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programmes. If the outcome is successful they share

The average firm worked with more than 7 freelancers. The average working owner (firm with no employees) worked with more than 5 freelancers (the median with two). Almost 80% of firms in the

of its own ideas, but this ready access to a pool of freelancers helps to ensure a variety of content across the portfolio.

sample worked with freelancers between 2010 and

Firms active in other sectors use freelancers for

2011. Arts organisations use more freelancers (a

more specific roles which are in scarce supply. For

median of 17 compared to a median of 3 for the

example, Leapfrogg needs paid search specialists

cluster overall).

– requiring analytical and mathematical skills, and

Lambent Productions is an award winning independent television production company that also works on digital platforms. Here the model is heavily reliant on freelancers, as the company ranges from 6 people to as many as 30, depending on current projects. These include directors, researchers, assistant producers, editors, and camera people to add to a core staff of production, financial and IP management, distribution and public relations. Lambent organises occasional idea generation and development sessions in which freelancers are invited to share their ideas and Lambent helps


the production fee and IP. Lambent has no shortage

has found very few locally and needs to go further to London for these freelancers. Plug-In Media finds it hard to find freelance producers, partly because the freelance pool tends to have producers with more experience of large console games projects, while Plug-In works with mobile platforms and smaller budget projects. The dynamics of digital sectors often mean the labour market lags behind the needs of industries. While there is a critical mass in the Brighton cluster, there are skills that are in short supply, which we explain in the section on barriers to growth later.

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