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Edition 96 Vol. 2 - Week 45

Barrow to the Bar Association...

(F) …You, I Rule! Prime Minister Dean Barrow The Barrow Administration came into power demonstrating his great arrogance and determination to subject us all under

Paz tells Barrow to back-off off-shore drilling

his tyrannical rule. During his midterm in office we have all seen where his attitude adds-up for his great incompetence. As he walked on Belmopan it was certain that the institution of government will crumble and so it did. Prime Minister Barrow started out his reign getting rid of the seasoned, experienced and tested public officers that

competently ran the day to day operations of government and replaced it with incompetent cronies. He continued changing every institutional structure and in many cases amending the Constitution so that he may have his own way and carry out his plans. It is no secret that he has tampered and interfered with the independence of the judiciary and the Constitution which is the supreme law of Belize.

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Jacqueline Marshalleck, Belize Barr Association

PUP Retraction …too-little, too late! PUP Executive overrides and shifts from Party Leader Johnny Briceño earlier position!

Hon. John Briceño

PM Dean Barrow

It must be down-right degrading and humiliating for the Leader of the Opposition to take a certain unpopular political position and because of mounting public criticism from within its rank and file, the Executive to come up two weeks later with a stern different position from the Leader’s original stance. There is no doubt that the Executive acted this way after taking a second look at the implications, consequences and repercussions following the leader’s decision he took Continued on page 4

Missing ‘Pallotti’s 2010 graduate’


San Pedro Mayor Elsa Paz

“My council and I, we are totally against this oil drill” UDP Mayor of the resort island of San Pedro, Mayor Elsa Paz is the latest to speak out in protest and in opposition against off-shore oil drilling telling her own UDP government (Dean Barrow) to back-off and stop the off-shore drilling because it will have a huge impact on tourism on her resort town. Mayor Paz made this bold declaration

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Niesa Pipersburgh 2010 Class graduate

The dead body of a young female found in an advance state of decomposition wrapped up in bed linen was positively identified as the remains of nineteen year old Neisa Pipersburgh who was reported as missing on Wednesday. The body was discovered last Saturday morning on a gravel road off mile six on the Western highway near Burton Canal at the Belize City limits. Due to the advanced state

of decomposition an autopsy on her body was performed on site that same morning even though forensic doctor Mario Estada Bran’s report was termed as inconclusive. Later that afternoon she was given an abrupt burial at the Lord Ridge Cemetery. Neisa Pipersburgh, was a charming graduating student that just two weeks ago walked up proudly to receive her diploma as part of the Pallotti High School Graduating Class of 2010. News that she was found dead stunned the entire

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Sunday, June 27th, 2010


PUP - A SAD, SAD STORY For supporters of the People’s United Party, these last few months must have been nothing but pure hell! They were annihilated by the United Democratic Party in the Village Council Elections. The Mayor of Belize City was expelled from her Party, yet she is allowed to stay in office. Then the Leader of the Opposition was hoodwinked by the Prime Minister to support his failing ‘RESTORE Belize’ gimmick, and now a neophyte Secretary General of the PUP was rammed down supporters’ throats. These are indeed sad times to be a PUP. Imagine in 2010, there are one hundred and fifty-two (152) Village Councilors that are ashamed to associate with the PUP and therefore, chose to run as Independents for the Village Council Elections. Clearly, they did not want anything to do with the PUP in their village. They accepted the UDP and in many cases, the UDP lost to these Independent slates by narrow margins. The UDP won six hundred and thirty three (633) Councilor seats while the PUP scraped three hundred and sixty one (361). Together, the UDP and Independent Village Councilors more than double the PUPs. On the other hand, the UDP still beat the PUP and Independents combined. This is devastating news for PUP supporters because this means that the UDP is still very popular because as mentioned before, the combination of the PUP and Independents are still less than what the UDP garnered. Could this mean that the PUP is about to become the third party? Under the leadership of former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. John Briceño, the PUP has become more fragmented and there have been an emergence of key PUP power brokers that are bent on having the leadership of John Briceño remain weak until the National Convention scheduled for November 2010. Of course Briceño will be much weaker by the time the National Convention rolls around, because he will be under constant attack by an aggressive movement that will be begging for new energy to be infused in the Party. This, of course, will be headed by those who aspire to be Leaders of the People’s United Party as we head towards the 2013 General Elections.

This convention is expected to be a no-holds-bar affair. If Briceño loses his re-election for leadership in November, it is rumored that he will exit politics and concentrate on his private sector businesses. Many consider that to be a case of sour grapes because he was given the opportunity to unite the Party after the resignation of Said Musa but up to now, he has either refused, or is unable

telephone company. Presently, the two parliamentarians mentioned above are patiently awaiting the November Convention which will be the deciding factor that will define the PUP for the next five years. The present Chairman of the Party is loyal to those two and vow that she will do everything in her power to see Briceño removed. Making matters

Said Musa’s home and then were among those that proceeded to stone the home of the Prime Minister. Now this is the same man that the PUP is paying to act in such an important role. Said Musa was either hoodwinked or is simply an honorable man to accept such a slap in the face by Briceño and still supports Briceño for Leader of the PUP. We at this publication believe that Mr. Musa will let Briceño pay for such skullduggery. He will lie in wait and let Briceño ‘get the sense’ for such a gross act of disrespect and deceit. No straight thinking individual would accept such disloyalty. However, Mr. Musa has always been a magnanimous person who will speak fairly on the matter, but deep down he is hurt by Briceño’s decision to hire Cadle as Secretary General on the heels of firing his son Henry Usher from the said post. That is asking a lot for a man to accept. As stated before, we believe Musa will not forgive Briceño for his actions, however, we have been known to be wrong before. Only time will tell what happens between now and November. When all is said and done, the PUP will either have a Party on its way to Belmopan or a Party stuck in the rut.

Under the leadership of former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. John Briceño, the PUP has become more fragmented and there have been an emergence of key PUP power brokers that are bent on having the leadership of John Briceño remain weak until the National Convention scheduled for November 2010. to. He introduced a division within the Party by declaring and propagating an old guard new guard divide. That stigma spread like wildfire and eventually got out of control. Now recently, he is trying to do damage control claiming there is only “one PUP”, but the damage has already been done. Too late, is the cry, as he initially isolated himself from the accomplishments of the past PUP administration under Said Musa and tried to appear as though he was a Saint sent from heaven. During the two and a half years of his leadership, he got no help from his two Deputy Leaders who acted consistently like a pair of “Brutuses”. These two ‘honorable’ gentlemen gave no quarters to Briceño. They infiltrated every Constituency Executive Committee and entrenched themselves in order to secure a victory for the upcoming leadership race. They also control the majority of the National Executive members, which has created major problems for Briceño because these members constantly undermine his leadership resulting in Briceño looking like a first class wuss. The only persons loyal to Briceño on the National Executive are those employed at his

worse is the fact that the Chairman is not in favor of the newly appointed Secretary General of the PUP, Robert ‘Bobbito’ Cadle Jr. Cadle was one of the persons that answered the call by Dean Barrow for civil disobedience in 2005 and lead an angry mob using a bullhorn to protest in front of the then Prime Minister Hon.


25 Nanche St. Belmopan

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

Barrow to the Bar Association Continued from page 1


(F) …You, I Rule! Presently, this UDP government has more lawsuits pending against them it is no secret that Barrow intends to manipulate the system and have his choice of Chief Justice rule in his favour for as long as he remains Prime Minister. Many believes that this is precisely the reason why he getting rid of the present Chief Justice, Dr. Abdulia Conteh who has, during his tenure, restored some form of independence to the judiciary. It is the consensus in the legal profession that that is the reason Barrow is hell-bent on replacing Conteh with a wimp that may rule in favour and to please the likes of the Prime Minister Barrow who appoints him. It is rumoured that Justice Sosa but most likely Justice Barrow, the PM’s brother, who will be appointed as the next Chief Justice. Following the recent ultimatum Barrow gave the Chief Justice to vacate his office upon his age of retirement in August of this year, the Bar Association of Belize wrote the Prime Minister a seven point letter where the Bar expressed their disapproval of the unseemly manner in which the tenure of the Chief Justice has been treated by the Government of Belize. The Bar ended by telling the Prime Minister that, as a stakeholder in the justice system of

Belize, the Bar would want to play a more meaningful role and input in the appointment of the Chief Justice and Judges of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal of Belize, including any acting appointments. In his usual pompous style Barrow responded harshly: In a letter dated June 18th 2010 Barrow responds to Jaqueline Marshalleck, President of the Bar Association stating: “As Prime Minister, I have always followed the Constitution, I will continue to do so, most particularly with the appointment of a new Chief Justice or any new Justice of Appeal. I will not, therefore, agree to any deviation from the constitutionally mandated procedure in these matters” The tone of Barrow’s response demonstrates his ego-centric attitude to negotiate and dialogue and could never bear the statesmanship qualities his predecessor demonstrated when he stood out to be corrected. No doubt this is just a bone head that will rule according to the law of Barrow but he must never forget that he is on Barrowed time..

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


I had some business to attend to at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts this past week and figured I could kill two birds with one stone. The guys behind the courthouse do a reasonably decent job and the old jalopy needed a wash in the worse way. Imagine

for Belize’s narrow streets and high fuel costs. There are way too many oversized eight cylinder vehicles running as taxis which hog up city parking, clog up the traffic and emit harmful pollution into the environment. These smaller vehicles would be able to park

city woes I have decided that the next vehicle that I acquire will have to be licensed as a taxi. Not that I plan to enter the already bustling trade of passenger shuttling but it seems that the only parking available in the city is for taxis. my surprise when I found myself barred from entering the only usually sure parking area and carwash spot in downtown Belize City. Seems the authorities have decided to provide security for officers of the Courts following the fatal shooting that occurred in the area last week and as a result, closed off the Courthouse Wharf area to the general public. This is not an entirely bad idea for the violence has been moving perilously close to those very ones tasked with administering justice. To do so with no prior notice to the public or without providing an alternative is inconsiderate however and will create an even more chaotic traffic nightmare for city motorists. There are already way too many vehicles on our streets as it is, all vying for just a rather precious and few parking spaces. To close off one of the only available parking areas is on the border of insanity. I have decided that the next vehicle that I acquire will have to be licensed as a taxi. Not that I plan to enter the already bustling trade of passenger shuttling but it seems that the only parking available in the city is for taxis. The entire prime parking areas along Albert Street and even the area between Brodies and Battlefield Park is reserved for taxis and with traffic officers hawking the area with willing pen and ticket book, well…it is an expensive risk to take. Given the alarming state of crime in the city these days though, few folks are willing to walk any long distance and some just rather pay for a ticket than run the risk of getting robbed or worse. Come to think of it, it seems to work out pretty nicely for the city administrators. It is time for the city to invest in a multi-level parking facility. Both the open Harley lot and the Paslow Building “ground zero” area would be ideal for such a project. It is also an investment that should readily recover all cost with parking meters and fees for hourly or daily parking. It might also be time to reconsider the types of vehicles that are used for taxis in the city. The little three wheel rickshaws or coco taxis as used in Cuba and other Caribbean countries would be ideal

just about anywhere and would free up valuable space for public parking. The traffic congestion in Belize City has grown outrageous, particularly on Fridays but even weekdays are getting messy. This is not limited to just the downtown area either as anyone trying to get across any of the three bridges or navigate anywhere around the city will attest. It doesn’t help that the Police and traffic department will also choose some of the most inopportune times to set up checkpoints and complicate matters even more. It would be interesting to analyze that whole project to determine just how many violators are caught or how many crimes are solved. If it is not enough to offset the inconvenience and high fuel costs to members of the public then it should be abandoned or moved to more appropriate hours of the day. The whole issue of traffic management is just another area in which this current City Council has proven itself woefully incompetent. Another major botheration in driving around Belize City are the vehicles now used for tourism tours. One can almost overlook the horse and carriage but the vans and minibuses are ridiculous. These guys will stop in the middle of the street at the height of the rush hour to point something out to their passengers. For those of us who can’t afford air conditioning, this is most inconvenient. With the weather being sweltering hot of late, it unfair to be baking in heat while some amateur tour guide tries to explain something that he probably knows very little about anyway. Ernesto Torres has been busy for years trying to give pointers on how to manage Belize City’s traffic woes. I’m not so sure about hiring him for mayor but certainly he could give valuable insight into the problems facing the beleaguered traffic department. Unfortunately, poor Torres is a PUP and even if he brought heaven on a silver platter, these dodo birds would keep cutting their noses to spite their faces. Don’t worry E.T. two and a half years goes by pretty quickly and we all know that this is a ONE TERM GOVERNMENT.

PUP Retraction … too-little, too late! Continued from page 1 apparently on his accord without consulting first with his Executive. That same week, the National Perspective was the first to criticised Briceño for his naïve actions taken where he placed himself in a position allowing himself to played and be used in Barrow’s shrewd political games which clearly ridiculed him while giving Barrow the much needed political capital in the eyes of the electorate. Mr. Briceño embraced Dean Barrow and his “Restore Belize” plan that failing from the start; the National Perspective predicted that with Briceño’s approval, the PUP will not be able to criticize the program because the UDP will be reminding them that they are in effect a part of the ‘Restore Belize’ process. In the NP editorial also pointed out that by agreeing to be a part of this government initiative, the Opposition had neutralized itself, as a political party and as criminal activities escalate; the PUP will not be able to hold the UDP government accountable. The NP shared its qualms that since Barrow did not invite the Opposition at the initial planning stage of this ‘crime fighting strategy’; to come the Opposition at this late stage after a public launch of the ‘Restore Belize’ charade, Barrow’s intention was clearly to set-up the People’s United Party so they can be embarrassed. The bad-faith of the Prime Minister and the UDP was clearly demonstrated in the headline that very same week in their party organ ‘The/El Guardian’ which depicted Johnny Briceño as following Dean Barrow. The headline claimed Briceño is a follower and worst, the PUP Party was a follower of the UDP. Many believe that as leader of the greatest mass party in Belize Briceño exercised poor judgement and discretion furthermore it is believe that to readily bite the bait and fall victim to Barrow’s deception. Following a PUP executive meeting held on Wednesday, the PUP in a feeble change of position different from the one taken by Party Leader

John Briceño emitted through a press release that: “The policies of the present administration have added to the causes of crime by increasing poverty and unemployment.” It added that the present crisis that is consuming our nation goes to the heart of the entire justice system and the rule of law chided the Government for mounting a verbal assault on the Judiciary. The Release continued: “The fact that last UDP Attorney General publicly questioned the integrity, competence and dedication of judges and magistrates is an attack on the judicial arm of our democratic system. Now, the very Prime Minister, who has tampered with the independence of the Judiciary and the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Belize, is calling for a bipartisan approach to restoring Belize. Yet at the same time he allows his party’s newspaper to mock the PUP Leader for agreeing to meet with the Prime Minister on the proposals to “Restore Belize.” The PUP Release concluded: Before Belize can be restored as a nation at peace with itself, safe and secure, we must restore confidence in ourselves as law-abiding citizens, where our laws and institutions are honoured, where our government is accountable to the people and where the politics of hypocrisy and vindictiveness is replaced by a genuine political undertaking involving the participation of all committed to a vision of national renewal. This latest turn of events within the Opposition People’s United Party clearly demonstrates that the present leadership of the PUP needs firm direction in order to fight successfully against the atrocities of this UDP government. A true leader would be in charge of his Executive and should know by instinct what is good for the party and what his Executive would or would not endorse. The fact the PUP executive is sounding a different trumpet than the one the Party Leader sounded two weeks ago raises doubts about meaningful consultation instead of taking a personal political position inconsistent with that of the greater party. It furthers begs for a response to the question of: Who is in charge and who is running the show?

Paz tells Barrow to back-off off-shore drilling Continued from page 1 Wednesday morning while the newly formed ‘Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage’ were making their presentation on the island which was being broadcast on Reef Radio to island residents. Even though it was not an interactive radio presentation receiving telephone calls, Mayor Paz called in to the radio station and voiced her support for the coalition’s

effort to stop the off-shore drilling. She even offered to join the coalition declaring: “My council and I, we are totally against this offshore oil drilling. I will be the first one leading for our community and join this organization because I strongly believe it is a serious problem”. The Mayor said that after learning of the catastrophic oil-spill in the Gulf of Mexico she

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


Missing ‘Pallotti’s 2010 graduate’ murdered Continued from page 1 community and brought disbelief to family members and friends especially because there was so much hope that she would be found alive. Niesa was reported missing by her mom, Ms Alice Williams, just three days after her graduation and days before her prom. Everyone that knew Neisa well attests that she was an intelligent young spirited woman full of expectations who was determined further her studies for a better future ahead. Her mom, Ms. Williams said that her daughter was found still wearing the same clothing she last saw her in; “a little tee- shirt type-top with her tights and a pants with a gold belt over it. A track of weave in her hair also served to identify her considering that her first layer of skin had already peeled-off and she had increased in size because of the advanced state of decomposition”. Police believes that Niesa Pipersburgh was killed on the same day she went missing or within 24 hours or less of her disappearance also their theory is that she was killed elsewhere then her body was dumped in the area it was found. The grieving mother said that her daughter ‘Neisa’ use to date a police constable she identified as one P.C. Gamboa but noted that the relation was severed and she does not suspecting him as being the killer. Ms Williams said that Neisa was silent about a lot of things about her personal life and never came to her with things bothering her and firmly believes that her daughter was living under harassment or threat. Williams concluded she took it upon herself to investigate on the call-history of her daughter’s cellphone at BTL and found out that her daughter communicated

by text messages with a certain neighbour for almost forty-five minutes on the morning she disappeared even though the neighbour denied knowing or having any communication with the young girl when asked by Ms. Williams. Williams publicly stated that she suspect that this neighbour is the person who may have last saw her daughter alive and may be well connected to the vicious murder that abruptly ended her daughter’s life . As if all that misfortune regarding the horrific death of a loved-one was not enough; another tragedy almost claim the lives of two other family members in a traffic accident as they drove out of the feeder road where Niesa’s remains were found on to the Western highway. The two men identified as George Pipersbugh and Kirk Craig had just boarded a red pickup and were swerving on to the main highway where for some unexplained reason, the vehicle stalled on an angle at the middle of the highway when it was impacted by an oncoming Shaw’s Bus that slammed head on into the rear of the red pickup. George Pipersburgh, who reportedly was in the back portion of the pan of the pickup was catapulted on to the Windshield of the bus and fell unconscious on to the pavement. Craig also sustained sustained serious injuries and both men were rushed for urgent medical attention at the KHMH where Pipersburgh later regain consciousness while Craig is said to be in stable condition. Niesa’s horrific murder and her discovery on the very day and just hours before the high school prom sent shock waves and consternation especially to the other graduating students some of whom panicked as they were expecting somehow she would show up at the ball

on the glamour night of her prom. Even though the Prom festivities were not cancelled, everthing changed drastically as an impromptu candle light vigil was carried out by the Pallotti student body including the 2010 graduating class who paid their respect and walked throughout the procession in their evening gowns which climaxed in front of the Brown Sugar Ms. Alice Williams Complex on North Front Street, Belize City prior to attending what was supposed to have been their gala event. Meanwhile over the class converged at Pallotti’s Auditorium week-end, police questioned a number to celebrate a memorial service to of persons including Tommy Shaw, a honour and celebrate the life of their hotelier and part-owner of the centrally graduating student Neisa Pipersburgh. located Hotel Mopan, in connection Attending the Memorial Service was with their investigations relating to the the Mayor of Belize City and a host of disappearance and subsequent death of other organizations seeking justice in Neisa Pipersburgh. Police conducted a the death of their loved ones. Ms Alice fact finding search of Shaw’s Belama Williams also attended this service which home in the phase two area but found paid tribute to her murdered daughter. nothing of substance to further incriminate In related news, two young females him directly with the murder of Niesa reported missing during the last two Pipersburgh. They however reportedly weeks have been located. Melanie found two unlicensed firearms; a point Conorquie twenty-one year old who twelve shotgun and a revolver along suffers from memory lapses and was with an assortment of ammunition at reported missing on June fourth was Shaw’s house during the search. Shaw found by police last Friday night in the was arrested and charged for firearm proximity of Port Loyola on Jane Usher violations namely keeping unlicensed Boulevard. Rosie Munoz thirteen year firearm and ammunition and was denied old, who went missing on June eleventh, bail by the Court and remanded because of called her mom, Aracely Garido, and the new gun law. Police say they are tying told her she was in the border town of all end and will not leave any loose ends Melchor de Mencos on the Guatemalan until they have the predator/murderer. side. Garrido noted that the call went off Mean while on Monday of this week shortly after but that she gave police the Students including the 2010 graduating leads for their continued investigation.

BOGUS KREMANDALA Pretends to care about Black Southside Belizeans

Willfully ignores Barrow & UDP’s Corrupt Practices Deceives Belizeans into thinking (His)tory is Belize’s History.


Sunday, June 27th, 2010


ROBIN HOOD: A RECURRING SAGA IN CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE One of the questions asked by observers of the tragedy that unfolded in Tivoli Gardens, W e s t Kingston, Jamaica, last month, is whether Christopher “Dudus” Coke, was seen as a Robin Hood by residents of the area who were so willing to give their lives to protect him from government security forces bent on extraditing him to the US to face charges of narco-trafficking, money laundering and weapons charges. Robin Hood, as he has come down in legend, is a medieval English outlaw who controlled Sherwood Forest, an area just outside the gates of the king’s castle in fourteenth century England. Robin’s fame grew because he robbed the rich nobles as they travelled to and from the castle, and used the wealth to feed the poor surfs who lived in the villages surrounding the castle. This romantic story about a benevolent criminal formed a part of early European folklore and spawned many minstrels with ballads and operas that kept the tale alive. In the early part of the last century Hollywood became fascinated with the myth and produced many films with the swashbuckling Robin played by such stars like Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn and so many others; in fact, Robin Hood is one of the most played characters in movie history. Despite the popularity of the character these films only focused on the superficial, romantic aspects of Robin and his merry men, and never touched the socio-political aspects of the story; the fact that he robbed from the rich to feed the poor. While Hollywood may not have played up that part of the Robin Hood legend many modern day criminals have seen their story in the myth of Robin Hood. One such notorious criminal was Pablo Escobar of Colombia. He was known as the “padrino” of the region from which he ran his Medellin cartel. He saw himself as a kind of Robin Hood and rationalized his criminal enterprise as a means of sustenance for the poor and underserved people who depended on his generosity for their survival in a region where the Colombian government was ineffective. The FARC (Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia) and the Movimiento 19 de April (M19) also saw themselves in the cloak of a Robin Hood. Their involvement in narco-trafficking in the 80s and 90s had an ideological rational to it and was not seen as a means of personal gain and enrichment for the few but as a means of buying the resources to sustain their

by: Nuri Muhammad

theirs. B e l i z e has not yet developed the kind of criminal organization that exists in Jamaica for a number of reasons. The closest B e l i z e came to the mythical Robin Hood character was the late George “Junie Balls” McKenzie. McKenzie never developed a sophisticated criminal operation like the Shower Posse, as did Coke, but that has to do more with the political as well as the criminal history of the two countries. McKenzie was a first generation gangster while Coke is a second generation, coming from a father, Lester Lloyd “Jim Brown” Coke, who was responsible for the transformation of the Shower Posse from a Jamaica Labor Party, get-outthe-vote community organization, to a multi-million dollar transnational drugs and arms running operation that stretched from Jamaica to New York, Miami and London. So influential was the older Coke in the politics of Jamaica that when he died mysteriously in a fire while in Jamaican custody in 1992, the then leader of the JLP, Edward Seaga, walked in front of his funeral. So while compared to Coke, McKenzie’s enterprise was considered “small time” but there was a similarity in character they shared in the saga of Robin Hood. McKenzie was seen as a “padrino” to many youth around him even though he was only in his twenties. He was generous and made sure that he took care of those in need. As a result, his funeral a few years ago was one of the largest in Belize City attended by many poor people who had no criminal connection to McKenzie. The saga of the Robin Hood has lasted more than seven hundred years and continues to inspire criminals who use his prototype as a justification for their enterprise with the motto: rob from the rich to feed the poor. (Comments welcomed at

Paz tells Barrow to back-off offshore drilling Continued from page 4

While Hollywood may not have played

up that part of the Robin Hood legend many modern day criminals have seen their story in the myth of Robin Hood. guerrilla war against the Colombian government and the establishment of a “people’s government” Jamaican journalist, Bernard Headley point out in his book, “Essays on Crime and the Politics of Jamaica”, that it would be a mistake to compare Jamaican drug lords with narcotrafficking done by the groups like the FARC and M-19, since in the case of Jamaican drug lords there was “no hint of a larger political or ideological intent, such as overthrowing the Government or bringing down any of its institutions. Illegal gain is the only game, and moving and selling drugs is the only agenda.” Despite the absence of a ‘rich against poor’ ideology among Jamaican drug lords, in the matrix of the Jamaica’s socio-political landscape the criminal enterprise ran by the dons have interwoven itself into the livelihood of the people who surrounds the communities where the criminal organization exist. In Tivoli Gardens, which is known for its massive unemployment, poor access to health care and education, limited access to potable water and poor sanitation, Dudus Coke operated two legitimate business, one, Incomparable Enterprise, which received millions in state contracts, and Presidential Click, an entertainment company and promoter of the country’s largest street parties and musical events. Both companies provide employment for hundreds of residents of the area. Coke’s organization also built medical and community centers, paid school fees, gave scholarships and paid hospital bills. Coke’s contribution to the community’s development earned him the reputation of a Robin Hood in the eyes of the residents who showed their willingness to make his fight

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San Pedro Mayor Elsa Paz realized the magnitude of how serious a problem off-shore drilling could be, not only for her island-town but for the entire nation coastline if we ever had a similar incident in Belizean waters. The outspoken mayor from San Pedro said that government should have had wide public consultations before approving permits such as these and in the least should inform the local Authorities of the developments especially those that impact their area. Paz added that often time’s local authorities don’t get the kind of respect they deserve from governments including past and present. Now that she has openly and publicly voiced her position, Mayor Paz said that the first thing she will do is to “get together with the different organizations and appeal and try to make government understand that we don’t want this project, especially in front of our island. But, it’s not a concern only for San Pedro; it’s for the whole country. As you know, government depends a lot on the tourism industry and tourism is one of the biggest industries in the country right now”. The lady in red went on to say: “I am one hundred percent with my people and if I have to stand up for my rights with my people I will do it and at the end of the day it’s the people that put us there as politicians; as mayor and as ministers and I sincerely believe that we should respect the opinion of the majority of the people.” Mayor Elsa Paz and her Town Council, the BTIA and the NTUCB are the latest organized bodies to join the ‘Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage’ in their effort to have this government put a moratorium on off-shore drilling. The mayor said that she and her council will ask Area Representative Manuel Heredia who is also Minister of Tourism to join the cause. She concluded: “I know that Minister Heredia is for the people too and if the people don’t want this kind of project around our island, we just have to be against it. We have to be with the people.” Mayor Paz being the first UDP Mayor to speak out against off-shore oil drilling endorsing the cause and objective of the ‘Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage’ and her offer to join in the fight gives more impetus to the coalition’s effort.

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


El Tonto-bobo el Norte UDP’s newest confirmed ‘Jackass’

Pech “Honourable” Mark Once again trouble is brewing in Belize’s education system in northern Belize because of UDP myopia. The Orange Walk South Area Representative has been non-descript since his election in 2008 and until he exposed himself in the media on Wednesday, his name was not included on the list of dunces that PM Barrow has had to work with in his dysfunctional government. The National Perspective crowns him another Tonto-bobo del Norte! Parents of students at Guinea Grass Roman Catholic School have gathered in demonstrations since Monday to demand the removal of the school’s principal, Evaristo Blanco. Although the picketers maintained that their stance isn’t politically motivated, further probing by CTV’s Alberto Vellos and Channel 7’s Jules Vasquez suggest otherwise.

When Tonto-bobo del Norte opened his mouth, the agenda was made all too clear, once again putting on display the UDP’s penchant for causing disruption and destruction without giving a hoot of who they are adversely affecting by their stupidity. Sadly, teachers have a role to play in this latest production since they are supposedly the cause célèbre. Mark Pech, in his few minutes of fame, told Jules Vasquez that he had spoken with some of the demonstrators whom he said told him that they will sustain their demonstrations through to September when school reopens for the new school year. Pech contemplated getting involved with the demonstrations and then bluntly said to Jules that if Principal Blanco would leave the problem would be solved. “The simple thing is that to me the principal would go then the problem is over. That’s how I see it.” As if Pech’s mouth wasn’t already stuffed full of his foot he further asserted that the school “belongs” to the parents and that the Catholics have only been granted the “opportunity to

manage” the school. Amazing! Isn’t this reminiscent of another UDP drama still playing out –who owns what in BTL? Anyway, Pech appears to be in agreement with the parents who want Blanco gone. According to some of the protesting parents (numbering only 15 from a PTA of 200), Blanco is dictatorial and arrogant and is playing politics. The accusations ranged from the ridiculous to the sublime. One parent said that Principal Blanco denied keys to the Vice Principal because the Vice Principal is UDP while another said that the teachers are alleged to be UDP. Another parent denied allegations that the demonstrations were sparked because of the imminent transfers of five teachers to nearby schools. Another accusation was that Blanco left most of the work on other teachers because of laziness which was another charge levied at him. Principal Blanco appeared shaken on television and said that he felt that his life was in danger and therefore school was not opened on Monday. Guinea Grass is known for its volatility and according to Channel Seven, “threats from residents of that northern village are not to be taken lightly.” Extra police officers have been on the ground in Guinea Grass since Monday. Graduation ceremonies held on Wednesday are reported to have gone without event and under the

Principal Evaristo Blanco watchful eyes of the officers - Kudos to them! Assistant Manager of Orange Walk Catholic Schools, Armando Valdez disavowed the allegations and explained that the teachers as well as parents know that the job is a transferrable one. Some of the teachers have been at the school for over thirty years and he encouraged their transfer which he said enhances their learning. As for Principal Blanco, Mr. Valdez said that he does not believe that he should leave Guinea Grass RC School – he has not yet completed a year at his new posting. The matter apparently blew up after a teacher stormed out of school disgruntled after she was asked to submit her yearly integrated class. The teacher refused and threw a hissyfit, which perplexed Mr. Valdez who inquired of the teacher’s emotional state. The situation is being monitored. Mark Pech’s words were eerily reminiscent of Prime Minister Barrow’s sounding warning prior to the eruption of violence in the streets of Belize City in 2005. It is with good reason that the authorities maintain their vigilance – it is the UDP we are talking about and nowhere and nothing is too sacred for them to desecrate.

Saldivar disses Coach Siroki

for an inexperienced ex-NBA player Kevin Siroki who coached the BBF dream team winning second place in the COCABA tournament in Cancun will not be coaching the Belize Team in Santo Domingo next month as he has been axed by new Minister of Sports John Saldivar who has replaced him for an inexperienced former NBA All star player, Marquez Johnson, who has absolutely no coaching experience and has never coached before. There is growing discontent ever since Johnson was introduced by the BBF as its new head coach, the appointment has been met with almost unanimous expressions of dismay. And today the “word in basketball circles” is that dismayed is shared by several key players on the team. Already on the internet fans and informed persons are chatting: “Keep ur eyes on d Bz Nat’l Team, cazz w/ coach Marques w/ no international experience, not enuff bigmen, again, it’ll be interesting 2 watch!” And: “Paul & Julian did something stupid! I think Nigel is behind this mess! Milt & Marlon Keenan r pissed!” Another fan and participant wrote to say: “I work 2 hard 4

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Iran bars U.N. inspectors in escalating nuclear row TEHRAN/VIENNA– Iran has barred two U.N. nuclear inspectors from entering the Islamic Republic, adding to tension less than two weeks after Tehran was hit by new U.N. sanctions over its disputed atomic program. Officials accused the two unnamed inspectors of providing wrong information that some nuclear equipment was missing in a report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) last month and declared them persona non grata. They made clear Iran would still allow the Vienna-based U.N. watchdog to monitor its nuclear facilities, saying other experts could carry out the work. “Inspections are continuing without any interruption,” Iran’s IAEA envoy Ali Asghar Soltanieh told reporters in Vienna. But, “we have to show more vigilance about the performance of the inspectors to protect the confidentiality,” he said, criticizing alleged leaks by inspectors to Western media. Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, said Tehran had asked the IAEA to replace the two inspectors, the ISNA news agency reported. There was no immediate comment from the IAEA, but a diplomat confirmed that Iran had notified the agency of the ban. Iran has the right to refuse certain inspectors under its agreement with the agency, which has around 200 people who are trained to conduct inspections in the Islamic state. Iran denied entry to a senior U.N. inspector in 2006. Theodore Karasik, research director at the Institute for Near East and Gulf Military Analysis, said he believed Iran’s decision was in retaliation for the latest sanctions. The United Nations Security Council on June 9 imposed a fourth round of punitive measures on the major oil producer because of nuclear activity the West suspects is aimed at making bombs. Tehran denies the charge.

Iran has branded the sanctions, which among other things target its banking and shipping sectors, as “illegal” and lawmakers have warned of scaling back ties with the IAEA. “It is part of the escalation ladder of tit-for-tat that is now beginning to emerge,” Karasik said in Dubai. BRAZIL HOPEFUL ON FUEL PLAN The IAEA’s report in May said some nuclear equipment had gone missing from a Tehran site where Iran had started researching production of uranium metal, which has both civilian and weapons applications. Iran denied that the equipment -an electrochemical cell -- had disappeared from the research laboratory and said inspectors had incorrectly described the work taking place there. “We gave documents, pictures, everything, which proved this was a mistake,” Soltanieh said. Salehi said Iran last week announced the two IAEA inspectors were banned for an “utterly untruthful” report. “We asked that they would not ever send these two inspectors to Iran and instead assign two others,” he added. Last month’s IAEA report also showed Iran pushing ahead with higher-level uranium enrichment and failing to answer questions about possible military dimensions to its nuclear work. Enriched uranium can provide fuel for nuclear power plants, or material for bombs if refined much further. Washington, which was leading the push to impose new U.N. sanctions, at the time said the IAEA report underscored Iran’s refusal to comply with international requirements. Ties between Iran and the IAEA have become more strained since Yukiya Amano took over as head of the agency in December. The Japanese diplomat has taken

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


a tougher approach on Iran than his predecessor Mohamed ElBaradei, with the IAEA saying in a February report that Iran could be trying to develop a nuclear-armed missile now, and not just in the past. Iran accused him of issuing a misleading report. Despite the escalating dispute, Brazil’s Foreign Minister Celso Amorim said in Vienna he still hoped a plan for Iran to part with some of

its nuclear material could serve as the basis for further talks with Tehran. Western powers have voiced deep misgivings about a plan brokered by Brazil and Turkey in May for Iran to send abroad 1,200 kg of its low-enriched uranium in return for reactor fuel. “In my opinion I think sanctions make it more difficult, not easier. But I don’t think they make it impossible,” he said.

Sunday, June 27th, 2010



Latin america & regional

Colombia’s ex-defence chief presidency wins BOGOTA, Colombia – A 58-year-old U.S.-educated economist who dealt withering blows to leftist rebels as defense minister has won Colombia’s presidency by the largest margin in modern history. Juan Manuel Santos got 69 percent of the vote in Sunday’s runoff in a ringing endorsement of his promise to continue the U.S.-backed security policies of outgoing conservative President Alvaro Uribe that he helped craft.

14 dead after El Salvador gangs attack buses

SAN SALVADOR (AFP) – Fourteen people were killed after suspected Mara 18 gang members attacked two buses in El Salvador, police officials said. In the first attack on the outskirts of San Salvador, arsonists thought to be Mara 18 members set fire to a minibus, killing 11 passengers, Roberto Villalobos, a top commissioner with the national civil police, told AFP. In the second incident, suspected Mara 18 members boarded a public bus in the same area and opened fire on its passengers, killing an adult and two girls, aged seven and nine. “There are no clear motives” for the incidents, Villalobos said, adding: “It seems that the gang wanted to prove something to authorities, for the actions being taken against gangs and crime.” Since late last year the government of President Mauricio Funes has cracked down on violent gangs in the country, sending a 4,000-strong contingent of troops onto the streets to reinforce police in providing security. El Salvador is currently suffering a brutal gang culture that leaves on average some thirteen people murdered each day, along with dozens of cases of armed robbery.

President-elect Juan Manuel Santos, center, gestures to supporters with his running mate Angelino Garzon Former two-time Bogota Mayor Antanas Mockus, a maverick outsider running a clean-government campaign as the Green Party’s candidate, finished with 28 percent in an election marked by low turnout. Surrounded by his wife and three children during a victory speech to 10,000 supporters in a Bogota coliseum, Santos lionized the man whose defense ministry he ran in 2006-2009, More than 3 percent of voters tendered protest ballots Sunday, indicating dissatisfaction with the conservative political establishment that Santos represents — nearly all the losers of the May 30 first round endorsed him — and Mockus’ refusal to stand in opposition to it. Mockus ran an anti-corruption campaign that many Colombians considered naive if well-intentioned. But after catapulting into contention early in the presidential campaign he stumbled with a series of gaffes that had Colombians questioning his ability to run a country still embroiled in a half-century-old conflict. Violence marred Sunday’s vote as a roadside bomb killed seven police officers and three soldiers died in an ambush. Officials blamed the ambush on the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the country’s largest rebel band, and the bombing was blamed on a smaller insurgent group. Santos, a former naval cadet, paid tribute to those losses in his victory speech and said there would be no peace dialogue with rebels as long as they continue to engage in kidnapping and drug trafficking. “Time is up for the FARC,” he said. As defense minister, Santos helped knock the wind out of the FARC. Two members of its seven-man ruling secretariat were killed during his tenure

and FARC desertions soared. He also oversaw the bloodless 2008 ruse that rescued former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, three U.S. military contractors and 11 others from long captivity with the rebels. The persistence of the rebel threat was a central issue in the campaign. But Santos also promised to reduce unemployment and fight poverty in a nation notorious for income inequality where more than two in five of its 44 million people live on less than $2 a day and more than 2 million have been displaced by violence. “Creating jobs will be the great obsession of this government,” Santos said in his victory speech. The former three-time Cabinet minister promised a government of national unity and invited Mockus to help him close whatever wounds the campaign might have opened. In conceding, Mockus told supporters the election marked the consolidation in Colombia of “a new, independent political force, the Green Party,” which he promised would “support the good and oppose the bad” in Santos’ government. But incipient Greens are anything but a cohesive national political movement. They won their first seats in Congress in March legislative elections. They will have five members in the 102-seat Senate that takes office July 20, a body that will be dominated by Santos’ allies. Santos, a one-time journalist whose family long ran the country’s leading newspaper, El Tiempo, takes office Aug. 7. Mockus’ clean-government campaign resonated strongly in the aftermath of a series of scandals that tainted Uribe’s legacy, including the presidency’s use of the DAS intelligence agency to spy

on judges, journalists and human rights workers and, separately, more than 1,000 extra-judicial killings that prompted Santos to fire 27 officers in late 2008. Those who voted for Mockus, a former university rector and son of Lithuanian immigrants, praised his refreshing integrity and emphasis on urging Colombians to respect life, law and public property. But Mockus led many to question his ability to manage the military and foreign relations. At one point, he suggested Colombia dissolve its military, then backtracked. He also suggested he would have no choice but to extradite Uribe if an Ecuadorean court convicted him in a 2008 cross-border raid on a FARC base. In fact, Colombia’s presidents can deny extradition requests. Mockus, a mathematician and philosopher, also alienated voters by promising a tax increase. And rather than courting the left-wing vote, he said he didn’t want it. As defense minister, Santos clashed often with leftist Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Rafael Correa of Ecuador. Last month, a judge in Ecuador ordered his arrest for authorizing the 2008 crossborder raid on a FARC base inside Colombia’s southern neighbor that killed the rebel group’s No. 2 commander, Raul Reyes. Santos called the arrest warrant absurd because the Colombian state — not he individually — carried out the raid. He told The Associated Press in a preelection interview he planned to invite Chavez and the Venezuelan leader’s leftist allies to his inauguration. “I want good relations with all our neighbors,” he said.

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


~Public Views and Opinions~

BELIZE SICK, SICK, SICK! By: Verlene Pitts If I read about another shooting death in Belize this week...I will not be surprised. In creole when we “haffu” repeat one word three times to give emphasis then things dread mein! Well the truth is Belize sick, sick, sick! --- Belize stands bad. Like a true family, I am glad we are having discussions and brainstorming on what needs to be done about this --- instead of wring our hands and wonder where this terrible run of street killings in Belize is leading. I don’t feel as if the Leaders in Belize have really tried everything to curb the violence among young men; no tougher sentencing, no community outreach programs --- no nothing! The solution I will share in a second I must disclose is not my brainchild but one I studied in one of my post grad classes at Valdosta State University 10years ago (ah di tell mi age). As previously stated Belize is seriously sick --- the “prescription” for our killing epidemic is to treat it as just that: an epidemic. This string of violence is a disease and it can be treated. Starting with a primary focus on weapons this approach has two key stages--immediate and long term. First, as with fighting any disease, we need to immediately “find those who are most infectious and prevent the transmission”. This would mean going after Belize’s young men most likely to fire a gun and set off a spiral of further violence and try to stop them pulling the trigger. The longer-term aim like treating, let me pick the most infectious disease known to man, AIDS is to change the behavior of the whole group so that shooting (like unsafe sex) becomes unacceptable in the peer group, even gang communities. The key is to use a “credible messengers” to stop the transmission of violence. This would mean using the most infamous former gang members in Belize with the status, contacts and knowledge of the streets to go where traditional outreach workers and police fear to tread. It can be done because it has worked in the most violent of cities --- but we need open-minded leaders with the desire to roll up their sleeves and work hard for ALL Belizeans! Our leaders need to consult with Belizeans that have studied criminology, psychology, sociology and other similar sciences at home and abroad to work together to implement programs that will deliver results! A couple things need to be in place to secure measurable, qualitative, quantitative results! Belize from what I can tell does not have a “resultsdriven culture” and that has to be

get involved! Stop the carnage! NOTE: Mrs. Verlene Arzu-Pitts like many other Belizeans who live abroad pay close attention to what is going on in Belize. She is an originally from Belmopan and now resides in Macon, Georgia in the U.S. She attained her Bachelors in Education from the University of Belize in 1998. She was a contributing writer to the Belize Times and also did broadcasting. Verlene ArzuPitts is Claims Manager for GEICO Insurance in Georgia. It is with her permission that we reproduce this piece penned by her.

cultivated for any type of progress violence (impossible), we need focus to be made. Secondly, we need to on reducing violence. I suggest be cognizant of the fact that some things like “community policing”, of the words used when dealing “gang intervention programs”, and with young men who have become a focus on education. We need to violent against society only further provide employment opportunities, perpetuates the situation and simply counseling and prevention activities. amount to name-calling; words like Violent crimes in our beautiful nation ‘criminal’, ‘gang banger’ and the like can decrease dramatically if we all -- carry an emotional baggage that is counter-productive to getting this problem behind us. Let’s not continue to demonize a youthful population already bearing the brunt of social For Rent!! For Rent!! For Rent!! For sale! For sale! For sale! disinvestment. The following property is now available for rent: A property located # 2 Kumquat Ave., Cohune My position might walk Area, Belmopan having a lot measuring seem like a logical One four bedroom, three bathroom all airsome 75ft. on the street frontage and 130ft. deep. extreme, but it is conditioned apartment with living room, dinning Sitting on the lot is a one flat cement three bedroom, kitchen and access to a laundry room. Also, important that we room , two bathroom bungalow building . Each parking space for four motor vehicles. bedrooms has a built in clothes closet and all floor view these young areas are ceramic tiled finished .The kitchen is men for what they This property can be rented as one four bed furnished with an electric stove and refrigerator can be...productive room apartment with three bathroom or as while the laundry room has a washing machine four one bedroom , one bathroom apartments members of the and dryer. The property is totally fenced with a sharing all common areas such as the living , dinBelizean society. 32in. Cement and 4ft. chain link fencing and all ning rooms ,kitchen and laundry room. windows and entrance doors are protected with Truth is they are burglar bars. There is a cement drive way into suffering emotionally The property is located in a rapid growing, comthe property to house two vehicles. The house is mercial and residential zone in the Ladyville , and are using violence connected to all the utility services provided in Belize district area and sits on the eastside of the to self-medicate or Belmopan Northern Highways near to the entrance road try and eliminate leading to Phillip Goldson international Airport All serious interested persons can call 610-2213 their pain(s). I do not . The property is situated near to a fuel station, for further information at the anytime!!! condone violence Police station, Hotel, two commercial banks, a Pharmacy, A Pizza house, a Supermarket and a however, there is Young RAMS (Sheep) for sale!!! Bus stop bay. often an overlap of 1) 34months Dorpa Breed (5/8) Light brown emotional pain in Kindly note that all utilities are available includconnection with the ing Cable TV. 2) 33 months Dorpa Breed (5/8) White violent offenses like All serious interested persons can call 610-2213 3) 20 months Dorpa Breed (5/8)White /Brown the ones that currently at anytime. plague what was once 4) 27 months Dorpa Breed(5/8)White/brown a jewel nation. For rent!! For rent!! 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No jobs means Station. laundry. no money no food and The building is of concrete and tiled floor. Has it The property is located in a rapid growing, comultimately translates own utility meters. Parking is available in front of mercial and residential zone in the Ladyville , to no future. We need the building and also on the side of a fenced area. Belize District area and sits on the East side of the a different strategy in Northern Highway near to the entrance road leadInterested persons can call 610-2213 at anyBelize to stem gang ing to the Phillip Goldson International Airport time!!! violence -- the punitive . 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One two bedroom, one bathroom tiled floor actually helps to bungalow concrete building sitting on one acre sustain unacceptably high levels of violence. Rather than trying to eliminate


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Sunday, June 27th, 2010 The ruling United Democratic Party (UDP), led by the prime minister, Dean Barrow, has a decisive majority in the National Assembly (the legislature) and should have no difficulty enacting its legislative agenda. Strains on the public finances stemming from a high public-debt burden will be compounded by the projected feebleness of the economic recovery in 2010-11, leaving the government with little scope to boost economic growth through domestically-financed fiscal stimulus. Measures to address Belize’s heavy debt burden and reduce its dependency on borrowing are unlikely to make progress; protecting the overall level of fiscal revenue will reduce the scope for implementing expenditure cuts. Recovery in tourism and remittances will be outweighed by a rise in imports spending causing the current-account deficit to widen. Economist Intelligence Unit Just about every person these days will tell you that they have lost confidence in the UDP Government’s ability to govern. I for one am still not clear on what the UDP envisioned of their term in office. It sure could not be that they saw it as just an opportunity to bask in fame and the adulations of the people. The needs did not disappear and the issues did not get solved by the Messiah-like arrival of the sanctimonious and hypocritical UDP. Instead the issues have exploded; high crime, high cost of living, high cost of healthcare, education, joblessness and shear poverty only to name a few. When I went to the polls and voted for my Area Representative (Carlos Perdomo) it was with certain expectations that I shared with him. Two and a half years later, those expectations have been dashed along with that of so many others that switched their vote. We truly expected better. The level of disdain expressed



A CALL TO DEMONSTRATE! by the UDP back then about corruption gave much hope that things would change for the better and the Nation’s wealth would be equally distributed. Instead, many have fallen through the cracks of abject administrative neglect while those close to the Barrow family have gotten higher paying jobs while we the taxpayers suffer. Stubborn figures from the Statistical Institute of Belize show that 43% of our population is poor. That can hardly be any comfort or reason for bragging by the leadership of this nation. Those same figures put unemployment at 12.6%...desperately high figures that reflect the level of destitution that over half of our population are living in. Yet, the Prime Minister and his government conduct business as though these harsh realities do not exist. I am yet to see the policy papers that seek to address these situations that have converged and spawned this unrelenting, perilous and seemingly insurmountable crime wave that we are experiencing. It is time that Belizeans start organizing and speak in unison to our government. Mr. Barrow has long digressed from course and Belizeans are worst off for it. The diversionary rhetorical blaming of the former administration can no longer make up for the extent of the punishment that is occurring in Belize today. From Mr. Barrow’s inaction on certain issues (crime and high cost

of living) Belizeans can now draw inference on what the rest of the UDP’s term in office will be. The daily dollops of attacks on those who dare to speak out on the issues should not be ignored in a climate where we are trying to restore Belize. It is just simply time for the people of Belize to say something at this mid-term. Long before the famous or infamous meeting at Happy Tails, I had ceased differentiating between Prime Minister Barrow and his counterpart Leader of the Opposition, John Briceno. The Happy Tails meeting has confirmed my sentiments. While we the common folks are grappling with the mundane challenges every single day, Barrow and Briceno appear removed from our realities. We have waited long enough for the UDP honeymoon to finish and the real business of the people to commence. We waited while the UDP arranged themselves in the saddle. There is just no more room for excuses. Silently the people watched as the Barrow family were endowed with the people’s assets. Lucrative jobs were distributed to family members and those closely associated were also given key positions and jobs by the new Barrow administration. This flies in the face of Barrow’s campaign against cronyism and nepotism. Belize’s crime crisis has reached

QUARRELING ABOUT WORDS … The Barrow administration’s stated intention to see Chief Justice Dr. Abdulai Conteh demit office in haste, and their now point blank refusal to meaningfully consult with the Bar Association is a retrograde step. It is an autocratic attitude to be sure, and in this corner the hope here is that the honey from the slaying of this lion is that it will awaken the sleeping giants that are our social partners, and help harken them to action. Even Godfrey Smith’s detractors and erstwhile political opponents must admit that his tenure as Attorney General starting in 1999 saw the greatest upgrading and enhancement of the judiciary in the modern annals of jurisprudence in Belize. Not only did Mister Smith engineer infrastructural improvements that went far beyond the metaphorical paint on (circa 1930’s) old boards, but his legacy will include the implementation of meaningful consultation with senior members of both Bar and Bench on appointments and disappointments, as a matter of course. In my opinion this helped make us believe in justice again, restoring it from the mental image of a whited

If I had a gavel …

sepulcher to the blindfolded lady, sword and scale in hand. Last week’s Bar Association’s shot across the bow should be taken seriously. When looked at within the context of Dean Barrow’s hypocritical assertions that attorneys who advocate for Michael Ashcroft’s business interest are traitors you can see that there is a souring relationship between the parties to this dispute. I also get the sense that the Bar collectively has had enough of being the butt of so many of society’s disdainful and disrespectful jokes, and are horrified at the thought of returning to the good old boy days when judgments were made in a still spry old man’s office in Belmopan, before being rendered in Belize City. I don’t want to comment on what I think the shooting of Rodwell Williams means to this stew except to say that it cannot be anything good. The speculation alone that it is a part of some falling out is too horrifying to contemplate. Suffice to say the world

of the legal community has lurched on its axis, and after a collective deep breath there are some who are openly saying that they all can live (and die) like this, if you get my drift. The opposition to the Barrow regime is mounting and we can only speculate as to what the out-of-left field announcement by the Mayor of San Pedro that she supports the Coalition to Save Belize’s Natural Heritage will mean in the future. Along with the Bar the Coalition has been the most vocal opponent of a Dean Barrow policy, in this case seemingly unregulated oil exploration activities. Their numbers don’t yet appear large but the trend is that those continue to grow both in size and in potency. Even more significant is that there seems to be no good reason not to think that this trend will continue. The environmental/ngo community has also been nonplussed by Dean Barrow’s now point blank refusal to carry through on a promise to expand the Senate’s membership to include

crescendo levels and it is obvious that a solution is not within reach anytime soon. Daily the talk-show circuit is inundated by cries from Belizeans who are experiencing the full brunt of social degradation and disintegration. Our institutions have been demoralized by UDP’s lack of regard for proper protocols. The police department has been worst hit by this with the functions of the department relegated to the whims and fancies of the political directorate. In other areas of government despite the UDP’s political grandstanding there has been a noticeable moral decline and the people are at the receiving end of this steady deterioration. Much as PM Barrow is touting that Central Bank figures show signs that the economy is improving that opinion is not reflected in the lives of the masses. It is time that the people bring pressure to bear on the Government that they need to do much-much better. It is our lives and livelihoods we are talking about…it is time that we say that the jig is up…it is time we tell Mr. Barrow and his government that he has not lived up to the opening words of this year’s budget presentation, “nurture recovery and return to secure and sustained growth.” As I put this essay together, Channel 5 is reminding PM Barrow of his promise to the Nation in February when he promised to install certain crime-fighting resources…it never happened. In March of this year the PM stood before the Nation in the National Assembly and uttered these words in his budget presentation. He said “We do operate a system that seeks always to empower the private sector as a preferred instrument of stimulation and economic growth. But we are also statist in a sense, in that we do

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By: Glenn Tillett an ngo appointed senator. They have faithfully and kept their end of the implied agreement to support Barrow and the UDP starting in 2005. Now it must seem like a Faustian bargain. I am wondering if next Monday’s delivery of the CJ judgment in the latest Maya Land Rights case will not serve to put these issues into one lightening rod like prism. It is the now rejected-by-Dean-Barrow but belovedby-nearly-everyone-else still for now Chief Justice Dr. Abdulai Conteh delivering judgment in a case that Barrow once supported but did a 180 on, led by the man he championed and the ngo community agreed would serve in the Senate, another issue in which he has completely and disgracefully wholly reversed himself. Another almost erstwhile ally are the unions who now find themselves having been slowly, almost incrementally, reluctantly moved into a confrontational stance with Dean. Their points of contention and confrontation will be (in alliance with the Coalition and the ngo community over the aforementioned issues) the

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Sunday, June 27th, 2010



Summer Time and Crime If one’s manhood is bruised or compromised, then it opens one to frustration; if one is frustrated then one may become desperate and as the saying goes, “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Belizeans to make ends meet and to deal with the higher cost of living that is being experienced among the so-called middle-class. The working class people can no longer rely on the traditional pay-check-to-paycheck way of living. Naturally, the global economic crisis is adding to the impact but it is obvious that the UDP in government has no clue on how to deal with the local bread and butter issues. Prices of basic necessities are constantly going up at alarming rates. The cost of basic essential goods and services are extremely high; the constant rise in the cost of fuel has an enormous impact on consumer cost on just about every commodity. The cost of education is increasing and has over 11,000 school-age children not attending school under this government and the majority of Belizeans cannot afford the basic cost of healthcare services not to mention specialized and tertiary healthcare. The only thing that has been stagnant for years and is not going up are wages. In years gone by, a salary of a hundred dollars a week could have purchased a certain amount of groceries at the supermarket. That same amount of money now can only purchase less than half of what it was able to. The fact of the matter is that your dollar today, is only worth about forty cents of what it was worth only a few years ago. Our bread and butter have the greatest value to us especially for those of us who are on the lower levels of the economic spectrum. We are constantly asked to make sacrifices; we are obligated to take austerity measures, sacrificing a bill this payday, in order to ensure that another one is paid. Because unemployment is so high and jobs are so scarce, employees are forced to endure frustration, insults, abuse, and all sorts of negativity from employers because of fear of losing their jobs. Seemingly this sort of humiliation reduces a man’s manhood. Imagine your manhood being reduced at the same time you are expected to be the leader, the provider, the protector and the priest of your home. Remember that the home is an institution within the greater institutions of the community and the country. If one’s manhood is

bruised or compromised, then it opens one to frustration; if one is frustrated then one may become desperate and as the saying goes, “Desperate times call for desperate measures”. So then we can conclude that perhaps we are living in a community or in a country where there is a lot of frustration and desperation. And do we ever consider that if the head of household is desperate or frustrated, that it may trickle down to other family members?

government to come up with the solutions because they are only interested in their own agenda. I also have to remind the Opposition that they too have a legal and moral obligation as part of our democratic system to represent and speak out on the issues that affects us. The Opposition ought to pressure the UDP government to deliver on the many promises they made prior to the elections. This government is not creating any form of economic opportunities for Belizeans. Why have they not increased the minimum wage or increase salaries? Why aren’t they brining down the cost of living as they promised? The government is hopeless and there is no hope coming from the Opposition. This weekend schools all across the country will be out for summer; some of these students will be looking for summer-jobs and there are none! Traditionally, there have been many, many, summer activities sponsored by social and religious groups as well as sporting camps facilitated by a host of organizations such as the Sports Council, YMCA, YWCA, Youth for the Future, the Police Cadets and the BDF Cadets. All these activities are very important for our young children because without this critical positive reinforcement, they will become involved in juvenile delinquency and other negative behavioral activities. Once again remember that the atmosphere across the nation is of frustration and desperation. It is with great dissatisfaction that I

write on this issue of escalating criminal activity occurring across Belize. In fact, I detest having to even write on anything related to crime. I am tired of having to write about crime and it is certainly frustrating to be constantly highlighting crime but unfortunately, it is the harsh reality of life in Belize. No matter how frustrated we are about crime, it is almost impossible to get around it or to get away from it. This is important to note especially because of the fact that so many young people will be out to school for the next few months and it is almost inevitable that the crime situation will have an impact on some of their lives. Poor people are indeed living from pay check to pay check and have to make sacrifices on just about everything. The summer months will only add to that frustration so it is crucial that during this time, we become more vigilant with our kids. With the kids out of school, most of them will be at home and there will no doubt be an increase in the consumption of food, water, electricity and phone usage. This means that there will be an increase in the food bill, electricity, water and phone bills. As we stated earlier in this essay, things continue to go up except the salaries so that increase in cost will be equivalent to an increase in frustration and desperation. You know as well as I do that desperate time call for desperate measures and desperate measures can result in crime. Now you may not agree with me or you may think that I am propagating crime but this is definitely the hard reality. Just my impartial view.

Now I have a couple situations that I would like to address. One has to do with summer vacation and the tens of thousands of students that will be out of school, and the second is how that situation will relate to crime. But before we reflect on these two points, we may want to make a stern appeal to our leaders because if the society is in this situation, then certainly we need to turn to someone, somebody or something that can give The newly elected Council for the beautiful village of us hope. We understand the Hattieville wishes to thank all villagers for their ongoing situation thoroughly and we do not want to be playing support and cooperation. the blame game but when we feel that we are placed The new Council has appointed a Lots Committee in in this situation, which is accordance with the Village Council Act. when we need the leaders of our community to be that The following persons have been appointed to serve shining beacon of hope. The on the Lots Committee for the period June 2010 – June government is not doing 2013. enough to provide the basic programs or public safety measures to instill hope in Mr. Gilbert Domingo our community. I assume that Mr. Daniel Mejia when government leaders Mr. Dwayne Staine sit in Cabinet to discuss Mrs. Wendy Castillo issues such as economic Mr. Glenn King independence, they ignore Mr. Ludrick Arnold critical issues such as the increase in salaries. This Mrs. Buelah Longsworth Gillett should be a part of their discussion to see how they The public is advised that no other persons are can lower the cost of essential authorized to conduct any land transaction on behalf goods and services, reduce of Hattieville village Council. Any persons attempting the cost of education, health to obtain information or process applications are services and make available unauthorized and illegal. loans and opportunities for people who may want to become entrepreneurs. Sad to say, we cannot expect this inexperienced incompetent


Sunday, June 27th, 2010


PUP WILL BE RESTORED TO ITS GLORY CONTRIBUTED BY GORDON SMITH Today, Belizeans are regrettable and are quick to acknowledge and admit that it was an error to elect a UDP Government over the PUP in February 2008. Amongst many individuals and organizations, many rightly blame the powerful media houses that the Said Musa PUP government created and who turned out to be anything but objective and balance against the Musa PUP administration. The propaganda by the media especially the so called ‘Free Press’ was vicious and found its marks on February 7, 2008 pivoting Dean Barrow and the UDP to government and throwing Said Musa and the PUP into opposition. For ten years, Said Musa and the PUP were in Belmopan governing. During those years, the country saw massive development in every sector of the country despite the economic challenges the country faced. Like many PUPs, I too believed at the time that Musa’s PUP strayed too far from its roots which are social justice and service to the people. At the same time, I also understand that the public sector must work hand in hand with the private sector to deliver effective social services to its citizens in order to alleviate poverty. Like the regrettable UDP Government which came to power without a plan of action, so is Johnny Briceno’s leadership. The crescendo of concerns about the docile leadership of Briceno has reached its peak as PUPs countrywide are expressing great disappointment in the Party’s new leadership. Many PUPs regret the sudden departure of Said Musa as Leader and today, regret the sorry state of a Leader that John Briceno has turned out to be. PUP’s are saying, in retrospect, that the success story and subsequent failure of Musa’s 1998–2008 PUP Government should not be acclaimed by one individual or group in our Party. All must share in the success and failure. The Leader of the Opposition John Briceno, among others who now spew hate against Musa and the old guard in the Party’s official newspaper the Belize Times, was Musa’s Deputy Party Leader and Deputy Prime Minister as well as a powerful National Resources Minister in Said Musa’s Cabinet for almost nine years. With that said, he should be proud of the success and achievements of the Party and PUP Government. At the same time, he should not shy away from the failures of the Party and Government that he was an integral part of. Johnny cannot now blame Said for the poor leadership he is displaying or for his failure to renew the vision and mission of the PUP in upholding the great legacy of the People’s United Party. Simply put, in two years as Party

Leader, John Briceno is responsible for his own failure. The Amandala was right when it reported that we at the Perspective are calling for Said Musa to return as Party Leader and if not Said Musa, then Lisa Shoman or Francis Fonseca. But what Evan X is not aware of is that we are only echoing what the masses of PUPs countrywide are saying including Father X’s son-in-law and son Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde respectfully who have boldly stated, “We noh gwein noh way width dis yah Leeda”. That is the sentiment of the PUPs countrywide Evan X. Of course there are PUPs like Lisa Alverez who supports Mark Espat for leader and Nirva Tzul who supports Johnny, but the majority of PUPs are crying out for a change of leadership and if one cannot see that, then something is drastically wrong with us as a Party and we would be deserving

cannot commandeer and mobilize great generals like myself to advance to the political battlefield? The ‘sticky fingers’ of Briceno and chief septic disposal will be quick to point out and blame Spot Check, Jeremy Robinson and Yours Truly of undermining Briceno’s efforts in the Village Council elections (right Vaughan?). But what this chief septic disposal won’t tell you is that Johnny could not get his own friend, the National Campaign Manager along with 98% of his national executive including Hon. Mark Espat and Hon. Cordel Hyde to show their faces during these elections. John Briceno is simply not dynamic enough to command respect amongst PUP leaders. Only those that are fully employed by Johnny’s SMART bothered to show up as they have job security with the Briceños and therefore, must show some sort of

believe that their status is no longer Pot Licker but ‘Through Breed’ and in their loyalty to Briceno’s SMART, feel they need to attack Said Musa through Gordon Smith. Like the chief septic disposal and “Which Sex?” there are many around Johnny who are considered leaches and parasites that live on other living matters and cannot survive on their own. No one will be surprise when the leadership changes, the only thing these sick individuals will change are their tunes. The National Perspective has been exposing the hypocrisy of Mark Espat, Carolyn Trench Sandiford and the Zinc Fence bandits for weeks with no reply or defense from Briceno’s leadership via the Belize Times. Now that we are exposing Johnny’s weak and lackluster leadership, we at Perspective are now the problem. It seems to be okay to be critical of others, but not okay to be critical of the failed leadership of the Maximum Leader Johnny and his Dodo Birds. We at the Perspective are not the only ones seeing through Johnny’s weaknesses as Leader. The latest indictment came via an e-mail report from Hon. Mark Espat which shows PUP losing ground in the recent 2010 Village Council elections. What about Party Chairman Carolyn Trench Sandiford reminding the leadership to “Practice what you preach” in her article in the Times? The nonperformance and complete silence of the ‘Back door” Santa on PUP political issues are a sign that the National Campaign Manager has no confidence in Briceno’s leadership. What about the non-communicating Communications Director that is led only by greed and whose loyalty is only to SMART and herself, and yes what about all the maligning of our PUP leaders by the Zinc Fence? But no, you want to silence the Perspective because we dare to expose the weaknesses and hypocrisy of John Briceno and his Dodo Birds. You think that because we are supposed to be loyal PUPs, we should simply just tow the line and follow the leader? It is evident that ‘dis yah PUP eeana wah mess’, a nasty mess under the leadership of John Briceno and we at the Perspective are certainly not to be blamed. Said Musa as the past Party Leader was certainly not perfect and he admitted that there were many errors during his two terms of government. However, Said Musa has shown that he had the political fortitude to reorganize and modernize a political Party making it successful in two consecutive terms of government. With the trust of the Belizean people along with talented

Now that we are exposing Johnny’s weak and lackluster leadership, we at Perspective are now the problem. It seems to be okay to be critical of others, but not okay to be critical of the failed leadership of the Maximum Leader Johnny and his Dodo Birds. of John Briceno as our Leader. It is our fundamental right for all PUPs to feel a sense of ownership for their Party. As such, PUPs like me safeguard that right as a sacred institution and would do anything to prevent it from being violated. In defending my love and my feel of ownership for the Party, I may be guilty of being too zealously passionate about the welfare and the sorry state which our Party fines itself in today by this Briceno leadership. Belizeans should be confident that when the PUP returns to Belmopan in 2013, it won’t be led by another Dean Barrow type without a plan. They should be confident that we will have a Leader who is capable of inspiring hope and confidence in the Belizean people; a Leader that has vision and is in touch with the common people. That, my friend, is why week after week, I, Gordon Smith have exposed (not attack) the weak leadership of John Briceno as the Leader and believe me when I say I do it honestly and in good faith. The Belizean voters and the PUP deserve only the best Leader that the PUP can offer to the electorate. There are those in Briceno’s company that are quick to accuse PUPs like Gordon Smith (who love my Party) of not participating in the Village Council elections. But can you blame us when the truth is that Johnny Briceno lacks the leadership quality and simply

loyalty. For those small minded “Pot Lickers” at Happy Tails that want to make Gordon Smith an issue with Briceno’s failed leadership and gave me two pages of coverage in last week’s Belize Times, I say thanks but no thanks. If the authors of the two articles in the Times were of any significance or decent pedigree, I probably would have returned the favour in the Perspective, the hottest newspaper in Belize that is ‘Bias Towards None’! These little “Pot Lickers” (Bitches) that are hanging around with decent K9 pedigrees that groom at Happy Tails, must understand that writers in the Perspective like Jeremy Robinson, Rhenae Nunez and I (who is certainly not paid by Said Musa or anyone) are not the cause of Johnny’s failure as the Leader of the PUP. You who surround Briceno are political sycophants and flunkies that sing for your supper and are the true cause of Johnny’s failure. You pathetic chief septic disposal and the one with the confused gender sign who we don’t know if he/she is “Straight up or straight down” must be careful when being used by Dodo Birds like “Racist” Narda and “Weedy” to attack Said Musa from his own newspaper (shame). We hope that the chemical ingredients used when grooming these Pot Lickers (Bitches) at Happy Tails do not affect their instincts as they now

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Chan Chen girls win national primary schools football championships Belize City, June 18, 2010 The Chan Chen Government School girls, the Corozal District champs, won the 2010 National Primary Schools football championship tournament held by the National Sports Council at ITVET and at the MCC garden last Friday. In Game 1, the Chan Chen girls won over the Cayo district champs, the St. Martin Government School 1-0, when Chan Chen’s Gladys Williams scored the winning goal. In Game 2, the Stann Creek district champions, the Sacred Heart School girls of Dangriga blew away the Toledo district champs, the Silver Creek RC School girls, in a penalty shootout that went into sudden death, after the game was tied 0-0 in regulation time. Shayana Caliz, Tawani Gonzalez, Kamisha Rodriguez, Noemie Gamboa and Zandy Sabal converted their penalty kicks for Sacred Heart, but the score was tied at 5-5 when Velloria choc, Bernadita Yatz, Petrona Cal, Anna Chub, Lorencia Choc equalized for Silver Creek. Sacred Heart’s Earlyn Palacio scored the winning goal. In Game 3, the Chan Chen girls won over the Belize District champs, the St. Martin De Porres School girls: 3-0, when Wendy Yam, MVP Delcy Ruiz and Gladys Williams scored 1 goal each for Chan Chen. In Game 4, the Sacred Heart School girls won their 2nd game 3-0 over the Orange Walk district champs, the Chan Pine Ridge Government School girls: 3-0 Shayama Caliz scored 2 goals and Delta Flores scored 1 goal. In Game 5, the St. Martin De Porres School girls won 1-0 over the Cayo champs, the St. Martin Government School girls, when Janell Grinage scored the winning goal. In Game 6, the Silver Creek RC School girls won 1-0 over the Chan Pine Ridge girls when Petrona Cal scored the winning goal. In Game 7 in the semifinals, the Sacred Heart School girls won againat the St. Martin De Porres School girls in a penalty shootout that went into sudden death. Shayana Caliz, Zandy Sabal Tawani Gonzalez and Noemie Gamboa converted their penalties for Sacred Heart, but then St Martin’s Shamika Augustine, Kedidra Tunn,

Gilda Moguel and Kimberly Garcia also converted their penalties to tie the score at 4-4 at the end of 5 tries each. In sudden death, Earlyn Palacio and Ashanti Roaches converted for Sacred Heart, while St Martin’s Vivian Noralez and Delcia Figueroa tied the score. Sacred Heart’s goalkeeper Kamisha Rodriguez stopped 2 penalties for them to take the win when Shewana Miranda converted the winning penalty. In Game 8 in the semifinals, the Chan Chen girls advanced to the finals undefeated coming from behind to post a 2-1 win against the Silver Creek RC School girls who at first led 1-0 when Petrona Cal scored her 3rd goal for the Toledo girls. MVP Delcy Ruiz equalized 1-1for Chan Chen, and Luz Clarita Escobar scored the winning goal. In Game 9, Petrona Cal scored her

Chan Chen girls 4th goal of the tournament to give the Silver Creek RC School girls the 1-0 win against the defeated St. Martin De Porres girls in the consolation game for 3rd place. In game 10 the championship finals, the Chan Chen girls won a penalty shootout against the Sacred Heart girls 3-1, when in penalty kick out. In regulation time the game was tied 0-0 the game was tied 0-0 in regulation

time. The goal scorers for Chan Chen School were Wendy Yam, Luz Escobar and Delcy Ruiz with 1 goal each, while only Shayama Caliz converted her penalty for Sacred Heart School. The champions, 2nd and 3rd place winners received team trophies and individual medals, while the Most Valuable Player Award went to Delcy Ruiz of Chan Chen.

Mt Carmel boys win national primary schools football championships Continued on page 15 Belize City, June 18, 2010 The Mount Carmel RC School boys of Benque Viejo del Carmen, the Cayo District champs, won the 2010 National Primary Schools football championship tournament held by the National Sports Council at ITVET and at the MCC garden last Friday. In Game 1, the Mount Carmel RC School boys won


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SanCas Seven Seas

wins Interoffice volleyball championship

The competition continues on Thursday, June 24, with 2 matches in the Mixed Division: Team 313 vs.

First Caribbean Diamonds and Police vs. Kauss. In the men’s competition, the Jaguars take on the Rebels.


SanCas Seven Seas Belize City, June 19, 2010 San Cas Seven Seas won the 2010 Belize Volleyball Association interoffice volleyball championship finals at the Belize City Center last Saturday night, upsetting the defending champs Belize Telemedia in the best of 3 sets. First seed San Cas Seven Seas earned their position in the finals by a win in the sudden death (loser goes home) playoffs last Thursday, June 17, when they defeated a feisty and determined 4th seed Atlantic Bank in 2 straight sets 25-21and 25-19. In the second match, the defeding champs Belize Telemedia brought in their big guns to take on BATSUB, who has always proven very difficult for them. BATSUB although missing one of their very key players battled hard but lost 25-17 and 25-22. Belize Telemedia plays against San Cas Seven Seas at 7 pm on Saturday night for the championship, which was a thriller. San Cas jumped out to a lead in the first set and held off BTL winning 25-15. But Telemedia showed why they are the defending

champions by coming back in the second set 25-18. Eros Dawson, Paul Perriott, along with Emily Audinette and Melanie Blake stepped up their game and came through for Telemedia. In the deciding set, Raul Arnold, Marconi Leal and Sherylee YoungThurton of San Cas once again took over and they won 15-8 winning the 2010 championship. The Belize Volleyball Open competition also started this past Saturday evening with the Division 1 male and female sub-champions and champions of 2009 playing against each other. In the female match, Barbara Cadle and Shantell Arnold led Lady Jaguars to victory over their nemesis from last year, the defending champs: Moen Stars. The Jaguars brooked no opposition, dominating in 3 straight sets: 25-20, 25-17, 27-25. Both teams having some new young players taking over leading roles as the other retire. In the men’s match, Mirab was short handed with players, but still won the first set 25-23. They lost the match 3 sets to 1, as Scorpions showed their champion’s form by wining the next 3 sets: 25-11, 25-22 and 25-12.

Stefan Musa CHAMPION

Richard Huang RUNNER-UP

The finals of the National 18 and Under Tennis Tournament was played over the weekend at the Belize Pickwick Club. The championship match got underway at 9:30am on Sunday between defending champion, Stefan Musa, and a rising star from Orange Walk, Richard Huang. From the start of the match it was obvious that Stefan was way too powerful for Richard. Richard tried his best to keep up with the pace and consistency of Stefan but he was unable to do so. Stefan Musa went on to win the match and his 4th Consecutive Championship in straight sets 6-0, 6-0. The Belize Tennis Association would like to thank the Belize Pickwick Club for hosting the tournament and James Brodie and Company Ltd. for sponsoring the tournament. Mr. Sonny Meighan Tournament Director BELIZE TENNIS ASSOCIATION

Mt Carmel boys win national primary schools Continued from page 14 football championships 2-0 against the Corozal champs, the Mary Hill RC School boys, when MVP Darvin Lopez scored 2 goals for the win. In Game 2, the Holy Ghost School boys won 3-1 over the Toledo district champs, the Toledo Methodist School boys in a penalty shootout, after regulation time ended with the game tied 0-0. Arvin Lorenzo, Keith Francisco and Brandon Murillo each converted their penalties for Holy Ghost School, while only Benny Baiza converted for Toledo Methodist School. In Game 3, the Belize district champs, the St. John Vianney RC School boys eliminated the Mary Hill RC boys, by a 2-0 win with goals by Shemar Moore and Calvin Reneau.

In Game 4, Orange Walk district champs, the Trial Farm Government School boys won 3-2 against the Holy Ghost School boys in penalty shootout, when regulation time ended with the game tied 1-1. Aldana, Ian Uh and Ernest Arnold converted for Trial Farm, while only Arvin Lorenzo and Keith Francisco converted for Holy Ghost School. In Game 5, the Mount Carmel boys won 1-0 over the St. John Vianney School boys, when MVP Darvin Lopez scored the winning goal. In Game 6, the Trial Farm boys eliminated the Toledo Methodist School boys 1-0 when Ian Uh scored the winning goal. In Game 7, the semifinals began with the

Mount Carmel boys relegating the Holy Ghost School boys to the consolation game for 3rd place after Darvin Lopez scored his 4th winning goal for the 1-0 win. In Game 8 in the other semifinal, the St. John Vianney boys eliminated the Trial Farm boys 1-0, when Brandon Flores scored the winning goal. In Game 9, Holy Ghost School won the consolation game for 3rd place against Trial Farm in a penalty shootout, after regulation time ended with the game was tied at 1-1. John Sabal had scored first for Holy Ghost, but Alejandro Rivera equalized for Trial Farm with a header. The penalty shootout went into sudden

death, in which Corey Zuniga scored the winning penalty for Holy Ghost School. In Game 10, the championship final, Mount Carmel RC School boys won 4-0 against the St. John Vianney School boys with Darwin Lopez scoring the 1st goal, Genny Reyes added a 2nd goal and Darvin Lopez scored a 3rd goal to lead 3-0 at the half. A 2nd half substitute, Akim Menjibar added a 4th goal for the 4-0 win. The champions, 2nd and 3rd place winners received team trophies and individual medals, while the Most Valuable Player Award went to Darvin Lopez, of Mount Carmel RC School, who had scored 6 goals!

Sunday, June 27th, 2010

PAGE 16 Don’t subordinate economics to politics Nero fiddled while Rome was burning; Maria Antoinette was giving the French peasants cake to eat although there was no bread; and the PUP’s and UDP’s are mudslinging and trading political thrash talk while Belize sinks into the quick sand of a failed state . We hope it is not too late to alert you to open and free your minds from the cage of ignorance and continuous deception and your bodies from the ball and chain imperial Britain used to oppress you. People of Belize, Imperial British Empire is dead, defunct; the Commonwealth of Nations, which is devised to keep you in guilded slavery, is a feckless useless toothless, anachronism not fit to clean the Augean Stables. Belize Has Failed be cause its leading economic indicators tell us that fact .These indicators tell us that 1. Unemployment is still on the rise 2. Private sector employees are not being replaced if they lose their jobs. Employers are looking for redundancy to lay off workers. 3. Vendors/Importers are ordering less goods –less consumption 4. Fewer businesses are being created while business are closing down their doors 5. Construction of all types has come to a stand still 6. There is a negative change in the inventories on hand and fewer orders being placed. 7. Banks are not providing any credit unless you are filling an order you have been placing for the past 20 years. Example import bank acceptance or time draft. Yet they say they are very liquid. 8. Money supply M1, M2, M3 has contracted due to several factors such as payoff loans; no new loans, the public buying more government treasuries to name a few. But the people of Belize don’t believe me. Let’s look at the tale of the tape. You are taxed at least 60 percent of the dollar earned you pay taxes on. 1. Custom and excise duties on everything 2. GST & VAT –Same thing same justification 3. Property taxes 4. Real estate sale taxes 5. Fees for ;driver licenses , casinos ,fishing, hunting, autoregistration, stamp purchase , birth certificates , hospital fees ,school fees ,prescription, business fees, personal Income taxes ,border crossing fees ,airport fees ,social security taxes , ECT .But we must not forget fuel taxes on Gas and Diesel because they are so abusive and excessive. This has to be hell on earth! These inept decrepit politicians have not offered up any solutions to ease your pain but instead added to your pain by increasing taxes .Yes people ,rather than reduce taxes they increased taxes so they can reconcile their budget deficits so they can go back to their unnecessary useless jobs, their allowance and perks ,and

Failed State By: Anonymous II the SUV’s. What the minister of finance must do is to delete redundant government jobs and their perks and discontinue subordinating economics and finances to politics which merely exacerbates the conditions of the existing failed state. For example we performed several econometric hypotheses testing’s on business cycles, consumption function and disposable income , the demand and supply of labour as it pertains to the wage rate , the issuance of contracts on competitive basis versus issuance to relatives on other compromised individuals .In each case we found economic theories were turned on their heads because of the disturbance and discrimination of politicians who didn’t have one iota of the dangerous , pernicious effects on the people and the natural resources of the country . Their understand of how an economy functions is zero philosophically and specifically metaphysically the two existential political parties know that they have broken the spirit of the Belizean, and no matter what type of nauseating trash they serve up to them they will accept sine spirit so the politicians keep the spirit broken and continue their agenda to cheat and deceive. Thus leads to an opaque darkness that hangs over the entire country permeating everything and non-violent but deadly crimes that engulf the country; and forestalls us from reaching out to the Enlightment that bekons, so we have to break out of this prurient mold of this failed state and elect independent thinkers as our representatives who will have the knowledge, the wisdom and sophistication to motivate Belizeans on economic front, judicial and political fronts. Another example of failed state action is when a government entity like the Social Security Board(SSB) and its administration , either through bad laws or stupidity start functioning like it is independent of the rest of society in abusing the trust given to them by the People. Yes, who gave the SSB authority to finance loans for its employees or to act as a bank to finance anyone? The Social Security Board is a trustee for the people’s money held there for their benefit for retirement, unemployment, ECT. The SSB has not the authority to be risking the people’s money and destroying that trust by making loans to their employees. Yes people,

this is what a failed state does when it has no direction or bad directives as how it is governed. SSB must sell all its loans to DFC, the commercial banks and credit unions or face the legal consequences. The SSB must not risk the people’s money by making private investment. That’s why we have banks and credit unions. In summary we have a failed state because the politicians wish to preserve the Status Quo to enrich themselves off the people’s treasury and natural resources. A Case in point , their refusal to reform land ownership specifically relative to oil drilling and exploration. We have a failed state because we are bankrupt physically, economically and morally. We have a failed state because we refuse to provide accountability to the people on revenue on oil production or our refusal or inability to negotiable oil companies reaping so much wealth and the people nothing remember my lesson on zero sum game? We don’t need BNE trust where you go to beg we are wealthy in our on right. And

any politician who obstructs this right is an enemy of the people and a traitor. You will know how traitor die. We have a failed state because of the abusive excessive tax system. You pay other enjoy it .we have a failed state because we vote for idiots who know nothing about running a government. We have a failed state because we pay 60 cents of every dollar of GDP. The gross domestic product, As taxes to the government who are the trustees who should do what we request as benefits but instead the ignorant mainly uneducated representative use is as their own money to waste as libertines , profligates and whatever else fancies.. But finally we must blame ourselves too for this failed state because we elect these idiots who are products of what we are: Falsely modest , stupidity prudish basically uneducated which bring on rumour -mongering ,fear ,hate ,and self hatred and lack of vision so we don’t know how to use hindsight to gain insight into how to analyse economic financial , legal moral issues which govern us when these idiots representative speak you shudder to think this is real time but some grotesque ,surreal tragedy form which you will soon awaken. Anonymous ii June 22, 2010

Sunday, June 27th, 2010



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and qualified leaders which included an intelligent Secretary General (not an illiterate one), the PUP brought growth and development to Belize. At the Perspective, we also have a responsibility (regardless if you like us or not) to our masses to convey truthful information about our Party to them since the leadership has refused to listen to us and communication with the rank and file is absolutely NADA. We don’t go about making up these stories; all we do is report what is happening in the Party to our rank and file. Hon. John Briceno and his company should know that it was their hardline approach when they took over the PUP, which lead the Party to protracted disunity. Ostracizing loyal and faithful PUPs like me had a grave negative impact on our Party. Unifying the Party was one of Briceno major weaknesses; instead of uniting the two major factions in the Party, he caused the formation of a third and in his faction alone, there are about four subfactions where mistrust, resentment and disunity abounds. I expect that

the attacks on the Perspective in the Belize Times will continue by the Pot Lickers at Happy Tails that have been sanctioned by Johnny/Nada. But just a word of advice to those mangy K9s, you should consider spending more time fighting to be the vanguard of the Belizean people’s struggle to rid the country of this incompetent UDP Government. Try to make Belizeans understand why the Leader of the Opposition John Briceno allowed Prime Minister Dean Barrow to make an A$$ of him and the PUP in his Restore Belize pappy show. Like the Amandala, you seem to forget that the old guard is neither the government nor navigating this disastrous PUP ship. Finally, I advise John Briceno that there is nothing to “Bring On’. All he needs to do is the right thing for once which is “Move On”. There is indeed no doubt in many PUPs’ minds that the PUP will be restored to it glory days once a new Leader is elected who will once again rebuild, organized, and restore trust and confidence in the Party. Those that have Ears to hear, Hear!

A CALL TO DEMONSTRATE! Continued from page 11 not shirk from a large activist role for government, especially when it comes to protecting the poor. This is not some new conviction forced upon us by the circumstances that have obliged even the most hallowed bastion of capitalism to reexamine the magic of the marketplace. No! We have long since considered so-called big government a moral and practical imperative in aid of the poor. We will make no real progress against violence, marginalization, diseases, except through the agency of a muscular central government. And the dispossessed in this country must always know that the strong arm and watchful eye of the United Democratic Party will ever be the guardians of their welfare, promoters of their interests, and guarantors of their survival.” Those words like the empty promise so fervently made in front of the entire Nation in February have all faded. This is a call to demonstrate…It is obvious that things will not get any better and we cannot continue to conciliate at our own detriment. We have been nice long enough while the so called media play their charade while our backs are breaking under the pressure. We have been played while the Barrow family and friends have dug us further into debt. Mr. Barrow now sets eyes on the Judiciary which will once again incur unnecessary expenses for Belizean taxpayers and compromise the administration of justice in this land. Mr. Barrow has tampered with our Constitution and has shown that nowhere and no aspect of our lives are too sacred for him not to tamper with. But – who will heed the people’s call? Our Opposition is not functional and is cozying up with Mr. Barrow. There is word that these

guys party together (San Ignacio Birthday Bash-was a gala!). No noise mek bout that one. I understand it was a high-society gala where guests where housed at one of San Ignacio’s top hotels and no expenses were spared by the host to entertain his fellow high society guests. The Opposition by its behavior identifies with the Government not with the people. So this call for demonstration will have to be taken up by other organs rather than by the opposition. We are fed up, the young people are fed up, and the elderly are fed up! Johnny and his high society executive need to go and a leadership that is in tune with the people need to take back the seat of leadership. I hear that Francis Fonseca is still trying to make up his mind. I encourage young Belizeans to take a look at this young gentleman who has proven his worth. It is time for Francis and the PUP. Let’s get it on because our lives cannot wait any longer while you guys are having fun. The UDP besides, Mayor MoyaFlowers, Senators Godwin Hulse and Henry Gordon need to take a hard look at what they are doing. Like us at the National Perspective, the UDP should discuss and decide on their course from here on. This is certainly not the Belize we anticipated under the UDP. This is a call to demonstrate. Swing voters or independents are not pleased with the quality of the leadership in Belize. We feel that much more can be done to “nurture recovery and return to secure and sustained growth.” We feel that much more can be done to prevent crime but our leaders are disconnected; their lives are different from ours. This is a call to demonstrate!


ANNOUNCEMENTS Births Amir Nadir Ali to Nadir Ali and Denise Shevon Ahmad nee Bucknor Avril Iseni to Dionicio Theophilus and Shelly Mitchell Edwards nee Reyes Destiny Ihechukwuluru Onyedikachukwu to Charles Chidi and Confidence Nkemdivina Nwogu nee Ene Kaylon Dwayne to Linton Orlando and Dionne Baptist Nee Carr Miranda Paola to Frank and Dora Loewen nee Penner Asher Damian to Arleigh Damian Jr. and Olga Violanda Gough nee Urbina Izaya Fabian Roy to George Bryan and Odessa Diane Lovell nee Wade Zarek Shamar to Phillip Emmanuel and Zelma Nicholas nee Baizar


Joseph Patrick Roach to Diana Tsai both of San Salvador Jonathan Che to Jehieli Vasquez both of Belmopan, Cayo Jaime Estuardo Cooch to Mirta Violeta Salinas both of Benque Viejo, Cayo Jose Antonio Hegar to Mirna Yanneth Perez Garcia both of Benque Viejo, Cayo Alan Jeffery Rhoades of Oregon, USA to Janet Marie Kowal of New York, USA Philip Andrew Trautman to Catherine Anne Dombi both of Wyoming, USA Peter Raymond Gray to Reneece Kamilah Wagner both of California, USA Henning Hagen to Trudi Maria Hoogenboom both of Texas, USA Albert Nunez to Alice Zuniga both of Dangriga, Stann Creek Kevin Jake Rempel to Amber Klassen both of Blue Creek, orange Walk Osmond Paul Alvarez to Karissa Denise Tillett both of Belize City Elionai Valemir Novelo to Nalini Nacheli Patt both of San narciso, Corozal Alfredo Cucul of San Miguel, Toledo to Olga Chiquin of Indian Creek, Toledo David Wall to Sara Friesen both of Lower Barton Creek, Cayo Cornelius Loewen to Margaret Friesen both of Lower Barton Creek, Cayo Paul Vincent Mark of Hopkins, Stann Creek to Mathilda Venancia Serano of Dangriga, Stann Creek Jeremy Dave Sedacy to Cherilee Tanisha Smith both of Sandhill, Belize Winzel Adrian Gill to Virginia Paulino both of Dangriga, Stann Creek Emilio James Cruz to Merete Nodland both of Seine Bight, Stann Creek Kyle Michael lamb to Beverly Beatrice Moreira both of Dangriga, Stann Creek Marcelo Guerra to Lucevita Garcia both of Santa Elena, Cayo Jose Francisco Javier Vela to Mayra Astell Che both of Corozal Town Jose Ulises Menjivar to marina Rudvi Perez both of Ranchito, Orange Walk Carlos Victor Correa to Amelia Regina Noh both of San Joaquin, Corozal Simeon Castaneda to Anacleta Patt both of San Narciso, Corozal Franklin Josue Romero of Belmopan, Cayo to Daisy Jael Villanueva of Orange Walk Town Clive Nathaniel Smith to Carla Denise Clarke both of Belize City Salomon Dubon Orellano to Dora Elia Valencia both of Bullet Tree, Cayo Miguelito Encalada to Sherlene Shanna Bainton both of Lord’s Bank, Belize Alonzo Hector Ogaldez to Jennifer Jacklyn Flowers both of Dangriga, Stann Creek


Alberto Pablo Avila, 78 Horell Llewellyn Nicholas, 76 Elroy Ellis Fuller, 46 Maria Elena Heusner, 69 Roberto Norman Ferguson, 66 Morrell Melvin Young, 35

Editor: 605-4508 25 Nanche Street, Belmopan, Belize

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


J O H N N Y, J O H N N Y, LAMA SABACHTHANI? By: Jeremy Robinson Last Friday, as is customary around this time of the year, I had visited the Brodies store downtown to purchase a Father’s Day card. Since I was able to find parking space behind the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts, I had entered Brodies from Regent Street through its pharmacy. After making my purchase, however, I exited the store on Albert Street. Upon my exit, I was greeted by the homeless and panhandlers that have become a permanent fixture in front of the store. As I normally do, I reached into my pockets for any small change I was left holding after my purchase. Just as I was about to share the little change I had with my ‘’less fortunate’’ friends, however, two of them caught my attention. Somehow, they both appeared familiar to me; though, I could not definitively say who they were. So, I proceeded to share the chump change and lo & behold, it struck me that the two individuals, arms outstretched, were long serving members of the PUP Marshalls-Community Service Corps or PUP Marshalls as they’re more readily referred to. Now, whenever I’m approached by people for money, be it in front of Brodies or anywhere else for that matter, I never preoccupy myself with knowing the identity of the person on the receiving end. On Friday, June 18, 2010, however, that changed for a brief moment. I simply could not help but to ask the two PUP Marshalls why they were among the ‘’regulars’’ that day. Much to my shock and disappointment, they both told me that it has been some time now since they’ve been panhandling. They went on to share with me that they have been unemployed for well over a year now. With children to shelter, clothe, feed and educate, they have been forced to stretch out their hands to a public that, oftentimes, appear to be UNCARING and UNFORGIVING. I listened with a heavy heart as they related to me that there are days when they are literally chased off the ‘’block’’ by the ‘’regulars’’. Then I asked them if they had gotten any support and/or assistance from the Party to which they have unselfishly and untiringly given of their time and energy. To this, they told me that they had not received an iota of help from the current leadership of the PUP. How ironic, yet sad, that these two PUP Marshalls were being treated by their own Party as ‘’strangers’’ while begging for help from ‘’strangers’’ on the streets of Belize City. While I wasn’t surprised by their revelation, I couldn’t help but to become ENRAGED by what they had shared with me. Like them, I was left to ask: How could the Party of the Right Honourable George Cadle Price ABANDON its own? Then, I quickly reminded myself that the People’s United Party (PUP) of today isn’t the PUP of its FOUNDING FATHER. Oh no, the PUP today is a Party that is led by a ‘’Leader’’ and an Executive that are SELF-SERVING and UNCARING. Lest you think I meant to refer to the UDP and somehow erroneously referred to the PUP, you thought wrong. I AM referring to the PUP – Johnny, Eamon, Carolyn, Narda, et al. I want to particularly call out the Chairman of the Marshalls-Community Service Corps, Dr. Cecil (pronounced Seecil’) ‘’Chubby’’

Reneau. How could you ‘’Chubby’’, a selfproclaimed ‘MAN of GOD’’ countenance the MALTREATMENT of those two PUP Marshalls and many other PUPs like them who have been OSTRACIZED and ABANDONED by your ‘’Party Leader’’ and Executive? Be reminded oh ‘’MAN of GOD’’: Proverbs 31: He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker. Be reminded also that ‘’church people’’ will be the FIRST to be JUDGED. How disgusting that while Eamon jets around the globe, Carolyn deliberates which one of her plush pads she’ll lay her head down at night, Narda enjoys her ‘’executive pay’’ at SMART, and the narcissistic ‘’Weedy’’ Mahler adores himself weekly in the newspapers, PUP stalwarts have become CONDEMNED to a LIFE of MENDICANCY. While we, the rank & file of the PUP have been STRUGGLING & SUFFERING for the past two years, these ‘’choice’’ PUPs have been LIVING IT UP. Ever since he became ‘’Leader’’ of the PUP, Johnny Briceno has made it his business to lead from AFAR. The fact that the Office of the PUP Leader is not located at the Party’s Headquarters at Independence Hall speaks volumes of the kind of leader and person Johnny Briceno is. Prior to his current location at Happy Tails, the ‘’Party Leader’’ sat comfortably in his ‘’ivory tower’’ at the Blake Building. Indeed, this was a most fitting location for a “Leader’’ and his senior advisers who are known to LOOK DOWN on the ‘’little people’’. After all, isn’t this what they saw whenever they looked through the windows of the third floor - the ‘’little people’’ down under? Now, the Office of the Party Leader is located at Happy Tails, a place where the bourgeoisie like Eamon take their HIGH MAINTENANCE pets to be pampered and groomed. Yours truly has never set foot in Johnny’s new office; hell, even Dean Oliver has beaten me to it. From what I’ve been told, though, the office is as posh as they come. What else would one expect when we’re talking about Johnny, the MULTIMILLIONAIRE. Neither Johnny nor the aristocrats of his Excecutive have even bothered to offer any reason(s) as to why the Office of the Party Leader is not located at Independence Hall. That’s just fine by us Mr. ‘’Party Leader’’ & Co. because we already know why. We know that you wish to be as FAR AWAY as possible from the ‘’little people’’ like those PUP Marshalls in front of Brodies. We know that your so-called ‘’open door policy’’ applies only to those ‘’choice’’ PUPs. The question I ask is: What the hell kind of leader ISOLATES himself from his own people? You all can say what you like about Said Wilbert Musa but truth be told there was a man who walked with KINGS and kept a COMMON TOUCH. You, Johnny Briceno, are not WORTHY of being called our ‘’Leader’’. Those two PUP Marshalls used to climb the steps of Independence Hall, accompanied by their ailments, because they knew that when they reached to the top, someone would care enough to attend to their needs. Now, they are left to ask: Johnny, Johnny, LAMA SABACHTHANI?

‘Belmopan Corruption Watch’ organized after RECONDEV’s employee was caught with his hands in the Cookie Jar A group of concerned Belmopanese who are hell bent on exposing corruption in public life has organized calling themselves “Belmopan Corruption Watch”. They are speaking out and asking questions regarding the land deal carried out in the month of March/April 2010 by Mr. Omar Woodye, the driver and confidant of Area Representative of Cayo South and Chairman of RECONDEV Hon. Ramon Witz. There are other employees of RECONDEV assisted to produce the Transfer of Land documents for one Zhi Jiang Zhang who resided on Forest Drive in our City for a parcel of land which is owned by Eugene Zabaneh on Bliss Parade beside the B.T.L property and across from the S.S.B headquarters in Belmopan. We have been informed by our sources that the documents were processed so quickly just as for parcel # 5525 that it didn’t give the signatories enough time to do their due diligence, so bam the documents were signed and off Mr. Woodye took the signed Transfer of Land documents to Zhi Jiang Zhang. The documents had all the signatures, had all the witnesses and it has the RECONDEV’s SEAL on it; yes we say the RECONDEV’S OFFICIAL SEAL. This document at the eyes of any land recipient would be legitimate so why wouldn’t Zhi think otherwise. REMEMBER THE LAND TRANSFER OF DOCUMENT HAS THE RECONDEV’S SEAL, this is the most careless, corrupt and downright give a dam about us the residents of Belmopan; and all and we say all the senior officers at RECONDEV should be ask to resigned forthwith. These officers should resign for their own integrity, if they have any left; for their families and for Belmopan. These officers are: Chairman Hon. Ramon Witz, Manager August, Administrative Officer Rurico Alvarado, and all political appointees who are involved in this and other corrupt land deals. The questions that have resulted out of this brazen act of corruption are: 1) Why did the police responded so late to the crime even after we had emailed all concerned? 2) Why haven’t the Belmopan Police Department do a thorough investigation, that is, why haven’t they charged the Administrative Officer Rurico Alvarado since his computer was used to fabricate the document, his computer has a pass word which only he knows. 3) PC.COM was brought in to check which computer was used to produce the false document and it was proven that Mr. Alvarado’s computer was used. 4) Mr. Alvarado have not been interrogated, but please lets not forget where he came from, remember the Phillip Goldson International Airport scandal? He was in-charged then for security of the Airport, remember he was trained and has confidants like Oscar Montero Sr. and Hon. Witz who were all SIS officers and knows very well how to use the system.

5) Now we understand that the Office Assistant and one Mr. Patnett (UDP Chairman of Teakettle Village) have been fired, but imagine they were not given their marching ticket they were called into the Chairman’s office and given a cheque and told that they were fired, because they were involved in the illegal transaction. *Rurico Alvarado and Hon. Witz are investigators, prosecutors, judge and hangman in this illegal transaction. Imagine only Mr. Woodye, Hon. Witz’s driver has been charged and the case has not even begun but Rurico Alvarado and Hon. Witz feels they have the God given right to fire these gentlemen even before the police has done their investigation????? 6) We question how can a chairman of a board fire an employee who has been employed for three years isn’t this the job of the General Manager? 7) Now we ask, does General Manager Peter August has missing the same thing that Mayor Moya says P.M. Barrow has missing; “BAALLS”!. 8) Why doesn’t Mr. August advise those two corrupt persons that what they are doing is illegal, and stand up for principle and integrity. 9) Why didn’t Mr. August advise the police to do their investigation well and determine how Mr. Woodye got the RECONDEV’s seal, if access to it could only be done by someone with the key which only Hon. Witz, Peter August and Rurico Alvarado has access to, don’t take your eyes off Rurico Alvarado he is the conning one. 10) The saying is that if you lied once, you have to keep on lying to cover up your lie, can’t this be true after hearing all the evening news they are contradicting, one says sale of land in Valley of Peace, one says land in Belmopan, other says land by BTL; but the TRUTH is the land in question owned by Eugene Zabaneh which sits beside the BTL property on Bliss Parade. Each one gives a totally different story. 11) But the BIGGEST question is why haven’t the Belmopan Police Department, Audit Department and Financial Intelligence Unit do the necessary investigations into our accusation and charge the criminals. That Mr. Oscar Montero paid RECONDEV only 10% of the value of parcel # 5525 which is (our green/buffer) but on the “Transfer of Land” documents lodged at the lands Registry in the Lands Department says he paid $12000.00. We have prove that he paid only $1200.00 instead of the $12000.00 which the transfer document says he paid; isn’t this the same, STEALING is STEALING, a spade is a spade. Receipt # 6504 dated 15th.4.10. will prove us wrong. Reports are they are cooking the books and will open the books they say after they have finish cooking, we will wait. The “Belmopan Corruption Watch” challenge Chairman of RECONDEV Hon. Ramon Witz to an interview with PLUS TV News Caster Mr. Mendoza or Mr. Brackett to answer the hot questions and to open the receipt book to receipt # 6504 and clear the air. ONLY BY EXPOSING CORRUPTION CAN WE STOP CORRUPTION

Sunday, June 27th, 2010


Saldivar disses Coach Siroki for an inexperienced ex-NBA player

Kev 2 get this far & Paul, Julian, Nigel & d bbf disc Kev like that!” And again another swore: “Those guys didn’t wanted 2 come in & play, they had 2 beg Milt, Marlon, Keenan & Alex!” Last week the Cuban national team is travelled to Mexico to play a couple of games prior to playing in the tournament next month. Both national teams will play Belize. Meanwhile another of What could Belize expect with a new ‘Head Coach’ Belize’s first round rivals, that has never coached? Puerto Rico also started practicing last week “ … for their commitments this summer that include the 2010 Centrobasket Championship (July 5-11, Dominican Republic); the Central American and Caribbean Games (24-31 of July, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico) and the 2010 FIBA World Championship (28 of August until September 12, Turkey. After the Centrobasket and Central American and Caribbean Games, Puerto Rico has a tour of Argentina and Germany prior to their arrival to Turkey on August 23.).” The 2010 Centrobasket Tournament Make your Tiny Space Feel Comfortable, will field ten national teams for the first time and in the first round Belize will play Organized and Expertly Decorated Trinidad & Tobago (July 5th), Mexico (6th), Cuba (7th), and Puerto Rico (9th). The other group is comprised of the Apartment living can be rough on someone pans, towels and clocks on walls. British Virgin Islands, the Dominican who’s used to living in the country. The Hide Unwanted Clutter in a Blanket Box Republic, Jamaica, , Panama, , and US sound of cars and buses rolling by at all One of the best investments you can hours, noisy upstairs neighbors, car alarms make is in a blanket box. Larger than Virgin Islands. To advance to the semiand various city sounds can make it hard the usual cedar chest, a blanket box finals Belize would have to finish either to sleep, difficult to relax. Maybe lifetime comes with a lid, making it possible to first or second in its group. apartment-dwellers feel the same stress, stash 45 square feet of books, papers, Even under the best of circumstances but aren’t aware of the difference between tools, dishes, yes, even blankets in a and situation this would be a tall order for country and city life. For both kinds of tidy, contained space about 5 feet long Belize especially with an inexperienced people, making home a haven of serenity is by three feet wide and deep. Make it a coach. Puerto Rico is considered one of an issue important to health and harmony. rule: when the lid can’t be easily closed, the favorites to win the championship It’s not easy to relax in a crowded room, it’s time to sort and either reorganize or whilst Cuba and Trinidad finished but in apartment living, space is often at a throw things out. third and fourth in the 2009 CBC premium. Here are some tips for generating If you have a choice between open and Championship whilst Mexico won last a peaceful feeling in your home wherever closed shelves or cabinets, choose closed year’s COCABA Tournament. ones. That way you don’t have to look you may dwell. Clearing and Organizing Clutter Make Small at disorganized shelves and neither does Word circulated is that Noel Felix, one anyone else. Keep closet doors shut Spaces Seem Larger of Belize’s big men, won’t be coming to One mistake many people make is in and put things in drawers as you move Belize and the speculation is that he may thinking that cleaning doesn’t count unless through your rooms. not have liked the coaching change. it’s thorough and completely organized. Replace “Stuff” (i.e. Clutter or Too BBF President Paul Bradley and General There’s a lot to be said for hiding mess until Many Decorations) with Plants Secretary Julian Murillo are going to you have time to deal with it: there’s no Plants are natural air purifiers. They reason to punish yourself by living in clutter provide visual interest, and add a shot until you can clean it all up! It’s surprising of color and fragrance for a minimal how much more open a room can look investment of time and effort. Bulbs when the horizontal surfaces are cleared off, are great for growing indoors. Many even temporarily. One solution to cluttered are shade-tolerant, and they come in an coffee and dining tables is to place baskets endless variety of colors. This year, my Continued from page 11 under each table, and sweep the clutter into friends who have a blueberry-milkshake amendment to the Essential Services the basket once a day. On the weekend, colored living-room announced their Act, the retrenchment by attrition sort through the basket, discard magazines plan to include blue and purple flowers public service policy silently and junk, put books back in shelves. When inside the room. Hyacinths and iris come in wonderful shades of blue, lavender Monday rolls around, start over! being implemented, and (surprise, Go Vertical with Apartment Storage and deep purple. My personal favorite surprise) the BTL Workers Trust. are the DeCaen anemones for sale at Solutions Dean and his handpicked Board of Things look better in stacks. If you don’t They come in Directors continue to insist, even have time to put things away but still need red and pink, but the blue are silky, deep in the face of a court ruling to the to make a room presentable, simply stacking and luscious, with a shiny black center. contrary (contempt of court ala the books and papers, stacking large to small, The other plus side of using bulbs is that Supreme Court of Judicature Act from bottom to top, can clear horizontal you can grow them any time of year. 2010 anyone?) that the trust does space fast. Choose narrower bookshelves You can force bulbs to bloom out of not exist, and if it does exist, they that reach high up the wall rather than wide season by refrigerating them for a couple won’t pay that piper. ones that spread across the floor to maximize of months, then bringing them out into open space. Mount speakers to the wall rather the world where they will experience The matter of the trust not only than setting them on the floor. Hang pots and spring, created by you!

By: Dulce Silva

Small Apartment Living Tips

Continued from page 7 come under increasing fire for the change from Kevin Siroki for Marques Johnson who almost cheerfully admits to his lack of coaching experience and that this is a move to jump start his coaching career. Siroki, a naturalized Belizean has guided Belizean national teams, semipro teams and the university team to championships and most notably to a run up finish to Mexico, in Mexico, at last year’s COCABA Championships under some very adverse circumstances. While Siroki has graciously agreed to serve as Johnson’s assistant, it speaks volumes for the sparkplug former point guard heart and love for a team he molded in his basketball philosophy and character, and which also emphasizes the machinations of the BBF hierarchy in bed with a glory hound politician. Siroki’s now legion of fans are restive and some of the players from a team that he molded in his fiery, scrappy personality are not happy. It does not sound like a recipe for success in a huge regional Olympic gateway tournament against some of the steepest odds Belize has ever faced in the sport. (The 2010 Centrobasket Championship qualifies the top four teams for the 2011 FIBA Americas Championship (PreOlympic), the top eight for the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico and the top three for the 2011 Pan-American Games scheduled for Guadalajara, Mexico.) Last week the Belize Basketball Federation announced that they have received over $125,000 in donations for the Men’s National Team as it prepares to participate in the 2010 Centrobasket Championship which will be taking place from July 5-11, 2010, at el Palacio de los Deportes ‘Virgilio Travieso Soto’ of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, but that it will need in excess of $200,000 to ensure a successful effort. The donations were listed as $35,000 each from the Government of Belize and Belize Telemedia Limited, $10,000 each from Social Security Board, the Central Bank and Maya Islands Airways, an undisclosed sum from the Belize Tourism Board, and $25,000 in accommodations from the Princess Hotel and Casino. Even with the outright disappointment over Saldivar’s replacing of Siroki the Minister of Sports sounded confident that they would be successful.

If I had a gavel … raises the ante by literally millions of dollars now owed to BTL workers and not the Lord, but it ratchets up the tension all across the board. At this rate there won’t be much left of the body politic left for Barrow to alienate or otherwise just plain piss off. Even within his party’s ranks, many have looked with dismay at the Zenaida lynching and the abandonment of Kreamy. And please guys (or whatever you folks are over there), I don’t sit in judgment. I just observe and comment. It is not a case of if I had a gavel, which is to say, a hammer.

Historia en la pagina 4 Domingo, 27 de Junio, 2010

Edición 96 Vol. 2 - Semana 45



Niesa Pipersburgh graduada clase de 2010 El cuerpo encontrado sin vida en un estado de descomposición avanzado fue identificado ser la de la joven Niesa Pipersburgh quien fue reportada desaparecida el miércoles pasado. El cuerpo fue encontrado el sábado pasado por la mañana en un camino cerca de el Canal Burton en los limites de la cuidad de Belice a las alturas de la milla seis de la carretera occidental. El doctor forense Estradaban tuvo que realizar una autopsia al cuerpo en el mismo sitio ya que estaba avanzada estado de descomposición. Horas más tarde se realizo un entierro para enterrar a la joven sin vida en el cementerio de Lord Ridge. Casi dos semanas atrás, la joven encantadora marcho hacia el pulpito para recibir su diploma por ser parte de la clase del 2010 que se graduó del Colegio de Pallotti. La noticia del asesinato dejo en shock a toda la comunidad de amigos y familiares que esperaban encontrarla con vida. Niesa fue reportada desaparecida por su mama, la señora Alice Williams, nomas tres días después de su graduación y días antes de su fiesta de gala. Todos sabían y creen que Niesa era una individua inteligente que estaba llena de expectaciones y quería seguir su estudio para superar en su futuro. Su mama, la señora Williams dijo que su hija fue encontrada todavía

con la misma ropa que se le vio la ultima ves con vida: “una camiseta con unos pantalones con correa color oro. Un pedazo de pelo artificial también sirvió para identificar que el cuerpo estaba empezando a pelarse también su cuerpo inflado comprobaron que el cuerpo estaba descomponiéndose avanzadamente.” La policía cree que Niesa fue asesinada el mismo día que fue reportada ser desaparecida o en un tiempo de 24 horas del que fue reportada ser desaparecida. También se cree que fue asesinada en otro sitio adonde se encontró el cuerpo sin vida y que fue tirada en el sitio adonde fue encontrada. La madre dijo que su hija estaba saliendo con un policía por nombre de Gamboa, pero noto que la relación fue quebrada y no sospecha que el tendrá nada que ver con el asesinato de su hija. La señora Williams dijo que su hija se mantenía callada y no hablaba de su vida personal con ella, no se sabe si ella vivía bajo constante amenaza. Williams agrego que ella investigo la historia de llamadas realizadas por su hija y vio que ella se comunicaba por mensajes de texto con un tal vecino en la comunidad por casi 45 minutos en la mañana del día cuando su hija

fue reportada ser desaparecida. Ella hablo con el vecino pero el niega tener cualquier clase de comunicación con su hija. La señora Williams dijo que ella sospecha que este vecino sabe más de lo que esta diciendo y puede saber quien tomo la vida de su hija y hasta el último que la vio con vida. Cuando dos familiares se dirigían hacia donde el cuerpo de la joven fue encontrada, tragedia quiso azotar otra ves. El señor George Pipersburgh y Kirk Craig apenas habían bordado un pickup rojo cuando por un motivo inexplicable, el motor del pickup empezó a calarse y eso es cuando un bus de Shaw’s Bus Line venia por detrás y choco con la parte trasera del pickup causando que George Pipersburgh volare hacia el parabrisas del auto bus causando que el señor se vuelva inconsciente. El señor Craig también sostuvo serios danos y los dos hombres fueron llevados hacia el hospital para tratamiento. La noticia del asesinato de Niesa causo que los estudiantes del colegio de Pallotti tristeza ya que esperaban escuchar que fue encontrada viva. Los estudiantes organizaron una vigilia caminando por las calles de la cuidad de Belice, la noche de la misma fiesta de gala para pagar sus respetos a una compañera de clases; que llego a terminar en frente del complejo de Brown Sugar Marketplace en la calle de North Front. Mientras todo eso estaba pasando, la policía continuo con su investigación y investigaron a unas personas que son sospechadas saber algo del asesinato de la joven, incluyendo a Tommy Shaw, un hotelero y parte dueño de el Hotel Mopan. Investigadores policiales realizaron un registro en la casa de Tommy Shaw adonde encontraron ninguna clase de evidencia que lo involucre con el asesinato de la joven pero si encontraron armas de Sra. fuego: una escopeta y un revolver con munición también. La policía

arresto al señor Shaw y lo acuso de tener armas de fuego y también munición sin licencia alguna. Se le fue rechazado salir bajo fianza por la naturaleza del la violación bajo la nueva ley de armas de fuego. La policía continua diciendo que ellos llegaran al fin de esta investigación y no pararan hasta encontrar al asesino/ predador tomo la vida de la joven sin derecho. El lunes pasado los alumnos del Colegio de Pallotti realizaron un servicio memorial para celebrar la vida de una gran compañera de clases que fue Niesa Pipersburgh; los que atendieron esta ceremonia fueron los familiares y amigos de la joven la madre, Alice Williams y también la Alcaldesa de la cuidad de Belice atendió el servicio. En noticias que relacionan a desaparecías de jóvenes. Dos joven muchachas fueron encontradas después de que no se sabía adonde se encontraban por casi dos semanas. La primera es Melanie Conorquie de 21 anos de edad que sufre de perdida de memoria que fue reportada desaparecida el 4 de junio fue encontrada por oficiales el viernes pasado en el área de Port Loyola en la cuidad de Belice. Otra de 13 anos, Rosie Muñoz, quien desapareció el 11 de junio, llamo a su madre Aracely Garido, desde la cuidad de Melchor de Mencos en Guatemala. Garido noto que la llamada se corto un poco después pero la mama reporto a la policía que su hija se encontraba en Melchor, Guatemala.

Alice Williams


Domingo, 27 de Junio, 2010

El PUP, Un relato muy triste Para los simpatizantes del Partido Unido del Pueblo, estos últimos meses ha sido un infierno en vida. Fueron aniquilados por el UDP en las últimas elecciones Aldeanas, la Alcaldesa de la Ciudad ha sido expulsada de su partido y es permitida a permanecer en su puesto, el Líder de la Oposición fue engañado por el Primer Ministro para que declarara su apoyo para le estrategia “Restaurar Belice” que es un fiasco y un verdadero novato fue puesto como Secretario General del PUP. Estos verdaderamente son tiempos tristes. Imagínense que en el año 2010 existen ciento cincuenta y dos Concejales Aldeanos que se avergüenzan de asociarse con el PUP y por ende optaron por concurrir las elecciones aldeanas como Independientes. Claramente han demostrado que no quieren nada que ver con el PUP en sus aldeas. Aceptaron los UDP’s y en muchos casos el UDP se vieron derrotados frente a los Independientes por márgenes constreñidos. El UDP gano Seis Cientos treinta y tres escaños aldeanos mientras que el PUP apenas obtuvo tres cientos sesenta y una silla. En conjunto, el UDP sumándose a los escaños Independientes doblan la cantidad de sillas obtenidas por el PUP y viceversa, el UDP siempre tiene suficiente popularidad para derrotar a los PUP’s y los Independientes

combinados. Esto ciertamente es devastadora noticia para los simpatizantes PUP porque significa que los UDP’s permanecen con mucho mas apoyo porque el PUP parece no tener el apoyo en estas areas estratégicas. ¿Podrá esto significar que el PUP quedara como un tercer partido? Bajo el liderazgo de Johnny Briceño el PUP se ha ido fragmentando consistentemente porque existen figuras claves dentro de su Executivo que están contentos viendo a Briceño quedar más débil ya que se acerca las Convenciones políticas en donde se erigirá otro líder. De seguro se cree que de aquí a las convenciones, Briceño ya estará debilitado políticamente y estará bajo de ataques más agresivas por aquellos quienes aspiran al liderazgo del PUP. Se espera que esta Convención sea una verdadera batalla y si Briceño pierde su re-eleccion en Noviembre, ha dicho que se saldrá de la política para dedicarse a sus empresas. Muchos creen que esto solo es una excusa ya que ha tenido más oportunidades para unir el partido después de la renuncia del ex líder Said Musa, pero se negó a hacerlo. Introdujo la división dentro del partido declarando públicamente que existe una vieja guardia y una nueva guardia. Un estigma que fue regándose como fuego y se

salió de control. Ahora trata de decir que solo existe un partido PUP pero el daño ya está hecho. Es muy tarde, especialmente porque se ha aislado de todo los logros del PUP solo para aparentarse como un santo. Durante los últimos dos años y medio, sus líderes auxiliares han actuado como si no pertenecen. Estos dos líderes no le han cedido cuartel a Briceño. Han logrado infiltrar todas las aéreas para convencer a los Comités Executivos para que los apoyen en sus candidaturas en Noviembre. También han tomado control de la mayoría de los miembros dentro de la Executiva Nacional que claramente ha creado un gran problema para el liderazgo de Briceño especialmente porque estos elementos aminoran todo los esfuerzos de Briceño. Los únicos leales a Briceño dentro de la Executiva Nacional son los quienes está empleado por la empresa telefónica de Briceño. Actualmente existen dos parlamentarios esperando las convenciones de Noviembre y eso será el factor definitivo del PUP para los próximos cinco años. La actual Presidente del partido ha demostrado su lealtad a los dos líderes auxiliares y ha jurado que hará todo dentro de su poder para mover a Briceño. Ademas, La Presidente del PUP no concuerda con el actual Secretario General del PUP,

Sr Robert Cadle hijo. Este es uno de las personas que dirigió un grupo de protestadores respondió a el llamado para desobediencia civil por Den Barrow. Este estuvo dentro del grupo de protestantes quienes fueron a la casa del entonces Primer Ministro Said Musa para apedrearla. Ahora el PUP le paga a este hombre para desempeñar este importante cargo. Said Musa tiene que estar bajo un engaño para que acepte semejante bofetada de Briceño y siempre apoya a Briceño como líder. Nosotros en este periódico creemos que el Sr Musa hará que Briceño pague por todo sus mal hechuras y esperara hasta que Briceño entienda el mensaje de engaño. Ninguna persona en sus cinco sentidos aceptaría este tipo de deslealtad. Sin embargo, el Sr Musa siempre ha sido una persona generosa que dialogara justamente en asuntos del partido pero en su interior está dolido de la traición de Briceño de nombra a Cadle al puesto de Secretario General mientras que Bricenio mismo destituyo a su hijo Henry Usher del puesto. Sin embargo nosotros hemos erado anteriormente y solo el tiempo juzgara que pasara en Noviembre. Los PUP’s podrá ser un partido político en camino a Belmopan o un partido en el olvido.

Abran Los Ojos, El Pueblo Esta Despierta.


Domingo, 27 de Junio, 2010



14 dead after El Salvador gangs attack buses SAN SALVADOR En el primer caso, 11 personas murieron luego que supuestos pandilleros de la llamada Mara 18 incendiaron un microbús de transporte colectivo en que viajaban en la localidad de Mejicanos. Otras ocho personas resultaron lesionadas en el incidente. Las once personas quedaron tendidas al interior del microbús, aseguró el subdirector de Areas Especializadas de la Policía Nacional Civil (PNC) , comisionado Roberto Villalobos. “Es un microbús al que supuestos pandilleros de la Mara 18 le prendieron fuego, en el interior murieron varias personas, es un hecho lamentable” , explicó Villalobos a la AFP . El jefe policial agregó que “no se sabe con claridad los motivos” del por qué los pandilleros decidieron quemar la unidad de transporte con los pasajeros en su interior.

Catorce personas murieron en la noche del domingo recién pasado, once calcinadas en el interior de un microbús incendiado y otras tres por disparos tras ser atacado otro microbús, en la periferia norte de San Salvador, informó la Policía.

Personal de la Policía Nacional Civi salv adoreñal investiga el microbús donde al menos 11 cuerpos calc inados aparecieron el domingo recién pasado, en San Salvador.

Casi a la misma hora en que el primer microbús era incendiado con las personas en su interior, otro grupo de pandilleros, al parecer de la misma Mara 18 abordaron otro microbús que realizaba el mismo recorrido y, sin mediar palabra, dispararon en contra de los pasajeros. Una persona adulta y dos niñas de 7 y 9 años murieron, informó el comisionado Gersan Pérez de la PNC. Desde finales del año 2009 el gobierno del presidente Mauricio Funes emprendió una ofensiva en contra de la violencia delincuencial y para ello sacó a poco más de 4 mil soldados a las calles para reforzar a la Policía en tareas de seguridad pública. El Salvador sufre una sangrienta ola de criminalidad que deja un promedio de trece asesinatos a diario, además de incontables casos de asaltos a mano armada.

Hallan decenas de cabezas humanas en un cargamento aéreo en EE.UU. médicas. Asimismo, fue consignado a ese destinatario por la empresa JLS Consulting, de Conway (Arkansas). En declaraciones a un diario de Arkansas, Camper sostuvo que las cabezas humanas permanecerán en la morgue del condado hasta que sean develados los resultados de la investigación. “Estamos hablando de seres humanos. No voy a permitir el envío de un montón de cabezas por todo el país sin una verificación de que se han obtenido de manera legal”, señaló Camper, quien declinó especificar el número exacto.

Southwest Airlines alegó que las partes humanas estaban mal empacadas Entre 40 y 60 cabezas fueron halladas por un empleado de la aerolínea Southwest Airlines. Las partes humanas habían sido mal empaquetadas por la empresa JLS Consulting y además no fueron identificadas como material anatómico. La empresa alega que estas piezas fueron enviadas con fines educativos. Un empleado de la aerolínea estadounidense Southwest Airlines descubrió este viernes un cargamento de decenas de cabezas humanas que serían enviadas presuntamente a una empresa de investigaciones médicas.

El descubrimiento ocurrió el pasado nueve de junio en el aeropuerto de Little Rock (Arkansas, Estados Unidos) y en el paquete había entre 40 y 60 cabezas, señaló cadena NBC en su sitio de internet. Este hecho fue confirmado por el vocero de la línea aérea, Ashley Rogers, quien explicó que el paquete con cabezas estaba mal empaquetado, no tenía los registros adecuados y que, por lo tanto, no se envió a su destinatario. Añadió que la Policía fue informada del hallazgo y que posteriormente fueron entregadas al forense del condado

de Pulaski, en Little Rock, Garland Camper, quien afirmó que se inició una investigación ante la posibilidad de que formen parte de un tráfico ilegal de partes humanas. “Existe un mercado negro de partes humanas para la investigación científica. Queremos asegurarnos de que este embarque no forma parte de ese mercado negro”, agregó. Según la cadena de noticias, los documentos vinculados al embarque reflejan que estaban destinados a la empresa Medtronic, de Fort Worth (Texas), que realiza investigaciones

Según la directora de JLS Consulting, Janice Hepler, su empresa está cooperando con la investigación y que se ha entregado toda la documentación al forense. “Necesita saber de qué se trata y lo que ocurre y le estamos proporcionando todo lo que ha pedido”, agregó. Añadió que la compañía organiza cursos médicos patrocinados por hospitales y otros centros de salud y que eso involucra el uso de cadáveres donados con propósitos educativos. Hepler manifestó que con frecuencia se embarcan partes humanas por vía aérea y que se les identifica como “material anatómico”. “Esto ha tenido el efecto de una bola de nieve. El paquete no fue embalado y etiquetado correctamente. Nada más”, indicó.


Domingo, 27 de Junio, 2010

Alcaldesa Paz urge a Barrow que detenga perforaciones Marítima en la exploración petrolera “Mi concilio y yo estamos totalmente en contra esta exploración petrolera”

Alcaldesa de San Pedro Elsa Pa La Alcaldesa de la isla de San Pedro, la señora Elsa Paz es la figura pública más recién para protestar en contra de la decisión del gobierno de permitir a compañías petroleras para que establezcan plataformas petrolíferas cerca de la costa de Belice. La alcaldesa dijo que esa decisión traerá un gran impacto en el turismo de la isla de San Pedro y también al igual de todo nuestro país. La alcaldesa, Elsa Paz, hizo esta firme declaración miércoles por la mañana mientras la nueva formada ‘Coalición para Salvar Nuestro Patrimonio Natural’ hacia su presentación en la isla turística que estaba siendo retransmitida por directo en la RADIO REEF para los residentes de la isla. Aunque fue una presentación que no estaba tomando llamadas, la señora Paz llamo a la radio para hacer su opinión publica oponiéndose a la propuesta petrolera de realizar plataformas petrolíferas en nuestras aguas costales. La señora Paz hasta dio su apoyo diciendo “El concilio y yo, estamos totalmente en contra esa propuesta. Creo que yo tengo que ser la líder en mi comunidad y extender mi apoyo a esta organización porque la verdad es que traerá serios problemas.” La alcaldesa agrego que después de enterarse del gran impacto que ha causado la plataforma petrolífera en el Golfo de México, ella no quiere que nada así pase en nuestro bello país de Belice, que no tan solo nomas tendrá gran impacto en la isla de San Pedro pero del todo el país, si algo así llega a ocurrir. La alcaldesa hablo de cómo el gobierno debería tener consultaciones con el pueblo de Belice antes de aprobar permisos petroleros tal como esos que pueden afectar nuestra aguas costales, también informar a gobiernos locales

de tales decisiones; especialmente cuando impactan la misma área que controla tales gobiernos locales. Paz dijo que muchas veces los gobiernos locales no se les dan el respeto debido por gobiernos del país de antes tiempos y también de ahora. Ahora de que ella ha publicado su opinión, la alcaldesa Elsa Paz dijo que lo primero que ella hará será, “juntarse con las diversas organizaciones para apelar y hacer que el gobierno entienda que no queremos tales proyectos tal como esos realizados en nuestro país, especialmente en frente de la isla de San Pedro. No es tan solo una preocupación para nuestra isla pero para todo el país. Como se puede notar en nuestro país, la mayoría de los ingresos que colecta el gobierno viene del turismo, la industria turística es la mas grande industria en nuestro país y decisiones que podrían afectar la industria deberían ser revistos y aprobados por el pueblo de Belice primero.” La señora en rojo dijo agrego: “Estoy extendiendo todo mi apoyo con mi gente y si yo tengo que defender mis derechos con mi gente lo hare y al fin del día; es el publico que nos eligen para ser lideres en esta política, yo como alcaldesa y ustedes como ministros deberían respetar la opinión de la mayoridad del pueblo de Belice.” La alcaldesa, Elsa Paz, y su concilio, la organización BTIA y también NTUCB son las mas recién organizaciones para apoyar la “Coalición por Salvar nuestro Patrimonio Natural’ en su intento para hacer que el gobierno ponga un pare a esta propuesta. La alcaldesa dijo que ella y su concilio pedirán al Ministro de Turismo, Manuel Heredia, para apoyar la causa. Ella termino diciendo: “Se que Manuel Heredia es un ministro que sirve al pueblo y que si la gente no quiere tal proyectos como estos cerca de nuestra isla, nosotros también deberíamos estar contra eso. Deberíamos estar con nuestro pueblo.” La señora Elsa Paz, es la primera alcaldesa UDP de pararse en contra de la propuesta petrolera, extendiendo su apoyo a las muchas protestas que se realizaran por la Coalición para Salvar Nuestro Patrimonio Natural, para que el gobierno vea que muchos estamos contra tales proyectos que afectan nuestras aguas e industria turística.



Aries 21 Marzo-19 Abril

El tránsito de Venus por tu signo es excelente para aumentar tus recursos personales. Refleja una etapa favorable para conquistar nuevos objetivos, tanto de tipo personal como sentimental. Ahora tienes más seguridad a la hora de actuar. Tus relaciones te pueden abrir nuevas perspectivas. Es una buena etapa para todo lo relacionado con la capacidad de materializar tus propias ideas en materia de amor. Indica una doble sesión de vitalidad. Revela un periodo de buena suerte, de colocar las cosas en su sitio, de tener que vivir experiencias que te reporten felicidad.

Tauro 20 Abril-20 Mayo

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa doce indica que vives un momento de gran actividad creativa. Refleja la posibilidad de que le dediques más tiempo a la introspección. Tus experiencias sentimentales del pasado van a ser objeto de revisión y quizá te aporten datos que te aclaren muchas dudas. Desde el punto de vista de la salud es el momento de decir adiós a un ciclo y entrar en un proceso nuevo de transformación que se puede materializar un poco más adelante.

Gémini 21 Mayo-21 Junio

Venus transitando por tu casa once indica un incremento en todo lo relacionado con tus actividades sociales y con tu sentido lúdico de la vida. Refleja que vas a vivir una etapa de mucho trato con la gente, de tener nuevas experiencias y a la vez de aprender gracias a esos contactos. Vas a tener una mayor capacidad comunicativa, lo que te hará sentirte mejor y te dará más éxito con los demás. Vas a mezclar la amistad en todo tipo de actividades, desde las comerciales hasta las románticas.

Cáncer 22 Junio-22 Julio

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa diez refleja que una nueva filosofía de vida toma cuerpo en tus esquemas profesionales provocando cambios en tu vida exterior. Con seguridad las circunstancias cambian para que puedas demostrar la capacidad que tienes de hacer las cosas con éxito y autonomía. Llega un periodo muy constructivo para tus intereses. Indica nuevas oportunidades para progresar en tus metas profesionales, e igualmente es posible que recibas ayudas ya sea de forma directa o indirecta.

Leo 23 Julio-22 Agosto

El tránsito de Venus por tu c asa nueve marc a un periodo donde adquieres nuevos enfoques respecto a lo que tienes que hacer c on tu vida. Diversas opciones de funcionamiento aparecen para ampliar tus horizontes. Indic a una etapa donde es necesario salir y ver el mundo. Es un tránsito excelente para aumentar tus objetivos personales a través de los viajes. Ref leja una fase expansiva donde se amplía la inf luencia de tus ideas.

Virgo 23 Agosto-22 Septiembre

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa ocho indica un periodo para profundizar en tus asuntos más importantes y reflexionar en cuanto a tus excesos y tus carencias. Igualmente deberías hacer un balance o repaso de lo que ha sido tu vida, tanto emocional como material en los últimos meses. Te aconseja que cuides tus emociones y administres tu energía de forma adecuada, sin ningún tipo de derroche. Ahora puedes crear un ambiente muy placentero a tu alrededor disfrutando de tus relaciones más cercanas.

Libra 23 Septiembre-22 Octubre

Venus transitando por tu casa siete indica que va a ver mucho movimiento en torno a tu pareja, a tus socios, a tus compromisos adquiridos en forma de contrato, o a todo lo que tenga que ver con tus relaciones con lo demás. Tu energía a la hora de llevar a cabo tus proyectos personales se va a potenciar. Refleja cambios positivos en la forma de entender tus relaciones. Igualmente es un tránsito idóneo para aportar nuevas propuestas, tanto sentimentales.

Escorpio 23 Octubre-21 Noviembre

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa seis te abre nuevas vías para lograr tus objetivos laborales. Tu propio trabajo te puede aportar experiencias muy interesantes. La suerte está contigo pero olvídate de mantener una actitud pasiva o de esperar a que las cosas te lleguen sin esfuerzo. Vas a tener que ser más dinámico. Indica relaciones armoniosas y más actividad social relacionada con el trabajo. Quizá sea el momento oportuno para proyectarte.

Sagitario 22 Noviemre-21 Diciembre

Venus transitando por tu casa cinco indica un periodo de grandes expectativas y avances, tanto en el terreno personal como en el del amor. Vives una racha llena de ilusiones. Revela un aumento de tu confianza personal, especialmente en lo referente a tu vida amorosa, pero también en tus actividades creativas. Los desafíos sentimentales que vivas durante las próximas semanas darán sus frutos. Indica que cualquier actividad social que tengas te puede abrir una excelente racha para el amor.

Capricornio 22 Diciembre-19 Enero

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa cuatro indica que puedes tener oportunidades para involucrarte en actividades comerciales relacionadas con inmuebles o propiedades. Refleja que empieza una etapa positiva en asuntos de hogar, vivienda y familia, e igualmente influye en tu ámbito emocional más íntimo. Quizá tengas que hacer un camino de más responsabilidad personal, aunque en cualquier caso vives un momento maravilloso para lograr un crecimiento interno.

Acuario 20 Enero-18 Febrero

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa tres indica que puedes vivir una expansión considerable en tu vida social. Puedes hacer más viajes cortos que habitualmente conociendo a diferentes personas. Indica que tu mente se reactiva. Refleja que durante varias semanas puedes expresarte de un modo más claro y concreto. Es probable que durante esta época tomes decisiones importantes o formules nuevas estrategias y planes para el futuro. Aprovecha este periodo para llevar hacia adelante cualquier proyecto personal.

Piscis 19 Febrero-20 Marzo

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa dos indica una etapa donde se consolidan tus pretensiones financieras. Vives un momento favorable para sacar tus mejores cualidades en el ámbito profesional. Indica cambios en todo lo relacionado con la economía. Revela una etapa fecunda para tener ideas originales que adquieran valor con el paso del tiempo. Quizá sea ahora cuando puedas desarrollar nuevos proyectos y planteamientos que te permitan avanzar económicamente

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