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Caprari has over 60 year始s experience in the development and manufacture of centrifugal and electric pumps. The company is one of the largest independent, manufacturers in Italy, supplying all major European and world markets.

Founded in 1945 by Amadio Caprari, supported by his wife Ada, the firm始s early production of irrigation pumps was soon widened to include the production and distribution of centrifugal pumps and electric pumps intended for a wide range of services in the water industry.

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K-Line irrigation K-Line is a flexible hose line sprinkler system originally designed for irrigation. However, the low application rate makes the K-Line system well suited to effluent distribution. At the heart of the system is a series of tough plastic pods protecting a sprinkler, firmly attached to special K-Line low density polyethylene pipe. Sprinkler head selected dependent on each individual system

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he huge array of pioneering solutions designed for a number of different applications, is not only the natural outcome of the firms evolving know how and technology but also Caprariʼs response to the primary needs of its customers, for a closer and increasingly specialised partnership. Today with the companyʼs headquarters and main manufacturing plant for both pumps and electric borehole motors being in Modena, Italy, it also has Caprari pumps (Shanghai) company limited, as well as 8 main subsidiaries, covering Europe, North Africa and Australia. Caprari is also well represented in more than 70 countries around the world, thanks to its extensive distribution network, agencies, expert distributors, aftersales and spare parts centres and licenses, not to mention some 600 local sales outlets.


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S T Controls - specialising in Energy Saving Solutions for pumps, fans and compressors, providing Bespoke Control Systems that are designed specifically to meet your individual requirements and site conditions. Contact Details S T Controls, 8 Dunnocksfold Road, Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs ST7 2TJ Tel: 01270 875787 Fax:01270 878757 Email: Website:




As one of the ground breakers in the use of pioneering IT design tools, Caprari has always considered research and development an essential part of the successful implementation of its growth strategy. The large scale investments in IT tools and state of the Today Caprari art high-end can lay claim to technological systems outstanding, bear clear witness to the value the specialist expertise company places on in technology, the area responsible applications for the study, design and development of and design new product and solutions. The same motivation inspired high profile university projects launched on an international level. Today Caprari can lay claim to outstanding, specialist expertise in technology, applications and design thereby guaranteeing seamless integration of fluid dynamic and mechanical design. Such skills are then put to use in computer simulations to test the performance and reliability of projects even before prototyping commences. The intricate process whereby more effective products are created is enhanced and overall development times reduced. The companyʼs commitment to research therefore represents a key factor in the further rationalisation of the Caprari manufacturing structure, which is becoming increasingly marked by its flexibility.

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North Staffs Irrigation have been in business for over forty years specialising in the water industry. We can install, design and service pump station, pipelines, tanks and drainage systems throughout the U.K. Martin Hinchliffe - Sales Director North Staffs Irrigation Limited, Ivy Mill, Longton Road, Stone, Staffordshire ST15 8TB Tel: 01785 812706 E-mail: Web:

The Irricentre, Sedge Fen, Lakenheath, Brandon, Suffolk. IP27 9LF

Tel : 01353 675265 / 675580 • Pumpsets manufactured in UK • Bunded fuel tank • Super silent canopy or open set • NEW 2013 season model • All enclosed unit • Parts carry tray • Fuel anti- theft chamber • Auto primer option

• Line fill option • Mechanical or electronic EPU

• Perrot high quality hosereels • Galvanised chassis • High performance turbine • In built strength through design • Easy to use electronic speed control email:



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A Benchmark in the Integrated Water Cycle Caprari promises high performing technological solutions to fit all aspects of water related requirements, raising water from deep wells, pumping and directing service water, draining rain water, collecting waste water and purifying it for subsequent reuse.

Agricultural Applications

• Europe’s largest manufacturer • 120m-700m PET hose • Galvanised chassis • Dosidis control • Low pressure turbine • Positive drive

• Greencrop Diesel Pumps • Fully bunded tank • Acoustic cabinet • Flywheel mounted pump • Exhaust prime • 6 cyl Iveco engine

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Caprari products have traditionally been used to irrigate, lifting water from underground water beds, lakes, reservoirs or rivers and conveying it to the surface or straight to the land to be irrigated. Moreover, the company solutions are also used in land reclamation projects, supplying water to farms, to purify waste water from zoo technical and fish farms, in market gardens and landscaping applications. Caprari products are also used in a wide range of alternative applications, such as the leisure sector, sport field irrigation, swimming pools, water parks and programmed snow making in ski resorts.

Civil and Industrial Application Caprari can offer water authorities, water management bodies and related enterprises the right solution to meet their water collection, raising and pressurising requirements. Caprari products are also widely used in both civil and industrial applications for fire prevention and cooling systems, as well as in the building industry.

Waste Water Management Applications T: 01765 640 646 F: 01765 641 810

Design Borehole Drilling

Pumping Installation Private Water Supply Agricultural and Turf Irrigation Abstraction Licensing Geothermal Systems Water Treatment Pipelines

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Caprari products are an irreplaceable part of the complex and vital waste water recycling process, which purifies civil and industrial effluent to eradicate pollutants and returning the purified water to the environment to continue in the cycle. Caprari pumping systems are therefore an indispensable tool in recovering rain water, re-using purified water, treating solid waste and in running sewerage networks in general.

Caprari Network As previously mentioned Caprari have 8 main subsidiaries; Caprari UK Ltd, Caprari France SARL, Bombas Caprari SA, Caprari Portugal LDA, Caprari Pumpen Gmbh, Caprari Hellas SA, Caprari Pumps Yemen Ltd and Caprari Pumps Australia PTY Ltd. In addition to these, Caprari has formed a long term strategic alliance with Peme Gourdin, another European manufacturer specialising in water centrifugal pumps. With this alliance Caprari presents the new High Flow Line, a range of products and solutions designed for


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Pumping Solutions (UK) Ltd established in January 1999 to provide: design, sales, installation and service of: • Water treatment for private water supplies from boreholes. • Sewage treatment plants for use in areas where mains drainage is not available, or existing septic tank soak away have failed units range from 6 – 400 population for domestic, commercial, leisure, municipal and industrial clients. • Sewage packaged pumping stations are available for sites not able to gravity feed such waste to main sewers. • Storm water pumping station available for various applications including loading bays and poor drainage areas.

pumping water at high flow rates. High Flow Line is based on advanced construction and offers the customer the best solution for each project. A wide range of configurations is available; alloyed cast iron, carbon steel, bronze and cupro-aluminiun, AISI 316 stainless steel, duplex and super-duplex. The service provided by Caprari for High Flow Line begins with analysis and research to identify the best solution from both technical and cost effective aspects and continues with the offer of specialised assistance, instillation, start up and commissioning, monitoring with trained personnel coupled with complete after sales service.

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Caprari Pumps (UK) Ltd Caprari pumps UK is a wholly owned subsidiary company established in 1984. Dedicated to serving the UK and Irish markets being a leading pump supplier for irrigation in Great Britain, today it is also a key reference point in the water industry sector with a wide range of pumps for deep and surface clear waters, waste waters and drainage. Particularly concerned about the environment and safety, Caprari Pumps always considers the environmental risks and operating impact in relation to the equipment supplied. Caprari Pumps (UK) Ltd is now certified under EN ISO 14001 for Environmental Care. Caprari UK moved to their modern Peterborough premises in 1993 and have since expanded the site to a total in excess of 4000sq metres. Caprari Pumps have invested heavily in after sales; the company policy strives to provide immediate assistance in the event of a problem and if necessary rapidly arranges repair and the supply of replacement parts. Common parts are always in stock in Peterborough. Also as an ISO 9001 qualified supplier, it seeks to identify possible malfunctions, offering its expertise to recommend preventative solutions in order to avoid unnecessary and costly breakdowns.






The UK Team The UK team includes specialist Pump Application Engineers with particular knowledge and experience in the areas of irrigation, sewage, and clean water. The team is headed by Jon Nix, General Manager, who has nearly 35 years in the pumping industry. Peter Billing, Irrigation Manager, has nearly 40 years in both pumps and the irrigation industry (19 years with Caprari). Peter McGrath, Technical Manager, has many years in the pumping industry, both with surface and submersible pumps. All the above are greatly assisted by long serving Caprari personnel whose experience and knowledge are invaluable. Our expertise is always available to assist you in the selection of the optimum solution for your pumping requirements. Our after-sales service team have many yearsʼ experience in the field and can offer a trouble-shooting maintenance and repair service of unrivalled competence.

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Warehouse and Stocking With warehouse and workshop facilities of some 800 sq metres, Caprari UK carry general stock of all popular pump models and spare parts. Additional specific stock is held for particular customers, market needs and trends. Caprari Pumps UK Ltd holds a generous stock profile of borehole pumps and motors that range from 4 inch to 14 inch in a range of different materials from cast iron to stainless steel, with full bronze on application, plus all the accessories to help start, monitor and control your system. Caprari Pumps UK also has access to the several million pounds worth of stock, surface, submersible and sewage pumps within the European subsidiaries network as well as the main plant in Italy.

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Bawtry Road, Tickhill, Doncaster, r, S.Yorkshire S.Y Yorkshire o DN11 9EX Tickhill, Doncaster tel: 01302 756000 fax: 01302 756006 email: www w..tornevalley .co.u .co u




Services Ltd


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company profile Arden Lea's design and installation team have experience of every kind of terrain throughout the UK and Europe, as well as many different crops and applications. The company has invested in all the plant and equipment necessary to ensure a cost effective, professional and reliable finished irrigation project whatever the local ground conditions. Arden Lea’s services include: • Irrigation system design, supply and installation • Supply of irrigation pipe, fittings and sundries • Supply and on-site assembly of sectional steel and corrugated steel water storage tanks • Supply of water and chemical pumps both fixed and variable speed • Fabrication of bespoke pump sets • Priva dealers and installers of

environmental and irrigation control • Experts in PLC programming and bespoke system control • Rainbird and Toro dealers and installers • Caprari dealers and installers • NICEIC electrical installations • Design and manufacture of electrical panels • Electrical testing • Pile driving • Ground works and foundations.

Arden Lea Irrigation 160 Moss Lane, Hesketh Bank, Preston PR4 6AE Tel: 01772 812433 · Fax: 01772 815371 Email:


Test Facilities The main premises in Peterborough are equipped with a test room and a 9 metre deep well. A 215 kw. Rolls Royce generator enables dynamic tests on new Caprari pumps and also on products previously installed and operating, with flow ranges up to 500 cubic metres per hour and testing tolerances to ISO 9906. In addition to this, Caprari UK have a fully qualified team of service and maintenance engineers trading as Aquarius Liquid Engineering. They offer an extensive scope of mechanical and electrical services associated with clean and waste water, catering for a range of clients from domestic home owners to water authorities

Avonmore Associates pride themselves with providing a full range of water services including but not limited to: G G G


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pecialising in irrigation. mps and Briggs Irrigation. tenance of farming equipment.


Rainwater harvesting Construction of storage reservoirs Design supply and installation of water networks both potable and none potable Pumping plants Static and mobile irrigation equipment Contact us for a Free evaluation

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