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Official Publication of the National City Chamber of Commerce

MISSION  STATEMENT “To increase opportunities for businesses and advocate for our membership in matters related to business, government, and community relations.”

VISION  STATEMENT “The National City Chamber of Commerce is recognized as the premier local Chamber of Commerce in the San Diego Region, is highly respected by the community as the unified voice of business, and participates as a major partner in planning the future of our community, insuring a healthy balance between economic prosperity and quality of life. The Chamber is an advocate for business friendly legislation at all levels of government, and is an organization with a strong, active membership.”

CHAMBER PRIORITIES Advocate for members. Provide information on current issues. Promote business growth.

NATIONAL CITY MARINA DISTRICT – NEW LAND USE DESIGNATION PROPOSED The Port has been working closely with the City of National City, as well as businesses and community stakeholders to find the right balance of land use between three priorities to serve the greater good in the National City Marina District. The National City Marina District encompasses 53 acres of land and water ripe with redevelopment opportunity. The Port of San Diego manages these lands as part of the Tidelands Trust and is currently working on a redevelopment plan. The area is currently designated for three primary purposes: Maritime – Includes shipbuilding and repair, processing plants and marine terminal operations. The National City Marine Terminal is a critical centerpiece in the global movement of goods to and from the region. Commercial Recreation – Includes hotels, restaurants, specialty shopping, and pleasure craft marinas. The Port Master Plan calls for a thriving exchange of goods and services along the prime real estate of San Diego Bay. Public Access – Includes parks, plazas, public access ways, vista points and recreational activities. These must enhance the marine, natural resource and human recreational access to San Diego Bay. On September 23, 2015 the Board of Port Commissioners reviewed staff recommendations for conceptual land-use designations that balance Maritime, Commercial Recreation and Public Access within the National City Marina District. They weighed in on the City’s demand for more public space. A major goal of this process was achieved when the Board directed staff to add an additional two to three acres of park space within the Marina District. The conceptual land use designations would ultimately result in the reconfiguration of District Tidelands. This would create growth opportunities for the Port’s largest maritime tenant in National City, Pasha Automotive. Creation of expanded public park and additional commercial area would require amending the Port Master Plan to allow for park/plaza use and changing an existing land use designation from marine related - industrial to commercial recreation and park/plaza. (Continued on pg.11-) National City Chamber News 1

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National City Chamber of Commerce 2015 Fall Newsletter  

National City Chamber of Commerce 2015 Fall Newsletter