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We make sustainable food production possible

More than milking… With an average consumption of 100 litres per person, it is hard for most of us to imagine life without easy access to milk. However, 130 years ago, when Gustaf de Laval first began to apply his knowledge of mechanical engineering to the dairy industry, it was a different story. He had the foresight to transfer technology to the labour-intensive life of the dairy farmer, designing a successful cream separator and one of the first milking machines. It is thanks to advances initiated by such visionaries as Gustaf that we are today able to meet the increasing demand for milk brought about by a growing population. While the farming industry may have changed over the years, the de Laval passion still remains. Gustaf’s legacy continues in the work of DeLaval Ltd, which demonstrates year in and year out that dairy farming is about more than just milking. Concerned not only with milk production, DeLaval also focuses on 4 key issues presented to today’s farmers, namely, the environment, animal welfare, social responsibility and farm profitability. >>>

Specialist dairy engineering

Delivering quality milking equipment

Lloyds Dairy Ltd is the Master DeLaval West est Wales dealer in W Wales supplying DeLaval rotaries, milking parlours, ro otarries, spare e parts and specialist servicing to nearby dairy farms. From Fr om installation and service to workshop rrequests, equests, Lloyds Dairy can help.

Fullwoodhead Dairy Supplies Ltd is the Master DeLaval dealer supplying milking equipment, milk cooling ng and rrefrigeration, efrigeration, e throughout dairy supplies and sales thr oughout Argyll Arrgyll g Ayrshire, Dunbartonshire, e, Dun Dunbartonshire, Fife, & Bute, A yrshire Glasgow,, Kincar Kincardineshire, shire e, Lanarkshire, Lanarkshirre, Glasgow dineshir Perthshire, Lothians, Perthshir e, Refrewshire Refrewshirre and Stirlingshire. Stirlingshire.

Our total installation packages are are tailored tailored to meet individual farm needs.

are Our service packages ar e tailored tailore ed to suit you.



Lloyds Dairy Ltd, Felindr Felindre e Isaf, Abermeurig, Lampeter Lampeter,, Cer edigion, SA48 8PN Ceredigion, t: 01570 470 182

Fullwoodhead llwoodhead A Ayr yyr t: 01292 262 341 Fullwoodhead Lochwinnoch t: 01505 843 000 www




We make sustainable food production possible

Leaders in innovation Based in Kent, SGE Seal Ltd have been established for over 50 years. Their fully qualified DeLaval trained engineers provide the installation and servicing of milking equipment. SGE Seal Ltd also supply approved DeLaval original spares, chemicals, consumables and dairy hygiene products to the surrounding area of Kent, Sussex and most of Surrey. SSGE Seal Ltd, Church Street, Seal, Nr Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0AT t: 01732 761724




DeLaval’s dedication to farming drives the worldwide supplier to develop improved systems to support these four key features while maintaining the autonomy of individual farms and facilitating sustainable food production. Constant research and development and co-operation with the International Dairy Federation and Milking Equipment Association have put the DeLaval name at the forefront of farmers’ minds when they consider dairy management. “We know that if we want quality, we go to DeLaval,” said Tom Gethin, owner of The Gaer Farm in Welshpool. “They are known for high quality milking products and that’s what we based our decision on.” It isn’t just the products that have made the DeLaval name synonymous with quality and efficiency. The service and support provided with each piece of equipment has meant that customers return again and again for all their farming needs.

High Performance InServiceTM, DeLaval’s planned maintenance programme, ensures that machinery is regularly serviced and accurately calibrated to achieve consistently high performance to help realise Sustainable Dairy Farming (SDF). An advisory service provides relevant operator training on correct and optimal usage and emergency support is only ever a phone call away 24/7, 365 days a year. Such is DeLaval’s commitment to SDF that it has recently played an important role in the introduction of Parlour Safe, an accredited training scheme for milking system service engineers. The programme encourages equipment resellers to keep engineers up to date with the technology so that they can react to customer queries and provide their own scheduled maintenance. George Eno, Service Engineer at DeLaval distributor, T H

Automatic milking expertise Proud of their excellent customer service, BH White & Son have been DeLaval dealers for over 40 years. With facilities in Cannington nr. Bridgewater, Sturminster Newton and South Molton their services can be employed in Dorset, Hampshire plus most areas of Somerset and Devon. Covering all DeLaval products from the complete, automatic milking solution VMS, to Proactive™teat dip, BH White & Son have a solution for all.

BH White & Son

BH White & Son, Main Road, Cannington Nr Bridgwater, Somerset, TA5 2JN t: 01278 652 265

White, has learned valuable skills on the Parlour Safe scheme to add to his 16 years’ experience of the dairy industry. “DeLaval Ltd has been supportive and active in all aspects of the training,” said George. “It has been particularly relevant to the Voluntary Milking System which we expect to be a large part of the business in the future.”

Hand in Hand And the future looks bright for DeLaval and its farmers, despite the pressures to do more with less! The Smart FarmingTM initiative encourages customers to look at their farm as a whole, including herd management, welfare, feeding and barn environment as well as milk quality and productivity. All of these factors go hand in hand; when one is being well-controlled, the others benefit. One development that is making an impact on SDF is DeLaval’s Voluntary Milking System (VMS). Its uniquely designed hydraulic robotic arm, which has greater flexibility than any other comparable equipment, accommodates most udder irregularities, resulting in ultimate cow comfort so that each of the herd is happy, relaxed and at her most productive. Quick and thorough teat preparation contributes to the reduction of instances of mastitis and lower cell counts and helps maintain milk quality and productivity. “As far as we’re concerned, the VMS is the best automatic milking system on the market and the future of the dairy industry,” said Stephen Bendall regarding his family’s decision to install 2 DeLaval VMSs at New Farm, near Bath. “We thought that the accuracy of the robotic arm was unmatched by any other manufacturer,” added Stephen’s brother, Andy, “and we were reassured by the service and backup support offered by both TH White and DeLaval.” >>>

Pride in parlour solutions Dairycarre Ltd pr Dairycare provide ro ovide a wealth of knowledge and experience in all things dairy.. Bespoke parlour installations and dairy are e high on the ensuring cow comfort ar priority list for this DeLaval dealership. West Covering South W est Wales Wales Dairycare Dairycare provide DeLaval pr ro ovide the highest quality q products cow brushes, pr ro oducts including, parlours, p spare e parts. liners, filters and spar

Dairycare Ltd


Dairycare Ltd, The Stores, Dairycare Stores, Puncheston, Haverfor Haverfordwest, dwest, Pembrokeshire Pembr okeshire SA62 5RJ t: 07971 272944/07977483868



We make sustainable food production possible

Used in conjunction with the DelProTM software, the VMS allows each cow to be treated as an individual, calculating the correct quantity of feed; tracking breeding productivity; monitoring her risk of mastitis and allowing the farmer to be proactive in her treatment. The system allows remote access from home or office, providing the ultimate in integrated herd management. In most cases this has enabled farmers to gain a new lease of life along with the confidence that the herd is at its most productive.

Advantage “Ours is a busy farm,” said Jim Kirk who has recently had several VMS machines installed on the family farm in Petrockstowe, Devon. “We do all of the foraging and silaging ourselves, so it’s a great advantage to have the flexibility where we don’t have to drop everything to rush back for the start of milking. We spend less time with the cows but because of the VMS we know them better. Half an hour does the job!” Concentrating on SDF and total farm management, DeLaval has also worked hard to develop new technologies and suitable complementary products such as liners, teat dips, cow brushes and automatic footbaths. The available ranges enable farms to maintain their individuality by choosing a product that is particular to their own needs and the

needs of their herd. One example of how DeLaval has successfully combined technology and product development is the effective ProactiveTM teat dip. It not only kills mastitis-causing pathogens but has also been developed using Free Iodine Technology, keeping the disinfecting action of iodine active for longer. Gustaf de Laval would be proud to hear that, well over a century later, his innovative company is continuing to apply technological developments to dairy farming.

DeLaval Ltd, Pascal Close, St Mellons, Cardiff, CF3 0LW t: 029 2077 5800 e: w:





More than milking… With an average consumption of 100 litres per person, it is hard for most of us to imagine life without easy access to mi...