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#glaikit day 1 10am Introduction Con will set the scene for the next 2 days 10.10 A look at some CPD communities This is the traditional ‘before’ part of any self-respecting makeover show. In this episode, Anna and Sheila invite us in to look at the Aberdeenshire professional learning communities, Con and Catriona will talk about the national CPDcommunity set-up and hopefully there will be lots of soulbaring from #glaikit colleagues. 10.40 The Engine Room It’s time to sharpen our aspirations for our CPDcommunities on Glow. What do we want our CPD communities to achieve? We will be using an Engine Room technique to help us. You can see an example of an Engine Room here 11.15 Refreshments and gold stars Tea, coffee, biccies and voting on the top 5s from the Engine Room 11.45 Building CPD community This is the first of the sessions that make up the majority of the 2 days. In teams, we will build communities and wisdom! Throughout these sessions, we will use the #glaikit Glow area to help: •

spark ideas and realise our aspirations

list ‘magic moments’ of learning

peer review our work

find fellow-travellers and guides for our particular community

share interesting practice, issues, ideas and insights

leave a messagefor the Glow elves when Glow doesn’t quite work the way we want it to!

12.35 Stoap the bus! Throughout the 2 days, we will sometimes ‘stoap the bus’ and share emerging techniques that may be of value to all. Anyone can ‘stoap the bus!’ Thesewill be filmed to enhance the scrapbook and support our ongoing development of CPDcommunities 12.45 Networking and nosh Lunch, but don’ t sit next to your pals or you’ll get no pudding! 1.30

Building CPD community


Stoap the bus!


Building CPD community (tea/coffee available at some point)


Stoap the bus!


Building CPD community


Enough already!

The formal work for the day ends. For those staying over, the event room will still be available for a wee bit of optional fun – The Ad Factor! More details on the day. Dinner is usually served about 7.30 and rumour has it that there is a bar!

#glaikit day 2 9.30

Welcome back / review of day 1

Katie will lead a session that looks at progress so far and highlight what has been shared on the #glaikit community 10.00 Building CPD community 11.00 Stoap the bus! 11.15 Refreshments 11.30 The ‘Elephant in the Room’ discussion At these events, it’s not hard to get carried away and forget the realities of life back at the chalkface. Beforehand, we may not know what the elephant in the room is, but there usually is one, and it (or possibly a whole herd) will emerge over the course of the event. This session will help us point out the elephant and discussstrategies for politely asking her to leave the room or working round her! 12.15 Before and now part 1 (volunteers) This session is a first chance to show off what we have achieved and how we achieved it. Volunteers will be asked to stand up and share. 12.30 Lunch 1.15

Final polish to CPD communities

By now, the clock is ticking, friends and relatives are gathering at the other side of the curtain. Gok is asking ‘are you ready to reveal all?’ Just time for a final bit of makeup, a check in the mirror and then it’s...


Before and now part 2

This is the second chance to show off what we have achieved and how we achieved it. This time all the names of those who haven’t shared yet go in the virtual hat! 2.30

Plenary, intentions, goodbyes

This time will be used to declare our intentions, start some action planning, plan the follow-up session in late February and say cheerio to friends old and new. 3.00

Job done (or is that started?)

Draft outline for #glaikit  

Draft outline, #glaikit

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