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Tourism Crisis! BTB axed two more!!! By Rhenae Nunez Thursday, March 03, 2011

BELIZE CITY - Because they did not fit in with the new directors’ vision. That is what insiders are saying, is the reason why Shakira Oxley, former Director of Revenue Collection and Registrar of Hotels and Time Shares and Lloyd Enriquez, Director of Destination Planning were summarily sent packing from the Belize Tourism Board. What vision the directors in the entire Ministry of Tourism have is yet to be revealed since tourism has steadily declined under the UDP since 2008. And that we do not attribute to Shakira Oxley and Lloyd Enriquez. There is no real data to rely on since this UDP administration prides itself in plucking figures from their demented imagination. Last official figures show that arrivals in 2007 (posted on BTB’s website) was 251, 655. In May of 2008 at the BTB’s 10th

Annual Industry Presentation – newly elected Prime Minister Dean Barrow remarked that tourism was responsible for 25% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The Central Bank according to Barrow reported that tourism was responsible for $590 million in revenue in 2007 (PUP time) – a $90 million increase over previous years. Back then Barrow and the UDP placed high priority on tourism and remarked then that, “ As we take stock of where we are now, it is good to record that the industry has

so far maintained sustained, steady growth. My government, needless to say, intends to support you to partner with you all the way. In our manifesto we have pledged to create an additional 5,000 jobs in tourism. This means that it is axiomatic that we will put in place the enabling environment that will expand the industry.” Tourism is that nation’s largest earner. The industry is also considered too vulnerable to exogenous shocks such as economic downturns in the US economy. The Barrow ad-

ministration has failed to expand the market in Europe, Canada, the Far East and South America, as the previous administration had planned. A sudden recent sharp increase in oil prices due in large part to unrest in several oil producing Middle Eastern states is threatening the US economic recovery, and could spell even more difficult times for Belize’s premier industry that has yet not recovered to much beyond 2005 levels since the 2009 recession. The entire industry is now perilously perched with little new investment, and nearly every tourism operation now up for sale as investors seek to cut their losses and get out in the face of failed polices and even their lack of implementation by the Barrow administration. Immediately on assuming office the Barrow administration closed the doors and files at the Lands Department, effectively shutting down the nation’s real estate industry, and

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Murdered by her jealous boyfriend! UDPWasteful Spending “Help!”… A dying young mother plea for her life

Christie Carrasco and Osmar Sabido in happier times (pic courtesy Christie’s facebook page) Read story on page 5

Reports reaching the National Perspective indicates that the UDP Government through the Ministry of Tourism has gone all out to satisfy the ego of the new CEO of Tourism, Lindsey Garbutt who was awarded this week with a spanking ne 2011 Toyota 4 Runner at a cost to tax-payers of almost $200,000 dollars. Surely Mr. Garbutt refused to take -over the handed down 2009 Dodge Nitro that was driven by Mike Singh and insisted on getting a high vehicle to suit his likes. Santi Castillo was fired from the BTB for not approving monies for a new vehicle but Garbutt knows how to lobby. Now everybody knows that this is the worst government Belizeans ever had. They have reduced the once bouyant Tourism sector to ruins just as every other sector that flourished prior to February 2008. This government has reduced spending in just about every Ministry but spends lavishly when it comes to rewarding their political cronies.


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6th of March , 2011

PUP-THEN...And NOW!! It is safe to say that Belize is presently ruled under a one party system. The only party who is very visible in Belize is the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP). The other party who is the People’s United Party (PUP) should be considered the other party and is the official opposition. However, the invisibility of the PUP since February 2008 has made them non-existent and irrelevant. This view, however, is by no means an attempt to disrespect the PUP, but that is indeed the popular sentiment among Belizeans. Prior to February 2008, the

In 2011, the PUP is only a figment of the 1998 muscular PUP party of 1998 and 2003. There are many theories circulating as to why the PUP is invisible today and at a time like this, when the need for checks and balances are most needed, Belizeans need aggressive leadership and that, is lacking. It is most needed because the UDP government has demonstrated that they lack the ability to create prosperity and bring about a buoyant Belizean economy. The retarding of the Belizean economy by the UDP can be blamed

In 2011, the PUP is only a figment of the 1998 muscular PUP party of 1998 and 2003. There are many theories circulating as to why the PUP is invisible today and at a time like this, when the need for checks and balances are most needed, Belizeans need aggressive leadership and that, is lacking. It is most needed because the UDP government has demonstrated that they lack the ability to create prosperity and bring about a buoyant Belizean economy. PUP was considered a juggernaut on the political scene in Belize. They were the best political marketers. The UDP was always considered weak marketers and unable to stay in office for multiple terms. The PUP of the past could connect with the grass root people and made sure that they gave hope to Belizeans. Since Independence in 1981 both the PUP and UDP won three elections each. The PUP won two consecutive elections in 1998 and 2003 due to good marketing. This was when the PUP was at its strongest in popularity and the use of the technology was critical for their success in those days. The UDP became fast learners and from 2003-2008 used the technology to advance their propaganda against the PUP by using the electronic media (radio, telecommunication and television). This proved very effective for the UDP and they were persistent in their campaign. Almost every week Dean Barrow as the then Leader of the Opposition had a press conference. The UDP did not leave any matter that could be spin or twisted on the PUP government unheralded. The same was the effectiveness of the PUP campaign leading up to then General Election in 1998. The PUP demolished the UDP in that General Election.

on the fact that the PUP is out of government, and the PUP is skilled in the practice of “trickle down economics” while the UDP method is “trapped at the top economics”. The demise of the PUP can be traced back to the G-7 which consisted of John Briceño, Godfrey Smith, Mark Espat, Cordel Hyde, Jose Coye, Eamon Courtenay, and Servulo Baeza. These were no heroes, but instead considered traitors at the highest level. That is why some of them were defeated so badly in the 2008 General Election because they were considered two-faced. Those election losers were given the names like Godfrey “Flashpoint” Smith, Jose “Land Hog” Coye, and Servulo “Ser Burro”Baeza. Eamon Courtenay who is not electable material has refrained from testing electoral politics in the fear of embarrassment was the fourth member of the G-7. The other three G-7 members were fortunate and retained their seat. They are John Briceño who became the party leader of the PUP because of the mishandling of the Francis Fonseca campaign by Godfrey Smith. The Flashpoint article of Godfrey Smith of last week cannot be given any credence because Smith has been carrying his own grudge for the Briceño,s leadership because of the PUP party

leadership defeat in 2008. During that campaign Smith was so against John Briceño that he referred to Briceño as a “political dunce” in writing. Three years later one has to admit that Godfrey Smith was on to something back in 2008. Actually, he was right. The Prime Minister has also stated on many occasions that he is ecstatic that John Briceño is the leader of the PUP. He has stated that he can see a UDP dynasty developing due to the PUP leadership weakness. The Prime Minister also embellished his glee by making the statement that “John Briceño will never be accused of being intelligent”. Only a weak person or spineless person would take that abuse without making a gigantic rebuttal to such an insulting statement by the Prime Minister. Note that this is a statement made to a man (John Briceño ) that is to be considered the second most powerful man in the country. When a leader does not react to public insult with venom, then all those around him become disenchanted and begin to question their leader’s intestinal fortitude or manhood. No reasonable man would sit in an environment (House of Representatives) where you can say and do anything as a representative and take insults after insults both about one’s self and family. That can only

happen if there is a deprivation of testosterone. It is not the intention of this publication to offend anyone and their personal conduct, which should be considered private. However, when one is paid by tax dollars then everything they do is for public scrutiny and consumption. The popular sentiment in both rural and urban areas of Belize is that the PUP has a leadership crisis. Eyes will be carefully watching the performance of John Briceño during the budget debate. The 2011 Budget presentation is expected to be less favorable to Belizeans and the poverty pool will no doubt continue to expand. John Briceño should be able to have a ranting field day in the house both from a technical and “sound bite” stand point. It is believed that John Briceño should pull no punches during the budget debate and this will be his “Custer’s Last Stand” or else. One recent publication stated that it does not matter what advice is given the John Briceño and Dean Barrow of Belize because they are too large to be guided. As a result the people of Belize punishes because without an active opposition the government (UDP) is seen as nothing more than a runaway train and the high cliff is coming up fast. THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE OPEN YOUR EYES!!! National Perspective Radio THE

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6th of March , 2011

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Conspiracy to Rob and Kill,Guilty...Guilty, Guilty!

By: Rhenae Nunez

BELIZE CITY – A jury of six women and three men found Honduran Miguel Mayorga, Guatemalans Eswin Rosalez, Carlos Juarez and Jose Cordova, and Belizean Cesar Aldana guilty of conspiring to rob and kill businessman Jose Shoman and his entire family. The verdict came shortly before six on this Tuesday evening in the courtroom of Justice Adolf Lucas. The plan was scheduled to be executed on December 12th of 2008 at 11 o’clock that night. The five along with Mexican Francisco “Pancho” Martinez, said to be the lead conspirator, hatched up a plot that was to be executed with precision and if it was carried out – Shoman, his three children (all boys) and his two sisters, former City Councilor and Deputy Mayor of Belize City Yasmin Shoman and sister Dina Shoman, would have been murdered after they had all been relieved of their valuables. Alex Miranda, 22, a Mexican in the employ of Jose Shoman, was brought in by the conspirators to help the group gain access to the

property. He, however, warned his employer of the plot and Shoman notified the police. Miranda testified in court that he had been brought in to help the group to gain access to the property. He also said under oath that he was unfamiliar with Rosalez, Juarez and Cordova and only met them at Mayorga’s house. The group of six would be divided into two groups of three with the first three entering through a back gate that opens to the Belize River while the other three would enter through the front. They would first grab Jose Shoman and tie him up, tape up his mouth and hands and then round up the other members of the family. The men would demand that he, Shoman sign over to them a big cheque. If he refused they would start beating him and even kill one of his children. That, the men believed, would get Shoman’s attention that “this is serious.” Miranda testified that the men planned on killing the rest of the Shoman family by slashing their throats, but also discussed leaving one alive just in case, but concluded that they would eventually kill that

person as well. After gathering other valuables from the house – liquor, jewelry and cash they would escape in one of Shoman’s pickup trucks. He also told the court that he was shown a .38 revolver and a .22 pistol and a mask at Mayorga’s home however had contradictions under cross examination. The contradictions did not do anything to dissuade the jury of six women and three men from finding all five men guilty of the charge of conspiracy to commit murder (Shoman and others) and guilty of the charge of conspiracy to commit robbery. Two other charges for keeping unlicensed firearm and ammunition were also levied upon Miguel Mayorga and Cesar Aldana. The jury found Mayorga guilty on both counts while Aldana was found not guilty since he testified that he does not live at the residence where the weapons and ammunition were found. Miranda told the court that his life was also threatened if he revealed anything of the plot. He told the court that he was lured to Miguel

Mayorga’s home by Cesar Aldana who called him and told him that he had some money for him. Even though he was unable to recall whether he had loaned Aldana any money he still went to see Aldana, and Aldana instead took him to Mayorga’s residence where he was made aware of the plot. The sixth party to the plot, and who is said to be the lead conspirator or mastermind Francis “Pancho” Martinez was not put on trial after he jumped bail and absconded to Mexico where he is incarcerated on other criminal charges there. Following instructions to the jury by Justice Lucas, and two hours and 28 minutes of deliberations, the jury returned verdicts of guilty on both conspiracy charges on all five of the accused and found Miguel Mayorga, the oldest of the five, guilty of two firearm and ammunition charges. Cesar Aldana was found not guilty on both counts. Sentencing is reserved for March 10th. The men were represented by attorney at law, Hubert Elrington while Yohahnseh Cave represented the Crown.

6th of March , 2011

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Murdered by her jealous boyfriend!

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By Rhenae Nunez

Mon. Feb 26, 2011

ORANGE WALK – Christie Carrasco, 21, a mother of a two year old little girl let out a desperate cry for help as her life was slipping away from her body after being stabbed twice in the chest by her jealously enraged boyfriend. Neighbors who witnessed the attack on the young mother said that they could not believe the horror of what they saw. Christie had just returned home from her great

grandmother’s wake on Monday night to an enraged Osmar Sabido, 25, her live-in boyfriend. The two are said to have had a stormy relationship but no one thought it would have escalated to the level that it did on Monday night. Relatives of Christie say that she had been receiving incessant calls from Sabido demanding that she returned home to him from her great grandmother’s wake. Sabido is described as jealous and insecure and never liked Christie being far away from him. Shortly after returning home and

exiting her car in front of their home in the San Lorenzo area, a housing site in the Orange Walk Town, she was viciously attacked by Sabido who stabbed her the first time. Christie attempted to run for safety and called out for help but stumbled – Sabido pursued her as neighbors who were alerted to the commotion exited their homes to see what was happening. “We heard Christie scream and what I saw was when her boyfriend stabbed her and she fell to the ground and she was screaming and her last words were ‘help,’ described Handa Cambranes, a friend and neighbor who ran to Christie’s aid. Elra Alvarez, another neighbor said that she heard Christie’s scream and when she stepped out - she saw Sabido holding Christie by the hair and inflicted the stab wound. The police were called out earlier by Christie who reported that Sabido threatened to burn their house down – a threat that indications are he was about to make good on. Police found the house already

doused with flammable liquid, either gasoline or kerosene. Witnesses described an unremorseful Sabido after he had allegedly stabbed Christie. He dropped the knife next to him and then shortly after threw it into Christie’s car before turning himself over to police. Police took him in to custody and placed him in the same vehicle next to his dying girlfriend as her friend and neighbor pleaded with her to stay awake. Cambranes described the harrowing last few minutes of Christie’s life as she held on to her friend in the back seat of the police pickup while on their way to the hospital saying that she felt Christie’s life slip away in her hands only a few yards after they had moved off from the scene. Christie is described as a vivacious personality which was reflected in her perpetually big smile while Sabido was described as the overbearing, insecure type. Osmar Sabido has been charged for murder. Funeral services were hel at ‘La Immaculada Catholic Church on Thursday..

Christian Workers Union and SSB to the Brink

Thursday, March 3, 2011 BELIZE CITY – At press time this evening the Christian Workers Union and the management of the Belize Social Security Board are no nearer to a resolution of their impasse on wages and benefits negotiations, despite the looming deadline of midnight, Monday, March 7th. On Tuesday, February 15th the Union had given a 21 day notice of its intention to proceed with industrial action to force management’s hand in the matter, as is required under the Essential Services Act. Most expected that the Minister of Labour would have almost immediately commenced mediation efforts to bring the differing parties together, but the Minister failed to schedule any meetings with the union until Tuesday of this week, less than a week before the expira-

tion of the 21 day notice. Our sources report that after Labour Commissioner Ivan Williams had spoken to both sides, he had submitted a proposal for consideration to the Minister of Labour for his approval only today, and the minister has instructed him to go back to both parties with it. No one is sure how the differing parties will react to the proposal since the SSB’s management has been tight-lipped, while the CWU has made it clear that unless SSB changes its stance that it will not discuss any wage increase or back away from its proposed changes to benefits, there is really nothing to discuss. Our sources and some media reports are that both sides are preparing for protracted negotiations and a strike. SSB management has already

began the hiring and training of replacement workers, and non-union and management staff are being told to prepare to man clerical and other positions, and be ready for a showdown. Security consultations as to how to keep striking workers and their sympathizers away from entrances and how to foil attempts to blockade SSB buildings and offices are also on going. The union is also conducting its own preparation for protracted negotiations and a possible strike. The thinking is that it won’t strike immediately following the expiration of the 21 day notice, but will seek to gather solidarity support from other unions and affiliate organizations before it press forward with its demands. The union’s strike fund is robust, and they are confident if pushed into action they can shut down the Fund, and perhaps even the country. Inside sources say that the Barrow administration is nervously eyeing the situation, and just this week following Tuesday’s Cabinet, have begun to lean on SSB’s Board of Directors and management to appear more conciliatory. The union’s public stance is that

they are prepared at all times to sit around the table with SSB and discuss and negotiate, but they want everything on the table. The SSB management, however, has said that the Fund is in trouble according to its actuaries, and not only can they not afford to give any wage increase, do that they have to cut back on all expenses including some benefits. Their message to union is that until we can increase benefits to contributors, they can’t even entertain any discussions regarding any wage increase. The leadership of the union expects to hear from the Labour Commissioner sometime tomorrow, and is mindful that next Monday, March 7th is a public and bank holiday. And while they are prepared to return to the negotiating table even over the long holiday weekend, they are not sanguine that SSB’s management is even prepared to consider doing the same – in short if it doesn’t get done by the end of the day Friday, then the 21 days notice will expire and for first time in SSB’s history, since its implementation in 1978, its employees may strike.

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6th of March , 2011

Tourism Crisis! BTB axed two more!!!

Continued from page 1 short circuited a growing condominium industry. Neither has recovered to anywhere near pre-2008 levels. In August 2008 the BTB announced a re-branding exercise that entailed dropping its former long time marketing company Richartz, Fliss, Clarke and Pope for BVK. In November 2008 the Ministry of Tourism announced the implementation of a $30 million tourism master plan. By December a scandal involving a secret deal between NICH and a local businessman regarding the Jaguar Paw cave tubing site would rock the industry. By mid 2009 it was apparent the industry had just suffered its worst ever tourism high season. One casualty is longtime BTB director Tracy Panton whose contract renewal is declined. In February 2010 Seleni Matus is

announced as the new BTB director and in April 2010 at her introduction she immediately announces a new “game change” plan. In May the BTB re-announces the Ministry of Tourism’s $30 million tourism master plan. In August it is learned that Carnival has given exclusive touring rights to its passengers to a US/Jamaican outfit named Chukka who buys a local subsidiary. The outcry spurs the formation and development of FECTAB. By November a new Tourism CEO is named: Lindsay Garbutt replaces Mike Singh, with Miriam Robertson replacing Garbutt as Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTB. Early in the new year the industry holds its breath as a showdown between Carnival Cruise Line and Belize’s tender operators provoke the cancellations of some port calls by the cruise giant. The situation is

Public outrage forces Game Meat measure to be waived this weekend March


2011 to enforce the portion of the Wild-

This week the forestry Department sent out press release announcing and notifying people that the sale of game meat at public events, such as the upcoming La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge will be considered illegal without the necessary permits to do so. This caused an uproar in public opinion especially because many families in rural communities hunt for game meat to provide food on the table for their loved ones or to supplement their income by selling off any excess of meat that must be sold especially because there are still many Belizeans who could not afford a refrigerator. Many Belizeans express their outrage at the new measure that forced officials to consider a waiver. The Ministry of Natural Resources today issued a statement saying it has approved a waiver of all game dealer license fees for this weekend. Previously Residents of rural communities vehemently protested the decision

life Protection Act at this time, especially when it meant they would have to come up with the one hundred dollars to pay for the permit at such short notice. According to today’s press release, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources Gaspar Vega, following consultations, has decided to waive the game dealer license fees for the period March fourth to the seventh. The official release says that notwithstanding the waiver of the fees, the forest department will continue to monitor and enforce the laws consistent with its legislative mandate under the wildlife protection regulations. The release says that the reason for the increased vigilance of the Forest Department is because the recent impact of Hurricane Richard included the severe destruction of wildlife habitat. The sustained effort by the forest department is intended to ensure the continued protection and preservation of the wildlife for the benefit of all Belizeans

still ongoing. A month ago Tourism Minister Manuel Heredia dismisses UDP stalwart and long time BTB director and former chairman Santiago “Santi” Castillo from the Board, along with Stanley Longsworth, Jr. He has yet to name any replacements. Reportedly to date all those who have been approached have

spurned the appointments. An entire industry is now very much at sea. The structure that propelled the industry to the top of Belize’s economic ladder in the 10 years of the PUP is being dismantled piece by piece, and Belize’s economy is once again being threatened by the incompetence and corruption of the Barrow administration.

KREMANDALA $ELLOUT Bought and paid for... Silent on issues affecting black South-side Belizeans while pretending to be their guardian Wilfully ignores the Corrupt Practices of Barrow and the UDP


6th of March , 2011

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Carnival and Belize Reach Agreement, but Cruise Port Cancellations Will Continue

Mexican Soldier plays the system Pleads guilty twice and get ruled in his favor

For the past month and a half, Carnival Cruise Lines and tender operators in Belize have been at odds over Carnival’s requests for larger tenders, higher insurance coverage and lower fees from the operators. Cruise Critic has now learned that the two parties have come to an agreement. But wait: That won’t put an end to port cancellations for cruisers yearning to visit the small Central American country, known for reef-snorkeling and -diving and cave-tubing. Carnival spokesman Tim Gallagher told Cruise Critic via e-mail that the cruise line had signed a contract with its previous tender provider. “Our ships are now being serviced by larger, more comfortable tenders, and our provider is in the process of acquiring some additional large tenders,” he says. However, until those extra tenders are in service, Belize will have a shortage of Carnival-approved tenders on days when Carnival Valor and Carnival Legend are in port alongside Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas. The result will be additional cancel-

lations. Carnival Legend has axed its Belize call scheduled for March 10, and the next possible canceled call would be Legend’s March 24 visit (though no decision has been made). The best estimate Gallagher has at present is that the new tenders will be in place by the end of March. So what about all the sticking points that put an added financial strain on the tender operators? Although Gallagher could not disclose the details of the agreement, he did say the contract “will meet all of our operating requirements, including the liability insurance.” He also calls the new fees a “competitive rate”; one of Carnival’s original concerns was that the line could “no longer sustain paying rates that are not competitive in that market.” We reached out to the Belize Tourist Board to find out whether the arrangement was acceptable to the the Belizean government and tender operators. However, representatives did not have the contract, nor had they spoken to either party and could not comment.

The fate of that Mexican national charged last Friday with the possession of an unlicensed firearm and possession of counterfeit US dollars is still being investigated by the Belize Police. He is identified as Jose Luis Robles Beltran from the Mexican state of Tabasco. Beltran who identified himself as a member of the Mexican Army was taken into custody last Thursday at the Corozal Free Zone where he was doing purchases of some high tag items but did so issuing US $100 dollar bills believed to be counterfeit. Police searched him and found a .25 calibre pistol with nine live rounds of the same calibre in his possession. A further search also exposed$20,156.00 worth of US currency, One thousand eight hundred or 18 $100 US bill which were established by a Free Zone bank to be counterfeit. Beltran was taken to Corozal Police Formation where he was charged with Possession of an

unlicensed fire arm and ammunition and possession of counterfeit US currency. Beltran appeared in the magistrate’s court of Clive Lino where he pleaded guilty to both the firearm and ammunition charges He was then sentenced to 2 years each for the firearm and ammunition charges to be run concurrently. Beltran was escorted to the Belize prison, but within 24 hours filed an appeal with the courts, which allowed for him to post bond and receive bail. Police rearrested him and then charged him with possession of counterfeit currency. He again pleaded guilty but despite all that he was again freed on the grounds that there were no expert from the US to certify that the currency was counterfeit. Police again decided to take him into custody and is said to be carrying an extensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the decisions taken at the Magistrate Court level but also investigating more on the background of Robles Beltran.

1 of 4 Pleads guilty to Contraband

One man has pleaded guilty to possession of the huge trove of contraband liquor that was intercepted last week near Orange Walk. Akeem Reneau pleaded guilty to Recklessly Acquiring Uncustommed Goods and was fined three times the value of the goods which is one hundred and twenty-eight thousand, six hundred and sixty four dollars. He has to pay that within six months. Three other men were charged but they were freed when Reneau pleaded guilty. 277 Cases of Miller Genuine Draft, Coors Lite and Heineken along with two cases of Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey were seized last Wednesday morning around four am when a police and customs operation intercepted two vans just outside Orange Walk. It is of note that the Jeep Cherokee which was intercepted as a sweeper car, meaning the one to make sure police or customs weren’t on the road - had been found previously with contraband liquor inside. At the time, the owner reported it stolen and it was returned to her. In this case a relative of that owner was one of the persons who was cleared of charges. The liquor is confirmed to have come out of the Corozal Free Zone where it was purchased by a Mexican and was supposed to be destined for Mexico.

6th of March , 2011

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6th of March , 2011

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Caribbean News

CARICOM Heads meet in Grenada Fire at Bahamas shantytown leaves 700 homeless

Prime Minister Dr. Denzil Douglas said “some of these issues are new and some are ongoing, but in need of executive oversight and refinment BASSETERRE, St Kitts, Fri- Ahead of today’s Heads of Govday February 25, 2011 – As Ca- ernment meeting, several sessions ribbean Community (CARICOM) were held with various sub-comleaders meet in Grenada for their mittees. Inter-Sessional meeting today, one The Sixth Meeting of the Ministeregional leader says the matters rial Sub-Committee on the CSME before them require timely discus- was held yesterday while the Fifth sion, analysis, and action. Special Meeting of the Communi“Some of these issues are new and ty Council, which began Wednessome are ongoing, but in need of day afternoon, continued yesterexecutive oversight and refine- day morning. ment. What they all share, howev- The Community Council looked er, is a centrality to CARICOM’s at the focus and direction of the overall quest for cohesion and Community including the operastability: Haiti. The Permanent tions of the CARICOM Secretariat Committee of CARICOM Ambas- and approving its 2011 Work Prosadors, the Caribbean Court of Jus- gramme and Budget.  tice, British American and CLICO The Community Council is CARIand the constitutional dimensions COM’s second highest decisionof the Turks and Caicos situation,” making organ consisting of the said St. Kitts and Nevis’ Prime Ministers responsible for CARIMinister Dr. Denzil Douglas. COM Affairs in the 15 Member Caribbean leaders will also ad- States.  dress the CARICOM Single Mar- The meeting of the Prime Ministeket and Economy (CSME), and rial Sub-Committee on the CSME, specifically the progress in free under the chairmanship of Barbamovement so far and the public dos’ Prime Minister Freundel Stueducation and buy-in for the initia- art, the country with lead respontive; regional health and develop- sibility for implementation of the ment issues, particularly as they CSME in the CARICOM quasipertain to the establishment of the cabinet, looked at outstanding isCaribbean Public Health Agency; sues towards a more effectively and climate change. functioning CSME. 

Regional Integration stalls over governance ST GEORGE’S, Grenada, Monday February 28, 2011 (By Peter Richards) - For the first time in years, none of the Caribbean leaders appearing at the Caribbean Community’s end-of-summit news conference uttered the words, “We had a very good meeting.” The two-day gathering here last weekend was intended to agree on mechanisms to govern the regional integration movement that the leaders have always touted as being one of the oldest in the world. But when they emerged from their closed door-huddle, there was little, or as some commentators have observed, no progress to announce.  They did not even name the successor to Sir Edwin Carrington, the Trinidad and Tobago-born veteran regional public servant who retired at the start of the year after 18 years as secretary-general of the 15-member Caribbean Community (Caricom) grouping.  His retirement had long been signaled. At the end of Caricom’s summit in Jamaica last July, Carrington - no doubt aware of the private comments about the need for a new head at the top, and in some instances, newspaper editorials urging him to call it a day - made it clear that he never came to the job with the intention of staying forever.  There are at least six people vying for the post. Grenadian Prime Minister and Caricom Chair Tillman Thomas says the exercise to replace Carrington is “a work in progress”

and the new top public servant would be selected through a transparent process. His Jamaican counterpart, Brice Golding, said they hope to have a new secretary-general in place by the time the leaders gather in St. Kitts in July for their annual summit.  “One has to be careful you don’t preempt the outcome of those interviews, we just have to wait for that process to be completed. We would have expected to receive the report of the interview committee and to have deliberated on that by that time [July],” he added.  But as they wing their way to their respective Caribbean countries, regional leaders have done little to alter the growing public perception that Caricom is failing in its mission.  Acting Caricom Secretary-General Lolita Applewhaite admitted that the integration movement has “fallen short in a number of areas” and that it was important for the leaders to make a “determination of our priorities which would give a clear indication of the focus and direction that the integration movement must take”.  Prime Minister Thomas concedes that many Caribbean people are somewhat fed up with the state of “implementation impotence” - particularly as it relates to the march towards the Caricom Single Market and Economy (CSME) that allows for the free movement of goods, services, skills andlabour across the region. 

NASSAU, Bahamas – A fire has destroyed a shantytown in the Bahamas, leaving nearly 700 people homeless, most of them Haitian migrants, authorities said Thursday. Dozens of aid workers struggled to register the victims and the government assured that it would not arrest illegal immigrants affected by Wednesday’s blaze. No deaths or serious injuries were reported. It is unclear what caused the fire, although Superintendent Jeffrey Deleveaux, who oversees the island’s fire department, said he is not ruling out arson. Lines for food vouchers and emergency assistance kept growing at the Department of Social Services as crews erected large tents and portable toilets at a nearby church. But nearly 200 people preferred to remain on the outskirts of the charred heap of homes on Fire Trail road, looking for any possessions they could find. The victims lived on a roughly oneacre (half-hectare) parcel of land in southwest New Providence, near the island’s capital, said emergency management director Stephen Russell. The majority of them are illegal immigrants, according to Immigration Director Jack Thompson. Only

two months ago, about 200 people also became homeless after a smaller shantytown less than a quarter mile (kilometer) away burned to the ground the day after Christmas. Most of the victims moved into the shantytown that was destroyed on Wednesday. “These people will now likely move into another shantytown and increase the population there,” Russell said. “That situation will become unsafe, and we’ll have another fire, and this will repeat itself over and over again.” The government has considered shutting down at least 35 other shantytowns filled with Haitian migrants on the main island of New Providence. Several government agencies are consulting about the problem, Thompson said. Meanwhile, Haitian migrants continue to arrive. On Tuesday, authorities apprehended 257 migrants aboard two overloaded sloops near the southern Exuma chain of islands. The government expects to deport them by the weekend. The Bahamas had temporarily halted deportations of Haitian immigrants following the earthquake that killed more than 300,000 people last year, but resumed them in recent months.



Concerned People of Cayo Look out for more!!!


6th of March , 2011

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Obama, Calderon meeting amid heightened tensions

Washington – President Barack Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon are meeting amid heightened tensions over violence at their shared border, though no major breakthroughs are expected on what’s quickly becoming a defining issue in the relationship between the North American allies. Their meeting, scheduled for Thursday morning at the White House, comes three weeks after U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata was shot to death in northern Mexico with a gun smuggled in from the U.S. The incident raised questions in the U.S. about Mexico’s ability to control violence and has Obama administration officials considering arming U.S. agents working across the border to ensure their safety. “We have to make sure that those kinds of incidents are not repeated and to the extent that that involves the potential arming of them, that’s something I think we have to consider,” Attorney General Eric Holder told a congressional panel this week. Administration officials said the White House has been working closely with Calderon’s government on how to protect U.S. personnel working in Mexico, but they wouldn’t say whether Obama would press the Mexican leader to allow U.S.

agents to be armed. U.S. and Mexican officials have emphasized that Calderon’s visit was planned before Zapata’s killing. The leaders are expected discuss a wide range of topics, including economic cooperation and immigration, during a private meeting before taking questions from reporters. The contentious debate over immigration dominated Calderon’s visit to the White House in May, shortly after Arizona passed a law that makes it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally and requires police to question people about their immigration status if there’s reason to suspect they’re illegal. Mexico’s government strongly opposes the law, and the Mexican Senate this week urged Calderon to again vehemently make their opposition known to Obama. Obama also opposes the Arizona law; the White House said that comprehensive immigration reform remains high on Obama’s agenda and that the president would update Calderon on the state of the immigration debate in the U.S. Obama and Calderon were also expected to discuss U.S. aid to help support Mexico in the drug war. A senior administration official said the U.S. plans to speed up implementation of the $1.4 billion Merida Initiative, with $900 million to be doled out by the end of the year. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to preview the announcement. Negotiations also are continuing between the two countries over opening U.S. highways to Mexican trucks, as was agreed to in the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement. U.S. truck drivers oppose allowing Mexican motor carriers access to the U.S., saying the Mexicans have an economic advantage because they don’t have to meet as stringent safety and environmental standards. Mexico has placed higher tariffs on dozens of U.S. products in response to the unresolved dispute.

WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States will discuss the idea of US armed agents operating inside Mexico, which is being rocked by deadly drug violence, when President Barack Obama meets his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon, a senior US official said Wednesday. Obama welcomes Calderon to the White House on Thursday. “It’s a top priority for the US government to ensure that measures are being taken to protect our personnel,” the official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told journalists in a phone briefing. “That will continue to be a topic of conversation between both governments and will undoubtedly be a topic that gets discussed tomorrow between President Obama and President Calderon,” the source said when asked about US agents’ inability to carry their weapons in Mexico since 1990. The ban on US agents carrying weapons became a topic of discussion again after the February 15 murder in Mexico of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata on a Mexican highway. [ For complete coverage of politics and policy, go to Yahoo! Politics ] His was the first killing of a US federal agent on Mexican soil in 26 years, and raised the stakes for the US government in Mexico’s increasingly violent drug war. The two countries launched a joint probe into the killing of Zapata, 32, and wounding of Victor Avila, a second ICE agent, in the roadside attack in the central state of San Luis Potosi. Both sides have since been active against Mexico’s vicious drug gangs. More than 34,600 people have been killed in rising drug-related violence in Mexico since December 2006, when Calderon’s government deployed soldiers and federal police to take on organized crime.

Detained US contractor goes on trial in Cuba

Havana Cuba, – More than a man’s fate will be at stake when U.S. contractor Alan Gross goes to trial Friday on charges he sought to undermine Cuba’s government by bringing communications equipment onto the island illegally. U.S. officials have made clear that no meaningful rapprochement between the two Cold War enemies is possible while the 61-year-old Maryland native remains in jail. And with Gross facing a possible 20-year sentence for “acts against the integrity and independence” of Cuba, that could put relations into a long, deep freeze. Gross was working for the Bethesda-based Development Associates International on a USAID-program that promotes democracy when he was arrested in December 2009. He has been held since then in Havana’s maximum-security Villa Marista prison, most of that time without charge. His family, and U.S. and company officials say he was bringing communications equipment to Cuba’s 1,500-strong Jewish community. Cuban Jewish groups deny having anything to do with him, and there is even speculation that leaders of the Jewish community might testify against him. Gross’ case will be decided by a panel of five black-robed magistrates — three of them professional, and two average Cuban citizens specially trained to decide cases who are impaneled for one month. A simple majority is enough to convict him. The trial is expected to be over in a day or two, with a verdict announced immediately thereafter. Sentencing, should Gross be convicted, would likely come about two weeks later. Under Cuban law, he has the right to appeal any conviction, and can win a sentence reduction because he is more than 60 years old. Calls for Gross’ release have poured in as the trial has approached, from the Rev. Jesse Jackson, who sent an

open letter to Cuban President Raul Castro and offered to fly to Havana personally to mediate the case; and from Jewish groups including the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and their Descendants, who say Gross was simply trying to help and had no idea what he was doing was in violation of Cuban law. Gross’ wife Judy appealed to the Cuban government to let her husband go home on humanitarian grounds, saying in a written response to questions submitted by The Associated Press last week that Gross’ daughter and mother are both suffering from cancer, and that he has lost 90 pounds (40 kilos) in prison. They say Gross will likely be tried, convicted and sentenced to a long jail term — then quickly released on humanitarian grounds. As recently as January, a senior U.S. State Department official said she had been given signals by the Cuban government that Gross would be sent home soon following a trial. American officials were taken aback when — a few weeks later — prosecutors said they were seeking a 20-year jail term. Smith, the former U.S. diplomat, says he expects Cuba to “do the right thing” and release Gross after the trial. He said the stiff charge was to be expected and is not inconsistent with Gross being released. Phil Peters, a longtime Cuba expert who is vice president of the Arlington, Virginia-based Lexington Institute, said he too saw Cuba freeing Gross soon. Peters said the proceedings are Cuba’s chance to shine a light on USAID-funded democracy-building efforts like the one Gross was working on, which Havana says aim to topple the government, ruled since 1959 by brothers Fidel and Raul Castro. Washington spends more than $40 million a year on the programs, with USAID controlling most of that and doling out the work to subcontractors. Development Associates International, or DAI, received $4.5 million in U.S. government funds for the program in which Gross was involved, and Gross reportedly was paid more than a half-million dollars himself, despite the fact he spoke little Spanish and had no history working in Cuba. Gross traveled to the island several times over a short period on a tourist visa, apparently raising Cuban suspicions.

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6th of March , 2011

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West moves to help Libya uprising, Gadhafi digs in

TRIPOLI, Libya – The U.S. military deployed naval and air units near Libya, and the West moved to send its first concrete aid to Libya’s rebellion in the east of the country, hoping to give it the momentum to oust Moammar Gadhafi. But the Libyan leader’s regime clamped down in its stronghold in the capital and appeared to be maneuvering to strike opposition-held cities. In Washington, Defense Department spokesman Col. Dave Lapan said the naval and air forces were deployed to have flexibility as Pentagon planners worked on contingency plans, but did not elaborate. The U.S. has a regular military presence in the Mediterranean Sea. The European Union slapped an arms embargo, visa ban and other sanctions on Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s regime, as British Prime Minister David Cameron told British lawmakers Monday he is working with allies on a plan to establish a military no-fly zone over Libya, since “we do not in any way rule out the use of military assets” to deal with Gadhafi’s embattled regime. In the most direct U.S. demand for Gadhafi to step down, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the Libyan leader must leave power “now, without further violence or delay.” France was sending two planes with humanitarian aid, including medicine and doctors, to Benghazi, the opposition stronghold in eastern Libya, French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said. That would be the first direct Western aid to the uprising that has taken control of the entire eastern half of Libya. Fillon said it was the start of a “massive operation of humanitarian support” for the east and that Paris was studying “all solutions” — including military options. The two sides in Libya’s crisis appeared entrenched in their positions, and the direction the uprising takes next could depend on which can hold out longest. Gadhafi is dug in in Tripoli and nearby cities, backed by security forces and militiamen who are generally better armed than the military. His opponents, holding the east and much of the country’s oil infrastructure, also have pockets in western Libya near Tripoli. They are

backed by mutinous army units, but those forces appear to have limited supplies of ammunition and weapons. In the two opposition-held cities closest to Tripoli — Zawiya and Misrata — rebel forces were locked in standoffs with Gadhafi loyalists. An Associated Press reporter saw a large pro-Gadhafi force massed on the western edge of Zawiya, some 30 miles (50 kilometers) west of Tripoli, with about a dozen armored vehicles and tanks and jeeps mounted with anti-aircraft guns. An officer said they were from the elite Khamis Brigade, named after the Gadhafi son who commands it. U.S. diplomats have said the brigade is the best equipped force in Libya. Residents inside the city said they were anticipating a possible attack. “Our people are waiting for them to come and, God willing, we will defeat them,” one resident who only wanted to be quoted by his first name, Alaa, told AP in Cairo by telephone. In Misrata, Libya’s third largest city 125 miles (200 kilometers) east of Tripoli, Gadhafi troops who control part of an air base on the city’s outskirts tried to advance Monday. But they were repelled by opposition forces, who include residents armed with automatic weapons and army unites allied with them, one of the opposition fighters said. He said there were no casualties reported in the clashes and claimed that his side had captured eight soldiers, including a senior officer. The opposition controls most of the air base, and the fighter said dozens of anti-Gadhafi gunmen have arrived from further east in recent days as reinforcements. Several residents of the eastern city of Ajdabiya said Gadhafi’s air force also bombed an ammunition depot nearby held by the opposition. One, 17-year-old Abdel-Bari Zwei, reported intermittent explosions and a fire, and another, Faraj al-Maghrabi, said the facility was partially damaged. The site contains bombs, missiles and ammunition — key for the undersupplied opposition military forces. State TV carried a statement by Libya’s Defense Ministry denying any attempt to bomb the depot. Ajdabiya

lies about 450 miles (750 kilometers) east of Tripoli along the Mediterranean coast. Gadhafi opponents have moved to consolidate their hold in the east, centered on Benghazi — Libya’s second largest city, where the uprising began. Politicians there on Sunday set up their first leadership council to manage day-to-day affairs, taking a step toward forming what could be an alternative to Gadhafi’s regime. The opposition is backed by numerous units of the military in the east that joined the uprising, and they hold several bases and Benghazi’s airport. But so far, the units do not appear to have melded into a unified fighting force. Gadhafi long kept the military weak, fearing a challenge to his rule, so many units are plagued by shortages of supplies and ammunition. Gadhafi supporters said Monday that they were in control of the city of Sabratha, west of Tripoli, which has seemed to go back and forth between the two camps the past week. Several residents told The Associated Press that protesters set fire to a police station, but then were dispersed. Anti-Gadhafi graffiti — “Down with the enemy of freedom” and “Libya is free, Gadhafi must leave” — were scrawled on some walls, but residents were painting them over. In the capital, several hundred protesters started a march in the eastern district of Tajoura, which has been the scene of frequent clashes. After the burial of a person killed in gunfire last week, mourners began to march down a main street, chanting against the Libyan leader and waving the flag of Libya’s pre-Gadhafi monarchy, which has become a symbol of the uprising, a witness said. But they quickly dispersed once a brigade of pro-Gadhafi fighters rushed to the scene, scattering before the gunmen could fire a shot, the witness said. He and other residents in the capital spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation. There were attempts to restore aspects of normalcy in the capital, residents said. Many stores downtown reopened, and traffic in the streets increased. Tripoli was in turmoil on Friday, when residents said gunmen opened

fire indiscriminately on protesters holding new marches. But since then, the capital has been quiet — especially since foreign journalists invited by Gadhafi’s regime to view the situation arrived Friday. Long lines formed outside banks in the capital by Libyans wanting to receive the equivalent of $400 per family that Gadhafi pledged in a bid to shore up public loyalty. One resident said pro-Gadhafi security forces man checkpoints around the city of 2 million and prowl the city for any sign of unrest. She told The Associated Press that the price of rice, a main staple, has gone up 500 percent amid the crisis, reaching the equivalent of $40 for a five-kilogram (10-pound) bag. Bakeries are limited to selling five loaves of bread per family, and most butcher shops are closed, she said. Some schools reopened, but only for a half day and attendance was low. “My kids are too afraid to leave home and they even sleep next to me at night,” said Sidiq al-Damjah, 41 and father of three. “I feel like I’m living a nightmare.” Gadhafi has launched by far the bloodiest crackdown in a wave of anti-government uprisings sweeping the Arab world, the most serious challenge to his four decades in power. The United States, Britain and the U.N. Security Council all slapped sanctions on Libya this weekend. In Geneva, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was meeting Monday with foreign ministers from Britain, France, Germany and Italy, pressing for tough sanctions on the Libyan government. A day earlier, Clinton kept up pressure for Gadhafi to step down and “call off the mercenaries” and other troops that remain loyal to him. Two U.S. senators said Washington should recognize and arm a provisional government in rebel-held areas of eastern Libya and impose a no-fly zone over the area — enforced by U.S. warplanes — to stop attacks by the regime. But Fillon said a nofly zone needed U.N. support “which is far from being obtained today.” Sabratha, 40 miles (65 kilometers) west of Tripoli — a city known for nearby Roman ruins — showed signs of the tug-of-war between the two camps. On Monday, when the journalists invited to Libya by the government visited, many people were lined up at banks to collect their $400. When they saw journalists, they chanted, “God, Moammar and Libya.” Ali Mohammed, a leader from the Alalqa tribe, the main tribe in the area, said in previous days Gadhafi opponents burned the main police station, an Internal Security office and the People’s Hall, where the local administration meets. “I then held a meeting with the protesters to stop these acts the people said they will control their children and since then there has been no problems,” he said.

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6th of March , 2011

It is high time the DPP start doing her job...stop letting officials in the police force and the government use her as a pawn in their games Dear Editor,

God with people’s lives. There are rumors going around on the streets from police officers currently in the police force that the reason these men are still behind bars is because the government wants to hand them over to the US in exchange for vehicles and money. How ABSURD is this. If there is any truth to these rumors, since when our government did started using its citizens as bargaining chips? I am hoping for my sake as well as that of the general populace that these rumors are not true because we want our country to go forward not backwards. If people accused of murder and other crimes can be given bail, I do not see any reason why these men cannot be offered bail. These men were charged; fine; now let the law take its course. I believe that is why we have a judicial system. Let them have their day in court and let the court decide whether or not their innocent or guilty. In our country you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. I think it is high time that the DPP starts doing her job and stop letting officials in the police force and the government use her as a pawn in their games. Start basing your judgment on the facts and not on other people’s vindictive agenda.

I am writing this letter to express my disappointment, anger and lack of faith in our Police department, the Judicial System and in our Government. My father is one of the ACCUSED police officers in the drugs plane that landed on the Southern Highway on November 13, 2010. My father along with three other police officers and a custom officer were later charged and remanded to the Belize Central Prison. It is going on four months now that they have been behind bars. On February 9th, 2011 they were taken to court in shackles as if though they are psychotic murderers. People who commit murder in our country are not treated this way. Take for example the recent incident with the person who was convicted of murder and was taken to a dentist who later escaped. If he was taken in shackles maybe he would not have escaped and the citizens of this country could rest at night at not worry about a prisoner on the loose. My questions are; why are these men being treated this way? Why are they being paraded for public viewing in this manner? Why are there rights as human beings being taken advantage of? Why is it taking so long for them to secure bail? I strongly urge the police Signed department to do its investigation 17 years old Leila Middleton the right way and focus on the REAL person/s behind the drug Daughter of the accused. plane incident and stop playing

Detained US contractor goes on trial in Cuba Continued from page 9

While the democracy programs are lauded by some anti-Castro groups, others have criticized the use of expensive contractors to do work that exiles would be willing to perform for free, such as bringing in computers and mobile phones. The programs have also been lambasted repeatedly in congressional reports as being wasteful and ineffective. In March 2010, Sen. John Kerry, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and Democratic Rep. Howard Berman, of California — both longtime critics of Washington’s 48-year trade embargo on Cuba — temporarily held up new funding in the wake of Gross’ arrest. The money has begun flowing again, though U.S. officials say DAI is no longer part of the program. Cuban authorities have not spoken publicly about their case against Gross. But a video that surfaced days before the charges were an-

nounced indicates prosecutors will likely argue that the USAID programs amount to an attack on the island’s sovereignty. The video features a Cuban Interior Ministry expert saying that Gross was seeking to build communications networks among the Cuban opposition. The expert also indicates that the government plans to use against Gross a statement his company made in his defense shortly after his arrest. In the statement, DAI president James Bombard said Gross was not a spy, but acknowledged he was handing out “basic IT equipment such as cell phones and laptops” as part of a U.S.-government backed program. “He says, ‘My man is not a spy. My man is not from the CIA,’” the Interior Ministry official says of Boomgard. “He says, ‘This is a man who was there because I have a contract with USAID to promote democra-

Barrow’s reverse ‘Midas touch and the Teflon standard’ Hon. Dean Barrow, March 9, 2006, Belize City Council inaugural ceremonies: “These are the persons that have been elected; these are the persons that are completely autonomous. But there is a gold standard that the party has set for itself and that the party has set for all those that represent the party and it is the job of the party to hold the city councilors to that standard and it is a job that the party is capable of doing, it is a job the party will do. I, this afternoon want to charge this new Belize City Council with always coming clean with the media and with the public.” Since that bright and sunny March morning, when enthusiasm, optimism and expectations of a better City ruled the day, of the ten councilors and Mayor sworn in, (Wayne Usher, Laura Esquivel, Leila Peyrefitte, Dean Samuels, Phillip Willoughby, Calvert Quilter, Mark King, Hyacinth Latchman, and Gilroy Middleton), the last named 5 councillors were replaced in 2009 by Erick Chang, Andrew Faber, Dion Leslie, Kevin Singh, and Roger Espejo in March 2009. Zenaida Moya, the City’s first elected female mayor was the toast of the nation, and already had been given a regional reformist reputation that in retrospect had not been earned and was not deserving. She would go on to become the only serving mayor of any municipal government to be dragged before the courts, charged with fraud, when her political party was in Belmopan. She would be expelled from her party for publicly lashing out at her party’s leader, by calling him a coward, who only dared to come after her because she was post partum and still abed, recovering from a first pregnancy and delivery. She would be dogged by persistent of charges of corruption, especially after building what appears to be a luxurious waterfront home just outside the City’s official limits. She would be heavily criticized for excessive traveling and indeed excesses of all kind. Both her councilors and top administration staffers would periodically revolt against her and one

councilor even mounted a Jihadist attack on her on the eve of her reelection bid. Three shameful and disgraceful audits have been sent to “File Thirteen” by the Barrow administration, despite the CEO of the Ministry of Local Government not only publicly declaring that she had over-paid herself by almost $100,000, but demanding that she repatriate the money. Her own party in government has instituted not one, but two committees to guide her Council and she managed to rebuff both, despite one being a Cabinet committee and the other being led by the past Party Leader/Prime Minister, and which included none other than her party’s leader’s ex-wife. Her Council became the first in history to have legislation passed specially in the House to allow for a government appointed financial controller. No other institution in living memory has seen the level and frequency of turnover in the top echelons of its organogram as the 2006-2009-2012 Belize City Council. The turnover at the directorate level has simply been too deep and too frequent for me to even begin to annotate in this relatively brief essay. I cannot recall ever in the annals of Belize Town demonstrations by unpaid workers in front of City Hall. These demonstrations quickly became an annual feature for three years running. There are no audit financials for the Belize City Council, and these past two UDP councils have been able to defy the public opprobrium because legally-speaking it appears they do not have to provide any. No other council in the history of Belize Town have collected as much or spent as much, or borrowed as much, without ever having to account for any of it, to anyone. There are some wags who believe now that Dean Oliver Barrow has a “Reverse Midas Touch,” and really, who dare argue? But what of the Teflon Mayor? Today she stands between political oblivion and perhaps another great leap forward to national office. While her fortunes may have appeared to plummet doesn’t her star still shines?

cy in Cuba ... to promote political competition, human rights, consensus building and strengthening civil society to help build a democratic government in Cuba.’” “That is to say, ‘He is not in the CIA, no, no, but he is a person I sent to Cuba with a contract to bring down the revolution.’”

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6th of March , 2011

Wanted Belizean Jailed in Mexico

...caught with prohibited military type weapons It appears that the National Security of this Nation continues to be compromised under this UDP Administration. It is bad that we are not secure as a sovereign independent Nation, but it is far worse when there seems to be an attack on our own public safety. Between last weekend and early this week there have been two extremely disturbing situations. Late last week police men purporting to be an anti-gang section of the police dept. exhibited what I believe is a grouse abuse of its power and ended up in a situation that could have serious effect on crimes in Belize. These police men who were cladding in combat uniforms and wearing ski masks, stormed into the property of a Belizean citizen breaking down its doors and entering under the disguise of looking for illegal activities, including illicit and illegal drugs, fire arms and ammunitions, abusing unlawfully restraining and accosting the inhabitants of the residence, only to find a ‘roach.’ This was a very delicate, dangerous and explosive situation. The reason being, that this is one of the areas within the city where gang activities are at the highest. There seems to be a very dangerous situation developing. More and more of the murders that are being committed within the city, are reportedly committed by members of the ‘George street,’ ‘Plues street’ and Berkley Street’ neighborhood. The aforementioned incident, involving the police, took place on Plue’s street. The point that concerns me, is that in recent months a trend has been developed where the police name the accused murders as being members of the George street gang. Why is this a problem? This becomes a problem because, if the George street gang has become so viciously pronounced then it means that they become the target of every other opposing gang. However, the general feeling throughout the city and across the rest of the country is that the people are fed up of George Street and their actions, naturally rendering George street as the proverbial persona none grata. This happens to be very dangerous. History has shown that in various countries, when they try to rid the gang situation the authorities allow one dominant gang to essential kill off members of the other small gangs. Then when the other small gangs are weakened the authorities launch an attack on the dominant gang. Again, in monitoring the trend, the police continue to launch pre-dawn raids on George Street. Usually the police come heavily armed, in multiple vehicles on atv’s and now with ski masks.

This situation is so delicate that all it requires is that one of the George street soldiers becomes intimidated by one of these armed attackers, and I’m sure you don’t want to imagine the possibilities. However, there is something that we need to consider, that this neighborhood is smacked in the middle of the Queen Square constituency. It is of major importance for us to recognize that the area representative for the Queen Square division is the Honorable Prime Minister, Dean Barrow. However, tell me, why is it that for so long the George Street gang has been able to do all that they have done and for the most part, seems to have had protection from high authority or immunity from law enforcement? Last week, two events that occurred could be tied right into this greater conspiracy. In a news story that did not really make it to the Belize news cast couple of Belizeans were picked up in Mexico with illegal drugs that included marijuana, cocaine and heroin. The second incident was the detention of two Belizeans in Mexico, who were found with high powered military guns and ammunitions. The way the street has it, is that normally drugs are used to pay for guns and ammunitions, and while they might be separate incidents and incidentally happened in the same country just a few days apart, there is the suspicion that one may have been tied to the other. The way it sounds on the street is that the guys who were captured with these heavy guns and ammunitions are not really affiliates of the George Street gang, so then what if those guns and ammunitions would have made it to Belize? Would it have been a situation where a rival group is arming their selves against George Street? Or is it a case that the authorities finally decide that they will conspire against George Street, or has the Area Representative abandoned the pact with George Street? These are very serious questions and the security situation is so volatile and delicate and can have serious damaging and devastating effects on Belize City. We have to be concerned because we are looking at a serious breach of our public safety. And while there are no substantive facts to base my essay on, it could be a conspiracy with catastrophic results. The other situation that concerns me seriously has to do with the Mexican, who was found with guns and ammunitions in Corozal. As I understand it he has pled guilty for gun possession and was sentenced to prison for two years. For an additional crime of possession of counterfeit US dollars, the Magistrate found it possible to

MEXICO CITY, Mexico, Friday February 25, 2011 – They managed to evade law enforcement officials in Belize, but now two Belizeans are facing federal charges in Mexico after the army raided a house they were in and found high powered weapons. They have been identified as Errol Cuthbert Haynes and Anthony Wilfred Barrow appeared in a Nayarit court last week jointly charged with Mexican national Juan Miguel Alvarez Gomez. All three are facing indictable prohibited fire arms offences which were in their possession when they were busted. These firearms and ammunition are described as weapons exclusively for the use of the Mexican armed forces. They were remanded to the Venustiano Carranza CERESO (Centro de Rehabilitacion Social) a federal prison in the state of Nayarit. Their troubles with the Mexican law came after search of their house in the City of Calle by members of the Mexican military. This area is said to be a red zone where police have been battling drug

trafficking and organised crime. The army received a tip which led to a search of the house and found three AR-15 rifles, two AK-47, 12 cartridges and 383 bullets. The two Belizean men, whose passports were also found in the house, were arrested along with their Mexican partner in crime, Alvarez Gomez. Barrow is wanted in Belize on gun and ammunition charges and a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Haynes, who was out on bail, has several charges before the Belize courts, including drug trafficking and possession of a gun silencer. He had been scheduled to appear in court in Belize this week. The Belize Police would be following the judicial process of these two Belizeans who most likely will be handed over to the Belizean authorities after purging their conviction in Mexico. Fire arms violation in Mexico, especially the possession of prohibited weapons designated for the military carry a mandatory jail sentence which could be as much as 10 years.

For Sale by Owner Large track of Residential / Commercial Land, off George Price Boulevard in Belmopan Size equivalent to approx 6 lots Price fix to sell by owners For serious Enquiries: Call: 601- 8100 or 650-5222 dismiss the charges on some technicality, which would legally allow this Mexican to be granted bail from the summary court. This means that if granted bail this person can easily skip the border and run away before the appeal hearing for his gun possession charge comes up in court. All the legal debacles so rounding this case is all bull.; especially when we consider the amount of Belizeans, whom are in prison on gun charges and are denied bail at the magistrate level because these are indictable offences? One student was convicted to two years for having one bullet in his possession. As a born Belizean, tell me how the hell I am to feel, when you are locked up behind her majesty’s prison and have to be there for an extended period of time until you will be able to secure bail through

the supreme court, and you see a foreign National being caught with an unlawful fire arm and counterfeit money and perhaps will just walk over the border and go home? Is someone on the take, I hope it’s not the magistrate? I recall that a few Mexican militias were caught with guns and ammunitions several months ago and were escorted to the border by Belizean authorities, and then you will have to ask yourself if that is not a clear breach of our National Security. If this continues to happen then it’s only a matter of time before the Mexican Cartels just drive across the Northern Border and come into Belize to engage in their type of activity, since they have immunity on this side of the Border, obviously at the expense of our own National Security. Just my Impartial View….

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6th of March , 2011

By: Nuri Muhammad It is an undisputed fact that criminals in Belize have become increasingly barefaced and bold in their assaults on our society. This present dilemma provokes a number of questions and concerns. How did a tranquil haven like Belize ever produce citizens of such cruelty and insanity? Were they born to be like that? What are the factors influencing criminal behavior in Belize? Is it the result of prevailing socio-economic or environmental conditions or are there biological factors that influence the individual criminal mind? Research on the biological factors influencing the criminal is not new. Italian criminologist, Cesare Lombroso, in the nineteenth century suggested that there were clear marks of degeneration that could be identified by studying the physical attributes or features of the criminal. This respected scientist came up with marks of degeneration that included small ears, receding chins, crooked noses, thick lips, low foreheads, etc. all of which showed a person’s predisposition to commit crime. In his scale of degeneration, the dark features of a person suggested that he was more inclined to be criminal than the person with the same features but of lighter complexion. The term “criminal type”, was popularized during that period and referred to a “dark, shady character”. It’s not hard to see the obvious racial overtones in that supposedly scientific position, yet for many years, Lombroso’s theory strongly influenced the Euro/American criminologist approach to detecting criminal behavior. In fact, today in Belize, there are still some people who think they can spot criminals by looking at their faces. So the question of whether a person’s genetic make-up may be responsible for their committing crimes or acts of violence has been around for some time. As much as there are those who believe that genius derives from “good blood”, there are also those who believe that evil and criminality is derived from “bad blood”. In the mid-sixties there was research done on the chromosomal composition of the person which found that the normal person possess the Y chromosome that accounts for his aggressiveness and an X chromosome from which he derives his gentleness; together they balance each other which accounts for normalcy, symbolized by XY, however, those with XYY chromosomal constitution were found to be more inclined to increased abnormal aggressive behavior. The possible link between XYY chromosomal constitution and criminals first came to light in the sixties based on a study done by Dr. Patricia Jacobs, at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland, who published her findings on 197 mentally abnormal inmates

Crime: by nature or nurture undergoing treatment in a special security institution in that country. Dr. Jacobs’s research seems to confirm that those inmates with the XYY chromosomal constitution had a history of violence and were more inclined to continue their uncontrollable aggressive behavior. Of course, as with any chromosomal study the above research does not conclude that genes are directly responsible for the end result of any person’s behavior. Responding to that widely published research, Dr. Ashley Montagu, in 1964, wrote in “Chromosomes and Crime”: “Genes do not determine anything. They simply influence the morphological and physiological expression of traits. Heredity, then, is the expression, not of what is given in ones genes at conception, but of the reciprocal interaction between the inherited genes and environments to which they have been exposed” Another consideration in this area of research into the biological roots of crime has been damaged to the fetal cortex of the brain as a result of birth complications. In a study of 41 murderers in the UK, over a decade ago, it was found that all of them displayed the same type of brain malfunction and were all prone to impulsive behavior. All this has led some researchers to the conclusion that damage to the actual brain function of criminals can be verified with tangible data. British researchers have seen that in cases of children who suffered birth complications and also maternal rejection, that both together affected a greater disposition to violence. Interestingly, this research found that separately they did not affect violence, but in those studied, the more violent children were found to be those who had suffered both birth complications and rejection. Another interesting area of research had to do with hyperactive behavior, a syndrome that is very prevalent in the inner cities of the US among African American children, especially males. Since these children, particularly if they were not treated, were at high risk for misbehavior, they were more likely to get involved in criminal behavior at some point. This research found that to the extent that a child is always getting into arguments and fights and becomes identified as “rude” or “bad” and that child’s behavior becomes uncontrollable, and he perceives himself as radically different than other children around him and therefore the object of constant rebuking, is the extent to which the criminal mind of that child is being nurtured. There is now enough research to verify that there are learning disorders like attention deficiency syndrome, (ads), and dyslexia and others that affect the psychological development of the child. Such children are faced with a handicapped that is often misunder-

stood as a dysfunction, and can be wrongly diagnosed because of the lack of proper information. How many of those who end up in a life of crime started in a situation where their problems were misunderstood by caregivers from the very beginning and therefore were beyond their capacity to overcome. Many of them were the problem learners in primary school, misunderstood and misdiagnosed by the staff and administration. Again, from a physiological perspective that is backed up by scientific evidence researchers say that if there is one predominate attribute that stands out as distinguished from other factors it is that convicted criminals are overwhelmingly males. The greatest percentages of violent criminal offenders, world wide, are males. This has lead scientist to look at high levels of the hormone testosterone as another biological factor in considering what drives the criminal mind. Even though research on the biological influence on criminal behavior has gained respectability among some criminologist it is still not accepted in the courts, which hold that personal responsibility is the cornerstone of the legal system. Such research can also get out of hand. Imagine a time when scientist could predict by chemical analysis that a person was predisposed to crime. This could then be used by the defense, that it was a chemical reaction in the brain that caused the defendant to commit the crime, therefore absolving him of personal responsibility. Most current research in the area of criminology, however, leans more on the side of nurture than nature as the reason for criminal behavior. The strongest evidence points to the early childhood impressions as the greatest influence on future criminal behavior. It is in the early personality formations

that dispositions are formed. British researchers followed thousands of adopted twins who were separated at birth over a thirty-year period and found that in most cases of criminal behavior, the adopted parent was also involved in crime. Perhaps the most radical contributor to the predisposition to crime in Belize is poverty. Plato said, “Poverty has twins: crime and revolution”. By poverty I do no mean only economic hard time. In Belize, we have weathered the storm of economic hardship in the past and we never turned to crime. But this poverty I speak of is not confined to economics alone but to a culture of dependency that grows out of prolonged economic deprivation and comes when people depend on hand outs, whether cash, goods or service for their survival. This poverty stifles initiative and dampens creativity and people begin to accept their social situation as fate. This kind of poverty influences the social environment and setting in which values that promote and condone criminal behavior is born. It also brings with it all the above ingredients which researchers say affect crime. Birth complication, maternal rejection, abandonment, malnutrition, bad mentorship formations, the presence of hyperactive behavior which go unchecked, dyslexia, taken for “dumb”, child abuse, all these and more go with the life of stress in Belize today caused by poverty. The kind of criminal mind that we are seeing in Belize is more out of a moral and social disease affecting our society in general than out of individual pathology. What we have is a sickness in our society of which criminals are the statistical symptoms. This is not to suggest that some individuals with psychological malfunction cannot be diagnosed, using strict psycho, social and economic analysis, however, even these would verify that poverty is the common denominator that runs through 98% of the cases of criminal behavior studied.

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6th of March , 2011

Hopkins, Harlem & Spartans win in Dangriga BTL U-15 & U-17 basketball Dangriga, February 26, 2011 Hopkins, Harlem and the Spartans all enjoyed wins when the Dangriga under-15 and under-17 basketball competition sponsored by Belize Telemedia continued at the Ghans Avenue Basketball Court on Saturday, February 26 at the In Game 1, Kenroy Nunez scored 10pts and grabbed 12 rebounds as he helped the Hopkins U-15 boys squeak past the Benguche Celtics 24-23. Dylan Flores led Benguche with 6pts and 9 rebounds, while Dwayne Davis added 3pts and snagged13rebs. Hopkins narrowly averted the game going in into overtime, when Dylan Flores was fouled on his way to the hoop with less than 10 seconds to go. Flores had the opportunity to win the game, or at least send it to overtime, but was unable to convert any of his free throws and Hopkins secured the rebound to end the game. Hopkins takes on New Site Young-gunners on Wednesday, March 2, while Benguche willchallenge the Junior Spartans on Saturday, March 5. In Game 2, center Shai Peters was in double, double digits with 20pts and 16 rebounds as he helped the undefeated Harlem (30) overwhelmthe Backatown Warriors 54-33. Harlem’s Domnique

Nicholas also had doubles with 15pts and 15 rebounds; while the Warriors’ Brandon Flowers, who was missing from last week’s game, scored 10pts and grabbed 17 rebounds, while Deon Triqueno scored 8pts and grabbed 5 rebounds. Unfortunately Flowers’ frontline counterpart Frank Williams was in foul trouble most of the game, which limited his effectiveness. Harlem now get ready to take on their first real challenge against the undefeated Foreshore Spartans, who are also 3-0, on Saturday, March 5. The Backatown Warriors rest next week.In Game 3, the Foreshore Spartans U-17 stung the Independence Scorpions: 62-35. The Spartans’ Hubert Usher helped his squad to a 14-4 first quarter lead, and the point spread grew to a 13 point advantage at the half. The Scorpions’ Albert Rivas led his squad with 10 points and 8 rebounds, while Justice

Cabral showed some promise tallying 7 points, 7 rebounds and 2 assists. The Spartans showed off their deep bench as everyone played and scored at least one point in this game. Hubert Usher finished with 18pts, 6 steals and 3 rebouns , Trevon Mitchell had 16pts and Roni Montejo netted 10 pts. The Scorpions may have better luck next week against the Cadet Trailblazers (0-2) next Saturday.

Brown Bombers & Ebony Lake SJC Wildcats & Kruzzars lead BTL U-17 basketball Belize City, February 28, 2011 104-15 blow-out of Seh Sorry 21-7 in the 1st quarter, 45-11 win in 1st Division football The undefeated SJC wildcats on Sunday. . Brian White led at the half, and 65-22 at the Belize City, February 26, 2011.The Brown Bombers and Ebony lake both enjoyed wins in the 1st Division football competition at the MCC grounds on Saturday, while the Atlantic Insurance sruggled to a 2-2 draw with Kelly Street.Germaine Foster led the Bombers’ attack and scored the 1st goal in the 40th minute when he completed a play Francisco Briceno.Chris Gilharry scored the bombers’ 2nd goal in the 85th minute for the 2-0 win. In Game 2, Ebony Lake’s Daniel Thomas scored the winning goal in the 80th minute for Ebony Lake to post a 1-0 win over the The Karl Heusner Memo-

rial Hospital footballers. In game 3, Orlin Mejia had scored Atlantic Insurance first goal for in the 15th minute of play to lead 1-0 at the half; and Jamal Martinez scored Atlantic Insurance’s 2nd goal in the 65th minute. Brendan Cacho scored for Yabra in the 70th minute, and Dalton Cayetano equalized the score for Yabra with a 2nd goal when he converted a penalty in the 86th minute. The competition continues on Saturday, March5, with King’s Park taking on Atlantic Insurance in the afternoon, Atlantic Bank will face Kelly Street in the evening and City boys United will challenge West Lake in the nightcap.

U-17 and the Kruzzars are leading the Belize Telemedia under-17 basketball competition, each posting their 5th win at the Belize City Center over the weekend.Uhuru Mckoy scored 2 treys for 15pts and 7 rebounds to lead the SJC wildcats U-17 to their 5th win 3938 over the Hattieville sports on Monday night. Zane Morris had 11pts and 15 rebounds while Trajan meighan added 7pts, 3 rebounds. The wildcats led all the way 17-11, 23-19 and 3028 in the 3rd quarter, but the Hattieville boys made a last ditch effort in money time and almost sent the game into overtime. Faisal Ahmad had 14pts and 5 rebounds for hattieville, while Welton Frankliin scored 11pts and had 8 rebounds.The Kruzzars U-17 posted their 5th win in a

the Kruzzars with a monster 46pts and 18 rebounds, Tariq Middleton had 29pts and 6 rebounds, while Lincy Lopez added 23pts and 2 rebounds. The Kruzzars led all the way, 28-0 in first quarter, 46-2 at the half and 66-2 in the third quarter. Kyle Middleton added 22pts and 14 rebounds. Mandy Caliz led Seh Sorry with 8pts, while Albert Wgner scored 4pts and Kris Flowers – 3pts.Akeem Watters led the Complex Admirals with 33 pts and 15 rebounds as they sailed to their 3rd win: 85-25 over the Caye Caulker boys on Sunday. Ryan Michael added 25 pts, Clive Abiola - 19pts and 7, while Dion Roches -16 pts and 7 rebounds, and KevinHamilton had 15pts and 3 rebounds.The outcome was never in doubt as Complex led

end of the 3rd quarter. Osmin Arana led Caye Caulker with 8pts and 6 rebounds while Elmir Armana scored 9 pts – had 5 rebounds, Charles Hinks had 6pts and 6 rebounds.The ACC Deacons posted their 4th win: 78-74 over the All Star Ballers on Friday night. Tarique Gabb hit a long trey to lead the Deacons with 19pts and 6 rebounds; Douglas Valley had 14pts and 10 rebounds, while Jeovannie Martinez hit 2 long treys for 14pts. The Deacons led all the way, 1711 in the 1st quarter, 45-31 at the half, and 61-54 at the end of the 3rd quarter.The Ballers’ Brandon Harris led with 18pts, 1 rebound and Keiron Moss drained in 3 long treys for 17pts and Brandon Rose sank 2 long treys to add 13pts.

6th of March , 2011

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sugar city girls & triple b’s win in 2011 delhart courtenay cup women’s football Orange February

Walk 27,

added a 2nd goal in the 48th minute, and it was not until the 90th minute that Susely Valdez scored a consolation goal for the Bullet Tree girls.The little Swaggers struggled to a 2-2 draw

Town, 2011

The defending national women’s football champs, Triple B’s, enjoyed a 3-0 win when the Delhart Courtney Cup women’s football competition kicked off at the FFB field in Belmopan on Saturday and the Sugar City Girls also posted a 5-1 win over the Yo Creek Girls at the Louisiana Government school football field in Orange Walk Town on Sunday.Sheryann “Baby” Tracy scored the Triple B’s first goal in the 17th minute.Jinelle Pott added a 2nd goal in the 31st minute and Sheryann scored a 3rd goal in the 42nd minute to lead 3-0 at the half. The Ontario girls tried to get back in the ball game in the 2nd half,but the Triple B’s defenders Shadalee Ho, Melony Tasher and Geanny Cayetano had locvked up shop and kept them off the scoreboard until the final whistle.In Orange Walk, Tamarah Baptist scored the first goal for Sugar City in the 7th minute, but Jennifer Coye tied ball game when she scored for the Yo Creek girls in the 43rd minute and the score was 1-1 up to the half.Vanessa Mai scored Sugar City’s second goal in the 50th minute and Karen Garcia added a 3rd goal in the 64th min-

with the Bella Vista Latin girls at the Toledo Union Field on Sunday. Maylin Martinez had scoired first for Bella vista in the 8th minute, but the Latin Girls defense goofed into giving up a penalty and Patricia Ideal converted to tie the ball game at 1-1 in the 24th minute.Addie Mejia gave Bella Vista the go- ahead goal in the 82nd minute, but Mallory Begley tied the ball game again t 2-2 when she converted another penalty in the 86th minute.The competition continues with visiting the West girls hosting the Triple B’s at the Marshalleck Stadium on Saturday, March 5 while the Puma’s Rental host the Little Swaggers at the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga. On Sunday, the Patchacan girls host Yo Creek at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium in Corozal Town, and the Las Flores girls host the Bullet Tree girls in Las Flores.

ute to lead 3-1. Vanessa Mai completed her hat trick with 2 goals in the 81st and 85th minutes to seal the 5-1 win.The Las Flores girls also won 2-1 when they visited the Bullet Tree girls in Bullet Tree on Sunday. Abby Halliday scored Las Flores’ 1st goal to lead 1-0 at the half. Lennice Sampson

Wesley College boys No.1 in CSSSA Warren Anthony scores 1st Century of the 2011 Smart Harrison Parks cricket softball playoffs Westby took 2 wickets each.West- Belize City, February 26, 2011 competition Lemonal Village, February 26, 2011 Warren Anthony of the Belize national cricket team, batted 108 runs, the first century of the 2011 SMART Harrison Parks national cricket competition, as he led Easy Does It to a 244-77 win over the Strugglers in Lemonal on February 26. Mykelt Anthony bowled 5 wickets for Easy Does It; while Derrick McFadzean scored 25 runs and Shane Pook took 3 wickets for Stugglers. Surprise stunned Brave Union 104 to 101 in Burrell Boom, with 9 wickets to spare. Sherman Smith scored 61 runs for Surprise, while Herman Anthony took 4 wickets. For Brave Union, Isson Charles scored 39 runs and Conway Jones took 1 wicket.Sunrise outshone Saillows 79 to 73 runs in Lord’s Bank. Lloyd Casasola took 4 wickets for Saillows and Jerry Casasola top-scored with 21 runs. Keenan Pook scored 24 runs for Sunrise and Edison Parks took 4 wickets. Berlan arrested the Police, with 5 wickets to spare, 131 to 123 runs in Bermudian Landing. Keve Flowers took 5 wickets for Berlan and Conway Young scored 24 runs. Howell Gillett scored 33 runs for the Police, while Jaman Flowers and Joel

ern Eagles clawed Wicked Eleven 134 to 75 runs in Rancho dolores. Lyndell Pook scored 29 runs and Dirk Sutherland took 5 wickets for Western Eagles. Cordell Robinson scored 19 runs and Shane Robinson bowled 3 wickets for Wicked Eleven.Bright Star dazzled Unfinished Business 149 to 127 runs in Sand Hill. Marlon Rhaburn scored 41 runs and took 4 wickets for Bright Star. Alwin Dawson scored 33 runs and took 4 wickets for Unfinished Business.Brilliant won over Isabella Uprising 50-48, with 5 wickets to spare, in Crooked Tree. Brandon Lewis scored 12 runs and took 5 wickets for Brilliant. Brilliant’s Landis Wade also scored 12 runs. Joshua Wade and Dwayne Hendy each scored 14 runs for Isabella Uprising and Derrick Hendy bowled 3 wickets.The competition continues on Saturday for March 5, when the Police host Brave Union in Belmopan, Surprise await Isabella Uprising in Lemonal, Berlan will have Bright Star over for tea in Bemudian Landing, Brilliant hosts Unfinished Business in Crooked Tree, Sunrise will endeavor to outshine Easy Does It in Lords Bank, the Western Eagles take on the Strugglers in Rancho Dolores; and Saillows face Excellence in St. Paul’s Bank; while Wicked Eleven rests.

The Wesley Collegeboys exacted payback from the St John’s College boys, the only team to beat them in the regular competition, by a 7-2 win in Game 1 of the Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) softball playoffs at the Roger’s Stadium on Monday.Kirk Dawson scored Wesley’s first run in the 1st inning and Eugene Rowley, Calbert Jefferies and Devon Williams came home in the 2nd inning for Wesley to led 4-1 as only Albert Davis had scored for SJC in the 1st.Wesley’s pitcher Jermaine Madrill struck out 10 batters and allowed only 1 more runs when Davis scored again in the 3rd inning. Jefferies, Williams and Brandon Lopez came home in the 4th inning for the 7-2 win.The Wesley boys entered the playoffs as the No.1 seed after a 17-14 win over the Gwen Lizarraga High School boys last Wednesday and a 7-0 win over the Anglican Cathedral College boys who forfeited their game on Saturday,.The SJC boys entered the playoffs as the No. 2 seed when they outlasted the Gwen Liz boys 7-6 on Friday night, exacting payback for their loss to the Gwen Liz boys in their 1st game in the regular competition.:17-6. SJC’s Albert Da-

vis and Karl Conserve scored in the 1st inning, and they led 5-0 when Davis, Ralph Martinez and J. Craig came home in the 2nd inning, before Rufus Mitchell scored Gwen Liz’s 1st run.SJC’s pitcher Myric Marin and Rasheed Pollard scored in the top of the third to lead 7-2 as only Anfernee Pollard scored for Gwen Liz in the bottom of the 3rd. Gwen Liz’s Giovanni Moody, R. Crawford and Kirk Hemmans came home in the 4th, while Gwen Liz’s pitcher Shaquille Moody struck out 10 batters, but only Flowers scored Gwen Liz 6th run in the top of the 5th.The Gwen Liz boys as the No.3 seed will take on No.4 seed, the Excelsior High school boys on Tuesday. The winner of Tuesday’s game challenges the SJC boys in Wednesday’s semifinals. The winner faces Wesley College in Friday’s finals.

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6th of March , 2011


A few years ago, my son was doing a school project that involved research about Belize’s biggest benefactor, Baron Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, JP. He requested my assistance and I turned to trusty ole Google for help. I received a number of recommended sites in response to my search and after perusal, settled on an article published by one Casada Internet Group. I began reading the article and making notes of pertinent facts and dates. I was about half way through when I experienced an eerie feeling of déjà vu; there was something very familiar about this particular article. I kept reading and was almost done when it struck me; I knew exactly who had written this. In the midweek Amandala of Wednesday February 9th, the said same article was reproduced and credit given to the same Casada Internet Group on whose site I had found it. In his “From the Publisher” of the following week, February 16th, Evan Hyde used his entire piece to discuss and dissect the article. Mr. Hyde again gave credit for the article to the Casada Internet Group and according to the publisher, “when the Baron Bliss holiday comes up on March 9th, we (Amandala) will reproduce the article, because it is a very important article, for several reasons.” By all means, Mr. Hyde, you are hereby given permission by the original author of this “very important article” to reproduce for said stated purpose. The truth of the matter is that the article was written by no other than myself and remains posted on the website and in the archives of Channel Five. I was at the time doing a commentary entitled “Last Word” and wrote the article in March of 1999 to coincide with the holiday. I am quite flattered that Mr. Hyde would find the article worthy of critique and reproduction but am mostly amused knowing that he would never have published it or given it such kudos had he know who the real author was. I am somewhat perturbed that the Casada Group would reproduce my work without so much as an acknowledgement and wonder how serious we are about implementing copyright and intellectual property rights. This is the article which be found in the archives of Channel Five for March 5th, 1999: “It has been suggested that Belize has more holidays than our less than robust economy can afford, and while I tend to agree, there is one holiday that I hope will never be considered redundant. Ninth of March is known in Belize as Baron Bliss Day and has been set aside to commemorate the memory of our biggest financial benefactor.

Baron Henry Edward Ernest Vic- time of his death, the Baron’s betor Bliss, JP was born in the Buck- quest to Belize was valued at some ingham County of England on the one million, eight hundred and 16th of February, 1869. His origi- fifty thousand dollars. Hardly had nal surname was actually Bar- we started counting though, than retts but was changed to Bliss just England dropped a bombshell. Alabout the time that he acquired the though it is specifically stated in title of fourth Baron of the former the first line of his will that Baron Kingdom of Portugal. This sup- Bliss considered himself domicile posedly through lineal descent in Belize, and while he even wrote from one Sir John Moore, who was a letter to his brother to that efa hero in the wars of that domain. fect, the British government decidIn 1911 and at the prime age of 42, ed to contest the matter in court. Baron Bliss was struck by paraly- On March 11th, 1929, a decision sis and was for the remainder of was handed down by a Mr. Jushis days, confined to a wheelchair. tice Rowlatt of the King’s Bench Many will remember a paraplegic which read and I quote, “I must who used to move around Belize in find that it is not made out that a chair that was said to have be- this gentleman acquired a British longed to the Baron but that fact Honduras domicile.” As a result, has been disputed. While no one at least a quarter of the original knows for sure what happened to amount given to us by Baron Bliss the Baron’s chair, a popular the- was taken out for British taxes and ory is that then governor Sir John though outraged at the decision, Alder Burden, would never have it was not likely that many would given it to a poor and common have been surprised. The matter black man for he was not nearly after all, was argued in England, the liberal that the good Baron before an English judge and with English lawyers representing both was. By the time of his untimely mis- sides; how else could we have exfortune, Baron Bliss had amassed pected it to go? enough wealth to realize his Now the will left to us by Baron dream of retiring to a life of sea- Bliss is a meticulously worded faring and fishing. After replac- document which is quite specific ing his first boat, which was com- in its dos and don’ts. Only the inmandeered for use during World terest is to be spent and no loans War 1, Baron Bliss said goodbye can be raised on the security. An to his native England and shoved interesting stipulation is that no off, making it clear that he never American is to be a trustee or an intended to return. As far as we employee of any trustee -- and for know, Baron Bliss had no children this, no actual reason is given. The but was married to one Baroness money is not to be used for churchEthel Alice Bliss, with whom he es, dance halls or schools,(except settled covenant before leaving agricultural or vocational), which and for whom he also made pro- leaves the door wide open for visions in his will, albeit some- some aid to CET. The money can what modest. According to the also be used for canals, which Baron, his married life had been leaves one wondering if maybe the a happy one but records reveal no attempt by the Baroness to attend the funeral. She died in England in 1945. After leaving England, Baron Bliss made his first stop in the Bahamas where he acquired some property, seemingly indicating that he might have contemplated staying there. After some five years, however, he grew to dislike the place and in 1925 shifted rudder for the other end of the Caribbean. His next stop was Trinidad but after contracting food poisoning just The ongoing debacle within the a short time after arriving, he con- present leadership of the People’s cluded that neither was that place United Party continues with the for him. At that time he decided to heed the invitation of an old friend resignation of Hector Silva Sr. Willoughby Bullock, who was then considered one of the pillars and Attorney General of Belize. Af- longstanding member of the party. ter a brief stop in Jamaica, most Silva took issue with the allegalikely for medical attention, the tions brought against the ‘Order of Sea King on January 14th, 1926, Distinguished Services’ of which dropped anchor in the harbor of he is a member. Last week, LeonBelize and the Baron’s heart was ard Chavarria, an aspiring stanat ease. Although he never set foot on dard bearer for the Toledo East land and was dead less than two Constituency bussed in some of months after arriving, Baron Bliss his supporters into Belize City was so impressed with the beauty to protest the leadership of John and hospitality that greeted him Briceño on the grounds that he in Belize, that he decided to leave us the bulk of his fortune. At the Chavarria was disqualified from

Collet Canal could not be brought up to the standard of the East Canal. It can also be used for light supply and with many of our parks and playgrounds in dire darkness, one wonders if the illumination of these might not be a worthwhile project? The problem is that since 1985, when Leo Bradley Sr. did such a notable job of compiling the information from which I have drawn, no account of disbursements has been given. By the time of Mr. Bradley’s research, quite a few projects had been realized with the interest having yielded well over a million dollars. The Bliss Institute, the Bliss School of Nursing and at least one project in every district had materialized, but since that time the purse string seem to have been drawn tight. One wonders if every ninth of March would not be a good time to give the public information on interest accrued and some account of money spent, for after all, this was a gift to the people of Belize. The trustees of the fund, in case you’re wondering are the Governor General, the Attorney General and the Financial Secretary. We could not have picked a better time to honor Baron Bliss for it is a time when the weather in Belize is blissful. The holiday is timed perfectly to kick off our dry season and the beginning of our fruit harvest. Let us gratefully acknowledge the Baron’s graciousness this weekend and always remember that it pays to be hospitable. To my fellow recipients of this fund, a happy and safe holiday weekend and to the Baron, wherever you may be, heartfelt thanks.

SILVA Resigns from PUP-ODS running against in the convention against deputy party leader Mike Espat. He attributed the disqualification to the ODS of the PUP. Hector Silva who is a member of the Order of Distinguished Service, is believed to have been holding a grudge against Opposition Leader, Johnny Briceño ever since he was immediately removed as a Senator when Hector Silva, went agaist party protocol and voted in favour of a government sponsored legislation last year. This time around Silva has found it convenient to use the excuse that the party’s ODS has been brought into disrepute to publicly announce his resignation. Recently, Daniel Silva, also resigned his post as deputy party leader during an executive meeting the party held to discuss a similar issue pertaining to the eligibility of another aspiring candidate who wanted a shot at the convention for standard bearer

6th of March , 2011

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Where’s the damn 2010 Housing How to Stop Fighting the and Population Census Report??!! Losing Battle with Your Hair These are precarious times in Belize and I bet that the current Government of Belize must be in quite a pickle at this time to present a budget to the Belizean people, and it doesn’t matter what kind of budget as long as it is just a collection of words about our affairs that will not piss off the people of Belize. The UDP has marked its third year in government with some monumental faux pas that will remain entrenched through our history. I will not attempt to pre-empt the 2011 Barrow administration budget but I will say this – IT WILL SUCK LIKE HELL! According to reports, the Prime Minister has promised that there will be no new increases in taxes, but the UDP has once again resorted to the old propaganda about the super bond. First about the taxes –I certainly cannot figure out what else and who else the PM and his cash strapped, money- grabbing government can tax from this emaciated economy where over half of the population who cannot contribute to the economy because of being poor and/or unemployed. Barrow also has to address that gaping hole in the economy called the deficit which was somewhere around sixty million dollars last year and the year before. All the sweet talking will not work this time around – this time the set of “F” students in Belmopan will

have to bring their “A” game. There is also the issue of the national debt – Barrow is yet to explain where he is going to get money from to honor those. The Opposition is saying that the Barrow administration has borrowed $456 million. Who do they think will repay that - my grand children? Remember when the UDP used to tell us that our great-grands will be paying those debts? I see even the incoherent Phillip Willoughby has quickly adopted the chorus of “no new taxes.” Really??!! When I listen to that fellow I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry. Anyway, another day another time for that set at City Hall. We are now at the beginning of March and the Barrow administration has not completed the 2010 Census. It begs the question that I have asked of just about anyone I think would have an explanation – why? How can the government plan if it doesn’t have good information? No one has cared to respond to the question about this vital exercise since I raised it months ago when it should have been finished. I knew Barrow and the UDP were going to suck as leaders of this country but damn! – I never envisioned it. I never imagined the possibility that they would suck so bad.

Does your hair look like it’s gone through the deep fryer? Most people long for the luscious hair and sensuous movement you see shampoo commercials, but all we get is a hot, frizzy mess. In this day and age, our hair tends to be damaged, over-processed … FRIED. It’s been weakened by years of blow drying, straightening, curling, dyeing and excessive use of styling products that robs hair of its moisture. For many women, the only option has been to mask the problem by cutting off the damage. That’s because shampoos and other hair care products do very little actual good. It’s a little known secret that most hair care products contain molecules that are too large to penetrate the crucial areas needed for visible, lasting results. The ingredients, regardless of how advanced they are, simply settle on the surface of the hair and wash off. (Think polyester, where water beads up and rolls off). Well, that all may be about to change thanks to the development of a new technology that’s at the core of the new overnight Hair treatment called Phyx from Kronos. Right now it’s the hottest thing happening in hair care. The buzz surrounding Kronos and its award-winning Phyx has to do with the groundbreaking new technology called T-SFERE™, which uses nano-technology to deliver ingredients deep into the structural core of the hair (scalp, follicle and shaft) in order for them to take true effect. Kronos’ T-SFERE allows hair to act like absorbent cotton, soaking up powerful ingredient complexes so they can actually interact with the hair’s structural core. You simply apply to dry hair before bed massaging a small amount

from roots to tips. The formula is instantly absorbed without leaving any residue on your pillow. When you wake, simply wash your hair as usual. Only you will notice something quite unusual. Your hair will be fuller, softer, shinier and healthier. With continued use, the results are significant and dramatic. Phyx was just rated as the #1 Overnight Hair Treatment by The Good Housekeeping Institute, scoring best overall in laboratory and consumer performance ratings. In a 4-week independent clinical study, Kronos® was shown to: • Help hair retain color by 96% • Improve luster and shine by 96% • Reduce split ends and breakage by 96% • Increase hair hydration by 91% • Boost hair volume and body by an unprecedented 96% And, even more remarkably, many women have started reporting that Phyx actually accelerates hair growth. The dramatic impact that Phyx has on hair is shown in these before and after electron microscope images of a human hair treated with Phyx. So, if you feel the urge wave the white flag and give up in your battle against unruly damaged hair, perhaps your knight in shining armor has arrived. Simply apply Phyx, get your beauty rest, and start waking up to the hair of your dreams. Right now Kronos is being offered exclusively at, at highly discounted introductory rates.

6th of March , 2011

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Aries- You want to get as much done as possible as you’re trying to get a jump on the week without making it look like you’re trying too hard. After all, wouldn’t it be great for your reputation if you could make magic happen and not break a sweat? You’re going to need help, and you know exactly whom to ask. Motivate them well. A group meeting reveals that everyone more or less thinks of you as being in charge. You’re a natural leader. This weekend, do what you can to shine light on other people. Taurus- Some travel plans get finalized (you can’t wait!), someone who thinks they’re much smarter than you concedes that you were right and they were wrong about something (your head’s getting big!) and someone you’ve never understood explains their side of things (you’re learning!). A power struggle is in the stars and your friends are being weird, one in particular is in need of an update. Spend an evening together and fill them in. Gemini-When it comes to romance, if you think you’re on the same page as a certain someone as the week begins, you might be surprised to find you don’t even have the same book. Something very different may come along. This thing (or is it a person?) could challenge even your incredibly flexible heart and mind -- but there’s much to be gained from making the stretch, taking the leap, letting the universe show you something. Try funny or quirky instead. Cancer-You may feel like holing up this week, and sometimes it’s best to respect such instincts. You might be experiencing an internal battle. Who’s in charge here, your brain or your heart (or some other body part)? Smartest solution: Acknowledge your diverse desires, and then give the old noggin’s input a little priority (just for now). Your empathetic knack and awesome intuition team up to make you a natural at all sorts of interpersonal interactions -- especially those of the love variety. Leo- Watch your words something flippant and funny and just a little biting might really rattle someone -- even if you’re absolutely, obviously kidding. Offhand comments have a way of sinking into people, and you don’t want people you adore walking around slightly damaged by you. The thing you’re trying hardest to do might be a waste of your time, consider letting go. As much as it seems like you should make a financial decision, put it off until next week. You’re still letting your plan take shape in your mind. Virgo-Others may be dragging around as the week gets going, but if the stars have their say, you’re on fire, looking hot and inflaming emotions like nobody’s business. Work it! Keep your critique of someone you love (or could love) to yourself. You may have to bite your tongue off (practically!), but unless it’s a deal-breaker, find a way to accept it. This weekend, the energy’s a little odd -- swing it toward the positive by doing favors and building bonds. Bonus: It’s good for your love karma. Libra-It’s best to lay low as the week gets going. If you’re coupled up, let your honey know (sweetly) that you need a little downtime; singles may want to temporarily switch off their online profiles and take a break. You’ll be ready for action (and you’ll be hot!). Plan a date that’ll set off sparks with your sweetie, or if you’re single, burn up the Internet with your email and instant messages (however, it’s an excellent time for face-to-face meetings, too). This weekend, the little things mean a lot -- don’t miss them. Scorpio-Work’s favored as the week gets going, but you’re also doing well interpersonally -- clicking with people old and new and knowing just what to say. Even if you’re busy, reach out by sending short and sweet messages. The coupled up may encounter a little tension, but don’t be too quick to point that finger in your sweetie’s direction. You’re a teensy bit inflexible now; loosen up rather than getting locked in. This weekend, however, you’re creative, full of surprises and channeling love’s mysteries. Sagittarius-You find your outlook subtly affected by the amount of money in your wallet. Specifically, you have a desire to keep more of it in there. It’s true that no amount of money can buy you a good time; even a day skiing in the most fantastic setting of all would be for naught if you weren’t into it. Most of the pleasure you get out of the week is social. You love talking to someone from a completely different social group. This weekend, if you feel like you should leave the house but you don’t really want to, don’t. Capricorn- Lots getting done, a happy outlook, high energy, recognition in the areas where you deserve it. Of course, the compliments from your good friends are the ones that mean the most, but even people you barely know are impressed. You’re given to daydreaming about the future. You can’t help it: Things look really good from where you are! Saturday and Sunday, put all of your energy into something other than work. Aquarius- Every fiber in your being is telling you to climb out of the cockpit and onto the wing to repair any problems. But you know full well that you can’t climb out of the cockpit and fix the wing -- you’ll get sucked into outer space! You have to keep flying the thing. That’s the first half of your week. Again, you want to keep on flying. You’re in beautiful territory, blue skies and friends nearby coupled with a clear sense of your future. You’re trying to reconcile the fantastical stuff about the world with the everyday. Pisces-Ask around about matters of the heart as the week gets going -- seek advice, love stories, whatever. At the least, you’ll get a different outlook or two, and you just might hear something that really resonates with you. Those romantic expectations of yours may be set a wee bit high. It’s not that you should lower all of your standards, but you do need to get them within the realm of realistic. And never fear: This weekend, with the stars on your side, you’re hotter than ever.

Births Ilce Adaly to Jose Mauricio and Dilcia Mendoza nee Corrales Jonathan Emmanuel to Jonathan and Lupita Adriana Quewell nee Pot Marta Caridad to Alberto and Argelia Arredondo nee Leyva Shantel Deshada Joy to Lorex Dennis and Cynthia Carr nee Ferguson Michael Mike to Philip Maurice Sr. and Veronica Marie Moreira nee Chun

Marriages Selvin Rene Uck to Yureida Amareli Cocom both of San Jose Succotz, Cay Jose Luis Sanchez of Yo Creek, Orange Walk to Iliana Garcia of San Ignacio, Cayo Milroy Patt of Bullet Tree, Cayo to Ebelia Bacab of Santa Familia, Cayo John Francis Ayuso to Irene Alicia Chan both of Orange Walk Town Andres Chuc to Juana Ramos both of San Jose Succotz, cayo Lincoln Bejerano to Jomaira Elita Martinez both of Belmopan, Cayo Clark Edward Kropf to Sonia Carolina Flamenco both of Hope Creek, Stann Creek Rudy Aaron Davis to Erin Christine Hobson both of Texas, USA William Ray Thompson to Angela Lenora Horne both of Arkansas, USA Eric Kurtis Ritter of Wisconsin, USA to Piper Christine Marten of Minnesota, USA Osvaldo Sellitto to Ursula Elizabeth Howard both of Ontario, USA Necta Lee Orellana of Maskall, Belize to Tanairi Veronica Cal of Yo Creek, Orange Walk Luis Alberto Vega to Julia Balderon both of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo Albert Kwame Owusu to Geneva Marie McDonald both of Belize City Edgar Allan Jucutan to Mae Vanessa Potestas both of the Philippines Elvis Edward Wagner to Emily Christina Rosales both of Belize City Wayne Robert Bardalez to Rhoda Michelle Lorean Duncan both of Forest Home, Toledo Todd Walter Wilcox to Jennifer Hope Manes of Connecticut, USA James Carlton Dittrich to Jennifer Nelson-Cruz both of Maryland, USA Aaron Benjamin Bul to Lilian Danitza Manzano both of Ignacio, Cayo Zaid El Sayed to Tracy Slusher both of Belize City Leovildo Santos to Yuri Aneyda Escalante Gutierrez both of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk Mark Anthony Cuellar to Samira Delia Perez both of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Isaac Arevalo to Claudia Maritza Hasbun both of Belmopan, Cayo Shawn Paul Slater to Tracy Lynn Supnet both of San Jose, California, USA

Deaths Bruce Norman cullerton, 47 Neville Woods, 58 Emily Almina Ingram, 94 Willola Lela Davis, 83 Karona Laeann Harris, 19 Deisy Lorena Posas, 38 Denzil Fitzgerald Flowers Sr. 50

For Sale by Owner

Large track of Residential / Commercial Land, off George Price Boulevard in Belmopan Size equivalent to approx 6 lots Price fix to sell by owners For serious Enquiries: Call: 601- 8100 or 650-5222

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6th of March , 2011

What is a pulmonary embolism? The lungs are a pair of organs in the chest that are primarily responsible for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the air we breathe and blood. The lung is composed of clusters of small air sacs (alveoli) divided by thin, elastic walls (membranes). Capillaries, the tiniest of blood vessels, run within these membranes between the alveoli and allow blood and air to come near each other. The distance between the air in the lungs and the blood in the capillaries is very small, and allows molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide to transfer across the membranes. The exchange of the air between the lungs and blood are through the arterial and venous system. Arteries and veins both carry and move blood throughout the body, but the process for each is very different. Arteries carry blood from the heart to the body. Veins return blood from the body to the heart. The heart is a two-sided pump. Oxygen-carrying blood travels from the left side of the heart to all the tissues of the body. The oxygen is extracted by the tissue, and carbon dioxide (a waste product) is delivered back into the blood. The blood, now deoxygenated and with higher levels of carbon dioxide, is returned via the veins to the right side of the heart. The blood is then pumped out of the right side of the heart to the lungs, where the carbon dioxide is removed and oxygen is returned to the blood from the air we breathe in, which fills the lungs. Now the blood, high in oxygen and low in carbon dioxide, is returned to the left side of the heart where the process starts all over again. The blood travels in a circle and is therefore referred to as circulation. If a blood clot (thrombus) forms in the one of the body’s veins (deep vein thrombosisor DVT), it has the potential to break off and enter the circulatory system and travel (or embolize) through the heart and become lodged in the one of the branches of the pulmonary artery of the lung. A clot that travels through the circulatory system to another location is known as an embolus (plural emboli). A pulmonary embolus clogs the artery that provides blood supply to part of the lung. The embolus not only prevents the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide, but it also decreases blood supply to the lung tissue itself, potentially causing lung tissue to die (infarct). A pulmonary embolus is one of the life-threatening causes of chest pain and should always be con-

Pulmonary Embolism Blood Clot in the lung

sidered when a patient presents to a healthcare provider with complaints of chest pain and shortness of breath. Non-thrombus causes of pulmonary embolus are rare but include: fat emboli from a broken femur, an amniotic fluid embolus in pregnancy, and in some cases, tumor tissue from cancer. The presentation is the same as that of a blood clot, caused by blockage of part of the arterial tree of the lung. What are the causes and risk factors for pulmonary embolism? Pulmonary embolus is the end result of adeep vein thrombosis or blood clot elsewhere in the body. Most commonly deep vein thrombosis’ are seen in the leg, but can also occur in veins within the abdominal

cavity or in the arms. The risk factors for a pulmonary embolism are the same as the risk factors for deep vein thrombosis. These are referred to as Virchow’s triad and include: prolonged immobilization, alterations in normal blood flow (stasis), increased clotting potential of the blood, (hypercoagulability), any damage to the walls of the veins. Examples of these include the following: Prolonged immobilization, extended travel (sitting in a car, airplane, train, etc.), Hospitalization or prolonged bed rest, increased blood clotting potential Medications: birth control pills, estrogen, Smoking, Genetic predisposition, Polycythemia (increased number of red blood cells, the op-

posite of anemia), Cancer, Pregnancy, including 6-8 weeks post partum Surgery,Damage to vessel wall, Prior deep venous thrombosis, Trauma to the lower leg with or without surgery or casting What are the signs and symptoms of pulmonary embolism? A pulmonary embolus may present with the sudden onset of chest pain and shortness of breath. The pain is classically sharp and worsens when taking a deep breath, often called pleuritic pain or pleurisy. There may be cough that producesbloody sputum. The patient may have stable vital signs (blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and oxygen saturation) but frequently presents with an elevated heart rate. A severe pulmonary embolus can present with shock (low blood pressure) or cardiac arrest, particularly when a large clot blocks the outflow of blood from the right side of the heart to the lungs (saddle embolus). Depending on the amount of blood clot (clot burden or clot load), oxygen saturation can be variably compromised as can the blood pressure and heart rate. In a classic presentation, the heart rate and respiratory rate are elevated as the body tries to compensate. Oxygen saturation may be decreased (red blood cells that do not have oxygen molecules attached to them). Oxygen saturation in a healthy individual approaches 100% at sea level. The patient may be cyanotic (a blue tinged discoloration of the skin caused by red blood cells without oxygen), lightheaded, and weak. In some cases, pulmonary embolus will present with sudden death, where the patient collapses, stops breathing, and their heart stops beating (cardiac arrest). How is pulmonary embolism diagnosed? History and physical examination There always needs to be a high a level of suspicion that a pulmonary embolus may be the cause of chest pain or shortness of breath. The healthcare provider will take a history of the type of chest pain, including its onset and associated symptoms that may direct the diagnosis to pulmonary embolism. It may include asking about risk factors for deep vein thrombosis. Physical examination will concentrate initially on the heart and lungs, since chest pain and shortness of breath may also be the presenting complaints for heart attack, pneumonia, pneumothorax(collapsed lung), and dissection of anaortic aneurysm, among others.

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6th of March , 2011

National Perspective March 6, 2011  
National Perspective March 6, 2011  

National Perspective March 6, 2011