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Drug Baron Story on page 6 Edition 115 Vol.3 week 10

November 7th , 2010

Barrow Mortgages Belizeans Future !! Unions/Business separates votes concience, No!!! Belize City, Thurs. Nov 5

National perspective columnist Glenn Tillett has written the Chairman of the Belize Social Security Board attorney Lois YoungBarrow demanding that the decision to invest BZ$50 million of SSB funds in Telemedia shares be reversed immediately. The letter is the first public reaction to the decision carried last Tuesday by a majority of the SSB’s Board of Directors all of whom were appointed by the Barrow administration. The four members nominated by the Belize Chamber of Commerce, the Belize Business Bureau, and the National Trade Union Congress of Belize were all opposed to the purchase. In his letter printed in full on page 7 of this edition of the newspaper, Tillett pointed to two sections of the Social Security Act, which he interprets to show that the decision made on a 5-4 vote was illegal because there were voting persons with clear conflict on interests and argued that because BSSB s a public body, decisions of this body must

Perdomo Knew of Chinese Visas Gob’s clumsy attempts to explain immigration scandal Belize City, Thurs. Nov. 4

Perhaps even more significantly it pointed a clear and accusatory figure at former Minister of National Security, turned Minister of Defence and Immigration Carlos Perdomo. In a story broadcast last Tuesday night, Channel 5 attested that the six immigration officers charged in the recently discovered human smuggling were only “the small fish in an international ring that spans Cuba, Haiti, Ecuador, Sri Lanka and China” and that Minister of Defense Carlos Perdomo “The September and OctoA tepid press release received ber chartered flights from Haiti are shortly before news time today is only the tip of the iceberg and the the only response so far to scorch- ring leaders of the complex operaing revelations by Channel 5 news tion have not been named.” And it then went on to document this week that the Ministry of Naits assertion that “the illegal issutional Security/Defence and Immigration basically knew all along ance of visas has been going on how the latest human trafficking long before the recent bust.” In ring exposed in Belize worked. Continued on page 4

appear independent and impartial, and that this was not the case in this instance. As of news time today the Chairman had not replied. In an interview with the National Perspective this evening Tillett said that if there was no reply or an unsatisfactory reply, he would then petition the courts to have his interpretation of the law tested. “I will be calling on as many like minded contributors to the Fund, to join in a mass appeal to the courts to protect what is essentially our money from the reckless behavior of the appointed stewards, by reversing this decision,” he said. Meanwhile the nay have coalesced what had been a fairly fierce debate within the ranks of the social partners organizations, into a growing consensus that their leaders must express their dissatisfaction with the decision by the Barrow administration. In a rare show of unity the workers and employers representatives had consulted with each other before last Tuesday’s fateful meeting and all reports are that they will move in coordination forward on this issue. In the case of the NTUCB, last Friday’s veiled threat by BSSB Chairman Lois Young to “fix” them as a problem may yet prove to be the proverbial straw that breaks the back of a badly strained relationship. The unions association is taking the threat seriously and are now preparing for a protracted period of tension with a dying administration that is already on its way out, barely halfway through its term of office. The unions, already stung by the administration’s flat rejection of their request for a wage in-

crease in the face of historic increases in inflation, are now downright determined to oppose its excesses. And for a business sector battered by a prolong economic downturn, and the gloomy forecast that recovery from the passage of Hurricane Richard will also be protracted and slow, the only solution is beginning to look more like a change of administration, and the sooner the better. As one prominent businessman told the National Perspective this afternoon, “At this point they can’t leave fast enough. We thought it was a marriage made in heaven, but you know something, separation’s been granted – they don’t love us no more.”

Barrow/Zinc Fence goes for the kill! Destroyers of investor confidence

Evan ‘Mose’ Hyde

Over the last 33 months, the UDP government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow has successfully destroyed the investor confidence in the country. The once buoyant economic sectors are slowly coming to a grinding halt, allowing what was considered a strong economy prior to February 2008 to deteriorate to the ground. The business continues to bleed and is hurting badly causing the employment rate to rise to 12.6% and beyond. Barrow does not care that Continued on page 12

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November 7th , 2010


Those who have been following the triangular fight between Lord Michael Ashcroft, Kremandala (Zinc Fence) and Dean Barrow will readily agree that the Lord is losing the battle and losing badly. In sports the term “blow out” would be use to describe the level of the onslaught that the combine tandem of Hyde and Barrow has unleashed on Lord Ashcroft. Both the UDP government and the Zinc Fence is not shy in stating very clearly what their final intention is when it comes to Lord Ashcroft and his businesses and by extension those that are associated with him. The tag team goal is to annihilate the Peer. On the Krem Radio morning show on Wednesday Mose Hyde hosted the Prime Minister of Belize and pledged his unwavering support for the UDP and made it clear that he wants the government to go to the full nine yards in destroying Lord Ashcroft and his investments in Belize. In short he said winning against the Lord was the only thing. As in the words of Malcolm X, defeat the Lord “by any means necessary”. We emphasize the Wednesday talk show morning discussion on Krem Radio because it is the first time that this callous and open declaration of war against a bonafide investor has been publicly presented and endorsed by the government and no less than the Prime Minister of Belize. This message should create a sonic boom in the camp of Lord Ashcroft, because if the BTL nationalization becomes an ideology then, the Belize Bank is next. If one stop to calculate how much the Zinc Fence and Dean Barrow has cost Lord Ashcroft, the amount is humongous. It started with Venezuelan grant of 20 million dollars, which was wrestled from the Belize Bank in 2008, then the claim on taxes by both BTL and the Belize Bank which resulted in legislative changes, the takeover of BTL and the possibility that the shareholder/s may never be paid, certainly not under a UDP government, the voiding of a 45 mil-

Our observation is that Lord Ashcroft is the victim of a skillful public relation attack that has been crafted by an entire political party and Zinc Fence to build hate in the minds of Belizeans against Lord Ashcroft and anyone around him and simultaneously create opportunities to hustle while the Belizean people are blinded by this implanted hate.

lion dollar loan from BTL balance sheet, which was given by the British Caribbean Bank an Ashcroft entity. The hot talk in Belmopan is encouragement for government to take over the BTL Employees Trust and eventually the nationalization of the Belize Bank. The advisors to the Prime Minister feel that the Belize Bank will be the entity the Lord will now use bring a multiple of litigations against the government. Our observation is that Lord Ashcroft is the victim of a skillful public relation attack that has been crafted by an entire political party and Zinc Fence to build hate in the minds of Belizeans against Lord Ashcroft and anyone around him and simultaneously create opportunities to hustle while the Belizean people are blinded by this implanted hate. The Zinc Fence is receiving tons of advertisement courtesy of nationalization, while the BTL Board of Directors are stacked with friends and families of the Prime Minister all of them are laughing all the way to the bank by doing all sorts of hanky-panky. The sad thing is these questionable activities are done with the full consent of BTL senior management as they are being given perks to look the other way. The latest gift was two brand new 2011 Land cruiser for the head honchos. BTL spent more than $600,000.00 on two vehicles at a time when the country is in a depression. That could have been acceptable if the company was privately owned, but it is owned by the people of Belize, who are starving because of the UDP, and they see that their monies are being spent on luxury

items that could have been use to build almost thirty homes to shelter 200 persons. While many agree Lord Ashcroft has to fight many of the battles legally he cannot neglect the public relation component. The legal battles have not been that successful as well because the deck is stacked. What is needed for more offensives to come at the government and the Zinc Fence exposing their hypocrisy and fork tongue? Guerrilla tactic, dirty tactics, skull doggery are being applied against Lord Ashcroft, and he is fighting sanitized. The Lord Ashcroft owns Channel 5, the most sanitary television station, which is not being used to change the negative image of Lord Ashcroft and his holdings, which have been mortally affected by Barrow and his cohorts. The UDP and Zinc fence has portrayed Lord Michael Ashcroft as a “virus”, that is heartless and greedy. Their propaganda has aligned him with People’s United Party, who also has been stigmatized as heartless and cor-

rupt. Rest assured that if an offensive is not launched against the government and their allies they will not rest until they embolden themselves enough to nationalize the Belize Bank in Hugo Chavez style without paying for it. Dean Barrow has displayed that he has no regards for what the international community thinks of his domestic policies and actions, as long as the people of Belize continue to cheer him on. So anyone who believes that will be a deterrent that will dissuade him from acting recklessly will end up being his victim. Importantly Lord Ashcroft has many friends and all he needs to do is fuel the fire because most Belizeans are tired of the fighting UDP that has brought hardship to the society. Many believe that Ashcroft and Barrow should be in dialogue to cease the bickering for the benefit of Belize. However, pragmatically the ligation and fighting mean more money for the ex-wife lawyer, therefore why would Barrow mess up a good thing. A word to the wise Belizeans you are the jack@ass, Barrow and his cronies are padding their accounts while you are cheering on your own demise. OPEN YOUR EYES THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE!!!

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November 7th , 2010

Supreme Court makes ‘Landmark Ruling’! Awarded $2.5 Million to Mother of Child with Cerebral Palsy

Ten year old Janae Matute By Rhenae Nunez Belize City, Mon. Nov. 1, 2010 Acting Chief Justice of Belize, Justice Samuel Awich awarded a historically sizeable amount in a landmark decision on Civil Action case number 2 of 2003, the case of Georgia Matute and her daughter Janae Matute versus Dr. Raju Meenavalli and the Attorney General of Belize. The hearing had concluded in March of this year, however, Justice

Attorney Fred Lumor Awich had reserved his decision on day the ruling was handed down. the amount of the damage award Georgia Matute had filed action pending “further written submis- against Dr. Raju Meenavalli of Belsions about general damages,” he mopan blaming him for her daughsaid at the time. ter Janae Matute’s cerebral palsy, Justice Awich also requested that allegedly due to negligence on the counsels provide case law with ex- doctor’s part. Georgia Matute and amples and any other material they her daughter were represented by may deem relevant for his consid- Senior Counsel Fred Lumor. Dr. eration. Those materials were to be Raju Meenavalli, well known as Dr. filed by April 30, 2010. Those re- Raju, was represented by attorney quirements were met and on Mon- Andrea McSweaney.

During proceedings, Mrs. Matute testified that she visited the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan, on June 13th, 2000, where she was attended by Dr. Raju Meenavalli, the resident gynaecologist and obstetrcian employed there by the Government of Belize. Matute testified that she told Dr. Raju that she was pregnant and that he then examined her and determined that she was three months along. His conclusion surprised Matute who maintained that she had only missed one menstruation which was the month prior. Dr. Raju Meenavalli also owns and operates a clinic at 7/9 Trinity Boulevard in Belmopan. He asked Matute to attend his private clinic for prenatal management. She attended five times and was later asked by Dr. Raju to attend Western Regional Hospital for delivery. According to Court records, on Mrs. Matute’s sixth and final visit to Dr. Raju’s private clinic on December 17th, 2000, he noted that she was 37.3 weeks along. However, in court he said that she was only 17.4 weeks along at the time and in his report, he said that the baby was delivered at 37.6 weeks. Dr. Raju confirmed with Mrs. Matute Continued on page 6

November 7th , 2010

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Perdomo Knew of Chinese Visas Secret amnesty proposal shocks Belizeans the report that followed reporter about the leaked documents that Continued from page 1

Jose Sanchez, “that between April 2009 and July 2010 over one hundred single entry visas were issued mainly to Chinese Nationals. On average, twelve to fourteen visas were issued per month.” He detailed the procedures that was used, and pointed out several instances of possibly forgery and the use of false documents. Perhaps most significantly, he reported that: “And the documents show that it was standard that Murillo would be directed from the Ministry of National Security to approve or verify visas on average of twelve to fourteen per month for Chinese Nationals. There were: twelve visas on August twelfth, 2009; thirteen visas on October thirtieth, 2009; fourteen visas on December sixteenth, 2009; six visas on December twenty-third, 2009, twelve visas on January eleventh, 2010, fourteen visas on February sixteenth, 2010; thirteen visas on April fourteenth, 2010; six visas on April twenty-ninth, 2010; fourteen visas on May fourteenth, 2010; twelve visas on June 2nd, 2010; four visas on July fourteenth and four more on July twenty-eighth, 2010. The documents show during the period, over one hundred and twenty visas were issued to Chinese Nationals plus sixteen more to other nationalities. There are still the thirty additional Chinese that arrived in Belize in the chartered flight from Haiti. If you do the math, there are about one hundred and sixty illegal visas issued.” In short the Ministry of National Security had to know of what was going on, and therefore the Minister of National Security also had to know. On Wednesday night Channel five again exposed the fact that the Minister of National Security/Defence and Immigration had denied knowledge of the process and the ring, be replaying his statement made at press conference on October 12th: “I would like to say categorically that this minister is not involved and will never be involved with any type of illegal activity dealing with this type of immigration scandal that we have now.” And though six immigration officers were subsequently charged with purposely aiding and facilitating the commission of an offence under the Immigration Act and Forgery of an Official Document, it is clear that they could not have acted without the connivance of higher authority. The question is, where do the trail stop, and the answer from the Channel 5 news report is that it stops at the minister’s desk. The officers’ attorney Arthur Saldivar had said when his clients were initially charged that the corruption went to the highest levels of the government. Earlier today News Five spoke to Saldivar

show the Ministry not only knew about the visa approval to Chinese nationals, they also facilitated through the immigration department. Last night Saldivar elaborated further, and may have been speaking for many when he concluded his remarks by saying: “Well this is it again. It marks that corruption … this is more than a whiff; this is a cesspool of corruption. I would hope that he prime minister who, I believe, also has interest in national security takes a firm look at this. It’s surprising that a man who proposes to have the impeccable integrity of the Prime Minister of Belize could allow a minister such as Carlos Perdomo to compromise all that he seeks to build in terms of the transparency, accountability and good governance of this present government.” This afternoon, the Ministry of Defence and Immigration sent out an unsigned press release it said was “In response to allegations surrounding the issuance of Visas to Chinese nationals which has been aired recently on Channel 5”. It claimed that there have always been a legitimate processes for the handling of visa applications and that visa applications from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), “are regularly processed through the Belize Embassy, Havana, Cuba and British Overseas Foreign Missions in China who have been authorized by GOB.” It claims without any substantiation that when the Barrow administration came to office in 2008 it “reviewed the processes inherited in order to improve transparency and reduce opportunities for improprieties, instituted a regimen where such applicants are interviewed by personnel at the mission they applied. A report of the interview and a recommendation for or against visa issuance is forwarded to the Immigration and Nationality Department who in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and Immigration then grants approval for or denies the visa. Such correspondences are copied to the Immigration Office, Phillip Goldson International Airport, The Ministry of Defence and Immigration, the Head of the Special Branch Unit of the Police Department, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to encourage intraministerial information exchange and transparency. And, even after a visa is approved and issued, on arrival, the individual holding such is subjected to further queries relating to other entry requirements before being allowed into Belize.” The glaring problem with that is who ensures that these “processes” are followed? The release goes on to accused Channel 5 of displaying “some stolen official correspondences Continued on page 17

20,000 new voters by next June Belize City, Thurs. Nov. 4 The shockwaves from the revelation earlier this week of the existence of a Cabinet Confidential Information Paper providing the details of the Barrow administration’s secret plan to grant amnesty to as many as 20,000 illegal aliens, is still rippling across the strata of Belizean society, and all levels the condemnation has been swift. Though the National Perspective had revealed the existence of the plan back in late August, only a few had paid scant attention, and the story was ignored by the rest of the media. Today the story is still being ignored by the so-called major media, perhaps subsumed behind other immigration scandals, and the usual sensational mix of political mis-steps, violent crime and the aftermath of the passage of Hurricane Richard. Our reliable information is that Information Paper No. 119 of 2010 was presented to (and approved by) Cabinet on August 19, 2010. In its introduction it says that its purpose is “to apprise Cabinet that the Requirements for Permanent Residents through the Amnesty Program, the Application Form and the Work Plan has now been completed and that there is now a need for the approval of the required budget requirements for the proposed Amnesty Program to be conducted by the Government of Belize in 2010-2011.” The paper then spells out the background: “In keeping with this government intent, an Amnesty Program will be held in Belize. This program in essence is aimed at illegal immigrants residing in Belize who upon meeting the set criteria will be forgiven their illegal act and will be allowed to regularize their immigration sta-

tus with the granting of Permanent Residence upon paying the prescribed fee.” The paper then goes on to provide the details - the opening of 9 centers and the hiring and training of 22 processing clerks, and spells out the diminished role the Immigration Department will play in the matter. The schedule had called for the preparatory work and coordination with other relevant Government Departments to be done in September 2010, and a public information campaign, the identification, hiring, training and deployment of the processing clerks, and the opening offices to be done by the end of this year. The offices are to begin accepting applications by January thru March 2011, and then final approvals, resident card preparations, swearing-in ceremonies “with successful applicants and Area Representatives” are to be completed by June. The paper outlines that the “budget for the first five months of the program comes to a little less than $250,000” they figure that a minimum of 10,000 aliens will pay the $250 application fee, netting the program $2,500,000. Perplexingly the paper also recommends: “It is also recommended that to ensure the financial sustenance of this program over its life span, that the $25.00 postage stamp be channeled back into the Immigration Department Budget to meet the continued operational cost.” Even more inexplicably, revenue estimates presented in the paper counts on 10,000 adults (at $250.00 per adult above the age Continued on page 17

Notices of Application for Liquor Licenses

Notice is hereby given that Li XIONG BIN is applying for a MALT and CIDER LIQUOR LICENSE to be operated at Sein Bight Game Room , Sein Bight, Stann Creek District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance, Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that PERLA MARINA VIRULAS is applying for a RESTAURANT AND BAR LIQUOR LICENSE to be operated at PEARL’S MINI RESTAURANT, Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance, Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that GRAISON PERRIOTT is applying for a SHOP LIQUOR LICENSE to be operated at ALMA’S SHOP, Independence, Stann Creek District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance, Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that XILE CHEN & YEN SEN ZHEN is applying for a SHOP LIQUOR LICENSE to be operated at SUPER SAVER SUPER MARKET, Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District under the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Ordinance, Revised Edition 1980.

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November 7th , 2010

The Disaster Was Here Before Hurricane Richard

It is interesting that of all the coverage I’ve heard of Hurricane Richard and its devastating aftermath as it pertains to Belize that none considered the desperate situation that the country was already in. How that has not been factored into the real disaster that is daily unfolding is perplexing. Last year the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) declared on their website that 43% of Belize’s population is poor and 12.6% are unemployed. The previous figure I believe has been removed because I have not been able to find it on the site, however the damning unemployment figure scrolls pass on the front page as a haunting reminder of the difficulty that much of the population is facing. For quite a few, they were forced there – and we will get into Belize’s corrupt job environment another time. I will say just this for now that – one has to be properly aligned politically and with the right factions within the two major parties to secure a spot in the highly competitive job market. The disaster that resulted after Hurricane Richard was a long time in the making. What Richard did was to expose the blatant neglect and degradation that our people have been forced to live in. For very long the streets of Belize City were in horrid conditions with less than mediocre patchwork jobs done to maintain them. When those patching were completed the ride or walk over those streets was a navigational

At this moment, government should be contemplating an urban renewal program and possible other areas to relocate people away from the congested and unsanitary conditions. Here is where government ought to step in and give our people a chance to live in dignity. exercise. The local administration failed miserably at maintaining the streets and drains of the City and failed at cleaning the City. Every month there is City’s monthly meeting where councilors rattled off works that they supposedly had completed but never seemed to have alleviated the inconveniences of residents who still have to navigate their way in and out of neighborhoods. In case the Belize City Council and the Government of Belize never noticed, Belize City was a cesspool ready to belch. So when Richard came along it only exposed the nastiness in which we were living in. I cringed hoping that Richard would have changed its course because I kept remembering those figures. As I listened to all the experts who spoke before and

after the storm, I kept hoping that one of them would have stopped and acknowledge the confluence that has come to the fore; a cesspool of an environment, an economy in shambles and people very disadvantaged. Why is it that the plight of the people seemed not to have been a focal point of the entire disaster? 43%! That is almost half of our population that is poor. They have found it hard to provide their basic needs. How then were they supposed to stock up on can foods and other items, they would have needed to survive the storm? Unemployment, another huge problem at this point yet the Barrow administration has not been able to come up with one single strategy to stimulate employment. Each day that figure grows as more and more employers are finding it harder to keep

their doors open for business and spending power in the country continues to fall as cost of living rises. At this moment, government should be contemplating an urban renewal program and possible other areas to relocate people away from the congested and unsanitary conditions. Here is where government ought to step in and give our people a chance to live in dignity. However, Barrow cannot do it because he has squandered our resources. From the looks of things, neither PM Barrow nor the poor people of Belize were in a position to deal with a hurricane. Things have been very bad for about a year prior. Barrow kept telling us that the US economy was showing signs of improvement. Therefore, we should feel encouraged that the Belizean economy will also improve. That improvement has not been felt, even though the PM announced improvements in the certain sectors of the economy, it has not trickled down to the people who were worse affect by the hurricane. It is useless to tell the people of Belize that exports have increased and so many more dollars have been brought into the economy. The people are not feeling the benefit. The only thing we feel is the heavy hand of this mean administration pounding us and our will to survive with their heavy mall beating us down as the Barrows and a chosen few continue to live large.

KREMANDALA $ELLOUT Bought and paid for... Silent on issues affecting black South-side Belizeans while pretending to be their guardian Wilfully ignores the Corrupt Practices of Barrow and the UDP



November 7th , 2010

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Turcios Marrouquin will Knocked Down and Killed stand trial in New York on his 10th Birthday

Otoniel Turcios Marrouquin Belize City, Thurs. Nov. 4 The long running saga of alleged Guatemalan drug trafficker Otoniel Turcios Marroquin, 49, opened a new chapter in the United States Federal Court in New York this week, when he appeared for arraignment on charges that he conspired and smuggled 1,200 lbs (1,600 kilos) of cocaine into the United States in 2003. He is one of several persons, all Guatemalans and including his brother, who were charged in the case, three of whom are also in the United States. Five persons, Byron Berganza, Marco Antonio Lara, Isaias Turcios, Myva Orellana and Jorge Mario Paredes Cordova, were charged after US and Guatemalan authorities claimed they had wiretap evidence, a recording of a phone call conversation between Otoniel Turcios and a Mexican trafficker apparently in New York, discussing the distribution of 100 kilos from the shipment on the streets of New York. On May 31, 2004, Isaiah “Kane” Turcios, Otoniel’s brother, was captured in Chicago, Illinois in the middle of an undercover operation called “Crash,” which later became the basis for a movie. He is presently awaiting sentencing after being convicted last year. At the time of the original roundup, for reasons still not made clear, Otoniel Marroquin was not arrested and charged. A warrant was sworn out for his arrest and he disappeared. At the time Otoniel Marroquin was considered a rich man. He listed as owning 6 homes in Mexico, and homes in Zone 6, Zone 18 and Carrizo Grande, Morazán. He owns transportation companies and gas stations located on the Atlantic Highway. He was born on May 3, 1961, in Morazan, El Progreso and is a devoted farmer. No one who knows will say when Marrroquin moved to Belize, and started living with his family, that is his wife and children, in San Ignacio. What has been broadcast is that he was picked up while driving with his family, by Belize Police officers on October 25th, an order

Belize Attorney Elston Kaseke for his expulsion from the country was signed the following day by the Minister of Defence and Immigration Carlos Perdomo, and on October 28th he was put on board a white jet and flown to Fort Lauderdale, Florida by American DEA officials. By the time his lawyers, Elston Kaseke and Oswald Twist got to the Belize Supreme Court with to apply for a writ of habeas corpus on Thursday, October 28th, Marroquin was reportedly already in New York. But Channel Seven News reported that “Justice Lucas made the dismissal after Assistant Superintendent of Police Lincoln Hemsley, the commanding officer for the antidrug unit, testified that around 3 on the afternoon of Thursday, October 28, he took Marroquin to the PGIA and escorted him to a small white airplane.” During his time in Belizean custody, the Belize Police hid Marroquin by moving him to several different police stations’ holding cells. He had in effect been disappeared. In the Supreme Court on Monday, Channel Seven reported that “Hemsley produced a copy of the departure record, signed by Marroquin and an affidavit, dated November 1, that was signed by him (Hemsley).” Marroquin is believed to have had ties with the Zetas Cartel in Mexico, described by media reports as that nation’s most murderous drug traffickers. The group was founded by a group of Mexican Army Special Forces deserters and now includes corrupt former federal, state, and local police officers, as well as exKaibiles from Guatemala. Many of the ex-soldiers in their ranks were trained in the United States, by the United States military. They are believed to have murdered over 10,000 people over the past decade. Belizeans have to wonder who knew, who facilitated and who protected Otoniel Turcios Marroquin after he decided to live openly in Belize and how come he was able to go back and forth between Belize and Guatemala without any interference.

A boy identified as Kevin Villafranco from Hope Creek village that completed ten years last Saturday was knocked down and killed on his birthday. The tragic incident occurred around 5:00 pm between miles eight and nine on the Stann Creek Valley Road. Initial investigations reveal that young Kevin was riding his bicycle along the highway that evening waiting for his dad who was coming from Belmopan groceries to do a barbeque for his birthday. At the time of the incident Kevin was riding within the village from the direction of Dangriga towards Pomona when he was impacted from behind by a pick-up truck purportedly driven by a drunk driver. An eye witness told police that the child was flung onto the hood of the vehicle before he rolled off on to the highway while his bike was ran over and crushed by wheels of the vehicle. The driver wasted no time to stop and instead drove off without any effort to render aid or assistance to Kevin who seemingly died on the spot. Instead, the

pickup sped off and villagers and police had to chase after him for seven or eight miles before they finally caught up with the vehicle that had ran off the road into an orange orchard. The driver was identified as 27 year old Josue Tellos of Camalote Village who was under the influence of alcohol. Police have since arrested and charged him with: manslaughter by negligence, causing death by careless conduct, driving motor vehicle with due care and attention, failure to stop and render aid, failure to report and accident and driving a motor vehicle with alcohol concentration above the prescribed limit.

Continued from page 3 that she should check into the hospital on the December 19th for delivery by Caesarean Section on December 20th, 2000. Matute delivered as had been planned by Caesarean Section on December 20th, 2000 and was attended by Dr. Raju and his wife, Dr. Sree, an anaesthesiologist, and two nurses of the Belmopan Hospital. During the course of her pregnancy, Mrs. Matute was concerned that Dr. Raju was not accepting April 27th, 2000 as the date of her last menstruation and so she visited the La Loma Luz Hospital in San Ignacio on October 13th, 2000 where she was attended by Dr. Meza. An ultra sound was administered which revealed: “(a) the last menstrual period was on 27th April 2000; (b) expected date of confinement is 1st February, 2001; (c) age of the fetus is 24 weeks; (d) the length and traverse position of the baby in the womb is on the right and left sides; and (e) the gender of the baby is female”. Prior to Mrs. Matute’s visit to La Loma Luz Hospital, Dr. Raju had assured her that, “she was misled by minor drops of menses as usually happened.” Upon her return to Dr. Raju’s clinic, with her report in hand which she shared with him, Matute testified that the doctor became angry that she had sought another opinion and referred to the report by Dr. Meza as “nonsense”. He nevertheless again examined Mrs. Matute and wrote on her card the date of confinement to be January 3rd, 2001 and that she

was then 26 weeks along. The size of the award has grabbed the attention of other medical practitioners who are encouraging the respondents to appeal the decision. There has never been such an award of damages arising from medical malpractice before in Belize. In rendering his decision, Justice Awich said that the question arises in the event of professional negligence as to whether the Government is vicariously liable to pay the entire award of damages since Dr. Raju in this case, works at the Government’s hospital in Belmopan and also operates his own private practice where he encouraged Mrs. Matute to attend. Justice Awich in his opening remarks stated that: “This joint claim exposes a practical legal and financial problem that the Government of Belize could be faced with, arising from the administrative arrangement by which some medical doctors employed by the Government are allowed to run parallel personal private clinics of their own for their own financial benefit. The government could find itself liable to pay damages for a negligent act of a doctor not wholly acting in the course of the employment of the Government.” “In this claim, some of the acts of Dr. Raju Meenavalli, the first defendant, complained about were partly carried out at a government hospital, and partly at a private clinic owned by Dr. Meenavalli. The claim is for negligence regarding a mishap or Continued on page 11

Supreme Court Makes Landmark Ruling

November 7th , 2010

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Glenn Tillett writes Lois Young 3 November 2010

Lois Young Barrow Chairperson Belize Social Security Board Belmopan City Cayo District, Belize Dear Ms. Young Barrow, Re – Unlawful Decision of Belize Social Security Board to purchase shares in Belize Telemedia Ltd. I am a contributor to the Belize Social Security Board (BSSB) Fund and an insured person under the provisions of the Social Security Act (the Act). Yesterday, November 2nd 2010, the BSSB by a vote of 5 to 4 took a decision to purchase 20% of the shares in Belize Telemedia Limited (Telemedia) at a price of $50 million. The two trade union members and the two private sector members on the BSSB voted against the Board’s purchasing shares in Telemedia. The five members appointed by the Minister of Finance voted in favour of making the investment. As Chairman of the BSSB you presided over that meeting and voted in favour of decision to purchase shares in Telemedia while being the company secretary for Telemedia. As company secretary of Telemedia you had and have an interest in the matter of promoting the sale of shares in Telemedia and as Chairman of the BSSB you presided over and participated in the discussion and voting on the question of purchasing shares in Telemedia in breach of Section 10 of the schedule to the Act. We also note that your son is a director of the board of Telemedia and also has an interest in the sale of shares in Telemedia. Further, on or around 21 September 2010 Mr. Net Vasquez, as Chairman of Investment Committee of BSSB, voted in favour of recommending that the BSSB purchase shares in Telemedia, a company of which he is the Chairman. The situation is further compounded by the fact that the unions and the private sector organizations which sit on the Board as independent, non-government appointees, have serious questions about the investment decision. As a result of your actions and clear conflict of interest in this matter, I have been advised that the decisions of the Investment Committee and the BSSB yesterday are unlawful and void for the following reasons: First, section 10 of the Second Schedule to the Social Security Act provides that “If any member of the Board or other person present at a meeting of the Board is directly or indirectly interested in any contract or proposed contract or other matters he shall, at the meeting and as soon as is practicable after the commencement of the meeting disclose the fact of his interest and shall not take part in the discussion, consideration or voting on such a contract or other matter.” (underlining supplied) Second, section 50 of the Interpretation Act of Belize prohibits any member of any board or committee who may have a direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any matter under consideration by such board or committee from participating in any vote on such matter.Third, BSSB is a public body and decisions of this body must appear independent and impartiality, which they did not in this instance. In light of all this, I am respectfully requesting that you immediately bring this matter to the attention of the BSSB and my request that this illegal decision to invest $50 million of contributors’ money into acquiring shares in Telemedia be formally reversed immediately. Grateful for your urgent attention to this matter. Sincerely, Glenn Tillett

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November 7th , 2010

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Rousseff wins Brazil’s presidential election race Brazil finds massive oil field

Dilma Rousseff has been elected president of Brazil, succeeding Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, electoral officials have confirmed. Ms Rousseff, 62, who had never before held elected office, becomes the country’s first woman president. She has enjoyed the full support of President Lula, who is leaving after two terms with record popularity. Ms Rousseff has promised to continue policies that have fostered years of strong economic growth. The Superior Electoral Court declared her the winner with 92% of the votes counted. She has won 55% of those votes, with her main rival Jose Serra taking 46%. This second round of voting was forced after Ms Rousseff fell short of the 50% needed in the 3 October first round. She won 47% to Mr Serra’s 33%. More than 130 million voters were due to take part in the polls. ‘New phase’:The career civil servant is expected to broadly continue Mr Lula’s left-leaning policies, with an emphasis on raising government efficiency, expanding the role of the state in some sectors such as mining, and upgrading the country’s decrepit infrastructure. A bill aimed at reforming Brazil’s Byzantine tax system is likely to be Ms Rousseff’s first major legislative effort after taking over from President Lula on 1 January. She can count on strengthened majorities for the ruling coalition in both houses of Congress to help ease the task of pushing her legislative agenda. Ms Rousseff flashed a victory sign and gave a big smile to photographers after casting her vote in the southern city of Porto Alegre. “Tomorrow we begin a new phase in our democracy”, she said. “I will govern for everyone, speak for all Brazilians, without exceptions”. After casting his vote in Sao Paulo, Mr Serra of the Social Democratic Party said that after eight years of

government by the Workers Party, Brazil needed change. But he said he had faced an “uneven battle”, in apparent reference to the booming economy that has boosted the popularity of President Lula and his preferred successor. Jose Serra, 68, is a former governor of Sao Paulo, Brazil’s most populous state, and a former health minister. Mr Lula has been active and highly visible in Ms Rousseff’s election campaign. He has to step down after completing the maximum allowed two consecutive terms.

Outgoing president Lula says oil will help Brazil eradicate poverty A newly-tapped oil field off the belonging to the nation could coast of Brazil could contain up vary from 3.7 billion to 15 billion to 15 billion barrels of oil, offi- barrels, with the most likely esticials say. Brazil’s national petro- mate being 7.9 billion barrels,” leum agency said the Libra field the national petroleum agency most probably held around 8 (ANP) said in a statement. billion barrels.That matches the Brazil has discovered billions of size of the giant Tupi oil field, barrels of oil in the last few years, whose discovery in 2007 drew mostly in deep, pre salt fields off attention to Brazil’s potential as its south-eastern coast. The discoveries should make Brazil one a major oil producer. If the 15 billion barrel figure of the world’s top 10 oil producwere confirmed it would double ers. Outgoing President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has said fuBrazil’s known oil reserves. It would also be the biggest oil ture oil revenues will be used to field discovered in the Americas eradicate poverty and invest in since 1976, when Mexico found education and technology. the giant Cantarell field in the In September the Brazilian oil company Petrobras, which is Gulf of Mexico. The Libra exploratory well is partly owned by the state, raised e-mail: osilva_56 @ located 183km (114 miles) off- $70bn (£44.7bn) to develop the new fields in the world’s largest shore from Rio de Janeiro. “The volume of recoverable oil ever public share offering.

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14 Hondurans Killed on a football field

At least 14 people have been shot dead on a football pitch in the city of San Pedro Sula in northern Honduras. Reports said gunmen who drove by in a car approached the group as they gathered to play football and opened fire on them with assault rifles. The motive for the

was quoted by Associated Press news agency as saying the gunmen had fired from close range with assault rifles. The attackers numbered about five, but police did not have any suspects. “We still do not know the motive of this tragedy,” Calidonio told reporters. Ten people died at the scene, in the Colonia Felipe Zelaya district, and a further four on the way to hospital. A number of others were injured, some seriously. Honduras has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with much of the killing blamed on violent gangs known attack is not clear, but one official as Maras. The biggest gangs have suggested it may have been a set- thousands of members and a prestling of accounts between criminal ence throughout Central America as gangs. Last month 18 people were well as in the US. Police has blamed killed in a similar attack on a shoe the attack on the shoe factory that factory in San Pedro Sula. killed 18 persons in September on Seriously injured :Armando Calistreet gangs with links to Mexican donio, vice-minister of security, drugs cartels.

November 7th , 2010

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US-bound explosives seized WASHINGTON – Authorities on three continents thwarted multiple terrorist attacks aimed at the United States from Yemen on Friday, seizing two explosive packages addressed to Chicago-area synagogues and packed aboard cargo jets. The plot triggered worldwide fears that al-Qaida was launching a

major new terror campaign. President Barack Obama called the coordinated attacks a “credible terrorist threat,” and U.S. officials said they were increasingly confident that al-Qaida’s Yemen branch, the group responsible for the failed Detroit airliner bombing last Christmas, was responsible.

Suicide bomber wounds 32 in Istanbul

The scene after an explosion near police vehicles in central Istanbul October 31, 2010. A suspected suicide … Istanbul (Reuters) – A suicide rants, shops and hotels, at the heart bomber wounded 32 people in an of modern Istanbul. The bomber attack targeting Turkish police in struck near police buses parked Istanbul’s main square Sunday, close to a monument commemoan area teaming with tourists and rating Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the shoppers. founder of modern Turkey, and No organization has claimed re- victory in the war of independence sponsibility, officials said, though in 1923. The police presence in the city has been targeted in the Taksim is raised around national past by Kurdish separatist militants holidays like Republic Day, which and al Qaeda, as well as militants was celebrated Friday. from Turkey’s far-left. Mobile phone footage taken just Istanbul police Chief Huseyin Cap- after the explosion showed a womkin said a man had approached an lying close to the monument police stationed at the square be- bleeding heavily from her leg, and fore blowing himself up. Televi- a policeman also lying with blood sionfootage immediately after the streaming from his head. explosion appeared to show police A taxi driver told CNN Turk news firing warning shots and people channel he saw a 30 to 33-year-old fleeing in panic. man approach the police to ask diFifteen policemen and 17 civil- rections, at which point the bomb ians were wounded in the attack detonated. Another witness said he at 10.40 a.m. in Taksim Square, saw two men. but only nine, mostly police, were According to the governor, police kept in hospital, Istanbul Governor seized plastic explosives found Huseyin Avni Mutlu told report- with a detonator at the scene, ers. Taksim Square is a tourist and though it was unclear whether they transport hub surrounded by restau- had been part of a second bomb.

Parts of the plot might remain undetected, Obama’s counterterror chief warned. “The United States is not assuming that the attacks were disrupted and is remaining vigilant,” John Brennan said at the White House. One of the packages was found aboard a cargo plane in Dubai, the other in England. Preliminary tests indicated the packages contained the powerful industrial explosive PETN, the same chemical used in the Christmas attack, U.S. officials said. The tests had not been confirmed. In the U.S., cargo planes were searched up and down the Eastern Seaboard, and an Emirates Airlines passenger jet was escorted down the coast to New York by American fighter jets. No explosives were found aboard those planes, though the investigation was continuing on at least two. Obama’s assessment was delivered from the White House podium four days before national elections in which discussion of terrorism has played almost no role. The president went ahead with weekend campaign appearances. The terrorist efforts “underscore the necessity of remaining vigilant against terrorism,” the president said. While he said both packages that contained explosives originated in Yemen, he did not explicitly assign blame to al-Qaida, which is active in that Arab country and long has made clear its goal of launching new attacks on the United States. Authorities in Dubai intercepted one explosive device. The second package was aboard a plane searched in East Midlands, north of London, and officials said it contained a printer toner cartridge with wires and powder. Brennan said the devices were in packages about the size of a breadbox. While Obama didn’t specifically accuse Yemen’s al-Qaida branch, Brennan called it the most active alQaida franchise and said anyone associated with the group was a subject of concern. The radical U.S.-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who now is in hiding in Yemen, is believed to have helped inspire recent attacks including the Fort Hood shooting, the

Times Square bombing attempt and the failed Detroit airliner bombing last Christmas Day. Another American hiding in Yemen, Samir Khan, has declared himself a traitor and has helped produce al-Qaida propaganda. Most of the officials spoke on condition of anonymity, citing the ongoing investigation. Brennan later told reporters that the explosives “were in a form that was designed to try to carry out some type of attack,” but he provided no further details. “The forensic analysis is under way,” he said, adding, “Clearly from the initial observation, the initial analysis that was done, the materials that were found in the device that was uncovered was intended to do harm.” Intelligence personnel had been monitoring a suspected plot for days, officials said. The packages in England and Dubai were discovered after Saudi Arabian intelligence picked up information related to Yemen and passed it on to the U.S., one official said. U.S. intelligence officials warned last month that terrorists hoped to mail chemical and biological materials as part of an attack on America and other Western countries using the mail. The alert came in a Sept. 23 bulletin from the Homeland Security Department and obtained by The Associated Press. In the hours following the discoveries, Yemeni officials and Scotland Yard were investigating and the U.S. issued a 72-hour ban on all cargo from Yemen. “As a precaution, DHS has taken a number of steps to enhance security,” the agency said in a statement. “Some of these security measures will be visible while others will not.” U.S. authorities conducted searches of aircraft in Philadelphia, Newark, N.J., and New York City. Since the failed Christmas bombing of a Detroit-bound airliner, Yemen has been a focus for U.S. counterterrorism officials. Before that attack, the U.S. regarded al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen as primarily a threat in the region, not to the United States. The Yemen branch known as alQaida in the Arabian Peninsula has since become a leading source of terrorist propaganda and recruiting. Authorities believe about 300 alQaida members or cells operate in Yemen. The Yemeni government has stepped up counterterrorism operations, with help from the U.S. military and intelligence officials. Mohammed Shayba, general-director of the state airline’s cargo department, said the government is conducting an investigation.

November 7th , 2010

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Public Views & Opinions Remembering Captain Charlie Good Where is the Bastion of Justice? Barrow Tailor-cutting the rule of law to fit his Grand Ego Ever since the Barrow Administration came to power in February of 2008, he has been ruling according to The Barrow Doctrine, and our social and public institutions have been deteriorating before our very eyes. It is now the consensus of the wider public opinion that at this point, Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been slashing and burning his way through, as if he knows this will be the only term in office he will ever get. It has become evident that he is tailorcutting the rule of law in Belize to fit his ego and his despotic style of governing. He has spent the greater part of two years in office witch hunting and fabricating charges to persecute his political rivals even while the cost of living keeps climbing, and life is haada out ya!. Like Henry VIII who manipulated England’s highest courts Dean Barrow too is perceived as doing the same, interfering and influencing the Judiciary in what looks like an attempt to road block the traditional flow of justice and have his way with the string of litigations he faces with the Michael Ashcroft group of companies. Where is the bastion of Justice? Inquiring minds want to know! First he began by tampering with the constitution, consistently introducing amendments to the constitution. As if that was not sufficient, he named his brother “Denys Brotha B Barrow” to be a Justice in the Belize Court of Appeal. It has been argued with much success that to shoehorn Brotha B onto the bench, he had to give Justice Boyd Carey his marching orders. Undaunted and undeterred by the cries of horror from his legal colleagues he then turned the axe on the Chief Justice, Dr. Abdulai Conteh, a man who many believe brought stability and integrity to the Belize judiciary. Not satisfied with having assailed the CJ’s judgement in full public view on the very steps of the Supreme Court nonetheless, his Attorney General attacked within the Chief Justice’s chambers, accusing him of serving “injustice.” This aerial attack having prepared

the ground, the decision long bruited about was made public, the Chief Justice must retire at the age of 65 – his tenure would not be renewed. He must leave post haste, his pending cases to be tossed aside, regardless of terms of completion. And of course last month now Doctor Elliot Mottley, the now exPresident of the Belize Court of Appeal, Then he changed the constitution with the perceived view of muscling his way within the Belize Court of Appeal, and his fellow Justice Dennis Morrison, having served with distinction for eleven years, were visited by the new Attorney General and told your days on the bench have been found wanting, your contracts expires in another seven months. The President said quietly but proudly: “Once I became aware of this I determined that I will resign my position as president of this court” and resign he has. This only leaves Justices Morrison, Sosa and Barrow, but despite the resignations and departures, the conflicts and controversies remain. Justice Sosa, you could recall was appointed Chief Justice by the then UDP Government, and literally sworn in just hours before the 1998 General Elections. His appointment did not survive the ensuring firestorm. As for Justice Denis Barrow, he is asked to recuse himself more than he gets to hear arguments, ever since he presided as an Appellate Judge on a case between BEL and PUC, and his fellow justice agreed that it had all the appearance of a conflict of interest. Even Justice Morrison’s fitness was questioned when he sat for a case (RBTT vs. Cedric Flowers) where it was disclosed that his wife sat on a board affiliated to RBTT. The last session of the Belize Court of Appeal had to be all but abandoned. No one seems able to say which cases have been traversed or otherwise adjourned. The Belize jurisdiction, once the proud jewel of the Commonwealth Caribbean, is now its laughing stock, or so it seems, and so it goes.

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By: Rhenae Nunez

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2010 will be the one year anniversary of the passing of Captain Charlie Good (retired). The saga that preceded his passing has been well documented in the Belizean media. One year later, the matter that forced Charlie Good to take the stance he did against the Government of Belize has still not been resolved. His wife, Mrs. Hirian Good continues to struggle on her own to see her four children through high school. One year later, the government of Belize has shown no remorse for what has happened. Hirian Good was fired from her job as a school warden at the Trinity Methodist School in the Kings Park because she was branded a PUP. Hirian’s termination came after she had received a number of commendations for the excellent work that she had done in looking after the children at Trinity Methodist. Besides doing her duties ensuring the children’s safety at school, she assisted with cooking for the children and serving them warm hot meals daily. She took pride in doing so and was happy spending time with the children and they loved her back. She had developed a bond with the children as well as the staff at Trinity Methodist. All she had done without extra pay however, meant nothing because she was a PUP in the eyes of those higher up in the Ministry of Education, therefore she was fired. Soon after her termination and failed attempts to get an audience with Minister Patrick Faber, Hirian along with her husband Captain Charles Good took to picketing in front of the Supreme Court in downtown Belize. They did not get the support of the greater society. On days they were jeered at by supporters of the UDP and on two occasions I witnessed Captain Good being roughed up and was ordered to move from in front of the Supreme Court building. They were treated with contempt. But Charlie Good was not the type one could easily ma-

nipulate or intimidate therefore he stood his ground, resolute in his position that his wife had been victimized. Charlie was determined to teach the government a lesson and get compensation for his wife. It is shameful that the country that Captain Good served with such loyalty treated him with such contempt in his last days. Charlie Good had risked his life trampling through Guatemala on spy missions for Belize. My friend Yasmin Shoman and I sat with him one night as he told us of his trip into enemy territory disguised as a tourists doing bird watching. For that Charlie Good was grabbed, kicked, and shoved to the ground by police! Charlie also served in the Police Department after leaving the military. We are so far behind in our political development in Belize that everything is seen through red and blue lenses. What party or faction of a party that you may or may not belong to literally determines whether or not you can eat Belize. I will dare say that the UDP has and continues to practice political victimization with blatancy. Never have I seen Belizeans so polarized like is evident now because of the stupidity of our politics. Our leaders see nothing wrong with this therefore the practice continues in spite of the guarantees set in our Constitution. The justification that the previous administration did the same does not do anything to stop political victimization. With former Chief Justice Dr. Abdulai Conteh, forced out on a lame excuse and himself perhaps a political victim also, there is not telling when and if Mrs. Hirian Good will get the vindication that she deserves. With the constant meddling in the Judiciary by this UDP administration I am inclined to think that that vindication may never come. I hope that I am proven wrong on that but I am not the only one who feels that way these days. Charlie Good set a good example and in my own way I want to pay tribute to him and his example. Rest in Peace Captain Charles Good.

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November 7th , 2010

REID BETWEEN THE LINES the storm. Since a few days after the storm, politicians and publicity hunters have been busy jumping in front of cameras and pretending to care. Nevertheless, kudos must be given to any and all who have come forth, for whatever reason, to render aid and assistance to those who suffered from the storm. The problem is however, as is usual in cases such as these that this aid and concern will probably only last for

The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to them their own.--Benjamin Disraeli

ous! Luke Espat has never been involved in the politics of that area and as far as I know has never even lived in that area. Fact of the matter is that it was Luke Espat who was willing to invest millions of dollars in a dream to eliminate the very poverty that assails that community today. Had the Carnival Cruise Port Project been allowed to proceed, many of those affected would have been first in line for jobs and might have already been

Instead of jacking our social security money to bail out BTL, I believe that Belizeans would be far more agreeable to using those funds to provide proper housing for our people.The model already exist, just look across the bridge.

I don’t want nobody to give me nothing, open up the door I’ll as long as the cameras are present. able to elevate their standard of living. The project was designed happens after that? get it myself ~ James Brown What During the past PUP administra- to compliment the so far nugatory Initial assessment of damages from Hurricane Richard seemed to suggest that Belize had fared off much better than had been expected. Albeit a minor one, Richard was a full-fledged hurricane with winds gusting to well over a hundred miles per hour. Fortunately, with today’s advance technology and keen attention to these yearly storms as soon as they form, we are no longer caught by surprise and are given ample time to prepare. Forty nine years earlier, Belize had been practically annihilated by Hurricane Hattie that had made landfall in pretty much the same area. Hattie caught us by surprise however and packed a significantly more potent wallop than Richard. Hattie’s winds were sustained at 160 and gusted at well over two hundred mile per hour. Over two hundred lives were lost and over 70% of the houses were either totally demolished or damaged beyond repair. At the end of the day, you might say that Richard was infinitely kinder to Belize than Hattie was. Having had time to analyze the overall effect of Hurricane Richard, it might be safe to assume that the area most significantly affected was that area of Southside Belize now called Yabra. Comprised of roughly seventy lots and spanning that area south of the Yabra Bridge and reaching to the Esso Terminal and from Ceasar Ridge Road to the sea, those residents of what was formerly Queen Charlotte Town seemed to have received the brunt of the storm. It did not help that most of the homes in that area are “knock and stand up” shanties with weak foundations and patchwork construction. What Hurricane Richard did, more than in damage to this area, was to expose the deplorable and pathetic condition in which these people have been living. The same can be said for a number of the other small communities that received damage from

tion, Albert Representative Mark Espat developed an area from the Yabra Football Field to the Yabra Bridge and built a number of small houses that were made available to people in his constituency. While those houses were similarly exposed and equal victims to the brunt of the storm, the residents easily weathered and many had no need to even evacuate. Boot’s Martinez, in whose division this area sits, has had access to millions of dollars for exactly this type of project. Where has this money been going? About a year ago, questions were raised about huge amounts of cash being deposited by this same minister into private bank accounts. The story died or was killed but many questions yet remain unanswered. Interestingly enough, in the wake of this direct hit from a hurricane and with many unresolved issues on the forefront, Prime Minister Barrow saw it more important to be gallivanting in Miami and areas of the Caribbean. To make matters worse, a number of his other senior cabinet members, including Deputy Prime Minister Vega, Patrick Faber and Sedi Elrington have all been away and far removed from the problems of our people. Acting as Prime Minister has been the demonstratively inept Carlos Perdomo, who in just said short period, has been the subject of a number of implicative dubiosities. It would seem that if at any time when the people elected to lead and represent should be present, it would be during times of crisis. Like rats deserting a sinking ship, they jump on planes and assess the damage from a window seat in first class. Imagine the possibilities!!!! In his editorial of last week, Evan Hyde blamed Luke Espat for the problems now facing the people of Yabra. I have heard some ridiculous theories and accusations from this man before but this one takes the cake. How blatantly misleading, disingenuous and slander-

and ineffective Southside Poverty Alleviation Project and provide much upliftment to that area. Much of the area would have benefitted from landfill and included in the plan was a project to resurface many of the streets and build a few others. Many will remember the large number of truckers and other workers who protested in front of Mister Barrow’s office following

his ill advised halt to that project. Get real Jack, and place the blame where it rightly belongs. What Hurricane Richard has done is to wash away the veneer and expose the incompetent, uncaring and disconnected nature of this Dean Barrow administration. Some high UDP officials were heard suggesting that government should take away all that land and sell it for what it is worth. It is prime seafront and many of the residents have hardly the subsistence to stay alive much less invest in storm resistant residences. I have a better idea. Instead of jacking our social security money to bail out BTL, I believe that Belizeans would be far more agreeable to using those funds to provide proper housing for our people. The model already exist, just look across the bridge. There has been genuine concern and admirable offers for assistance from some people and organizations following Hurricane Richard. We must be careful however that we do not simply throw fish that will feed these people for a day but instead provide fishing poles, instruction and direction that they may learn to fish and provide sustenance for well into the future. Our people deserve no less.

Supreme Court Makes Landmark Ruling Continue from page 6 mistake in medical treatment and surgery which resulted in grave handicap to a baby,” Justice Awich explained. Baby Janae experienced a number of difficulties which caused her to be hospitalized a few times in her first year. Her mother testified that when she became alert the following day, she saw her newborn in an incubator with tubes down her mouth and she was gasping for breath. Dr, Javier Magana was attending the baby and when asked about the baby’s condition, Dr. Magana was not forthcoming except to say that the baby was born premature. Baby Janae’s problems did not alleviate and Mrs. Matute had to take her back to the hospital where she was once again admitted and treated. Eventually she opted to take her daughter to Clinica Carranza in Chetumal, Mexico and even after a number of trips, baby Janae’s problems still persisted. It was not until she was one year old and her mother noted that she was not developing normally that she learnt the truth on one of her visits to the Belmopan Hospital where she was told by Dr. Magana that he suspected that baby Janae was brain damaged due to insufficient oxygen at birth. Mrs. Matute later travelled to the United States with her daughter with a report from Dr. Magana in hand which stated that: “(1) the baby was, ‘preterm of 36 weeks’; (2) the baby suffered, ‘moderate asphyxia’; (3) the baby had, “hyaline membrane

disease’; (4) the baby had, ‘hyperbilirubinemia due to ABO conflict’; and (5) the baby had ‘neonatal, sepsis’.” Georgia Matute as a consequence has had to quit her job as a secretary to a CEO to care for her daughter who is disabled and needs assistance to do everything and who will not be able to attend school. In his defense, Dr. Raju testified that Mrs. Matute had a caesarean before and that she had large babies weighing up to nine pounds. He said that Matute displayed signs of going into premature labor. He also testified that it was obvious to him that Mrs. Matute wanted to deliver the baby before Christmas so she could go home for Christmas. He said that the baby was born well and that she weighed 6 pounds and 4 ounces at birth. He contended that the baby experienced complications after delivery and not at the time of delivery. The court found that the Government liable but attorney for Dr. Raju, Andrea McSweaney, submitted that the claim was time-barred. McSweaney submitted that according to Section 27 of the Limitation Act, Chapter 170 of the Laws of Belize, the claim should be dismissed since the claimants failed to bring a claim before the expiration of one year from the date on which the cause of action accrued. Justice Awich sharply criticized a report by then Director of Health Services, Dr. Errol Vanzie, calling Continued on page 12

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November 7th , 2010

Barrow/Zinc Fence goes for the kill!

As a PUP, I am thrilled, excited and enthusiastic ever since the Unity Convention a couple of weeks ago. The multitude that turned out at the convention is clearly am indication that they have had enough from this incompetent and vindictive UDP government. The tremendous show of support is an encouragement for the PUP, and it proves that the blue is the only ray of hope and alternative to the chaos we are subjected to under this government. The masses at the convention helped shaped the momentum to move forward politically and while our political base is excited by it, the so-called independent media continue to tow-the- line with the Barrow administration. Their bias report on the PUP convention made it more obvious, as they intentionally under estimated the huge crowds that attended the convention. You must be asking yourself, why the hell am I talking about the convention, when there are far more immediate and pertinent things to discuss? The reason is for the past two and a half years the P.U.P. were divided and our greatest show of unity since was Sunday October the 17th but things may change negatively again when we go to the Standard Bearer Conventions that are scheduled within the next few months. It is my opinion that caution must be given to people who are aspiring or will aspire to offer themselves as a candidate for this party. I want to ask these aspiring leaders to consider the plight of the Belizean people, the suffering the people have been going through, the intimidation and victimization under this U.D.P. government, the increasing rate of unemployment, the high number of people who are living on or below the poverty level and the overall living conditions of the people before they think only about their personal agendas. In other words, I am asking these aspiring leaders put people and country first, then our party, then themselves. If our ambition to become leaders is to serve the people as was reminded at the convention by the Father of the Nation and Leader Emeritus Rt. Hon. George Price then we must be willing to give a lot more of ourselves and seek to address the needs of the greater majority of Belizeans. As I said earlier, we are not capitalizing and maximizing on the momentum that the masses helped us to shape at the convention. The U.D.P. continues in their pompous style committing blunders after blunders yet I don’t

Continued from page 1 43% of Belizeans that are hurting and existing below the poverty level. His objective is to bring Belizeans to their knees. He is living large and playing out his grand ego; he manipulates to rule of law to achieve his goals, even if he is to rule as a despot. Barrow appeared on the Zinc Fence’s WUB morning show on Wednesday and both, he and Mose Hyde reiterated their position and agreed to continue their malicious vendetta against Michael Ashcroft and his group of companies that have opened up the doors of prosperity and provided jobs to thousands of Belizeans. We must at this point mention that Dean Barrow himself and the Zinc fence have been living large because of Ashcroft’s money. In the case of the Zinc Fence, Evan ran to Ashcroft’s when he needed money saved the Kremandala Empire from crumbling to the ground. Similarly, while Dean Barrow continues his outrage demonizing his former boss and political benefactor, his law

firm continues to rake in huge sums of monies proceeds from Ashcroft’s Belize Bank. Isn’t this the height of hypocrisy? While they are deceiving the Belizean people and instigating that the people look at Ashcroft as the enemy, both at some point have milk the (Ashcroft) cash cow for everything they could get. Dean Barrow and the Zinc fence continue with their double talk and using guerrilla tactics to fool the people. Belizeans must realize that neither has succeeded in attracting solid foreign to Belize as a means of job creation. At this point, we need all the foreign investment we could get because it is beneficial to our individual livelihoods. We must recognize the beasts by their deeds, they find it easier to tear down and destroy what is already standing and establish than to be visionaries that bring benefit to the Belizean people. They definitely portray a good picture of what we know as the ‘Blue Konkas’.

think that we are taking a political offensive in order to ensure the maximum political benefits and rally the militancy in our party. Corruption and mismanagement are the order of the day and the list of UDP blunders is long and getting longer. The U.D.P. in opposition built a solid propaganda platform against the PUP and built on their momentum right up to the election. Just some things that come to mind really quickly, one (1) Just days after hurricane Richard devastated areas across the center of the country. The Prime Minister found absolutely important to leave the country for over one week to attend one meeting and a funeral that he never attended. Two (2) The members of the Social Security Board voted to buy fifty million dollars of shares in B.T.L. against the will of the plaint that Garcia allegedly harworking man represented by the Unions and against the criteria of boured a 17 year old female at her the business sector yet we are siRegent Street West residence for the lent. The point is that the union purpose of prostitution between June and the business sector represent 29th and July 6th of 2010. She was esthe Belizean people, and the five corted in Magistrate’s Court on Fricronies represent the UDP. This day where she pleaded not guilty to simply means that the UDP will the charge. Garcia was offered bail have their way, even if it is against in the sum of $4,000 plus a surety the wishes of the Belizean peoof the same. Other conditions to the ple yet we are taking it all sitting down. Three (3) Channel five probail was that she surrenders all her duce a letter where the Minister of travel documents, that she reports Immigration seems to be involved Police have charged the owner of to the Clerk of Court every Tuesday in the procurement of visas for Sirenita Bar located on Regent- and that she does not interfere with the Chinese. These are just some Street West in Belize City with hu- the prosecution witness. Ms. Garcia of the things that are happening to man Trafficking. She was identified met bail and she was ordered to reinvolve this government, which does not include the recent blun- as Yolanda Garcia, a Honduran with turn to court on December 29. Garcia ders having to do with the resto- permanent status in Belize. Police was represented in court by attorney ration process regarding the dam- sources say they acted upon a com- Simeon Sampson. ages from hurricane Richard. We are not collectively putting an offensive as a party; the PUP needs Continued from page 11 to start attacking these issues in a community since a victorious claim coordinated way in order to maxi- the report “very disappointing and mize our political momentum. In deliberately scanty”. He said that it and a award for damages is virtually my mind, I think that some people was Dr. Vanzie’s “duty to prepare and unheard of. On many levels the matare more concerns about trying submit a responsible report about this ter is unusual to Belize and Belizeans to get their names on the ballot, grave mishap to the Chief Executive although advertisements are comwhich of course is necessary and Officer of the Ministry of Health. monly seen on US television urging important, but we are ignoring The report was expected to contain potential clients to seek certain atthetrue enemy and allowing the torneys who claim to be specialized U.D.P. to get away with issues. sufficient scientific information and in fighting cases such as that of the The UDP is now contemplating objective assessment, so that higher Matutes. Their attorney Fred Lumor an immigration amnesty giving authorities could take a fair decision may have just set himself on a higher permanent residency to illegal im- on the matter.” migrants. We understand that it is Justice Awich chastised Dr. Vanzie round for having successfully fought twenty thousand adults and at an saying that he did not bother to look this one. average of five people per family, at the “reports and notes of the an- Although the hearing was concluded we are looking at a thousand ille- aesthesiologist, the report and notes in March of this year, it was only on gal immigrants becoming Beliz- of the paediatrician, and the outpa- Monday that Acting Chief Justice eans. So aspiring leaders, we love awarded the Matutes $2.5 million in our party so much and our country tient card issued to Mrs. Matute. He damage - $2 million is to go toward that we are ignoring these major did not refer to them at all. He did the care of Janae Matute who is now issues because we are so taken up not bother to invite Mrs. Matute for ten years old, and half million goes to with wanting to become Standard a fact-finding interview, and did not her mother Georgia Matute, for loss Bearers? The equation should be bother to see baby Janae.” this simple, country, party then The case sets a precedent that has sent of wages. Dr. Raju Meenavalli is exself. Just my impartial view. shockwaves through Belize’s medical pected to appeal the decision.

Bar-owner Charged with human trafficking

Supreme Court Makes Landmark Ruling

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November 7th , 2010

GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT! an Act that gives the state the right to listen in on conversations, read electronic communications through internet and phones and read hard copy mails passing through the Post Office.

By: Nuri Muhammad A few months ago Deputy Mayor of Belize City, Phillip Willoughby, in an interview with Channel 7’s Jules Vasquez made the statement that arrested persons in Belize should be considered “guilty until proven innocent”. The comment brought a snide remark from the interviewer and later became the subject of ridicule by several commentators and writers. Willoughby’s statement was in fact the opposite of a principle embedded in our constitution which makes an assumption of innocence of the accused. Drawing on a long established tradition in British common law the accused in Belize was always considered innocent until proven guilty but Willoughby’s comment, while appearing ludicrous on the surface, may have been a ‘reality check’ on how this Barrow administration now views the role of the state in the judicial system of Belize. In the larger global scheme of things the Barrow government is following a precedent set by the United States in their “fight against terrorism”. This argument maintains that ‘the rule of law’ and ‘constitutional rights’ can get in the way of foiling terrorist threats and therefore must be curtailed and even denied in order to stop the threat of terrorism. This assumption of “imminent danger” has given justification to the state to override constitutional protection or even internationally recognized protocols such as the Geneva Convention in order to protect society from the “greater evil”. Today, in its fight against terrorism, and by extension crime, the state now adopts the rationale of guilty until proven innocent. There are a number of examples of this trend in the thinking of the Prime Minister and his Cabinet. In his first few months in power Mr. Barrow attempted to pass through the legislature a number of amendments to the constitution one of which would have allowed the state the right to arrest and detain persons under the guise of ‘Preventive Detention’. This act, if passed, would have allowed the state the right to literally pick up citizens off the street and detain them for an inordinate amount of time without a specific charge. In other words, on mere suspicion, a person could have been detained until the state gathered the necessary evidence to bring a charge against them. Months later Mr. Barrow also floated the idea of eavesdropping on the public, again in the name of “public safety” but quickly withdrew the provision because of the public outcry. Not to be deterred from his “Big Brother” complex the Prime Minister last month returned to the legislature with a reconfigured version of the same provision, this time succeeding in passing this draconi-

interest, that child can be institutionalized. This law allows the state to criminalize youths especially those black boys on the south side of Belize City who displays or “acts in a manner that caused or was likely to

A new law recently passed gives the state the right to remove children from the home if officers of the state believe that the child is showing “anti-social behavior tendencies”, and therefore, in the public interest, that child can be institutionalized. Again, under the guise of being tough on gun crimes the government of Belize went further than the infamous Jamaica Gun Court of the 1970’s by instituting a law that presumes guilt of anyone connected in anyway to an illegal firearm. If such a weapon is found in a vehicle or home, for example, not only is the person with the firearm arrested but everyone remotely connected with that weapon such as the owner of the vehicle or property, any passengers in that vehicle or visitors to that home. In other words, the law provides a gill net approach to arrest suspects then releases persons from that net as they prove that they are innocent of the charge. Even our children have not escaped this dragnet approach of criminality under this Barrow government. A new law recently passed gives the state the right to remove children from the home if officers of the state believe that the child is showing “anti-social behavior tendencies”, and therefore, in the public

cause harm, distress or alarm to the public”. The state is now empowered to institutionalize children as guilty even before they commit a crime. While it would be alarmist to say that we have a “police state” in Belize one can see characteristics of a police state gradually creeping into the criminal justice system and the laws are in place to make it happen. Already our police can stop, search and detain any person that they suspect. Already they can use lethal force to shoot suspects. They can cordon off areas of the city and control the movement of citizens in and out. They can arrest persons on suspicion and gather the evidence afterwards. They can rush the accused through a “quick trial court” without them having access to legal representation. They can remand a prisoner for over a year without bringing him to trial. They can sentence the convicted to long sentences of fifteen to twenty years without them having access to legal representation. These are the characteristics we associate

with draconian police state control where the innocent have to prove they are innocent or they could be hauled away to detention. There is one other aspect of this “guilty till proven innocent” scenario that needs our attention in Belize and that is the role of the media when an arrest is made. It’s not uncommon to see arrested persons covering their face when taken to court because the stigma of the arrest last longer than the actual guilt or innocence of the charge itself. In fact, being found not guilty means nothing in such a scenario. When “if da noh soh, da nealy soh” kicks in it is assumed that there would not have been an arrest in the first place if there wasn’t cause to believe there was guilt. There is a campaign currently being waged in the US called the “Innocence Project” where persons who had been found guilty and convicted, some to death, have been found innocent through new DNA evidence. Some of these innocent persons have spent as much as 30 years in prison for crimes they didn’t commit are now being released. This campaign to free the innocent is gradually taking on a great interest in the US as Americans become increasing aware that the state is not always right in its presentation of evidence to convict arrested persons. Many of these laws that the Barrow government has implemented which violate the basic precept of innocence until proof of guilt will have to be amended when a new more human rights conscious government returns to Belmopan. (Comments welcomed at

Sarteneja fisherman sentenced to 20 years

In the Supreme Court last Friday, Justice Adolph Lucas sentenced 33 year old Marcos Moh to 20 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to manslaughter regarding the shooting death of Kirk Smith on October 10th 2008. Smith was shot multiple times with an AK-47 at the hands of the accused at a fishing camp operated by Moh located about two to three miles out of Turneff Island. Moh, a fisherman from Sarteneja, surprized Smith and his two companions diving down into his camp to steal the lobsters from his traps. Moh then gave the police a caution statement and took police to a location near his camp where he showed police the AK-47 firearm he used to kill

Smith. He was originally charged with murder but on October 14th he plead guilty to the charge of manslaughter and sentencing was finally handed down last Friday. Yohhanseh Cave, Senior Crown Counsel, represented the prosecution, while Moh was defended by Senior Counsel Simeon Sampson. Emmanuel Depaz, a fisherman from Sarteneja, and Ramon Reyes of Caye Caulker were called in as character witnesses and both told the court that Moh had never gotten into previous problems noting that they knew him as a hardworking and respectable person, with a family to feed. Defence Attorney Sampson had asked for a sentence of between 10 and 15 years, but Justice Lucas handed down a twenty years sentence instead.

In related news, in the Court of Justice Herbert Lord, thirty four year old Ted Armstrong was sentenced to twelve years in prison apart from the four years he has already served after he was found guilty of manslaughter regarding the stabbing-death of Jerome Longsworth which occurred on July 14th 2006 in the area of Hattieville. Ted Armstrong and his sister Rosita Armstrong had an argument and altercation at their home and Longsworth intervened. Ted Armstrong stabbed Longsworth in the left side of his neck with the scissors. Armstong who was tried for murder in this case was found notguilty but guilty of manslaughter instead. The sentence takes effect from October 20th the date when Armstrong was convicted.

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November 7th , 2010

SCA girls blow away Canaan High girls

57-15 in CSSSA basketball

the SCA girls chopping and stealing the ball forced the Canaan high girls to commit so many turnovers that they Belize City, November 2, 2010 were completely shut-down, while the SCA girls romped to a 30-7 lead at the The St Catherine’s Academy girls half time break.Chelsi Noralez scored blew away the Canaan 7th Day 3pts more in the 3rd quarter, Kursha Adventist High School girls 57-15 added 6pts more, and Gilda and Kafira when the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association CSSSA basketball each tossed in a bucket each to lead 43-9 the end of the 3rd quarter when competition began at the Belize City only Nicole Diego scored a bucket for Center on Tuesday, November 2. SCA’s Kursha Pollard scored the first the Canaan girls. lay-up over easy and tossed in 3 more The SCA bench players got some buckets in the 1st quarter, while Gilda court time in the 4th quarter, and Renata Samuels and Sahar Vasquez Estrada added another 7pts, Chelsi scored a bucket each, while Kursha, Noralez chipped in 3pts and Kafira Gilda, and Kafira each added a bucket Gill added a bucket. Canaan High’s for the 57-15 beat down. Nicole Jehaud Broaster led her squad with 5pts and Nicole Diego added a bucket, Diego and Rochelle Garcia scored the Canaan High girls’ last 2 buckets. but the SCA girls were up 20-7 at the Kursha Pollard top-scored the game end of the 1st quarter. Kursha added with 24pts, while Gilda Estrada scored 8pts more in the 2nd quarter, Gilda added tossed in another bucket, while 13pts and Kafira Gill and Chelsi Noralez scored 6pts each.

San Felipe Barcelona drills San Pedro Seadogs 3-2 win in BPFL football Orange Walk, October 31, 2010

San Felipe Barcelona now rank 3rd in the Belize Premier Football League after they posted their 3rd win 3-2 against the cellar dwellers, the San Pedro Sea Dogs, in Week 7 of the BPFL competition at the People’s Stadium in Orange Walk on Sunday. Oscar Acevedo and Everardo Cruz led the San Felipe attacks with the help of Jaziz Wicab and Eduardo Morales on the wings, and the Sea Dogs defenders San Pedro’s Jason Sutherland, Melvin Jonse, and Thomas Baptist tried to keep them in check. But when the ball rebounded back out to Honduran import Erick Rodriguez, he wasted no time in blasting it back in and the Sea Dogs’ goalie Richard Mckoy had no chance as the San Felipe squad led 1-zip in the 2nd minute of the ball game. The Sea Dogs counterattacked, with Kenny “Maestro” Witzil Leoli Jurado, Francisco Noralez and Hector Hernandez making little impression on the San Felipe defenders led by team captain Jose Luis Cawich, and Hipolito Andrade,

Joel Padron and Luis Acevedo. The Sea Dogs’ dogged persistence finally paid off in the 18th minute when Leoli Jurado blasted in a shot that deflected off Hipolito Andrade and into goal to tie the ball game at 1-1. Angel Cantun replaced entered the ball game to relieve Jurado and the fire went out of the Sea Dogs’ attack. Hipolito Andrade gave the San Felipe squad a 2-1 lead when he connected with an aerial pass from Oscar Acevedo to embarrass goalie Mckoy for a 2nd time as

the San Felipe squad secured their 2-1 lead up to the half time break. The Sea Dogs pressed for the equalizer in the 2nd half, and the pressure of midfielders Kent Gabourel, Melvin Almendarez and Demar Valladarez’s attacks caused Jose Cawich to goof with a foul that got him sent off the pitch. This left the San Felipe squad playing with only 10 men but they wer still dangerous as Oscar Acevedo proved when he razzle-dazzled his way through the Sea dogs’ defenders to embarrass Mckoy a 3rd tiem to lead 3-1 in the 49th minute. Sea Dogs’ coach Hugo Pineda introduced Abimael “Chino” Trejo and Christian Rivero to the ball game, relieving Melvin Almendarez and Francisco Noralez, and Kenny Witzil penetrated the San Felipe defnse to blast a 2nd goal past goalie Bryan Hernandez in the 65th minute of play. The Sea Dogs now sought to equalize and salvage a draw out of the jaws of defeat, but it was not to be, Hernandez stopped 3 shots on goal in quick fire succession to shut them out and secure the 3-2 win at the long whistle. The undefeated Belize Defence

Force continue to lead the competition with 19pts, after posting their 6th win: 2-1 against FC Belize at the Norman Broaster Stadium on Sunday. David Trapp scored the BDF’s first goal in the 31st minute of play to lead 1-0 at the half time break, but FC Belize’s Nigerian import Christian Okonkwo delivered the equalizer in the 80th minute. It fell to Danny Jimenez to scored the game winner in the 93rd minute. FC Belize remains in the No.2 spot in the league rankings with 14 pts from 4 wins and 2 draws. The Belmopan Blaze posted their 2nd win to move up to No.5 with 8pts above Toledo Ambassadors after Leon “Lem” Jones drilled Hankook Verdes 2-0 in the 26th and 32nd minutes at the Isidoro Beaton Stadium in Belmopan on Saturday night. This weekend Verdes host Toledo Ambassadors at the Marshalleck “Cancha” on Saturday night, FC Belize visits the Sea Dogs at the Ambergris Stadium, San Felipe hosts Belmopan Blaze at the People’s Stadium and the BDF will host the Griga United at the Norman Broaster Stadium.

November 7th , 2010

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November 7th , 2010

Mexican narcos gain foothold in Guatemalan jungle Published on October 29, 2010

Deadman walking...

I was not surprised that Dean Barrow had hurried back to town two days before he had planned to, because to paraphrase the old country and western song, he had just learned a few cold hard facts of life. Barrow, I suppose, had gotten uncomfortable with the Barbadian media asking him what the heck he was doing there when his country had just been hit by a hurricane. He no doubt also wished to avoid the discomfiture of having to explain to the Barbadians why he had in effect given native son ex-President of the Belize Court of Appeals, but now Dr. Elliot Mottley, the order of the boot from the Belize bench. Barrow I am told, claimed that he returned to Belize because Hurricane Tomas’ passage near Barbados had made living in his hotel room uncomfortable. (I won’t even comment on the ironies that arise from that!) Meanwhile back home, all hell was again breaking loose. The relief effort had been effectively stalled by the UDP’s penchant for political tribalism and characteristic incompetence, and the unions and business community had just served him their separation papers. His efforts at relief fundraising was hardly as effective as he had imagined, and whatever sympathy curve that had been there for Belize, and had not been flattened by compassion fatigue due to the all out effort for Haiti, had trended downwards by the low-ball damage estimates, and was just about extinguished by the wayward passage of Tomas across the Windward’s. I had wondered why Barrow had decided to abscond from Belize for a full week of seven days in a time when political posturing opportunities abounded. Then there was the deduction that his deputy prime minister and deputy party leader Gaspar “Don Gapi” Vega and his party chairman Patrick Faber were also out of the country without explanation, since the eminently bumbling Carlos Perdomo was acting Prime Minister. WTF?!? (And yes, I don’t mean Wednesday, Thursday, Friday either). But then the balls started to drop one by one. First we learned that the toothless Belize Police Department had detained and handed over to the US DEA, a high level Zeta Cartel leader who had been quietly living, with his family, in western Belize for over a year. Obviously somebody knew that this guy was here, and they were prepared to let him enjoy the Jewel, even though right across the border in the Peten, the Zeta cartel is wreaking fear and death into the authorities there. And then we learned that Carlos

had “bravely” signed an expulsion order which had resulted in the rendition of Ottoniel Turcuis Marroquin to New York to face drug trafficking charges. I bet that if Carlos had had time to think about it, he would’ve much preferred that the brave Mr. Barrow, or better yet, the honourable deputy prime minister had signed that order. If I am to judge by the Zeta’s reputation as one of the most murderous outfits in hemisphere one cannot help but wonder if Carlos didn’t just put himself on the endangered species list courtesy of his signature. But then we learned that Carlos’ political career was also being extinguished. Biff, biff, bap, a quick three punch combination has been delivered with admirable precision and in less than a week. First early Monday morning a leaked Cabinet Confidential Information Paper details a plan prepared by Carlos’ Ministry of Defence and Immigration for an amnesty that is guaranteed to enrage Belizeans of all ethnicity. It is breath-taking in its audacity since it proposes to produce what are 20,000 new voters in a mere three months. Now, now, you know that only Cabinet members can leak Cabinet papers. Then despite a deal with upstart city councilor Roger Espejo that he would not challenge him, we learned on Tuesday night that Espejo had beat the October 31st deadline and signed up to do exactly that. An obviously hurt and bewildered Carlos complained to Channel Seven News: “I mean I’ve been around a long time and we welcome the challenge but we are a little disappointed because he had promised that he wouldn’t, and then all of a sudden he did. So again I go back to motive you know?” The motive, Carlos, was playing out at almost the same time on Channel Five News where you were being nailed via leaked documents as chief facilitator on the latest immigration scam/scandal. Somebody wants you out and those “somebodys” are the people who run things in the United Democratic Party. You should know these things well, senor, after all you were part of the conspiracy that put the knife in Oscar Ayuso’s back. And in the final set piece you don’t have to wonder who and why: selective UDP’s are talking about the tensions in your family company, the houses being built, the trips with your Buttonwood Bay driver to Roses … Yes, Carlos just remember, this is the UDP, not the PUP, we know who you are.

Soldiers guard along the streets of Flores, Guatemala, October 23, 2010. They have reason to wonder who is better armed: Soldiers or narcos? EL REMATE, Guatemala-- The Pe- Los Zetas, a mercenary group foundten jungle, once known for its jaguars ed by Mexican former special- forces and Mayan ruins, has fallen prey to troops who broke off early this year a notorious Mexican drug gang that from the Gulf Cartel in northeast Mexoperates from remote jungle ranches ico, is at the top of the criminal heap. and has begun openly challenging As the two groups wage a turf war in Guatemalan security forces for con- their home region, the Zetas have control of the roads. The struggle that’s tinued pushing into the eastern side under way in this remote region could of Central America, strengthening help determine the fate of Guatemala, a cocaine pipeline from Colombia. a fragile democracy south of Mexico A larger rival Mexican cartel, that’s already under enormous pres- the Sinaloa Federation, reportsure from narcotics gangs. It’s certain edly focuses on a corridor along to affect Mexico, which is struggling Central America’s Pacific coast. to maintain order against powerful The State Department’s internationarmed gangs on its northern borders. al narcotics and law enforcement In a fierce clash that began south of chief, David T. Johnson, said in a the famous Tikal ruins, the drug gang speech Oct. 5 that 275 tons of coknown as Los Zetas, based in Mexi- caine transited Guatemala each year, co’s north-eastern border area and the nearly all of it destined for the United Yucatan Peninsula, was able to outgun States. Mexico is wary of the growlocal police by deploying armoured- ing trouble on its southern frontier. vehicles, bigger guns and far more “If Guatemala goes down the drink, ammunition. Then it fought a large then Mexico is dealing with its northarmy patrol to a draw, losing vehicles ern and its southern borders. A major and taking wounded but apparently failure of democracy in Guatemala getting away with a stash of cocaine. is going to directly impact Mexico The transformation of the once-pris- City — resources, political capital, tine jungle into a no man’s land is the time, energy, human resources, evlatest calamity to befall Guatemala, erything — and that negatively afwhich has had a history of military fects the United States,” said Samuel domination; Guatemala’s newest dra- Logan, the regional manager for the ma is getting little high-level attention Americas at iJet Intelligent Risk in Washington. The recent confronta- Systems. From a stronghold in the tion between Los Zetas and the au- city of Coban, the mountain capital thorities began with a shouted warn- of Alto Verapaz a little to the south, ing from a bullhorn and a wrong turn. the Zetas have been pushing into Around midday on Oct. 5, when po- the Peten, appearing sometimes in lice stopped a convoy of 16 or so big sizable numbers, maneuvering at double-cabin pickups and other ve- ease and with military discipline. hicles a short drive south of the Ti- The Zetas, striking up alliances kal National Park, an amplified voice with local drug clans, use a string from one vehicle barked a warning: of “narco-ranches” scattered deep in “We are Los Zetas! Let us pass. the Peten that are home to hundreds We don’t want problems.” of dirt landing strips. In the remote To make their point, several men car- Laguna del Tigre region, U.S. drug rying assault rifles got out of the ve- agents have spotted a “cemetery” hicles and fired hundreds of rounds where narcos abandon and torched into the air in a deafening display of aircraft after unloading cocaine from firepower. To describe the police as the Andes. Sometimes rival gangs alarmed is an understatement. “If you battle for the cocaine or underlings have an M16 rifle, and all I have is a steal from their bosses. A 43-year9 mm pistol, and you have 10 other old ranch owner, Giovanni Espana, guys behind you, I won’t mess with reportedly stung the Zetas that you,” said local police Sub-Inspector way back in June. A commando Oscar Bertruin, who was at the scene. squad executed him June 26, but the The police let the convoy pass, then missing shipment never turned up. called for help from the army, accord- In early October, a Zetas contingent ing to the accounts of several officers, of some 80 to 90 heavily armed nearly all of whom declined to give Continued on page 17 their names for fear of retaliation.

November 7th , 2010

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Was It a Case of Battered Flight Attendant Murdered Child Syndrome?

came into Belize City last Friday and decided to spend the weekend in San Pedro,Ambergris Caye. Colleagues got worried when she did not turn up Saunday afternoon to catch her flight out of the island. Police and employees of Maya Islad Air launched a search throughout the island.

Mother of Deceased Says – “No”

Four Year Old Hidalia Maldonado

There are conflicting reports regarding the circumstances that lead to the death of four year old Hidalia Jomany Maldonado of Roaring Creek Village in the Cayo District. The child, who her mother reports, fell from their upstairs house on Thursday is said to have died from battered child syndrome – after she was severely beaten over a period of time, at least that was the findings of police forensic examiner Dr. Mario Estradabran following his post mortem examination. Little Hidalia died around ten on Friday morning. Unconfirmed reports are that the child was severely beaten by her step-father only days before her untimely death. Police have not been able to corroborate the report reportedly made by neighbors. Police forensic examiner, Dr. Mario Estradabran, stated in his report that baby Hidalia died from “acute thrombosis of the heart due to sepsis, chest and abdominal trauma due to battered child syndrome.” “After she fell everything was ok, she say that she didn’t have any pain. She only said that part of her face hurts and I saw that it was a little red, so I say that maybe it’s nothing,” Ysey Maldonado, the child’s mother said in a broadcast interview, disputing Dr. Estradabran’s findings. Hidalia’s mother claims that her

Mother; Ysey Maldonado daughter fell down the stairs of the upstairs house on Thursday, and that later that night she started to vomit repeatedly. Still not alarmed by her daughter’s condition, Yesy Maldonado said that she decided would take the child to the hospital in Belmopan on Friday. Friday morning while she was giving her baby a bath before taking her to the hospital, Hidalia fainted and her mother said that she called the police, pleading for help, because her daughter was “dying”. The police took a long time to arrive therefore she called a cab. By the time the cab arrived little Hidalia had succumbed. Her mother said that her daughter asked her to hug her as her life was slipping away. Maldonado vehemently denies that her daughter was beaten to death. She said that her boyfriend had disciplined her on occasions by whipping her on her feet but had never severely beaten her. Still, one wonders what would warrant a child that age to be beaten with a whip on her feet. Maldonado also claimed that baby Hidalia, her firstborn, was well behaved and gave “no trouble”. Police say that a file on the matter has been delivered to the DPP and they’re awaiting instructions from her. So far there has been no reaction from the child protective agencies and services in Belize.

men arrived at the Espana ranch near El Naranjo, where the slain rancher’s widow still resided, and used earth-moving machinery to dig for the dope. Later events indicate they might have found it. The Zetas convoy started traveling west toward Mexico on Oct. 5, when it bullied its way past the police. Then bad luck hit. The Mexicans got lost. At the eastern end of Peten Itza Lake, they turned up a road toward the Mayan ruins of Tikal. It was after nightfall. They turned around, and were heading down a hill at the hamlet of El Capulinar when they ran into military units backed up by police, who’d been lent army assault rifles. For 10 to 15 minutes, a full-bore battle unfolded.

Some Zetas gunmen sprayed heavy fire at the soldiers, while others launched grenades. Still others shot flares into the sky so the Zetas could see soldiers using their vehicles as parapets. As the firefight ebbed, the Zetas caravan broke through the roadblock, with vehicles peeling off two by two, some of them with tires shot out, to leave passage for key vehicles in the middle. At least five Zetas vehicles, all apparently armored, pierced the roadblock. Police now suspect that the vehicles transported the recovered cocaine. The soldiers managed to immobilize 11 of the Zeta vehicles. Three people are known to have died. A soldier was among the wounded.

Roaring Creek, Thurs. Nov. 4, 2010

Mexican narcos gain foothold in Guatemalan jungle Continued from page 16

Maria Plaza, the thirty-seven year old Spanish flight attendant that was reported missing in San Pedro Town last Sunday was found around 3:00 pm on Tuesday. Her bruised, half-nude body was discovered in yard in the busy down town area less than a mile from her hotel, Corona Del Mar. Police say they are still trying to determine the motive behind her death. According to police sources, they have taken two persons into custody for questioning but are no closer to solving the murder. Plaza was alive up til about mid day on Sunday when she confirmed her flight out of the island. A witness say she was seen with a caucasion man walking not too far from where here body was discovered. Plaza was a flight attendant with Maya Island Air Regional and she

No touch Miss Olive

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relaxing of the requirements for residency, again without even an attempt at justification. Applicants only need to “prove” to a temporarily hired “clerk” that they have been in Belize for two years, has a valid police record, is “endorsed” by almost anyone with a position or qualification (the proverbial lawyer, doctor, policeman, cook) and is able to pay the application fee (and stamp duty). Considering Belize’s already abysmal human trafficking record, combined with the manifest nefarious intention of this regime to cling to power come what may, this is a scheme that flings to caution to the wind, and is wide open for abuse and all forms of perfidy. The cost could in the end be Belizean sovereignty.

Belize City, Thurs. Nov. 4 Zi Zohng Ming, 50, a Chinese business man and nationalized Belizean, appeared in court today to answer charges of indecent assault. Our reports are that the charges arose out of an incident at his business, Tommy’s Wholesale situated on Central American Boulevard, yesterday November 3rd, when it is alleged that Ming groped popular restaurateur Olive Leslie, 58. Through his interpreter Lee Mark Chang, Ming pleaded not guilty and was released on bail of $3000, plus one surety and on the conditions that he not does interfere with the prosecution’s witnesses. The trial date was set for December16th.

Secret amnesty proposal shocks Belizeans of 16) and only 3,000 children (at $100.00 per child). It would be much more reasonable to count at least the same number of children if not more. But what is even more glaring absent in the paper is the lack of justification for holding an amnesty. There is no mention of any survey, any study, not even the still on-going census being conducted by the Statistical Institute. Belizeans are questioning the need for an amnesty, especially since the nationalization process has been accelerated under the current administration, and there are no provisions for those already legally system, much less to fast-track their applications. Even more worrisome is the

Perdomo Knew ofan opposition Chinese Visas political aspirant Continued from page 4

showing legitimate visa approvals is an attempt to confuse the Belizean public” but the fact is they have already admitted that there have been illegal entries into Belize, and they have failed to prove that any of those that Channel 5 has put on the record are legitimate. Proof is simple. Where are these people? The attempt to distract from the real issue continues in the release conclusion which notes incongruously that “The Ministry of Defence and Immigration notes that it was reliably informed since Tuesday, November 2, 2010, that

would be making a statement regarding the contents of the stolen official correspondences. Noteworthy is the fact that that person, Arthur Saldivar, is the lawyer representing some of the six Immigration Officers facing criminal charges. The Ministry views Channel 5’s reports as being twisted and malicious and condemns the attempt to confuse the Belizean public in an attempt to gain political mileage.” As noted earlier in this article, Arthur Saldivar had already has his say the on October 12th and the last night. Obviously the Ministry is stumbling as it tries to head off this burgeoning scandal.

November 7th , 2010

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Aries-If you’re accused of selfishness at some point in the first half

of the week -- or if it suddenly dawns on you that you’re being selfish -- the easiest fix is to turn the glow of your attention onto someone else. Think about them. Do them a favour they didn’t ask for. Be charming. By Thursday, you register your own growth as a person. It’s a slow process, a lifelong process.

Taurus-There isn’t anything particularly unusual about Monday, Tues-

day or Wednesday, but something wonderful is definitely afoot. It’s a feeling. The everyday stuff seems fascinating. Your friends are funnier than ever. Your attachment to them is so strong that on Thursday, when you have coffee or dinner with one friend, another may become jealous. This kind of jealousy is ridiculous, but it speaks to how much you adore one another.

Gemini-Communication, usually your strong suit, fails you somewhat this week -- but mostly with people you know well. If you’re dating, you might not even notice the change, but if you’re serious with someone, expect a bit of confusion until you can get it all settled. By Thursday, your good energy should be back in full force, and you ought to be able to have a good time doing almost anything. Cancer-The first few days of the week lend themselves well to communication of all types, from asking out new people to hashing out bathroom rights with long-term partners. You know what you want and how to ask for it -- and you also know how and when to compromise. Your home is especially important to you on Thursday and Friday, and this could make you a bit defensive if the wrong issue pops up at the wrong time. You’ve got plenty of good energy this weekend. Leo-’You plus friends’ is a winning combination this week

whether it’s you or them or something in the air that none of you has anything to do with, you seem almost psychically connected this week. Your romantic life is active, too. Your needs are being met in just about every realm. It’s only natural that on Thursday you begin to think deeply about this state of happiness, such as where it comes from and how to maintain it.. Virgo-If you’re going to the store at the start of the week, bring a friend. Your shopping is best done with a partner right now. You may need some advice, or you may go in on a big purchase together. The benefits of the shopping excursion also may have nothing to do with the shopping itself. A conversation on about the difference between the things you want and the things you need haunts you.

Libra-You’ll blush so many times this week that someone may ask

you (jokingly) if you’re having an allergic reaction to something. What is it that makes everyone want to flirt with you right now? Is it your sly smile? Your shoes? Your social life is in tip-top shape until around Thursday, when work woes weigh you down. Business matters figure strongly on Friday as well. Maybe you’re making up for all that time you spent in coffee shops earlier in the week. Scorpio-A secret that means a lot to you makes the first few days of the week a little extra special for you and one other person. It could be that you need to share it to gain the maximum benefit, though! You find decision-making a bit more difficult than usual Thursday and Friday, but it’s not like you’ll be expected to make any big, dramatic calls any time soon. Your intense energy makes the weekend a blast for you. Sagittarius-A boss or teacher, or maybe even a parent, is going to get between you and your love life this week, but there’s no use fighting it quite yet. Sometimes you just have to accept setbacks as part of the give-and-take of love. While your feelings simmer, it might be a good time to prepare yourself for a date or encounter you’re looking forward to -- this is one of those situations when thinking ahead really will help! By the weekend, your emotional energy starts to flood back, and your dreams almost certainly bring clues about what to do next.

Capricorn- You’re well aware of what everyone else thinks. The pressing

question this week is: What do you think? There couldn’t be a better period of time to initiate new projects than Tuesday and Wednesday. But if you’re unclear on what you want, how will you get it? What should the shape of your next project be? Friends might help you with this. Pay someone a visit on Thursday - go for a walk or possibly bowling - and talk it through.

Aquarius-Your new ally may come in a funny disguise at the start of the week. It may be a zombie outfit or a pumpkin costume. Halloween may be over, but everyone’s still wearing some kind of mask right now. Go outside of your comfort zone and try to connect with someone you almost assuredly have nothing in common with; you may be surprised how wrong you are. The energy you get from this burgeoning friendship will have you buzzing because you’re required to say something in front of a group, which has you completely nervous.

Births Jakim Vance to Kirkland Henry Smith andCandice Smith nee Soutar Ellis Jane to Jonathan Wesley Bjorgen and Mellisa Lynn Bjorgen nee Wilson Jayla Alexandria to Jason Alexander Reneau and Sheila Camile Reneau nee Cain Ashanee Rebecca to Deshaun Richard and Tanya Therese Sosa nee Pollard Colton to George and Katharina Friesen nee Klassen Gabrielle to Darrell and Julie Bradley nee Ellis Raneera Clara to Rafael Alexander and Annette Ann Caliz nee Ramirez Zahara Alexandria to Maynor Alexander and Vicky Stephany Paz nee Cawich

Marriages Noel Francisco Alamina, 41 to Yanet Juarez, 26 both of Caye Caulker, Belize Elvis Felipe Garcia to Leonela Estrella Perez both of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk Joselito Karel Garcia to Brenda Massiel Garcia both of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk Antonio Benigno Copo to Nely Elizabeth Montalban both of Fireburn, Orange Walk Miguel Angel Perez Jr. to Emelda Veronica Yah both of Belmopan, Cayo Wayne Phillip Francis to Una Ann Mary Fitzgibbon both of Belize City Rennon Linberth Pandy to Samantha Leticia Moody both of Northern Highway, Belize William Jose Estrada Alvarado to marla Lucille Pratt both of Belize City Steven Melarao David to Vera Michele Lock both of Phoenic, Arizona, USA Xiyuan He to Yan Qin Lin both of Corozal Town, Corozal Martin Segura of Santa Elena, Cayo to Azalee Kinberly Warrior of San Ignacio, Cayo Philip Henry Tate of Belmopan, Cayo to Marcene Yvonne Coleman of Belize City Jenaro Roman Reyes to Dianery Damary Santoya both of Ladyville, Belize Rafael Auriano Ramos of Belmopan, Cayo to Lendy Lizzanie Cowo of Santa Clara, Corozal Joel Neftali Cruz of Corozal Town, Corozal to Dilcia Damiri Bonilla of San Narciso, Corozal Stephen George Ladd of pacific Washington, USA to Virginia Elizabeth Phelan of Los Angeles, California, USA Everildo Amani Reyes to Taniery Tamara Flores both of Sarteneja, Corozal Joel Evaristo Casanove of Chunox, Corozal to Lorena Melissa Flores of Copper Bank, Corozal Roland John Flath to Vilma Florildma Ramirez Vasquez both of Copper Bank, Corozal Jian Chang Chen to Zong Rong Huang both of Corozal Town, Corozal Peter Michael Iwaskiewych of Corozal Town, Corozal to Helen Carolina Martinez of Trial farm, orange Walk Benito Castaneda to Rocilli Arleni Keme both of San Narciso, Corozal Kirk Monima to Delmy Indiany Bey both of Xaibe, Corozal Rene Villanueva to Iris Yiselle Yah both of San Narciso, Corozal Doyle Lee Wesley Jr. to Maria Teresa Lopez Leguizamo both of Corozal Town, Corozal Orlando Silvester William to Hilaria Canabas both of Lord’s Bank, Belize Bryan Michael Sears of Sarteneja, Corozal to Lucilla Hilaria Teck of Copper Bank, Corozal Miguel pan to Abrelia Chun both of Dolores, Toledo Calistro Saki to Ihiginia Cal both of Punta Gorda, Toledo Juan Choc of Indian Creek, Toledo to Rymonda Ack of Laguna, Toledo Herberto Jaime Shol of San Pedro Columbia, Toledo to Diana Cho of Maya Mopan, Stann Creek Edward Alexander Bochub to Rhoda Henra Flores both of HOpeville, Toledo Sebanias Reyes Choc to Carolina Elisa Choc both of Corazon Creek, Toledo Juan Pop to Olivia Chun-Asig both of San Vicente, Toledo Roberto Luis Vairez of Cattle Landing Toledo to Fedelis Crescencia Sanchez of Punta Gorda, Toledo Deaths

Pisces- You’re all about your relationships early this week, and that includes more Mariw Anette Gabourel, 68 than just romance. Of course, you may want to pay a little extra attention to your date or Keith Stanley Nichoolas, 29 sweetie, because you should get the clue you’ve been waiting for regarding what to do Mark Anthony Vernon, 44 next. If you’ve been seeing someone for a while, small problems might pop up on Thurs- Mariana Bennet, 87 day or Friday that seem considerably worse than they really are. Christopher Nahum Galvez, 23

Loice Leonie Martinez, 77 Alton Rudolph Bradley, 66 Diana Flores, 31 Albert Hamid Musa, 74 Gwendolyn Wilhelmina Lindo, 77

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November 7th , 2010


Gestational Diabetes - Overview

What is gestational diabetes?

If your blood sugar level first becomes too high when you are pregnant, you have gestational diabetes. It usually goes back to normal after the baby is born. High blood sugar can cause problems for you and your baby. Your baby may grow too large, which can cause problems during delivery. Your baby may also be born with low blood sugar. But with treatment, most women who have gestational diabetes are able to control their blood sugar and give birth to healthy babies. Women who have had gestational diabetes are more likely than other women to develop type 2 if you have these symptoms, so that diabetes later on. You may be able to you can be tested for diabetes at any prevent or reduce the severity of type time during pregnancy. 2 diabetes by staying at a healthy weight, eating healthy foods, and in- How is gestational creasing your physical activity. diabetes diagnosed?

What causes gestational diabetes?

The pancreas makes a hormone called insulin. Insulin helps your body properly use and store the sugar from the food you eat. This keeps your blood sugar level in atarget range. When you are pregnant, the placenta makes hormones that can make it harder for insulin to work. This is called insulin resistance. A pregnant woman can get diabetes when her pancreas cannot make enough insulin to keep her blood sugar levels within a target range.

What are the symptoms?

Because gestational diabetes may not cause symptoms, you need to be tested for the condition. This is usually done between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy.1You may be surprised if your test shows a high blood sugar. It is important for you to be tested for gestational diabetes, because high blood sugar can cause problems for both you and your baby. Sometimes a pregnant woman who has symptoms has been living with another type of diabetes without knowing it. If you have symptoms from another type of diabetes, they may include: ncreased thirst, Increased urination, Increased hunger, Blurred vision. Pregnancy causes most women to urinate more often and to feel more hungry. So having these symptoms does not always mean that a woman has diabetes. Talk with your doctor

Almost all women are tested for gestational diabetes between the 24th and 28th weeks of pregnancy. If your doctor thinks you are more likely to get gestational diabetes, you may be tested earlier. Gestational diabetes is diagnosed with two blood tests. In the first test, your blood sugar level is tested 1 hour after you drink a small cup of a sweet liquid. If your blood sugar is too high, you will need to do a longer, 3-hour glucose test. If your blood sugar goes above a certain level, you have gestational diabetes.

How is it treated?

Some women with gestational diabetes can control their blood sugar level by changing the way they eat and by exercising regularly. These healthy choices can also help prevent gestational diabetes in future pregnancies and type 2 diabetes later in life. Treatment for gestational diabetes also includes checking your blood sugar level at home and seeing your doctor regularly. You may need to give yourself insulin shots to help control your blood sugar. This manmade insulin adds to the insulin that your body makes.

Home Treatment

You are the most important person in determining whether you will have a healthy pregnancy. Gestational diabetes, like any form of diabetes, cannot be successfully treated with medicines alone. Your doctor, diabetes nurse educator, registered dietitian, and other health professionals

can help you learn how to care for yourself and protect your baby from problems. If you learn as much as you can about gestational diabetes, you will have the knowledge you need to have a healthy pregnancy. As you understand how food and exercise affect your blood sugar, you can better control your blood sugar level and help prevent problems from gestational diabetes. Home treatment for gestational diabetes includes changing the way you eat, exercising regularly, and checking your blood sugar.

Eating healthy foods

Changing what, when, and how much you eat can help keep your blood sugar level within a target range. After you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you will meet with a registered dietitian to decide on an individualized healthy eating plan. Your dietitian may ask you to write down everything you eat and to keep track of your weight. He or she will also teach you how to count carbohydrate in order to spread carbohydrate throughout the day. For more information, see:

Getting regular exercise

Regular, moderate exercise during pregnancy helps your body use insulin better, which helps control your blood sugar level. Often, exercising and eating well can treat gestational diabetes. Try to do at least 2½ hours a week of moderate exercise.4, 5 One way to do this is to be active 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week. It’s fine to be active in blocks of 10 minutes or more throughout your day and week. If you have never exercised regularly or were not exercising before you became pregnant, talk with your doctor before you start exercising. Exercise that does not place too

much stress on your lower body-such as using an arm ergometer, a machine that just works your arm muscles; or riding a recumbent bicycle, a type of bike with a seat that looks like a chair-are especially good for pregnant women. You may also want to try special exercise classes for pregnant women or other low-impact activities such as swimming or walking. If exercise and changing the way you eat keep your blood sugar within a target range, you will not need to take insulin. If you do need to take insulin, make sure you have a quicksugar food with you when you exercise in case you have symptoms of low blood sugar. If you think that your blood sugar is low, stop exercising, check your blood sugar level, and eat the snack.

Checking your blood sugar

An important part of treating gestational diabetes is checking your blood sugar level at home. Every day, you will do a home blood sugar test one or more times. It may be overwhelming to test your blood sugar so often. But knowing that your level is within a target range can help put your mind at ease. Talk to your doctor about how often to test your blood sugar.

Other aspects of your care

If changing the way you eat and exercising do not control your blood sugar level, you may need to take daily insulin shots. If you were overweight before you became pregnant, do not try to lose weight while you are pregnant. Ask your doctor how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy. Your doctor may have you check kick counts and let him or her know if you think your baby has been moving less than usual. Most pregnant women can feel their baby move after the 18th week of pregnancy. Normally, a baby moves several times during the day. If you don’t feel movement for what seems like a long time, lie on your left side for 30 minutes or longer. If you don’t feel movement within 2 hours, call your doctor. If you take insulin, it can cause your blood sugar to drop below the target range. Even though very low blood sugar is rare in women who have gestational diabetes, it is important to know the symptoms of low blood sugar and have quicksugar foods with you at all times.

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November 7th , 2010

SSB Mortgages Belizeans Future !! It’s your Money...

Your Retirement!



SSB Chairman Lois Young Barrow

Dennis Jones, Political Appointee

Ariel Mitchell, Political Appointee


Paul Jones, Political Appointee

Risky $50 Million dollars Investment

Risky $50 Million dollars Investment

Unions: What’s The Rush

Business: No Trust this investment

Voted to protect your money

Protecting the Belizean Worker Dylan Reneau

Mark Lizarraga

Ms Elena Smith

Ms Lourdes Smith

Is Barrow’s Agenda the People’s Agenda? Where is the Transparency and Accountability?

National Perspective November 7, 2010  

National Perspective November 7, 2010