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5 things you might want to know as a CPD leader / coordinator?

1.There is an online community for leaders of CPD, called CPDLead. Suggested actions:  

Find out more about CPDLead What is CPDLead? Join CPDLead at or visit the SLC ‘mini-community’ and click on the Saltire!

2.There is a national database of CPD called CPDFind Suggested actions:   

Find out more about CPDFind What is CPDFind? - or just Google it! Have a look at CPDFind and try it out for yourself Ask your staff to have a go!

3.There is a way you can get free CPD on any topic (yes you read that correctly!), it’s called CPDRequest Suggested actions:  

Find out more about CPDRequest What is CPDRequest? Go on, add a topic on the CPDRequest service and get 6 of your colleagues to join you

4.There is a professional community for supply teachers, called CPDStepin. If a supply teacher can’t get a Glow user name, we will provide one! Suggested actions:  

Find out more about CPDStepin here What every supply teacher should know about CPDStepin Tell your supply colleagues all about it or ask them to email

5.There is yet another professional community for colleagues interested in sharing PRD (or PDR) practice called PRDShare Suggested actions: 

Join the PRDShare community

5 things CPD leaders might want to know  

Handy guide for CPDLeaders