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TABLE OF CONTENTS 2012-13 National FFA Officers................... 115 AgCN........................................................... 20 Agricultural Proficiency Winners.................. 54 Agriscience Fair Awards.............................. 76 American FFA Degree Recipients................ 84 Band, Chorus and Talent Participants......... 78 Candids..................................................... 116 Career Development Event Winners............ 48 Collegiate FFA.............................................. 14 Convention by the Numbers..........................2 Delegates..................................................... 98 Distinguished Service Citation..................... 80 Expo............................................................ 16 FFA Rally to Fight Hunger..............................8 Honorary American Degree Recipients........ 96 Keynote Speaker: Scott Hamilton..................4 Model of Excellence Winner........................ 72 Model of Innovation Winners....................... 74 National Days of Service.............................. 10 National FFA Alumni Association............... 108 National Officers Nominating Committee and Candidates......................................... 114 Pathways to Prosperity Breakfast................ 22 Retiring Address: Ryan Best........................ 24 Retiring Address: Jason Troendle................ 28 Retiring Address: Kenny Quick.................... 32 Retiring Address: Alicia Hodnik................... 37 Retiring Address: Seth Pratt........................ 40 Retiring Address: Cain Thumond................. 44 Somos FFA....................................................6 Stars Over America Winners........................ 68 Student Workshops..................................... 18 VIP Citation.................................................. 82




Convention by the numbers

The 85th National FFA Convention & Expo was held in Indianapolis Oct. 24-27, 2012. Throughout the week, FFA members attended general educational sessions and participated in a myriad of activities – from career development events and the FFA Rally to Fight Hunger to the National FFA Expo and student workshops.


Number of FFA members who attended student workshops


Number of exhibitors at the National FFA Expo


Volunteer hours, worth $81,000, contributed by the 1,069 participants in the National Days of Service


Number of Honorary American FFA Degree-Teacher awards bestowed





Number of people in attendance


Meals packed during the FFA Rally to Fight Hunger


Number of Honorary American FFA Degree-Other awards bestowed


Number of hotel room nights booked during the week


Number of FFA members who were awarded the American FFA Degree







Keynote speaker

Scott Hamilton

leaves it all on the ice… and in the fieldhouse By Emily Walker

“When we fall down? GET UP!” “When we get knocked down? GET UP!” Chants pulsed through Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis on Wednesday, Oct. 24, during the opening session of the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo. As former male figure skater and Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton walked onto the arena stage, he was nervous that the audience would be too young to remember any of his accomplishments. When he asked the thousands of FFA members if they had ever seen him skate, he was put at ease when the crowd cheered. Hamilton is also known for an appearance as an iceskating commentator in the movie “Blades of Glory.” Hamilton’s story of optimism and inspiration touched the hearts of those sitting in the audience during his keynote address. After surviving a growth deficiency as a child, Hamilton began ice skating as therapy and a hobby. His skating led him to four U.S. and World Figure Skating Championships and an Olympic gold medal. A diagnosis of testicular cancer took Hamilton off the ice for seven months. He returned to skating as a survivor but was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2004 and a re-occurrence in 2010. Hamilton decided to start sharing his story because as a cancer patient, he felt isolated and did not want others in his situation to feel the same way. He wants others to know that someone else is out

there and has gone through this situation and survived it. He kept a positive attitude throughout his medical issues, and his motto was, “There will be no lower lips, no sadness, no pity. There will be joy.” Hamilton’s biggest inspiration in life was his mother. She taught him what it truly meant to be a nurturer. When Hamilton lost his mother to cancer, the experience gave him the motivation to start raising money for cancer research. He co-founded the Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative in 1999 and has been working to educate people about cancer and cancer research ever since. After watching Hamilton speak during the opening session, Missouri FFA member Tristan Hart commented, “He was a great speaker. He was very funny and had a good message to share. He told us to

National FFA President Ryan Best called the speech “encouraging and hope-filled.” Hamilton’s message to FFA members and young people everywhere is “The only disability in life is a bad attitude.” He believes that a positive attitude can overcome any obstacle and is the best philosophy in life. He closed his address with a single challenge. “FFA…Do you hear me?… Be AMAZING!”

never give up on ourselves.”

Newsroom Crew.




Emily Walker is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in environmental studies and agriscience communications. This year, she’s reporting on the convention and expo as part of the National FFA Convention & Expo




Somos FFA

Somos FFA y Somos Orgullosos We are FFA, and we are proud to engage in service By Emily Walker

From Alaska to Puerto Rico and Maine to Hawaii, diversity is an important part of the National FFA Organization. Although as FFA members we are diverse, we also share common ground in our core values of agriculture, agricultural education and a promise of a brighter future. Our differences and commonalities were celebrated at the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo during the “Somos FFA, We Are FFA” celebration. On Thursday, Oct. 25, during a panel and roundtable discussion, FFA members and advisors expressed their concerns and addressed issues facing agricultural education for the more than 56,000 Hispanic/Latino FFA members. The goal of the discussion was to create a movement for FFA to educate everyone about Hispanic/Latino communities and agricultural education. Members discussed and compiled a list of pressing issues facing Hispanic/ Latino youth enrolled in agricultural education programs and FFA chapters. Translation of resources was one of the hot topics. Often, Spanish-speaking chapters translate official materials differently, which can cause problems when it comes to career development events, leadership contests or other activities. The language barrier can be

detrimental to members. During the discussion, there were some Englishspeaking members, some only speaking Spanish and a few bilingual members. It was sometimes difficult for the Englishspeaking members to communicate with the Spanish-speaking members without a translator. “When they were speaking in Spanish, I felt left out. Now I know how they feel when everything is done in English. This must be frustrating for them because all of our papers are in English along with the convention guide and most FFA manuals,” said Madison Howard from the Alamosa FFA Chapter in Colorado. Some of the other issues discussed included discrimination, bullying, parent concerns and a lack of available agricultural education programs and teachers. An advisor from Nebraska explained why some Hispanic/Latino parents are skeptical of students joining FFA. “Some of the parents have had to work in the fields, and they want better for their children.” Dr. Dexter Wakefield, the director of diversity and inclusion for the National FFA Organization, was extremely pleased with the turnout for the discussion. “Hispanics and Latinos represent the nation’s largest-growing minority population and it’s important we recognize these accomplishments and value our differences as we strive to promote wholeness




in our organization,” he said. “The term “Somos” says it all: We are FFA.” The first national FFA president from Puerto Rico, Javier Moreno spoke about the possibilities for Hisptanic/Latino members. “I can’t tell you enough how important it is not to give up. When you stumble, get up. You are good enough.” His words of encouragement were meant to keep Hispanic/Latino members passionate about agriculture and to introduce more Hispanic/Latino members to FFA. The members who attended this event had the opportunity to learn about how to be a leader in their communities and teach others about the Hispanic/ Latino culture. “Being Latino means being proud of who you are and where you come from,” said Diana Galvan, an FFA member from Austin, Texas. “Somos FFA! We are FFA!” The “Somos FFA, We Are FFA” celebration is sponsored by title sponsor STIHL and supporting sponsor Farm Credit as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. Emily Walker is a senior at Michigan State University majoring in environmental studies and agriscience communications. This year, she’s reporting on the convention and expo as part of the National FFA Convention & Expo Newsroom Crew.




FFA Rally to Fight Hunger

FFA members feed the world starting at home By Lauren Schwab

How hungry are you? FFA members are hungry enough to feed the world, but they will start at home. The National FFA Organization’s Feeding the World— Starting at Home hunger initiative is an educational movement dedicated to helping students understand the issues and implications of hunger. Ten thousand FFA members were at the National FFA Convention & Expo to learn how they can feed the world starting at home by living to serve in the FFA Rally to Fight Hunger. “This event is going to send out those first ripples, and it’s only the beginning of a journey. We need to share this knowledge,” said Jason Troendle, 2011-2012 National FFA Secretary. “As agriculturalists we’ve been fighting hunger… but how can we do more? How can we continue to grow our influence? Let’s get these nice hairnets on and by the end of the week, package one million meals because we’re here at the first ever Rally to Fight Hunger!” Troendle’s excitement rippled into the assembly lines of FFA members as they made each meal within one minute. Kids Against Hunger, a humanitarian food-aid organization, provided the packages of highly nutritious meals for families worldwide. Their goal is to provide a stable nutritional base from which recipient families can move their families from starvation to self-sufficiency. Executive Director Larry Moore

explained how teachers in Guatemala saw long-term benefits from the meals. “Within two weeks they noticed a difference in their kids. They were more attentive, they were learning better and they were learning faster,” said Moore. “Long-term benefits are they go to school… their bodies and brains develop better and they can get better jobs.” The meals will allow kids to be educated, productive adults and have hope for the future.




FFA members know hope for the future ripples into the hope to end hunger. FFA chapters will develop sustainable hunger-relief projects in their local communities and across the world. Lauren Schwab is a former FFA member from Somerville, Ohio. She is a 2011 graduate of Miami University with a degree in journalism and women’s studies. She is currently a graduate student in family studies and works full




National Days of Service

FFA members get involved in central Indiana community Hundreds of FFA members volunteered their time and skills Thursday Oct. 25 and Friday, Oct. 26 to help a host of Indianapolis-area organizations. Each year during its annual National FFA Convention & Expo, the National FFA Organization stages its National Days of Service and encourages students to volunteer. The program is designed to educate FFA members about the importance of community service to both local communities and their own personal development.

The 10 organizations that FFA members volunteered for are: AGAPE THERAPEUTIC RIDING CENTER, which has an equestrian program for those who have disabling conditions or are at risk.

JAMESON CAMP, which is a wellness camp that promotes healthy choices in nutrition and fitness for children affected by HIV/AIDS.

CENTRAL INDIANA LAND TRUST, which works with residents in the community to protect and restore important land including farm and timber lands.

JOY’S HOUSE, which allows aging adults and those living with physical or mental challenges to participate in a social environment.

DAMAR SERVICES, which provides residential and support services to more than 1,400 children and adults with developmental and behavioral challenges. GLEANERS FOOD BANK, which helps feed the hungry in 21 countries with more than 410 nonprofit organizations. INDY PARKS, which maintains more than 200 city parks.

MAPLELAWN FARMSTEAD, which helps future generations understand why farming is important and experience the effect of heritage preservation in communities. SECOND HELPINGS, which accepts donated perishable and overstocked food to prepare nutritious meals for thousands of hungry children and adults every day. ST. VINCENT DE PAUL-PANTRY, which operates a food pantry program to assist community members in need.

The 1,069 National Day of Service participants volunteered more than 4,000 hours during the two-day event.




National Day of Service continued










Collegiate FFA

Collegiate FFA impresses during convention & expo The 2012 Collegiate FFA Convention can be wrapped up in one word…SUCCESS! The turnout and support were spectacular. As soon as the expo doors opened on Wednesday, Oct. 24, FFA members and guests were immediately asking about Collegiate FFA and its programs and learning how they could be involved. Adding two additional days to the Collegiate and Alumni Career Fair allowed more members the opportunity to meet with potential employers, seek internships and full-time employment post-graduation and learn what companies are looking for in employees. Thirty-two different companies were in attendance, representing multiple aspects of agriculture. The collegiate workshops on resume building and budgeting were a hit for everyone. Participants were able to buff up their old resumes and work with career professionals to make improvements based on the information provided. FFA members in the budgeting workshop learned many of the common financial mistakes that college students make on a daily basis and how they can save for their future. At the various networking events, FFA members were able to mingle not only with members from other universities but with sponsors. People could relax a little and talk in an informal setting. This was a highlight for many people because they were able to spend time learning more about each other while enjoying some great refreshments. More than 400 people attended the

Collegiate House Party at Rock Bottom restaurant. More than 100 resumes were received from career fair attendees. Collegiate FFA also hit the 5,000 mark for




the number of ‘likes’ on their Facebook page. Overall this convention and expo was a huge SUCCESS in the world of Collegiate FFA.





Flyte visits the expo

During the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo, FFA introduced its official mascot Flyte. He is a Great Horned Owl and is trying to get people interested in and excited about FFA as well as engage members and non-members alike. Flyte spent the afternoon at the National FFA Expo taking photos with convention attendees and hanging out with exhibitors.

Click here to watch the video







Student workshops

Agricultural advocacy starts at the end of your comfort zone By Abbey Nickel

Every 60 seconds, 293,000 people update their status on Facebook, 100,000 tweets are sent out on Twitter, and 1,200 people are browsing and frantically “repinning” on Pinterest. As social media becomes more and more prevalent in our daily lives, it is also creating a greater need than ever for agricultural advocacy. The National FFA Alumni Association hosted several workshops that focused on advocating for agriculture during the 2012 National FFA Convention & Expo. The workshops emphasized the importance of agricultural advocacy as a whole, as well as advocating the National FFA Organization and agricultural education. “Social media is a great way to help people catch a glimpse of farm life and understand that farmers are people, too,” said Ryan Weeks from the AgChat Foundation. Erin Ehnle, creator of “Keeping it Real: Through the Lens of a Farm Girl” has helped thousands of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest users understand this important concept. Ehnle’s project combines both her skill for photography and passion for agriculture by editing photos of her family farm with statistics and common facts about agriculture and then sharing

them on social media. But to Ehnle, agricultural advocacy isn’t just necessarily about getting the word out – it’s about getting conversations started. “If we can get conversations started through what we post, we can help spread the positive image of agriculture,” said Ehnle. Michelle McCartney, an FFA member from Tilden, Texas, also felt strongly about advocating for agriculture. “Just getting out there and promoting what you love is so important, and agriculture is something that needs the most support,” she said. Weeks urged farmers and agricultural education teachers to start religiously using social media in order to help advocate for agriculture. “Social media allows us to go outside our own choir. Sometimes we’re really good at preaching to your own choir, but it’s time we step outside our comfort zone.” Becky Darnell, a member of the Kentucky Alumni Association, had similar thoughts. “We need to start reaching out to people in our communities who don’t understand what agriculture is all about,” she said. “We need to start being proactive in how we use our voices in agriculture through social media.” A negative portrayal of agriculture in the media is something that weighs heavily




on Ehnle’s mind – and according to her, it’s up to us to destroy any misconceptions about the agriculture. “We need to educate the public about what we do and override the negative videos and pieces of information. It’s as simple as that,” she said. Ricky Kreif, an FFA alumni member from Kewaskum, Wis., felt that advocating for agricultural education is one of the most crucial things we can do through social media. “We need to keep young students engaged and encourage them to continue to advocate if they want agricultural education programs to stay in our schools,” he said. Weeks said that perhaps the most important thing with agricultural advocacy is taking the leap of faith to tell and promote your own personal story on social networks, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or even Pinterest. “As we have this extreme use of social media in all forms, our story is out there and we’re not telling it. We’ve got to get involved with the conversation. We can’t let somebody else tell it for us. My question for all of you is, ‘what’s your ag story? You all have one, and you need to tell it,” he said. Abbey Nickel is a sophomore at The University of Findlay studying journalism.





Grow your future with AgCN By Hannah Kleckner

The theme for the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo was “Grow”, and with all the opportunities nationwide from chapter to chapter, it’s hard not to do some growing, both personally and professionally. But how do you make the most of these new experiences? The Agricultural Career Network is here to help. Fondly referred to as the “8th Wonder of the World” by some AgCN experts, the network offers members a wealth of professional resources at the click of a mouse. Advisors start the network in their classroom, allowing it to track and record all the experiences each member puts under his or her belt. Maybe you’re looking at possible

openings nationwide. Additionally, it offers

you’ve never been to, push yourself to

other aspects of career cruising and

expand your horizons.

careers? Or, maybe you have a hunch of

assessment to help you along your edu-

what you want to do, but have no idea

cational pathway.

opportunity for the future.

what schools offer programs related to

Although career success is a main

it? By filtering through all of your expe-

focus of AgCN, the process of obtain-

riences, AgCN can suggest possible

ing that success is rooted in personal

career pathways, universities you might

growth. Besides connecting members

want to consider to attend and even

with tools to help them on their way,

scholarships to help you pay for the cost

AgCN encourages students to push

of that degree.

themselves outside of their comfort zones

Perhaps you’re a collegiate member starting to think about graduation.

The reward? An endless wealth of

and try something new. So whether it’s a new career develop-

For more information on AgCN and to sign up, visit the Agricultural Career Network online. Hannah Kleckner is an Agriculture Sciences major at Penn State. Originally from Annville, Pa., Hannah was a member of the Little Dutchmen FFA, a section of AgCN, can

ment event (CDE) you’re thinking about

Chapter but now serves as a member of

help you narrow down and seek out job

trying out or a leadership conference

the Penn State Collegiate FFA.







Pathways to Prosperity Breakfast

Leaders challenged to help students achieve career success By Courtney Leeper

Agriculture business leaders were called to action at the Pathways to Prosperity Breakfast. Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Pathways to Prosperity Project Director Dr. William Symonds, AgCareers. com President Eric Spell and National FFA Organization CEO Dr. Dwight Armstrong spoke to the group about how they can help students reach career success. Symonds said the way we think about education and career development in young adults needs to change. Business leaders have an important role in preparing students to be successful in the work place. In February 2011, the Pathways to Prosperity Project released a report, “Pathways to Prosperity: Meeting the Challenge of Preparing Young Adults for the 21st Century,” which explained why the U.S. is not producing students ready for the workplace. The report promoted an educational system focused on preparing students for their future through various educational pathways and connections with potential employers. “We’re taking too narrow of an approach,” Symonds said. Our society places great pressure on

students to pursue four-year degrees while that’s not what the market demands, Symonds said. Only 33 percent of jobs require a four-year degree, 30 percent require less than four years of higher education and 36 percent require only a high school diploma, he said. Symonds said students are more aware of careers that require four or more years of education than jobs that don’t require as much education. However, demand for students with skill sets, such as welding, is great. Symonds said we need to stop labeling students who don’t attend a four-year college as failures and start valuing other places of higher education, such as community colleges and vocational schools. “We need to emphasize other pathways to success,” Symonds said. Students need to get out of the school room and into the work place to gain experiences, Symonds said. Businesses can offer these experiences through job shadowing, apprenticeships and internships. Students learn more with a real-life approach rather than just academic, Symonds said. “Somehow, we’ve lost sight of the value of this in our young people,” Symonds said. When the majority of students lived




on farms, they gained a skill set at home while the school systems focused on academics. Symonds said because the majority of students do not live on farms many have lost skill sets and the school systems have remained the same. Our society overemphasizes academics and underemphasizes skill sets. Eric Spell, president of AgCareers. com, said there is a growing need for students interested in the agriculture industry. There are currently 23 million people employed by agriculture, and five percent, or approximately 1 million people, plan to retire within the next five years, according to Spell. The future holds many opportunities for agriculture students, and students should start preparing now. “Many young people have no idea of the opportunities that are out there,” Symonds said. The Agricultural Career Network, AgCN, can be used by businesses and students to improve the future of agriculture through working together toward career success. Courtney Leeper is a sophomore Science and Agricultural Journalism major at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Originally from Trenton, Mo., Courtney was a member of the Trenton FFA Chapter.

“Mama said...” Across this country, there’s one day every child fears. Statistics show that four


25 2012 PROCEEDINGS 2012



Retiring Address: Ryan Best, National FFA President

out of every five children are affected by this. We are caught unaware and without warning. For me, this day happened Aug. 1, 2009. That day, my life changed forever. Aug. 1, 2009, was the day… my mama joined Facebook! Yep, from that day forward, I could count on mom to not only like and comment on every one of my posts but also every time somebody else posted on my wall. Since joining Facebook, mama has only not liked or commented on seven of my wall posts…only seven in three years! She even “liked” when my relationship status went from “being in a relationship” to “single!” Now, thanks to Facebook, my entire social network knows that I’m a “Mama’s Boy.” That’s right, I, Ryan Best, love my mama! Hold on… [pulls out cell phone and looks at it] It’s my mother…she just tagged me in a post…she says she liked that! She may like and comment on every Facebook post I have, she may have yelled louder than any other parent when she thought I was fouled in basketball, and she may have called me every single day the first three weeks I moved to college, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My mother always has a bit of advice for whatever I am going through. She and my dad taught me right from wrong. And she has worked tirelessly to instill values in my life. My dad says my sisters and I grew up in “Generation Why.” He says when he or my mother asks us to do something, we always ask the question, “Why?” With this question comes three words, which are effective to end an argument. These are, “because Mama said!” I would be playing with my Hot Wheels instead of doing my chores, and my sisters would say, “Ryan, get to work.” “Why?” “Because Mama said.” Each of us have gotten frustrated with our parents, grandparents, guardians, or mentors for giving a similar answer to our question of, “Why?” The simple response of, “because Mama said,” used to get under my skin. Why does my mama think she is so cool she doesn’t have to answer? But now that I’m older, I’ve come to realize my mama really is just that cool. She has experienced enough in her life to simply offer

wisdom because she said so. Maybe some things in life I should just accept because “Mama said.” We can sometimes get caught up on the “Why?” and we forget to pay attention to the advice of those who know much more than we do. There are a couple of things Mama told me throughout my life that really stuck. Fight the good fight. Run the race. And I listen to her. Why? Because “Mama said.” In my high school, basketball was a big deal. I had played all my life, been on varsity since eighth grade, played in two state tournaments, and finally, it was my senior year. Everything I had worked for was culminating into this, my last year to put on that number 21 jersey and play as an Elida Tiger. My fellow seniors and I were determined this was going to be our year. We pushed each other further, practiced harder than ever, and the result was four hours of intense effort every day. When we pushed our teammates further, they accepted the challenge and stepped up their game with the exception of one freshman. This guy continued to lollygag and loaf. No matter how many times he was asked to speed things up, he thought of a smart remark and would go slower. Finally one day, we were doing a full court layup drill. We weren’t being as sharp as usual. Frustrated, Coach began making us run lines for every dropped pass and missed layup. We started making better passes and making our layups…except for this freshman. He continued to drop passes, run half speed the whole time, and miss nearly every shot. After running about 50 lines for our friend, we started to get frustrated. We asked him to step it up so we wouldn’t run more. Nothing changed. Finally, out of frustration I turned to him and said, “Michael, if you’re not going to try any harder than that, why don’t you just quit?!” What happened next, I’ll never forget. Michael looked at me with hurt in his eyes, took off his practice jersey, handed it to me, and walked to the locker room. I thought, “Oh well, it’s probably better this way.” I went on with practice. The next day, Michael quit Fellowship of Christian Athletes as well as the youth group we both attended. The next week, he quit FFA. The rest of high school, Michael

Ryan Best continued

ask ourselves: “is what i am fighting for good?” Will this fight have a positive impact in someone’s life? Will I regret my actions later? We must fight the good fight. Why should we listen to this? Because Mama said! As an eighth grader, the baseball coach kept asking if I would play baseball for him. I always replied, “No, Jimmy Dale, I don’t play baseball.” But Jimmy Dale was VERY persistent. Finally, I gave in. I would try it for one season. The first day of practice came around, and I showed up in my boots and jeans. I didn’t even have a glove for the first day and had to borrow one. I soon found

participated in minimal activities. He stopped working in class and became a less-than-average student. “Why don’t you just quit…” I can still hear those words. I look back now and wonder what would have happened if I had encouraged Michael to work harder, maybe stayed after practice to help him get better? What kind of difference could I have made in his life if I had helped him instead of telling him to quit? I told my mom what I had done. She listened as she always did, but I could tell she was disappointed. She asked me, “Was that a fight worth having?” “Yes, he was just bringing down our team. He wasn’t trying and was punishing the rest of us for it.” “But was it a good fight?” “What do you mean good fight?” “Were you fighting for a good purpose?” “I was fighting so the rest of us didn’t have to run anymore.”

“Was that good or selfish?” “Selfish.” “What could you have done?” “Helped him get better. I could have shot free throws with him, helped him with drills, or I could have spoken positive things to him instead of being hurtful.” Mama taught me a valuable lesson. Fight the good fight. Not the selfish fight. Not the easy fight. But the fight for what is good. What had happened to me? Had I really become a person uncaring for those around me—one who only looks out for what is best for me? Unfortunately, we live in a society that says it’s OK to look out for number one. It’s OK to fight a fight that gets us what’s best for us. Have we become a generation so focused on ourselves that we are incapable of caring for others? Are we incapable of fighting the good fight? This generation is in desperate need of conviction…something to believe in and fight for. The question we have to GROW



out why I didn’t play baseball. My swing looked more like a golf swing, I couldn’t throw the ball from first to second base, and I didn’t know anything about defense, stealing bases, bunting, catching pop flies or anything else. It seemed the only thing I was capable of doing was sitting on the bench chewing sunflower seeds and counting pitches. I struggled through practice, beating myself up for my lack of knowledge and ability, being made fun of by the rest of the team. I went home every day discouraged, sore and ready to give up. I begged my mother to let me quit. Mama sat me down and said I couldn’t quit. She said, “If you quit this team, you’ll quit everything the rest of your life.” “But, Mom, I’ve never quit anything before…” “Ryan, you’ve never quit anything before because you’ve never tried anything you weren’t naturally good at. Baseball’s different. You have to work to succeed. I promise, if you can learn to play and become successful at baseball, you can learn and become successful at anything you do in life. You have to run the race.” Sounds pretty simple. Mom has a knack for making things simple. “You’ve never tried anything you weren’t naturally good at… But at this, you will have to work to succeed. Run the race.” Not walk the race. Not jog the race… but run

to this? Because Mama said! Never before had my mama’s advice to fight the good fight and run the race been as apparent as when tragedy struck our family. Five and a half years ago, my big sister, Heidi, passed away from injuries she received in a car wreck. Needless to say, this was a trying time in our family. I took my sister dying pretty hard. I became angry and upset. I lashed out at others for little to no reason. I yelled at my family and took out my anger on them. I became someone nobody wanted to be around. I didn’t even like myself. There is one night I remember in particular when

began running a race to grow me into the best possible man she could raise me to be—a race to comfort me when I need comforting, to discipline me when I need disciplining, and to love me always. Mama never gave up on me. She ran the race. With those three little words, Mama demonstrated what it means to fight for something and never give up. Do we have what it takes to fight the good fight and never give up? Does our generation have the commitment to return to the values our parents, grandparents, advisors and mentors hold? Do we have what it takes to fight the good fight and run

said he would never succeed because he didn’t have experience with agricultural education. He admitted he may not know everything there was to know about ag ed and FFA, but he was willing to learn. He ran the race. We are currently in the worst drought since 1956. Though it’s tough, there are lot of farmers I have met this year who will still put seeds in the ground next year. If farmers let one year of drought discourage them, we wouldn’t have farmers. Farmers understand what it means to not give up. They are running the race. What kind of race are you running? Are you giving it your all? It’s so easy to just quit and give up or to just give half effort and never think twice about it. Why should we run the race? A better question is, “WHY NOT?” Today, mediocrity has become acceptable. We rarely reward hard work and excellence. Very seldom do we recognize outstanding achievements without ensuring that those who only gave half the effort are recognized as well. We can’t continue being a generation content to only get by. At the end of the day, we should look back and say that we ran the race. We didn’t walk it, we didn’t jog it, and we most certainly didn’t quit it. No…we RAN the race. Don’t give up. Run the race, why should we listen

my anger got the best of me. It was about a month after Heidi’s wreck and some friends of ours invited my little sister over to take her mind off things. I was friends with them too. I was hurting. Why didn’t they invite me? I held my anger as long as possible. I went to sit on the porch, trying my best to cool off. My mom soon came outside to talk and… I exploded. I began yelling at my mother like I had never yelled at anyone before. “Why doesn’t anyone ask how I am doing? Why doesn’t anyone invite me to do things? Don’t they know that I lost my big sister too? That I’m hurting too?” I said things to my mother I never would have said—awful, hurtful things. I yelled and yelled, and when I was done, I sat in silence watching the tears run down my sweet mama’s face. Then my mom said three little words that I will never forget. Mama looked at me and said, “I love you.” “I. Love. You.” Three little words showed me how much my mother cared for me. That day, Mama showed me what it meant to fight the good fight. She fought for our relationship, but she never stooped to the level of yelling back and taking out her feelings on me. Mama chose to fight a fight to help me, not hurt me. Twenty-two years ago, she

the race so that someday we will hear, “Well done, my good and faithful servant?” In a survey identifying the worst offenses committed in American high schools in 1940 compared to 2010, it’s shocking to see what has happened to our generation. In 1940, the worst three offenses committed were running in the halls, chewing gum and talking in class. In 2010, the three worst were arson, school bombings and gang violence…all three are felonies. What has happened to us? Are we really fighting the good fight? Are we really running the race? Fight the good fight and run the race; why should we listen to this? Not just because Mama said, but because it’s the right thing to do… because we as a generation have been called to be better…because we have been called to serve as an example. FFA members, it’s time for our generation to rise up and break the chains of society. It’s time for us to strive to be more than a generation who fight for the wrong things and give up when things get tough. It’s time to lead the way for future generations and be the example of hope and faith. Friends, it’s time for us to rise up, fight the good fight and run the race!




We as a generation have been called to be better

the race. When I get discouraged, she reminds me, “Don’t give up! Run the race.” There are countless examples of people who are running the race. Take Chelsea who struggled with self-esteem in high school. Though she made good grades, she never felt that she was good enough for those around her. After struggling with this issue, she decided to drop out of high school. With the help of her grandfather and FFA advisor, she chose to stick it out. She ran the race. Or take an agriculture teacher from Tennessee who was alternatively certified. When he was hired, others

Retiring Address: Landan Schaffert

Love out loud There sitting on our table was not your ordinary napkin holder, but a decorative, hand painted wooden cow napkin holder. My brother

ahead Ben.” Ben shot and this time the boy ran in and grabbed the rebound and shot himself. Fine. Being a senior standing at 6 foot tall, I was not giving up another rebound and let this boy know it by pulling the rebound just out of his reach. I told him, “Hmm, nice try.” I gave it back to Ben. He shot and when I was handing the next rebound to

Pass, catch. Pass, catch. Pass, “smack.” I hit the back side of the napkin holder and the cow tipped over…my first and last cow tipping experience! I quickly tried to set it up so my parents wouldn’t see. Unfortunately the wooden front was snapped in half…broken. My heart sank…You know that feeling you get when you’ve done something you shouldn’t have. Well later with help from my mom we fixed it up with wood glue making it close to as good as new. Yep, that napkin holder. Then there was my golf club I broke. Or that fishing pole, the name plaque, my watch, the go-cart, my backpack, or that water bottle I froze…yeah, most of us could probably make a whole list of things that we have broken. Most of these things on our list are probably pretty small in the big picture of life. But how often do we look at this big picture and miss the greater brokenness in our world. If we take the time to look, that brokenness becomes very apparent. Just like if you look closely at that cow you can see there’s a crack. Even though our world cannot be fixed with wood glue, it can be fixed with something much bigger. We can create a better world if we Love out Loud. Now there are those events in

spend time during lunch and recess with Ben. We would always talk between bites of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or chicken nuggets before heading outside for recess. So let me tell you a little bit about Ben. He is easy to talk to once you get him going and he enjoys drawing. He also loves theater and does one of the best “British accents” I have ever heard! He likes to play tag and run around outside just like any fifth grade boy. Ben has a huge heart and he does not let his slight physical disability hold him back. Ben has cerebral palsy. Basically his legs are not the strongest, but that does not stop him from having fun! One day, Ben and I decided to shoot hoops outside and were having a great time. While we were shooting, a sixth grade boy came over by us. Ben shot the ball and all of a sudden this other boy threw a kickball at the basketball knocking the ball off target. “What the heck?!” We didn’t even know him. He ran off to get the kickball and I thought that was the end of it…nope he was back and did it again! What was his deal? Ben asked him to stop and I asked him to go to a different hoop. He moved a little ways away. “Go

Ben the boy grabbed it out of my hands. I was getting really fed up with this and could tell that Ben was too. I told him, “Hey man, knock it off.” He challenged me, shot the ball, made it and this boy who probably weighed half as me, got right up in my face and said, “Yeah, what? What?” I pushed him away and while I was trying to figure this kid out, he ran up and stole the ball away from Ben. Before I snapped on this boy, I grabbed the basketball and said to Ben “Let’s go to a different hoop.” As we walked away the boy picked up the kickball and threw it at Ben. In that instant, something snapped inside of me and my protective instincts kicked in! I grabbed the kickball, grabbed this boy strongly by the shoulder, shoved the ball back right into his stomach and walked him inside to the office. I was fired up. Here was Ben, trying so hard to make a shot and just wanting to have a good time. He already was excluded from most games at recess. He already was physically challenged and this kid has the guts to pick on him! The situation was completely messed up! Later, I shared what had happened with my mentor at the high school. The whole situation was


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Retiring Addres: Jason Troendle, National FFA Secretary

and I decided to play a little table hockey with a bouncy ball… not a smart idea. Pass, catch.

our lives that just throw us for a loop and one of those happened my senior year of high school. I was part of a group called peer helpers and in addition to helping our peers at the high school, we also worked with students at the elementary school. My buddy was Ben. Now every Thursday, I would

Jason Troendle continued

just…broken. It is easy to see how Ben’s situation was broken, especially after working with him for a number of weeks. It is unfair that Ben has cerebral palsy. This caused him to lack confidence and he had few true friends. Ben’s world was broken and this other student made it worse. After thinking about it, what really hit me was how the other boy’s world was also broken. Maybe he himself lacked confidence. Maybe he desperately wanted attention. Maybe he was taking out his frustrations from his home life. The brokenness he had only caused more damage in the world around him. What really bothered me personally about the whole situation was that I did not see this other boy’s brokenness in the moment. Instead I just added to it by the way I treated him. Never once did I ask him if he wanted to play. Never once did I try to understand what might be happening to him. Never once did I reach out.

Instead I just reinforced this brokenness. As a society we have become so numb that we cannot see the brokenness all around us. We have become desensitized and chose to ignore it. Brokenness has become our normal. If we think back, we probably all have our own playground experiences that were broken. We live in a broken world. Brokenness is all around us. Maybe we have a broken relationship with ourselves. We constantly question our self-worth, who we are and if we are good enough. Our relationships with others are broken. Perhaps it was that experience on the playground. Think about how often the relationships between siblings, teammates, in marriages, students to teachers, and so many others are broken. The world around us is not perfect. So what is broken in your own world? Think beyond the physical things. Instead is it the confidence of a teammate, coworker or friend? GROW



Is it the self-image of a classmate or sibling? Is it the cliques in your high school? What are those situations surrounding you in your life on a daily basis that are broken? All we really have to do is peel back the layers and look closely to see that there are areas, relationships, and systems that are broken. We as humans do not like this and are constantly trying to fix and make the world better. While we can never make this world perfect we can improve it if we choose to love out loud. And who wants to live in a world where relationships and systems are broken… no…this is not good enough. We can do better. We can create a better world. But what does it look like? I was a group leader at Oklahoma’s Leadership camp, and there were 11 individuals who made up our small group. Small group 34.

Even in the heat of an intense game of dodge ball, which we lost, no one lashed out against the other team, the referees or each other. Slow to anger and standing together as one…loving out loud. In our small groups, we shared about tough transitions in our lives. There was some laughing, tears, and hugs, but most importantly, kind and caring individuals intently listening. We valued each other’s stories…loving out loud. I could go on and on about these little moments. The crazy thing is that in talking to the other small group leaders it was not just happening

based on true love not these things, amazing things happen. Those actions become like the wood glue that help to fix the brokenness all around us. By removing those barriers and loving more and more, maybe just maybe normal life will start to look a little more like camp. Maybe, if we open our eyes and love out loud we can give people like Ben a place where he can be just as human as everyone else. Maybe by loving we can help someone who is struggling for attention like that boy on the playground. Maybe we can stop adding to the brokenness all around

hour and lots of frustration to get this! It was easy to see how our small group could quickly get mad at themselves, your group members or give up. Now as we started, some seemed to get it quickly while others not so much. We kept trying with no success as a whole group and then decided to break into smaller groups of three or four to help teach each other. No matter how many times it took, these groups just kept going through it until each person felt comfortable. We then succeeded in doing it as a big group, and passing the cups to create an awesome rhythm. Even after a long day and an easy chance to quite, there was so much patience and helping…that was loving out loud. Another time, some individuals in our small group were not comfortable during parts of the ropes course. In moments of this vulnerability, others individually reached out and said, “I got your back.” They were not judging this fear but supporting to help them overcome it…loving out loud. During down time, tons of happy gram notes were written. Over meals there where many great conversations about life and each other’s backgrounds. So many words of affirmation and understanding were shared…loving out loud.

in our group. This was happening all over camp. Wow…what an environment! For me it was not the large events that made the environment of camp so great but the actions of everyone loving out loud. It was patiently helping each other. It was not judging but supporting. It was words of affirmation and understanding. It was working for the collective group. It was removing anger and focusing on the good. It was truly valuing others around us. Those small acts of love made the camp a place of security, comfort, and growth! The world of camp was less broken in comparison to the normal world because people were loving out loud. Loving out loud helps fix a broken world. We all desire to better our world and we can’t just talk about loving we must act with love. We must love out loud. What is stopping us from living out love? Is it fear of rejection by showing that you are vulnerable? Is it giving up “man points” according to your friends by going against peer pressure or what is cool? Is anger preventing you from seeing the goodness in people? Is your pride in the way that you run over other people? What do you have to get rid of to love out loud? When we start to live and act

us, like I did, by the way we choose to live and interact with others. Maybe we can start to heal the world. To begin to change the broken social systems based on what we look like, what we wear and who we know. To mend the brokenness of our own homes and the relationships with our parents and siblings. To begin to change the selfishness and greed that is consuming our world. Just like that broken napkin holder will never be perfect, we can never make our world perfect. But maybe we can piece it back together if we love out loud. Do not be blind to the brokenness in the world around you. Instead find the brokenness in the world and begin to restore it. We can truly make our world a better place if we love out loud! Truly loving out loud is unconditional…it expects nothing in return. It is thinking about others before you think about yourself. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is humble. Love is not easily angered. It is not judgmental. It holds no record of wrongs. Love is giving. Love is compassionate. Love is selfless. Love rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and it always perseveres. To mend our broken world, this love, is the love we must live by in order to love out loud!




We can truly make our world a better place if we love out loud!

We got to know each other fairly quickly through water Olympics, small group time, large sessions, dodge ball, and a ropes course. It was almost like magic to see how each time we were together we got more and more comfortable. One activity in particular sticks out where we learned a rhythm with cups in our small group. The trick was we had to do it without talking. It goes a little like this: clap, clap, 1, 2, 3, clap, up, down, clap, grab, open, down, closed, slap, down. Now I had to learn this the night before and looked a little bit like this (randomly clapping and slapping). It took me about an

Retiring Address: Tiffany Rogers

Seven bucks One of my favorite places to be was outside in the barn with my dad. There

tall enough. Drive the tractors? Not old enough. …but with the skid steer on the other hand, after a heavy session of pestering, I made some progress. My dad and my uncle taught me to drive it. I used it to bring milk down to one of the calves, but only when my dad and uncle were with me. But I knew I could do more. I just had to prove myself. So I waited for the BEST possible time…when no one was home! The time finally came when my dad went to an auction. I climbed up into the cab, pulled down the safety bar, started her up and I went to town. By the time my dad got home, I had fed all the cows and only managed to crack one water bowl in the process. You know how you think you can guess how your parents will react to some things…I thought that he would be happy and full of joy to find the cows fed. But what I thought his reaction would be changed when I saw his face. The man was mad, but he didn’t say anything. He just stared. Then he said, “Well you got them fed. Guess what you’re doing every day from now on?” Because I knew how to feed the cows, I was now expected to actually DO it, and feed them.

As a freshman I thought, “What the heck is this?” I’m not going to lie. I expected it to be corny. I expected it to worthless, one of those things where some excited people in button-up shirts told you stuff you already knew… But it was a chance to get out of my home town of Granville, so I went. Ten minutes into the conference, I

have the responsibility to use it. But we don’t always do that. We go from those eager little kids, begging for a chance to drive the tractor, to young people who don’t always do what we could do. Sometimes, the things we once begged for a chance to try or hoped of doing become inconvenient, exhausting or simply don’t seem that interesting to us. Too often, we see people who simply don’t want to do… anything. The problem is, when we don’t do anything—when we don’t take the things we learn and actually put them to some use— we are cheating those around us. Once we learn something, we have the responsibility to use it. This is true in my barn just as much as it is here in FFA. In FFA we can learn quite a lot. But if we learn something and never use it, why the heck are we paying seven bucks in national dues to sit here. We are here to learn something, and then to actually do something with it! As a freshman in high school, I helped start my FFA chapter. After we got it up and running and I paid my seven dollars in dues, I had the chance to go to my first “leadership conference.”

still remember those excited trainers talking about “know yourself, grow yourself, act for yourself.” That if I develop myself I would be better for those around me. “How does that happen?” I thought. It is cheesy and I was skeptical. But I have a choice. I can check out for two days, or I can tune in. That simple. I could sit there, daydream about anything my little heart desired or I could sacrifice some pride and actually pay attention. I didn’t want to waste the money my mom and dad spent on sending me, so I tuned in. After spending this year on the road and looking back, I’ve found that the first step to getting something out of being an FFA member, that makes it worth paying seven bucks to be a part of… …is simply to “learn something.” When I left that conference, I had learned something, but it was because I had given myself permission to actually do it. Through all the crazy stuff they had us do, I got something out of it. It’s not just about showing up— we’ve got to do what nobody else can do for us. We’ve got to get ourselves in an attitude of growth, where we want to


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Retiring Address: Kenny Quick, Eastern Region Vice President

was an age when all I could do was the small stuff—like feed some calves, clean some pens— but not much else. I always was told that I was too young to do the cool stuff. Milk the cows? Not

At first, I was happy boy. It was fun sitting in the skid steer for an hour when it was 70 degrees out. But four months later when it is 20 below and snowing, that’s the longest hour of your life. From that point on I was always careful about what I learned to do on the farm. Once we learn something, we

Kenny Quick continued

learn something. FFA puts us in all kinds of places where we can learn something. But it’s our choice to tune in and take something out of it. In class, back in school, we choose if we stare out the window or tune in. At our chapter meetings, we choose if we actually stay awake and listen. When we go to conferences, we choose if we just mess around or if we focus. At this convention, we choose if we participate, engage and get something out of it. Because only when we tune in, stay awake, have some focus and engage can we actually “learn something.” So back to that first conference I ever went to. I learned something and I thought that I had done my part, because I paid attention. I thought that because I paid

attention in a “leadership workshop” I was now a leader. Good for me! And that was it. But once we learn something, we have the responsibility to use it. Step one in getting something out of being an FFA member and making it worth paying seven bucks to be here is to “learn something,” but there is a step two… …do something. I’ve met five people in particular this year who have step two mastered. One uses her words, three use their hands, one uses his community. All make impact. Shelby, the Zacharias, and Dylan: five people, three stories, one simple key to greatness. Shelby uses her words to help people understand. She went to school early and stayed late. She met with her advisor and GROW



got herself ready for the competitions that were coming up. Shelby prepped for public speaking and job interview—each are career development events, or contests in FFA. Shelby learned something. She learned how to speak about what she believed and make people believe her. She learned the skill of effective communication. But Shelby has influence because she did more than learn about it…she did something with it. She’s currently president of her officer team in Ohio and she used what she learned getting ready for contests everyday. The last time I spoke to her she was coming back from speaking in front of her state legislature fighting for funding. Shelby didn’t just learn something, she did something. What are we doing with what we’ve learned?

nothing unless we actually do something with them. Remember ninth grade Kenny, heading to the leadership conference thinking it was going to be cheesy? Most of us have probably been in a situation where we’re supposed to be learning something but we can’t help but think, “What am I supposed to do with this?” That’s the point! We’ve got to ask ourselves that question. “What am I going to do with this?” We can empower ourselves to make a difference when we actually plan to do something with the information, the tools, the skills we are taught. There is a reason that we go to conferences, there is a reason that we have competitions, but so often we go, we compete, we learn something, even win something but when we don’t do anything. We miss the point! In FFA we have competitions. Some of us spend hours and hours getting ready for them. We go to school early, stay late, go in over the summer. In order to be successful we work hard. Do we put in time and effort so that, in that moment of competition, we are our absolute best? Is that really what we are practicing for—to walk across this stage and get a plaque? The fact that we can do this is impressive. But is that the point? Is that the moment when being our best really counts? If it is… shame on us. The fact that we compete is great and if we do well, then even better. But if we are doing this simply to compete for a plaque, we miss what the skills are meant for. In the same way, we go to conferences to learn a skill. But what do we do with them? If we think about it, all leadership conferences do is teach us. Just because we learn about it doesn’t make us a leader. It’s like reading a recipe in a cookbook and saying we’re a chef. We’re not, till we actually do it. No matter how many conferences we go to, we are not leaders until we do something and lead. GROW



This year, I’ve met thousands of members and have been convinced beyond a doubt that, as an organization, we have the skills; the key is what will we do with them? Like my dad taught me with the skid steer; “once we learn something, we have the responsibility to use it.” Shelby, dylan and the Zacharias use what they learned. They do something beyond competing for plaques and personal recognition. They are here to make an impact. Do we realize that we can? It’s easy to look at people like Shelby or Dylan and believe they possess something more that helped them to accomplish what they have. But they wear the same jacket. They learned the same Creed. And every single year, they pay the exact same seven bucks in dues that every single one of us do. Seven bucks. It can be a tiny little number… or it can be a life-changing investment. The difference doesn’t lie in any external force—each of us brought the same $7 to the table. We each have access to classes, awards, contests and conferences, the difference lies in what we do with them. For every Dylan and Shelby and the Zacharias brothers, there is a Nick and Abby and Anna and there is You.  But what are you doing? For those of us who went to WLC, have you done anything with that Living to Serve Plan yet? That career development event you did this spring—prepared speaking or was it ag mechanics, I forgot—have you done anything with those skills since? That thing you learned in ag class last week, have you found a way to put that in your SAE? What about that conference you went to, do anything with that stuff you learned to make your chapter better?  Are we out there working and using our skills?  What are we doing? “Once we learn something, we have the responsibility to use it.” Let’s use it!

Are we out there working and using our skills?

The Zacharias use their hands to run their business. Three brothers: Vance, Donovan and Verlin. Each actually paid attention in class. They learned how to fix equipment and how to manage finances. They saw how it mattered to them and their future. They took what they learned in school and brought it home. They put it to use on their farm and in their supervised agricultural experience. This June, I hopped in a truck and drove with them to see their farm. They are proud of their farm and it is clear that they’re doing something with what they learned. Vance is the financial planner. Donovan in the mechanic. Verlin is a master tractor driver. Because of this they won proficiency awards, earned degrees and are ready to take over the farm down the road. The Zacharias didn’t just learn something—they are doing something that’s continuing a family tradition and making a future for themselves. What are we doing with what we learned? Dylan uses his community to feed people. I met Dylan when we went to WLC, the Washington Leadership Conference, in Washington, D.C., this summer. It’s a weeklong conference that challenges us to identify the needs in our communities and then to make plans to do something about them. Learn something— then do something. Dylan didn’t just show up and go through the motions; he saw something. He saw a need to fill his local food bank. He took what he learned at the conference and held a food drive and filled the shelves for the hungry people in his town, Patton, Mo. Dylan didn’t just learn something, he did something. What are we doing with what we learn? Shelby, the Zacharias’s and Dylan accomplished step one when they learned something. They made it to step two when they “did something.” Step two is where impact is made. The things that we learn in FFA mean

Retiring Address: Wyatt DeJong

Paint from the heart We’ve all felt something we couldn’t describe with words. The moments when time slips before our eyes. The times when we’d do anything just to fit in. given a purpose. And wishing everything to give someone a second chance at life. There are parts of our life that are so difficult to put into words, that the only way we can capture them is through a picture or painting. A picture says everything.

I submitted my application to the

in our life becomes a paint stroke.

academy. I was ready.

Let’s step back to four years ago. Just before my senior year in

One gorgeous fall day when I got home from school, a large

high school I decided I was going

white envelope from the United

to run for a position at the United

States Naval Academy lay on

States Naval Academy. Think

my bed. As quickly as I could I

about it, every time we see a ser-

dropped everything, plummeted

viceperson our heart melts. We

myself onto my bed and snatched

can’t help but walk up and say

the envelope. I held it for a brief

our deepest sincere “Thank you

moment and felt the raised writing

for everything you do.” When I

on the return address. This came

thought about the naval academy,

all the way from the United States

my heart flushed with excite-

Naval Academy, from Annapolis,

ment - the white, crisp uniforms,

Md. This will be a moment I will

the prestigious education and

never forget.

the ability to stand for dignity and

“Dear Miss Hodnik,” Rejected?

freedom in our country. In that

How could this be? Asthma as a

uniform, I could really be some-

child…will never serve in a military

body. I could be important. I bet

capacity. I gave everything! Oh

my parents, my family and my

no, now my friends, my family, my

friends would be proud. At the

peers…all of them will be disap-

time, I was competing in women’s

pointed. If my life is supposed to

weight-lifting competitions and

result in a grand painting when

thought I could be strong enough

I follow my heart, what do I do

if I work hard enough. So I hung

when my heart is wrecked?! What

ever created started from the

an American flag in my bedroom

will everyone think of me?

deepest part of the artist, their

and created a plan for myself;

heart. Our lives can only lead to

training physically, mentally

the fact that I was rejected by

a grand image if we are willing to

and emotionally. I was going to

the academy. What hurt more

live life through the deepest part

compete harder than I’d ever

took me three years to realize.

of ourselves, our heart. Some-

competed and learn faster than

I invested everything in getting

times we realize that instead

I’d ever learned.

accepted to the United States

Every photo, painting and image we’ve ever seen has been a depiction of something we’ve done, something we desire, something we regret or something we fear. What if each of us had a masterpiece that depicted the life we’ve lived? The most famous paintings

What hurt the most was not

of a beautiful picture of the life

That fall I filled out over a

we wanted to live, our canvas

dozen academy-related applica-

said I was good enough, well then

becomes an image of the life

tions, took the ACT three times

I could be good enough for my

everyone else wanted us to live.

and got to an all high maxi-

friends, for my family and good

mum weight on all of my lifts. I

enough for the world.

The moment our heart leads

Naval Academy because if they

the way is the moment we can

benched 125 pounds, squat-

finally accept ourselves and make

ted 245 pounds, and deadlifted

telling me I was good enough, I

hard choices; to have the com-

300 pounds! That training was

could finally convince myself of it

plete picture. Bringing to reality,

tough, but I kept telling myself,

too. I made the naval academy

the life we dream of.

you have to do this… Prove to

something that would deter-

everyone that you are worthy!” So

mine my self-worth. The hope

If our life’s picture began as a


37 2012 PROCEEDINGS 2012



Maybe, with all those people

Retiring Address: Alicia Hodnik, Central Region Vice President

The moments we crave to be

blank canvas, then each decision

Alica Hodnik continued

of making a difference in the world in that white uniform became a dried paint stroke on my canvas. I should’ve applied for me because I believed I was good enough. Not because I needed someone else to tell me. There are still parts of my life where I feel insecure, and that’s OK, because accepting ourselves takes time. It’s not something we can do in our head, only something we can feel in our heart. You see, living life from our heart is the easiest way to accept ourselves but also hard because it’s where our true self is and we are afraid of judgment. When we are accepting of ourselves, that fear diminishes and we can be at peace with our decisions because in our heart this is what we want. It’s not our mind leading us to what the world wants. From a young age, our parents say, “You’d

be great at speaking Spanish, playing baseball; be a doctor.” People build a selfimage in our mind and we build it larger because that’s what we believe others want us to be. Truth is, we haven’t had time to design our life. We are so eager to venture into life early, that we settle for listening to the voices around us instead of our hearts; still leaving us with a canvas that is somehow unfinished. Then sooner or later we become this accepted image that doesn’t feel right. Comparison is the thief of joy. How often do we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel? Stop comparing! Just try to be better than you were yesterday. We’ve all had times where we do things to impress others. Sometimes I dress a certain way because I believe it is a reflection of me. But other times I dress another way so someone GROW



will tell me that I look nice. I have this outfit, my blue jeans, with a white long sleeved shirt, and a black vest matched with my converse sneakers, and I think…“This is me.” So I wear it when I want to be myself…But I also have this beautiful knee-length black satin dress that is accented by a broach and laces around the back. I’ll be honest; I usually wear it when I want to impress…some young man out there. There had been times I’d say I liked a certain genre of movie because that’s what everyone else liked, or I’d say I didn’t like chick flicks because they are hopelessly sappy, when in reality, I love that stuff. I’d even catch myself making fun of someone in front of my friends. Not because I knew them or had any problem with them, but because I wanted to feel like I was at least better than somebody.

no help line. He had to start from scratch; a new friend base and figure out a living plan. It’s scary to go anywhere and not know a soul, much less travel to an unfamiliar country and begin anew. Rick began a life of hard choices and realized that he could design his own adventures because he had enough confidence in himself to do so. When we get rid of the clutter, either physically or mentally, it opens up our mind to think for itself. When Rick was asked, “Why are you going to Australia?” He always responded with “Why not?” His heart told him it was the right decision. He was excessively comfortable at school. He was the college of agriculture’s student council president, knew every dean, and all of his professors. He lived in a bubble, with the same friends and the same routine. Rick needed to see more before continuing on with life and he found it in Australia. It was different, but his heart was right. And if you ask him today, he wouldn’t change a thing, because in Australia he finally found out who he really was. There are choices that are easy and choices that are hard. The hardest of choices come when we depend 100 percent on our own heart to do what needs to be done. With those choices we risk being rejected, we risk being outsiders, but we gain the one thing that matters the most… ourselves. FFA is one of the only places in my life where I’ve always felt like I could be myself, and no matter what—be accepted. My family is six generations removed from the farm. So many parts of my life told me agriculture and FFA weren’t in the cards, but something, in my heart, felt right. The bravest acts happen in the quiet solitude of one’s soul. We don’t always have enough confidence in ourselves to make final decisions, whether it’s McDonalds versus Subway; or career versus family. So, what do we do in these situations? We ask GROW



the opinions of everyone around us, and end up doing a mixture of what they said instead of being grounded enough to filter the opinions and follow what we knew in our heart was right. We want more than anything for our decisions to be validated by others and the day we don’t get that, our ability to make choices becomes very hard. When we don’t believe in ourselves, the people around us begin designing the final image of our life. A hard choice might be what classes you’ll take next spring. Paint from the heart. Another difficult choice may be remaining friends with someone who brings you down. Paint from the heart. Maybe a hard choice is admitting your greatest fault or greatest insecurity to your closest friends… Paint from the heart. We spend most of our lives trying to prove to the world that we are something special in hopes that if they believe it…maybe we can believe it ourselves. The truth is, for us to have any kind of picture, any sort of life to be proud of; we have to first accept ourselves and trust our heart! The final picture of our life is based upon whose dream we ended up fulfilling; someone else’s or our own? Life’s a painting. Our strokes become a combination of who we are and the choices we’ve made. We risk being what the world wants us to be instead of being who we want to be. FFA members, right here, right now, we have the ability to live the life we desire. Once our heart takes a hold of our life and says this is who I will be and this is what my life will look like is the day we end up with the complete, beautiful image we want… We need to paint from the heart: Accept who we are and have the courage to make hard choices. Now you have to decide…What masterpiece… …will your heart leave?

Life’s a painting. Our strokes become a combination of who we are and the choices we’ve made.

How sad is it that we will do anything to make ourselves feel “worth it” to the world? When all we really need to know is that we’ve been worth it since the day we were born. The naval academy would have been a beautiful picture of my life, but if we can’t accept ourselves, like I didn’t accept myself, then no matter what picture we paint, our canvas will always be incomplete, … because we didn’t follow our hearts. Each of our lives has a canvas; it holds the choices we’ve made, and the life we’ve lived. And each choice has built the masterpiece of our lives. I wish we could each start over—right now—at this moment, with a blank canvas, but we have to be able to accept our past and embrace it as a part of who we are. Truth is, the paint is already there, the past strokes won’t go away. Even so, we are still able, from this point forward, to make the choices needed to still be ourselves. When Rick, one of my greatest role models, was in college he decided to fulfill his dream to study abroad in Australia. This would mean getting away from everything he knew; a familiar, very comfortable life. His heart was telling him to experience the world, but he knew almost nothing about Australia and going to college there. They offered to allow exchange students temporary housing in the dorms, so he booked a spot for only one night. He didn’t even know how he was going to get from the airport to campus and only brought a backpack and a debit card. When Rick arrived in Australia, he decided to book a second night but found himself lying in bed that night questioning and really hoping he’d made the right decision. Nobody told him “Go to Australia.” Imagine erasing our lives and starting with nothing and nobody, that’s what it was like for Rick. So there he sat, in a new country, with

Retiring Address: Shannon Norris

Your greenhouse It’s the first time I’ve tried public speaking. I’m at a

a huge part of my life, taking me from the Rose Parade to Times Square and Washington D.C., from coast to coast, 38 different states, two other continents and allowing me to meet thousands of the most incredible people. The experiences in this FFA jacket have been the most unbelievable gift I never could have asked for. By my watch, I have 43 hours left to wear it, after that I’ll never wear this jacket again, so long as I live. Though I don’t pretend to have all the answers, tonight, I hope to share with you something I have learned, something that lasts longer than the next 43 hours. It’s as important today as 40 years from now, and something important to every single one of us. What I have to share isn’t profound. Quite the opposite—it’s so simple I almost missed it. We’re going to talk about a concept. I first learned about it on a cold morning in Idaho. December is when winter really sets in back home. It’s cold. The nights are long and the sky is grey. I am almost blinded driving down Idaho country roads covered in snow. I grew up a ways out of town, so my sister and I drive carefully on the snowy highway

but the most powerful moment occurred after convention ended. There were only five of us left, and we had some time to kill. We drive up to a place called Hatcher Pass, to this big lodge. The snow is five feet deep, but the lodge is warm inside, with big windows overlooking the snowy mountains. It is a warm oasis surrounded by winter,

our backpacks, and rush into the building to get warm. One morning, after parking the car, I hurry across the cold parking lot to our chapter greenhouse. Opening the door releases a wave of warm air, and I step into a beautiful tropical paradise. The fans are running, bright light shines in through the transparent walls, and hundreds of bright red poinsettias are on every table for our chapter fundraiser. The greenhouse is an oasis of warmth surrounded by the frigid winter. Those flowers wouldn’t last a minute out there, but the greenhouse creates a perfect, isolated, climate in which the poinsettia’s thrive. Their environment is everything. That’s the concept we’re going to talk about, our environment, how it affects who we become, and how we can control it, like the environment of a greenhouse. I thought Idaho was cold, but this past April, I visited Alaska – the state that if you cut it in half, would still be bigger than Texas. Sorry guys. I can tell stories for hours about their convention, the musk ox farms, reindeer, the frozen lakes, snowball fights or breaking a huge tug of war rope,

like the greenhouse back home. We choose a table and order a round of hot chocolates. Alaska, good friends, mountain lodge, hot chocolate, it doesn’t get much better than this. Mya, Lydia, Darien, Rayna and I start talking about all the FFA events we’ve attended like leadership conferences or camps. The events open our eyes, we meet motivating people, and life feels like an inspiring journey, but those feelings don’t last. Inevitably, the event comes to an end, and we go back to our everyday lives, back to “reality.” Within a few days, the inspiration is gone, and our life is kind of boring, plain, or maybe not even the life we really want to have…. If you’ve never experienced this feeling before, you will in about six days. The National FFA Convention & Expo will be over and we’ll all be back home sitting at the kitchen table eating our Cocoa Puffs, and the thought will cross our minds, “Whoa, that was awesome.” “Why can’t my real life be like that? Purposeful and motivating.” Can it? What if inspiring experiences weren’t an uncommon part of our lives? What if, like those poinsettias, we could be in the right


41 2012 PROCEEDINGS 2012



Retiring Address: Seth Pratt, Western Region Vice President

4-H fair and need to give a twominute speech about horses to one person. I am so scared, my tears smear the handwritten notes I have taken, and I give the speech between heavy sobs. I am 8 years old. Then FFA becomes

each morning to school. We drive a 1994 sky blue Ford Taurus with more than 200,000 miles on it. Does anyone else drive an old beater car or truck like that? Then many of you know what I’m talking about. A lot of things don’t work well on that car, including the heater, so Anna and I freeze all the way to school, then bail out, grab

Seth Pratt continued

what about how they affect us, as people? A large part of our own identity is a result of our environment, such as the family we were raised in, or the culture of our hometown. Consider how you might be different if you grew up with a different lifestyle, one of poverty, or of great wealth, in a family with eight siblings…or as a single child. What if, instead of America, you grew up in Brazil? Would you speak Portuguese? Would it change your appearance, your goals? Environment is everything. It has a lot of control over who we become, for better or worse. School was pretty hard for me when I first started, and I think it was because of the environment I grew up in. Envision childhood with me, Seth at 6 years old. Our home is a long ways from town, and I go exploring every day, swimming in irrigation canals, hunting birds, riding horses. environment all the time? Maybe we can.

we have sandy soils, which are perfect for

Our surroundings affect us both posi-

growing… Potatoes!

surroundings that help us grow. Like a

Yes! Idaho has a lot of potatoes. I grew

greenhouse designed to grow plants, we

up in the number one potato county. My

can create our own greenhouse to grow

hometown has the Idaho Potato Museum

us. Let’s take a lesson from agriculture.

and a giant concrete potato on Main

environment all across our country. In March, I learned about cranberry bogs in Massachusetts, and it’s actually similar

I fought in Korea and Vietnam, which I thought were the two planets between

tively and negatively, and we can choose

This year I’ve seen the effects of the

I have at least 30 toy guns, with which


Mercury and Pluto. Turns out I was way off, Mercury is a car, Pluto’s not a planet, and my guns were plastic, but my imagination was good! My home environment had a lot of open space, a place to be alone with my

Every state has their thing right? Corn yields are highest here in the Midwest. This year though, we were hammered

thoughts, I don’t have to be an entertainer, I don’t need to speak. As a result, I’m shy and reserved. Being quiet is just my

to the Ocean Spray commercials. Cran-

by one of the top five droughts in Ameri-

personality. Now I’ve started first grade,

berries are a unique fruit. They can only

can history.

and I’m struggling to learn how to read. I

grow and survive under a very special

At its height, the drought affected over

don’t want people to hear me real aloud,

environment. They require a large sup-

80 percent of our country. Yet again, the

it’s embarrassing! My girlfriend will laugh at

ply of fresh water, an acid peat soil, a

power of our environment was appar-

me, whoever she was at the time, Ashley,

growing season from April to November,

ent as we watched green fields fade to

or Natalie, or Kandice. I’ll admit to being a

and a cold dormancy period in the win-

brown, and the commodity markets shift

ladies man in elementary school. Looking

ter. In the early 1800s farmers started

in response.

back it seems silly, we didn’t sit together,

cultivating cranberries, and over time

Even as excellent as our corn varieties

or hold hands, heck we didn’t even pass

methods have become more advanced,

are becoming, they still need water. Envi-

love notes, because I couldn’t read them!

and we now know how to create the

ronment is everything.

perfect environment for cranberries to thrive. Because for cranberries, environment is everything. As the environment changes, agricul-

I remember just learning slower, the

Our surroundings don’t only affect agriculture, they affect our lifestyles too.

quiet environment I was used to didn’t work anymore. I needed a new environ-

Consider how it changes…

ment. Thankfully, my first grade teacher

The cars we drive…

worked with me individually, and Mom sat

ture changes. In Kentucky, I learned about

…the houses we live in…

me down every night to practice. This was

tobacco production, cotton in Texas,

…and the work we do.

my greenhouse; in which I began to grow.

vineyards in California, rice in Arkansas,

But, these examples are just our sur-

At the end of first grade, I received this

and wheat in Kansas. Back home in Idaho

roundings affecting our surroundings. So, GROW



little certificate that said, “most improved

the drill team, and is accepted into

greenhouse and live by choice, not by

because when I started, I was horrible!

one of the top three dance schools in

chance. Be motivated, not manipu-


lated. Make changes, not excuses.

I wonder how childhood might have been different growing up in

Today, 10 years after she first set

Listen to your own inner voice, not the

town, with lots of other kids around,

her goal, Callie is dancing in New York

jumbled opinions of everyone else.

or what if my first grade teacher had

City. I’ve enjoyed visiting her this year

Spend time with only those people

given up on me?

and learned that city is not for me. But

who empower you. Each day there are

for Callie, it is where she can chase

895,000 things you could do. Make

you have people to help you like my

her dreams. Rather than change her

time for only those that help you grow.

first grade teacher? Or do you spend

hopes and passions to fit the environ-

Control your responses: If someone

your time with people who pull you

ment she was given, Callie built her

insults you, respond with silence.

down? You will become like those you

own greenhouse to fit her, to help her

are surrounded by, so choose friends

grow, and one day live the life she

lodge, as we sat together, recalling

wisely, get rid of destructive relation-

dreamed of.

the events of the FFA convention.

What about your childhood? Do

Think back to that mountain

ships. Life is too short for them, or as

My story isn’t as vivid as going

Knowing the “reality” we’re going

the YouTube line goes, “Ain’t nobody

from Idaho to New York City, overcom-

back to, we realized reality could

got time fo dat!”

ing a disability or running marathons.

change, and we decided, then and

Really though, most of us don’t have

there, to create our own green-

rent environment? How can you make

lives like that. Maybe we’re more…

houses, and make inspiration a part

more of that? When designing your

normal?...and being normal means

of our ever day lives. In these last 43

greenhouse, pull out the weeds, let

every day we face challenges. My

hours, my hope is that you will take

the light in, and choose good things

home FFA chapter is small, with one

control of your greenhouse in life,

to allow inside. The effects of our envi-

teaching position. We’ve had five dif-

don’t waste this precious gift.

ronment can be negative or positive.

ferent teachers in the last seven years!

So, choose positive ones!

What is the best part of your cur-

You are in control of your green-

If you’re in a powerhouse chapter,

house. Everything around you is a

Growing up surrounded by cows

that’s great, but if you’re not, it’s no

result of a choice you make. You

and mountains was a great environ-

reason to quit! I come from a small

choose the people you speak to and

ment for me. For my sister Callie

chapter too, but because FFA is a big

how you speak to them; the songs

though, it wasn’t the same. Here’s a

part of my greenhouse, I still chose to

you listen to and how those messages

little of her story.

be as involved as possible, travelling

become your attitude; the television

alone if need be. The surroundings

you watch and how that example

we’re given won’t be perfect.

becomes your character; the books

She decides to join the drill team in high school, and falls in love with dancing. It becomes her goal to make

So start building your greenhouse

you read and how those ideas change

dance her life. She dreams of travelling

today. Life is full of harsh storms and

your thoughts; the goals you pursue

with a dance company, living her pas-

cold winters while your greenhouse is

and how hard you work for them;

sion and performing on stages around

a place of shelter and growth. Carry

the cars you drive, the clothes you

the world. But she lives in the little

a small notebook with you to write

wear, and the words you say, the love

town of Firth, Idaho, population 409,

down quotes, good books, ideas for

you show, the friends you have, the

a very long ways from New York City,

projects, prayers, or people you’d like

strength you gain. You choose how

and her dreams seem very, very far

to stay in contact with. Don’t be afraid

to spend your Friday nights and your

away. Callie’s environment is not going

to say “no” to people or behaviors out-

Sunday mornings, how you treat your

to make a world-class dancer, so, she

side of your greenhouse.

family, how you treat yourself, and

changes it. Callie makes the decision

Our environment does not have

whether or not you come to under-

to design an environment in which her

to be an outdoor field at the mercy

stand that how you live each day is

passion for dance can grow. It takes

of the weather. Instead, it’s a green-

how you live your life.

time, and happens step by step. She

house, because it can be controlled.

finds great teachers to learn from; she

The air temperature; the soil type,

this week doesn’t have to stop. Make

spends hours researching the art of

the lighting, the water, the fertilizer,

it part of your greenhouse. Choose

dance; she shows up two hours early

making your greenhouse provide your

what you’ll do with this one wild and

for school every day to practice. This

own unique needs.

magnificent life. Who you become

is her greenhouse, and in it she begins to grow. Callie becomes captain of

In a world with doubts swirling all around us, create your own GROW



The inspiration surrounding us here

starts with the choices you make right now so choose wisely!

Choose what you’ll do with this one wild and magnificent life.

reader.” Not from being good, but

Retiring Address: James Flatt

Home Hey, Mom.

good to be home. Dinner’s ready. Ma’am? “Dinner is ready! Come eat. You had better hurry too, if you’re going to work with show heifers tonight.” Home. To the Cosby family, it was a downtown apartment in Brooklyn, New York. According to Chris Daughtry, it’s a place where love and feeling good don’t ever cost a thing. Often times, our local news hits too close to home. And Ty Pennington and his crew have built hundreds of families a new home. I have to wonder, though, when thousands of volunteers pull together and build a new house for these families, what does it take to make the house a home? I don’t think they move in on the first day and call it home. It takes time because with time comes memories. It takes tears, both happy and sad ones. It takes a cup stain on a wooden table. It takes love. It takes kids playing in the backyard. A home is created by the mud tracked in the back door. It takes sliding on the hardwood floor and busting your tail. It takes laughs. It’s created by the conversations around the fireplace. It takes the residents of the house being comfortable to be

I had my very first book bag—to hold my bottle of glue, crayons and tissues—because it was on Ms. Williamson’s list of things she needed. Oh, and did I mention my mom taught kindergarten across the hallway from Ms. Williamson? That meant she and I went way back! On that first day, I learned

normally tell other people...if we leave the room to go to the bathroom, we let everyone know before we go. Why do we do these things at home? Because we feel comfortable at home. Regardless of how “sitcom perfect” our life is or isn’t, we all have the opportunity to feel “at home.” We can feel at home because home isn’t just a physical place, it’s a feeling…a feeling of comfort, safety, trust and love. What is home to you? Maybe you found home in your ag class or at an FFA meeting. Maybe you found it baling hay on a hot summer day. Maybe you found it talking to a best friend or in the loving arms of a family member. Maybe you found home while in church. We don’t have enough home in our lives. What if we could grasp what makes us feel at home and make it the foundation for how we live each day of our lives? On my first day of kindergarten, I might have been the most prepared 5-year-old to walk through the door of Ms. Williamson’s classroom. You could say I was “ready.” I had my new kicks on, velcro added a nice touch. I had a new Batman lunchbox, with a bologna sandwich inside. And,

about the coolest concept any teacher could ever come up with. Everyday someone different would bring snacks for the rest of the class. That person also got to share a cool story. I skated through the next eight months telling all kinds of amateur stories on the days I brought snacks. About the time April rolled around, I realized I had one last shot to tell an epic story before school let out for the summer. That morning, I walked proudly down the hallway with my classmates’ juice boxes and packages of fruit roll-ups. The hour hand, which I had just learned how to use, couldn’t tic fast enough. Finally, 2 o’clock hit! I remembered what my parents taught me about hosting so I passed out my tasty treats and walked to the front. Two days before, on Easter Sunday, a new calf was born on the farm…and I saw the whoooollle process. In my 5-yearold southern drawl… “On Easter, I just got done huntin’ eggs in Aunt Demaris’ yard, and I was sittin’ in her livin’ room eatin’ a tootsie roll and fighting with my brother about who found the most eggs. All of a sudden, I looked out the window


45 2012 PROCEEDINGS 2012



Retiring Address: Cain Thurmond, Southern Region Vice President

“Hey bud, how was work today?” It was great. But goodness we were busy! “It’s the cold season, a pharmacy is supposed to be busy this time of year.” I guess you’re right. Feels

themselves. This is how a home is created. When at home, we do things we wouldn’t normally do. I love to walk around in my boxers…I don’t do that in public. We learn things at home we can’t learn on the job or in class —like how to ride a bike or proper table manners. We say things at home we wouldn’t

Caom Thurmond continued

and I saw this cow that was moooooin’ real loud, real fast. I didn’t know if she was alright so I went and got my Papa, it was his cow. He took me outside and we watched a baby calf come out of her...” (interrupting) “Umm, Cain” Ms. Williamson said, “Was it a boy calf?” “I don’t know Ms. Williamson but it sure was slick, and not like a city slicker, like its whole body…” “Cain that is a very good story. Let’s all thank Cain for sharing his story and bringing snacks.” Although I didn’t get to share the rest of the story in front of the class, you better believe I shared it in private. I couldn’t sleep during naptime because some classmates didn’t know how baby calves were born. By the end of the day, everyone knew every step in vivid detail. That day in kindergarten, I felt at home…maybe a little too “at home.” But it was the story I wanted to tell. I felt comfortable and safe in Ms. Williamson’s

class. I wasn’t fearful of sharing pieces of Cain with my classmates. Home was a feeling I created in my kindergarten class by simply being me. Feel at home. We can recreate that feeling of comfort anywhere. We can feel at home in every conversation, every situation, every contemplation, every day. But somewhere between kindergarten and now, we seem to have lost the ability. We have started to hide pieces of ourselves…our virtues, our morals, our sense of humor, our faith…all these things make up our foundation, our home. What in the world has happened that keeps us from carrying these things wherever we go? Is it fear that others might not think we’re cool? Have we become too prideful to admit something about ourselves that we can’t change? Are we putting up a guard, revealing just enough of ourselves to keep from judgment? Have we reached a point where our words and GROW



actions don’t align? If we answered yes to any of these questions, it doesn’t mean we have to go on living that way. Nothing is worth losing that feeling of being at home in our own skin. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, and lose his soul? Release your inner kindergartener. We know where we stand and just as a young child, we should joyfully express it. Feel at home. When you feel at home, others around you will too. Three months ago, I met a 12-year-old named Noah. Although he didn’t have a normal home, he taught me what home is. Noah lived in an orphanage for children who had been brought out of abusive situations. I met him when my teammates and I traveled to his orphanage for a day. We were told not to hug or touch the kids at all given their background. Needless to say, I wasn’t prepared for Noah or RJ. This wasn’t a typical 12-year-old’s

As we munched on our hotdogs and oreos and they picked on the big kid for drinking purple Gatorade (raise my hand), I finally got my answer. Silence fell over the group. Noah turned to me, piped up and said, “You know, me and RJ are like brothers, and I hope we can be someday.” My heart sank. My head lifted. I looked at RJ, who stared in agreement. We had been together all day. I had seen them laugh at inside jokes, build each other up, talk about their dreams, and tell stories of how it WILL be one day. They loved one another, just like brothers. Why didn’t I see

Do people feel inadequate, thinking they will never meet your expectations? Expect nothing and find the best in people…make ‘em feel at home. Do they feel judged because of the clothes they wear or because you have a “one up” on them? Drop the judgment and show them some love…make ‘em feel at home. Just like Noah and RJ, be devoted to one another in brotherly love. Honor one another above yourselves. I once heard a story from a powerful man, a carpenter in fact. He loved to tell stories and when he spoke, people listened. He told a story about two contractors. One

tennis shoes, he was ready for some games and wanted to win them. Oh! And one more thing…Noah didn’t go anywhere without RJ. RJ was 12 too, but didn’t look a day over nine. He walked with a limp and had limited use of one arm due to cerebral palsy. But he didn’t let his leg braces keep him from fitting right in with the other kids. He spiked his short “cool kid” hair and talked with a southern drawl like no other. We tossed beach balls, played human tic tac toe, held relay races and tossed water balloons. I began to notice all the kids had smiles on their faces, they were having fun, and we were too! The smiles got bigger as the day progressed and so did their stories. As soon as they learned we were part of a group called the Future Farmers of America, they let loose on the agricultural stories. Noah wants to be a farmer and at age 12 began to talk cattle with me, breeds and all. I was impressed! RJ wants to be a farmer too and loves to ride horses and bulls on occasion. The joy on their faces as they spoke of their passions was incredible. Still, I continued to ask myself why they were so happy. After all, they were in a temporary home and could be there for the next year of their life.

before now? It’s a home because they make each other feel comfortable, like they have a place in this world, like they belong, like brothers and sisters. Trying to fight back the lump in my throat, I turned to Noah and said, “You will always be brothers.” Make others feel at home. People may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel. We have all been in a situation where we felt like we couldn’t be ourselves, we were out of our comfort zone, and had a hard time with being accepted, but someone changed that. Someone came along and took an interest in us and we were comfortable being ourselves again. We have two things to do. First, thank them for making us feel at home. Second, do the same for someone else…make someone else feel at home, not once but every day. Do others feel “at home” when they are around you? (long pause) Or do you pressure them to be someone you want them to be? Ease the pressure and appreciate who they really are by taking a genuine interest… make ‘em feel at home. Do others talk or act differently around you? Don’t let them, just listen to who they really are, you might find something in common…Make ‘em feel at home.

of the men built his house on sand. The other contractor built his house on rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, the winds blew and beat against the houses! In the end, only one house remained…the house built upon a rock. The carpenter taught me why the wise man’s house didn’t fall…the rock foundation wasn’t shaken by worldly elements. Everyday, we’re building a home… not with wood, nails, cement, or bricks…but with choices. These choices build a place to call our own…home. Rain will come…people will tell us we aren’t good enough. Streams will rise…the pressures of life try to consume us. Winds will blow… the unexpected happens and our plans don’t work out. What about the home you are building, will your home crash or stand tall? We can choose to build our homes on something permanent, an unshakable foundation…a rock. Grasp what makes you feel at home and make it your foundation. Trust your virtues, morals and the things that define your true self. We can feel at home everyday. It’s not a physical place, it’s a feeling…a feeling of comfort, safety, trust and love. We can create it for ourselves and give others strength to build on the rock. Every day…each moment…We’re building it…home.




People may not remember what you said or what you did, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

home. There were 37 kids, each having their own bedroom. They ate three meals a day in the basement cafeteria and went to school on the premises. They had a gym for recreation, where we spent most of our day. Only 11 students were able to come, which meant we had plenty of one-on-one time. As everyone introduced themselves, I could see there was a bit of uncertainty in their eyes. After all, they had never met us before and this was their home. I stuck by Noah most of the day. Noah made sure I knew everything about him in a matter of five hours. From his flat-bill hat to his




Career development events Since 1928, the National FFA Organization has worked to create career development events that demonstrate the meaningful connections between classroom instruction and real-life scenarios. CDEs are

Agricultural Communications

designed to help prepare FFA members

classroom knowledge to real-life situations.

for challenging careers in agriculture and

Participants attend a simulated news con-

build upon what members learn in agricul-

ference and use the information gathered

tural classes and FFA.

to complete individual practicums in writ-

CDEs test the abilities of individuals and teams in 25 major areas of agricultural instruction. More than 3,000 youth travel

National Agricultural Issues Forum CDE, teams must design a presentation that

Sponsored by Bader Rutter and Associates Inc. and Osborn Barr The National FFA Agricultural Communications CDE tests students’ skills in all areas of the agricultural communications field and evaluates how well they can apply

addresses multiple viewpoints of a contemporary agricultural issue and present it to a number of audiences in their community. For the national event, they present a portfolio based on their local audiences’ feedback and deliver their presentation to a panel of judges. Winning Team: Holly Brennecke, Lois Brennecke, Kadi Davis, Sarah Falen, Alexandra Frauendienst, Dylan Freeman

ing, electronic media and design. Prior to

and Sam Schulz, Cheyenne East Frontier

the event, students compile media plans

FFA, Wyoming

related to innovative agricultural practices, management techniques and marketing

from across the country to participate at

tools. Each team then creates a 15-min-

Agricultural Sales

the national level. Through intense hands-

ute presentation based on their proposal.

Sponsored by Monsanto

on activities, FFA members are asked

Members also compete in an editing exer-

to perform specific career skills that will

cise and a general communications quiz.

help them develop technical knowledge,

Winning Team: Abigail Nelson, Katelyn

decision-making, reasoning and more.

knowledge to real-life situations. The

Gregory and Courtney Petersen,

Industry professionals serve as judges so

event includes actual sales presentations,

Montezuma FFA, Iowa

a written exam, team sales situation, an

Top Placing Individual: Ashley

individual practical situation focusing on

Stoppleworth, Kindred FFA, North Dakota

customer relations, customer service, or

that the participants can see how they would perform in actual careers.

allows students to apply classroom

prospecting for customers. Each team

Years of study, training and practice paid off for this year’s participants. The

The National FFA Agricultural Sales CDE

competed at local and state levels for the

results of each event were announced

Agricultural Issues Forum

at sponsor-hosted award banquets dur-

Sponsored by Elanco

ing the National FFA Convention & Expo.

The National FFA Agricultural Issues

During the ninth general session, the high

Forum CDE tests students’ knowledge

team and individuals were recognized on

of agricultural issues and evaluates how

stage. Winning teams and high individuals

well they can apply classroom knowledge

Top Placing Individual: Brandi Sansaver,

received scholarships.

to real-life situations. To qualify for the

Stanwood FFA, Washington



privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo.


Winning Team: Claire Hammond, Raegan White, Julianne Benson and Anna Kameshima, Dayton FFA, Oregon

CDE Winners continued

Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems Sponsored by Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations The National FFA Agricultural Technology and Mechanical Systems CDE allows students to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Activities included in the event are a written exam, a team event, demonstration of problem-solving skills, and hands-on performance activities. Areas of emphasis include environmental and natural resource systems, machinery and equipment systems, structural systems, energy systems and electrical systems. Each team in the event has competed with other chapters in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event. Winning Team: Patrick Swanson, Leif Small, Curtis Flake and Ashley Rich, Stanwood FFA, Washington Top Placing Individual: Patrick Swanson, Stanwood FFA, Washington

the National FFA Creed in a competitive setting. Members deliver the Creed from memory and respond to three questions. The event gives FFA members the opportunity to develop their ability to communicate in a powerful, organized and professional manner.

Agronomy Sponsored by Bayer CropScience

Top Placing Individual: Leandre Jefferson, Tulare FFA, California

real-life situations. Participants’ knowledge of agronomic sciences was tested through

Sponsored by Allflex USA, Inc. The purpose of the National FFA Dairy Cattle Handlers Activity recognizes the contributions of the handlers in presenting each animal to its best advantage in the evaluation of the dairy cows and heifers during the National FFA Dairy Cattle Management and Evaluation CDE.

The National FFA Agronomy CDE allows students to apply classroom knowledge to

Dairy Cattle Handlers Activity

Dairy Cattle Evaluation and Management

Top Placing Individual: Jessica Pralle, Osseo Fairchild FFA, Wisconsin

several levels of competition including devel-

Sponsored by Allflex USA, Inc.

oping solutions for problematic scenarios;

The National FFA Dairy Cattle Evaluation

identification of seeds, insects, soil and

and Management CDE tests the student’s

crops; and other management practices.

ability to select and manage quality dairy

Winning Team: Zayne Aldrich, Amanda

cattle. Event components include six

Gannan, Nik Manley and Kaitlyn Sage,

classes of dairy cattle, herd record evalua-

Sponsored by The Mosaic Company, Smithfield Foods and USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

Neosho FFA, Missouri

tion and dairy management team activity.

The National FFA Environmental and

Each team competed at local and state

Natural Resources CDE allows students

levels to earn the privilege of representing

to apply classroom knowledge to real-life

their home state at the National FFA Con-

situations. This event focuses on testing

vention & Expo.

students’ problem solving and decision

Top Placing Individual: Amanda Gannan, Neosho FFA, Missouri

Creed Speaking

Winning Team: Alexandra Gamboni,

Sponsored by CHS

Francesca Gambonini, Jessica Jones and

The National FFA Creed Speaking CDE

Regina Pozzi, Petaluma FFA, California

Environmental and Natural Resources

making skills in environmental and natural resources. These areas concentrate on soil profiles, water and air quality, waste management, environmental analysis,

is designed to recognize outstanding

Top Placing Individual: Trent Dado,

and use of global positioning units. Each

FFA members for their ability to present

Amery FFA, Wisconsin

team competed at local and state levels






tion & Expo.

Sponsored by Ball Horticultural Company and Bayer CropScience

Sponsored by Husqvarna and John Deere

Winning Team: Richard Holt, Kraig

In the National FFA Floriculture CDE, FFA

petitive event that tests students’ skills and

members test their knowledge and skills

knowledge in the area of forest manage-

in the production and retailing of flowers,

ment. Event components include a general

plants and foliage. Participants must com-

forest knowledge exam, tree identification,

Top Placing Individual: Brandon

plete a general knowledge exam on the floriculture industry, identify plant materi-

timber cruising, tree/forest disorders iden-

Reynolds, Stanwood FFA, Washington

for the privilege of representing their home state at the National FFA Conven-

Turner, Anna Blackwell and Samantha Elkins, Bartlett Yancey FFA, North Carolina

als, and demonstrate problem solving and decision-making skills, employment and

Extemporaneous Public Speaking Sponsored by American Farm Bureau Federation The National FFA Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE is designed to recognize outstanding FFA members for their ability to prepare and present a factual speech on a specific agricultural issue in a well thought out and logical manner. Members

customer service skills, technical floral skills and the ability to work as a team. Teams competed at the local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their home state at the National FFA Con-

issues interview, and a team activity. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Ben Carpenter, Tory Chasteen, Stephen Bennett and Quinn Pestle, Columbia FFA, Missouri

Winning Team: Claire Bokelman,

Top Placing Individual: Trevor Adams,

Jolynn Hennerberg, Shelby Hynek and

Frazee Vergas FFA, Minnesota

Samantha L’Ecuyer, Washington County FFA, Kansas

Horse Evaluation

Top Placing Individual: Samantha

ries, have 30 minutes to prepare a four- to

L’Ecuyer, Washington County FFA,

10-minute speech, and respond to five


Sponsored by Ram Trucks, Tractor Supply Company and Wahl Clipper Corporation The National FFA Horse Evaluation CDE

minutes of questions following delivery. Crandall FFA, Texas

tification, a chainsaw practicum, forestry

vention & Expo.

select one topic from a choice of catego-

Top Placing Individual: Garrett Wesley,

The National FFA Forestry CDE is a com-

tests the student’s ability to select and

Food Science and Technology Sponsored by Kraft Foods

evaluate horses. Event components include eight selection classes that consisted of four halter classes and four performance classes. Students also give four sets of

Farm Business Management

The National FFA Food Science and

oral reasons with two sets coming from

Sponsored by John Deere

Technology CDE is designed to test a

each evaluation class. Teams also work

student’s basic knowledge of food sci-

together to complete practical activities and

ence as well as the student’s ability to

a team presentation. Each team competed

apply this knowledge to practical situa-

at local and state levels for the privilege of

tions. Each team participates in a timed

representing their state at the National FFA

team product development project, and

Convention & Expo.

The National FFA Farm Business Management CDE is designed to test the ability of students to apply economic principles and concepts in analyzing farm and ranch business management decisions. Participants respond to questions concerning economic principles in farm business management as well as a problem-solving analysis section. Each team in the event has competed with other chapters in their state for the privilege of

each individual participates in practicums involving food sensory evaluation and food safety and sanitation as well as a written exam. Winning Team: Mary Korowotny, Abigail Ray, Summer Churchill and Courtney

Winning Team: Kelsey Matthews, Susan Rhodes, Tandy Kidd and Cassy Ramsey, Lincoln FFA, Arkansas Top Placing Individual: Hannah Mcdonald, James Wood FFA, Virginia

participating in the national event.

Nastri, Woodbury FFA, Connecticut

Winning Team: Dallas Herrmann,

Top Placing Individual: Hannah

Job Interview

Kesterson, Alliance FFA,

Sponsored by CSX Transportation

Paige Ehnle, Joshua Feucht and Jaylyn Knoblcoh, Princeville FFA, Illinois


The National FFA Job Interview CDE

Top Placing Individual: Dallas Herrmann,

tests student’s ability to perform effec-

Princeville FFA, Illinois

tively throughout the entire job application




CDE Winners continued

process. The participants prepare a resume, cover letter and complete an online application. They also participate in phone, one-on-one and panel job interviews as part of the competition. Top Placing Individual: Bailey Peters, Centralia FFA, Washington

Livestock Evaluation Sponsored by Bayer Animal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Kent Nutrition Group and Sure Champ The National FFA Livestock CDE is a competitive event that tests the student’s ability to select and evaluate livestock. Event components include eight evaluation classes of beef, sheep, swine, and goats; oral placement reasons on four classes; and a written exam on livestock production. A team activity, utilizing reproductive and marketing information, demonstrates the teams’ livestock selection ability. Each team in the event competed at local and state levels for

Meats Evaluation and Technology Sponsored by Cargill Meat Solutions, Hormel Foods Corporation, Kraft FoodsOscar Mayer and Tyson Foods, Inc.

the privilege of representing their state at the

The National FFA Meats Technology and

National FFA Convention & Expo.

Evaluation CDE tests students’ skills and

Winning Team: Katie Lippoldt, Kaitlin Pritchett, Matthew Walta and Gatlin Squires, Kingfisher FFA, Oklahoma Top Placing Individual: Gibson Priest, Gordon Central FFA, Georgia

competencies in evaluating and identifying meat carcasses and products. Event components include a general knowledge exam; beef carcass evaluation; identification of wholesale and retail cuts of beef, lamb, and pork; quality and yield grading of beef carcasses; a team meat mer-

Marketing Plan

chandising event; and solving of a meat

Sponsored by Bunge North America and Kerry Ingredients & Flavours

peted on the local and state levels to earn

The National FFA Marketing Plan CDE helps students practice and sharpen skills in marketing through the development and presentation of a marketing plan. The plan

management necessary for quality milk and dairy products. Participants must complete a written exam on milk production and marketing, evaluate milk samples for flavor and quality, identify cheeses and characteristics and complete milk acceptability tests in the team activity. Each team competed at local and state levels to earn the privilege to represent their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Brandi Feehan, Chase Green, Brecken Sigg and Rachel Wittry, Louisburg FFA, Kansas Top Placing Individual: Leslie Fillip, Florence FFA, Texas

formulation problem. Each team has comthe privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Shelby Martin, Cole Perkins, James Smarr and Eli Tiffin, Llano

may focus on the introduction of a new

FFA, Texas

agricultural product, supply or service or on

Top Placing Individual: Donnielle Aluisi,

improving marketing of an existing product,

Clovis FFA, California

supply, or service. Each team competed against teams in their state for the privilege of participating in the national event.

Milk Quality and Products

Winning Team: Joey Clifford, Gerald

The National Milk Quality and Products

Moen and Molly Swanberg, Elk Grove

CDE allows students to prove their knowl-

FFA, California

edge about the recognition, selection and




Nursery/Landscape Sponsored by Arysta LifeScience North America, Kubota Tractor Corporation and STIHL Inc. The National FFA Nursery Landscape CDE tests students on their knowledge and skills in nursery practices and landscaping. Participants must complete a general knowledge exam testing horticultural principles including plant anatomy, production, marketing, turf, landscape design and maintenance. Each participant must also complete practicums involving a landscape estimating, plant

propagation or potting, identification of plants, disorders and equipment. Each team competed on local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Summer Holland, Jess Patterson, Drew Riggins and Colton Robertson, Southern Alamance FFA, North Carolina Top Placing Individual: Jess Patterson, Southern Alamance FFA, North Carolina

Parliamentary Procedure Sponsored by TransCanada The National FFA Parliamentary Procedure CDE tests students’ ability to effectively communicate ideas during a meeting. Components included a general knowledge exam of parliamentary law, a 10-minute demonstration of parliamentary procedure, oral questions, written minutes of the demonstration as well as a team problem solving activity. Each team competed on local and state levels to earn the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Breanna Cairns, Sarah Graves, Sarah Bradshaw, Joshua Dowell, Cody Mcdougald and Rachel Oatman, Minarets FFA, California

Poultry Evaluation Sponsored by Newly Weds Foods, Inc., Tyson Foods, Inc., and U.S. Poultry & Egg Association The National Poultry Evaluation CDE tests the participant’s ability to select top quality poultry and poultry products needed for successful production and marketing. Event participants must complete a written exam on poultry management, evaluate classes of live birds for eggs and meat production, evaluate quality of eggs, and evaluate and identify parts and products. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Loyal Carpenter, Brooke Eaton, Kaitlin Epperson and Maddie Grant, Columbia FFA, Missouri Top Placing Individual: Elaine Jordan, Bret Harte FFA, California

Prepared Public Speaking Sponsored by Monsanto The Prepared Public Speaking CDE is designed to recognize outstanding FFA members for their ability to prepare and present a factual speech on a specific agricultural issue in a well thought out and logical manner in a competitive setting. Members prepare and deliver a




ten-to eight-minute speech from memory and respond to five minutes of questions. The event is just one way FFA members can develop their ability to communicate in a powerful, organized and professional manner. Top Placing Individual: Tanner Allread, Union City FFA, Oklahoma

Veterinary Science Sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health The National Veterinary Science CDE tests the participant’s ability to perform practical veterinary assisting activities as well as identify breeds, parasites and equipment. Participants also complete a written exam and respond to scenario questions about current topics in the veterinary industry. Teams give a presentation to a panel of judges about the roles and responsibilities of the veterinary team in giving care to a particular patient. Each team competed at local and state levels for the privilege of representing their state at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Winning Team: Blake Te Velde, Jake Van Berkum, Shelby Brown and Haley Rettmer, Lynden Christian FFA, Washington Top Placing Individual: Taylor Kundert, Badger FFA, Wisconsin





National Agricultural Proficiency winners Winners of the National Agricultural Proficiency Awards were announced Friday, Oct. 26, at the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo in Indianapolis. FFA members nationwide competed in 49 career-specific categories. Agricultural Communications – Entrepreneurship/ Placement

Agricultural Education – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Alex Pitts, Munford FFA Chapter,

Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Winner: Garrett Yerigan, Pryor FFA


Winner: Harley Hamernik, Leigh-Clarkson

Chapter, Oklahoma

Sponsored nationally by The James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation

FFA Chapter, Nebraska

Sponsored nationally by Keystone Steel and Wire Company – Red Brand and Tractor Supply Company

Before high school, Alex Pitts of the Mun-

Sponsored nationally by Carry-On Trailer Corporation and RAM Trucks

ford FFA Chapter in Tennessee never

For Harley Hamernik of the Leigh-

Garrett Yerigan of the Pryor FFA Chapter

consider himself an “agricultural” person

Clarkson FFA Chapter in Nebraska, his

in Oklahoma has been traveling the rodeo

and hadn’t even heard of FFA. But once

proficiency area is a family business. His

circuit all his life and became enamored

he found the organization and enrolled in

father, grandfather and uncle began a

with the role of the announcer. With this

an agriscience class, he was hooked. After

plumbing and well-drilling business in

passion, he began Lightning G Announc-

three years of showing livestock, he began

the 1970s that he has learned the ins

ing & Sound, his own business offering

working with his chapter to host summer

and outs of. Under the paternal mentor-

his announcing services to rodeos and

camps where he mentors new showmen

ship, he has learned to dig wells, plumb

other agricultural shows. In addition to

on how to walk, shear and groom lamb

houses and lay water and drain lines that

working on his communication skills as an

and goat. Pitts has also developed teach-

bring water to livestock. Hamernik has

announcer, he has also developed market-

ing and training aids for the Tennessee

reached the point where he can go out

ing strategies, ensuring that his business

Association of Agriculture Educators. He

on calls without supervision, working

gains new customers throughout North

is supported by his parents Tommy Pitts

with clients and ensuring customer sat-

America. Yerigan is supported by his par-

and Cindy Greer and his FFA advisors Ann

isfaction. He is supported by his parents

ents Kathy and Dale and his FFA advisors

Johnson, Bill Newsom, LeAnne McRae,

Arlene and Dave and FFA advisor Don

Walt Taylor and Jerrod Melugin.

Glenn Goulder and Ashley Bringle.





Sloan Griggs – Shenandoah FFA Chapter (Indiana)

Brad Borges – Hughson FFA Chapter (California)

Hayden Feist – United South Central FFA Chapter (Minnesota)

Morgan Mayer – Spencer County FFA Chapter (Kentucky)

Elizabeth Mayrose – McCook Central FFA Chapter (South Dakota)

Ian Sprouse – Plano East FFA Chapter (Texas)

Maddison Buschur – Versailles FFA Chapter (Ohio)

Nathaniel Nolden – Lodi FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)

Shane Adams – Stevens Point FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)




Agricultural Proficiency Winners continued

Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems – Entrepreneurship/ Placement Winner: Kenny Voss, Union FFA Chapter, Missouri Sponsored nationally by the The Lincoln Electric Company Kenny Voss of the Union FFA Chapter in Missouri was attracted to his proficiency area by the variety of skills that could be learned. When he began, he had no idea what a lathe or a mill was. Now, he not only operates them, he welds and works with hydraulics to construct transmissions, pumps and valves. He is supported by his parents Rita and Dennis and FFA advisor Danielle Blair. Finalists: Bailey Scheffert – Oelwein FFA Chapter (Iowa) Ethan Cotton – Spencer County FFA Chapter (Kentucky) James Woychik – Independence FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)

Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Entrepreneurship Winner: Brandon Wiley, Screven County FFA Chapter, Georgia Sponsored nationally by Briggs and Stratton Company When Brandon Wiley of the Screven County FFA Chapter in Sylvania, Ga., began helping his grandfather with his electrical contractor company on the weekends, he was given simple tasks like installing device covers and replacing light bulbs. Over the years, he learned more from the man he calls “Pop”, developing the skills to troubleshoot issues disrupting electrical circuits, repair lighting and installing new wiring. Wiley has branched off, beginning his own business three years ago. He is supported by his parents Bonnie Wiley and Travis Ivy, as well as his FFA advisor Todd Wall. Finalists: Drake Boyce – Cheyenne FFA Chapter (Oklahoma) Nick Fredrickson – Yelm FFA Chapter (Washington) Thomas Larson – Viroqua FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)




Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance – Placement Winner: Jacob Weinreich-Frick, OrlandoColonial FFA Chapter, Florida Sponsored nationally by Hobart Welding Products and Tractor Supply Company Growing up in Sweden, Jacob Weinreich-

Collins, Steve Bass, Stacey Beachman,

at the same local cooperative that she

Gene Hart and Stephanie Summerlin.

remembers frequenting as a child. She


began by scaling trucks and testing grain

Kara Gunthorp – Prairie Heights FFA Chapter (Indiana) Karlene Sukup – Creighton Community FFA Chapter (Nebraska) Rebecca Faverty – Marlington FFA Chapter (Ohio)

draw-up plans to build go-carts, cars and

Agricultural Sales – Entrepreneurship

anything with a motor. Upon coming to the

Winner: Ansley Akin, Franklin County FFA

machines and how they worked. He would

United States and joining FFA, he indicated his passion to chapter leaders and gained employment with a local tractor outlet, becoming their service technician. In his time there, he has worked on numerous pieces of equipment and established his own base of 78 clients. He is supported by his parents Sarah Weinreich and Lennart Frick and his FFA advisor Tim App. Finalists: Francisco Manriquez – Wasco FFA Chapter (California) Zach Evans – Covington FFA Chapter (Tennessee) Kalob Hullinger – Manila FFA Chapter (Utah)

ucts. The opportunity has allowed her to see the challenges that agriculturalists face each day. Lofton is supported by her parents Jamie Glahn and Craig Lofton Finalists: Cody Dye – Templeton FFA Chapter (California)

Chapter, Georgia

Kristina Glasscock – Spencer County FFA Chapter (Kentucky)

Sponsored nationally by Crop Production Services and Monsanto

Nicholas Mueller – Garretson FFA Chapter (South Dakota)

When Ansley Akin of the Franklin County FFA Chapter in Carnesville, Ga., placed second in the national FFA floriculture competition, her interest was sparked and she began her own home-run floral busi-

Agricultural Services – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Nick Briscoe, Seneca FFA

ness. She first completed a community

Chapter, Illinois

survey to determine whether a floral shop

Sponsored nationally by TransCanada

was needed. Discovering it was wanted,

Nick Briscoe of the Seneca FFA Chapter

she began with small arrangements such as wreaths and table centerpieces. Today, Akin provides flowers for wedding and wedding showers. She is supported by her parents Kelly and James and her FFA advisors Gary Minyard, Cale Watkins and

Agricultural Processing – Entrepreneurship/Placement

with customers and animal health prod-

and her FFA advisor John Bergin.

Frick of the Orlando-Colonial Senior FFA Chapter in Florida became fascinated with

before working her way toward working

Owen Thomason.

in Illinois is employed at two local agribusinesses, each allowing him to provide important services to his agricultural community. At one, he works to drain fields, allowing him to study agronomy and learn about soil/water relationships. Briscoe’s other job is with a grain company and elevator. He is supported by his parents

Finalists: Austin Granby – Seneca FFA Chapter (Illinois)

Ruth and Robert and his FFA advisors

Sponsored nationally by CHS

Shane Greenwell – Spencer County FFA Chapter (Kentucky)


Jonathan V. Mobley of the Colquitt County

Colton Meyer – Canyon FFA Chapter (Texas)

Winner: Jonathan Mobley, Colquitt County FFA Chapter, Georgia

FFA Chapter in Moultrie, Ga., made the goal to learn the ins and outs of the processing business before he entered the eighth grade. Five years later, he knows every aspect from his job of processing watermelons and cantaloupes at a local produce shed. This includes washing, sanitizing, grading and sorting the products into shipping bins and boxes. Mobley also helps manage personnel, inventory and equip-

Agricultural Sales – Placement Winner: Megan Lofton, Southeast of Saline FFA Chapter, Kansas Sponsored nationally by Fastenal and Vigortone Ag Products

Jeff Maierhoter and Kent Weber. Shelbi Enos – Hanford FFA Chapter (California) Ashley Peek – Echols County FFA Chapter (Georgia) Cortney Beechem – Academy FFA Chapter (Texas)

Agriscience Research – Animal Systems Winner: Madison Albiani, Elk Grove FFA

ment. He is supported by his parents Torina

Megan Lofton of the Southeast of Saline

Chapter, California

and Mike and his FFA advisors Shawn

FFA Chapter in Gypsum, Kan., works

Madison Albiani of the Elk Grove FFA




Agricultural Proficiency Winners continued

Chapter in California has been researching and comparing the average daily gains crossbred and purebred hogs. Working with professors at California State University, she discovered that breed did not have a significant effect but the gender of the hogs was important in average daily gains. Albiani is supported by her parents Chantelle and Michael and her FFA advisors Matt Patton, Amy Erman, Alyssa Mangan, Shannon Welch and her father. Finalists: Quinton Carter – Lowndes FFA Chapter (Georgia) Ashley Kincaid – Southmont FFA Chapter (Indiana) Lane Newlin – Burlington FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

Agriscience Research – Integrated Systems Winner: Kayleigh Warner, DeKalb Central FFA Chapter, Indiana Kayleigh Warner of the DeKalb Central FFA Chapter in Waterloo, Ind., conducted research to determine the safety of foundry sand mixed with moderately clayey soil. Her work also allowed her to decide whether foundry sand could be used as a compost material. Warner was inspired to conduct this research due to debate in her community concerning potential harms of foundry sand. She is supported by her parents Pamela and Rodney and her FFA advisors Matthew Dice and Khara Kimmel. Finalists: Marshall Bennett III – Lowndes FFA Chapter (Georgia) Bethany Myers – Branch Area Careers Center FFA Chapter (Michigan) Justin Zahradka – Park River FFA Chapter (South Dakota)

Agriscience Research – Plant Systems Winner: Jacob Schindler, Lowndes FFA Chapter, Georgia Sponsored nationally by Monsanto For his supervised agricultural experience, Jacob Schindler of the Lowndes FFA Chapter in Valdosta,




Ga., developed the kudzu eradicating helium technology apparatus, or KEHTA. He started his research in the sixth grade when he first noticed that helium gas effectively killed kudzu. A year later

Beef Production – Placement Winner: Stetson Shimfessel, Clark County FFA Chapter, Kentucky

Finalists: Mallarie Stookey – Warsaw FFA Chapter (Indiana) Christopher Seifert – Sleepy Eye FFA Chapter (Minnesota)

when he joined the FFA, he furthered his

Sponsored nationally by Midwest PMS

studies into the subject matter, experi-

Stetson Shimfessel of the Clark County

menting in a simulated forest to destroy

FFA Chapter in Winchester, Ky., has a fam-

the pest that costs the Georgian forestry

ily with a strong farming background. So it

industry $15.5 billion annually. Schindler

just made sense to work with beef cattle

is working with an attorney to patent his

when he needed an supervised agricul-

Winner: Austin Davis, Dassel-Cokato FFA

process and the apparatus he designed.

tural experience. His duties require that

Chapter, Minnesota

His parents Julie and Eric and his FFA

he care for and feed cattle, plow ground,

advisors James Corbett, Quinton Had-

grind feed, fixing fence, putting up hay and

sock and Spence Taylor support him.

repairing equipment. Shimfessel hopes his

Sponsored nationally by Kuhn North America and Nasco Division – Nasco International Inc.

experiences with FFA and his supervised

Austin Davis of the Dassel-Cokato FFA

agricultural experience will lead to owning

Chapter in Minnesota works on his fam-

his own farm in the future. He is supported

ily’s sixth generation dairy farm. When he

by his parents Cynthia and Scott and his

began working, he set several goals. First,

FFA advisors Shane Wiseman, Jimmy

he wanted to increase the survival rate

Finalists: Jillian Drake – Fallbrook FFA Chapter (California) Taylor Kruse – Pettisville FFA Chapter (Ohio) Gatlin Squires – Kingfisher FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

Beef Production – Entrepreneurship Winner: Thomas Glascock, Pilot Point FFA Chapter, Texas Sponsored nationally by Bayer Animal Health Fourteen years ago, Thomas Glascock

Powell and Katy Midden.

reaching a 96 percent survival rate. He

Hannah Bianchi – Hollister FFA Chapter (California)

also increased overall dry matter intake

Jarred Strate – Garber FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

pursuing a degree in agronomy because

Tanner Yeager – Ponder FFA Chapter (Texas)

the family farm. He is supported by his

Dairy Production – Entrepreneurship

received his first foundation female –

Chapter, Wisconsin

named 0521. From that heifer, he made the goal to produce the quality of cattle

Sponsored nationally by DeLaval and New Holland

that will allow him to develop relationship

Thomas Allen of the Reedsburg FFA

and national level. He has even marketed his cattle in Mexico. His parents – who are also his FFA advisors – Tammy and Randy, support Meriwhether. Finalists:

per cow by 2.4 pounds a day. Davis is he feels that is how he can best serve parents Carol Davis and C. Loring and his FFA advisor Eric Sawatzke.

Winner: Thomas Allen, Reedsburg FFA

so he could market his cattle on a state

Dairy Production – Placement

for the farm’s milk-fed calves, eventually


of the Pilot Point FFA Chapter in Texas

with purebred breeders and specialists

Kira Andre – Wauseon FFA Chapter (Ohio)

Finalists: Jacob Macedo – Tulare FFA Chapter (California) Ashley Wilker – Marion Local FFA Chapter (Ohio) Brian Hoffmann – Amherst FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)

Chapter in Wisconsin grew up loving little brown cows, the Jerseys, on the family farm. Today, those Jersey cows are his supervised agricultural experience. He has been so successful in building and breeding his herd that his bulls have entered into artificial insemination ser-

Diversified Agricultural Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Steven Cooper, Jackson County FFA Chapter, Georgia Sponsored nationally by CF industries, Inc. and J.R. Simplot Company

Rob Veal – Johnson County FFA Chapter (Georgia)

vice. Allen has seven bulls in service with

Jake Ohlde – Linn FFA Chapter (Kansas)

herd is 35 strong plus eight bulls. He is

Steven Cooper of the Jackson County

supported by his parents Leigh Toberman

FFA Chapter in Jefferson, Georgia,

Layne Meriwether – Waynoka FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

and Troy Allen and his FFA advisors Nick

believes that his passion for agriculture

Casey and Todd Cherney.

began at birth. Working on his father’s

contracts for 16 more to soon enter. His




Agricultural Proficiency Winners continued

cattle farm has allowed him to be active in all aspects of the operation. Beginning with feeding the cattle has evolved into new responsibilities including grinding feed, working cattle, managing broiler houses and assisting with the growth and harvest of forage. Cooper is supported by his parents Sandy and Dwight and his FFA advisors Robbie Buchanan, Joe Head, Jay Borden and Evan Clark. Finalists: Kyle Brem – Strathmore FFA Chapter (California) Aaron Clark – West Holmes FFA Chapter (Ohio) Amber Allen – Burlington FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship Winner: Jared A. Eilertson, United South Central FFA Chapter, Minnesota Sponsored nationally by CHS Jared A. Eilertson of the United South Central FFA Chapter in Wells, Minn., started driving a tractor when he was eight years old, realizing at that moment that he wanted a future in farming. Five years ago, he started renting a neighbor’s land, planting soybeans and corn. He yielded 176.8 bushels per acre of corn and 18.5 bushels per acre of soybeans. Eilertson performs regular maintenance on all of his equipment and upgraded his trucks for hauling. He is supported by his parents Nancy and John and his FFA advisor Dan Dylla. Finalists: Billy Yecny – Laton FFA Chapter (California) Austin Durst – Washington County FFA Chapter (Kansas) Cody Adams – Fayetteville FFA Chapter (Ohio)

Diversified Crop Production – Placement Winner: Jakob Wilson, Fairbanks FFA Chapter, Ohio Sponsored nationally by Crop Production Services and National Crop Insurance Services Jakob Wilson of the Fairbanks FFA Chapter in Milford Center, Ohio, works on his family’s 3,700-acre farm, growing corn and soybean in four counties. When he began playing a role in the operation, he made the goal to learn all aspects of the business, including




seed selection, chemical selection, field scouting, GPS technology and harvesting. Wilson is supported by his parents Christie and John and his FFA advisor Rob Riddle.

mother and a livestock farmer for a father


sheep, beef cattle, swine and chickens.

so it was not a surprise that she chose to be active in the agricultural community. With her father, she raises and markets

Richard Cardoza – Tulare FFA Chapter (California)

She is responsible for the feeding, water-

Matthew Recktenwald – Spencer County FFA Chapter (Kentucky)

Orr also utilizes rotational grazing methods

Jake Knutson – United South Central FFA Chapter (Minnesota)

necessary to finish livestock. She is sup-

ing, bedding and fencing of the animals. on 26 acres to provide the protein forage ported by her parents Michelle and Dean and her FFA advisors Jenifer Erb and

Diversified Horticulture – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: William Maltbie, Burlington FFA Chapter, Oklahoma Sponsored nationally by Nationwide Insurance Foundation William Maltbie of the Burlington FFA Chapter in Oklahoma fell in love with his first riding lawn mower because it reminded him of a mini tractor. Soon he added the hedge trimmer, weed eater and blower to his landscaping repertoire. Maltbie has increased the number of lawns he services from eight to 32, winning clients who acknowledge his work ethic and expertise. He is supported by his parents Janet and James and his FFA advisor Travis Bradshaw. Finalists: Samuel Cottrell – Eureka FFA Chapter (Illinois) Jordan Brabec – Schuyler Central FFA Chapter (Nebraska) Alex Braun – Harrisburg FFA Chapter (South Dakota)

Rene’ Lehman. Finalists: Jon Liechty – South Adams FFA Chapter (Indiana) Saul Triana – Wauseon FFA Chapter (Ohio) Tyler Sanders – Wanette FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

Winner: Ashley Orr, Waupaca FFA Chapter, Wisconsin Sponsored nationally by Tractor Supply Company and Wahl Clipper Corporation Ashley Orr of the Waupaca FFA Chapter in Wisconsin has an agriscience teacher for a

Winner: Trenton Grimes, Pond CreekHunter FFA Chapter, Oklahoma Sponsored nationally by the Mosaic Company Trenton Grimes of the Pond Creek-Hunter FFA Chapter in Oklahoma works with his father to construct and rebuild terraces, waterways and reservoirs in the hopes of reducing topsoil loss and controlling runoff water. In his placement supervised agricultural experience, he has learned to operate machinery like bulldozers and scrapers while also actively participating in the planning and construction of the natural resource-saving projects. Grimes is supported by his parents Kris and Roscoe and his FFA advisor Tim Winter. Finalists:

Emerging Agricultural Technology – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Tyler Barber – Bacon County FFA Chapter (Georgia)

Winner: Carson Vinyard, Altus FFA

Justin Pursel – Pettisville FFA Chapter (Ohio)

Chapter, Oklahoma Sponsored nationally by Ag Leader Technology and BASF Carson Vinyard of the Altus FFA Chapter in Oklahoma is the fourth generation of his family to farm and raise cotton in southwest Oklahoma. He has found that he is in interested in technology that can make his farming operation more efficient and cost effective. He has installed drip irrigation lines on 3,100 acres of cotton, utilizing a type of irrigation that all but eliminates evaporation, requiring less water. Vinyard is

Diversified Livestock Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Environmental Science and Natural Resources – Entrepreneurship/Placement

supported by his parents Cindy and Sam and his FFA advisors Bruce Farquhar and J.C. Stafford. Finalists: Zachary Ferrie – Heyworth FFA Chapter (Illinois) Gabriel Diedriech – Danville FFA Chapter (Indiana) Nich Aberle – North-Linn FFA Chapter (Iowa)




Matt Abraham – Chaska FFA Chapter (Minnesota)

Equine Science – Entrepreneurship Winner: Elizabeth Hayes, Marysville FFA Chapter, Ohio Sponsored nationally by Keystone Steel & Wire Company –Red Brand and Purina Animal Nutrition Elizabeth Hayes of the Marysville FFA Chapter in Ohio trains horses for clients to use in the show ring. After placing in the top ten of the All-American Quarter Horse Congress, she was inundated with requests for help from horse owners on how to work with their animals. She turned this into a marketable business, helping riders control their horses with precision. Hayes hopes to become a professional horse trainer and own her own horse facility after college. She is supported by her parents Laura and Tim

Agricultural Proficiency Winners continued

and her FFA advisors Shari Anderson, Ashley Thompson and Bill Keck. Finalists: Josie Stamps – Newton FFA Chapter (Georgia) Casey Adams – Chapman FFA Chapter (Kansas) Josey Pukrop – Stevens Point FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)

Equine Science – Placement Winner: Bethany Ann Jones Lackey, Wilson Central FFA Chapter, Tennessee Sponsored nationally by Cargill and Tractor Supply Company Despite not growing up on a horse farm, Bethany Ann Jones Lackey of the Wilson Central FFA Chapter in Lebanon, Tenn., has a passion for the animals, stemming from the neighboring farms that she visited as a child. When she reached the age of 13, she was given a non-riding position at one of those farms, doing things like cleaning stalls and watering. That became an assistant trainer job and she was also hired at a second horse farm, giving lessons to young riders. Jones hopes to continue her work in the equine industry in the future. She is supported by her parents Sherry and Lathon and her FFA advisors Benny Joe McDonald and Pam Farmer Walker. Finalists: Else Stuart – Santa Rosa FFA Chapter (California) Mary Clark – Putnam County FFA Chapter (Georgia) Megan Magness – Elgin FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

Fiber and or Oil Crop Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winners: Kyle Moore, Early County FFA Chapter, Georgia Sponsored nationally by Bunge North America Kyle Moore of the Early County FFA Chapter in Blakely, Ga., is employed on the family farm, growing peanuts and cotton. On a daily basis, his job will require him to operate and maintain the tractors, haul trailers, plant, plow, mow and harvest. In addition to the tractors, he achieved his goal of successfully operating a six row vacuum planter, sprayer and cotton and peanut pickers. Moore is supported by his parents Michelle and Steven and his FFA advisor Catherine “Kitty” Simmons.




identification of local pests. Bulling has

J.W. Oliver of the Wayne County FFA

Adam Olson – Chaska FFA Chapter (Minnesota)

also worked to understand the equipment

Chapter in Jesup, Ga., grows 27 acres

used for forage production and how he

of two breeds of watermelon. Beginning

Zane Schurter – Burlington FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

can repair it when necessary. He is sup-

in the ninth grade with three acres, he

ported by his parents April and Scott and

worked with his father, exchanging labor

Robert Hill – Halls FFA Chapter (Tennessee)

also his FFA advisor Allen Miller.

for equipment, land and other resources.


He learned to identify and control


Food and Science Technology – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Susan Mann, Spencer County FFA Chapter, Kentucky Sponsored nationally by CHS Susan Mann of the Spencer County FFA Chapter in Taylorsville, Ky., has focused her research on something that could better her other agricultural pursuits. As a producer of sweet sorghum molasses,

Andrew Walck – Holcomb FFA Chapter (Kansas)

common watermelon pests, including

David Stenzel – United South Central FFA Chapter (Minnesota)

Oliver is supported by his parents Lora

Connor Rose – Shields Valley FFA Chapter (Montana)


Forest Management and Products – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Kason Lott, Irwin County FFA Chapter, Georgia

the taste and storage life of her product.

Sponsored nationally by John Deere and RAM Trucks

She has worked on preventing the sor-

Initially, Kason Lott of the Irwin County

ghum from crystalizing and developing

FFA Chapter in Ocilla, Ga., worked for his

off-flavors. Mann is supported by her par-

father’s timber company for free. Finally,

ents Jo and Garry and her FFA advisors

after proving himself and his skills, he

Bland Baird and Darryl Matherly.

was given the opportunity to manage the


operation in his father’s absence. He has

she has researched methods of improving

Jennifer Mitcham – Rabun County FFA Chapter (Georgia) Angelica Lee – Chicago Ag Sciences FFA Chapter (Illinois) Jerri Bryant – South Johnston FFA Chapter (North Carolina)

Forage Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Bryce Bulling, Mulhall-Orlando

rindworms, leaf spot and fruit blotch. and Wayne and FFA advisor Michael Finalists: Yesenia Huerta – Lodi No. 1 FFA Chapter (California) Derek McMullin – Payson FFA Chapter (Utah) Mitchell Linehan – Tomah FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)

Goat Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Lindsey Pease, Chetopa FFA Chapter, Kansas Sponsored nationally by Purina Animal Nutrition

learned how to correctly identify trees and

Lindsey Pease of the Chetopa FFA

to operate all the necessary equipment in

Chapter in Kansas produces Boer goats,

any setting or landscape. This work has

emphasizing on the production of show

inspired Lott to major in forestry in col-

goats. Beginning with four bred nannies,

lege. He is supported by his parents Kayla

she anxiously awaited the kids that

and Mark and his FFA advisors Ira Tucker,

would join her herd. Today, she has 86

Shayla Johnson and Wesley Paulk.

does and four bucks. In 2011, her show


wether prospects sold for an average

Joey Adams – Arroyo Grande FFA Chapter (California)

of $750 and her show doe prospects averages $475. Pease is supported by

Jordan Myers – West Rowan FFA Chapter (North Carolina)

her parents Stephanie and Wayne and

FFA Chapter, Oklahoma Sponsored nationally by Animal Health International, Inc., and CLAAS of America, Inc.

Ben Fischer – Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)


Bryce Bulling of the Mulhall-Orlando FFA Chapter in Oklahoma works with his grandfather in his forage production

Fruit Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement

enterprise. Working 2,800 acres of Ber-

Winner: J.W. Oliver, Wayne County FFA

muda grass and wheat, he has mastered

Chapter, Georgia

the skills of safe equipment operation,

Sponsored nationally by DuPont Company

soil sampling, hay conditioning and the




her FFA advisor is Jim Nave. Rebecca Hobby – Hughson FFA Chapter (California) Cole Roper – Franklin County FFA Chapter (Georgia) Tanner Miller – Mulhall-Orlando FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

Agricultural Proficiency Winners continued

Grain Production – Entrepreneurship

Grain Production – Placement

Winner: Emily Harris, Abilene FFA

Winner: Nathan Leystra, Randolph-

Home and/or Community Development – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Chapter, Kansas

Cambria-Friesland FFA Chapter,

Winner: Hannah Treptow, Weimar FFA

Sponsored nationally by DuPont Pioneer


Chapter, Texas

Sponsored nationally by DuPont Pioneer

Sponsored nationally by Carhartt, Inc.

in Kansas began her work on the family

Nathan Todd Leystra of the Randolph-

As the child of two agriscience teachers,

farm by driving the tractor with her

Cambria-Friesland FFA Chapter in

Hannah Treptow of the Weimar FFA Chap-

dad, eventually being given the task

Wisconsin is the third generation to work

ter in Texas is used to performing service

of driving the tractor and grain cart.

on the family farm. With more than 1,000

projects in her community. With her FFA

Ultimately, she took over an 80-acre

acres, he conducts tillage operations,

chapter, she operates the food bank that

farm that had belonged to her great-

planting and using the combine during

many in her community rely upon. Her

grandfather where she planted more

harvest season. He has also taken on

impact has been felt throughout her home

than 50 acres of wheat. Harris has said

managerial skills that include taking and

state of Texas. After seeing the successful

that after this year of droughts, she

reading soil tests and moisture samples

National FFA Days of Service, she launched

has learned the value of a good crop

and becoming a certified pesticide appli-

a similar day during their state convention.

insurance policy. She is supported by

cator. Leystra hopes to become a full

Treptow is supported by her parents Liz and

her parents Rosemary and Kevin and

partner in the farm in the coming years.

Bill, who are also two of her FFA advisors,

her FFA advisor Travis Pralle.

His parents Sarah and Todd and his FFA

and Carin Cason, also an advisor.

Emily Harris of the Abilene FFA Chapter

Finalists: Tyler Pokojski – Christ Our Rock FFA Chapter (Illinois) D. J. Anderegg – Tri-Star FFA Chapter (Iowa) Troy Dobson – Higginsville FFA Chapter (Missouri)

advisor Keith Gundlach support him. Finalists: Travis Wallinger – Stuart FFA Chapter (Nebraska) Garrett Sharp – Waukomis FFA Chapter (Oklahoma) Clay North – Ponder FFA Chapter (Texas)




Finalists: Shawn Royse – Fleming County FFA Chapter (Kentucky) Taylor Neal – Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg FFA Chapter (Minnesota) Zachary Gray – Wilson Central FFA Chapter (Tennessee)

Landscape Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement

Ann and Lyle and her FFA advisor

the broiler operation on her family farm.

Josh Blair.

Consisting of six 40’ X 500’ broiler houses,

Winner: Talon Alexander, Madill FFA


she produces more than 700,000 drug-

Chapter, Oklahoma Sponsored nationally by John Deere and Tractor Supply Company At 3 years old, Talon Alexander of the Madill FFA Chapter in Oklahoma had a

Heather Slattery – Killingly FFA Chapter (Connecticut)

free broilers each year. She started her operation with limited responsibilities such

Amanda Koch – Botkins FFA Chapter (Ohio)

as cleaning feeders, drinkers, fans and

Shanna Mercier – Badger FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)

charge of the operation set-up including

removing deceased birds. Today, she is in ventilation, cleaning and monitoring the

toy bubble mower so he could mow the

brooder temperature. Barnes is supported

lawn just like his dad. Eventually that

by her parents Vivian and Brian and her

wasn’t enough so he would pester his father to use the real thing. Today, he owns and manages his own landscaping business. Having gone from his first three clients to a base of 15, he’s even been

Outdoor Recreation – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Gabe Stodghill, Spencer County FFA Chapter, Kentucky

women in his church, trusting in his abili-

Sponsored nationally by Yamaha Motor Corporation USA

ties and skills. Alexander is supported

Gabe Stodghill of the Spencer County FFA

by his parents Gena and Darren and his

Chapter in Taylorsville, Ky., has created a

FFA advisors Allen Serner and Bart and

400-acre nature and hunting preserve on

Michelle Harper.

his grandparent’s land. About five years


ago, he realized that the parcel of land did

contracted by his home town and elderly

Karlie Oliver – Franklin County FFA Chapter (Georgia)

not have the wildlife that had once thrived – trees had died and ponds had turned

FFA advisors Gary Minyard, Cale Watkins and Owen Thomason. Finalists: Andrew Minnich – Jay County FFA Chapter (Indiana) Jacob Clements – Clay County FFA Chapter (Tennessee) Kevin Smith – Pendleton County FFA Chapter (West Virginia)

Sheep Production – Entrepreneurship Placement

Cody Milburn – Spencer County FFA Chapter (Kentucky)

over. He created brush piles and food plots

Winner: Jaclyn Dingels, Redwood Valley

while also cleaning the ponds. Stodghill

FFA Chapter, Minnesota

Sawyer Peacock – Pleasant Grove FFA Chapter (Utah)

next turned to building turkey blinds and

Sponsored nationally by Bimedia, Inc.

deer stands once the wildlife had returned. He is supported by his parents Sherwin Smitha and Lance Stodghill and his FFA

Nursery Operations – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Reighly Blakely, Oologah FFA Chapter, Oklahoma Sponsored nationally by RAM Trucks By the time she was 5, Reighly Lou Blakely of the Oologah FFA Chapter in

advisors Bland Baird and Darryl Matherly. Finalists:

from stock plants and properly transplant a variety of bedding plants, herbs and succulents. Presently, Blakely grows 15 varieties of tomato plants, five varieties of basil, four kinds of aloe, 12 different

raising Hampshire and Suffolk sheep for the past seven years. Her flock has grown from five leased ewes to 52 owned ewes and a partial interest in two leased rams.

Marshall Spaans – McCook Central FFA Chapter (South Dakota)

her sheep throughout the country, she

Logan Wiesman – Luxemburg-Casco FFA Chapter (Wisconsin)

replacement ewes instead of purchasing

Developing a marketing strategy to sell has guaranteed quality by raising her own them in order to reduce the potential for disease transmission. Dingels is supported

plants grown in the family greenhouse. perform root divisions, taking cuttings

Chapter in Redwood Falls, Minn., has been

Nicole Hardoy – King City FFA Chapter (California)

Oklahoma could identify nearly all of the As she grew older, she learned how to

Jaclyn Dingels of the Redwood Valley FFA

Poultry Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Candace Barnes, Franklin County FFA Chapter, Georgia Sponsored nationally by Tractor Supply Company and Tyson Foods, Inc.

aloes and succulents and much more.

Candace Barnes of the Franklin County

She is supported by her parents Rae

FFA Chapter in Carnesville, Ga., manages




by her parents Pat and Steve and her FFA advisor Jeremy Daberkow. Finalists: Chase McGolden – Fairview FFA Chapter (Oklahoma) Alicia Rist – Viborg FFA Chapter (South Dakota) Jeremy Bagwell – Yelm FFA Chapter (Washington)

Agricultural Proficiency Winners continued

Small Animal Production and Care – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Katelyn Scott, American Fork FFA Chapter, Utah Sponsored nationally by Tractor Supply Company Katelyn Scott of the American Fork FFA Chapter in Utah raises, grooms and handles Australian Shepherds. Since 2008, she has bred seven dogs that

passing year. He is supported by his

Garrit Sproull of the Harrison FFA

father Emilio and his FFA advisors Brent

Chapter in Cadiz, Ohio, breeds sows to

George, Tim Deniz, Darlene Gilles, Kristin

produce and sell quality market hogs.

Sheehan, Kristin Mckenna, John Williams

When he was nine years old, he took his

and Celia Casso.

first market hog to the county fair. When


his first litter of pigs did not turn out as

Abby Flanders – Harrisburg FFA Chapter (South Dakota)

well as expected, he made significant

Chynna Lane – East Robertson FFA Chapter (Tennessee)

facilities and management. Today, nearly

Joseph Nielson – Lehi FFA Chapter (Utah)

five classes. Sproull is supported by his

have won national titles. Today, she has

her, complete with indoor-outdoor kettle runs, a bathing room, a grooming room and an area to train. Scott plans to continue her breeding operation throughout

Specialty Crop Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Mary Cromley, Southeast Bulloch FFA Chapter, Georgia

college. She is supported by her parents

Mary Catherine Cromley of the South-

Sherrie and Hal and his FFA advisor Jake

east Bulloch FFA Chapter in Brooklet,


Ga., grew up on a family farm that grew

Finalists: Courtney Miller – Lodi No. 1 FFA Chapter (California) Katherine Pannill – Woodbury FFA Chapter (Connecticut) Kenneth Ruland – Sanger FFA Chapter (Texas)

70 percent of his pigs place in the top parents Carolyn and Greggory and his FFA advisor Don Jones.

30 grooming clients. She runs her business in a building her parents built for

improvements through better genetics,

common groups on their land – cotton, peanuts and corn. She, however, was looking for something different. Using half of an acre, she started growing ornamental gourds. Once the gourds have been harvested, Cromley will turn them into decorated birdhouses. She also worked to educate elementary

Finalists: Brandan Rogers – Lakeside-El Capitan FFA Chapter (California) Amanda Miller – Jeff Davis FFA Chapter (Georgia) Tyler Galt – Spanish Fork FFA Chapter (Utah)

Swine Production – Placement Winner: Nick Rutschilling, Versailles FFA Chapter, Ohio Sponsored nationally by Kemin and Sunglo Feeds/Akey

school students in her area about non-

Nick Rutschilling of the Versailles FFA

traditional agriculture. She is supported

Chapter in Ohio works for his father and

by her parents Ann and Lee and her

uncles on a 500-sow farrow to finish

FFA advisor Susannah Lanier and Brian

operation. As young as five years old,

Winner: Michael Valencia, Madera FFA


he remembers helping with small jobs

Chapter, California


around the farm. Today, he is trusted

Specialty Animal Production – Entrepreneurship/ Placement

Michael Valencia of the Madera FFA Chapter in California is the owner of 75 honeybee hives and operates his own small business offering pollination services to local farmers. Starting as a freshman, his father – also an apia-

Slade Beck – Burley FFA Chapter (Idaho)

to drive the tractors, haul manure, work

Rachel Noe – Metamora FFA Chapter (Illinois)

more. After college, Rutschilling wants

Colton Kessler – East Robertson FFA Chapter (Tennessee)

operation. He is supported by his par-

industry, he has developed an understanding of the importance and impact

to work on expanding the family hog ents Linda and Mark and his FFA advisor Dena Wuebker.

rist – donated 15 hives to his son to get started. Since becoming part of the

the ground, castrate, give iron shots and

Swine Production – Entrepreneurship

Finalists: Isaac Lewis – Tulare FFA Chapter (California)

of pollination on the farming community.

Winner: Garrit Sproull, Harrison FFA

Valencia markets his honey he collects

Chapter, Ohio

Olin Thrift – Brantley County FFA Chapter (Georgia)

to a cooperative in 55 gallon drums

Sponsored nationally by LA-CO Markal and Tyson Foods, Inc.

Danielle Montgomery – Spencer County FFA Chapter (Kentucky)

and plans to double his hives with each




Turf Grass Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement

growing and marketing commodity and

technician assistant learning to do com-

vegetable crops. Included in the operation

plete body workouts including x-rays and

are 350 acres of irrigated chip potatoes

drawing blood. She is supported by her

for Frito Lay and Allen’s, 475 acres of

parents Sherri and Robert and her FFA

spinach for Allen’s that will be canned,

advisors Brenda Wildes, Megan Grogan

225 acres of collards and other greens

and Geoff Picard.

By the time he was in the fourth grade,

for canning and 20 acres of pumpkins for farmer’s markets in Oklahoma City.


Matthew Knudson of the Maddock A. S. Gibbens FFA Chapter in North Dakota

Slagell is pursuing a degree in agriculture

was already mowing several lawns in

communications. She is supported by her

his neighborhood with his trusty push

parents Candace and Dennis and her FFA

mower. Then, five years ago, he decided

advisor David Hoy.

to become an entrepreneur and begin a


Winner: Matthew Knudson, Maddock A.S Gibbens FFA Chapter, North Dakota Sponsored nationally by John Deere

turf grass service operation, expanding to 50 lawns. With his parents’ guidance, he’s learned what height to cut the grass, proper time management and how to keep records of service and payment. Knudson is supported by his parents

David Johnston – Lebanon Regional FFA Chapter (Connecticut) Mary Happ – Heritage FFA Chapter (Illinois) Jeffrey Rogers – Munford FFA Chapter (Tennessee)

Dustin Dylla – United South Central FFA Chapter (Minnesota) Dylan McGill – Tuttle FFA Chapter (Oklahoma)

Vegetable Production – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Allison Slagell, Weatherford FFA Chapter, Oklahoma

Wildlife Production and Management – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Joshua Bruckert, Sauk Prairie FFA Chapter, Wisconsin

Gary Wald. Jacob Trites – Franklin County FFA Chapter (Georgia)

Ashley Dunnigan – Early County FFA Chapter (Georgia) Heather Sherrill – West Rowan FFA Chapter (North Carolina)

Shawn and Candace and his FFA advisor Finalists:

Kelly Mitchell – Tulare FFA Chapter (California)

Veterinary Science – Entrepreneurship/Placement Winner: Emily Von Edwins, Lebanon Regional FFA Chapter, Connecticut Sponsored nationally by American Veterinary Medical Association

Sponsored nationally by Purina Animal Nutrition Joshua Robert Bruckert of the Sauk Prairie FFA Chapter in Prairie Du Sac, Wis., volunteers his time to work for the owner of the land that he hunts on. He will be asked to accomplish task throughout the year, making the land more inhabitable

Emily Von Edwins of the Lebanon

for the wildlife he hunts. Tasks include

Regional FFA in Connecticut works at a

cleaning ponds, tilling soil, planting plots

local vet hospital. When she began her

and cutting trees on the 260 acres of

placement, her morning responsibilities

land. Bruckert is supported by his parents

were typically cleaning kennels while in

Cheryl and Timothy and his FFA advisor

the afternoon, she would be an assistant

Troy Talford.

Sponsored nationally by Tractor Supply Company and Wilbur-Ellis Company

to the doctors. Presently, she has taken


Allison Lynn Slagell of the Weatherford

area of the clinic, administering fluids

FFA Chapter in Oklahoma works with

and monitoring animals in the sick ward.

her father and brother on the family farm,

Von Edwins also began working as a

on more responsibilities in the treatment




Miles Mankins – Nipomo FFA Chapter (California) Marissa Murrell – Jay County FFA Chapter (Indiana)

Stars Over America Four outstanding FFA members who represent the most successful parts of agricultural education were named to the most prestigious honor awarded by the National FFA Organization during the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo. The American Star Awards (including the American Star Farmer, American Star in Agribusiness, American Star in Agricultural Placement and American Star in Agriscience) were awarded to FFA members who have developed the organization’s most outstanding agricultural skills and competencies through their supervised agricultural experience; demonstrated outstanding management skills; and earned the American FFA Degree – the organization’s highest level of accomplishment. They must also have met other key must agricultural education, scholastic and leadership requirements. Sixteen American Star Awards candidates nationwide were nominated for a panel of judges to interview, with the four national winners being announced during the Eighth General Session of the National FFA Convention & Expo. Each winner received awards totaling $4,000, while each finalist received $2,000. The American FFA Degree recognition programs, such as the American Star Awards, are co-sponsored by Alltech Inc., Case IH, Elanco, Farm Credit, DuPont Pioneer and Syngenta as a special project of the National FFA Foundation.

American Star Farmer Clayton Carley, Cissna Park FFA Chapter, Illinois

What started humbly as converting a front yard into a sweet corn field quickly grew into a successful business and a large farming operation. Now, it has turned into the most prestigious honor offered to FFA members. Clayton Carley, from Milford, Ill., was named the National FFA Organization’s 2012 American Star Farmer at the 85th

of an acre, which was once part of his family’s front yard. Utilizing his experiences from his time with the Cissna Park FFA Chapter, Carley now raises more than seven acres of sweet corn that he sells to local residents. In addition, Carley farms more than 400 acres of corn and soybeans. He conducts extensive research to determine best management

National FFA Convention & Expo. Carley, 20, was one of four FFA members nationwide selected as an American Star Farmer finalist after judging this past summer. “It is exhilarating to have the highest honor FFA bestows and an absolute honor after seven years of hard work,” said Carley. “A lot of time and energy goes into where we all are today.” Carley began farming to earn money to buy his own car and is now the owner and operator of the Sweet Corn Shack, which is located on his family’s farm in eastern Illinois. His first crop was three-tenths

practices for his operation and hopes that his experience will allow him to graduate college debt-free and pursue a career in agriculture. Currently, Carley is a sophomore at the University of Illinois, where he is pursuing a double major in agronomy and agricultural education. He is considering an advanced degree in agronomy, with a long-term goal of mastering research in crop genetics. The 2011-12 Illinois State FFA Treasurer, Carley is the son of Kenton and Lisa Carley. His advisor at Cissna Park FFA was Jeff Clifton.




American Star in Agribusiness Bradley Weaver, Dawson County FFA Chapter, Georgia

It all started with Bradley’s Pumpkin Patch. Then came Bradley’s Christmas Trees. Bradley’s Landscaping. Bradley’s Daffodils, Bradley’s Peanuts. And Bradley’s Daylillies. Thirteen years after the first Bradley business launched, Bradley’s E-Commerce Site, which sells historical toys, natural soaps and honey, hit the Internet.

family’s barn and turned it into a gift shop. That young, entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well today as this college junior and FFA member continues to own and operate eight businesses that bear his name. “Through my experiences, I have developed a strong work ethic and ability to work steadily until a job is done to the

internship or planning and conducting an agriculture-related scientific experiment. Their learn-by-doing project gives FFA members invaluable experience as they progress through their educational careers. At first, he sold four acres of pumpkins, 100 Christmas trees and 100 pounds of boiled peanuts, all of which he grew. Then he added landscaping services and flower sales. Today, his businesses provide landscaping services, pumpkin sales, Christmas tree sales, more than 300 pounds of boiled peanut sales annually and sales of more than 300 varieties of daylilies and 30 varieties of daffodils. He even hires high school FFA members as employees at his pumpkin patch. Weaver said his business goals are threefold: diversify products for sale each year to increase sales, reinvest profits back into the company and give back to the community. “Giving back is also very important to me,” he said. “Every year, I donate pumpkins and Christmas trees to charities and

And just last year, Bradley’s Pick-YourOwn Blueberries venture opened in Dawsonville, Ga. Now, Bradley is the recipient of the highest honor available to FFA members. The “Bradley” brand was born in 1995 when Bradley Weaver of Dawsonville, Ga., at age 5 started selling pumpkins from a roadside stand to earn money for college. At age eight, he liberated a section of his

satisfaction of the customer,” Weaver said. Weaver evolved his roadside pumpkin sales business into a pumpkin patch business for a supervised agricultural experience required by FFA. Supervised agricultural experiences are projects that students conceptualize with the help of their teachers that involve them owning and operating an agricultural-based business, getting an agriculture-based job or

more than 1,000 daffodils to historical and charitable organizations.” Weaver, the son of retired teachers Tony and Karen Weaver, graduated from Dawson County High School in Dawsonville, Ga. The four-year FFA member’s chapter advisor was Reggie Stowers. He is currently attending North Georgia College majoring in business administration.




American Star in Agricultural Placement Kurt Parsons, Porterville FFA Chapter, California Kurt Parsons will never forget what his teacher told him on the first day of his agriculture science class at Porterville High School in California. “He told me that my high school career could be the greatest adventure in my life,” Parsons, now 20-years-old, said. Little did Parsons know then that his award-winning career in FFA would present him with exciting opportunities that could win him top honors. Parsons, a member of California’s Porterville High School FFA Chapter, was named the National FFA Organization’s 2012 American Star in Agricultural Placement at the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo. Parsons, 20, was one of four FFA members nationwide selected as an American Star in Agricultural Placement finalist after judging this past summer. “It feels amazing – I’m really happy to know that I’ve taken my project this far and that my project has ended on such a good note. It’s encouraging to know that I’ve made it to this far with my accomplishments,” said Parsons. For more than 100 years, the Parsons family has farmed in central California, making agriculture and FFA a sure fit for Kurt, who works for Parsons and Sons Farming. The operation harvests more

than 14,000 acres of various field crops, including vegetable seeds, grains and hay, each year. Kurt began helping on the farm when he was 8 years old and over the years, he has added a wealth of farming knowledge to his work experience, from planting crops to working with new and potential customers. In 2010, the Parson family suffered a terrible loss; Kurt’s father passed away from a sudden heart attack. Stricken with grief, Kurt and his family were left to fill a gaping hole where their father once stood.




“We were faced with a choice to either fold the operation or pick ourselves up and do the best we could to move forward,” Parsons said. Recalling all that their father had taught them – honesty, responsibility, integrity – the family chose the latter; the farm has grown in size and profitability ever since. Kurt attends Modesto Junior College and is majoring in crop science. He is the son of John and Cecillia Parsons. His FFA advisors are Isaac Robles, Gabriel Ponce and Todd Coons.

Stars Over America winners continued

American Star in Agriscience Taylor Runyan, Atoka FFA Chapter, Oklahoma sophomore year, she started work with a plant geneticist on a project that subjected 96 varieties of tomatoes to testing for color, sweetness and lycopene content. A massive rainstorm near the end of the growing season, however, wiped out several plants. Undeterred, Runyan took on her most intriguing bit of research in her junior year. After testing many different types of stored tomato specimens, Runyan proved that lycopene found in tomatoes has the capability to block ultraviolet rays. In research aided by Dr. Theresa

Taylor Runyan says growing up on a ranch in southern Oklahoma spurred her interest in agriculture. Feeding animals, maintaining the grounds and keeping good records instilled valuable work ethics, she says. Now Runyan, thanks to her research work in understanding the benefits of lycopene, has been tabbed as the National FFA Organization’s distinguished member in the field of agriscience. Encouraged by her mother – a middle school science teacher – Runyan started competing in science fairs in seventh and eighth grade. Her school didn’t have an FFA chapter until she become a freshman, a time that opened several new options for Runyan’s desire to learn and compete in science fairs that included the Tulsa Fair and the Oklahoma FFA State Convention.

Her level of research ramped up considerably after meeting Dr. Penny Perkins, a researcher for the United States Department of Agriculture at the Wes Watkins Research Center in Lane, Okla. Together, they developed and planned what would become a four-year project for Runyan, centered on tomatoes both grown and sold in her community. In the first year, she sought to establish which tomato variety – grape, cherry, Roma or beefsteak – maintained the greatest content of lycopene. The experimental process taught Runyan to use powerful blenders while collecting and managing data from devices like the Hunter Scan Electro spectrometer and the colorimeter. When Dr. Perkins became a professor in North Carolina during Runyan’s




Golden, a microbiologist pathologist at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Runyan tested synthetic lycopene in a topical cream on lung cancer cell cultures to determine if lycopene worked as a sunblock against ultraviolet light. Her findings were impressive, as they indicated the lycopene cream worked better than SPF-50 sunscreen in blocking ultraviolet radiation. It is perhaps the first step in finding if either dietary intake of lycopene or a topical treatment with lycopene could work as effective protection of human skin from the dangers of ultraviolet light. Runyan is now a student at Murray State College in Tishomingo, Okla., with plans to finish her degree in biological sciences with a minor in agricultural engineering at Oklahoma State University. She graduated fourth in her class at Atoka High School with a 4.06 GPA, where her FFA chapter advisors are Bailey Platt, Bart Harper and Michelle Harper.




Innovative chapters

Taylorsville chapter wins new Model of Excellence award The Spencer County High School FFA Chapter from Taylorsville, Ky., was named the 2012 Model of Excellence chapter by the National FFA Organization during the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo. Model of Excellence is a new category in the FFA National Chapter Award program designed to recognize the top FFA chapter nationwide. The award, contested among 10 national finalists during judging earlier in the week and announced during the convention and expo’s second general session at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, is sponsored nationally by John Deere as a special project of the National FFA Foundation. The Spencer County FFA Chapter

7,498 FFA chapters nationally is required to develop a POA specific to their needs and goals. To increase interest in FFA at the middle school level, members of the Spencer County FFA Chapter created Ag-Arithmetic Day, teaching 211 eighth grade students that FFA and agricultural education are about more than just production farming. Middle school students took part in three rotations: aquaculture koi color probability, determining the cost of floral boutonnieres and making geometric calculations through plywood cutouts. Spencer County FFA also worked to promote agricultural awareness in the community by organizing the Ag Commodity Breakfast featuring Kentucky-grown products. Overall, the chapter created more than

became eligible for the award after earning

15 activities during the school year related

a Three-Star rating during national chapter

to quality standards set by the National FFA

judging completed by FFA during the sum-

Organization. Spencer County was also a

mer. There, judges evaluate a chapter’s

national finalist in

Program of Activities that contains activities

the Model of Innovation – Chapter Develop-

specified by three standing chapter commit-

ment category. Darryl Matherly is the FFA

tees, which are to be accomplished during

chapter advisor at Spencer County High

the course of a school year. Each of the








Innovative chapters

FFA chapters win top honor During the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo, chapters across the nation competed for the honor of being a Model of Innovation winner. The

by Koch, where they learned about ways

Tri-Valley FFA took a trip to Costa Rica

to market specialty pork products and the

during spring break 2011. The members

increased revenue value-added products

explored urban, coastal and rural areas

can bring in. Cured hams and bacons

of the country and learned about various

chapters competed for the honor in three

more than $23,000.

made by members were sold to the community at a social and auction, raising

development. A top middle school chapter was also named. The winning chapters received a plaque in an onstage ceremony during the convention and expo’s second general session. The Models of Innovation awards are sponsored by John Deere. It is one of the many ways FFA members accomplish the FFA mission and succeed in making a difference in their communities and the lives of others.

Student Development

The Mineral County Vocational Technical Center FFA Chapter from Keyser, W.V., was named winner of the 2012 Model of Innovation – Chapter Development award. One key program developed by

members worked a combined total of 336 hours to help a family finish their coffee

The Vinita High School FFA Chapter

house so that they could begin making

from Vinita, Okla., was named winner of

money selling their coffee.

the 2012 Model of Innovation – Student Development award. One key program developed by the members of the Vinita

Outstanding Middle School

FFA Chapter was a Don’t Text-Just Drive

The Screven County Middle School FFA

program. The FFA members provided a

Chapter from Sylvania, Ga., was named

half-day workshop about the safety issues

the 2012 Outstanding Middle School

of texting and driving. The attendees were shown first-hand how texting effects driving by using a go-cart on a course. About 80 percent of the students did

Chapter Development

regions. The trip culminated in the cloud forest town of San Bernardo, where

main divisions: chapter development, student development and community

production techniques used in different

not make it through the course without

Chapter award. The Program of Activities developed by the Screven County Middle School FFA members included a program called Project H.E.A.L.T.H (Helping

hitting an obstacle. The workshop also

Educate Adolescents about Living Trim

showed students how alcohol or drugs

and Healthy), which is designed to provide

dangerously impairs driving by using vision

students with an interactive health fair to

impairment glasses.

help educate them on health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle improvements. The

the members of the Mineral County FFA

Community Development

was to find a way to raise money for

The Tri-Valley Central FFA Chapter

the supervised agricultural experiences

from Grahamsville, N.Y., was named

operated by chapter members. In order

winner of the 2012 Model of Innovation

member was also encouraged to bring a

to raise money, the chapter purchased,

– Community Development award.

non-member to an FFA-sponsored event.

raised, processed, stored and cured 24

Interested in seeing agriculture outside

The chapter increased their membership

hogs. FFA members attended a workshop

the United States, 16 members of the

from 85 to 120 members in the process.




chapter also increased membership by implementing a program called Each One Reach One where each current FFA




Agriscience Fair awards Environmental Services/Natural Resource Systems Division 1: Hunter Corbett, Pine Grove Middle FFA, Georgia Division 2: Bethany Myers, Branch Area Career Center FFA, Michigan Dvision 3: Kalynn Webb and Savannah Allison, Lehi FFA, Utah Division 4: Anya Kalsbeek and Kylie Manning, Stephenville FFA, Texas Food Products and Processing Systems Division 1: Taylor Knudson, Florence FFA, South Dakota Division 2: Kevin Kenneally, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey Division 3: John Davis and Springer Brittain, Florence FFA, Texas Division 4: Blake Conners and Bailey Brashears, Frenship FFA, Texas Plant Systems Division 1: Emma Scholz, Sterling FFA, Colorado Division 2: Junelyn Gamao, Madison FFA, Texas

The 2012 National FFA Agriscience Fair awards were presented on stage during the seventh general session at the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo. Some 513 FFA members who

divisions: division one is for individual exhib-

are interested in the science and technol-

agriculture and food science industries. The

ogy of agriculture competed individually

agriscience fair is sponsored nationally by

or in pairs. Participants conducted a sci-

Syngenta and Cargill as a special project of

entific research project pertaining to the

the National FFA Foundation.

Division 3: Daniel Grove and Zachary Hempen, Waterloo FFA, Illinois

and then presented their findings to a

The overall winners for each division are

panel of judges with a display and report.

listed below by event:

Division 4: Gianna Tempera and Danny Greenberg, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey

The fair is separated into six pathways

Animal Systems Division 1: Kaitlin Hallam, Spanish Fork FFA, Utah

Social Systems Division 1: Jacie Butler, Southwestern Heights FFA, Kansas

Division 2: Hunter Pruitt, Sonoraville FFA, Georgia

Division 2: Tatum Tummins, McEwen FFA, Tennessee

Division 3: Kevin Edwards and Lori Edwards, Sonoraville FFA, Georgia

Division 3: Teeo Daniel and Zachary Shelton, Florence FFA, Texas

Division 4: Katie Fuller and Katelin Walker, North Clackamas FFA, Oregon

Division 4: Miranda Allison and Annie Blackwell, Walnut Grove FFA of Missouri

itors in grades 7, 8 and 9; division two is for individuals in grades 10, 11 and 12; division three is for team exhibitors in grades 7, 8 and 9; and division 4 is for teams in grades 10, 11 and 12. Competitors must present scientific research pertaining to

agriculture and food science industries

in which FFA members can exhibit: animal systems, environmental services/ natural resource systems, food products and processing systems, plant systems, social systems, and power, structural and technical systems. Each pathway is separated into four




Division 3: Anh Nguyen and Panhia Yang, Florin FFA,California Division 4: Michelle Zhao and Lakshmi Iyengar, Biotechnology FFA, New Jersey Power, Structural and Technical Systems Division 1: Jordan Lucas, Lincoln County FFA, Kentucky Division 2: Reaud Sims, Lowndes FFA, Georgia




Band, Chorus and Talent Band Arkansas: Austin Hall, Dillon McClanahan

Minnesota: Michaela Miller, Kayla Nuese

California: Nick Monk, Dervin Murphy

Missouri: Courtney Barker, Rachael Bishop, Susan Bishop, Zakary Blanchard, Tessa Chambers, Nicole Clark, Zachary DeJoode, Sarah Denny, James Eikermann, Clayton Enyeart, Caleb Fuller, Rae Graupman, Geoseph Husong, Wyatt Maddison, Mitchell Martinez, Samuel McDonald, Braden Millard, Whitney Oberman, Cristian Sanchez, Elizabeth Warren, Elijah Whittle, Taylor Young

Georgia: Chloe Thomason Iowa: Skylar Hosch, Carly Huber, Elisa Russ Illinois: Becky Duchow Illinois: Samantha Haney, Jessica Ronat Kansas: Bryant Worcester Michigan: Emma Blough, Connor Ewald, Kaylee Kessler, Hannah LaJoye

California: Tahnee Bray Colorado: Chelsee Bruggeling, Kaylee Gardner Florida: Katie Blocker Iowa: Jared Calvert, Willow Huber, Chad Knoblock, Cassie Krebill, Jonathon Mohwinkle, Abby Peterson, Tiffani Reese, Jacob reistroffer, Ashley Smeby Illinois: Mitchell Barton, Allison Beckman, Skyler Brazel, Paxton Johnson Indiana: Tiffany Schuman Kansas: Brandi McCoy Kentucky: John Mark McElroy

South Dakota: Rachel DeBoer, Hope Goode

New Mexico: Sydney Stuart

Wisconsin: Erica Ballmer, Kasey Burg, Britni CohenWichner, Keaton Keitzer, Samantha Knudson, Allison Nohre, Ross Ruehmann, Riley Sawyer, Briana Schwartz, Alec Zastrow

New York: Sowoo Chon, Philip Hicks Ohio: Chas Grover Oklahoma: Devon Dillon, Lia Hillman, Camden Schinnerer, Miranda Stotz, Jennifer Swart, Chaisey Wellden

Montana: Danielle Dewell, Seth Foster

Puerto Rico: Nicolle Corchado Lopez

Chorus Alabama: Lilly Oaks

Nebraska: Garrett Bowder, Taylor Cooper, Rebecca Dahlman, Cody Gugel, Leo Haselhorst, Trevor Klein, Sarah Page, Rebekah Potter, Claire Richardson, Chrisinda Scheideler, Celia Timms, Jeffrey Wallman

Michigan: Alicia Risk, Nicholas Webster

Nevada: Clarissa Johnson, Ashley Exner

Minnesota: Kalli Koepp, Eric Thalmann

New York: Carolynn Werthman

Missouri: Brad Bohrer, Ben Brodersen, Kaitlyn Garr, Cavin Joesting, Zach Kever, Jessie Knox, Ashleigh Lutz, Austin Reedy, Cody Starnes

Ohio: Jessica Little, Hannah Peterson Oklahoma: Arin Anthony, Charles Dinkens, Thomas Dinkens, Skyler Gladden, Vivienne Hasenbeck, Zach Rogers, Victoria Sanders, Malory Scott

Montana: Carlie Brownlee North Carolina: Hannah Addair

Oregon: Kaylee Streeter

Nebraska: Torie Egger, Scott Hild, Jazmine Hinkle, Matt Ideus, Bennett Lamplot, Johnathan Neil, JaLee Pilkington, Gavin Ragland, Meghan Schellpeper, David Schuler, Melville Seagren, Adam Umland, Kassy Winter

Texas: Ethan Bolick, Morgan Cavitt, Jennifer Lacy, Drake Parrish, Morgan Torres, Haley Vincze Virginia: Alice Cox

Wisconsin: Kelsey Zettler Wyoming: Sara Ellingrod, Weston Wright

Tennessee: Jessie Belton Texas: Cori Camp, Elizabeth Conner, Parker Stephens Utah: Melissa Lucas Washington: Samantha Zuger Wisconsin: Jaron Frederick, Jessica Kravik, Jacob Stukenberg, Seth Westenberg, Sawyer Wirkus Wyoming: Lauren Hedges, Harley Rhodes

Puerto Rico: Jemaris Martes, JosuĂŠ Martes, Jose Luis Wharton Soto South Dakota: Natasha Borah, Allison Cimpl, Jamie Mundwiler

Talent Alabama: Brittany Cash, Josh Jones, Chris Kelley, Garrett Mason, Gary Templeton

Lousiana: Jessi Miller

Arkansas: Joshua Joiner, Cheyenne Nicole, Lindsey Triplett

Montana: John Bodnar, Cody Boucher, Juliet Hollifield, Jace Kuntz

Georgia: Haley Calhoun, Matt Dylan Thompson

North Carolina: Sammy Adams, Jr. , Mayson Briggs, Garrett Fox, Amber Payne, Holly Rice

Iowa: Morgan Kahler Idaho: Klancie Seiler Illinois: Nathan Kabat

Oklahoma: Ashton Baggs, Brittany Balderas, Mikayla Balderas, Wyatt Hartsfield, Jaci Hodges, Holly Muret, Hailee Nickell, Mark Spampinato, Jr. , Bailey Wesberry

Missouri: Sydney Lambert

Oregon: Olivia Wichman Pennsylvania: DeAnne Dickerson

North Dakota: Jonah Nelson, Joe Wright

Texas: Kayla Conn, Kyndra Vaught, Wynn Williams

New Mexico: Mariah Brown




Virginia: Michael Neil Huff, Madison Massie Washington: Chelsey Heidenreich, Lindsay Webber Wisconsin: Oran Clay, Kyle Lange, Mercedes Ondik, Paige Ruhland, Antonio Sime,

Distinguished Service Citation

Invaluable partnerships During the National FFA Convention & Expo, the National FFA Organization recognized clubs, agencies and organizations that have greatly contributed to agricultural education and FFA programs with the Distinguished Service Citation. Awards such as the Distinguished Service Citation recognize FFA makes a greater impact on students through the cooperation of the entire community. FFA and agricultural education programs have helped millions of students achieve extraordinary success for 85 years because of this remarkable dedication.

For 45 years, Briggs & Stratton has supported the National FFA Organization by attending the annual National FFA Convention & Expo and supporting the Technical Systems Pathway and the Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance Proficiency. Briggs & Stratton has also made a commitment to support the Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event. The company plans to provide learning opportunities throughout the year for agriculture educators through its Power Portal and summer training programs. Briggs & Stratton was nominated by Teresa




Mankin, a regional director for the National FFA Foundation. Todd Teske, president and chief executive officer of Briggs & Stratton, represented the company. Land O’Lakes, Inc. and Purina Animal Nutrition LLC have supported agricultural education and leadership for 60 years. In addition to being active in the community by supporting multiple awards and the National Leadership Conference for State Officers, Land O’ Lakes and Purina Animal Nutrition sponsor an exhibit at the National FFA Expo. They have recently expanded this exhibit by inviting other

companies to join the exhibit area. The companies are involved in their community, both on a local and national level. They have also supported the national award areas and leadership development conferences and have connected with chapters locally, helping to develop community gardens and distribute the produce to the food insecure. Land O’Lakes is dedicated to the FFA initiative Feeding the World—Starting at Home, which is devoted to educating students about the effects of hunger. Through engagement and growing national support, the companies reach out to local chapters through the national FFA platform. In addition to the financial resources, the companies help FFA build a clearinghouse of best practices around fighting hunger in

the local communities. Land O’Lakes and Purina Animal Nutrition were nominated by Maggie Stith, a senior regional director for the National FFA Foundation. John Romines, vice president of agronomy and seed sales, represented the companies. Romines is a member of the National FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board. Tyson Foods, Inc.—one of the world’s leading producers of chicken, beef and pork—has sponsored the National FFA Organization for more than 35 years and is currently a 5-star sponsor, providing $500,000 over a five-year span. The company’s support includes financial and in-kind support for national officer training and development, which includes the FFA officers spending a week at the company’s




headquarters in Springdale, Ark. Craig Bacon, Tyson Foods’ senior vice president of corporate research and development, currently serves as an active foundation sponsors’ board member. More than 300 Tyson Foods’ team members are actively involved with FFA and are registered in the FFA CONNECT program while others, including President and CEO Donnie Smith, have interacted with the National FFA Officer team. The company also donated 30,000 pounds of chicken to Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana in support of the National FFA Organization’s Feeding the World—Starting at Home hunger relief initiative. Tyson Foods was nominated by Ryan Tate, a senior regional director with the National FFA Foundation.

VIP Citation

The National FFA Organization selected 11 individuals to receive a special VIP Citation. The VIP Citation recognizes individuals for making significant contributions to agricultural education. It is one of the most prestigious awards a person may receive for supporting FFA and its programs. Those selected were honored during an onstage presentation at the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo. Awards such as the VIP Citation recognize that FFA contributes to the mission of success through the hard work and cooperation of dedicated individuals. Without such strong and outstanding commitment, FFA would not be able to help build strong individuals of character in their members, who in turn build strong families, communities and industries. Melody Alford, of Greeley, Colo., is vice president of purchasing operations for Animal Heath International. She is retiring as chairwoman of the National FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Board, which she has served on for four years. During her time

as chairwoman, the National FFA Foundation raised a record-breaking $16 million to support FFA. Alford led the charge to fund core FFA programs, and in 2011, they were funded at a higher percentage. She previously served two years on the foundation’s board of trustees. In a former position at Tractor Supply Company, Alford was instrumental in gaining support for FFA, which led to support of various projects including making the first contribution to the National FFA Organization’s hunger initiative. She was nominated by Teresa Mankin, a regional director with the National FFA Foundation. Dr. Glenn Anderson, from Richmond, Va., has supported agricultural education and the Virginia FFA Association for 40 years, 20 of those serving as the state FFA advisor. Prior to this role, Anderson worked for the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Education as an area specialist focused on forestry instruction and curriculum development. He has overseen Virginia FFA growth to 181 chapters and more than 10,000 members. He is also a specialist




of agricultural education for the Virginia Department of Education. Anderson, who will retire this year, has showed his dedication to agricultural education through his participation on various boards of directors and committees in his field. In 2003, Anderson was inducted into the Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Ag Alumni Hall of Fame. He is a member of National Association of Agriculture Educators and the Virginia Association of Agriculture Educators and the Council for the Governor’s School for Agriculture. Anderson was nominated by Andy Seibel, a Virginia FFA specialist. Georgia Representative Terry England was a decorated FFA member and went on to success in agribusiness as the owner of HomePort Agriculture Market in Winder, Ga. He was awarded the Honorary State FFA Degree in 2002 and the Honorary American FFA Degree in 2003. Elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in 2004 and currently serving as the chairman of the House Appropriations committee, he has been

a champion of agricultural education and FFA, working diligently to protect and increase funding for agricultural education programs throughout Georgia. He and his wife, Cindy, have sponsored an FFA scholarship in Georgia for 15 years. For many years, he has been a dedicated FFA alumnus, serving on both the state and national FFA alumni councils. He attends both the state and national FFA alumni conventions annually and personally contributes to the Georgia FFA Foundation. The Georgia FFA Association, which nominated England for this award, cites his desire to help others and his genuine love for agriculture as the reasons he works so hard to ensure the

state association has seen a 47 percent growth in participation at the state FFA convention. For nearly 30 years, Ernie Gill has been an engaged and recognized leader in agricultural education. After leaving the Marine Corps, he managed his own farm before beginning his teaching career in 1983. He sat on the National FFA Board of Directors, the National FFA Board of Trustees and served as team leader of local program success for the western region. During his time as a local program success state representative, he worked to expand agricultural education to underserved students in Houston and Atlanta, and he worked to revitalize

and the Star Award scoring committee. The career of Dr. Freddie Scott of Fayetteville, Ark., has been dedicated to agricultural education. For 26 years, he was a professor at the University of Arkansas. During his tenure, he taught nearly every agricultural education class the university offers. He helped to coordinate student teaching positions for young agricultural education instructors. He served as the advisor of the collegiate FFA chapter at the University of Arkansas. He was the superintendent of the Milk Quality and Products contest and coordinated state career development events held annually on the University of Arkansas campus.

successful future of FFA and all of agricultural education. For more than 30 years, Marion Fletcher, an Arkansas state FFA advisor from Little Rock, served as the forestry career development events superintendent. As a state advisor for Arkansas FFA, he has developed meaningful relationships with Arkansas FFA members and provided countless opportunities for all interested parties to participate in FFA activities. On the national level, Fletcher serves on the National FFA Board of Directors. Steven Gass of Nashville, Tenn., has served on the National FFA Board of Directors and the National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees. He was the recipient of an Honorary American FFA Degree in 2003. He has worked with the Tennessee Department of Education for more than 13 years, serving as the state FFA youth consultant and state FFA executive secretary for four years before becoming a state FFA advisor. He has also served on the National FFA Middle School Task Force and the National FFA Novice Parliamentary Procedure and Quiz Bowl CDE Development Committees. During his tenure with the Tennessee Department of Education, he helped to secure the National FFA Officer Experience Program for a threeyear term. Under his leadership, the

agricultural education programs in Alaska and Hawaii. He is the recipient of the Honorary American FFA Degree. He currently serves as a local program success specialist at the National FFA Organization, a position from which he will retire in February 2013. Steven Gratz, Ph.D. of Columbus, Ohio, is a member of the National FFA Board of Directors. He has held many leadership roles within the Ohio FFA, serving as Ohio FFA executive secretary and as a board member for the Ohio FFA Association, Ohio FFA Camp Muskingum, Ohio FFA Foundation and the Ohio FFA Foundation Sponsors’ Team. He is also the recipient of the Honorary State FFA Degree and the Honorary American FFA Degree. He coordinated FFA leadership programs and the Ohio FFA Convention from 1995 to 2010. Currently, he serves as the director of career-technical education at the Ohio Department of Education. An agriculture educator for 47 years, Ken Harris was the first executive director of the California Agriculture Teachers’ Association. He initiated legislation that set standards for agricultural education in California and pushed to establish funding for agriculture programs. In 1981, he received the Honorary American FFA Degree and in 1982, he was the recipient of an Honorary State FFA Degree. He has served on the National Proficiency Award scoring panel

Before Walt Shaw of Sacramento, Calif., retired in January, he was a founding member of the California FFA Foundation Board of Directors, upon which he served continuously for 40 years. As a radio host, he promoted agricultural education and FFA on farm news segments. He worked as a public speaker and donated all proceeds to the California FFA Foundation. He was also instrumental in establishing the Star Reporter award for local chapter reporters, recognizing their efforts to promote local, state and national FFA events. Dr. Greg Thompson of Corvallis, Ore., is a professor and department head at Oregon State University, where he has taught for the past 16 years. As the OSU agricultural education teacher trainer, he has worked closely with agriculture instructors and FFA advisors from around the state. He has overseen career development events in past years for FFA members across Oregon. Thompson has already begun planning the 2013 Oregon FFA State Convention, which is hosted every third year at OSU. He is a member of the board of directors for the National FFA Foundation and Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation. He has served seven years on the Oregon FFA board of directors. Thompson is the president of the American Association for Agriculture Education.









American FFA Degree recipients WYOMING: Emily C. Balfour,

Casper FFA; Rebecca Marnaye Burton, Stewart McPhail FFA; Codie Coon, Torrington/Lingle FFA; Seth Jerrod Coursen, Casper FFA; Jessee Lee Craig, Powell FFA; Abbey B. Davidson, Encampment FFA; Kinsey Freeman, Cheyenne Frontier FFA; Sara Carlene Goni, Kaycee FFA; Melissa Haygood, Casper FFA; Cassie Henry, Jim Bridger FFA; Landon Timothy Hoffer, Snowy Range FFA; Dalton Alan Johnson, Snowy Range FFA; Ashley Kaye Kalco, Rock Creek FFA; Jac Klaahsen, Buffalo FFA; Stormy Lupher, Lyman FFA; Asher Markworth, Casper FFA; Danee Mason, Casper FFA; Taylor Mason, Casper FFA; Ryan May, Pine Bluffs FFA; Molly Elizabeth McCray, Powell FFA; Nicholas Brett Moline, Snowy Range FFA; Tanner Nauta, Douglas FFA; Andrea Noble, Pinedale FFA; Katie Ochsner, Torrington/Lingle FFA; Stormie Russell, Casper FFA; Sarah Saulsbury, Casper FFA; Ashley Spatz, Burns FFA; Chantale Sternberg, Casper FFA; Brittany Van Deusen, Casper FFA; KyLeigh Jo Weber, Jim Bridger FFA

WISCONSIN: Bridget Rae

Achterberg, Abbotsford FFA; Jacob Agnew, Fort Atkinson FFA; Steele Harvey Anderson, Mondovi FFA; Ben Babcock, Wisconsin Dells FFA; Abigail L. Baker, Mineral Point FFA; Alyssa Banda, Fort Atkinson FFA; Jacob Becker, Mondovi FFA; Kevin Becker, Juda FFA; Hannah Beggs, Evansville FFA; Emma Berget, Darlington FFA; Jacqueline R. Beyer, WeyauwegaFremont FFA; Scott A. Beyer, Loyal FFA; Brandon Bielmeier, Unity FFA; Reid Binfet, Unity FFA; Haley Birkholz, Brookwood FFA; Alexis Blakey, Granton FFA; Trisha Blaser, Oconto Falls FFA; Rachael Bloch, Merrill FFA; Nathan Borcherding, Pecatonica FFA; Timothy A. Borgardt, Omro FFA; Tanner Bradley, Fort Atkinson FFA; Jessica Brandsma, Brookwood FFA; Nathan Buss, Randolph Cambria-Friesland; Dalton Bygd, Prairie Farm FFA; Erik Byom, GaleEttrick-Trempealeau FFA; Nicole R. Calaway, Denmark FFA; Colton Stephen Carpenter, Darlington FFA; Taylor Chandler, Rice Lake FFA; Kathryn B. Chapman, Portage FFA; Ellen Check, Milton FFA; Tyler Christensen, Unity FFA; Amanda Coehoorn, Ripon FFA; Christopher Compean, Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA; Amelia Cooper, DeForest FFA; Bryan Cramer, Juda FFA; Alexandra Crescio, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA;

Miranda Czubakowski, Thorp FFA; Dustin J. Doherty, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Keith Dohm, Waunakee FFA; Crystal Drager, Southern Door FFA; Katherine Dreier, Wisconsin Heights FFA; Logan Dwyer, Barron FFA; Danielle K. Dykes, Almond-Bancroft FFA; Relyn Marie Dykstra, Lake Mills FFA; Kaysie Eckelberg, Tomah FFA; Cody Eilbes, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Kimberly Evert, Sauk Prairie FFA; Matthew Fabian, Greenwood FFA; John Fabry, Oconto Falls FFA; Devon Feldt, Waupaca FFA; Dale A. Fenner, Hustisford FFA; Sarah Frelich, Denmark FFA; Taylor Fritsch, Iowa-Grant FFA; Mary Lynn Fronek, Antigo FFA; Cody J. Goninen, Pecatonica FFA; Bradley Eric Goplin, OsseoFairchild FFA; Alicia Goss, Augusta FFA; Jacob Granger, Tomah FFA; Christopher Grant, Waupaca FFA; Kevin Gudex, Campbellsport FFA; Alex James Gumz, Abbotsford FFA; John Gutzman, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Brian Guza, Blair-Taylor FFA; Ashley Handrich, Weyauwega-Fremont FFA; Alexander Hansen, Waupaca FFA; Erin Hanson, Waupaca FFA; Jesse Hauser, Pecatonica FFA; Tanner Havens, Darlington FFA; Emma Heser, Tomah FFA; Brett T. Hildebrandt, Hustisford FFA; Susan L. Hodgson, Howards Grove FFA; Kayla Hoffstatter, Thorp FFA; Kyle Holmes, Tomah FFA; JoEtte Horkan, Reedsburg FFA; Damian Hughes, Bloomer FFA; Jessica Hurtz, Cashton FFA; Ryan James Jensen, Waupaca FFA; April Johnson, Unity FFA; Emma Jones, Lake Geneva Badger FFA; Evan G. Jones, Dodgeville FFA; Joshua Joseph, Kickapoo FFA; Ben Julka, Laconia FFA; Mariah Kastenschmidt, Ripon FFA; Tabitha F. Kelman, Watertown FFA; Mark Kendall, Mineral Point FFA; Dillan Klinkner, Cashton FFA; Brandon Knaack, Johnson Creek FFA; Amanda Kurt, Marshall FFA; Bryanna Kurt, Marshall FFA; Mark Ladsten, Sauk Prairie FFA; Erica Lamers, Brillion FFA; Jenelle Larsen, Unity FFA; Brandi Larson, Unity FFA; Mickey Larson, Unity FFA; Bryce Leirmo, Mondovi FFA; Monique Levash, Brillion FFA; Jenna Lisowe, Oconto Falls FFA; Austin Litscher, Sauk Prairie FFA; Thomas Long, Weyauwega-Fremont FFA; Luke M. Luchterhand, Loyal FFA; Leah Mace, Markesan FFA; Zachary Markhardt, Black River Falls FFA; Andrea McGowan, Pecatonica FFA; Justin McKenzie, Unity FFA; Dana McNulty, Black River Falls FFA; Jenna Menn, Brookwood FFA; Maurisha Meyer, Howards Grove FFA; Alissa M. Milonczyk, Stratford


FFA; Joe Mulcahy, Waunakee FFA; Michael Niemann, Sauk Prairie FFA; Marcus Nilsestuen, Independence FFA; Ashley Nischke, Pulaski FFA; Kayla Nischke, Pulaski FFA; Brooke North, New Auburn FFA; Justin David Odegard, Mondovi FFA; Cassie M. Olson, Black River Falls FFA; Ethan Olson, AdamsFriendship FFA; Aimee Overton, Winneconne FFA; Jacob Paul, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Joseph Payant, Antigo FFA; Melissa Peterson, Amherst FFA; Valerie Ponterio, Melrose-Mindoro FFA; Jonathan Wesley Potratz, Omro FFA; Ann Marie Prue, Green Bay East FFA; Josey Pukrop, Stevens Point FFA; Shelby Reetz, Augusta FFA; John Richmond II, Granton FFA; Emily Ries, Lomira FFA; Bethany L. Rieth, Oconto Falls FFA; Jordan Riley, Darlington FFA; Jennifer Ritzert, Granton FFA; Caitlin Roberts, Portage FFA; Tiffany Robinson, Pulaski FFA; Gregory James Rotering, Arcadia FFA; Maggie Ruedy, Tomah FFA; Kristy Ruplinger, Campbellsport FFA; Austin Sandmire, Sauk Prairie FFA; Ashleigh Marie Schlewitz, Fall Creek FFA; Taylor Schuetz, Evansville FFA; Justin Schwahn, Reedsville FFA; Elizabeth Schwalbach, Freedom FFA; Emily Seeling, Juda FFA; Jacqueline Seibel, Campbellsport FFA; Dylan Severson, Juda FFA; Ian Sigg, Pecatonica FFA; Keith Slotty, Sauk Prairie FFA; Matthew Sperry, Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA; Alice Stafne, Prairie Farm FFA; Rebecca Stump, Tomah FFA; Lauren TeBeest, Waupaca FFA; Dakota Rae Thomas, Dodgeville FFA; Karla Van Deurzen, De Pere FFA; Lucas Van Egtern, Waupun Area FFA; Adrianna Vanderstappen, Big Foot FFA; Christopher Thomas Vierck, Dodgeland FFA; Kelly Rose Vierck, Dodgeland FFA; Logan Vieth, Cashton FFA; Julie Vine, Granton FFA; Jason Vlasnik, Unity FFA; Emily J. Watson, Elkhorn FFA; Joanna Wavrunek, Denmark FFA; Mitchell Wedig, Darlington FFA; Mykel Wedig, Darlington FFA; Tony Weier, Dodgeville FFA; Jordan Wendlandt, Randolph CambriaFriesland FFA; Samantha Weyer, Loyal FFA; Naomi Williamson, Unity FFA; Daren Lee Wittmann, New Glarus FFA; Aaron Wood, AdamsFriendship FFA; Kayla Wright, Johnson Creek FFA; Brandon Wucherpfennig, Granton FFA; Ryan J. Wucherpfennig, Granton FFA; Joshua Yonker, Gillett FFA; Carrie Zellner, De Pere FFA; Diana A. Zimdars, Ripon FFA; Nathan H. Zimdars, Ripon FFA; Kalvin Zygowicz, Unity FFA




Mineral County FFA; Nick Billiter, Tyler FFA; Ashley Rebecca Butler, Martinsburg FFA; Jessica Harvey, Buckhannon Upshur FFA; Morgan Higginbotham, Roane County FFA; Dylan D. Johnson, Braxton County FFA; Russell Kidwell, Mason County Vocational FFA; Curry Marshall, Roane County FFA; Sarah Miller, Mineral County FFA; Brittany Munday, Ripley FFA; Caleb Smith, Ripley FFA; Kevin R. Smith, Pendleton County FFA; Alexa Talkington, Tyler FFA; Emily Wells, Tyler FFA; Lindsey West, St. Marys FFA; Christina Zirkle, Buckhannon Upshur FFA

WASHINGTON: Kirklund Barnhart, Ellensburg FFA; Turk M. Bates, Othello FFA; Haley Bayless, Tonasket FFA; John W. Benner, Asotin FFA; Danyelle Sharon Cavadini, Bridgeport FFA; Elizabeth Cleman, Tonasket FFA; Samantha Jo Cool, Chelan FFA; Michelle Demmitt, Omak FFA; Paige A. Druffel, Pullman FFA; Maria Ellwood, Wenatchee FFA; Frederick L. Haberman, Asotin FFA; Corbin K. Harder, Washtucna FFA; Justin Hilton, Omak FFA; Matthew Hinderlie, Elma FFA; Clint H. Johnsen, Asotin FFA; Courtney Klumpp, Yelm FFA; James B. Lange, Garfield-Palouse FFA; Tanya Meghan Losh, Deer Park FFA; Landon Eugene Macy, Centralia FFA; Flor Maldonado, Tonasket FFA; Corbin Moser, Tonasket FFA; Shelby Olma, Tonasket FFA; Christy Nicole Poirier, Waitsburg FFA; Chad Redman, Garfield-Palouse FFA; Cody Allen Russell, Ellensburg FFA; Vanessa Ann Rutherford, Elma FFA; Zaren S. Sandum, Chelan FFA; Evan Seidl, Wake Robin FFA; Emily Shumway, Lynden FFA; Blake Slocum, GarfieldPalouse FFA; Alex Solberg, Ferndale FFA; Jessica Spear, Tonasket FFA; Kyle Strachila, Mount Baker FFA; Brianna Tasker, Ellensburg FFA; Cheryl M. Thonney, Prosser FFA; Tanner Tjoelker, Lynden FFA; Jorge I. Villasenor, Chelan FFA; Cassandra Ward, Springdale FFA; Tanner White, Prosser FFA; Karli Zwade, Ferndale FFA VIRGINIA: Sierra J. Athey,

James Wood FFA; Kyle Barron, Randolph-Henry FFA; Hayley Blevins, Abingdon FFA; Jacob Bowers, Central FFA; Taylor Brown, Randolph-Henry FFA; Amanda May Byrd, Smith Mountain FFA;


American FFA Degree recipients continued Jimmy Carlton, Randolph Henry FFA; Joseph Manley Carrington, Halifax County FFA; Lola Brianna Cave, Turner Ashby FFA; Keagan Clevenger, James Wood FFA; Cheyenne Cline, Buffalo Gap FFA; Matthew J. Cox, Floyd County FFA; Samuel Cross, Central FFA; Donald S. Cummins II, Central FFA; Jennifer Davison, Millbrook FFA; Jessica Davison, Millbrook FFA; Emily Depew, Holston FFA; Savannah Caldwell Dillender, Sherando FFA; Dayton Dunnavant, Randolph-Henry FFA; Taylor Barrett Ellke, Amelia County Senior FFA; Justin Farmer, Holston FFA; Virginia E. French, Central FFA; Whitney Gladwell, Turner Ashby FFA; Lauren Paige Goff, Nelson County Senior FFA; Kati Grindstaff, Franklin County FFA; Chelsea Gusler, Pulaski County FFA; Courtney Harris, Buffalo Gap FFA; Bethany Nicole Hartman, Turner Ashby FFA; Georgia Addison Hilliard, Pulaski County FFA; Logan Hobbs, Lee FFA; Alyson Jeannine Howard, Sherando FFA; Benjamin Harrison Hull, Highland FFA; Howard Asa Kirby, Richlands FFA; Douglas Kisling, East Rockingham FFA; Elizabeth Rose Knick, Franklin County FFA; Matthew Lacks, RandolphHenry FFA; Ashland Law, Franklin County FFA; Tiffany M. Linkous, Christiansburg FFA; Katherine Lukens, Sherando FFA; Michael Lee Marston Jr., Central High FFA; Megan McAllister, Buffalo Gap FFA; Andy Metzler, Christiansburg FFA; Maggie Moran, Floyd County FFA; Darren Morefield, Park View Senior FFA; Julie Motley, Chatham FFA; Matthew B. Moulden, James Wood FFA; Damian Moyers, Turner Ashby FFA; Brooke Myers, Turner Ashby FFA; Ashlyn Nunley, Pulaski County FFA; Emily Parks, Rural Retreat FFA; Christopher Michael Phoenix, Smith Mountain FFA; Joy Powers, Smith Mountain FFA; Paige Tyne Redifer, Fort Defiance FFA; Joshua Ortiz Reyes, Central FFA; Katelyn Marie Ryder, Sherando FFA; Cody Ryman, Central FFA; Rachel Sager, Strasburg FFA; Hannah Schechetel, Central FFA; Andrea Scott, Millbrook FFA; Luke Sevison, Lord Botetourt FFA; Deanna Shenk, James Wood FFA; Travis Shipp, Central FFA; Rebekah Jane Slabach, Halifax County FFA; Andrew Smith, Eastern View FFA; Katie Sparacio, Strasburg FFA; Joey Stevens, Holston FFA; Ralph Aaron Stickman Jr., Sherando FFA; John Straw, Holston FFA; Hannah Nicole Thayer, Abingdon FFA; Manda L. Totherow, Halifax County FFA; Holly Wagner, Fort Defiance FFA; Megan Wagner, Fort Defiance FFA; Brian M. Walsh, Central FFA; Phillip Wood, East Rockingham FFA

UTAH: Monte Anderson, Manila

FFA; Jaris Baker, Manila FFA; Miles E. Beach, Springville FFA; Caleb Bertch, Granite Mountain FFA; Megan Amber Bingham, Box Elder

FFA; Sarah Jean Bond, Pleasant Grove FFA; Everett Brink, Westlake FFA; Cameron Buck, Lone Peak FFA; Caden Burrell, Gunnison Valley FFA; Tiffany Bushman, Grantsville FFA; Jacob Busk, Lehi FFA; Tayshia Chambers, Sky View FFA; Alyssa G. Chambliss, Delta FFA; Chance Cooper, Mountain Crest FFA; Jordan Marie Davis, Box Elder FFA; Talor Davis, Lehi FFA; Emmaline DeHart, Payson FFA; Matthew C. Endicott, Fremont FFA; Tyler Galt, Spanish Fork FFA; Kaitlyn Gowans, Tooele FFA; Geena Marie Gross, Syracuse FFA; Kirby Grow, Riverton FFA; Jaden Scott Gurney, North Sevier FFA; Allison Jane Ann Hallam, Spanish Fork FFA; Cody Hammons, Bear River FFA; KailCee Harrison, Uintah FFA; Jordynn Hewitt, Manila FFA; Chris Hortin, Wasatch FFA; Kalob Spencer Hullinger, Manila FFA; Chase Jacobsen, Lehi FFA; Logan Daniel Jones, Springville FFA; Chase A. Kaylor, Lone Peak FFA; Steven Kinsman, West Jordan FFA; Marty Lamb, Manila FFA; Natalie McClellan, Riverton FFA; Derek McMullin, Payson FFA; Kimberly Mercer, Lehi FFA; Kambree Miller, American Fork FFA; Taft O. Miller, Stansbury FFA; Austin Morandy, West Jordan FFA; Travis Mott, Lehi FFA; Shaunie Newman, Bear River FFA; Tatum Isabella Nielsen, Pleasant Grove FFA; Joseph Nielson, Lehi FFA; Katharine M. Nye, Delta FFA; Josh Ovard, North Summit FFA; Kaid R. Panek, Westlake FFA; Ryan M. Park, Wasatch FFA; Jacinda Parslow, Uintah FFA; Sawyer Ted Peacock, Pleasant Grove FFA; Morgan Peterson, Mt. Nebo FFA; Rhett Peterson, Lehi FFA; Ethan Porter, Morgan FFA; Wyatt Potter, Manila FFA; Cheyenne Reid, Manila FFA; Jessica Riet, Lehi FFA; Mika Roberts, Richfield FFA; Dalton Ross, North Summit FFA; Mary Ann Rowley, Payson FFA; Brady Spackman, Sky View FFA; Cassidy Stephens, North Summit FFA; Tyrell Stephens, Bear River FFA; Alexis Alayne Stokes, Emery FFA; Ethan Sunderland, Lehi FFA; Jessica Swenson, Spanish Fork FFA; Kylie Taylor, Salem Hills FFA; Jessica Warren, Uintah FFA; Tayler Don Welch, Pleasant Grove FFA; Jason Willard, American Fork FFA; Kenneth Williamson, Lone Peak FFA; McKena Woolstenhulme, South Summit FFA; Kayden Worthington, Spanish Fork FFA; Larry Martin Wright, North Summit FFA; Ethan J. Young, North Summit FFA

Florence FFA; Lisa Brazeal, Chisum FFA; Morgan Breaux, Tomball FFA; Dalton Brown, Gilmer FFA; Katie Burchfield, Burleson FFA; Dillon Burditt, Farmersville FFA; Michael Burton, Round Top - Carmine FFA; Charlie Cardenas III, Eagle Pass FFA; Tiffany Carmean, Round Top - Carmine FFA; Justin Casares, Sharyland FFA; Drew Cassens, Burleson FFA; Jake Costlow, Mabank FFA; Tyler D. Coufal, Troy FFA; Austin Crissman, Bells FFA; Kevin Crouch, Cameron-Yoe FFA; Cody Joe Davidson, Gilmer FFA; Travis Davidson, Huntington FFA; Malison DeLeon, Dilley FFA; Michelle Derry, Medina FFA; Jennifer Drabek, Schulenburg FFA; Emily Durette, Northwest FFA; Eric Esqueda, Dilley FFA; Taylor Floyd, Smithville FFA; Frankie Garcia, San Perlita FFA; Horacio Trey Garza III, Sharyland FFA; Peyton Gilbert, Whitehouse FFA; Lauren Grainger, Brenham FFA; Thomas Green, Harmony FFA; Dustin R. Grisham, Troy FFA; Tyler Gwosdz, Orange Grove FFA; Tara Hale, Orange Grove FFA; Heston Heller, Anson FFA; Levi Hevner, East Central FFA; Jackie Hill, Dawson FFA; Samantha Hoffman, Barbers Hill FFA; David Holland, Florence FFA; Lauren Hollis, Pearland FFA; Kelsey House, Caldwell FFA; Dustin Hunter, Jourdanton FFA; Misty Jackson, Chisum FFA; Tyler Jones, Mount Pleasant FFA; Colton Kadlecek, Rusk FFA; Kelsey Kelley, Valley FFA; Krysti Kelley, Sharyland FFA; Cassidy Lynn Key, Jourdanton FFA; Lauren Kirk, Garrison FFA; Kristen Knight, Shallowater FFA; Mike Lageschaar, ComoPickton FFA; Mollie Lastovica, Fredericksburg FFA; Mary Littlejohn, Bellaire FFA; Jared Longan, Tilden FFA; Frisco Lowe, Covington FFA; Tommy Marchetti, Rusk FFA; Cody Markwood, Mansfield FFA; Claudia Martinez, Spring Branch FFA; Morgan Mathis, Mansfield FFA; Amber Matula, Schulenburg FFA; Vanessa Maupin, Weimar FFA; Andrew McAfee, Gilmer FFA; Samantha McClain, Dilley FFA; Dalton McFatridge, Chisum FFA; Max McGilvray, Northwest FFA; Chase Meador, Central Heights FFA; Colton Meinke, Round Top Carmine FFA; Dalton Meurer, West FFA; Ashley Mitchell, Eastland FFA; Shelbie Monkres, Chisum FFA; Brenna Moore, Martinsville FFA; Kate Murphy, Smithson Valley FFA; Elizabeth Nance, Mabank FFA; Meagan Neal, Huntington FFA; Sara Nelson, Gilmer FFA; Kelli Neuman, East Chambers FFA; Bethany Nolan, Gilmer FFA; Owen Ondruch, Cypress Ranch FFA; Brandon Pavlica, Schulenburg FFA; Janelle Perez, Poteet FFA; Jared Pieniazek, East Central FFA; Victoria Pilger, A&M Consolidated FFA; Abby Prause, Bosqueville FFA; Dominique Ramirez, Mansfield FFA; Mitchell Reames, Frisco FFA; Armando Rebeles, Raymondville FFA; Spencer Roberts, Leonard

TEXAS: Morgan Adams, Idalou

FFA; John Allen, Cotulla FFA; Ethan Almanza, Mabank FFA; David Arthur, Ralls FFA; Shelby Bates, Garland FFA; Jarrett Beckhusen, Cameron-Yoe FFA; Rachel Bedinger, Weatherford FFA; Jessica Bernshausen, Round Top - Carmine FFA; Cory Black, Fairfield FFA; Brittany Blum, Howe FFA; Cody Bolton, Jacksonville FFA; Bergan Bownds, Idalou FFA; Kristi Branton,




FFA; Cody Rosenbalm, Gilmer FFA; Grayson Russell, Mount Pleasant FFA; Kyle Schmidt, Waller FFA; Dana Schumacher, Era FFA; Khaki Scrivner, Valley FFA; Kristi Shelton, Harmony FFA; Chelsea Shields, Idalou FFA; Reed Singletary, Madisonville FFA; Ryan Smith, Era FFA; Courtney Sowell, Tilden FFA; Chase Spencer, Gilmer FFA; Alyssa Spruill, Stephenville FFA; Carlie Standley, Madisonville FFA; Gavin Sternadel, Round Top - Carmine FFA; Luke Stone, Lovelady FFA; Clarissa Suarez, Raymondville FFA; Tanner Tankersley, Gilmer FFA; Marshall Teal, Tilden FFA; Joel Templeton, Cotton Center FFA; Amanda Thompson, Central Heights FFA; Catherine Till, Dayton FFA; Ashley Travelbee, Huntington FFA; Kelley Ullrich, Round Top - Carmine FFA; David Underwood, Dimmitt FFA; Shawnie Wagner, Poteet FFA; Kelly Warburton, Round Top Carmine FFA; Carson Washington, Yoakum FFA; Colton West, Farmersville FFA; Bethany Whitten, Tomball FFA; Kirby Wunderlich, Weimar FFA

TENNESSEE: Amber Alexander,

Woodbury FFA; Molly Arnold, Woodbury FFA; Allison Austin, Riverdale FFA; Lindsay Brooke Baker, McEwen FFA; Adrienne Elizabeth Barnett, McMinn County FFA; Caitlin Beatty, Wilson Central FFA; Lauren Bennett, Siegel FFA; Brandon Blazer, West Greene FFA; Scott Bohanon, McEwen FFA; Seth Boroughs, Riverside FFA; Teresa Boshears, Clinton FFA; Blake Bowen, Wilson Central FFA; Dakota Brasher, Scotts Hill FFA; Devan Brown, Woodbury FFA; Kourtney Brown, Wilson Central FFA; Amber Bryant, Lincoln County FFA; Hannah Bunch, Jefferson County FFA; Jeremy Denton Carden, Anderson County FFA; Erin Champion, Clinton FFA; Kaila Clark, White House Heritage FFA; Larkin Clemmer, South Greene FFA; Joshua Tyler Cline, Riverdale FFA; Haley Cobb, Lincoln County FFA; Alexander R. Cole, Sevierian FFA; Becca Collette, Chuckey-Doak FFA; Bradley Coppinger, Woodbury FFA; Cayla Corley, Wilson Central FFA; Thomas Wyatt Couts, East Robertson FFA; Alison Cragwall, Wilson Central FFA; Amanda Scott Craighead, Clay County FFA; James Matthew Craighead, Clay County FFA; Holly Crook, Halls FFA; Ryan Curd, Johnson County FFA; William Daniels, Mount Pleasant FFA; Stephanie Davis, DeKalb County FFA; Katlin Dickson, Watertown FFA; Philip Dixon, Franklin County FFA; Winston Dorris, Woodbury FFA; Alan Douglass, Wilson Central FFA; Daniel Duncan, McNairy Central FFA; Michael Eidson, East Robertson FFA; Bo Ellis, Bradley Central FFA; Logan Embry, Portland FFA; Jacob Everett, Wilson Central FFA; Michael Andrew Farmer, Anderson County FFA; Melaine Fee, Liberty FFA; Molly


Ferguson, Riverdale FFA; Olivia Fernandez, Peabody FFA; Sarah Fitzpatrick, Oakland FFA; Daniel Flanagan, Covington FFA; Jedidiah Fleming, Loretto FFA; Amanda Gann, Cookeville FFA; William George, Anderson County FFA; Rebecca Giller, Eagleville FFA; Dillon Eric Glandon, Anderson County FFA; Jordan Goins, Eagleville FFA; Ashley Goodman, Riverside FFA; Brittany Mechelle Grant, McMinn County FFA; Patrick Grassie, Munford FFA; Zachary Dylan Gray, Wilson Central FFA; Ryan Haley, Woodbury FFA; Charles Thomas Hammond III, Halls FFA; Dylan Ethan Hankins, Bledsoe FFA; Maddison Henderson, Westview FFA; Lindsay Hensley, Cookeville FFA; Samantha Himes, Jefferson County FFA; Travis Hinton, East Robertson FFA; Tiffany A. Hodges, Sevierian FFA; Jesse Holt, Sevierian FFA; Jacob Reed Hooper, Wilson Central FFA; Dustin Hughes, Oakland FFA; Amber Jackson, Wilson Central FFA; Alex Johnson, Watertown FFA; Gary Johnson, Johnson County FFA; Bethany Jones, Wilson Central FFA; Jennifer Rose Killen, Loretto FFA; Carrie King, Bolivar Central FFA; James P. Kiser, McNairy Central FFA; Chynna Lane, East Robertson FFA; Gina Locke, Page FFA; Sarah Katherine Locke, Richland FFA; Logan Loveday, Sevierian FFA; Dylan Loy, Jefferson County FFA; Keith Malm, Portland FFA; E. G. Manley, Jefferson County FFA; Landon Mann, Clinton FFA; Chad Ray Martin, Franklin County FFA; Autumn Mayberry, Riverdale FFA; Tyler Mayfield, Sevierian FFA; Seth Mayoza, Paris FFA; Caitlyn McCormick, Richland FFA; Elissa McLerran, Clay County FFA; Brandtly Mealer, Dyersburg FFA; Mandy Millard, Eagleville FFA; Anna Catherine Mitchell, Liberty FFA; Brittany Morgan, Wilson Central FFA; Lacee Brooke Morgan, Dyersburg FFA; Jessica Mottern, Sevierian FFA; Clint Murby, McNairy Central FFA; Hannah Murphy, Munford FFA; John Myers, West Greene FFA; Joseph Nance, Liberty FFA; Ashlyn Neil, Watertown FFA; Kyle Nelms, McMinn Central FFA; Heather Sue Nolen, Loretto FFA; Daniel Northcutt, Woodbury FFA; Jesi Ogg, Westview FFA; Alisa Mae Page, Riverdale FFA; B. H. Partin, Cumberland Gap FFA; Kathleen Paschall, Paris FFA; Brittney Patterson, Woodbury FFA; Keaton Paul, Mount Pleasant FFA; Krystal Payne, Liberty FFA; Taylor Payne, Sevierian FFA; Courtney Elizabeth Pitman, Siegel FFA; Courtney Diane Poe, North Greene FFA; Tyler Rader, West Greene FFA; Heather Marie Ragland, Portland FFA; Zachary Ragland, White House Heritage FFA; Beth Ray, Westview FFA; C. W. Reed, Woodbury FFA; Kyle Robinson, Watertown FFA; Hillary Camille Ross, McEwen FFA; Kassie Scharber, Franklin County FFA; Marissa Sealy, Cookeville FFA; Katelan Shartzer, Portland FFA;


Jacob Shea, Riverside FFA; Chelsea Simmons, Lincoln County FFA; Dalton Smith, Westview FFA; Audrey Spray, Lincoln County FFA; Adam Staggs, Perry County FFA; Elijah Stewart, East Robertson FFA; Katie Story, Sevierian FFA; Kenneth Stults, Clarkrange FFA; Tracy Taylor, South Side FFA; Kaley Todd, Oakland FFA; Miranda Trevathan, Watertown FFA; Lindsey Turner, Covington FFA; Mia Chantelle Upton, Heritage FFA; Trenton James Vickers, DeKalb County FFA; Vickey Sue Vickers, DeKalb County FFA; John Garrett Vincent, Westview FFA; Cody Jackson Walker, Warren County FFA; Courtney Walker, Cumberland Gap FFA; Robert Warden, Lincoln County FFA; Bradley Warf, Eagleville FFA; Morgan Watson, Clinton FFA; Anna Marie Weber, Riverdale FFA; Weston Wells, West Greene FFA; Megan Michelle White, Loretto FFA; Casey Willard, Woodbury FFA; Drake Williams, Paris FFA; David Ty Wilson, Paris FFA; Jacob Douglas Wilson, Munford FFA; Kaine Winstead, Westview FFA; Kyle Winton, Franklin County FFA; Danal Henry Wood, Lexington FFA

Bankston, Beaufort-Jasper FFA; Kelsey Bridges-Anderson, Clover FFA; Troy Dobbins, Pendleton FFA; Stephanie Faith Jacks, B. J. Skelton CC FFA; Mackenzie LeeEllen Mullikin, Pendleton FFA

RHODE ISLAND: Carissa Koski, Narragansett FFA; Brittany Marie Sederback, Ponaganset FFA

PUERTO RICO: Jiomar Santiago Feliciano, SU Lauro Gonzalez Hijo FFA; Lorraine Henriquez, S. U. Antonio Acaron Correa FFA


Orlo Burnham, Conneaut Valley FFA; Carrie I. Bush, Upper Dauphin FFA; Travis Byers, Chambersburg FFA; Daniel J. Cannistraci, Cedar Crest FFA; Cassidy Cheddar, Elizabethtown FFA; Tyler Claypool, Mohawk FFA; Jordan C. Feidt, Upper Dauphin FFA; Amanda Leigh Forstater, Philadelphia FFA; Conrad Glazier, McConnellsburg FFA; Renee Grove, Shippensburg FFA; Hannah Lynn Homansky, Albion FFA; Terri Leigh Kauffman, Cloister FFA; Hannah Kiscadden, Northern Lebanon FFA; Carolyn Elizabeth Lawrence, Solanco FFA; Kaleb Long, Manor FFA; Melissa Long, Northern Lebanon FFA; Elizabeth Lutz, Northern Lebanon FFA; Samantha McKinney, Penns Valley FFA; Daniel M. Miller, Brothersvalley FFA; Trent J. Mitterling, MiddWest FFA; Jeremy Jack Mock, Williamsburg FFA; Jenna Lee Moser, Philadelphia FFA; Cassie Orndorff, Waynesburg FFA; Kayla Romberger, Tri-Valley FFA; Tyler Schaeffer, Cumberland Valley FFA; Alan M. Sherman, Albion FFA; Ashley N. Sloan, United FFA; Kelsey Nichole Snyder, Albion FFA; Alexandria Nichole Spease, Greenwood FFA; Rachel L. Spring, Solanco FFA; Jenn Suter, Somerset FFA; Amanda Thompson, Dover FFA; Matthew Trypus, Linesville FFA; Danielle Varner, Southern Huntingdon County FFA; Jonelle E. Wetzel, Selinsgrove FFA; Justin Ziefel, West Greene FFA

SOUTH DAKOTA: Devin Backes,

Kimball FFA; Brett Bauman, Harrisburg FFA; Shane Binger, Hitchcock-Tulare FFA; Alex Braun, Harrisburg FFA; Bradley Cihak, Bon Homme FFA; Elizabeth Dahl, Beresford FFA; Megan DeRouchey, Hoven FFA; Paul Dybedahl, TriValley FFA; Gabrielle Emmett, Harrisburg FFA; Aaron Engen, Viborg FFA; Preston Fleming, Florence FFA; Jamie L. Flint, Viborg FFA; Cody Hansen, McCook Central FFA; Derek Heumiller, McCook Central FFA; Chelsea Hiemstra, McCook Central FFA; Tyler Hiemstra, McCook Central FFA; Kaitlin Hintz, Florence FFA; Sydnie Howey, West Central FFA; Bailey Hurlbert, Clark FFA; Marshall Kniffen, Bon Homme FFA; Karen Colleen Knudsen, McCook Central FFA; Stacia Knuth, West Central FFA; Spencer Kurtz, West Central FFA; Trent Miller, McCook Central FFA; Matthew Nelson, McCook Central FFA; Jeremy Nettifee, West Central FFA; Brooke Pearson, West Central FFA; Alicia Renee Rist, Viborg FFA; Brooke Schallenkamp, McCook Central FFA; Robert J. Schoenfish, Menno FFA; Olivia Siglin, Webster FFA; Tucker Smith, West Central FFA; Savanna Sperle, Harding County FFA; Bailey Shae Strasburg, Miller FFA; Chad TeSlaa, Harrisburg FFA; Brian Van De Stroet, Canton FFA; Austin VanderWal, Sioux Valley FFA; Daniel F. Vellek, Bon Homme FFA; Jocelyn Waite, Florence FFA; Ellie L. Wintersteen, Menno FFA; Clayton Wobig, McCook Central FFA; Dexter D. Wobig, McCook Central FFA; Austin Wolfe, West Central FFA; Dustin Zemlicka, Florence FFA; Danny Zenk, Webster FFA; Derek Zenk, Webster FFA


OREGON: Joe Arnzen, Imbler

FFA; Kathryn Ann Bartholomew, Bend FFA; J. T. Batty, Cove FFA; Cressa Berg, Santiam Christian FFA; Jessica Bingaman, Imbler FFA; Kory S. Blake, Newberg FFA; Brianna Britton, Crater FFA; Megan Buck, Madras FFA; Hannah Buermann, Crane FFA; Jon C. Calhoun II, North Powder FFA; Hannah Bryce Carpenter, Santiam Christian FFA; Becky Carter, Mc Loughlin FFA; McCord Coleman, Dayton FFA; Emily J. Coombes, Pine Eagle FFA; Elle Elizabeth Coon, Santiam Christian FFA; Hanna Renee Cox, Henley FFA; Emilia Craig, Dayton FFA; Talia DeHart, Dayton FFA; Caleb M. Forcier, Cascade FFA; Ken Frahm, Ontario FFA; Jennifer



Goddik, Dayton FFA; Alyssa Gurney, Sandy FFA; Logan Hedden, La Grande FFA; Royal Ty Henricks, Crane FFA; Jayson Hoffman, Hillsboro FFA; Elaine D. Horton, Santiam Christian FFA; Gerald Hosler, North Clackamas FFA; Jake Katzler, Dayton FFA; Ryan A. Kelly, Bend FFA; Brandon Wayne Kralman, Mc Loughlin FFA; Emily Kraxberger, Canby FFA; Thomas Kubitz, Sandy FFA; Rebekah LaFramboise, Cascade FFA; Amber Landon, Dayton FFA; Dustin Laster, Dayton FFA; Allison Maurer, Molalla FFA; Joseph Meyer, Tillamook FFA; Daniel Minarich, Pine Eagle FFA; Andrew Nantz, Imbler FFA; Blake Partney, La Grande FFA; Cody Powell, Pine Eagle FFA; Jordann Roberts, Union FFA; Klinton Jack Shaffer, Imbler FFA; Alisha Shurr, Crater FFA; Logan Skeen, Nyssa FFA; Austin Smith, St. Paul FFA; Cody W. Smith, Redmond FFA; Austin Sweeney, Dayton FFA; Sadie Tempel, Scio FFA; Demetria Thompson, Imbler FFA; Lawrence Timmons, Mc Loughlin FFA; Katelyn Tompkins, Dayton FFA; Jacob Traw, Pine Eagle FFA; Megan Veach, Silverton FFA; Shelby West, Mc Loughlin FFA; Jason Wetzler, North Clackamas FFA; Garrett Marshall White, Crater FFA; Kelsie A. White, North Powder FFA; Grace Wildhaber, Dayton FFA

OKLAHOMA: Nicole Adcock,

Holdenville FFA; Jackson Alexander, Anadarko FFA; Bailey Jan Anders, Clinton FFA; Leslie Kay Annis, Norman FFA; K.T. Ashcraft, Mason FFA; Emily Baird, Stilwell FFA; Brooke Battenfield, Sequoyah FFA; Brandon William Baumgarten, Oilton FFA; Amy Benton, Central High FFA; Michael J. Bouziden, Alva FFA; Savannah Brisco, Perry FFA; Kadie Brown, Coweta FFA; Kara Burch, Leedey FFA; Lindsey Burris, Dale FFA; Hartly Carlisle, Laverne FFA; Lisa Christensen, Laverne FFA; Victoria Nicole Clark, Maysville FFA; Chance Clinton, Holdenville FFA; Sarah Coffey, Davis FFA; Callie Colclasure, Adair FFA; Ethan T. Coplin, Okemah FFA; Nicholas Todd Cosby, Stratford FFA; Cheyenne Lee Counts, Byng FFA; Austin Craig, Fort Gibson FFA; Taylor Croft, Cherokee FFA; Heather Crow, Cimarron FFA; Lauren Kay Crowley, Blanchard FFA; Ryan Dahl, Texhoma FFA; Rikkie Davidson, Verden FFA; Clay Dolch, Verden FFA; Hayden Dolin, Buffalo FFA; Chester Duggan, Panola FFA; Courtney Duggan,


American FFA Degree recipients continued Panola FFA; Jolyn Easterwood, Fort Supply FFA; Katy Estes, Altus FFA; Jacob Fielder, Maysville FFA; Devin W. Flanders, Okemah FFA; Tyler Frizzell, Byng FFA; Zak Frizzell, Byng FFA; Clint Dale Gates, Drummond FFA; Cody Glazier, Lomega FFA; Levi Gray, Buffalo FFA; Jesse Allen Green, Wellston FFA; Kari Hamill, Adair FFA; Hope Hancock, Hobart FFA; Morgan A. Hannabass, Indiahoma FFA; Amanda Kay Hart, Rock Creek FFA; Michael Hatter, Morrison FFA; Seth Heisler, Pawnee FFA; Abby Hendrickson, Adair FFA; Katherine M. Hill, Verden FFA; Jessica Holman, Garber FFA; Colt Hunter, Taloga FFA; Bradley Isbell, Fort Gibson FFA; Dalton Jacobs, Frederick FFA; Nick James, Texhoma FFA; Tivis H. Jessee III, Tecumseh FFA; Cody Robert Johnson, Meeker FFA; Bo Johnston, Afton FFA; Matt Jordon, Adair FFA; Dakota Keith, Perry FFA; Austin Kindschi, Mulhall-Orlando FFA; Ryan Kittrell, Oologah FFA; Randy Kramer, Lomega FFA; Megan LaRue, Nowata FFA; Jamie Lassiter, Allen FFA; Jordan Kay Leatherman, Muskogee FFA; Karson Leibold, Leedey FFA; Jordan Leven, Newkirk FFA; Chelsie Livingston, Seiling FFA; Meredith Lowry, Weatherford FFA; Clint Lucus, Altus FFA; Alyssa Jean MacDonald, Bixby FFA; Presli Manuel, Byng FFA; Taylor Joe Matlock, Valliant FFA; Courtney Lynn Maye, Haworth FFA; Amber Nicole McGee, Dover FFA; Colby Brent McGee, Valliant FFA; Chase McGolden, Fairview FFA; Dalton McWhirter, Maysville FFA; Kasey Meek, Holdenville FFA; Kevin Meeks, Wetumka FFA; Cheyenne Methvin, Hugo FFA; Zackary Miller, Central High FFA; Ethan Morris, Atoka FFA; Eric Motter, Adair FFA; Jennifer Nail, Sharon-Mutual FFA; Jessica Neal, Duncan FFA; Zach Nelson, Laverne FFA; Hannah Elizabeth Nemecek, Skiatook FFA; Stephanie Marie Nettles, Bixby FFA; Brayden Nixon, Cherokee FFA; Kristopher Norwood, Union City FFA; Trevor Odom, Poteau FFA; Megan Owens, Fort Supply FFA; Brady Palmer, Rattan FFA; Emma Lea Pankratz, Weatherford FFA; Kyle Parmley, Perry FFA; Leah Peters, Poteau FFA; Kassandra Pfeiffer, MulhallOrlando FFA; Heston Prewitt, Perry FFA; Tatum Natasha-Jo Pritchard, Meeker FFA; Dakota Garrett Quickle, Chattanooga FFA; Brittan L. Raines, Red Oak FFA; Koy Tipton Ramsey, Cushing FFA; Lindsay Jacqueline Reid, Bethel FFA; Meagan Jeanine Rhodes, Fairview FFA; Bailey Richardson, Perry FFA; Bradley Robinson, Rock Creek FFA; Sheldon Rounds, Leedey FFA; Taylor Runyan, Atoka FFA; Zachary Rupp, Perry FFA; Chacey Schoeppel, Fairview FFA; Jacob Shandy, Okemah FFA; Madalyn Kirsten Shires, Calera FFA; Lee E. Stewart, Prague

FFA; Westin Storm, Checotah FFA; Keysto Stotz, Skiatook FFA; Ashton Thompson, Rock Creek FFA; Dillon Travis, Cleveland FFA; Erin Trent, Perry FFA; Lindsey Nicole Underwood, Tecumseh FFA; Wilma Van der Laan, Frederick FFA; Edwin Alejandro Varela, Bixby FFA; Holly Danielle Wade, Byng FFA; Jared Nathaniel Wade, Achille FFA; Jordon Wade, Achille FFA; Liana Wagner, Poteau FFA; Jacey Wallace, Hugo FFA; Jake Ward, Cleveland FFA; Katelyn Waugh, Hugo FFA; Jeremy Weichel, Cordell FFA; Gary D. Wesley, Bethel FFA; Michael Wiebe, Hooker FFA; Ashley Williamson, Claremore FFA; Brett Lance Willis, Marietta FFA; Hillary Paige Winter, Lomega FFA; John Taylor Winter, Lomega FFA; Quinton Robert Wray, Okeene FFA; William Wynn, Byng FFA; Rachel Yauk, Buffalo FFA; Alexandra Zinck, Perry FFA

Dawson, Buckeye Valley FFA; Corey Decker, Indian Valley FFA; Matt Demattio, Indian Valley FFA; Jacob Detwiler, Fairbanks FFA; David Devore, Northwestern FFA; Zane B. Dilyard, Northwestern FFA; Adam Dittoe, Sheridan FFA; James R. Dotterer, Crestview FFA; Brittany Dozier, Fayetteville FFA; Kyle Dresback, North Union FFA; Jessica Duplaga, Lorain County JVS FFA; Seth Dyer, Elgin FFA; Seth Ebert, Hillsdale FFA; Trevor Dugan Eischen, Parkway FFA; Samantha Ellis, Teays Valley FFA; Keith Elsass, Anna FFA; Cassie Emrick, Miami Valley CTC FFA; Aaron S. English, Spencerville FFA; Dylan Esselburn, Loudonville FFA; Andrea Etchen, Edgerton FFA; Abby Elaine Evans, Parkway FFA; Justin Fager, Wauseon FFA; Kelly Fager, Wauseon FFA; Shelby D. Faulkner, A.B. Graham Ohio Hi-Point FFA; Alex Finney, Buckeye Central FFA; Kaylee Fisher, Wapakoneta FFA; Diana Foltz, Fairfield Union FFA; Mark Forry, Ridgedale FFA; Michael Todd Forry, Ridgedale FFA; Amanda Foster, Gallia Academy FFA; Jeffrey Francis, Madison Plains FFA; Ashley Kate Frazer, Mowrystown FFA; Paige Frey, Wauseon FFA; Brendan Fry, Arcadia FFA; Andrew Garwood, Big Walnut DACC FFA; Caitlin Gehret, Fort Recovery FFA; John Tyler Genders, Amanda-Clearcreek FFA; Lance Gephart, Anna FFA; James Giffin, Waterford FFA; Robert Gilliland, Mohawk FFA; Paige Glispie, Miami Trace FFA; Dezra Goebel, Edon-Northwest FFA; Paul Goettemoeller, Botkins FFA; Brock Goodman, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Heath Gray, Crestview FFA; Eileen Gress, Triway FFA; Zachary Guggenbiller, Fort Recovery FFA; Austine Hageman, Fairlawn FFA; Hannah Hale, Big Walnut DACC FFA; Erik Hansberger, Western Reserve FFA; Ashley Harper, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; MaryEllen Alliene Harr, West Liberty-Salem FFA; Taylor Harris, River Valley FFA; Justin D. Harshfield, Benjamin Logan FFA; Dan Hastings, HardinNorthern FFA; Katherine E. Hatcher, Teays Valley FFA; Rebecka Hearn, Warren FFA; Corbin G. Hellwarth, Parkway FFA; Andrew J. Helterbrand, Hillsboro FFA; Levy Hemminger, New Riegel FFA; Lucas Hesterman, Archbold FFA; Bailey Higgins, River Valley FFA; Ryan William Hiser, Miami Trace FFA; Juliann Hook, Buckeye Central FFA; Olivia Houts, Parkway FFA; James M. Hozalski, Firelands FFA; Dylan Ray Jacobs, Otsego FFA; Carter Jenkins, A.B. Graham Ohio Hi-Point FFA; Cheyenne N. Jepsen, Amanda-Clearcreek FFA; Rachel L. Johns, Otsego FFA; Mark Jolly, Eastern Brown FFA; Cierra Jordan, Benjamin Logan FFA; Nick Kalb, Buckeye Central FFA; Kelby Kale, Bowling Green FFA; Carol Keck, Marysville FFA; Allison Nicole Kellish, Ridgewood FFA; Cade Kelly, Blanchester FFA; Allison

OHIO: Ian Adams, Fairfield FFA;

Ryan Albers, Minster FFA; Kira Andre, Wauseon FFA; Perry Andre, Wauseon FFA; Natalie Appel, Edgerton FFA; Daniel Arbogast, New Riegel FFA; Marie Arnold, Smithville FFA; Emily Bailey, Margaretta FFA; Andrew C. Baldner, Hillsdale FFA; Brittani Baldner-Hill, Hillsdale FFA; Courtney Elizabeth Balduff, Margaretta FFA; Travis Ball, Waterford FFA; Colin J. Barclay, Delphos FFA; Perry Barnett, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Cole Barry, North Union FFA; Brittney Bell, United FFA; Aaron Bernath, Archbold FFA; Brendon Berning, Versailles FFA; Jill Berning, Anna FFA; Codi Bird, Ayersville FFA; Nathaniel Birkhimer, Southern Local FFA; Carly Birney, Harrison Central FFA; Levi Bishop, Arcadia FFA; Caitlyn Black, Bloom Carroll FFA; Tyler Blair, Edgerton FFA; Heather Bleininger, Benjamin Logan FFA; Garrett A. Boley, Mapleton FFA; John Boney, Caldwell FFA; Cameron Bookman, Waterford FFA; Adrian Boudinot, Northridge FFA; Brett Bowersock, Delphos FFA; Sara Boyle, Otsego FFA; Cory Hayden Brame, New Lexington FFA; Cody Brannum, Greene County Career Center FFA; Bretley Braun, Oak Harbor FFA; James Brock, Fayetteville FFA; Autumn Brooks, River Valley FFA; Albert Joseph Brown, Edon-Northwest FFA; Lindsay Brown, Gallia Academy FFA; Zachary D. Brown, Seneca East FFA; Laura Buckler, FelicityFranklin FFA; Dalton Buffenbarger, Waynesfield-Goshen FFA; Mackenzie Buschur, Versailles FFA; Brady Campbell, Waterford FFA; Leighton Chambers, Liberty Center FFA; Kate Chittenden, Fairview FFA; Daisy Christophel, Lynchburg-Clay FFA; Taryn Christy, Mowrystown FFA; Aaron Clark, West Holmes FFA; Tyler Clark, Gibsonburg FFA; Brady Clemens, Morgan FFA; Taelor Cox, West Liberty-Salem FFA; Aaron Cramer, Bowling Green FFA; Neil




Kelsey, Western Brown FFA; Sarah Kelsey, Western Brown FFA; Clayton Kemner, Eastwood FFA; Scott Kill, Spencerville FFA; Michelle King, Greene County Career Center FFA; Samantha King, Bowling Green FFA; Tyler James Kitzler, Oak Harbor FFA; Chad Knapke, Versailles FFA; Amanda Koch, Botkins FFA; Brian Kohler, Botkins FFA; Lindsey M. Koppin, Anna FFA; Jackie Lacumsky, Oak Harbor FFA; Alexandra Lang, Upper Sandusky FFA; Ethan S. Legge, Greenon FFA; Maverick Liles, Wapakoneta FFA; Samantha Lindner, Northwestern Clark FFA; Kelsey Lininger, Benjamin Logan FFA; Jordan Lones, Ridgemont FFA; Forrest Longstreth, Fairfield Union FFA; Zoe Lord, Big Walnut DACC FFA; Scott Loudermilk, Amanda-Clearcreek FFA; Garth Louth, Parkway FFA; Katelyn Lutz, Colonel Crawford FFA; Shelby Mann, Jackson Center FFA; Ashley Mathys, Marysville FFA; Lukas Mattevi, United FFA; Hailey McCarron, Bowling Green FFA; Stephanie McDougal, Utica FFA; Benjamin McKinniss, Elgin FFA; Charity McMullen, Fairfield Union FFA; Rebekah Meller, Pettisville FFA; Pamela Meyer, Fort Loramie FFA; Courtney Mae Michael, Hillsboro FFA; Jason A. Michel, Delphos FFA; Aaron Michael Miller, AmandaClearcreek FFA; Brittney Miller, Greene County Career Center FFA; Emily Miller, Edgerton FFA; Nathan Miller, Delphos FFA; Stephen D. Miller, Benjamin Logan FFA; Chelsea Montague, North Central FFA; Dulton Moore, Delphos FFA; Erin Moore, Federal Hocking FFA; Michael Moore, Carrollton FFA; Jennifer Dian Morgan, South Central FFA; Logan Morris, Mowrystown FFA; Rachel Moyer, Fairfield Union FFA; Jordon L. Mullett, River View FFA; Victoria Mundy, Upper Sandusky FFA; Matthew S. Murphy, Morgan FFA; Kelly Mustard, Greenfield-McClain FFA; Bethany Leigh Myers, Mt. Vernon FFA; Audrey Neel, Fairfield Union FFA; Benjamin Nething, Southeast FFA; Austin Nichols, Buckeye Trail FFA; Brad Nieport, St. Henry FFA; Casey Niese, Buckeye Central FFA; Garrett D. O’Donnell, West Holmes FFA; Cortney Oney, South Central FFA; Cory B. Osting, Delphos FFA; Amanda Kaye Peters, Elmwood FFA; Ariel Pfaff, Wauseon FFA; Lindsey Pfeiffer, North Union FFA; Sarah Phillips, Willard FFA; Brian Pike, Wauseon FFA; Grace Poling, Hardin-Northern FFA; Sarah Porter, John Glenn FFA; Wesley Powell, Botkins FFA; Adam Pulley, Ridgewood FFA; Jonathan Lewis Raber, Buckeye Trail FFA; Nathan Raber, Buckeye Trail FFA; Jared A. Rader, Patrick Henry FFA; Justin Rader, Greene County Career Center FFA; Megan Rammel, Fort Recovery FFA; Brandon Reed, Greene County Career Center FFA; Brooke Rehus, Van Buren FFA;


Jared D. Renollet, Paulding FFA; Ryan Riddle, Fairbanks FFA; Lindsay Riedlinger, Upper Sandusky FFA; Brandi Roberts, Morgan FFA; Kaitlyn Roberts, River Valley FFA; Ryan Roberts, Wellington FFA; Kyle Roeth, Miami East-MVCTC FFA; Ashley Rose, East Clinton FFA; Brent Rossman, Colonel Crawford FFA; Garth Ruff, Morgan FFA; Jacob Ruffing, Seneca East FFA; Myer Eli Runyan, Urbana FFA; Julie Russell, Eastwood FFA; Hannah Rutledge, A.B. Graham Ohio HiPoint FFA; Lanee Sandwisch, Oak Harbor FFA; James Sankiewicz, Genoa Area FFA; Breanna Schaad, Waterford FFA; Emily Schaad, Morgan FFA; Nathan Schalk, New Riegel FFA; Derek Scheufler, Hiland FFA; Travis Schlabach, Ridgewood FFA; Amy Schmitz, Mississinawa Valley-MVCTC; Joshua Schnipke, Elmwood FFA; Emily J. Schoenlein, Fort Recovery FFA; Daniel Schrader, Versailles FFA; Michael Schuck, Hillsdale FFA; Dylan Scott, Eastern Brown FFA; Stacie Seger, Fort Loramie FFA; Michele Senn, Seneca East FFA; Isaac Shaffer, Elmwood FFA; Kelsey Sheeley, Hillsboro FFA; Micah Shenk, Fairview FFA; Adam Sherman, Upper Sandusky FFA; Amber Shoemaker, Marlington FFA; Jarett Smith, Lakota FFA; Matthew Smith, Arcadia FFA; Whitney Smith, Federal Hocking FFA; Erin Elizabeth Smolinski, Pymatuning Valley FFA; Diana Stacy, Old Fort FFA; Brent Stammen, Versailles FFA; Lara Staples, Western Brown FFA; LeeAnn D. Steinke, Wapakoneta FFA; Emily Elizabeth Stevens, Sheridan FFA; Tyler Stoltz, Fairfield Union FFA; Aaron Sutter, Fort Recovery FFA; Nicole Swavel, Upper Sandusky FFA; Derek Sweeting, South Central FFA; Casey Swonger, River Valley FFA; Blake Taylor, North Union FFA; Kalee Temple, Barnesville FFA; Katherine Terrell, Frontier FFA; Curtis Teters, Wynford FFA; Christopher J. Thomas, Northwestern FFA; Denver Thomas, Marysville FFA; Staci N. Thomson, Elmwood FFA; Jordan Timbs, Western Reserve FFA; Ethan Tobe, St. Henry FFA; Rachel Townsley, Urbana FFA; Chasity E. Traxler, South Central FFA; Lydia Ulry, Johnstown-Monroe FFA; Crystal Van Pelt, Wauseon FFA; Carolyn VanAtta, Fairfield Union FFA; Cody Vance, CardingtonLincoln FFA; Joey Brooke Vance, Cardington-Lincoln FFA; Samantha Vermule, Delphos FFA; Casey Wagner, Seneca East FFA; Stephen T. Wagner, Paulding FFA; Kyle Waitman, Waynesfield-Goshen FFA; Abigail Walter, Riverdale FFA; Kent Weatherholtz, Riverdale FFA; Lawrence Wedemeyer, Gallia Academy FFA; Phillip Wells, Anna FFA; Laura Whalin, Waterford FFA; Jerad Dean White, Ashland FFA; Angie Wiechart, Delphos FFA; Bradley Wilcox, Paulding FFA; Aaron Will, Fort Recovery FFA; Stacy Will, Fort Recovery FFA;

Amanda Williams, West LibertySalem FFA; Erin Williams, Morgan FFA; Spencer Williams, Upper Scioto Valley-Ohio Hi-Point FFA; Thomas Wilson, Fredericktown FFA; Laura Winland, Barnesville FFA; Erin Wollett, Centerburg FFA; Seth B. Womax, Liberty Union FFA; Ryan Wood, Hopewell-Loudon FFA; Evan Wurm, Buckeye Central FFA; Wesley Zeller, Paulding FFA; Tiffany Lois Zimmerman, Ridgewood FFA; Libby Zoldak, Benjamin Logan FFA; Kristyn Zwiebel, Wapakoneta FFA

FFA; Lakean Karissia Stamey, Avery County FFA; John Stewart, Knightdale FFA; Justin Teeter, West Rowan FFA; Brandon Tyler Williams, Midway FFA; Seth Isaac Williams, Southern Nash FFA; Alex Yost, West Rowan FFA

NEW YORK: Brandon K. Aldous,

Canton FFA; Kim Austin, Cazenovia FFA; Stacy Barrow, Pioneer FFA; Caroline Bertholf, Tri-Valley FFA; Aurora Boyes, Tri-Valley FFA; Lyndsie Michele Collis, Tully FFA; Zach Connor, Tri-Valley FFA; Emily Devore, Tri-Valley FFA; Joshua Draves, Randolph FFA; Kristen Durow, Randolph FFA; MaryElizabeth Foote, Greenwich FFA; Emily Higgins, Tri-Valley FFA; Jessica Kingsley, Vernon Verona Sherrill FFA; Jacob Klimeck, Pioneer FFA; Thomas Latzkowski, Vernon Verona Sherrill FFA; Sadie Lewis, Penn Yan FFA; Hannah Lindquist, Tri-Valley FFA; Brittany Maggio, Tri-Valley FFA; Elizabeth Martens, Penn Yan FFA; Brent McKeon, Tri-Valley FFA; Elizabeth Peavey, Vernon Verona Sherrill FFA; Rae Polonsky, Tri-Valley FFA; Matthew R. Richmond, Vernon Verona Sherrill FFA; Brendan Sanok, Tri-Valley FFA; Nikki Schiebel, Vernon Verona Sherrill FFA; Tracee Marie Schiebel, Vernon Verona Sherrill FFA; Brittany R. Seeley, Jasper-Troupsburg FFA; Ken Shafer, Pioneer FFA; Maggie May Smith, Warwick Valley FFA; Thomas Dan Twentyman, Tully FFA; Courtney Very, Pioneer FFA; Christopher James Whipple, TriValley FFA


Bachmeier, Granville FFA; Casey Behles, Garrison FFA; Angela Birchfield, Richland 44 FFA; Danielle Buskohl, Wyndmere FFA; Jessica Ehlers, Scranton FFA; Colton Eichele, Fessenden Bowdon FFA; Chris Fedje, Rugby FFA; Cody Michael Folden, Parshall FFA; Taylor Friesz, New Salem FFA; Maria Clare Hager, Kenmare FFA; Alex Hollerung, Richland 44 FFA; Dylan Johnson, Wahpeton FFA; Dustin Jundt, Rugby FFA; Caitlin Layden, Scranton FFA; Amy Rae Lee, Turtle Lake-Mercer FFA; Courtney Miller, Scranton FFA; Matthew Mortenson, Wahpeton FFA; Tyler Neubauer, Bottineau FFA; Douglas M. Nordby III, Watford City FFA; Amber Piatz, Napoleon FFA; Jadi Rose Prante, Wahpeton FFA; Preston Prochnow, Wahpeton FFA; Brooke Sarah Renner, Beulah FFA; Anna Richter, Carrington FFA; Nicole Schroeder, New Salem FFA; Grayson Spangelo, Hebron FFA; Mikali Talbott, Max FFA; Kristi Marie Tonnessen, Granville FFA; Jenna Vculek, Oakes Sargent Central FFA; Brandon Ward, Wahpeton FFA; Katherine Mae Woodbury, Stanley FFA

NEW MEXICO: Warren Baker,

Goddard FFA; Amanda Ball, Moriarty FFA; Jessie Bass, Carlsbad FFA; Joslyn Beard, Las Cruces FFA; Colton Campbell, Artesia FFA; James Cass, Carlsbad FFA; Dalton Chavez, Hot Springs FFA; Talon Choate, Hot Springs FFA; Delanie Crist, Texico FFA; Garrett Foote, Texico FFA; Kylie Erin Gaines, Carrizozo FFA; Whitley Gammill, Goddard FFA; Mitchell Harrison, Texico FFA; Savanah Markham, Carlsbad FFA; Haley Montes, Capitan FFA; Channing Moore, Animas FFA; Morgan Pinnell, Texico FFA; Tell Runyan, Clovis FFA; Michelle Shivers, Hot Springs FFA; Randi Simpson, Las Cruces FFA; Wade Sultemeier, Carrizozo FFA; Chelsi Van Dyke, Hobbs FFA; Andrea Vaz, Goddard FFA; Jeremy Witte, Las Cruces FFA


Barefield, Southern Wayne FFA; Clinton Beckham, North Iredell FFA; Heath Brittain, Bandys FFA; Sabra Elizabeth Bryant, East Surry FFA; Tracy Lynn Bullard, Lakewood FFA; Ethan Ralph Callicutt, Southwestern Randolph FFA; Holly Joy Capps, Princeton FFA; Casey Cruise, Lumberton FFA; Adam Douglas, JF Webb FFA; Christian Dunnagan, Harrells FFA; Adam Craig Frazier, Randleman FFA; Daphne Houchins, Crossroads Christian FFA; Hunter Kornegay, North Lenoir FFA; Breeann Lambert, West Rowan FFA; Tyler Jackson Leinbach, North Davidson FFA; Kristi Marie Leonard, Mt. Pleasant FFA; Melissa Mayo, Princeton FFA; Tara McPhatter, Lumberton FFA; Rebekah Moore, South Rowan FFA; Tiffany Denise Murray, Southern Nash FFA; Johnathan D. Parker, South Johnston FFA; Ryan Phelps, Ledford FFA; Benjamin Keith Rice, Madison FFA; Hannah Alaine Russell, Southwestern Randolph FFA; James Howard Simpson IV, Southwestern Randolph FFA; Hannah Elizabeth Singleton, Spring Creek FFA; Conner Smith, Harrells


NEW JERSEY: Jennifer Anema,

Warren Hills FFA; Margaret Castle, Newton FFA; Nathan Fillebrown, Phillipsburg FFA; Amanda R. Kirchoff, Newton FFA; Ashley Ann Lemoncelli, Newton FFA; Tessa C. Masi, Newton FFA; Harlene Mc Mahon, Newton FFA; Andrew W. Morris, Newton FFA; Miranda Victoria Nunn, Newton FFA; Samuel L. Rubinstein, Freehold



FFA; Kylie Smith, Cape May Tech FFA; Mackenzie Lynn Tierney, Union County FFA; Jordan Weller, Phillipsburg FFA; Michael F. Willadsen, Penns Grove FFA; John Wlodarski III, Newton FFA

NEVADA: Kayla Barkdull,

Ruby Mountain FFA; Mackenzie Campbell, Silver Sage FFA; Juan Davila, Diamond Mountain FFA; Tyler Detomasi, Churchill County FFA; Jack Eaton, Diamond Mountain FFA; Seth Garrett, Wells FFA; Gus Paoli, Ruby Mountain FFA; Catelyn Sanders, Pahranagat Valley FFA; Roman Solis-Wright, Diamond Mountain FFA

NEBRASKA: Kendra L. Alberts,

St. Paul FFA; Nathan Anderson, Elgin FFA; Rachael Claire Arkfeld, Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca FFA; Ethan Thomas Asche, Spalding FFA; Alex Asher, Creighton FFA; Lacey Baker, West Boyd FFA; Austin Baldwin, Creighton FFA; Brian T. Barr, Heartland FFA; Brennan Becker, Creighton FFA; Shelby Lee Behrendt, Ravenna FFA; Keri Beierman, Cedar Rapids FFA; Katherine Benton, Sandy Creek FFA; Kyle Lewis Berger, Spalding FFA; Bethany Jo Blackburn, Rock County FFA; Chris Block, Gothenburg FFA; Andrea Beth Boardman, Heartland FFA; Molly Brandt, Humphrey FFA; Matt Brester, Howells/Clarkson FFA; Adam Bretschneider, Rock County FFA; Kendra Bretschneider, Rock County FFA; Andrew Brittenham, Superior FFA; Bethany Anne Brittenham, Superior FFA; David Burbach, Hartington FFA; Trevor Butterfield, West Holt FFA; Kendra Cadwallader, Bayard FFA; Brennan Christman, Twin River FFA; Jeremy F. Coffey, McCool Junction FFA; Andrea Condon, Seward FFA; Audrey Michelle Condon, Seward FFA; Brennan Patrick Costello, Gothenburg FFA; Stevie Crookshanks, Sandy Creek FFA; Nicholas Norris Czarnick, Twin River FFA; Lane Day, Wheeler Central FFA; Torri Dethlefs, Ravenna FFA; Alexander Dierks, Elgin FFA; Andy Donald Doerr, Creighton FFA; Joe Duba, Wilber-Clatonia FFA; Jordyn Duffek, McCool Junction FFA; Michelle Marie Dvoracek, Elba FFA; Jessy Eggerling, Milford FFA; Jais Ford, Cody-Kilgore FFA; Kent A. Frickel, West Holt FFA; Brandon Friesen, Heartland FFA; Ashley Frost, Holdrege FFA; Suleima Garcia, York


American FFA Degree recipients continued FFA; Marcus Garrison, Hampton FFA; Sydney Gehl, Wheeler Central FFA; Blake Douglas Gengenbach, Eustis-Farnam FFA; Cody Gerken, York FFA; Mackenzie Gibbens, West Holt FFA; Michaela Gray, Holdrege FFA; Charles D. Haarberg, Imperial FFA; Haley Sue Harthoorn, Ainsworth FFA; Angela M. Haun, West Boyd FFA; Ethan Heser, Centennial FFA; Vance Heyer, Ainsworth FFA; Kristopher S. Hornickel, Ord FFA; Kendall N. Hostler, Northwest FFA; Patrick Hoxmeier, Southern Valley FFA; Faith Huneke, Wilber-Clatonia FFA; Caitlin Hupp, Cedar Rapids FFA; Lauren Elizabeth Ibach, SumnerEddyville-Miller FFA; Amanda Imig, Seward FFA; Nicholas Jerabek, St. Paul FFA; Brooke A. Jindra, Leigh FFA; Cory Johnson, Burwell FFA; Paul Johnson, Stuart FFA; Nathan R. Kackmeister, Ainsworth FFA; Hilary Kasperbauer, Wheeler Central FFA; Jake Kasselder, Wheeler Central FFA; Brandon J. Katz, Fairbury FFA; Ben Kaup, Stuart FFA; Shannon K. King, Conestoga FFA; Jared Krause, Tekamah-Herman FFA; Tyler Lauenstein, Shickley FFA; Aaron Lauer, Gothenburg FFA; Brittany E. Lewis, Red Cloud FFA; Jenna Lincoln, Wheeler Central FFA; Matthew Marcellus, West Holt FFA; Jourdan Matthies, Gothenburg FFA; LaNae J. Maxson, Burwell FFA; Kelly Ann McCarty, St. Paul FFA; Kyle Richard McCarty, St. Paul FFA; Clayton S. Nelson, Holdrege FFA; Seth C. Nienhueser, York FFA; Clark David Noble, Boone Central FFA; Melissa Marie Nordboe, North Bend FFA; Taylor G. Norquest, McCool Junction FFA; Wade Conner Obermier, McCool Junction FFA; Kathryn Marie O’Brien, Newman Grove FFA; Stephanie Renee Olson, Boone Central FFA; Matthew E. Oltmer, Southwest FFA; Nathan Parks, Crete FFA; Griffin J. Parsley, Hampton FFA; Benjamin J. Pelster, Elgin FFA; Shelby Peters, Red Cloud FFA; Grant Potadle, Tekamah-Herman FFA; Alexander Potter, York FFA; Levi Prusia, York FFA; Tiffany Quaduor, Southwest FFA; Joni Qualm, Wheeler Central FFA; Rebecca Ramm, Stuart FFA; Austin J. Rathman, St. Paul FFA; Logan Reed, Holdrege FFA; Nicholas J. Rempe, Superior FFA; Braden Alan Rieker, EustisFarnam FFA; Clay David Roubal, North Bend FFA; Jeremy Scott Row, Shickley FFA; Matthew Rozic, Mead FFA; Laura A. Rundback, Wauneta-Palisade FFA; Danielle Nicole Samson, York FFA; Courtney Schaardt, Pawnee City FFA; Seth Schaldecker, Heartland FFA; Levi Schlick, Sandy Creek FFA; Mikah G. Schmall, Bayard FFA; Dustin Ray Schroder, Palmyra FFA; Tiffany Schultz, Centura FFA; Michael A. Schwab, Mead FFA; Ryan L. Schwindt, Ainsworth FFA; Tazalea Scott, Ansley FFA;

Hannah Seagren, Bloomfield FFA; Andrew Sheridan, Sutton FFA; Amanda Shields, McCook FFA; Victoria Simonsen, Superior FFA; Amanda Lynn Slafter, Conestoga FFA; Kent Goober Snider, Wheeler Central FFA; Nicole R. Sorensen, Plainview FFA; Aaron Spenner, West Point FFA; Aaron Steffen, Hartington FFA; Tanner Steingard, Heartland FFA; Kira Stuhr, York FFA; Jolee Sturgis, Holdrege FFA; Karlene Renae Sukup, Creighton FFA; Kelsey Sybrant, Rock County FFA; Robbie J. Thomsen, Pender FFA; Katlynn Jo Timm, North Bend FFA; Cody William Tobin, York FFA; Don Treptow, Mead FFA; Samuel Troxel, Broken Bow FFA; Derek Lee Tyler, Creighton FFA; Brittany Walters, Pawnee City FFA; Sheila Wiebelhaus, Hartington FFA; Sara Jane Wilmes, Creighton FFA; Emilia Woeppel, Norris FFA; Debra Wray, Ord FFA; Cathryn Zentner, Centura FFA; Matthew A. Zulkoski, St. Paul FFA

Dexter Barmann, Northwest Technical FFA; Christopher Barnes, Albany FFA; Steve Barnes, Cass Career Center FFA; Spencer Barr, Northwest Technical FFA; Jake Barry, South Shelby FFA; Eli Bartley, South Callaway FFA; Benjamin S. Bass, Fair Grove FFA; Lacey Beck, Elsberry FFA; Ben Bell, Tuscumbia FFA; Allen Bennett, Salisbury FFA; Erica Benoit, Madison FFA; Kirsten Berger, Princeton FFA; Ryan S. Bilyeu, Ozark FFA; Adam Birk, Jackson FFA; Kirstin Bishop, Neosho FFA; Jill Blankenship, Eldon FFA; Schaelyn Blevins, Lakeland FFA; Erin Lee Boedeker, Elsberry FFA; Jill Boland, Santa Fe FFA; Stacy Boling, South Shelby FFA; Chris Borgman, Slater FFA; Lucas C. Bouldin, Marshfield FFA; Megan Brackenridge, El Dorado Springs FFA; Breanne Brammer, Gallatin FFA; Adam Brandt, Santa Fe FFA; Gregory Joseph Brandt, Hermann FFA; Joshua Lee Bright, Paris FFA; Reid Brooke, Braymer FFA; Lisa Brooks, Wellsville FFA; Angela Brown, Branson FFA; Benjamin Patrick Brown, Appleton City FFA; Heather Brown, Montgomery County FFA; Bryce Brummett, Sarcoxie FFA; Melissa Marie Bueker, Higginsville FFA; Katie Buescher, Silex FFA; Cassidy May Burns, Kirksville FFA; Shannon Burns, Wheaton FFA; Chris Burstert, Richmond FFA; Jon Bussey, Neosho FFA; Joel Butler, Republic FFA; Mackenzie Callaway, Blue Springs South FFA; Gordon Campbell, Greenfield FFA; Kaitlyn Campbell, Monett FFA; Steven Campbell, North Harrison FFA; Monica Ann Campen, Canton FFA; Matthew Carr, Galena FFA; Isaac Carrier, Lockwood FFA; Caleb Carson, Carrollton FFA; Wesley Kirk Casselman, Odessa FFA; Kathryn Marie Catron, Southwest at Washburn FFA; Chelsea Cavanah, Richmond FFA; Kollen Chapman, Osceola FFA; Seth Chapman, Odessa FFA; Paige Childs, Wellington-Napoleon FFA; Justin Clad, California FFA; Codi Beth Coats, Braymer FFA; Rylan Collett, Holden FFA; Gregory Connell, Eugene FFA; Bailey Kate Conner, Santa Fe FFA; Justin Conover, Pattonsburg FFA; Scott Conover, Pattonsburg FFA; Jake Cook, Jamesport FFA; Sabrina Cope, Montgomery County FFA; Lynsey Copley, Diamond FFA; Trevor Corbin, Braymer FFA; Jessica Covert, Halfway FFA; Clayton Cox, Bronaugh FFA; Tisha Crewse, Richland FFA; Dylan Crowder, Bowling Green FFA; Taylor Cummings, Miller FFA; Christina Currence, Eldon FFA; Aren Dameron, Crest Ridge FFA; Eric Dampier, Weaubleau FFA; Corey Davis, Puxico FFA; John Davis, Chillicothe FFA; Abby Ray Dean, Ava FFA; Ethan Decker, South Shelby FFA; Mercedes DeFreece, Hermitage FFA; Sarah

MONTANA: Conrad Beaudin,

Park FFA; Josiah Bennett, Park FFA; Alexandra Bold, Winifred FFA; Regan Bold, Winifred FFA; Cade Bott, Miles City FFA; Sarah Burk, Cascade FFA; Justin Tate Chaffin, Huntley Project FFA; Cali Rae Christensen, Big Timber FFA; Lane Leo Cremer, Big Timber FFA; Dawnita Deichmann, Hobson FFA; Bailey Engle, Big Timber FFA; Jarvis Franck, Park FFA; Ezara Goans, Miles City FFA; Kayleen Goggins, Shepherd FFA; Kelsey Haughian, Miles City FFA; Katie Marie Hogemark, Big Timber FFA; Anne Indreland, Big Timber FFA; Ryder Juedeman, Cascade FFA; Hank Kading, Shepherd FFA; Aaron Krogstad, Plentywood FFA; Morgan C. Kuntz, Beaverhead FFA; Inga R. Larson, Miles City FFA; Taylor Lepley, Shepherd FFA; Kendrick McKeever, Big Sandy FFA; James A. Miller, Chinook FFA; Nicole Mohr, Park City FFA; Erin Oliver, Savage FFA; John Weyerhaeuser Phares, Big Timber FFA; Kelli Marie Robinson, Miles City FFA; Kayla Jay Sargent, Big Timber FFA; Andrew Schmalz, Huntley Project FFA; Logan Standley, Missoula FFA; Jordan Stilson, Fergus FFA; Justin Stilson, Fergus FFA; Bailey Stirling, Huntley Project FFA; Lydia Ward, Broadus FFA

MISSOURI: David Abrudan,

Pleasant Hope FFA; Darren Adams, Jasper FFA; Scott Adams, Linn FFA; Devin Rae Adkins, Savannah FFA; Daniel Ahrens, Audrain County FFA; Amber Lynn Allen, Salisbury FFA; Piper Allen, Seneca FFA; Kevin Almond, Bucklin FFA; Abby Ashley, Pierce City FFA; Emily Ashley, California FFA; David Wayne Auxier, Smithville FFA; Austin Bailey, Bowling Green FFA; Justin Baker, Holden FFA; Alexander Baldwin, Sarcoxie FFA; Travis Marshall Ball, Jasper FFA;




DeShazer, Wheaton FFA; Len Russell Deutschman, Gallatin FFA; Nicholas Dieckman, Cole Camp FFA; Jenna Diehl, Marshfield FFA; Lauren Dietzschold, Chillicothe FFA; Benjamin J. Dobbins, Dadeville FFA; Troy A. Dobson, Higginsville FFA; Cole Dougan, Northwest Technical FFA; Jacob Drake, Santa Fe FFA; Tanner Drechsel, Boonville FFA; Travis Michael Duenke, Audrain County FFA; Miranda Durr, Pleasant Hope FFA; Paige Olivia Dye, Paris FFA; Prent Eaton, Mound City FFA; Jessica Edge, Skyline FFA; Aubrey Ellison, Miller FFA; Heather Emde, Santa Fe FFA; Kaitlin England, Wheaton FFA; Justin Ensor, South Shelby FFA; Hayley Etter, Sarcoxie FFA; Samantha Nicole Fahrenholtz, Hermann FFA; Clay Farrell, Pleasant Hope FFA; Morgan Geoffrey Faubion, Jasper FFA; Elizabeth Ferguson, Meadow Heights FFA; Ashley Ferris, Carl Junction FFA; Kaitlin Flick, Pleasant Hill FFA; Cara Fordyce, Hamilton FFA; Kelsey Forqueran, Malta Bend FFA; Katie Fountain, Gilman City FFA; Tara Hickam Fountain, Centralia FFA; Samuel C. Francka, Bolivar FFA; Jacob Frank, Linn FFA; Jonathen Frank, Linn FFA; Jeremy Frazier, Linn County FFA; Kerrie Lynn Freeman, Perryville FFA; Christopher W. Frerking, Higginsville FFA; Paige Friedrich, Boonville FFA; Brody Fude, Green City FFA; Kyle Fuehring, Sweet Springs FFA; Nathan Fuemmeler, Glasgow FFA; Megan E. Fugate, Stanberry FFA; Shirley Galvan, Wheaton FFA; Nathaniel Gann, East Buchanan FFA; Sierra Gardner, Tuscumbia FFA; Rhen Garner, Miller FFA; Lauren Garoutte, Aurora FFA; Megan Gastler, Audrain County FFA; Kristen George, Van-Far FFA; Dakota Lee Giesler, Ste Genevieve FFA; Brittany Ann Glenn, South Harrison FFA; Robert Louis Gorrell, Marshall FFA; Valentin Gradinariu, Miller FFA; Trace Logan Graham, South Harrison FFA; Alisha Gray, Neosho FFA; Meagan Green, Branson FFA; Thomas C. Green III, Pierce City FFA; Hillary Greenwell, South Shelby FFA; Devann Renee Gregory, Pettis County R-V FFA; Annessa Griffen, Washington FFA; Cole Griffith, Eldon FFA; James T. Grigsby, Koshkonong FFA; Amber D. Grogan, Willow Springs FFA; Zach D. Grossman, Tina-Avalon FFA; Emily Grumke, WellingtonNapoleon FFA; Evan Dale Grusenmeyer, Smithville FFA; Tina Guier, Concordia FFA; Cody Gulick, Miller FFA; Shane Gumm, Miller FFA; Michaela Haley, Meadow Heights FFA; Jordan Hall, Northwest Technical FFA; Michael Hall, Paris FFA; Andrew Hanke, Salisbury FFA; Allie Hansbrough, East Buchanan FFA; Colton Hardy, Linn County FFA; Whitney Harker, Worth County FFA; Montana


Harlan, Green Ridge FFA; Spencer Harmon, Brunswick FFA; Jairus Harrell, Belton FFA; Kirstyn Harris, Wheaton FFA; Mariah Hart, Princeton FFA; Clay Harty, Puxico FFA; Katie Hash, Osceola FFA; Jessica Haslag, Linn FFA; Devon Leanne Hatfield, Salisbury FFA; Emilee Mae Haubner, North Callaway FFA; Daysi Hawkins, North Shelby FFA; Seth Thomas Haymes, Mount Vernon FFA; Russell T. Hedges, Richland FFA; Haley Ann Herigon, Eugene FFA; Raschelle Hickman, Wheaton FFA; Garrett Hill, South Harrison FFA; Keenan Hofstetter, Bourbon FFA; Travis Holt, Slater FFA; Maycee Hoover, Chillicothe FFA; Cody Horton, Tuscumbia FFA; Garrett J. Horton, Richland FFA; Blake Anthony Hoselton, Nevada FFA; Sarah Houk, Bronaugh FFA; Lane T. Howard, Salem FFA; Dillan Howe, Meadville FFA; Ethan Huff, Sarcoxie FFA; John Hurst, Miller FFA; Allison Dawn Hyde, Seymour FFA; Sophia Hyder, Marshfield FFA; Andrew Ireland, Mound City FFA; Chalen Jackson, Bucklin FFA; Brady James, Knox County FFA; Matt Jeffers, Paris FFA; Garrett Jester, Miller FFA; Caleb E. Johns, Dexter FFA; Russell A. Johnson, Nevada FFA; Sami Johnson, Aurora FFA; Shelby Johnson, Paris FFA; Zachary M. Johnson, Dadeville FFA; Brent Jones, Perryville FFA; Cody Buchanan Jones, North Callaway FFA; Katie Jones, Hamilton FFA; Katie Jones, Bolivar FFA; Robert M. Jones, Fair Grove FFA; Ryan Jones, Fair Grove FFA; Miles Jumps, Mound City FFA; Michael E. Junkans, Eugene FFA; Abigail Kautsch, Russellville FFA; Daniel Kempf, Boonville FFA; Jason Ronald Kempker, Fatima FFA; Kevin R. C. Kephart, Holden FFA; Cheyenne B. King, Pierce City FFA; Sadie Kinne, North Harrison FFA; Daniel Kipping, Carrollton FFA; Kasey Kirby, Tipton FFA; J. T. Kitsmiller, Northeast Vernon County FFA; Leah Koechner, Tipton FFA; Shelby N. Koetting, Eugene FFA; Derrian Kratz, Odessa FFA; Dustin L. Kupitz, Willow Springs FFA; Christian LaFrenz, Clark County FFA; Andrew Laut, Fredericktown FFA; Liz Laut, Fredericktown FFA; Shelby Lavender, Skyline FFA; Tanner B. Law, King City FFA; Sydney Lawrence, North Harrison FFA; Megan Layman, Hardin Central FFA; Joey Ledford, Marshfield FFA; Saria Leimkuehler, Slater FFA; Vanessa Noelle Lentz, Grundy Co FFA; Devin Lepper, Eugene FFA; Kyla Lewis, Neosho FFA; Grant Lewton, Weaubleau FFA; Kaleb Lindner, Pierce City FFA; Jarret Lindsey, Skyline FFA; Robbie Link, Carrollton FFA; Caleb Lockard, Aurora FFA; Taylor Loges, Sweet Springs FFA; Ryan Logue, Lex La Ray FFA; Abigail Looney, Lex La Ray FFA; Kelsie Lovelace, Palmyra FFA; Dalton Ludwick, Clark County FFA; Rick Lutener,

Palmyra FFA; Dustin Luttrell, Republic FFA; Kyle Lynn, Paris FFA; Alyssa Mackey, Ozark FFA; Samantha Maddison, Belle FFA; Thomas Maggard, Weaubleau FFA; Nicole Markway, Eugene FFA; Caleb Martin, California FFA; Grant R. Martin, Thayer FFA; Cally Mastin, Winston FFA; Lucas Matthews, Norborne FFA; The Late Christy Maubach, South Shelby FFA; Collin Maune, Washington FFA; Justin Mauss, Ash Grove FFA; Megan Mayfield, Fair Grove FFA; Shannon McClintock, Cassville FFA; Katelyn McCoy, Ozark FFA; Alan McDonald, Silex FFA; Roth McElvain, Palmyra FFA; Newt McGuire, Boonville FFA; Myrick McLey, Gallatin FFA; Marie McMahan, Chillicothe FFA; Emily McQuillan, Blue Springs South FFA; Darren Medley, Wheaton FFA; Kyle Meinhardt, Clark County FFA; Chelsey Merrigan, Jefferson FFA; Randy Meyers, Mexico FFA; Ryan Meyers, Mexico FFA; Holly Miles, North Shelby FFA; Andrea Miller, Northwest Technical FFA; Katlyn Marie Miller, Memphis FFA; Trent Miller, Walnut Grove FFA; Cheyenne Miller-Campbell, Carrollton FFA; Jeremy Scott Mitchener, Alton FFA; Matt Moennig, Pierce City FFA; Kristy Anne Moore, Adair County FFA; Bradley Arthur Morgan, Lamar FFA; Emily Morgan, Meadville FFA; Jared Morris, Brunswick FFA; Dean A. Myers, Monett FFA; John Myers, Cole Camp FFA; Jacob Nentrup, Lockwood FFA; Danielle Faye Ness, Gallatin FFA; Charles E. Newland, Kirksville FFA; Dwight Niehoff, Lockwood FFA; Seth Brian Nobis, Paris FFA; Lexie G. Nolting, Versailles FFA; Benjamin Robert Nuelle, Higginsville FFA; Sara Ogan, Richmond FFA; Edward Ross Oram, Gilman City FFA; Lowell Owen, Wellsville FFA; Ethan Owens, Slater FFA; Ashlee Parrack, Skyline FFA; Austin Patterson, Pleasant Hope FFA; Paul Patterson, Jamesport FFA; Tylan Peckman, Nevada FFA; Karen Louise Periman, Cassville FFA; Nakita D. Perkins, Willow Springs FFA; Ethan Oliver Perriguey, La Monte FFA; Blake Peters, Braymer FFA; Sam Peters, Santa Fe FFA; Jacob Phipps, East Buchanan FFA; Brittany Pierce, McDonald Co FFA; Cody Poole, Union FFA; Jessica Pratt, Owensville FFA; Bailey Prichard, Princeton FFA; Emily D. Quas, Ozark FFA; Kable Ragsdale, Paris FFA; Kody Raines, Troy FFA; Amanda Ramsay, Neosho FFA; Levi Rapp, Rich Hill FFA; Austin C. Reade, Willard FFA; Emylee Redding, Clark County FFA; Robert Redford, Northwest Technical FFA; Steve Reed, Marion County FFA; Colton Reeter, Chillicothe FFA; Canaan Rehbein, Linn County FFA; Cassie Reid, Chillicothe FFA; Kaitlyn M. Reinert, Versailles FFA; Andrea Reinhart, Cass Career


Center FFA; Ashlyn Richardson, Lincoln FFA; Kendra Marie Rieckhoff, La Monte FFA; Trevon Scott Riley, Lamar FFA; Kody Rinne, Higginsville FFA; Kayla N. Roberts, Willow Springs FFA; Benjamin Rodabaugh, Lakeland FFA; Josh Rogers, Clever FFA; Seth Rohrbach, Jamestown FFA; Alicen R. Rothermich, Willow Springs FFA; Hunter T. Rubel, Jackson FFA; Bradley Rummel, Willard FFA; Caleb Russell, Jasper FFA; Leslie Russell, Richmond FFA; Molly Russell, Jasper FFA; Maggie Rutter, South Shelby FFA; Jenny Sanning, Eldon FFA; Stephan T. Schafer, Audrain County FFA; Shelby Scheulen, Linn FFA; Bryce Schmidt, Northwest Technical FFA; Shayla Severs, East Newton FFA; Ranay Sharpe, Marion County FFA; Evan Shelby, Osceola FFA; Kelsey Breanne Shikles, Russellville FFA; Kent Shikles, Russellville FFA; Cheyenne Shipps, Fair Play FFA; Ryan Shoffner, Lake Career & Technical Center FFA; Weston Shrewsbury, Nevada FFA; Mollie Marie Simmons, Sweet Springs FFA; Josh Sims, Audrain County R-VI FFA; Donnie Slagle, Northwest Technical FFA; Ethan Walter Smallen, Fredericktown FFA; Derrick Smead, Pleasant Hope FFA; Brittany Marie Smith, Midway FFA; Dillon Smith, Eldon FFA; Loren Smith, Fair Grove FFA; Patrick Smith, Willow Springs FFA; Spencer K. Smith, Smithville FFA; Alex Marie Snyder, Linn County FFA; Mary Ellen Sommer, Wellsville FFA; Alexandria Sprigg, Marshall FFA; Aleda Stanek, Pleasant Hope FFA; Brycen Stark, Princeton FFA; Ethan Starnes, Lebanon FFA; Bradley Stoll, Stanberry FFA; Jacob Stoll, Jefferson FFA; Brad Straatmann, Washington FFA; Adam Strope, Linn FFA; Curtis Strope, Linn FFA; Clint Sullivan, Green Ridge FFA; Ashlie Rochele Summers, Higginsville FFA; Adrian Tackett, Richmond FFA; Callan Tackett, Belle FFA; Travis Tatum, Trenton FFA; Brendan Taubig, Elsberry FFA; Blake Telle, Perryville FFA; Alex Templeton, Polo FFA; Kristen Thacker, Northwest Technical FFA; Austin Gale Thiel, Marshall FFA; Clayton W. Thierfelder, Smithton FFA; Abbey Thomas, Eldon FFA; Bobby Thompson, Polo FFA; Forrest Paul Thompson, Mount Vernon FFA; Aaron Thomsen, North Harrison FFA; Austin T. Thummel, Worth County FFA; Stephen Tompkins, Eldon FFA; Tierra Lynn Tortorelli, Odessa FFA; Jon Totty, South Callaway FFA; Melanie Triplett, Memphis FFA; Rachel Triplett, Washington FFA; Jason Tucker, Green City FFA; Trevor Tucker, Newtown-Harris FFA; Shelby Turner, Linn FFA; Travis A. Tvrdy, Cameron FFA; Tyler M. Tvrdy, Cameron FFA; Benjamin Unterbrink, Paris FFA; Bradley Unterbrink, Paris FFA; Katelyn Van



Bummel, El Dorado Springs FFA; Eddie Vanover, Puxico FFA; Marissa VanPelt, South Nodaway FFA; Dakota Lynn Will Veasmen, Cole Camp FFA; Garrett Vest, Hermitage FFA; Matthew Vogelsmeier, Sweet Springs FFA; Brett Waddell, Bowling Green FFA; Allison Wagoner, Crest Ridge FFA; Taylor Walker, Neosho FFA; Paige Wallace, Mount Vernon FFA; Cody Wallen, Cass Career Center FFA; Seth Walters, Adair County FFA; Jason Ward, Boonville FFA; Nathan Warner, Archie FFA; Zach Watts, Northwestern FFA; Dale Weidner, Tina-Avalon FFA; Shelby Westhoff, Memphis FFA; Morgan M. Wetzel, Elsberry FFA; Taylor Whitney, Gilman City FFA; Samantha Whittaker, Miller FFA; Alex Wiederholt, South Nodaway FFA; Clayton Wieligman, WellingtonNapoleon FFA; Kody Williams, Crest Ridge FFA; Randa Williams, El Dorado Springs FFA; Cody Williamson, Miller FFA; Matthew T. Willig, Odessa FFA; Ethan Willis, Macks Creek FFA; Jesse D. Wilson, Cameron FFA; Tyler Wray, Eldon FFA; Hannah M. Yoakum, Rolla FFA; Shannon Yokley, Nichols Career Center FFA; Danica Young, Skyline FFA; Kevin Young, Troy FFA; Rachel Zumbrunnen, Brookfield FFA

MISSISSIPPI: Sean Baughman,

Brooklyn FFA; Courtney Danielle Cooper, Sumrall FFA; Zachary Howell, Brooklyn FFA; Bobby Jones, Brooklyn FFA; Harrison Lang, Brandon FFA; Joel Lee, Brooklyn FFA; Matthew Keith Lee, Brooklyn FFA; Thomas Miller, West Lauderdale FFA; Andrew Brent Moore, Mantachie FFA; Jonathan Walter Morris, Brooklyn FFA; Stephen Rogers Parker, Sumrall FFA; Brandon Martin Ralph, Pine Grove FFA; Christopher Ray Ralph, Pine Grove FFA; Cassie Rawling, Lawrence County FFA; Hannah Camille Roberts, Sumrall FFA; Victoria Leigh Ross, Brooklyn FFA; Blake Thomas, West Lauderdale FFA; Travis Tyrone, Lawrence County FFA; Tucker Wagner, West Lauderdale FFA; Danielle Maria Welch, Simpson County FFA; Jessica Marie Wilkinson, Franklin County FFA

MINNESOTA: Matt Abraham,

Chaska FFA; Nathan Anderson, Lac qui Parle FFA; Winston Athey, Triton FFA; David Barka, Litchfield FFA; Michaela Bengtson, New London-


American FFA Degree recipients continued Spicer FFA; Mark Daniel Berg, Pine Island FFA; Matthew Bester, Randolph FFA; Jordan T. Beyer, United South Central FFA; Blaine Andrew Borgen, Norman County West FFA; Jessica L. Boyum, Chatfield FFA; Michael Buckentine, Chaska FFA; Quincy I. Carter, Hancock FFA; Thomas Chute, Aitkin FFA; Jill Cihlar, Minnewaska FFA; Mackenzie Clague, Chaska FFA; Luke Dahlman, Dassel-Cokato FFA; Erin Daninger, Forest Lake FFA; Katie Davis, Dassel-Cokato FFA; Jaclyn Dingels, Redwood Valley FFA; Dustin M. Dylla, United South Central FFA; Ridge Erdmann, Lewiston-Altura FFA; Hayden E. Feist, United South Central FFA; Joe Gathje, Eden Valley Watkins FFA; Rebecca Groos, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Tyler Gruenhagen, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Kelsey Gunderson, MACCRAY FFA; Kevin Gustafson, Madelia FFA; Nicole Hayes, Pierz FFA; Kevin Hesse, Chaska FFA; Michael Jahn, Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg FFA; Lars Johnson, Minnewaska FFA; Kimberly Juncewski, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Jade E. Kampsen, New London-Spicer FFA; Andrew Kieke, Kimball FFA; Sabrina Kieser, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Lee Kloeckner, Southland FFA; Ben Kothrade, Chaska FFA; Casey Krieger, Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg FFA; Shyann Lynn Krumrey, Buffalo Lake-Hector FFA; Steve Lammers, Southland FFA; Trevor B. Leland, United South Central FFA; Miranda Lemke, Hutchinson FFA; Paige Lemke, Hutchinson FFA; Doreen Lorentz, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted; Matthew Marketon, Howard Lake Waverly Winsted Amy Marie Meyer, Caledonia FFA; Taylor Neal, Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg FFA; Felicia Mae Niebuhr, United South Central FFA; JoAnn Nisbit, Chatfield FFA; Tyler B. Otte, Randolph FFA; Kirsten Helene Pagel, Fulda FFA; Edward Peichel, GFW Pioneer Express FFA; Darren Radil, Alexandria FFA; Lisa Roker, BOLD FFA; John Steven Salentiny, Fulda FFA; Morgan Samyn, Wabasso FFA; Tanner Sanborn, Zumbrota Mazeppa FFA; Taylor Sanborn, Zumbrota Mazeppa FFA; Jason Schaefer, Hancock FFA; Lucas Michael Schaefer, Southland FFA; Alyson Schwartau, Red Wing FFA; Eric Seifert, Browerville FFA; Travis Selness, Mabel Canton FFA; Jay Thomas Staloch, United South Central FFA; Nikki Stehr, Zumbrota Mazeppa FFA; Kayla Marie Stenzel, United South Central FFA; Bryan Strelow, Chaska FFA; Jennifer Subra, Southland FFA; Ashley Thorpe, Willmar FFA; Tom Thuening, Chaska FFA; Megan Thurk, Southwest Star Concept FFA; Chelsea Vilchis, Hutchinson FFA; Tyler Warren, Litchfield FFA; Emily Wentzel, Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg FFA; Hannah Wilts,

Joshua Claude Plank, Boonsboro FFA; Mandi E. Ramsburg, Walkersville FFA; Samantha Jean Ruby, Manchester Valley FFA; Zack L. Snider, Fort Hill FFA; Tyler Wilt, North Garrett FFA; Rebecca Winegardner, Oakland FFA; Clayborne Zimmerman, Walkersville FFA

Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg FFA; Katie Winslow, Chatfield FFA; Clayton Wright, Chatfield FFA

MICHIGAN: Jacquelyn Albosta,

Chesaning FFA; Michael Batora, Ovid-Elsie FFA; Emma Bencker, Lowell FFA; Kari Bergy, Lowell FFA; Paula Blough, Lowell FFA; Rebecca Blundy, Ionia FFA; Lindsay K. Canfield, Perry FFA; Emily Carmey, Ionia FFA; Bob Crosby, Lowell FFA; Timothy D. Danklefsen, Ravenna FFA; Jennifer DeClerg, Durand FFA; Samantha Engelhardt, Lakers FFA; Hannah Fallowfield, Benzie Central FFA; Austin Fisher, Corunna FFA; Casie Forbush, Corunna FFA; Eli Forbush, Byron FFA; Sara Fosburg, Lowell FFA; Ashley Frye, Lenawee Tech Center PM FFA; Lindsey Garner, Byron FFA; Katie Jo Gentner, Ubly FFA; Chad Geoit, Lapeer County Ed Tech PM FFA; Alyssa Gerloski, Caledonia FFA; Allison Grimm, Waldron FFA; Adam Guernsey, Saranac FFA; Rebecca L. Gulliver, Breckenridge FFA; Eric Hendzel, Perry FFA; Ashley Herr, Van Buren Technology Center FFA; Jordan Hieber, Ubly FFA; Brandon Jacobsen, Caledonia FFA; Taylor Janicek, Corunna FFA; Mike Jennings, Byron FFA; Kendi Kamps, Hopkins FFA; Ethan Kubiszak, Van Buren Technology Center FFA; David Lang, Byron FFA; Kelsey Langlois, Lowell FFA; Ashley Leonard, Ravenna FFA; Marie Marion, Saline FFA; Samantha McKenna, Caledonia FFA; Camay Messing, Ubly FFA; Shelby Navarre, Ravenna FFA; Cody Nevins, Ithaca FFA; Torri Nighbert, Olivet FFA; Allison Pape, Lenawee Tech Center FFA; Caitlin R. Pell, Fremont FFA; Taylor Pierce, Benzie Central FFA; Chelsey Pionk, Ubly FFA; Chelsea Pipkins, Lowell FFA; Brittany Pretzel, Ionia FFA; Terry Raymond, Byron FFA; Mackenzie Roerig, Lowell FFA; Nathan Rogers, Caledonia FFA; Jeremy Ruthko, Ubly FFA; Eric Scott, Maple Valley FFA; Jamie Seif, Caledonia FFA; Emily Tomasek, Corunna FFA; Heather Van Lieu, Branch Area Career Center FFA; Nicole VanderVennen, Caledonia FFA; Maaike Verhaar, Lakers FFA; Mary Cathleen Walsh, Lowell FFA; Mallory Weber, Hopkins FFA; Jack Weeber, Lowell FFA; Joseph Whaley, Byron FFA; Alisha Wolf, Caledonia FFA

LOUISIANA: Jessica Brunston,

Simsboro FFA; Dakota Burr, Converse FFA; Karine Cifreo, Walker FFA; Nathan Roy Cloud, Plainview FFA; Bradley Coleman, Ponchatoula FFA; Haden Ezernack, Ebarb FFA; Dylan Granger, Northeast FFA; Zachary Harrison, Florien FFA; Wesley Ryan Hayes, Kinder FFA; Hobie Landry, Elton FFA; Christi LaVergne, Elton FFA; Kortney Kay Lee, Walker FFA; Jonathan Peters, Covington FFA; Chance Salter, Converse FFA; Hannah Lee Vincent, Sam Houston FFA

KENTUCKY: Dalton J. Armitage,

Bath County FFA; James Atherton, Apollo FFA; Kelsey Atherton, Apollo FFA; Jessica Bailey, Taylor County FFA; John Morgan Baird, McLean County FFA; Joshua Bennett, Bath County FFA; Kimberly Blevins, Montgomery County FFA; Shana D. Bradley, West Carter FFA; Jessica Britt, Barren County FFA; Caleb Lloyd Brown, Caldwell County FFA; Joseph Yates Bryant, Barren County FFA; Nathan Bullock, Rockcastle County FFA; Kari Buntin, Crittenden County FFA; Hanna Burgin, Nelson County FFA; Alysha Burnett, East Carter FFA; Diego Antonio Bustinza, Taylor County FFA; A. C. Collins, North Laurel FFA; Courtney Cook, Bourbon County FFA; Zachary Cotton, Spencer County FFA; Elizabeth Crotty, Pendleton County FFA; Katie Nicole Dalton, Russell County FFA; Chelsea R. Daugherty, Butler County FFA; Tyler Davis, Heath FFA; Logan William Delaney, Ryle High School FFA; Morgan Dillard, Hickman County FFA; Kali Marie Duncan, Franklin-Simpson FFA; Cameron Earlywine, Fleming County FFA; Joscelyn Elliott, Mercer County FFA; Robyn Estes, Logan County FFA; Emily Felty, East Carter FFA; Katie Fergerson, Taylor County FFA; Grant Flaugher, East Carter FFA; Shelby Floyd, LaRue County FFA; Jordan Foley, Bourbon County FFA; Brandon Gabbard, Warren Central FFA; Alexander A. Gibson, Pulaski County FFA; Breanne Skye Gibson, Mercer County FFA; Taylor Gilkey, Caldwell County FFA; Amanda Goggin, Boyle County FFA; Sierra Graybeal, Taylor County FFA; Warren Grimes, LaRue County FFA; Loren Clifford Gross, John Hardin FFA; Margaret Ashley Hall, Montgomery County FFA; Kevin Jay Hawk, Pulaski County FFA; Brandon Hawkins, Fleming County FFA; Ashley Suzanne Hettinger, Nelson County FFA; Jacob N. Hopkins, Logan County FFA; Justin


Buchanan, Norfolk FFA; Ethan John Paul Dangelo, Norfolk FFA; Ashley DeCosta, Bristol FFA; Mark Wade, Bristol FFA

MARYLAND: Austin James

Baginski, Winters Mill FFA; Cody D. Craumer, Manchester Valley FFA; Karen Frances Crum, Catoctin FFA; Michael Frantz, North Garrett FFA; Nicole Hood, Middletown FFA; Kelly Ann Kundratic, Harford Tech FFA;




Hopkins, Logan County FFA; Kyle T. Howard, McLean County FFA; Cody Howell, LaRue County FFA; Paul Evan Hughes, Heath FFA; Garret Igleheart, McLean County FFA; Shayna Jeffries, Henry County FFA; Alex Jewell, Hickman County FFA; Jessica Johnson, Boyle County FFA; Olivia Clare Jones, Marion County FFA; Tanner Latham, Fleming County FFA; Michael Lawless, LaRue County FFA; Zane Lewis, Mercer County FFA; Angela Diane Lyvers, Marion County FFA; Kendall Mallory, Scott County FFA; James D. Malone, Taylor County FFA; John Marshall, LaRue County FFA; Clay David McDowell, Scott County FFA; Chase McGlone, Boyd County FFA; Kristyna Noel McKinney, Rockcastle County FFA; Brandon Middleton, Bath County FFA; Jay Middleton, Ballard Memorial FFA; Kristin Miniard, Boyd County FFA; Brett Mitchell, Hickman County FFA; Carter Jakob Mobley, Scott County FFA; Megan Moore, Whitley County FFA; Mallory Morris, Christian County FFA; Kaylee Murphy, Owensboro Catholic FFA; Hillary Katelin Page, Reidland FFA; Justin Peeler, Heath FFA; Tracy Prater II, Fleming County FFA; Cody Lee Rakes, Marion County FFA; Alexander L. Richardson, Meade County FFA; Keith Richey, Logan County FFA; Adawnya Rodgers, West Carter FFA; Drew Rodgers, Lone Oak FFA; Shawn Royse, Fleming County FFA; Janet Nicole Seay, Christian County FFA; Beckham Sharpe, Boyle County FFA; Aaron Jacob Smith Watson, Bath County FFA; Shelby Sullivan, LaRue County FFA; Josh Thompson, Bourbon County FFA; Alexander Tingle, Jessamine County FFA; Tanner W. Utterback, Rowan County FFA; Tiffany Vanlandingham, Bath County FFA; Ariel Waldeck, Central Hardin FFA; Brian Welch, Daviess County FFA; Lee West, Apollo FFA; Maddie White, Union County FFA; Gary Willis, Madison Southern FFA; Kirstie Willis, Caldwell County FFA; Paige Wilson, Gallatin County FFA; Garth Wireman, Greenup County FFA; Megan Woodall, Butler County FFA; Rachel Woosley, Montgomery County FFA

KANSAS: Aaron Altvater,

Buhler FFA; Melissa Bekemeyer, Washington County FFA; Celsey Beneda, Republic County FFA; Cory D. Blaes, Cherryvale FFA; Shannon Nicole Blaes, Cherryvale FFA; Bradley Bohnenblust, Labette County FFA; Whitney Bohnenblust, Clay Center FFA; Colten Bryant, Buhler FFA; Emily Clark, Iola FFA; Kendal Clawson, Satanta FFA; Drew Dejmal, Republic County FFA; Chelsea Ebert, Rock Creek FFA; Bethany Ann Ericson, Uniontown FFA; Lauren Gassmann, Oakley FFA; Tanner Gatz, Newton FFA; Keith Joseph Geren, Labette County FFA; Reed


Gleason, Uniontown FFA; Chelsey Hachmeister, Russell FFA; Kelsey Hatesohl, Washington County FFA; Nick Herrmann, Holcomb FFA; Hilary Johnson, Washington County FFA; Justin L. King, Cherryvale FFA; Dalton Langford, Buhler FFA; Kurtis Larson, Valley Heights FFA; Nathan Laudan, Paola FFA; Kurt Lockwood, Caney Valley FFA; Megan Elizabeth Lofton, Southeast of Saline FFA; Jay Martin, Neodesha FFA; Garrett McKinney, Newton FFA; Anthony Meals, Clay Center FFA; Eric Noel, Prairie View FFA; Aaron O’Brien, Cherryvale FFA; William Jay Overmiller, Smith Center FFA; Lindsey Pease, Chetopa FFA; Erica Phillips, Newton FFA; Jordan Pieschl, Ell-Saline FFA; Kylie Puckett, Lawrence Free State FFA; Mary Frances Reilly, Cherryvale FFA; Tyler Robinson, Cherryvale FFA; Katherine A. Rush, Doniphan West FFA; Cameron Sale, Labette County FFA; Katie Schmidt, Newton FFA; Lacie Shoemaker, Republic County FFA; Josiah W. Smith, Lawrence Free State FFA; Kolton C. Smith, Holcomb FFA; Jarred Stindt, Republic County FFA; Justin Strickland, Labette County FFA; Joshua Aaron Tietjen, Republic County FFA; Katelyn Vincent, Uniontown FFA; Sara Vytlacil, Republic County FFA; Christy Wagner, Lawrence Free State FFA; Stuart V. Wakeman, Lawrence Free State FFA; Kailey E. Wendt, Lawrence Free State FFA; Ariel J. Whitely, Lawrence Free State FFA; Justin Carter Wilcox, Chaparral FFA; Alexis Wingerson, Smith Center FFA; Dylan Woodward, Republic County FFA; Cody Alan Zenger, Republic County FFA

IOWA: David Anderegg, Tri-Star

FFA; Kiley Baerg, Oelwein FFA; Brittany Barker, St. Ansgar FFA; Garrett Barker, St. Ansgar FFA; Lauren Barker, Monticello FFA; Aaron Timothy Baughman, Denison FFA; Molly Blakley, Fairfield FFA; Rhett Boles, Lamoni FFA; Lance Bormann, Northeast Goose Lake FFA; Randi Browne, Osceola Big Chief FFA; Alisha Renae Brummer, Southeast Warren FFA; Bradley Scott Byers, Southeast Warren FFA; Chris Christensen, Central Trail FFA; Kara Kay Christensen, Earlham FFA; Trisha Ann Collins, Pleasantville FFA; Donnie Conway, Albia FFA; Katelyn E. De Haan, Pella FFA; Johnna Decker, Cascade FFA; Sarah Doese, Wapsie Valley FFA; Bryce Dooley, Rockwell City-Lytton FFA; Taylor May Dorsey, CAM FFA; Lindsey Downing, Panorama FFA; Jennifer Dudak, West Delaware FFA; Andrew Kenneth Edson, NashuaPlainfield FFA; Sean Reid Erickson, Carroll Area FFA; Janelle Erwin, Washington FFA; Steve Eskildsen, Northeast FFA; Dillon C. Flynn, Mid-Prairie FFA; Danielle Fulsaas, Decorah FFA; Taylor Gonder, Southeast Polk FFA; Brad Gravel, Cascade FFA; Nicholas Grunklee,

INDIANA: Cassandra Allen,

Gladbrook-Reinbeck FFA; Cameron F. Hall, New Hampton FFA; Jesse Haselhuhn, Humboldt FFA; Marshall Hay, Lynnville-Sully FFA; Ryan Heilig, Calamus-Wheatland FFA; Jamie Helmrichs, West Delaware FFA; Clayton Edward Hester, North Mahaska FFA; Grant Hibbing, South O’Brien FFA; Alan Horesowsky, MidPrairie FFA; Sarah Imoehl, Valley of Elgin FFA; Jared C. Joerger, Wapsie Valley FFA; Christopher Johnson, Preston/East Central FFA; Travis Kelly, Oelwein FFA; Micah Klahn, Calamus-Wheatland FFA; Nick Kleese, Washington FFA; Alecia Knapp, Waverly-Shell Rock FFA; Stephanie Koch, North Fayette FFA; Derek Koebrick, Charles City FFA; Randi Koehler, Rockford FFA; Brian Taylor Kruse, Calamus-Wheatland FFA |; Austin Lane, Preston/East Central FFA; Austin Langreck, North Fayette FFA; Feron Leonard, Lamoni FFA; Easten James Lovelace, DeWitt Central FFA; Allison Marvin, Preston/East Central FFA; Nicole L. Massman, North Fayette FFA; Nicholas McClimon, DeWitt Central FFA; Megan Meissen, New Hampton FFA; Rob A. Mensing, Nodaway Valley FFA; Brandon Messer, North Scott FFA; Karsten Meyer, Wapsie Valley FFA; Becca Miller, West Delaware FFA; Shannon Mitchell, Pella FFA; Anna Moenk, Anamosa FFA; Janae Mogler, West Lyon FFA; Kirk Moser, EdgewoodColesburg FFA; Brandi A. Murley, South Central Calhoun FFA; Lisa Nelson, Lake Mills FFA; Jacob Nunnikhoven, Oskaloosa FFA; Mariah Pasturczak, Williamsburg FFA; Caitlin Paulsen, CAM FFA; Alec Paup, Creston FFA; Brittany Lynn Pfister, Sumner Fredericksburg FFA; Joshua H. Pierce, Monticello FFA; Elizabeth Pleggenkuhle, North Fayette FFA; TyLea Redman, Central Trail FFA; Megan Redmond, Cascade FFA; Lauren M. Riensche, Jesup FFA; Elise Ronnebaum, Edgewood-Colesburg FFA; Drake Robert Schafer, Mount Ayr FFA; Christopher Schmitt, Wapsie Valley FFA; Lucas Schmitt, North Fayette FFA; Jason Schuster, Maquoketa FFA; Travis Shelman, Washington FFA; Caleb Keith Smith, NashuaPlainfield FFA; Matthew Taylor Sobotka, Mount Ayr FFA; Haley Stalcup, Creston FFA; Erin Steele, CAM FFA; Lindsey Tauke, West Delaware FFA; Preston B. Taylor, Anamosa FFA; Tyler J. Thoms, North Fayette FFA; Nicole Trenkamp, Preston/East Central FFA; Molly Troyer, Oelwein FFA; Jessica Vande Vorde, Oelwein FFA; Joel Joseph Vittetoe, Washington FFA; Jordan Vittetoe, Washington FFA; Kyle J. Walvatne, North Fayette FFA; Lauren Weirup, DeWitt Central FFA; Ethan James Wessling, CAM FFA; Kenny Williams, Albia FFA; Seth L. Wilson, Guthrie Center Tiger FFA; Tiffany Lynn Wimer, Mount Ayr FFA; Eric Wuebker, Rockwell City Lytton FFA; Ashley Zech, Oelwein FFA


West Noble FFA; Jenny Alter, TriCounty FFA; Haley Anderson, TriCounty FFA; Elise Armand, South Decatur FFA; Matthew Armbruster, Southmont FFA; Austin Bechtold, Manchester FFA; Jourdan Levi Bender, North Posey FFA; Brandan W. Bergdall, Bellmont FFA; David F. Berning, Heritage FFA; Allison Bever, Rossville FFA; Caleb Blaase, Hagerstown FFA; Kelly Blackburn, Prairie Heights FFA; Jessica Boyd, Jennings County FFA; Aaron Broering, Jay County FFA; Andrea Nicole Brogan, Switzerland County FFA; Nathan Buckmaster, Rossville FFA; Matt Busald, Rushville FFA; Jaclyn Bush, Clinton Prairie FFA; Danielle Chenoweth, Jay County FFA; Deidre Chenoweth, Jay County FFA; Kyle Christiansen, Delphi FFA; Isaac Collins, Jay County FFA; Dani Combs, Rossville FFA; Casie Cameron Conley, Knightstown FFA; Shelby Lee Cook, North Montgomery FFA; Sarah K. Correll, North Miami FFA; Mary Louise Crail, Rossville FFA; Brenda Crosby, Southwestern FFA; Corbin Danner, West Noble FFA; Morgan Dawson, Scottsburg FFA; Sarah Dobson, Tri-County FFA; Andrea Doll, Batesville FFA; James Christopher Driscoll, Brownstown Central FFA; Tera Fair, Greenfield Central FFA; Shelby Ferling, North Montgomery FFA; Nick Fleenor, Orleans FFA; Elizabeth Fleming, Churubusco FFA; Chelsea Fox, Rochester FFA; Julie Furnish, Switzerland County FFA; Keaton Garrison, Delphi FFA; Jody Garst, Western Boone FFA; Amanda Gee, Jennings County FFA; Brittany Geiger, Churubusco FFA; Paul Gentry, Whiteland FFA; Dylan Gochenour, Rossville FFA; Hannah Goeb, Whiteland FFA; Clayton Goodnight, Clinton Prairie FFA; Joshua Griffin, Monroe Central FFA; Michael Hammer, Tri-County FFA; Lacey Hankins, North Montgomery FFA; Gianna Hartman, Warsaw FFA; Jacob Heitkamp, Jay County FFA; Andrew L. Helming, Forest Park FFA; Alex Robert Helms, South Decatur FFA; Ashley Renee Hill, Liberty FFA; Laura Michelle Hoeing, Rushville FFA; Devon Hudson, South Decatur FFA; Alex Jackson, Clinton Prairie FFA; Fallon Jackson, Danville FFA; Gerald Tyler Jahnigen, South Ripley FFA; Lauren Jernas, Oregon-Davis FFA; Trent Johannigman, South Decatur FFA; Erin Klaus, Tri-County FFA; Matt Kurtz, Woodlan FFA; Breanna Lawyer, Eastern Hancock FFA; Clayton Lear, Tri-County FFA; Andrew Lewis, Hagerstown FFA; Katie Link, Jay County FFA; Hilary Lodge, Hagerstown FFA; Cody F. Long, South Putnam FFA; Jacob Mattox, South Decatur FFA; Cody L. Meeks, Manchester FFA; Jessica J. Menchhofer, South Ripley FFA; Paul R. Mesing, Bellmont FFA; Timothy Nelson, Bremen FFA; Ross Newton, Hoosier Hills FFA; Jacob A. Oakes, Hagerstown FFA; Travis



Olinske, Carroll @ Ft. Wayne FFA; Tyler Olinske, Carroll @ Ft. Wayne FFA; Janna Oxford, Cloverdale FFA; Kyle Padgett, Clinton Prairie FFA; Katelynn Penny, Plymouth FFA; Gayle Peters, Whitko FFA; Katie Pitts, Corydon Central FFA; Bethany Popp, West Washington FFA; Wesley Price, Jay County FFA; Logan Rinehold, DeKalb FFA; Jason Ringer, Bremen FFA; Rachel L. Schmitt, Tipton FFA; Curtis Schwering, Rushville FFA; Stephanie Schwieterman, Jay County FFA; Carl W. Seib, North Posey FFA; Cody Shannon, Jay County FFA; Amara Sheldon, TriCounty FFA; Stephanie Sherman, Perry Central FFA; Amber Shipe, DeKalb FFA; Maggie Shoue, John Glenn FFA; Jarvis Simmons, Carroll @ Flora FFA; Zach Skiles, Rossville FFA; Dawn Sloan, Rossville FFA; Stephanie Smith, Rossville FFA; Karrisa Sparks, North Daviess FFA; Kassandra Sprinkle, Lewis Cass FFA; Josh Surface, Rossville FFA; Megan Taylor, Jay County FFA; Susanna Taylor, Carroll @ Flora FFA; Jessica Tobar, Lewis Cass FFA; Ashley Nicole Vestal, South Ripley FFA; Eric Wagner, Rushville FFA; Scott Wakeman, East Noble FFA; Kayleigh Warner, DeKalb Central FFA; Sarah Welp, Forest Park FFA; Naysa Westphal, Tri-County FFA; Hannah Yermasek, West Noble FFA; Nicholas Zink, Delphi FFA; Alexis Zobel, Southwestern FFA

ILLINOIS: Jared Allen, Mendota

FFA; Eric Barry, Liberty FFA; Kirsten Blackford, Paxton-BuckleyLoda FFA; Jessica Michelle Both, Seneca FFA; Dustin E. Brinkman, Valmeyer FFA; Stanley Bruegger, Pearl City FFA; Bronwyn Burgweger, Hiawatha FFA; Ashton Nichole Burroughs, Salem FFA; Brian Buss, Southeastern FFA; Matthew Dale Byars, Cisne FFA; Clayton N. Carley, Cissna Park FFA; Kathreen Cayo, Mulberry Grove FFA; Elizabeth Collins, Minooka FFA; Grant Dempsey, Unity-Mendon FFA; Jacob E. Dickey, Gibson City-Melvin-Sibley FFA; Thomas Downey, Midland FFA; Kevin Eastman, Farmington FFA; Sabine Eighner, Cissna Park FFA; Valerie Erickson, ROWVA FFA; Jordan Flewellyn, Indian Creek FFA; Kathy Fornero, Pontiac FFA; Lucas Frye, Illini Central FFA; Kimberlee L. Gerardy, Stillman Valley FFA; Andrew Gerecke, Liberty FFA; Victoria Goad, Harvard FFA; Taylor C. Greenstreet, MonmouthRoseville FFA; Christina C. M. Greer,


American FFA Degree recipients continued Pinckneyville FFA; Jonathan Griffel, Gillespie FFA; Jenna Halverson, Hinckley-Big Rock FFA; Clint Hayes, Fairfield FFA; Allison M. Heinz, Unity FFA; Jessica Horton, Illini West FFA; Wesley Jackson, Central A & M FFA; Patricia Justison, Hillsboro FFA; Britton Kaiser, Mendota FFA; Cheyenne Kargol, Midland FFA; Jessica Keys, Rochelle FFA; Hayden Kuhn, Genoa-Kingston FFA; Michael Lake, Carrollton FFA; Dyllan Long, Bluffs FFA; Aaron Jacob Maloy, Cisne FFA; Scott Mann, Central (Burlington) FFA; Felicia R. Marlowe, Mt. Vernon FFA; Amelia Martens, Orion FFA; Garrett Mattox, Vienna FFA; Steven Maul, Cissna Park FFA; Branden McCallum, Nokomis FFA; Jacob Vance Meisner, Southwestern FFA; Kirby Mixer, Triopia FFA; Sarah Moore, Southwestern FFA; Ryan Motley, Western FFA; Zak Mueller, Bluffs FFA; Alex Musial, Nashville FFA; John W. Nevill, Maroa-Forsyth FFA; Anna Ohlwine, Polo FFA; Alan Pease, Hinckley-Big Rock FFA; Jacob Perino, Bureau Valley FFA; Brandon Peters, Watseka FFA; Haley Pfaffe, A-C Central FFA; Laci Porter, VIT FFA; Darren Riskedal, Somonauk-Leland-Sandwich FFA; Nathan Rogers, Somonauk-LelandSandwich FFA; Derek Russell, Jerseyville FFA; Jacob Sappington, Cumberland FFA; Seely Sayre, Triopia FFA; Douglas Robert Schilling, Valmeyer FFA; Kyle Six, Bluffs FFA; Brandon Allan Smith, A-C Central FFA; Teagan Smith, A-C Central FFA; Evan Steinacher, Carrollton FFA; Meghan Stoll, Mt. Pulaski FFA; Elizabeth Suhrbier, Central A & M FFA; Mark Sullivan, Rushville-Industry FFA; Trenton Taber, Geneseo FFA; Jim Tobin, Blue Ridge FFA; Lucas Tucker, Carrollton FFA; Kaity Vancil, Bushnell-Prairie City FFA; Courtney Nicole Wildman, Cerro Gordo FFA; Randi Wilken, Oregon FFA; Jarred Van Winans, Taylorville FFA; Megan Imogene Wolfe, Oregon FFA; Kyle Wright, Georgetown-Ridge Farm FFA Cody Zeeck, Havana FFA;

IDAHO: Trevor James Anderson,

Payette FFA; Michelle Larissa Ball, Kuna FFA; Devin Barker, New Plymouth FFA; Alex Bennett, New Plymouth FFA; Steven Blanscet, Parma FFA; Tallen Boyer, Malad FFA; Levi Brackett, Filer FFA; Samantha Breeding, Kimberly FFA; Dakota Brown, Kimberly FFA; Amanda Jean Chaney, Parma FFA; Nicole Covington, New Plymouth FFA; Kelsey Jean Cruickshank, Payette FFA; Erin Curry, Meridian FFA; Luke Dickerson, Weiser FFA; Preston Fischer, New Plymouth FFA; Austin J. Garner, Minico FFA; Philip Hansen, Marsh Valley FFA; Kathryn Hartman, Parma FFA; Timothy Wildcat Haskett, American Falls FFA; Lily Holmes, Council FFA; Riley Jones, Weiser FFA; Shane Kerner, Weiser FFA; Zoie Jeane Laggis, American Falls

FFA; Jacob Lake, Burley FFA; Patxi Larrocea-Phillips, Meridian FFA; Jessica Laumb, Burley FFA; Morgan L. Locke, Wendell FFA; Dillon Lockwood, Meridian FFA; Haylee Palmer, Nampa FFA; Austin Charles Petterborg, Preston FFA; Anna Pratt, Blackfoot FFA; Elise Ramsey, New Plymouth FFA; Nathan B. Rindlisbaker, Preston FFA; Megan Rodrigues, Wendell FFA; Raymond Rodriquez Jr., Minico FFA; Kaycee May Royer, Cambridge FFA; Susan Schram, Meridian FFA; Derek Schwabedissen, Kimberly FFA; Logan Searle, Burley FFA; Nathan Searle, Burley FFA; Marrisa Lynn Siemon, American Falls FFA; LynDee Simons, North Gem FFA; The Late Benson Sternberg, New Plymouth FFA; Coy Tolle, Burley FFA; Aubrey Wright, Fruitland FFA;

Slay, Elbert County FFA; Garrett South, Franklin County FFA; Kaylyn Stout, Lowndes County FFA; Seth Stowers, Dawson County FFA; Katy Summers, Tift County FFA; Jessie Kristin Sumner, Berrien County FFA; William Zachery Taylor, Madison County FFA; Joey Temperly, Berrien County FFA; Chasity Tompkins, Loganville FFA; Courtney Renee Wall, West Laurens FFA; Caleb Lee Walston, Mary Persons FFA; Bradley Robert Weaver, Dawson County FFA; Brandon Wiley, Screven County FFA; Branden Williams, Montgomery County FFA; Christopher Robert Williams, Appling County FFA; Kourtni Williams, Berrien County FFA; Weslie Nicole Williford, Perry FFA; Windy Elizabeth Williford, Perry FFA; Thomas Wilson, Jefferson City FFA

GEORGIA: Eric Allen, Franklin

FLORIDA: Michael Brandon

County FFA; Tyler Allen, Franklin County FFA; Benjamin Paul Amerson, Hephzibah FFA; Brandon Arnold, Jefferson City FFA; Kadum Aselton, Etowah FFA; Marshall Raymond “Ben”, Bennett, Lowndes County FFA; Brandi Marché Bishop, Pike County FFA; Kathy Brunner, Jeff Davis FFA; Bert Carithers, East Jackson FFA; Michael Carroll, Colquitt County FFA; Jesse David Chitwood, Madison County FFA; Jackson Cale Cloud, Seminole County FFA; Ashley Brooke Cochran, Northwest Whitfield FFA; Justin Cochran, Franklin County FFA; Jared Corbett, Echols County FFA; Kari Crandall, Putnam County FFA; Josh Daniel, Oconee County FFA; Jamie Davis, Jeff Davis FFA; Tyler Dungan, Mary Persons FFA; Ronald Few, Alcovy FFA; Jessica Nicole Fife, Jackson County FFA; Katie Garrett, North Oconee FFA; Cody L. Gibbs, Perry FFA; Casey Elaine Graham, Jefferson City FFA; John Willis Hanna, Seminole County FFA; Gunnar Austin Hartley, Elbert County FFA; Beth Hickey, Stephens County FFA; Eric Shane Hickox, Ware County FFA; Kendal Jeannette Hickox, Ware County FFA; Kenneth Houseal, Dawson County FFA; Joshua Paul James, Elbert County FFA; Rachel Johnson, Mary Persons FFA; Trevor Jones, East Jackson FFA; Eli Kesting, Dawson County FFA; Michelle Helen Orene Kinsey, LaFayette FFA; Amanda Miller, Jeff Davis FFA; Jennifer Ann Mitcham, Rabun County FFA; Jason Neal, Franklin County FFA; Ben Pope, Irwin County FFA; Brandon Porter, Franklin County FFA; James Porter, Echols County FFA; Nick Reynolds, Dawson County FFA; Dustin Rhoden, Brantley County FFA; Brianna Roberts, Madison County FFA; Patrick Timothy Savelle, Oconee County FFA; Taylor Schieszer, East Jackson FFA; Becky Leigh Shirley, East Jackson FFA; Daniel Sills, White County FFA; Kendall Singleton, Upson-Lee FFA; Caleb Benjamin


Adams, Braden River FFA; Ashton Baggett, Altha FFA; Kelby R. Barber, Bronson Sr. FFA; Leigh Ann Barthle, Haines City Sr. FFA; Jessica Leanne Bennington, Armwood FFA; Alexis Booher, Haines City Sr. FFA; Charlie Brown Jr., Avon Park Sr. FFA; Micah Byars, Northview FFA; Brittany Coleman, Durant Sr. FFA; Phillip Everett Daniels, Malone FFA; Kaitlyn Ann Donaghy, Middleburg FFA; Cody Gilbert Ferguson, Malone FFA; Drake Emerson Futch, Plant City Sr. FFA; Clifton J. Garcia, Bartow Sr. FFA; Kaitlyn Gill, Durant Sr. FFA; Christina Renae Grimmer, Plant City Sr. FFA; Robert Derek Hall, South Sumter FFA; Brett Hamilton, Bartow Sr. FFA; Heidi Elaine Harris, Hamilton FFA; John Harris, Kathleen FFA; Trevor Harrison, Branford FFA; Carlee Hill, Sebring Senior FFA; Timothy Hoppe, Tenoroc FFA; Daniel Wayne Jackson, Malone FFA; Amy Renae Klass, Kathleen FFA; Matthew Ryan Langford, Trenton Senior FFA; Nathaniel Lawson, Kathleen FFA; John Modrow Jr., Riverview FFA; Julia Maegan Morgan, Pine Ridge FFA; Shelby Lynn Oesterreicher, Bartow Sr. FFA; Joshua H. Olinger, Tenoroc FFA; Jason Pemberton, Tenoroc FFA; Seth Poppell, Durant Sr. FFA; Lauren Ray, South Sumter FFA; Ryan D. Ritchey, Tenoroc FFA; Michael Brandon Ross, Armwood FFA; Clay Daniel Sapp, Madison County FFA; James Sharpe, Okeechobee Brahman FFA; Shelby Shumaker, Deltona Sr. FFA; Karis Smith, Blountstown FFA; Stephanie Solari, Northview FFA; Anthony Ryan Tillet, Palmetto FFA; Austin Trinder, South Lake Senior FFA; Allison Vidak, Northview FFA; Raymond Ward II, Kathleen FFA; Brandon Watford, Malone FFA; Haley Elizabeth Webb, Charlotte Sr. FFA; Lauren Welborn, Sebring Senior FFA; Wesley Williams, Keystone Heights FFA

DELAWARE: Justin Boyce,

Woodbridge FFA; Amber N. Bullock,



Lake Forest FFA; Zachary Jones, Woodbridge FFA; Rebecca L.W. Sheahan, Caesar Rodney FFA; Benjamin B. Somers, Middletown FFA

CONNECTICUT: Chelsea Anderson, Housatonic Valley FFA; Eva Banlaki, Suffield Regional FFA; Stephen Timothy Bascom, Suffield Regional FFA; Rene Boardman, Housatonic Valley FFA; Chantelle Lalumiere, Killingly FFA; Kristie Laverdiere, Suffield Regional FFA; Aleixander Matheuw Puerta, Suffield Regional FFA; Max Wolf, Lebanon Regional FFA COLORADO: Cole Altergott,

Greeley West FFA; Jessica August, Brush FFA; Marissa Bartmann, Windsor FFA; Christian Bell, Greeley West FFA; Kelli Blough, Caliche FFA; Lacie Bone, Lone Star FFA; Chantel Brunelli, Hoehne FFA; Lyndee Charles, Flagler FFA; Shelby Lynn Cochran, Windsor FFA; Dusty Corliss, Stratton FFA; Joel Currier, Plateau Valley FFA; Dalton Daves, Cortez FFA; Weston Dedrickson, Caliche FFA; Tyler Dutton, Hotchkiss FFA; Phillip Foy, Otis FFA; Hannah Gates, Liberty FFA; Jace Harris, Lone Star FFA; Dakota Hayes, Fruita FFA; Keith Hontz, Greeley West FFA; Brittaney Hudson, Bennett FFA; Jeffrey Huss, Caliche FFA; Aimee Kanode, Haxtun FFA; Chance Kanode, Highland FFA; Bo Karney, McClave FFA; Jami Michelle Lane, Eads FFA; David D. Leitz, Windsor FFA; Faith M. Leugers, Soroco FFA; Kurt Lieberknecht, Fowler FFA; Holly Lynch, Rifle FFA; Coy Mahanay, Lamar FFA; Dorothy Jay McClung, Platte Valley FFA; Jakib McConkey, Platte Valley FFA; Megan McKee, Fruita FFA; Nate Meyette, Platte Valley FFA; Kendra Naibauer, Platte Valley FFA; Reba Nielsen, Greeley West FFA; John Rhett Proctor, Rocky Ford FFA; Emily Rudder, Limon FFA; Jordan Sharpe, Springfield FFA; Jeffrey Siegfried, Holly FFA; Janna Smith, Haxtun FFA; Mitchell J. Stahley, Platte Valley FFA; Kathleen Stewart, Eaton FFA; Remington Stocking, Lamar FFA; Jayce Tappy, Merino FFA; Colton Thompson, GenoaHugo FFA; Kimberlee Walter, Hoehne FFA; Alex Weber, Greeley West FFA; Shelbie Weeder, Holly FFA; Amy May West, Custer County FFA; Katelynn Wilson, Cortez FFA; Parker Wurst, Lamar FFA

CALIFORNIA: Lysette Abarca,

Morgan Hill FFA; Jared Abatti, Nipomo FFA; Justin Abatti, Nipomo FFA; Vanessa Alexandre, Crescent City-Del Norte FFA, Alondra Alvarado, Chico FFA; Julia Alvarez, Reedley FFA; Mason Alves, Laton FFA; Britnee Andrzejewski, Riverside-Norte Vista FFA; Jordan Patrick Avila, Hanford FFA; Justin Ayerza, Tranquillity FFA; Alise Azevedo, Galt FFA; Cherise


Antoinette Azevedo, Central ValleyCeres FFA; Pablo Baca, Monache FFA; Janelle Bettencourt Bagley, Exeter FFA; Garrett Ballo, Templeton FFA; Anthony Barbeiro, Hanford FFA; Rayna Barden, Sutter FFA; Sylvia Bauer, Elk Grove FFA; Krista Baumann, Modesto-Enochs FFA; Zack Beck, Hanford FFA; Jennifer Bettencourt, Tulare FFA; Brandi Bevis, Sutter FFA; Nick Bianchi, Escalon FFA; Hadley Bickford, St. Helena FFA; Zachary Bognuda, Nipomo FFA; Dylan Borba, Tulare FFA; Matthew Borges, Madera FFA; Marcella Boyd, Monache FFA; Bryn Boyett, Corcoran FFA; Victor Bravo, Lemoore FFA; William Brewster, Hanford FFA; Jiggs Briggs, Littlerock FFA; Gunter Brisi, Escalon FFA; Corey Bruecker, Chowchilla FFA; Leslie Buckingham, San Luis Obispo FFA; Taylor Burback, Morgan Hill - Sobrato FFA; Tessa Butterfield, Nevada Union FFA; Selena Callahan, Altaville-Bret Harte FFA; Jake Carlson, Elk Grove FFA; Joseph Cassibba, Morgan Hill Sobrato FFA; Rachel Castanon, Las Plumas FFA; Sonya Ceja, Las Plumas FFA; Kemberly Abigail Celaya, Firebaugh FFA; Alfredo Cervantes, Lompoc FFA; Catherine Chase, Mariposa FFA; Jessica Coelho, Lemoore FFA; Bailey Cole, Dos Palos FFA; Jason Joseph Colombini, Linden FFA; Stephanie Conroy, Lompoc FFA; Brandon Cribbs, Corcoran FFA; Amanda Crusos, Lodi FFA; Marisela Cuevas, King City FFA; Madison Currie, Dixon FFA; Amber Tyler Danel, Turlock-Pitman FFA; Tim Davis, Woodlake FFA; Kenneth Matthew Dawes, Corcoran FFA; Jose Daniel DeLaCruz, Lemoore FFA; Peter Delle, Las Plumas FFA; Stefani Dias, Atwater FFA; Antonio Diaz, Chowchilla FFA; Rosa Deysi Diaz, Santa Maria FFA; Robert Dick, Littlerock FFA; Jacob Dorr, Healdsburg FFA; James Downing, Lompoc FFA; Nikki Dronek, Morgan Hill FFA; Geostan Duffin, Strathmore FFA; Maddison Easley, Nevada Union FFA; Trenten Easley, Sutter FFA; Nicole Danielle Ellis, Fowler FFA; Mitch Charles Errotabere, Riverdale FFA; Alex Escalera, Laton FFA; Kelsey Rae Escobar, Hanford FFA; Anne Etchebehere, Lemoore FFA; Victor Evans, Fresno Washington FFA; Tyler Fallert, Monache FFA; Anna Farnsworth, Le Grand FFA; Taylor Faust, Chowchilla FFA; Preston Fernandes, Tulare FFA; Michael Richard Fields, Ripon FFA; Samantha Fisher, Nevada Union FFA; Brent Flaherty, Corcoran FFA; Shannon Fontes, San Luis Obispo FFA; Ernest Ford, Santa Maria FFA; Patrick Foster, MaderaLiberty FFA; Donald Frey, Dos Palos FFA; Brittney Fund, Clovis FFA; Drake Fusaro, Colusa FFA; Catrina Gaither, Chowchilla FFA; Emily Gallagher, Petaluma FFA; Brandon Garcia, Corcoran FFA; Justin Garcia, Lakeside-El Capitan FFA; Terra Jo Gibson, Anderson FFA;

Elizabeth Gingles, Hanford FFA; Emily Goldman, Yosemite FFA; Alejandro Gonzalez, Santa Maria FFA; Lauren Grant, King City FFA; Lexie Greenbank, Tulelake FFA; Jeffery Hachman, Escalon FFA; Sarah Haller, Morgan Hill - Sobrato FFA; Alexandra Hansen, St. Helena FFA; Tom Hardesty, Elk Grove FFA; Johnny Harris, Hanford FFA; Dustin Haskins, Tulelake FFA; Dustin Hearne, King City FFA; Jacob Hearne, King City FFA; Charmayne Hefley, Sierra FFA; Kristina Heflin, Sutter FFA; Nicole Hefner, Porterville FFA; Raeann Heiner, Templeton FFA; Laura Hernandez, King City FFA; Jacqueline Higa, Nipomo FFA; Brittany Hitchcock, Chowchilla FFA; Courtney Hitchcock, Chowchilla FFA; Emily Hobson, Santa Paula FFA; Chelsea Hoff, St. Helena FFA; Marshall Hoffman, Hollister-San Benito Jt. FFA; Stefani Ann Hofman, Ripon FFA; Kaley Mae Hook, Templeton FFA; Emily Hoover, Chino FFA; Brittney Hopper, Waterford FFA; Chris Hudson, Hemet FFA; Yesenia Huerta, Lodi FFA; Christian Allen Hunt, Elk Grove FFA; Garrett Hurst, Lakeside-El Capitan FFA; Preston Hutchinson, Brawley FFA; Leah Iliff, Nipomo FFA; Delanie Ipsen, Riverdale FFA; Jordan Isaacs, Elsie Allen FFA; David Alvarez Jaime, Winterhaven-San Pasqual Valley FFA; Meyer Jay, Mariposa FFA; Juan Jimenez, Fresno - Washington FFA; Sarah Johnson, Kelseyville FFA; Nick Kennedy, Templeton FFA; Kelsey King, Tulelake FFA; Jeffrey Klein, Santa Maria FFA; Joshua Klockmann, Brawley FFA; Chelsea Christine Kole, Thomas Downey FFA; Mckayla Kole, Thomas Downey FFA; Casey Konnoff, Santa Rosa FFA; Clayton Kruse, AltavilleBret Harte FFA; Catherine E. Kunde, Forestville FFA; Shayna Lane, Reedley FFA; Aaron Largen, Fillmore FFA; Nicholas Andrew Larmon, Lemoore FFA; Thomas Larson, Lemoore FFA; Makenna Lasiter, Chowchilla FFA; Daulton Lawrence, Hanford FFA; Mycaela Leoni, Hanford FFA; Cassie Lewis, Kingsburg FFA; Kenna Lewis, San Luis Obispo FFA; Mason Daniel Lewis, Hanford FFA; Jayme Llamas, Santa Maria FFA; Samantha Longoria, Porterville FFA; Gregorio Lopez, Riverdale FFA; Desteni Lord, Anderson FFA; Kayleigh Luis, Ripon FFA; Matthew Leal Machado, Hanford FFA; Monica Machado, Pine Valley-Mountain Empire FFA; Marilyn Macy, Tulelake FFA; Corinne Madison, Galt FFA; Francisco Manriquez, Wasco FFA; Jonathan Gage Marchini, Bakersfield Highland FFA; Alba Marquez, Firebaugh FFA; Miguel Martin Jr., Wasco FFA; Rebekah K. Martinez, Exeter FFA; Noelle Mattos, Hanford FFA; Shelby McClelland, Nevada Union FFA; John H. McClure, Madera FFA; Madalyn McCracken, Kingsburg FFA; Joshua McIntyre, Chowchilla FFA; Tori Means, Dixon


FFA; Diane Catherine Meyer, St. Helena FFA; Shelby Meyer, Lakeside-El Capitan FFA; Carly Miller, Santa Rosa FFA; Dillon Miller, Hanford FFA; Melissa Miller, Shandon FFA; Kendra Monteiro, Riverdale FFA; Megen Morales, Atwater Buhach Colony FFA; Kristen Moran, Hanford FFA; Amanda Moretti, Tomales FFA; Andrew John Moulyn III, Ripon FFA; Joshua Muscat, Mission Viejo FFA; Myles Myers, Hanford FFA; Travis R. Myers, Hanford FFA; Carl Nelson, Hanford FFA; Robert Nez Jr., Delano FFA; Stefi Niesen, Lompoc FFA; Tyler Niesen, Sutter FFA; David E. Nino, Madera FFA; Neil Norman, Ripon FFA; Briannie Nunes, Gustine FFA; Caitlin Eileen O’Connell, Turlock-Pitman FFA; Sutton Oliveira, Hanford FFA; Kirianne Olsen, Elk Grove FFA; Rebecca Orozco, St. Helena FFA; Kurt Parsons, Porterville FFA; Andrew Perdue, Nevada Union FFA; Mason Pereira, Hanford FFA; Adam Perez, Greenfield FFA; Ernie Perez, Kingsburg FFA; Jose Perez, Lemoore FFA; Ilana Pickard, Salinas FFA; Taylor Pires, Los Banos FFA; Laura Plass, Tulelake FFA; Juan M. Ramirez, Laton FFA; Ricardo Rascon-Garcia, Tulelake FFA; Garrett Rasmussen, Dixon FFA; Sydney Taylor Reese, East Nicolaus FFA; Rosario Reyes, Santa Maria FFA; Adrian Ribeiro, Lemoore FFA; Jenna M. Richmond, Laton FFA; Megan Righi, Mission Viejo FFA; Corrine Roberts, Ripon FFA; Ramiro Robles, Greenfield FFA; Brandan Rogers, Lakeside-El Capitan FFA; Joshua Rogers, Las Plumas FFA; Westin Andrew Rollin, Riverdale FFA; Breanna Roque, Altaville-Bret Harte FFA; Grant Rose, Atwater FFA; Katie Rottenberg, Mission Viejo FFA; Christopher Keith Roush, Riverdale FFA; Michelle Rupert, Tulelake FFA; Christine Russell, Fallbrook FFA; Paige Russell, Yosemite FFA; Trevor Sa, Selma FFA; Kelcey Saldivar, St. Helena FFA; Nathan Santos, Morro Bay FFA; Nikki Schiber, Atwater FFA; Alex Schimke, Nevada Union FFA; Jacob Schott, Lemoore FFA; Alisha Seabert, Riverside-Norte Vista FFA; Kristen Segale, Altaville-Bret Harte FFA; Brooke Seibert, Poway FFA; Justin Semas, Hanford FFA; Rebecka Oliveira Serpa, Chowchilla FFA; Juan Carlos Serrato, King City FFA; Jordana Shandor, MaderaLiberty FFA; Jake Shannon, Porterville FFA; Samatha Shattuck, Jackson-Argonaut FFA; Thomas Jared Shelley, Riverdale FFA; Thalia Sillivan, Tracy FFA; Mark Silva, Lemoore FFA; Crystal Silveira, Gustine FFA; Tanner Silveira, Lemoore FFA; Richard Simas, Lemoore FFA; Cody Skiles, Reedley FFA; Christina Speyerer, King City FFA; Mary Steves, Escalon FFA; Megan Stone, Kingsburg FFA; Shannon Rose Sumpter, Madera FFA; Ryan Swearingen, Riverdale FFA; Darin Syra, Corcoran FFA;



Melani Rose Teixeira, Nipomo FFA; Elizabeth Tepper, Santa Rosa FFA; Scott Thornton, Madera FFA; Jacob Tidwell, Salinas FFA; Alexis Marie Valazquez, Greenfield FFA; Isaac Valencia, Galt FFA; Megan Vanoli, Salinas FFA; Raquel N. Varela, Fallbrook FFA; Jacob Vazquez, Cottonwood-West Valley FFA; Derek Veenstra, Escalon FFA; Ivan Villanueva, Tulelake FFA; Donald Voltz Jr., Riverside-Norte Vista FFA; Nicole Watson, Reedley FFA; Carolann Werner, Nipomo FFA; Alesha Marie Williams, Foothill-Palo Cedro FFA; Jennifer Woods, Kingsburg FFA; Justine Woods, Kingsburg FFA; Riley Wright, Fillmore FFA; Ashley Wybenga, Hemet FFA; Alyssa Wygal, Salinas FFA; Kimura Yamamoto, Santa Paula FFA; Javier Zamora, Sacramento Florin FFA; Shelby Elizabeth Zumwalt, St. Helena FFA

ARKANSAS: Elysia Bushey,

Mountain Home FFA; John Coffey, Prairie Grove FFA; Amanda Cox, Lincoln FFA; Travis Greenwald, Mountain Home FFA; Emily Hawkins, Star City FFA; Heather Marie Leding, Springdale HarBer FFA; Dakota Leming, Lincoln FFA; Jessica Love, St. Paul FFA; Allison Renee McVey, Morrilton FFA; Brittany Richert, Lincoln FFA; Renee Rood, Springdale Har-Ber FFA; Chris Sims, Lincoln FFA; Jaret Smith, Springdale Har-Ber FFA; Ryan Warren, Lamar FFA

ARIZONA: Nicholas More Bagnall,

Coolidge FFA; Will Carter, San Simon FFA; Laura R. Frear, Red Mountain FFA; Caleb Gillispie, Peoria FFA; Kaitlin Hill, , Buckeye FFA; Macy Holt, Buckeye FFA; Cheyanne Livingston, Gilbert FFA; Meghan Marcum, Mesquite FFA; Katrina Medved, Millennium FFA; Victoria Payne, Red Mountain FFA; Ross Rayner, Millennium FFA; Cheyenne Robinson, Mingus Union FFA; Hannah Ryan, Benson FFA; Kelly Seiberlich, Millennium FFA; Breanna Sullinger, Millennium FFA; Keili N. Summey, AAEC-PV FFA; Molly Van Dop, Millennium FFA; Allison M. Vaughn, Douglas FFA

ALABAMA: Clifton Bailey, Sand

Rock FFA; Wiley Bailey, Sand Rock FFA; Kacey Colquitt, Marbury FFA; John Eberhart, Fort Payne FFA; William Elliott Maples, Elkmont FFA; Anna Leigh Peek, West Limestone FFA





Honorary American Degree recipients TEACHER ALABAMA: Mr. David DeFoor,Mr. Mahlon Richburg ALASKA: Mr. Donald Berberich CALIFORNIA: Mr. Dean Archer,Mr. Marc DeBernardi,Mr. Rodney Risso,Ms. Jennifer Wilke,Patricia Williams COLORADO: Mr. John Stahley GEORGIA: Ms. Sara Clark,Mr. David Connell,Mr. Joseph Singleton Wells IDAHO: Mr. Kevin J. Barker ILLINOIS: Mr. Kevin Brannan,Ms. Betsy Pech,Mr. Stan Toepfer KANSAS: Mr. Garrett Beydler,Mr. Merle D. Hadachek KENTUCKY: Mr. Orville L. Bennett


MASSACHUSETTS: Mr. Aaron G. Caswell

ALABAMA: Mr. Kenneth Boyd,

MICHIGAN: Mr. David K. Mellor MISSOURI: Mr. Matt Biddle,Ms. Callie Dobbins,Mr. Craig Grisham,Mr. Jason Haymes,Mr. Mark Lemmon,Mr. Ken Wilmes NEVADA: Mr. Don Noorda NEW JERSEY: Ms. Lisa Ann Moschera-Chernigovets NEW YORK: Mr. Richard Campany NORTH DAKOTA: Mr. Lane Moellenkamp,Mr. Ken Votava OREGON: Mr. Brent Carroll,Ms. Stephanie Schofield SOUTH CAROLINA: Mr. Glenn Stevens SOUTH DAKOTA: Mr. David Ollila TENNESSEE: Mr. Clay Swartout,Mr. William Wayne Walker TEXAS: Ms. Candis Caraway,Mr. Mark Davis,Ms. Lynita Foster,Mr. J.P. Hancock,Mr. Brian Martin,Ms. Shelly Mowrey,Mr. Charles Prause,Mr. Mark Scheu,Mr. Marty Spradlin,Mr. Larry White,Ms. Laurah Johnson Williams VERMONT: Ms. Cheryl Werner VIRGINIA: Ms. Sherry Heishman,Mr. Garland King,Mr. Robert Nobblitt

NATIONAL STAFF: Mr. John Adent, Mr. Mike Anderson, Mr. John Barto, Mrs. Ginny Berg, Ms. Jan Bledsoe, Dr. John M. Bonner, Mr. Eddie Brown, Mr. John Bustle, Mr. Benny Carter, Ms. Pam Chambers, Ms. Beth Champe, Ms. Jenny Chiang, Lt. John Conley, Mr. Miguel Correa, Mr. David Doll, Ms. Betsy Dukes, Ms. Kelci Dye, Mr. Jim Everhart, Mr. Scott Fredericksen, Mr. Tony Hahn, Mr. Reid Hamre, Mrs. Crystal L. Hart, Ms. Tanya Hodges, Mr. Tim Hodson, Mr. Leonard Hoops, Mr. Daniel Hyatt, Mr. Brian Jansen, Ms. Mallory Klausmeier, Mr. Rich Knarr, Mr. Loren Kruse, Ms. Dorothy Lasko, Mr. Anthony Lardiere, Dr. Alvin Larke, Jr., Mrs. Cathy Lattimore, Mr. Barney Levengood, Mr. Milton Luckstead, Mr. Tom Lueken, Ms. Mary Kay Martich, Ms. Kristy Meyer, Mr. Rich Miller, Ms. Dawna Money, Mr. Don Olson, Ms. Nikki Palmer, Dr. Adrian Percy, Mr. Chris Pisani, Ms. Rosie Pitones-Dunasky, Mr. John M. Raines, Mr. Scott Rasch, Mr. Joe Robinson, Ms. Terri Robinson, Mrs. Andrea Sauceda, Mr. Paul Schickler, Ms. Liz Schrock, Ms. Kelly Shea, Dr. Janie-Simms Hipp, Mr. Ray Stanley, Mr. Bill Stewart, Mr. Greg Taylor, Mr. Mark Timm, Ms. Susie Townsend, Mrs. Linda Arnold Whaley, Mr. James Wallis, Mr. Gus Wegener, Ms. Kristen Wolfred, Ms. Shirley Wurster,

ALASKA: Mr. Bill Stoltze, ARIZONA: Dr. J. Charles SantaCruz, ARKANSAS: Mr. Randy Veach, Mr. Doug White, CALIFORNIA: Mr. Daniel Lassanske, CONNECTICUT: Mr. George A. Coleman, DELAWARE: Mr. William H. “Chip” Narvel, Jr., Dr. Robin W. Morgan, FLORIDA: Mr. Ray Clark, Mr. Francis Gene Dulac, Mr. Teddy Lynn, Mr. Adam H. Putnam, GEORGIA: Mr. Bruce Bailey, Dr. Larry Guthrie, State Representative David Ralston, Mr. Gary Steppe, Mr. David S. Yelton, KANSAS: Mr. Doug Hofbauer, MICHIGAN: Mr. David Armstrong, Dr. Norman Lownds, Dr. Karen Renner, Mr. Dennis Rudat, MINNESOTA: Dr. Brian Buhr, Mr. Greg Gosen, Mr. Paul Hansen, Ms. Kristin Harner, Mr. Blain Larson, MISSISSIPPI: Mrs. Dianne Chancellor,

NEW JERSEY: Mr. Richard Belcher, Mr. Patrick Mauro, Mrs. Erin Elizabeth Noble,

MISSOURI: Mr. Dan Cassidy, Mr. Steven Rogers, Dr. Donn Russell, Mr. Mark Wolfe

NEW MEXICO: Dr. Cynda Clary, Ms. Sabine Green,

WEST VIRGINIA: Mr. Roy P. Harper,Mr. Isaac Lee Lewis,Mr. Ronald E. Watson

NEW YORK: Mrs. Victoria L. Gregory, Mr. Eric Larsen, Mr. Fred Perrin,

WISCONSIN: Ms. Lori Berget




NORTH CAROLINA: Mr. Zane Hedgecock, Mr. Steven W. Troxler, NORTH DAKOTA: Mr. Mike Hergert, Mr. Larry A. Sitter, Mr. Dennis Wesley, OKLAHOMA: Mrs. Debby Golden, Mr. Paul Jackson, Mr. Rhett Laubauch, Mr. Rick Maloney, Mr. Mark Sneary, Mr. Leland Walker, OREGON: Mr. Greg Walden, PENNSYLVANIA: Mr. Louis R. Sallie, Mr. Gary Swan, SOUTH DAKOTA: Mrs. Holly Marshall-Heber, TENNESSEE: Mr. James Diemer “Dusty” Dickey, Mr. Mark Duane McBride, TEXAS: Mr. Tracey Dodson Brent, Mr. Jeff Burdick, Mrs. Kelly L. Fisher, Mrs. Pamela Fleming, Mr. Rod Townsend, Mr. Tom Whitesides, Mr. Joe E. Yarbrough, VIRGINIA: Mr. Scott H. Shomo, Mr. Doug Stoughton, Dr. Alex White, WEST VIRGINIA: Mr. Bob Coen, Dr. Robert A. Dailey, Mr. Mickey Humphries, Mr. John Rease, Mr. Brad Smith, WISCONSIN: Mr. Bill Bruins, Mr. Frank Friar, WYOMING: Mrs. Stacy Child Broda,





Members conduct offical business The committee for the creation of a discussion meet recommends the adoption of the following resolution: Whereas, a discussion meet prepares students for future situations in regards to educating and advocating agriculture in a collaborative, effective manner, and Whereas, a discussion has more collaborative, positive impact than a debate, and Whereas, there is a need for a discussion meet Career Development Event, Therefore be it Resolved, that the National FFA Organization create a discussion meet Career Development Event, and be it further Resolved, that we do not allow a debate format into the discussion meet, and be it further Resolved, that we model this Career Development Event after other state level discussion meet events with components at the national level, such as a questionnaire with the judges and/or a written component regarding the topic at hand. Respectfully submitted, Clayton Willis, Florida Committee Chair Committee Leadership: Chair: Leah Gibson, California First Vice Chair: Casey Shawver, Pennsylvania Second Vice Chair: Amanda Rhodes, New York Secretary: Ayla Neumeyer, Idaho Secretary: Nyki Martin, West Virginia Sentinel: Dalton Heavner, Illinois Sentinel: John Brian Kirksey, Arkansas

Discussion Group Leads: Addie Guthrie, Virginia Andy Rausch, South Dakota Bryce McKenzie, Wyoming Chloe Henson, Mississippi Kristen Schmidt, Colorado Committee Members: Adam Byrd, North Carolina Allison Ware, Kentucky Allyson Smith, Missouri Anna Eftink, Missouri Ashlee Jones, Missouri Ashley Badillo, Georgia Becca Bagniewski, Wisconsin Bryce Winfrey, Texas Casey Schlauch, Ohio Caterina Grossi, California Chad Collier, Delaware Clayton Dumesnil, Texas Colten Davis, New Mexico Damen Jeg, Washington Daniel Zimmerman, Ohio Emily Muir, Montana Emily Watson, Wisconsin Garret Boyd, North Carolina Gaspar Hernandez, New Jersey Grant Verdegaal, California Hannah Capetillo, California Hunter Holland, South Carolina Jack Burcock, Texas Jarrett Turner, Arkansas Jodi Hibbard, New Hampshire Jordan Stacy, Ohio Justin Zahradka, North Dakota Katlyn Lee, California Kayla Clapp, Kansas Kayla Nichol, California Kaylen Baker, Oklahoma Delegate Coordinator: Juleah Tolosky, New York


Marjorie Schleper, Minnesota Nate Tefft, Rhode Island Patrick Marshall, Massachusetts Stephen McBride, Tennessee



Kaytlyn Malia, Georgia Kelsie Grimsley, Arizona LeighAnn McSwain, Texas Luke King, Kentucky Luke Knight, Alabama Logan Wells, Wisconsin Maci Lienemann, Nebraska Madison Walker, Utah Maris Wilson, Pennsylvania Marshall Dolch, Iowa Melinda Perkins, Tennessee Michaela Gooch, Texas Morgan Doggett, Illinois Nicole Billington, California Paryce Bradlly, Virginia Renee Wilson, Maryland Samantha Engelhardt, Michigan Samantha Gibson, Missouri Samuel Peraza, Georgia Sarah Trimm, Florida Savannah Bowers, Texas Sawyer Osborn, Texas Shelby Calloway, Florida Shelby Eckhardt, Texas Shelby Riley, Indiana Sierra Milligan, Georgia Steven McCaslin, Texas Sydney Smith, California Tama Robinson, Texas William Mayfield, Louisiana Zech Hintz, Oregon

Committee Leadership: Chair: Jerry Risk, Oregon First Vice Chair: Dustin Richarson, Virginia Second Vice Chair: Shelby Faulkner, Ohio Secretary: Chad Hamilton, Maryland

Secretary: Sonja Perry, Missouri Sentinel: Austin Albright, Pennsylvania Sentinel: Traven Apiki, Alaska

Discussion Group Leads:

The committee for the evaluation of proficiency award areas recommends the adoption of the following resolution: Whereas, the National FFA Organization currently offers 49 proficiency areas inclusive of opportunities available for all students in urban and food services supervised agricultural experiences, and Whereas, there is a growing urban membership in FFA, and Whereas, there are numerous career and technical student organizations that currently offer students similar opportunities, and Whereas, there is currently a lack of known training and educational materials from the National FFA Organization for members and advisors on proficiency areas, Therefore be it Resolved, that the National FFA Organization shall not create any new proficiency awards but rather enlighten and clarify urban agriculture and food service within the standards of the 49 current proficiency awards, and be it further Resolved, that the National FFA Organization research the interest of expanding current proficiency areas to urban students and, be it further Resolved, that the National FFA continue to seek diversification of opportunities for inclusion of all student members while maintaining courtesy towards other career and technical student organizations, and be it further Resolved, that the National FFA Organization provide training and promote educational opportunities about proficiency award areas to all sectors of agricultural education. Respectfully submitted, Jerry Risk, Oregon Committee Chair

Alex Cash, Oklahoma Anthony Brooks, Delaware Benjamin Beers, Vermont Brady Johnson, Montana David Chaney, West Virginia Dawn Turner, Alabama

Glendolyn Neely, Kansas Isaac Wortman, Maine Justin Davis, Kentucky Morgan Barbour, North Carolina Nicole Holden, Georgia

Committee Members: Abraham Weaver, Texas Amber Burenheide, Nebraska Amie Wilcox, Arkansas Austin Jaggers, Kentucky Bailey Sims, Alabama Bailie Richins, Utah Bekka McCaleb, Colorado Billy Martin, Louisiana Brandan Bergdall, Indiana Brandon Roiger, Minnesota Brianna Gandolfo, California Brooklyn Morrow, Texas Caleigh Moyer, Arkansas Cassie Galm, Iowa Chance Marchini, California Charlie Brown, Florida Christy Chicas, Tennessee Coleton Callan, Texas Craig Berning, Ohio Danielle Blake, North Carolina David Leier, North Dakota David Stitt, Washington Delaney Gray, New Jersey Dylan Way, South Carolina Erica White, Ohio Jack Clark, Texas Jacob James Pickering, California Jacob Vazquez, California Jamie Renee Murphy, North Carolina

Jason Mendes, California Jessie Campbell, Tennessee Joanna Wavrunek, Wisconsin Jordon Bien, Texas Joseph Branch, Georgia Katelin Benkoski, Georgia Katie Gibson, Missouri Kelley Gary, South Dakota Laurel Nix, Texas Levi Voorhies, Michigan Mallarie Stookey, Indiana Marcie Hauri, New York Mason Moore, New Mexico Michael Arthur, Virginia Michelle Ball, Idaho Ray Sanders, Georgia Rexanna Powers, Texas Rhian Beldon, Missouri Ryan Messner, Missouri Ryon Cox, Texas Stefanie Wolf, Texas Tana Luna, Texas Tanner Kemp, Arizona Taylor Craig, North Carolina Timothy Truax, California Ty Johns, California Tyler Kessler, Illinois Tyson Schulte, Illinois Valerie Canas, California Wally Martin, Florida Zach Markhardt, Wisconsin

Delegate Coordinators: Aaron Anderson, North Dakota




Regina Fitzpatrick, South Carolina

Committee Leadership: Chair: Brandon Baumgarten, Oklahoma First Vice Chair: Jacob Barth, Washington Second Vice Chair: Ashley DeCosta, Massachusetts Secretary: Leann Green, New York

Secretary: Margaret Wright, Nevada Sentinel: Garth Buck, Vermont Sentinel: Maria Ausburn, South Carolina

Discussion Group Leads:

The committee for agricultural equipment operation and safety recommends the adoption of the following resolution: Whereas, there is not a currently a career development event for equipment operation and safety at the National level, and Whereas, safety is a timeless issue which is possibly facing stress in our public legislation, and Whereas, our general population is not properly educated in safe operation of agricultural equipment, and Whereas, the creation of this career development event will provide opportunities for a diverse population of members to be exposed to common agricultural equipment, and Whereas, equipment is a universal part of our industry, the creation of this career development event would prepare students for future careers in agriculture, and Whereas, there is evidence of success in a similar career development event at the state level in our organization, Therefore be it Resolved, that the National FFA Organization create a career development event in agricultural equipment operation and safety on the national level, and be it further Resolved, that the National FFA Organization research successful equipment operation career development events at the state level to create a comprehensive curriculum. Respectfully submitted, Brandon Baumgarten, Oklahoma Committee Chair

Aaron Gathen, Rhode Island Amos Ward, Maine Ashley Miller, New Mexico Daniel Bjertness, North Dakota Jennifer Gagnon, New Hampshire Committee Members: Aaron Bruce, Georgia Abigail Whitaker, North Carolina Adam Rine, Ohio Alex Canez, Arizona Andrew Ambriz, Nebraska Andrew Gonzales, California Anna Ramirez, California August Schetter, Illinois Barrett Powell, Oklahoma Ben Rice, North Carolina Brady James, Missouri Brady McCaslin, Texas Branson Medeiros, California Brianna Fedorkowicz, Delaware Casey Goins, Tennessee Chance Kanode, Colorado Clay Kruse, California Clayton Carlson, California David Hammermeister, Montana Denton Erickson, Georgia Denver Johnston, Kansas Ellen Margaret Van Noy, California Ellie Dalton, Idaho Evan Dodrill, West Virginia Grant Saum, Tennessee Greg Simmons, Louisiana Hannah Fallowfield, Michigan Hannah Ford, Texas Heidi Andresen, Iowa Heidi Ritter, Texas Delegate Coordinators: Katy Endsley, Ohio Jerrod Smith, New Mexico


Katherine Spencer, Indiana Matthew Cantrell, Florida Mitchell Evers, Oregon Rachel Liberty, Connecticut



Hunter Easterling, Kentucky Jared Luhman, Minnesota Jessica Resor, North Carolina Jodi Cockrell, Texas Joel Limestall, Illinois John Littlefield, Missouri Josh Pinkard, Virginia Justin Watson, Florida Kayla Starlin, Ohio Kollen Chapman, Missouri Kyle Rohrmann, California Lacy Powell, Georgia Lauren Campion, Texas Lucas Head, Arkansas Lucinda Daughtry, Alabama Maddy Buschur, Ohio Maecy Mannen, Texas McKenna Kane, California Nathan Box, Texas Nick Edelman, Wyoming Nick Huffman, Wisconsin Nicki Seay, Kentucky Nolan Zumbach, Iowa Rachel Pruitt, Texas Renee Grove, Pennsylvania Rhett Wilson, Texas Ryan Marler, Alabama Thomas Gierok, Wisconsin Thomas Rose, Georgia Travis Cann, Utah Tyler Swan, South Dakota Will Harris, Texas

Committee Leadership: Chair: Tanner Beymer, Idaho First Vice Chair: Nicholas Adams, Louisiana Second Vice Chair: Kayla Hack, Wisconsin Secretary: Emily Beneda, Kansas

Secretary: Emma Cannon, North Carolina Sentinel: Shawna Conrad, Minnesota Sentinel: Theresa Fitzgerald, Iowa

Discussion Group Leads: Aleixander Puerta, Connecticut Ernest Arians, New Jersey Kayla Kerr, Arizona Kristen Bishop, Mississippi Milton S. González Serrano, Puerto Rico

Sophie LaRochelle, New Hampshire Tyler Reiley, Texas TyLynn Savage, Utah Victoria Robinson, Maryland

Committee Members:

The committee for an aquaculture career development event recommends the adoption of the following resolution: Whereas, aquaculture is a growing industry, and Whereas, there is currently not a National FFA program that encompasses the aquaculture industry that promotes career success, and Whereas, there is currently no competitive event that allows students to explore career success in aquaculture, Therefore be it Resolved , that the National FFA seeks more involvement with the aquaculture industry through partnerships and already established events and programs such as, but not limited to, the National FFA Convention & Expo and the Food For America curriculum, and be it further Resolved, that National FFA creates a non-competitive event that informs students about a career in the aquaculture industry, such as a webinar or informational summit, and be it further Resolved, that National FFA establishes a career development event in aquaculture.

Alyssa Nakamura, Texas Andrew Adam Francis, California Andrew Kreidt, North Dakota Andrew Snipes, South Carolina Anna Hartley, Georgia Ashley Modrow, Florida Ben Gibson, Georgia Benjamin Liwanag, California Billy Cameron, Kentucky Brandon Knodel, Washington Brandy Jo Marrinan, Colorado Briley Fichter, Indiana Brooke Jindra, Nebraska Callie Henly, Texas Callie Ratley, Kentucky Carley Snider, Ohio Chelsea James, Georgia Chris Hudson, California Christa Wood, Texas Clay Parrish, Ohio Cody Carman, Illinois Cody Shoop, Missouri Dani Gaulden, Virginia Donald Coon, Arizona Emily Herzog, California Ernest Molina, Texas Ethan Bernhardt, North Carolina Delegate Coordinator: Bart Draper, Arkansas

Respectfully submitted, Tanner Beymer, Idaho Committee Chair




Evelyn Starich, California Hanna Freeman, Texas Jelisa Fields, Texas John Adam Turner, Tennessee Julia Morgan, Florida Kacy Cassat, Delaware Kelcie Jones, California Kelsie Williams, Oklahoma Kristina Thomas, Arkansas Kyle Lambert, Texas Kylie Bennett, Texas Madeline Minchillo, Texas Matt Hefti, Iowa Max Kempf, Michigan Mic Skaar, Minnesota Miranda Kane, Pennsylvania Nannette M. González Díaz, Puerto Rico Nate Zimdars, Wisconsin Nicole Steiner, Ohio Nikki Giba, Alabama Russell Zimmerman, California Sam Detwiler, Illinois Samantha Larita, Hawaii Sarah Davis, Missouri Savanna Sperle, South Dakota Sheldon Ernesto Overton, California Taylor Lancaster, Georgia

Committee Leadership: Chair: Leah Gibson, California First Vice Chair: Casey Shawver, Pennsylvania Second Vice Chair: Amanda Rhodes, New York Secretary: Ayla Neumeyer, Idaho

Secretary: Nyki Martin, West Virginia Sentinel: Dalton Heavner, Illinois Sentinel: John Brian Kirksey, Arkansas

Discussion Group Leads:

The committee for the creation of an agricultural summit recommends the adoption of the following resolution: Whereas, FFA and agriculture benefit from the development of students with industry knowledge and advocacy ability, and Whereas, there is a trend of disengagement in agricultural education for students in grades ten through eleven, and Whereas, expected challenges in agriculture demand continuous development of young leaders to meet global and local agriculture needs, and Whereas, partnership with industry advances students and strengthens both FFA and agriculture, and Whereas, a conference of this sort does not currently exist, Therefore be it Resolved, that the FFA develops and offers a new multi-day conference for all members grades 9-12, including but not limited to farm and industry tours, workshops, speakers, networking, and a strong emphasis on development of agricultural skill and understanding as well as confidence and ability to tell our story through advocacy, and be it further Resolved, that the conference be offered at the regional or state level, and be it further Resolved, that the curriculum be written with information from regional and national levels and be it further Resolved, that the conference require an application for attendance.

Addie Guthrie, Virginia Andy Rausch, South Dakota Bryce McKenzie, Wyoming Chloe Henson, Mississippi Kristen Schmidt, Colorado Committee Members: Adam Byrd, North Carolina Allison Ware, Kentucky Allyson Smith, Missouri Anna Eftink, Missouri Ashlee Jones, Missouri Ashley Badillo, Georgia Becca Bagniewski, Wisconsin Bryce Winfrey, Texas Casey Schlauch, Ohio Caterina Grossi, California Chad Collier, Delaware Clayton Dumesnil, Texas Colten Davis, New Mexico Damen Jeg, Washington Daniel Zimmerman, Ohio Emily Muir, Montana Emily Watson, Wisconsin Garret Boyd, North Carolina Gaspar Hernandez, New Jersey Grant Verdegaal, California Hannah Capetillo, California Hunter Holland, South Carolina Jack Burcock, Texas Jarrett Turner, Arkansas Jodi Hibbard, New Hampshire Jordan Stacy, Ohio Justin Zahradka, North Dakota Katlyn Lee, California Kayla Clapp, Kansas Kayla Nichol, California Kaylen Baker, Oklahoma Delegate Coordinator:

Respectfully submitted, Leah Gibson, California Committee Chair

Juleah Tolosky, New York


Marjorie Schleper, Minnesota Nate Tefft, Rhode Island Patrick Marshall, Massachusetts Stephen McBride, Tennessee



Kaytlyn Malia, Georgia Kelsie Grimsley, Arizona LeighAnn McSwain, Texas Luke King, Kentucky Luke Knight, Alabama Logan Wells, Wisconsin Maci Lienemann, Nebraska Madison Walker, Utah Maris Wilson, Pennsylvania Marshall Dolch, Iowa Melinda Perkins, Tennessee Michaela Gooch, Texas Morgan Doggett, Illinois Nicole Billington, California Paryce Bradlly, Virginia Renee Wilson, Maryland Samantha Engelhardt, Michigan Samantha Gibson, Missouri Samuel Peraza, Georgia Sarah Trimm, Florida Savannah Bowers, Texas Sawyer Osborn, Texas Shelby Calloway, Florida Shelby Eckhardt, Texas Shelby Riley, Indiana Sierra Milligan, Georgia Steven McCaslin, Texas Sydney Smith, California Tama Robinson, Texas William Mayfield, Louisiana Zech Hintz, Oregon

Committee Leadership: Chair: Cole Snider, Washington First Vice Chair: Steven Brockshus, Iowa Second Vice Chair: Josh Williams, Alabama Secretary: Abby Spickerman, Michigan

Secretary: Dolly Melton, Georgia Sentinel: Johnny Ference, Nebraska Sentinel: Klayton Bearup, New Mexico

Discussion Group Leads: Aaron Babers, Louisiana Aaron Zimmerman, Wisconsin Anne Poinsett, New Jersey Caitlin Walton, Delaware Cameron Mann, Indiana

Jaelyn Bergmann, Missouri Phillip Wanner, North Dakota Sarah Bookman, Ohio Taylor Leonhardt, South Dakota Whyatt Garn, Utah

Committee Members:

The committee for an agricultural education career development event recommends the adoption of the following resolution: Whereas, agricultural education is the foundation of the National FFA Organization, and Whereas, in 2009-2010, there were 21 agriculture departments that could not operate because of the lack of a qualified agricultural education teacher, and Whereas, the National Teach Ag Campaign fully supports the creation and implementation of an Agricultural Education Career Development Event, and Whereas, there are currently six states that have an Agricultural Education Career Development Event, and Whereas, FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education, Therefore be it Resolved, that National FFA creates an Agricultural Education Career Development Event, and be it further Resolved, that National FFA uses the six state-level events as a foundation for the rubric. Respectfully submitted, Cole Snider, Washington Committee Chair

Abby Himburg, Alabama Alex Yancey, Oregon Allie Abney, Indiana Angelica Smith, California Annie Jo Gilbert, Oklahoma Ashley Anderson, Massachusetts Blake Pigg, Texas Brandon Poole, Georgia Brooke Griggeory, Arizona Cody Stewart, Missouri Courtney Gerstenecker, Illinois Don Byrd, North Carolina Elizabeth Burton, Connecticut Emily Hill, Virginia Erin Beyer, Texas Erin Wollett, Ohio Forest Francis, Texas Gabes Rabb, Wisconsin Gabriel Fontenot, Louisiana Gage Sandor Willey, California Hannah Dugger, Tennessee Holton Westbrook, Texas Hunter Lineberger, Georgia Jackie Lee, Texas Joel Vancil, Illinois Justin Haun, Kansas Kaitlynd Short, West Virginia Katie Conn, Kentucky Katie Hutchinson, Florida Katie Johnson, Texas Kayla Eason, Georgia Delegate Coordinator: Leah Addington, Minnesota




Kenny Swope, Missouri Laura McCurdy, Mississippi Leighton Chachere, Texas Madison Manoushagian, Texas Mary Steves, California Maryanna McClure, Tennessee McKell Davis, Kentucky Michael Knight, Iowa Mitch Stahley, Colorado Mitchell Liwanag, California Morgan Smith, Georgia Mya Schmitt, Alaska Riley Elizabeth Nilsen, California Sabrina Kieser, Minnesota Sara Odegard, Wisconsin Savannah Snowden, Arkansas Sean Jones, Pennsylvania Shelby Downs, Nevada Shelby Oesterreicher, Florida Steven Vekony, Oklahoma Tanasha Peterson-Quintana, North Carolina Taylor Foster, California Taylor Hardy, Illinois Taylor Helton, California Taylor Kalka, Texas Tori Avvenire, Virginia Trevor O’Quinn, Texas Tyler Menane, California Vicky Gallaher, Arkansas Vinz Karl, Minnesota Zachary MacDougal, South Carolina




The Program of Activities Committee recommends the following to the delegates of the 85th National FFA Convention & Expo:

Awards, Degrees, and SAEs Whereas, currently, national applications for proficiencies and other related award areas are difficult for students to complete without the assistance of an agricultural education instructor, be it resolved that test groups for such applications should consist of students. Be it further resolved that the application should be easily understood by students without compromising the quality and content standards of such awards. Whereas, there is a need for outstanding agriculture education teachers and FFA advisors; and Whereas, there is currently only one area of recognition for outstanding agricultural education teachers (Outstanding Agriscience Teacher of the Year), be it resolved that the National FFA Organization explore other areas of recognition for teachers who display outstanding abilities as an agricultural educator. Whereas, knowledge regarding the phasing out of National FFA programs is not well known, be itrecommends the adoption resolved that the procedure for phasing out programs be easily accessible and understood by state associations, state staff, chapter advisors, and members. Whereas, current applications for award areas within the National FFA Organization ask for students to list events attended and activities accomplished; and Whereas, the National FFA Organization seeks to teach students skills through events attended and activities accomplished, be it resolved that applications also inquire of students what was learned from such events and activities.

Whereas, the National FFA Organization piloted an Officer-to-Officer broadcast in Fall of 2012; and Whereas, the Officer-to-Officer program shows great growth potential, be it resolved that the National FFA Organization continues to host Officer-to-Officer programs for chapter FFA members. Whereas, the Models of Innovation and Model of Excellence chapters have reached notable success in their local FFA programs; and Whereas, strategies used in Models of Innovation and Model of Excellence chapters would assist other local programs in their success, be it resolved that the National FFA Organization increase content and reach of the Chapter Innovator’s Guide.

Communications and Public Relations Whereas, Agricultural Career Network is a necessary program that will need to be regularly used, be it resolved that steps are taken to ensure a simple and user-friendly format. Whereas, the FFA website contains several great resources yet is difficult to navigate and locate information, be it resolved that all links are functional and an effective search engine is developed. Whereas, FFA members are becoming increasingly connected via mobile devices, be it resolved FFA create a mobile application involving Agricultural Career Network.

Chapter Programs and Activities

Whereas, FFA chapters create successful activities but look for diversification of their Program of Activities, be it resolved that National FFA create a way for chapters to share best practices such as fundraisers, chapter activities and community services.

Whereas, resources available for chapter officers are difficult to access, be it resolved these resources be marketed aggressively and effectively in order to reach all demographics of local FFA chapters.

Whereas, FFA members are well versed in agriculture and communication, be it resolved that FFA members are actively recruited to author content for FFA New Horizons magazine.




Whereas, FFA is steeped in tradition and has several documents in archives that are extremely difficult to access, be it resolved that the organization’s extensive archive collection be made available entirely online.

Foundation Whereas, the CONNECT! Campaign, launched in 2011 as a temporary initiative, has not reached all former FFA members and shows continued value, be it resolved that the National FFA Organization continue the CONNECT! Campaign as a multi-year organizational initiative. Whereas, National FFA Organization and Foundation initiatives can be of value for many years; and Whereas, past initiatives have been terminated based upon duration instead of value, be it resolved that the National FFA Organization and National FFA Foundation continue initiatives until all profitable awareness and results have been actualized. Whereas, sponsors and donors need to see the true product of the National FFA Organization at the grassroots level, be it resolved that Foundation visits include state officers, chapter officers, and applicable members when possible. Be it further resolved that the meeting place is not limited to a sponsor or donor host location but may be hosted at local chapters and agricultural education programs. Whereas, the FFA relationship is often limited to a sponsor’s philanthropic decision makers, be it resolved that if possible, multiple employees within a corporation, regardless of their department, be engaged in the FFA relationship. Whereas, there are varied levels of sponsorship across our organization, be it resolved that the National FFA Foundation strengthen the relationship between local, state, and national foundations. Whereas, chapter members need tools and resources to gain sponsors and donors within their communities, be it resolved that the National FFA Foundation provide “Foundation Training” videos and lessons to assist local members in gaining support.

Leadership and Personal Development Whereas, agriculture instructors and FFA advisors are the primary effector of program and student success; and Whereas, the National FFA Organization is in a position to provide training and incentives to these adults, be it resolved that the National FFA continue to emphasize the engagement of adult instructors and advisors as an important part of all FFA initiatives. Whereas, the State Officer Challenge adds rigor and relevance to state officer programs as well as to each state officer’s experience; and Whereas, the State Officer Challenge brings about positive impacts in advocacy, fundraising, and student engagement, be it resolved that the State Officer Challenge program staff explore the inclusion of a component which engages chapter members, benefitting both the students and community of a local chapter. Whereas, national FFA leadership conferences engage mature, advanced, and eager students, be it resolved that existing FFA conferences should offer higher level leadership training, interpersonal communication skills, and critical thinking. Whereas, production agriculture is a fundamental aspect of agriculture in every state; and Whereas, supervised agricultural experience programs often engage in, or are connected to, the production of food, be it resolved that the National FFA blog support a separate series of articles concerning production agriculture.

Marketing and Merchandising Whereas, professionalism and branding helps to represent and establish our organization and all it stands for, be it resolved that the organization establish a cross-team to determine Flyte’s role and select events for him to attend. Be it further resolved that this team include the student voice. Whereas, the history of the National FFA Organization has played a vital role in where

our organization is today and should be celebrated, be it resolved that the National FFA Organization develop and market vintage FFA apparel and merchandise. Whereas, there is a need to maintain the integrity of the FFA brand, be it resolved that the National FFA Organization develop a user’s guide to accompany every jacket sold which outlines proper use for the jacket. Be it further resolved that the FFA emblem be reproduced consistently and correctly as a molding. And be it further resolved that student input be actively solicited and implemented in matters of imaging and branding. Whereas, FFA celebrates a student’s entrepreneurial spirit, be it resolved that the National FFA Organization explore and analyze its current licensing restrictions that permit members’ use of the emblem, including but not limited to, the context of their SAE when selling goods across state boundaries. Whereas, the chapter T-shirt contest is an engaging and popular tradition, be it resolved that this program continue in future years. Whereas, the National FFA Organization should be a trusted vendor amongst our stakeholders, National FFA staff should continue to seek improvement in quality assurance practices on orders and jacket tailoring services.

National FFA Convention & Expo Whereas, hunger and the production of food can unite us all, be it resolved that a food component be included in every national convention. Whereas, the jacket is a part of our brand and represents a rich history, be it resolved to create a “How the Jacket is Made” display at the National FFA Convention & Expo. Whereas, the celebration of our organization is accomplished through the National FFA Convention & Expo, which adds values and pride to the experience of our members, be it resolved that the National FFA




Organization should continue to explore ways to lower convention cost. Whereas, understanding and appreciating our history is vital to understanding how we have been shaped and formed into our organization today, be it resolved that a historical display of the National FFA Organization’s past be hosted at the National Convention and Expo with easy access to members. Respectfully submitted, Cain Thurmond, Chair Ryan Best Jason Troendle Ken Quick Alicia Hodnik Seth Pratt The Auditing Committee, consisting of the six national FFA officers as per the National FFA Constitution, met with Marion Fletcher, National FFA Treasurer. The 2011 audit was completed in December of 2011 and was reviewed by the national officers and Board of Directors at the January Board Meeting. It was a clean audit and was approved by the board. The committee reviewed the September 2012 internal financial statements with Mr. Fletcher, members of National FFA Staff and the board of directors. The National FFA Organization fiscal year changed from an academic year to a calendar year effective January 1, 2012. Thus, the next audit will be completed in the spring of 2013. The final audit results will be reviewed by the Board of Directors, including student officers, at the May board meeting. We would like to thank all of the National FFA Staff for their diligent accounting practices and quality work. The committee makes no recommendations. Respectfully submitted, Alicia Hodnik, Chair Ryan Best Jason Troendle Ken Quick Cain Thurmond Seth Pratt




National FFA Alumni Association 2012 Award Recipients Outstanding Scrapbook Gold Denmark FFA Alumni Denmark, Wis. 1st Place Overall Lexington FFA Alumni Lexington, Tenn. 3rd Place Overall Milton FFA Alumni Milton, Wis. 2nd Place Overall Stoughton FFA Alumni Stoughton, Wis.

Silver Northeast-Jones FFA Alumni Laurel, Miss. Tigerton FFA Alumni Tigerton, Wis.

Outstanding Affiliate Newsletter Gold

Outstanding State Newsletter

Outstanding State Website



Ohio FFA Alumni Association 1st Place Overall

Florida FFA Alumni & Supporters 1st Place Overall

Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association 2nd Place Overall

Silver North Carolina FFA Alumni Association


Ohio FFA Alumni Association

North Carolina FFA Alumni Association

Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association

Sauk Prairie FFA Alumni –Prairie du Sac, Wis. 1st Place Overall

Outstanding Affiliate Website




Putnam County FFA Alumni Palatka, Fla. 2nd Place Overall

Marshall FFA Alumni Marshall, Mich.

Union FFA Alumni Union, Mo.



Talawanda FFA Alumni Oxford, Ohio

Lexington FFA Alumni– Lexington, Tenn.




Iowa FFA Alumni Association

National FFA ALumni continued

Legion of Merit CENTRAL REGION


Name and state.............................. Years

Name and state.............................. Years

Penny Derry, Iowa................................. 3

Lolita Appel , Ohio............................... 2

Clyde Johnson, Iowa............................. 2

Deborah Johlin-Bach, Ohio.................. 7

Joe Martin, Iowa................................... 1

Stacy Brown, Ohio............................... 1

Sharon Martin, Iowa.............................. 4

Doris Disher, Ohio............................... 12

Jane Schmidt, Iowa.............................. 4

Les Disher , Ohio.................................. 6

Joyce Sayre, Iowa................................28

Jim Ford, Ohio..................................... 2

Jill Goedeken, Nebraska....................... 1

Lavon Herschberger , Ohio................... 1

Darlene Arneson, Wisconsin.................. 8

Mitzi Martin, Ohio.................................. 6

Ronna Ballmer, Wisconsin..................... 1

John Poulson, Ohio.............................. 8

Caledonia FFA Alumni & Boosters – Caledonia, Mich.

Floyd Behnke, Wisconsin.....................14

Lexie Poulson, Ohio.............................16

Denmark FFA Alumni – Denmark, Wis.

Thelma Behnke, Wisconsin..................11

Julia Ryan, Ohio.................................... 2

Virgie Damp, Wisconsin........................ 8

Vicky Ryan, Ohio.................................12

Homer FFA Alumni – Homer, Mich. – 1st Place Overall

John Elvekrog, Wisconsin..................... 8

Beverly Seale, Ohio............................... 1

Dave Hermans, Wisconsin.................... 1

Jamie Snider, Ohio................................ 1

Darrell Hines, Wisconsin.......................20

Ken Snider, Ohio................................... 1

Raymond Central FFA Alumni – Raymond, Neb.


WaKeeney FFA Alumni – Ogallah, Kan. – 2nd Place Overall

Robert Keough, Wisconsin.................... 7 Larry A. Lader, Wisconsin...................... 4 Doug Raymakers, Wisconsin................. 1 Harold Seebecker, Wisconsin...............24 Janice Seebecker, Wisconsin...............19 Ken Seering, Wisconsin.......................39 Shelley Stencil, Wisconsin..................... 1 Jan Stranz, Wisconsin........................... 7 Jerry Wendt, Wisconsin........................ 9 Elaine Wnuk, Wisconsin........................ 2 Robert Wolfe, Wisconsin....................... 9

Name and state.............................. Years

Outstanding Pioneer Affiliate Silver Martinez FFA Alumni – Lutz, Fla.

Outstanding Affiliate Gold Brodhead FFA Alumni – Brodhead, Wis.

Mount Vernon FFA Alumni – Mount Vernon, Ill. – 3rd Place Overall

Amy Anderson, Florida.......................... 1


Mariah Anuez, Florida........................... 2

Alliance FFA Alumni- Alliance, Neb.

Gary Lee, Flordia..................................20

Branford FFA Alumni – Branford, Fla.

Joy Crosby, Georgia.............................. 8

Cissna Park FFA Alumni – Cissna Park, Ill.

Jim East, Georgia................................12

Eldorado FFA Alumni – Eldorado, Ill.

John Barnes, Georgia..........................14

Fort Atkinson FFA Alumni – Fort Atkinson, Wis.

Charlotte Gilman, Georgia..................... 2 Chris Mullinax, Georgia......................... 9 George Parks, Georgia......................... 7 David Overcash, North Carolina............. 7 William Teague, North Carolina.............40

Pine Ridge FFA Alumni – Deltona, Fla. Sebring FFA Alumni – Sebring, Fla. Seneca FFA Alumni – Seneca, Ill. South Rowan FFA Alumni – China Grove, N.C. Stoughton FFA Alumni – Stoughton, Wis. Talawanda FFA Alumni – Oxford, Ohio Trenton FFA Alumni – Trenton, Fla. Washington County FFA Alumni – Washington, Kan. Waterloo FFA Alumni – Waterloo, Ill. West Rowan FFA Alumni – Mt. Ulla, N.C. Williston FFA Alumni – Williston, Fla.

Bronze LeRoy FFA Alumni – LeRoy, Ill.




Stars & Blue Blazers

Local Program Support Grant Recipients CHAPTER AND STATE


Geraldine FFA, Alabama

Dust Collection System

Newton County FFA, Georgia

Dressing for Success in FFA


Red Oak FFA, Iowa

Red Oak Ag Classroom/Curriculum


Rockcastle County FFA, Kentucky

Rockcastle FFA “Preserving Our History”

Marshall FFA, Michigan

A Growing Need-A Greenhouse

Riverside FFA, Tennessee

New Chapter Resources

Bonduel FFA, Wisconsin

Walls of Wonder

Denmark FFA, Wisconsin

Denmark School District Butterfly Garden

Green Bay East FFA, Wisconsin

4th Grade Ag in a Kit

Freedom FFA, Wisconsin

Career Day Resource Kits

West De Pere FFA, Wisconsin

Project R.E.D. – Recruit! Energize! Develop!

3 Stars plus Blazer

Illinois Ohio Oregon West Virginia Wisconsin

2 Stars Michigan

State FFA Officer Teams 100% Lifetime Members

Additional Membership Awards Affiliate Most Members Denmark FFA Alumni Denmark, Wis.

622 Life members 15 Annual members

State Most Members Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association

8,930 members

Illinois FFA Alumni Association

5,561 members

Ohio FFA Alumni

4,219 members


Georgia FFA Alumni

2,672 members


Florida FFA Alumni

2,598 members


Largest Percent Membership Growth

Arizona Arkansas Georgia

Mississippi Nebraska North Carolina Oregon Washington Wisconsin

National FFA Alumni Association 20112012 Corporate Members

1st Place

Delaware FFA Alumni Association — 225% increase

2nd Place

West Virginia FFA Alumni Association — 79% increase

3rd Place

Colorado FFA Alumni Association — 28% increase

Percent FFA Alumni membership to FFA membership 1st Place

Wisconsin FFA Alumni Association — 47%

2nd Place

Illinois FFA Alumni Association — 34%

3rd Place

Montana FFA Alumni Association — 30%

Seubert Inc. , Dorchester, Wis. Melior-Delaware, Birmingham, Ala. Brian and Elizabeth Hartman, Bogart, Ga. Orville Studleys LLC, Three Rivers, Calif. Pender Grain, Pender, Neb.




National FFA ALumni continued

Outstanding Achievement Award Luther Wilkes, Georgia Luther Wilkes has been involved in FFA since high school. He began his adult career with FFA around 1956. He used his leadership skills as a lineman with Jackson EMC to teach and coach many wiring teams in both the Jefferson City Schools and the Jackson County Schools. Wilkes led

several teams to state championships. He coordinated for many years the beef shows and various fundraisers for the local chapters. Wilkes keeps busy serving three FFA Alumni affiliates in his area and is an honorary member of eight different FFA chapters. Wilkes is a true advocate, taking his passion for FFA and FFA Alumni to his local chamber of commerce and other organizations, educating their members and recruiting new members for the FFA Alumni. Wilkes has been a part of the State




FFA Alumni for more than 15 years. He enjoys judging events at state contests including public speaking, extemporaneous speaking, ag sales and even judging the wiring contest for the last decade. He was the recipient of the Honorary State FFA Degree and can be found at every state convention working the T-shirt sales, silent auctions and everywhere else a volunteer is needed. Wilkes can be counted on to look for places to be of service to the FFA and FFA Alumni. He is proud of the fact that

in the last 15 plus years he has only missed two meetings of the Georgia State FFA Council. Wilkes has received the National FFA Alumni Legion of Merit Award for recruiting several times and is a proud recipient of the Honorary American Farmer Degree. Wilkes serves as a delegate for the national convention and makes himself available to his FFA members for advice and contest training. His self-proclaimed motto is: “Striving to help our kids and leave the world a better place.”

Dean Olson, Illinois Dean Olson was instrumental in saving the agricultural education program at Geneseo High School and the reinstatement of FFA in 1990. Along with a few others he started the Geneseo FFA Alumni and became its charter president. He joined as a lifetime member, has served as president of his local affiliate several times and also as reporter. He currently remains on the officer team as a liaison to the State FFA Alumni. Olson worked with the city of Geneseo to gain permission for FFA and ag classes to farm a small city acreage. This working relationship between city and FFA continues today, giving students insight into city government as each year they attend a council meeting with a yearly summary and proposal for the next year. In the 1990s, Olson obtained a local apple orchard for his chapter that was turned into a fundraiser of selling cider. Olson worked with the agriculture instructors to start an eighth grade recruitment program that continues yearly and has been vital to increasing enrollment. Yearly he works on almost every committee of his local affiliate.

Upon becoming a lifetime FFA Alumni member, Olson became involved with the Illinois FFA Alumni. He has served as a district director for eight years, vice-president for five years and served as state president for the last five years. As state president, Olson’s first challenge was to change the council from argumentative to working. He was successful and now has a productive, outgoing, cohesive council. During the state’s Capital Campaign to raise money for a new FFA center, Olson contributed by purchasing a brick. Each year he gathers items for the annual state FFA Alumni auction. Olson also organized state annual meetings, worked closely with the State FFA office and represented the organization at student leadership events. He has made a strong effort to start new FFA Alumni affiliates with in the state. Olson’s greatest contribution to the National FFA Alumni Association was his strong leadership role in coordinating the 2010 FFA Alumni Development Conference. Olson promoted the event, took great pride in showcasing his state and its outstanding student and adult leaders and made sure the event was successful. Hardly a week goes by that Olson isn’t involved in something FFA and FFA Alumni related. In fact, he has made FFA his fourth priority… Faith, Family, Farming and FFA!

Donna Meller, Ohio Donna Meller has been a lifetime member since 2004. Meller has been key in helping her local FFA chapter sell and deliver FFA fruit, attributing more than $2,000 in sales. She has donated items to the local FFA Alumni auction for the past nine years and has been the committee chairperson for the recipe contest at the FFA Alumni Pumpkin Fest for the last seven years. Meller started




the school science fair program that improved the agriscience fair projects and allowed students to have additional hands-on experience. She team teaches the environmental science curriculum for the eighth graders and the additional environmental science class. This class also maintains and runs the agricultural department’s greenhouse and white paper recycling for the school. Meller has met with the local agriculture teachers and assists them with their student research and aids students in qualifying for the regional science fair. She attends FFA meetings and coaches members with their science fair projects. Meller encourages her students’ parents and grandparents to join FFA Alumni and was honored to receive her local Honorary FFA Degree. Meller has served as a state agriScience fair judge for five years and has made sure the eighth graders have projects represented in the fair for the last four years. She served on the state Ag Ed Science Curriculum Alignment Committee and has chaperoned state FFA convention for many years. She volunteers her time to work the FFA Alumni booth and was named the Ohio Outstanding Member and the Ohio Honorary FFA Degree. Meller has represented her affiliate as delegate to the State FFA Convention. Meller’s dedication to the organization she loves does not stop at her state lines. She graciously volunteers her time to chaperone at the National FFA Convention & Expo, has served as a National FFA Science Fair judge and believes that all students deserve the chance to experience the national convention and expo so has shuttled countless students back and forth to the event. Meller can’t think of a better organization and is proud of the student leaders produced through an agricultural education program. She believes is she could do more to sustain and support FFA, she would do it.

2012 National Officers Nominating Committee and candidates

National Officer Candidates: Lindsey Anderson, Calif.

Brennan Costello, Neb.

Zachary Harrison, La.

Katharine Nye, Utah

McKenzie Baecker, Wis.

Jasper Cunningham, Mich.

James Jones, Okla.

Corinne Ogle, Alaska

Wiley Bailey, Ala.

Robert Currey, West Va.

Easten Lovelace, Iowa

Odessa Oldham, Wyo.

Colin Barclay, Ohio

Erin Daninger, Minn.

Micah Matlock, Ind.

Anna Pratt, Idaho

Patrick Byrne, Texas

Paige Druffel, Wash.

Alycia McLamb, N.C.

Catelyn Sanders, Nev.

Clayton Carley, Ill.

Jamie Flint, S.D.

Elissa McLerran, Tenn.

Clay Sapp, Fla.

Wyatt Carpenter, Ariz.

Joenelle Futrell, Ky.

Haley Montes, N.M.

Morgan Shaver, N.Y.

Lyndee Charles, Colo.

Jason Galicia, Puerto Rico

Kaylyn Morrill, Conn.

Mareta Sherman, Mo.

Cali Christensen, Mont.

Kalie Hall, Ga.

Jenna Moser, Penn.

Katelyn Simpson, S.C.

Nominating Committee: Elizabeth Bracken, N.Y. Bo Corbett, Ga. Ethan Giebel, Wis. Jordan Henry, Mich. Emily Keeton, Tenn. Hannah Nelson, Wash. Kirsten Pagel, Minn. Vincent Pellegri, Calif. Justin Turner, Okla.




Meet your 2012-13 National FFA Officers Clay Sapp

Kalie Hall



Brennan Costello

Hometown: Madison, Fla.

Hometown: Carnesville, Ga.

Central Region Vice President

Parents: Ed and Gina Sapp

Parents: Kent and Jill Hall

Hometown: Gothenburg, Neb.

Siblings: Will Sapp, Blake Sapp, Kimberly Sapp

Siblings: Cassie Hall

Parents: Steve and Becky Costello

Birthdate: January 13, 1992

FFA Background

Birthdate: May 28, 1992

Siblings: Madison Costello, Arleigh Costello

FFA Background Chapter: Franklin County FFA

Chapter: Madison County FFA

Proficiency: Diversified Livestock Production – entrepreneurship; Agriscience

Proficiency: Forage Production; Swine Production; Diversified Livestock Production

State Office: Secretary, 2010-11

State Office: President, 2010-11

College Information Year: Junior Major: Agricultural Education and Communication School: University of Florida College Activities: Collegiate FFA; Collegiate Farm Bureau; Westside Baptist Church

College Information Year: Junior

Eastern Region Vice President Hometown: Philpot, Ky. Parents: Ann Futrell and the late Charles Futrell

FFA Background Chapter: Gothenburg FFA Proficiency: Sheep Production – entrepreneurship; Diversified Farm Production State Office: President, 2011-12

Major: Agricultural Education

College Information

School: University of Georgia College Activities: Collegiate FFA; Baptist Collegiate Ministries Future Career Goal: To bring hope to students, families and communities as a middle school agricultural education teacher and FFA advisor.

Future Career Goal: To teach agricultural education on a high school level for 10-15 years before advancing into an administrative position in my school district.

Joenelle Futrell

Birthdate: November 28, 1992

Year: Sophomore Major: Agribusiness School: University of Nebraska - Lincoln College Activities: Nebraska Ag Youth Council; FarmHouse Fraternity; Nebraska Human Resources Institute Future Career Goal: To serve the agriculture industry through a career in agricultural business or communication.

Wiley Bailey

Lindsey Anderson

Southern Region Vice President

Western Region Vice President

Hometown: Sand Rock, Ala.

Hometown: Escalon, Calif.

Parents: Barry and Jill Bailey

Parents: Randall and Teresa Anderson

Siblings: James Paul Bailey, Cliff Bailey

Birthdate: May 8, 1992

Birthdate: March 24, 1992

Siblings: Jason Anderson, Krista Anderson

FFA Background

FFA Background

Birthdate: December 28, 1991

Chapter: Daviess County FFA

Chapter: Sand Rock FFA

FFA Background

Proficiency: Agricultural Education; Home and Community Development; Diversified Agricultural Placement

Proficiency: Commercial Beef Cattle Operation – entrepreneurship; Vegetable Production – entrepreneurship

Chapter: Escalon FFA

State Office: Vice President, 2010-11

State Office: Secretary, 2009-10

State Office: Vice President, 2010-11

College Information

College Information

Year: Junior

College Information

Year: Junior

Year: Sophomore

Major: Agricultural Education and Political Science

Major: Auburn University

Major: Agriculture Business/Economics

School: University of Kentucky

School: Agricultural Communications

School: Modesto Junior College

College Activities: Legacy Brotherhood Fraternity; Abundant Life Baptist Church; Playing in a Bluegrass Gospel Band

College Activities: MJC Young Farmer Club; Young Farmer and Rancher - California Farm Bureau; MJC Swine Unit Intern

College Activities: Ag Ed Society; Habitat for Humanity; UK Honors Program Future Career Goal: To be a lifelong advocate for agriculture through formal and non-formal agricultural education, leadership development and public service.

Future Career Goal: To pastor a church.




Proficiency: Swine Production; Agriscience; Veterinary Medicine

Future Career Goal: To teach agricultural economics at Modesto Junior College.































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2012 National FFA Convention & Expo Final Proceedings  
2012 National FFA Convention & Expo Final Proceedings  

2012 National FFA Convention & Expo Final Proceedings