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May 2018

Manager’s Message

Coahoma Electric to retire 2017 capital credits W. Keith Hurt General Manager

Unlike an investor-owned utility, which operates to make profit for investors, Coahoma Electric is a memberowned cooperative and does not operate for profit. Revenue generated from members’ bills is first used to pay for operating expenses and remaining funds are invested in the utility system. The invested funds represent the member-

owners’ economic participation and are allocated to the Members in the form of capital credits. On June bills, Coahoma Electric will provide a bill credit for active Members with a capital credit retirement total of less than $50. Refunds greater than $50 will be processed the last week in May and checks will be mailed.

Questions about capital credits? You may go to our website at and click on the Member Services Tab (at the top), then click on Capital Credits. There you will find information pertaining to Capital Credits. You must have been a member in 2017 to be eligible.

Don’t have the Internet? Please contact us at 662-624-8321.

May 2018


Today in Mississippi I 11


Electric cooperatives remind members to plug into safety In May, electric cooperatives across the country promote safety awareness to coincide with National Electrical Safety Month. Every year, thousands of accidents occur due to shock hazards, and Coahoma Electric Power Association, a not-for-profit electric utility, is committed to educating the public about potential electrical dangers in the home. In 2016, 475,500 structure fires (including residential fires) were reported in the U.S.,

causing 2,950 deaths, 12,775 injuries and $7.9 billion in property damage. According to the National Fire Protection Association, a residential fire was reported every 90 seconds. Many home fires occur when electrical equipment is outdated or improperly used. “It is critical that the public understands their home’s electrical system and the safety concerns associated with the latest residential technologies before bringing them into their homes,” explains Keith Hurt, general manager. “With newer technologies, such as solar panels, electric vehicles and more electrical gadgets in the home, people need to ensure they have an electrical system that’s compatible with the increased load.” Through electrical safety awareness and education, we can all play a part in preventing electrical hazards and injuries in the future. Together, let’s plug into safety this May.


Tip of the Month

May is National Electrical Safety Month

Laundry Tip: Use rubber or wool dryer balls, which help separate clothing in the cycle, providing better airflow and a shorter drying time. Wool dryer balls can help absorb moisture, which also reduces drying time. Source:

This month, we encourage all members to take extra time to plug into safety.


Today in Mississippi May 2018 Coahoma  

Today in Mississippi May 2018 Coahoma

Today in Mississippi May 2018 Coahoma  

Today in Mississippi May 2018 Coahoma