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Economic processes of ‘creative destruction’ and structural change mean technological progress reallocates employment from declining traditional sectors to emerging sectors. Even among these emerging sectors there may be some that grow faster than others. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that there are also striking differences in growth across sectors. On average, the fastest growing sector is marketing, followed surprisingly by crafts, digital technologies, content and digital agencies.

Figure 3: Average and median growth rates by sector -10%



Creative goods and Crafts

between 2010 and 2011. They are: architecture, arts organisations, creative goods and crafts and surprisingly web portals. Marketing services, other activities, and digital agencies have the highest median growth rates – more than half of marketing


18.3% 3.8% 12.6%

Digital Agency

8.8% 12.6%


3.8% 12.5%


1.3% 9.9% -1.2% 9.1%

Design services

3.8% 8.8%



firms grew by 18.8% or faster. More than half of digital agencies grew by 8.8% or faster.

Art organisation Architecture and Interior Design



Digital technologies

Web Portals and e-commerce



by sector reveals a number of sectors where more than half of firms have experienced a decline in sales



Marketing services

Looking at the median in order to deal with extreme observations that may skew the average growth rates


8.1% -1.2 2.2% -1.2

Average growth rate

Median growth rate

Marketing services. average growth rate. 38%. Median growth rate. 18.8%. Creative goods and Crafts. average growth rate. 23.5%. Median growth rate. -1.2%. Digital technologies. average growth rate. 18.3%. Median growth rate. 3.8%. Digital Agency. average growth rate. 12.6%. Median growth rate. 8.8%. Content. average growth rate. 12.6%. Median growth rate. 3.8%. KIBS. average growth rate. 12.5%. Median growth rate. 1.3%. Web Portals and e-commerce. average growth rate. 9.9%. Median growth rate. -1.2%. Design services. average growth rate. 9.1%. Median growth rate. 3.8%. Other. average growth rate. 8.8%. Median growth rate. 8.8%. Art organisation. average growth rate. 8.1%. Median growth rate. -1.2%. Architecture and Interior Design. average growth rate. 2.2%. Median growth rate. -1.2%.


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