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Edition 94 Vol. 2 - Week 43

PM Sacks CJ Conteh Forced to demit office in August “In terms of judicial reform, are you going to renew or extend Doctor Conteh’s contract as Chief Justice?” - Glenn Tillett, Vibes Radio

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“No, but it’s not a question of a contract; it’s a question of the constitution. There is a retirement age and Doctor Conteh reaches that age in August. The constitution does provide for there to be an extension notwithstanding that the age of retirement has been reached. I have discussed matters with the Chief Justice and the answer is that we propose to find a new Chief Justice after Doctor Conteh retires.” - Prime Minister Dean Barrow

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Murder and Mayhem at Magistrates Court

Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh

Lifestyle of the now Wealthy DPM While Belizeans pay the high cost

Front door of to Magistrates Courts one and two closed after Andre Trapp killing

By Rhenae Nunez Belize City; Thurs. June 10, 2010 The routine atmosphere in Belize’s Judicial District in downtown Belize City was suddenly interrupted by the

sound of gunshots that rang out around ten this morning. Reputed Street figure Andre Trapp 24 had just exited the

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$US 150,000dollars 2011 Model Lexus driven by Gasper Vega, UDP Deputy Prime Minister

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Sunday, June 13th, 2010


WHO WILL RESTORE BELIZE? In life there are certain actions and things that cannot be explained. When these events occur, one is often left in awe. Such was the feeling of 49,000 plus People’s United Party supporters who watched the evening news on Wednesday of this week and saw the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition agreeing to work along with the multitude of committees appointed to accomplish the pretentious “Restore Belize” plan. From the time Mr. Briceño became the Leader of the PUP, Mr. Barrow has taken him for ‘pappy show’. In the House of Representatives, he ridicules Mr. Briceño stating that he is a criminal and is working for Lord Ashcroft. He, Barrow, allowed his Deputy, Gasper Vega, to degrade Mr. Briceño’s entire family by disrespecting his father Joe Briceño as he continues to regurgitate Joe Briceño’s arrest in the United States by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) in the1980s. During all the attacks Hon. Briceño has remained mum. He has not counterattacked Barrow and his merry men or even tries to defend himself like a man. There is an advertisement running on the television which shows the violent and criminal nature of the United Democratic Party supporters. This advertisement serves to remind the Belizean people of how violent the UDP is and how much they have contributed to the escalation of crime under their administration since 2008. The crowd on WAVE Radio’s “Fuss Ting Da Mawin” (Joe Bradley, Alfonso Noble, and Juliet Thimbriel) has accused the Chamber of Commerce of running this advertisement. Now that Mr. Briceño has embraced Dean Barrow and the “Restore Belize” plan which everyone knows will fail, John Briceño and the PUP will not be able to criticize the program because the UDP will remind them that they are a part of the process. So by agreeing to be a part of the government initiative, the Opposition has neutralized itself as a political party. As criminal activities escalate, the PUP will not be able to hold the UDP government accountable. It is clear that the United Democratic Party has set up the People’s United Party so they can be embarrassed. This was clear by the headline in this week’s The/El Guardian which shows that Johnny Briceño is following Dean Barrow. The headline claimed Briceño is a follower and worst, the PUP Party is a follower of the UDP. How shameful it is for the PUP rank and file who had nothing to do with

such a horrendous decision. Incidentally, on the same front page, Dean Barrow is calling Johnny Briceño a traitor to Belize. This is all occurring after Johnny Briceño gambled away all his political capital in the PUP by joining Barrow and his soon-to-fail “Restore Belize” plan. What were Johnny Briceño and his advisors thinking when they decided

because they don’t see the present PUP leadership as viable. Since Wednesday, they now view the PUP as a part of the UDP as they move forward with “Restore Belize”. At this newspaper we cannot support the unilateral actions of Johnny Briceño because his actions are not in the best interest of the country. If the UDP and

also suggested that the Prime Minister may have consulted privately with the Leader of the Opposition on the replacement for the Chief Justice. The consultation is a legal requirement which needs to be done before the announcement and appointment of a new Chief Justice. Again, many in the PUP executive believe that John Briceño may have sold them out. What is happening to the PUP is sad. This Party with a long history of almost sixty years has never experienced such low popularity. Clearly, the blame falls squarely on the shoulders of the Leader of the Opposition. There is no one else he can charge with the failure of the Party’s failure in the last two elections, combine with the fact that most Village Council’s slates were ashamed to be associated with the PUP as ever before. Briceno has been reluctant and unwilling to unite the Party because he lacks the charisma to motivate and instill confidence in the Belizean people because he does not possess the right ‘goods’ to lead the country in crisis times. We think Briceno is badly advised. As a matter of fact, we dare to say he has received no advice because he continues to receive praises from brownnosers that he is doing a good job when we all know that that is not true. So with that kind of leadership, Belizeans are stuck with the UDP Belmopan gang for the next ten years. Dog really ‘eat wi suppa’.

Now that Mr. Briceño has embraced Dean Barrow and the “Restore Belize” plan which everyone knows will fail, John Briceño and the PUP will not be able to criticize the program because the UDP will remind them that they are a part of the process. to meet with Dean Barrow in order to give support to his so-called “Restore Belize”? No Opposition party gives up their trump card. This is the biggest thorn in the UDP’s shoe; their Achilles Heel, and since the PUP is on board with this band-aid initiative, there is no viable group remaining to oppose other wrongheaded decisions by the government. We advise everyone selected by the Opposition Leader to serve on these committees set up by the UDP to respectfully decline. If they serve on these committees, they will be the whipping boy or girl for all failures of the UDP. The ink may not have dried on The/El Guardian pages when two shootings occurred in Belize City. In two weeks there have been sensational shootings that have lent an embarrassment to the “Operation Jaguar” initiative. Last Monday night, the Prime Minister’s law partner was gunned downed as he was leaving his office and a week later, a prisoner is gunned down while in police custody. Dean Barrow is known as a very savvy political leader; Johnny Briceño cannot claim the same. He is an utter political neophyte and therefore, should have refrained from giving Dean Barrow political mileage on Wednesday by appearing in photo ops as a minion of Barrow. That is pathetic for any leader who is seeking a leadership term in Belmopan. The people of Belize does not view that as anything positive; they are fed up with the UDP but continue to support the UDP

PUP collude, then there is no one to look out for the people. There is no doubt that the PUP has disappointed its supporters, yet again, with this unpopular decision. Since Wednesday’s newscast, we have polled the majority of members from the various PUP executives and all has denounced the actions of the PUP Leader and vowed that he will not get their support. They claimed that they let the appointment of Denys Barrow to the Court of Appeal slide the last time; this time they claimed it will be different. It is


25 Nanche St. Belmopan

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


PM Sacks CJ Continued from page 1 Belize City, Thursday, June 10, 2010 Despite broad hints, and several unmistakable statements from the Attorney General over the past year or more, it was still a shock to many when Prime Minister Dean Barrow made it clear that he has no intention of renewing or extending Chief justice of Belize, Hon. Dr. Abdulai Conteh’s contract serve when he reaches the mandatory retirement age in the first week of next August. Just this week the Chief Justice, after a meeting with Barrow, called a conclave of the executive of the Bar Association and his fellow justices and told them that he would be leaving. He said he would be immediately re-assigning ALL his cases, including those awaiting his judgments and/or further hearing, and would not be taking any new ones. And while he did not say why he was taking this drastic action, it is obvious that it stemmed from the meeting he had had with the Prime Minister on Monday of this week. It must be construed that Barrow made it clear that he wants the CJ gone as soon as is constitutionally possible, and his own choice on the bench. The questions that now need to be answered is why the heated rush to replace Dr. Conteh, and with whom? The Belize Bar Association has

convened a meeting for next Tuesday to consider these very questions, as well as to decide on whether or not to press the Prime Minister to “ask” the Chief Justice to stay at least until September or thereabouts, and conclude his current caseload of some 15 cases already underway. Public speculation is rife that the Prime Minister will either appoint former Chief Justice Manuel Sosa, who is presently a justice of the Court of Appeals, or his brother Denys Barrow, who was recently appointed a justice of the Court of Appeals, but who seems to spend more time in recusal than actually hearing cases. Perhaps the best indication of the Prime Minister’s thinking comes from now former Attorney General Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, who on October 8th, 2010 made his preference known in an interview with Channel Five News. In answer to a question he singled out Justice Manuel Sosa, the judge who was appointed the day before the 1998 general election and then removed with the change of administration. Elrington explained: “I would have liked really to have had Mr. Justice Sosa. I felt so badly that he was in fact removed at the time he was removed, both by the way he did it and he was… I can’t comprehend how you’d find fault

with somebody who is as unimpeachable as he is. You know he would have been our first Mestizo judge, eminently qualified.” Justice Manuel Sosa would have to be considered the odds-on favourite to replace Dr. Conteh if only because Barrow knows he can drum up support among his party’s faithful for the (re) appointment. He would prefer to appoint his brother, though, but the public outcry among his colleagues and the legal fraternity would be heated and vociferous. Previously, on three specific occasions, Elrington had made it clear that the Dr. Conteh’s contract would not be renewed or extended, but had said that the post would be advertized. At this point it is reasonable to conclude that any advertisement for candidates would be perfunctory, more lip service, or perhaps more aptly, lipstick on the pig. It is near consensus that if he believes he could get away with it, Dean Barrow would appoint his brother to the post. In the last special sitting of the Belize Court of Appeals held just last month, Justice Barrow did not sit, choosing instead to participate in the “Ride Across Belize,” a three-day charitable fundraising event. He was replaced on the tribunal by newly appointed Justice Brian Alleyne who sat along with Justices Manuel Sosa and Dennis Morrison. On March 19th of this year, an Appeals court panel ruled that that there was an appearance of bias by Justice Denys Barrow in his being a part of a panel that handed down an adverse decision last

October in an appeal filed by the Belize Electricity Limited. The panel that March day, was led by Appeals Court President Elliott Mottley and included Justice Boyd Carey. It was Carey’s last time on the Belizean bench and later that day, both in his farewell speech and in an interview he indicated he was not leaving by choice. He cautioned when asked: “Well I learnt that politics plays a very significant role in the life of this country. It is not for me to comment very much on that area of your social life but perhaps it plays far too much significance in a small society. It is very distressing to try cases involving government officials, whether they be Ministers or other limbs of the state. So I will take that back with me sadly.” Channel Seven News then editorialized: “In his prepared comments to invited guests in the courtroom Justice Carey went on record today to talk about Barrow’s presence in the judiciary. According to the outgoing Justice Carey, Justice Barrow, in an ideal world should be President of the Eastern Caribbean Court of Justice. But the judge did not stop at the words of praise stating that in his opinion, Barrow may find himself having to recuse himself from cases that involve organs of the state because of the appearance of bias.” Like Justice Carey, the Chief Justice is being “forced” out to make room for a Barrow appointee, more than likely Justice Manuel Sosa. It is an issue of serious concern not only for the Bench and the Bar, but also for the administration of justice and the rule of law in Belize.

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


Village Votes The introduction of party politics into the process of deciding who will represent villagers’ concerns to central government will create a whole lot more problems than it will solve. With the 2010 elections over and done with, both

to endure a full term under the red; or in the red as the case may be. Villages must rely upon central government for subventions as well as infrastructure, healthcare, security and education. Discretion being the

Given their dismal performance thus far, the UDP themselves must have been rather surprised at the number of villages they were able to win. The reason for their success however, might have much less to do with approval of the UDP or with rejection of the PUP but with plain old common sense on the part of these villagers. political parties are claiming to have gained ground but the complexities are too profound to declare victory on either side. What is becoming increasingly evident is that more and more people seem totally disenchanted with the whole process of party politics. Quite a number of villages fielded slates of independents that were able to capture more votes than candidates from either major party. The message there seems rather obvious, “we don’t trust either of you.” Despite early indications that the PUP might not even contest these elections, there was a late dash to field slates in many villages which might have proven ill-advised. While the PUP slates did manage to pull off a few major victories, even the more optimistic supporters would agree that the numbers were not what they were hoping for. Yet, the PUP should not be surprised or even disappointed at not winning more villages; it was in the better interest of the voters to go the other way. Given their dismal performance thus far, the UDP themselves must have been rather surprised at the number of villages they were able to win. The reason for their success however, might have much less to do with approval of the UDP or with rejection of the PUP but with plain old common sense on the part of these villagers. The UDP’s own El Guardian newspaper went as far as to admit that many of the independents were in fact PUP who were afraid of the consequences of running or winning under a blue banner. Villagers understand that with a UDP central government in Belmopan, a vote for a blue slate would be tantamount to signing their own death warrant. The UDP have proven how vicious and vindictive they can be and any blue village council would have

better part of valor, many villages opted to play their cards safe. I believe that in 2013, we shall see a completely different picture. Party politics in village councils is a new thing and really does not make much sense. It makes enemies among former close knit family and friends and opens the door for victimization of certain families. As was the case in recent flooding, few if any relief reached the doors of those considered loyal to the PUP. The UDP has a very clannish mentality and will often justify their biased policies with their motto, “our turn now” and “we run things”. What these pompous politicians must understand is that all Belizeans pay taxes and all deserve to be considered in whatever policies are formulated. Elected officials must govern for the entire country and not just for who they believe to be supporters. Oh for that day when all Belizeans are considered equally and we can move forward as a united country. As a sidebar to these elections, I am continually appalled and dismayed at the sight of Alberto August each week in full UDP red. August is the chairman of Elections and Boundaries Commission, a position which demands integrity, objectivity and impartiality. August is known for calling talk shows and spouting UDP propaganda. It is a disservice to the country to have such a politically biased individual in that capacity. According to the constitution, “The Commission shall be responsible for the direction and supervision of the registration of voters and the conduct of elections…” How can we be sure that nothing improper is being done? August is a former intelligence officer in the dreaded SIS and would know how to cover his tracks. Word is that August has also usurped the authority of the Chief Elections Officer and is

in fact, running the entire department unchecked. I am surprised that the PUP has not yet raised objections to this man’s prominent position in such a sensitive department. Alberto August should be removed from that office for he is too deeply entrenched and committed to the philosophy of United Democratic Party. Prime Minister Dean Barrow made it very clear this week that he has no intention of retaining the services of Chief Justice Dr. Abdulai Conteh. In the opinion of many Belizeans, Dr. Conteh is a fair, fearless and hard working individual. Many were hoping that Dr. Conteh would remain on the bench and continue to serve our

country for at least another decade or so. If Denys Barrow can be given a contract to seventy-five, why should Dr. Conteh be put out to pasture so early? Speculations are that the Prime Minister has already decided on a successor and can hardly wait for Dr. Conteh to demit his office. We can only hope that the bar association will find the gumption to demand that Dr. Conteh be asked to stay on and given an extension to his contract. Heaven knows, we need as many people of integrity and strong will as we can find to help dig us out of this deep hole of immorality and sycophancy. Dr. Conteh has proven his worth and competence; if he wants to stay, he should be very welcomed.

Belize mourns the passing of a BELIZEAN ICON You will hear it repeated ad infinitum that “Mr. Wilfred Peters is a Belizean national icon and one of the country’s best loved musicians.” The circumstances of his later life makes you wonder, though, about the “best loved” part. He was beloved by his legion of fans, and indeed on his birthday just in April of this year, he was honored with a “Bruk Dong Legendary Concert” that included the participation of Costa Rica’s Manuel Obregon, Aaron Rose Willson from Panama, Emilio Alvarez from Nicaragua and Drew Gonsalves from Trinidad at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. But in his declining years he continued to struggle to make ends meet, and those who could did little to ease that stress. In life Mista Petaaz received many honours, and was an indefatigable performer and entertainer. In the last few months, despite being hospitalized twice he performed recently at the Cacao Festival and for the inauguration of the new President of Costa Rica. He was awarded an MBE by Queen Elizabeth in 1997 for his cultural contributions. In 2005, in a stirring tribute, he was honoured at the annual tribute to Belizean Patriots, and later that year was given a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2nd Annual Belize Entertainment Awards. Mista Petaaz learned to play the accordion from his father on the family farm near Freetown Sibun. He always explained that in his large family they entertained themselves and that he began performing in front of them. Legend has it that his reputation grew and by his early teens he found himself in demand throughout Belize. What the record shows is that 40 years ago Mista Petaaz was a $5.00 a day a construction worker in Belize City by day and an accordion player with his

Mista Petaaz dead at 79 Belize City, Thursday, June 10, 2010 You could say that Wilfred Peters, the now legendary king of Brokdong, passed on as he lived, quietly yesterday afternoon at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital, less than 24 hours after his wife and loved ones had buried a long time family friend. In life this quietly strong gentleman hardly ever made much of a fuss about anything. As the word of his death swiftly shock waved through the yards and homes of the old capital, and then out to the districts, and rippled rapidly across the Diaspora and unto many far flung corners of the world, nearly all felt that more than a man had passed. Indeed an era had died too. He had been hospitalized last Sunday, for the second time in months, for heart problems and other complications due to diabetes and renal failure. His death at age 79 marks the end of a musical career that spanned 6 decades and is a gigantic link in the kriol heritage that is so intrinsically a part of Belize’s cultural identity.

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Sunday, June 13th, 2010


Murder and Mayhem at Magistrates Court

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Continued from page 1 Magistrates Court when a lone gunman who laid wait opened fire on him. Trapp reportedly tried to run to safety but his attacker pursued him. He did not get far and collapsed in front of Courts #1 and 2 of the Magistrates Court. Witnesses say that the assailant continued to shoot even after Trapp had fallen to the ground. Another witness, a police officer said that one of the shots went directly to Trapp’s heart and that as much as eight to ten shots were fired. Trapp apparently did not have a matter in court this morning but was there for someone else who was in detention. The assassin struck immediately as he exited the building supposedly to purchase something from a nearby store. Already there is widespread speculation that Trapp’s death was retaliatory and we’ll leave it at that for now. Sigmund “Sarge” Trapp, father of deceased Andre Trapp told the National Perspective that he hadn’t seen his son in two weeks. He expressed concern for his family, “I don’t what Andre’s killing is linked to,” he said as tears welled up in his eyes and he shook his head. Sarge was working at the Tourist District and saw when the ambulance left. His friend “Bash” told him that there was a shooting at the Magistrates Court. Sarge was later told by his friend that it was his son that was shot. He went to the morgue where he saw his son and then went to the court area where he spoke with police officers

Lifestyle of the now Wealthy DPM

who related the sequence of events to him. As he tried to put words to the lost of his son he said that although Andre lived a certain lifestyle, he was his son and it hurt. Andre is said to be the leader of the Southside Gangsters whose headquarters is located on Ceasar Ridge Road. That address was the target of an early morning grenade attack in January of this year. No one was hurt in the attack. Shortly after the attack on Andre Trapp, police grabbed a suspect in the vicinity of Bowen and Bowen and paraded him in front of on lookers who had gathered in the court area. A female officer who was instrumental in grabbing the suspect walked bare feet as she took the suspect into custody. The attack was brazen and calculated. There is no clear motive for Trapp’s killing however his father said that it was bound to happen because of the lifestyle that his son led. Sigmund Trapp told the Perspective he fears for himself and the rest of his family and does not want any retaliation. The street seems to think otherwise. Up to press time the police have not released any statements to the media. The National Perspective contacted Commissioner of Police, Jefferies who refused comments saying that the Minister of Police and the Press Officer had made a statement.

While Gapi Vega and his family continue to live their lavish lifestyle of the rich and the famous squandering tax payer’s money to travel around the world the majority of Belizeans continue to sink below the poverty level, many of them starving and unable to provide the basic necessities like food, education, healthcare and shelter to their household. Statistics reveals that there are more than 11,000 school-age children that are not attending school because parents just can’t afford the high cost of tuition among other factors. Many of our sick afflicted by disease are dying daily because the UDP government does not adequately equip hospitals with necessary equipments and doctors to provide affordable specialized tertiary health care. These poor Belizeans have be begging publicly in order to raise necessary funds so that they may be able to travel abroad and access the level of medical care needed. Belizeans are losing their homes because they can no longer afford to pay their mortgages. There are thousands of graduating students that will just add to the already high unemployment rate all because of the

gross ineptitude of this UDP government. Despots like Gapi Vega could travels around the world with his family for pleasure sake squandering hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax-payers money in areas described above. Every time UDP Cabinet members’ travels abroad they could never bring home any kind of benefit to Belize. Vega drives around in an expensive LEXUS which cost our tax payers more than $US150,000 dollar every time he decides to changing to the latest model as he recently did acquiring a spanking 2011. He has no consideration for the already burdened taxpayer or the crumbling economic situation that they created. Vega is as responsible as the Prime Minister for the dire economic situation we are faced with today since it was his (bright?) idea to close down the land department for months upon taking office in 2008. This move contributed immensely in the crippling of our economy. He has dedicated his time in office taking away land leases and titles from holders that obtained them under the previous PUP government and he is now reissuing these lands to party hacks and cronies.

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BOGUS KREMANDALA Pretends to care about Black Southside Belizeans

Willfully ignores Barrow & UDP’s Corrupt Practices Deceives Belizeans into thinking (His)tory is Belize’s History.


Sunday, June 13th, 2010



Is Berges considering

Judicial Review?

What happened to the intuitive instinct to solve our problems by asking simple questions and finding simple solutions rather than using complex justifications that result in nothing more than excuses for inaction? I stopped at the sidewalk market on East Canal Side with my grandsons the other day to buy some fruits, among them, baboon cap, star fruit and sapodilla. Later, as we were consuming the fruits, I saw a ‘teachable moment’, as they say, and tried to make the connections between the wonderful variety of fruits, and the stories of those fruits in Belizean history. I had the advantage, because my audience was 5, 7, and 10, and to them, I was the expert. When we got to the sapodillas, I tried to make the connection with the sapodilla tree and the fact that you can drain a sap from the tree, called chicle, and that many years ago there was a chicle industry which sold chicle to the Wrigley’ Company in the US; and that a Creole man named Robert Turton was their local buyer, and this Mr. Turton became one of Belize’s richest and most powerful men years ago; and that the chicle sold to Wrigley’s went into their Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewing Gum. “I remember Doublemint gum”, said the 10 year old. I told them Belize use to export the main product that went into producing the chewing gum in the US, which was then sold around the world. The 10 year old then asked, “Is Belize still exporting chicle?” I said, no. “But Belize is still chewing gum”, he added, “and if we are eating the fruit that means that the tree is still growing, right, so why don’t Belize sell the chicle that make the gum, so that Belize can make some money from all the gum sold?” I was taken aback by his insight into the intricacies of trade and profit at 10 years old, but I was more struck by the fact that I did not have a ready answer for him. Why aren’t we producing chicle, with all the chewing gum being consumed in Belize? I told him that it’s more complicated than that and that chemical substitutes have replaced chicle a long time ago and that there was no real market for Belizean chicle. Looking baffled and a little confused by my inadequate answer and my obvious inability to make a complex concept simple enough, he amazed me once again and asked: “then why doesn’t Belize produce chicle for its own chewing gum?” This boy, at 10, was asking the right questions, in a simple way. What happened to the intuitive instinct to solve our problems by asking simple questions and finding simple solutions rather than using complex justifications that result in nothing more than excuses for inaction? Certainly my grandson doesn’t understand those economic principles governing production such as scales and market value and all the coded language

that make up the discourse of finance and economics which is designed to confuse ordinary people. All he understands is, if we still have the sapodilla fruit then we have the tree that produces the chicle that goes into chewing gum, and if we chew plenty of gum in Belize, why aren’t we producing our own gum? But how hard would it be to realize my grandson’s vision? First question is do we have enough sapodilla trees to sustain an industry. Just to be sure that my assumptions were right I decided to check first with the Ministry of Agriculture, because I thought that they would have some facts about the growing and production side of things. They informed me that I was completely in the wrong ministry and needed to go to the Forest Department. Off I went to Forestry, only to talk to one officer who was very stern but professional, he informed me that there are plenty of sapodilla trees to sustain an industry in Belize and even to export, but there is just no market for chicle. “Not even in Belize?” I asked. “The market is just too small to be worth the investment”, he said. But what if that market was intentionally small and production aimed at a specific niche market, as in the case of the cocoa projects in Toledo that supply specific markets in Europe. Why can’t we bleed just enough trees to supply the local “chewing market”, with some left over to export to CARICOM and beyond? There is now the sustainable technology available that allows us to bleed the sap from the tree without endangering the tree therefore remaining ecologically sustainable. The old photographs of early chicle extraction in the colonial days, showed that it was grueling hard work done by Mayan chicleros deep in the forest. Certainly the technology exists today that can make extraction of the sap a more efficient and less physically demanding process than yesteryear. But despite these encouraging advancements the bottom line is that, it is the feasibility of the project that will determine if money will be available to invest. Such investment can come from two sources, commercial lending institutions or public supported projects like the cohune oil initiative in the village of Flowers Bank. While accessing funding from any of these sources would require a separate article let us assume that we have crossed that hurdle and have the necessary funding to start a chewing gum factory. One that is manned with the necessary technical staff to process the raw material to the final quality

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Karim Berges Karim Berges, the former political campaign manager of the United Democratic Party (UDP) who just about a month ago publicly stated that he had all Cabinet Ministers owing him big time and were at his disposal just a phone call away seem to have fallen from grace with the cunning UDP politicians and he didn’t even know it. The Businessman received a letter from Director Eugene Palacio at the Ministry of Local Government this week instructing him that the Minister of Local Government, Gabriele Martinez had decided to revoke his liquor license for a second time based on a decision that followed a hearing held on May 26th 2010 to consider an appeal against an earlier conclusion taken on May 13th by now Minister of Defence, Carlos Perdomo against the granting of a liquor license by the Belize District Liquor Licensing Board to Berges’ Business Lounge situated on # 48 Baymen Ave in Belize City. Perdomo who lives very close to the establishment immediately used a few signatures from his neighbourhood and his Ministerial influence with his Cabinet colleagues to stand behind against the reissuing of a liquor

license to Berges who was in the process of inaugurating his Business type conference lounge which would have had liquor for sale. In his plea against the issuance of the liquor license Perdomo cited that he has had restless nights on weekends because of the heavy congestion traffic and noise by drivers and their passengers under the influence of liquor coming from the direction of the BTL/Barracks passing by his house. Berges’ ‘Business Lounge’ is in the proximity of Perdomo’s house and the issuing of any liquor licence to Berges would just add to the nuisance to the annoyance of Minister Carlos Perdomo. Now, with all his contacts and onetime friends in the Cabinet Berges won’t be able to operate as earlier planned as he won’t be allowed to sell intoxicating liquor at his lounge. Following the decision by Minister of Local Government, Gabriele Martinez, who according to the Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act has the final say in an appeal such as this one, Berges has stated that based on legal advice, he may have a constitutional claim against the Government and may be considering taking the matter to the Belize Supreme Court for judicial review.

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Sunday, June 13th, 2010


‘JAGUAR POLICE’ abuses Joshua Arana He is slapped and kicked for ‘Being Smart’

Joshua Arana By Rhenae Nunez Belize City; Mon. June 7, 2010 Joshua Arana, 31 is best known for his unassuming smile and his accomplished artfulness on the Garifuna drums. He has travelled the world wearing the Garifuna flag on his back and the Flag of Belize on his chest. Joshua Arana has impressed many audiences all over the world but in Belize City on Saturday night - he was nothing more than a statistic in the growing number of people who have been abused by police.

Joshua Arana was hanging out at his sister’s house on George Street on Saturday night. Around 1:30 am he said he got bored and decided to take a walk along with some friends. They hadn’t gotten far when a police mobile pulled up and they were ordered to stop. Arana said that he complied because he understands the direction that the country is headed in. An officer ordered them to lean up alongside the police pickup truck and for Arana that also was not a problem. But apparently he did not move fast enough for the officer who shoved him. Arana told the media that he asked the officer, “what was that for?” The officer responded, “So what is it now?” While leaned up on the truck the officer kicked his legs apart and ordered him to spread his legs. “Come on,” Arana told the officer. The police conducted a search on Arana and when he was finished and didn’t find

Belize mourns the passing of a Belizean icon Continued from page 4 friends by evening and at night. Eventually he and his friends decided to combine their talents and form a trio which was named The Mahogany Chips - playing traditional Belize Brokdong music. The group caught on, grew in size, and changed its name to Mr. Peters and The Boom and Chime Band.” Mista Petaaz’ “… distinctive Brukdown music style,” a writer once wrote “reflects the journey of the African slave into the mahogany camps of Belize. It uses syncopated rhythms and call and response patterns firmly rooted in Africa, harmonies borrowed from Europe and lyrical themes colored with the Belizean Creole language and experience. Brukdown became the music of the people, whether urban or rural.” A caller to one of the morning shows reminisced that Mista Petaaz and his Boom ahn Chaim took off after a standout tour at the second ever Carifesta, the Caribbean Festival of Arts, held July 23 to August 2, 1976 in Jamaica. The story I got is that while Hollis Urban Lester Liverpool, better known as Chalkdust (or Chalkie) a leading and regionally known calypsonian from Trinidad and Tobago won the Festival’s entertainer award, it was Mista Petaaz and his Boom ahn Chaim who everyone wanted to jam with at night after the day’s activities had been concluded. It was then that Belize and the region knew it had a musical oneof-a-kind. It was then that Mista Petaaz became a national and regional cultural icon. He would go to tour France, Spain, Central America, the Caribbean and North America, building legions of fans wherever he went. He was immortalized in 2007 in the movie “The Three Kings” by director Katia Paradis. Indeed this trans-generational musician and entertainer was king. His legacy is indelible and can never be erased as long as Belize exists. He leaves behind his wife Martha Peters and 8 daughters and one son. May he rest in peace.

anything Arana told the officer that he didn’t like how he was treated and then asked for the officer’s name and number. That only compounded Arana’s problem. “So you want to play smart,” the officer retorted. Arana then asked a corporal for his badge number. That officer was not impressed with Arana either and responded asking Arana if he was the Queen of England. While speaking with the corporal another officer that Arana identified as Alvarado walked up and punched him in the stomach. A friend went to call Arana’s sister who came out to find out what was happening. She asked Arana what was happening. She then asked if he had done something. “I did not do anything,” he replied. Arana then told his sister that Johan Alvarado from Belmopan had punched him for no reason. His sister was ordered to return inside. As soon as she did, the officer slapped Arana in the face. He was then taken to Queen Street where he was locked up and charged for obstruction. Arana related his ordeal to the media before going to court #2 at the Magistrates Courts on Monday Morning. He told the media that he would stop at nothing to seek after his rights. He had visited the Ombudsman and lodged a complaint

and pledged that he would also lodge a complaint with the Police Internal Affairs. Joshua Arana is the lead drummer on the world famous Garifuna Collective Album which was compiled by late Andy Palacio. He told the National Perspective that the incident has left him shaken. On Tuesday Assistant Commissioner of Police, Elodio Aragon Jr. told the media that he was aware of the complaint after seeing it in the news. Aragon spoke sternly of the report, saying that such practices undermine his effort with Operation Jaguar and that will not be tolerated. He said that he had directed Internal Affairs to look into the matter. “There is a lot to be done and definitely we cannot achieve what we want to achieve by having such incidents,” Aragon said. Arana was charged for ‘intentional obstruction’ and detained while his bail was being prepared. Unfortunately for him, the lunch hour came up before his bail was finished so he was chained up with hardened criminals and carted off to Queen Street for an hour. Bail was posted shortly after one for one-thousand dollars. Arana’s next court date is July thirtheenth.



Why The damage to the Gulf region, of course, could be catastrophic, especially in Louisiana. Seafood and tourism are huge sources of jobs and revenue for the star-crossed state, and the undersea blowout could disrupt those industries for years. The Harte Research Institute at Texas A&M estimates the annual damage to Louisiana alone at nearly $2 billion. Other states like Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida will obviously be hit as well, as the oil slithers up on beaches far from the wellhead. Damage to the whole region could top $4 billion per year, for an uncomfortably long time. Aside from outrage, however, most Americans won’t feel a thing. And that could limit the scope of reforms resulting from the spill, along with any real changes in our love-hate relationship with oil. The Gulf region, for example, accounts for about 15 percent of all the seafood caught in the United States--and 73 percent of the shrimp. With about one-third of the Gulf now closed to fishing, prices are going up and some fish is becoming scarcer. But a 30 percent rise in the price of shrimp or oysters isn’t the kind of thing that wrecks the family budget. For most people, seafood is a discretionary good, something that might be nice to have every now and then, but isn’t essential. Seafood, in fact, is a tiny part of the American diet. The average American eats just 16 pounds of seafood per year, compared to 76 pounds per person in France and 139 pounds in Japan. Americans eat five times as much chicken and four times as much beef. So as the price of Gulf seafood goes up, price-conscious consumers will simply buy other kinds of food, with no harm to their lifestyle or wellbeing. Seafood importers may even benefit from the spill. While the domestic supply of fish has stayed flat over recent years, imports from Asia, Latin America, and elsewhere have been rising. The Gulf spill could be a chance for importers to increase their market share further. The same goes for tourism. Befouled beaches could spell disaster for the “Redneck Riviera” in Mississippi and Alabama and for Florida’s Gulf Coast, but there are hundreds of warmweather destinations that people in Atlanta or Minneapolis can visit. New Orleans is an American original, but if tourism falls there it might pick up in Nashville or Austin. Again, the


Sunday, June 13th, 2010


the Gulf Spill Won’t Touch Most Consumers pain may feel intense in the region, but it will mostly stay localized. Then there’s the oil supply itself, which is wholly unaffected by the crude erupting into the Gulf. The Macondo reservoir that BP was drilling into wasn’t producing oil when the well exploded, it was merely being tapped for production at some point in the future. So the fiasco in the Gulf hasn’t affected the global oil supply by a single barrel. In fact, oil prices have fallen by about 12 percent since the gusher erupted on April 22, driven down by a flatlining global economy. One thing that could affect the actual oil supply is a moratorium on deepwater drilling in U.S. waters. The Obama administration has ordered a six-month delay in the drilling of new wells, while it figures out what went wrong with the BP operation. If there

ends up being permanent new limits on deepwater drilling it could reduce domestic oil production, raising prices. Still, for all the fancy technology that it takes to operate at the bottom of the ocean, deepwater U.S. wells account for only about 170,000 barrels of oil per day--less than three percent of the 7 million barrels Americans consume. In the short term, “That would be easy to replace,” says Sarah Emerson, president of energy consultancy ESAI, “because right now there’s a lot of inventory worldwide.” So even a fairly drastic policy change would have a minimal impact on consumers. With the volume of the Gulf spill now topping the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster, it’s natural to anticipate pivotal changes that will arise from it. But the drama always fades, or leaves the headlines, at least, and so does the

impetus for change. The Valdez spill led to reforms in shipping practices and safety standards for oil tankers, but it didn’t change anything about the biggest factor of all: Americans’ demand for oil. A lot of Americans felt bad about the Valdez spill, but their behavior didn’t reflect their remorse. The one thing that will clearly force Americans to use less petroleum is higher prices, as we learned in 2008, when gas hit $4 per gallon and drivers abandoned big cars. If the BP spill had caused a similar spike in prices, then Obama and other green-energy advocates would have a rallying cry that would make pocketbook sense--a much easier sell in a tough economy than energy independence or “green jobs.” Alas, no such luck. “A couple of years from now,” says Emerson, “we’ll look back.”


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product ready for the market among the Belizean consumers and for export, if possible . It’s when the product makes it to the marketplace that another major challenge begins. As a new Belizean product it will need the protection of the government in import restrictions and tariff restructuring to ensure that the Belizean chewing gum is attractive, in price, to the consumer. Clearly Belize is no longer in era of protectionism like that enjoyed by the Bowen Empire in the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even into the early part of this century. The time when a Belizean product is given exclusive protection from outside competition is gone. The world of globalization has destroyed the protective barriers that were set up by nation states to protect their national industries. Globalization has demanded a removal of all protective barriers in an attempt to create a global market free of restrictions. However, while the G8 and now G20, all advocate these liberalization principles for the rest of the world, they continue to practice protectionist tariff restrictions among themselves to buffer their own industries. That means, by their rules Belize is not allowed to ban the imports of

all chewing gum for a year or two for example, to give the local chewing gum industry a chance to get a foot hold in the market. We are allowed to do it with our agricultural products like citrus and sugar and a few other selected products but to go beyond that would be violating all the agreed protocols we have signed on to with the flow of global liberalization. And there is another challenge. Can we produce every variety of chewing gum, from bubble gum, to fruity flavors, to breath fresheners, to mint gums and all these various taste produced on the global market to justify government banning or at least raising the tariffs on these imported tastes? Can we substitute taste with a quality Belizean product that will satisfy the consumer? Then there is also the challenge of promoting the product to the Belizean consumer. In today’s multimedia environment, products must be promoted with all the hype that characterizes the introduction of any new product to the market. So there must be noise about the uniqueness of and specialty of this chewing gum. It must be the best thing to enter Belize since ‘slice bread’. It must be big; and it must be ‘a one and only’. These are the rules of the game in today’s commercial media when you are introducing a new product. So Belizean

sapodilla chewing gum must bust out with minstrels and rhymes and catchy tunes to become a viable product with a sustained advertizing campaign till our chewing gum become as commonly known as “PK”. But all this will cost money to accomplish. So realizing my grandsons’ vision of a home grown chewing gum factory is more easily said than done and is the question local entrepreneurs face when they enter the market with a product that is already on the market shelf produced in a foreign country. But I told him, as challenging as it is there are those who have done it, like Mrs. Marie Sharp, who produced a pepper sauce that not only stopped the imported Tabasco in its tracks but is also exported to the US. And there is “Monk” Thompson, owner and manager of Black Orchid Resort, in the Boom area that offers first class, state-of-the art, facilities to incoming tourist. There is also, Richard Harrison, manufacturer of “Big H” orange juice and many other products. They have proven that it can be done. So clearly, it’s not as simple as wanting to see a chewing gum from the local sapodilla tree. Then again, maybe it is. (Comments welcomed at

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US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton LIMA– US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Monday brushed aside objections of regional powerhouse Brazil and neighbors to urge the Organization of American States to readmit Honduras following its expulsion in the wake of last year’s coup. Her appeal exposed the differences President Barack Obama’s administration still has with its southern neighbors and the difficulties it faces in building cooperative ties with a region long suspicious of Washington. “It is time for the hemisphere as a whole to move forward and welcome Honduras back into the inter-American community,” Clinton told delegates from the 33 active members of the OAS at their annual general assembly in Lima. South American nations, apart from Peru and Colombia, disputed the election last November of Porfirio Lobo as the new Honduran president because the vote was organized by the backers of the June 28 coup that ousted Manuel Zelaya. But Clinton said the region saw Honduras elect Lobo in “free and fair elections” and watched the new president “fulfill his obligations under the Tegucigalpa-San Jose accords.” These included his forming a government of national reconciliation

Latin america & regional

Clinton urges OAS to drop objections, readmit Honduras

and a “truth commission” to look into events behind the coup, she said. Brazil, which sheltered Zelaya in its embassy in Tegucigalpa in a long showdown following the coup, has urged countries in the region not to rush into readmitting Honduras. “Honduras’s return to the OAS has to be linked to specific means for redemocratization and the establishment of fundamental rights and guarantees, said Brazil’s deputy foreign minister Antonio de Aguilar Patriota. “It is essential to create conditions for former president Manuel Zelaya to fully participate in the political life of Honduras,” said Patriota, who replaced the absent Foreign Minister Celso Amorim. Ecuadoran Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino also took a stand against Lobo. “My government cannot recognize the new government in Honduras while there are violations committed against human rights,” Patino told the body. “Zelaya has to be recognized in his true capacity, with his guarantees in his country, and those who are responsible for the coup, those who broke human rights and democratic guarantees have to be punished for this,” he said. Venezuela, a Zelaya ally that is also strongly anti-American, has opposed readmitting Honduras. And Mexico, a US ally, has yet to throw its support

Zetas Execute 6 in Cancun

behind the readmission of Honduras. Apart from US-Brazilian differences over Honduras, those over Iran and Cuba can also bubble to the surface, even though they are not on the agenda, said Michael Shifter, president of the Inter-American Dialogue. Clinton, the State Department said, was scheduled to hold face-face talks in Lima with Brazil’s deputy foreign minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota, rather than her counterpart Celso Amorim. “Amorim never expected to come to Lima,” said Ruy Casaes, Brazil’s ambassador to the OAS. “He will have no meeting with Clinton in Lima.” The lower level talks was a possible sign of the US-Brazilian rift as Washington pushes this week for a UN Security Council vote on new sanctions against Iran. Brazil, a non-permanent council member, has resisted sanctions while pushing a deal opposed by Washington to ship low-grade nuclear fuel to Turkey so that it can be further enriched and returned to Iran for medical purposes. Clinton will also visit Ecuador, Colombia and Barbados on her seventh Latin America tour ending Thursday.

US agents seize cocaine cache on fishing boat SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – U.S. authorities have seized 3,269 pounds (1,483 kilograms) of cocaine from a rusty Panama-flagged fishing boat and arrested five Honduran crew members, officials announced Monday. The Drug Enforcement Administration said a Coast Guard unit seized the fishing boat, the “Two Brothers,” some 34 miles (55 kilometers) northwest of the capital of the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba. They towed the boat to Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan. In the U.S. territory, agents wearing DEA jackets unloaded 66 bales of cocaine from the 87-foot (26-meter) fishing boat and guarded it on the pier. Authorities said the cocaine has an estimated value of $46 million. The drugs were concealed inside a ballast water tank, Coast Guard spokesman Ricardo Castrodad said. The five crew members will face a raft of drug smuggling charges. The suspects were delivered to Puerto Rico by agents from the Caribbean Corridor Strike Force, which investigates the trafficking of South American drugs. While most of the drugs reaching the United States cross the southwest border with Mexico, an estimated 30 percent come through the Caribbean. The drugs are often spirited ashore along Puerto Rico’s 300-mile (480-kilometer) coastline in boats from neighbouring islands.

Cuts out the hearts of 3 then dumps them in a cave CANCUN, Mexico – Police discovered six dead bodies in a cavern near the tourist resort of Cancun on Sunday, three of them cut open and their hearts removed. Authorities are investigating the identities of the four men and two women found dead in the natural cave, said Francisco Alor, the Quintana Roo state attorney general. “They were apparently tortured and their chests were opened to remove the hearts,” Alor’s office said later in a statement. Three of the bodies had the letter “Z” carved on their abdomens — a possible reference to the Zeta drug gang, though officials did not make an explicit connection to cartel violence that has

plagued many parts of Mexico. More than 22,700 people have died nationwide in drug violence since late 2006, when President Felipe Calderon sent soldiers and federal police to battle the cartels. Also Sunday, armed men in two cars barged into a girl’s coming-out party in the southwestern town of Coyuca de Catalan, sparking a deadly gunbattle. Some of those attending the “quinceanera” celebration were also armed and returned fire, Guerrero state police said in a statement. Two partygoers and one attacker were killed, while three people were wounded. Police have not yet determined a motive, but the area is plagued by drug trafficking.

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Belize Bank Wants Its $40.8 Million Barrow and UDP Government Says


L to R: Lois Young-Barrow, Alan Slusher, Net Vasquez, Dr. Carla Barnett, Anwar Barrow, Col. George Lovell, Dr. Manuel Esquivel, Audrey Wallace, Ambrose Tillett By Rhenae Nunez Belize City; Mon. June 7th, 2010 Lawyers for the BCB Holdings, parent company of the Belize Bank and the Government of Belize faced off before Supreme Court Justice John Muria on Monday in an enforcement of arbitration award hearing. The award which the BCB Holding/Belize Bank is asking the Court to enforce is for a sum of $40,843,272.34 which was awarded by the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) in August of 2009 as settlement for the infamous BTL Accommodation Agreement. The legal wrangling over Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL) would seem to stem from the defamed Accommodation Agreement that was signed in “secret” between the former majority shareholders/owners of BTL, and the former Prime Minister of Belize, Honourable Said Musa and the former Attorney General, Francis Fonseca. At the center of the agreement, and what consternated critics, (mainly the then Opposition UDP), was an arrangement that BTL would purchase four former Intelco properties for $19.2 million which would offset Government’s losses in the Intelco venture. The agreement also provided for a 15% rate of return which would be calculated to include any asset acquired by BTL in the performance of the agreement. The kicker in the agreement was a provision for BTL not to pay taxes (Business, Sales and other taxes) in the event that the minimum rate of return was not realized. The scandal of the “secret contract” made for much political fodder which the UDP used to further discredit and disparage the former government, particularly the signatories of the agreement, Honourables Said Musa and Francis Fonseca. In fairness to Francis Fonseca, he did not sign the original agreement but did sign subsequent agreements which supposedly clarified the original agreement. The original agreement was signed by Said Musa and former Central Bank Governor Keith Arnold. In March of last year, the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) ordered the Barrow administration to pay BTL $77 million in damages after GOB refused to honor the Accommodation Agreement. Prime Minister Barrow’s reaction was a blunt “No” – he would not pay. The order then seemed to set in motion a series of events that would climax with the acquisition of BTL’s majority shareholding by the Government of Belize in August of last year. First the Government of Belize obtained an injunction that prevented BTL from enforcing the LCIA order. Later, in April 2009, the Association

of Concerned Belizeans (ACB) and Senator Godwin Hulse filed a claim challenging the Accommodation Agreement in the Supreme Court. The challenge questioned the legality of the agreement. By then Prime Minister Barrow and his government had launched an all-out assault on the agreement classifying it as “immoral” and one which “shafts” the Belizean people. (The government would later change its tone by later calling the agreement “illegal” and “invalid”). In March 2009 the GOB declared that they would not accede to “any ruling of a foreign tribunal where that ruling conflicts with a position taken by Belize’s superior courts.” They went on to say that the award by the London Court had to be brought to Belize for enforcement by Belize’s Supreme Court before it could have any practical effect. The Prime Minister expressed confidence that his government could resist the enforcement here. That enforcement hearing began on Monday. BCB Holdings/Belize Bank was represented by Senior Counsel Eamon Courtney and Attorney-atlaw Ashanti Arthurs-Martin. The Government of Belize was represented by Senior Counsel Michael Williams and Attorney-at-law in the Solicitor General’s office Magali Perdomo. GOB’s attorney, Michael Young characterized agreement as “repulsive and repugnant” because it was signed in secret. He urged the court to treat it as such. Young spoke at length about the jurisdiction and power of the international court specifically on whether or not the court has the power to decide on the tax laws of another country. He criticized the original contract for having included a “special tax preferential regime for a particular group of companies.” It is anyone’s guess where this will wind up since according to Michael Young the party against whom the award is made cannot object to enforcement of the award. Senior Counsel Eamon Courtney told the court that the Belize Bank has met the necessary requirements for the award to be enforced. Those requirements are (1) a certified copy of the arbitral award, (2) a certified copy of the arbitration agreement. Courtney took issue with the Government’s central argument that the matter should not have gone to arbitration. He reminded that the Government (although not this UDP government) agreed to go to arbitration. Courtney countered that if this government felt that strongly - then they should have participated in the tribunal. Michael Young wrapped up by weighing in on the level of public interest in the matter. Young said that the public’s

interest cannot be arbitrated and because of that public interest - the award is unenforceable. “The state has an obligation when acting in public interest,” He said that the court has every right not to enforce the award and that there is no authority to bind the court of Belize. He went on to say that, “it is up to Belize to determine what is its public

policy and how the award may not be enforced and to determine how that award may be approached, exercised and determined.” Young wrapped up the day with a question. He asked how the Belizean people would feel to know that this award is being enforced on them. Proceedings where suspended until next Thursday June 17th.

Sunday, June 13th, 2010 In May of 2009, the Amandala newspaper published an editorial which openly encouraged the UDP Government to nationalize BTL. The Amandala enticed the UDP with the idea, calling it a “magical stew” that would get the UDP re-elected in 2013. We will not speculate on how Amandala got the idea and on how meticulously it was presented. The presentation by the Amandala even took into consideration the recent elections in the United Kingdom which were one year away at the time. The editorial urged Barrow to act quickly while conditions were favorable: “He has to act now, while he retains the goodwill of the electorate and while he can muster the unity of his party. Each passing day erodes both of these pillars of support. There is also the almost certain election of a Conservative Government in the UK, one that is sure to do the bidding of its Vice Chairman, the same Lord Ashcroft from whom BTL would be acquired.” The rest, we can say, is history. The acquisition was carried out according to script and things have played out almost according to the Amandala script. Today that goodwill has faded and the heavy miasma of a failing economy and an imploding government has taken its place. The Barrow administration is mired by a number of difficulties, one being Belize’s failing economy in which 43% of the population is declared poor and another 12.7% are unemployed. Crime has escalated out of control, putting extra pressure on the Barrow government for crime fighting resources and manpower. There was great jubilation on August 24th, 2009, when Prime Minister



BTL: The Noose around Our Neck

Barrow announced to the Nation that his Government was taking over BTL. Seen as a “bold and seismic” move, many Belizeans celebrated while others squinted with uncertainty as they considered the ramifications of the move. One thing was for sure – Ashcroft would not just ride off into the sunset - he would wage war for compensation. The “expropriation,” as the take-over was called, happened expeditiously. Prime Minister Barrow made the announcement in House of Representatives on Monday, August 24th, 2009. Although the expropriation was hailed as “epochal, historic and seismic”, it is not the first time that BTL has been taken away by the government. Said Musa in his book WITH MALICE TOWARD NONE wrote on page 152: “An Accommodation Agreement was signed between Government and BTL which guaranteed BTL a 15% rate of return. This was the same rate of return that BTL had under Prosser. There was nothing illegal about a government providing a guaranteed rate of return to a major utility company. In return

BTL undertook to carry out a major expansion program throughout the country – fibre optic lines as well as mobile cellular including high speed internet – for an additional investment of $100 million. This additional $100 million investment in Belize (BTL had already invested over $400 million to bring this industry to where it is today) comes as a direct result of the stability offered by the Accommodation Agreement. BTL also undertook to carry out government’s education policy to provide free internet access to all schools. So far up to 117 schools have been connected.” On page 153Musa further noted: “Today I am being accused of granting special favours and signing agreements with Michael Ashcroft. The history of this entire BTL saga, however, shows that while I and the PUP government were fighting Ashcroft to bring about competition and to reduce rates, some of the very same people who attack me were supporting Ashcroft and representing his interests in the Courts. How ironic! Throughout the skirmishes and the battle royale that our PUP government had with Lord Ashcroft,

the law firm of the then Leader of the Opposition, now Prime Minister Dean Barrow, represented Ashcroft’s Belize Bank while one of the leaders of the Association of Concerned Belizeans (ACB), Lois Young Barrow, was quite comfortable collecting handsome legal fees as company secretary and attorney for BTL.” In announcing the takeover, Prime Minister Barrow once again lambasted the Accommodation Agreement. He said: “This is our House, this is our country. Here we are masters. Here we are sovereign. And with the full weight of that sovereignty, we must now put an end to this disrespect, to this chance taking, to this new age slavery. There will thus be no more Telemedia awards against us, no more Telemedia court battles, no more debilitating waste of government’s energy and resources, and there will be no more suffering of this one man’s campaign to subjugate an entire nation to his will. After long and sufficient consideration and in the exercise of that national power that is ours by constitution and inalienable right, this government will now acquire Telemedia.” By the end of the next day, Tuesday, August 25th, 2009, the Senate too had approved the takeover. That same day, Anwar Barrow, son of Prime Minister Dean Barrow was provisionally appointed to fill in for Pulcheria Teul a senator from the South who was absent that day. Many believed that the younger Barrow’s appointment was to ensure passage of the Bill through the Senate. PUP Senator Hector Silva abstained from voting that day because he said that there were too many unanswered

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By: Glenn Tillett QUARRELING ABOUT WORDS … No slew of committee jokes What are we to make of the rapid fire developments in recent days? It’s enough to make one’s head spin. It also makes you wonder, where will it end? The meeting between the two maximum political leaders Dean Barrow and Johnny Briceno, would have been, in other times and even in other places, the headline news of the month but it quickly became a footnote to a tide of other matters. Ostensibly a humbler (humbled?) Dean Barrow had trekked to the lair, the Leader of the Opposition offices no less, to beard that lion as he sought his “support” for Programme Restore Belize. It was historical and in other times and other places might even have been hysterical, but this being Belize politics, no one thinks it was “hartical” as the rastaman dem would say. My opinion, and yes it is my “humble,” which is to say “sincere,” which is to say “personal” opinion, is that JB had a trump card that Barrow needs (or needed) and he pulled out all stops. Programme Restore Belize is potentially a $30 million injection

of cash (stimulus package?) from the multilateral alphabet soup of FI’s, your IDB’s, CDB’s, WB’s and so on, but he needs (needed?) JB’s John Hancock to access it. It’s all good I guess, but I have a few concerns besides how much is going to have to be repaid by whom. In its critique of the social programs Barrow had proposed in his FY201011 budget both the Chamber and the Trade Union Congress wondered aloud about welfare state creation and the dependency syndrome. I am always queasy about hand outs disguised as hands ups because they are short term sweeteners and long term rotters of our (lily white enamel?) morals. We supposedly already have a problem with people who don’t have a “work ethic” and politicians who don’t know how to walk the line between helping and enabling. I am also concerned about good ole graft, corruption that is. From what I have seen of programs such as “Housing for the Poor” among others, let’s just say that Barrow’s olfactory faculties are in serious need of examination by an otolaryngologist.

The sheer bureaucratic scope of Programme Restore Belize strains credulity. Why do we need a ministerial committee/council (a committee is twelve men doing the work of one), to supervise a steering committee (a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours), to supervise six operational committees (To get something done, a committee should consist of no more than three people, two of whom are absent - Robert Copeland), which will supervise (or be supervised?) by a Program Coordinating Unit/ Committee? Don’t get it twisted if you can’t handle the truth: I support all, any and every effort to make Belizean society more peaceful, peace-loving and violence free but I won’t just drink the koolaid. If it starts with a parliamentary committee of representatives from the most impacted constituencies I am on board. It doesn’t, ergo I am not. There are some in the party I support who will take (or have already taken) my criticism of Programme Restore Belize, as implicit criticism of the Leader. They add that to my stated

preference for the Zenaida Moyaled crime summit approach (out of the two choices) and figure I must be subversive. The chances are < (less than) zero that I would nominate, select, or elect Z to lead anything at all but I thought that she came up with a valid idea that she validated with a very communitybased consultative approach – the antithesis of Dean the despot’s unilateral ways. It sticks out that Mary Vasquez seems more an afterthought than an architect. It is clear to me at least, that two weeks of consultation and then concept designing is hardly enough, regardless of genius or training. I know, I know, I have heard it said sotto voce that maybe nothing is set in stone yet but Barrow is Barrow. He’s already figured out how he wants what he wants and he’s already stolen a march or two. Yes, admittedly I am a cynic but admittedly I was made so because if you bang your head against the wall of Barrow’s disdain and arrogance and all you get is a headache what else should you expect?

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


Student Beaten to Death Independence Police say that they have arrested a 15 year old student and charged him the murder of Shaquille Bennett another 15 year old student of Independence. The incident occurred sometime around 7:30 last Friday night in the ‘Sundown Trail’ when Shaquille was chased down by six youngsters who caught up with him as he tripped and fell almost in front of the Adventist School of that village. The six boys proceeded to unleash a vicious beating on him using an alluminum baseball bat. Bennett sustained severe injuries fracturing his skull and body injuries, he was taken to the Independence PoliClinic but because of his deteriorating condition he was subsequently rushed to the KHMH in Belize City for urgent specialized medical attention where he remained hospitalized until Monday shortly before 11:00 in the morning when he succumbed to his injuries. Ms. Marlie Bennett, Shaquille’s Mother said that her son left home early that evening and shorly after a neighbourhood boy said that he saw some boys chase down Shaquille. Ms. Bennett added that she immediately called her husband and they left in search of his son.



Shaquille Bennett Somewhere near the field she was told tha Shaquille was at the Policlinic. Upon arrival Shaquille was able to describe his attacker by name and that information was given to police which helped them with a subsequent arrest. Shaquille Bennett was supposed to be graduating from an Independence Primary School this weekend and was planning to continue on to high school in September but all his dreams were shattered last Friday. The young teenager will be buried sometime this weekend in his hometown village of Independence.

BY ORDER OF MORTGAGEE NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED a statutory body formed and registered under the Credit Union Act, Chapter 314 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, and whose registered office is situated at No. 1 Hyde’s Lane, Belize City, Belize District hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Mortgagee under and by virtue of a Deed of Mortgage registered at the Land Titles Register between Glenford Villanueva and HRCU. HRCU will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule below. ALL offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing to HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED from whom full particulars and conditions of sale my be obtained.

SCHEDULE ALL THAT piece or parcel of land being Lot No. 3451, containing 416.497 Square Yards situate along Allan Pitts Crescent, Loyolaville, Belize City, Belize District, being a portion of land comprised in MINISTER’S FIAT GRANT No. 273 of 1991 dated the 31st day of July, 1991 and more particularly shown and delineated on a Plan of Survey No. 273 of 1991 dated the 31st day of July, 1991 by G.V. Bautista, Licensed Land Surveyor, recorded at the office of the Commissioner of Lands and Surveys, Belmopan City, Cayo District in Register Plan No. 1703 TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon, the freehold property of Glenford Villanueva.

Jeovanny Javier to Pedro Jr. and Nevia Rodriguez nee Baeza Yolanda Faith to Victor and Irna Reimer nee Kornelsen Jayden Connor to Jacob and Rhonda Weibe nee Wolfe Christopher Daniel to Idelfonso Adrian and Ingrid Jasmin Garcia nee Henriquez Dev Umesh to Vinesh Kishanchad and Meenu Wadwani nee Gopani Oren Jason Danny to Oren Jason Sr. and Hanselma Darrellia Sutherland nee Choco


Jonathan Hurst to Rhonda Jo Dail both of Oregon, USA Raul Antonio Vallejos to Sonia del Carmen Gomez both of Belize City Evyn Pena to Leonarda Membreño both of Belize City Aron Friesen to Elizabeth Fehr both of Little Belize, Corozal Mahoud Ajaj to Jestine Dawson both of Burrell Boom, Belize Jose Choc to Sarra Sarita Ack both of Indian Creek, Toledo Marvin Tut to Angela Ortega both of Corozalito, Cayo Darwin Indalecio Ortega to Adrianna Salustia Durantes both of Sarteneja, Corozal Adan Abram Montalvo to Telma Eunice Pop Santisteban both of Chunox, Corozal Carlos Inocencio Diaz Melendez to Ammeny Nasiria Lino both of Progresso, Corozal Rogelio Pineda to Mary Sujey Ortega both of Camalote, Cayo Jeremy Dave Sedacy to Cherilee Tanisha Smith both of Sandhill, Belize Jose Elder Cante to Alicia Azucena Cabral del Cid both of Belmopan City Cesar Augusto Telon Ortiz to Oide Marisol Palma both of Belmopan City Benjamin Gonzalez to Maria Elena Recinos both of Los Tambos, Cayo Elger Gonzalez to Consuelo de la Rosa both of Los Tambos, Cayo Miguel Alberto Ku to Emerlita Mariuel Blanco both of August Pine Ridge, Orange Walk Robert James Davidson to Kay Frances Lance both of Montana, USA Zachary Kent to Kendall Rebeca Toon both of Texas, USA Yonny Aaron Diaz to Gloria Consuelo Garcia both of Trio, Toledo Carlos Giovanni Perez to Sayra Mitelia Garcia both of Corozal Town Eric Francis Cano to Evellyn Rosanne Vallecillo both of Santa Familia, Cayo Marco Vinicio Gongora to Judy Cal both of Santa Familia, Cayo Thomas Ack to Lydra Ionie Sutherland both of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye Sergio Alexander Hernandez to Romelia Maria Pruidencia Copo both of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk Amir Alcoser to Angelica Yorgina Tun both of Concepcion, Corozal Porfirio Tuyud to Inocente Azucena Ruiz both of Benque Viejo del Carmen, Cayo Paulino Leomarken to Edith Goyita Herrera both of Progresso, Corozal Michael Lionel Aguirres to Josefina Ofelia Bol both of Santa Familia, Cayo Filiberto Gustavo Canche to Ludy Vinnette Acosta both of San Joaquin, Corozal


Aubrey Dwight Lopez, 30 Florence Leni Cayetano, 41 Matias Celestino Duran, 28 Clifton George Grant, 80 Willie Wade, 92 Estevan Co, 25

Editor: 605-4508 25 Nanche Street, Belmopan, Belize

Sunday, June 13th, 2010



IS SELF-DESTRUCTION IMMINENT? CONTRIBUTED BY GORDON SMITH The Prime Minister of Belize, the Hon. Dean Oliver Barrow has launched his master plan dubbed “Restore Belize” two and a half years after he came to power and promised to do just that. Today, he wants you to believe that his strategic plan to fight crime takes precedent over everything else that he allowed to crumble right before our very eyes, including the economy. What a deception! During all this time Barrow has been sleeping at the helm allowing his Cabinet crew to spree on a drunken binge for power. Since February 2008 transparency, accountability and good governance that Barrow so fervently promised has been traded in for nepotism and illicit enrichment. Now that mounting public criticism has made him aware that security and public safety has spiraled out of control to crisis proportions, he is running like a chicken without head hoping for the best but expecting the worse. Once again, the Belizean people are being deceived by these UDP masters of deception, proven to be all glitter and no substance. No, no one is safe, not even the Prime Minister’s law partner who is now a victim of Barrow’s negligence. Belizeans continue to shake their heads in awe and disbelief. With all the double talk about “Restore Belize”, the Prime Minister has reneged on all the promises which are today the primary contributing factors of the situation we are now faced with. No one seriously believes that the Prime Minister or his UDP Government has the wherewithal to “Restore Belize” from crime and violence without first coming clean and putting in place proper solutions addressing those critical issues that brought public safety and economic security to the abyss. No inter-ministerial sub-committee and no committee chaired by Barrow or any other UDP will have the desired effect if it is not undertaken with a bipartisan approach. The Prime Minister outlined his game plan then briefly met with Briceño after returning from his personal trip in Miami where he is visited his law partner who has fallen victim to the terrible crime situation. As for the ‘Restore Belize’ charade, another prominent UDP family member has been appointed to head the Program Coordination Unit. She is Mary Vasquez the daughter of Net (BTL) Vasquez, a known UDP and owner of Channel 7 TV. The Queen’s Loyal Opposition ‘People’s United Party’ is in the worst

shape ever of its political existence because the shrewd fighting spirit of the PUP seems to have been snuffed out. The rank and file believes the PUP leadership is not recognizing the fleshy advantages that have surfaced since the UDP acknowledged that their negligence and incompetence has resulted in chaos of crisis proportions. UDP political pranks are obvious with the theatrical if not comical Cabinet reshuffle which turned out to be an utter disappointment. Their lackluster “Restore Belize” with no guaranteed strategy to reduce the incidents of violent crimes, seems like just another charade to buy time. For over a year the National Perspective has been outlining the incompetence of Carlos Perdomo

of all affected Belizeans is when the PUP will start energizing its bases calling for a national march against the deceptive Prime Minister and his failed UDP Government. It is one thing to print and shout rhetoric in the Belize Times and from Vibes Radio like the Kremandala people but it’s another thing to get your people mobilized and rally behind a cause. For goodness sake, the Office of the Leader of the Opposition just as the Office of the Prime Minister is a paid public job and Belizeans deserve much more from the Leader of the Opposition and the PUP. The Belizean people want to see their hard earned taxpaying dollars at work Mr. Leader of the Opposition and if not now, when?

about who owns the PUP Party assets. They continue to demonize the past Musa Government and try to malign people like myself, Jeremy Robinson and Rhenae Nunez because we expose their outright hypocrisy. They never take on Dean Barrow nor do they denounce the incompetence of his corrupt Government. The biasness of the Amandala is so obvious as each week, they try to give mileage to the UDP’s ineptitude; for a price, of course. Evan Hyde continues to highlight the so-called woes of the Said Musa government from which he benefitted from financially just as he is doing now. The X is still blaming the PUP, Ralph Fonseca and Said Musa for the Marine Parade and the exotic scenery that he himself enjoys late at night where he loves to go and cool off in questionable company. The Amandala did not remind Belizeans that it was the Belize Health Care Partners formally Universal Healthcare that the Prime Minister’s law partner was rushed to and it was that hospital (the same one that Barrow and the UDP wanted to close down) that saved his life. This is the same hospital that Said Musa, Ralph Fonseca and the PUP government saved from going into receivership to the Belize Bank.

Wisdom always warns that nothing good comes out of evil and that that Convention was wrong and that is the precise reason why today the new leadership of the PUP is still waiting on the runway unable to take-off. and the PUP leadership joined in a few months ago calling for his removal from the National Security Ministry. Barrow’s response was a slap in the face rewarding Perdomo’s incompetence by keeping him on as Minister of Defence and instead of downsizing his already oversized Cabinet, he expanded it with two additional Dodo birds. He brought in a clueless Freetown reject turned Senator in the person of Douglas Singh to be the new Minister of Police and Public Safety and retired washed-up senior citizen, B. Q. Pitts as Attorney General. Perdomo, using the brain of former Deputy Commissioner of Police Whylie, will keep the Defence and Immigration Ministries. Barrow is having a ball at the expense of the Belizean people by keeping all the incompetents already in the Cabinet and adding more! The Opposition’s response was a shout from “Happy Tails” about some metaphoric musical chair without music. If the matter was not serious, I would have certainly had a good laugh. The present PUP leadership must get serious about representing the people’s business and that means keeping the UDP in check. The big winner in this latest political masquerade is Barrow and his deceptive UDP while the Belizean people are the losers. The soaring question on the minds

As a PUP member, I find it difficult to sit by and observe how laid-back the PUP leadership has become in its half-hearted strategy to counter the UDP Government’s ineptitude. The present PUP Leadership has failed to convert and bring in new members, sympathizers and supporters and they have done a good job in isolating the thousands of rank and file supporters who faithfully stand behind the old guard faction and support Said Musa. Apart from the short falls and errors that were committed, all Belizeans (red, white and blue) were better off even under the worst times of the Musa administration than they have been any time since this UDP government took over the reins of power in Belmopan; even senile Evan Hyde knows that. The Musa administration grew the Belizean economy during all those difficult and challenging times by reducing taxes, giving fiscal incentives, building quality and affordable homes, construction of more schools at all levels, infrastructure such as roads, bridges etc. If you want to compare, compare! Like the political prostitute behind the Zinc Fence, the PUP leadership does not permit the Belize Times nor Vibes Radio to outline the achievements of the previous PUP government under the stewardship of Said Wilbert Musa. Instead, they try to confuse Belizeans

The off-shore oil exploration licenses is cause for much concern today especially after the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico just over a month ago. While the previous PUP administration gave seven permits in their ten years in office, why is it that the Amandala and Father X not questioning why the UDP signed away ten permits in just two years of their miserable government? PUP’s must understand that we are not preaching doom and gloom here at the Perspective with reference to Johnny’s leadership. What we are saying is that the two years that was given to Johnny and his company to restructure the PUP into a better political fighting machine has not happened and the time to do it expired on the 31 March, 2010. It is simple, the PUP is in no better shape than it was in since Said Musa gave up the leadership and since Johnny has held on to the reign of leadership, nothing has been demonstrated to assure us of victory at the polls. One of my colleagues told me that maybe Johnny came in with good intentions to enhance and unify the Party. He alluded that Johnny’s failure is due to his

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Sunday, June 13th, 2010


City Boys topple Placencia Assassins 2-0 in Super League football Belize City, June 6, 2010 The City Boys ran over the Placencia Assassins 2-0 in Week 9 of the Belize Bank Superleague football competition at the MCC garden in Belize City on Sunday. The Placencia Assassins were undefeated when they arrived in the city, but they came undermanned, with several usual starters missing in action, including Ashley Torres, Mervin Leslie, Zerrick Torres and Leomar Leslie. This did not stop Leonard Valdez, with 5 goals so far this season, from slipping past the City dfenders Mark Grant, Shawn Thurton, and Tyrone Linares to blast off a left foot shot at goal that forced goalie Charlie Slusher to come up with the save. Dion Macaulay, Raymond “Killa” Gentle, Jason Young and Tyrone “T-bone” Muschamp were pressing the City Boys’ attacks backed up by midfielders Jack Dawson, Joseph Mohamed Ali and Karim Rivero, but the Placencia defenders Dalton Eiley, Erie Whyte, Jason Kelly and Hubert Neal were holding them in check, until an errant pass by Jason Kelly was intercepted by Belizean international striker Deon McCauley, who made no mistake with his right foot shot to draw first blood for the City Boys in the 28th minute of play. T-Bone Muschamp looked to make it 2-zip in quick order, but Stephen Lopez in the Placencia goal read the play. Maccaulay set table for Raymond Gentle to have a go, but Lopez denied Killa’s shot. Tyrone Muschamp also got an open look at goal on a pass from Dion Macaulay, but T-bone was not playing one-touch football and missed the cane of a right-away shot. T-bone’s delay in controlling the ball allowed the Placencia defense to cut him off as City boys held on to their 1-zip lead at the half time break. Entering the 2nd half, Dion Macaulay looked to make it 2-zip with a shot that Lopez managed to deflect, but the acrobatics were too much for lopez, who landed badly. Down at the other end, Leonard Valdez tried for the equalizer, but his ‘soft-pop’ posed no real challenge for Charlie Slusher, who fed the ball out for the

sift counterattack, but Raymond Gentle choked on the finish, in his eagerness he sent the ball over the crossbar. Gentle was forced to limp off the field after a hard crash into Ernie Whyte, who also called for a replacement. David Robateau replaced Gentle and iced thw win OSEPH OHAMEDALI VS with a 2nd goal in the 83rd minute. a 1-1 draw into the half time break. Also coming off the bench, this year’s 1st division MVP Coming out strong in the 2nd half, San Dalton Cayetano looked for a goal, but Felipe bombed 3 more goals on the his shot was outside the sticks as City visitors, with strikes by Oscar Acevedo Boys went on to post their 4th win, in the 47th minute, and Harvey Cruz in they rank 4th in the league with 14pts the 60th and 85th minutes. The sugar from 4 wins and 2 draws. Placencia city squad ranks 3rd with 16 pts from 5 ranks 2nd with 18pts from 5 wins and wins and 1 draw. In Belmopan City at the Isidoro Beaton 3 draws. In other matches around the league, Stadium also on Saturday night, Nizhee San Felipe Barcelona demonstrated Corozal stung Cayo South United 2-zip all the synergy in their 4-1 encounter with the winning goal coming from with Santa Elena Synergy F.C. at the Darnel Mossiah in the 28th minute and People’s Stadium last Saturday night. Owen Pott put the game on ice with a Victor Morales scored San Felipe’s 1st 2nd goal in the 79th minute. goal in the 28th minute of play, then Hattieville Fc now leads the the visitors’ Tony Gonzalez drove in Superleague by a 3-1 win against Belize the equalizer in the 38th minute to take United F.C., who drew first blood on



ROLLIN BURGESS a strike by Marchall Nunez in the 15th minute of play. The village squad took over the game when Jarret Davis scored the equalizer in the 25th minute, and Leon “Lem” Jones delivered the game winner in the 35th minute. Steven Baizer made it 3-1 in the 92nd minute. The competition continues on Sunday, with Hattieville F.C visiting Santa Elena Synergy F.C. at the Santa Elena Football Field, Belize United F.C hosts Cayo South United at the MCC garden, up north Nizhee Corozal hosts the City Boys United at the Ricalde Stadium and down south will be abig showdown between Placencia Assassins and San Felipe Barcelona at the Placencia Football Field.

SanCas Seven Seas win 3 back to back to back to lead Interoffice volleyball Belize City, May 29, 2010 The San Cas Seven Seas team won 3 games back to back to back to rule the Belize City interoffice volleyball competition, toppling the defending champs Belize Telemedia at the Belize City Center on Saturday night. The defending champs Belize Telemedia suffered their 1st loss by the interoffice volleyball rookies BATSUB last Thursday. BATSUB’s Derek Miller, Rushane Murray and Darrel Diaz led the

attack to finish plays created by Keisha Martinez to win the first set 2511. Telemedia’s Jason Lamb, Adrian Mahler and Eros Dawson tried for a comeback, finishing plays set by Emily Turner Audinett and Melanie Blake but BATSUB dominated the 2nd set: 25-16. San Cas had won the first game over Brodies Milo last Thursday, taking the first set 25-18 with kills hammered home by Marconi Leal, Raul Arnold and Garfield Dawson on plays set by Sherylee Thurton, Crisel Castillo and Anderson and dominated the 2nd set:

25-4. The San Cas team won again on Saturday, handing the defending champs Belize Telemedia their 2nd loss 25-6 and 25-18. San Cas won a 2nd game on Saturday night, over First Caribbean taking the first set 25-16, the First Caribbean hitters Ryan Bennett and Caryl Meighan tried for a comeback, scoring points on plays set by Gina Requena and Kimberly Godoy, but the San Cas crew prevailed 25-20 in the 2nd set. First Caribbean tasted some success,

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Sunday, June 13th, 2010


Truckers spank Youth Hostel 101-76 Digicell Junior basketball Belize City, June 6, 2010 The Truckers ran over Youth Hostel in a 101-76 when the Digicell “Balling for Life” junior basketball competition continued at the Belize City Center on Sunday, June 6. Stephen smith led the Truckers with 31pts, and Oliver Solis had 29 pts. The Truckers led 22-11 in the 1st quarter. Stannis Thomas shot a game high of 43pts for the Hostel boys, but they still trailed 29-48 at intermission. Truckers’ Jaleel Arnold scored 25pts more for the, punctuating the victory with a final dunk, and Kenyon Tillett added 12 pts. Youth hostels Raheem Mariano added 14pts a he grabbed seven rebounds, while Aaron Dyer had double 8’s in points and rebounds. The Truckers led 75-54 at the end of the 3rd quarter.

with 15pts, but Matthew Young was playing big defense in the paint dominating the glass with 16 rebounds and scoring 11pts to give the Bulldogs a 26-21 lead at the half. Celtics’ Roman Williamws scored 10pts, while Kyle Pinkard scored nine and Kristan August added eight, but they were down 34-41 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Celtics’ Philip Arthurs grabbed 14 rebounds, while he and Kyle Baptist tossed in a bucket each. The Bulldogs’ Raheem Staine finished with 9 pts, Raheem Gayanir added 8 pts and Raheem Flowers – 7 pts, while

Olivera led Smart with 27pts as they led 14-10 in the 1st quarter. Jamal Kelly added 11pts for smart, but the combined talents of Randy Usher 18 pts and Jamal Harris’ 17pts gave the Rebels a 31-30 lead at the half. Marshall Nunez ands Hughson Tillett added 6 pts each for Smart, but Michael Martinez responded

with 8 pts for the Rebels. Roger Reneau added 6 pts and John Diaz and Omar Tesecum scored 5pts each as they led 52-48 lead at the end of the 3rd quarter. Olivera finished with a game high of 27pts, while Lyndon Arnold and Russell Staine tossed in 4 pts each for Smart as the Rebels won 73-65 at the final buzzer.

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Truckers Jaleel Arnold 25pts The Bulldogs remain undefeated as they romped to their 5th win as they prepare for a clash of titans when these two teams meet at the Belize City Center on Friday, quelled the Burrell Boom Celtics 65-46 last Friday. Kachief Thomas led the Bulldogs attack with 14pts as the Bulldogs led 15-11 in the 1st quarter. The Celtics’ Devon Brown matched him

Luis Barcelona, Lincy Lopez and Reagan Ramirez tossed in a bucket each for the 65-46 win. The Celtics picked up an easy 20-0 win on Sunday, when the Belzie Bank rising Stars failed to take the court for their scheduled game. The Orange Walk Running Rebels cut off Hold On Smart 73-65 on Friday, Elvis

when they won over BATSUB on Saturday, outlasting the military 31-29 in the 1st set. The BATSUB hitters Rushane Murray and Derek Miller made a valiant try for a comeback, but Frist Caribbean also won the 2nd set 25-21. The Atlantic Bank posted back to back wins over Brodies Milo last Saturday and over First Caribbean last Thursday. Atlantic Bank’s Jermaine Tillett, Boisrand Panton and Melissa Vanzie finished plays set by Shamera Usher, and Tanisha Encalada to overwhelm

Brodies 25-13 in the 1st set. Ashley Hemsley, Deon Chimilio and Jason Jenkins led the Milo counterattack finishing plays set by Salome Phillips and Adelita Gillett but the Atlantic crew won the 2nd set 25-17. The Atlantic Bank crew had also prevailed over First Caribbean in 3 sets on Thursday, winning the first set 25-10. First cAribbean came back to take the 2nd set 25-22, before Atlantic Bank took it away in the 3rd set 15-4.

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


SEARCH & RESCUE OR SEARCH & RECOVERY? By: Jeremy Robinson We’re now at the half-way point of 2010 and as we look all around us, we are painfully reminded that the Belize we live in today has become a place of little or no opportunity and increased hopelessness. It is truly a sad state of affairs in the homeland today brought about by a COLD & UNCARING UDP Government and compounded by an INEPT Opposition. Ever since February 7, 2008, and March 30, 2008, the people of Belize have been dealt a ‘DOUBLE WHAMMY’. For some time now, my comrades Rhenae, Gordon and I have made a sustained call for the PUP Party Leader to make known the date for the next National/Leadership Convention. Well, it appears that our collective call will finally be heeded in November and, for this writer, November couldn’t come any sooner – LET the COUNTDOWN BEGIN!! My criticism of the Leadership of Johnny Briceño has never been ‘’personal’’; however, the smallminded people who surround Johnny have exhausted all their collective energy to convince him that just the opposite is true. What the Party Leader fails to realize, though, is that his cohorts’ advice continue to do him more harm than good. In the same way I will not hesitate to take the Barrow Administration to task when it is screwing up, likewise, I will not hesitate to take Johnny Briceño and the Opposition to task when they are screwing up – HOO BEKS, BEKS! November is but five months away and still, there has been no person(s) who have publicly declared any intent to challenge Johnny Briceño for leadership of the PUP. In her column last week, Rhenae stated that Francis Fonseca has decided to ‘’re-enter’’ the leadership race. Whether or not this is true, the thought alone makes for some welcoming news. It’s consensus that Francis Fonseca is eminently qualified to be the Leader of the PUP. Talks continue to soar about Said Musa’s ‘’imminent comeback’’ even though the two-time Prime Minister has neither admitted nor denied this claim. As for Mark Espat, the gentleman from Albert has been suspiciously silent of late which may be intended to give the idea that he has no wish to challenge Johnny and whoever else may throw their hat into the ring for Leadership of the PUP. Knowing the ‘’MASTER of ISMS & SCHISMS’’, though, you could bet that he’s busy in his lab concocting what may yet be the GRANDDADDY of all his plots. So, for now, it seems that the horses are still in the stables and this begs one extremely important question, i.e. When the leadership race comes up in November and the horses are locked into the starting gates, WHO will the

Party’s financiers place their BETS on? When Johnny Briceño ‘’re-entered’’ the Leadership Race two years ago after withdrawing momentarily, it is because he knew all too well that that his ‘’bookies’’ had collected the twenty (20) bets that would give him the narrow victory over Francis Fonseca. The shrewd businessman he is, Johnny was playing to win on March 30, 2008 and win he surely did. The 2009 Municipal Elections and the soon to be completed 2010 Village Council Elections have revealed one glaring truth about Johnny Briceño, i.e. the multi-millionaire ‘’cañero’’ will never touch his lucrative bank accounts where the PUP’s participation in elections are concerned. Perhaps, this is the advice given to Johnny by his National Campaign Manager who continues to ‘’taketh’’ from the PUP but will never ‘’giveth’’. Like the Leadership Convention of March 30, 2008, however, Johnny will not dither for a minute to dole out his personal ‘’mula’’ at the Leadership Convention in March. In 2008, Johnny Briceño was the HUNTER; come November 2010, he will be the HUNTED. As to the latter, Johnny and his ‘’advisers’’ are totally aware that the stakes are going to be much higher this time around. Consequently, Johnny will expend whatever amount of money is needed to secure his victory. The income statement will be dealt with afterwards. It goes without saying that any contender will be able to outmatch Johnny easily when it comes to leadership skills and qualities. When it comes to the ‘’cheddars’’, however, one must concede that the ‘’ cañero’’ isn’t easily outmatched. Thus, the reason why I threw out the question earlier: WHO will the Party’s financiers place their BETS on? I repeat: Johnny Briceño is the HUNTED. The HUNTERS, though, whoever they will be, better garner the financial muscle before they step into the ring. It is June 10, 2010 and a whole lot is at stake for the People’s United Party and our dearly beloved country, Belize. There is still time for us to carry out a SEARCH & RESCUE. If we should waste another minute, we’ll find ourselves carrying out, instead, a SEARCH & RECOVERY.

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HOROSCOPE Aries March 21-April 19


our week should get off to an explosive start -- in a good way as you find exciting and unexpected opportunities for meeting new people and trying new things. You’ll need to rely on your charms rather than your can-do attitude to make things happen. Expect a flurry of communication, in person, on the phone or over email. You’ll need to think fast to keep up. Take a break from your harried mental state by spending some time with family.

Taurus April 20-May 20


ut faith in your usual pattern of patience as the week begins -- even if you’re feeling the urge to jump the gun. You won’t need to hold back at all. You’re full of energy and enthusiasm, which could turn out to be a very attractive combination. Focus on short-term schedules and details. It’s not a good time to make any long-term commitments (especially financial ones). This weekend, take a risk and let others know how you feel.

Gemini May 21-June 21


Seek out the advice of good friends as the week begin. You’ve got good instincts but you’ll have even more luck hitting the mark with a little friendly guidance. You’ll need to fight your more flighty qualities flitting around from conversation to conversation but just make sure you pause to concentrate on any obstacles that crop up. The weekend isn’t good days for follow-through, but they should provide plenty of opportunities for high-minded debate and discussion.

Cancer June 22-July 22


our brain is still in high gear as the week begins, expect to have a quick wit and a sharp memory throughout the week -- but just be sure you think before you speak. That mental might should transform into irresistible charm and continue on through. Use that boost in charisma to socialize, especially in large groups. Others will look to you to take the lead. Take a walk on the wild side, you need to challenge expectations and try something new.

Leo july 23-August 22


Your ability to learn -- your openness to what other people have to say, the way you show you’re listening -- is very attractive. You will meet someone who has quite an effect on you. This is most likely not a romantic thing, but your chemistry is undeniable. Your friends’ egos are on overdrive, canceling each other out but towards the weekend they will be more conducive to good times, and someone (or something) great comes your way Sunday.

Virgo August 23-Septemer 22


et in touch with your true sense of purpose as the week begins. It should give you a good chance to pause, reflect and embrace your priorities anew -- but be aware that your renewed perspective could bring you into conflict with others. Look for chances to travel and expand your outlook, even if it’s just a short (or even metaphorical) journey. Use your finely tuned intellect to tackle a pesky problem, but just take care to make sure you communicate clearly.

Libra September 23-October 22


This is quite a week for you, romantically speaking, and that goes double throughout the week. on You have the opportunity to focus all of your attention on this person, which is a good thing and a bad thing. It’s good for obvious reasons. The only way in which it’s bad is that, what with all your attention on one thing, there’s a lot of pressure. Make it as low-pressure as possible and if you get frustrated by how slowly your life is going, find something to appreciate, like art perhaps.

Scorpio October 23-November 21


Look out for conflict as the week begins as it could find you butting heads with someone who doesn’t share your point of view, but a little selflessness on your part could defuse the situation. You might still find yourself at odds with the ideas and agendas of others, but the competition is apt to be much more good-natured and spirited. Fight a good fight, but be willing to find a compromise, too. The devil is in the details right now, especially where risks are involved.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

ou can count on getting a lot done this week. Your usual carefree Y attitude will be eclipsed by a big burst of energy, so you can’t help but be productive. Your cheerful adaptability will be put to the test, as

you’re called on to juggle countless details and demands. Don’t worry if you can’t seem to get much done. Words can be even more effective than actions right now. Follow your mood and don’t back down from difficult questions.

Capricorn December 22-January 19


ut a priority on family and history this week as it will find you reflecting on your big-picture legacy -- and figuring out how you can ensure safety and stability in the long term. Your creativity should climb, helping you find innovative ways to get things done and have some fun at the same time. This weekend, deal with the issues at hand and don’t take any criticism personally.

Aquarius January 20-February 18


xpect your head to be filled with downright electrical ideas and inspiration as the week begins –as it should prove an excellent time to put some of these amazing discoveries into action. Your preoccupation with peculiar and intriguing ideas should continue throughout, even if all you’re really doing is keeping yourself from getting bored. Watch for a little romance to keep things interesting, especially if it involves an intellectual connection that turns to flirtation.

Pisces February 19-March 20

ystery swirls around you as the week begins and it could find you M faced with riddles to solve and puzzles to piece together, but nothing you can’t handle. Express your more affectionate, compassionate side,

whether that means making a romantic dinner or just telling someone special how you feel. Don’t let anybody nail you down to anything specific. You need to maintain your emotional and mental flexibility right now. This weekend, the world is your stage and others can’t wait to attend your performance.

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


Get A Healthy Whiter Smile With Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Whitener Products Professionals Use By: Dulce Silva Taking care of your teeth means more than brushing with a good toothbrush twice a day with a flouridated toothpaste, and visiting the dentist twice a year, but those are the basics for caring for your smile. As we get older, problems with bad teeth and gums start to show in terms of yellowing, chipping or sensitivity. With age, teeth lose their whiteness and begin to yellow: one sure-fire way to take years off your appearance is by whitening your teeth with a home or professional whitener. Many toothpastes claim to be “whitening”, but when you read the label, you’ll see the only active ingredient is fluoride. Fluoride is necessary for preventing cavities, but it doesn’t do a thing for whiter teeth. Other over-the-counter “whitening” products include baking soda and peroxide. Baking soda wisdom works by friction: it polishes stains from teeth. But, if your enamel is thin in places, baking soda can wear it further, exposing the dentin layer beneath the enamel. When that happens, you wind up with a brown spot or pit in the tooth.

These spots often appear along the gemlike, w h e r e enamel tends to wear away naturally and is weak. Whitening toothpastes can’t fix worn enamel: it takes a trip to the dentist to replace the missing layer with bonding. The truth about over the counter whitening toothpastes Many toothpastes claim to be “whitening”, but when you read the label, you’ll see the only active ingredient is fluoride. Fluoride is necessary for preventing cavities, but it doesn’t do a thing for whiter teeth. Other over-the-counter “whitening” products include baking soda and peroxide.

POLITICAL CHAOS!!! IS SELF-DESTRUCTION IMMINENT? Continued from page 13 executive advisors that surround him and that he is responsible for his wrong choices but not at our expense. The illegal April 2008 National Convention held in Orange Walk Town when Johnny fired Ralph Fonseca, Godfrey Smith, Marilyn Young, Henry Charles, Yasser Musa, and Dolores Balderamos-Garcia was nothing less than a coup de-etat. The old guard of the PUP was unceremoniously kicked from under the “Big Blue Tent”. They called that dark day of the PUP a National Convention, so now how all of a sudden, these clowns understand the PUP Constitution to interpret that the National Convention should be held in November? If Johnny and company had understood that then, maybe things would be different today because there would have been a smooth transition in taking over. There would not have been any misunderstanding and for certain, there would not have been any dissidents numbering in the thousands. Instead, we would have had a well oiled Blue Machine, united for battle against this UDP government. Wisdom always warns that nothing good comes out of evil and that that Convention was wrong and that is the precise reason why today the new leadership of the PUP is still waiting on the runway unable to take-off. The right thing to do right now is to accept failure for the 2009 Municipal and the 2010 Village Council elections, give up the leadership and call a democratic convention for the Party’s masses to choose its leaders. In closing, I understand that some of Johnny’s minions are blaming us here at the Perspective for the failures of Johnny’s leadership. Blame is placed especially on Gordon Smith, Jeremy Robinson and Rhenae Nunez who are branded as mischiefmakers. I believed that my late entry into the Perspective is being blamed for the chaotic behavior of Briceño’s leadership. I should have entered much sooner, maybe, just maybe then Johnny would have listened and make the necessary changes in his executive. John Briceño’s leadership will no doubt go down in our Party’s history as Continued on page 18

Baking soda w i s d o m works by friction: it polishes stains from teeth. But, if your enamel is thin in p l a c e s , baking soda can wear it further, exposing the dentin layer beneath the enamel. When that happens, you wind up with a brown spot or pit in the tooth. These spots often appear along the gemlike, where enamel tends to wear away naturally and is weak. Whitening toothpastes can’t fix worn enamel: it takes a trip to the dentist to replace the missing layer with bonding. Strengthing and repairing worn tooth enamel Worn enamel comes with age: it also

appears in younger people who grind their teeth, people who eat a lot of acidic foods, and people with bulimia whose enamel has been worn away by stomach acids. People with chronic heartburn or acid reflux disease may also have enamel worn off by acid, but for bruxers (or people who grind their teeth), the enamel comes off because of the pressure exerted by the jaws. The enamel flakes or cracks off under the pressure. If you grind your teeth, your dentist will recommend that you wear a plastic night guard over your teeth at night. Natural tooth whitening remedy and products Peroxide is the classic at-home tooth whitening ingredient. Toothpastes like Rembrandt contain peroxide in a dosage that, over a period of weeks or months, has a bleaching affect on teeth by six shades or more. Depending on your teeth’s sensitivity, you may prefer slower-working toothpastes to quickacting whitening kits. Bleach can make teeth sensitive, so if you try a toothwhitener, go slow at first, and maybe pair it with a sensitivity-reducing paste such as Sensodyne.

Sunday, June 13th, 2010


BTL: The Noose around Our Neck

Continued from page 11

questions. Silva was concerned that we would have to approach another foreign investor to buy the company. Also he wanted to know of benefits to the people and the looming judgments by the London Court which Government had said it would not honor. Silva’s concerns are as legitimate today as they were the day that he uttered them. Reality is beginning to set in on the Belizean people and the grandiose promise of owning BTL and the benefits ownership promised have been dashed. Yet Prime Minister Barrow stubbornly stands by his and/ or Kremandala’s decision to take away BTL from Lord Ashcroft. Barrow repeated his position when he appeared with Ernesto Vasquez on LOVE FM’s Morning Show on Wednesday, May 26th 2010. Almost a year later - BTL still remains in the hands of the Government of Belize. PM Barrow told Ernesto Vasquez that he has asked for the assessment to be completed by September so that shares could be offered to Belizeans. The jury is still out on who would purchase those shares and if Belizeans have the means to buy them, and if they do would they risk their money on BTL? Said Musa recalled in his book that his administration offered shares in BTL for sale in November of 2005 “but there was little interest for the taking. In February of this year, Justice Samuel Awich awarded an injunction thereby preventing Dunkeld International Investments Limited (one of Lord Ashcroft’s companies) from going to arbitration by invoking the Belize – UK Protection of Investment Treaty. Back then Barrow told the media that the treaty could only be invoked if the shareholders, whose property had been appropriated, are in fact nationals of the United Kingdom. He was also confident that Lord Ashcroft et al would be limited to a “battle over compensation” which he said was inevitable and necessary to the whole process. As Belizeans well know, those litigations have only compounded and have not resulted in favor of Belizeans. The tab for the Belizean taxpayer continues to accrue exponentially. The patience that the PM beseeched for has all but disappeared as telephone rates have not gone down and there is no Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). Unease has replaced the confidence of BTL workers who were jubilant over the acquisition and are now grimacing. On Thursday, May 27th of this year, the Court of Appeals lifted the injunction which barred Michael Ashcroft’s other interests from going to arbitration under the Belize – UK Investment Treaty, although the restraint on Dunkeld was reportedly upheld. This latest development now means that nearly all of the Ashcroft-related companies in the matter can pursue their claims through arbitration outside of Belize’s

courts’ jurisdiction. Senior Counsel Lois Young claimed that “the Ashcroft related company called Dunkeld is not included in the removal of the injunction.” According to news reports, Dunkeld is registered in the Turks and Caicos has never made an appearance in Belize - but that company is part of the original injunction. Dunkeld filed application for arbitration on behalf of the Hayward Trust. In the final analysis what does all this mean for the Government and people of Belize? The first point is that this is a national issue. It must, as a matter of course, be of concern to every Belizean. Belize Telemedia is/was our nation’s most lucrative private company. Today it defies legal definition. It is neither fish nor fowl, a private company forcibly held in some form of trust by the Government of Belize, perhaps? It was once the gold standard. Today it is what? No one is sure. Just a year ago owning BTL seemed a can’t miss proposition. Today owning BTL seems a high risk investment. There is continuing voluminous and expensive litigation. The legal heavyweights are all politically and historically connected all over the social, political, and business landscape. It may even be that the map is being redrawn as a result. The UDP has skillfully used the BTL matter to convince the Belizean people that the move to take over the company was for and on behalf of the people of Belize – when the people who have actually benefited are the Prime Minister’s ex-wife, their daughter, their son, his sister, his inner circle of cronies and close friends. We note the blatancy of the nepotism practiced by the UDP and especially the Prime Minister of Belize, yet no one has had the guts to confront this issue. While Prime Minister Barrow continues to be accommodated by all who watch in silence - by that I mean the Opposition that remains muzzled on this matter. During his appearance on LOVE FM, on May 26th, the Prime Minister pointed finger at members of the legal profession whose services have been retained by Lord Ashcroft. Barrow said, “… in terms of the fact that there is a continued fight - well Michael Ashcroft will not go into the sunset quietly; he is aided and abetted by lawyers here at home who will tell you that they are professionals. But in terms of the kinds of money that they are trying to get out of this country as a consequence of the arbitration, which we’re seeking to stop - I have to question their nationalism. Leaving them aside, I am saying that the country is benefiting from what is now truly competition because there is a separation of ownership and I am saying that the country will benefit far more as soon as those shares go on sale…”

The supposedly “independent” media has allowed Barrow to escape with this type of talk without much by way of challenge. Ernesto Vasquez, who led LOVE FM’s morning talk show discussion, afforded the PM the same courtesy. This sick game continues to play out at the expense of the masses who are suffering while Barrow and his cohorts are laughing all the way to the bank. It was all well and good when Dean Barrow was Lord Ashcroft’s attorney and could have boasted some years ago of how well he was being paid but

today he speaks contemptuously of his colleagues in the legal profession who represent Mr. Ashcroft. Perhaps it is because Dean Barrow is informed by his courtroom experience that he chooses to deride his legal opposition who, in the convoluted world of jurisprudence, are also his colleagues. He knows that not only are they not going to go away, but that they are formidable foes, that are gaining ground on the legal front. Since the two Bs (Barrow and Briceno) are into making nice these days, maybe a Happy Tail meeting is in order to discuss this pressing matter.


Continued from page 17 the worst leadership the PUP has ever had and it will be a lesson for future and aspiring leaders. This PUP leadership is in chaos and a storm is brewing at Independence Hall and will most certainly explode with Johnny’s new ignorant/ arrogant Secretary General. The barely sober Editor from Belmopan is somewhat dismayed after being shunned by his friend Johnny who is ready to throw him to Narda for sweet revenge and is getting

legal assistance from Said Musa, the very man he disrespected in his Sober Reflections (shame). Confused Belize Times employees are uncertain about their future. Vibes Radio personnel seem to have no program management leadership. There is an executive that Johnny has no control over and of course, the confused chief paid mourner have now zeroed in on the National Perspective. Those that have Ears to hear, Hear!


ROLF ELIESEN of Honduras.

TAKE NOTICE that a Petition for dissolution of marriage dated 2nd day of December, 2009 endorsed with a Notice to you to appear and answer the charges therein has been filed in the Supreme Court of Belize by SANDRA RAMIREZ ELIESEN of No. 7047 Racoon Street Extension, Belize City, Belize and that you are required within Fourteen (14) days after the second publication herein, inclusive of the day of such publication, to enter an appearance either in person or by your solicitor at the Registry of the Supreme Court, should you think fit so to do and thereafter to make answer to the charges in this Petition, AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that in default of your so doing the Court will proceed to hear the said charges proved and pronounce judgment in your absence notwithstanding. This Petition is filed and this Notice to appear is by the Bradley and Company of No.19 Dean Street, Belize City, Belize Attorney-at-Law for the Petitioner, SANDRA RAMIREZ ELIESEN. DATED the day of , 2009. E. O. PENNIL DEPUTY REGISTRAR NOTE: Any person entering an appearance must at the same time furnish an address for service within two miles of the Supreme Court.

Sunday, June 13th, 2010




Congestive Heart Failure

Heart failure means that your heart muscle does not pump as much blood as your body needs. Failure does not mean that your heart has stopped. It means that your heart is not pumping as well as it should. Because your heart cannot pump well, your body tries to make up for it. To do this: (1)Your body holds on to salt and water. This increases the amount of blood in your bloodstream. (2) Your heart beats faster. (3) Your heart gets bigger. See a picture of an enlarged heart . Your body has an amazing ability to make up for heart failure. It may do such a good job that you don’t know you have a disease. But at some point, your heart and body will no longer be able to keep up. Then fluid starts to build up in your body, and you have symptoms like feeling weak and out of breath. This fluid build-up is called congestion. It’s why some doctors call the disease congestive heart failure. Heart failure usually gets worse over time. But treatment can slow the disease and help you feel better and live longer. What causes heart failure? Anything that damages your heart or affects how well it pumps can lead to heart failure. The most common causes of heart failure are: (1) Coronary artery disease (CAD). (2) Heart attack. (3) High blood pressure. CAD and heart attack are the most common causes of heart failure in men. In women, high blood pressure is the most common cause. Other conditions that can lead to heart failure include: (A) Diabetes. (B) Diseases of the heart muscle (cardiomyopathies). (C) Heart valve disease. (D) Disease of the sac around the heart (pericardial disease), such as pericarditis. (E) A slow, fast, or uneven heart rhythm (arrhythmia). (F) A heart problem that you were born with (congenital heart defect). (G) Longterm alcohol abuse, which can damage your heart. What are the symptoms? Symptoms of heart failure start to happen when your heart cannot pump enough blood to the rest of your body. In the early stages, you may: (a) Feel tired easily. (b) Be short of (c) breath when you exert yourself. (d) Feel like your heart is pounding or racing (palpitations). (e) Feel weak or dizzy. As heart failure gets worse, fluid starts to build up in your lungs and other parts

of your body. This may cause you to: (1) Feel short of breath even at rest. (2) Have swelling (edema), especially in your legs, ankles, and feet. (3) Gain weight. This may happen over just a day or two, or more slowly. (4) Cough or wheeze, especially when you lie down. (5) Need to urinate more at night. (6) Feel bloated or sick to your stomach. If your symptoms suddenly get worse, you will need emergency care. How is heart failure diagnosed? Your doctor may diagnose heart failure based on your symptoms and a physical exam. But you will need tests to find the cause and type of heart failure so that you can get the right treatment. These tests may include: (1) Blood tests. (2) A chest X-ray. (3) An electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) to check your heart’s electrical system. (4) An echocardiogram to see the size and shape of your heart and how well it is pumping. (5) Cardiac catheterization to check your heart and its blood vessels (coronary arteries). (6) A stress test to look for coronary artery disease. An echocardiogram is the best and simplest way to find out if you have heart failure, what type it is, and what is causing it. Your doctor can also use it to see if your heart failure is getting worse. It can measure how much blood your heart pumps to your body. This measurement is called the ejection fraction. If your ejection fraction gets lower and you are having more symptoms, it means that your heart failure is getting worse. How is it treated? Most people with heart failure need to take several medicines. Your doctor may prescribe medicines to: (1) Help

keep heart failure from getting worse. These drugs include ACE inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs), beta-blockers, and vasodilators like hydralazine and nitroglycerin. (2) Reduce symptoms so you feel better. These drugs include diuretics (water pills), digoxin, and potassium. (3) Treat the cause of your heart failure. It is very important to take your medicines exactly as your doctor tells you to. If you don’t, your heart failure could get worse. Depending on the cause of your heart failure, you might need surgery to help your heart work better. For example: (a) You might have bypass surgery or angioplasty to open clogged arteries, or you may need surgery to repair or replace a heart valve. (b) You might need to have a pacemaker or a defibrillator if you have a problem with your heart rhythm. These help your heart keep a steady rhythm. Lifestyle changes are an important part of treatment. They can help slow down heart failure. They may also help control other diseases that make heart failure worse, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and coronary artery disease. The best steps you can take are to: (1) Eat less salt (sodium). Sodium causes your body to retain water and makes it harder for your heart to pump. Your doctor may also ask you to limit how much fluid you drink. (2) Get regular exercise. Your doctor can tell you what level of exercise is safe for you, how to check your pulse, and how to know if you are doing too much. (3) Take rest breaks during the day. (4) Lose weight if you are overweight. Even a few

pounds can make a difference. (4) Stop smoking. Smoking damages your heart and makes exercise harder to do. (5) Limit alcohol. Ask your doctor how much, if any, is safe. To stay as healthy as possible, work closely with your doctor. Have all your tests, and go to all your appointments. It is also important to: (a) Talk to your doctor before you take any new medicine, including nonprescription and prescription drugs, vitamins, and herbs. Some of them may make your heart failure worse. (b) Keep track of your symptoms. Weigh yourself at the same time every day, and write down your weight. Call your doctor if you have a sudden weight gain, a change in your ability to exercise, or any sudden change in your symptoms. What can you expect if you have heart failure? Medicines and lifestyle changes can slow or even reverse heart failure for some people. But heart failure often gets worse over time. Early on, your symptoms may not be too bad. As heart failure gets worse, you may need to limit your activities. Treatment can often help reduce symptoms, but it usually does not get rid of them. Heart failure can also lead to other health problems. These may include: (1) Trouble with your heart rhythm (arrhythmia). (2) Stroke. (3) Heart attack. (4) Mitral valve regurgitation. (5) Blood clots in your legs (deep vein thrombosis) or lungs (pulmonary embolism). Your doctor may be able to give you medicine or other treatment to prevent or treat these problems. Heart failure can get worse suddenly. If this happens, you will need emergency care. To prevent sudden heart failure, you need to avoid things that can trigger it. These include eating too much salt, missing a dose of your medicine, and exercising too hard. You may want to think about planning for the future. A living will lets doctors know what type of life-support measures you want if your health gets much worse. You can also choose a health care agent to make decisions in case you are not able to. It can be comforting to know that you will get the type of care you want. Knowing that your health may get worse can be hard. It is normal to sometimes feel sad or hopeless. But if these feelings last, talk to your doctor. Antidepressant medicines, counselling, or both may help you cope.

Historia en la pagina 2 Domingo, 13 de Junio, 2010

Edición 94 Vol. 2 - Semana 43

PM DESTITUYE AL JUEZ PRINCIPAL DE LA CORTE SUPREMA Lo obliga a dejar su puesto en Agosto “¿En terminus de Reforma Juridica, va a renovar o extenderle el Contrato Juez Principal del Dr. Conteh?” - Glenn Tillett, Vibes Radio

Prime Minister Dean Barrow Ciudad Belice, Jueves Junio 10, 2010 A pesar de las entredichos y varias declaraciones inconfundibles del entoces Procurador General por más de un año, aun fue como un golpe repentino cuando el Primer Ministro Dean Barrow enfáticamente declaro que no tenía ninguna intención de extenderle el contrato del Juez Principal de Belice, el Hon. Doctor Abdulia Conteh cuando alcanzara la edad obligatoria de su retiro que se aproxima a los principios de Agosto 2010. Apenas esta semana el Juez Principal, después de una reunión con Barrow, llamo una reunión con la conclave de la Asociación de Abogados y otros Jueces colegas en donde anuncio que se estará retirando. Dijo que estaría reasignando todo los casos que él estaba tratando, incluyendo

“No, pero no es una cuestión de contrato; es mas una cuestión de la constitución. Existe una cima en referencia a la edad de retirarse y el Doctor Conteh cumple esa edad en Agosto. La constitución si provee para que exista un plazo de extencion sin embargo esa edad ya se esta aproximando. He discutido este tema con el Juez Principal y la respuesta es que me he propuesto a buscar un nuevo Juez Principal después de que deje su cargo el Doctor Conteh.” - Prime Minister Dean Barrow

aquellos que estaban en espera de su dictamen/ y o los que apenas estaba escuchando, agregando además que no estaría aceptando ningún caso nuevo. Y mientras no dijo porque ha decidido tomar estas acciones drásticas, es muy obvio que surge a raíz de la reunión que sostuvo con el Primer Ministro Dean Barrow este pasado lunes. Debe de constar que Barrow ha dicho bien claro que quiere deshacerse del Juez Principal lo antes que sea constitucionalmente posible y que ya tiene un reemplazo de su predilección. ¿La pregunta que esta resonando es : Porque este apuro de reemplazar al Juez Principal y con quién? La Asociación de Abogados de Belice ha llamado una reunión para el próximo Martes para explorar esta misma pregunta

y también para decidir si deben de presionar al Primer Ministro para solicitarque el Juez Principal quede en su puesto hasta Septiembre y asi darle suficiente tiempo para disminuir sus casos de por lo menos 15 casos pendientes. La amplia especulación del público sugiere que el Primer Ministro quiere renombrar an antiguo Juez Principal Manuel Sosa quien actualmente sirve como Juez de la Corte de Apelacion de Belice aunque se cree más que quiere nombrar a su hermano Denys Barrow quien recientemente fue nombrado a la Corte de Apelación pero quien parece pararse recluso que estar activo escuchando casos pendientes. Talvez la mejor indicación del pensamiento del Primer Ministro viene del ahora ex Procurador General Wilfred

Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh Sedi Elrington quien divulgo su preferencia para Manuel Sosa el pasado Octubre 8 del 2009 en una entrevista con el Canal5. En respuesta a una pregunta dijo que Manuel Sosa quien fue nombrado el dia antes de las elecciones generales del 2008 y fue removido con el cambio de administración. Elrington subrayo su apoyo y afecto para el Sr Sosa. Dijo “ Me senti tan mal cuando fue removido del puesto y el la manera de que fue removido. Creo que el Sr Sosa el bien capacitado y el más indicado para el puesto. El Juez Manuel Sosa parece ser el mas indicado para reemplazar al Doctor Conteh ya que Barrow sabe que puede lograr el apoyo para su reasignación al puesto de Juez Principal aunque está bien clara que prefiere nombra a

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Domingo, 13 de Junio, 2010


Prime Minister Dean Barrow

Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh

Continuado de pagina 1 su hermano pero esta conciente que las criticas del publico serian mucho y la fraternidad legal entablaría sus mas fuertes protestas. Anteriormente en tres ocasiones, Elrington declaro que el contrato del Doctor Conteh no seria renovado ni extendido pero constato que el puesto seria anunciado. A este punto, es razonable para concluir que cualquier anuncio para la solicitud de candidatos seria perfunctorio, mas para taparle el ojo al macho. Es el consensoque si piensa que puede salirse con la suya nombrara a su hermano para que se convierta el el próximo juez Principal . Pero en una sesión especial de la Corte de Apelacion de Belice el mes pasado, el Juez Denys Barrow no estuvo presente en vez prefirió participar en concurso de “Ride Across Belize” para recaudar fondos a una organización caritativa. En ese momento fue reemplzado en el tribunal por el Juez Brian Alleyne quie se unió al Juez Manuel Sosa y Denis Morrison

El pasado Marzo 19 de este año un panel de Apelación dicto que existía una semblanza que el Juez Denys Barrow era imparcial con una decisión adversa que dicto en contra de la empresa Electrica BEL. El Panel fue dirigido por el Presidente de la Corte de Apelacion, Elliot Mottley, y el Juez Boyd Carey. Ese fue la última vez que Carey presidio en un caso y horas mas tarde en su discurso de despedida indico que no se estaba retirando voluntariamente. Dijo con cautela “ He aprendido que la política juega un papel significante en la vida de este país. No es para que yo comente en la area de la vida social del país pero la política juega mucho mas significancia en esta pequeña sociedad. Es muy estresado presidir casos involucrando oficiales de gobierno, ya sean Ministros o otras partes del gobierno. Asi que penosamente me llevare eso conmigo. Dijo que el Juez Denys Barrow se verá tratando de rescatarse de casos involucrando órganos del estado por su obvia apariencia de imparcialidad.

Balacera Fatal en la Corte de Magistratura

Frente de las puertas de la Corte de Magistratura cerradas después del asesinato de Andre Trapp Ciudad Belice Jueves 10 de Junio 2010 El ambiente rutinaria del distrito judicial de Belice en el centro de Ciudad Belice fue de repente interrumpida por el sonido de impacto de balas a eso de las 10 de la mañana este jueves. El personaje pandillero Andre Trapp de 24 años estaba saliendo de las cámaras de la corte cuando el pistolero que parece que lo estaba esperando, descargo su pistola en el. Trapp trato de correr en su intento de acorrerse a un refugio pero su atacante lo persiguió. No logro llegar lejos y se desplomo al pavimento frente de las puertas de las cortes de Magistratura #1 y 2. Testigos aseguran que el pistolero continuo descargando su arma corta aun después de que Trapp se desplomo al suelo. Otro testigo dijo que uno de los tiros impacto a través del corazón de Trapp entre los ocho o diez balas que se descargo. Se tiene por entendido que Trapp no tenía ningún caso pendiente en la Corte esta mañana pero estaba allí en solidaridad de un detenido. El asesino estuvo al tanto de su salida y ataco precisamente cuando Trapp salía del edificio

de la Corte supuestamente para hacer alguna compra afuera. Se especula que la muerte de Trapp fue en venganza y solo el tiempo lo dirá. Sigmund Sarge Trapp, padre biológico de la víctima le dijo a este periódico que no había vist a su hijo por las últimas dos semanas. Expreso la preocupación de su familia “No se a que se debe o esté relacionado la muerte de Andre” dijo llorando mientras movía su cabeza. Sarge estaba trabajando en el distrito turístico y dijo haber visto cuando la ambulancia dejaba el sitio con el cadáver de su hijo. Su amigo Bash le aviso de la balacera en frente las cortes y asi se dio cuenta que su hijo era la víctima. El padre se dirigió a la morgue en donde logro ver de cerca a su hijo y en donde obtuvo información oficial de los policías que estaban próximo a la balacera. Mientras trataba de buscar palabras para describir la pérdida de su hijo Andre, dijo “a pesar de el estilo de vida, era mi hijo y me duele”. Andre se dice es uno de los líderes de la Pandilla criminal conocida como “Soutside Gangsters” y tienen su cuartel central en la calle Ceaser Ridge. Ese domicilio fue blanco de un intento el pasado enero en

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Kim Jong-il convierte a su cuñado en ‘número dos’ de Corea del Norte El líder norcoreano Kim Jong IL,-centro- mientras escuchaba un informe del proceso de gasificación.

La agencia oficial norcoreana KCNA informó este lunes de que Kim asistió a una sesión extraordinaria de la Asamblea Popular Suprema (Parlamento) , reunida por segunda vez en lo que va de año, lo que es muy inusual. Según recogió la agencia surcoreana Yonhap, la Asamblea Popular Suprema designó un nuevo primer ministro y promovió además al cuñado del líder norcoreano, Chang Sung-taek, a propuesta de Kim, como vicepresidente de la Comisión Nacional de Defensa, el principal órgano de decisión del país estalinista. La Comisión Nacional de Defensa, presidida por el propio líder norcoreano, es el organismo que gobierna el país comunista y se cree que el cuñado de Kim, marido de su hermana menor, se ha convertido así en el “número dos” del régimen. Chang, que reapareció en la política norcoreana en 2006 tras haber estado ausente durante dos años, ya era uno de los trece miembros de la Comisión Nacional de Defensa. Analistas surcoreanos creen que Chang podrá ejercer ahora un papel importante para preparar la sucesión de Kim, cuya salud no es aparentemente la misma desde que en 2008 sufrió un derrame cerebral. En Seúl ese nombramiento fue interpretado como que Corea del Norte podría haber iniciado el proceso para abrir el camino a la sucesión hacia Kim Jong-eun, de 26 años e hijo menor del líder norcoreano. Kim Jong-il, de 68 años, es el heredero de la primera dinastía estalinista de la historia tras la muerte en 1994 de su padre, Kim Il-sung, quien fundó la República Popular Democrática de Corea (como se conoce oficialmente a Corea del Norte) el 9 de septiembre de 1948. Algunos expertos surcoreanos apuntan a que desde que Kim Jong-il sufrió un derrame cerebral en 2008, el dirigente norcoreano quiere estar arropado por su familia para preparar la sucesión. Esta fue la segunda vez que el régimen

comunista convocó la sesión parlamentaria en lo que va de año, algo que no sucedía desde 2003. La Asamblea Popular Suprema está integrada por 687 diputados, elegidos en unos comicios legislativos en marzo de 2009. En esa sesión parlamentaria, Choe Yong-rim, secretario jefe del Comité del Partido de los Trabajadores en Pyongyang, fue nombrado además nuevo primer ministro en sustitución de Kim Yong-il, que ocupaba ese cargo desde 2007. Según medios surcoreanos, ese nombramiento parece estar destinado a contentar a la opinión pública norcoreana, tras el fracaso de la reforma monetaria llevada a cabo el pasado noviembre por el régimen. Pero, como es habitual en el hermético régimen estalinista norcoreano, los rumores y las especulaciones rodean cualquier evento y la convocatoria de esta Asamblea Popular Suprema desató las alarmas. En un principio, expertos surcoreanos especulaban con que en esta sesión parlamentaria se podría otorgar al hijo menor de Kim un puesto oficial para formalizar el proceso de sucesión, lo que finalmente no se ha producido. Tampoco se anunciaron medidas contra Corea del Sur en plena crisis en la península después de que el buque de guerra surcoreano “Cheonan” se hundiera el pasado 26 de marzo cerca de la frontera marítima con Corea del Norte, lo que causó 46 muertos. Un equipo internacional de investigadores concluyó el 20 de mayo en Seúl que el hundimiento del buque surcoreano fue causado por un torpedo disparado desde un submarino norcoreano, hecho que el régimen de Pyongyang niega. Corea del Sur llevó el pasado viernes este caso al Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU, sin que de momento Pyongyang haya anunciado su respuesta.

Chávez anuncia expropiación de 80 empresas

Presidente Venezolano, Hugo Chavez El presidente venezolano, Hugo Chávez, ordenó hoy la intervención de 80 empresas pertenecientes a banqueros procesados por “ irregularidades”, decretó la expropiación de tres empresas, y de otros cinco comercios que supuestamente incurrieron en “ violación de precios y acaparamiento”. CARACAS, VENEZUELA Durante su dominical programa de radio y televisión “Aló Presidente”, Chávez dijo que autorizó “la intervención de más de 80 empresas de los banqueros esos que hicieron el robo, el saqueo”, en relación a la mini-crisis bancaria registrada a finales del año pasado en el país. “Algunos (de los banqueros involucrados) están presos” en Venezuela, “otros están en Estados Unidos” prófugos de la justicia local, que solicitó la aprehensión de cerca de 30 ejecutivos y accionistas bancarios, añadió el mandatario, sin precisar cuáles son las empresas que serán intervenidas. A finales de 2009 una decena de pequeños instituciones financieras, que representaban menos del 7% del

sistema bancario nacional fueron intervenidas por el Gobierno debido a “irregularidades” detectadas en su administración. El Gobierno anexó a la banca pública a un grupo de los bancos intervenidos, y anunció entonces que tomaría el control de las centenares de empresas asociadas a esas instituciones en varios sectores, entre ellas seguros y alimentos. El caso de los bancos intervenidos desató denuncias opositoras sobre una presunta trama de corrupción con el argumento de que los principales accionistas de las instituciones afectadas pertenecerían a círculos oficialistas, de los cuales se valieron para amasar en menos de una década inmensas fortunas.


Domingo, 13 de Junio, 2010

POLICÍA FEDERAL MEXICANA CAPACITA A LA POLICÍA DE BELICE Belmopán, 4 de junio de 2010.La Embajada de México informa que concluyeron los dos primeros cursos de capacitación para elementos de la Policía de Belice, a cargo de prestigiados instructores de la Policía Federal de México. Los cursos patrocinados por la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de México (SSP) fueron impartidos en la Academia de Policía en Belmopán. El entrenamiento forma parte de los acuerdos alcanzados entre México y Belice dentro del Grupo de Alto Nivel de Seguridad Fronteriza (GANSEF). El objetivo de los cursos es reforzar la capacitación de los elementos de la Policía de Belice, fortalecer su capacidad operativa y contribuir a los esfuerzos que actualmente el Gobierno de Belice ha emprendido para el combate a la delincuencia. El primer curso, titulado “Escena del Crimen y Preservación de la Evidencia”, tuvo lugar del 7 al 14 de mayo. Fue impartido por un alto funcionario del Instituto de Formación de la Policía Federal de México y uno de los mejores especialistas en entrenamiento y capacitación de los elementos de la policía mexicana. Asistieron más de 20 elementos del Departamento de Policía de Belice (BPD), incluyendo personal del Laboratorio Nacional Forense de Belice y de la Sección de Escena del Crimen. El objetivo del curso fue mejorar el trabajo en las pruebas periciales, para lograr su presentación adecuada ante la Corte que asegure sentencias condenatorias contra los delincuentes. El curso incluyó temas como criminalística, el estudio criminalístico del lugar de los hechos y medicina forense, así como la realización de prácticas

criminalísticas. El funcionario mexicano visitó las instalaciones del Laboratorio Forense de Belice donde proporcionó asesoría y realizó un breve diagnóstico sobre las necesidades del lugar. Como representante de la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de México reiteró la disposición del gobierno mexicano para proporcionar más entrenamiento en materia forense, de acuerdo con las necesidades de la Policía de Belice. El segundo curso, titulado “Reconstrucción de Accidentes de Tránsito”, se realizó del 18 al 21 de mayo también en la Academia de Policía de Belice, a cargo de un experimentado oficial de la Policía Federal. Asistieron 20 elementos del BPD. Incluyó temas como criminalística, fotografías y medicina forense, aspectos jurídicos y políticas preventivas en los hechos de tránsito terrestre. El Senior Superintendent Chester Williams, Director de la Academia de Policía de Belice, destacó la experiencia de campo y en la enseñanza, así como la capacidad profesional mostrada por los entrenadores mexicanos. Asimismo, agradeció a la Embajada y al Gobierno de México por la importancia que estos cursos representan para el BPD. Al final de cada curso, los policías beliceños recibieron diplomas por haber completado el programa. El tercer curso, titulado “Entrevista Policial”, será impartido por dos instructores procedentes de México del 7 al 11 de junio en la misma Academia de Policía en Belmopán. En el entrenamiento, al que asistirán más 39 elementos de la Policía de Belice, se analizarán los conceptos básicos, los procedimientos, fases, técnicas, prácticas y evaluación de la entrevista policial.

Balacera Fatal en la Corte de Magistratura Continuado de pagina 2 donde lanzaron una granada de fragmentación. En ese ataque nadie fue herido. En relación a este incidente, la policía logro detener a un sospechoso y lo encaminaron enfrente de a donde se cometió la balacera. Una de las policías perdió sus zapatos en la correteada. Por el momento, no parece haber ningún motivo para el asesinato de Andre Trapp. Sin embargo su padre dijo que cree que es a resultado de le estilo de vida que llevaba.

Sigmund Trapp le confió a este periódico que teme por su propia vida y la del resto de su familia. Dijo que no busca ni quiere ninguna clase de venganza aunque las calles piensan a lo contrario. La policía por su parte no ha emitido ninguna información en relación a este último asesinato que ocurrió frente y debajo las narices de la policía. Este periódico se contacto con el Comisionado de la Policía pero se negó a comentar sobre el incidente.



Aries 21 Marzo-19 Abril

El tránsito de Venus por tu signo es excelente para aumentar tus recursos personales. Refleja una etapa favorable para conquistar nuevos objetivos, tanto de tipo personal como sentimental. Ahora tienes más seguridad a la hora de actuar. Tus relaciones te pueden abrir nuevas perspectivas. Es una buena etapa para todo lo relacionado con la capacidad de materializar tus propias ideas en materia de amor. Indica una doble sesión de vitalidad. Revela un periodo de buena suerte, de colocar las cosas en su sitio, de tener que vivir experiencias que te reporten felicidad.

Tauro 20 Abril-20 Mayo

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa doce indica que vives un momento de gran actividad creativa. Refleja la posibilidad de que le dediques más tiempo a la introspección. Tus experiencias sentimentales del pasado van a ser objeto de revisión y quizá te aporten datos que te aclaren muchas dudas. Desde el punto de vista de la salud es el momento de decir adiós a un ciclo y entrar en un proceso nuevo de transformación que se puede materializar un poco más adelante.

Gémini 21 Mayo-21 Junio

Venus transitando por tu casa once indica un incremento en todo lo relacionado con tus actividades sociales y con tu sentido lúdico de la vida. Refleja que vas a vivir una etapa de mucho trato con la gente, de tener nuevas experiencias y a la vez de aprender gracias a esos contactos. Vas a tener una mayor capacidad comunicativa, lo que te hará sentirte mejor y te dará más éxito con los demás. Vas a mezclar la amistad en todo tipo de actividades, desde las comerciales hasta las románticas.

Cáncer 22 Junio-22 Julio

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa diez refleja que una nueva filosofía de vida toma cuerpo en tus esquemas profesionales provocando cambios en tu vida exterior. Con seguridad las circunstancias cambian para que puedas demostrar la capacidad que tienes de hacer las cosas con éxito y autonomía. Llega un periodo muy constructivo para tus intereses. Indica nuevas oportunidades para progresar en tus metas profesionales, e igualmente es posible que recibas ayudas ya sea de forma directa o indirecta.

Leo 23 Julio-22 Agosto

El tránsito de Venus por tu c asa nueve marc a un periodo donde adquieres nuevos enfoques respecto a lo que tienes que hacer c on tu vida. Diversas opciones de funcionamiento aparecen para ampliar tus horizontes. Indic a una etapa donde es necesario salir y ver el mundo. Es un tránsito excelente para aumentar tus objetivos personales a través de los viajes. Ref leja una fase expansiva donde se amplía la inf luencia de tus ideas.

Virgo 23 Agosto-22 Septiembre

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa ocho indica un periodo para profundizar en tus asuntos más importantes y reflexionar en cuanto a tus excesos y tus carencias. Igualmente deberías hacer un balance o repaso de lo que ha sido tu vida, tanto emocional como material en los últimos meses. Te aconseja que cuides tus emociones y administres tu energía de forma adecuada, sin ningún tipo de derroche. Ahora puedes crear un ambiente muy placentero a tu alrededor disfrutando de tus relaciones más cercanas.

Libra 23 Septiembre-22 Octubre

Venus transitando por tu casa siete indica que va a ver mucho movimiento en torno a tu pareja, a tus socios, a tus compromisos adquiridos en forma de contrato, o a todo lo que tenga que ver con tus relaciones con lo demás. Tu energía a la hora de llevar a cabo tus proyectos personales se va a potenciar. Refleja cambios positivos en la forma de entender tus relaciones. Igualmente es un tránsito idóneo para aportar nuevas propuestas, tanto sentimentales.

Escorpio 23 Octubre-21 Noviembre

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa seis te abre nuevas vías para lograr tus objetivos laborales. Tu propio trabajo te puede aportar experiencias muy interesantes. La suerte está contigo pero olvídate de mantener una actitud pasiva o de esperar a que las cosas te lleguen sin esfuerzo. Vas a tener que ser más dinámico. Indica relaciones armoniosas y más actividad social relacionada con el trabajo. Quizá sea el momento oportuno para proyectarte.

Sagitario 22 Noviemre-21 Diciembre

Venus transitando por tu casa cinco indica un periodo de grandes expectativas y avances, tanto en el terreno personal como en el del amor. Vives una racha llena de ilusiones. Revela un aumento de tu confianza personal, especialmente en lo referente a tu vida amorosa, pero también en tus actividades creativas. Los desafíos sentimentales que vivas durante las próximas semanas darán sus frutos. Indica que cualquier actividad social que tengas te puede abrir una excelente racha para el amor.

Capricornio 22 Diciembre-19 Enero

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa cuatro indica que puedes tener oportunidades para involucrarte en actividades comerciales relacionadas con inmuebles o propiedades. Refleja que empieza una etapa positiva en asuntos de hogar, vivienda y familia, e igualmente influye en tu ámbito emocional más íntimo. Quizá tengas que hacer un camino de más responsabilidad personal, aunque en cualquier caso vives un momento maravilloso para lograr un crecimiento interno.

Acuario 20 Enero-18 Febrero

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa tres indica que puedes vivir una expansión considerable en tu vida social. Puedes hacer más viajes cortos que habitualmente conociendo a diferentes personas. Indica que tu mente se reactiva. Refleja que durante varias semanas puedes expresarte de un modo más claro y concreto. Es probable que durante esta época tomes decisiones importantes o formules nuevas estrategias y planes para el futuro. Aprovecha este periodo para llevar hacia adelante cualquier proyecto personal.

Piscis 19 Febrero-20 Marzo

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa dos indica una etapa donde se consolidan tus pretensiones financieras. Vives un momento favorable para sacar tus mejores cualidades en el ámbito profesional. Indica cambios en todo lo relacionado con la economía. Revela una etapa fecunda para tener ideas originales que adquieran valor con el paso del tiempo. Quizá sea ahora cuando puedas desarrollar nuevos proyectos y planteamientos que te permitan avanzar económicamente

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National Perspective June 13, 2010  

National Perspective June 13, 2010