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w w w. b r i g h t o n f u s e . c o m

The BIMM Model and the FuseBox

techniques, BIMM has produced many successful artists who have recognised the

What started as an inquiry into creative

role of the institution in their development

learning models and a desire to pilot

and as a consequence maintain their

new learning experiences for the CDIT

relationship beyond that of alumni,

sector companies, exploded into a

contributing their experience on practical

3000sq ft learning space providing an

levels. Tutors are drawn from the music

intensive and transformative learning

industry and have successfully blended

experience, via the FuseBoxAmp pilot for

with the formal academic sector in order to

early stage entrepreneurs.

accredit their BA courses and innovatively,

The journey started with Wired Sussex’s Phil Jones drawing inspiration from a

partnership with Middlesex University.

local learning institution that has achieved

Wired Sussex and Brighton and Hove City

international recognition for delivering music

Council successfully gained EU funding

education for musicians. A privately funded

through the Recreate urban regeneration

higher-education institution, the Brighton

programme in 2012 to establish what has

Institute of Modern Music combines both

become a CDIT sector focused learning

formal teaching with informal learning

space at New England House in Brighton.

experiences as students are actively

In summer 2013, the FuseBoxAmp

encouraged to form bands and gig locally

opened it’s doors to ten Brighton-based

as part of their overall education. Having

entrepreneurs for a month-long pilot project,

grown successfully in Brighton due to the

trialling new ways of delivering business

conducive nature of the local cultural scene

support. Drawing on learnings from BIMM,

and availability of venues, BIMM has evolved

London’s School of Communication Arts

a model that has been replicated in other

and other international creative learning

cities, Bristol, Dublin and Manchester.

institutions such as dSchool at Stanford

Wenger’s concept of Communities of Practice inspires and underpins the BIMM teaching and learning model. Using both individual and group assessment


developed their own PGCert for Teaching in

University, HyperIsland and Kaos Pilots, the FuseBoxAmp successfully engaged local business mentors. Three modes of learning were successfully trialled through

The Brighton Fuse  
The Brighton Fuse