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BTL UNSALEABLE! Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Edition 89 Vol. 2 - Week 38

What will happen to Barrow’s Telemedia if the Tory’s Win?

Belize City, Thursday, May 06, 2010

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

As we go to press this evening it is almost consensus that Britain’s Conservative Party will win the majority of the contests for United Kingdom’s 650seat Parliament, the House of Commons. Tracking polls are estimating at news time that the Conservatives will poll Continued on page 3

“Our City faces a real crisis

… and we must do something about it!” By Rhenae Nunez Belize City; Wed. May 7, 2010 It is an exercise that was long overdue and the job was one that no one seemed able to tackle, but Mayor Zenaida MoyaFlowers grabbed the bull by its horn. Participants at a one-day Violence Prevention Summit held at the Princess Hotel are now hopeful that the bold effort will yield good results. Belize City no doubt - is the crime capital of the Nation and the spate of violent and senseless street killings has had a direct impact

Violence Prevention Summit 2010

L to R: Dep. Mayor;Phillip Willoughby, Ms. Michelle Irving, Jermaine McDougal, Mayor Moya-Flowers, Retired Police Sergeant;Gilbert Tablada, and Pastor Howell Longsworth. Not seen in this pic.: Mrs. Yolanda Shackron and Senator Godwin Hulse.

on the national economy and negatively affected the City’s image, as well as the general sense of individual safety in the City. A wide cross section of the society gathered at the Princess Hotel in Belize City on Wednesday to talk “crime” and how to prevent it. Mayor Moya-Flowers has embarked on a similar program like was implemented in Bogota, Columbia fifteen years ago that hopefully will curb the crisis situation as she described it when she addressed the gathering Continued on page 5


Sunday, May 9th, 2010


SUMMIT Many citizens of Belize are giving the Mayor of Belize City, Zenaida Moya Flowers accolades for planning and hosting the first ever Violence Prevention Summit, dubbed the Crime Summit. This particular Summit is something that one would expect the Prime Minister to promote along with his Minister of National Security. However, due to the fact that both of these elected officials are short on creative ideas the Mayor had to show who has balls and creativity. This publication is not a fan of this UDP City Council and certainly not a fan of the present Mayor. We believe they are the most corrupt and incompetent City Council God has blown breath into. On the other hand, any attempt at trying to address the terrible crime situation in Belize has to be given some credence even if nothing comes out of the Summit. The Dean Barrow government will ignore the Summit and act as though it never happened. This is because of the shame that the Mayor is placing on his government. He could have joined in and give the Belizean people confidence that at least he is trying some b*llsh*t, however, he is not that bright. For an attorney, Dean Barrow has turned out to be the biggest a*s ever to lead Belize. With this Summit, the Mayor is upstaging the Prime Minister and proving that there is a eunuch sitting in the Prime Minister’s chair. Even with all that the Dean Barrow government has thrown at the Mayor, she is giving the perception that she is continuing to work for Belize City despite the attacks. Under the UDP government, Mayor Moya Flowers has been charged for multiple irregularities and may well face jail time if convicted. Almost all her City Council colleagues have rebelled against her; attacks that she immediately silenced. She is envied by sitting Councillor Laura Esquivel Frampton because Laura feels that she should be the Mayor. Note that as we speak, Laura Esquivel Frampton is getting paid from two sources. She receives over $35,000.00



per annum for being a one day Councillor and a triple figure salary at the Belize Tourism Board which is undeserving. However, reports are that the new Director of Tourism has indicated in meetings that Laura Esquivel Frampton is incompetent and she has to go. So, we will see who has

Barrow government has not gotten it. Things ‘haada out ya’ and the little resources have to be managed in order to get maximum results. Another area that affects the morale of the police is that its Commissioner is on a one year contract. He gets no respect from

and have thus, taken an empty shell of a head into Cabinet. Carlos Perdomo is a world class jacka*s and the Prime Minister, a world class jacka*s masseuse. However, the Prime Minister has little choice when he looks at who he has around the Cabinet table that is why he is preparing to appoint Manuel Esquivel as Minister of National Security. In addition, he will appoint Lois Young Barrow, former First Lady as the Attorney General replacing the bearded fool Sedi Elrington. So, the Mayor is now leading the pack and she has some followers. We believe if she keeps the pace, she will overtake all front runners, dodge jail time and get to Belmopan. However, we know the Mayor has her deficiencies so in light of that, we wish her well. With all said, it is expected that her ride will be rocky because of resistance both from within her own UDP party and government and the Opposition PUP as they both will be throwing rocks in her path. But for now, she is the only one talking about doing something.

It is the opinion of this publication that the entire Belize City Council is deeply divided and therefore they are only marking time until 2012 when they will be voted out. In the meantime, they are staging public relations stunts to try and fool the people into thinking that they are united and working. the largest backative, Singh or Manny. As the crime situation escalates and the confidence in the police wanes, the people find themselves searching for any semblance of leadership and since the Dean Barrow government is fumbling, Belizeans are looking to Mayor Moya Flowers to take charge. The Mayor is the only person poised to take over the reins of the UDP. With Hon. Finnegan medically incapacitated and pushing sixty, Mesopotamia is ripe for the Mayor to migrate to. A victory in the 2013 election will solidify her bid for leadership where she can then checkmate the likes of Patrick Faber and John Saldivar, the other two anointed aspirants for the leadership. The question of leadership has headed the debate when discussing both the crime situation and the economy because they are the two essential components that can destroy any society. However, Dean Barrow, his Cabinet and all his million dollar advisors are lost for answers. For example, the Police Department is under-staffed and under-resourced but Hon. Gapi Vega can hop on a plane and go hang out in Costa Rica on a junket paid for by the Government of Belize. Those funds could have been used to buy two or three engines for the overworked police vehicle fleet. This Dean

his subordinates because they know that he will be gone soon, therefore, they will not do anything to make the Commissioner look good. This type of strategy is typical of the UDP because they are truly incompetent; therefore, they resort to rule with fear. If the Prime Minister is serious about fighting crime then he should fire the fumbling village idiot known as Carlos Perdomo. This is a former teacher who seems to have left his intellect behind in the classroom


25 Nanche St. Belmopan

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


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between 299 and 332 seats, and if they should take 326 or more seats they will form the next government of the United Kingdom for the first time in nearly fifteen years. If the predictions hold true, it spells bad news for the Barrow administration as the Government of Belize. It has been more than eight months since they wrested away the majority ownership of the shareholding in Belize’s largest and most lucrative private company, the telecommunications concern Belize Telemedia Limited, from the control of life peer Michael Ashcroft - Baron Ashcroft of Chichester in the County of West Sussex, a major donor to and Treasurer of the Conservative Party from 1998 to 2001, and appointed Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party since December 2005. On 31 March 2006 Ashcroft was named by the Conservative Party as having loaned it £3.6 million or roughly $13 million Belize. Accordingly, when the Conservatives are in power, the

Chairman is usually a member of the Cabinet being given a sinecure position such as Minister without Portfolio. Deputy or vicechairmen may also be appointed, with responsibility for specific aspects of the Conservative Party (for example, local government, women or youth). The Labour Party government of Gordon Brown did not even comment when the Barrow administration seized BTL last year August 24th – any bets the Conservative Party Government of David Cameron will stand idly by? On August 24th, at a Special Sitting of the House of Representatives, Prime Minister Dean Barrow introduced and the House passed the Belize Telecommunications Act of 2009, whose practical effect was that it allowed the government to acquire Belize Telemedia Limited. Within 48 hours the Government of Belize had installed a new board of directors that included Dean Barrow’s ex-wife Lois YoungBarrow, son Anwar Barrow, with political allies Net Vasquez (as

executive chairman), and exPM Manuel Esquivel, Ministry of Finance employees Dr. Carla Barnett and Alan Slusher, CEO, Prime Minister’s Office Audrey Wallace, and former UDP Senator Ambrose Tillett. Dean Barrow told Channel Seven News on August 24th: “There will be a prospectus done after the new Board of Directors takes over and the new articles of association have been adopted, shares will be valued and offered for sale to the public. That offer will not be limited to Belizeans. We are determined, however, and the new Articles of Association that will be adopted will in fact oblige this, that ultimately Belizeans must maintain at least a 51% ownership of the company that’s being taken over.” At the time Barrow indicated that they had valued the company at around BZ $300 million while its former owners indicated that their shareholding value was twice that at US$300 million. The former majority shareholders efforts to seek redress under the


1981 Belize – UK Investment Treaty were rebuffed by the Belize Supreme Court and ignored by Britain’s Laborite government. Almost eight months later there is no prospectus, and no suitors anywhere in sight. After a spate of protracted litigation the opposing litigants appeared to have hunkered down in an uneasy, undeclared state of truce-like waiting. Most experts we have consulted believe that BTL is now Belize’s largest white elephant ever, unsaleable, impossible to sell for anything near the value either side had put on it. Time and circumstances have conspired to make it so. A knowledgeable insider opined that: “At 485 employees BTL is over-staffed, too fat and over matched by Speednet, its lean and mean competitor. They have 75 employees if that many, and their market share is growing.” Burdened by debt and uncertainty, no one is going to risk hundreds Continued on page 4

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

PAGE 4 The latest scandal emanating from the Belize City Council has left city residents wondering just what else can go wrong with this council. Since assuming office in 2006, Mayor Moya’s UDP council has been fraught with scandals and accusations of wrongdoing. Who can forget an emotional Mark King in August of 2008, tearfully pleading with Zenaida Moya to desist from her corrupt practices? King had called a press conference to present concrete evidence of Moya’s mismanagement of city funds. Mark King pulled no punches, accusing the mayor of being a “liar and a thief” and had documented proof to support his charges. Many believed it was the end of Moya’s political career, and indeed anywhere else in the world, it would have been. Moya received overwhelming support from the media however and in particular Kremandala, who spared no ink or words in exalting her to the skies. Less than a year after King’s damning exposé, Belize City residents went to the polls and re-elected Moya and her entire slate of councilors. For his efforts and bravery, King was ostracized and delegated to the trash bin of politics. If Belizeans thought that Moya had had enough or would somehow develop a conscience, they were sadly mistaken. The ink had hardly dried on the ballots when even more reports of wrongdoing began to surface. Reports of bloated contracts, missing monies and wanton waste came from current and former employees with dizzying regularity. A new phrase, “under-depositing”, was coined to explain away hundreds of thousands of dollars missing from the council’s accounts while allegations of financial impropriety, fraud and graft continued unabated. In the midst of all of this, an apparently unrepentant mayor was able to throw a lavish wedding and continue the construction of her million dollar mansion by the sea. The corruption became so rampant that even the elitists arm of the UDP, Association of Concern Belizeans (ACB), issued a rare and one of its only press releases since the change of government. The release demanded that Mayor Moya be held accountable and pursuant to that, the UDP attempted to expel Moya from its executive. Moya fought back, accused Barrow of having no balls and shook her fists in the face of here accusers. City residents in the meantime are made to suffer intolerable conditions. The city remains the filthiest it has ever been and many streets are practically impassable. The mayor and her councilors continue to fight among themselves while conditions in the city continue to deteriorate. With more than a year and a half to go in their current term, the best that we can do is to “imagine the possibilities.” And now this latest scandal! Boldly

going where King had gone before, Traffic Manager Kevan Jenkins has put his job on the line to blow the whistle on corrupt practices in his department. Of course, if Jenkins is the manager then it

fierce and relentless campaigner for the UDP”. Of course, while this heaps even more suspicion on an already beleaguered city council it goes much further than that. Prime

City Haul, Again!

curtailing corruption but ensuring that it remains covered and out of sight. If they were serious, Mark King would still be a councilor and Kevan Jenkins would be getting a promotion. Belizeans will need to give Kevan Jenkins their support on this one. Look for him to be transferred or demoted to some menial position where he will be frustrated until he eventually decides to quit. If the UDP are serious about stomping out corruption, they would give Kevan Jenkins the necessary tools and authority to fix the mess that he has exposed and ensure that he is safe from repercussions because of the noble action that he has taken. Whistleblowing is a vital component in the fighting of corruption and incompetence. It should not be discouraged, it should be encouraged. In fact, it might be time for Belize to follow the UK’s lead and establish laws that protect whistle-blowers. I would love to see it included on future political manifestos. Unfortunately, whistleblowers must rely on the media to get their message out to the public. When we have media houses making “arrangements” with governments and political parties, all we can expect to get is devious spin and downplay of serious concerns. The ideal would be for the media to pick up on such information and do their own investigations with an end to exposing, highlighting and hopefully remedying the problem. Don’t hold your breath though for “arrangements” will blow it over like a little breeze. What we get instead are images of a smiling Zenaida Moya holding, of all things, a “crime summit.” What a sick joke! It could of course; be that our government has decided that there might after all be some credence to the old adage, “it takes a thief to catch a thief”! If that is the case, then they certainly have the right woman on the job.

Despite a pledge to take action at even a “whiff of corruption”, Barrow has consistently looked the other way or rendered ineffective, any who has dared speak out against corruption in his administration. One can only wonder how long poor Jenkins will remain employed at the traffic department. is reasonable to deduce that the ones at whom he is pointing the finger are his bosses, namely the mayor and her councilors. The story broke when the media ran a story about an armored SUV that had been discovered fully licensed and registered but with no trace of how it came into the country. Jenkins decided to capitalize on the moment and bring his frustration to the public. According to Jenkins, he had long been informing any and everyone in charge about the hustling going on at traffic. He stated that he had tried on several occasions to get help, even going as far as contacting the DPP. According to Jenkins, he even fired one of the persons directly involved only to have him quickly reinstated on the job. The reason given was that said miscreant was “considered a

Minister Dean Barrow must also bear responsibility for letting this situation get to this point. Despite a pledge to take action at even a “whiff of corruption”, Barrow has consistently looked the other way or rendered ineffective, any who has dared speak out against corruption in his administration. One can only wonder how long poor Jenkins will remain employed at the traffic department. Instead of ostracizing Mark King, PM Barrow should have commended him and condemned the practices of his mayor. What Barrow did instead, was to demand that the other members of the council sign an agreement prohibiting any from ever speaking out again. It has become quite obvious that this government is not at all concerned about exposing and


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of millions of dollars in BTL without the guarantee of an accommodation agreement that they will at least not be eating losses, yet another concludes. Dean Barrow mis-calculated and the proof is in his inability to deliver on his promise of 40% dividends annually, unfettering VOIP, lower rates and a quick sale and settlement of the ownership. The polls in Britain have

closed, and the first exit poll out is giving David Cameron the nod: “Conservative challenger David Cameron was set to end 13 years of Labour rule as the national exit poll projected his party winning more seats in Parliament than Prime Minister Gordon Brown. “Cameron’s Conservatives were projected to have won 307 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons to Labour’s 255 and 59 for Nick Clegg’s Liberal Democrats, the

poll showed. It would be the first election since 1974 when no party gained a majority. “Cameron’s margin of victory was probably enough for him to form a government and force Brown to resign. “Based on initial projections, a coalition between Labour and the Liberal Democrats still wouldn’t have a majority.”

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


“Our City faces a real crisis…

and we must do something about it!”

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at the opening of the Violence Prevention Summit. Fifteen years ago, Bogota, Columbia was known as the most violent city in the world. Fifteen years of committed and concerted work has reversed that image. In her opening address Mayor Moya-Flowers said that, “this Violence Prevention Summit is the culmination to an unrelenting cry from our city residents to do something to end the ruthless killings and other senseless violent crimes that have been plaguing our city. While the Council is not legally mandated to tackle such violent crimes and the urban terrorism, as City leaders and head of the City Emergency Management Organization, we know that we must help to coordinate the urgent social and economic interventions needed to restore public confidence in living and recreating in Belize City now.” Mayor Moya-Flowers explained that “in a two day Violence Prevention Summit that I participated in recently in Bogota

Columbia, City officials informed that Bogota went from being in the mid 1950’s 60’s a small city with around five hundred thousand residents to now close to around eight million residents, it experienced rapid urbanization that we here in Belize City have experienced and between the mid 80’s to 1990’s as the population grew, so did crime and violence resulting in Bogota being considered the most dangerous, the most violent City in the world. In the mid 1990’s they had a murder rate of 81%. Since then Bogota has gone to great lengths to change its crime rate and its image. The change was as a result of a participatory and integrated approach. This approach has since continued, it was adopted in 1995 and it was successful. It is still in existence. In 2005, Bogota’s murder rate declined to 23%....and in 2007 it went down to 19%.” Mayor Moya-Flowers stated that Belize City with a population of 1% of that of Bogota, Belize City’s crime situation has stressed

both Central and Municipal Governments’ resources and has challenged both central urban leaderships. The Mayor said that, “our city faces a real crisis and we must do something about it.” Reactions and reviews from various sections of the society have been mixed amidst the surfeit of scandals that have emanated from the Belize City Council and for which Mayor Zenaida Moya-Flowers has been implicated and charged. However, support was widespread as many were able to set aside differences

to come together to address the perilous issue of crime. The one day event opened with addresses by attorney at law Michael Young who is Chairman of the Crime Control Council, Commissioner of Police; Crispin Jefferies, Minister of National Security; Carlos Perdomo, and others who joined Mayor Moya-Flowers at the head table. The Mayor and members of committees that were formed have committed to work together in continued effort to reduce the crime scourge.

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BOGUS KREMANDALA Pretends to care about Black Southside Belizeans

Willfully ignores Barrow & UDP’s Corrupt Practices Deceives Belizeans into thinking (His)tory is Belize’s History.


Sunday, May 9th, 2010

PAGE 6 Gradually but surely the nature of politics is changing in Belize and these prospective leaders need to get the sense. It is estimated by the respected pollster and social analysis, Myrtle Palacio, that the Belizean electorate is beginning to look like 20% PUP and 20% UDP and as much as 60% of the electorate are uncommitted, called swing voters, who have no party affiliations but feel passionate about what is happening in Belize and want to show their concern through their vote. Another signal is the results coming from the current village council elections and the last Belize City municipal elections which show the importance of personality over political affiliation. Many PUPs voted for Mayor Zenaida MoyaFlowers because she was a woman and she had crafted an attractive political persona despite her party, in fact she was at odds with her party during that election, and thereafter. The old paradigm of assuming that voters will vote party is becoming a thing of the past. Candidates must go after the common voter and not the party supporters. Party support will remain essential but wooing the uncommitted is becoming the way to go. It is with these dissatisfied swing voters that Amandala sees its strength. Its ability to ride the wave of dissatisfaction among the populace give it an edge to appear a natural despite the fact that they were responsible for getting that

POLITICS IS POLITRICKS by: Nuri Muhammad Amandala obviously sees the handwriting on the wall and knows that “change gon come” in 2013, the question is, will it be, as Rhenae rightly asked, a “government by default” or will we see a new paradigm of governance in this country? government elected because of some “arrangement’. Amandala plays both sides. Amandala obviously sees the handwriting on the wall and knows that “change gon come” in 2013, the question is, will it be, as Rhenae rightly asked, a “government by default” or will we see a new paradigm of governance in this country? A new government can’t return with the same tried and failed

policies. Sometimes it’s not so much the policy document as much as how it was implemented. Policy implementation is a management responsibility of the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister. There is collective responsibility in the Cabinet, which means they all collectively take responsibility for any policy implementation. Where the government succeeds they can take credit but where the government failed they must also take collective

responsibility. The government of the future has to get reconnected with the “do for self” and “aided self help” ideas that started the early nationalist movement at the grassroots level 50 years ago. A future government must create an enabling environment that encourages people in becoming increasingly productive and independent at the grassroots level. Our system as it now stands is becoming a welfare state where we are rewarding people for nonproductive activities rather than setting up the structures that allow people to access credit and technical know-how and markets for their products. I don’t agree with all the positions of Anonymous in his last article in the National Perspective but you must admit that he is hitting the nail on the head when he says that governments in this country have failed to broaden the playing field to allow into the production circle more ordinary citizens. For example as he says the right of land owners to sit at the negotiating table when oil is discovered on their property. I think of Cotton Tree, More Tomorrow and other areas of exploration in the Belize river Valley, and in Toledo. If the equation remains anything like now: $500+ million for BNE, $40 million for Belizeans going into the next election this will be a serious hiccup of any prospective 2013 government. (Comments welcomed at

Groundbreaking ceremony for International Children’s Clinic Belize City, We d n e s d a y, May 5, 2010 UDP officials and supporters were scarcer than hen’s teeth at today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the proposed multi-million dollar Sandford Children’s Clinic. Although t o d a y ’ s ceremony honored an agreement signed on behalf of the people and Government of Belize by the Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin, he was conspicuous by his absence. And neither did his CEO Dr. Peter Allen make his excuses. Although the proposed construction is the fruit of an agreement partially negotiated through the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, no representative of that ministry was present, despite the presence of the

Photography by: Jeremy United States Ambassador to Belize, who spoke at today’s ceremony, and the British High Commissioner. It was subsequently learnt that the Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, Belize’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, was on an unannounced trip to Israel. Although today’s ceremony was being held smack in the middle of the Caribbean Shores constituency, the area representative Hon. Carlos Perdomo was also a no show. In his case he appeared to be represented by his former campaign manager Armead

Gabourel, who is also employed by his family’s business as an accountant. Ms. Gabourel’s appearance is remarked on though it is not clear if she was there representing the area representative or due to her personal relationship. What was gossiped is that she was one of the persons who had received title to a lot that was a part of the parcel of land on which the clinic is to be constructed. Both PUP Party Leader Honorable John Briceno and past Party Leader Hon. Said Musa, were among the

guests at today’s c e r e m o n y. Indeed in its evening newscast t o n i g h t Channel 7 News alluded to their presence, and the absence of any UDP politicos. The agreement between Belize Healthcare Charitable Spooner Trust and Sandford Health & MeritCare is to build the Belize’s first Children’s pediatric clinic but it will also provide adult health services. The ninety five hundred square foot building clinic which will take on the look of a Castle is expected to be completed within twelve months. Sanford Health in Sioux Falls is part of Sanford Health & MeritCare system which is the largest healthcare system in the US. It includes thirty hospitals and 800 physicians in more than seventy specialty areas of medicine.

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


Sunday, May 9th, 2010


The Broaster Report Part 2

Belize City, Thursday, May 6th, 2010 First the ranks of the Police Department, and then the public have been abuzz about the titillating tales told in the so-called Broaster Report. Studiously ignored at first by the media, following last week’s publication of Part 1 we have since learned that several Belize City media houses are preparing their own exposes on the matter. Certainly the “report” has gone viral, that is it is being emailed in geometric progression every day, and now photo copies of the hard copy have begun to be passed from hand to hand. The Police Department’s “High Command,” the top brass is trying to ignore the report, hoping it will go away but as more persons get a hold of the document many are questioning why the police is not responding to the serious charges being made in the Broaster Report. In part 2 we know that on page 5 of the 10 page document, the anonymous author, following a long disquisition of the Jermaine Mangar “Rogue Cops” affair segues abruptly thusly: “The following is information that was downloaded from Eddie’s laptop computer.” In the seven bullet point paragraphs that follow, he alleges firstly that a senior police officer is “a corrupt officer. When he was Head Special Branch he was in cahoots with Gaby

Afiv in the sales of Belizeans passports. (This high-ranking police officer) did the vetting for the hundreds of Chinese who bought passports. When he was head special branch he misused the information funds that was allocated to Special Branch.” He then alleges that “Police Corporal Rosado” was killed whilst executing a search on Ebony Street, Belize City, nearly ten years ago “and it was suspected Psycho was the trigger man. A proper investigation was not conducted and there is a possibility that the Cpl was killed by friendly fire.” The police officer’s death provoked a nation-wide man hunt for Psycho Thompson and his alleged accomplice Edmund Velasquez. It was reported that the two men had drowned in the Belize River trying to escape from a police dragnet that was closing on them. In the file supposedly lifted from Inspector Edward Broater’s purloined laptop, the lurid allegation is that the two young men, “Psycho and Edmund Velazquez” who were the fugitive murder suspects, “were beat up to death and their face disfigured and they

were killed by the police officers” and the matter covered up. Three persons are specifically named. In the third paragraph, the purported “Broaster file” allege that: “A year ago a Chinese business man was killed in a businesses (sic) location at Orange Walk Town and a former police officer namely Kevin Cowboy Alvarez was charged for the murder. Another police officer by the name of Hill was also charged. A Chinese businessman who gave a sworn statement that he had hired Alvarez upon recommendation of PC Hill.” This first part is information that has been reported in the media, and the persons named have been arrested and charged with complicity in the crime. The paragraph further alleges that the unnamed Chinese businessman “went further and said that he had lent Cowboy his licensed 9mm to commit the murder. The Chinese national also said that he had been ordered to kill the targeted Orange Walk Businessman by his boss (a prominent Belize Chinese businessman) who was involved in the Pseudoephdrine trafficking and Human trafficking. He also stated that (the prominent Belize Chinese

businessman) had showed him a photograph of his family at China and had threatened to have the family killed if the witness did not kill the Orange Walk business man. “ The paragraph accuses an assistant commissioner of police of working for the Belize Chinese businessman and of hiding the statement now that “the witness is out of the country.” Credible media reports are that the Chinese businessman who ordered the assassination and then turned “state witness” has fled Belize. Police Officer Hill is out on bail while former police officer Cowboy Alvarez’s case has been traversed to the Supreme Court for trial. The fourth paragraph deals with human trafficking and notes that: “Human Trafficking is a profitable business and lots of influential people are involved in it. A Chinese national by the name of Sam who lives in Barrack Road Belize city is the person who gets Chinese national from China buy passport from Belize and then the Consular of the Cuban Embassy then sells the visas to the Chinese National who later comes to Belize via the Philip Goldson International Airport. The Chinese Nationals are then transported via van by police officers who collect $125.00 US per head to the Mexican border where they are met by Compa who take the Chinese Nationals to

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Driver Escapes Mid-morning Shooting …driving on three wheels the residence of Andre Trapp, the reputed leader of SSG, the Southside Gangsters, which was bombed by grenade in the wee hours of January eleventh of this year. Police sources purport that this was coincidental. The movie-like drama unfolded just as representatives

GMC Canyon with left front wheel missing in front of Coombs Construction Supplies on Central American Boulevard By Rhenae Nunez Belize City, Wednesday, May 5, 2010 It was high drama this morning around 10:30 on Ceasar Ridge Road near the Wilton Cumberbatch Field, when the all too familiar sound of shots pierced the morning routine and sent residents in the immediate area diving for cover. Eustace Andrews was driving west in his red GMC Canyon pickup truck and was just passing the Cumberbatch Field when he came under a barrage of gunfire from a lone gunman. The bullets struck the vehicle on the driver’s side but Andrews was unhurt. He sped off to safety and in the process of doing so,

hit a parked Toyota Corolla. The impact dislodged the pickup’s front left wheel - but that did not stop Andrews’ flight to safety. Unconfirmed reports are that he also returned fire at the gunman. Andrews drove on three wheels for about four blocks to the corner of Ceasar Ridge Road and Central American Boulevard before coming to a stop in front of the late Jason Coombs construction supplies business. Andrews said that he would have driven all the way home but the pothole at the corner hindered his effort. Police counted eleven shell casings at the scene almost directly in front of

reached members of the media in attendance shortly after Minister of National Security Hon. Carlos Perdomo had finished speaking and Commissioner of Police Crispin Jefferies had only just began his presentation in which he again argued that the reports of major crimes received by his department had been

from various agencies were gathered at the Princess Hotel and Casino for a Violence Prevention S u m m i t conducted under the

Damaged Toyota Corolla after it was hit by fleeing driver auspices of Mayor Zenaida Moya and the Belize City Council. In fact the reports of the shooting

on the decrease. Again, the timing that juxtapose the two events are purported to be coincidental.

Sunday, May 9th, 2010



world, Latin america & regional

Caricom/OECS in the Trini political potpouri?

The PNM and the UNC/COP-led alliance are competing to control the TT parliament

How much of an issue is Trinidad and

Tobago’s relations with its Caribbean neighbours in this year’s election campaign? Prime Minister Patrick Manning who is seeking re-election is pursuing a policy of putting Trinidad and the heart of Caricom, especially the Eastern

Caribbean group - the OECS. Trinidad and Tobago is Caricom’s largest economy and has a significant trade surplus with the rest of the region. There have also been some trade tensions with Guyana and

Jamaica. Prime Minister Manning has also committed to Port of Spain forming an economic union with the OECS leading eventually to a political union. But how much interest is there in the sub region for the Trinidad and Tobago

elections? BBC Caribbean asked Dominica-based University of the West Indies political scientist Lennox Honychurch: What do Trinidad and Tobago voters think about regional integration and their country’s role and status in Caricom? Massive political rallies were held in the weekend leading up to Nomination Day, Monday May 3rd. BBC Caribbean’s Tony Fraser assessed the campaign and issues: There are 41 seats at stake in the May 24 polls. Both the ruling People’s National Movement of Prime Minister Patrick Manning and the alliance of the parliamentary opposition United National Congress, the Congress of the People and three smaller parties are fielding full slates.

Anger over Ariz. immigration law drives US rallies CHICAGO – Angered by a controversial Arizona immigration law, tens of thousands of protesters — including 50,000 alone in Los Angeles — rallied in cities nationwide demanding President Barack Obama tackle immigration reform immediately. “I want to thank the governor of Arizona because she’s awakened a sleeping giant,” said labor organizer John Delgado who attended a rally in New York where authorities estimated 6,500 gathered. From Los Angeles to Washington D.C., activists, families, students and even politicians marched, practiced civil disobedience and “came out” about their citizenship status in the name of rights for immigrants, including the estimated 12 million living illegally in the U.S. Police said 50,000 rallied in Los Angeles where singer Gloria Estefan kicked off a massive downtown march. Estefan spoke in Spanish and English, proclaiming the United States is a nation of immigrants. “We’re good people,” the Cuban-born singer said atop a flatbed truck. “We’ve given a lot to this country. This country has given a lot to us.” Public outcry, particularly among immigrant rights activists, has been building since last week when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed the legislation last week. Supporters say the law is necessary because of the federal government’s failure to secure the border, but critics contend it encourages racial profiling and is unconstitutional. “It’s racist,” said Donna Sanchez, a 22-year-old U.S. citizen living in Chicago whose parents illegally crossed the Mexican border. “I have papers, but I want to help those who don’t.” Organizers estimated about 20,000

gathered at a park on Chicago’s West Side and marched, but police said about 8,000 turned out.

The event resembled something between a family festival — with food vendors pushing carts through the grass — and a political demonstration with protesters chanting “Si se puede,” Spanish for “Yes we can.” A group of undocumented students stood on a stage at the Chicago park and “came out” regarding their immigration status. Juan Baca was among those students. Baca, 19, whose parents brought him from Mexico illegally when he was 4 months old, said he has had to drop out of college and work several times already because he can’t qualify for financial aid. “It’s been a struggle,” he said. “I missed the mark by four months. A lot of times you feel like you’re not good enough.” Obama once promised to tackle immigration reform in his first 100 days, but has pushed back that timetable several times. He said this week that Congress may lack the “appetite” to take on immigration after going through a tough legislative year. However, Obama and Congress could address related issues, like boosting personnel and resources for border security, in spending bills this year. “Obama promised legalization in the first 100 days,” said Jesus Garzas, a 43-yearold Chicagoan with legal status who wore an Obama mask with a Pinocchiolike nose. “He lied.”

People make their way north on Broadway Street during a march and rally for federal immigration reform Juan Haro, 80, was born and raised in Denver, where about 3,000 people rallied. He said his family is originally from Mexico and thinks Arizona’s new law is targeting Mexicans specifically. “This country doesn’t seem to be antiimmigrant,” he said. “It seems to be antiMexican.” At the White House, U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, an Illinois Democrat, was arrested with several others in a demonstration of civil disobedience against the Arizona law. In Dallas, police estimated at least 20,000 attended a Saturday rally. Among them was Juan Hernandez, the Hispanic outreach coordinator for Sen. John McCain’s unsuccessful presidential run. He said Arizona was once considered by those south of the border to be a model state with particularly close ties to Mexico.

“It went beyond what most states do,” he said. “Now they are a state that goes beyond what the Constitution says you should do.” About a dozen people at the Dallas event carried signs depicting Brewer as a Nazi and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known for his tough illegal immigration stance, as a Klansman. Organizers were asking sign holders to discard the placards. In Ann Arbor, Mich., more than 500 people held a mock graduation ceremony for undocumented immigrant students near the site of Obama’s University of Michigan commencement speech. A smattering of counterprotesters showed up at rallies. In Tucson, Ariz., a few dozen people from the group Arizonans For Immigration Control showed up in support of the new law and Brewer.


Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Sunday, May 9th, 2010 It is easy to descend into abysmal world of a demented of an inebriate and become trapped in the vortex of his convoluted thoughts and a never ending and pointless argument. I choose not to go there. Unlike those that target me, I need not suck-up to keep a job. The people I work with and I have mutual understanding and respect for each other, therefore there is never a need to get drunk on a Saturday and call up anyone to lament about a salary I haven’t collected and to refer to my “friend” and Party Leader (Johnny Briceno) and the National Campaign Manager as “batty man”. I recorded the call. As I have said numerous times, we over here at the NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE are not the problem; you guys have your own issues amongst you. The dilemma is the leadership. That is the indisputable fact. Much as I have emphasized, my issue is not a personal one. It is unfortunate that folks who self-promote as avid readers and are media workers are too daft to decipher the difference. No way is it okay or legal to fire someone in the way you did and then turn around as if you support those who have been victimized by the UDP. It is disingenuous. I have lost count of the number of discussions that I have been engaged in about the troublesome issue of the leadership of the PUP. The calls for the issue to be addressed have become even more desperate that so-called PUPs in the “trenches” are also frustrated and have also joined the chorus of detractors. It is all well and good to say



The Unshakeable Truth Call the “Special” Convention! we need to unite to fight the common enemy but if the one calling for unity has offended its supporters then how does that “leader” expect that the people will trust him enough to band behind him? I use excerpts from some correspondence I have seen to make my point. This comes from a letter addressed to Chairman, TrenchSandiford. The author wrote, “I agree that we need to have a caucus meeting as soon as possible , however I do not subscribe to the feeling that we are lost in (division withheld), Constituency chairman recently had a successful convention , chairman has been meeting with various villages in that division. In (division) we have visited all villages and setting up our PUP slates we had meetings almost every night in the village including tomorrow in (village), so to say that nothing is happening is unfair to all those who are

working hard.” I have edited so not to embarrass or unduly expose the people in the “trenches”. I fail to see how this can be the fault of the so-called “old guard”. What this is, is a manifestation of the disconnect and dysfunction within the leadership of the PUP. To criticize me for commenting because I did not vote for the PUP in the election is ludicrous and typical wingnut reaction. The people who are in leadership of the PUP are not the ones who need politics or the PUP for that matter, it is the 43% who are poor and the 12.5% who are unemployed not the rich and well offs who know how to maneuver and manipulate so they can stay in the hustle like those in the officious and sanctimonious leadership of the PUP. I am not the only PUP who voted for the UDP candidate in my constituency and across the land, thousands did!

This next person wrote, “I don’t know what is next. I really don’t have the answers and I can’t confirm from anybody if we will ever get assistance to move forward. I have served my constituency to the best of my capacity but there is nothing more I can do. I need to start taking care of my own personal business. For the past 2 years as chairman I have financed most of my activities but I can’t do it anymore. If I hear anything else I will let u know.” The author of that piece also spotlights the disconnect and dysfunction of the leadership. The lack of support by the leadership for “the people in the trenches” has been a constant complaint by others who are “in the trenches”. In fact if you dare to enter those “trenches” in the name of the new PUP, you may end up being pummeled by friendly fire. This other person wrote, “So what’s the next step? We are branded as PUP and our people want to see some level of activity and answers to questions. When is the next caucus meeting? I can see why the UDP…. not worried about PUP winning in 2013, because at this rate they won’t win. Don’t you have some contacts up top to get a feel of what’s happening? I am only the temporary chair until August and I will have to decide my next step. Let me know if there is any change re village council elections.” These people “in the trenches” are getting the real sense of the dysfunction of the leadership and at this rate the point made by the author

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THE SCAM BEHIND THE STOLEN BULLET PROOF VEHICLE FOUND IN BELIZE CITY By Rhenae Nunez Belize City; Tues. May 4, 2010 Channel Seven’s Jules Vasquez first broke the story that a bullet proof SUV had been impounded at the Customs Department compound one week ago in Belize City. Since then, the story has opened a Pandora’s Box of unfettered corruption again at Belize City’s Traffic Department located at the southern end of the BelChina Bridge. We cannot easily forget the Belize City Traffic Department was also the principal facilitators in the Moneygram money laundering scam. Now with all the hoopla that this latest discovery has raised, and despite multiple investigations by the Customs Department and the Belize City Council, the inquiries still do not appear to include any serious criminal investigations by any law enforcement agencies of the Ministry of National Security. The bullet proof vehicle was not a legitimate import to safeguard some elite statesman. In fact according to media reports, it was stolen in Guatemala three years ago, and was registered, transferred and reregistered in Belize just last year. It now seemingly bears an illegally obtained legitimate Belize City license plate that was issued by the licensing authority.

urity! c e S l a n io t a N f o A breach This egregious breach of our “National Security” should have rung loud alarm bells in every corner of our law enforcement apparatus and every effort should be made to learn all the details of this fraudulent odious transaction. But with obvious rampant corruption in the Customs Department, the City’s Traffic Department and the Belize Police Department, there isn’t much hope that those details will be forthcoming. There are more proof that several high price tag vehicles have been smuggled from Guatemala into Belize where this organized ring of

organized criminals have succeeded in retaining that facilitation from the various competent authorities in Belize to carry out their stolen car scam without fear and unhindered. This particular vehicle is said to have been stolen in Guatemala in 2006 and was then smuggled into to Belize. Neither the Customs Department nor the City’s Traffic Department have disclosed from whom the vehicle was taken in Guatemala. According to News Seven, the vehicle was discovered in a yard in the Fabers Road extension area of Belize City about one month ago but

authorities have been keeping a tightlid while they purportedly conducted some sort of investigation. The story only came to light after they could not find any more details as to the ownership of the vehicle or who was operating it. The yard where it was found was occupied by a tenant who had just moved in and did not know anything about the tough ride. The tenant reportedly told the authorities that he knew nothing of the vehicle or its driver or the keys to the vehicle. The expose by Channel Seven was perhaps the catalyst that gave the City’s Traffic Chief Kevan Jenkins at the City Traffic Department to expound publicly of the department’s wanton and widespread corruption that snakes all the way to high offices in government, that Jenkins says, he is unable to stop. It is at least symptomatic of an inept, dysfunctional and thoroughly corrupted local government authority, and a national law enforcement department. It is at worse, a sign of not only a disinclination to investigate perhaps of fear of whose high office the corrupt trial may lead to, but also that a cover up has already nailed the lid down tight on the umpteenth scandal of the worse political administration in the history of Belize.

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

PAGE 12 Last week, I shared my impartial views regarding the general perception of hopelessness among the citizenry and the more I try to analyze the situation from a week to week basis, the more anguish is viewed as each time we go from bad to worst. Belize was once referred to as ‘this tranquil haven of democracy’, those were the days when the general living conditions created a peaceful atmosphere, where everyone was law abiding living as close friends with their neighbors. There was always a cheerful giver around and no one would ever starve because there was always someone sending over a plate of food or sharing one’s fruits and vegetables. People would leave clothes hanging on their clotheslines overnight without the fear of any one stealing them. Many families slept with their windows open without the fear of home invasions. Whatever happened to those times? Is there something in the air we breathe? Or is there something in the food we eat? The water we drink? What is wrong? What went wrong and when? These are only provocative questions but I believe that this nation should be very concerned about what is wrong and most importantly try to address this deteriorating situation. Clearly, a contributing factor to the problem is the obvious divisions that exist; the splitting up of the family unit principally due to the abandonment of family values, the lack of obligations and responsibilities. The nation is also divided in many other ways in the areas of ethnicity, culture, skin color, wealth and power. We are also divided by classes within each ethnicity; also by education and even by religion. But the worst division of all is profiling due to political affiliation. Division always brings rivalry and we can see major gang rivalries especially in the black communities. There are no values or worthwhile cause to this division; just one gang against another gang using brutal force amongst themselves believing in the law of the jungle in order to settle their differences. We live in a democracy (a Westminster system of government) dominated by a two-party system that gives the political Opposition the responsibility to be the check and balance within the structure of parliament so that when the government is not performing to standard, the political Opposition becomes the whipping voice revealing all the discrepancies of government while offering a viable alternative, of course. The Opposition should not sit and accept the atrocities of the government because then, the nation’s affairs will be neglected and the situation will worsen and this seems to be one of the debilitating factors that is currently affecting our nation and its people. As a suffering people at the receiving end, we can only wish well for our elected leaders in government because if they perform well, then all of us benefit, but when the government is incompetent, all of us suffer. All governments should at least provide the basic appropriate service in areas such as education, health, housing, employment, crime prevention, just to name a few. When the government is not performing to standard, it is not only the government that is to be blamed


Where is the Tranquil Haven of Democracy? because it is the constitutional duty and moral obligation of the Opposition to speak out on behalf of the people and I simply don’t feel that we are getting this type of representation from the present Opposition. I don’t feel the kind of ‘gusto’; the energy, the fight, the aggression, or the confidence in the Opposition to keep this government in check. As a matter of fact, it is no secret that the Opposition leadership is concentrating more of its energy fighting among themselves rather than trying to unite all the factions into a win-win direction and bring the fight against the real adversary which is the UDP government. The village council elections are ongoing and the political pundits and analysts believe that it is a referendum on the performance of the government but every Sunday, there are many UDP representatives, Cabinet ministers, UDP supporters attending these elections. The UDP is setting up slates and candidates in virtually every

village and aggressively campaigning and pursuing victory while on the other hand, the Opposition PUP is not as aggressive as their opponents. Now after successive defeats at the polls dating back to the 2006 municipal elections, the 2007 village council elections the 2008 general elections and the 2009 municipal elections, the PUP seems unable find it within themselves to organize appropriately, to unite in order to win and take the fight over to the UDP. We are not seeing the familiar energy radiating from the PUP. We are not seeing ALL the PUP top brass past, and present because the present leadership believes they know it all. A house divided within cannot stand! A family divided is doomed and the same goes for our party, the PUP. Neither the Leader of the Opposition, nor his executives should be the foot shoulders and the fact that they are in the field as foot soldiers suggest that something is definitely wrong with our

party structure. Rather, the regional field generals and captains should do battle with the thousands of foot soldiers and supporters in order to win. The present leadership of the PUP should remember and take lessons from the strategies of “Strike One; Strike Two and Strike Three” which aroused the passions of all PUP’s. The questions the leadership needs to ask are as follows: Are we about personal and self interest? Are we sincere about the welfare and the socioeconomic wellbeing of our people? Are we satisfied with the way things are turning out in our country? If the answers are YES, then they need to resign immediately. If the answer is NO, then begin to LEAD by putting your differences aside, pick up the pieces that are scattered by the way side and glue them back together so that we can start working for the best interest of the party and the Belizean people. The media also have a moral obligation as the fourth estate and must represent the people’s interest properly and serve as they ought to. Sad to say, most are busy getting rich as mercenary media entities; getting paid to keep silent or sitting on the fence in order to be rewarded with paid ads. Media houses cannot and should not fanatically tow the lines of politicians. Some media houses operate in the trafficking of influence by conditioning the minds of the most unfortunate citizens. It is time for everyone to assess the situation and return to the path of righteousness. If we love our country, it is time for all of us to come together as a community and as one people for one common purpose. Let us return Belize to its rightful place as the tranquil haven of democracy. For now this is my impartial view…

The Unshakeable Truth Call the “Special” Convention! Continued from page 11 of the last piece is one I have voiced many times. For the most part the executive is untested and in some cases, have not won jack in their attempts at electoral politics. I will go further to state that last minute inducements will not help any. The people have already learnt that trick. As was explained by Party Leader Briceno in his poor showing on LOVE FM two weeks ago, the leadership convention of March 2008 was a special convention. With the plethora of criticisms against Briceno’s leadership and his executive, he should do as Said Musa did and step down so a “special” convention can be held, so that the people can decide who they want for leader. By this I say let all who wish to contest, enter the race. Let them put forward their platforms, let us consider. I am still calling for Lisa Shoman and/or Francis Fonseca to enter the race. They both have the necessary acumen to lead the PUP and the country. There is growing excitement over the return of Said Musa to the helm of the PUP and I

need not elaborate on how I feel about that. I haven’t exactly kept it a secret. I promise that I will discuss it next week. Anyway, the incidences of the lack of support, confidence and basic respect for John Briceno has run the gamut. From his email being hacked, to being ridiculed in the House, to being told, “no one will accuse you of being intelligent” to being stoned on his home turf are only a few in a series of events coupled with the attitude shown him by certain members of his executive. His two deputies, Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde have adequately displayed that they have very little respect or regard for him. Hey how about some “apathy”

toward them in the Belize Times. It is easy to make me the target because I refuse to hide behind anonymity. I did vote for Carlos Perdomo and he is a pathetic failure. When did any party’s constitution supersede the Constitution of Belize? Only in an alcoholic’s demented mind it does, only in the mind or big fat belly of a bloated alcoholic it does. Hopefully you will have recovered from your drunken stupor and gone through your twelve steps by 2013 to understand and decipher the plight of those in the “trenches”. Please call the “Special” Convention?

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Sunday, May 9th, 2010




The PUP will be celebrating its 60th anniversary with a big bang this September according the Party Chairman Trench-Sandiford during which time; Johnny will attempt to ‘sneak-in’ an endorsement ‘Special Party Leadership Convention’. This will most likely happen in his native northern district. The Party’s official news organ, the Belize Times, will also be celebrating it 59th anniversary in September on the feast day of St Michael the Archangel. The Belize Times is renowned as the PUP’s newspaper because of its association with George Price and the PUP. The fact I was told is that the Belize Times has always belonged to the Price Estate which is also housed at Independence Hall, another asset owned by to the Price Estate. To make a long story short, nobody cared about who owned the Belize Times or Independence Hall. Many PUPs took it for granted that Mr. Price and his family have always and will always be PUP. There are many who simply don’t care how the daily expenses of these two PUP entities are paid. When the PUP leadership command changed hands, Said Musa took over the responsibility of the Belize Times and Independence Hall from George Price and modernized them with the assistance of the then Party National Campaign Manager Ralph Fonseca. Again, nobody cared how the Belize Times and Independence Hall transformed progressively or who paid the bills. The PUP, under Said Musa’s leadership, freed up the airwaves and the UDP propaganda radio station was one of the first to start its negative attacks against Said Musa. Later on, the PUPs demanded their own radio station and so Ralph and Said delivered Positive Vibes radio out of what was the old FM 2000 station. The vision went beyond radio and so, a TV morning talk show and political evening programs (on TV) came on stream. But then again Mike, no one cared about who owned those assets or what it cost to purchase and operate these radio and TV assets? In those days, Ralph was king; everyone in the entire 31 constituencies depended on Ralph to solve the entire PUP financial problems, including many personal financial problems (remember Mike?). I mentioned all these to remind the charlatan who bashes Said and Ralph today, what it used to be like before the infamous G-7. Today when you look at the personal financial blessings of some of the former PUP Ministers under Said Musa, one cannot help but see with disgust, the bare face hypocrisy that they practice. It wasn’t until Johnny and his G-7 took over the Party’s leadership that they woke up and realized that the Belize Times, Independence Hall and Positive Vibes

were not the assets of the PUP as a Party. These ‘fool- fool’ politicians who have handsomely enriched themselves during Musa’s leadership era, acted selfishly and greedily without contributing a single cent to the Party’s assets just as they treated many of their constituents while enriching only themselves during the luster years of the PUP under Said (yes Evan X, you know exactly who I am referring to). This so called ‘new’ PUP leadership not only greedily took control of the Party assets, they refused to honor bills for these assets such as: social security contributions for employees, rental of the Vibes Radio building and the insurance for Independence Hall. In fact these DoDo bird wannabe leaders had the face

have enriched themselves during Musa’s era, is helping with the financing of those assets but please, Gordon Smith shares no sympathy for Johnny who, as one of Musa’s Deputy Leaders and Deputy Prime Minister, has not himself made any contribution towards the PUP assets, even though it is rumored that prior to the General Elections, he and his group of companies donated some $15,000.00 to Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez’s campaign. Say it ain’t so John? The generosity and true PUPism demonstrated by the former PUP Party Leader and former PUP National Campaign Manager knew no bounds even up to the time when full control was given to Johnny and company to

Mose “Judas” Young/Barrow nee Hyde Hypocrite of the Week in the Times. Other than that one drunken spell, there is never a rebuttal to the Amandala attacks on its leaders and former leaders even though Johnny pretends that the relationship between the Old Guard faction and his leadership is good. But then again, it would be rather foolish of us to expect the Times to defend Said and Ralph when their Guest Editor, who also authors the Times weekly Editorial, is no other than Mark Hyde nee Espat. It should also be noted that Mark Espat also writes the Tuesday Editorial of the Amandala. This is not a new Mark Espat; his hypocrisy knows no bounds. So when I read “Racist” Narda’s article “Notions” in the Belize Times where she attacked Rhenae Nunez and cited article 17 of the PUP constitution, I say to “Racist” Narda: Go and shrew yourself along with Article 17! And please, black Belizeans don’t need to take any racist remedies from a Guatemalan grandmother especially black Garinagu such as Rhenae and me who knows what racism is like in Guatemala. Ms. Nunez has the right to vote for any one she is comfortable with. The Belize Constitution, which supersedes all other constitution, guarantees her that RIGHT! Moreover, I myself would not have voted for Joe Coye who was the leader of the infamous G-7 who I know didn’t give two hoots about Article 17 in the PUP constitution when they (the G-7) were shaking down Said Musa and the PUP. Why is it now convenient for “Racist” Narda to use Article 17 of the PUP constitution now? Where were “Racist” Narda and Article 17 when Mark and Cordel refused to vote against their friend Dean Barrow’s no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Said Musa, their Party Leader in the House of Representative? Where were Narda and Article 17 when Mark Espat threatened to sue, through his attorney Eamon, the Leader Emeritus George Cadle Price, and have still, up to this day, not apologized? Where were Narda and Article 17 when Mark and Cordel boycotted the Party in the 2009 City/ Municipal Elections as they did in 2006 and are now doing in the ongoing Village Council Elections? Where was Narda when Mark and Cordel and the silent Senator from down South voted (abstained) against their Party Leader John Briceño for their friend’s Barrow Telemedia Ltd (BTL), you “Racist”? And if the drunken Editor would take his face out of his vomit after an all night spree, then maybe he would be able to see and address the attacks against PUP leaders that is coming from the Amandala.

This ‘new’ PUP ran the modern state-of-the-art printing press at the Belize Times to the ground and refused to repair it just for the sake of outsourcing the printing of the newspaper, which is now being printed by UDP Harry Lawrence’s Reporter Press, who by the way, also prints The/El Guardian Newspaper.

of brass to send these bills to Said Musa for payment. This ‘new’ PUP ran the modern state-of-the-art printing press at the Belize Times to the ground and refused to repair it just for the sake of outsourcing the printing of the newspaper, which is now being printed by UDP Harry Lawrence’s Reporter Press, who by the way, also prints The/El Guardian Newspaper. They fired employees they believed were associated with the Old Guard including: Linsford Castillo, Rhenae Nunez, Gerard Coleman, Gerald Garbutt and even the security guard Errol Smith who worked for two years without holiday and was fired with one week’s pay (chancy). Lately, I am being told that the present staff of the Belize Times lives week after week on ‘borrowed time’ as they expect the “Racist” Narda to strike at them at any given time. Meanwhile, upstairs at the Party headquarters, Miguel is using all his sick leave to avoid the horrible changes that is about to take place when “Racist” Narda brings Bobby “The Stone Thrower” Cadle Jr. into the PUP Secretariat to battle Narda’s public enemy #1 Carolyn Trench-Sandiford, (the “Stone Thrower” is certainly in for a good woman fum fum). Today, the PUP leadership is boasting of total control of all the assets even though they still have outstanding commitments to creditors. To meet the payments for these assets, Johnny is now finding out how “barley grows” as none of his G-7 comrades, who

manage the Party’s assets. The National Communications Director “Racist” Narda Garcia and the Party Chairwoman TrenchSandiford began a nasty battle over control of the Belize Times and Vibes Radio. The toll of that fight has resulted in the firing of Trench-Sandiford’s Collet Division Lieutenant Janine by “Racist” Narda. When Trench-Sandiford, with the aid of Johnny’s ‘Millionaire’ friend Julius, fired Vibes General Manager Trujillo for many reasons including wanting to kick G. Mike out of the studio, the “Racist” Narda quickly intervened, threatened to resign and embarrassed both Trench-Sandiford and Julius as Trujillo was returned to Vibes to continue her mismanagement. Although the Party assets are in a trust, the PUP media outlets continue to demonized the Old Guard especially Said and Ralph and now operates as though it is entirely owned by Johnny Briceño and Company. PUP’s cannot help but notice that the Amandala, which is owned by Evan X Hyde, the father and father-in-law of PUP Deputy Leaders Cordel “Shadow” Hyde and Mark “Hezbollah” Hyde nee Espat respectively continues to attack Said Musa, Ralph Fonseca and the PUP on a weekly basis now that he is a media mercenary of Barrow’s UDP government. The Belize Times, which is the official newspaper of the PUP, seems to have its pen censored, with the only exception when the “barely sober” Editor from Belmopan, in his drunken state, named

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Sunday, May 9th, 2010


Hold On Smart and Truckers win in Digicell junior basketball Belize City, May 2, 2010 Hold On Smart and Truckers both posted their 3rd wins of the Digicell “Balling for Life” junior basketball competition at the Belize City Center over the weekend Sunday, while the Belize Bank Junior Bulldogsmunched on the Ghetto Ballers for their 5th back to back to back win: 83-68. Hold On Smart had 3G speed as they zoomed past Ferrari to a 68-53 win on Friday night. Elvis Olivera had doubledouble digits in 16pts and 13 rebounds as he led the Smart boys to a 15-5 lead in the 1st quarter. Kendice Williams added 14pts and snagged 10 rebounds to keep the Smart boys ahead 31-24 at the half time break. Kadeem Loredo fired back 3 treys to lead Ferrari with 13pts, while his teammate Rodwell Neal scored 12pts. Smart’s Jamal Kelly shot 12pts and grabbed 10 rebounds and Marshall Nunez Jr tossed in for a 44-37 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. Ferrari’s Malcolm Robateau added 7pts, while Kent Welch added 9pts and Dylan Moguel drained in a trey to add 6 points, but Smart’s Lyndon Arnold tossed in 4pts, and Edgar August, Beresford Codd and Russell Staine added a bucket each for the 68-53 win. The Truckers squeaked by the Burrell Boom Celtics 60-58 on Sunday. on Sunday. The Burrell Boom boys led 9-7 in the 1st quarter with buckets from Kyle Pinkard and Roman Williams, but by the half, the Truckerrs were up 2816 with Steven Smith leading the way with 17pts and Steven Wade added 14pts. Burrell boom’s Kyle Pinkard topscored the game with 24pts, while Roman Williams scored 9pts, but the Truckers’ Oliver Solis and Jaleel Arnold scored 10pts each to lead 46-31 at the end of the 3rd quarter. The Burrell Boom boys pulled out all the stops, outshooting the Truckers 27-14 pts in the 4th quarter as Kyle Baptist, Devon Brown and Philip Arthurs scored 8pts each. Kadeem Tam

added 4pts for Truckers to pull out ahead 60-58. The Belize Bank Junior Bulldogs disciplined the Ghetto Ballers: 83-68, with Matthew Young leading the way with 25pts and 25 rebounds! Ghetto Ballers’ Albert Tasher answered with 2 treys to score 20pts and lead the Ballers to a 16-15 lead in the 1st quarter. Bulldogs’ Alejandro Baptist also hit 2 treys to add 16pts, while Luis Barcelona tossed in 9pts and Raheem Gaynair and Akeem Trapp added 6pts each for a 33-28 lead at the half. The Ballers’ Jason Vasquez scored 16pts, while Clive Stanford added 13pts, but they were still down 47-58 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Ballers’ Kadeem Courtney shot 8pts and Shawn Pascacio tossed in 5pts but the Bulldogs’ Kachief Thomas and Sherwin Garcia each scored 6pts to power them to the 8368 win.

Edgar August

Belize Bank canoe wins B.C.A. Agric Show canoe race

Belmopan City, May 1, 2010 Team Belize Bank: Daniel Cruz and Amado Cruz paddled their canoe to win the annual Agricultural and Trade show race held under the auspices of the Belize Canoe Association from the Iguana Creek bridge to the Roaring Creek bridge, clocking 2:29:35 for the 1st prize overall and the 1st place in the men’s category.

The 2009 Ruta maya champs, Team Caribbean pride: brothers Jeremy, Jermaine and Justin Sanchez, sponsored by Citrus Products of Belize Ltd, clocked 2:30:56 to win 2nd prize overall and 2nd in the men’s category. Team ZipRider’s Jerry Rhaburn lost 2 teammates but paddled in solo, clocking 2;37:06 to win the 3rd prize. Team NICH: Oscar Cordon, Ruth Lopez and Jimmy Valdez finished 4th overall, clocking 2:37:50 to win 1st prize in the Mixed division. Team ‘Ranza Boys: Erwin Cruz, Genner Cruz and Jerry Cante clocked 2:40:39 as he placed 5th pulled in fifth in two hours 40 minutes and 39 seconds to win the Pleasure division.

Team Lost & Found: Darwin Sanchez, Janice Leslie and Eden Sanchez finished 6th, clocking 2:41:35 for 2ndprize in the Mixed category. Team Print Belize: Rudolph Gentle, Evelio Flores and Javier Guardado were 7th , clocking 2:43:59 to win 2nd prize in the Pleasure category. Team Police: Neri Waight, Audrey Moody and Jody Ingram paddled their “Born to Rule” canoe to finish 8th overall, clocking 2:45:48 to take 3rd prize in the Mixed category. Team Caribbean Gold: Robert, Karina and Eric Cabb from Santa Familia were 9th overall, clocking 2:47:30 to win 3rd prize in the Pleasure category. Team Westrac Speedmasters: Rainer Corea, Alfred Lopez and Jesus Cruz clocked 2:48:05 as they finished 10th

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Sunday, May 9th, 2010


Hankook Verdes stomps Corozal Shanaiah 15-0 to enter Caribbean motors Cup semifinals Belmopan City, May 1, 2010 The Hankook Verdes blasted Corozal Shaniah 15-0 at the Calcuttqa field on Sunday, to qualify to the Caribbean Motors Cup football semifinals, ranked 2nd with 26 pts, while the BDF are No.1 with 32 pts after a 3-1 win over BRC Blaze at the FIFA Goal project in Belmopan on Saturday, May 1. The league leaders now await for the Paradise Freedom Fighters and F.C. Belize to take on Georgetown Ibayani and the San Pedro Sea Dogs in the quarter finals on Wednesday night to determine the other 2 semifinalists. The semifinals begin on Sunday, May 9. Marlon Meza scored Verdes’ 1st winning goal in the 8th minute, and Amin August made it 2-0 in the 28th minute. Daniel Jimenez scored the third goal in the 34th minute, Trevor Lennon added a 4th goal in the 41st minute, and Meza added a 5th goal in the 43rd minute as Verdes led 5 zip at the half time break. Shanaiah was completely shut out by the Verdes’ defense, while Meza and completed his hat trick, while Danny

Jimenez completed his also, scoring his 11th goal of the competion to lead the BPFL in gaol-scoring. Julian Maldonado also scored a hat trick with goals in the 50th, 63rd and 88th minutes. Jose Monroy scored the 7th goal in the 58th minute and Lennon scored his 2nd goal in the 83rd minute. Humberto Requena scored in 13th goal in the 80th minute and Everald Trapp scored the 15th goal in the 88th minute. It was Shanaiah’s 11th loss as they exited the competition with 7 pts from 2 wins and one draw.

The BDF fielded a squad of mostly bench players for their match with BRC Blaze, led by Lisbey Castillo and Ervin “Bird” Floresat forward with the help of Denis Serano and Moses Pope on the wings and Denmark Casey Jr and Lloyd Nunez at midfield. The BRC Blaze defense led by team captain Denis Alvarez, and including Alex Matute, Edward Jones and Ranulfo Alvarez, had their work cut out trying to contain the BDF attacks, but BRC goalie Gerson Gonzalezcame up with 2 saves to stop shots by Denis

Belize Bank canoe wins B.C.A. Agric Show canoe race Continued from page 14

The BCA has announced that it will be organizing a Burrell Boom to Bayview canoe race on June 19.

Caribbean pride 2nd overall, and Team BNE: Haroldo Lopez, Roberto Tut and David Smith paddled their canoe “Ruby Challenge” to an 11th place finish, clocking 3:02:04. Perennial paddlers, Team Grumpy Ol’

Men: Francis Codd, Joe Fuzy and Jerry Wilken clocked 3:02:58 as they brought up the rear to win the Masters’ category.

Ziprider 3rd

Serano and Ervin Flores to keep the BDf off the scoreboard until the 22nd minute, when Lisbey Castillo drilled home the BDF’s first winning goal. Castillo followed up with a 2nd goal in the 26th minutes as he put the finish on a play by Ervin Flores. Randy Ramirez, Shawn Hyde and Roni Chan led the BRC attacks, but they were completely frustrated by the BDF defenders Allan Ponce, Michael Martinez, Daniel Harris and Ulrich Gonzalez. In the 2nd half, BDF technical director Jose Palmiro Salas introduced Orlando “Lichy” Jimenez to relieve Ervin Flores and Gilroy Swazo replaced Derol Roaches in the BDF goal the second half. Ryan Stevens and Wayne Wiltshire refreshed the BRD lineup, and Wayne Wiltshire succeeded in out-running the BDF defense for a one on one with Swazo, which he won to score the BRC’s only consolation goal in the 65th minutes. Castillo completed his hat trick in the 73rd minute for the BDF’s 3-1win . BDF is NO.1 in the BPFL rankings with 32 pts from 10 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. The BDF did not do so well when they visited the Paradise Freedom Fighters at the Toledo union field last Wednesday night. The PG squad wanted payback for their 3-0 humiliation in their first encounter, and the retribution began when Ralph Flores delivered the winning goal in the 39th minute and added a 2nd goal in the 48th minute. The Freedom Fighters’ defense shut out the BDF, while Evon Lino added a 3rd goal in the 67th minute for the 3-0 win. At the Michael Ashcroft Stadium in Independence George Town Ibayani struggled to a 1-1 draw with F.C. Belize. Jerome “Jaro” James drew first blood for FC Belize in the 59th minute, but the FC Belize dfenseblundred into giving up a penalty which Deon Burgess converted to salvage a draw out of the jaws of defeat. The Paradise/Freedom Fighters sought to qualify to the next round on Sunday, but the San Pedro Sea Dogs held them to a 1-1draw at the Toledo Union Field in Punta Gorda. The Sea Dogs scored first on a strike by Paraguayan import Gabriel Hicks in the 41st minute, but not for long as Devon Makin delivered the equalizer for the PG squad in the 44th minute.

Sunday, May 9th, 2010


LET’s GET READY to RUMBLE By: Jeremy Robinson

“Bring it on!’’, this was the intrepid avowal made by Mike Rudon in his weekly compost last Friday in response to increased and amplified calls by yours truly and my comrades Gordon “Mr. Straightshooter’’ Smith and Rhenae “Spot Check’’ Nunez. Before I proceed any further, let me admonish you, Mike, “NADA’’, and whoever else conspired to write that debasing and objectionable piece about Rhenae. Lest you think, for a minute, that you have “broken’’ Ms. Nunez, you better think again. Rhenae Nunez is as ironclad as they come and your vile attack on her will only serve to gas her up. I shall leave it at that because Rhenae is more than capable of handling you bigots. Whether Rudon was sober or inebriated (the former I highly doubt) when he declared “Bring it on!” is of little significance to me. It is common knowledge that the “Barely Sober’’ Editor, as Gordon Smith aptly refers to him, is a Chemical Dependent. So infamous is the guy that it would defeat the whole purpose of ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS (AA), were he to seek membership in that organization. What is significant to me is for whom and on whose behalf Rudon was speaking when he made such a bold statement. I’ve said it once and I will say it again. Johnny & Co. are in SURVIVAL MODE and are trying in earnest to achieve SELF-PRESERVATION. I don’t think Johnny will take as extreme

a measure as to drink his own “peepi’’ to ensure his survival as the pair of Jamaican castaways admitted they did. Like those castaways, though, Johnny is in a race against time and the clock keeps ticking by the day – TICK! TOCK! Some weeks aback, the National Perspective reported on a “catfight’’ that had developed between Madam Chairwoman and the Director of Communications AKA “NADA’’ over the momentary resignation of Renee Trujillo. This is just one of many instances which serve to support my assertion that Johnny & Co. are in SURVIVAL MODE. Within the Johnny Briceño leadership, the LAW of the JUNGLE now applies, i.e. KILLED or BE KILLED. As for Johnny, he is the “deer between the headlights’’ – AS GOOD as DEAD!! I simply cannot understand, for the life of me, why Johnny & Co. insist on refusing to heed the writing on the wall. Now, I’ve been made to understand that these imbeciles are “convinced’’ that so long as Barrow and the UDP continue to “f**k *p’’, the PUP will “win by default’’. Whosoever formulated that absurd theory in the far-flung corner of his/her mind must be some EXTRATERRESTIAL being because that sh*t, for sure, ain’t happening on PLANET EARTH. So FEEBLE is the Opposition that I would wager with anyone that should Barrow call “early elections’’, Johnny & Co.

The Broaster Report Part 2 Continued from page 8 Monterrey Mexico and then to USA where they are sold as slaves.” In the paragraph a prominent Belize businessman is named as “The boss of the organization” and accuses a Belize City Councilor, “All the police officers, customs officers and immigration officers at the Belize Airport,” as well as the Minister of National Security and an “Assistant Commissioner of Police James Magdaleno and others” as being involved in a widespread ring. The fifth paragraph names an Indian businessman who has been in the news recently and is the owner of a Belize City of owning a house where “he houses his employees who are all Indian Nationals at a Pink three storey concrete structure.” There is a further allegation that he “tortures his employees, has them living in degrading conditions and also keep their passport so that they cannot run” and that he “pays the police department to turn a blind eye to what he is doing.” In the sixth paragraph, the author who is purported to be Police Inspector Edward Broaster, nakedly alleges that: “Minister Gasper Vega is a member of the Mexican Cartel and his boss is John

Curly who is currently the owner of La La Milk in Mexico. They are responsible for the transshipment of several tons of cocaine to USA. “ He goes on to allege that “Other Ministers are also involved in the operations and one of the main players is (the officer) who is the officer in charge of the Orange Walk Police formation.” In the last paragraph an assistant superintendent of police is accused of collecting a cheque from the previously named City Councilor “on a monthly basis and that is why he does not want to move from” (his post within the department). That officer, goes the allegation, also collected money from an attorney to release a suspect in a recent of high profile murder case. In part 3 we will reveal and examine the lurid allegations and accusations made against a ranking Cabinet minister. We proceed with caution since behind the sensational allegations are the serious threats being muttered by serious persons.

will be caught with their pants down. If you all didn’t listen the first time around, I will say it again. COLD is not the “opposite” of HEAT but merely the “absence” of it. I am certainly not one to give any credit to Johnny & Co. but I will credit them for never failing to give me a good laugh. Just when I thought the JOHNNY BRICENO CIRCUS had its full complement of CLOWNS, there the ringleader went and added another. Whether or not he has been confirmed in the post as yet, I have learned that the FAILED City Council Candidate, Robert “Bobby’’ Cadle is, in effect, the new Secretary-General of the PUP. Yes, my readers, you heard it right. Now, could someone please tell me, in the name of heaven, what, on earth, this NUMBSKULL brings to the PUP? May I suggest, Mr. Secretary-General, that you quickly seek the services of a tutor in Remedial English because I’ve heard you talked before and I, sure as hell, thought it was some “foreign lengua’’ you were speaking. Would it not, Mr. Party Leader, have made much more sense to just leave the post vacant than to fill it with an AIRHEAD? Perhaps, Johnny & Co. make these ASININE decisions so as to “mock’’ us but they ought to realize that, at the end of the day, the JOKE is squarely on them and them only. It is consensus that the UDP Government is devoid of TALENT but so too is Johnny & Co. Since February

7, 2008 and March 30, 2008, there have been two CIRCUSES playing in Belize – the DEAN BARROW CIRCUS and the JOHNNY BRICENO CIRCUS. Unlike the imported circuses that come to Belize occasionally, these circuses feature no animals because their CLOWNS are the MAIN FEATURE. Then again, which animal, save for the DODO BIRD, would even care to perform alongside such NINCOMPOOPS. So Mike, I would strongly suggest you tell your Party Leader to “Bring it on!’’. If you love and adore him as much as you profess to, then, please, spare him the agony. You’re damn right it’s a National Convention/ Leadership Convention we want and we will not depart from this position. Johnny Briceño was given the opportunity to LEAD the PUP and he has made a MONUMENTAL MESS of that opportunity. Thus, it is time for him to LEAVE! While I continue to echo the call for a National Convention/Leadership Convention, it behooves me to also sound the call for some person or persons to rise to the challenge. Heaven forbid if my cry and that of my comrades Rhenae and Gordon are to be damned to the wilderness. As in the ONE MILLION DOLLAR WORDS of legendary Ring Announcer, Michael Buffer, “LET’s GET READY to RUMBLE!!’’

RACIST NADA GO ‘SHREW’ YOURSELF ALONG WITH ARTICLE 17 Continued from page 13 In closing, I must confess that I am not one bit disappointed with the misbehavior of “Racist” Narda the PUP National Communications Director. She is a woman whose future is already secured whether the PUP is in Opposition or in Government. Her employment with Briceño’s SMART Telephone Company has given her what we call an edge over other senior advisors to Johnny, as she is privy to sensitive documents/information that the others are not aware of which put Johnny and the Briceños in a peculiar position. Narda who appears many times to look dumb is not dumb at all. She is culture smart if you understand where she came from. “Nada” comes from a difficult world and many times I believe that Rhenae Nunez reminds her of herself and of the world that she is trying to forget; a life that she hates. I, Gordon Smith, don’t trust any Guatemalan (no disrespect) and would never put a Guatemalan over a Belizean especially a Black Belizean. It is now official that Narda Garcia’s sister, who is a Guatemalan, is married to the President of the Republic of Guatemala, a country who wants to invade our little Belize, will be seeking the nomination of her Party to be the next Presidential Candidate for the Presidency of Guatemala. It is my view that with this latest development

in Guatemala with reference to Narda’s sister, “Nada” should resign her post as PUP National Communications Director as there will certainly be a conflict of interests between the two sisters, the PUP and the country of Belize. Mike, it is called 100% Belizean; I wonder how PSW Goldson would have taken this one. The attacks by “Nada” and the drunken Editor bare true that the ongoing elections are not going well for the PUP as in the heat of these Village Council elections, one of the most senior PUP Generals, the Communications Director, would find time to attack Ms Nunez and calling for her expulsion from the PUP along with the ‘brown nose’ drunken Editor. Hon. John Briceño, if only you could get your “Racist” “Nada” to communicate as effective as she is at quarrelling with Ms. Nunez, a black Garifuna woman, then let it be understood that we will not let her continue with her “Racist” policies in the PUP (that is why Father X is outside the PUP). If “Racist” “Nada” wants to used Article 17 to get rid of one of the few black PUP’s who dissented because of her racist behavior, then we the black grassroots PUP will have to say to you and “Racist” “Nada” “Go Shrew yourselves along with Article 17”. Those that have Ears to hear! Hear.

Sunday, May 9th, 2010



By: Dulce Silva

Brazilian Bikini Waxing and Laser Hair Removal One of the things Mom didn’t tell you when she was stumbling through the spiel on how great it is to become a woman was that you’d spend a significant portion of your life removing hair from the places where it naturally grows. The rule of fashion seems to be that whatever is least convenient and most unnatural is the most fashionable, which explains why women can’t go to the beach or the pool without feeling uncomfortable in showit-all bathing suits, and suffering from the combination of shaved legs and an application of stinging sunscreen. Hair Removal for Your Bikini Line Requires Special Attention The bikini area is composed of the coarsest hair on the body and the most sensitive skin, so fashion insists that it be placed on public view, and it must be utterly smooth. Some lucky souls are either so blond or so tough-skinned that keeping the bikini-line hair-free isn’t a big deal, but most women have a terrible time. Information on Hair Removal: Shaving, Waxing, Depilatory Creams and Laser Shaving, the most commonly used hair-removal method, is quick, but often creates a new problem in the form of razor burn or bumps. Waxing lasts longer because it yanks the hair out from the root, but it’s very painful, and unless you get do a highly professional job of it, you’ll end up with skin irritation. Ingrown hairs are a problem with both methods, contributing to skin irritation. Chemical hair removal by using products like Nair or Neat works for some people, but can cause allergic reactions and skin irritation, especially if you are trying to remove facial hair. After all, hair and skin are both composed of collagen, and an acid that breaks down hair is going to affect skin as well. Chemical

depilatories last about as long as shaving, because they don’t really take much hair off below the skin, no matter what the ads say. Keeping Your Bikini Line Hair Free Without the Expense of Laser

Treatments Permanent laser hair removal can be quite a kick to any woman’s budget and it isn’t for everyone. Not to mention that it is a process that takes a few months, which won’t help you stay hair-free on your tropical vacation next week. Shaving and waxing aren’t “old fashioned” or “out of date” hair removal techniques. In fact, many women still do wax and shave on a regular basis and there are many beauty products and tools that make bikini line hair removal a breeze (and leave you rash free). The most effective hair removal system to date is laser hair removal. Laser methods work by directing a beam of intense light into the hair follicle. It burns the hair (you can actually hear it fry, and smell a little hair burning), and can disable the follicle if and only if the hair is in a particular growing stage when it gets zapped. Laser hair removal is not very painful (it feels like getting snapped with a rubber band), the hair is gone immediately, the area is usually hair-free for up to six weeks. Hair that does regrow comes in lighter. Repeated treatments can eventually kill hair follicles, but it takes 8 or 10 treatments, averaging around $200 apiece. On the upside, if you’re headed for a summer in the sun and don’t want to be bothered with troubling bikini-line issues, two laser treatments will keep you hair-free. Also, laser hair removal causes very little skin irritation, usually just some redness the day of the procedure.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Births Miliani Anahi to Wilder and Leyma Rosela Navarette nee Nicholson Godfrey Rueben to Godfrey Levi and Sasha Angelia Trapp nee Vasquez Anson to Jian Tao and Pei Xian Yang nee Tan Maiyah Abhilasha to Valentino and Maria Shal nee Vasquez Harold Edgardo Jr. to Harold Edgardo Sr. and Miriam Annalee Rivas nee Trapp Christel Danielle to Santiago Silverio and Norelli Suzanni Rodriguez nee Perez Carmen Joy yo Ronal and Tina Thiessen nee Reimer Reginay Victoria to Reginald Garfield and Rosita Victoria Blades nee Gill Quaven Ison to Lincoln George and Arla Arlett Hamilton nee Cherrington Andion Alexander to Andy Errol and Vanisa Alicia Vaccaro nee Skeen Christian Jonathan to Damion Landy and Melody Sue Moguel nee Lemus Jahaira Alinie to Victor Ramon and Zumara Eunice Itza nee Melendez


Jose David Ramirez to Mariana Lopez both of Corozal Town Giovanni Wilfred Castaneda to Rosa Alexis Castellanos both of San Lazaro, Orange Walk Israel Badillo of Caye Caulker, Belize to Karen Grinage of Ontario, Cayo Timoteo Cal to Martha Coc both of Belmopan City George Michael Jones to Lisa Dee Ann Salazar both of Belize City Thane Peter Gill of Surrey, UK to Stacey Marie McIlwraith of Washington, USA Owen Dwayne Herrera to Anna Josephine Alpuche both of Belmopan City Santos Ramirez to Johana Hulse both of Benque Viejo Del Carmen Rondell Nigel Jacobs to Sharlette Sharlene Belisle both of Hattieville, Belize Chinedu Onwuka to Tanesha McKoy both of Belmopan City Miguel Angel Soto Maldonado to Alba Reyes both of Belize City Dionsio Atiliano Guerra to Shantel Monique Young both of Belize City Jairo Rene Barrera to Maday Yasmin Enriquez both of Caye Caulker, Belize Groshel lenton Aldana to Michelle Barton both of Western Paradise, Belize Fonso Elliot White to Amy lee Ann McCure both of Indiana, USA Calvert Gillett of Crooked Tree, belize to Caparas Lolita Garcia of Philippines Kevin Alrick Herrera to Laurie Delcia Banner both of Ladyville, Belize Carlos Manuel Moreno of San Ignacio Town, Cayo to Thelma Olinda Novelo of San Jose SUccotz, Cayo Carlos Alfredo Alegria to Yesenia Noemi Marroquin both of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Roger Wayne Richardson to Christina Marie Pace both of Connecticut, USA Christopher Ray Arnett to Jacqueline Emily Hudson both of Washington, USA Marcelo Guerra to Lucevita Garcia both of Santa Elena Town, Cayo Ismael Perez to Diana Bardalez both of San Ignacio Town, Cayo Diego Sedasey to iris Quinocte both of August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk Daniel Howell Mendez to Froyla Elida Tzalam both of Belmopan, Cayo


Shanika Lavern Alvarez, 15 Winston Edward Jones, 31 Karl Williams,58 Angela Cazeldo, 72 Garnett Antonio brown, 48 Alexine Agnes Valentine, 67 Maria Amparo Mencias, 80


Two Shop Spaces (Ground Floor) centrally located in Belmopan Through access Street in front of Belmopan Terminal entrance located directly behind Angelus Press Building For Serious Inquiries Call Cel: 666-2290

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Kirth and Aricia Mariano Alive and Well and Back Home!


HOROSCOPE Aries March 21-April 19


ou don’t need to take the stairs three steps at a time -- you’re not in that much of a rush. Yes, you’re on a quest to get ahead and make a name for yourself, but try to stay grounded as well. This week will find you full of accomplishment and congratulatory pats on the back. The excitement leaves you exhausted so find a comfortable couch under an interesting ceiling and let your mind wander into action and culture.

Taurus April 20-May 20


very week should begin this way! Expect a lot as you find yourself unusually grounded and on the brink of some serious enlightenment. Toward the middle of the week, you need all the grounding you can get as others try to get a rise out of you. Ignore their weirdness, though -- you’ve got promise and potential coming your way as the week progresses. Start reaching an understanding with your love interest. This weekend, take your time. As you well know, you can’t rush romance.

Gemini May 21-June 21


There’s someone for whom you once said you’d walk to the ends of the Earth, and they say something rude or insensitive. This calls your friendship into question. Maybe this person isn’t the partner you thought they were. You have no answers, but you’re not upset. It’s more like you’re curious. You’re open to changes of heart. A new point of view finds its way into your brain. You’re barely thinking about any of this, what with all the work-related confusion you’re trying to sort out.

Cancer June 22-July 22

Family and friends of Kirth and Aricia Mariano have been glued to their radios and television sets since Wednesday evening when news started circulating that the young couple had been murdered during a robbery while they travelled through Mexico on their way home from the United States. Kirth Mariano has traveled through Mexico countless times over the ten years that he has been a car dealer and over that span has made many acquaintances also. According to news reports that splattered all over the media, Mariano and his wife fell victim to robbers as they journeyed home. Their family who had not gotten any further details of Kirth and his wife’s whereabouts or their status -and had not slept all night headed north early on Thursday to ascertain what happened. It was a an emotional reunion for the family when Kirth and his wife, Aricia showed up at the northern border very much alive and well after being gone for little over one week. Mariano told the National Perspective that he was confused about the calamitous scene when Mexican authorities held them up

until they could be identified. “I wanted to know what the hell I did now!” he said in his usual jovial sense of humor. Mariano said that he realized the extent of the rumor when he spotted his sister Marva who greeted him in hugs and tears. Apparently there was an attack on a couple that fit the description of Mariano and his wife. Still he could not tell who or if an attack had really happened. Mariano said that his trip home was uneventful. He told the National Perspective that an aunt of his had to be hospitalized in Los Angeles after she heard the news. The entire story is bizarre and Mariano, his wife, friends and family are trying to get to the bottom of it. A Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative who confirmed the news to Channel 5 has been shunning the media refusing to clarify how the rumor got out of control. This story, thankfully has a happy ending, yet up to press time, we have no confirmation on the other couple if they exist and whether or not something has happened to them. Kirth and Aricia have one child, a daughter Kylie.

CONTACT US AT: Editor: 605-4508 25 Nanche Street, Belmopan


asy, there! You may be a little touchy as the week begins, but don’t let that extra sensitivity keep you from connecting. Some serious potential, even if you don’t stray far from the nest. Toward the middle of the week, you’re better off sticking to rational arguments and avoiding the emotional. You can follow your heart or your brain (or, even better, both!). You might be tempted to speak before you think, but resist such spontaneity for now. Engage in thoughtful deliberation.

Leo july 23-August 22


he way to counteract any sense that you may be arrogant -- a perception floating around - is to do something selfless. Consider how satisfying it would be to do someone else a favor and ask nothing in return. Apply your fairly developed understanding of the human ego to put out a fire, because two of your prouder friends are in a spat. When it dawns on you that you have far fewer solutions to the problems around you than perhaps you’d thought, put your energy toward something creative.

Virgo August 23-Septemer 22


f you’ve been looking for love, it’s going to show up wrapped in packing material on your front porch, or it’ll show up at your work, or at the coffee shop you stop into on a break. It’ll show up and it’ll be exciting. If you’re not single, expect a bouquet of roses instead. You feel bold and new, relationships are a major theme. Best advice: Let bygones be bygones. This weekend, grab an ice cream, head to the park and leave your cell phone at home.

Libra September 23-October 22


eeling a little down in the dumps as the week begins? Don’t! You’re close to getting past some old limits and preconceptions -- you just need to be positive and push on through. Celebrate your creativity and try something new. Your smarts and easygoing nature right now make you a veritable love (and fun) magnet. As the week winds down, try to stick with your plans and keep your expectations for progress to a minimum. The journey, not the destination, is what’s important.

Scorpio October 23-November 21


eady to sign on the dotted line? Start your week with determination --It is a great week for making commitments and reaching agreements. Expect to see eye-toeye with others. Be warned, though, that your laser like focus might blur just a bit toward the middle of the week, as problems crop up and threaten your happy harmony (especially on the home front). On the other hand, were well-nigh made for romance! If you were planning any candlelit dates or steamy getaways, now is the time.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

ou need to muster everything you’ve got to focus. If you have to work, Y you’ll while away the hours doodling on Post-It notes. If you have to water the lawn, you’ll probably draw shapes in the sky with the stream of

water. Art is on your mind. You relate to others like you haven’t in a while and you might shake hands with a future best friend. Considering it’s the middle of summer and all. Listen to others talk about the past; their stories can lull you into a peaceful state of mind

Capricorn December 22-January 19


ou cross so many things off your to-do list that your pen may run out of ink. In fact, awards committees may invent new prizes to celebrate your accomplishments. Beware of people who might try to attach themselves to your coattails midweek. (Especially watch out for people whose grand schemes involve your money.) Some creative writing is in order -- you need something to challenge you in a new way. Check in with the family this weekend.

Aquarius January 20-February 18


he straight and narrow is very comfortable to you. Stay the course. Your friends are bouncing around like rubber balls, but you’re conserving energy. Flowers turn to grow in your direction throughout. You’re simply beaming and people will treat you like a movie star. Unfortunately, your bank account doesn’t reflect movie-star income. (Speaking of your bank account, check your balance. Something might be screwy.)

Pisces February 19-March 20

o you want to take the lead? Or would you be more happy following? D You need to make up your mind. Fortunately, your instincts are there to guide you, toward the middle of the week, you may find yourself daydreaming about the future (with a certain someone, perhaps?). Go ahead and indulge any pie-in-the-sky notions you have. Now is the right time to noodle around (mentally and emotionally) and be open to change. As the week winds down, don’t be afraid to indulge yourself -- and the more lavishly, the better.

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Dementia Risk Higher if your Spouse Has Dementia Fourfold Increase in Dementia Risk for Elderly Women Whose Husbands Have Dementia May 5, 2010 -- Older men living with wives who have dementia have an almost 12-fold increased risk for developing dementia themselves, a new study shows. Elderly women in the study whose husbands developed dementia had a fourfold increase in dementia risk. A strong body of research has linked caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s disease to depression, poorer overall health, and even earlier death. The new study shows greater intellectual declines among the spouses of men and women with Alzheimer’s or other age-related dementias, study researcher Maria Norton, PhD, of Utah State University tells WebMD. “The association was strong for both men and women, but the good news is that most people in the study did not develop dementia even when their spouse did,” she says. Dementia Risk Among Married Couples The investigation included 1,221 married couples residing in Cashe County, Utah, who were participants in a large, ongoing study of memory, health, and aging. All the participants were 65 years old or older at enrollment and none showed evidence of dementia. Up to 12 years later, however, dementia had been diagnosed in the husband alone in 125 couples and in the wife alone in 70 couples. In 30 couples, both the husband and wife had developed dementia. After taking into account wellknown risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, including age, sex, genetic predisposition, and socioeconomic status, having a spouse with dementia was associated with a sixfold increase in dementia risk (11.9-fold increase in risk among men and 3.7-fold increase among women). The study participants were not asked if they were the caregivers for a spouse with dementia, but most lived in the same home with these spouses after they were diagnosed. The findings are published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. The National Institute on Aging funded the research.

Manage Stress, Reduce Risk Norton says more research is needed to determine if certain elderly caregivers are more vulnerable than others and to identify interventions that may reduce the risk. University of Washington professor of psychiatry Peter P. Vitaliano, PhD, agrees. Vitaliano has studied the physical and psychological impact of caring for chronically ill loved ones for many years. He says study after study shows that spouse caregivers are more likely than noncaregivers to be depressed, socially isolated, and neglect their own health. His own research suggests that the stress hormone cortisol plays a major role in dementia by increasing insulin levels. There is evidence that excess circulating insulin in the brain causes lesions similar to those believed to cause Alzheimer’s disease. “It is clear that depression and stress hormones affect memory and the brain,” Vitaliano tells WebMD. “Caregivers often report chronic stress, which means they are pumping out a lot of cortisol.” His research also suggests that caregivers who manage stress with antidepressants, exercise, and a strong social network have better overall health.

“It amazes me that caregivers often think that denying their own needs makes them better caregivers,” Vitaliano says. “In reality, the complete opposite is true.” What It’s Like to Have Dementia Understanding dementia symptoms from the inside can make you a better caregiver – and bring you closer to your loved one. You know how frustrating and heartbreaking dementia symptoms are from the point of view of a caregiver. You know the pain of slowly seeing a loved one slip away. But what is it like for her? What is it like for a person to slowly -- or sometimes quickly -- forget almost everything she ever knew? Dementia is ultimately a lonely condition, and you can never truly know what it’s like for your loved one. But by asking experts – and people who are themselves in the early stages of the disease – we can get some idea. “It’s devastating,” says Mary Ann Becklenberg, of Dyer, Ind., who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2008 at the age of 62. “I am acutely aware of all those areas in which I am not competent anymore, both small and large. Coming to terms with my own deficiencies is so hard.” Learning something about the other side, beyond the dementia symptoms

you see, could make you feel closer to your loved one. It could also make you a more understanding and effective caregiver. Memory Loss: “Everything Became Fuzzier” Dementia symptoms result from damage to the brain caused by disease or injury. As brain cells die, it becomes difficult or impossible to store new memories or access old ones. Sometimes dementia comes on suddenly, after a stroke or head injury. Often it comes on more slowly as the result of conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or Parkinson’s disease. Most causes of dementia cannot be reversed. Mary Ann Becklenberg is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, but her dementia symptoms have already had an enormous impact on her life. In 2006, she had to leave her position as a clinical social worker because she could no longer meet the responsibilities. “The world became much less defined than it had been,” says Becklenberg. “Everything became fuzzier.” The diagnosis didn’t come until later. John Becklenberg says that he first knew that his wife had Alzheimer’s disease after she returned from a monthlong trip to California. “I was there with her for a week of her stay,” he says. “But when she got back, she didn’t remember that I’d been there at all.” “That was so hard,” says Mary Ann Becklenberg, who now serves as an Alzheimer’s Association early stage adviser. “John listed all these things we did and places we went, and I didn’t remember any of them. That was when we knew.” Dementia Symptoms: What Memory Loss Means Some people think of memory loss superficially, as merely forgetting words or names. But it’s much more profound than that. Everything we do is premised on memory. When you walk into the kitchen to make dinner, your actions are almost unconscious. You grab food from the fridge, turn on the oven, take out plates and silverware – your memories are a foundation, and they give you a context for what you’re supposed to do in a given situation.

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Comision de Averiguacion KHMH Exonera Mansu y Saldivar

(IZ)Arthur Saldivar and Fredy Mansu durante la averiguacion (M) Dr. Francis Gary Longsworth; CEO, KHMH (D) Dr. Ricardo Fabro; Former Board Chairman Ciudad de Belice; Lunes Mayo 3, 2010 Protestas hechas vehementes por miembros de la Asociación de Médicos y Dental de Belice (BMDU) precipitaron el nombramiento de una Comisión de Averiguación por el P.M. Dean Barrow a realizar una una investigación y asi llegar a fondo sobre las alegaciones hechas por el BMDU que alegaba en un sinfín de impropiedades que estaban ocurriendo en el hospital Karl Heusner. El BMDU protestaba la falta de medicinas, suministros de equipos médicos y falta de recursos humanos; la compra de suministros médicos a un precio alto y la despedida del Dr. Khalid Ghazy, el Director de Servicios Médicos. Después de una serie de mediación fracasada, el P.M. Barrow apunto a una Comisión de Investigación para el hospital Karl Heusner. La Comisión dirigida por Justicia Adolph Lucas y la cual incluyo a la Sra. Julia Castillo, Enfermera Principal (ret.), quien represento al Ministerio de Salud. También incluyo a Orvin Nicholas, un antes Auditor General quien representaba a la Unión de Comercios del Congreso de Belice. La comisión fue dada un montón de acusaciones para investigar y determinar un veredicto. Fueron preguntados a (A) investigar el proceso para obtener compra de medicinas y suministros médicos en el hospital durante el periodo de el 1 de enero hasta 30 de junio del 2009; (B) determinar que si medidas adecuadas fueron tomadas y reglas aplicables y regulaciones fueron observadas en la compra de tales medicinas y suministros médicos y que si todas las compras fueron realizadas transparentemente; (C) determinar si las practicas en las compras

fueron sin embargo realizadas sin gasto y sin abuso; (D) Revisar y comentar el reporte independiente auditivo para la administración financiera del hospital cuando fuera terminada; (E) Determinar si cualquier tipo de impropiedades y maneras ir regulatorias ocurrieron en la compra de tales suministros médicos y medicamentos y determinar si hubo un tipo de fraude, corrupción, mal manejo, gasto o abuso y llegar a las personas responsables si es posible; (F) Identificar los fallos en los procesos de compra, si hay, y para recomendar medidas para asegurar transparencia a contabilidad en todos los niveles; (G) Recomendar cualquier acción contra personas responsables por no obedecer los reglamentos y procesos en cualquier manera; (H) Escuchar y determinar cualquier otro asunto que relaciona con lo antes mencionado.

investigaciones que, “Escucharon al señor Julian Chell, la señora Miriam Coleman y a Carlos Perrera, un político quien contesto para el concilio de Orange Walk y gano y que de alguna manera debería saber algo del señor Chell.” Por su parte, Perrera dijo que el esta implementando un nuevo sistema. La comisión encontró que el nuevo sistema, aunque bueno, pudiera haber sido realizado pero sin tener que cambiar al proveedor. El actual manejador de suministros, Delroy Herrera testifico que el nuevo proveedor de frutas y vegetales es también de Orange Walk pero mas costoso. Hay por lo menos 60 proveedores que hacían negocios con el hospital Karl Heusner. De esos, 15 tenían cuentas con el hospital para mas de $10,000 dólares beliceños que llego a la cantidad de $826,095.12 o 65.31% de las compras de los proveedores de servicios.

Tres personas testificaron que fueron dados instrucciones especiales por parte del Dr. Ricardo Fabro, el presidente del consejo de administración y también el señor Carlos Perrera, el director de finanzas. El antes director de finanzas, Cecil Knowles; Carlton Usher, antes manejador de suministros; y Miriam Coleman, supervisora de Comida y Nutrición; individualmente testificaron que fueron dados instrucciones para cambiar proveedores. La comisión reporto que, “el Dr. Fabro cuando testifico ante la comisión, francamente negó estas alegaciones.” Carlos Perrera mintió bajo juramento en su testimonio. Perrera dio instrucción a la Sra. Coleman para que ella cambie al señor Julian Chell de Orange Walk de ser proveedor de frutas y vegetales y que ponga a otra persona. La comisión reporto que, “el señor Fabro negó conocer al tal señor Chell.” El reporte sigue en sus

El Dr. Gary Longsworth, dirigente ejecutivo del hospital Karl Heusner

explico a la comisión que era una coincidencia que De-la Fuente fue el mas grande proveedor de servicios entre enero del 2008 y junio del 2009. Longsworth y Perrera no convencieron a nadie en su explicación. Mientras la comisión no clasifico eso como corrupto, la comisión dijo que vieron un sentido de favoritismo. La farmacia de De-la Fuente es adueñado por Antonio Giovanni De-la Fuente, hermano del Alcalde de Orange Walk, Phillip De-la Fuente. La gira política hizo mucho para revelar que la compañía Pharmacol Limited, un proveedor medico, quien es adueñado y dirigida por el abogado Arthur Saldivar y Freddy Mansu, el principal técnico de rayos x del hospital Karl Heusner. Agrego en la revelación que Mansu compro filmes de carrete y papel para hacer ultrasonido a su propio encargo de su compañía, Pharmacol Limited. La comisión fue satisfecha que la transacción fue un evento de solo una vez. La compra, según al señor Mansu, fue

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LA TRANZA DETRAS EL VEHICULO BLINDADO ROBADO ENCONTRADO EN Cd BELICE Cd Belice; martes 4 de mayo, 2010 El primero para hacer un reporte de una Camioneta SUV con protección blindada antibalas fue Jules Vásquez del canal 7. La camioneta tipo SUV blindada antibalas fue estacionada en el corralón del Departamento de Aduanas hace una semana y desde ese tiempo a propiciado un sinfín de preguntas sobre corrupción que involucra el Departamento de Trafico de la cuidad de Belice al pie del puente de Bel-China. No se puede olvidar que el Departamento de Trafico es visto como principalmente responsable por facilitar el blanqueo de dinero hecha por la agencia Moneygram. Con este recién descubrimiento, se han elevado las preocupaciones sobre corrupción en el Departamento de Trafico y aunque múltiple investigaciones se han realizado por el Departamento de Aduanas y el Ayuntamiento de la cuidad de Belice, las inquietudes no han incluido ningún tipo de investigación criminal por parte de las agencias del Ministerio de Seguridad Nacional. La camioneta antibalas no fue importada legítimamente para proteger a un hombre de estado elite. De hecho, según a reportes de prensa, fue robada en Guatemala hace tres años, fue registrado, transferido y re-registrada en Belice el año pasado. Ahora la camioneta SUV antibalas tiene unas placas legitimas de la cuidad de Belice que fue otorgada por la autoridad de licencias ilegalmente. Esto debería ser un llamado de emergencia hacia la seguridad nacional en todos los rincones de nuestro país de Belice. Todo esfuerzo debería ser realizado para llegar al fin de esta historia y así conocer como

es que este carro robado llego a ser registrado. ¿Cómo es que carros de alta etiqueta, robados de Guatemala y traídos hacia Belice pueden ser registrados fácilmente con la ayuda de autoridades beliceñas para realizar su negocio de carros robados sin miedo y sin problemas? Tampoco no hay casi ninguna esperanza a que esa pregunta pudiera ser respuesta. Es ciertamente un encubrimiento por los departamentos de Aduana, Tráfico, Policía y parece que nadie llegara a tener ninguna solida acusación de quien verdaderamente es responsable por transacciones que han pasado tal como esta.

cional! a n d a id r u g e s a l Una burla a

Este vehículo en particular es dicho ser robado en el año del 2006 y luego fue entrado ilegalmente hacia Belice. Ni el Departamento de Aduanas ni el Departamento de Trafico de la cuidad de Belice han dicho de quien este vehículo fue tomado en Guatemala. Según a el canal de noticias 7, el vehículo fue encontrado en el jardín de una casa en la área de Fabers Road en la cuidad de

Comision de Averiguacion KHMH Exonera Mansu y Saldivar Continuado de pagina 1 realizada después de que los productos no se podían encontrar en cualquier otro lugar para tener las maquinas de ultra sonido y maquina de rayos x operacionales. La comisión siente que este asunto puede ser puesto a descansar porque el esfuerzo del señor Mansu fue para tener dos equipos vitales trabajando en el hospital y que es apreciado en el hospital Karl Heusner. Obstetra Tocólogo y ginecólogo el Dr. José Guerra, también realizo transacciones con el hospital y que también fueron investigados. Guerra es conectado a Pharmabiz y Pharmabiz Internacional mientras el testificaba que es lo mismo nomas que Pharmabiz opera en Belice y Pharmabiz Internacional opera desde Guatemala. En anos recientes las compañías no tenían contratos con el Ministerio de Salud hasta que se le fue dado para el periodo de abril 2009 hasta marzo 2010. Cirujano Ortopédico, el Dr. Idefonso Roberts fue pagado $58,739.33 por el hospital Karl Heusner pero la

comisión no pudo encontrar para que los pagos fueron hechos. Farmacos MC también tenían acciones conectados con el hospital. La compañía es adueñada y operada por la esposa del antes Presidente del consejo administrativo, Ricardo Fabro. Fabro apareció nervioso mientras dando su testimonio durante la investigación, el tuvo problemas manteniendo los hechos en letra sobre la propiedad y operación de la compañía que disfruto un arreglo lucrativo con las Tiendas Centrales Medicas vía el Ministerio de Salud. La dicha compañía vendió sets micro IV al Ministerio de Salud que fueron encontradas ser defectos. Mas en la investigación se revelo que Pharmabiz y Farmacos MC (MC Pharmaceuticals) no estaban registrados como compañías según al Acto de Compañías capitulo 250 de las leyes significativas de Belice pero en vez fueron registradas solo bajo el Acto de Nombres de Negocios, capitulo 247. El reporte auditivo especial encontró 36 instancias adonde fármacos fueron comprados en la marqueta de venta cuando los mismos proveedores de servicios estaban disponibles o podían ser comprados a través de las Tiendas Centrales

Belice hace un mes pero las autoridades han mantenido un cierre apretado al caso mientras ellos supuestamente conducían una investigación al caso. La historia nomas salió a la luz cuando no pudieron buscar casi nada mas detalle como para responder quien es el dueño del vehículo y quien lo estaba operando. La casa en donde en frente estaba parqueado esta ocupado por inquilino que apenas se había movido adentro de la casa y que hasta el quería saber de quien era este vehículo. El inquilino agrego que el no sabe nada del vehículo, su manejador o de cualquier llave. Cuando el canal 7 se puso a exponer este reporte sobre

el vehículo sirvió como catalizador que dio motivo a Jefe de Trafico del Departamento, Kevan Jenkins, para decir que la corrupción en su departamento es de resultado a personas en posiciones altas de gobierno. Eso dijo el que no puede parar. La culpa puede a llegar a una oficina alta del gobierno y que prueba que el gobierno local no esta haciendo nada para establecer una autoridad sin corrupción. Esto deberás es un encubrimiento para proteger a alguien importante del gobierno, no se sabe si hay miedo en exponer al responsable, pero lo que si se sabe es que este gobierno no sabe gobernar.

Medicas. Como mayormente es dicho, es mas fácil echar culpa al mensajero pero no tratar con el mensaje. En su testimonio el Dr. Gary Longsworth, dirigente ejecutivo del hospital Karl Heusner, apunto al Dr. John Sosa, presidente de BMDU, como el primero que sonó el alarma y que causo toda esta controversia. El Dr. Longsworth describió el testimonio del Dr. Sosa como llegando corto de lo que deberás paso porque no pudo traer pruebas. Longsworth no pudo escapar culpa porque la comisión encontró que el proveo un producto defecto que debería ser regresado pero nunca fue y así el hospital realizo una perdida de $16,000 dólares. Quizás el mas grande escándalo fue el de los $28, 021.50 dólares que fueron inapropiados por la señora Tiffarah Anderson mientras ella trabajaba como cajera en el hospital. Eso ocurrió entre diciembre del 2006 y marzo del 2007. Anderson fue dicha a que pague la cantidad patras dando por lo menos $500 dólares al mes. Fue luego entendido que ella nomas hizo 7 pagos que llegaron a ser tan solo $3, 925.00 dejando un balance de $24, 096.50.

firmo una nota jurando que iba pagar lo que había ella tomado. La comisión regano a la previa administración del Dr. Rosado diciéndoles que, “el consejo de administración no respeto la función del Director de Prosecuciones Publicas (quien tiene solo el poder para remover o mantener proseguimientos criminales) y que en ves realizo el asunto en sus propias manos, aunque en el consejo de un abogado, a no instituir proseguimientos criminales.” La comisión recomendó que todo esfuerzo sea hecho para recuperar la cantidad exacta y que actos civiles debieran ser activados antes de que el tema se convierta nulo. El reporte concluye que se deberían dar manuales con reglamentos y procesos adecuados para servir de guías. Es recomendado que el hospital haga un mejor esfuerzo en colectando aunque con el empleo de agentes. La comisión noto que hubo dos instancias de robo. Es recomendado que todos los casos de impropiedades de la propiedad del hospital Karl Heusner serien reportados a la policía con todas pruebas a mano. Ahora nomas falta ver si las recomendaciones de la comisión serán honradas. El P.M. Barrow en su campana prometió terminar con la corrupción y con toda la corrupción que esta pasando en todo nivel de su gobierno, no se conoce adonde el podría empezar.

El antes dirigente ejecutivo en ese tiempo que la señora Anderson cometió ese fraude, el Dr. Alvaro Rosado dijo a la comisión que consiguieron consejo legal en el asunto y decidieron que la señora Anderson pagare patras en sumas mensuales. Dijo que el asunto fue reportado a la policía pero no fue perseguido porque la señora Anderson


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Piden a Obama que interceda contra la ley de inmigración de Arizona La Federación Internacional de Derechos Humanos (FIDH) y sus organizaciones en América pidieron este lunes al presidente de EE.UU., Barack Obama, que interceda para evitar la aplicación de la ley de inmigración de Arizona, porque criminaliza a los indocumentados e instala métodos de control racistas. “La ley criminaliza al inmigrante indocumentado, lo cual resulta inaceptable y contrario a los estándares internacionales” , subrayaron en un comunicado la FIDH y sus asociados, que se quejaron además de que “instaura un método altamente discriminatorio y racista para su aplicación” . Una referencia directa al hecho de que el texto legislativo del Estado de Arizona faculta a los policías para detener e interrogar a personas “sospechosas” de carecer de permiso para estar en Estados Unidos sobre la base de su apariencia. “De esta detención arbitraria (...) se derivarán sin la menor duda mayores vulneraciones de derechos humanos” ,

más allá del “principio penal esencial que es la presunción de inocencia” , argumentó la FIDH y sus organismos asociados de México, Guatemala, Argentina, Estados Unidos, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador, Canadá y Panamá. Todas estas organizaciones manifestaron “satisfacción” por el hecho de que las autoridades mexicanas hayan mostrado un “repudio generalizado” por la ley de Arizona, pero esperan que “más allá de las declaraciones tomen medidas eficaces para proteger a sus emigrantes en el exterior” . En esa línea, recordaron que México debe respetar los derechos de los emigrantes en su propio territorio, y pidieron Miles de personas marchan en Los Angeles, EE. UU., contra ley a sus autoridades que de Arizona y para exigir una reforma migratoria al Gobierno. desmantelen “lo antes posible las organizaciones emigrantes que intentan pasar sus vigor en agosto, con el argumento criminales que contando con de que es necesaria para proteger la la complicidad de funcionarios públicos, fronteras hacia EEUU” . Los responsables del estado de Arizona porosidad fronteriza y reducir las tasas han creado unas redes de secuestros, extorsión, torturas y asesinatos de han defendido la ley, que debe entrar en de criminalidad. EFE

Estampida por disparos en México deja cinco muertos

El suceso ocurrió durante el concierto del grupo de música norteña “Intocable”, el cual duró menos de una hora, ya que tan sólo pudieron tocar tres canciones. Soldados y agentes estatales, investigan los hechos para determinar si realmente hubo disparos de arma de fuego. Al menos cinco personas murieron en la madrugada de este domingo en Monterrey, norte de México, al ser aplastadas por una estampida

provocada por disparos durante un concierto de música popular, la cual también dejó cerca de 15 heridos. Cerca de la 01h00 local (06.00 GMT), se escucharon varias detonaciones en una zona donde estaban concentradas al menos 500 personas, las cuales empezaron a correr en el momento que se gritaba “balacera”. El suceso ocurrió durante el concierto del grupo de música norteña “Intocable” ofrecido en la sede de la Exposición

Ganadera de Guadalupe, del estado norteño mexicano de Nuevo León, el cual duró menos de una hora, ya que tan sólo pudieron tocar tres canciones. Los cuerpos de socorro atendieron al menos a una decena de personas lesionadas. El lugar fue acordonado por soldados y agentes estatales, q u i e n e s investigan los hechos para determinar si realmente hubo disparos de arma de fuego. La prensa local presume que los disparos provinieron de grupos del narcotráfico que pudieron haber accedido al lugar y que la estampida ocurrió por el temor de la población ante el clima de violencia que cubre el norte de ese país norteamericano. Desde que asumió el poder el 1 de

diciembre de 2006, el presidente Felipe Calderón ha convertido el combate frontal contra los carteles de la droga en una de sus “prioridades” políticas y para emprenderlo ha desplegado al Ejército en los estados más conflictivos del país, sin obtener resultados. A pesar de todo el desplazamiento militar, la violencia atribuida al narcotráfico ha dejado un saldo de 15 mil muertos en tres años, según cifras del último balance oficial entregado el pasado mes de diciembre. Pero la prensa local afirma que la cifra sciende por encima de 17 mil, según sus estadísticas que divulgan a diario. No obstante, según datos de la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública federal, mientras que en todo México se cometen 11,79 homicidios por cada 100 mil habitantes, en Ciudad Juárez, la más violenta del mundo, son 101 por cada 100 mil habitantes, es decir, 857 por ciento más. Ante la falta de resultados positivos contra grupos del narcotráfico y las denuncias de abusos cometidos presuntamente por soldados mexicanos, el Gobierno de ese país comenzó el reemplazo del Ejército por cinco mil efectivos de la Policía Federal en abril.


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Chofer Escapa HOROSCOPO SEMANAL Balacera a media mañana Aries 21 Marzo-19 Abril

…escapo manejando vehículo en tres ruedas

El tránsito de Venus por tu signo es excelente para aumentar tus recursos personales. Refleja una etapa favorable para conquistar nuevos objetivos, tanto de tipo personal como sentimental. Ahora tienes más seguridad a la hora de actuar. Tus relaciones te pueden abrir nuevas perspectivas. Es una buena etapa para todo lo relacionado con la capacidad de materializar tus propias ideas en materia de amor. Indica una doble sesión de vitalidad. Revela un periodo de buena suerte, de colocar las cosas en su sitio, de tener que vivir experiencias que te reporten felicidad.

Tauro 20 Abril-20 Mayo

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa doce indica que vives un momento de gran actividad creativa. Refleja la posibilidad de que le dediques más tiempo a la introspección. Tus experiencias sentimentales del pasado van a ser objeto de revisión y quizá te aporten datos que te aclaren muchas dudas. Desde el punto de vista de la salud es el momento de decir adiós a un ciclo y entrar en un proceso nuevo de transformación que se puede materializar un poco más adelante.

Gémini 21 Mayo-21 Junio

Venus transitando por tu casa once indica un incremento en todo lo relacionado con tus actividades sociales y con tu sentido lúdico de la vida. Refleja que vas a vivir una etapa de mucho trato con la gente, de tener nuevas experiencias y a la vez de aprender gracias a esos contactos. Vas a tener una mayor capacidad comunicativa, lo que te hará sentirte mejor y te dará más éxito con los demás. Vas a mezclar la amistad en todo tipo de actividades, desde las comerciales hasta las románticas.

Cáncer 22 Junio-22 Julio

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa diez refleja que una nueva filosofía de vida toma cuerpo en tus esquemas profesionales provocando cambios en tu vida exterior. Con seguridad las circunstancias cambian para que puedas demostrar la capacidad que tienes de hacer las cosas con éxito y autonomía. Llega un periodo muy constructivo para tus intereses. Indica nuevas oportunidades para progresar en tus metas profesionales, e igualmente es posible que recibas ayudas ya sea de forma directa o indirecta.

Leo 23 Julio-22 Agosto

GMC Canyon sin llanta después de chocar con el carro gris que llego a parar en frente de Coombs Construction Supplies en Central American Boulevard. Cuidad de Belice, miércoles, 5 de Mayo del 2010. Fue espeluznante lo que ocurrió aproximadamente a las10:30 de la mañana en la cuidad de Belice en Ceaser Ridge Road cercas del la cancha de Cumberbatch, cuando el ruido de balas llenaron el aire y mando a residentes del área inmediato a tomar refugio. Un tal Eustace Andrews estaba manejando su camioneta roja hacia el oeste en la calle previamente mencionada cuando apenas pasando la cancha de Cumberbatch un hombre armado abrió fuego hacia el. Las balas fueron dirigidas hacia el lado del manejador pero sorprendentemente el señor Andrews no sostuvo ninguna herida de bala. Lo que hizo el señor Andrews fue manejar su camioneta hacia refugio y en el proceso de huir choco un carro Toyota Corolla gris que estaba parqueado. Eso es cuando unas de sus llantas del lado derecho de su vehículo se callo y el todavía siguió manejando por casi 4 mas bloques hacia la esquina de Ceaser Ridge Road y Central American Boulevard. Reportes no confirmados dicen que el señor Andrews devolvió fuego hacia su agresor. La camioneta llego a parar en frente del negocio del difunto Jason Coombs quien perdió su vida

cuando un hombre armado abrió fuego hacia el. Andrews dice que el podía manejar hasta su casa pero un bache en la calle impidió que siguiera mas. La policía conto 11 balas expendidas en la escena directamente en frente de la residencia de Andre Trapp, el líder presunto de la banda SSG (Ganga del Sur de la cuidad), que fue bombardeada por una granada en las horas tempranas de 11 de enero de este año. Investigaciones de parte de la policía dice que esto todo fue de coincidencia. Todo esto también ocurrió cuando lideres de la cuidad de Belice tenían una junta en el hotel y casino de Princess para prevención de violencia dirigida por la alcaldesa Zenaida Moya y el Ayuntamiento de la cuidad de Belice. De hecho los reportes de la balacera llego a los oídos de miembros de la prensa que atendían la junta poco después de que el Ministro de la Seguridad Nacional, Carlos Perdomo, hizo su discurso y el Jefe de la Policía, Crispin Jefferies, apenas había empezado hacer una presentación y argumentaba que reportes mayores de crimen recibidos por su departamento estaban bajando.

El tránsito de Venus por tu c asa nueve marc a un periodo donde adquieres nuevos enfoques respecto a lo que tienes que hacer c on tu vida. Diversas opciones de funcionamiento aparecen para ampliar tus horizontes. Indic a una etapa donde es necesario salir y ver el mundo. Es un tránsito excelente para aumentar tus objetivos personales a través de los viajes. Ref leja una fase expansiva donde se amplía la inf luencia de tus ideas.

Virgo 23 Agosto-22 Septiembre

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa ocho indica un periodo para profundizar en tus asuntos más importantes y reflexionar en cuanto a tus excesos y tus carencias. Igualmente deberías hacer un balance o repaso de lo que ha sido tu vida, tanto emocional como material en los últimos meses. Te aconseja que cuides tus emociones y administres tu energía de forma adecuada, sin ningún tipo de derroche. Ahora puedes crear un ambiente muy placentero a tu alrededor disfrutando de tus relaciones más cercanas.

Libra 23 Septiembre-22 Octubre

Venus transitando por tu casa siete indica que va a ver mucho movimiento en torno a tu pareja, a tus socios, a tus compromisos adquiridos en forma de contrato, o a todo lo que tenga que ver con tus relaciones con lo demás. Tu energía a la hora de llevar a cabo tus proyectos personales se va a potenciar. Refleja cambios positivos en la forma de entender tus relaciones. Igualmente es un tránsito idóneo para aportar nuevas propuestas, tanto sentimentales.

Escorpio 23 Octubre-21 Noviembre

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa seis te abre nuevas vías para lograr tus objetivos laborales. Tu propio trabajo te puede aportar experiencias muy interesantes. La suerte está contigo pero olvídate de mantener una actitud pasiva o de esperar a que las cosas te lleguen sin esfuerzo. Vas a tener que ser más dinámico. Indica relaciones armoniosas y más actividad social relacionada con el trabajo. Quizá sea el momento oportuno para proyectarte.

Sagitario 22 Noviemre-21 Diciembre

Venus transitando por tu casa cinco indica un periodo de grandes expectativas y avances, tanto en el terreno personal como en el del amor. Vives una racha llena de ilusiones. Revela un aumento de tu confianza personal, especialmente en lo referente a tu vida amorosa, pero también en tus actividades creativas. Los desafíos sentimentales que vivas durante las próximas semanas darán sus frutos. Indica que cualquier actividad social que tengas te puede abrir una excelente racha para el amor.

Capricornio 22 Diciembre-19 Enero

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa cuatro indica que puedes tener oportunidades para involucrarte en actividades comerciales relacionadas con inmuebles o propiedades. Refleja que empieza una etapa positiva en asuntos de hogar, vivienda y familia, e igualmente influye en tu ámbito emocional más íntimo. Quizá tengas que hacer un camino de más responsabilidad personal, aunque en cualquier caso vives un momento maravilloso para lograr un crecimiento interno.

Acuario 20 Enero-18 Febrero

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa tres indica que puedes vivir una expansión considerable en tu vida social. Puedes hacer más viajes cortos que habitualmente conociendo a diferentes personas. Indica que tu mente se reactiva. Refleja que durante varias semanas puedes expresarte de un modo más claro y concreto. Es probable que durante esta época tomes decisiones importantes o formules nuevas estrategias y planes para el futuro. Aprovecha este periodo para llevar hacia adelante cualquier proyecto personal.

Piscis 19 Febrero-20 Marzo

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa dos indica una etapa donde se consolidan tus pretensiones financieras. Vives un momento favorable para sacar tus mejores cualidades en el ámbito profesional. Indica cambios en todo lo relacionado con la economía. Revela una etapa fecunda para tener ideas originales que adquieran valor con el paso del tiempo. Quizá sea ahora cuando puedas desarrollar nuevos proyectos y planteamientos que te permitan avanzar económicamente

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Sunday, May 9th, 2010

National Perspective May 9, 2010  

National Perspective May 9, 2010