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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Edition104 Vol. 2 - Week 53


BTB SELLOUT Chukka Cove/Bakabush

Niam Wi Suppa

Micheal Singh Hon. Manuel Heredia According Over a year ago the to the Federation National of Criuse Perspective broke the Tourism Associations news of of Belize C h u k k a (FECTAB), Caribbean t h e Adventure’s advent in arrangement has put Belize. The them at a company is Jamaican disadvantage and rendered owned and m a n y operates Belizeans in Belize unemployed through its and threatens subsidiary, smaller Bakabush Tom Greenwood operations in Tours in which Chukka has two-thirds of the industry. On Tuesday FECTAB held a the shares. This is the slow-season in meeting at the Biltmore Plaza to tourism and therefore only discuss the current disadvantageous Caribbean Cruise Line is calling situation. The arrangement with on Belize’s Port. This has Chukka Caribbean Adventure’s raised the level of competition resulted after an American tourist, amongst tour operators for the Linda Linan 50, drowned while small number of tourists that cave-tubing in the Caves Branch come on shore. Carnival Cruise River while on a tour with BelLine, however, has made its own Cruise with whom Carnival had tour arrangement with Chukka initial contractual arrangements. Caribbean Adventure’s Bakabush Troy Gabb, Manager of Tours disregarding the majority Renaissance Towers and Crocland of smaller operators and tour See story on page 3 guides.

"No Improvement of Accountability" says Auditor General

Edmund Zuniga, Auditor General By Rhenae Nunez Belize City, Mon. Aug. 16, 2010

fraud.” Edmund Zuniga, Auditor General It was politically expedient and “In light of the present structure strategic for the United Democratic of the finance sections and the Party’s government to selectively inadequate internal controls that release findings from the Auditor exist within the ministries, it was General’s Special Report on the the view of the Audit Office that the Issuance of National Land, Leases system being implemented would and Titles during the meeting of the be open to collusion and potential Continued on page 3

Bias Towards None!!!

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


UDP, BTB & MIKE SINGH ALL FOR FOREIGNERS The United Democratic Party (UDP) was swept into office on February 7, 2008 on the platform that they would take care of Belizeans’ “bread and butter” no matta what. Today, thirty months later, Belizeans are worst off. To make matters worse for poor struggling Belizean businessmen and women, foreigners are now being given preferences in the Cruise Tourism Industry. On Friday August13, the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Tourism seriously offended Belizean Tour Operators and Tour Guides, so much so that these persons had to call a meeting of their association FECTAB (Federation of Cruise Tourism Association of Belize) to express their disgust with the statements of CEO, Michael Singh (brother of the missing Minister of Police Doug Singh). Singh was commenting on the complaints made by the Belizean tour representatives that the Jamaican outfit called Chukka being disguised as Bakabush Tours is enjoying an incestuous contract with Carnival Cruise Lines; a contract none of the major operators were allowed to bid for, and as a result, are not getting a fair share of the Belizean pie. They also complained to the Belize

Tourism Board that many of the standards that they as Belizeans have to adhere to are being violated by the Chukka/ Bakabush outfit. They stated that the guide-to-guest ratio was not being adhered to and that many of the guides used

as insurance coverage and operation manuals; everyone knows that he is speaking bulls_it by the ton loads. Every single operator is scrutinized by the Belize Tourism Board to ensure they meet all the criteria otherwise

Belizeans otherwise the Cruise ship industry will be in utter disaster. The CEO of the Ministry of Tourism needs to shut his mouth to avoid getting into more trouble before he gets fired by Hon. Manuel Heredia who despises him. Michael Singh is the same as his brother Doug; they both suffer from a severe case of “foot in mouth disease”. We ask the Prime Minister (Mr. Frequent Flyer Miles) to put a gag order on Michael Singh similar to what was done to his brother Doug. We say to the FECTAB members, don’t stop until the foreigners are out this country; stay strong and stay united. Belize for Belizeans.

The call by FECTAB to rid Belize of Chukka is supported by this publication. It is advisable that the Ministry of Tourism do what is right by Belizeans otherwise the Cruise ship industry will be in utter disaster. might not possess valid Tour Guide Licenses. They also complained that Carnival is accepting school buses and buses without bathrooms to transport guests; in the past they requested higher quality buses from the Belizean Tour Operators. Michael Singh tried to argue that it is about competition. This publication has no difficulty with competition, as long as that competition is between Belizeans and with a level playing field. Reports are that Belizean Tour Operators knew nothing about the bidding process which Chukka’s spokesperson, Guy Martin spoke about in his Tuesday television interview. He also stated that local operators do not have essentials such

their Tour Operator’s License would have been revoked a long time ago. The call by FECTAB to rid Belize of Chukka is supported by this publication. open your eyes It is advisable that the Ministry of Tourism do what is right by the people are awake!

25 Nanche St. Belmopan

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

SELLOUT Continued from page 1

Adventure and Eco Park, explained the sequence of events that lead to Chukka’s arrival to Belize. “Previously Carnival had all its arrangements with BelCruise…they disrespected that tour o p e r a t o r , Local Tour Operators and Guides suspended their operations with them by the Jamaican standard. We’re subsequently they contracted with not saying that we have anything Cruise Solutions for a short period against the Jamaicans but I of time and Cruise Solutions…was believe that we are Belizeans and providing them top notch service… Belizeans must be first,” Gabb and then lo and behold something emphasized. popped up on the internet where Gabb who is the Secretary of an interview was being done by FECTAB went on to say, “I’m John Byles, one of the managing not attacking the people that directors for Chukka Tours out initially owned majority share of of Jamaica.” Byles said that, Bakabush either – I know one of “Carnival contacted them even them is a born Belizean. I don’t though Carnival was locked into want them to think that we are a contract with Cruise Solutions doing anything that is considered of Belize….Subsequently Chukka personal… Tour operators have Cove may have approached made investments in Belize. You Bakabush. Bakabush may have all have invested in your buses, been struggling…. I was told infrastructure, offices, you have by the then owner of Bakabush trained staff, website …millions of that Chukka bought two-thirds dollars invested - mortgages that ownership of Bakabush….and you are paying to the bank. Lo and thus the advent of this relationship behold somebody from outside of the foreigner actually doing all who has a philosophy which they Continued on page 13 the tours. Everything is stamped


No Improvement of Accountability Continued from page 1 House of Representatives on Friday August 6th. The released finding created quite the excitement that the UDP thrives on however; the real story of the UDP’s first year in office which was characterized by extravagant spending was contained in the Annual Report of the Auditor General for the Year 1st April 2008 to 31st March 2009. The latter was one of five documents that were presented to the House of Representatives. A number of ministries and departments were examined and the findings were presented to House in the Annual Report. What was expected to have highlighted the new government’s will to deliver on their promise of good governance and accountability turned out to be a disappointing tale of rampant UDP corruption and ineptitude. We note that the Auditor General did not peruse the files of the Ministry of Works or the Ministry of Education where most of government’s money is expended. The stated objective of the Annual Report is “to call attention of the Public Accounts Committee and by extension that of the National Assembly to cases of (a) where

accounts have not been properly kept, (b) where any public money was not duly accounted for, (c) where checks against irregularity and fraud were inadequate or ineffective (d) where the laws directions and instructions relating to finance and accounts appear to be inadequate or where adequate have not been carried out, (e) where there has been apparent neglect in the assessment or collection of revenue, (f) where any disbursement of public money exceeded the proper authority or was not applied for the purposes intended by such authority or was not properly vouched or certified and (g) where there has been apparent waste of extravagance in the administration of government property.” The Auditor General went on to say that, “the report has had no effect on the improvement of accountability in the public service.” In his view this can only be remedied when the Public Accounts Committee takes accounting officers to task in addressing the issues in the Auditor General’s Report. One such accounting officer with whom the Auditor General took issue Continued on page 11

August 22 , 2010 Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

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Federation of Cruise Tourism Association of Belize BTB SELLOUT to Foreignerss

BTB CEO Disrespects Belizeans

Minister Heredia Silent FECTAB President Tom Greenwood

Local Tour Operators and Tour Guides

Mrs. Lacoma Brakeman, jobless mother of five

Troy Gabb, FECTAB Secretary

Independent Operators Yhomy Rosado and Henry Menzies Local Tour Operators and Tour Guides unite to claim their fair share

Belizeans first!

UDP turning their backs on Belizeans IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


The Line Keeps Moving at Jamborees First of its Kind Restaurant in Belize Opens

By: Roy Davis

drive-thru is expected to be operations next week. Jamborees does not have a waitress system. Customers order and pay and

BELIZE CITY, Wednesday 18th August 2010 Since Jamborees Food Limited, a first of its kind fast food restaurant located on Mercy Lane, Belize City, opened its doors to the public on Saturday 14th August 2010, there has been a steady flow of customers – some for the first time and others coming back for more. “The restaurant is 100% Belizean and we are happy to bring international standards to Belize. We hope that it becomes something Belizeans can be proud of,” said Julian Murillo, 38, the owner of the restaurant. “It’s a first of its kind restaurant in Belize,” he continued, explaining that the prices were deliberately set at a lower level to accommodate everybody. The menu, displayed on large flat screen televisions, consists of fry chicken, rotisserie chicken, burgers,

customers who bring their laptop and want to surf the web. Not to worry, the security is tight and there is plenty of safe parking. With a staff of 26, Jamborees keeps the line moving. It is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday to Saturday and on Sunday from midday to 9 p.m. Check it out and bring the kids – you won’t regret it.

Jamborees Food Limited

pizza, salads, wraps, hot dogs, sandwiches, desserts and beverages – everything you would expect to find at any fast-food joint. But the specialty is the Jamburger. Chef Lex, who has 9 cooks to help him prepare the meals, said that the Jamburger comes with a special sauce, grilled mushrooms, super ripe fry plantain, quarter pound of beef patty seasoned with special herbs and spices and a fresh burger bun. There are also meals for kids and a playground for them to entertain themselves. The

when their food i s ready they c a n find a table Chef Lex and Staff – Members there a r e plenty inside and outside – or have their meal to go. Internet access is also available for

Visit our new website

BOGUS KREMANDALA Pretends to care about Black Southside Belizeans

Willfully ignores Barrow & UDP’s Corrupt Practices Deceives Belizeans into thinking (His)tory is Belize’s History.


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August 22 , 2010 Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 th

Intel in $7.68bn McAfee takeover

The world’s biggest chip maker, Intel, has agreed to buy the security technology firm, McAfee. Intel will pay $7.68bn (£5bn) in cash. Under the terms of the deal, Intel said it would pay $48 per share in cash for McAfee, almost 60% higher than its closing price on Wednesday. Through buying McAfee, a leading security technology firm, Intel intends to build security features into its microprocessors which go into products such as laptops and phones. The two companies said they had been working together for 18 months and that, should the takeover pass regulatory and shareholder approval, the first new products would be revealed early next year. Intel has recognised that online security is not just about a few hacked bank accounts, stolen company secrets or a lone PC kept virus-free. These days the internet reaches nearly everywhere: from smartphones to the power grid, your television to the transport system. Online threats now pose a systemic risk. Microsoft recently launched its own suite of “Security Essentials” to keep computers safe. Apple says it has built security into its very system. Intel’s deal with McAfee is yet another attempt to ensure that consumers don’t lose trust in our interconnected world. But Intel will take it one step further. The McAfee deal will see the integration of security into hardware, into the chips powering much of our computer-driven world. It also bolsters Intel’s attempts to become more than a chip maker as it develops its own consumer de-

Intel and McAfee will work together to address growing incidences of cybercrime, they say vices and offering of IT services. Both boards of directors have unanimously approved the deal. However, the announcement took many analysts by surprise and sent McAfee’s shares 58% higher to $47.17, close to the proposed purchase price. Intel shares, meanwhile, fell by 3.2% to $18.97. Mobile growth Tim Danton, editor of PC Pro magazine, said the announcement came out of the blue. “Intel does buy a lot of companies and it does have a lot of more cash than anyone else out there. So it making a big acquisition isn’t a surprise, but you may have thought it more likely to buy another hardware firm,” he told the BBC. “No doubt Intel is looking ahead and

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seeing that the laptop and desktop market are probably past their heyday and the big growth area is mobile. “For a company like Intel, it’s nowhere near as strong in the mobile area as it is in the laptop and desktop areas, so it’s probably looking for new ways to get streams and revenues in the future.” But he added: “Perhaps that is Intel’s point of view but not everybody else’s. The reaction from investors has been quite negative.” The deal is likely to reduce Intel’s net earnings slightly in the first year. An Intel company statement said that the acquisition reflected that security was now a fundamental component of online computing. It added that today’s security approach did not fully address the billions of new internet-ready devices, including mobile and wire-

less devices, TVs, cars, medical devices and cash machines. The cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years with millions of new threats appearing every month” Dave DeWaltMcAfee chief executive A key worry for technology users is the security threat posed by the fastgrowing field of cloud computing - the ability to access, change and interact with data on any platform with a net connection, including smartphones. These online services require no software purchase and installation and most run via a browser, but there are concerns that storing personal data on a server somewhere in cyberspace could pose a major threat to the privacy of individuals. The president and chief executive of Intel, Paul Otellini, said in the past, energy efficiency and connectivity had defined computing requirements. In future security would become the “third pillar” that people demanded, he said. McAfee’s president and chief executive, Dave DeWalt, said cyber attacks were a growing menace. He said: “The cyber threat landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years with millions of new threats appearing every month.” McAfee, also based in Santa Clara, is one of the world’s largest security technology companies with about $2bn in revenue last year. The deal is the latest in a series of mergers and acquisitions in the sector, including Dell’s $1.3bn purchase of data Storage Company 3PAR earlier this week. And has SAP has paid $5.8bn for Sybase.

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010



Shelly Sanchez

By Rhenae Nunez Belize City, Fri. Aug. 13, 2010 When news broke that a woman had been shot down in the streets of south side Belize City. The immediate conclusion was that it had to be a crime of passion or somehow the woman had to be a part of the underworld and her day of reckoning had arrived. Neither was anywhere near the truth as details of the callous homicide became available. Shelmadine Sanchez, 35, was shot multiple times a short distance from her home shortly before midnight

on Friday night on Oleander Street in the St. Martin’s De Porres Area of Belize City. People in the area say that they heard her bawling out in agony as her tiny frame was being riddled with bullets. Sanchez was hanging out with friends earlier that night and was on her way home when she was ambushed and brutally gunned down. Doctors say that Sanchez was shot 7 times – she received gun shots to the right elbow, the right side of her body and in right side of her back. Although doctors worked feverishly to save her life, Sanchez died a few hours later at the KHMH. According to her family, there was extensive damage to her internal organs. Police have not picked up any suspects for this slaying that has shocked and outraged entire Belize City. Shelmadine Sanchez was known for her infectious smile that unassumingly greeted

anyone she met. Her close friends and family knew her for her sense of humor. She did not lead a lifestyle that would cast her in the deadly drama that is playing out in the streets of Belize. Family members say that her twelve year old daughter has been struggling to come to terms with the lost of her mother after losing her father a few years ago. Police have not confirmed but popular belief is that “Shelly” was killed because she witnessed the killing of Dennis Nembhard in June of last year. The suspect in that homicide was Emmerson Eagan. He was charged for murder but the charge was struck out for “want of prosecution” however, Eagan was re-arrested and has since been on remand at the Hattieville Prison. His trial is scheduled to commence soon and according to Shelmadine’s Sanchez’s relatives, she was receiving death threats via her cell phone. Sanchez’s family said that she reported the threats to police but was told that there was nothing that police could do to protect her. According to a relative, Shelly gave reassurance to the family of

Eagan that she would not have testified in Eagan’s trial. On Tuesday, a caller who identified herself as a police on Krem Television’s Wake Up Belize Morning Show said that she was familiar with the the case and that the police could have done more to protect Shelmadine Sanchez. In May of this year, Shelly appeared on television after her father, Clifton Grant was beaten by her brother, Glenford Grant. Clifton Grant succumbed to his injuries shortly after. Sanchez’s twelve year old daughter is in the care of family. The killing has touched off discussions on the issue of witness protection and the lack thereof which has frustrated many cases because witnesses who are threatened or are scared for their lives refuse to appear in court to testify. This has negatively affected the outcome of murder and manslaughter cases which has led to known killers walking free to re-commit the same offense over again. Police still have no leads in this case.


Dean Barrow’s days as Prime Minister are numbered. The easy ride the UDP government has been enjoying is coming to an end. The People’s United Party is finalizing its moves to have its new leadership issues resolved. For months there have been meetings, discussions and consultations with key party personnel. Last week two key Deputy Party Leaders and future leaders, Francis Fonseca and Mark Espat met and had a frank and fruitful discussion on a meaningful way forward for the Party. For two and a half years we have expected the once formidable blue machine to be more vigilant and aggressive. The recent village council elections were for the first time in the history of the PUP, not contested by the Party. In several villages, independent candidates came together and offered their services to villagers who embraced them and voted against the UDP. The UDP in government has

been a total disaster. Widespread victimization has been the most notable accomplishment of the Barrow government. Rhetoric is offered in place of results. The frightening levels of crime have now become common place in the society with citizens living in fear. As the economy worsens, the vindictive Prime Minister has resorted to gloating over the collapse of several large iconic enterprises. The man obviously prefers to mock his potential opponents at the expense of losing hundreds of jobs. His statement about the Belize Bank was nothing short of asinine regarding defaulting loans. A front page report in the UDP paper highlighted the plight of a group of Belizean businessmen. The collapse of the Mena investments, as well as a large tourist and entertainment places on the Western Highway is only the latest examples of how deep Belize’s economic problems have become.

Yet, at Friday’s House of Representatives meeting, Barrow and his minions had nothing to offer. No job creation programs, no new investments, and no easing of the burden that has become so unbearable on Belizeans. Here comes the PUP united and determined, to be led by either Francis Fonseca or Mark Espat or a combination of them both. One would believe that with the many atrocities the UDP government have committed in just half of their term the current leadership would have been more forceful in there vigilance. The PUP is bigger and better than that. This is the Party that brought selfgovernment and Independence to Belize among many other benefits, including ten thousand new houses, one thousand new classrooms, dozens of new school buildings, thousands of additional scholarships, completion of the Southern Highway, Boom/ Hattieville Road, and upgrading of

many feeder roads for agriculture. The list of achievements is too long for this article. As for the UDP and its Leader, they need to be reminded that elections are about the future and government is about making life better for the people. Barrow and the UDP are a caretaker government. They are a token hold over until the PUP gets its act together. Belize has never been so mismanaged with a Cabinet comprised of so many incompetents. Life has never been so hard for the majority of the people. Better must come. And better is coming. Convention for the PUP is due in November but it is hoped that by 29 September when the PUP celebrates its 60th anniversary as a political party, the leadership issue will be resolved and the road to unity and victory will be clear for all to see.

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August 22th , 2010

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


Pakistan floods affect 20m people UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon has urged the world to speed up aid to Pakistan after devastating floods which the government says have affected 20 million people. Mr Ban is in Pakistan to visit PM Yusuf Raza Gilani and President Asif Ali Zardari, whose handling of the crisis has been widely criticised. The risk of epidemics in flood-hit areas is now seen as a serious threat. On Saturday, the UN confirmed at least one case of cholera among the victims. “I’m here also to urge the world community to speed up their assistance to the Pakistani people,” Mr Ban told reporters as he arrived. “We will try to mobilise all necessary assistance and remember that the whole world is behind the people of Pakistan in this time of trial,” he said, adding he would report back to the UN General Assembly first thing this week. Despite the scale of the disaster, Pakistani officials have expressed concern about the international community’s response. On Saturday, Pakistan’s UN envoy Zamir Akram said that the immensity of the devastation was only now being recognised, and that so far there had not been enough help. The UN on Wednesday launched a

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki moon Urges fast help for flood affected areas $459m (£294m) appeal for emer- or plastic sheeting - it offers little gency aid, but says billions will be comfort or defence against a blazneeded in the long term. Punjab ing hot sun or heavy monsoon rains. means “five rivers”, but what we UN officials on the plane express are seeing from the air is a province concern that less than 50% of needs with many vast lakes. In places, the are being met. Two helicopters are muddy brown water never seems to taking senior UN and Pakistani ofend. Mud houses are submerged. ficials across the flooded plains of We have seen schools and power this country’s bread basket to exstations surrounded by water. Food press solidarity and draw attention crops and cash crops are gone. Only to the crisis that they say still grows the tops of some orchards are now by the day. The US is at the forefront visible. It looks like a land with no of the relief effort, having donated people. But when we fly over high- at least $70m to the country, which er ground, we see the tented camps is a key regional ally in fighting teralong the motorway. People are tak- rorism. The US has also sent miliing shelter under bits of tarpaulin tary helicopters to rescue stranded

people and deliver food and water. Pakistan’s government itself has been dogged by accusations that it has been slow to respond to the crisis, and Mr Zardari has been criticised for not cutting short a trip to Europe as the crisis unfolded. Flood levels are expected to surge even higher along parts of the already dangerously swollen Indus river, with disaster officials saying “major peaks” were expected next week in Punjab and Sindh provinces. On Saturday, Mr Gilani said 20 million people had been affected by the country’s floods, a much higher estimate than the UN’s 14 million. “Unfortunately, the recent unprecedented torrential rains and devastating floods have made more than 20 million people homeless, destroyed standing crops and food... worth billions of dollars, washed away bridges, roads, communication and energy networks,” he said. There were still flood victims to be reached, but the government was leaving no stone unturned, he said. The UN had previously said the region’s worst flooding in 80 years had affected 14 million out of Pakistan’s 180 million population and killed 1,600 people.

Obama signs $600m US-Mexico border bill Cartel blockades streets in Mexico US President Barack Obama has signed into law a $600m (£385m) bill providing increased security along the US-Mexico border. The US Senate had reconvened on Thursday during its August recess to pass the measure. The funds will mostly be directed to activities on the south-west border, such as hiring 1,000 border patrol agents. Money will also pay for surveillance technology, including unmanned drones. A further 250 immigration and customs enforcement agents will also be funded by the bill. “This new law will also strengthen our partnership with Mexico in targeting the gangs and criminal organisations that operate on both sides of our shared border,” Mr Obama said in a statement after the bill passed on Thursday. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told reporters that it would take eight months for the new border patrol agents to be recruited, trained and deployed to the border. She also said that border crossings into the US were down 50% as a result of extra security and a weakened economy with fewer jobs for migrants. ‘Small measure’ Republicans and Democrats agreed to pass the bill on Thursday by a “voice vote”, requiring only two senators to be present. Security along the US-Mexico border is shaping up to be an important issue in November’s elections. Senator Ben Cardin, Democrat of Maryland, presided while Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York, voted in the 40-minute session. Mr Schumer, the measure’s chief sponsor, hopes it will pave the way for comprehensive im-

The bill signed by President Obama is paid for by raising fees on some visas migration legislation to be considered after the August recess. “Both moderate Democrats and Republicans said they wouldn’t even consider comprehensive reform until we did something about the border,” Mr Schumer said. Some Republicans appear unsatisfied though, with Senator Jeff Sessions calling the bill “a small measure” which “if it is not followed by strong, sustained action, it is yet another gesture without consequence”. The $600m will be paid for by raising fees on some foreign work visas. Thursday’s session was only the second time in four decades that the Senate has been called back into session during August. The other time was to pass emergency measures related to Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

MEXICO: Police in Mexico say members of a drug cartel blocked off at least 13 major roads in Monterrey last Saturday and the situation became tense for hours before State police and the military got a grip on the situation. Enforcers of the Cartel stage a show of combined force and strategy using vehicles on the scene. Police say vehicle drivers were dragged out of their vehicles by armed men and their cars used to cut off the roads in the north-eastern city. The blockade happened after a shootout between the Mexican army and alleged members of a drug cartel, in which four people were killed. Police say the cartels blockade the streets as a show of force. Security forces said the shootout happened in the south of the city, when soldiers on patrol chased two armoured cars they deemed suspicious. One of the armoured cars crashed and its occupants opened fire on the soldiers.

Four of them were shot as they tried to flee on foot, a fifth escaped. Local media say one of those killed was the man known as El Sonrics, the alleged leader of one of Mexico’s most powerful and violent drug cartels. El Sonrics is said to have taken over as leader of Los Zetas in Monterrey after soldiers captured Hector Raul Luna Luna in June. Monterrey, in the Mexican State of Nuevo Leon is considered the richest city in Mexico and its industrial capital, has seen a sharp increase in crime since Los Zetas extended their operations there. It is believed that the drug cartel is well rooted within the security forces and most often have the privilage of inside information from corrupted rogue officials from within tyhe state and local police elements.The Mexicam drug cartels are supplied with prohibited military type firearms by U.S arms dealers from across the US borders.

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August 22 , 201022nd, 2010 Sunday, August th

Bogota bombing blamed at ‘far right’

CARACAS– Colombia’s visiting head of Congress, Armando Benedetti, blamed Thursday’s car bombing in Bogota that injured nine people on far-right radicals, in an interview with Telesur regional television. No group has claimed responsibility for the predawn blast that also damaged hundreds of buildings in central Bogota and came only four days after conservative President Juan Manuel Santos was sworn into office. “On a personal level, I believe it was carried out by forces of the extreme right,” Benedetti told the Caracas-based Latin American television station. “It was a message they wanted to send to the new president. It’s hard to come out with a hypothesis, but this is mine,” the Colombian lawmaker said. After the blast, five people who were arrested in early August for transporting almost 200 kilograms (440 pounds) of a similar explosive found in the mangled car were brought in again for questioning, Colombian justice officials said at the time. Benedetti was in Caracas for weekend talks with Venezuelan officials on normalizing relations between the neighbors, after diplomatic links were reestablished on Tuesday. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez broke off relations with Bogota last month, after former president Alvaro Uribe accused Venezuela of harboring hundreds of leftist rebels from Colombia, which Chavez strongly denied. Benedetti told Telesur he was scheduled to meet with Chavez on Monday. Meanwhile, Colombian Officials has offered a car-bomb reward The Colombian authorities have offered 500m pesos ($270,000; £175,000) reward for information leading to the arrest of people who detonated a car bomb in the capital, Bogota, on Thursday. President Juan Manuel Santos announced the reward, and admitted he still did not know who carried out the bombing. Some police officials have blamed leftwing rebels for the explosion. The bomb injured nine people when it was detonated near the studios of a radio station in the north of Bogota. The office block housing Caracol Radio was damaged


Jetliner crashes on Colombia’s San Andres island; 1 killed

and the windows of nearby buildings and cars were blown out. It was not clear if the radio station was the target of the explosion. Bomb attacks on Colombian cities decreased under Mr Santos’ predecessor, Alvaro Uribe, who was president from 2002 until 7 August this year. Mr Uribe pursued a hard-line stance against left-wing guerrilla groups such as the Farc, which has been fighting the Colombian government since the 1960s.

BOGOTA, Colombia – A Boeing 737 jetliner with 131 passengers aboard crashed on landing and broke into three pieces at a Colombian island in the Caribbean early Monday. The region’s governor said it was a miracle that only one person died. Colombian Air Force Col. David Barrero said officials were investigating reports the plane had been hit by lightning before crashing at 1:49 a.m. (3:49 a.m. EDT; 0649 GMT) while landing at San Andres Island, a resort island of 78,000 people about 120 miles (190 kilometers) east of the Nicaraguan coast. San Andres Gov. Pedro Gallardo

said 125 passengers and six crew members had been aboard, but the only person killed was Amar Fernandez de Barreto, 65. At least five people were reported injured. “It was a miracle and we have to give thanks to God,” the governor said. Barrero, commander of the Caribbean Air Group, said by telephone from San Andres that “the skill of the pilot kept the plane from colliding with the airport.” Barrero said the 7,545-foot (2,300-meter) runway had been closed because parts of the plane were still scattered across it.

Eastern Caribbean nations are pushing ahead with plans for geothermal exploration as they seek to decrease their reliance on imported energy. Dominica, Nevis and now St Lucia is keen on extract energy derived from the natural heat and water resources within the earth, such as volcanoes and hot springs. Most Eastern Caribbean countries are volcanic in origin and are believed by experts to have the potential for geothermal power generation. Last month, it was announced that a North American company, Qualibou Energy, had been granted a 30-year contract for exploration in St Lucia. Dominica and Nevis were already pursuing their own projects through West Indies Power, which is owned by Caribbean and European interests. Economies of scale: Caribbean nations have talked for years of reducing their reliance on fossil fuels with alternative energy but progress has been limited, largely because of the high costs involved. The French island of Guadeloupe has, however, had a plant since the mid-1980s. The Organisation of American States is among agencies advising the three Englishspeaking countries on energy policy.

According to a published OAS document on the project, “The small size of the power generation requirements makes achievement of economies of scale a serious challenge, and the high front-end capital costs associated with many of the renewable alternatives pose a hurdle to the fragile Eastern Caribbean economies.” According to West Indies Power, the first drilling in Nevis represented the first “commercial hydrothermal geothermal well” in the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. On 2 June, 2008, that well produced a 30-foot flow of steam. The company says it could produce several hundred megawatts of electricity from Nevis, which could be transmitted as far as Puerto Rico through a proposed Caribbean interconnected Plan. “The transmission of geothermal power via submarine electrical transmission cables is definitely one of the answers to lowering the cost and increasing the reliability of electricity for the islands of the Caribbean,” Kerry McDonald, CEO of West Indies Power, has said. “Most important”: It’s thought. However, an initial development would likely include up to 10 megawatts of power to supply both St Kitts and Nevis. The installed electricity capacity in St Kitts and Nevis and Dominica are said to be less than 40 megawatts and St Lucia’s at a close to 60 megawatts. The Dominica government is also betting on returns from its programme. “Potentially the development of geothermal resources could

become the single most important economic activity on the island for decades to come,” former energy minister Charles Savarin has said. “What oil and natural gas have done for petroleum-exporting countries, geothermal energy can do for Dominica,” he said. Dominica’s geothermal power potential has been estimated to be as high as 600 megawatts. The government is already suggesting that any excess be exported to neighbouring Guadeloupe and Martinique well into the future if the project is successful. Electricity providers: Qualibou says it intends to develop a total of 120 megawatts of power in three phases in St Lucia, with a tenth of that the initial project-plan. If energy is found in commercial quantities, the drilling companies, who are responsible for the upfront costs, will make their money by will then sell power to local electricity providers. In every case, they expect the price to be competitive with imported fuel. “We have an agreement with the power company to purchase the electricity which is going to be below the generating cost of Lucelec (St Lucia electricity company),” said Steven Baker, CEO of a Qualibou subsidiary. In St. Lucia and St. Kitts and Nevis, practically all the electricity is generated with imported petroleum. Dominica is the notable exception, as it produces 30-50% of its electricity using that nation’s abundant hydrological resources. One advantage of geothermal energy is that is regarded as clean energy, which will potentially help the Caribbean to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

The Caribbean dash for geothermal energy

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August 22 , 2010 Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 th

The phenomenal people of Belize without an economic future


By: Anonymous II The politicians have eviscerated the people of Belize over the last six decades by destroying the entire economy even in its fetal stages. This type of destruction will ensure that the economy never recovers, thrive or amount to anything significant that could benefit the local populace. Example- as Belizeans we are starting to lose our natural resources; we are slowly losing our legal constitutional rights; already we are being governed economically by Barbados, Jamaica and the rest of CARICOM countries. The Caribbean rule because they control and own most of the commercial banks and finances in Belize and this is not by accident coincidence. This is by design; designed by your local home-grown politicians. The Prime Minister, however, stated on love T.V that the people of Belize are phenomenal as to mean that they agree with these take over, hostile as they may be. The people are so phenomenal that they have survived slavery, racism, colonialism, and six decades of wrenching poverty, misinformation and lack of education, hate, bigotry and underachievement. We are living in an atmosphere instigated by the crab syndrome. Therefore, the people must suffer the indignities and insensibilities because they are so phenomenal, of unabated inflation, insensibilities, unemployment and poverty, which are heading south by the USA remittance which themselves are heading south due to deportation of Belizeans. It is phenomenal that Belizeans coming from U.S.A to open Businesses because of their advanced enlightened outlook for life who threatens the politicians Platakurtic view of governance. The people are so phenomenal that they don’t understand the government fiscal and monetary policies; that the social security monies belongs to the people and must not be used for loans to employee and private investment projects because the money must be there to pay for contributor’s requirements as stated in the law.

What goods is it to be phenomenal if you don’t own your natural resources? Your country will remain poor, you all will always be poor; you will always be looking for ways to buy food, to educate your children, to pay for your homes. What good is it to be phenomenal if the government conspires against its own citizens to deny them the right to enter any business venture in preference to CARICOM Jamaicans building roads? Do we have Belizeans who build roads? So why do we need Jamaicans and Guatemalans? You must say “no CARICOM”, “no Guatemala.” CRICOM takes your money and Guatemala spends money people of Belize, you are phenomenal because you take second place and allow your elected officials to disdain you and give the CARICOMERS first class over you. Yes, it is a fast that the people of Belize are truly phenomenal when they pay over $27million yearly to maintain a central Bank and all its CARICOM friends who live in grand style which you go begging and to add insult to injury, they control and limit what you import thus dictating how your business and the aggregate macro economy grow. What a phenomenon. It is phenomenal people who will believe the lie that you don’t pay taxes if you earn from $1 to $26,000 annually. Really? Phenomenal people, you pay most of your earnings in taxes. For example, you pay taxes on all the imported goods plus cost, insurance and freight plus wages and other expenses to bring the product to market; then you pay more taxes on these taxes like GST + utility taxes plus Gross Revenue taxes plus social security taxes plus other taxes. How do we put an end to al this nonsense? Step one is to get rid of the UDP. Elect the PUP with a leader, who is brilliantly educated, articulate, and has a certain savoir faire that will attract great investors to Belize and who can attract Belizeans of all walks of life and bring them to participate in nation building.

CARICOM Over to the Council of Ambassadors Caribbean Community (Caricom) leaders appear to have finally agreed on a mechanism to ensure that decisions at the highest level of the integration grouping are followed through.

Bruce Golding holds the rotating chairmanship of Caricom After an inconclusive summit in the other organs of the CommuJamaica in July, heads of govern- nity were still to be determined. ment mandated a special commit- Shortlist tee of leaders to review proposals on The panel hopes that all these matters governance within the Community. will be in place by July 2011, so that The panel met in Grenada and settled the Revised Treaty of Chagauramas on a new entity, to be called the Coun- which established Caricom, could be cil of Ambassadors, to oversee the im- adjusted to recognise the Council as plementation of Caricom decisions. an independent organ. Mr Golding Critics say the failure to follow- said that, in the interim, they could through on decisions has hampered be set up as a sub-committee of heads progress toward Caribbean eco- of government. The Grenada meeting nomic integration. Current Caricom also set up a nine-member commitchairman, Jamaican Prime Minister tee to begin the process of shortlistBruce Golding, said he believes the ing candidates to succeed outgoing panel arrived at a workable solution. Caricom Secretary-General Edwin Domestic action Carrington. The committee would He said: “The concept is that the be chaired by the Barbados Foreign ambassadors will be based in Minister, Maxine McClean. The plan their respective countries and they is for the committee to prepare a prewould head what we term the re- liminary list of candidates for pregional integration unit which is sentation to the September summit. to be established in each country. Attendance “Their job will be to just follow-up, Mr Carrington is leaving ofto make sure that domestic action is fice at the end of the year after 18 taken to give effect to the decisions years at the secretariat in Guyana. of the (Caricom) heads.” Mr Golding Mr Golding said he hoped the said some countries, such as St Vin- new Secretary-General would be cent and the Grenadines, already have able to take up office in January. Caricom-specific units in operation. The meeting in St George’s was also The proposal is to go before the next attended by the leaders of Guyana, St full Caricom heads of government Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Dominica meeting in September for approval. and St Vincent and the Grenadines. What’s unclear is exactly what pow- Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime Minisers the proposed council will have. ter Kamla Persad Bissessar, who is Mr Golding said the specific on a visit to the United States, was job description of the ambassa- represented by her foreign minister. dors and how they would relate to

Wyclef Jean hopes to be on the list of presidential candidates es over the eligibility of a num-

Haitian voters and those hoping to contest the 28 November poll now have to wait until this Friday at the earliest to know who will qualify to run. There have been several challeng-

ber of the 34 people who have put their names forward. The country’s provisional electoral council had been due to finalise the list on Tuesday, but said it needed more time to review the objections. One of the high profile would-be candidates for the election, the hip hop star Wyclef Jean, is said to have gone into hiding in Haiti after receiving death threats. He told the Associated Press news agency that he received a phone call telling him to get out of Haiti and that he was in hiding at a secret location in the Caribbean country.

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010



Why the wolves are at our door You’d have to be pie-eyed not to see that Belize’s economy is going through some changes and none seem to be for the good. For me the worst part is that it is one big guessing game because there’s little to be had by way of empirical evidence such as statistics to make truly informed judgments, and you’re forced to rely on the anecdotal and historical. I was reminded last week that the Barrow administration in its quest to continuing re-inventing the wheel wants to spend tens of millions of dollars on a cruise tourism port in Placencia when someone else had already spent tens of millions of United States green bucks on a cruise tourism port in Belize City. Do you remember when the combination of the construction of the cruise port and the implementation of the Southside Poverty Alleviation project was going to bring hundreds of jobs and other economic opportunities for Belizeans who live in that poverty wracked and benighted area of our community? It is a typical Barrow modus operandi that he is determined to spend tens of millions of dollars on a port down south where the majority of the people do not want it, and ignore the tens of millions already spent in Belize City where people openly hunger for it. This week the cruise tourism sector stood up en masse in arms because they realized their opportunities in the industry had been taken away from them by yet another policy decision of the Barrow administration. Now, unlike Luke Espat these are hardly folks anyone would classify as PUPees. Like Luke Espat, though, they are people who have invested their life’s savings, their blood, sweat and tears in developing the industry and their concomitant opportunities only to have the door slammed in their faces. Yes, Mike Singh and the people we all pay millions of dollars to each year to help our tourism service providers improve their standards, can quite proudly it seems, say that our standards are really sub-industry requirement (namely Carnival) standards.

The question I want to ask is why are we paying people like Mike Singh (Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Tourism), and Laura Esquivel (Director of Product Development, Belize Tourism Board) hundreds of thousands of dollars per year for? I single them out because they are the top political appointments, handpicked by Dean Barrow, and are among the most handsomely paid. Their job is to look out for those same hungry operators who are complaining that they have been shut out of Carnival’s cruise business in favour of a Jamaican company creaming off our resources and attractions. If a totally foreign company can come in and monopolize the largest cruise line visiting Belize then it means somebody is not doing the job they are being paid to do and should be fired. Mike Singh is the BTB’s CEO and besides Minister Heredia, the buck stops with him I don’t blame the Chukka people, and I agree with them that it is just business. I will say to them, though, somebody need to give you all a lesson in Belize PR 101 and fast or you will soon begin to feel the impact of the public’s revulsion. It is near impossible for me to believe that all the money Chukka makes from its contract(s) with Carnival comes to Belize first, before it is expatriated. Heck, not even born Belizean operators do that. And no one can persuade me that there aren’t Belizeans who are able to compete with Chukka or anyone else. Somebody should have had the foresight to perceive that this would be a problem, but then again we are talking about an administration whose lack of foresight is now near mythical. How have they blundered? I cannot even begin to count the ways. But we can start with that business about economic policies and decisions that reinvent the wheel and which are supposed to fix that which isn’t broken. You don’t have to be Warren Buffet to know that those lead to hungry mobs rioting in the streets. It’s coming people – the wolves are at the door.

Lee Mark Chang No Improvement named President Continued from page 3 is the Accountant General whose of the Senate report was seven months late and

Barrow grooms his ‘Chiney buay’ for Government business This past Wednesday Prime Minister Dean Barrow found a convenient way of naming Lee Mark Chang of the Chon Saan Palace fame to the top Senate Seat as President. Although it is said that the appointment as President of the Senate is temporary and he is holding over for Senate President Andrea Gill who is on Maternity leave it is believed that the grooming of Chang during the following months will eventually keep him there because it is been rumoured the Gill won’t be returning to that seat after she gives birth. Chang, 37 year old was sworn in in Belmopan at a regular sitting of the upper house. Lee Mark as he is well known was instrumental to the UDP political party when in Opposition because as President of the Chinese Association he managed to raise a hefty sum from the greater Chinese community with various promises that many Chinese have already cashed in. If you notice the growing number of Chinese night spots that are permitted to operate as mini casino’s with one-arm bandit slots machine you will get the idea of some of those promises. As for Lee Mark, the UDP have already pave the way for him to contest the Freetown Area and his naming as Temporary President of the Senate is just to show Belizeans that Dean Barrow has bent forward and backwards to keep his promises with the Chines community even though he is still ignoring all the many wild promises made to the wider Belizean population. Chang becomes the first Belizean Chinese member in the National Assembly. During the same ceremonies, Dangriga Mayor Frank “Pawpa” Mena was also sworn in as a permanent UDP senator who takes over from Eddie Webster who is now the clerk of the National Assembly.

there was no accompanying reason for the lateness. “The financial statements of the Accountant General, for the years ended 31st March 2009 were received at my office on 23rd September 2009 and not in accordance with Section 15 of the Finance and Audit Reform Act No. 12 of 2005.” (Please note that the emphasis is his). A portion of the Finance and Audit Reform Act No.12 of 2005 provides for an extension of the period within which the Accountant General may submit statements. This is after the presentation of a written request by the Accountant General to the National Assembly. According to the law, that request must be “for good and sufficient reason” and such extension when granted shall be for a period not exceeding three months. There was no explanation for the Accountant General’s tardiness in delivering the statements six months late. It will be recalled that the budget for that year was presented five months late. In his opening remarks the Auditor General recommended that Internal Audit Units be created within ministries. He questioned the inordinate length of time that a number of officers have been on interdiction and questioned why the Police have not taken action to take these cases to court in order to conclude them. He reminded that, “It is important to point out that when officers remain on the interdiction they continue to receive salary for such period.” Twelve financial statements were examined, six of which the Auditor General stated, “I am withholding my opinion” due to discrepancies in calculations in the Accountant General’s statements. Discrepancies were found in the Abstract by Head of Revenue and Expenditure Compared with the Estimates. “In the case of revenue, the Accountant General’s figure is $5,955,214.68 more than the figure brought to account in the SMARTSTREAM Accounting System. It is also worth noting that the actual revenue shows a shortfall of $35,608,146.00 when compared to the revenue projection. Comparison of the expenditure statement submitted for audit and the expenditure figures in the SMARTSTREAM accounting system shows several cases of excess expenditure, totaling $60,346,142.00 for which no Continued on page 13

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


by: marshall Nunez

“Da fool di talk but Da noh fool di listen”. We have one week before the new school year begins. Traditionally, the last two weeks of summer vacation leading to back-toschool is a busy shopping period, this year so far, there is no such activity taking place because there isn’t any money to spend. We are in a terrible state getting by with no economic alternative but from hand to mouth; the high cost of living has forced many families to sacrifice just about every aspect of spending regarding preparations of their children attire for schools. There is a total sense of frustration, despair, hopelessness among the working class that feel a complete lack of direction by the leadership in government. The UDP government seems to be clueless about what measures to put in place to put a damper on the spiralling violent crime that has gone beyond the local lawenforcement authorities, placing the country as the murder capital of the region. Last week we saw another senseless shooting of a fourteenyear-old Chinese female student, who was killed as armed robbers stormed into their grocery store. The so-called jaguar operation has lost its teeth, especially because Police and BDF could not get their special duty allowance and now Crime and Violence is back as the order of the day. The new Minister of Police, Dough Singh is clueless about the dispensing of law and order and spends more time running his group of companies than doing what he is being paid to do. ‘Restore Belize’ program is a waste of time and really demonstrating the ineptitude of this government. More recently we had another brutal slaying of a female who had witnessed a murder and was silenced before she could testify in court. For this among other reasons honest law-abiding people who witness crimes are reluctant to speak out because at the end of the trial these persons are set free for one thing or the other. Outside re-creational and sporting activities are phasingout because law-abiding people are fearful of their safety and

do not attend. The population, particularly in the city are under siege with no hope in the police department. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has no solution, and he does not care as long as the police protect himself and his immediate family and friends. He could not care less what happens to the wider population, remember the collateral damage? In his frame of mind, it is the same thing. Belize is at a point of lawlessness with no directional strategy or solutions from the UDP government. They were elected to represent the wider population and have the moral obligation to develop strategies and policies for the wellbeing of us all not just a selected few, but they have neglected their responsibilities allowing the institution of government to crumble before our very eyes. Our medical facilities are barely equipped, and patients are dying in some cases because of the lack of public education regarding certain diseases like haemorrhagic dengue, but it is even more horrific when they dye in our hospitals as a consequence of downright neglect like was the case in our Northern facility where ants were festering the patient even while he was alive. During the last 30 months, the UDP government allowed poverty to grow at alarming rate of is at 43% and growing. Because of their incompetence, neglect and vindictiveness unemployment is now over 30%. Iconic, bread and butter industries such as citrus and banana, shrimp, other agricultural products are performing way below expectations and are in serious risk of folding. The cane industry is in crisis milling in an extended period even though it is predicted to be the worst crop ever. This is where we are under the myopic government, and the worst may be ahead of us because there is certainly a lack of vision and initiative. The UDP has deceived Belizeans into blaming the PUP or the greater global economic financial crisis for all their incompetence.

Now, the Ministry of Tourism is neglecting the tourism sector allowing Belizean stake holders to go under, while for their own selfinterest, partnering with foreign tourism investors to monopolize the economic benefits from this industry. These are only some of the issues that are impacting directly on the people of Belize painting a picture of gloom and doom under this UDP government. The police and the UDP government are characterizing the same way as one as both have allowed the people’s security to be compromised. The confidence the people show in the police is the same that is reflected on the performance of government. The police are also accused of being so corrupt, and it is having a devastating effect on the wheels of justice because if the police is untrustworthy then it compromises their effort of their investigation and in court everything unravels resulting without convictions. The low conviction rate has Belizeans losing confidence in the judicial system and more often many are resorting to vigilante justice. People find it hard to cooperate with the police and seem hell bent on taking the law into their hands and revenge killing seem to be the order of the day. I am no apologist for the police, and I can’t apologize for the DPP and if these two units are defective and non-functional, then we need to blame the legislators, and if the legislators can’t do the job then they should get out! I really wanted to stress on the re-opening of schools, and the hardship parents are confronting but these tying issues cannot be ignored. There are two other things I need to discuss before I deal with the back-to-school issue. I listened to two separate morning talk shows today, Tuesday. I was really stunned when on one of the talk shows the host was suggesting to a caller who complained about the condition of the street, that the caller should sign a petition and solicit signatures of the neighbors, and maybe they might get the city council to address the conditions of their street. I still can’t understand when it became the responsibility of the resident and not that of the city council to address the conditions of the streets and the drains in Belize City. The second point has to do with an issue on another talk show. One caller was suggesting to the host that the government

is not living up to its promises in relation to providing a forensic lab. The host on that show was tripping all over themselves even arguing with the caller and trying to convince the caller that the current crime situation did not just start, but that it was the same way back as ten years under the previous PUP government that did nothing to address crimes. These hosts must realize that if, “da fool the talk but da noh fool the listen”. It will be interesting to see how many students will be going back to school ready on day one, meaning, having spanking new uniforms, shoes, books and bags. Many folks will not be able to have their kids completely ready for school when school re-opens, and we know that certain school administration will try to be strict and penalize students who will not have all the prerequisites on day one. Impartial view wants to appeal to these school administrators to be sensitive to the economic times and the economic conditions that some of these families have to live through and to have compassion and not try to embarrass the students. Let us challenge the Ministry of Education to see what urgent position, they will take to help the thousands of youth that won’t be enrolled in school, either in secondary or primary schools. Let us see how the Ministry of Economic Development will find jobs for the thousands of students who graduated this summer. Last week US President Obama said, “that education is the economy and where education goes, so does the economy.” The truth is that if we fail to educate our nation’s youth, they will end up getting into serious problems, so if we don’t open schools as Lucky Dube said, “they don’t build no schools anymore, all they build will be prisons, prisons.” 60% of the population of Belize are youth. They represent our economy, let us educate them. Just my impartial view!

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


No Improvement of Accountability Continued from page 11 supplementary provisions have been made.” About the “Statement of Assets and Liabilities at the Close of the Financial Year, Including the Balance in the Consolidated Revenue Fund, the Auditor General withheld his opinion because of “… several discrepancies.” He summarized that “1. Cash held at the sub treasuries of $517,439.44 differed from the balance of $270,970.16 reported on SMARTSTREAM. This is a difference of $246,469.28.” He further reported, “2. No supporting documentation was provided in order to verify the sum of $6,709,718.00.” and “3. Bank reconciliations and confirmations in respect of sixteen bank accounts totaling $72,167,204.00 were not presented.” Opinion was also withheld on the Statement of Outstanding Loans which totaled $84.1 million. Several material differences where disclosed by audit. “a. Twentyone loans to various municipalities totaling $1.04 million were omitted from the statement. b. The balance on a loan to the Public Service Union was overstated by $16,948.19 as it was recorded as $57,635.40 instead of $40,687.21. c. The closing balance on a loan to the Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union should have read $6,117.85 and not $20,731.11. It was overstated by $14,613.26. d. It was noted that there has been no repayment on a loan of $400,000.00 issued to the Belize Marketing and Development Corporation in August 2006 although at the time the loan was issued it was agreed that the loan would be repaid in 13 monthly installments with effect from 1st February 2007.” The Auditor General withheld opinion on Statement of Advances and on the Statement of Actual Revenue and Expenditure compared with Estimates for 2008/2009 for similar reasons. In the case of the latter, he reported that the Statement of Public Debt stood at $2,028,575,248.00 which comprised of an external debt of $1,856,249,151.00 and domestic debt of $172,326,097.00. The Auditor General pointed a few material differences such as, “a. The opening balance as at 1 April 2008 is $8,648,152.00 less than the closing balance at 31 March 2008. b. Comparison of the debt statement for 2008/09 against the statement 2007/08 disclosed an additional loan of $1,216,091.00 (OPEC 951P – Golden Stream) but details were not made available to audit for verification. c. Payment

of principal of $24,802, 853.80 in respect of Gob/Petroleum & Energy Limited was completely omitted from the statement submitted for audit. (d) Several instances totaling $1,894,088.02 were seen where interest paid by the Central Bank differed from the amounts brought to account by the Treasury, a clear indication that regular reconciliation between the Ministry of Finance, the Treasury and the Central Bank was not taking place. (e) No information has been provided in respect of loans guaranteed by the government.” Pension Scheme overpayments amounted to $266,573.32. The audit showed that the Pensions Clerk had not visited the Vital Statistic Department since May of 2007. This is a visit that should be done weekly as required by law. Due to the infrequent visits to confirm that pensioners were deceased, “… there were delays in terminating the deceased and non-qualifying pensioners from the Smart Stream Accounting System. This resulted in major losses for the Government of Belize.” There were two cases of suspected fraud reported during this time. One was by a cashier at the Orange Walk Sub Treasury. In a report dated 28th November 2008, the Finance Officer confirmed that the cashier admitted that “she removed monies equivalent in value” to $10,020.43 and agreed to repay. The entire amount was repaid. The second fraudulent incident occurred at the Income Tax Department in Belize City. Audit investigation revealed that fifty three manual receipts totaling $6,527.45 were not brought to account in the SIGTAS system. “The main cashier at the Income Tax Department was responsible for the collection of taxes from the Bailiffs and other designated collectors through the cashier’s cage and was fully responsible for the collection of all monies paid over to the Income Tax Department – Belize City. Audit concluded that she was responsible for the misappropriation of $6,527.45.” Even though the new UDP Government promised good governance and accountability, there were a number of areas where the government fell short. “The management of and the accounting for arrears of revenues continue to be a major problem,” the Auditor General said. Inadequate record keeping has been a source of concern. Although almost all revenue collecting departments have taken initiative to develop their own computerized information

system, the lack of a national policy on information technology has posed some challenges not only for the Auditor General but for also for internal controls. The bank accounts of several government ministries and departments have not been reconciled for long periods of time. Inventory management continues to be deficient. The general accounting for stores was most unsatisfactory. Audit inspections once more revealed the continued poor control over the use of government vehicles. The Auditor General’s frustration and exasperation with the simple lack of adherence to good accounting procedures is evident, as is his unspoken conclusion that the Government of Belize is simply unable to account for millions of dollars in revenue. H e blandly states that the management of and the accounting for arrears of revenue continue to be a major problem, and it is clear that it is so major that it defies even the scope of his resources, and perhaps even his will. Inadequate record keeping, particularly the lamest but handiest of excuses “records cannot be located” simply reinforces the suspicion that the negligence is not benign but instead premeditated and malicious. There is no explanation why it is that “The Treasury Department

and nearly all revenue collecting departments have taken their own initiative to develop their own computerized information systems without adequate consultation with the Audit Office or without a national policy on information technology.” And clearly that can be none that can be used as an excuse that would be acceptable. Neither can there be any excuse why “The bank accounts of several government ministries and departments have not been reconciled for long periods of time” and none why no one had been called to account. Certainly the Auditor General did not find any. His disapproval and disappointment runs the gamut of this portion of a vast and growing public service bureaucracy that he examined. Whether it was the nefarious “Below The Line Accounts” or mundane “Inventory” or “Stores,” or even the barely now worth mentioning “Control over the Use of Government Vehicles” or the supposed implementation of second and third approvals for Smart Stream Approvals, the conclusion is clear and damning: In light of the present structure of the finance sections and the inadequate controls that exists within the ministries, it was the view of the Audit Office that the system is open to collusion and there is widespread fraud taking place.

SELLOUT Continued from page 3

Independent Operators Yhomy Rosado and Henry Menzies; Corozal feeling the pinch

have stated to me very clearly – ‘our philosophy is that we are not to own anything in the locale or in the region that we go…it’s actually to lease or partner with these people but not to make any investment at all.’” Gabb explain that, “Belizeans who are making tangible investments and a foreigner comes in and he slashes and burns. Now to compound the matter – we knew for years, the legal case that occurred - these people are not paying to access the caves….It’s only the Belizeans who is paying and holding up NICH for that area. These people are accessing fourteen bus loads per day – think about the economics of that. We the Belizeans are losing …and the authorities are not accelerating

anything to solve the situation. If the court ruled that you could not start charging because the caves were not included then take it to the drawing board and get it done! It can be done…the same way the SI had been signed to increase the rate by one hundred percent into all these sights….Every single site; Lamanai, Xunantunich, Altun Ha. It’s going to happen – it’s going to happen in June, the only benefit you will get is that it didn’t happen in November.” Gabb took issue with Michael Singh’s dismissive remarks about him and his involvement in the industry calling it “disingenuous”. Gabb said that he represents “bona fide investments”. He also took issue with Singh’s remarks about Continued on page 17

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


Millennium wins national female football champs Belize City, August 14, 2010 The Millennium girls upset the three times national champs, the Gentle Touch of Esperanza Village, 2-0 in the Game of the national female football championship finals to win the 2010 championship at the MCC garden last Saturday. In Game 1 of the finals, Gentle Touch had won 2-1 at the Esperanza Village field on 2 strikes by the league’s top goalscorer, Nataki Alvarez, and Kimberly “Brazilian” Perez. In Game 2 of the finals the Millennium defenders Sara Arzu, Shadalee Ho, Shinelle Gentle and Kara Kisling shut down Nataki Alvarez and Kim Perez’s attacks, while MVP goalie Ermine Ferguson handled all otheer challenges A forwarded pass from Arzu to Margarita Aguilar set table for a play in which Aguilar crossed to Miriam Villamil at center, who out-manouvered the Gentle Touch defenders Vashne Gentle, Dina Bennett and Dianneli “Shampoo” Wade to drill goalie Eden Gentle with the 1st winning goal, and Millennium still led 1-zip at the half. The Gentle Touch’ attempts to equalize immediately with Abby Halliday, Kim Perez and Cindy Fuentes, made no impression on Ermine Ferguson. The score was now tied at 2-2 on goal aggregate. In the 2nd half, Shadalee Ho set table for Sheryann “Baby” Tracy to race upfield, beat Cindy Fuentes and blast the ball past Eden Gentle for a 2nd

and Mallory Begley looked to regain the

Miriam Villamil scored 1st goal

Gentle vs Tracy 2nd goal

Best defender Sarah Arzu

goal to secure the 3-2 win on goal aggregate K e n d r a “Peaches” Gentle and M a r s h a “ N i n j a ” S t e v e n s reinforced the Gentle Touch defense, while Indira Spain

Burrell Boom Survivors win Belize Rural women’s Softball championship Lords Bank, August 15, 2010

The Burrell Boom Survivors won the 2010 Belize Rural women’s softball championship at the Lords Bank field on Sunday. In Game 1, the Survivors advanced to the championship finals when they won 14-12 over the Strikers of Double Head Cabbage. Strikers’ Stacy Smith, Merle Frost Ashanti Anderson and pitcher Sherraine Westby came home in the 1st inning, to lead 4-2, as only Marsha Wills and Judy Soberanis came home for the Survivors. The Strikers shut out the Survivors in the 2nd inning, but the Survivors’ Soberanis Sharette Vernon and Sherrie Mcfadzean came home in the 3rd to tie the score at 5-5 as Strikers’ Ashanti Anderson crossed the plate. The Strikers walloped out a 11-7 lead when Smith, Frost, Anderson, Malthia Garbutt, Carla Humes and Stephanie Talbert came home in the 4th inning and only Survivors’ Wills and Baptist crossed the plate. Wills, Sharette, Sherrie, Davis, Joyce Flowers, and Baptist came home in the 6th inning and take over the lead 13-11. Strikers’ Merle Frost scored in the 7th, but Arneek Baptist came home in the 7th

to give Survivors the 14-12 win. In Game 2, the Easy Does It girls eliminated the Lords Bank Sunrise girls 6-2. Katheeen Rhaburn, Audrey Castellanos and Audra Mcfadzean came home in the 2nd to lead 3-0. Sherrie Stephenson came home for sunrise in the 3rd inning, but so did Shrra and Shanna Robinson for Easy Does It, as they led 5-1. Sunrise’ Kathleen Henry

came home in the 4th, but Sharra Robinson crossed the plate again in the 5th inning for the 6-2 win In Game 3, the Easy Does it girls advanced to the finals by a 9-7 win against over the Strikers. They led 2-1 when Dian Rhaburn and Bernadine Carcamo came home in the 1st inning, while only Merle Frost crossed the plate for the Strikers. Pitcher Margaret

initiative, but they were shut out until the long whistle. In the awards ceremony which followed, the Millennium girls claimed the championship trophy and medals, while the Gentle Touch coach Kennedy Gentle accepted the 2nd place trophy and the players received their individual medals. The most goals award went to Nataki Alvarez won, while Sara Arzu was voted Best Defense and Ermine Ferguson was awarded Best Goalkeeper and Most Valuable Player. Hendy shut out the Strikers in the next 3 innings, while the Easy Does It lead grew to 4-1 when Tricia Rhaburn came home in the 2nd inning and Audra Macfadzean came home in the 4th. The Strikers’ Stacy Smith and Frost came home in the 5th inning, but the Easy Does It extended their lead to 9-5 when Dian Rhaburn, Ana Wade, Kathleen Rhaburn, Audra Macfadzean and Tricia Rhaburn came home in the 6th inning. Only Sherraine Westby and Josephine Flowers crossed the plate for the Strikers in the 6th. Westby and Malthia Garbutt rounded the bases in the 7th, but the Easy Does it girls won 9-7. In Game 4 the final, the Survivors swatted Easy Does It 10-6, leading 3-1 lead when Marsha Wills, Sherrie Macfadzean, and Florence Davis came home in the 1st inning, and only Kathleen Rhaburn crossed the plate for Easy Does It. Survivors’ Arneek Baptist extended the lead to 4-1 in the second inning, while Survivors’ pitcher Valerie Vernon shut the Easy Does It girls. Dian Rhaburn and Kathleen cut the lead when they scored in the 3rd inning. The Survivors’ lead grew to 8-6 as Judy Soberanis, Sherrie, Davis and Karina August came home in the 4th, while Easy Does It’s Kathleen Rhaburn, Audrey Castellanos and Audra Macfadzean also came home in the 4th. The Survivors allowed no more runs in the next innngs, while Wills and Soberanis scored two more runs in the 5h inning for the 10-6 championship win.

Sunday, August 22nd, 2010


Moen Stars & Rebels win Belize City volleyball champs

Belize City, August 14, 2010

Tariq Campbell spikes

Sherlene Johnson spikes

The Moen Stars the women’s volleyball championship, and the rebels upset the defending champs the Scorpions to win the men’s championship of the Belize City volleyball competition organized by the Belize Volleyball Association at Belize City Center on Saturday night, August 14. The Moen Stars won their 13th senior women’s championship by upsetting the Lady Jaguars who had defeated them throughout the regular season, in 4 sets to in finals. The Stars’ Tahera Ahmad, Shelmadine Cacho, Marika Zuniga and Sherlene Johnson spiked the Jaguars on plays set by the Hoare sisters, Precelia and Emma, who also

received and helped to block at the net. Libero Vivianni Avila was the key to the Stars’ defense scooping up saves to win the 1st set: 25-16. Lady Jaguars’ Babsy Cadle, Shantell Arnold, Bobby Dee Usher and Sherylee Thurton were stung into action, spiking on plays set by Tanesha Encalada and Tisha Solis, who received and scooped up. Libero Esther Middleton volleyed and set the ball as the jaguars took the 2nd set: 25-21. Jaguars’ Marlecia Fuller and Jasmine Anderson entered the game to clinch the 3rd set, but the Stars went to extra points to win the 3rd set: 26-24. Marion Bull and Rebecca Rath joined the Stars’ offensive to win the 4th set and the championship: 25-20.

The Rebels upset the Scorpions in a grueling 5-set duel to become the new men’s champions. Tariq “Soup” Campbell, Orel Leslie, Elton Moore and Ernie Augustine led the Rebels’ offensive, spiking attacks on plays set by Elton Anderson and Khalid Encalada. Libero Martin Gongora scooped up saves and set the ball to renew the attack as the Rebels won the first 2 sets 25-23 and 25-23. Rebels’ Kleon Coleman, Robbie Gongora and Francis Thompson joined the Rebels’ offensive, but it was the Scorpions’ Germaine Audinett, Shane Armstrong, Arvid Arnold, and Ian and Jamal Galvez who took over the offensive to win the 3rd and 4th sets: 25-21 and 25-18. Oscar Arnold, libero Raul Arnold, David Vasquez and Nolan

Michael joined the Scorpions attack, but the Rebels would not be denied. They went to extra points to win the 5th set 19-17 and the championship. The First Caribbean Diamonds had to go to 3 sets to win against the Team SSC in the mixed division playoffs last Thursday, taking the 1st set: 25-10. Team SSC won the 2nd set 25-21, before the Diamonds took it away in the 3rd set: 15-12. Defending champs Team 313 also advanced to the finals by taking out Kauss, in 2 sets: 2515 and 25-17. Trophies and other individual awards in all divisions, will be presented after the championship final on Saturday

Placencia Assassins stun City Boys 2-1 in Belize Bank Superleague playoffs Belize City, August 15, 2010 Tthe Placencia Assassins stunned the City Boys 2-1 in Week 4 of the Belize Bank Super League football playoffs at the MCC grounds on Sunday, August 15. The Assassins came hunting their 1st win and the visitors looked to get things going when Elias Donaire centered the ball from a free kick to find Ashley Torres, whose header is just inches outside the sticks. City Boys also looked to cement their leadership position with Tyrone Muschamp and Whitfield Patnett palying give and go, but Muschamp failed to finish. Whitfield Patnett then set table for Dalton “Pollo” Cayetano, who choked in his over-eagerness to score and the ball game remained a nil-zip draw at the half. Cayetano would make up for past misdemeanors in the 2nd half when 54th minute, he connects with a right away right foot shot to a pass from Whitfield Patnett to embarrass the Placencia keeper

Ashley Torres 2 goals Stephen Lopez with a 1-0 lead. Lyndon Brooks, Gary Young and Jason Westby look to get the equalizer for the visitors, but City boys’ goalie Charlie Slusher proves up to the challenge. The City Boys should have gotten a penalty when Dalton eiley took down Tyrone Mushcamp inside the box, but the referee says play

on, no harm, no foul. The City Boys’ defenders Mark Grant, Shawn Thurton, Tyrone Linares and Joseph Mohamed Ali all blundered when they allowed Ashley Torres to receive a pass from Jason Westby, and torres made them pay the maximum penalty, drilling the ball though an opening to tie up the ball game at 1-1 in the 70th minute of play.

Both sides refreshed their offensive lineup in search of the game-winner with Leonard Valdez and Keon Leslie replacing Jason Westby and Hubert Neal, and Rollin Burgess taking over from Gary Young. City Boys’ Godson Michel steps in for Diennemercy Pierre, and Michel almost regained the lead but he choked at point blank range. The shadows were getting long, and 90 regulation minutes have passed when Elias Donaire found Ashley Torres with a forward pass and Torres is off to the races, running the legs off the City boys’ defenders who cannot protect Slusher from Torres attack. Slusher came out to meet the play, but was beat when Torres danced the ball around him and spanked the ball to the far corner where it rebounded off the upright and inot the back of the net for the 2-1 win. Nizhee Corozal now leads the playoffs with 8 pts from 2 wins and 2 draws as they stopped Hattieville FC 1-0 at the Ricalde Stadium with a single strike by Darnell Mossiah in the 58th minute.

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UDP = F for Failure on JOB Creation By: Gilroy Usher Sr Dear Editor

A famous proverb says give a man a fish and he will always be dependent on you; teach a man to fish and he will be able to take care of his needs on his own. This proverb is applicable to the grave unemployment situation in the country. When unemployed people have to visit political offices for a $20.00 every Wednesday to help them survive, it makes them depended on the politicians for decades. Given the opportunity to work for what they want, life is more meaningful for those same people because they are able to address the needs of their families on their own with dignity. Under the previous administration for five consecutive years hundreds of unemployed persons were given little hand-outs every Wednesday to help them survive. Nevertheless, when the general election was held those politicians were literally thrown out of office. One of the reasons for that trashing is because those people who had to wait in those lines every Wednesday wanted the jobs that they were promised to fend for themselves instead of political hand-outs. In seeking the mandate to govern the county in the last general, the United Democratic Party told the thousands of unemployed Belizeans to ‘imagine the possibilities’ of being gainfully employed and vowed to tackle the huge unemployment problem in the country as one of its principal priorities. Once they were elected to office however, the UDP became obsessed with settling scores with its political opponents that they ignored the promises that got them into office. In doing that, the UDP government introduced a number of policies that scared off locals and foreigners from carrying out major investments in the country that are necessary to create the thousands of jobs they promised to the Belizeans people. The first vindictive blow to an investment development project that would have create much needed employment jobs in the country came when the UDP put a stop to virtually all incomplete land transactions and threatened to take away land from any person or business that they believe obtained such property as a result of their close affiliation with the People’s United Party. As a direct result of that threat people who were thinking of starting their business in the country were scared-off and called off their project. The second major blow to investors and against jobcreation in the Jewel came when the UDP began blocking the development projects that were started under the previous government. Two of those projects were the new tourism Cruise Terminal village for Port Loyola that was spearheaded

by known PUP investor Luke Espat and another large hotel project on San Pedro Island. While the hotel project was able to survive the attacks, the tourism Cruise Terminal village is still on hold. The stopping of these projects that folded and so the potential loss for the creation of thousands of jobs was also lost, especially in the Belize City area where it is much needed. The UDP delivered another blow to job creation in the country when it increased the GST by 25%. This tax hike immediately increased the cost of operating a business in the country significantly. That steep increase in the cost of operation along with poor sales because of high unemployment are consistently causing more businesses across the country to fold under every month. That of course reduces the number of available jobs in the nation. Another blow against job creation in the country came when the UDP purposefully released sensitive information about the Belize Bank that could lead to its closure and the closure of businesses which is further deteriorating the investment climate. That was done intentionally as part of the party’s effort to settle scores with British billionaire Michael Ashcroft, who owns majority shares in the Belize Bank, and who has embarked on costly litigation with the government over the nationalization of BTL which he previously owned. This UDP administration dashed aside any hope that they are committed to creating much needed jobs across the country. The Prime Minister himself has acknowledged that the firing scores of workers including single mothers with no legitimate reason simply to provide employment for its party supporters. As of recent over 200 persons have lost their jobs in the tourism industry alone, 300 more individuals are in jeopardy of suffering the same fate as the Ministry of Tourism gives a large Jamaican tour company ,that is operating through a local business, more and more unfair advantages with cruise ship passengers. Employment alone will not solve the crime problem and other problems that confront the nation, but it will undoubtedly play a major role in alleviating many of the challenges we have to deal with every day. Political hand-outs every Wednesday will never achieve that. After 2 1/2 years in office the UDP grade for creating the jobs it promised to the Belizeans people should be a big F for FAILURE. To the Belizean people receiving hand-outs every Wednesday, it makes them dependent on politicians like the person, who is given a fish. Our people are prepared to work for what they want; the Belizean people therefore demand that this government give them the ability to catch their own fish by creating the needed jobs that it promised in the last general election.

Aries-Someone needs some attention- someone you adore, someone who deserves all the attention the world has to offer - but they might be too shy to ask for it. Regard them and they’ll smile for days. You have little attention for anyone. In fact, you can barely keep your eyes open, and you feel like you’re walking through molasses. You don’t come into your own this week until the weekend. Suddenly you’re leading a charge of pals in a game that entails following the leader. Taurus-The way to get motivated about a new fitness routine is to get someone else to do it with you -- a friend you’re comfortable being sweaty in front of. Play tennis or, if you’re feeling ambitious, go for a long jog. Exercise keeps you thinking clearly. You’re going to need as much exercise as possible! They are strange, passionate days. You might want to wind down the workweek (or school week) doing something social, being on your own will be more rewarding. Same goes for the weekend. Gemini- Put all of your energy toward another person this week, she might just be that romantic partner. You two are like peas in a pod: You fit nicely together. As the week progresses, things get slower and murkier. You’re in an observational mood, but by Friday, you will get in on the action again. If you feel like taking an impulsive road trip with this person and you have the time to do it, well, what’s holding you back? Something’s going on below the surface and you can’t quite put your finger on it. Cancer-Domestic life is the source of heartache for you. None of your projects around the house are panning out the way you wanted them to. You and your spouse see things differently. Frustrating! The emotional intensity extends to your work life, leaving you indecisive and unable to think clearly about the particulars of a financial transaction. Put it off for now. Do something that only you would find fun: Go to a movie that no one else in their right mind would see, or take the car through a car wash just for kicks. Leo-You blurt out an idea without even thinking about it and suddenly everyone’s acting like you’re Albert Einstein. You’re brilliant! You’ve solved the world’s biggest mystery! Not quite. But it’s exciting to be so loved and respected. You see through the surface of a social interaction to what’s really going on, and you can’t help but share your theories with a trusted pal. A burning-hot romance is in the stars -maybe it’s new, or maybe you’ve been dating this person for a while, but suddenly it’s intense. Virgo-Make a big splash this week show-up wearing a dressy shirt with an image of a whale on it, or get a new haircut, maybe even a Mohawk. It’s okay to go for a look that’s totally bizarre. Your friends will flip -- in a good way. However, your energy should be focused on intellectual matters (rather than fashion). 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A few friends might want to jump on the bandwagon and the more the merrier. If you feel pangs of doubt you have to decide what it is that you really want. You have the discipline to persevere, and you’ll be glad you did because you’ll already start to see results. Aquarius- You will send a short, funny note to someone you barely know - but have always felt you wanted to know better - may be the start of an incredible new friendship. This week is all about connection and about putting yourself out there. You feel emotionally exposed, but in a way that’s healthy, natural and good. Suddenly, you have something of a breakthrough - you feel like on cloud nine. Better yet, you feel invincible and you will have so much fun. Pisces-Things are pretty confusing this week and it would be wise to avoid shady characters and anything that seems too good to be true. Romance doesn’t figure very strongly into your week, although it’s possible that the uncertainty you’re feeling can be traced back to your love life. The skies clear and you can finally see where you’re going. Your boss may be driving you crazy, but at least you have someone to talk about later. The weekend, you will be constantly surrounded by friends.

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BUSTED WITH UNDERSIZED LOBSTERS and Conchs. According to Myvette the penalty per item ranges from $20 dollars apiece all the way up to a maximum of $500 dollars. The Magistrate in her capacity may use her discretion in between the minimum and maximum and when considering the amounts seized,

…in protest of the senseless killings and violent crimes

Helen Yue

In a surprise announcement that came via Channel 7 News late evening newscast yesterday, Belize’s minority Chinese community said that they would shutter their businesses nationwide to protest escalating violent crime against them. The action comes in the wake of 14 year old Helen Yu being killed in Belize City last week Thursday after three armed robbers stormed into her family store on Iguana Street and shot her and her father in the commission of an armed robbery. Helen was a second former at E.P. Yorke High School, and was born in Belize. Today’s shutdown was both protest and mourning and is being staged to bring attention to the community’s plight. It is the third time in recent history Chinese owned and operated businesses all across Belize are keeping their doors closed as an act of protest against the violence on the Chinese business community. Chinese businesses all across the country did not open on April 14, 2005, ostensibly to protest the death Susan Yue, a 26-year-

old mother and restaurant keeper who was knifed to death the previous Sunday in Orange Walk Town. On February 20, 2002 businesses nationwide were asked to pull down the shutters to protest rising violent crime by the Chamber of Commerce and many did. The first time the Chinese business community had shut down for a day was back in 1997 to protest the killing of one of their members. On Tuesday, the former president of the Belize Chinese Association Lee Mark Chang was installed as the President of the Senate, sitting in for President Andrea Gill, who is on maternity leave. Our sources say that Chang would not attend the funeral for Helen Yu and her funeral procession/slash protest march since it could be interpreted that he was protesting against the Barrow administration. As a sidebar to today’s protest, there was some question as to whether there would be a boledo draw tonight. It seems that the Brads Gaming Company who’s offices and businesses were closed as a result of the protest, did not respond to calls of inquiry. Finally late in the afternoon calls to the Lotteries Control Committee/Gaming Commission prompted them to call Brads and explain that he had to hold the draw or he would be in breach of his contract. Brads belatedly began informing vendors that they should open, if they wished, but only to sell “Bradsledo”.

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Mrs. Lacoma Brakeman the standards of the Belizean operators. He said Carnival did not accept the use of school buses from the Belizean Operators as they are now with Chukka Cove’s Bakabush operation. “Carnival is accepting that to the detriment of the industry,” Gabb remarked. He said that dissatisfied visitors will bad mouth the destination and that is what “we need to protect and that is what the BTB needs to protect.” Gabb also discussed the hemorrhaging of capital that is occurring because of the arrangement and the below market wages that are being paid to Belizean tour guides that have been hired by Chukka’s Bakabush Tours. The arrangement has put Belizean tour operators at a disadvantage in these meager times and hardships being faced in the local industry elicited raw emotions at the meeting on Tuesday. Tom Greenwood, president of FECTAB and a tour operator for over thirty years told the gathering of about ninety tour guides and tour operators that Government’s first responsibility is to protect the

jobs and livelihoods of Belizeans. Greenwood characterized statements made by Michael Singh, CEO in the Ministry of Tourism as “rubbish” and an “abomination” and demanded that Singh retracts his statement. Singh is reported to have said that Chukka’s Bakabush Tours offers a better quality service compared to that of the Belizean operators. Singh also took issue with FECTAB’s Secretary Troy Gabb, manager of Crocland Adventure and Eco-Park and Renaissance Towers. About Gabb, Singh said, “I don’t know that he’s in the tour business.” During Tuesday’s meeting, a number of tour operators and tour guides vented on the adverse impact that Chukka’s presence in Belize is having on them and their businesses. A tearful testimony came from Mrs. Lacoma Brakeman, mother of five who is jobless captured popular sentiment in the room. “For the past 9 years I’ve been working in the tourism industry, Raymond Brakeman working longer than me and in all these years we haven’t had things so bad. We have 5 kids, he doesn’t have a job, and I don’t have a job. We want to get Chukka Cove out of here. We Belizeans have to work, we are punishing and we don’t deserve this. Chukka Cove - get out!” she said. Minister Heredia has allowed the Tourism Industry to be dictated to by CEO Michael Singh who is insensitive to the needs of Belizeans. He is a ‘just come’ and whenever the UDP is kicked

Police and Fisheries Department say they carried out an early morning operation on Wednesday sweeping through the popular Vernon Street Bridge Fish Market where they discovered over eleven hundred undersized lobster tails and over five hundred and fifty out of season conch which was on sale. Fisheries Senior Officer George Myvette said that they intercepted two illegal production situation and as a result arrested a Banak street address fisherman with about 84 undersized lobster tails and with about 11 conchs. The second raid was focused on a store house facility that yielded 18 Cooler chest which contained illegal sea food products a large amount of undersize lobster tails out of office, he will revert to his BUSINESS in El Salvador. Meanwhile he is causing havoc with our tourism industry that took many years and sacrifices to build to the level it was before the UDP took the reins of power. Minister Heredia who is a native of Belize’s premiere tourist destination should immediately step in and remove Michael Sing before he takes the industry to the ground. Meanwhile, Chukka’s Chief Operations Officer in Belize, Guy Martin told Seven news that they have 139 fulltime employees, 92 are contracted tour guides, “out of that total which is over 200 closing on 250, 3 individuals are of Jamaican heritage; one is an accountant; one is in the training area; and the other is an accounting admin person.” Martin then said that Chukka will remain in Belize and that the money earned in Belize stays in Belize to pay Belizean workers and their local bills. “No, we are here to stay. This is a Belizean company. Yes there is an investor from the outside but it is a Belizean company, it employs Belizeans employees. It filters down through the community; every dollar this company earns from cruise tourism comes in through your central bank into our bank account in US dollars to pay our bills here.” On Wednesday during a newscast interview, Michael Singh did not apologize or retract his statements; rather he said that he would clarify. Singh said that, “Hungry belly is what you are hearing. I

the fines could range as much as $25,000 dollars. The law states that lobster caught in season must have tails that weight a minimum of 4 ounces or for the full lobster, they must have a carapace length of three inches. The carapace is the upper section of the shell that connects to the tail. And the season closes on August 30 think it signals a problem that our operators - and perhaps with our assistance - need to be able to raise their game so that there is no excuse for choosing one particular entity that may have foreign interests. I think the fatality that happened in the cave last year was really the straw that broke the camel’s back…As the season comes in most everybody in the industry has a room to be employed. Today everybody is hungry, you have 2 ships coming in a week compared to 10 during the high season, that’s a significant difference. I totally agree that there is an issue of want and I think it’s the issue of want is what you are hearing more than the issue of any long term problem.” Singh also explained that a meeting was called to iron out differences in this saga but FECTAB declined invitation to sit at the bargaining table. Indeed Chukka’s Bakabush Tours does not pay the user fee at Caves Branch because they do not use the NICH facility; rather they use Jaguar Paw’s. However, we are informed that government has signed the necessary Statutory Instrument declaring the site an archaeological park which stipulates that all users will have to pay the ten dollar fee. Also information is that the Belize Tourism Board in constructing legislation which will also stipulate that all tour operators will pay park fees at “cruise tourism sites.

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BIRTHS Maya Elyse to Carlos Miguel Settle and Isabelle Settle nee Jutras Kareli Rosalind to Karrel Scott and Mirla Scott nee Chan Susana to Abram Klassen and Elisabeth Klassen nee Wiebe Samjana Sunil to Sunil Moolchandani and Indira Moolchandani nee Padwani Michael Anthony to Michael Paul Bogaert and Sucely Guadalupe Bogaert nee Flores Destyn Daelyn to Devon Alison Lozano and Stephanie Marina Lozano ner Jones Casey Wyatt to Joseph Tye Byrd and Carly Adele Byrd nee Campbell

They say that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Even so, all women have those days when we wish we could cover every unwieldly strand! Get a good hair cut! It all begins right here. Without a good hair-cut, nothing else you do will give you the results you want. In order to have a good hair-cut, you need a great hair stylist and when you find one, keep him/her! Jumping around from stylist to stylist can be hazardous to your hair. The old adage about “getting what you pay for” is very true when it comes to something as important as your stylist. Yes, it’s possible to find a good stylist at the “fast hair” shops, but the cost to your hair while searching may be more than you care to spend. Fast hair shops usually employ new, young stylists with little experience. They earn a minimal wage and do not have to invest in hair care products to use on their clients. Stylists that you find in upscale shops and salons are usually independent contractors leasing space in the salon. The salon provides the work station, utilities and in some cases a receptionist to service the stylists. These stylists are generally more experienced and have built a solid clientele. They purchase their own products used in servicing their clients either from the salon or other suppliers and set their own prices. If you absolutely must trim your hair at home, do it right! Purchase a pair of professional hair cutting scissors and use them for nothing else! Not to cut out pumpkins for the kids at Halloween, not to trim a frayed edge of a piece of clothing. Use them for cutting your hair… period! Take care of them properly and they will last for years to come. Trimming your own hair isn’t as easy as it sounds. Try just evening up the hair that frames your face. Grasp a small section of dry hair (just a few strands at a time) and hold it gently. If you tug at it the hair stretches and you will end up cutting off more than you’d like. Try cutting beneath your fingers instead of on top of them. This will also help to prevent cutting off too much. Keep your hair clean! There’s nothing worse than dirty, oily hair that hangs in clumps. Use the correct shampoo for your hair type. Not all hair is created equal. If you have oily hair, do not

shampoo every day. As paradoxical as it seems, clean hair makes the problem worse because it allows the oil to seep into the glands making it much more difficult to deal with. Stay away from those “all in one” shampoos. Use a phbalanced shampoo when you do wash your hair and scrub it well. You may need to change shampoos, so ask your stylist what he or she recommends. Another tip is to avoid oily foods as much as you can. It just contributes to the problem. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Whatever you do, stay away from products that are supposed to make your hair shine! Also do not use conditioner unless you apply it to the ends of the hair strands. Keep it away from the scalp! Hair looking drab? Need a change? Try a few highlights. It can do wonders for brightening up your hair and face. Wanna’ try some curls but don’t want the damage of a perm? Try a curling iron and/or hot rollers. Hot rollers will give you more control, but you won’t get those wispy, trailing curls. That you will have to do with the curling iron. Do not try and curl freshly cleaned hair. Try and remember to shampoo the night before. Squeaky clean hair can sometimes give you difficulty with holding a curl. Never use a “sticky” hair spray before curling your hair with a curling iron or hot rollers. You can cause damage. If you are fortunate to have naturally curly hair, have your stylist cut it in layers to take advantage of the new cascading curly look. If you are athletic, keep your lifestyle in mind when selecting a “do.” If you are blonde or have gray hair do not use any coal tar shampoo product for dandruff as it may permanently stain your hair. Have a problem with the dreaded “dandruff?” Here’s the “sure cure” and you will find it in your kitchen. Vinegar! Yep, pour vinegar into your hair, let it dry for a while, then shampoo. Just keep repeating it daily until the dandruff disappears…and it will! Have you ever almost fallen asleep in a stylist’s chair because you felt sooo relaxed? Another good reason for visiting the salon! Have dry hair? Use a hot oil treatment. Alberto V05 is a great over the counter solution for dry hair.

Isaias Carlos Kyle to Antonio Carlos Bolon and Lucia Marie Bolon nee Saqui Adalberto Alejandro, Jr., to Adalberto Aljandro Singh, Sr., and Violeta de los Angeles Singh nee Flores

MARRIAGES Ryan Nicholas Lefmann, 28, to Tiana Malkalapua Kaercher, 27, both of Aliso Viego, California, U.S.A. Marcus aurelius O’neil, 38, to Catherine Eileen Demerto, 32, both of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, U.S.A. Ediberto Chi, 21, of Libertad, Corozal District, to Alejandra Cob, 19, of Louisville, Corozal District Benjamin Perez, 76, to Elvira Dora Chan, 52, both of Orange Walk Town, Orange Walk Elwin Edward Simpson, 29, of Belize City, to Concepciona Rash, 23, of Bella Vista, Toledo Jin Quan Zhen, 23, to Hui Yu Peng, 25, both of Belmopan Ze Feng Zhen, 23, to Rong Zhou Li, 21, both of Belmopan Jose Mercede Quintero, 23, to Maria del Pilar Castillanos, 16, both of Libertad, Corazal District Manuel Lopez, 60, to Cruz Avalos, 61, both of San Roman, Stann Creek District Gonzalo Castillo Cardenas, 43, to Alma Lydia Florez, 38, both of Sagitun Farm, Independence, Stann Creek District Alejandro Jervis Lambey, 46, to Judith Bermudez, 33, both of Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District Porfilio Ko, 23, to Marina Ack, 20, both of Medina Bank, Toledo District Rigoberto Pop, 31, to Natividad Ishim, 20, bothof Big Falls, Toledo District Prudencio Marvin Lambey, 53, to Leonie Benguche, 44, both of Riversdale, Stann Creek District Raul Elito Coc, 29, to Vilma Frances Assi, 22, both of San Antonio, Toledo District Silvestro Cus, 20, to Carmen Juliana Choc, 19, both of AGuacate, Toledo District Agnelo Pop, 26, to Emella Cal, 30, both of Silk Grass, Stann Creek District Ramon Chun, 23, of Belmopan, to Petrona Shal, 22, of Golden Stream, Toledo District Victorino Tec, 24, to Paulina Coc, 20, both of Midway, Toledo District Anselmo Chun, 20, of Belmopan, to Ambrosia Choc, 19, of San Roman, Stann Creek District DEATHS Emerencia Welch, 77 Simeon Carlton Sylvestre, 87 Shelnelsy Swift,6 Marcellina Bol,41 Iomie Louise Arnold,70 Andy Victor Carr,27

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August 22 , 2010 Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 th


Laryngeal cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the larynx. The larynx (voice box) is located just below the pharynx (throat) in the neck. The larynx contains the vocal cords, which vibrate and make sound when air is directed against them. The sound echoes through the pharynx, mouth, and nose to make a person’s voice. Most laryngeal cancers form in squamous cells, the thin, flat cells lining the inside of the larynx. There are three main parts of the larynx: 1) Supra-glottis: The upper part of the larynx above the vocal cords, including the epiglottis.2) Glottis: The middle part of the larynx where the vocal cords are located. 3) Sub glottis: The lower part of the larynx between the vocal cords and the trachea (windpipe). Use of tobacco products and drinking too much alcohol can affect the risk of developing laryngeal cancer. Possible signs of laryngeal cancer include a sore throat and ear pain. These and other symptoms may be caused by laryngeal cancer or by other conditions. A doctor should be consulted if any of the following problems occur: A) A sore throat or cough that does not go away. B) Trouble or pain when swallowing. C) Ear pain. D) A lump in the neck or throat. E) A change or hoarseness in the voice. Tests that examine the throat and neck are used to help detect (find), diagnose, and stage laryngeal cancer. The following tests and procedures may be used: 1) Physical exam of the throat and neck: An examination in which the doctor feels for swollen lymph nodes in the neck and

Laryngeal ‘Throat’ Cancer

looks down the throat with a small, long-handled mirror to check for abnormal areas. 2) Laryngoscopy: A procedure in which the doctor examines the larynx (voice box) with a mirror or with a laryngoscope (a thin, lighted tube). 3) Endoscopy: A procedure to look at organs and tissues inside the body to check for abnormal areas. An endoscope (a thin, lighted tube) is inserted through an incision (cut) in the skin

Myrtle Palacio Remembers Eugene Felix Hernandez November 15, 1930 – August 14, 2010

Eugene was born on November 15, 1930 and spent his formative years in Dangriga, Belize. He later attended and graduated from St. Johns Teacher’s College in Belize City, Reading College in England and the University of Santa Clara. He, and his family travelled throughout Belize for several years, while he teached at several Catholic schools. In 1958 he was appointed, the first principal of Muffles High School in Orange Walk Town. Later in 2003 he was honored to have the College name one of theirs’ the Eugene Hernandez building. At the ceremony he remarked with pride “…bear in mind this was my first job outside of high school and it’s really a reconnection with the institution that built me really, that set up my foundation in education.” He went on to become an education officer before moving to California in 1970 where he worked for several years with the Center for Employment Training (CET). In fact while thinking of ways of alternative to formal educational opportunities for young Belizeans, he decided to introduce CET

to authorities in Belize, and was actively involved in the setting up of the Belize’s CET, including finding resources for training of some staff. The passion of Eugene lay in football. “Go Gene go!” was the cry at SJC football team matches in the early 50’s, where he utilized his striker skills with the likes of Hector Silva and Bishop OP Martin. As a young man he played in several football clubs in Belize City and Dangriga and later carried his pas-

or opening in the body, such as the mouth. Tissue samples and lymph nodes may be taken for biopsy. 4) CT scan (CAT scan): A procedure that makes a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body, taken from different angles. The pictures are made by a computer linked to an x-ray machine. A dye may be injected into a vein or swallowed to help the organs or tissues show up more clearly. This procedure is

also called computed tomography, computerized tomography, or computerized axial tomography. 5) MRI (magnetic resonance imaging): A procedure that uses a magnet, radio waves, and a computer to make a series of detailed pictures of areas inside the body. This procedure is also called nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI). 6) Biopsy: The removal of cells or tissues so they can be viewed under a microscope to check for signs of cancer. 7) Barium swallow: A series of xrays of the oesophagus and stomach. The patient drinks a liquid that contains barium (a silver-white metallic compound). The liquid coats the oesophagus and stomach, and x-rays are taken. This procedure is also called an upper GI series. Certain factors affect prognosis (chance of recovery) and treatment options. Prognosis (chance of recovery) depends on the following: A) The stage of the disease. B) The location and size of the tumour. C) The grade of the tumour. D) The patient’s age, gender, and general health, including whether the patient is anaemic. Treatment options depend on the following: 1) The stage of the disease. 2) The location and size of the tumour. 3) Keeping the patient’s ability to talk, eat, and breathe as normal as possible. 4) Whether the cancer has come back (recurred). Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol decrease the effectiveness of treatment for laryngeal cancer. Patients with laryngeal cancer who continue to smoke and drink are less likely to be cured and more likely to develop a second tumour. After treatment for laryngeal cancer, frequent and careful follow-up is important.

sion to San Jose, California, where he played in marathons. He has been lauded as one of many foundation footballers in the country. An avid supporter of Mr. George Price before he left in 1970, he was an ever ready community activist, a tried and true blue, who gave his last to ensure the best for Dangriga and the PUP. He retired in 1995 and gradually moved back to Dangriga where he actively hosted and organized meetings with community persons. His heart was Dangriga and he yearned to see improvements in all facets. As a community member, he along with his wife Felicia have financially supported many through their high school education, and contributed to the work of the National Garifuna Council and the Church via the Sacred Heart Church of Dangriga. Along with other elders he initiated the Buyei Juan Lambey Institute and has contributed to the Garifuna culture and summer youth camps for the needy. He reluctantly left Belize for further medical attention in June 2009, in stable but rapidly deteriorating condition. Miraculously he bounced back; defying doctors ominous predictions that he would not make it past December 2009. “I will beat this thing, I will come home.” No happier and contented person

has ever deplaned in Belize. Eugene Hernandez returned on July 10, 2010, beaming with joy, his usual jovial and selfless nature, looking forward to his home on 36 Citron Street in Dangriga, he grudgingly made a 20 minute layover in Belize City to greet family. He settled back into life in Dangriga, already planning meetings with community leaders and catching up with old friends….but unexpectedly four weeks later, the cancer won the final battle; his body could take no more. The long time educator, footballer, community advocate, party loyalist, husband, friend and father to many, peacefully slipped into eternal slumber mercifully at home…Belize on August 14, 2010 Eugene Hernandez is survived by Felicia, his wife of 52 years. Siblings: Denbey and Joseph Hernandez and Lola Bonilla. His children: Eugenie Alexander, Martin Hernandez, Carolee Jones, Valerie Hernandez, Jude Hernandez, Elizabeth Hernandez-Jones, and Angela Hernandez. His grandchildren: Felix Hernandez-Jones, Felicia Hayden, Himes Alexander Jr., Adam Rhodes, Ian Jones, Tony Madeiros-Hernandez, Zachary Alexander, Elise Jones, Mark Hernandez and Naomi Jones. He will be missed by many. Beiba Ameragua, Ayo Niyawurite!

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August 22 , 2010 Sunday, August 22nd, 2010 th

Who is the Culprit?


Minister of Finance, Hon Dean Barrow


Barrow’s Governor of Belize Central Bank

Leaking Confidential Financial Information

Destroying our local businesses

Destroying our economy!!! Shrinking our dollar ...Creating mass un-employment! This is your UDP Government!

Wake up BELIZE Open your eyes !!!

National Perspective August 22, 2010  
National Perspective August 22, 2010  

National Perspective August 22, 2010