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set up offices in New York and Berlin that are now

We also asked respondents to the Brighton Fuse

winning work. Large projects for international clients

survey about their use of instruments to protect

like this likely represent a significant part of the

their IP such as patents, copyrights, trademarks and

revenues from overseas observed in the survey,

design rights.

but also included would be the voluminous oneoff micropayments made through web portals and general e-commerce. Skoosh, for example, had established sites aimed at the French, German and

First headline is that the cluster is involved in what appears to be rather high levels of innovation – only 1% of our respondents report not having engaged

Spanish language markets.

in at least one modality of innovation between 2010

4. Lots of innovation, but not as you know it

for copyright’ from our definition of innovation.

Perhaps the appeal of Brighton as a supplier for

we find that a number of industries including digital

high profile London clients in media, technology

technologies, digital agencies, marketing services

and broadcasting stems from the high levels of

and web portals display a significant number of

innovation we see in the cluster.

firms (between 15% and 20%) that engage in all

and 2011. This finding excludes ‘materials eligible When we look at the levels of innovation by sector,

modes of innovation. The same is true for a full third We have developed a typology of innovations in the

of larger firms in the sample.

cluster and measured what firms engage in them. They include: •

Figure 9: % engagement in x modes of innovation between 2010 and 2011

New goods and services that are different from the competition


New processes that make firms more efficient



and responsive to customer needs •

New materials eligible for copyright, like a new video game, new film or song

19.6% 17.6%


15% 12.3% 11.5%


New software code 5%

New business models, that is, strategies to generate revenue.


0 0

Staff training – an important type of innovation investment. 0: 1.3%. 1: 12.3%. 2: 17.4%. 3: 20.3%. 4: 19.6%. 5: 17.6%. 6: 11.5%.








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