatherly, Yuma FFA; Joshua Fisher, Millennium FFA; Hunter Scott Freytag, Yuma FFA; Kelsie Renee Grimsley, Yuma FFA; Moriah Jacobs, Millennium FFA; Kayla Kelley, Millennium FFA; Kayla Kerr, Buckeye FFA; Sarah Elizabeth Land, Yuma FFA; Angela Lowery, Payson FFA; Thomas Melton, Buckeye FFA; Colton Morris, San Simon FFA; Shannon Nigh, Cibola FFA; Travis Peterson, San Simon FFA; Michael Power, San Simon FFA; Ronnie Power, San Simon FFA; Bryette Sipes, Casa Grande FFA; Megan Skiles, San Simon FFA; Jonathan Snell, Cibola FFA; Tori E. Summey, AAEC-Paradise Valley FFA; Jessica Tappan, Benson FFA; Zachary Tucker, Marana FFA; Tatyana Zaleski, Peoria FFA ARKANSAS: Brittany Coffee, Gentry FFA; Hannah Cotter, Mountain Home FFA; Blake Davis, Greene County Tech FFA; Ashton Dawson, Bentonville FFA; Lacey Drewry, Valley Springs FFA; Dausen Duncan, South Side FFA; Cody Hilliker, Mountain Home FFA; Kaleb Johnson, Mountain Home FFA; Ashley Jones, Mountain Home FFA; Tandy Kidd, Lincoln FFA; LaNese Mahan, Sheridan FFA; Victoria Maloch, Emerson FFA; Kelsey Matthews, Lincoln FFA; Connor Pitts, Lincoln FFA; Cassandra Ramsey, Lincoln FFA; Harlee Ray, County Line FFA; Kory Reed, Lincoln FFA; Emily Roberts, Valley Springs FFA; Lindsey Rucker, Lake Hamilton FFA; Amie Wilcox, Waldron FFA; Austin Wilkinson, Bergman FFA; Riley Williams, Bergman FFA CALIFORNIA: Oscar Acevedo, Farmersville FFA; Brice Adney, Golden West FFA; Yuriana Aguilar, Firebaugh FFA; Jeanne Aguirre, King City FFA; Chelsea Rose Alto, Fortuna FFA; Alexis Anderson,

Auburn-Placer FFA; Frank Andrade, Gustine FFA; Timothy Andre, Mariposa FFA; Justin Paul Andrews, Foothill-Bakersfield FFA; Taylor Arias, Salinas FFA; Dino Giulio Arnaudo, Ripon FFA; Tania Arroyo, Carpinteria FFA; Tanner Autry, Nipomo FFA; Lorren Baker, Nipomo FFA; Dillon Ballard, Pine ValleyMountain Empire FFA; Mary Barcellos II, Hanford FFA; Chelsea Justine Bates, Mission Viejo FFA; Tyler Beck, Lemoore FFA; Seanie Marie Bettencourt, Newman FFA; Heidi Bird, Norco FFA; Bradley Bishop, Norco FFA; Lori Jane Bisordi, Santa Rosa FFA; Dylan Bognuda, Nipomo FFA; Brooke Borchard, Morro Bay FFA; Caleb Boyatt, Lemoore FFA; Kyle Brem, Strathmore FFA; Julia Brewer, Pitman-Turlock FFA; Emily Brossard, Mariposa FFA; Derek Brown, Tulare FFA; Lauryn Brown, Strathmore FFA; Joseph Browne, Dinuba FFA; Carly Rose Bryson, Mariposa FFA; Danielle Budde, Morgan Hill FFA; Juan Bueno, Hanford FFA; Andrea Calderon, Santa Maria FFA; Stephanie Calestini, Dixon FFA; Katie Callahan, Clovis FFA; Samantha Bridget Callahan, Oakdale FFA; Derrik Callaway, San Luis Obispo FFA; Austin Calvert, Winters FFA; Richard Cardoza, Tulare FFA; Heather Carpenter, Norte Vista FFA; Kaity Carpenter, Galt FFA; Ciera Cassady, MenifeeHeritage FFA; Chris Castadio, Lemoore FFA; Elinor Castellanos, Nipomo FFA; Chelsea Castellini, Lakeside - El Capitan FFA; Valente Cervantes, Reedley FFA; Brooke Chrilser, Eureka FFA; Maya Claggett, Santa Rosa FFA; Sam Clevenger, Templeton FFA; Christopher Compton, Hanford FFA; Greg Conant, East Nicolaus FFA; John Conant, East Nicolaus FFA; Katie Marie Conway, Riverdale FFA; Eduardo Coronel, Santa Maria FFA; Ashley Costa, SacramentoFlorin FFA; Jarred Cotta, Lemoore FFA; Jerrad Cowan, East Nicolaus FFA; Maureen A. Croak, Holtville FFA; Patrick Cunningham, Santa Rosa FFA; Jordan Dajani, Johansen FFA; Nadia Dajani, Grace Davis FFA; Cameron Dale, Fortuna FFA; Gabriella Dana, Nipomo FFA; Travis Davidson, Dixon FFA; Levi Davies, Kerman FFA; Dawna Davis, Hanford FFA; Emily Davis, Hanford FFA; Kyle J. Davis, Elk Grove FFA; Samantha Joanna Day, Escondido FFA; Brittney DeMasters, Lemoore FFA; Megan Dias, Hanford FFA; Tyler Dickinson, Santa Maria - Pioneer Valley FFA; Michael Diedrich, Firebaugh FFA; Walker Ditrich, Ponderosa FFA; Anneke N. Dobbe,

Nipomo FFA; Joshua Donnelly, Elk Grove FFA; Trevor Donovan, Merced-Golden Valley FFA; Kelsey Gail Dugan, Santa Maria - Pioneer Valley FFA; Jordan Dunn, Golden West FFA; Cody Dye, Templeton FFA; Robert Easterbrook, Templeton FFA; Randy Edwards, Hilmar FFA; Shelbi Enos, Hanford FFA; Kaitlyn Enticknap, Santa Ynez FFA; Taylor Ann Errotabere, Riverdale FFA; Francisco Escamilla Jr., Farmersville FFA; Jesse Estrada, Santa Maria FFA; Laurianna Fenwick, Santa Maria - Pioneer Valley FFA; Austin Fernandes, Tulare FFA; Quinn Ferreria, Tulare FFA; Tayler Figueroa, Nevada Union FFA; Jeanine Fiser, Hanford FFA; Jacob J. Flores, San Luis Obispo FFA; Jose Luis Flores, Santa Maria FFA; Jenna Renae Forster, Elk GrovePleasant Grove FFA; Courtnie Fox, Tulare FFA; Devin Frost, Fowler FFA; Maria Furtado, San Luis Obispo FFA; Kenton Garl, Nipomo FFA; Hannah Garrett, Galt FFA; Leah Jean Gibson, Paso Robles FFA; Katelynn Golden, Morgan Hill FFA; Bryan Gomes, Morgan Hill-Sobrato FFA; Mackenzie Nicole Gomes, Willows FFA; Gabriela Belen Gomez, Bakersfield FFA; Maria Gomez, Laton FFA; Sarah Gonzalez, Bakersfield FFA; Jesse Govea, Morgan Hill-Sobrato FFA; Garth Richard Graham, Salinas FFA; Kaycee Granholm, Nevada Union FFA; Seanna Griffis, Nevada Union FFA; Kellee Griggs, Pine Valley-Mountain Empire FFA, Leah Groves, Trinity-Weaverville FFA; Samara Guerra, Santa Maria FFA; Rebecca Gunther, JacksonArgonaut FFA; Justin Gwerder, Arbuckle FFA; Sara Hall, Templeton FFA; Anna Michelle Haller, Camarillo FFA; Amy Hanks, Templeton FFA; Nicole Hardoy, King City FFA; Nichole Leigh Heady, Fowler FFA; Dustin Helmer-Parson, Los Banos FFA; Rebecca Hobby, Hughson FFA; Josh Holliday, Santa Rosa FFA; Justin Hornbuckle, Woodland FFA; Marina Horta, Hanford FFA; Cavan Howay, Morgan Hill-Sobrato FFA; Garrett Howser, Modesto FFA; Clayton Hudiburgh, Clovis FFA; Markie Hudiburgh, Clovis FFA; Ashli Hurst, Lakeside - El Capitan FFA; Danielle Hyatt, Grace Davis FFA; Alan C. Isaacson, Woodland FFA; Albert Jackson, Santa Maria Pioneer Valley FFA; Ana Jacobo, Santa Maria FFA; Clint Jerome, Norte Vista FFA; Jennifer Jerrold, Lemoore FFA; Raymundo Jimenez, Santa Maria FFA; Natalie Johnson, Nevada Union FFA; Austin Jones, Hilmar FFA; Kelcie Jones, Bakersfield - Frontier FFA; Paul

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Khodikian, Hilmar FFA; DeeAnn Kirkpatrick, Ripon FFA; Kyle Klinkhammer, Ponderosa FFA; Brice Kraay, Corcoran FFA; Emily Krage, Golden West FFA; Aaron Kidd Kucharski, Lompoc FFA; Cierra La Rue, Templeton FFA; Cole Lane, Clovis FFA; Sanora Leist, FoothillBakersfield FFA; Isabella Leventini, Santa Rosa FFA; Toni Cynthia Lew, Mission Viejo FFA; Omar Lomeli, Santa Maria FFA; Kelly Lopes, Los Banos FFA; Raymundo Lopez, Santa Maria FFA; Jose Luis Lua, Santa Maria FFA; Keri Luiz, Etna FFA; Shannen Lynch, Hanford FFA; Alexandra Macedo, Tulare FFA; Jacob Scott Macedo, Tulare FFA; Trevor Maciel, Morgan Hill FFA; Samantha Mackle, Templeton FFA; Lauren M. Maddalena, Chowchilla FFA; Jordan Madrid, Firebaugh FFA; Caitlin Marie Maita, Livermore FFA; Kellie Mancino, Hollister FFA; Joseph Marchy, Dinuba FFA; Kayla Marks, Woodland FFA; Alex Marsh, Arbuckle FFA; Joseph Martella, Hanford FFA; Simon MartinezRamirez, Santa Maria FFA; Amy McBirney, Morgan Hill-Sobrato FFA; Shari McCallister, Manteca-East Union FFA; Roric McClaskey, Golden West FFA; Cody McDougald, O’Neals-Minarets FFA; Lacey McGrath, Clovis FFA; Brandon McNealy, Galt FFA; Isabel Medrano, Bakersfield FFA; Miranda Medrano, Wasco FFA; Johnathan Mello, Gustine FFA; Tyler Menane, Nipomo FFA; Jason Mendes, Modesto FFA; Corinne Mendonca, Chico FFA; Samuel Mercado, Chowchilla FFA; Corey Mesa, Atwater FFA; Rosemary Meza, Carthers FFA; Vincent Migliazzo, Atwater-Buhach Colony FFA; Scott A. Miguel, Foothill FFA; Courtney Miller, Lodi No. 1 FFA; Jessica Miller, Nipomo FFA; Jarrod Mills, Dinuba FFA; Brittany Moffitt, Hanford FFA; Samuel P Monteon, Woodland FFA; Austin Moore, Kingsburg FFA; Nicholas Moore, Oakdale FFA; Katie Moos, East Nicolaus FFA; Sydney Morehouse, Lakeside - El Capitan FFA; Katherine Nunes, Hanford FFA; Katelyn McKenna O’Brien, Escondido FFA; Maria Ocampo, Hanford FFA; Jesse Odom, Nipomo FFA; Rogelio Olea, Farmersville FFA; Ashley Oliveira, Gustine FFA; Santina Olney, Nipomo FFA; Thomas Opice, Don Lugo Chino FFA; Alison Ornbaun, Arbuckle FFA; Fernanda Ortiz, Santa Maria - Pioneer Valley FFA; Matt Parker, Templeton FFA; Tate


American FFA Degree recipients continued Janice Nienhuser, Limon FFA; Jace Nordyke, Holly FFA; Leah Pacheco, Plateau Valley FFA; Tristan Palyo, Soroco FFA; Garett Pierce, Greeley FFA; Kyndal Reitzenstein, Platte Valley FFA; Brady Rink, Granada FFA; Acer Rodgers, Fruita FFA; Clay Rushton, Holly FFA; Kristen Schmidt, Greeley FFA; Megan Seltzer, New Raymer FFA; Molly Wagner, Arickaree FFA; Kerra Danae Wait, Pritchett FFA; Stuart White, Stratton FFA; Kendall D. Wilkins, Yuma FFA

CONNECTICUT: Scarlett Abell,

Parker, Firebaugh FFA; Brittany Parks, Santa Maria - Pioneer Valley FFA; Larson D. Patty, San Luis Obispo FFA; Kyle Pawling, Norte Vista FFA; Carol Pellegri, Galt FFA; Andreina Perez, Salinas-Everett Alvarez FFA; Saul Perez, TurlockPitman FFA; Enrique Pinon, Santa Maria - Pioneer Valley FFA; Jessie Poletti, San Luis Obispo FFA; Josh Polich, Golden West FFA; Kady Lynn Porterfield, Dorris-Butte Valley FFA; Jaylene Pratt, Golden West FFA; James Purkey, Arroyo Grande FFA; Karli Quinn, Elk Grove-Pleasant Grove FFA; Aaron Ramirez, Clovis FFA; Loren Rand, Pine ValleyMountain Empire FFA; Nicholas Joseph Ratto Jr., Ripon FFA; Kelsie Raulino, Lemoore FFA; David Readman, Blythe FFA; Morgan Reese, East Nicolaus FFA; Lainey Reich, Templeton FFA; Edilena Reyes, Buena Park FFA; Ashley Reynolds, Eureka FFA; Danica Reynolds, Templeton FFA; Ralph Rianda III, King City FFA; Bailey Riedel, San Luis Obispo FFA; Corey Rinaldi, Lemoore FFA; Jaleesa Rios, Hanford FFA; Margarita Rivera, Bakersfield FFA; Ian Robinson, Lakeside - El Capitan FFA; Abrianna Robles, Morgan Hill FFA; Beatriz Rodriguez-Rivera, Clovis FFA; Madison Milli Rollin, Riverdale FFA; Kayla Roton, Pitman-Turlock FFA; Tara Ruchonnet, East Union FFA; Wendy Ruiz, Santa Maria - Pioneer Valley FFA; Ricky Russell, Golden West FFA; Kaitlyn Noel Ryan,

Atwater-Buchach Colony FFA; Jared Sa, Tulare FFA; Lillian Salinas, Foothill-Bakersfield FFA; Justin T. Sanders, Woodland FFA; Chad Santos, Hilmar FFA; Cody Santos, Hilmar FFA; Grant Sardella, Buhach Colony FFA; Megan Lea Schaub, Hanford FFA; George Schmidt, Templeton FFA; Madolyn Sellier, Escondido FFA; Thomas Serpa, Hilmar FFA; Alison Silveira Sherman, Atwater-Buhach Colony FFA; Toni Silva, Los Banos FFA; Vanessa A. Silva, Hanford FFA; Rebekah Simas, Lemoore FFA; Sara Mikaela Sinks, Chowchilla FFA; Clint Smith, Sutter FFA; Hayden Smith, Sutter FFA; Joshua Smith, Shandon FFA; Kirsten Smith, Norco FFA; Brian Snyder, Hollister FFA; Skottlynn Snyder, Firebaugh FFA; Alexis Sousa, Tulare FFA; Jordan Sparrowk, Lodi No. 1 FFA; Cody Stephenson, Sutter FFA; Candace Stines, Fillmore FFA; Lucas Stockton, Hanford FFA; Else Stuart, Santa Rosa FFA; Sierra Suttles, Lakeside - El Capitan FFA; Oscar Tena, Santa Maria FFA; Deidre Thayer, Lemoore FFA; Sarkis Torosian, Dinuba FFA; Gilberto Torres, Shandon FFA; Stephanie Toste, Tulare FFA; Alexis C. Ulloa, Ceres FFA; Marcos Uribe, Taft FFA; Isaiah Valladarez, King City FFA; Cornelia Van Egmond, Galt FFA; Toushulong Vang, Clovis FFA; Joshua Vierra, Hilmar FFA; Erica Vietor, Napa-Vintage FFA; Matthew Walther, Golden West FFA; Amber

Warden, San Luis Obispo FFA; Danielle Wardle, Mariposa FFA; Kayla Welch, Sonora-La Habra FFA; Kayla Welcher, Templeton FFA; Jason Werer, Nipomo FFA; Heidi Werner, Nipomo FFA; John Patrick Wilke, Taft FFA; Kinnith Wilkinson, Reedley FFA; Kelli Williamson, Clovis FFA; Makayla Renee Williamson, Tulare FFA; Alexander Winter, Hayfork FFA; Madeline Wisecarver, Hanford FFA; Brad Wright, Templeton FFA; Chelsey Wyeth, Modesto FFA; Billy Yecny, Laton FFA; Lyle Herbert Zimmer, TurlockPitman FFA; Kimberly Zuchowski, Morgan Hill FFA

COLORADO: Madison Andersen,

Limon FFA; Andrew Beam, Greeley FFA; Kayla Calvin, Fruita FFA; Jaci Kayla Corliss, Platte Valley FFA; Julia Cucarola, Sterling FFA; Madison George, Soroco FFA; Lance L. Gilbert, New Raymer FFA; Keagan Gonzales, Eads FFA; Brendan Gookin, Greeley FFA; Alex Gribben, Burlington FFA; Ashley Higgins, Limon FFA; Taylor Hiss, Hoehne FFA; Courtney Johnson, Kit Carson FFA; Adam Kimbrel, LaVeta FFA; Brooke Knapp, Haxtun FFA; Danielle Lenz, Wray FFA; Nakayla Lestina, Dove Creek FFA; Brandy Jo Marrinan, Alamosa FFA; Samantha McCay, LaVeta FFA; Jennifer McDonald, Cortez FFA; Dustyn Mergelman, Idalia FFA; Jennifer Miller, Valley FFA; Jayce Negley, Eads FFA; Carli Nichols, Brush FFA;

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Lebanon Regional FFA; Stephanie Bass, Northwestern Regional FFA; Katelyn Boswell, Killingly FFA; Summer Elizabeth Churchhill, Woodbury FFA; Renee Ewing, Suffield Regional FFA; Daniel Fields, Lebanon Regional FFA; David Johnston, Lebanon Regional FFA; Rachel Liberty, Suffield Regional FFA; Rachel Mackewicz, Lebanon Regional FFA; Rebecca Masse, Glastonbury FFA; Katie Lynn Molodich, Killingly FFA; Jenifer Pantazis, Trumbull Regional FFA; Abigail Ray, Woodbury FFA; Heidi Lynn Rechlin, Lebanon Regional FFA; Kacey Reinholtz, Mattabeset FFA; Grace E. Schultz, Lebanon Regional FFA; Michelle H. Shea, Lebanon Regional FFA; Brandon Smith, Lebanon Regional FFA; Suzanne Theriault, Wamogo Regional FFA; Emily Von Edwins, Lebanon Regional FFA

DELAWARE: Logan Bishop, Lake Forest FFA; Courtney Capotrio, Middletown FFA; Kathleen Cassat, Indian River FFA; Brianna Fedorkowicz, Caesar Rodney FFA; Cailynn Fedorkowicz, Caesar Rodney FFA; MaryBeth Hutchins, Caesar Rodney FFA; Amanda Jones, Smyrna FFA; Kayla Kemp, Caesar Rodney FFA; Amanda Scotton, Smyrna FFA; Lauren Voss, Smyrna FFA; Nicole Wagner, Indian River FFA; Caitlin Walton, Caesar Rodney FFA FLORIDA: James Barringer, New Smyrna Beach Sr. FFA; Bo Beauchamp, Chiefland Sr. FFA; Amanda Nicole Bellamy, Mount Dora FFA; Nicole Bennett, Brooksville Sr. FFA; Drake Bishop, Baker Sr. FFA; Laura-Kaitlyn Boatright, Suwannee Sr. FFA; Oscar Bolanos, Varela FFA; Ashley Bowling, Williston Sr. FFA; Catherine Bowman, Santa Fe FFA; Kyle Lee Bowman, Lennard FFA; Danielle Boykin, Deltona Sr. FFA; Katherine J. Boze, DeLand Sr. FFA; Kelsey Bozeman, Strawberry Crest FFA; Madison Taylor Brown, Lennard FFA; Ashley Marie Bruck, Santa Fe FFA; Haley Burnham, Pine Ridge FFA; Andi Butts, Durant Sr. FFA; Shelby Calloway, Malone FFA; Matthew Dalton Cantrell, Baker Sr. FFA; Randall Casey, Lennard FFA;


Sarah Chambers, Fort White Sr. FFA; Michelle Citrinite, University FFA; Allison Coelho, Brooksville Sr. FFA; Kallee Cook, Durant Sr. FFA; Rodrigo Cotrina, Varela FFA; Miranda Craig, South Sumter Sr. FFA; Bryce Cramer, West Orange FFA; Tara-Lyn Cutlip, Pine Ridge FFA; Samantha Dittmann, Southeast Manatee FFA; Morgan Edwards, South Sumter Sr. FFA; Megan Danielle English, Fort White Sr. FFA; Tara Fellows, DeLand Sr. FFA; Taylor Flanagan, Taylor Sr. FFA; Shelby Lynn Freeman, Lake Gibson Sr. FFA; Justin Quinn Fussell, DeSoto Sr. FFA; Shelby Galladay, South Lake FFA; Benjamin Glass, Suwannee Sr. FFA; Mitchell Guerndt, Avon Park FFA; Justin Ryan Hall, West Florida FFA; Shelby Harden, Columbia Sr. FFA; Mary-Thomas Shelley Hart, Lafayette FFA; Ashley Hassan, Okeechobee Brahman FFA; Kathy Hess, Fort White Sr. FFA; Michael Holder, Williston Sr. FFA; Danielle Holstein, Bell Sr. FFA; Alexander Hughes, Strawberry Crest FFA; Katie Hutchinson, West Orange FFA; Richelle Jenkins, Lecanto FFA; Stephanie Eileen King, Williston Sr. FFA; Melissa Knowles, DeLand Sr. FFA; Cecelia Koon, Lafayette FFA; Drew Land, Suwannee Sr. FFA; Dustin Lane, Suwannee Sr. FFA; Taylor N. Langford, Trenton Sr. FFA; Kendall Lee, Fort White Sr. FFA; Shannon M. Lewis, Umatilla FFA; Marissa Mancillas, Brooksville Sr. FFA; Shawn Gene Mayo Jr.; Columbia Sr. FFA; Dakota D. McCullers, Frostproof FFA; Sarah Marilyn McDaniel, DeLand Sr. FFA; Stacy McFarlane, Miami Sr. FFA; Elizabeth Meade, Lecanto FFA; Chenoa Eileen Meddleton, Armwood FFA; Emily Anne Melchior, Braden River FFA; Andrew Merrill, Southeast Manatee FFA; Shelby Mills, Chiefland Sr. FFA; Alisha Moore, Timber Creek FFA; Laura Morell, Orlando Colonial Sr. FFA; Rachel D. Morgan, Suwannee Sr. FFA; Cason NesSmith, Chiefland Sr. FFA; Tara Jane O’Berry, Sebring Sr. FFA; Nathan Odom, Leesburg FFA; Calli Jo Parker, Plant City Sr. FFA; Rey Penaloza, Lennard FFA; Kody Plemmons, Chiefland Sr. FFA; Julie Raney, South Lake FFA; Terra L. Redditt, Madison County FFA; Megan Regalado, Chamberlain FFA; Melissa Marie Ritter, Brooksville Sr. FFA; Kelsey B. Robinson, Belleview Sr. FFA; Remington RogersPaulus, Varela FFA; Amber Sapp, South Sumter Sr. FFA; Stacey Sapp, South Sumter Sr. FFA; Emily Schweigert, Ft. Pierce Westwood FFA; Jake Scott, West Florida FFA; Kali Sharpe, Lafayette FFA; Rheba Kaitlyn Sheffield, Chiefland Sr. FFA; Marc S. Shollenberger, Apopka Sr. FFA; Tanner Silcox, Middleburg FFA; Brittany M. Skaggs, Santa Fe FFA; Trent Smith, Blountstown FFA; Shelby St. Clair, Taylor Sr. FFA; Caitlyn Stewart, Blountstown

FFA; Sydney Leigh Stone, Sneads FFA; Jacqueline Stough, University FFA; Jennifer Swain, Sebring Sr. FFA; Elaine Terry, Madison County FFA; Ashley Thurman, New Smyrna Beach Sr. FFA; Alan Toole, Sneads FFA; Sarah Trimm, Bronson FFA; Jessica Van Vaerenbergh, Riverview FFA; Brooke Vaughn, Santa Fe FFA; David Lee Walden, Durant Sr. FFA; April Michelle Walker, DeSoto Sr. FFA; Taylor Walker, Kathleen FFA; Justin Garrett Watson, Pine Ridge FFA; Lydia A. Weaver, Northview FFA; Blake Webb, Madison County FFA; Josh Weeks, Sneads FFA; Shelldon White, Sneads FFA; Kaley Wilder, Williston Sr. FFA; Tyler Marie Williams, Bronson FFA; Clayton Willis, South Lake FFA

GEORGIA: Colby Addison, Stephens County FFA; Dustin Alexander, Madison County FFA; Brittany Jade Andrews, Madison County FFA; Jesse Daniel Boland, Burke County FFA; Brandon W. Branch, Appling County FFA; Arthur Brown, Dawson County FFA; Katelyn Deann Burke, Southeast Whitfield FFA; Nicholas R. Cantrell, Pickens County FFA; Kyle Stephens Cook, Central of Carroll FFA; Steven Cooper, Jackson County FFA; Mary Catherine Cromley, Southeast Bulloch FFA; Jeffery Croom Jr., Seminole FFA; Lea Rena Crump, Gordon Central FFA; Logan Drain, Pickens County FFA; Amy Lauren Duncan, Wayne County FFA; Shelby Eidson, Oglethorpe County FFA; Zarek Gill, Sonoraville FFA; Newton Gilman, East Jackson FFA; Hayley Gilreath, Dawson County FFA; Richard Hunter Grayson, North Oconee FFA; Lindsey Nicole Hall, Etowah FFA; Cody Ham, Mary Persons FFA; Ryder Hart, Hephzibah FFA; Nicole A. Holden, Veterans FFA; Kyle Douglas Hood, Rockdale Career Academy FFA; Taylor Huff, Madison County FFA; Jenna James, Etowah FFA; Dustin Johnson, Brantley County FFA; Amber Michelle Kay, Sonoraville FFA; Henry Machuca, Pelham FFA; Kaytlyn A. Malia, Franklin County FFA; Douglas Martin, Cross Creek FFA; Alex McLaughlin, Madison County FFA; Sarah Owings, Jeff Davis FFA; Alana Dianne Pearce, Seminole FFA; Aly Rattazzi, Pickens County FFA; Ray Sanders, Southeast Bulloch FFA; Matthew Satterfield, Dawson County FFA; Jacob Harrison Schindler, Lowndes County FFA; Holly Noelle Smith, Gordon Central FFA; Morgan Smith, North Hall FFA; Kaylee South, Franklin County FFA; Katie Sutherland, Sonoraville FFA; Jeremy Scott Sutton, Colquitt County FFA; Caleb David Temples, Seminole FFA; Martha Thomas, Ware County FFA; Austin Trawick, Seminole FFA; Colten VanMeter, Pickens County FFA; Timothy Ryan

Lee Giedd, Washburn FFA; Preston Gilderhus, Maddock A.S. Gibbens FFA; Erika Guthmiller, Lisbon FFA; Devan Hafner, Carrington FFA; Ian Hall, Berthold FFA; Aaron Haux, Kindred FFA; Kendra Hoger, New Salem FFA; Jordan Hollingsworth, Wyndmere FFA; Heather Johnson, Garrison FFA; Jordan Kauffman, Minot FFA; Stephen Kessler, Beulah FFA; Jonathan Ketterling, Wishek FFA; Alexandra Kielb, Lisbon FFA; Josie Klein, Rugby FFA; Andrew Kreidt, New Salem FFA; Tanasha Krull, Richland 44 FFA; Mitchel Lacher, Richland 44 FFA; David Leier, Kintyre FFA; Kody Liebenow, Enderlin FFA; Caleb Miiller, Rugby FFA; Kristen Mundahl, Rugby FFA; Katie Myhre, Richland 44 FFA; Carlyssa Quam, Wyndmere FFA; Zachary Rameden, Rugby FFA; Chase Rosenau, Carrington FFA; Kayla Scholes, Grant County FFA; Kayla Ann Seidler, Grant County FFA; Kevin Sivertson, Minot FFA; Austin Sprunk, Enderlin FFA; Nathan Stachler, Kindred FFA; Nevada Turbiville, Scranton FFA; Leah VanTilborg, Minot FFA; Kyle Viland, Richland 44 FFA; Karly Lynn Wald, Wishek FFA; Phillip Wanner, Wishek FFA; Alicia Wehri, New Salem FFA; Maggie Woodall, Granville FFA; Andrew Woodbury, Wyndmere FFA; Vance Zacharias, Enderlin FFA

OHIO: Devon Alexander, Anna FFA; Cole Allen, Kenton FFA; Drew Amstutz, Xenia -Greene County CC FFA; Andrew Armstrong, Southeastern FFA; Cammie Lynn Auck, Buckeye Central FFA; Seth Aufderhaar, Botkins FFA; Millie Austin, West Branch FFA; Johnston Baird, Arcadia FFA; Shelby Balint, Firelands FFA; Cheyanne Bamfield, Buckeye Trail FFA; Logan Bamfield, Buckeye Trail FFA; Ben Barhorst, Fort Loramie FFA; Justin Barndt, Elmwood FFA; Amanda Bartel, Miami East-MVCTC FFA; Hayley Alyce Beck, Western Reserve FFA; Jordan Bentley, Ridgedale FFA; Elizabeth Bernhard, Crestview FFA; Samuel Bevis, North Union FFA; Jess Birdwell, Fairfield Union FFA; Joshua Blausey, Woodmore FFA; Bryan Boles, Elgin FFA; Taylor Bratton, Mowrystown FFA; Nathan Brehm, Pike-Delta-York FFA; Kyle Brinkman, Holgate FFA; Brittany Brock, Fayetteville FFA; Janel Broering, St. Henry FFA; Lauren Bruns, Marion Local FFA; Mitchell Robert Brunswick, Versailles FFA; Gabrielle Buehler, Anna FFA; Ashley Marie Buhrow, Oak Harbor FFA; Clay Burkholder, Fayette FFA; Megan Rose Burrer, Plymouth FFA; Halie A. Byers, Minster FFA; Bryan Cajka, Eastwood FFA; Travis Campbell, West Holmes FFA; Nicholas Carlson, North Central FFA; Jacob Allan Clark, Buckeye Central FFA; Shelby Clark, Madison Plains FFA; John Clayton, Monroeville FFA; Zachary Clinger,

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Upper Sandusky FFA; John Trevor M. Corboy, Eastern Brown FFA; John Core, Spencerville FFA; Kaley Core, Spencerville FFA; Kari Cottingim, National Trail-MVCTC FFA; Drew Davis, Wapakoneta FFA; Kaley Davis, Fairfield FFA; Kyle Davis, Carrollton FFA; Josh Dawson, Elida FFA; Dirk D. Dempsey, Oak Hill FFA; Sarah Doehr, Wellington FFA; Austin Douglass, North Central FFA; Matthew L. Downs, Morgan FFA; Megan Dresbach, Logan Elm FFA; Ryan Dues, Coldwater FFA; Kyle Dunaway, Mowrystown FFA; Maclain Dyer, Upper Scioto ValleyOhio Hi-Point; Jacob Eidemiller, Miami East-MVCTC FFA; Jordan Elmore, Hillsboro FFA; Dylan Eltzroth, East Clinton FFA; Mitchell Emmitt, Elmwood FFA; Nichole Eschedor, Eastwood FFA; Kaitlin Esselman, Fairfield FFA; Rebecca Faverty, Marlington FFA; Tonya Lynn Fender, Lynchburg-Clay FFA; Chase Finney, Buckeye Central FFA; Seth R. Finton, Ridgewood FFA; Nick Fisher, Wapakoneta FFA; Jordan Fledderjohann, Botkins FFA; Heidi Florea, Wilmington FFA; Kurt Fortkamp, Fort Recovery FFA; David Fought, Gibsonburg FFA; Danny Foulk, Benjamin Logan FFA; Raelene Frame, Buckeye Trail FFA; Shelby Freeman, Ross-Butler Tech FFA; Carey Fulk, Crestview FFA; Thomas David Garber, Ridgewood FFA; Maria Goettemoeller, Botkins FFA; Keith Gottfried, Upper Sandusky FFA; James Graham, Arcadia FFA; Kyle Gray, Mt. Gilead FFA; Wayne Gregory, Teays Valley FFA; Frankie Grum, Sheridan FFA; Alexis Guilford, Fairview FFA; Blake Gurzynski, Wauseon FFA; Michael Hageman, Fairlawn FFA; Ryan Hahler, Seneca East FFA; Leah Haines, Fayetteville FFA; Katelyn Hamilton, Ridgedale FFA; Kyle Christopher Hanna, West Holmes FFA; Stephanie Ann Harpster, Upper Scioto Valley-Ohio Hi-Point; Kelli Hartman, Wilmington FFA; J. D. Harvey, Benjamin Logan FFA; Elizabeth Hayes, Marysville FFA; Tailer Hensley, Northridge FFA; Heather Hershberger, Wayne Trace FFA; Ethan Hess, A.B. Graham Ohio Hi-Point FFA; Elisa Catherine Higgins, Johnstown-Monroe FFA; Lindzi Hoersten, Delphos FFA; Kelsey Holbrook, Liberty Union FFA; Zack Hoover, Marlington FFA; Kristy B. Hopkins, Hillsboro FFA; Chase Horn, Carrollton FFA; Tyler Horn, Riverdale FFA; Elijah Howard, Pike-


American FFA Degree recipients continued

Varnedore, Appling County FFA; Christopher Garrett Whitworth, Madison County FFA; Mitchell Womble, Seminole FFA; Lindsey Elizabeth Woodrum, Jones County FFA

IDAHO: Michelle Aoi, Shoshone

FFA; Chris Ball, Kuna FFA; Slade Beck, Burley FFA; Drew Bennett, New Plymouth FFA; Hannah Berry, Nampa FFA; Brett James Blackstock, Kuna FFA; Rebecca Arletha Blanscet, Parma FFA; Austin Duane Bull, Troy FFA; Lauren Clark, Meridian FFA; Sierra Crisp, Emmett FFA; Jacob Ferrel Crossley, Preston FFA; Kayla Evans, Clearwater Valley FFA; Emily Fisher, New Plymouth FFA; Liz Fisher, New Plymouth FFA; Cody Cyprien Gentillon, Snake River FFA; Carly Gerwig, NampaSkyview FFA; Lauren Aubry Gleed, Preston FFA; Katelyn Gregory, Vallivue FFA; Jenica Hagler, Kuna FFA; Kellsie Rose Hodges, Salmon FFA; Sam Hoffman, Genesee FFA; Alice Dakotah Hoogland, Castleford FFA; Toni Marie Ineck, Parma FFA; Jessica Michelle Lancaster, Jerome FFA; Carson Lott, Burley FFA; Jared T. W. McCollough, Nampa FFA; Dustie Lynn Melton,

Filer FFA; Mekenzie Messick, Weiser FFA; Travis Michael, Payette FFA; Alexandria Mink, Weiser FFA; Kyle Nesbitt, Weiser FFA; Ayla Neumeyer, Bonners Ferry FFA; Tyler Ogden, Malad FFA; Cara Jo Pantone, Shoshone FFA; Austin Pendell, Meridian FFA; Maggie Kay Reynolds, Kuna FFA; Zack Sanders, North Fremont FFA; Dakota Searle, Burley FFA; Kylie Shaul, Meridian FFA; Heather Skovgard, Kuna FFA; Rikki Stutheit, Parma FFA; Caitlynn Verbance, New Plymouth FFA; Michael Darwin Louis Wiseman, Castleford FFA; Lanee Wood, Grangeville FFA; Kayla Wright, Weiser FFA;

ILLINOIS: Garrett Badtke, West Carroll FFA; Hillary A. Barnard, Cisne FFA; Justine Anne Barnfield, Cisne FFA; Kari Barry, Liberty FFA; Courtney Bissey, Dwight FFA; Joe Bloome, Morrisonville FFA; Cody Blunier, Midland FFA; Bradley Braddock, Patoka FFA; Mackenzie Buyck, Liberty FFA; Samantha Clardy, Jacksonville FFA; William Clark, Hartsburg-Emden FFA; Dayton Coyne, Sherrard FFA; Siera Morgan Crouse, Carlyle FFA; Lance Michael Curtis, Bushnell-

Prairie City FFA; Sam Eugene Detwiler, Flanagan-Cornell FFA; Maggie E. Downen, Gallatin County FFA; Dustin Drake, Sycamore FFA; Matthew Duesterhaus, UnityMendon FFA; Kimberly Durward, West Carroll FFA; Alex Elliott, Mattoon FFA; Jonathan Eloe, Shelbyville FFA; Annaleah Emm, Dwight FFA; Bryce Erbes, Amboy FFA; Andrew Fearneyhough, Winchester FFA; Kirby Fecht, Illini West FFA; Luke Furr, Shelbyville FFA; Courtney Beth Gerstenecker, Carlyle FFA; Mark Douglas Girone, Midland FFA; Chase Griffith, Hartsburg-Emden FFA; Kyle Robert Hadden, Taylorville FFA; Renae Halverson, Hinckley-Big Rock FFA; Kelsey Handy, A-C Central FFA; Brianna Elizabeth Harmon, Central A & M FFA; Nikky Hart, Herscher FFA; Dane Hasselbring, Cissna Park FFA; William Hatfield, Wayne City FFA; Dalton Heavner, Pittsfield FFA; Jonathan Heavner, Valmeyer FFA; Nathan Hewitt, Paris FFA; Kayla Marie Hinrichs, Athens FFA; Travis Hughes, Cisne FFA; Saida Jimenez, Harvard FFA; Dylan Kaufmann, Cissna Park FFA; Jordan Keyes, A-C Central FFA; Samuel Michael Kimpan, HinckleyBig Rock FFA; Adam Kircher, Triopia FFA; Mary Kline, LeRoy FFA; Josiah Klokkenga, Hartsburg-Emden FFA; Lane Kreiling, Illini Central FFA; Brad Krumholz, Eureka FFA; Chad Lentz, Payson FFA; Joel Limestall, Waterloo FFA; Michael J. Long, Hinckley-Big Rock FFA; Tyler Loschen, Tri-Point FFA; Samuel Lowers, Bureau Valley FFA; Sarah C. Luce, Stewardson Strasburg FFA; Elizabeth Luke, Cissna Park FFA; Nathan Mahoney, A-C Central FFA; Brent Mansfield, Carrollton FFA; Eric J. Mast, Payson FFA; Ethan Maxey, Salem FFA; Rochelle Kae Meteer, Taylorville FFA; Kaleb Miller, Triopia FFA; Katelynn Mollett, Greenville FFA; Ashley Nagele, Milford FFA; Kymber Nakaerts, Clifton Central FFA; Ashley Breanne Neikirk, Cisne FFA; Eric Nicol, United FFA; Tyler Ott, Hinckley-Big Rock FFA; Nicholas Paulsmeyer, PORTA FFA; Shelby Peterson, Southeastern FFA; Benjamin A. Pickering, Kewanee FFA; Tyler Pokojski, Christ Our Rock Lutheran FFA; Dylan Lee Price, Milford FFA; Mitchel Thomas Rahn, Chadwick-Milledgeville FFA; Jalyn Ridgely, Olney FFA; Austin Roberts, Liberty FFA; Aaron Rogers, Somonauk-Leland-Sandwich FFA; Eric Schnelt, Carrollton FFA; Tyson Schulte, Sherrard FFA; Cory Snetcher, Eastland FFA; Jozi Steele, Oregon FFA; Seth Strom, Galva FFA; Sarah Swise, ROWVA FFA; Austin Tarter, Canton FFA; Jessica Telgmann, Stewardson Strasburg FFA; Tiffany VanMiddlesworth, Lewistown FFA; Emily Abigail Warhurst, Somonauk-LelandSandwich FFA; Morgan Wessel, A-C Central FFA; Aaron Wetzel, Ashton

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Franklin Center FFA; Derek Whalen, Franklin FFA; Heather Wiesbrook, Somonauk-Leland-Sandwich FFA; Kye Witek, Indian Creek FFA

INDIANA: Angela Abney, Franklin FFA; Cori Alig, Jay County FFA; Shelby Babcock, Tri-County FFA; Jared Baird, Salem FFA; Justin Baker, Rossville FFA; Kelly M. Beeker, Greenfield-Central FFA; Kaitlin Begley, Delphi FFA; Kaleb Bell, Jay County FFA; Austin Bender, North Posey FFA; Theresa A. Berning, Heritage FFA; Trevor Blankenbaker, Jay County FFA; Richard Burns, Carroll @ Flora FFA; Kent Burton, Caston FFA; Zachery Bussie, Wawasee FFA; Brooke Carter, Churubusco FFA; Kassie Cavanaugh, Jay County FFA; Tracey Clifford, DeKalb FFA; Becky Courtright, Prairie Heights FFA; Ross Crabill, Shenandoah FFA; Jonathan E. Daron, North Montgomery FFA; Jennifer Dirksen, Jay County FFA; Kyle Dudley, Liberty FFA; Chelsea Dawn Duvall, Switzerland County FFA; Briley Fichter, Castle FFA; Jason Fortkamp, Jay County FFA; Andrew Frazier, Carroll @ Fort Wayne FFA; Caleb Furrer, Tri-County FFA; Dillon Gable, Manchester FFA; Nicole Gable, Manchester FFA; Cole R. Goodman, North Montgomery FFA; Chad Griffin, Carroll @ Flora FFA; Kyle Harvey, Caston FFA; Heather Ann Hathaway, Manchester FFA; Paul Aaron Hellwarth, Hagerstown FFA; Acacia M. Herr, Southern Wells FFA; Bradley Spencer Hill, Liberty FFA; Willie Hoffman, Tri-County FFA; Matthew Hollar, Argos FFA; Charlie Huelsenbeck, Churubusco FFA; Quinton Hufford, Rossville FFA; Isaac Jines, South Ripley FFA; Tyler Ryan Johnson, Columbia City FFA; Zachary Johnson, Jay County FFA; Loren Jutte, Jay County FFA; Chelsea Keller, South Adams FFA; Alice Megan Kelley, Hagerstown FFA; Haley Kessler, North Montgomery FFA; Josh Kimmel, Jay County FFA; Micah Koehler-Marsh, Rossville FFA; Shelby Louck, Jay County FFA; Aaron Loy, Jay County FFA; Jimmy Maas, Prairie Heights FFA; Cameron Mann, Cloverdale FFA; Lindsey Marchal, Jay County FFA; Denise Elaine Maxie, Crothersville FFA; Laura Margaret May, Benton Central FFA; Angela Meador, Rossville FFA; Jake Michael, Rossville FFA; Clayton Michael-Butler, Rossville FFA; Hayley Miller, Western Boone FFA; Andrew Minnich, Jay County FFA; Jared Monce, Manchester FFA; Edward Muhlenkamp, Jay County FFA; Kaley Muhlenkamp, Jay County FFA; Maria Muhlenkamp, Jay County FFA; David Joseph Murphy, Rossville FFA; Christian J. Myers, South Adams FFA; Emily Neild, Manchester FFA; Audrey Neuman, Rushville FFA; Kyle Osgood, Monroe Central


FFA; Preston Wiley Overholser, Jay County FFA; Marshall Perkins, Prairie Heights FFA; Andrea Pfaffenbach, North Miami FFA; Loys H. Rees, Rushville FFA; Anne Riggs, Rushville FFA; Shelby Riley, Hamilton Southeastern FFA; Matthew Ringer, Bremen FFA; Bryce Roberts, Jay County FFA; Doug Routon, Hoosier Hills FFA; Kinzie Selke, Clinton Central FFA; Rachel Shafer, Hagerstown FFA; Casey Shawver, Jay County FFA; Katherine Quinn Spencer, South Putnam FFA; Kennedy St. George, Columbia City FFA; Olivia Steckler, Forest Park FFA; Christian Stoner, Churubusco FFA; Mallarie Stookey, Warsaw FFA; Zane Taylor, South Spencer FFA; Ann Marie White, Hagerstown FFA; Amanda Wright, Eastern FFA; Kaylee Yager, Rushville FFA; Levi Charles Yager, Rushville FFA; Travis Yates, Kankakee Valley FFA; Aaron Young, Prairie Heights FFA

IOWA: Coltin Adams, Colo-Nesco FFA; Brandon Andresen, Benton Community FFA; Heidi Andresen, DeWitt Central FFA; Justin Aupperle, CAM FFA; Dan John Bahe, Oelwein FFA; Courtney Bartz, St. Ansgar FFA; Caleb Beer, DeWitt Central FFA; Kevin W. Berkland, SibleyOcheyedan FFA; Dustin Roy Bigler, Decorah FFA; Mary Broadfoot, DeWitt Central FFA; Steven A. Brockshus, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Justin Ryan Brummer, Southeast Warren FFA; Ashley Bushman, South Winneshiek FFA; Jared Callahan, Cascade FFA; Carolyn Clark, Albia FFA; Jessica Clark, Albia FFA; John Lawrence Clark, Osage FFA; Garrett Cole, St. Ansgar FFA; Kelly LouAnn Colehour, Anamosa FFA; Austin Cook, Cascade FFA; Patrick Costello, North Scott FFA; Kendra Cranston, Montezuma FFA; Cody Cripe, Wapsie Valley FFA; Shawn T. Crooks, New Hampton FFA; Carol Daniels, Estherville FFA; Taylor Davis, Benton Community FFA; Tyler P. Day, Anamosa FFA; Katelyn Decker, Cascade FFA; Tanner C. Charles Deering, Postville FFA; Devin Derflinger, Oelwein FFA; Mike DeRuyter, Rock Valley FFA; Morgan Diedrich, DeWitt Central FFA; Travis J. Dierickx, North Scott FFA; Dylan Dolch, Reno Smith FFA; Joshua Earll, Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA; Erica Eastman, Riceville FFA; Alex Emerson, Osage FFA; Nichole Lynn Fagle, North Fayette FFA; Meagan Amanda Fields, Midland FFA; Luke Irven Fober, Sumner Fredericksburg FFA; Ben Folkmann, Marengo FFA; William Fredrick Frels, Guthrie Center Tiger FFA; Cassie Galm, Spencer FFA; Kelley Glanz, West Delaware FFA; Justin Godwin, Fairfield FFA; Alexis Graham, Lamoni FFA; Amanda Groleau, Oelwein FFA; Lance Christopher Haar, Oelwein FFA; Caleb Haselhuhn, Albia FFA; Chelsea Head, Central Trail FFA; Gatlin Heinzeroth, Iowa Falls-Alden

FFA; Nicholas Michael Henn, North Fayette FFA; Megan Elizabeth Henry, Indianola FFA; Delaney Howell, Columbus FFA; Nicholas E. Hutchinson, Southeast Polk FFA; Jared Jeffery, Midland FFA; Katie Jordan, Red Oak FFA; Zach Jorgensen, Adair-Casey FFA; Jacob Kent, East Sac FFA; Karl Christian Kerns, Mount Ayr FFA; Madison Kirchmann, Sumner Fredericksburg FFA; Caroline Knoblock, HartleyMelvin-Sanborn FFA; Austin Knupp, Washington FFA; Cale Koenig, Marengo FFA; Nicholas Andrew Kramer, North Scott FFA; Emily Elizabeth Lair, Estherville FFA; Logan Todd Lanz, Wapello FFA; Kevin Allen Laubenthal, Algona FFA; Brianna Lee, North Fayette FFA; Benjamin Lueder, North Fayette FFA; Andrew Luzum, Decorah FFA; Cole Magnussen, Newell-Fonda FFA; Michael Dean Mardesen, Griswold FFA; Trevin Martin, Lamoni FFA; Maria Elizabeth McEnany, ColoNesco FFA; Cody McLees, Cascade FFA; Josie McQuillen, Cascade FFA; Hailey Meitner, St. Ansgar FFA; Justin Mendenhall, Central Trail FFA; Justin Karl Messer, North Scott FFA; Ethan Lawrence Miller, CAM FFA; Tyler Ryan Mitchell, Charles City FFA; Brett Mulder, Aplington-Parkersburg FFA; Parker Ness, South Hamilton FFA; Stefanie Allene Newhouse, Hudson FFA; Bobbi Jo Ney, North Fayette FFA; Melanie Sue Palmer, Griswold FFA; Jacob David Perkins, Starmont FFA; Rachel Elizabeth Puckett, Northeast FFA; Allison Radcliff, North Scott FFA; Tyler S. Rau, Oelwein FFA; Katelyn Samuelson, LaPorte-Dysart FFA; Erik Schofield, Albia FFA; Nicole Schubert, Rockford FFA; Rachel Schut, Reno Smith FFA; Tara Selvy, Albia FFA; Jason Smith, Monticello FFA; Shaniel Denise Smith, Centerville FFA; Alex Joseph Sobotka, Mount Ayr FFA; Trevor Stevenson, Calamus-Wheatland FFA; Justin Moran Stewart, Oelwein FFA; Stephen Stinson, VintonShellsburg FFA; Kimberly Strait, Preston FFA; Nathan Stratton, Baxter FFA; Adam Michael Striegel, Tri-County Community FFA; Myles John Thompson, Southeast Warren FFA; Hanna Thoms, North Fayette FFA; Morgan Thorpe, Lamoni FFA; Jordan Tietz, Decorah FFA; Brett A. Timmins, Southeast Polk FFA; Robert Trumm, Cascade FFA; Mikayla VandenBerg, Albia FFA; Kevin Vierow, North Fayette FFA; Tucker Waugh, Central Trail FFA; Nicholas Weber, Cascade FFA; Eric Weirup, DeWitt Central FFA; Katherine Frances Williams, South Hardin FFA; Logan Danielle Worden, Oelwein FFA; Kelli K. Zuck, Wapsie Valley FFA

KANSAS: Emily Fay Beneda,

Wilson FFA; Levi Berger, Valley Heights FFA; Dalton L. Black, Buhler FFA; Keaton Blevins, Doniphan

West FFA; Colby Brownrigg, Anderson County FFA; Kayla Clapp, Caney Valley FFA; Kurtis Charles Clawson, Satanta FFA; Brennan Davis, Doniphan West FFA; Tyler Diveley, Doniphan West FFA; Justine Louise Dlabal, Wilson FFA; Austin Durst, Washington County FFA; Cole George, Uniontown FFA; Drew George, Uniontown FFA; Skyler Glenn, Scott City FFA; Lucas Goddard, Hill City FFA; Emily Harris, Abilene FFA; Greg Harris, Chapman FFA; Brandi Herman, Hill City FFA; Sennett Hermreck, Anderson County FFA; Garrett Holaday, Holton FFA; Karl Janke, Chapman FFA; Tyler Jensen, Council Grove FFA; Denver Johnston, Anderson County FFA; Stetson Lee Junek, Republic County FFA; Sam Knauss, Paola FFA; MaKayla LaRue, Erie FFA; Ashley Lorence, Rock Hills FFA; Andrea Jo Mattas, Wilson FFA; Shannon Maxwell, Holton FFA; Tayler Money, Hill City FFA; Glendolyn Neely, Humboldt FFA; Tyler Nelson, Paola FFA; Kaitlyn Nepote, Girard FFA; Weston Ohlde, Linn FFA; Bryce Pachta, Republic County FFA; Cheyenne Patton, Lawrence Free State FFA; Ben Petrik, Doniphan West FFA; Tanner Rayl, Buhler FFA; Ethan Reimer, Dodge City FFA; Rachelle Dawn Roth, Columbus FFA; Austin Schmitz, Axtell FFA; Cortney Schrick, Holton FFA; Thomas Serafin, Paola FFA; Eli Sheppard, Blue Valley FFA; Michaela Simmelink, Rock Hills FFA; Chelsey N. Smith, Hays FFA; Zachary Spiegel, Rock Hills FFA; Brooke Stamm, Washington County FFA; Connor Stucky, Newton FFA; Jessica Sumerour, Blue Valley FFA; Lindsey Underwood, Rock Hills FFA; Eric VanLoenen, Hill City FFA; Tyler Vathauer, Blue Valley FFA; Austin Veach, Doniphan West FFA; Darcey Volle, Axtell FFA; Peter Wild, Newton FFA; Jacob Yingst, Holton FFA; Ashley Zelenka, Wilson FFA

KENTUCKY: Michael Bridger Antos, South Laurel FFA; Kathryn Ashby, Madisonville North Hopkins FFA; Thomas Baird, McLean County FFA; Andrew Ballard, Western Hills FFA; Megan Barbour, McCreary Central FFA; Matthew Blake Bennett, Jessamine County FFA; Avery M. Brawner, McLean County FFA; Joseph Blake Brogle, Garrard County FFA; Aaron M. Brooks, Edmonson County FFA; Brenna Brown, Logan County FFA; Jessica Brown, Harrison County FFA; Mary Lauren Brown, Spencer County FFA; Aaron Cain, Casey County FFA; Billy Cameron, Rockcastle County FFA; Stephanie Carey, Washington County FFA; Payton Leo Carrico, Washington County FFA; Justin Carter, LaRue County FFA; Emily Chambers, Logan County FFA; Michael Chapelle, Seneca FFA; Colby Chester, Todd Central FFA;

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Brian Chism, Meade County FFA; Shelby Clifford, Harrison County FFA; Robert A. Cline, McLean County FFA; Austin Cole, Warren Central FFA; Jonathan D. Collins, Breathitt County FFA; Peyton Rae Cooper, Ballard Memorial FFA; Brittney Corbin, LaRue County FFA; Mariah Corbin, Taylor County FFA; Johanna Cornish, Western Hills FFA; Jerilynn Cravens, Caldwell County FFA; Kirby Dame, McLean County FFA; Austin Davis, Fleming County FFA; Justin L. Davis, Edmonson County FFA; McKell Ann Davis, Heath FFA; Tyler Delawder, Boyd County FFA; Charles Michael Dobbs, Clark County FFA; Emily N. Drury, Anderson County FFA; Hunter Drury, Mercer County FFA; Craig Dunn, LaRue County FFA; Hunter Easterling, East Carter FFA; Lance Emmons, Fleming County FFA; Mackenzie Farris, Central Hardin FFA; Jake Fischer, Apollo FFA; Brittany Gaddis, Taylor County FFA; Isabella Gearhart, West Carter FFA; Austin Gibson, Spencer County FFA; Danielle Glascock, Fleming County FFA; Jay Green, Calloway County FFA; Rachel Haley, Warren Central FFA; Zack Hamilton, Fleming County FFA; Paige Hardin, Marion County FFA; Joel Harrison, Madison Southern FFA; Montaynna Heightchew, Henry County FFA; Ali Higgs, Western Hills FFA; Douglas J. Hodges, Green County FFA; Colbi Howard, Clark County FFA; Devin Hudson, Allen County FFA; Emily Hume, Spencer County FFA; Jennifer Hyde, Trigg County FFA; Kimberly Hyde, Christian County FFA; Austin Jaggers, Spencer County FFA; James Matthew Jeffiers, Spencer County FFA; Clayton Jerrell, Heath FFA; Ross Jolly, Fleming County FFA; Marsha Kessler, Taylor County FFA; Luke T. King, Cumberland County FFA; Caleb Kirby, South Laurel FFA; Nick Krahn, Central Hardin FFA; Larry Matthew Lake, Madison Southern FFA; Renee Laurent, Caldwell County FFA; Jess Laws, Madison Southern FFA; Jud Lee, LaRue County FFA; Shelby Logan, West Carter FFA; Alex Luckett, Marion County FFA; Garrett Maddox, Fleming County FFA; Kenneth Alexander McFarland, Bourbon County FFA; Fawn McLean, Western Hills FFA; Cody Milburn, Spencer County FFA; Jenna Mills, Western Hills FFA; Brittany LaShea’ Mink, Pulaski County FFA; Tiffany Mink; Central


American FFA Degree recipients continued Hardin FFA; Bobby Joe Monhollen, Whitley County FFA; Jeremiah Moyers, Fleming County FFA; William Muncy, Madison Southern FFA; Krista Oney, West Carter FFA; Matthew Peel, Jessamine County FFA; Travis Plunkett, Livingston Central FFA; Cierra Price, Green County FFA; Hannah Price, Taylor County FFA; Jamie Price, LaRue County FFA; Cynthia Pryor, Christian County FFA; Taylor Purdom, Marion County FFA; Matthew Recktenwald, Spencer County FFA; Zach Redding, Western Hills FFA; Lacy Reed, Montgomery County FFA; Vaughn Reed, Muhlenberg County FFA; Britni Nicol Reese, Jessamine County FFA; Desiree Riley, Western Hills FFA; Tyler Robertson, McCreary Central FFA; Shelby E. Rodgers, Henry County FFA; Barrett Rogers, Logan County FFA; Halina Ruble, Western Hills FFA; Ashley Ruth, Scott County FFA; Caleb Blair Sadler, Nicholas County FFA; Chelsey Schlosnagle, Collins FFA; Jordan Settles, Washington County FFA; Jack Andrew Sharp, Henry County FFA; Tyler Simpson, Spencer County FFA; Susan Smiley, Caldwell County FFA; Danielle Paige Smith, Madison Southern FFA; Mercedes Smith, Graves County FFA; Joseph Snider, Spencer County FFA; Zane Stafford, Montgomery County FFA; Hannah Lee Stewart, Breathitt County FFA; Paige Tackett, West Carter FFA; Celia Thomas, Central Hardin FFA; Kayla Morgan Thomas, Montgomery County FFA; Lauren Rebecca Tipton, Montgomery County FFA; Tabetha Tirey, Garrard County FFA; Ben Tucker, LaRue County FFA; Mary Kelley Tucker, Clark County FFA; Erin Underwood, Taylor County FFA; Lacey Vied, Caldwell County FFA; Amber Vincent, Edmonson County FFA; Ciara Vincent, Edmonson County FFA; C. J. Vise, Fleming County FFA; Greg Wall, Madison Southern FFA; Victoria Wallace, Western Hills FFA; Sarah Walters, Montgomery County FFA; James Dalton West, Apollo FFA; Sarai Wethington, Casey County FFA; Aaron Thomas Wheeler, LaRue County FFA; Lannah Marie Wheeler, LaRue County FFA; Caleb Whelan, LaRue County FFA; Ryan White, Casey County FFA; Alexander Douglas Rader Wilson, Jackson County FFA; Corbin Wilson, McLean County FFA; Courtney Jo Winkler, Madison Southern FFA; Joseph Wood, Fleming County FFA

LOUISIANA: Saydie Ackless,

Elton FFA; Nicholas Adams, Central Lafourche FFA; Ashlee Bennett, Florien FFA; Nick Brevelle, Ebarb FFA; Joel Byrne, Elton FFA; Austin Carter, St. Amant FFA; Grant Crochet, Assumption FFA; Chaney M. Guidry, Crowley FFA; Collin H. Jackson, Pearl River FFA; Leslie McKeever, West Ouachita FFA; Taryn McSpadden, Elton FFA;

Daniel Moreno, Central Lafourche FFA; Kristen Petitjean, Rayne FFA; Morgan Richard, Elton FFA; Dennie Robert, West Ouachita FFA; Joshua Paul Scott, Loranger FFA; Alanna Stroughter, St. Amant FFA; Miranda Thompson, St. Amant FFA; Brandon Walker, Elton FFA

MARYLAND: Ryan Burcker, Clear Spring FFA; Scott DeBaugh, Boonsboro High FFA; Alan C. Eck, Queen Anne’s County FFA; Katelyn L. Gnegy, Oakland FFA; Chad Hamilton, Clear Spring FFA; Ashlee Kline, Boonsboro High FFA; Mark Daniel Leister, Manchester Valley FFA; Amber Lippy, Francis Scott Key FFA; Phyllis Ethel McKenzie, Francis Scott Key FFA; Brenna Nicole Reid, Clear Spring FFA; Matthew Thomas Ripley, Linganore FFA; Victoria Robinson, Liberty FFA; Ashley Smith, Catoctin FFA; Renee Wilson, Hereford FFA; Matt Wood, Easton FF MASSACHUSETTS: Mollie Enright, Britol FFA; Lauren Nicole Rizzitano, Norfolk FFA MICHIGAN: Chloe Rae Babcock, Maple Valley FFA; Tasha Beaudoin, Alpena FFA; Charles Beeching, Van Buren Technology Center FFA; Clinton Benjamin, Perry FFA; Zachary J. Benkert, Chesaning FFA; Courtney Bowerman, Milan FFA; William A. Cable, Dundee FFA; Emily Calderone, Dansville FFA; Abby Carpenter, Lenawee Tech Center AM FFA; Caitlin Clover, Lowell FFA; Macy Cole, Durand FFA; Jaime Curth, Maple Valley FFA; Kyle Domanski, Byron FFA; Adam Dusseau, Dundee FFA; Kimberly Eldridge, Muskegon Area Career Tech Center; Juliana Forbush, Byron FFA; Krista Hadley, Chippewa Hills FFA; Cassandra Harris, Homer FFA; Kyle Harris, Corunna FFA; Breanne Iseler, Sanilac FFA; Andrew Robert Kanitz, Milan FFA; Maxwell Kempf, Fremont FFA; Nicholas Koch, Milan FFA; Raymond Erik Krieger, Belding FFA; Lindsey Anne Locke, Charlotte FFA; Jasmine Loss, Ubly FFA; Grant Maynard, Ovid-Elsie FFA; Sarah Merrill, Jackson Area Career Center FFA; Kendra Merriman, Lowell FFA; Hannah Meyers, Ravenna FFA; Kristen K. Miller, Homer FFA; Sydney Miller, Olivet FFA; Amanda Mitchell, Ovid-Elsie FFA; Nathaniel Albert Myers, Dansville FFA; Tyler Pierson, Branch Area Career Center FFA; Jennifer Jean Porter, Maple Valley FFA; Nicole Ann Porter, Maple Valley FFA; Erika Prine, Springport FFA; Katelyn Prine, Springport FFA; Shawna Ridenour, Perry FFA; Emma Colleen Roderick, Lowell FFA; Ashley Rogers, Cassopolis FFA; Ben Ross, Van Buren Technology Center FFA; Katherine Sage, Perry FFA; Rachael Schneider, Jackson Area Career Center FFA; Rachel Schoville, Alpena FFA; Bethany Schrock, Branch Area Career

Center FFA; Michelle Schroeder, Muskegon Area Career Tech Center; Kenneth Smolek, Corunna FFA; Nathan Snow, Byron FFA; Amber Sobleskey, Olivet FFA; Richard R. Southward III; Ravenna FFA; Abby Spickerman, Fremont FFA; Laurie K. Steere, St. Louis FFA; Trevor Streit, Van Buren Technology Center FFA; Dani Stuart, Dundee FFA; Morgan Stuart, Dundee FFA; Emily Alane Swift, Branch Area Career Center FFA; Kelsey Ward, Lowell FFA; Karl Wernette, Chippewa Hills FFA; Chase Wiltse, Ogemaw Heights FFA; Rebecca Workman, Caledonia FFA

MINNESOTA: Austin Alm, Hawley

FFA; Ryan Bart, Staples Motley FFA; Blake Betcher, Plainview Elgin Millville FFA; Tanner Borgschatz, Kenyon Wanamingo FFA; Paige Bourne, MACCRAY FFA; Whitney Buck, Detroit Lakes FFA; Jessica Busch, Sleepy Eye FFA; Ryan Carlson, Cedar Mountain FFA; Ben Choudek, Medford FFA; Nathan Daninger, Forest Lake FFA; Austin Davis, Dassel Cokato FFA; Bethany Degner, Owatonna FFA; Mitchell Donkers, Kenyon Wanamingo FFA; Ryan P. Eilertson, United South Central FFA; Cody Ekstrom, Belle Plaine FFA; Jace Enger, Lac qui Parle Valley FFA; Josie Fischer, Sleepy Eye FFA; Kelly Froehlich, Academy For Science &; Chelsea Gerads, Holdingford FFA; Tyler Grams, Buffalo Lake Hector Stewart FFA; Matthew Gunderson, MACCRAY FFA; Mike Haase, Lake City FFA; Cynthia Hansen, Sleepy Eye FFA; Katie Hirsch, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Jason A. Huper, United South Central FFA; Elizabeth Johnson, Sleepy Eye FFA; Vinz Karl, Sibley East FFA; Olivia Kendall, Belle Plaine FFA; Hillary Kletscher, Wabasso FFA; Joel Koch, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Mitchell Kochmann, Mahnomen FFA; Cody James Koenen, Alden Conger FFA; Nikki Kramer, Buffalo Lake Hector Stewart FFA; Caleb Krusemark, Martin County West FFA; Daniel Larson, Medford FFA; Katelyn Larson, Medford FFA; Lauren Larson, Medford FFA; Alex LaVoy, Mahnomen FFA; Jared Luhman, Goodhue FFA; Whitney N. Lutteke, United South Central FFA; Sarah Marketon, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Katie McNab, Waseca FFA; Brent W. R. Meshke, Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial; Adam Meyer, Hawley FFA; Aaron Timothy Miller, New Ulm FFA; Kyle Miller, New Ulm FFA; Leah Miller, Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg FFA; Tanner Miller, Foley FFA; Andrew J. Miron, Forest Lake FFA; Kelsey Mussman, Owatonna FFA; Dylan Oeltjenbruns, Mountain Lake FFA; Erica Olsem, Fulda FFA; Sara Olsem, Fulda FFA; Katlynn Osowski, Detroit Lakes FFA; Raina Lynn Pederson, Thief River Falls FFA;

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Adam Prigge, Lewiston Altura FFA; Kyle Quittschreiber, Frazee Vergas FFA; James Radtke, Mahnomen FFA; Neal Radtke, Mahnomen FFA; Rachel Refshaw, Mahnomen FFA; Christopher L. Reiter, Medford FFA; Desirae Rose, Sleepy Eye FFA; Laura Rosenhammer, Sleepy Eye FFA; Mary Sackreiter, St. Charles FFA; Lucas Salfer, Dassel Cokato FFA; William Schanus, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Anthony Tutor Schilling, Frazee Vergas FFA; Arthur Schilling, Frazee Vergas FFA; Marjorie Schleper, Upsala FFA; Nicole Schouviller, Detroit Lakes FFA; Aaron Schultz, Lewiston Altura FFA; Allyson Seibert, Sebeka FFA; Christopher Seifert, Sleepy Eye FFA; Katie Seppelt, Foley FFA; Kirby Seppelt, Foley FFA; Brett Simpson, Murray County Central FFA; Allyssa Sims, Hutchinson FFA; Mitchell Skaar, Albert Lea FFA; Cody Sleiter, Lakeview FFA; Janna Sorg, Randolph FFA; Amy Elizabeth Stadtherr, New Ulm FFA; Ashton B. Staloch, United South Central FFA; Tyler Steinbrink, Chatfield FFA; Andrew Steiner, Hancock FFA; Andrew Swanson, Lincoln Ivanhoe FFA; Ashley Swanson, New London Spicer FFA; Jonathan Tauer, Cedar Mountain FFA; Brady J. Thisius, United South Central FFA; D. J. VanKlompenburg, MACCRAY FFA; Aaron Vipond, Mahnomen FFA; Kevin Welter, Stewartville FFA; Taylor Elizabeth Welu, Marshall FFA; Kimberly Wingert, Plainview Elgin Millville FFA; Melanie Woods, Spring Valley Wykoff FFA; Kaitlin Worms, Mahnomen FFA; Regan Zimmer, Spring Valley Wykoff FFA

MISSISSIPPI: Haley Bevels,

Houston FFA; Kristen Bishop, Nettleton FFA; Jacob Clark, Lawrence County FFA; Logan Michael Dale, Brooklyn FFA; Brad Denham, West Lauderdale FFA; Noel Douzat, West Lauderdale FFA; John Schrader Holland, Sumrall FFA; Traylor Jackson, Lawrence County FFA; Erika Joyner, West Lauderdale FFA; Anna Beth Mayhugh, Lawrence County FFA; Kaitlin Polk, West Lauderdale FFA; Trey Powell, West Lauderdale FFA; April Marlena Strickland, Northeast Jones FFA; Matthew Aaron Tucker, Leake Central FFA; Shelby Walters, Northeast Jones FFA; Manda Ward, West Lauderdale FFA; Trever Winstead, West Lauderdale FFA

MISSOURI: Cole William Abbott,

Eldon FFA; Hailey Adams, Wheaton FFA; Katelyn Adams, Blue Springs South FFA; Shelby Adkison, Hamilton FFA; Kelsey Allen, Miller FFA; Kimberly Allen, Summersville FFA; Dalyn J. Amidei, Adair County FFA; John Anderson, California FFA; Kelsey Anderson, Clark County FFA; Cass Andrews, Miller FFA; Brandon Charles Andrus, Mountain Grove FFA; Laura Apperson, Eldon FFA;


Carl Jason Arnett, La Monte FFA; Charlotte L. Bader, Hermann FFA; Ashley S. Bailey, Mount Vernon FFA; Lucas Gordon Baird, Farmington FFA; Danielle Baker, Weaubleau FFA; Kadi Elizabeth Margaret Baker, East Buchanan FFA; Ryan Bales, Bakersfield FFA; Taylor Bales, Bakersfield FFA; Cooper Bankus, Milan FFA; Rachel Erin Bardot, St Clair FFA; Taylor Bryce Bargfrede, Santa Fe FFA; Luke Bartholomew, Drexel FFA; Jenny Bastin, Carthage FFA; Sarah Bastin, Carthage FFA; Harley Baumgartner, Belle FFA; Kyle J. Bayard, Midway FFA; Morgan Raeann Beach, Pilot Grove FFA; Megan Beckemeyer, WellingtonNapoleon FFA; Rhian Beldon, South Shelby FFA; Kristopher Belken, Farmington FFA; Jacob Bell, Gallatin FFA; Dusty Bennett, Cass Career Center FFA; Shelbie Benson, Farmington FFA; Haley Bentley, Richmond FFA; Jaelyn Bergmann, Paris FFA; Michael Berry, Bakersfield FFA; Joci Bingham, Carrollton FFA; Brendan Bird, Stockton FFA; Dylann Bishop, Willard FFA; Andi Blackwell, Centraila FFA; Cody Bledsoe, Eldon FFA; Kurt Bloss, Sarcoxie FFA; Crystal Elaine Bogardus, Northeast Vernon County FFA; Shawn Douglas Boillot, Madison FFA; Kyle Boland, Santa Fe FFA; Shane Bonnarens, Washington FFA; Drew Thomas Boursheski, Pierce City FFA; Carley Bowen, Hamilton FFA; Bryton Bowles, South Harrison FFA; Elizabeth Brechbuhler, Aurora FFA; Cole Bremer, Stanberry FFA; Brandy Brock, Carrollton FFA; Kurtis Brown, Skyline FFA; Kylie Brown, Wheaton FFA; John Brunscher, Carrollton FFA; Joshua Aaron Rex Buckner, Walnut Grove FFA; Mikayla Buckner, Fair Grove FFA; Ruben Bueno, Milan FFA; Logan Bunch, West Plains FFA; Brady R. Burks, St Joseph FFA; Dylan Burns, Wheaton FFA; Mallary Burris, Bakersfield FFA; Kollin Bush, Belle FFA; Jillian Campbell, Sarcoxie FFA; Benjamin Carpenter, Columbia FFA; Alyssa Cassidy, North Callaway FFA; Mickie Catron, Southwest at Washburn FFA; Shelby Chaney, Trenton FFA; Adam K. Chesser, Troy FFA; Kala Childress, Memphis FFA; Jessica Chrisman, Sarcoxie FFA; Mason Clark, Milan FFA; Niki Clarke, Willow Springs FFA; Abby Clatt, Memphis FFA; Kathleen Clevenger, Hamilton FFA; Ty Coats, Braymer FFA; Joseph Cobb, Savannah FFA; Lidia Collins, West Plains FFA; Philip K. Collins, Willow Springs FFA; Justin Lee Colston, Mansfield FFA; Chad Austin Cook, Jamestown FFA; Kaydee Corbin, Bucklin FFA; Megan Couch, Milan FFA; Mckenzie Covington, Ozark FFA; Kristin Critten, Gallatin FFA; Beth Ann Crosser, Meadville FFA; Ronnie Jane Crosswhite, Diamond FFA; Nicholaus Dean Crutcher, Brookfield FFA; Austin Culbertson, Stockton FFA; Brandon Cummings, Hamilton FFA; Colt Cumpton, Adrian

FFA; Wyatt Cumpton, Adrian FFA; Jordin McKenzie Curtis, Grundy Co FFA; Joshua Dalton, Clark County FFA; Jeremy Daw, Clark County FFA; Cody Dawson, Paris FFA; Stephanie Deeken, Linn FFA; Heather DeOrnellis, Paris FFA; Danessa Derry, Princeton FFA; Mark L. Dial, Pilot Grove FFA; Emily Dilley, Pattonsburg FFA; Bradley Joseph Dillner, Pilot Grove FFA; Kellie Jean Dillner, Pilot Grove FFA; Megan Dodson, Stockton FFA; Colby Dohrman, Sweet Springs FFA; Rachel Dotson, Hamilton FFA; Nathan Drewitz, Brunswick FFA; April Dudenhoeffer, Linn FFA; Tucker L. Dunaway, Carthage FFA; Wyatt Duncan, Belle FFA; Dakota Dunnihoo, Bakersfield FFA; Myles Dustman, Jamesport FFA; Elizabeth Duzan, Memphis FFA; Gary Eads, Jamesport FFA; Wayne Eagleburger, Buffalo FFA; Mallory Early, Leeton FFA; Kim Ebbesmeyer, Warrenton FFA; Jerry Eckstein, Union FFA; Aaron Edwards, Salisbury FFA; Garrett Edwards, Fair Grove FFA; Rochelle Eidson, Eldon FFA; Kelsey Eitel, Milan FFA; Logan Eivins, South Harrison FFA; James Dee Elijah, Ava FFA; Sarah Emerson, Pattonsburg FFA; Kimberly Emery, Sullivan FFA; Whitnie M. Enfield, Houston FFA; Matt Engelbrecht, Santa Fe FFA; Shelby Esser, Boonville FFA; Brooke Evers, Eugene FFA; Mark Famuliner, Carrollton FFA; James Fanning, Golden City FFA; Brett Faubion, Jasper FFA; Jessica D. Flippin, California FFA; Josephine N. Foley, Nevada FFA; Andrew Wayne Folta, Troy FFA; Kandi Foster, Bakersfield FFA; Jessie Anne Fowler, Van-Far FFA; Loren Fox, Trenton FFA; Sarah Fox, Northeast Nodaway FFA; Natasha Freed, Wheatland FFA; Emma French, Bakersfield FFA; Lauren Fuehring, Sweet Springs FFA; Jenny Gann, Mid Buchanan FFA; Gabrianna McKenzie Gardner, Billings FFA; Jared A. Gardner, Cole Camp FFA; Justin Gastler, Audrain County FFA; Garth Arnold Gatson, Mark Twain FFA; Kasey Gatson, Van-Far FFA; Jacob Geary, Odessa FFA; Rebecca Geib, Fairfax FFA; Ashley Gerlemann, Hermann FFA; Katie Gibson, Nichols Career Center FFA; Samantha Gibson, Norborne FFA; Kimberlee A. Gieseker, Paris FFA; Josh Gifford, Pleasant Hope FFA; Clinton Gilbert, Montgomery County FFA; Marissa Gilliam, Hamilton FFA; Anthony Gomez, Lone Jack FFA; Sean Goostree, Wheaton FFA; Dawn Gorrell, Malta Bend FFA; Tanner M. Gotthardt, Linn FFA; Dillon S. Gower, Wellington-Napoleon FFA; Caleb Graham, Hamilton FFA; Christian Michael Gray, Mansfield FFA; Whitney Gray, Neosho FFA; Kayla Groebe, Cameron FFA; Jennifer Grumich, Elsberry FFA; Kyle Guerrant, Union FFA; Laura Guffey, Osceola FFA; Nathan Gunn, Marionville FFA; Andrew Drake

Robert Gunnett, Billings FFA; Sondra Guss, Archie FFA; Morgan Haddix, Northeast Vernon County FFA; Amanda Elaine Hahan, Eugene FFA; Cody L. Hall, Willard FFA; Meghan Halsey, California FFA; Hunter Hamaker, North Harrison FFA; Katlyn Hanson, Mansfield FFA; Jolene Harbin, Tarkio FFA; Ashley D. Hardisty, Willow Springs FFA; Chance Alan Hardy, Diamond FFA; Tawnya Hardy, Brookfield FFA; Dalton Harris, Neosho FFA; Jinnifer Harrower, Van-Far FFA; Matthew Hart, Eldon FFA; Gary Michael Hartley III, Elsberry FFA; Cherish Nicole Haselhorst, Elsberry FFA; Jessica Haynes, Wheaton FFA; Dahrea Hays, Monroe City FFA; Hope Heaper, Sweet Springs FFA; Lindsay Hees, Eldon FFA; Jake Heimsoth, Lathrop FFA; James Levi Henry, Carl Junction FFA; Heyley Danyelle Heupel, East Newton FFA; Tyler Hicks, West Plains FFA; Spencer B. Hoagland, Northeast Vernon County FFA; Gunnar Levi Hochstedler, Stockton FFA; Danielle Hogan, Richmond FFA; Tyler A. Hogg, Eugene FFA; Amanda L. Holder, Branson FFA; Brianna Horn, Skyline FFA; Kara M. Horner, Bowling Green FFA; Corey S. Hudson, Silex FFA; Ben Humphrey, Albany FFA; Madison Huston, Jamesport FFA; William Inglish, California FFA; Deaven Ingrassia, Elsberry FFA; Haley Innes, Boonville FFA; Kayla Ivy, Boonville FFA; Colton Jacobs, Brunswick FFA; Jared E Jacobs, Drexel FFA; Kyle James, Paris FFA; Gabe Jeffries, Chillicothe FFA; Desley Jett, West Plains FFA; Jessica Johnson, Diamond FFA; Shelton Chase Johnson, Adair County FFA; Jessica Johnston, Doniphan FFA; Rebecca Jones, Pleasant Hope FFA; Stephanie Kaiser, Purdy FFA; Trent Kallweit, Wheatland FFA; Kody Karr, Monroe City FFA; Rebecca Keating, Adrian FFA; Logan Kelly, Braymer FFA; Kayla Kempf, Boonville FFA; Abbey Kempker, Eugene FFA; Kaleb Killingsworth, Walnut Grove FFA; Jamiie Kilmer, Chilhowee FFA; Alexis King, Farmington FFA; Cassie Kinnard, Richmond FFA; Zachary Dale Kinneman, Fredericktown FFA; Abby Maye Kircher, Boonville FFA; Robbie Kirkland, Bakersfield FFA; Logan D. Kirkweg, Eugene FFA; Morgan Kithcart, Rich Hill FFA; Mariah Kliethermes, Eugene FFA; Ryan Kliethermes, Eldon FFA; Ryan Korff, Sarcoxie FFA; Melanie Krueger, Linn FFA; Kyle Matthew Kuhlo, Hermann FFA; Jake Kurtz, South Holt FFA; Jonathan Kurz, VanFar FFA; Austin Lair, Bakersfield FFA; Austin Lamb, Bakersfield FFA; Brandon Lang, Sullivan FFA; Tory Danielle Lange, Cole Camp FFA; Matthew Lau, Bakersfield FFA; Alyssa Laudwig, Kirksville FFA; Amanda Law, North Harrison FFA; Courtney Leeper, Trenton FFA; Ashley Nicole Leimkuehler,

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Farmington FFA; Jake Letner, Princeton FFA; Justin Lewis, Chillicothe FFA; Allison Liebhart, Bucklin FFA; Kaitlin Marie Liebhart, Linn County FFA; Chance Limback, Santa Fe FFA; Samantha Linneman, Keytesville FFA; Tyler Linneman, Keytesville FFA; Conrad Linnenbringer, North Callaway FFA; Jared Lipe, Seneca FFA; John Paul Littlefield, Diamond FFA; Indiana Livingston, Skyline FFA; James W. Cameron Locke, Stockton FFA; Jordyn Long, Northwest Technical FFA; Wyatt Long, West Nodaway FFA; Phillip Longan, California FFA; Gary Ryan Looten, Eldon FFA; Zane Warren Lowrance, Conway FFA; Jennifer Lundy, Salem FFA; Jesse Mackeprang, Appleton City FFA; Brandi Maddux, Warsaw FFA; Seirra Main, Hermitage FFA; Brooke Mareth, Mount Vernon FFA; Cooper Daniel Martin, Columbia FFA; Katie Martin, Centraila FFA; Nicole Leslee Mascaro, Fredericktown FFA; Jarret M. Maxwell, Brookfield FFA; Paul McAlexander, Archie FFA; Austin McBride, Centraila FFA; Matt McCarty, Pleasant Hope FFA; Matthew McConkey, South Nodaway FFA; Paul McCulley, Adrian FFA; Keitha R. McKinnis, Fair Grove FFA; Benny McWilliams, Carl Junction FFA; Kimberly Meinke, Princeton FFA; Abby Melton, Dadeville FFA; Dakota W. Melton, Mansfield FFA; Nicholas T. Menard, Savannah FFA; Zachery Mentz, Union FFA; Ashley Merrigan, Jefferson FFA; Chelsea N. Merriott, Versailles FFA; Ryan Messner, Stanberry FFA; Izabella Michitsch, Russellville FFA; Bryanna Middleton, Blue Springs FFA; Brock Miesner, Perryville FFA; Elle Miller, California FFA; Hailee Miller, Nevada FFA; Hannah Miller, Norborne FFA; Kassie LeOna Mills, Bucklin FFA; Taylor Mize, Campbell FFA; Abbey Gail Mooney, Fredericktown FFA; Dani Moore, Chillicothe FFA; Will A. Moore, Belle FFA; Zechariah Moore, Belle FFA; Regan Leigh Morrow, Eugene FFA; Matthew Mudd, Silex FFA; Erin Mullins, West Nodaway FFA; Jara Mumma, Rich Hill FFA; Danielle Myers, Gilman City FFA; Madeline Neill, North Shelby FFA; Rachel Erin Nelson, Van-Far FFA; Nick Neumann, Mid Buchanan FFA; John William Newland, Kirksville FFA; Caleb Newman, Albany FFA; Nikki A. Newsome, Houston FFA; Sonny Nimmo, Stockton FFA; Dekota Norris, Appleton City FFA; Daniel Nowland, Chillicothe FFA;

10 0

American FFA Degree recipients continued Alex J. Nuelle, Higginsville FFA; Gina Olsen, Centralia FFA; Matthew Olvera, Carrollton FFA; Austin David O’Neal, Wheatland FFA; Hannah Dale Osborn, Lakeland FFA; Bethany Oshel, Versailles FFA; Aaron Ostrander, East Buchanan FFA; Seth Osweiler, Lone Jack FFA; David Oxendale, Milan FFA; Tanner Pace, West Plains FFA; Aaron Parnell, Sullivan FFA; Will Pate, Marshfield FFA; David A. Pehle, St Clair FFA; Chelsea Pemberton, Eldon FFA; Jason Duane Pemberton, Richland FFA; Brett Perkins, North Harrison FFA; Andrew Joseph Perry, Columbia FFA; Sonja C. Perry, Bowling Green FFA; Ben Peterson, Carrollton FFA; Laura Petree, Tipton FFA; Jamie Pieper, Troy FFA; Michael Pierson, Plattsburg FFA; Cole Pingel, Jackson FFA; Barrett Powell, Centraila FFA; Carlie Powers, Polo FFA; Derek Price, Milan FFA; Jacob Dale Rahmer, Boonville FFA; Dillon Rapp, Marionville FFA; Layne Colton Rapp, Northeast Vernon County FFA; Taylor Ratcliff, California FFA; Emily Jo Reed, Pleasant Hill FFA; Kelli Jo Reichert, Brunswick FFA; Evan Reinert, Versailles FFA; Seth Rhoads, Linn FFA; Dalton Rice, Silex FFA; William Ty Richner, Pleasant Hope FFA; Logan Ridge, Worth County FFA; Jacob S. Riegel, Union FFA; Morgan Riley, Bernie FFA; Zach C. Riley, Cole Camp FFA; Arieal Rinehart, Linn County FFA; Kolten Roan, Adair County FFA; Trey Roberts, Koshkonong FFA; Ethan Romi, Archie FFA; Ian Rosenauer, Mid Buchanan FFA; Jared Roth, East Buchanan FFA; Lee Rucker, Tina-Avalon FFA; Kyle D. Rummens, Mansfield FFA; Olivia Rush, Eugene FFA; Shelby LaMae Rush, Jasper FFA; Victoria Rush, Worth County FFA; Adam Rushly, Cass Career Center FFA; Shianne Russell, Norwood FFA; Sarah Rutherford, Pleasant Hill FFA; Brandon A. Ryan, Willow Springs FFA; Bailey Jo Salmons, Eldon FFA; Eli Sample, Fredericktown FFA; Chris Samuels, West Nodaway FFA; Catheryn Sander, Richmond FFA; Jessica Schad, Monett FFA; Caroline Schafer, Audrain County FFA; Kellen Schantz, Clark County FFA; Jacob Daniel Schau, St Clair FFA; Sidney Schenkel, Northwest Technical FFA; Marc Schmidt, Centraila FFA; Mitch Schmidt, Centraila FFA; Brittanie Schuette, Richmond FFA; Julie Schultz, Lewis County FFA; Hannah Scott, Milan FFA; Blake Seba, Drexel FFA; Bryanna E. Seegmiller, Schuyler R-I FFA; Ashton Shelton, Polo FFA; Jacob Shelton, Richland FFA; Wyatt Shields, Sarcoxie FFA; Dalton T. Shipley, Dora FFA; Casey Short, Slater FFA; Jake Shrewsbury, Lathrop FFA; Katie Shrewsbury, Lathrop FFA; Cassandra Shultz, Waynesville FFA; Michaela Lynn Simmer, Chillicothe FFA; Caitlin Simpson, Skyline FFA; Taylor

Cheyenne Slaughter, Pettis County R-V FFA; Amanda Naomi Smith, Rolla FFA; Anson D. Smith, Willard FFA; Clayton Smith, West Plains FFA; Dustin Smith, Neosho FFA; Levi Smith, Sweet Springs FFA; Maeghan Smith, Adair County FFA; Allison Sooter, Pierce City FFA; Gabe Sparks, Eldon FFA; Courtney Spencer, Aurora FFA; Lauren Stamp, Linn FFA; Joshua Michael Staples, Cuba FFA; Casandra L. Stark, Eugene FFA; Landon Steele, Miller FFA; Christopher Steward, Golden City FFA; Halie Jeanette Steward, Stockton FFA; Austin Floyd Stewart, Mansfield FFA; Cody Stewart, Ash Grove FFA; Jennifer Stewart, Lakeland FFA; Lauren Ann Stinnett, Lakeland FFA; Brenan Stoll, Stanberry FFA; Cheyenne Stone, Leeton FFA; Jessica Stone, Plato FFA; Samantha Strodtman, Fayette FFA; Trina Stumpe, Sullivan FFA; Abby Sudbrock, Centraila FFA; Robert Andrew Sutcliffe, Drexel FFA; Kenneth James Swope, Boonville FFA; Maresa Anne Sykes, Chillicothe FFA; Brandon Taber, Richmond FFA; Austin Tawney, Paris FFA; Laken L. Taylor, Ozark FFA; Logan Taylor, Houston FFA; Ashlee Nicole Tennis, Sparta FFA; Justin Micheal Thomas, Drexel FFA; Mikel Thomas, Exeter FFA; Dean Thompson, Richmond FFA; Haley Thompson, Chillicothe FFA; Matthew Townlain, Pilot Grove FFA; Derek L. Tribble, Putnam County FFA; Marissa J. Tucker, Cassville FFA; Gabe Vandiver, Richmond FFA; David R. Vest, Pilot Grove FFA; Guy R. Vinson, Chillicothe FFA; Jennifer Waits, Chillicothe FFA; Elisabeth Ward, Warrenton FFA; Mason Ward, Gilman City FFA; Travis J. Warner, La Monte FFA; Jesica Wells, Blue Springs FFA; Taylor Wells, Bakersfield FFA; Rachel Welters, Verona FFA; Michelle Westerhold, Nevada FFA; Wade Wetzel, Seneca FFA; Caleb Whaley, Fair Play FFA; Logan Wheatley, Rich Hill FFA; Grant Wheeler, Hardin Central FFA; Matthew Wibberg, Linn FFA; Kassy Wille, Wellsville FFA; Jennifer Williams, Willard FFA; Lindsey Williams, Clark County FFA; Courtney Jo Williman, Hermann FFA; Jessica Wilson, Buffalo FFA; Raymond Winfrey, Humansville FFA; Laura Wolf, Tipton FFA; Austin L. Wood, Willow Springs FFA; Micah Wood, Miller FFA; William J. Wundrack, Ashland FFA; Cole D. Wyrick, Eldon FFA; Chee Yang, Wheaton FFA; Cheyrell B. Yates, Skyline FFA; Brittany Young, Pierce City FFA; Cheyenne Zeigenbein, Richland FFA; Lauren Jean Zitelman, Santa Fe FFA

MONTANA: Ashley Nicole

Allderdice, Big Sandy FFA; Chase Anderson, Miles City FFA; Mark Angvick, Plentywood FFA; Chance Allen Atwood, Joliet FFA; Katyn Bennett, Plentywood FFA; Loni

Blackman, Cascade FFA; Michaela Blevins, Mission Valley FFA; Tiffany Boucher; Ruby Valley FFA; Tessa Bowey, Ruby Valley FFA; Raquel Boyd, Ruby Valley FFA; Morgan Gayle Brumfield, Shepherd FFA; Jessica Chaffin, Huntley Project FFA; Chateau Christensen, Hinsdale FFA; Ethan Cox, Cascade FFA; Matracia Edeler, Columbus FFA; Taylor Erskine, Chinook FFA; Daniel T. Frownfelter, Flathead FFA; Kimberley Christine Gelfarth, Fromberg FFA; Amy Hager, Shields Valley FFA; Clinton Hansen, Chinook FFA; McCoy Henderson, Shields Valley FFA; Casey Taylor Hereim, Judith Gap FFA; Hanna Jepsen, Savage FFA; Calvin Kading, Shepherd FFA; Brandan V. Kotar, Hysham FFA; Colter Kroon, Shields Valley FFA; Greg Lacock, Hinsdale FFA; Clinton Marsh, Ruby Valley FFA; Molly McGonigal, Cascade FFA; Kristy McInerney, Shields Valley FFA; Jaycie Mitchell, Chinook FFA; Katie James Mitchell, Malta FFA; Emily Muir, Missoula FFA; Tyler J. Ordahl, Plentywood FFA; Tyler Parker, Shepherd FFA; Connor J. Rose, Shields Valley FFA; Justin Rueb, Plentywood FFA; Taylor O. Rumph, Broadus FFA; Levi Sarrazin, Shields Valley FFA; Marcus Schwarzrock, Plentywood FFA; Gwynn Simeniuk, Opheim FFA; Alexander Joseph Songstad, Joliet FFA; Tieler Soumas, Joliet FFA; Zak Stark, Shields Valley FFA; Blair Jeane Street, Shields Valley FFA; Julissa Talkington, Huntley Project FFA; Chelsa Torgerson, Plentywood FFA; Cheyenne Wagner, Plentywood FFA; Troy Rondell Wangerin, Plentywood FFA; Emily Whitlow, Plentywood FFA

NEBRASKA: Kylie Abbenhaus, Bloomfield FFA; Andrew Adam, Diller-Odell FFA; Andrew Ambriz, West Point FFA; Meagan Anderson, Tekamah-Herman FFA; Kathryn Arp, East Butler FFA; Derek Bailey, Sutton FFA; Tyler Bankson, Hampton FFA; Adam Geoffrey Bannister, High Plains FFA; Jessica Bartak, Ainsworth FFA; Abigail Bechtel, Heartland FFA; Grant Beckman, Elgin FFA; Clint Bentley, Amherst FFA; Alexa Bernhardt, Imperial FFA; Joshua Brahmsteadt, Centennial FFA; Zach Brandl, Humphrey FFA; Jordan Brichacek, Howells-Dodge-Clarkson FFA; Michael Brune, Heartland FFA; Adam Burenheide, Howells-DodgeClarkson FFA; Amber Burenheide, Howells-Dodge-Clarkson FFA; Roger O. Carpenter, Rock County FFA; Mark Chramosta, Ravenna FFA; Travis Classen, Humphrey FFA; Toby Bryce Colvin, Red Cloud FFA; Tara Dethlefs, Ravenna FFA; Bryce Dibbern, Amherst FFA; Cale Scott Dohmen, Creighton FFA; Katie Doht, Lyons-Decatur Northeast FFA; Christopher J. Duba, Wilber-Clatonia FFA; Nicole

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O


J. Dunovsky, Alliance FFA; Taylor Dybdal, Hartington FFA; Alyssa Dye, Alliance FFA; Tate Emanuel, North Bend FFA; Brenan Erb, Heartland FFA; Corbin Joseph Fagan, Hampton FFA; Chris Farr, Medicine Valley FFA; Tyler Fehr, Sutton FFA; Johnny Ference, Ord FFA; Cody Fitch, Creighton FFA; Joshua Fleischmann, Osceola FFA; Brennan C. Frerichs, Rock County FFA; Latham Fullner, Wisner-Pilger FFA; Kelcey J. Garey, Medicine Valley FFA; Casey John Goertzen, Heartland FFA; Laura Gorecki, Elba FFA; Alyson Gottula, Johnson County Central FFA; Levi Gum, Rock County FFA; Harley D. Hamernik, Leigh FFA; Aaron D. Hamling, Boone Central FFA; Ryan Hanousek, Centura FFA; Jordon Harms, Sandy Creek FFA; Taylor Hart, Rock County FFA; Ellan Hasenkamp, West Point FFA; Darrell Edward Omar Headrick, Superior FFA; Hope Hemme, Logan View FFA; Lena Hennig, TekamahHerman FFA; Devin Heusinkvelt, Norris FFA; Blake Hodson, Medicine Valley FFA; Hannah Horak, Wilber-Clatonia FFA; Katie Husman, Northwest FFA; Kristina N. Huss, Hartington FFA; Morgan Jones, Dundy County-Stratton FFA; Mark Keck, Plainview FFA; Dylan M. Kent, Pender FFA; Bethany Kethcart, Stanton FFA; Michaela M. Ketter, Imperial FFA; Jared S. Knobbe, Imperial FFA; Marty Kreitman, Rock County FFA; Colby Krueger, Pierce FFA; Caleb Micah Lackaff, Rock County FFA; Andrew Dan Largen, Creighton FFA; Doug Larsen, Stuart FFA; Adam Lawson, Hayes Center FFA; Sara Lennemann, Southern Valley FFA; Adrienne L. LiaKos, Medicine Valley FFA; Maci Lienemann, Norris FFA; Whitney Jo Lovegrove, Fillmore Central FFA; Preston James Lukassen, Kimball FFA; Evan Malloy, Lyons-Decatur Northeast FFA; Travis Maresh, Central City FFA; Brittany Lynn Martin, High Plains FFA; Alix Mashino, West Boyd FFA; Trent Mastny, HowellsDodge-Clarkson FFA; James McCabe, O’Neill FFA; Halie Meints, Tri County FFA; Shelby Meints, Tri County FFA; Justine Catherine Meis, Elgin FFA; Eric Dean Miller, Lyons-Decatur Northeast FFA; Blake Moser, Pawnee City FFA; Derek Taylor Mowinkel, Logan View FFA; Bret Neel, Southwest FFA; Katie Jo Nelson, Ansley FFA; Joshua D. Nienhueser, York FFA; David S. Norquest, York FFA; David J. Nutt, Medicine Valley FFA; Dillon Gideon Ochsner, Sutton FFA; Haley Nicole Oestreich, Pierce FFA; Shelby Overturf, Sutton FFA; Wade Overturf, Sutton FFA; Trevor Oxford, Imperial FFA; Lindsey Pearson, Mead FFA; Teresa M. Pellatz, Plainview FFA; Caleb Jon Pelster, Elgin FFA; Brett Peshek, Sandy Creek FFA; Brittney



Petersen, Lyons-Decatur Northeast FFA; Katelyn Petersen, TekamahHerman FFA; Erica Peterson, Waverly FFA; Shelby Prusia, York FFA; Jentry Qualm, Wheeler Central FFA; Kate L. Quiring, York FFA; Jen Rasmus, West Point FFA; Clark A. Rathman, St. Paul FFA; Kara Reimers, Centura FFA; Ty Rempe, Superior FFA; Luke Renz, Superior FFA; Blake Edward Andrew Reppert, Pender FFA; Janelle R. Rickstrew, Diller-Odell FFA; Jacob Robertson, Norris FFA; Lucas Robison, Southern Valley FFA; Taylor Ruzicka, North Bend FFA; Christie S. Schauer, Ord FFA; Kolin Scheele, DillerOdell FFA; Tyler Scott Schindler, Laurel-Concord FFA; Jenna Rose Schutt, Mead FFA; Lindsay M. Schwartz, McCool Junction FFA; Trey Sebek, Hampton FFA; Payton Shankland, Rock County FFA; Amanda L. Shepperd, Ord FFA; Rick Siebert, Heartland FFA; Hollie Skibstead-Maca, North Bend FFA; Allison Smith, Hampton FFA; Cameron Smith, Rock County FFA; Andrew Raymond Spader, Heartland FFA; Rebekah A. Spader, York FFA; Kashmir Elysse Stanley, Creighton FFA; Katie Peri Stroup, Dundy County-Stratton FFA; Aaron Studebaker, Central FFA; Katelyn Sughroue, Southwest FFA; Jared Taylor, Sandy Creek FFA; Stephanie Teten, Johnson County Central FFA; Shane Thayer, Pierce FFA; Tyler Tomasek, Central City FFA; Matt Treadway, AshlandGreenwood FFA; Mattie Uerling, Southwest FFA; Brielle van den Berg, Heartland FFA; Brady Vieth, Centura FFA; Aaron Von Seggern, Creighton FFA; Larissa Wach, Hayes Center FFA; Courtney Wagner, Creighton FFA; Travis Wallinger, Stuart FFA; Kylee Weber, Wheeler Central FFA; Abigail Wehrbein, Conestoga FFA; Caitlin Ann Wiebelhaus, Creighton FFA; Courtney Renee Wiemer, York FFA; Todd Williamsen, Hampton FFA; Chris Yoesel, Falls City FFA

NEVADA: Jacob Agee, Silver Sage FFA; Shannon Atkin, Silver Sage FFA; Deanna Damele, Diamond Mountain FFA; Katie Dodge, Silver Sage FFA; Lynn Dodge, Silver Sage FFA; Shelby Downs, Silver Sage FFA; Will Marshall, Diamond Mountain FFA; Kasey Plaskett, Diamond Mountain FFA; Cory Shrecengost, Silver Sage FFA; Margaret Wright, Wells FFA NEW HAMPSHIRE: Sophie LaRochelle, Winnisquam FFA; Michelle L. Stover, Winnisquam FFA NEW JERSEY: Ernest Arians,

Ocean County FFA; Gillian Armstrong, Northern Burlington FFA; Adam Brant, Penns Grove FFA; James H. Ferguson III, Cape May Tech FFA; Joseph D.

Goodenough IV, Northern Burlington FFA; Jessica Lynn McCosker, Salem Co. Vo. Tech. FFA; Erin Mulrooney, Phillipsburg FFA; James N. Nardelli II, Cumberland Regional FFA; Morgan Ryan Schnorrbusch, Phillipsburg FFA; Heather R. Shinn, Northern Burlington FFA; Levi P. Wainwright, Northern Burlington FFA

NEW MEXICO: Klayton Bearup,

Cliff FFA; Allison Blair, Carlsbad FFA; Jessica Burson, Goddard FFA; Courtney Cartwright, Las Cruces FFA; Arliss Chavez, Hot Springs FFA; Travis Day, Hot Springs FFA; Diego Dow, Belen FFA; Shelby Downs, Hot Springs FFA; Beth Floyd, Belen FFA; Cassie Gallegos, Las Cruces FFA; Jenna Gilbert, Des Moines FFA; Ross Goetz, Dexter FFA; Caleb Gustin, Moriarty FFA; Nolan Hall, Artesia FFA; DeShea Hanagan, Artesia FFA; Cody Howard, Las Cruces FFA; Courtney Hurt, Deming FFA; Laci Jae Kennedy, Tatum FFA; Mariah King, Los Lunas FFA; Jacqueline Mayberry, Artesia FFA; Ashley Miller, Los Lunas FFA; Stephanie Miller, Dexter FFA; Tylynn Payne, Dexter FFA; Desiree Marie Reese, Los Lunas FFA; Emily Rush, Alamogordo FFA; Bryce Smith, Hot Springs FFA; Lawrence Velasquez, Santa Rosa FFA

NEW YORK: J. W. Allen, Belleville

Henderson FFA; Scott Ansbro, Tri-Valley FFA; Jenna Lee Bisnett, Cobleskill Richmondville FFA; David J. Boreali, Schoharie Valley FFA; Megan Bourgeois, South Lewis FFA; Elizabeth Bracken, Tri-Valley FFA; Alexander Brewer, Jasper Troupsburg FFA; Tyler Comfort, Walton FFA; Hope Costa, Tri-Valley FFA; Evelyn Crumb, Hamilton FFA; Francesca Davis, Indian River FFA; Claire A. Gates, Gouverneur FFA; Leann M. Green, JasperTroupsburg FFA; Jessica Marilyn Gulvin, Marcus Whitman FFA; Sarah Heikkinen, Tri-Valley FFA; Marshall David Hinz, Fillmore FFA; Joshua Hitchcock, Randolph FFA; Raymond James, Walton FFA; Thomas R. Jaqueway, Schoharie Valley FFA; Ariana Kaminski, Tri-Valley FFA; Gregory Lloyd, Schoharie Valley FFA; Brady Lollman, Madison FFA; Stephanie Luders, Pioneer FFA; Nathan W. Lundquist, Carthage FFA; Brandon Mankins, Pioneer FFA; Joelene Mercer, Schoharie Valley FFA; Kimberly Merlau, Pioneer FFA; Tierra Messina, Indian River FFA; John Monforte, Tri-Valley FFA; Nicole Nesbitt, Albion FFA; Brittany Perry, Granville FFA; Denille Pingrey, Pioneer FFA; Josue Ramos, TriValley FFA; Amanda Arletha Vera Rhodes, Belleville-Henderson FFA; Macie Schell, Indian River FFA; Tyler D. Schloss, Pioneer FFA; Erin Smith, Tri-Valley FFA; Lyndsay M. Snyder, South Lewis FFA; Vincent

W. Stolarczyk, Madison FFA; Zachary Taylor, Madison FFA; Ethan Terwilliger, Tri-Valley FFA; Caleb R. Thompson, Lowville FFA; Ashlee Tompkins, Tri-Valley FFA; Ryan Willits, Lowville FFA; Molly Dale Woodworth, Cazenovia Aggies FFA; Alice Young, Walton FFA

NORTH CAROLINA: Erin Rebecca Brewer, Hobbton FFA; Colin Brickhouse, Pasquotank FFA; Emily Michelle Brown, Providence Grove FFA; Adam Michael Byrd, North Lenoir FFA; Emma Cannon, East Wake FFA; Timothy Casadonte, Millbrook Senior FFA; Katie Cauthen, Mt. Pleasant FFA; Jessica Rae Davis, Randleman FFA; William Odell Edwards III; Clayton FFA; Hannah Michelle Elmore, North Iredell FFA; Chandler Alston Fryar, Harrells Christian Academy FFA; Robert Clint Godwin, South Johnston FFA; Beverly Hampton, West Rowan FFA; Andrew James Herring, North Lenoir FFA; Luke M. Hill, Bladen Agriscience Academy FFA; Carmen Elizabeth Honeycutt, West Johnston FFA; Morgan Honeycutt, West Johnston FFA; Forrest Chandler Howell, Pungo Christian Academy FFA; Mack Kennedy, West Rowan FFA; Austin Kinley, West Rowan FFA; Logan Kluttz, West Rowan FFA; Jessica Lee Martin, Western Harnett FFA; Ashleigh Miller, Hickory Ridge FFA; Joshua Moxley, South Granville FFA; Patricia Faye Purvis, Southern Wayne FFA; Maria Suzanne Richardson, Southwestern Randolph FFA; Charlie Robbins, Providence Grove FFA; John Ross Robertson, South Johnston FFA; Taylor Lee Sermersheim, West Johnston FFA; Heather Sherrill, West Rowan FFA; Katelyne Morgan Stamey, Avery County FFA; Thomas Stephenson Jr.,Fuquay-Varina FFA; Brian C. Stewart Jr., Spring Creek FFA; Eric Tedder, East Wake FFA; Emma Todd, South Granville FFA; Zackary Wallace, North Iredell FFA; Jared Welborn, Providence Grove FFA; Steven Wetmore, West Rowan FFA; Joshua Thomas Wisniewski, Mount Olive College FFA; Elizabeth Woody, Mountain Heritage FFA; Amber Maryah Wortham, Lumberton FFA NORTH DAKOTA: Kenneth

Allan Bahm, Mandan FFA; Michael Lee Bahm, Mandan FFA; Karl Bartholomay, Enderlin FFA; John Behm, Des Lacs Burlington FFA; Joe Berg, Minot FFA; Austin Bettenhausen, Wishek FFA; Daniel Bjertness, Kindred FFA; Jodi Boe, Beulah FFA; Tyler Burgard, Rugby FFA; Caleen Crider, Kenmare FFA; Kayla Jean Crooker, Killdeer FFA; Daniel Benjamin Deck, Harvey FFA; Dalton Dionne, Harvey FFA; Bailey Dockter, Medina FFA; Dacotah Dockter, Medina FFA; JaSondra Dockter, Medina FFA; Austin Fiechtner, Wyndmere FFA; Ashley

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O


Delta-York FFA; Dara Howser, Western Brown FFA; Cody Hulbert, North Central FFA; Alex Hull, United FFA; Sarah Humphreys, Liberty Union FFA; Brooke Ison, Johnstown-Monroe FFA; Hal Jackson, Fairbanks FFA; Sierra Jepsen, Amanda-Clearcreek FFA; Hannah Johnson, Genoa Area FFA; Kasey Jones, Ridgemont FFA; Abby Jude, Fairfield Union FFA; Derek Karnes, Greenfield-McClain FFA; Elizabeth Keller, Margaretta FFA; Kyle D. Kidd, Western Reserve FFA; Michael Kieffer, South Central FFA; Paul Kiesel, Sentinel CTC FFA; Brandon Kirk, Felicity-Franklin FFA; Gary Klopfenstein, Wayne Trace FFA; Sarah Kovar, Fayette FFA; Shyla Renee Kreager, Licking Valley FFA; Jason A. Krulic, Pymatuning Valley FFA; Kaylee Kuns, Margaretta FFA; Samantha Kuns, Clyde FFA; Chris Kutz, Fairbanks FFA; Sarah Laborie, Elmwood FFA; Dakota Landess, Lynchburg-Clay FFA; Karli Lane, Margaretta FFA; Hannah Lang, Fort Frye FFA; Candace Lease, Mohawk FFA; Andrea Lennartz, Fort Recovery FFA; Douglas Lennartz, Fort Recovery FFA; Jarrod Lindsey, Fayetteville FFA; John Link, Fort Recovery FFA; Michael Link, Margaretta FFA; Bobbi Jo Litten, Ashland FFA; J. D. Little, Minerva FFA; Cody Logan, Benjamin Logan FFA; Emily Sue Manuel, Southern FFA; Issac Marchal, St. Henry FFA; Jordan Marx, Botkins FFA; Zachary Luke Mathys, Benjamin Logan FFA; Abigail Mayer, Fairbanks FFA; Jessica McCandlish, Fairfield Union FFA; Aaron R. McCarty, East Knox FFA; Rachel McClish, Miami Trace FFA; Chelsea McCormick, Genoa Area FFA; Tyler McGrain, Van Buren FFA; Niles K. McGuire, Valley View FFA; Meagan McKinney, Miami East-MVCTC FFA; Amanda Meade, Big Walnut DACC FFA; Donald W. Mercer, Smithville FFA; Brooke Meyer, Sentinel CTC FFA; Tanner Mick, Miami Trace FFA; Austin Mikesell, Tri-Village-MVCTC FFA; Jordan D. Miller, Crestview FFA; Kelsey Miller, Genoa Area FFA; Nicole Miller, Xenia -Greene County CC FFA; Michaela Moenter, Eastwood FFA; LeeAnn Nicole Mohler, Licking Valley FFA; Mark Mongin, Xenia -Greene County CC FFA; Megan Moorman, Xenia -Greene County CC FFA; Dustin Moosman, Anthony Wayne FFA; Alyssa Muhlenkamp, Coldwater FFA; Seth Muhlenkamp,



American FFA Degree recipients continued Coldwater FFA; Jamie Murray, Norwayne FFA; Brent Murtland, Wilmington FFA; Kristina Faye Music, Eastern Brown FFA; Ryan Nicol, Fairbanks FFA; Vicki Nofziger, Pettisville FFA; Emily Noggle, Wayne Trace FFA; Julie Noonan, Delphos FFA; Marshall L. Overholt, West Holmes FFA; Austin Overmyer, Fremont-Ross FFA; Steven Parcell, Fayetteville FFA; Brett Parish, Riverdale FFA; Joel Penhorwood, Benjamin Logan FFA; Cherice Peters, Fairfield Union FFA; Sarah Peterson, Miami Trace FFA; Tim Pohlman, Delphos FFA; Reed A. Poling, Hardin-Northern FFA; Kendra Powell, Patrick Henry FFA; Tyler Prettyman, River Valley FFA; Garrett Price, Liberty Union FFA; Brett Quinter, Fort Loramie FFA; Barbie Ramey, Teays Valley FFA; Chance Ramsey, United FFA; Darrell Randall, Fayette FFA; Rebecca Rash, Fayette FFA; Carly Ratliff, Eastern Brown FFA; Kayla Ratliff, Eastern Brown FFA; Mitchell Rausch, Fairbanks FFA; Lucas Recker, Arcadia FFA; Austin Reindel, Delphos FFA; Derek C. Reutter, West Holmes FFA; Cory Rife, Upper Sandusky FFA; Evan Riggs, Arcadia FFA; Adam Rine, East Knox FFA; Lindsay Rinker, Van Buren FFA; Jeremy Robbins, Fayetteville FFA; Elizabeth Roberts, Wilmington FFA; Clay Rollison, River Valley FFA; Catherine Russell, Athens FFA; Nick Jerome Rutschilling, Versailles FFA; Michelle D. Sander, Elmwood FFA; Cassidy Scarberry, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Isaac Schaffner, Wauseon FFA; Kelli Schlatter, Paulding FFA; Casey Schlauch, West Holmes FFA; Samantha Jo Schott, Shenandoah FFA; Travis C. Schroeder, Wauseon FFA; Stephanie Schuck, Hillsdale FFA; Bryer Schupp, Indian Valley FFA; Ryan Schwyn, Marysville FFA; Garrett Searl, Crestview FFA; Douglas Seger, Fort Loramie FFA; Scott Seim, Miami Valley CTC FFA; Nathan Seitz, Amanda-Clearcreek FFA; Adam Sevek, Southern Local FFA; Jessica Shanteau, Genoa Area FFA; Megan Shaw, Clyde FFA; Dwight J. Shawk, Buckeye Central FFA; Melissa Shears, Ridgewood FFA; Weston Shepherd, Benjamin Logan FFA; Alex Sherman, Buckeye FFA; Olley Short, Archbold FFA; Zac Siefker, Elida FFA; Ashley Marie Siferd, Cory-Rawson FFA; Ben Simpson, Union Local FFA; Andrew Smiley, Paulding FFA; Donovan Smith, Mohawk FFA; Christine Renee Snowden, JohnstownMonroe FFA; Jacob Staley, Lincolnview FFA; Matthew Starkey, Wilmington FFA; Kayla Starlin, Logan FFA; Nicole Steiner, Norwayne FFA; Zachary Stephan, Bloom Carroll FFA; Nick Stroud, Blanchester FFA; Rebecca Swope, United FFA; Alexis Thatcher, Wilmington FFA; Alex Thiel, Upper Sandusky FFA; Autumn Thompson,

Liberty Union FFA; Brooke Thompson, Barnesville FFA; Cody Totten, East Knox FFA; Austin Trembath, Old Fort FFA; Adam Troyer, Elida FFA; Casey Troyer, Elida FFA; Alexander Tuggle, Firelands FFA; Nathan Turner, Waynesfield-Goshen HS FFA; Tanner Turner, Georgetown FFA; Phillip VanScoy, Ridgemont FFA; Rick Verhoeven, Madison Plains FFA; Benjamin Patrick Vogel, Ayersville FFA; Dustin Wagner, New Riegel FFA; Julie Wagner, River Valley FFA; Vanessa Wagner, Elmwood FFA; Jennifer Walter, Riverdale FFA; Josh Ward, Firelands FFA; Jake Watercutter, Anna FFA; Levi Weber, Wauseon FFA; Martin Weigel, Buckeye FFA; Laramie Wells, Eastern Brown FFA; Paxton Wenger, River Valley FFA; Matthew M. West, Lynchburg-Clay FFA; Jacob Whitacre, Fort Recovery FFA; Sylvia Wigal, Buckeye Valley FFA; Karissa Will, Fort Recovery FFA; Henry Williams, Elgin FFA; Bryan Wilson, Madison Plains FFA; Macie Wippel, Westfall FFA; Morgan Wirick, Fairview FFA; Drew Wolfe, Fairfield Union FFA; Thomas G. Woodhall, Buckeye FFA; Renea Yetter, Margaretta FFA; Amanda Yoder, Hiland FFA; Kelly Zartman, Wayne Trace FFA; Abram Zehentbauer, United FFA; Daniel Zimmerman, Edgewood-Butler Tech FFA; Kimberly Zollinger, Liberty Union FFA; Max Zyski, Elmwood FFA

OKLAHOMA: Talon Alexander,

Madill FFA; Amber Dawn Allen, Burlington FFA; Kaitlyn Allen, Oologah FFA; Tanner Allread, Union City FFA; Mark Andrews, Dover FFA; Kaylen Baker, Yukon FFA; Brian Barton, Cushing FFA; Christopher Basden, Mason FFA; Shanda Baugh, Guymon FFA; Dalton T. Beasley, Hardesty FFA; Morgan Beavert, Allen FFA; Sean Beck, Pauls Valley FFA; Taylor Bell, Wilburton FFA; Brandi Blasdel, Buffalo FFA; Brenna Brawner, Edmond FFA; Kenneth Brooks, Granite FFA; Jacie Brown, Moss FFA; Katie Bullard, Wister FFA; Mariah Lee Burden, Weleetka FFA; Allison Burns, Broken Box FFA; Cade Burns, Cheyenne FFA; Carson Cabaniss, ArapahoButler FFA; Logan S. Campbell, Timberlake FFA; Jake Carothers, Granite FFA; Alex Cline Cash, Owasso FFA; Hunter Christman, Kiowa FFA; Katie Chupp, Adair FFA; Seth Cleary, Lindsay FFA; Trent Cleary, Lindsay FFA; Chase Collins, Pawnee FFA; Melissa Combs, Madill FFA; Joshua Conaway, Ringwood FFA; Zane Cook, Fort Gibson FFA; Baylie Morgan Cooper, Checotah FFA; Jonathan Carthel Crider, Central High FFA; Micaela Danker, Wellston FFA; Caleb Davis, Guthrie FFA; Cooper Davis, Guthrie FFA; Jill Mary Davis, Guthrie FFA;

Luke Andrew Davis, Guthrie FFA; Seth Hunter Dean, Okemah FFA; Holly Denton, Thomas-Fay-Custer FFA; Lauren Taylor Dial, Battiest FFA; Kristen Micheal Dickerson, Marlow FFA; Gatlin Didier, ThomasFay-Custer FFA; Nicholas Dietrick, Hooker FFA; Cale Dolch, Verden FFA; Steven Doyle, Central FFA; Micaela Dion Dugan, Tecumseh FFA; Addison Dupree, Clinton FFA; Justin Eck, Thomas-Fay-Custer FFA; Jon Elliot, Medford FFA; Jayde LeeJune Fiegener, Strother FFA; Daniel Ezekiel Fields, Checotah FFA; Ashton Forwoodson, Wilburton FFA; Clay Franetovich, Bethel FFA; Garrett Kirby Frans, Thomas-FayCuster FFA; Dalton Frazier, Marietta FFA; Taylor German, Cushing FFA; Mikel Aaron Gibson, Laverne FFA; Annie Jo Gilbert, Choctaw FFA; Kyley D. Girty, Porum FFA; Kinzey Grellner, Okarche FFA; Sterling Lee Griffith, Indianola FFA; Clay Grubbs, Granite FFA; Makayla Don Haken, Glencoe FFA; Aaron Hamby, Spiro FFA; Brooke Harden, Hammon FFA; Jessie Heidlage, Claremore FFA; Baxter Heinrich, Garber FFA; Sarah Hendricks, Oologah FFA; Chesna Henry, Tupelo FFA; Kyle Hilbert, Depew FFA; Elizabeth Mae Hoffman, Hooker FFA; Waylan Hoffman, Garber FFA; Kristen Hollan, Panola FFA; Zach Hollingsworth, Claremore FFA; James Hutson, Burns Flat-Dill City FFA; Jacota Hyman, Clinton FFA; Colin Jackson, Broken Bow FFA; Megan Johnson, Laverne FFA; Chris Johnston, Fort Supply FFA; Matt Kennedy, Buffalo Valley FFA; Sage Kimzey, Cheyenne FFA; Clayton Kincannon, Tipton FFA; Brooks Jacob King, Bixby FFA; Trisha M. Kingsbury, Prague FFA; Bailey Kliewer, Thomas-Fay-Custer FFA; Darcey Kliewer, ThomasFay-Custer FFA; Beau Thomas Kloeppel, Kingfisher FFA; Dalton LaFosse, Garber FFA; Zakary Lee Laubach, Woodward FFA; Wyatt Evans Lively, Oklahoma Union FFA; Bryce H. Livingston, Wilburton FFA; Jordan Mackey, Fort Gibson FFA; Tucker Malotte, Adair FFA; Mariah Mayes, Marietta FFA; Kaden McCombs, Navajo FFA; Allison Sheyanne McGlothlin, Anadarko FFA; Adam McKay, Lone Wolf FFA; Martin McMahan, Pauls Valley FFA; Kaitlyn Merriman, Allen FFA; Kristen Elaine Meyer, Okarche FFA; Laramie Dawn Miner, Checotah FFA; Claire Mitchell, Wister FFA; Kayla B. Mizer, Boise City FFA; Justin Morgan, McAlester FFA; Elliot Muegge, Deer Creek-Lamont FFA; Jacob Murphy, Texhoma FFA; Hunter Myers, Anadarko FFA; Dalton T. Nichols, Cleveland FFA; Lucas Don Northcutt, Purcell FFA; Paige Parker, Fort Gibson FFA; Alexia Pennington, Deer CreekLamont FFA; Elizabeth Perry, Byng FFA; Jordan Perry, Granite FFA; Kelsey M. Pettus, Cimarron

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O


FFA; Coy Pfeiffer, Lexington FFA; Paige Platt, Stillwater FFA; Barrett John Powell, Ringwood FFA; Samantha Rae Prather, Boise City FFA; Kaitlin Brooke Pritchett, Kingfisher FFA; Garrett Quinby, Woodward FFA; Cody Richmond, Wagoner FFA; Kirsten Rogers, Calera FFA; Madison Lyn Rogers, Calera FFA; Kelsie Romines, Tupelo FFA; Jacob Sanders, Tupelo FFA; Tyler Sanders, Wanette FFA; Alex Scarborough, Granite FFA; Hannah S. Schreur, Oologah FFA; Alison Slagell, Weatherford FFA; Carly Smith, Lexington FFA; Casey Smith, Pawnee FFA; Tanner Michael Smith, Hooker FFA; Trevor Dalton Smith, Hooker FFA; Lucas Dale Stanley Sowder, Okemah FFA; Austin Standridge, Cameron FFA; James D. Steele, Pawnee FFA; Chance Stephenson, Chelsea FFA; Landon LeRoy Stevens, Thomas-FayCuster FFA; Trevor R. Stover, Perry FFA; Beranda Straub, Granite FFA; Ryan Stults, Luther FFA; Bradley Sullivan, Bethel FFA; Cheyenne Sumner, Garber FFA; Bret Talley, Battiest FFA; Mary Temple-Lee, Pauls Valley FFA; Zachary Lane Thompson, Thackerville FFA; Colton Thornton, Navajo FFA; Shelby Thornton, Navajo FFA; Jessica Thorp, Timberlake FFA; Shani Trammell, Madill FFA; Haley Brooke Travis, Marlow FFA; Austin James Tucker, Okemah FFA; Justin Turner, Cement FFA; Lauren Underwood, Bethel FFA; Steven Vekony, Byng FFA; Shawn Vick, Stillwater FFA; Will Wagner, Poteau FFA; Matthew E. Walta, Kingfisher FFA; Kayla Jo Ward, Pauls Valley FFA; Kalijean Weber, Freedom FFA; Lane Welch, Cashion FFA; Justin White, Fort Gibson FFA; Kerry White, Tipton FFA; Kenny Whitehead, Cameron FFA; Rhett Whittington, ArapahoButler FFA; Alexis Wiebe, Hooker FFA; Sabrina Beth Wilber, Cherokee FFA; Brent A. Williams, Collinsville FFA; Kristal Dawn Williams, Latta FFA; Stephanie Renee Williams, Strother FFA; Chase Wilson, Navajo FFA; Laura Winfield, Jenks FFA; Dryden Winterbottom, Yale FFA; Gabrielle Woods, Tupelo FFA; Jacob Wade Wright, Elmore City FFA; Ty Maverick Zaloudek, Kremlin-Hillsdale FFA

OREGON: Jared Alves, Henley

FFA; Melissa Rae Arp, Days Creek FFA; Sean Barron, Morrow County FFA; Karie Bernards, Yamhill Carlton FFA; Jeff Beyer, Molalla FFA; Tyler Bodeen, Yamhill Carlton FFA; Stephanie Bonnesen, Cascade FFA; Efrain Cabrera, Amity FFA; Michael Camozzi, Glide FFA; Jessica Carson, Jordan Valley FFA; Shelby Carter, Hood River Valley FFA; Hana Cooper, Monument FFA; Derrick Dauenhauer, Amity FFA; Cody Davis, Crane FFA; Kailee Davis, Crane FFA; Matt Davis, Crane FFA; Brittney Doescher, Pendleton FFA;


10 3

Jace Eisiminger, Imbler FFA; Eric Evers, Banks FFA; Mitchell J. Evers, Banks FFA; Zack Evers, Banks FFA; Rebekah Gourley, Scio FFA; Rachel Griffith, Molalla FFA; Oscar Guzman, Santiam FFA; Brittany Haak, Canby FFA; Dillon HagamanOlney, Canby FFA; Lexi Haigh, Henley FFA; Celena Hefner, Union FFA; Zechariah Hintz, Heppner FFA; Christian Inkley, Crater FFA; Logan Justice, Scio FFA; Korey Craig Kelly, Banks FFA; Nick Lacey, Pendleton FFA; Brittany Leithner, Cove FFA; Trevor Lewis, Joseph FFA; Brett A. Lynn, Dallas FFA; Emma Jean Miller, Central FFA; Brooklyn Nelson, Canby FFA; Brooks Pfister, Hillsboro FFA; Cody Rathjen, Sandy FFA; Jake Rathjen, Sandy FFA; Devin Byron Robinson, Heppner FFA; Mitch Salo, Canby FFA; George Michael Louis Saul, Hillsboro FFA; Mathias Schmidlkofer, Banks FFA; Torey Schmidt, Hood River Valley FFA; Abby Tempel, Scio FFA; Cassidy Tharp, Scio FFA; Rebecca Thomas, Hillsboro FFA; Jasmine Unrau, Scio FFA; Paul Van De Grift Jr., Yamhill Carlton FFA; Kayla Vincent, Madras FFA; Brandon Warnock, Joseph FFA; Tyrel Warnock, Joseph FFA; Kelsea Whalen, Pendleton FFA; Alex Andra Yancey, Henley FFA; Franchesca Ybarra, Hood River Valley FFA


Adams, Laurel FFA; Courtney L. Aldrich, Conneaut Area FFA; Kalee Mae Anderson, Southern Huntingdon County FFA; Ashley Bedillion, McGuffey FFA; Emily Benner, Juniata FFA; Josh G. Bledsoe, Solanco FFA; Nicole Sue Chadwick, McGuffey FFA; Suzanna Coleman, Raystown Area FFA; Alison M. Conrad, Tyrone Area FFA; Breann J. Curry, Conneaut Area FFA; Samantha Deal, Meyersdale FFA; Marcus Dess, Wilmington Area FFA; Tucker K. Dittrich, Conneaut Area FFA; Samuel Dively, Brothersvalley FFA; Matthew P. Dodson, Chambersburg FFA; Katie Donmoyer, Northern Lebanon FFA; Sarah Eichenlaub, Mifflinburg Area FFA; Frank Elsessor, Greenwood FFA; Jeremiah W. Elsessor, Greenwood FFA; Nicholas Feidt, Upper Dauphin Area FFA; Stephen Geib, Manheim FFA; Dakota Gerholt, Raystown Area FFA; Megan E. Gingrich, Manheim FFA; Brian Groff, Manor FFA; Jeremy Haldeman, Manheim FFA; Casey E. Hall, Canton FFA; Brittany Nichole Hawn, Blue Juniata FFA; Krista Marie Hawn, Blue Juniata FFA; Kelsey Henry, West Perry FFA; K Janae Herr, Garden Spot FFA; Courtney Elizabeth Hilderbrand, McGuffey FFA; Mitchell Hoffman, Somerset County Technology, Cody Holmes, Wilmington Area FFA; Ryan A. Horner, Somerset County Technology, Kaitlyn

Hovis, Wilmington Area FFA; Janice Leann Jackson, Canton FFA; Bryanna Tyler Kenno, Upper Dauphin Area FFA; Cristina Kern, Southern Huntingdon County FFA; Logan Kind, Wilmington Area FFA; Ashlyn LaBonte, Shippensburg FFA; Elizabeth Lauver, Selinsgrove FFA; Kate M. Livingston, Dover FFA; Magen L. Majeski, Twin Valley FFA; Gabrielle Martenas, Shippensburg FFA; Dylan Martin, Wilmington Area FFA; Kaitlin J. Martin, Wilmington Area FFA; Hayden McComsey, Newport FFA; Nicole D. McCord, Kennard Dale FFA; Scott McMichael, Garden Spot FFA; Aryana Mickley, Wilmington Area FFA; Deanna R. Miller, Red Lion FFA; Olivia Murphy-Sweet, Cumberland Valley FFA; Cassandra Musser, Mohawk FFA; K Douglas Musser, Manheim FFA; Kara Myers, Shippensburg FFA; Kayla Myers, Cumberland Valley FFA; Jenny Ratvasky, Wilmington Area FFA; Quinn R. Robinson, Midd-West FFA; Jacklyn Schroeder, Line Mountain Mahantango FFA; Kevin N. Seger, Conneaut Area FFA; Samantha Sessamen, Tyrone Area FFA; Savanna Shaulis, Somerset Area FFA; Casey Shawver, Midd-West FFA; Brandy Smail, Laurel FFA; Rachel L. Snow, Conneaut Area FFA; Natalie R. Styer, Wilmington Area FFA; Rachel Telesz, Wilmington Area FFA; Krystal S. Wasson, State College Little Lions FFA; Heather A. Wilkinson, Apple City FFA; Brittany Nicole Will, Somerset Area FFA; Chad Wilson, Wilmington Area FFA; Aaron Wissler, Garden Spot FFA; Danyle Nichole Wright, Southern Huntingdon County FFA; Kayla Buena Wright, Southern Huntingdon County FFA; David S. Zimmerman, Northern Lebanon FFA


Ausburn, Crescent FFA; Holly Benenhaley, Lakewood FFA; Curtis Berry, Saluda FFA; William Cody Bishop, Edisto FFA; Anna L. Copelan, Anderson FFA; Logan Cox, Latta FFA; Dylan Wade Duncan, East Clarendon FFA; Alicia LeAnn Hawksworth, McBee FFA; Nikki Hayden, Lakewood FFA; Logan Layne, Manning FFA; Weston Link, Pendleton FFA; Jesse McGee, Central FFA; Cassidy Reeh, Lexington Technology Center FFA


Albin, Bridgewater-Emery FFA; Amanda Aslesen, Florence FFA; Nichole Barber, Harrisburg FFA; Jessica Bogue, Beresford FFA; Travis Boldt, Arlington FFA; Jenna Pauline Brandt, Bowdle FFA; Amanda Buus, Lennox Sundstrom FFA; Brittany Cihak, Bon Homme FFA; Adam Fendrich, McCook Central FFA; Tyler Ferris, Newell FFA; Jordan L. Fuerstenberg, Harrisburg FFA; Kelli Garry, Lake Preston FFA; Gavin Gassman,

McCook Central FFA; Shayne Gottlob, McCook Central FFA; Megan Hemmingson, Clark FFA; Morgan Hemmingson, Clark FFA; Bradley Heumiller, McCook Central FFA; Samantha Keller, Hoven FFA; Melinda Knuth, West Central FFA; Cheyenne Leonhardt, Groton FFA; Taylor Jayne Leonhardt, Groton FFA; Elizabeth Mayrose, McCook Central FFA; Greg Mehlbrech, McCook Central FFA; Tyler Mentele, McCook Central FFA; MaryJo A. Mettler, Menno FFA; Connor L. Miles, West Central FFA; Shannon Miller, West Central FFA; Linden Niewenhuis, Harrisburg FFA; Riley Olson, West Central FFA; Ross D. Penning, Harrisburg FFA; Hollie Pommier, Florence FFA; Justin Poppenga, Centerville FFA; Andy Rausch, Hoven FFA; Jackson Rhodes, Faulkton FFA; Joe Schartz, West Central FFA; Riley James Schwader, Howard FFA; Marshall Spaans, McCook Central FFA; Darin Dean Stoecker, Hoven FFA; Tyler Swan, Newell FFA; Kristyne Thull, Lake Preston FFA; Culley Tobin, Wessington Springs FFA; Victor Tuschen, McCook Central FFA

TENNESSEE: Brentney Hope Adams, Brighton FFA; Chris Arms, Clay County FFA; Kayla Arnold, Lincoln County FFA; Michael Austin Bagby, Lincoln County FFA; Mitchell Wade Baker, Baxter FFA; Trevor Bauman, Woodbury FFA; Thomas Bell, Dresden FFA; Hannah Bennett, South Side FFA; Katie Bennett, Cookeville FFA; Greg Berford, Covington FFA; Robert N. Berner Jr., Obion County Central FFA; Hunter Bonner, Pigeon Forge FFA; Lyndsey L. Bullock, Campbell County FFA; John Curry Burks, Ripley FFA; Katelyn Michelle Butcher, Munford “Big Boll” FFA; Whitney Rebecca Campbell, Campbell County FFA; Sarah Elizabeth Cantrell, Wilson Central FFA; Shannon Caraway, Watertown FFA; Mark Carroll, Campbell County FFA; Andrew Cabot Casteel, Riverdale FFA; Kensey A. Catlett, Sevierian FFA; Whitney Cervantes, South Side FFA; Leah Chapman, Covington FFA; Katie Clark, Cookeville FFA; Crystal Climer, Crockett County FFA; Nick Cline, Jefferson County FFA; Shae Cook, Woodbury FFA; Eric Cousar, Covington FFA; Hayden Cox, Cumberland County FFA; Ryan Crittendon, Westview FFA; Adam Cubbins, DeKalb County FFA; Tori Cummins, Mt. Pleasant FFA; Johnna Davis, Heritage FFA; Skylar Davis, Covington FFA; Tanner Davis, DeKalb County FFA; Joseph Decker, Watertown FFA; Emily Donaldson, Blackman FFA; Sean Donaldson, Covington FFA; Hannah Dugger, Johnson County FFA; Austin Duke, Eagleville FFA; Rex Hambrick Dunn, Lincoln County FFA; Justin Dye, Cumberland County FFA; Landon Evans, Cookeville FFA; Brittany

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O


Farley, Cookeville FFA; Alyssa Fee, Liberty FFA; Alex Ferguson, East Robertson FFA; Chris Fleming, Woodbury FFA; Robert Fortner, Cumberlan Gap FFA; John Brady Foster, DeKalb County FFA; Jamye Spence Freeman, Dyersburg FFA; Will Freeman, Portland FFA; Hunter Gaither, Woodbury FFA; Ben Gard, DeKalb County FFA; Hailey R. Gates, Wilson Central FFA; Shelby Gean, Halls FFA; Cambridge Lynn German, Brighton FFA; William Taylor Gibbons, South Side FFA; Sydnie Renee’ Gill, McEwen FFA; Kala Gleghorn, Lincoln County FFA; Blythe Graham, Stone FFA; Katelyn Graham, Portland FFA; Peyton Alexandria Graham, Munford “Big Boll” FFA; Ashley Greenwood, Woodbury FFA; Austin Hafley, Scotts Hill FFA; Emily Hall, Watertown FFA; Tyler Harris, Liberty FFA; Carla Hayes, Beech FFA; Karlyn Hayes, Peabody FFA; Savannah Head, White House Heritage FFA; Dallas A. Hendry, Houston County FFA; Brandon Hicks, Riverside FFA; Allison Higgins, Woodbury FFA; Samantha Dawn Hill, Brighton FFA; Spencer Holt, Campbell County FFA; Ross Wesley Houston, Sweetwater FFA; Robert Jennings, North Greene FFA; Mason Johnson, Station Camp FFA; Sarah Jones, DeKalb County FFA; Casey Jowers, Lexington FFA; Jeremy Keene, White House Heritage FFA; Alex Keith, DeKalb County FFA; Blake Kerley, Westview FFA; Chelsey King, Dyersburg FFA; Kalyn Noel Lanier, Wilson Central FFA; Jordan Lavender, Wilson Central FFA; Madison Lane Lewis, South Side FFA; Madison Maitland, Peabody FFA; Spenser Gray Maloney, Obion County Central FFA; Dakota Wayne Maness, South Side FFA; Dalton A. Mann, Lincoln County FFA; Tiffany Mann, Sevierian FFA; Carrie Jolene Marsh, Cumberland County FFA; Cassie Darylene Marsh, Cumberland County FFA; Kelsey Matthews, Clarkrange FFA; Hannah Mayes, Eagleville FFA; Stephen Mark McBride, Coffee County FFA; Colton Lee McClanahan, Stone FFA; Maryanna McClure, Dyersburg FFA; Radford McDavid, Obion County Central FFA; Catie McHaffie, Jefferson County FFA; Danielle McRae, Munford FFA; Corey Merriman, DeKalb County FFA; Robert D. Miles, Cumberland County FFA; Payton Miller, Cumberland County FFA; Jessica Monteith, Riverdale FFA; Elizabeth Mae Moore, Crockett County FFA; Jessica


10 4

American FFA Degree recipients continued Morgan, White House Heritage FFA; Chris Mullins, McNairy Central FFA; Jacob Aaron Myracle, South Side FFA; Ashleigh Nash, Cascade FFA; Ethan Newman, Liberty FFA; Matt Newman, Halls FFA; Carley Phillips Outlaw, Crockett County FFA; Griffin Paschall, Paris FFA; Joel Perry, Riverside FFA; Dennis Michael Pethke, Riverdale FFA; Seth Pierce, Westview FFA; Alex Ridge Pitts, Munford FFA; Chris Powell, DeKalb County FFA; Joshua Price, Eagleville FFA; Rachel Ralston, Riverdale FFA; Joseph Rank, Crockett County FFA; Gregory Rasberry, Peabody FFA; Jamie Reed, Watertown FFA; Mitchell Rust, Riverdale FFA; Gavin Hunter Schmidt, Houston County FFA; Samuel Segars, White House Heritage FFA; Julie Smith, McNairy Central FFA; Brad Smith, Liberty FFA; Brooke Elizabeth Smith, Paris FFA; Cody Smith, Covington FFA; Elijah Smith, Watertown FFA; Jameson Smith, Crockett County FFA; Zach Smoot, DeKalb County FFA; Taylor Sneed, East Robertson FFA; Sarah Beth Snoddy, Lincoln County FFA; James Lucas Stanly, Lincoln County FFA; Kaleb Stephens, East Robertson FFA; Blake Stewart, Paris FFA; Benjamin Taylor, Liberty FFA; Lina Thirakul, Riverdale FFA; Cody Thompson, Cumberlan Gap FFA; Jessie Tipton, Chuckey-Doak FFA; Payton C. Tipton, Daniel Boone FFA; Caitlin Tompkins, Riverdale FFA; Casey Tompkins, Riverdale FFA; Robert Twardzik, Hendersonville FFA; Charles S. Uffelman, Houston County FFA; Jacque Vaughn, Jefferson County FFA; Benjamin Barr Walker, Cookeville FFA; Benjamin Randall Walker, Dresden FFA; David Walker, William Blount FFA; Rusty Wallace, White House Heritage FFA; Violet Amy Watson, Riverdale FFA; Curtis White, Watertown FFA; Alec Wilks, East Robertson FFA; Jon Williams, Wilson Central FFA; Jonathan Williamson, Halls FFA; Emilee Wilson, Eagleville FFA; Abby Stewart Winkles, Riverdale FFA; Mackenzie Wiser, Wilson Central FFA

TEXAS: Rachel Albritton,

Huntington FFA; Barret Ancinec, Clyde FFA; Jamie Anders, Weimar FFA; Kyle Armstrong, Blooming Grove FFA; Chelsea Arnold, Chisum FFA; Shelby Arnold, Madisonville FFA; Brady Arthur, Ralls FFA; Jordan Bien, Brownsboro FFA; Desire Boyd, East Chambers FFA; Tori Boydston, Fort Elliott FFA; Trevor Braune, Bellville FFA; Tracey Brent, Boles FFA; Rachel Briggs, Northwest FFA; Railey Brown, Simms FFA; Michelle Brunson, Gilmer FFA; Steely Burk, Anahuac FFA; Sheyanne Bustos, Bellville FFA; Cary Camp, Hull-Daisetta FFA; Kyle Campbell, Lovelady FFA; ALI Cantrell, Weatherford FFA; Russell Carrell, Garrison FFA; Matthew Carrigan, Brock FFA; Jodi Cockrell, Joaquin FFA; Nate Compton,

Bellville FFA; Sydney Cosper, Academy FFA; Katie Coston, Academy FFA; Kailan Counahan, Rusk FFA; Ryan Crafton, Henrietta FFA; Dustin Davila, Rudder FFA; Stephani Davis, Cotulla FFA; Jaycee Dawson, Smithville FFA; John Levi Duke, Hooks FFA; Michelle Dukeman, Weatherford FFA; Georgia Dunn, Floresville FFA; Cody Earp, Florence FFA; Steven Ebeling, Plainview FFA; Lauren Evans, Chisum FFA; Lesli Evans, Spring Branch FFA; Brady Ewton, Pilot Point FFA; Scotta Faulkenberry, Stephenville FFA; Keith Fenske, Tomball FFA; Morgan Ferrell, Clear Creek FFA; Kelly Fowlkes, Bellaire FFA; Cheryl Fox, Plano East FFA; Jessica Francis, Huffman FFA; Sheldon Franks, Follett FFA; Colton Fritz, Fredericksburg FFA; Emily Fuchs, Yoe FFA; Taylor Gannon, Columbus FFA; Justin Garza, Eagle Pass FFA; Hillary Gillin, Tilden FFA; Jordan Q. Gregory, Troy FFA; Chelsea Hall, Schulenburg FFA; Laine Hardy, Rudder FFA; Andrew Hatcher, North Forney FFA; Timothy J. Hedrick, Troy FFA; Tyler Heger, Weimar FFA; Jalen Henson, Gilmer FFA; Emilie Herbst, Boerne FFA; Nicholas Herr, Bellville FFA; Kristin Herrmann, Chisum FFA; Amantha Hons, Jourdanton FFA; Vandala Hood, Florence FFA; Mariana Monik Huerta, Cotulla FFA; Julia Hunt, Orange Grove FFA; Hannah Irvin, Harmony FFA; Alexandra Jacks, Angleton FFA; Leighton James, Tuloso-Midway FFA; Samuel Janak, Weimar FFA; Andrew Boyd Johnson, Spring Branch FFA; Jacob Jordan, Salado FFA; Kayla Keahey, Grand Saline FFA; Rebecca Kirkpatrick, Rudder FFA; Morgan Kizziah, Foster FFA; Emily Klever, Ennis FFA; Jacob Kobersky, Weimar FFA; Tyler Koehn, Weimar FFA; Kelsey Koss, Waco Midway FFA; Brooke Kosub, East Central FFA; Kasey Kram, Weimar FFA; Gaylen Krebs, Bellville FFA; Clayton Langhoff, Weimar FFA; Rebecca Lazenby, Madisonville FFA; Jackie Lee, Mineola FFA; Julia Lemin, Plano East FFA; Lizzie Lewis, Taylor - Katy FFA; Trenton Lilley, Clear Lake FFA; Lindsey Loehr, Caldwell FFA; Raney Lovorn, Winnsboro FFA; Samuel Luedeker, Bellville FFA; Bracken Marburger, Academy FFA; Brock Marburger, Carmine FFA; Taylor Marburger, Salado FFA; Mikaela May, Crowley FFA; Julie McCoin, Detroit FFA; Ryan McCoin, Chisum FFA; Katelyn McDonald, Rudder FFA; Katlin McQueen, Valley FFA; David Mejia, Rudder FFA; Sarah Monkres, Chisum FFA; Cruz Niblett, Decatur FFA; Lacey Nichols, Alvord FFA; Taylor Nichols, Alvord FFA; Jarred Odom, Mabank FFA; Kolton Page, Columbus FFA; Branson Cole Parker, Gilmer FFA; Brandon Patterson, Tilden FFA; Morgan Pavlik, Schulenburg FFA; Zachary

Fielding Pierce, Spring Branch FFA; Katherine Powers, Columbus FFA; Kelsey Powers, Katy FFA; Haley Quisenberry, Quanah FFA; Ashley Radde, Axtell FFA; Ryan Ramirez, Weimar FFA; Leah Ray, Salado FFA; Brittany Recer, North Forney FFA; Ryan Rerich, Weimar FFA; Clayton Robinson, Dayton FFA; Emily Robinson, Plano East FFA; Ryder Robinson, Carmine FFA; Katherine Salom, Sterling FFA; Kacie Sanders, Academy FFA; Mereira Sandoval, Bellville FFA; Hannah Sawers, Floresville FFA; Christi Schick, East Central FFA; Hunter Schmidt, Waller FFA; Ashley Schoenemann, Yoakum FFA; Kaitlyn Sestak, Weimar FFA; Taylor Shackelford, Prosper FFA; Elizabeth Simmons, Kingwood Park FFA; Colby Siptak, Bellville FFA; Casey Spencer, Gilmer FFA; Jordan Spiess, Bellville FFA; Megan Stammann, Foster FFA; Morgan Stover, Ponder FFA; Ashley Surman, New Diana FFA; William Tadlock, Smithson Valley FFA; Ashlyn Talley, Floresville FFA; Ty Tatum, Gilmer FFA; Colton Tenery, Cotulla FFA; Hannah Treptow, Weimar FFA; Kelley Mechelle Underwood, Idalou FFA; Rachel Katelyn Uselton, Collinsville FFA; Dakota Villa, Pilot Point FFA; Blake Vineyard, Roosevelt FFA; Kirby Chase Vineyard, Stephenville FFA; Dylan Waak, Bellville FFA; Katelyn Wager, Rudder FFA; Kaylie Walker, Seymour FFA; Jayc Waller, Idalou FFA; John Walls, Sterling FFA; Cord Weinheimer, Fredericksburg FFA; Rex West, Chisum FFA; Holton Westbrook, Stephenville FFA; Kirt Weyand, Carmine FFA; Abby Weyrens, Plano East FFA; Bailey Whatley, Forestburg FFA; James Wick, Hallettsville FFA; David Wiley, Forestburg FFA; Ashley Elizabeth Williams, Gilmer FFA; Kathryn Wingo, Bellville FFA; Kaleb Wood, Riesel FFA; Kelsey Wood, Riesel FFA; Caitlin Woody, Prosper FFA; Will Yeager, Lovelady FFA; Lindsey Zajicek, Columbus FFA

UTAH: Emelia Arnold, Sky View

FFA; Tyler Asay, Manila FFA; Braydon D. Beratto, Westlake FFA; Hagen Bliss, Salem Hills FFA; Bret Broadhead, Lehi FFA; Taylor Burrell, Gunnison FFA; Lindsy Bushman, Westlake FFA; Amanda Buxton, Sky View FFA; Jay Bywater, Box Elder FFA; Travis L. Cann, South Summit FFA; Ashley Carter, Westlake FFA; Ariadna Castro, Provo FFA; Zak Clegg, Westlake FFA; Jayden Coates, Tooele FFA; Sara Davis, Fremont FFA; Oakley Dennis, Sky View FFA; Natalie Donaldson, North Summit FFA; Kade Esplin, Sky View FFA; Eleisa Eyre, Tooele FFA; Cody Franson, Lehi FFA; Whyatt Garn, Bear River FFA; Jenessa Gosar, Manila FFA; Kimberly Hanks, Lehi FFA; Cassidy Hart, Bear River FFA; Annese A. Hatton, Box Elder FFA;

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O


Jocelyn Herzog, Sky View FFA; Hailee Holt, Delta FFA; Tom Horner, Wasatch FFA; Darellyn Hughes, Manila FFA; Kaylee Hughes, Manila FFA; Samantha (Sam) Jackman, Westlake FFA; Tyler Bruce Jackson, Fremont FFA; Jessica Jensen, Westlake FFA; Rachelle Johnson, Lehi FFA; Samuel Johnson, Sky View FFA; Stephanie Ellen Jones, Pleasant Grove FFA; Rebecca King, Mountain Crest FFA; Jared Kunzler, Sky View FFA; Trent Larsen, Mountain Crest FFA; Jake LaRue, Fremont FFA; Charity-Faith Ledkins, Lone Peak FFA; Shawna Leonelli, Tooele FFA; Katelyn Lewis, Lehi FFA; Skyler Lloyd, American Fork FFA; Calee Lott, South Summit FFA; Kortee Mann, Tooele FFA; Lee Alva Marchant, South Summit FFA; Rikki McClimans, Tooele FFA; Dakoda Mower, Springville FFA; McKaylie Nelson, American Fork FFA; Tiffany Nicholas; Box Elder FFA; Clint Noyes, Bear River FFA; Lacey Papageorge, Fremont FFA; Janessa Peterson, Westlake FFA; Katherine Marie Pieper, Payson FFA; Brylee Reed, Westlake FFA; Elizabeth Reese, Uintah FFA; Amy Reeve, Monticello FFA; Bailie Shan Richins, North Summit FFA; Kirsten Riley, Westlake FFA; Rocky Roath, North Summit FFA; TyLynn Savage, Mt. Nebo FFA; Mikaila Schoenfeld, Uintah FFA; Katelyn Scott, American Fork FFA; Hayden Smith, Sky View FFA; Kyle Snow, Westlake FFA; Lindsey Snyder, South Summit FFA; Kelton Sorensen, Lehi FFA; Colleen Alwynn Southwick, Lone Peak FFA; Tyree Summers, Bear River FFA; Katie Swenson, Payson FFA; Joslyn Udy, Bear River FFA; Madison Walker, Wasatch FFA; Melissa Walker, Pleasant Grove FFA; Tel Walker, Monticello FFA; Bruce Wangsgard, Mountain Crest FFA; Whitney Wayment, Fremont FFA; Emily Webb, Lehi FFA; Ryan Williams, American Fork FFA; Natalie Marie Wilson, Pleasant Grove FFA; Jadon Woods, Uintah FFA; Alyssa Young, Box Elder FFA

VERMONT: Garth Buck, Vergennes FFA

VIRGINIA: Michael Arthur, Clarke

County FFA; Emily Sara Asbury, Tazewell FFA; Victoria Marie Avvenire, Strasburg FFA; Brandon Taylor Bandy, Giles FFA; Patrick Barb, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Randy Barnes, Randolph-Henry FFA; Lucas Preston Bates, Holston FFA; Catherine Beach, James Wood FFA; Cory Bennett, Fort Defiance FFA; Hunter Botkin, Fort Defiance FFA; Paryce Cleopatra Bradlly, Riverbend FFA; Alexander Brannon, James Wood FFA; Sarah Brillman, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Shelby Brumfield, Eastern View FFA; Brooke Nicole Bukowski,


10 5

Sherando FFA; Nathan Carnes, Lee FFA; Elizabeth Cleveland, Fort Defiance FFA; Jeremy Cluxton, Floyd County FFA; James Gregory Comstock, James Wood FFA; Chad Deavers, Fort Defiance FFA; Michaela Beth Garrison, Clarke County FFA; Courtney Germroth, Broadway FFA; Addie Guthrie, Strasburg FFA; Troy Hackenbracht, Stonewall Jackson FFA; Hallie Harriman, Strasburg FFA; Makayla Harrison, Holston FFA; Christina Hash, Clarke County FFA; Josie Hawkins, Turner Ashby FFA; Aaron David Heishman, Central FFA; Jenny Hensley, John S. Battle FFA; Kerri Houser, Fort Defiance FFA; Alisha Marie Hudson, Giles FFA; Cole Kaufman, Buffalo Gap FFA; Nathan Grant Largen, Carroll County FFA; Alysha Nicole Lawless, Magna Vista FFA; Kendra Lester, Floyd County FFA; Haley Ruth Loving, James Wood FFA; Brett Martin, Fort Defiance FFA; Logan Marcell Martin, Giles FFA; Hannah Rose McDonald, James Wood FFA; Hunter W. McKenzie, Broadway FFA; Nina Miller, Turner Ashby FFA; Matthew C. Nash, Abingdon FFA; Amy Nelson, Broadway FFA; Austin O’Quinn, Clintwood FFA; Montana Orfield, Holston FFA; Tyler Payne, James Wood FFA; Samantha Pearson, Clarke County FFA; Abigail Price, Floyd County FFA; Graham Pugh, Randolph-Henry FFA; Chaz D. Ramsey, Wilson Memorial FFA; Cody Roark, Abingdon FFA; Jarrett T. Roberts, Holston FFA; Cody Ross, Central FFA; Camden Drake Shelton, Chatham FFA; Joshua A. Shifflett, Sherando FFA; Tim Simons, Strasburg FFA; Marshall Slaven, Fort Defiance FFA; Benjamin Snapp, James Wood FFA; Kaitlyn Sonifrank, Broadway FFA; Keelia Marie Strong, Holston FFA; Brandon Ryan Strosnider, Sherando FFA; Nicole R. Stump, Giles FFA; Jenna H. Swanson, Strasburg FFA; Robert J. Thomas, Appomattox Sr. FFA; Emily Nicole Tinsman, James Wood FFA; Caroline Mackenzie Warns, Spotswood FFA; Michaela West, Floyd County FFA; Cody W. Widener, Holston FFA; William Wilfong, James Wood FFA; Blake Witt, Abingdon FFA; Holly Wolfe, Broadway FFA; Terry Blake Yates, Clintwood FFA

WASHINGTON: Jay Davie Anderson , Cheney FFA; Jeremy Bagwell, Yelm FFA; Megan Sarah Bekkevar, Sequim FFA; Henry J. Boersma, Othello FFA; Eliana Bolt, Ferndale FFA; Derrick Bosch, Garfield-Palouse FFA; Vito Cibene, Sequim FFA; Connor Clancy, Cedarcrest FFA; Kindall Cooper, Pomeroy FFA; Sarah Davidson, Cedarcrest FFA; Christopher K. Desjardins, Omak FFA; Nick Fredrickson, Yelm FFA; Brandi Guillemette, Yelm FFA; Robert Hancock, Winlock FFA; Amberlea

Hansen, Battle Ground FFA; Michael D. Heitstuman, Quincy FFA; Jason W. Hulett, Washtucna FFA; Heidi Marie Jamison, Garfield-Palouse FFA; Damen Jeg, Chehalis FFA; Missy Johnson, Garfield-Palouse FFA; Kablina Kochsmeier, Tonasket FFA; Anthony Lynch, Winlock FFA; Koty McCrory, Highland FFA; Madison Moore, Prosser FFA; Hannah Nelson, Pullman FFA; Brandon Nickels, Stanwood FFA; Ashley Reisenauer, Pullman FFA; Ashley Roecks, Liberty FFA; Fatima Scotto-Rodriguez, Yelm FFA; Nick Snydar, Lynden FFA; Gary Dean Sperle, Wenatchee FFA; Kelby Stadt, Lyden Christian FFA; Nicole Statler, Omak FFA; David Stitt, Lyden FFA; Trenton Turner, Tonasket FFA; Austin Walker, Winlock FFA; Ellayna Wick, Toutle Lake FFA

WEST VIRGINIA: Silas Archer,

Tyler FFA; Nell Berkeley, Jefferson FFA; Michelle D. Biser, Moorefield FFA; Caitlin V. Black, Cabell Midland FFA; Hunter M. H. Carr, Pendleton County FFA; David Chaney, Hampshire County FFA; Wesley Davis, Mason County FFA; Michaela Dunn, Washington FFA; Kelsey Flinn, Ravenswood FFA; Rheanna Foley, Tyler FFA; Cody Funkhouser, East Hardy FFA; Garrett Hadley, St. Marys FFA; Corey Hall, Ripley FFA; Ashley Heater, Doddridge County FFA; Annaliese Henderson, Pine Grove FFA; Lynnessa Henderson, Taylor County FFA; Savannah Hilvers, Tyler FFA; Meghan Hoover, Pendleton County FFA; Mark Jochum, Cameron FFA; Shannon Jones, Barbour County FFA; Hannah J. Kerby, Wirt County FFA; Meghan Victoria Marsh, Cameron FFA; Nikki Martin, Jefferson FFA; Brandi Munday, Ripley FFA; Dereck Price, Barbour County FFA; Zachery M. Shamblin, Ravenswood FFA; Kaitlynd N. Short, Lincoln County FFA; Lakin B. Sims, Wirt County FFA; Eric Turner, East Hardy FFA; Ronald D. Vest, Ripley FFA; Chelsea Wells, Tyler FFA; Amanda Jo West, Roane County FFA; Brandon Williams, Ripley FFA; Rachel Wyatt, Pine Grove FFA

WISCONSIN: Daniel Anderson, Black River Fallls FFA; Jade Baerg, Unity FFA; Tyler J. Bahr, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Erica Ballweg-Larsen, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Trenton Bemis, Lincoln Alma Center Humbird; Randy Bertelsen, Cumberland FFA; Molly Blackhourn, Shullsburg FFA; Christopher Blank, Slinger FFA; Jacob A. Bobolz, Clinton FFA; Kelsey L. Bowe, New Auburn FFA; Emily Burger, Argyle FFA; Andrew S. Buss, Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA; Kaley Cardinal, Waupaca FFA; Zach Cardot, Unity FFA; Emilie S. Cerny, Big Foot FFA; Taylor J. Curran, Antigo FFA;

Taylor Rae Disch, Mount Horeb FFA; Megan N. Dombrowski, Amherst FFA; Derek Donnelly, Ellsworth FFA; Cody A. Eastman, Mt. Horeb FFA; Tim Eddy, Amherst FFA; Lukas Erdmann, WeyauwegaFremont FFA; Abigail Fink, Mount Horeb FFA; Justin Forster, Unity FFA; Jenessa Freidhof, Colby FFA; Ann Marie Glowacki, West De Pere FFA; Tylor Grant, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Karsen Haag, Mount Horeb FFA; Kelsey Haelfrisch, Brillion FFA; Alexandra Harvey, Portage FFA; Taylor Hauser, Argyle FFA; Ashley Heil, Stratford FFA; Jessica A. Heinrich, Badger FFA; Evan Henthorne, Adams-Friendship FFA; Michelle Herrman, Sparta FFA; Jacqueline Hilliard, Wisconsin Dells FFA; Brian A. Hoffmann, Amherst FFA; Jacob Holland, Shullsburg FFA; Mikayla Horstman, Bangor FFA; Jordan J. Huber, Adams-Friendship FFA; Jessica James, Mineral Point FFA; Stephanie Johnson, Waupaca FFA; Summer Johnson, Luck FFA; Mitchell Johnston, Unity FFA; Kyle Katsma, Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA; Alisha Kloehn, Weyauwega-Fremont FFA; John Kosmalski, Rosholt FFA; Mitchell Lee Kunde, Winneconne FFA; Bradley J. Laack, Plymouth FFA; Brooklyn Larsen, WeyauwegaFremont FFA; Ty Lasch, Badger FFA; Lauren LeFevre, Denmark FFA; Derrick D. Lehman, Spencer FFA; Travis Luxton, Weston FFA; Katie L. Martin, Hartford FFA; Reba McClone, Bonduel FFA; Morgan McComish, Shullsburg FFA; Kayla McGee, Glenwood City FFA; Megan J. McGinnis, Tomah FFA; Shanna Mercier, Badger FFA; Cassondra Miller, Mount Horeb FFA; Lexa Miller, Mount Horeb FFA; Michael Miller, Mayville FFA; Carla Moldenhauer, Shullsburg FFA; Aaron Monson, Black Hawk FFA; Connor Moore, Black Hawk FFA; Arlette Mullins, Marshall FFA; Kathleen Murphy, Oakfield FFA; Cody Nawrocki, St. Croix Central FFA; Becca Neuenfeldt, Amherst FFA; Nathaniel Nolden, Lodi FFA; John O’Hearn, Reedsville FFA; Robert O’Hearn, Reedsville FFA; Rachel Beth O’Leary, Janesville Parker FFA; Evan Pahl, Hustisford FFA; Amanda L. Patterson, River Ridge FFA; Brian Patterson, River Ridge FFA; Emily Petzel, Unity FFA; Morgan Pittz, Mineral Point FFA; Thomas Michael Pocernich, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Bailey Post, Kewaunee FFA; Sara Raschein, Sauk Prairie FFA; Jackson Remer, Omro FFA; Heather M. Richard, Sevastopol FFA; Jesse W. Rickert, Antigo FFA; Victoria Rife, Badger FFA; Camber Sannes, Amherst FFA; Ezra Schier, Granton FFA; Emily Sendelbach, Evansville FFA; Travis Senn, Campbellsport FFA; Chaesta Shager, Black Hawk FFA;

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O


Lindsay M. Smutney, New Auburn FFA; Kristin Solum, Amery FFA; Rachel Sossaman, Colby FFA; Alex Robert Sperry, Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA; Mitch Stage, Unity FFA; Kayla Steffel, Oconto Falls FFA; Bruce M. Steinbach, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Brian J. Straub, Oregon FFA; Jessica Stuttgen, Colby FFA; Benjamin James Syvertson, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Kirstin Torgerson, Holmen FFA; Karley J. Travis, Augusta FFA; Jesse J. Turpin, Shullsburg FFA; Jessica Tyler, Granton FFA; Tyler Vander Galien, Waupun Area FFA; Megan Vosberg, Black Hawk FFA; Shelby Walton, Shullsburg FFA; Cody Welke, Osseo-Fairchild FFA; Owen John Welke, Montello FFA; Sam Wiersma, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Kelsey Woldt, Brillion FFA; Anastasia Wolf-Flasch, Campbellsport FFA; Tess Zettle, Juda FFA; Aaron M. Zimmerman, Spencer FFA; David G. Zimmerman, Augusta FFA

WYOMING: Laurel Austin, Snowy Range FFA; Cameron Berry, High Plains FFA; Brittnee Borgialla, Buffalo FFA; Sawyer Burkett, Burns FFA; John James Cramer, Thermopolis FFA; Bill Dalles, Snowy Range FFA; Logan S. Davis, Snowy Range FFA; Landan Doyle, Chief Washakie FFA; Mackenzie Fuller, Wright FFA; Kayla Ann Grove, Pinedale FFA; Colby Hales, Snowy Range FFA; Jessica Heller, High Plains FFA; Heather Honken, Snowy Range FFA; Corson Kerbs, Saratoga FFA; Holli Knight, Windy City FFA; Allie Leitza, Pine Bluffs FFA; Kelli Lockard, Chief Washakie FFA; Ty Malone, Jim Bridger FFA; Breanna Mazurie, Snowy Range FFA; Bryce McKenzie, Buffalo FFA; Jessica Pingetzer, Shoshoni FFA; Kate Richardson, Chief Washakie FFA; Ryan Rohlfs, Pinedale FFA; Taryn Russell, Snowy Range FFA; Halee Salsbury, Jim Bridger FFA; Alexis M. Salzman, Chief Washakie FFA; Crystal Lynn Schleichardt, Jim Bridger FFA; Taylor Smock, Pine Bluffs FFA; Marissa Vitt, Jim Bridger FFA; Lisa Zesas, Buffalo FFA


10 6

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O




Honorary American Degree recipients ARKANSAS: Paul Steven Anderson, Pearcy; Sandra Kay Porter, Little Rock; Raymond Walter, Little Rock

NEW JERSEY: Dr. Richard M.

COLORADO: Mike Flesher,

NEW MEXICO: Dr. James Libbin,

DELAWARE: Dr. Richard



Fitzpatrick, Allentown; Dr. Barry W. Jesse, New Brunswick; Alfred Murray, Trenton

Las Cruces

Barczewski, Dover; Honorable David Wilson, Lincoln

Gordon, Shallotte; James Cooke Guard, Jr.; Dr. Brinton A. Hopkins, Raleigh; Dr. Sandra Maddox, Mount Olive; Michael Craig Senter, Fuquay Varina

FLORIDA: Kevin Morgan,


NORTH DAKOTA: Scott Wayne Dieterle, Valley City; Deanne Marie Sperling, Moorhead

GEORGIA: Commissioner Gary Ward Black, Sr.; Dr. Curtis Borne, Ft. Valley; Mark Camp, Concord; David R. Moore, Alamo; Cecil Worley, Homer IDAHO: Roger Findley, Ontario

OHIO: Jared Evans, Richwood; Nellie Felty, Plymouth; Leonard Felty, Plymouth; Tim Williams, Conover

KANSAS: Joe Farrell, Hill City;

OKLAHOMA: Kelly Barnes,

Jerrod Westfahl, Manhattan

Edmond; Melissa Eisenhauer, Edmond; Scott Eisenhauer, Edmond; Jami Longacre, Kellyville

LOUISIANA: Dr. Michael F. Burnett, Baton Rouge

MICHIGAN: Jeff Haarer, Lansing; Dr. David MacFarlane, East Lansing; Clarence Miller, Leslie; Steven Wallenwine, Stockbridge

Katherine Coleman, Saluda; Dr. Thomas R. Scott, Clemson

Paul; The Late Bob Christensen, Sleepy Eye; Mark Conner, Austin; Michael Dove, New Ulm; John Schroeder, Courtland

Des Moines, Iowa; Dr. Craig Bacon, Springdale, Ark.; David Bishop, Ashland, Ohio; Matthews Claeys, West Lafayette, Ind.; Dale DeVries, Auburn, Wash.; The Late Kevin Eblen, St. Louis, Mo.; Jill Gray, Indianapolis, Ind.; Doug Griffin, Duluth, Ga.; S. Peter Headley, Overland Park, Kan.; Corey Huck, Greensboro, N.C.; Robert Kelly, Madison, N.J.; Dr. Lori Moore, College Station, Texas; Dr. John Rayfield, College Station Texas; Amber Smyer, Indianapolis, Ind.; Betty Ann Thayer, Fremont, Ohio; Frank Thayer, Fremont, Ohio; James T. Wood, Louisville, Ky.; Clayton Worley, Indianapolis, Ind.; Doug Wright, Peoria, Ill.

NEBRASKA: Donelle Wolters, Lincoln


Andersen, Strafford

STAR PARENTS: Mr. Mike Bemis, Humbird, Wis.; Mrs. Deb Bemis, Humbrid, Wis.; Mr. Mike Cerny, Harvard, Ill.; Mrs. Susie Cerny, Harvard, Ill.; Mr. Kevin Crabill, Middleton, Ind.; Mrs. Pamela Crabill, Middleton, Ind.; Mr. Steve Froehlich, Grasston, Minn.; Mrs. Jean Froehlich, Grasston, Minn.; Mr. Tim Hayes, Raymond, Ohio; Mrs. Laura Hayes, Raymond, Ohio; Mr. Steve Keck, Plainview, Neb.; Mrs. Angie Keck, Plainview, Neb.; Mr. Leland Linneman, Salisbury, Mo.; Mrs. Janiece Linneman, Salisbury, Mo.; Mr. Gary Loschen, Kempton, Ill.; Mrs. Diana Loschen, Kempton, Ill.; Mr. Roy Miller, Lyons, Neb.; Mrs. Sarah Miller, Lyons, Neb.; Mr. Eric Schindler, Lake Park, Ga.; Dr. Julie Schindler, Lake Park, Ga.; Mr. Doug Schlosnagle, Pleasureville, Ky.; Mrs. Susan Schlosnagle, Pleasurville, Ky.; Mr. Max Schwader, Winfred, S.D.; Mrs. Julie Schwader, Winfred, S.D.; Mr. Scott Vathauer, Barnes, Kan.; Mrs. Janece Vathauer, Barnes, Kan.; Mr. Vaughn Zacharias, Kathryn, N.D.; Mrs. Dorinda Zacharias, Kathryn, N.D.; Mr. Mark L. Zimmerman, Spencer, Wis.; Mrs. Cheryl L. Zimmerman, Spencer, Wis.

MAINE: Thomas M. Hale, Westmanland MASSACHUSETTS: Susan T.

Billings, Norfolk

MICHIGAN: Patrick Henne, Eaton


MINNESOTA: Tracy Huhn, Litchfield; John Lanoue, Tracy MISSOURI: Tiffany Kauffman,

Mansfield; Lee Longan, California

NEW JERSEY: Nan Hamilton,

New Egypt

NEW MEXICO: Mark Daugherty, Tatum; Mike Hanagan, Artesia; Glenda Sours, Melrose NORTH CAROLINA: Matt Barrier,

Mount Pleasant

NORTH DAKOTA: Timothy J. Aichele, Beulah; Bob Moller, Enderlin


Ricketts, Mt Juliet; Richard Ross, Newbern; Dr. Dexter B. Wakefield, Indianapolis

Nashville; J.P. Dunn, Jefferson City; Blake Hurst, Jefferson City; C. John Poehlmann, Columbia; John D. Tummons, Rocheport


Pennsylvania Furnace; Gary Heckman, Mountville; Matthew Meals, Harrisburg


MINNESOTA: Dr. Jay Bell, St.

MISSOURI: Janet Adkison,


Rebecca Costello, Gothenburg, Neb.; Mrs. Ann Kirk Futrell, Philpot, Ky.; Mr. Kent Hall, Carnesville, Ga.; Mrs. Jill Hall, Carnesville, Ga.; Mr. Ed Sapp, Madison, Fla.; Mrs. Gina Sapp, Madison, Fla.

TEXAS: Steve Fowlkes, Houston;

Terry Hausenfluck, Bryan; Richard D. “Dick” Perkins, Houston; Dennis Lee Pierce, Spring; Donald Pilgrim, Peaster

VIRGINIA: Ron Saacke, Rockville;

Dr. Megan Seibel, Roanoke; The Late J. Darrell Steege, Stuarts Draft


Whitecotten, Moorefield; Richard Z. Woodworth, Burlington

WISCONSIN: Pam Jahnke,

Madison; Janet Keller, Oregon; Alvin Ott, Madison

WYOMING: Jennifer Womack, Cheyenne

NATIONAL OFFICER PARENTS: Mr. Randy Anderson, Escalon, Calif.; Mrs. Teresa Anderson, Escalon, Calif.; Mr. Barry Bailey, Cedar Bluff, Ala.; Mrs. Jill Bailey, Cedar Bluff, Ala.; Mr. Steven Costello, Gothenburg, Neb.; Mrs.


OHIO: William Keck, Raymond

ALABAMA: Scott Butler, Arab;


Terry Johnson; Benny Neal Isom, Arab

Weathers, Sumter

Anthony Catalan, Firebaugh; Vikki Davis, Turlock; Rhonda Fuller, Riverside; Miguel Guerra, Santa Maria; Darrell Hirschler, Tulelake; Jill Sperling, Kingsburg

TEXAS: Donald Paul Booth, San Antonio; Charles Davidson, Greenville; Tracy Hicks Denny, Detroit; Jeff Klose, Canyon; Michael Douglas Meadows, Simms; Loyd Nations, Grand Saline; David W. Reiley, Seguin

COLORADO: Rockie Ernst,

VERMONT: Phillip Teer, Shoreham

CALIFORNIA: Tim Brown, Tulelake;


GEORGIA: Sam Bowen, Garfield;

Chuck Joiner, Carrollton; Ira Tucker, Ocill

VIRGINIA: David Balderson,

Mechanicsville; Diane Poole, Blue Ridge; Jim Pugh, Appomatox


IDAHO: Samuel Bell Condie,

Albion; Mike Tesnohlidek, Fruitland

Hanna, Renick; Charity Marstiller, Martinsburg; John Ritchie, Ridgeley

ILLINOIS: Doug Anderson, Paxton;

WISCONSIN: Kevin Champeau,

KANSAS: Blake Lasley, Ottawa

WYOMING: Troy Gladson, Gillette

William Lee Meter, Blue Mound; Boyd Paulsmeyer, Peterburg

Green Bay; Donald Dipprey, Turtle Lake

KENTUCKY: Margo Bruce, Manitou

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O




National FFA Delegates have a dynamic experience By Caroline Weihl, National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Reporter

It is said you gain the most when you embrace an experience. One experience this week in Louisville included mingling over dinners with other state associations, engaging in leadership training and serving on committees to discuss pertinent proposals in the National FFA Organization. Who participates in these fun, energizing activities you might ask? Delegates, during the national convention and expo. The 86th National FFA Convention & Expo welcomed 475 delegates from around the United States to serve in leadership roles focused on discussing and developing FFA proposals. The delegates arrived in Louisville on Tuesday of convention and expo week and began various activities. The largest responsibility of a national convention delegate is to serve on one of six proposal committees and create a proposal. Each committee is created months prior to the convention and expo, and the delegates begin researching their prospective topics. This year’s topics included: –– Image and Branding –– Agricultural Education as a Career –– Integration of Agriculture Industry –– Role of FFA in Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources –– Enhancing SAE involvement –– Agricultural Literacy The committees develop proposals independently. Then, they collaborate

with the entire delegate body to discuss and finalize them. Delegate chairpersons present decisions to the convention body on Saturday. Tommy Justinson, a section president in the Illinois FFA Association, is a first-time delegate after attending the convention and expo six years previously. He was surprised by the level of involvement delegates have at the convention and expo. “We all stay in the same hotel and during down time outside of proposal hearings, we mingle with different states,” Justinson said. “It is an entirely different part of convention that people can see. The process gives members new

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

opportunities to voice their opinions for the betterment of the organization.” In addition to committee work, the delegates participate in fun workshops and enjoy time together on the delegate floor. Kelsey Jones, a past state secretary in the California FFA Association, has attended the convention and expo and served in a delegate role the past three years. She has seen the program develop, and that it is an invaluable experience. “I have noticed more innovation of FFA members through the experience,” Jones said. “Besides the work we put in, we have a lot of fun, too! Everyone on the delegate floor is so energized and happy to be here.”



Report of the

Committee for FFA Image and Branding The committee for FFA Image and Branding recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas,

Flyte’s relevance to our organization has been challenged on whether or not his image fits our brand, and


Flyte has not been used to one of its full purposes of reaching 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students in the school systems, and


the official dress sold in the National FFA store is of low quality, and


there is a lack of clarity regarding which items sold in the National FFA catalog are considered official dress items, and


official dress heels, dress shoes, dress socks and dress nylons are not offered on the website, and


the Blue and Gold catalog is a place where diversity of this organization can be improved, and


the State and American FFA Degree chains are not considered part of official dress although an overwhelming majority of state and national officers wear them, and


there is limited awareness of FFA’s brand beyond our FFA communities,


there is proven success with past partnerships connecting the FFA with a general audience through non-agricultural media, therefore be it


that Flyte the Owl be re-evaluated by the Board of Directors as our mascot, and be it further


that Flyte’s duties shall primarily be involvement in middle schools and elementary schools for the main purposes of informing about agriculture, motivating, and recruiting FFA members. After the aforementioned duties have been performed, Flyte may be used for other duties in the National FFA Organization to a cost efficient manner, and be it further


that higher quality options of official dress be offered in the official dress section of the National FFA website and catalog, and be it further


that the Board of Directors clearly label which items are considered official dress and remove those items which are not official dress from the official dress page, and be it further


that official dress heels, dress shoes, dress socks and nylons be offered in the official dress sections of the National FFA website and catalog, and be it further


that FFA merchandise be selected or developed to include other areas of agriculture in addition to existing production agriculture themed apparel or products, and be it further


that the degree chains be added as proper official dress for State and American degree recipients on the website and catalog, and be it further


that partnerships be developed with nonagricultural online and social media sites to highlight FFA such as using the Google image to celebrate National FFA Week, and be it further


that FFA continue to pursue relationships with sponsors and partners that provide opportunities for greater FFA visibility to a non-agricultural audience, such as the RAM trucks Super Bowl commercial.

Respectfully submitted: Stuart Schumacher, Minnesota FFA Association, Committee Chair

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

11 0


Committee for FFA Image and Branding Evaluate both the official (official dress, mascot, etc.) and casual (FFA merchandise) branding of the National FFA Organization by exploring students’ perspective of FFA image in relation to promotional materials, events and merchandising.

Committee Leadership Chair: Stuart Schumacher, Minnesota First Vice Chair: Luke Wildhaber, Oregon Second Vice Chair: Tim Stahley, Colorado Secretary: Abrea Mizer, Missouri; Justen Jaques, Utah

Discussion Group Leader: Makinizi Hoover, Georgia; Brett Wilder, Idaho; Tyler Majchrzak, Maryland; Monica Aguilar, Massachusetts; Bryce Doeschot, Nebraska; Delaney Gray, New Jersey; Mikayla Young, North Dakota; Melinda Perkins, Tennessee; MaKayla Davis, Vermont; Bailey Peters, Washington

Sentinel: Anthony Brooks, Delaware; Chris Toevs, Pennsylvania

Committee Members: Alabama: Hayden Whittle, Cody Maddox,

New Mexico: Courtney Begay,

Arkansas: Lindsey Triplett, Bryce Rohr,

New York: Catie Rowe,

California: Gabrielle Franke, Kelcie Jones, Samantha Anne Correia, Taylor Foster, Brandon Heinrich, Joelle Lewis, Macy Perry, Evelyn F. Starich,

North Carolina: Grayer Sherrill, Ashlyn Spell,

Connecticut: Heather Slattery, Florida: Logan Luse, Justin Watson, Georgia: Abbey Gretsch, Trey Aycock, Jesse Graham, Illinois: Joe Heavner, Kayla Peterson, Indiana: Shelby Sigman,

Ohio: Sydney Snider, Jeanie McGarvey, Ohio: Allison Mangun, Allison Christian, Pennsylvania: Lena Bioni, South Carolina: Cameron Padgett, South Dakota: Shala Larson, Tennessee: Jeff Rogers,

Kansas: Chance Hunley,

Texas: Sawyer Osborn, Hannah Ford, Keenan Schilling, Lane Sifuentes, Lucia Salas, Shelby Thomas, Lauren Zimmerer, Gunner Bradley, Michaela Gardner, Emily Kelley, Chelsea Kimberling,

Kentucky: Daniel Patton, Anna Hawkins,

Virginia: Madison Slaven,

Louisiana: Brooke Townsend,

Washington: Hayley Huber,

Michigan: Nick Webster,

West Virginia: Katelynn Flanagan,

Minnesota: Elizabeth Thies,

Wisconsin: Jon Jennings, Sarah Burdey, Katie Kindschuh,

Mississippi: Sayde Turner,

Wyoming: Amori Erickson,

Iowa: Abrah Meyer, Dylan Brockshus,

Missouri: Mason Browning, Sarah Bastin, Delegate Coordinator: Joe Martin, Indiana Total Committee Membership: 80 Delegates

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Report of the

Committee for Agricultural Education as a Career The committee for agricultural education as a career recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas,

there is a national shortage of certified agricultural educators, and


resources to promote agricultural education already exist through the Teach Ag Campaign, and





creating an Agricultural Education column in each issue of the New Horizon Magazine, and be it further


there are currently very few National FFA Scholarships that go to Agriculture Education Majors, therefore be it

that the National FFA Organization partner with the National Teach Ag Campaign to develop and deliver state or regional agricultural education conferences, and be it further


that National FFA expands teacher appreciation and recognition at National Convention to current agriculture teachers at as well as future agriculture educators, and be it further

that the National FFA Organization advertise the Teach Ag Campaign through promotional material included in National FFA materials and literature, and be it further


that the National FFA Organization provide additional agricultural education scholarships at the national level.

more information about agricultural education as a career should be promoted on Ag Career Network, and be it further

Respectfully submitted: Caleb Gustin, New Mexico, Committee Chair

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Committee for Agricultural Education as a Career Recommend ways to increase the interest in careers in agricultural education through National FFA programming.

Committee Leadership Chair: Caleb Gustin, New Mexico First Vice Chair: Ruth Ann Myers, Kentucky Second Vice Chair: Makayla Heisler, South Dakota Secretary: Kayla Rachal, Louisiana; Calee Lott, Utah Sentinel: Sam Detwiler, Illinois; Bobby Fagundes, Nevada

Discussion Group Leader: Bailey Sims, Alabama; Sunni Wise, Arkansas; Gabrielle Cyr, Maine; Heather Berlo, New Hampshire; Charles Steinberger, North Dakota; Steven Vekony, Oklahoma; Caroline LaPrise, Rhode Island; Anna Mink, South Carolina; Jonathan Garcia, Virgin Islands; Michael Heistiman, Washington; Reba McClone, Wisconsin

Committee Members: Alabama: Valerie White

Michigan: Abigail Schreur

Arizona: Justen Ollendick

Minnesota: Heidie Sloot, Jack Roessler

Arkansas: Becca Burrow

Missouri: Morgan Coday, Grant Talburt, Jeremy Mathis

California: Hunter Berry, Urfia Abdul, Jaycie Cruz, Emilie Gambril, Holly Hockett, Tanner Lopez, Steven Pozzi, Timothy F. Truax,

Nebraska: Trey Mogensen

Connecticut: Shelbie Fettig

Ohio: Blake Campbell, Geoffrey Norris

Florida: Haley Smith, Rena O’Bryan,

Oklahoma: Lawson Thompson

Georgia: Justin Rectenwald, Michael Herrin, Ashton Hosta, Ginger Orton

Oregon: Jessica Roland

Hawaii: Kyle Durkee

North Carolina: Bradley Glover, Savannah Royal

Pennsylvania: Austin Shay Tennessee: Rebekah Wright, Victoria Utsman

Idaho: Erin Shenk Indiana: Cameron Frazier, Dakota Westphal

Texas: Kaci Major, Rhett Wilson, Makenzie Standlee, Mason Maddox, Hannah Kulak, Matthew Huston, Kyle Saathoff, Nathan Wallace, Cullen Reeves, Amanda Lanier, Madison Nichols

Iowa: Logan Kelly

Virginia: Kaitlyn Sonifrank

Kansas: Cody Holiday

West Virginia: Joe Henthorn

Kentucky: Megan Harper

Wisconsin: Emma Heser

Illinois: Austin McAllister, Tommy Justison

Louisiana: Emily Hartzog Delegate Coordinator: Aaron Anderson, North Dakota Total Committee Membership: 76 Delegates

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Report of the

Committee for Integration of the Agriculture Industry The committee for integration of the agriculture industry recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas,

the National FFA Organization is an agriculturallybased leadership organization as opposed to a leadership-based agricultural organization, and


there is a lack of established education and current knowledge of the agriculture industry and there is a recognized gap between the agricultural and leadership aspects of our organization, and


we must use our curriculum to promote both leadership and agricultural careers, and


our organization is greatly supported by agriculturally-based organizations, and


the conferences with the lowest Net Promoter Scores have the least agriculturally-based curriculum and 68.42% of facilitators either agree or strongly agree that conference curriculum does not have enough references to the agricultural industry, therefore be it


we must support the agricultural organizations and companies that support us by providing them with leaders who are knowledgeable of the agriculture industry, and be it further


we find new ways to integrate all aspects of the agriculture industry into the curriculum of existing programs, and be it further


we research implementing more National FFA Convention workshops pertaining to agriculture, and be it further


that we maintain a balance between both agriculture and leadership within our conferences.

Respectfully submitted: Josh Earll, Iowa, Committee Chair

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Committee for Integration of the Agriculture Industry Explore new ways to integrate the industry of agriculture in FFA programs and their curriculum.

Committee Leadership Chair: Josh Earl, Iowa

Discussion Group Leader: Rachel Hawk, Illinois

First Vice Chair: Ryon Cox, Texas

Discussion Group Leader: Lindy Bilberry, Kansas; Bryce McClay, Maine; Ashley Willits, New York; Maddy Buschur, Ohio; Katy Perez, Puerto Rico; Benjamin Bougoneau, Virgin Islands; Sydney Hudson, West Virginia

Second Vice Chair: Lane Hand, New Mexico Secretary: Alan Green, Michigan; Sarah Best, Tennessee Sentinel: Daniel Heikkila, Idaho; Ethan Marshall, Nevada

Committee Members Alabama: Shelby Windham, Blair Hendricks

Nebraska: Dylan Dam

Arizona: Chad Cullison

North Carolina: Danielle Blake, John McCormick, Sarah Lemmons

Arkansas: Caleigh Sue Moyer, Sam Harris California: Sheldon Overton, Kaitlyn Alanis, Danielle Diele, Anna Gomes, Maxie Holmberg-Douglas, Braden Loveday, Angelica Rodriguez, Ellen Margaret Van Noy

North Dakota: Katie Vculek Ohio: Joe Schmitz, Aaron Gates Oklahoma: Joshua Haven, Garrett Reed

Colorado: Kayla Calvin

Oregon: Remington Frazier

Delaware: Danielle Willis

Pennsylvania: Michala Kuhlman

Florida: Travis Theige, Clayton Willis

South Carolina: Randi Sims

Georgia: Addie Thomason, Julia Gonzalez, Chelsea James, Austin Waldroup

Tennessee: Madison Shultz

Indiana: Ethan McNeely

Texas: Lauren Barrett, Jeb Hogan, Cayler Banks, Sam DeShazo, Lorenzo Washington, Gracie Hedrick, Elizabeth West, Audrey Irwin, Katlyn Smith

Kentucky: Kasin Burnett, Hunter Sutton

Utah: Matt Mecham

Louisiana: Chelsea Deculus

Virginia: Caitlin Atkins

Maryland: Dan Grossnickle

Washington: Andy Zahl

Minnesota: Dylan Antoff

Wisconsin: Jenessa Freidhof

Missouri: Tessa Chambers, Connor Scott, Rylyn Small

Wisconsin: Kaitlyn Freeman

Montana: Whitney Hilliard

Wyoming: Ty Carpenter

Illinois: Chloe Carson

Delegate Coordinator: Regina Fitzpatrick, South Carolina Total Committee Membership: 75 Delegates

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Report of the

Committee for the Role of FFA in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources The committee for the Role of FFA in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas,

the two CDEs with the lowest participation align with AFNR careers in highest demand, and


that FFA evaluates the strengths, weaknesses and effectiveness of programs; and be it further


FFA works to prepare students for careers in AFNR through promotion and awareness, and


that FFA modernizes and aligns programs with current technologies; and be it further


all areas of agriculture need to be explored, and


that FFA promotes all programs through publications and social media; and be it further


current programs and technology need updating in order to better align with the eight AFNR career pathways, and


that FFA develop new programs at a national level including, but not limited to, Ag Sales Proficiency, Biotechnology, and agriculturally-based woodworking; and be it further


that the National FFA Organization examines ways to incorporate a wider variety of career paths that receive academic scholarships through the National FFA Organization.



there is a lack of variety in career paths that receive academic scholarships at the national level, therefore be it that the National FFA Board of Directors create a standing committee consisting of board members and industry leaders to develop and operate a system to connect programs to AFNR career pathways; and be it further

Respectfully submitted: Wally Martin, Florida, Committee Chair

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

11 6


Committee for the Role of FFA in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources Evaluate the role of FFA in preparing all students for careers in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) by exploring the need to continue, change, drop and /or add programs.

Committee Leadership Chair: Wally Martin, Florida

Sentinel: Nate Tefft, Rhode Island; Dylan Frazier, West Virginia

First Vice Chair: Trey Forsyth, Iowa

Discussion Group Leader: D. Johnathan Biggerstaff, Alaska; Tanner Mellon, Arizona; Valerie Canas, California; Rachel Footit, Connecticut; Carrie Carlson, Kansas; Ralynn O’Brien, Louisiana; Caitlin Creighton, Montana; Jonathan Rios, Puerto Rico; Whitney Bowman, Virginia; Brett Roth, Wyoming

Second Vice Chair: Allie Abney, Indiana Secretary: Maegan Olson, Maryland; Breanna Bullington, South Dakota

Committee Members: Alabama: Kelsey Faulkner, Megan McMahen

New Mexico: Denae Reeves

California: Leah Gibson, Mara Basich-Pease, Meagan Edgar, Christopher Gutierrez, Oke Iyeke, Joseph Martin, Luis Salazar, Grant Verdegaal

New York: Dan Truso

Delaware: Jovon Townsend

North Carolina: Haley Lohr, Mikayla Cutler, Elissa Houchins North Dakota: Lincoln Christenson Ohio: Jarred Shellhouse, Erika Nigh

Florida: Matthew Cantrell Georgia: Jaky Cervantes, Cassidy Byess, LeAnna Miller, Jacob Proctor

Oklahoma: Bray Haven Oregon: Jake White

Illinois: August Schetter, Emily Bloemer

Pennsylvania: Deidra Bollinger

Kentucky: Allie Maples, Bobby Joe Monhollen

South Carolina: Karley Young

Michigan: Devin Irion

Tennessee: Rachel Ralston, Winston Edgin

Minnesota: Brooke Wente Mississippi: Emily Parker

Texas: Bryce Winfrey, Heidi Ritter, Tyler Mogford, Shannon O’Quinn, Chelsi Vineyard, Molly Maroney, Kelsi Christian, Jake Boyd, Brittney Boyd, Garrett Harvey, Kyle Fitch

Missouri: Tanner Adkins, Mitchell Blehm, Carlee Buckner

Utah: Hailee Garrett

Nebraska: Ashtyn Shrewsbury

Washington: Laine Utter

New Jersey: Kelly Gangel

Wisconsin: Connor Anderson, Alison Wedig

Delegate Coordinator: Katy Endsley, Ohio Total Committee Membership: 76 Delegates

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Report of the

Committee for the Promotion of Agricultural Literacy The committee for the promotion of agricultural literacy recommends the adoption of the following resolutions: Whereas,

the future of our industry depends on the agricultural literacy of our community and public, and


that the National FFA Organization revises the Food for America program by encouraging more community outreach, and be it further


there is a growing education gap between producers and consumers resulting in a lack of appreciation for agriculture and a misinformed public, and


that the National FFA reevaluates PALS to include more Agricultural Literacy and participation in the program, and be it further


Resolved, the National FFA Organization has no official definition of ‘agricultural literacy”, and


the National FFA Organization’s Food for A merica Program has not been updated since the late 1990’s, and

that the National FFA Organization partner with businesses and industry to form a national campaign using social media, agritourism and curriculum provided to FFA members to educate their communities, and be it further


as of the 2011 – 2012 school year there were only 121 FFA chapters in the nation participating in PALS, and

that the National FFA Organization partner with Google to possibly change the Google logo during “National FFA Week”, and be it further


that the National FFA Organization appoint an existing National FFA Staff member to oversee all Agricultural Literacy programs in order to take action against the growing gap between producers and consumers.



social media is an effective way to reach a wide range of people across the nation, therefore be it


that National FFA creates a definition of Agricultural Literacy, and be it further

Respectfully submitted: Kyle Clement, New Jersey, Committee Chair

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

11 8


Committee for the Promotion of Agricultural Literacy Identify ways the National FFA Organization can promote agricultural literacy to the public.

Committee Leadership Chair: Kyle Clement, New Jersey

Sentinel: Erica Comeau, New Hampshire; Jake Ledoux, New York

First Vice Chair: Alison Seedorf, Colorado

Discussion Group Leader: Taylor McNeel, Arkansas; Kacy Cassat, Delaware; Mallory Pagel, Minnesota; Taylor Washhburn, Missouri; Miranda Berglund, North Carolina; Tyler Schnaithman, Oklahoma; Sarah Rutledge, Oregon; Shelby Eckhardt, Texas; Alex Korth, Vermont; Mitch Wallace, Virginia

Second Vice Chair: Riley Nilsen, California Secretary: Kayla Hoenert, Indiana; Kayla Walters, Mississippi

Committee Members: Alabama: Alyssa Hutcheson, Kaleb Richard

Missouri: Jaelyn Bergmann, Samantha Gibson

Arizona: Dalton Delia

Montana: Taylor Brown

Arkansas: Brian Hale

Nebraska: Morgan Kawalewski

California: Jason Mendes, Gabrielle Celaya, Cameron Ford, Tyler Harris, Brianne LeBeau, Makala Noelani Navarro, Morgan Scettrini

Nevada: Mackenna Johnson

Florida: Gordon Yoder, Katie Hutchinson Georgia: Levi Davis, Jordan Presley, Savannah Roberts, Kayla Whitehead

North Carolina: John Scott Ohio: Hallie Sue Hiser, Liz Overholt, Mary Beth Siekman Pennsylvania: Kayla Wallace Puerto Rico: Esthelory Lopez

Hawaii: Kimberly Chun

South Carolina: Savannah Vickery

Idaho: McKenzie Forsberg

South Dakota: David Strain

Illinois: Cody Morris, Stephanie Adams

Tennessee: Scott Bohanon, Samantha Beard

Iowa: Brad Pickhinke, Lauren Weirup Kansas: Daryl Simmons

Texas: Savannah Neff, Corie Ritter, Katy Hicks, Thomas Rockwood, Clayton Owens, Taylor Dillard, David Trevino, Elissa Irvin, Scott Chachere

Kentucky: Allison Ware

Utah: McKayla Gonder

Louisiana: John Whittington

Virginia: Lexie Holloway

Maryland: Daniel Myers

Washington: Liz Bumstead

Massachusetts: Kelsey Beauregard

Wisconsin: Thomas Olson, Justin Schwahn, Mitchell Giebel

Michigan: Ricky Southward Delegate Coordinator: Austin Large, Texas Total Committee Membership: 76 Delegates

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

11 9


2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FAIG CNOI TNEV E N 1 2T 0I O N2 0&1 3E X P O

12 0


National FFA Alumni Association

Three outstanding achievement awards given during annual convention Three individuals who have dedicated years to increasing awareness and support of agricultural education and FFA while building FFA alumni programs at local, state and national levels were honored at the 86th National FFA Convention & Expo.

The National FFA Alumni Association’s Outstanding Achievement Award honors individuals each year who work to promote, serve and support agricultural education and FFA. Recipients volunteer their time and talents to encourage people

at the local, state and national levels to get involved with FFA alumni efforts and activities. Jim East of Georgia, Sherry Kiel of Michigan and James Grasee of Wisconsin were this year’s award winners.

East was the driving force in creating the Miller County FFA Alumni affiliate. In five years as executive director, he grew membership from 25 to 178 members and gained recognition for the affiliate at the national level for outstanding affiliate applications and scrapbooks. He later served as a member of the group’s executive council. Today, he serves on the Georgia FFA Alumni Council and was past president of the group. He also served three years as an at-large member on the National FFA Alumni Association Council, notably helping to reactivate the Alabama FFA Alumni Association.

When a local FFA chapter was in danger of being cut, Kiel worked diligently with school officials to prevent the chapter’s demise. Throughout her state, she has assisted FFA chapters in establishing new FFA alumni affiliates. Kiel is continually advocating for the inclusion of career and technical education into Michigan’s curriculum guidelines. She has served as a delegate to the National FFA Alumni Association Convention and led her state’s efforts to host the National FFA Alumni Development Conference in 2014.

Grasee has volunteered for years to gain awareness and support for FFA throughout Wisconsin. He served two terms on the Denmark FFA Alumni board and led efforts to build a greenhouse on school grounds for its agricultural education program. He coordinated the chapter’s annual food drive and chaperoned FFA members to various community events. He also served as an executive finance committee member for the Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association and has attended numerous state FFA sectional meetings and conventions. During a recent national convention, Grasee chaperoned 15 students from Denmark and helped secure items for the National FFA Alumni Association’s silent auction.

2 0 1 3 N A T I O N A L F F A I GCNOI TNEV E N 1 2T1I O N2 0&1 3 E X P O



National FFA Alumni continued

Newsletter Award Winners Overall Winner: Region IV, Michigan Past State Officers FFA Alumni, Michigan Region III:

Wisconsin FFA Alumni, Wis.

Region III Finalist

Region IV:

Michigan Past State Officers, Mich.

Region IV Finalist

Ohio FFA Alumni, Ohio

Silver Ranking

Anthony Wayne FFA Alumni, Ohio

Silver Ranking

Union FFA Alumni, Mo.

Silver Ranking

Talawanda FFA Alumni, Ohio

Bronze Ranking

Blue Blazer Award Winners Alabama FFA Alumni California FFA Alumni Connecticut FFA Alumni Idaho FFA Alumni

Website Award Winners

Illinois FFA Alumni

Overall Winner: Region III, Wisconsin FFA Alumni, Wisconsin

Missouri FFA Alumni Region III:

Nebraska FFA Alumni North Dakota FFA Alumni

Region IV:

States With 100% State Officer Team as Life Members Region V:


Wisconsin FFA Alumni, Wis.

Region III Finalist

Denmark FFA Alumni, Wis.

Silver Ranking

Ohio FFA Alumni, Ohio

Region IV Finalist

Union FFA Alumni, Mo.

Silver Ranking

Talawanda FFA Alumni, Ohio

Bronze Ranking

Lexington FFA Alumni, Tenn.

Region V Finalist

Georgia Illinois

Outstanding Affiliate Award Winners


Overall Winner: Region V, West Rowan FFA Alumni, North Carolina

Iowa Kansas

Region II:

Kentucky Maryland Mississippi Nebraska

Region III:

North Carolina North Dakota Tennessee Virginia Washington

Region V:

Affiliate With Most Member

WaKenney FFA Alumni, Kan.

Region II Finalist

Hugoton FFA Alumni, Kan.

Bronze Ranking

Washington County FFA Alumni, Kan.

Bronze Ranking

Denmark FFA Alumni, Wis.

Region III Finalist

Raymond Central FFA Alumni, Neb.

Bronze Ranking

Alliance FFA Alumni, Neb.

Bronze Ranking

Stoughton FFA Alumni, Wis.

Bronze Ranking

West Rowan FFA Alumni, N.C.

Region V Finalist

South Rowan FFA Alumni, N.C.

Bronze Ranking

Lexington FFA Alumni, Tenn.

Bronze Ranking

Denmark FFA Alumni Association, Denmark, Wis. 632 Life Members 11 Annual members 10 Associate Members

2 0 1 3 N A T I O N A L F F A I GCNOI TNEV E N 1 2T 2I O N2 0&1 3E X P O

12 2


State With Most Members

National FFA Alumni Corporate Members

Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association

8,444 members

Illinois FFA Alumni Association

5,770 members

Shawn Hun, Fayetteville, N.C.

Ohio FFA Alumni Association

4,132 members

Fadhl Alhobishi, St. Pauls, N.C.

Florida FFA Alumni Association

2,629 members

Georgia FFA Alumni Association

2,456 members

Jamie Balker, Tallassee, Ala.

Bosco Locklear, Pembroke, N.C. Clint Schnoor, Agri-Service, Twin Falls, Idaho

Local Program Success (LPS) Grants Overall Winner: Portland FFA Chapter - Tennessee Okawville FFA Chapter, Ill.

“Lab Equipment for Agricultural Science”

South Rowan FFA Chapter, N.C.

“Finishing Touches for a Mobile Agriculture Classroom”

Wakefield FFA Chapter, N.C.

“High Hopes with High Tunnel Horticulture”

Miami East/MVCTC FFA Chapter, Ohio

“ICEV Curriculum for Classroom Instruction and Independent Study”

Talawanda-Butler Tech FFA Chapter, Ohio

“CASE Curriculum Implementation for Talawanda Agricultural Education”

Colcord FFA Chapter, Okla.

“Mac Attack”

Colton FFA Chapter, Ore.

“Jackets For All”

Bledsoe FFA Chapter, Tenn.

“Bledsoe FFA Apiculture Project”

Portland FFA Chapter, Tenn.

“Here We Grow Again”

Gunter FFA Chapter, Texas

“Agriculture Shop Laboratory Refurbishment”

Gillett FFA Chapter, Wis.

“Making the CASE for Agriscience in Gillett”

Mishicot FFA Chapter, Wis.

“iPads for Your Learning”

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FAIG CNOI TNEV E N 1 2T 3I O N2 0&1 3E X P O

12 3


2013 National Officers Nominating Committee and candidates

National Officer Candidates: Asa Jackson Harris, Alabama Sharleen Annabell Jones, Alaska Wendy

Steven Anthony Brockshus, Iowa

Sabrina Rose Kieser, Minnesota

Ryan Hershey Willits, New York

Jordan Marie Pieschl, Kansas

Kristen Jewel Bishop, Mississippi

John Marshall Stewart, North Carolina

Victoria Alexandra Maloch, Arkansas

Chelsea Renee Daugherty, Kentucky

Sonja Clare Perry, Missouri

Shelby Dee Faulkner, Ohio

Hannah Elizabeth Garrett, California

Bradley Michael Coleman, Louisiana

Molly Faith McGonigal, Montana

Brandon William Baumgarten, Oklahoma

Emily Jean Rudder, Colorado

Matthew Joseph Wood, Maryland

Brooke Anne Jindra, Nebraska

Jason Michael Wetzler, Oregon

Cory Adam Shrecengost, Nevada

Matthew Paul Dodson, Pennsylvania

Samuel Lawrence Rubinstein, New Jersey

Jiomar Santiago-Feliciano, Puerto Rico

Julia Maegan Morgan, Florida Georgia Ben Bennett Anna Kay Pratt, Idaho

Ashley Cheyenne DeCosta, Massachusetts Abigail Josephine Spickerman, Michigan

Jacob Vance Meisner, Illinois Jacob Charles Mattox, Indiana

Amanda May Ball, New Mexico

Nominating Committee:

Adult Consultants to the committee were:

Amie Wilcox, Arkansas

Dr. Misty Lambert, 3rd year consultant- Oregon

Brittaney Hudson, Colorado

Ben Lastly, 2nd year consultant- Georgia

Caitlin Walton, Delaware Shelby Calloway, Florida

Amanda Carlson, 1st year consultant- Montana

Mollie Enright, Massachusetts Andrew Neujahr, Nebraska Lynn Dodge, Nevada Andy Rausch, South Dakota Kelli Neuman, Texas

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



Meet your 2013-14 National FFA Officers Brian Walsh

Mitch Baker

Wes Davis



Hometown: Leesburg, Va.

Hometown: Cookeville, Tenn.

Eastern Region Vice President

Parents: George Walsh and Stephanie Case

Hometown: Point Pleasant, W.Va.

Parents: Phillip and Chris Baker

Siblings: Jamie Mullenaux, Kelly Walsh, Jackie Walsh, Stephen Walsh, Roberto Falzarano, Rosa Falzarano

Parents: Danny and Sonya Davis

Siblings: Nick Baker, Abbey Baker

Siblings: Zak Davis

Birthdate: Feb. 9, 1994

Birthdate: April 17, 1994


Birthdate: Jan. 15, 1993


Chapter: Baxter FFA, Upperman High School, Baxter, Tenn.


Chapter: Central FFA, Central High School, Woodstock, Va. Proficiency: Swine and Sheep Production State Office: Virginia FFA President, 2011-12 COLLEGE INFORMATION

Year: Sophomore Major: Agribusiness

Proficiency: Turf Grass Management

Chapter: Mason County Vocational FFA chapter, Point Pleasant Jr.-Sr. High School, Point Pleasant, W.Va.

State Office: Tennessee FFA Secretary, 2012-13

Proficiency: Poultry Production


State Office: West Virginia FFA President, 2011-12

Year: Sophomore


Major: Agricultural Communications, Broadcast Journalism

Year: Sophomore Major: Agricultural Education, Agribusiness Management

School: University of Tennessee at Knoxville

School: Virginia Tech College Activities: Virginia Tech Collegiate FFA; Virginia Tech Residential Leadership Community Future Career Goal: Walsh plans to pursue a master’s degree in agricultural education, enter a career as an agriculture education teacher and FFA advisor and eventually work for the Virginia FFA Association.

Steven Brockshus Central Region Vice President Hometown: Sibley, Iowa Parents: Jason and Shanise Brockshus

College Activities: Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity; freshman council, Student Government Association; volunteer for Center of Leadership and Service at University of Tennessee

School: West Virginia University College Activities: Agriculture Future of America, West Virginia University Davis College of Agriculture Student Council, CRU

Future Career Goal: After graduating with degrees in agricultural communications and broadcast journalism, Baker plans to serve with a mission-based organization and assist in hunger relief efforts.

Future Career Goal: Davis desires to become an agriculture educator and later move into a career in education program development and continue to positively impact the future leaders of the agriculture industry.

Jackson Harris

Jason Wetzler

Southern Region Vice President

Western Region Vice President

Hometown: Dothan, Ala.

Hometown: Portland, Ore.

Parents: Craig and Kim Harris

Parents: Wynn and Kathy Mayfield and Mike Wetzler

Siblings: Anna Lee Harris

Siblings: Ben Wetzler, Zach Wetzler, Katelyn Wetzler

Birthdate: Feb. 21, 1994

Siblings: Brandon Brockshus, Dylan Brockshus, Andrew Brockshus


Birthdate: Oct. 16, 1992

Chapter: Eufaula FFA, Eufaula High School, Eufaula, Ala.

Birthdate: May 6, 1993



Supervised Agricultural Experience: Agricultural Mechanics

Chapter: North Clackamas FFA, Clackamas High School, Clackamas, Ore.

Chapter: Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA, SibleyOcheyedan High School, Sibley, Iowa

State Office: Alabama FFA, Vice President, 2010-11

Proficiency: Swine Entrepreneurship Production State Office: Oregon FFA Treasurer, 2011-12



Year: Sophomore

Year: Sophomore

Major: Community Development

Major: Agricultural Leadership

School: University of Alabama

School: Oklahoma State University

College Activities: University Fellows Experience, New College Council, University of Alabama Collegiate FFA chapter, West Alabama Flywheel Initiative

College Activities: Oklahoma State University Council, Junior Greek Life Member and Top 10 freshman at Oklahoma State University; Alpha Gamma Rho, Student Alumni

Future Career Goal: Harris hopes to serve the citizens of Alabama, especially those who live in poverty, by equipping rural communities with opportunities for economic and creative growth.

Future Career Goal: Wetzler desires to be actively engaged in an agricultural-based, non-profit organization that focuses on the needs of its local community while globally speaking to youth about the value of agriculture and service to others.

Proficiency: Dairy Placement State Office: Iowa FFA President, 2012-13; Northwest Vice President, 2011-12 COLLEGE INFORMATION

Year: Sophomore Major: Agricultural Education and Global Resource Systems School: Iowa State University College Activities: Iowa State University Hixson Student Board, Cornerstone Church SALT Co. Future Career Goal: Brockshus hopes to help develop agriculture, teach and participate in mission work in a third-world country to encourage community development, spur innovation and motivate those in need.

2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

12 6



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

12 8


2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

12 9


2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O

13 0


2 0 13 N AT I O N A L F FA C O N V E N T I O N & E X P O



FFA Mission: FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. The Agricultural Education Mission: Agricultural education prepares students for successful careers and a lifetime of informed choices in the global agriculture, food, fiber and natural resource systems. The National FFA Organization affirms its belief in the value of all human beings and seeks diversity in its membership, leadership and staff as an equal opportunity employer. The National FFA Organization is a resource and support organization that does not select, control, or supervise state association, local chapter or individual member activities. Educational materials are developed by FFA in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Education as a service to state and local agricultural education agencies.

Š 2013 National FFA Organization

Proceedings 2013  
Proceedings 2013