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October24th , 2010


Appeal Court President, third high court jurist to be forced out?

Hon. Mr Justice Elliot Mottley, President of the Belize Court of Appeal

ing to play the role of high court judge, so regal is his bearing, so There are some who say that courtly are his manners, so incithe soon to be departed President sive is his understanding of the of the Belize Court of Appeal may law, so calm is his demeanor and have been sent from central castBELIZE CITY, Wed. Oct. 20

his deportment, so wise his visage, and so encyclopedic is his knowledge. A gentleman in every sense of the word, a vivacious wife, a daughter who has ascended to the top rungs of the political ladder in his home country, and 49 years of legal practice, he is the epitome of a judge. It is a sacrifice for so eminent a personage to travel to Belize at least three times per year to serve, as the Hon. Mr. Justice Elliott Mottley has done since first being appointed to the Belize bench eleven years ago, and having been exposed to the high caliber of his administration of justice, Belizeans in the know are be properly grateful. And indeed the men and woman who spoke of his career and life’s work this afternoon in the Chief Justice’s courtroom, testified that he was a giant, and that his cool

and steady stewardship had helped the ship of justice in Belize navigate roiling waters and tricky currents to calmer seas. One after the other, his fellow Appellate Justices Hon. Mr. Dennis Morrison and Hon. Mr. Denys Barrow, Acting Chief Justice Hon. Mr. Justice Samuel Awich, and attorneys Ms. Naima Barrow, Vice President of the Belize Bar Association, Mr. Simeon Sampson, Senior Counsel, and Attorney General, Hon. Bernard Q. A. Pitts all sang his high praise for a sterling job well done. And through the platitudes, testimonies and even good humored

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Attorney and Wife brutally stabbed to death! RECKLESS !! Murder suspect brutalized: who will defend him?

Richard Stuart and wife Maria Illiana Fernandez Stuart Illiana Fernandez-Stuart, 43, may The man police say is the person have been brutalized while in police responsible for the savage slaugh- custody, reliable sources have told tering of attorney Richard Stuart, the National Perspective. Nixon Alexander Maza, also 43, and his wife accountant Maria Belize City, Thurs. Oct. 21

known as Milton Alexander Maza, 24, a Guatemalan who became a naturalized Belizean citizen, is accused of somehow gaining entry into the couple’s three story but still under construction home in the West Landivar section of Belize City, and purportedly with the aid of an accomplice, slaughtering them within ear shot of their four children sometime around midnight last Saturday night. A postmortem examination concluded that the couple had been stabbed more than 20 times. Maza was arraigned on 2 counts of murder yesterday afternoon before Senior Magistrate Dorothy Flowers in Magistrate’s Court #6. He appeared to walk gingerly and appeared a bit disoriented at times. Reliable reports are that he had indicated to a legal representative who visited him that he had been beaten in the genitals and on the soles of Continues on page 11

PM Dean Barrow’s high priced vehicle Prime Minister’s Dean Barrow government issued SUV somehow ended up being reversed and immersed into the sea in front of his Buttonwood Bay home on Monday. At the time of the incident Mr. Barrow was out of the country attending a meeting with the President of Mexico, and it is a mystery at this Continued on page 3

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October24th , 2010

THE CHICKENS ARE HOME TO ROOST In the words of the black power leader of the sixties, Malcolm X, “the chickens have come home to roost”. Malcolm X made this statement when he was asked to comment on the assassination of the John F. Kennedy, President of the United States of America. He had gotten in trouble for that statement and was reprimanded by the Hon. Elijah Mohammed leader of the Muslim Nation at that time. That statement is very appropriate today as one reflects on the massive turnout at the People’s United Party Convention on Sunday October 17, 2010. The crowd of almost 20,000 which represented 40% of the amount of votes (49,000) received by the PUP in the 2008 General Election. The crowd included hundreds if not thousands of frustrated UDP supporters who claimed that they cannot take the UDP and Dean Barrow government anymore. As a result of the total neglect by the UDP government that has occurred since taking office has forced their own supporters to choose the PUP as the party of hope. So if the UDP fanatics and Dean Barrow do not believe that the crowd on Sunday to be a sign of a crescendo building then he really is the ostrich in disguise that was suspected. That crowd on Sunday is in pain, and now they want to inflict back more pain to the UDP and Barrow greater than they received. That crowd proverbially is truly the chickens already come home to roost. Prominent in the forefront and dressed in blue and white was the UDP key spokesman Philip “Fada” Henry. He was proudly posing for pictures because he like the thousands that turned up at the convention is frustrated and fed up with the UDP and their corrupt and incompetent ways. No one was more UDP than “Fada” Henry. The hand writing is on the wall because without a shadow of a doubt the UDP days as a govern

ment are numbered. Jules Vasquez and Evan X Hyde tried to down play the resurgence of the PUP “massive” by focusing on the fact that Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde was absentfrom the convention. Well, they were absent by choice, but both the Albert and Lake Independence divisions was represented by the buses full. Their absence was miscalculated because they did not in their wildest dreams believe that the PUP as a party of hope would have been able to attract that many supporters. What was significant about the crowd in Dangriga was that it was not a renta-crowd nor was there any free and cheap alcohol and beer. Mark and Cordel have done themselves a disservice and the people they represent. Nows they have left the door open for “mongoose to enter their foul coop”. Significantly, absent was Francis Fonseca, who called in sick and Florencio Marin Jr., whom excuse has not reached this editorial desk. Evan X Hyde claim that Mark and Cordel was been left off the PUP National Executive, but we wish to clarify at this desk that they left themselves off the National Executive when they refuse to submit their names for nomination. If they had submitted their names for their desired post, they stood a good chance of winning that post on the convention floor. What is most interesting is the fact that both Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde were offered positions on the present PUP executive that they refused. No one sidelined them, they exempted themselves. What is most likely to happen is that they will be challenged for the PUP standard bearer position in their divisions and there is no guarantee they will win because the people in their area are tired of their negative behavior also, their challengers are embolden since they could have infiltrated and brought out so many of their

voters. Now even if they win at a convention, they will need to spend money to campaign. However, if they have an endorsement it cost less. However, they are the ones to blame because they choose to stand outside the blue tent and watch the crowd of PUPs swell. No one will argue that having dissenting views are a bad thing, but bad mind certainly cannot be tolerated, and this is what Mark and Cordel exhibited towards the PUP and of course against their divisions by not showing up. The PUP will win the next General Election with or without the “Zinc Fence” support. We wish they would stay out so they can be unleashed upon to expose their full hypocrisy because the full story has not been told to the Belizean people yet. Our warning to John Briceno is that if Mark and Cordel to runs and both win their divisions and the PUP forms the next government the PUP will need to win at least eighteen seats, because as hell has fire those two will be menaces to the Briceno government for that entire term. Another point to counter is the Evan X Hyde tries to distract the pseudo intellectuals by referring to the PUP as neo-liberals. However poor people do not have a

clue what that means nor do they care all they know presently that Evan X Hyde is supporting a demonic Dean Barrow that is putting an economic licking on them. Nevertheless, all neo-liberal means is using private sector to create opportunities for the poor. We repeat what is wrong for a government to create opportunities for its people by working with investors to build Belize. Don’t be distracted by this jack@ss that lived his entire life as a parasite and is still doing so only today instead of Said and Ralph, he is sucking Dean Barrow dry. Our advice to Mark and Cordel, humble yourselves and sever your ties with the old dinosaur and come home and ride to Belmopan as one of the eighteen plus representatives. This is the only way you will save your political careers. The tide is shifting and certainly there is no room and the PUP deck for the “Zinc Fence”, not this time around. As is our mantra, we are not prepared to powder any politician, unlike the “Zinc Fence” but we have to hang some hope on the PUP because the UDP has been an outright disaster and Belize cannot take anymore. Straight like that. OPEN YOUR EYES THE PEOPLE ARE TRULY AWAKE!!!


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October24th , 2010

INTERFERENCE!! reminisces and occasional anecdotes, a funeral air attended the speeches that sounded more like obituaries and eulogies not for a career well done on the Belize bench, but for something else. Something had died, they all seem to cry, and we don’t know why. The answer came when after a brief peroration on his time on the bench in Belize, expressions of concern for the lack of legal aid services, the constant parade of appellants without representation who had appeared before his bench, the need to strength the Magistracy, the sheer scarcity of appeals from Magistrate judgments, and the observation that sentences in Belize are on average much higher than other Commonwealth Caribbean jurisdictions, he said with an air of finality: “It was in August of this year that the former Chief Justice Conteh brought to my attention the amendment to the constitution. It was then that I discovered that the terms and condition of my appointment as president of the Court of Appeal of Belize had been unilaterally altered and this was done without my knowledge and consent. Once I became aware of this I determined that I would resign my position as president of this court.” With that President of the Belize Court of Appeal, Hon. Mr. Justice Elliot Mottley bid adieu to the Belize bench, perhaps for the last time, an ignominious exit that somehow he seemed to bring dignity to with simple words and his

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head held erect. He heads high courts in other jurisdictions and is better remunerated for such. He will be honored by the University of the West Indies with a doctorate degree recognizing his nearly half century of practice. Did justice just die in Belize? Justice Mottley is the third high court judge to leave office this year, apparently at the determination of the Barrow administration. First it was his brother Justice Boyd Carey who unmistakably complained of having been given his marching orders. Then came the imbroglio of the Chief Justice, the Hon. Dr. Abdulai Conteh who was not only being told to leave office, but to do so post haste. Now this. The scuttlebutt is that when he was “visited” by the Attorney General on his last arrival in Belize for this session, Justice Mottley was told that not only had his lifetime appointment been reduced to one year, but at its expiry next year April, he would not be re-appointed. Today the once proud court, distinguished by independent and precedent-setting judgments, is in disarray. What has Dean Barrow wrought and for what motive? Even his brother the Justice could not deny, the Judiciary is in disarray, mired now in controversy, uncertainty and bereft of the world class minds that had built it up as an edifice of distinction.

RECKLESS !! point how this expensive luxury vehicle ended up in the water. The question many Belizeans want to know is what his Official Vehicle was doing in-front of his house anyway? Why such a high tag priced vehicle was not secured adequately? Where was the police officer that should have been on guard at his house? There is no mystery to this. There is blatant disregard for public funds, the vehicle was not supposed to be parked at his house as if it is his personal toy. Over the many years, it has been customary that the Prime Minister’s vehicle be parked at the secured compound of the Police station, either at Racoon Street or at Queens Street. Now to restore it will be tagged on the public purse, and our tax dollars will have to pay for the ir-

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responsibility of the Prime Minister and or the persons, he authorized to use his vehicle while he was out of the country. Reliable sources have informed the National Perspective that the bill for salt water damage to vehicle’s electronics could easily total $30,000 that Belizean taxpayers will have to foot. The decent thing to do, which will show some kind of consideration for the Belizean tax payer is for the Prime Minister to personally pay for the restoration of the official vehicle, since he used it as his personal vehicle instead of an official vehicle whilst on official duties.

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The National Perspective unreserv-

edly apologizes to Mr. Frank Garbutt, President of St. John’s College (SJC) for two separate ‘Letters to the Editor’ appearing in this newspaper that were seriously libellous of Mr. Garbutt’s character and professional reputation. The first letter which appeared in our Sunday, July 25th 2010 issue accused Mr. Garbutt of hand-picking the new Headmaster of St John’s College because of a “special relationship” he enjoyed with her. We are satisfied that this letter was base-less, false and malicious and that the headmaster was selected by an independent Search Committee and approved by the SJC Board of Trustees.

Continues from page 1 The second letter which appeared in our Sunday August 29th 2010 issue accuses Mr Garbutt of financial mismanagement and abuse of office by appointing unqualified friends to lucrative positions. Again, we are satisfied that that letter was baseless, false and actuated by malice. The National Perspective accepts that the two letters contained false and malicious allegations that have been extremely damaging to Mr. Garbutt’s character and professional reputation. The National Perspective proffers it’s full, sincere and unreserved apology for any damage caused to Mr. Garbutt.

October24th , 2010

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Adelante is a Spanish word that means moving forward and is often used as a rallying cry to encourage a group to move forward triumphantly; without fear. “Adelante” was also the title of an Amandala editorial of Wednesday, October 20, 2010, whose intent was anything but moving ahead; in fact, it was intended on cast doubt in the ranks of the PUP. It appears that the successful PUP national convention on Sunday, October 17, which some say brought close to 15,000 Belizeans from across the country to beautiful Dangriga shores to endorse Party Leader, Hon Johnny Briceño and a new national executive, must have struck a sour note behind the zinc fence. No one was surprised to hear the spin Monday morning on the Wave Radio’s ‘Fus ting da Mawnin’ or Jules Vasquez’s sarcasm on Channel 7 that night, but some may have been surprised to read the “abrasive” comments in the Amandala, supposedly an independent voice, on the successful convention. The editorial, in typical conspiratorial form, took the position that it was a “guided” process rather than a genuine expression of the delegates present. This insinuation of being “guided” is an interesting one coming from the zinc fence especially since one of the significant differences between this convention and others in the past was the participation of thousands of delegates from constituencies throughout the country; an idea that came directly from Hon. Mark Espat. The editorial seemed intent on undermining the authenticity of the Briceño leadership by suggesting that “Johnny accepted a deal” that “Mr. Espat turned down” and that this deal, offered by Mr. Musa, is what decided who would ultimately become the leader of the PUP. In other words, Johnny is only a puppet in a larger scheme of things controlled by Said Musa, and of course, Ralph Fonseca. Whoever wrote this editorial obviously doesn’t have much respect for the leadership capability of Mark since it suggest that the reason he was “demoted and sidelined” is because that his rise to leadership depended on his acceptance or nonacceptance of a deal offered by Mr. Musa. In other words, if he had accepted that “deal” maybe he would have been the party leader. I wonder how Mr. Espat feels when his intelligence is undermined in this way. The conspiracy theory also interpreted Florencio Marin Jr. absence from the convention as a factor but said nothing of Frances Fonseca’s absence. Maybe the fact that Frances was prevented from at-

By: Nuri Muhammad Obviously, the hard times being suffered by the Belizean people, is not reaching the executives of the zinc fence to any serious degree. The crime, which has already reached unprecedented levels in Belize, has not affected the privileged few behind the fence. But for how long? tending because of the flu did not have enough mystery to provide a spin. Also included in the theory is the suggestion that the PUP will “return” to a 1989 - 2008 neoliberal agenda under Johnny Briceño’s leadership and that Ashcroft is in partnership with “Johnny’s family or Johnny himself”. Talk about not “being abrasive in any kind of way”. It is obvious from this editorial and others that the new PUP leadership will not get any support from the Amandala group despite the amount of advertizing dollars invested behind the zinc fence by the Briceño family through SMART Ads. In fact, the editorial is saying, without Mark and Cordel in the leadership of the party they have no obligations; so Johnny, watch yourself. But there is a bigger picture in all this. Obviously, the hard times being suffered by the Belizean people, is not reaching the executives of the zinc fence to any serious degree. The crime, which has already reached unprecedented levels in Belize, has not affected the privileged few behind the fence. But for how long? Clearly, crime and violence is no longer confined to the south side or the poor. Is Amandala saying we don’t care how bad things get, “anything betta dan Musa and Fonsaca”? Has their dislike and disagreement with the aforementioned two turned to blind-hate? But despite this fiasco the leadership of the PUP must not allow itself to be distracted by the barking dogs in the market. Indeed its time to shout: Adelante! This is the time to rally the rank and file of the party and move forward under the leadership of the Hon. Johnny Briceño, to rescue Belize from the mess we find ourselves in. If you ask the people if they are better off now than they were two and a half years ago they will tell you no! We are more vulnerable as individuals as a result of escalating crime, no jobs, a sinking moral climate, a creeping hopelessness, especially among our youth. People are frustrated because all they hear are promises but they don’t see any tangible change on

the horizon. The UDP’s promise of greater possibilities has been an utter failure. There are many challenges ahead and governing Belize in 2013 will not be easy. Many of the social and economic problems we face today will mushroom by then. Any government that thinks managing Belize in the next twenty five years will be easy is not making a critical analysis of the reality on the ground. The Peoples United Party will have to take a sober look at the challenges that face this country and come up with workable solutions that are realistic beyond rhetoric. It will have to do a realistic assessment of its own infirmities, weaknesses and past record and fix those problems before it presents itself to the people as an alternative government. This is the new paradigm for modern political parties that the UDP didn’t take. They now find themselves the government and are showing infirmities that should have been fixed long before they went to Belmopan. There is a good example in the Peoples National Party (PNP) in Jamaica, who, as an Opposition party, has set up an Integrity Commission, headed by upstanding members of the society to work with their party to set in place guideline to regulate their party members on principles and codes of conduct to insure that if they become the next govern-

ment in Jamaica that they will not fall into the trap of being accused of corruption, a stigma that has affected every Caribbean government over the last fifty years. The PNP experiment has become a model in the region that you don’t have to wait till you become the government before you start acting like a government. I am personally encouraged by the party’s position on crime but I think it need to go beyond a paper resolution and be actualized in concrete action points that must be seen over the next two and a half years. For example, it is time to have a broad base crime summit that will pull together all sectors of the society to charter a way forward for actions against crime and violence. How will those 50 million dollars be used for example and what are the expected results from its disbursement? Its time to move from generalities to specifics in the fight against crime. The UDP used generalities to promise that they will turn the crime situation around 360 degrees but when they became the government and had to turn their generalities into specifics they were a complete failure. So in deed, adelante, but the new executive must understand that this can’t be a march of the blind. The next two and a half years can’t be like the last two and a half. We must move beyond talk. We hear of a broadening of the tent to include more ideas but we must move this from talk to walk. The party leader must continue to consult with the various clusters of opinions within and without the party and not fall victim to listening only to those who tell him what he wants to hear. The British say, “Nothing is worse than believing your own propaganda”. (Comments welcomed at

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October24th , 2010

Missing teenage mother may have been beheaded her baby stolen in bizarre murder for hire love plot

Belize City, Thurs. Oct. 21

The nation is still reeling as the gruesome details have began leak out that a teenage mother may have been decapitated, her body thrown into a crocodile infested river, and her three month old baby stolen and masqueraded as another woman’s child in a fraudulent “madefor-the-movies” fatal obsession love plot. Raylene Dyer, 19, a mother of a three month old infant, Ravaan Dyer, went missing on Friday October 8th and since then her family has been on a frantic search for her and the infant. According to Dyer’s sister, Indira Cayetano, her sister left from her home in Corozal with Aracely Cahueque, 19, a student at the University of Belize. The two apparently went to pick up baby Ravaan from her father’s house and then later boarded a bus. The family’s search tracked the young mother and her infant child

to Ontario Village in the Cayo District where they assert that the child had been taken having been stolen from her mother’s care. The horrible truth they have since learned is that the mother was disposed of and the child passed off as that of Aracely Cahueque’s. The story turns bizarre after it was discovered that Cahueque, barely still a teen herself, had been lying to her boyfriend Leron Gillett about being pregnant. Other reports are that Cahueque and Gillett had broken up and that she only concocted the story as a ruse to persuade Gillett to reconcile. It is the type of dark tale only seen in movies but this one played out in real life in Belize. Cahueque apparently grew desperate when the time drew near when she was suppose to deliver birth and present the baby to Gillett. Astute detective work on the part of Raylene Dyer’s family’s part, re-

Aracely Cahueque sulted in baby Ravaan Dyer being found in Ontario under a different name. The mother was nowhere in sight. According to family members, baby Ravaan had not been fed or changed the whole time she was with her assumed dad. Almost one week after Raylene Dyer’s disappearance with her infant child, Aracely Cahueque is reported to have turned herself in to Corozal police. There have been no further official details of what her confession to police was at the time. The National Perspective has been informed by reliable sources that Cahueque’s desperation set a deadly plot in motion. By Monday, October 18th, it was just about confirmed that Raylene Dyer was dead, allegedly lured to Roaring Creek on Friday, October 8th by Cahueque and then abducted by three young men: Darren Banner, 21, and Jason

Anderson, 20, both construction workers of Roaring Creek Village in the Cayo District and Brandon Budna, 24, also a University of Belize student who resides in Belmopan. The three young men have been charged for murder while Cahueque was charged for stealing baby Ravaan. Police sources say that the men confessed to killing the young mother on instructions from Aracely Cahueque and that they subsequently led police to a location about two and a half miles off the Western Highway near the Valley of Peace Road that is used as an abattoir, where the grisly act occurred. It is believed that Raylene was beheaded and her remains were dumped in the nearby river. Police have been unable to locate the body. Only a rosary which she wore was found at the spot. Divers continue to look for the body. The family of the deceased says that they hope to recover the body so they can have some sort of closure. The three young men and Cahueque have been remanded to prison while police investigations continue. So far the University of Belize has issued no statements in relation to the matter. Sister of Raylene Dyer, Indira Cayetano told the media that her sister only met Cahueque about a month prior to her untimely and tragic death.

KREMANDALA $ELLOUT Bought and paid for... Silent on issues affecting black South-side Belizeans while pretending to be their guardian Wilfully ignores the Corrupt Practices of Barrow and the UDP



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October24th , 2010

Sgt. Reyes Acted Out of Self Defense??? So says: DPP Cheryl-Lyn Vidal

Cpl. Gavin Sanchez (deceased) Sgt. Paulino Reyes

Belize City; Thurs. Oct. 21, 2010

The cold blooded killing of Corporal Gavin Sanchez in March of this year by fellow police officer Sergeant Paulino Reyes sent seismic shockwaves throughout the Belizean population. The fact that it happened within the confines of the San Pedro Police Station Bar-

racks, compounded the outrage. As details became more available, especially that Officer Gavin Sanchez was shot about sixteen times or nine times at close range – many concluded that it was nothing but cold blooded murder. Officer Sanchez was given an official funeral while the man alleged to have

Barrow’s BTL Jacks $22.5M from British Caribbean Bank …BCB will fight to be repaid Belize City, Wed. Oct. 20 The British Caribbean Bank has made it clear in a statement released to the media yesterday that it will deploy all legal means to recover the loan of $US22.5 million it made to Belize Telemedia Limited nearly two years ago, and which, at last Friday’s BTL’s shares sales launch both Prime Minister Dean Barrow Telemedia Chairman Net Vasquez declared would not be paid. Yesterday the Bank issued a release saying Vasquez’s statement was both reckless and misleading and that according to its own legal advice, the loan was lawful and it is an acknowledged fact that the Bank advanced the funds to Telemedia. According to the release, “it cannot be the case that Telemedia can continue to hold onto to twenty-two point five million US dollars of the bank’s money through Telemedia’s own alleged wrongdoing.” It continues that the people who stand to lose are the would-be purchasers of the Telemedia shares and the people of Belize. It concludes that the British Caribbean Bank is confident that it will recover its funds either as a result of its claim against the Government for having expropriated its assets or through its challenge to the legislation which nationalized its interests. Net Vasquez, the Executive Chairman has insisted that they had “solid legal opinions that that loan was incurred unlawfully and it is void” and as a result it has been removed from the books of Telemedia even before any court hearing or legal determination by a court of law. He bluntly stated: “I don’t agree that someone has to be paid. If an event or a transaction is void, it means it’s a nullity, equivalent to it not having happened.” At the very least this is an act of brinksman-

DPP Cheryl-Lynn Vidal

ended his life was tucked away. For months the case meandered as the Belize Police Department and the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions continued to buy time. This may have been the longest investigation of a homicide that happened in plain view or within

ear shot of a number of witnesses. Even with occasional inquiries by the media, the case seemed not to have gathered any steam until this week when the DPP, Mrs. CherylLynn Vidal announced her conclusion that Officer Sanchez was killed out of self-defense. In a ten page memo sent to the police on Tuesday, DPP Vidal informed of her findings that Sergeant Paulino Reyes acted out of self-defense and this seems at odds considering the severity with which Sergeant Reyes was reported to have acted at the time of the incident. Sanchez was reported to have been drinking and appeared intoxicated. Whether nine bullets or sixteen as reported then seems extreme to restrain a man who was already under the influence. The DPP has called for a Coroner’s Inquest to prove the charge of murder or manslaughter.

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October24th , 2010 Friday’s anodyne, consciously matter-of-fact government press release that Belize Court of Appeal President, Elliot Mottley, had “retired,” was an attempt to pass off a resignation as a routine retirement. The release immediately prompted speculation and news reports described the president’s going as “sudden” and “a coincidence that couldn’t be ignored.” Justice Mottley’s quiet resignation - or rather the reason for it - is the most recent in a string of developments affecting the Belize judiciary and, consequently, the rule of law in Belize. The rule of law underpins the Belize Constitution upon which the independent State of Belize is founded. It means simply that every person or authority, without exception, is under the law and must act in accordance with the law of the land. The United Nations defines it as a “principle of governance in which all persons, institutions and entities, public and private, including the State itself, are accountable to laws that are publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated.” It is not the presence of judges but rather the presence of genuinely independent, fearless and impartial judges that is the rampart for the rule of law; without this, the rule of law is a sham. Justice Mottley, a capable and distinguished judge, is not the first, forced retirement of the Barrow administration. Speaking at a Supreme Court farewell ceremony in March of this year, “retired” Justice of Appeal Boyd Carey said: “Now I receive orders to demit office at this time, the end of the March session. Dutifully, as commanded, I goeth.” In a brief interview to a local television news station, Justice Carey said: “Well I learnt that politics plays a very significant role in the life of this country. It is not for me to comment very much on that area of your social life but perhaps it plays far too much significance in a small society... so I will take that back with me sadly.” Justice Carey’s observation may be trite knowledge in Belize; its implication, however, less so. The implication is this: in an immature, 29-year-old democracy where the viciously tribal, zero-sum nature of politics is magnified and people justifiably fear victimization and government intimidation, the rule of law is the only guarantee of fair play. No action, however small, that erodes the rule of law should therefore be ignored. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has consciously taken actions that are erosive of the rule of law. On Dr. Conteh’s retirement as Chief Justice on September 30th 2010, Channel 7

Barrow, Belize & the Rule of Law By: Godfrey Smith October 18, 2010

The following column is reprinted with the permission of its author, former Cabinet Minister and Attorney at law Godfrey Smith, who reserves all rights, and can be also be found at news commented that: “It is clear Conteh’s successor will have big shoes to fill. And in his absence, the attorneys and judges must now ensure that the judiciary maintains the high standards that Conteh leaves behind.” Yet by Monday October 4th, Mr. Barrow had caused to be appointed as acting Chief Justice, Samuel Lungole Awich, he of the triple-barreled moniker who had been embarrassingly castigated in a Court of Appeal judgment for a delay of three years in the delivery of a court decision and whose removal from office is the subject of resolution tabled before the Bar Association. Awich, in one of his first acts as chief justice, scheduled for hearing in December, a case brought by the Bar to challenge a constitutional amendment when the rules require such cases to be heard within four weeks. He has so far ignored the Bar’s request that he recuse himself from the case. The perceptions that arise in a situation where a judge vulnerable to disciplinary action for removal is acting chief justice and applies to be appointed as substantive chief justice are, frankly, legion. One year after coming to power, the Barrow Government provoked discord in Executive-Judiciary relations when the Attorney General, Wilfred Elrington, at the opening of the Supreme Court’s legal term in January 2009, publicly charged that the Judiciary was dispensing injustice rather than justice. In a later, unprecedented statement from the Judiciary, the judges stated that the Attorney General’s bombast “sounded like an open and clear call to undermine the judiciary” and was “clearly orchestrated to bring it into disrepute.” Mr. Barrow’s dismissive, mischaracterization of the deteriorating relationship between his Executive and the Judiciary as “little stresses, little strains” became apparent when Chief Justice Conteh’s request to attend a judicial event was summarily and spitefully rejected by a junior officer from the PM’s Ministry. The little stresses and strains rippled across the judicial terrain and erupted into a substantial tremor when the Solicitor General, Oscar Ramjeet, was deployed, like a wound up toy, to request that Dr. Conteh proceed on early leave, a request that he flatly refused. The prime minister’s refusal to extend Dr. Conteh’s tenure to Decem-

ber to allow him to finish a handful of cases was met with an angry resolution from the Bar Association, expressing its “disapproval of the unseemly manner in which the tenure of the chief justice has been treated by the government of Belize” and declared that the Chief Justice was “entitled to continue in office with all the plentitude of the office without any interference from the executive until the office is demitted.” The Bar, concerned that no institutional setback should be suffered with Conteh gone, wrote to Mr. Barrow requesting a consultative role in the process of appointment of the next Chief Justice and expressing concern about temporary appointments to the Court of Appeal. The PM, ever sensitive, bloating with righteous indignation but short on statesmanship, curtly spurned the Bar’s request. His next move was to recommend that Mr. Justice Oswell Legall, the most junior Supreme Court judge, (who, for purposes of statistical interest, has not ruled against the government in any of a number of cases challenging government action) temporarily sit as a Court of Appeal judge in one case where there was an insufficiency of appellate judges to constitute a panel owing to judicial recusals. It is not that the PM should have

stood by and done nothing. It is that Dr. Conteh who sits on the Court of Appeal of the Cayman Islands and therefore has appellate judicial experience was still in the jurisdiction and would have happily served. But there is a less obvious - if more potent - reason why there should real concern for the rule of law in Belize. Mr. Barrow, by nationalizing the most profitable Belize company, has led his government into an all-consuming, multi-jurisdictional, extremely costly litigation war with Telemedia’s former shareholders. As described in the news, it is the “boldest, most defining action of the Barrow administration.” He has pinned his political reputation and legacy on the outcome of the nationalization experiment. It is not difficult to see how the Mr. Barrow, a man naturally given to self-indulgence and egotism, could be tempted to bend or shape institutions in his high-stakes, perceived just war against Lord Ashcroft. His explanation, as always, would be “the national interest” and any other view would be simply unpatriotic. Justices Mottley and Morrison held indefinite tenure as Court of Appeal judges. The PM recently amended the Belize Constitution to replace their indefinite tenure with oneyear tenure, expiring in April 2011. It should come as no surprise that self-respecting judges consider that they are being sent a message and opt to tender their resignation. Like the nationalization of Telemedia, the PM may have a “bold, defining plan” for the Belize Judiciary. If so he should come out and say what it is. In the meantime, he should stop his messy, ad hoc tinkering with the rule of law lest it becomes a habit-forming addiction.

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October24th , 2010

Pakistan spies tied to Mumbai siege

NEW DELHI – Pakistan’s intelligence agency was deeply involved in planning the 2008 terror attack on Mumbai, going so far as to fund reconnaissance missions to the Indian city, according to a government report on the interrogation of a U.S. citizen convicted in the attack. The attack, blamed on the Pakistanbased Lashkar-e-Taiba group, killed 166 people, paralyzed India’s business capital and froze peace efforts between Pakistan and India. David Headley, who pleaded guilty in U.S. federal court to laying the groundwork for the attack, told Indian interrogators in June that officers from Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency were deeply intertwined with Lashkar-e-Taiba. The spy agency provided handlers for all the top members of the group, gave them direction and provided their funding, Headley said, according to the government report on his June interrogation. The report, marked secret, was obtained by The Associated Press late Monday. “According to Headley, every big action of LeT is done in close coordination with ISI,” the report said, using a common abbreviation for Lashkare-Taiba. India has long accused the Pakistan spy service of being involved with, and in some cases directing, terror groups. In July, just weeks after the interrogation, Indian Home Secretary G.K. Pillai caused a ruckus ahead of high-level India-Pakistan talks when he accused the Pakistani spy agency of orchestrating the Mumbai attacks. Pillai cited Headley as the source of the information. A senior intelligence official in Pakistan, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media on the record, said the allegations were baseless. U.S. officials have also accused the spy agency of working with the Taliban to coordinate attacks on NATO forces in Afghanistan. In 34 hours of interrogation from June 3 to June 9, Headley described for Indian officials a Lashkar-e-Taiba organization that was filled with former Pakistani army officers and veterans from the conflicts with India over Kashmir, the report said. At one Lashkar-e-Taiba training camp, Headley was drilled by a Pakistani army instructor, he said, according to the report. Every major official with the group had a handler from the spy agency, most of them majors, colonels and even a brigadier, he told interrogators, according to the report. The Indian report describes in de-

tail Headley’s involvement with his handler, whom he identified as Maj. Iqbal, throughout the preparations for the Mumbai attacks. Iqbal first called Headley in March 2006, and the two of them met, along with Iqbal’s superior, Lt. Col. Hamza, for more than two hours, according to the interrogation report. Hamza assigned Iqbal to be Headley’s handler and assured him of financial backing. Iqbal assigned Headley a trainer to drill him in intelligence basics, including how to cultivate sources and take cover, the report said. Before Headley’s first scouting trip to India in September 2006, Iqbal gave him $25,000. He later gave him a camera phone and showed him how to take surveillance videos, the report

said. Headley met with Iqbal in Pakistan after each of his nine trips to India, debriefed him and gave him copies of the photos and videos he took of potential Indian targets, the report said. Iqbal gave Headley suggestions on how the Mumbai attackers could best reach the city by sea, and asked Headley to conduct some surveillance for him of an atomic research center in Mumbai and of locations in the city of Pune, the report said. They also discussed a plan to attack a Danish newspaper over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. On at least one occasion, Iqbal gave Headley counterfeit Indian currency to try to use on his trips, the report said. That accusation would particu-

larly irk India, which has grown increasingly worried about Pakistani smugglers bringing fake currency into India via neighboring Nepal. In return for the cooperation, Iqbal helped Headley after he was taken into custody by the Lahore police on a complaint from one of his wives, the report said. As the investigation into the Mumbai attacks heated up in 2009 and pressure on the Pakistani government to take action against the accused mounted, Iqbal told Headley they had to cut off contact, the report said. Earlier this month, Interpol — acting on India’s request — notified its members to be on the alert for Maj. Iqbal. The report came as Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, the only surviving gunman from the attacks, was appealing his death sentence in the Mumbai High Court. Kasab was one of 10 Pakistanis who attacked two luxury hotels, a Jewish center and a busy train station during the 60-hour siege. Over the weekend, U.S. officials said that two of Headley’s wives had raised concerns with U.S. authorities about their husband’s possible links to terrorism before the Mumbai attacks.

Rice meets with Obama,defends his administration’s approach The former secretary of state and onetime national security adviser met one-on-one with President Obama at the White House on Friday afternoon, after a week of television appearances promoting “Extraordinary, Ordinary People,” her memoir about her parents. The White House said Obama wanted to discuss a range of foreign policy issues with her. Later, at an evening appearance at the Aspen Institute, Rice said she and Obama “covered the waterfront.” “Despite the fact there are changes and tussles, there is still a foreign policy community that believes that foreign policy ought to be bipartisan,” she said. “It was really great that he reached out in that way.” Rice rolled her eyes at the notion that Obama is a closet Muslim, and she defended him from criticism - led by former vice president Richard B. Cheney that Obama had weakened the country. “Nothing in this president’s methods suggests this president is other than a defender of America’s interests,” Rice told an audience that included presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett. Rice’s book, a deeply personal account of growing up in segregated Alabama, doesn’t touch on the foreign policy

controversies of her service for President George W. Bush; that material is reserved for a future volume. But all week Rice has deftly maneuvered political minefields, refusing to join in criticism of the current administration while gently defending the decisions of the last one, including Bush’s move to topple Saddam Hussein. “I am not going to chirp at the people inside,” Rice said Wednesday on Jon

Stewart’s “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central. “I know that it’s a lot easier out here than it is in there, and these are patriotic people who are trying to do their best every day.” Speaking to Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, she lavished praise on her successor, Hillary Rodham Clinton: “I think she is doing a lot of the right things. . . . She is very tough. . . . I think she has done a fine job, I really do.”

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October24th , 2010

Chavez in Iran for talks ...on boosting oil, gas ties

TEHRAN, Iran – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was holding talks Tuesday with Iranian leaders expected to focus on boosting cooperation between the countries’ oil, gas and petrochemical industries. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad warmly greeted Chavez at the presidential palace hours after the Venezuelan leader arrived for a two-day visit, Iranian state TV reported. Chavez, who is on his ninth visit to Iran as president, praised Caracas’ ties with its close Mideast ally, saying they “are solid and very, very deep.” In remarks carried on Venezuelan state television, Chavez said relations with Tehran are based both on “shared interests” and a mutual belief in the importance of Iranian sovereignty. The Venezuelan leader, who has backed Iran in its confrontation with Western powers over Tehran’s disputed nuclear program, said he and Ahmadinejad would discuss “the tensions that (U.S.)

imperialism is generating” in the Middle East and “the unfair sanctions imposed on the people of Iran,” referring to the U.N. sanctions imposed on Iran over its refusal to halt uranium enrichment. The U.S. and its allies accuse Iran

of using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to develop an atomic bomb. Iran denies the charges, saying its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes such as generating electricity and producing radioisotopes for medical uses.

Chavez also defended his own plan to build a nuclear power plant in Venezuela with Russia’s help, denouncing critics in the Latin American media who he said jumped to the conclusion that nuclear power “can’t be permitted for Venezuela because it’s a country that’s readying itself to attack.” “It’s the same tale, the same story of the (U.S.) empire and all of its worldwide networks to try to impede the independence of our people,” Chavez said. “Development, industrialization: On that path we have chosen, they will not stop us.” It’s unclear how much money Chavez is prepared to commit to the atomic program, or how quickly he could move to build a reactor. Chavez also said Iranian and Venezuelan officials were working on new cooperative accords, though he did not give details or say in which areas. Past cooperative agreements have seen Iran provide assistance for projects including building public housing, bicycles and tractors in Venezuela.

US, Cuban Diplos met 12 killed in Haitian floods HAVANA – Washington’s top diplomat for the Americas had a rare face-toface meeting with Cuba’s foreign minister to discuss the fate of an American jailed in Cuba for nearly 11 months on suspicion of spying, the State Department said Monday. Assistant Secretary of State Arturo Valenzuela met Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Sept. 24 on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly in New York. The meeting is thought to be among the highest-level diplomatic encounters between the two Cold War enemies since President Obama took office in 2008. “The meeting was to encourage the release of Alan Gross,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said. “Unfortunately, that has not yet happened.” Crowley confirmed the meeting after The Associated Press broke news of the encounter, citing two State Department officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it. Gross, a 60-year-old native of Potomac, Maryland, was working for a firm contracted by USAID when he was arrested Dec. 3, 2009, and sent to Cuba’s high-security Villa Marista prison. He has not been charged, but senior Cuban leaders including President Raul Castro have accused him of spying. In a potential sign of progress, Cuba allowed Gross’s wife, Judy, to visit him for the first time in August. U.S. diplomats insist Gross was not doing anything wrong, and have said his continued detention makes it difficult to improve relations. Crowley said Washington continues to work toward Gross’s release. “We would hope that it happened today, but that is up to the Cuban government,” he said. Cuba and the United States have been at odds since shortly after Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution. The U.S. has

maintained an economic embargo on the island for 48 years. A senior State Department official described the meeting between Valenzuela and Rodriguez as brief and “cordial.” He said there were no major developments in the case, or significant discussions on other matters. Relations between Cuba and the United States have improved little in recent years, despite hope by some that Obama’s election would open a new chapter. But diplomatic contact between the two sides has increased after being nearly nonexistent under President George W. Bush. As assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, Valenzuela is the senior U.S. diplomat for the Americas. He is the highest-ranking U.S. diplomat believed to have met with Cuban officials since a March encounter between Rodriguez and Cheryl Mills, the counselor and chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Gross’ case also came up at Mills’ meeting, which took place on the sidelines of a U.N. conference on Haiti. Craig Kelly, a former deputy assistant secretary of state, came to Cuba in February for immigration talks — and also raised the Gross case. Cuba and the United States have also discussed restarting direct mail service.

PORT-AU-PRINCE,Haiti Steady rains toppled hillsides and turned streets into rivers in the Haitian capital over the weekend, leaving at least 12 people dead and three missing, civil protection officials said Monday. Storms falling on the mountains that ring the capital sent cascades into the pitch-black downtown, where trucks left boat-like wakes as they forded boulevards. Eight people were killed when water rushed over a sand quarry on the capital’s western edge, sending a sheet of slurry roaring through their quakedamaged homes below, said Nadine Lochard, civil protection coordinator for the department that includes Portau-Prince. Such quarries, used for cheap concrete to build homes in Port-au-Prince’s ever-expanding slums, scar Haiti’s deforested hillsides. Many of the homes destroyed in the mudslide were made of the brittle, sand-based concrete from similar quarries. Concrete made from the hillside sand was made illegal by Haiti’s government after thousands of homes made of the material fell in the Jan. 12 earthquake, but it is still used. Lochard said the bodies of two children — an 11-month-old and a 2-yearold — were found drowned elsewhere

in the capital. Two more people were killed when mud slid into an quake-refuge camp in Carrefour, farther along the same western ridge. An AP Television News journalist who reached the camp Monday said dozens of families were repairing their tarps. The rocky dirt under other post-quake settlements, home to an estimated 1.3 million people, turned into spongy mud and then lakes. Lochard had no information about the three people reported as missing. Residents along the ridge said there had been other fatal, unreported mudslides in the last week. Aid groups and officials overseeing Haiti’s post-earthquake reconstruction have been on guard for heavy rains since the Jan. 12 disaster. Canals were cleared and drainage ditches dug around some of the better-managed camps. But even without a direct hit from a hurricane this year, at least 25 rainrelated deaths have been confirmed over the last month in southern Haiti, including the quake zone. The national meteorology center issued flash-flood warnings across Haiti’s southern peninsula through Tuesday, which extends west from Port-auPrince.

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October24th , 2010

Public Views & Opinions WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY? By: Nuri Muhammad

Belize Natural Energy (BNE), Belize’s first oil company, has a serious public relations (PR) problem. One question that Belizeans have continually asked since oil was first discovered 5 years ago was what benefits has the average citizen gained from that discovery? BNE, the only company producing petroleum products in commercial quantity has not done a very effective job of tooting its own horn in this respect. In fact, if anything, BNE has found itself on the defensive arguing its case against a hostile media bent on keeping BNE in a defensive corner. On the world stage of oil production and even within the region BNE would be considered a “small fry”. Producing only 4500 barrels a day when compared to 750,000 a day for Mexico’s Cantarell and the world largest oil field, Ghawar, in Saudi Arabia, which produces over 5 million barrels a day, when put in the proper context Belize, is a minor player. But to listen to pundits discussing Belize’s new found wealth one would get the impression that Belize is “large”. Far from it and this is, in fact, the crux of the matter. Belize Natural Energy is a potential goose but as things presently stand the golden eggs are still limited. As I understand it at this present time BNE is limited to two sites with a combined production of less than 5000 barrels. Its license for further exploration is also limited to two additional years and there remains a limitation on the capacity of the existing wells because oil is not a renewable resource; once its pumped out, it’s gone. So while there is a benefit to the present status, there is a diminishing return built into the whole enterprise. As it presently stands BNE says it has been responsible for nearly 150 million dollars in taxes to the government over the last five years; that would translate into roughly 30 million a year. Since that money has gone into general revenues as does all tax dollars, it could be expected that it has helped to pay the cost of running government, which means salaries of public officers such as police, teachers, postal workers, engineers, doctors, etc., as well as subventions to municipal bodes, financial assistance to secondary school students, as well as UB students, and the list goes on in how the consolidated funds are disbursed. Where would that 30 million have come from in this time of austerity? But BNE clearly has a serious public relations challenge, and no time has this been more evident that the current debate going on over the BNE Charitable Trust. BNE has

made very little noise about are its contributions to community based projects through the Trust. According to infomercials in the media, over the last two years the Trust has contributed over 1.2 million dollars in the area of school refurbishment, support to community empowerment, entrepreneurship and sustainable environmental projects. Very little was heard about this over the last two years. Another area that has gone under the radar is BNE’s selling its high quality, ready to use, LPG (propane/ butane) product to retail distributors who in turn have sold it to the average consumer at a lower cost, especially in the rural areas of the country. However, there is a word that government may be considering stopping this soon. According to sources, government is now considering a proposal to restrict BNE’s sale of its LPG product only to the major importer, BWEL, who in turn will be the sole national distributor of the BNE’s natural gas product. For over a year now BNE had already been selling its product to BWEL at a reduced rate, but according to sources, BWEL has not been passing that savings on to the consumer, instead BWEL has been selling all its butane at the same cost it sells its imported butane. In this new proposal Government contends that it will “insure” that BWEL lowers the cost of the product to the consumer. But within the rural areas BNE has been selling its product at a reduced rate to several small distributors like Mr. Eddy Menzies, who in turn has been selling it in the southern villages at significantly reduced prices. These small distributors have continued to pass on their savings to the consumer. Village residents of areas like Sittee River, Pomona, Seine Bight, Maskall, Lucky Strike and other rural villages in Cayo and Orange Walk districts have been able to purchase their butane gas at great savings. Last week a group of these small distributors held an emergency meeting to discuss government’s government’s proposal to restrict BNE’s sale only to the large importer, BWEL. They lobbied area reps like, Hon. Melvin Hulse and Hon. Edmond Castro. Whose constituents are up in arms over the proposed government restriction which would drastically affect their present purchase price for butane. Reports coming out of that meeting are that if they don’t reach a satisfactory resolution to the problem, they will start a media campaign to inform consumers of the proposal being considered by government, which will restrict their access to the BNE product and in turn force the consumer to pay a higher price for butane. BNE as a responsible corporate

Ignorance, is still the 800 lb gorilla in the room “Mr. Barrow, yu di call mi name, but dah your name stink outta road.” The opening quote is not only one of the lyrics from a fairly popular dancehall song, but was one of the recurring themes in the Rt Hon. Said Musa’s speech last Sunday at the PUP National Convention in Dangriga. It was well received, both the speech and the speaker. The convention was an endorsement of Johnny Briceno’s leadership of Belize’s oldest political party, and the most significant and no doubt gratifying endorsements came from past party leaders Rt Hon. George Price and Rt Hon. Said Musa. Both men spoke at the convention, one of the largest I have ever seen attendance-wise, in my 35 years of observing such things. It is of note that three parliamentarians, past deputy party leaders Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde, and Corozal Southeast area representative Hon. Florencio Marin, Jr., did not attend and not have offered any public explanation, nor did they send their apologies. I have to assume, in the absence of any explanation or evidence to the contrary, that the men chose to boycott the convention. Sunday’s outpouring of supporters from all corners of the country can be construed as support for the Briceno leadership, and I would not even try to gainsay that conclusion. For me it says loudly that John Briceno has accomplished a major political coup after being counted out of the competition almost daily by a tsunami of detractors and critics, both inside and outside the party’s now famous big tent. I would be the first to admit that to my eyes maybe just a few short months ago he seemed a lame duck leader. Whatever else you may think of Johnny, he has pulled off what has got to go down in our political annals as a remarkable feat, and Sunday’s proceedings are testament to that. This is what conventions do. When the dust raised from the hundreds of buses and vehicles, and tens of thousands of trampling feet had settled, there is once again a strong, uncontested leader at the helm. To use the old saw, the members and supporters of the Peoples

United Party voted unanimously with their feet for Johnny Briceno to continue as leader, at what I think history will regard as the single largest assembly to date in the Party’s history. And whither Mark Espat, and by association Cordel Hyde? (I ask the question in this fashion because there is little shared history to associate Florencio Marin. Jr., who has shown himself to be a different brand, independent from the pair.) I am forced to choose my words carefully because I know that I will receive some form of admonishment from Johnny Briceno, as has been his wont whenever he perceives me to be publicly critical of any member the party’s hierarchy, and there will be a reply in some form or fashion, from behind the Zinc Fence. Both men have not attended the last three of the Party’s National Conventions: San Ignacio 2005, Corozal 2007, and now Dangriga 2010. They did attend the Special Convention in Orange Walk 2008, where they were sworn in as Deputy Leaders. Their absenting themselves is their strategic choice. The Party faithful would’ve been overjoyed if they had attended Sunday, but truth be told everyone there expected that they would boycott. What does it mean that not one single person I met asked for them or remarked on their absence? It will be, for me at least, one of those ironies of our political process that even as many of the reforms to the Party’s constitution Mark and Cordel proposed and fought for were being passed and enacted last Sunday in Dangriga, they were not there to see it, were no longer meaningfully participating. The late Ray Lightburn used to insist to me that the revolution eats its young. In can be said that Mark and Cordel helped to re-shape the PUP, and it is anybody’s guess whether or not they’ll stick around to admire their handiwork. They may view it as a pyrrhic victory. I prefer to think that it is history that will be the ultimate judge.

citizen has a duty not to remain silently on the side lines while their name is thrown about in the public media without an adequate response to misinformation and slander. BNE like all enterprise in a capitalist system must be concerned with its bottom-line, but it must also be ready to do battle in the public arena with those intent on tarnishing its name and ruining its reputation. (Comments welcomed

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October24th , 2010 The people of Belize spoke in a loud voice this past Sunday as the spacious grounds of the Holy Ghost compound in Dangriga swelled to overflowing with an enthusiastic gathering of PUP supporters who came home. The theme was “We Da Blue” but the message to the Dean Barrow administration was even more resounding; “enough is enough”! For two and a half years, Dean Barrow and his band of misfits have run roughshod over the country of Belize and the people are crying for salvation. Witch-hunting and victimization have been the order of the day and has left our precious “jewel’ in a deplorable state of fear and intimidation. Mr. Barrow’s bullying tactics in the House of Representatives is emulated daily in the streets and our poor Belize is not what our ancestors envisioned it should be. Murders and other serious crimes are committed with dizzying regularity and criminals ploy their villainous acts with seeming impunity. The conviction rate is dismal as both the Police and the Judiciary operate in a climate of demoralization. Shameful occurrences like the recent murder of well-liked attorney Richard Stuart paralyze our communities but despite compelling evidence that usually lead to quick arrests, more often than not, these cases wind up “nolle prosequi”. Shocking videos of armed robberies and equally shocking reports of ruthless acts like the killing of a mother for her baby have become daily fixtures in the evening news. Planes land in the dark of night carrying who knows who and who knows what and yet, our Prime Minister spends most of his time travelling abroad. Mr. Barrow spends much more time abroad than he does at home and so it was just as well and fitting that he should marry in Savannah as opposed to Belmopan. Kinda reminds us of the old story of Roman Emperor Nero

REID BETWEEN THE LINES fiddling while Rome was burning to the ground. If one was to go by the report of Sunday’s event as covered by Channel Seven news, one might be led to think that this was a gathering of but a few thousand people. Let us hope that the

Vasquez deserves a gold membership card. What Channel Seven did not report was that while the Parliamentarians themselves were absent, every single constituency was represented. The hard cold fact is that the blue machine is obvi-

If lying is indeed a qualification for consideration in the UDP, then Jules Vasquez deserves a gold membership card. What Channel Seven did not report was that while the Parliamentarians themselves were absent, every single constituency was represented. Prime Minister does not rely solely on Jules’ account or he will be missing a valuable and poignant message. Please Prime Minister, seek out and examine the reports of your other contacts. This was a massive gathering of well over twelve thousand people and of interest was the fact that some previously staunch supporters of the UDP were quite visible and vocal in the midst of it all. Many expressed their dissatisfaction with the course our government is taking and realize that much of what they have been told is lies. The Prime Minister was recently exposed twice in one week with blatant mistruths and he probably should be told that a lie articulately told is a lie nonetheless. Much was made in Channel Seven’s coverage about the absence of four parliamentarians and a suggestion that disunity was on display. If lying is indeed a qualification for consideration in the UDP, then Jules

ously re-oiled and beginning a hard roll. The party leader has made it clear that the blue tent is big enough to accommodate all who choose to come under but the task at hand is too urgent to be sidetracked by any minor disgruntlement. The much promulgated myth of division between the so-called old and new guard was definitively debunked as both Mr. Price and Mr. Musa were prominent in their participation. Both Right Honorable gentlemen expressed categorical endorsements of Johnny Briceńo and his executive and committed their efforts to the task ahead. What is quite obvious is that despite the best efforts of his Goebbels and Karl Rove, Mr. Barrow’s “dolly house” seems on the verge of total collapse. Belizeans have seen through the charade and shenanigans and realize that this emperor is butt naked. The decision to hold the convention in Dangriga was a good one. Many

Attorney and Wife brutally stabbed to death!

Milton (Nixon) Alexander Maza

his feet. He reportedly was bleeding from the genitals. Maza was arrested around 2:00 p.m. Monday afternoon in St. Matthews Village where he resides, after police located the Stuart’s Toyota Scion in front of a bar named El Pedrigal off Mile 38 on the Western Highway. He was reported as the vehicle’s driver and a search of the car turned up a knife police believe to be the murder weapon, under one of the seats. Maza used to work for the Stuarts but was reportedly fired about a month ago after he was accused of stealing their blue Toyota Highlander, which was found in St. Margaret’s Village after it had gone missing. According to Channel Seven

News, at his arraignment “Maza spoke freely and told the media that he is innocent of the Stuart’s murder. He gave a bizarre account saying that two men asked him to take them inside the Stuart’s home and show them around. Since he was a former employee of the Stuart’s, who knew the house well - he did show them around. He went on to say that the men handed him a knife which he did not use. He said he witnessed the entire killing but did not partake in it.” A second man, suspected to be Maza’s accomplice, is still at large. Two men were seen on a neighbour’s video surveillance footage leaving the area in the Stuarts vehicle immediately after the murders.

small businesses and food vendors benefited and it proved a worthy prelude to the upcoming November 19th celebrations. Folks began arriving in Dangriga from early the previous week and most hotels and boarding houses were booked to capacity. Dangrigans were gracious hosts and blue and white flags were visible wherever one went. The challenge now is for the PUP to put together a realistic and achievable manifesto and convince the Belizean voters that their return to Belmopan will not be a continuation of the same old same old. Belizeans deserve and are demanding better. Those who continue to try to convince us that both political parties are the same are dead wrong. The PUP is asking the people of Belize for a job and as the legendary Leader Emeritus has reminded us; those elected are servants and not masters of the people. Look at the way those members of this current administration conduct themselves and tell me; do they act like servants to you? They live high on the hog while the majority us struggle to put bread on our tables. They travel the world flying first class while the only trip that the rest of us can take is to Hattieville courtesy the Police Department. The situation at home has many Belizeans abroad crying shame. Many confess that while they were hoping to one day return home to retire in Belize, they are now seriously contemplating change of plans. Sunday’s turnout in Dangiga is a ray of hope. There are enough committed people in the PUP to make a decided difference in the way things are currently done in Belize. The tent is still open and while the train has definitely started moving, it is still going slow enough to still jump on. Get aboard people, the time to save our country is now! May GOD guide the pup and may GOD bless Belize always! Media reports are that Maza has given police a “caution statement” confessing to the crime. The Attorney General has refused to respond to queries as to how he will be provided with legal representation since he must have legal counsel in a capital crime case. The conventional wisdom is that none of Richard Stuart’s professional colleagues will take on the task of providing him with a defence and the Government will have to seek counsel from without Belize’s borders. The Stuarts will be buried in Maria Stuart’s hometown of Santa Elena following an ecumenical funeral service at St. John’s Cathedral. Their professional colleagues will escort their hearse through the streets of Belize City from the morgue at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

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The Holy Ghost School ground in Dangriga Town, at the tip of the ‘Drums of Our Father’ round-about was transformed into a tsunami of blue from as early as 8:00 a.m. hours before the convention started that Sunday morning. The entire school ground was filled with P.U.P. supporters clad in their blue and white representing the party colors. The crowd was so large that thousands of people were unable to enter the school grounds and had to remain outside but near the Holy Ghost School grounds. I’ll get back to the numbers and estimates later in this article, but allow me to report on the actual convention.

October24th , 2010

becoming the first ever female Deputy Party Leader of a mass political party in Belize. The former Party Leader of the P.U.P., Rt. Hon. Said Musa, also addressed the convention. He committed his support and asked the members of the party to rally behind the new leader Hon. John Briceño. There were other addresses by the new elected Deputy Party Leader, Mike Espat as well as Deputy Leader, Dan Silva and the newly elected chairman, Henry Charles Usher. The party also presented some resolutions that were accepted by the convention as well as an amendment to the party’s constitution. This convention that

Because of their special and chummy relationship with the U.D.P. government, the media continue to pamper the UDP government instead of being straight forward and impartial bringing check and balance to the democracy of this nation. The official activities that were initially scheduled to commence at 10:00 a.m. were delayed an hour, since there were many buses that had not arrived at the grounds, it finally got started at 11:00 a.m. There were presentations to the enthusiastic base of the P.U.P. by officials of the executive, including the new elected members. Most noteworthy was the presence of the Rt. Hon. George C. Price, Father of The Nation who also addressed the more than15,000 supporters that was gathered at the convention ground. George Price’s speech was of major significance because even at 93 years of age,he was able to remind party officials that they are servant of the people and when elected. They are elected to serve. This humble but charismatic former leader of this great party was able to put the stamp of approval on the current leadership of Party Leader, Hon. John Briceño. He told the thousands of supporters that they were our MASTERS and with God’s grace and their support the P.U.P. will continue the peaceful, constructive revolution and nation building. The outgoing PUP chairmen, Carolyn Trench-Sandiford gave her chairman’s report and thank the party for the confidence given to her to perform the duty for 30 months. During the proceedings, she was elected by acclamation to the post of Deputy Party Leader and again made history in

was dubbed, the unity convention, certainly lived up to its bidding as from north to south, east to west, thousands upon thousands of P.U.P. supporters came to the grounds. Earlier in this article, I referred to the U.D.P. and the media and how they were scrambling to distort and tone-down the great numbers that attended the convention. Because of their special and chummy relationship with the U.D.P. government, the media continue to pamper the UDP government instead of being straight forward and impartial bringing check and balance to the democracy of this nation. In my opinion, most media houses have their own agenda and have chosen to sellingout for their own personal gains via advertisement even though they have heard the multitude of people crying out for justice. Justice and fairness have to go together and if these people cannot appear to be fair, how can they hypocritically fight the system and ask the system to be just? It is disappointing that certain section of the media went at length, disrespecting the will of the people and their support for this convention to try and diminish the attendance. The support that this convention received is an indication that people are fed up with the government, and that is a sign of protest against their performance. The U.D.P. has to be extremely concern, but because that

certain section of the media, who has a personal agenda and those who are benefiting financially from the government want to vilify the P.U.P. They are losing sight of the reality. The truth of the matter is that people are protesting against this government, and the media is lying on behalf of the government, but that is fine for the P.U.P. because the government will continue to do wrong since there is nobody to create the check and balance, worst of all to tell them when they are going wrong. That is the reason why I can say categorically that fairness and justice must go together. There are sections of the media whoare downsizing the true numbers and want the nation to believe that attendance at the P.U.P. Unity Convention was somewhere between five and eight thousand people. The fact is that over two hundred buses with a capacity of 66 people per bus attended, that is well over thirteen thousand people. Not to mention the thousands from Dangriga Town, who walked to the convention ground and of course, a conservative estimated thousand

or more people who arrived in private vehicles, that put us well over fifteen thousand people, and these are a conservative figure and one that can be proven. Now, I am not asking the media to do any political work for the P.U.P., but all we ask of them is to be fair. Anyway, this is not about the so call independent media. This is about the P.U.P., and I would be remiss not to congratulate the Party Leader, Hon. John Briceño, His newly elected National Executive and most of all the thousands of P.U.P. supporters who can now stand up with pride and confidence that their P.U.P. is alive. So I just like to reiterate that as far as I see it, the P.U.P. does not necessarily require the so call independent media to be waving the P.U.P. flag, but I call on themto be fair. However, I want to leave this week to echo the vibes from the convention to the base of the P.U.P. that we are the best damn political party in this country. We are ready, and we are proud. In addition to all that we are the best hope for building this nation that we so love, Belize. “We da Belize!”Just my impartial view.

CONFUSION IN THE CITRUS INDUSTRY On Monday CEO of the Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA), Dr. Henry Anderson, said that a notice from Belize Citrus Mutual was bound to cause confusion within the industry. Anderson said the notice that the factory would be receiving fruits beginning on Wednesday was done without the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, a position that was reiterated in a late evening press release from the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. The Ministry release that it had not issued any license to the Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL) to process citrus for the 2010-11 crop. The Ministry’s release added that citrus producers are advised not to harvest citrus until further notice by the CPBL after having received a license to operate. The Belize Citrus Mutual on the other hand, issued a release on Tuesday stating that in a letter dated the 5th October, they received notice from CPBL as to the proposed date for the factory opening which was Wednesday 20th October. Citrus Mutual’s release said “it was confirmed that its maintenance programme would have been successfully completed and the maturity testing of fruit samples submitted by growers had commenced”. With this two-week advance notice, Belize Citrus Mutual says it has been advising its members to ensure that they are adequately informed of the commencement of the processing of citrus. From the perspective of the farmers, the fruit is ready and harvesting has already begun in preparation of delivery. Accord-

ing to Belize Citrus Mutual, growers with early orange, especially small growers are already losing early orange to birds as happens every year. The company says those growers, who are already reaping, should be allowed to deliver their fruit to prevent further losses. Belize Citrus Mutual says it reiterates its full support of this scheduled commencement date of which two weeks prior notice was given. Belize Citrus Mutual noted that it understands that some concerns have been raised by its sister association, the CGA, with respect to agreement on the first price estimate and matters relating to the Arbitration Report. Belize Citrus Mutual pointed out that it was also duly informed of the First Price Estimate for both oranges and grapefruit and accepted this first submission with the understanding that it is fluid and is merely an initial estimate that is subject to adjustment during the course of the crop year. Any concerns or outstanding matters with respect to the Arbitration Report can similarly be dealt with during the course of the crop without unnecessarily delaying the opening of the factory. Unlike last year, citrus growers anticipate a bumper crop in oranges. Belize Citrus Mutual says it believes that it is in the best interest of all growers to ensure a timely opening of the factory and processing of fruit to take full advantage of all the available fruit. Belize Citrus Mutual is calling for the necessary legislative changes to facilitate its formal participation in all industry decisions.

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October24th , 2010

Murder charges dismissed against Kareem Stevens Barrow Might Have Served His Own Poison After a few weeks of being away from Belize, I am beginning to feel a sense of distance from the temperature on the ground where the daily goings on are concerned – however, I cannot be gone long enough or travel far enough to feel that disconnect that I wanted from all the tragedy and misery at home. Like other Belizeans in the diaspora, checking the news transcripts daily is a ritual – and when I can tune in to one of the radio talk-shows, I do so. We all want to know, even if the news is always disturbing, shocking and outright atrocious. Before I go any further, I must express my complete disgust and utter dismay at the loss of Richard Stuart and his wife Maria. Likewise, I must express same sentiments at the loss of young mother, Raylene Dyer. The tragedies are immense and at this point I have lost whatever confidence I had left in our system address our crime situation. Whatever happened to Crooks Report, Broaster Report and Dr. Gayle’s Report – what have they served us if any? What happen to the Restore Belize? How has the zoning of West Landivar helped? I am about to visit the news files today fully prepared for whatever, there may be. For those of us who are dedicated to the ritual, it is not that we are a masochist and get some satisfaction from a daily serving of bad news, but it is that innate sense of belonging to that calls us – we love Belize and we are very concerned for Belize and our fellow citizens at home. My fellow columnist G Mike Reid and Nuri Muhammed have done excellent work of chronicling our evolving society and commenting on the alarming crime situation. Nuri especially has worn his heart on his shoulder where the youth of Belize is concerned. I think when no one has bothered to read or even cared, Nuri has kept watchful eyes on the youth services and programs – critiquing whether or not they serve the purpose of our youth. This week has been particularly hard on the diaspora listening and watching the news – the shocking home invasion and double killings of attorney Richard Stuart and his wife Maria in their new home in West Landivar while their eight year old son listened and the shocking killing of a young mother for her infant child is like a triple whammy! The question everyone is asking is “what the hell is going on in Belize?!” Much as the Prime Minister has made a significant effort to campaign to the diaspora in his heralded visits to Miami, Chicago, Los An-

geles, and New York to speak with Belizeans living abroad – his message is dichotomous to the reality at home. While Barrow inveigled Belizeans to return home and dangled inducements such as land, right to vote from abroad and big high paying jobs, the picture Barrow paints and the vivid picture painted by the National Perspective, Channel 7, Channel 5, Amandala, the Reporter and even his own Guardian newspaper is a different one. Belizeans in the diaspora are mortified at what is going on Belize and worry about their loved ones at home. I now know the pang of fear that visits whenever my phone rings. I fear that it is some bad news about someone close. The simple truth is that Dean Oliver Barrow has failed at leading our country. He has single handedly destroyed the Belizean economy and has made a mess and a mockery of the Judiciary. Things are not well at home when the pillars of our society are vulnerably wobbly. It is ironic that only last month Barrow passed a Recall Act that according to him - allows for Belizeans to recall no-good area representatives like himself – honestly I was so miffed at Carlos Perdomo – I thought that he would make a good candidate to test-run the new law – turns out that Barrow may have served up his own poison. Belizeans in the diaspora are no fools, and the rumblings are fast becoming thunderous – Barrow is a pathetic failure and he and he has to go! The very people whom he is promising to bring home to vote or allow them to vote from “states” are taking a hard look at him. For some who bit the bait and packed up for home, they are lamenting with regret. Their business ventures have failed before they got off the ground, and those who were lucky, smelled the rat the minute they landed and quickly boarded the next flight out. They are telling their friends and family not to go to Belize and not to contemplate doing business in Belize. It is a sad set of circumstances and the ones who suffer for it are the people at home. For every investor who changed his mind and did not come - those are a few jobs not had by Belizeans and more mouths not fed and the negative ripple effect. The time for patronizing Dean Barrow and friends is over. I certainly have joined the call by Belizeans in the United States in saying that enough is enough. Mr. Barrow has displayed that he is incapable of leading our country, incapable of addressing the issues and the only thing he seems good at is making a mess of things. The latest

Kareem Stevens Belize City, Tues. Oct. 19 The very eventful life of young Kareem Stevens took a turn for the better when under a directive from the Director of Public Prosecutions, murder charges brought against him for the February 2010 murder of Biltmore security guard, was dismissed in Magistrates Court #1 this morning. Kareem Stevens is one of three

men were today charged for Monday, February 18th early morning’s savage slaying of Nigerian security guard Kaluru Olungududu at the Biltmore Plaza Hotel. He was charged jointly along with two of the hotel’s employees 25 year old Jamal Jackson – a steward at the hotel – and 19 year old Daniel Myvette – a security guard. Kaluru Olungududu was stabbed multiple times with a kitchen knife inside the security booth. Nothing was stolen. Kareem Stevens first the news when he reported that on September 30th, 2007, he was riding on Central American Boulevard when he says four men came out of a yard and held him up with what appeared to be a chrome 9-millimeter pistol. The man with the gun pointed it at his head, and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not discharge. When this happened, Stevens bolted. Four men were subsequently arrested but were not convicted as a result.

Another American fugitive nabbed in San Pedro

Belize City, Mon. Oct. 18

The newspaper Ambergris Today is reporting that local island businessman Ricardo Caveras was arrested yesterday by the San Pedro Police Department working in conjunction with officers from the Lower Southampton Pennsylvania police and the security officer of the American Embassy to Belize. Caveras has outstanding arrest warrants in the United States for parole violation, security fraud and other fraud related cases in the name of Richard D. Cover Jr. Other investigations are ongoing for cases involving fraud in the United States. In Panama where Caveras lived under the alias RJ Erwin before moving to Belize via Costa Rica, where he is alleged to have lived under

other aliases. Detective Shane Hearn from Lower Southamption PD, who was able to positively identify Caveras as the fugitive Richard D. Cover Jr., alerted the FBI in Pennsylvania, who subsequently alerted the US Embassy here in Belize. Hearn stated, “Cover is a number one scumball who has ripped off many people’s life savings.” Cover is also being investigated for bigamy for having one wife here in Belize with whom he has a child, and another in the United States with whom he has four children, including triplets. Cover has been living as Caveras in San Pedro for approximately 1 year, and has been working as a Property Manager and as General Manager for Coldwell Banker Real Estate on Ambergris Caye. Caveras claims to be a Belizean citizen born in Orange Walk to a Belizean mother who moved to the United States shortly after his birth and is expected to fight extradition to the United States on those grounds. Sources in the Pennsylvania police confirm that his mother has never visited Belize. Local investigations into this claim of citizenship have been unable to unearth any confirmation of this claim, leading to questions about how Caveras was able to obtain government paperwork from the Immigration Department in Belize to that effect. Caveras originally entered Belize under an American Passport with no mention of Belizean heritage.

news of another senior official of the Judiciary resigning out of sheer intolerance for Dean Barrow’s impulsive penchant is another blow. Confidence by Belizeans at home is at an all-time low, and it is fast dwindling in the diaspora. It is time for Mr. Barrow to notify the Governor General of elections. We simply cannot sacrifice anymore! But alas the choices we have.

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October24th , 2010

BDF drills Griga United 2-0 to lead BPFL football Orange Walk, October 10, 2010 Undefeated Belize Defence Force continues to lead the Belize Premier Football League in their sixth week of competition after their fifth victory: 2-0 over Griga United at the Carl Ramos Stadium on Sunday afternoon, October 17. A scant seven minutes of play had elapsed when Evan Mariano stunned the Griga goalkeeper Elias Pelayo by scoring the winning goal. The Graig eleven struggled to equalize but the hometown fans had little to cheer about as first intermission came and then the end of 90 minutes BDF Orlando “Lichy” Jimenez spreparing to score second gol regulation time, without the Griga strikers making any impression in the tenacious BDF defense. “Lichy” Jimenez iced the victory 10pts. FC Belize fell to second place The game was into its second min- with a second goal for the 2-0 final in the league rankings with 14pts, ute of injury time, when Orlando score. Griga is ranked third with when they fell short of a victory in

a dissatisfying scoreless draw with the Toledo ambassadors at the Toledo Union field on Sunday. Their star striker Jerome James was also ejected from the ballgame with a red card, which means, James will have to sit out their next match, when they take on the BDF at the MCC grounds on Sunday, October 24. Toledo Ambassadors remain at fourth place in the standings with eight points, and will challenge Griga United at the Carl Ramos Stadium on Sunday. Hankook Verdes picked up their first win by default when the San Pedro Sea Dogs forfeited their scheduled match on Saturday night. Verdes will visit Belmopan Blaze at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium, while San Felipe Barcelona will host the San Pedro Sea dogs at the People’s Stadium on Sunday.

Team Anderson/Martinez wins Tropigas beach female volleyball competition Belize City, October 17, 2010

Team Anderson/ Martinez won the Tropigas female beach volleyball tournament held under the auspices of the Belize Volleyball Association at the Cucumber Beach at the Old Belize Museum over the weekend. Jasmine Anderson and Kaina Martinez of Belmopan had won the opening match of the tournament over Shantell Arnold and Crysel Gabourel on Saturday afternoon. In Game 2, Babsy Cadle and Esther Middleton won over Jasmine and Kaina on Saturday afternoon. In Game 3 on Saturday, the Solis sisters, Tisha and Tichelle Solis of Belize City advanced to the finals undefeated by winning over Bobby Dee Usher and Tanisha Encalada. In Game 4 the last game on Saturday, the Solis sisters won over Babsy Cadle and Esther Middleton. In Game 5 on Sunday morning, Bobby Dee Usher and Tanisha Encalada over Shantell Arnold and Crysel Gabourel. In Game 6 in the semifinals on Sunday morning, Jasmine and Kaina eliminated Bobby Dee Usher and Tanisha Encalada. Usher and Encalada took home

the $100 3rd prize. In Game 7, Jasmine and Kaina had advanced to the finals by over Babsy Cadle and Esther Middleton by default. In Game 8, the first final, Jasmine Anderson and Kaina Martinez won City in two sets 21-14 and 21-09 over the Solis sisters, Tisha and Tichelle. In Game 9, the second final, Anderson and Martinez hung tough to also won 21-10 and 21-14 over the Solis girls, to clinch the title and the $300 1st prize. The Solis sisters took home the $200 2nd prize. Meanwhile Audinett/ Arnold won Tropigas beach volleyball competition on October 11th Team Arnold/ Audinett won the Tropigas female beach volleyball tournament held under the auspices of the Belize Volleyball Association at the Cucumber Beach at

Jasmine Anderson

the Old Belize Museum over the weekend. In Game 1 Saturday afternoon, Ronnie Sosa and Luis Requena of Caye Caulker won over Sheldon Arnold and Shane Armstrong of Belmopan, but in Game 2, Jason Cabral and Gustavo Moratoya of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye won over Tico Requena and Juan “Chico” Marin Requena of Caye Caulker. In Game 3 on Saturday afternoon, Raul Arnold and Ernest Broaster had over Oscar Arnold and Gillian Smith. In Game 4 the last game on Saturday afternoon, Arvid Arnold and Germaine

Audinett won over Ronnie Sosa and Luis Requena. In Game 5 on Sunday morning Raul Arnold and Ernest Broaster triumph over Jason Cabral and Gustavo Moratoya. In Game 6 on Sunday morning Tico Requena and Juan “Chico” Marin eliminated Oscar Arnold and Gillian Smith. In Game 7 Jason Cabral and Gustavo Moratoya went on to eliminate Sheldon Arnold and Shane Armstrong of Belmopan. In Game 8 on Sunday morning, Arvid Arnold and Germaine Audinett over Broaster and Raul Arnold in their first encounter. In Game 9, Tico Requena and Juan “Chico” Marin advanced to the seifinals by a victory over Ronnie Sosa and Luis Requena in the ninth match on Sunday afternoon. In Game 10, Raul Arnold and Ernest Broaster eliminated Requena and Marin to advance to the finals. In Game 11 the grand championship final, undefeated Arvid Arnold and Germaine Audinett won over Raul Arnold and Ernest Broaster to take home the $300 1st prize. Raul Arnold and Ernest Broaster took home the $200 2nd prize, and Tico Requena and Juan “Chico” Marin had to be content with the $100 3rd prize.

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October24th , 2010

Wesley & Nazarene boys win thru to CSSSA volleyball finals Belize

City, October 9, 2010

The Wesley College boys will take on 2-time Belize City champs, the Nazarene High School boys in the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) volleyball championship finals, after the Wesley boys eliminated the St John’s College boys in the semifinals at the Belize City Center on Tuesday. The No.1 seed Nazarene boys avanced to the finals when they won over the defending champions, the Ladyville Technical High School boys in Monday’s semifinals. Avery Gordon led the Nazarene boys’ attack with the help of Frank Malic and Kadeem Courtenay, while Raheem Richardson, Aaron Samuels and Devon Flowers received and served to win the first 2 sets: 25-11 and 25-22. The LadyvilleTechn cal boys were not about to go down so easily and led by Roman Debride and Denroy McCord, they won the 3rd and 4th sets: 25-20 and 25-13, but their concentration faltered in the decisive 5th set as the Nazarene boys took it away 15-7. The St John’s College boys sought

payback for their only loss, to Wesley College boys last Saturday when they faced the Wesley College boys again in Tuesday’s semifinals. Alex Quan, Rasheed Pollard and Kareem Mckay led the SJC attacks and with the hlp of David Courtenay, Robert Codd, and Richard Vasquez, and

Zacahry Garbutt as libero, they won the first 2 sets 25-17 and 25-16. Jermaine Madrill and Brandon Lopez rallied the Wesley boys counterattacks, and with the help of some skillful serving from Kieron Zuniga, while Calbert Jeffries, Eyan Rene and Jareid Tillett received and

SCA & ACC girls win thru to CSSSA volleyball finals Pallotti High School girls on Friday afternoon in 3 sets. The Pallotti girls won the first set 25-13, but the ACC girls won the next 2 sets: 26-24 and15-11. The ACC girls had also posted their 4th win in a two-set blowout 25-14 and 25-7 of Maud Williams High School girls last Wednesday. The Pallotti girls had posted their 5th win 25-22 and 25-15 over Ladyville Technical High School girls last Wednesday.

Licor License Applications Notice is hereby given that Maria Lazo is applying for a Publican Special Liquor License to be operated at “MEXICAN BAR”, Dangriga, Stann Creek District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance, Revised Edition 1980.






TheAnglican Cathedral College girls will take on the defending champs St Catherine’s Academy in the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) volleyball championship finals, after the ACC girls eliminated the Pallotti High School girls in the semifinals at the Belize City Center on Tuesday. The Pallotti girls’ attack was led by Gorlee Marin and Jinel Flowers, who with the help of and Megan Contreras, Georgia Young, Gloria Serano and Adrianne Barillas won the first 2 sets 25-13 and 26-24. Vanessa Rose and Shauryce Flowers led the ACC girls counterattack and with the help of Agnes Lucas, Ena Encalada and Joani Magana, they won the next 2 sets 25-19 and 25-14 to tie the score at 2 set each and the outlasted the Pallotti girls in the 5th set 15-13.

The St Catherine’s girls had no trouble in dispatching the 4th ranked seed, the Gwen Lizarraga High School girls in Monday’s semifinals. SCA’s captain Analisa Habet and Sherika Burton led the attacks, hammering home kills on balls set by Xiomara Quan, and Brianny Staine and Emily Evans received and served aces to win in 3 consecutive sets 25-22, 25-20, asnd 25-14. The SCA girls had ented the semifinals as the No.1 seed after their 7th back to back win in a 2 set blowout of the Wesley College girls on Saturday, taking the 1st set 25-14. The Wesley girls, led by Kristie Gillett made a real fight for the 2nd set and Sherlene Humphreys, Leyla Hernandez Leshawn Swift, Caricia Clarke and Keri Zuniga gave it their all, but the SCA girls prevailed 25-23. The SCA girls had also gotten the easy bye to their 6th win when the

Edward P. Yorke High School girls defaulted on their game on Thursday. The Maud Williams High School girls picked up their 1st win of the competition, when the Edward P. Yorke girls also defaulted their game on Saturday. The Gwen Lizarraga girls posted their 4th win over the girls of Ladyville Technical High School in two sets 25-17 and 25-22 last Friday night. Audreanna Meighan, Deandra Coote, and Shareema Moody led the Gwen Liz attack to win the first set 25-17. The Ladyville girls tried for a comeback in the 2nd set, serving aces, but the Gwen Liz girl prevailed 25-22. The Gwen Liz girls had enjoyed their 3rd win by upsetting the Wesley College girls last Thursday. The Wesley girl had won the 1st set 2725, but the Gwen Liz girls took the next two sets 25-23 and 15-13. The ACC girls entered the semifinals as the No.2 seed after they upset the

Notice is hereby given that Denise Mc Creary is applying for a Publica Special License to be operated at “Driftwood Beach Bar”, Hopkins, Stann Creek District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance, Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Sylvia Williams is applying for a Publican Special Liquor License to be operated at “Local Paradise Restaurant & Bar”, Sittee River, Stann Creek District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance, Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that Joseph Williams is applying for a Publican Special Liquor License to be operated at “River View Restaurant & Bar”, Sittee River, Stann Creek District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance, Revised Edition 1980.

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October24th , 2010

A further case against Caricom By: Anonymous II

At times I feel like I am John the Baptist crying in the wilderness because the people of Belize are stiffnecked, uninformed on many matters and willing to believe official lies. They are unable to form a consensus when confronted with appalling events happening around them, and a general tendency not to ask questions when political storm clouds are gathering to rain on destruction on them. For example, not even the majority of their university graduates will let you know that the idea of Caricom is bad for Belize in every way you can think of, and yet not one of them will come fourth and declare their outrage because of fear or their families losing jobs, losing their hard won fortunes and general victimization. So let’s see what they are losing to because they refuse to speak out and declare Caricom like a thief in the night. For example, let’s consider the nonbenefits from trade, the destruction of the Central Bank, the conspiracy of the Caribbean controlled commercial banks to bring Belize to its heels if the population doesn’t corporate with the government’s nefarious activities. Trade: What commodities and their dollar value have we been engaged in with the countries of Caricom? Do they buy our beef, our sugar or rice, mangoes, bread-fruit, our fish, or crude oil, our vegetable, our land? Maybe some beef but in negligible amounts. So why Caricom? Let’s trade with Caricom or any other country but on a comparative advantage basis only. All the silliness of the customs union’s procedure and rules and regulations is just that ridiculousness. It wastes resources and i am certain there are laws prohibiting “acts of waste” punishable by “fine and confine” edits of officials who seek to implement or have implemented them. You see the Caribbean people are swayed by the limited success of the European Economic Union but if the government would take time if they have the economic training, the management skills, the scientific, statically methodologies under their belt, it could be discerned quite easily after proper analysis that there are important differences between European integration and Regional integration amongst developing nations. Most European nations are highly developed in all areas of economic and political activities and are only invited to join the EEC if they meet the threshold of certain compliance, such as growth of GDP, Inflation rate, Banking structure, Per Capita income and many other criteria. Each country then holds a referendum where the people decide to accept or reject entering the European Economic Community (EEC). In addition this action of joining the EEC is mainly concerned with the effect on the growth of the world economies while Caricom or Central American Common Market on international trade flows is neither critical nor significant, besides, my research indicates, it would be better if all these tiny island nations should join selected advance nations and piggy back their nation’s economies. Good and Services will

become cheaper, inflation rate will subside, their weak currencies will disappear to be replaced by stronger currencies. This Caricom is a farce and it will be demonstrated that a great deal of costly human, technical and natural resources have been wasted in a cockeyed , jaundiced debacle because a few anglophiles wanted to ape European Economic Community. Besides no one even asked the Belizean people whether they wanted to join or not! After careful, analytical economic studies I can’t find the benefits to be derived for Belize in the integration and federation with the West Indies through the vehicle of Caricom. We will lose all our government, our Central Bank (the commercial banks are already, Caribbean owned) Insurance companies [these Caribbean insurance companies bleed Belizeans for several years, export the revenues then declare bankruptcy] what a nice way to fleece the people and the economy. The study also showed that rather than help Belize, polarization will take place meaning that places like Jamaica, Barbados, where there are greater population centres, the growth market will take place there not in small population countries. So Caricom is design to assist and grow the domestic market for Jamaica Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago not for Belize. Belize is being used for raw material. Can you believe? Jamaica and Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago want to become colonizers imperialist. Try something new not colonialism all over again. Another colossal problem with Caricom, not only with Belize but for the members is the high costs of adequate transportation facilities to mark the proposal enlarge market economically feasible and meaningful. it makes no sense to be in Caricom if we can buy everything cheaper in USA, Mexico, Guatemala et al than with Caricom countries; and we can sell everything we want to export at better preferred prices to USA, Mexico, and Guatemala. Finally, all there Caricom countries have currency exchange restrictions and these restrictions will remain intact even when there is a Caribbean single dollar. Meaningful Caricom integration cannot take place until currency exchange transactions are lifted and make the people free, no more slavery. As a less Develop Country (LDC) Belize is also seriously jeopardizing its link vehicle for obtaining development assistance from development countries. A link is the ability to create reserves a obtaining foreign assistance because Belize has its dollar pegged to USA dollar. Belize would do rather well if it were just to adopt the US dollar and continue to trade with USA since tens of thousands of Belizeans will continues to live and study well into the indefinite right USA. Both political parties would do well to revisit this Caricom agreement and reserve if not reject it outright. Nothing is cast in stone!

Aries-This is a weird week for you, be careful. Nothing really happens until Wednesday, which is a whirling fireball of activity and light. Thursday is the same. Expect lots of people, lots of noise, small adventures, sudden discoveries and the like. Friday and Saturday are more staid -- you’re focused on money and how much of it you have or don’t have. Sunday, however, is marked by flirting. Taurus- Take the opportunity, on Monday and Tuesday, to consider your goals. If at all possible, the consideration of your goals is a conversation you should have with someone else who is also reassessing their priorities. Wednesday and Thursday, you’re plagued by indecision and a weird desire to shop (which is the last thing you should do), but Friday and Saturday find you feeling better than you have in a while. Sunday is crazy in a great way. Gemini-You spend the first part of the week feeling thrown off -- or maybe just in an abstract state of mind. It’s a great time for thinking about your future and making personal decisions you might not share right away with others; some alone time is probably in the stars. Your friends would love to know what you’re thinking, and talking about it might feel very good. You will get a flurry of correspondence from loved ones or even send some. Cancer-You have no head for details on Monday in fact, it kind of feels like your brain has turned into something resembling scrambled egg. Chances are high that you’ll say something very pedestrian and someone will wildly misunderstand it. What’s up? It’s weird! Stick to the facts, speak carefully and avoid the easily misunderstood issue of emotions at all costs. A party appears at the end of the week, and it will be entirely pleasant, or even inspiring. Leo-Spirits- and tensions - are high on Monday, and someone might say something in another room that sounds to you like something else. That could cause you to respond badly. You might even fly off the handle. It’s in the stars. Forewarned is forearmed be true to form, you’re able to see everyone for their personal strengths, and you can have a good time anywhere. Your plans for an upcoming celebration are taking shape and you’re starting to feel good. Virgo-The best thing you can give people isn’t gifts or money or anything material, but total respect. Provide them with all the space they need and all the sympathy you’d want. The urge to be critical comes from a good place, but it inevitably comes out sounding sour and dark. Friday and Saturday see a loosening of the cosmic purse strings. On Sunday, in a social situation, put your energy toward communicating well. Libra-As much as the world at large wants you to focus on material wealth, the start of the week is a great time to focus on anything not nearly as concrete. The color of the sky, the sound of birds calling, a random -and rare -splash of sun. It’s a beautiful thing! Then, turn your attention from the natural world to humanity and focus on people in the middle of the week. Everything else will take care of itself. Indulgence is in the stars, but watch out don’t go overboard. Scorpio-It’s no wonder that your mind is a loose collection of images and feelings at the start of the week -- the dreamy quality of the season does that. You have a hard time separating real life and fantasy at this time, which isn’t a bad thing. It could become bad, however, in the middle of the week, when you have some serious things to get done. You might wake you up a bit to physical reality toward the end of the week. Sagittarius-You’ve been hitting your wallet pretty hard lately and it may mean you haven’t a penny in your pocket at the start of the week. It happens to the best of us, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. Plus, you’re in a serious looking-back-on-your-life mode, which also happens to everyone. By the middle of the week, you are fully focused on the future: You’re having fun thinking about all the stuff you want to get done in the coming weeks. Capricorn-Giving a card to someone at the start of the week may mean a lot more to them than giving a bouquet of flowers would. You have a talent for expressing yourself in writing, and someone’s in the mood to be the subject of that expression. You find yourself oddly worried and you’re clinging to the present with all your might. Change is going to happen, so let it. Aquarius-Well, you’re out of money. That’s your first thought as you begin thinking about the rest of the week. That’s okay. Everyone else is out of money, too. (Well, not everyone. If you need to borrow some, don’t feel bad about asking.) Wednesday and Thursday are brilliant illustrations of all that life has to offer that isn’t related to money whatsoever. You feel freer than you have in a while. Paradoxically, you feel more connected to others. Pisces-The beginning of the week kicks off well. If you’re not being pampered by those in your life, take the time to do so yourself. Really get into it -- or get your engines going on a new creative project. On Tuesday, you have energy to burn. Wednesday and Thursday are all over the place and confusion is imbuing your outlook with crazy shades of grey. Sending cards to friends and family gives order to your thoughts.

October24th , 2010

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BluTsunami Floods Dangriga 17,000 strong: the sleeping giant awakes!

Belize City, Thurs. Oct. 21 The reverberations from Sunday’s massive showing by the Peoples United Party in Dangriga at its National Convention still continue to resound across the nation’s political spectrum as Belizeans of all walks of life contemplate and speculate on its significance. First to react was the United Democratic Party propagandists who immediately tried to downsize the crowd. They were followed by their media allies, Channel 7 News and Kremandala who reported the crowd at 5,000 – 8,000 and claimed it was about the same size as UDP convention in Orange Walk about two months ago. But the PUP Secretariat has confirmed that they chartered 210 buses and nearly every bus came filled to the point of standees ensuring the head count surpassed the 10,000 mark. There were certainly many more arrivals in private vehicles, and what started as a stream of Dangriga residents walking to the Holy Ghost Primary School grounds soon turned to a flood that choked the street. Despite the logistical problems posed by the massive throng, the program was only an hour late in starting. The delay was lengthened because it took Party Leader Johnny Briceno nearly 15 minutes to make his way through the crowd. Following an inspiring rendition of the national anthem in English, Spanish and Garifuna by the Stann Creek Ecumenical College choir, and an evocative benediction and national prayer, the Party quickly got down to the business of passing far reaching amendments to its constitution, and 6 resolutions on the economy, crime and violence, the Judiciary, education and political reform. The new executive was sworn in with the party leader Johnny Briceno, deputies Carolyn Trench Sandiford, Mike Espat and Dan Silva accepting their nominations. (A fourth nominee Francis Fonseca sent his apologies, and will have to be sworn in at a later date.) The crowd cheered the introduction of the National Campaign Manager Eamon Courtenay and his deputies Javier Guitterez (West),

Sevulo Baeza (North), Danny Madrid (East) and Ivan Ramos (south), as well as the National Communications Director Nardia Garcia and her deputies Rachel Montejo, Jose Mai and Anthony Mahler. Also accepting nominations and applause were the Co-chairs of the Policy and Reform Committee attorneys Lisa Shoman and Arthur Saldivar, and the Liason for Civil Society and Unions Hugh O’Brien. Anthony Sylvester returns as the Party’s Legal Advisor, and Julius Espat is now firmly in the seat as Treasurer. Bill Lindo was tabbed to be the Director of the new Research and Development Committee while Luke Espat debuted as the Strategic Development Manager. Also present were the ex-officio members of the national executive: Leader Emeritus George Price, Immediate Past Party Leader Said Musa, Chair Order of Distinguished Service Belezario Carballo Sr., as well as Cecil Reneau (Marshalls),

Gina Tillett (UWG), Keven Bernard (BYM). They were joined onstage by the chairmen of the four regional caucuses: Valdemar Castillo (Northern), Landy Habet (Western), Joe Coye (Eastern) and Rodwell Ferguson (Southern). The old way gave way to new when outgoing Chairman Carolyn Trench Sandiford stepped aside for incoming chairman Henry Charles Usher with the pair trading speeches of farewell and welcome. Carolyn becomes the first female to become the deputy leader of a major Belizean political party, a fact not lost on many who were honoured to be witness to this bit of history. Leader Emeritus George Price, despite showing a bit of his 92 years, rose an in a brief speech but in strong voice, urged the crowd to remember the PUP’s ethos of service to the people, and reminded the throng that they were the masters and the executive their sevants. Past Leader Said Musa was at his

best, rocking the crowd with his recital of PUP past achievements compared to the UDP’s current crop of failure. His line, a recurring refrain: “Mr. Barrow, yu di call mi name but dah your name stink dah road!” The men had followed speeches by the three Deputy Leaders present. They were followed with the Party Leaders keynote address, music and entertainment from paranda legend Paul Nabor, and Lucio and the New Generations before the crowd slowly but peaceful began to make the trek back to the far flung corners of the nation from which they had come. Despite the size of the crowd all crammed onto the grounds there were no incidents of violence as an atmosphere of solidarity and a sense of unity of purpose prevailed. PUP, all the way! The traditional party cheer seemed to continue to ring out late into the evening, even as the last buses made their way out of town.

PACT PLAYS POLITCS? APAMO complains Barrow administration siphoning PACT funds

Sharon Ramclam, Executive Director, PACT

Belize City, Wed. Oct. 20

The Association of Protected Areas Management Organizations, APAMO, has become the latest organization to complain about the Barrow administration’s policy of politicizing public non-partisan benefits and activities. They join the Hayward Charitable Trust and the Belize Natural Energy Trust who have also made the same charge in this regard. This week spokespersons for APAMO spoke out saying that at the administration’s tacit insistence, grant allocations by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust, (PACT), which is mandated to finance the management of Belize’s protected areas, are being redirected into other projects not related to the protected areas system.

The organization’s concerns was given voice after PACT issued grants to the tune of $250,000 on October 6th to two protected areas management organizations but also to the Belize Fishermen Cooperative Association and Restore Belize. Of this total $100,000 went to the Restore Belize initiative alone, purportedly for high school scholarships and school trips for Belize City students to protected areas. In a letter dated October 12, 2010, APAMO’s Chairman, Edilberto Romero, wrote to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment presenting his concerns and requesting that PACT uses its funds more strategically in the protected areas system. He pointed out that the Trust’s limited funds are decreasing even more because the Belize City Council has been given close to five hundred thousand dollars annually over the last three years for a so-called Tourism Development Fund that no one seems accountable for. Romero concludes that when you combine all that with PACT’s high administration cost, at least one million dollars or forty to fifty percent of the funds available for protected areas

management are being lost. The letter goes on to urge the government to find other means of funding social programs that don’t jeopardize the management of protected areas. Yvette Alonzo, APAMO’s Coordinator, told Love FM News: “This is the third instance where PACT is diverting its funding for non-environmental or conservation or protected area issues. Yes, it is going towards a very important cause we are not saying that the need is not there to provide scholarships. What we are saying is that as it is PACT does not have enough funding to fill the gap that exists for effective protected areas management. By diluting it further it is just hurting in terms of Belize meeting its obligation as it pertains to protected areas management. As a country we have a commitment towards the management of these natural resources which our very livelihood depend on. Our quality of life depends on the effective management of these areas so that we have clean water; we have food and clean air. These are things that if we continuously continue to neglect will have a serious social impact on our people.”

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October24th , 2010

Choose the Best Base Cosmetics for Your Skin for a Perfectly Even, Flawless Face

Zoeisha Terrishay Tamica to Denfield Edwin Davis and Tamisha Kristh Davis nee Francisco

Foundation is one of life’s little

mysteries: when and where should you wear it? What does it actually do? What are the best foundations made of and how should they be applied? Let’s a look at the variety of foundations currently in vogue, discussing their pros and cons and looking at the latest in cosmetic technology to make sense of the stuff we’re smearing on our skin. What’s Foundation For? Young women may think that foundation is a middle-aged game, but the fact is that the right foundation can protect your skin and keep it younger longer. Many foundations and moisturizers now come with SPF in them, so whenever you wear foundation, you’re protecting your skin from the most damaging environmental condition short of cigarette smoke; the sun. Even young women with flawless skin should wear a light foundation purely for the SPF coverage it affords. In addition to sunscreen, the right foundation can provide additional moisturizing, which is useful if you work or go to school in modern, climate controlled buildings where the air is very dry. Keeping your skin well moisturized is another way to head off the signs of aging, so that, in a fascinating paradox, the more you wear foundation, the less you need it for coverage. Foundation’s cosmetic purpose is to correct skin irregularity, hide fine lines and generally provide a base for the ret of your makeup. You can fix problems with wan or ruddy skin with the correct color of foundation, adding a slight blush or toning down redness by your choice of color. Concealer Can Give Full Coverage to Problem Skin Areas You can find all sorts of concealers, but they are mainly sold in tubes. Concealer is just a foundation with more of the water removed, making it thick and increasing its coverage. Most makeup artists agree that undereye concealer should have a golden hue to minimize the dark circles so many of us are prone to. Other concealers can be used to cover blemishes or even scars. The trick is in the application. You may find it works best to pace your concealer between two layers of foundation in the problem area for nearly perfect coverage. Waterproof, Smudgeproof or 24-Hour Foundation There are foundations that purport to be impervious to rain, hugging and time itself, and some claims

BIRTHS Logan Carter and Cambria Cheyenne to Abram Dyck and Joyce Dyck nee Reimer Allia Jayla to Albert Joe Carretela and Jamillia Janely Carretela nee Belisle Kelsey Katelyn to Deon Alexander Baptist and Sharna Celina Baptist nee Garbutt Yandel Jaleel to Marvin Magaña and Isabel Magaña neeJimenez Nayellie Oneida to Nigel Williams and Ada Yvette Williams nee Chavarria

may be more honest than others. What is true is that these foundations, often in a liquid or creamto-powder base, have to contain waterproof materials such as wax and oil. If your skin tends to be sensitive, you may find the various whatever proof foundations cause breakouts or roughened skin. If you spend a lot of time in the rains of London or flying from one destination to another with little time for applying new makeup, you’ll want to try the waterproof, smudgeproof foundations, but be aware that they may have ingredients that aren’t especially kind to your skin. Look for organic foundations with ingredient names you recognize. New Foundations the go from Creams to Powders Can Be Found in Local Drugstores Newer base makeups that turn from cream to powder is partly marketing ploy, in part pretty cool idea with its own share of followers. The idea is good: you apply a cream, which goes on smooth and easy thanks to its liquidity. It then dries and sets, and the powder in it surfaces to form a flawless and lasting look. This foundation is popular with women who want good coverage without having to layer on foundation and then powder. The Latest Makeup Craze: Mineral Makeup You’ve probably noticed that companies are coming out with what they call mineral makeup, and that it costs a lot more than the Cover Girl you’re used to seeing at the local drugstore. Mineral makeup has a lot to be proud of: it’s hypoallergenic, usually has and SPF of 20 per layer applied, comes in a thousand tints and has no added chemicals. Now, most makeup has some minerals in it; zinc oxide, titanium dioxide and talc are three minerals commonly used as makeup foundation colors and SPFs. Mineral makeup’s claim to fame is that it omits many of the ingredients that are irritating to the skin—fillers

Clarisa Daniela to Anthony Claret Briceño and Glendie Eduviqui Briceño nee Vasquez

MARRIAGES Peter Schmidt 20 to Justina Harder 20 both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Cornelius Dyck 22 to Ana Petkau 20 both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Francisco Humbert Salguero 49 to Teodora Ba 58 both of Corozal Town Gican Victor Babb 30 to Delmy Eugenia Gomez 20 both of San Andres Corozal Francisco Benjamin Trujillo 22 of Dangriga to Yojana Amparo Montoya 17 of Orange Walk Angel de Jesus Morales 24 to Sonia Menilia Cosme 24 both of San Jose/ San Pablo, Orange Walk Stephen Hall Jr. 27 to Carmen Nellica Lane 24 both of Corozal Town Johan Wieler 22 to Aganetha Petkau 22 both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Johan Heibert 20 to Gertruda Wieler 18 both of Shipyard, Orange Walk Francisco de Jesus Marquez Duarte 48 to Zoreia Judith Jimenez 44 both of Caye Caulker, Belize Julio Cesar Kuylen 35 to Dora Alicia Lobos 16 both of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo Olivero Omar Faux 38 to Gerly Danely Savillon 17 both of Belmopan, Cayo Edley Martinez 49 to Laurie Warren 60 both of Hopkins, Stann Creek Henry Emmanuel West 22 to Araceli Carolina Garcia 27 both of Cristo Rey, Cayo Edwin Ramirez 27 to Gereslita Martinez 26 both of Cowpen, Stann Creek Elito Castanedez 38 to Elizabeth Mendez 28 both of Esperanza, Cayo

DEATHS Beatrice Waight 62 Maurice Wilhelm Flowers 81 Apolonio Salome 69 Yoeli Flores 9 Jose Angel Denis 56 Charles Alexander Tucker 68 such as talc (I know, it’s a mineral, but not one that’s good for your skin), starches, oils and dyes that can cause allergies. Minerals go on with a brush, so fine-spun that a little goes a long way and lasts a long time too, making the higher initial outlay more sensible than you’d think after all. And many

mineral makeup wearers swear that not only does it provide them with great looking coverage, but that it actually improves their skin quality.

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Diabetes, the most common disorder of the endocrine (hormone) system, occurs when blood sugar levels in the body consistently stay above normal. It affects more than 26 million people in the U.S. alone. Diabetes is a disease brought on by either the body’s inability to make insulin (type 1 diabetes) or by the body not responding to the effects of insulin (type 2 diabetes). It can also appear during pregnancy. Insulin is one of the main hormones that regulates blood sugar levels and allows the body to use sugar (called glucose) for energy. Talk with your doctor about the different types of diabetes and your risk for this disease. Pre-Diabetes: In the United States, 54 million people over age 20 have blood sugar levels that are higher than normal but not high enough to be classified as diabetes. This is known as pre-diabetes, or impaired glucose tolerance. While people with pre-diabetes usually have no symptoms, it’s almost always present before a person develops type 2 diabetes. However, complications normally associated with diabetes, such as heart disease, can begin to develop even when a person has only pre-diabetes. Once type 2 diabetes develops, symptoms include unusual thirst, a frequent need to urinate, blurred vision, or extreme fatigue. Talk to your doctor to see if you need to be tested for pre-diabetes. By identifying the signs of pre-diabetes before diabetes occurs, you can prevent type 2 diabetes all together and lower your risk of complications associated with this condition such as heart disease. Type 1 Diabetes: Type 1 diabetes occurs because the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas (called beta cells) are destroyed by the immune system. People with type 1 diabetes produce no insulin and must use insulin injections to control their blood sugar. Type 1 diabetes most commonly starts in people under the age of 20, but may occur at any age. Understanding Diabetes - Symptoms What Are the Symptoms of Diabetes? : Common symptoms of diabetes include: 1) Excessive thirst

Understanding Diabetes -the Basics

and appetite 2) Increased urination (sometimes as often as every hour) 3) Unusual weight loss or gain 4) Fatigue 5) Nausea, perhaps vomiting 6) Blurred vision 7) In women, frequent vaginal infections 8) In men and women, yeast infections 9) Dry mouth 10) Slow-healing sores or cuts 11) Itching skin, especially in the groin or vaginal area Call Your Doctor About Diabetes If: A)You feel nauseated, weak, and excessively thirsty; are urinating very frequently; have abdominal pain; or are breathing more deeply and rapidly than normal — perhaps with sweet breath that smells like nail polish remover. You may need immediate medical attention for ketoacidosis — a potentially deadly complication of type 1 diabetes. B) You are having weakness or fainting spells; are experiencing a rapid heartbeat, trembling, and excessive sweating; and feel irritable, hungry, or suddenly drowsy. You could be developing hypoglycemia — low blood sugar that can occur with diabetes treatment. You may need to eat or drink a carbohydrate snack quickly to avoid more serious complications. Diabetes Testing: If you experience symptoms of severe increased thirst, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss, increased hunger, tingling of your hands or feet -- your doctor may run a test for diabetes. This article discusses the various diabetes tests used to diagnose the condition. According to the American Diabetes Association, almost 24 million children and adults in the U.S., or nearly 8% of the population, have diabetes today. Yet millions of Americans are unaware that they have diabetes because there may be no warning signs. To confirm the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, your doctor will order a fasting plasma glucose test or a casual plasma glucose.

Diabetes and the Fasting Plasma Glucose Test: The fasting plasma glucose test (FPG) is the preferred method for diagnosing diabetes because it is easy to do, convenient, and less expensive than other tests, according to the American Diabetes Association. How Do I Prepare for the Blood Glucose Test? : Before taking the blood glucose test, you will not be allowed to eat anything for at least eight hours. What Happens During the Blood Gluose Test? : During a blood glucose test, blood will be drawn and sent to a lab for analysis. What Do the Results of the Blood Glucose Test Mean? : Normal fasting blood glucose -- or blood sugar -- is between 70 and 100 milligrams per deciliter or mg/dL for people who do not have diabetes. The standard diagnosis of diabetes is made when two separate blood tests show that your fasting blood glucose level is greater than

or equal to 126 mg/dL. However, if you have normal fasting blood sugar, but you have risk factors for diabetes or symptoms of diabetes, your doctor may decide to do a glucose tolerance test (see below) to be sure that you do not have diabetes. Some people have a normal fasting blood sugar reading, but their blood sugar rapidly rises as they eat. These people may have glucose intolerance. If their blood sugar levels are high enough, they may be diagnosed with diabetes. The Casual Plasma Glucose Test for Diabetes: The casual plasma glucose test is another method of diagnosing diabetes. During the test, blood sugar is tested without regard to the time since the person’s last meal. You are not required to abstain from eating prior to the test. A glucose level greater than 200 mg/dL may indicate diabetes, especially if the test is repeated at a later time and shows similar results. The Oral Glucose Tolerance Test for Diabetes: The oral glucose tolerance test is yet another method used to detect diabetes, but it is usually only done during pregnancy to diagnose gestational diabetes or for someone who is suspected of having type 2 diabetes yet has a normal fasting glucose level. It can also be performed to diagnose pre-diabetes. Consult your doctor for types of Insulin for Diabetes Treatment.

New software for sale Just In AutoMap 3d

AutoCAD® Map 3D infrastructure planning software:

Geographic coordinate systems—Use real-world coordinate systems to more accurately georeference design data. Direct data access—Directly access spatial data from a variety of data sources, including ESRI® SHP files, Oracle®, and ESRI® ArcSDE® managed databases. Data exchange—Read, write, and convert data in a variety of CAD and GIS formats. CAD editing on geospatial data—Edit spatial data with standard AutoCAD commands. Point clouds—Import and visualize large sets of 3D laser scanning/LIDAR data sets. Analysis tools—Make decisions about your data by creating thematic maps and performing buffer, tracing, and overlay analysis.

Description : AutoCAD® Map 3D mapping software provides access to data needed for infrastructure planning, design, and management activities. It helps professionals working on transportation, land development, water, and power projects to more easily aggregate cadastral, utility, topographic, environmental, image, LIDAR, and asset data; better visualize and evaluate existing conditions; improve decision making by performing corridor, network, and site analysis; and exchange information with government agencies, utilities, and contractors in both CAD and GIS data formats.

Interested persons may call for more information : 628-3215 or 628-9961

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National Perspective October 24, 2010  
National Perspective October 24, 2010  

National Perspective October 24, 2010