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AGUSM’S - Dr.Malic Soudah Files Backruptcy in the U.S. Sunday,April 17th, 2011


...feels the wrath of this vindictive UDP Government

By Rhenae Nunez Tues, Apr. 12, 2011

BELIZE CITY – Activist Moses Sulph has been the subject of intense investigation by the UDP government after they leaked malicious allegations of impropriety about him at the Registry Department in downtown Belize City. In February of this year the government embarked on an investigation /audit of Sulph’s desk. The reason for the investigation/ audit of his desk where he works as a data entry clerk was never divulged. Sulph told the media that he felt the exercise was malicious since he was not given anything in writing explaining the reason for the investigation. What if anything the investigation revealed remains a mystery however; Sulph received his walking papers on Monday 11th April 2011. Sulph who is also President

afternoon at the Public Service Union’s headquarters on Kut Avenue in Belize City. Fellow COLA member Geovanni Brackett fired off a terse warning to the UDP government at the conclusion of Plus TV’s Rise and Shine morning show this past Wednesday morning. Brackett criticized the culture of victimization that has fledged under this government where citizens are punished for speaking out. Referring to what has transpired with Moses Sulph, Brackett said, “we nuh wah swallow da pill deh.” Saturday’s meeting is expected to be a charged one since the unions have been showing signs of waking up from their slumber. Moses Sulph and Paul Perriott of the Belize Communications Workers Union are two union of Citizens Organized for Liberty with fellow unionists who have leaders who have been wacked off through Action (COLA) reserved reached out to him. An emergency their jobs for disagreeing with the comment until he has spoken meeting is scheduled for Saturday government of the day.

From National Beauty FIFA’s Blatter blasts Barrow to Jail House Cutie ... “leave Bertie alone”!

Remanded for Conspiracy to Bank Robbery

Samantha Carlos

By Rhenae Nunez Monday, April 11, 2011 ORANGE WALK TOWN - Samantha Carlos was only seventeen years old when she won the title of Queen of the Bay, Belize’s oldest and most prestigious beauty pageant. Since then she has led an active life having participated in various sporting disciplines especially basketball and football. She has also made an attempt at

BELIZE CITY – FIFA President Joseph Sepp Blatter landed in Belize for a few hours yesterday, and after a whirlwind tour of the Football Federation of Belize (FFB) new stadium in Belmopan, and a 20 minute meeting with Belize Prime Minister Dean Barrow, called on the Barrow administration in a keynote speech at an inauguration ceremony to leave the national football association alone. Continued on page 2 FIFA, the Federation of Internation-

al Football Associations, is one of the oldest international sports organizations and with revenues of over US$1 billion annually, one of the richest. It reportedly has almost US$1.3 billion in reserves. Each of FIFA’s 208 national member associations, including the FFB, receives US$250,000 annually from FIFA. Blatter is on an extensive tour of Central American countries as he is lobbying for re-election to a fourth term as president of soccer’s global governing body. It is his second visit to Belize, and he is the first president of an international organization to have visited Belize twice. His tour got underway on Monday when he visited Guatemala before heading to Honduras Tuesday. He landed in Belize at 3:00 yesterday

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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

From National Beauty to Jail House Cutie Continued on page 4


There is an eerie feeling that has gripped the citizens of Belize and more so the residents of Belize City. The increasing crime situation has dampened any type of entertainment that citizens could use to distract them from the dismal performance of the Government in their handling of the economy. The Belizean economy is in shambles. This has been brought about from the direct negative intervention policies of the UDP Government of Belize. As a Government the UDP has single handedly implemented short sighted policies that have handcuffed the economy of Belize. Investors are not looking to Belize as a haven of good governance and tranquility, so they are going to other jurisdictions such as Honduras and Costa Rica. These countries have Governments that have put legislations in place that are progressive and attractive to investors. Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) is a scarce resource, and countries continue to compete vigorously for the almighty dollar which is the cure for many of the ills of a society. However, the Government of Belize has the opposite approach, they are the boogeyman to investors because they do not respect the fact that people invest for a decent return on that investment. They view making profit as a sin. The investors are not the enemy. The enemy is the UDP bureaucrats who have been instigating for legislations to be pass such as the high jacking of Belize Telemedia Limited from bonafide investors, so they can set themselves in the position to hustle. For example, BELTRAIDE is a joke. The minuscule amount of investors who reaches the Belizean shoreline and turns up at BELTRAIDE finds that they land in an “ant nest” as the bunch of UDP hustlers pounce on them promising the world but never deliver after they get their piece. The stories are endless from investors who felt that the UDP BELTRAIDE has deceived them, and therefore, they vow to “bad mouth” Belize. Now with fuel approaching thirteen dollars ($13.00) there is almost a shut

down in the country. The UDP Government upon taking office in 2008 changed the taxation on fuel that have increased the intake for the Government and squeezed the life out of the Belizean economy. The UDP switched to a flat tax of $3.15 on every gallon of gasoline sold. This is tremendously higher than the previous tax regime. This non creative fuel tax has caused hardship on all Belizeans across the board. It is unconscionable that a Government can sit idle by and collect 40% of the cost of fuel as taxes and do not make any effort to curb this gas albatross. In 2007 when a barrel of crude oil was at US$147.00 per barrel, fuel at the pump in Belize was BZ$9.87 per gallon. Presently oil is below US$120.00 per barrel and is BZ$12.13 per gallon at the pump. Where is the heart? If the Government removed the tax which they waste on themselves anyway Belizeans would be paying around BZ$9.00 per gallon. Belizeans it must be admitted is being very tolerant, and we applaud them because they can take a good “bukut” from the Dean Barrow government. We never thought we would see the day that the Belizean people would be dying from the economic hardship brought on by the Government and yet they (the Belizean people) appear careless as if they are begging for more hardship. The Belizeans acceptance of the Government’s failed policies is priceless. Presently, the UDP government has a willing investor that is prepared to construct and complete the Cruise Terminal in Port Loyola (the most economically depressed area in southside Belize City) which is projected to create 5,000 jobs. However, as is the standard practice with the Dean Barrow Government, they find ways to undermine investors and destroy employment opportunities for Belizeans. The National Perspective welcomes all comments and asked Dean Barrow and Boots Martinez to say it isn’t so. We have consistently noted that the UDP Government is filled with hatred and therefore, cannot think or plan

with a sober mind. The only language they will understand is when the people march on Belmopan and rip them from their plush offices. Hopefully, that is sooner rather than later. The students at the University of Belize are having a Peace March to protest against crime on Thursday of this week. The question really is, what peace they are marching for, because they should be marching to light a fire under the butts of the UDP dodo birds in Cabinet, such as the simpletons Perdomo, who presented a 360 degree plan to fight crime, what a moron. Outside of doing that everything else is useless. We here at the National Perspective sympathies with the families that have family members that have died as a result of the murderous crimes and realize now how helpless they must feel when they listen to the likes of Douglas Singh, who is now presented as a friend to Russia. We hope his contacts are on the up and up. In conclusion, for this week we stand together with the people, whenever they decide they have had enough and are prepared to march on Belmopan to rid Belize of this despot government. THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

public life having contested the 2003 Municipal Elections in her home town, Orange Walk. Her bid was unsuccessful. Carlos disappeared from the limelight and only recently resurfaced accused of conspiring to rob Heritage Bank in Orange Walk Town where she has worked for five years. On Tuesday, April 5th the Heritage Bank branch was held up and robbed of $202,0000. Reports are that two black men walked into the bank situate on the Belize –Corozal Road around 1:00m and after asking to see the loans officer, the lone security officer was handcuffed along with a female employee and a gun placed to their heads. One of the men then ordered a female employee to open the vault. She refused and was allegedly punched in the mouth and threatened. The vault was then opened and the men helped themselves to two bags of cash which they placed in a knapsack and casually walked out of the bank. Police suspected inside collusion and their investigation rounded up the Bank’s branch manager Samantha Carlos, 28, along with Ricky Valencia, 27, his brother BDF Soldier Harold Valencio, 30, and Noel Usher, 31. They were all charged with conspiracy to commit robbery while a fifth person, Marva Welch was charged for handling stolen goods. Welch was found with $1,200.00 said to be proceeds from the heist. Ricky Valencio was out on bail after he was accused of the May 2010 attempt on the life of attorney-at-law, Rodwell Williams, the law partner of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Samantha Carlos and Harold Valencio were represented by Dickie Bradley who argued in vain for bail for his clients. The so-called gang of five were remanded to the Belize Central Prison at Hattieville until at hearing on May 19th.


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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

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No-Holds-Barred By:”PUP Plebeian” 37,416 – Real People Facing Real Problems or Merely a Statistic?

According to the preliminary findings of the 2010 Population & Housing Census conducted by the Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) last year, Southside Belize City is the country’s most populous area with a reported population of some 37,416 people. Now, while this figure may cause some of us to be extremely concerned, there are others among us who couldn’t care less as they’ve long condemned every man, woman and child of the Southside to hell. Chief among those who’ve condemned the Southside to hell are the UDP’s four Southside Area Representatives, namely, Queen Square Area Representative and Prime Minister& Minister of Finance, Hon. Dean Barrow, Mesopotamia Area Representative and Minister of Housing & Urban Upliftment, Hon. Michael Finnegan, Port Loyola Area Representative and Minister of Works, Hon. Anthony “Boots” Martinez and Collet Area Representative and Minister of Education & Youth, Hon. Patrick Faber. Individually and collective, these four Area Representatives are four of the most constitutionally powerful men in Belize today, possessing and wielding immense political influence. Combined, this quartet controls the greatest percentage of physical and financial resources in the land and thus has the wherewithal to significantly and meaningfully improve the standard of living of their poor and marginalized constituents. Sadly and tragically for those constituents of Queen’s Square, Mesopotamia, Port Loyola and Collet, every time the quartet of Barrow, Finnegan, Martinez and Faber plays, it’s the “blues” they’re forced to painfully listen to. Geographically, Queen’s Square, Mesopotamia, Port Loyola and Collet, represent “Ground Zero” for the ongoing internecine gang warfare that plays out daily on the streets of these Southside constituencies. Belize City, today in 2011, is what Ciudad Juarez is to Mexico – a killing field. We don’t need for any census to tell us how many hundreds of young men have become and continue to be casualties of this warfare. We simply need to talk with the City’s undertakers who continue to bury the bodies. While Barrow, Finnegan, Martinez and Faber possess the political and economic power to radically transform the lives of their constituents, the harsh reality is that the people of Queen’s Square, Mesopotamia, Port Loyola and Collet remain the poorest and most disenfranchised among us. The callous and deliberate neglect of the people of Southside Belize

City by the UDP quartet is well documented and vivid to the naked eye. One simply needs to look at the inhumane living conditions of our brothers and sisters on the Southside to know that this is an undeniable fact. While the people of Queen’s Square, Mesopotamia, Port Loyola and Collet live every day and night with the constant sound of guns blazing in their neighborhood, their Representatives live like kings in their fortresses far removed from their constituencies. Indeed, this represents a betrayal of the highest order of our people by their leaders. The Opposition PUP continues to hold Standard Bearer Conventions, both contested and endorsement, across the thirty-one constituencies of Belize. In Belize City, there are only two PUP Area Representatives on the Southside, namely the Hon. Mark Espat, Area Representative for Albert and the Hon. Cordel Hyde, Area Representative for Lake Independence. This has been the case since 2003. Prior to 2003, the late Remijio Montejo represented the people of Collet. Notwithstanding their open and continued contempt for PUP Party Leader, John Briceno, it is widely believed that both Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde hold what are considered to be “safe seats” come 2013 when General Elections are due. This belief is strengthened by the fact that the UDP continues to throw what Rhenae Nunez would call a bunch of buffoons in the ring with these two political heavyweights. Like Queen’s Square, Mesopotamia, Port Loyola and Collet, the Albert and Lake Independence Constituencies are also at the epicenter of the gang warfare and account for a significant percentage of the young lives that have been lost as a consequence. Faced with a UDP Central and Local Government and a PUP Leader in whom they’ve absolutely no confidence, Espat and Hyde can offer nothing more to their constituents than a song and a prayer. Now, considering how the Opposition is approaching the other Southside Constituencies, one is left to deduce that John Briceno and the PUP view the people of Southside Belize City just as trivially as Barrow and the UDP do. In Collet, Briceno and his Executive have endorsed the badly beaten, battered and bruised Carolyn TrenchSandiford. In Port Loyola, Gilroy Usher Sr. beat out three challengers to become the PUP’s new Standard Bearer for that constituency. Taken into account, however, the almost six thousand people living in Port Loyola and the fact that a pitiful 10% of that number voted in the

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Bella Vista Village Celebrates Founder’s Day

Bella Vista Village in the Toledo district will be celebrating Founder’s Day this Sunday April 17th, 2011. The village will be celebrating its 21st. Anniversay and as part of the celebration villagers will be paying tribute to PUP Deputy Party Leader, Mike Espat who as Minister in the past Administration, founded the vil-

lage in 1990. Other highlights of the celebration will be a ‘Health Fair’ where villagers will be provided with free health examinations such as Ultrasound for expectant mothers, Blood Sugar Tests, Blood Count Checks, Blood Pressure Check among other health services such as Family Medicine, Internist Pediatrician, OB/ Gynacologist. The celebrations is being organized by the Bella Vista Village Council under the patronage of the Village Chair Lady, Mrs Gloria Hernandez Romero. The PUP Southern Caucus headed by Deputy Party Leader, Mike Espat is surely making a difference gearing up for the upcoming elections.

Sunday,April 17th, 2011

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“Jules clearly it’s a case of big money spenders against a grass roots man who have worked hard in the division but money does have an impact especially amongst humble and poor people of the Albert division. I would tell you that lots of money has been spent. [Jules Vasquez - Not by you]. Certainly not by me.”- Tom Morrison, UDP Albert Convention, Sunday April 10, 2011 “Vote buying in politics would seriously impinge on the development of the nation.” Former Vice President Ghana Aliu Mahama.

The Convention where Betrayal and Money Won Is Caribbean Shores is Ripe for a Formidable Independent Candidate?

The assertion made by Tom Morrison, UDP hopeful for the Albert Division, has for a long time been a commonly held perception by a wide cross section of our society. Often the accusation is hurled by those who have lost their bid for election - either way vote-buying and rent-a-crowd is not unique to the UDP or the PUP, and neither did it just start in April of 2011. I don’t know what exactly happened over in Albert on Sunday but I certainly saw what occurred in Caribbean Shores that same day. It was a free-for-all bashment that energized Anthony Mahler’s camp on convention day. Major machinery was mounted to defeat Joe Coye. Why? because he is still being blamed for G-7. But that does not constitute a rational reason since the G-7 now runs the PUP. But how do we explain Godfrey Smith’s contribution to the trouncing of Joe Coye since he and Party Leader John Briceno remain at odds. It was Smith who penned the scurrilous piece in February titled “Basta Briceno” in his Flashpoint column. I am at a loss for a plausible explanation for Smith’s participation in Sunday’s convention. Godfrey Smith was not the only force that went against Joe Coye on Sunday. I saw representation of the Fort George Division and even the PUP hierarchy. It is a surprise that Joe even got as many votes that he did considering the artillery that was stock piled and deployed against him. All in all, it was a great showing for the PUP - certainly one greater than the dismal showing across town for the UDP even with the amount of money that was alleged to have been spent by Herman Longsworth’s camp. A few weeks ago, I wrote that the conventions will infuse some much needed cash in the economy or the depressed economy will have a crippling effect on the conventions. For principled candidates like Joe Coye who will not pay for votes, the end result was predictable. The problem of vote buying has become so pervasive that aspirants who do not have a sufficient bank roll to feed the insatiable appetite of a rotten spoiled electorate do not stand a chance. I was confronted by

three elderly women who had collected money from Mahler’s camp and were pursuing Joe Coye’s wife for a match of Mahler’s wager. They were unsuccessful in their bid so they left without voting. That was only one of the sickening and denigrating things that I witnessed on Sunday in Caribbean Shores. There were a number of people who were obviously drunk. Mahler’s apparatus included a music box with a dj who kept up the hype, pom-pom girls at the gate and a few who once they were sufficiently tanked up were ready for action – physical action against any who seemed opposed to their candidate. Sunday’s convention was more about defeating Joe Coye than it was about selecting a standard bearer that would eventually make a suitable area representative for Caribbean Shores. Since Sunday there has been a heated debate on facebook over what had transpired. I am disappointed by the result because I supported Joe Coye. I feel slighted because my vote was not coerced or induced – I voted according to my conviction. Even though Joe has lost, I still feel that he is the better man for Caribbean Shores. His achievements are forever etched in the division and it is now for Mahler to fill that shoe. Mahler’s campaign never told us of his “vision” for Caribbean Shores besides that it is time for “change” – the buzz word that gets voters every time. Although Mahler’s campaign denied the malicious attacks on Joe Coye I cannot help but feel that it emanated from or on behalf of the Mahler campaign. And the Mahlers aren’t as squeaky clean when it comes to land grabbing in Caribbean Shores. Mahler’s father Esteban “Steve” Mahler was the chairman of the PUP Caribbean Shores lots committee under Joe Coye. During that span of time, Anthony Mahler got the plot where his home is located on Blue Marlin Boulevard. Around the corner where his business Innovative Signs is located is another piece of land acquired by the Mahlers. Further up on Durgeon Avenue is another business operated by Mahler’s sister, former City Manager Marcia Mahler. That property sparked controversy since it was designated for

Gangs Rage Deadly War Over Weed Turf

By Rhenae Nunez Tues. Apr. 12, 2011 BELIZE CITY - Chaos and mayhem erupted at the Vernon Street Fish Market around 4:30pm on Tuesday when two gunmen showed up and let off a barrage of bullets at Avondale Fuller, also known as “Hogbone” Trumbach. He was seated inside his Isuzu Trooper waiting for his girlfriend and child who were purchasing fish. The mayhem sent fish buyers who are usually crowded at the market around that time of day diving for cover, some even jumped into the infested canal. Reports are that as others tried to drive out of the area a young child was run over. The child’s status is unknown to us at this time. Trumbach is said to be a leader of the notorious George Street Gang. According to witnesses one of the men began shooting at the front of the vehicle while the other fired from the rear. Trumbach attempted to escape with life by driving off but crashed into a van that was parked in front of him which then hit a nearby lamp post that snapped. “Hogbone” Trumbach was rushed to the KHMH with multiple bullet wounds to the head. He died a short a neighborhood park. Then there are those from the UDP who have been pointing fingers at Joe Coye the past few years and calling him names about land grabbing in the area. I find the accusations hypocritical since the UDP in their heyday grabbed up quite a number of lots in the area. Just about everyone who has come after has exploited in that regard denying many like myself a chance at getting property in our area. Some of the biggest land owners in Caribbean Shores are members of the upper echelon of the UDP hierarchy and if, as they say, night should turn to day, a lot of those people would want to run away when Belizeans found out how little they paid for their piece of the land of the free by the Carib Sea. Indeed “the people have spoken” but they didn’t speak for me. There are a number of factors that acted against Joe Coye including his role in G-7 some years ago as well as the scandal that erupted over his acquisition of land in Caribbean Shores.

while after arriving. Police say the assassination is part of an ongoing gang war in Belize City’s southside. A well known person to police has been picked up and they are pursuing another. Both suspects are from Taylor’s Alley off Orange Street. One of the suspects is alleged to have just been released from police custody on Tuesday morning after he was detained for questioning in connection with the Taylor’s Alley shooting of Enrique “Boogie” Trapp. Police suspect that the ‘Hogbone’ shooting was in retaliation for the shooting of Enrique “Boogie” Trapp which occurred around 10:00pm on Saturday night. It is also believed that the war between Taylor’s Alley and George Street gangs is over turf to sell weed. About an hour after the Tuesday evening shooting at the Vernon Street Fish Market which claimed Avondale Trumbach’s life, police were sent rushing to another shooting scene at the corner of Fairweather and Waight Streets. The victim was Jerome Lewis, 20 years. Lewis was standing in front of his home when a gunman showed up and started firing at him. He received a bullet wound to his upper right arm. He was taken to the KHMH; his injury has been classified as non-life threatening. It is speculated that the shooting may have been in retaliatory for the earlier shooting of “Hogbone”. No suspect has been picked up for the corner Fairweather and Waight Streets shooting. The police department has amped up their presence in the streets in anticipation of an escalation of the street war. The greatest betrayal of all was by the former PUP Caribbean Shores committee who Joe considered to be near and dear friends. Without any warning they abandoned Joe after some have benefitted from Joe’s kindness. But it is water under the bridge and Anthony Mahler is the victor and yes – the spoils are his. My vote will go to he or she who deserves it. I may change my mind once I have been convinced by either Perdomo or Mahler or a formidable independent that may come along. I am open to the possibilities. From what I have already heard, the persnickety Caribbean Shores electorate is not impressed by the choices so far. This leaves the door open for an independent who can convince the people here that they will protect and promote property and community values, will fight for services, will work with the business, social and economic institutions in the area and last but not least promote, protect and respect our Constitutional rights. Yes – there is room here for one more....

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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Though wise men at their end know dark is right, Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night. Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight, And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way, Do not go gentle into that good night. Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay, Rage, rage against the dying of the light. And you, my father, there on the sad height, Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. I had no intention of writing anything at all about the recently concluded PUP Caribbean Shores constituency standard bearer convention, especially because my candidate lost badly, and the campaign

Rage Against the ‘Machine’! had turned contentious in the final days. I figured that there would have to be a cooling off period, and there needs to be the passage of some time to allow for possible rapprochement, mediation and re-uniting. The triumphant victors, however, do not seem content to let the matter die, and in my case have continued to launch personal attacks on me. So, as they say, in for a penny, in for a pound. Anthony Mahler didn’t so much win the Caribbean Shores PUP convention as Joe Coye was being persecuted by erstwhile political allies, disappointed former supporters, and his long time political opponents on the other side of the color line. As I watched the circus unfold Sunday morning I could only marvel at the massive display of force and at one point I even wondered if I would escape the drubbing physically unscathed. Joe’s former G7 allies and exCabinet opponents’ resources and assets within the PUP were

all in full deployment and the bombardment was sustained. Though we tried hard not to cower in our foxholes and defiantly raged against one of the greatest display of machine politics ever seen by the PUP against one of their own, we knew within the first hour that everyone else would win and Joe Coye would lose. It is ironic than at least for one day Joe Coye was able to do what its former and current leaders have been unable to do since August 2004 - unite the Peoples United Party. And the UDP did not just sit back and enjoy the show - they too deployed bags of cash in the key Kelly Street area, with instructions to the lucky recipients to go harass our campaign. Even though we had made it clear that we would not be paying anyone anything at all to vote, a vociferous horde maintained an all day offensive of harassment on our chief campaigners and the candidate himself. I had to marvel at their determination that they must be paid by our

campaign even as they stood before us clad in our opponent’s shirts. Whither Joe Coye now that he has been defeated by operation Caribbean Storm? If all bets are off then surely all options are open. Joe Coye has lived a life of public service and I seriously doubt that will change. At 67 he rides 15 miles on a regular basis and his mind is sharp. I always thought him uncomfortable being confined within the strictures of party politics, and perhaps having just run a principled campaign he feels if anything all it is that he has been liberated by the betrayal of his party’s bosses and power brokers. At this point he owes them nothing, and they have paid him back in full for anything he may have done to them. A cheque was cashed last Sunday, and no doubt some believe that he was given the boot. Because I was privy to his thinking for the entire length of his bid to return as the PUP candidate in the upcoming General Elections it could be that perhaps it was a mutual philosophical parting of ways. Joe Coye may have come to despise the populist party poli-tricks as antagonistic to his personal philosophy of issueoriented politics. In the aftermath of Sunday he may just feel that he may have won a more precious prize – the freedom to be himself.

KREMANDALA $ELLOUT Bought and paid for... Silent on issues affecting black South-side Belizeans while pretending to be their guardian Wilfully ignores the Corrupt Practices of Barrow and the UDP Can’t be TRUSTED!!!



Sunday,April 17th, 2011

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Preventative Detention...!

A bone-head solution to Anti Social Activities like Crime and violence! Over the last three years with the advent of the UDP government, we have seen the escalation of violent crimes supersede just about every other activity. Likewise, we have seen the most outrageous political tampering and manipulation as a means to influence the normal course of the judiciary and the Common Penal Law in Belize. This blatant manipulation has not only resulted in the deterioration in the dispensation of justice, but we have seen where more accused persons of violent crimes have either gotten-off at trials because of lack of evidence, improper police procedures during their investigations, the obtaining of witness or witnesses through hostile means (meaning through threats of being equally charged ) or because the trial judge failed to properly instruct the jury at some point during the trial or the summation. However, this is just part of the problem. We have seen where a disciplined police structure like the police department went from protecting and preserving the law for the protection of the wider population, transform into a rogue or servants of the political masters in Belmopan. According to our duly constituted law and the ‘Police Act’ all aspects of policing, enforcing the laws should be carried out by agents responsible to and working under the duly appointed Police Commissioner, and certainly not to the Prime Minister, or the Minister of Police, who are civilian and more so, politicians’. Over the last three years, we have seen where the two respective appointed Ministers have done nothing, noteworthy, to strike a balance or reduce crime, instead, on the contrary we have seen a consistent rise in the brazen execution of violent crimes. We have also seen and heard Prime Minister Barrow smoked out of hiding each time, just around every springtime (April) come out with a knee jerk response with mighty names such as ‘Jaguar Operations’ and ‘Restore Belize’ that is yet to restore some sense or normalcy to the traditional Belizean way of life with some degree of public safety that could instil a breath of individual security to every single law-abiding Belizean. This time around, in a desperate move, he is now hell-bent on restraining the constitutional rights and liberties of all Belizeans. Even though he has said himself that the violent-criminals are just a few that repeat their criminal behaviour. The truth of the matter is that if Mr. Bar-

row knows all this for a fact, then why institute extreme draconian laws like eavesdropping on the communications of Belizeans and now further; the reintroduction of the most severe of all, Preventative Detention (PDA) and the removal of jury-trial on politically convenient charges when the constitution states clearly that everyone is to be considered innocent until proven guilty by a jury of his peers in a court of law. The bare-faced truth is that those few-violent criminals, like Mr. Barrow describes it, are not in jail where they belong, because of the gross incompetence in the police department that does not investigate properly to get the strong evidence that brings about a solid conviction that will hold strength at all levels of our courts. Preventive detention is used to a considerable extent in countries ruled by dictators. It was also found in the Soviet Union, particularly in cases in which the accused individuals were perceived as political or security threats to the government. In such countries, where there was often little concern for the protection of individual rights, preventive detention was left almost exclusively in the hands of police and prosecuting authorities. Where there is a greater concern for individual rights, the courts have been given control; but critics maintain that the practice in any form does not lend itself to vigorous and continuous protection of individual rights. Today, Preventative Detention in this region of Central America and the Caribbean is internationally sponsored and financed to the convenience of the United States of America. It is a regional concept attached to the ‘Merida Initiative’ and ‘Plan Columbia’ in their fight against drugs even though they would dare not introduce such draconian measures in the US. In truth, it is a convenient way of manipulating the regional enforcement bodies from Mexico through Central America, the Caribbean and to Columbia where they are allowed to secretly push in their enforcers into these countries under the guise of diplomats or with diplomatic immunity. Preventive detention (PDA) is an imprisonment that is not imposed as the punishment for a crime, but in order to prevent a person from committing a crime, if that person is deemed likely to commit a crime. But who among us are mind readers to know the intent of another person? Any form of arrest or imprisonment of another person based on specula-

Shyne Barrow Musical Scam Artist of the year

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tion on the intent of another person begins to chip away on part two of the Constitution of Belize which provides for a genuine list of rights and civil liberties of all Belizeans. In most democracies, no one can be arrested without being told the grounds for such an arrest, except under rare and special circumstances (but since 911 the US started its anti-terrorism campaign and legislation to cover its tracks). An arrested citizen has certain rights: He/she must be subject to and informed of a criminal charge and brought before the nearest magistrate within a fortyeight hour period, and has the right to defend himself by a lawyer of his choice. Depending on the laws, this lawyer can be called for as soon as the detention starts, or can be hired by the defendant, days or weeks later. In contrast to this, under preventive detention the government can imprison a person for some time without a criminal charge. It means that if the government ( not the enforcement agency) feels that a person being at liberty can be a threat to the law and order or the unity and integrity of the nation, it can detain or arrest that person to prevent him from doing this possible harm. But where does this fits in the case of the police and its crime fighting abilities? Some jurisdictions allow preventive detention only in specific cases, for example only for persons who have already been sentenced





for a serious crime. In the proposed reintroduction of this constitutional amendment by Dean Barrow it is open-ended and too general which threatens the rights and civil liberties of all Belizeans, not only the repeat offender or known criminal. A related, but different form of detention is detention of suspects. In contrast to preventive detention, detention of suspects must quickly be followed by a criminal charge (or happen after the charge). In most jurisdictions, people suffering from serious mental illness may be subject to involuntary commitment under mental health legislation. This is undertaken on health grounds or in order to protect the person or others. It does not, strictly speaking, constitute a form of preventive detention, because the person is detained for treatment and released once this has proved effective. This is neither the case according to Barrow’s intent, Preventative Detention, the trial by judge only in conveniently selected charges, the anonymity of witnesses are all breaching the constitutional legal doctrine that presumes innocence until guilt is proven in Court. The Belizean people must not allow the rights and liberties afforded to all of us under part two of our constitution to come falling down with a domino effect as our economic development has fallen under the Barrow administration.

Sunday,April 17th, 2011

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San Pedro medical school No-Holds-Barred principal files for bankruptcy By:”PUP Plebeian”

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Thursday, April 14, 2011 BELIZE CITY – It has been reported in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper edition of January 23rd, 2011, that Malik Soudah, believed to be the principal shareholder/owner/operator of the beleaguered American Global University School of Medicine has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the United States. Both Malic Soudah and his brother Maher are listed as having declared bankruptcy. The Columbus, Ohio newspaper did not offer any details. Malic Soudah is listed as AGUSM’s President and CEO on their website. Maher Soudah is listed as AGUSM’s President of International Affairs on their website. The Soudah’s just last year moved AGUSM from Belmopan to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. The institution has been dogged by charges that it gave a student a transcript purporting to attest that he had completed medical studies when he not attended a single class. The school lists Columbus, Ohio as

the address of its “Office of Admissions.” The school claims it presently has 12 students enrolled. The Ministry of Education, which is responsible for the regulation of offshore medical schools in Belize, could not be reached for comment. It is unknown how Soudahs’ bankruptcy will impact on the institution’s continued viability. BANKRUPTCIES CHAPTER 7 Soudah, Maher Jeries aka Soudah, Maher J. aka Soudah, Maher dba Jumanco International LLC dba American Academic Services LLC fdba Parveenco International fdba American Global Ltd. dba Med Serve International LLC, 118 Graceland Blvd. Ste. 311, Columbus, 43214. Jan. 13. (11-50265). Soudah, Malik Jeries aka Soudah, Malik J. aka Soudah, Malik fdba American Global, Ltd. dba Med Serve International LLC dba American Academic Services LLC, 8065 Reynoldswoods Dr., Reynoldsburg, 43068. Jan. 14 (11-50299).

PUP convention, we could safely assume that “Boots” Martinez can sleep restfully at night. Like Collet, it is reported that Johnny and his Executive will endorse another badly beaten, battered and bruised individual in the person of Anthony Sylvestre Jr. as their Standard Bearer for Queen’s Square. Finally, in Mesopotamia, Johnny and his Executive intend to endorse a former UDP and disgraced Traffic Manager, Mike Godoy. One doesn’t have to be a political pundit to portend that after the dust settles following the General Elections in 2013, the political configuration on Southside Belize City will remain the same as it appears currently. Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde will remain the two lone PUP Area Representatives on the Southside. Surely, John Briceno and the PUP can’t think, for a minute, that Sandiford-Trench, Sylvestre Jr., Usher Sr. and Godoy can unseat the incumbents Faber, Barrow, Martinez and Finnegan. To even conceive such a thing would leave me to conclude that Briceno and his Executive are living in a fool’s paradise. It is the belief of many that John Briceno and the PUP have, essentially, “conceded” the constituencies of Queen’s Square, Meso-

potamia, Port Loyola and Collet to the UDP. Sandiford-Trench, Sylvestre Jr., Usher Sr. and Godoy, then, represent nothing more than the Opposition merely ensuring that it has a candidate on the ballot paper. So, if it is the case that John Briceno and his Executive have “conceded” those four Southside constituencies, it means, then, that they are as a guilty of turning their backs on the people of Southside Belize City as the UDP have. The truth is John Briceno’s, brother Jaime and others like Narda Garcia are even further removed from the ruthless realities of the people of Southside Belize City than Barrow, Finnegan, Martinez and Faber are. While they drive home every day to the sweet smell of sugar, the people of Southside Belize City go home to the smell of dead bodies. Belize City arguably represents the nucleus of Belizean Politics. Consequently, all ten constituencies of Belize City, particularly the six constituencies of Southside Belize City should be treated by all political parties with the highest of importance and relevance. As it were in Belize City, today, however and sadly so, the 37,416 people of Southside Belize City are treated purely as an afterthought. Thus, the question that needs to be asked of both the UDP and the PUP is: Does 37,416 represent merely a statistic or real people facing real problems on Southside Belize City?

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Caribbean News Cariforum could be unravelling UK Governor in Anguilla Refuses To Sign Government’s 2011 Budget

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, Monday April 11, 2011 – With regional unity within the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) already under stress amid recent trade and immigration-related issues, reports are now coming out that the wider Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) bloc is pulling in different directions. CARIFORUM, a construct pulled together from CARICOM and the Dominican Republic in 1992 for the purpose of negotiating with the European Union, has long been an unusual alliance, whose time now seems to have come. Following the 18th meeting of the CARICOM Council of Ministers in Belize last week, Belizean foreign minister, Wilfred Elrington, told reporters that the Dominican Republic was not comfortable with the current structure of CARIFORUM, and appeared to feel that CARICOM was playing too large a role in decision-making. “The Dominican Republic doesn’t seem to want the director general to have to report to the Council of Ministers by going through the secretary general of CARICOM. Their recommendation is for the director general to have a direct line to the Council of Ministers,” said Elrington. “It’s a thorny issue because protocol has always been for institutions, certainly the CARICOM institutions, to make reports through the secretary general that is the highest post. And from the secretary general it goes to the Council of Ministers or to the heads of government. You just don’t bypass your secretary general,” he said. This stance by the Spanish-speaking neighbour might be understandable given that the Dominican Republic has an economy that is larger than that of any single CARICOM member, and the equivalent of 64 percent of the size of all of CARICOM combined. Furthermore, while the EPA’s Regional Preference clause obliges CARIFORUM states to extend to each other the same treatment they

extend to the EU, regional leaders have not yet given the green light to the Dominican Republic’s application – first presented in 2009 - to join the Caribbean integration movement. At the Belize meeting, both Barbados and Jamaica supported the creation of a new head of CARIFORUM in the form of a director general, arguing also for additional directors. Emanating from this proposal was the agreement that the director general should be the EPA coordinator. Both proposals included the need for there to be a genuine EPA implementation Unit for CARIFORUM which is located in the CARIFORUM Directorate. But there appears to be some disagreement as to whether the Caricom secretary general should continue to be the secretary general of CARIFORUM, with the new director general reporting through the secretary general to the leaders. The meeting agreed that the new CARIFORUM structure would provide for both the EPA Implementation Unit and the traditional programming and development cooperation function with its own dedicated staff. It also noted “the preparedness of the Dominican Republic to forego concessions in its favour to have positions in the CARIFORUM Directorate reserved for its nationals once CARIFORUM is restructured to operate more efficiently and transparently”. It was also agreed that the current position of assistant secretary general of CARIFORUM should be designated as director general and should assume the position of CARIFORUM EPA coordinator, in addition to his/her responsibilities for the CARIFORUM Directorate. This position will be filled by a national of the Dominican Republic up Sep. 16, 2012. The Council meeting also agreed that the status quo would remain regarding the reporting of the new director general of CARIFORUM to the secretary general.

Governor Alistair Harrison (left), Chief Minister Hubert Hughes (right) Says UK Ministers will provide ex- serve the 2011 Appropriation Bill planation in writing. for signification of Her Majesty’s (The Valley Anguilla) -The UK pleasure. UK Ministers will be writGovernor in Anguilla, Alistair Har- ing shortly to the Chief Minister rison, issued a statement today in- explaining the background to this dicating that he will not be signing decision, and to propose a way forthe 2011 Budget presented prior to ward so that the Governments of Christmas by the Chief Minister the United Kingdom and Anguilla and Minister of Finance, Hon. Hu- can agree a budget for 2011 that bert Hughes. Reasons for the deci- puts Anguilla’s public finances onto sion were not presented other than a more sustainable footing. In taksaying that UK Ministers will be ing this step, the British Governwriting to the Government of An- ment has not (not) indicated that it guilla explaining the background to seeks to impose a particular budget that decision. settlement, or a particular level of The release read as follows: reduction in expenditure or in the “ I have informed members of numbers of the public service; but EXCO, and will be confirming in a it will expect the cooperation of the letter to all members of the House Government of Anguilla in moving of Assembly, that I will be instruct- forward. ed by the Secretary of State to re-

Puerto Rico Police Commissioner charged with assaulting minor

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – The police commissioner in Puerto Rico’s capital was charged Monday with sexually assaulting a minor and producing child pornography in a case that emerged after his teenage daughter accused him of molesting her. Hilton Cordero was charged with one count of committing a lascivious act against a minor and three counts of producing child por-

nography. Neither charge involves his daughter. A judge ruled there was probable cause to arrest him and ordered bail set at $130,000. Cordero asked to be temporarily relieved of his duties after his daughter’s accusation became public. Defense lawyer Mayra Lopez Mulero denounced the charges outside court and said prosecutors would not be able to prove their case. The U.S. territory’s Department of Justice provided few details about the charges. The newspaper El Nuevo Dia reported that authorities seized Cordero’s computer while investigating his daughter’s accusations and allegedly found nude photos of a neighbor who was a minor at the time. The neighbor, now 19, allegedly sold him the photos, the paper said.

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Human rights sore spot for Brazil’s Rousseff wants ‘new Peru runoff candidates phase’ in China ties

LIMA, Peru – Peru found itself on Monday facing the very scenario many Peruvians dreaded: The two presidential candidates whose democratic credentials are most questioned — the daughter of jailed former President Alberto Fujimori and leftist military man Ollanta Humala — are headed for a runoff election. The doubts begin with the fact that both have close relatives in jail for human rights violations which resulted in multiple deaths and are heightened by concerns that the issue has been barely raised by either candidate. Clearly aware of such preoccupations, Keiko Fujimori immediately sought to assure Peruvians after Sunday’s first-round vote that she had no intention of restoring the cynically corrupt, authoritarian regime of her disgraced father. She promised “absolute respect for democracy, press freedom, human rights and the rule of law” after finishing second with 23 percent of the vote. Supporters soon drowned her out with chants of “Chino. Chino! Chino!” her father’s nickname. Humala, who led the voting with 31 percent, has also vowed to respect democratic institutions, but many Peruvians don’t trust the former army officer. And many cringed when during a final campaign rally he said that if he wins the presidency “media directors will no longer set the news agenda, the people will.” The duo will be competing for support from the 44 percent of voters in Sunday’s election who backed three lesspolemical candidates. That situation confirmed the fears of Nobel literature laureate Mario Vargas Llosa, who had warned Peruvians they would be forced to choose in the June 5 runoff between “AIDS and terminal cancer.” “There was a chance to embrace a moderate, middle ground, but that opportunity slipped away,” said Michael Shifter, president of the Washington think tank Inter-American Dialogue. While rejecting “doomsday scenarios,” he said that “the risks of some backsliding in economic policy and democracy have certainly increased.” In pre-election opinion polls, 50 percent to 60 percent of Peruvian voters said they would not under any cir-

cumstances vote for Keiko Fujimori or Humala. Now, they have no other choice. Humala, a 48-year-old former lieutenant colonel, has alarmed many by proposing that Peru’s constitution be rewritten to help him boost state intervention in the economy so the poor can benefit from a mineral-exporting boom that has made this Andean nation’s economy among the world’s fastest-growing. Peruvians also still remember Humala’s declared admiration for Hugo Chavez in his first presidential run in 2006, though Humala this time dissociated himself from the leftist Venezuelan leader who has castigated opposition media and nationalized private companies. He told foreign reporters last week that he would not join Chavez’s ALBA bloc of leftist nations and that he would welcome counter-narcotics aid from any nation. On Monday. he told a Colombian radio network that he would give “a new turn” to relations with Washington. “We need to secure and strengthen our relations with the United States,” he told RCN. “The United States is one of the most important commercial partners we have in Peru and, as such, we will make all effort to work hand in hand with the United States in a relation in which both can win.” Humala’s had a strict military-style upbringing and his younger brother, Antauro, is serving a 25-year prison term for leading a violent revolt in 2005 against then-President Alejandro Toledo. Four police officers and two of Antauro Humala’s followers died in the bloody taking of a highlands police station that sought to provoke a nationwide revolt. Keiko Fujimori, meanwhile, became first lady in 1994 when her parents divorced. Her father’s corrupt regime shut down Congress in 1992, used the courts against opposition media, paid off congressmen and profited from drug trafficking through intelligence chief Vladimiro Montesinos’ extortion of narcos. Her father, Alberto, is serving a 25year prison sentence for authorizing two death squad massacres that killed 25 people, while Montesinos is serving a 20-year term for selling arms to

BEIJING (AFP) – Visiting Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday called for a “new phase” in ties with China and urged the world’s secondlargest economy to buy more from her country than iron ore and soybeans. Rousseff, who arrived in Beijing on Monday for her first major foreign trip since taking office in January, is looking to boost ties with China, which has in recent years become Brazil’s largest trade partner and largest investor. The two major emerging powers signed nearly two dozen agreements after talks between Rousseff and Chinese President Hu Jintao, including a deal for the sale of 35 Embraer E190 commercial jets to two Chinese airlines. “Brazil wants to inaugurate a new phase in these relations -- a qualitative leap,” Rousseff told a high-level dialogue on science and technology to kick off a jam-packed day of meetings with Chinese officials and top businessmen. “We need to go beyond the complementarity of our economies (...) to encourage a dynamic, diversified and balanced relationship,” said Rousseff, who travelled to China with about 300 business leaders. She said the “challenge for the coming years” would be to transform Brazil’s trade relationship with China to feature “higher value-added products” such as aircraft, not just agricultural products like soybeans, iron ore and

oil. China said it would “encourage companies to increase imports of high value-added products from Brazil”, according to a final joint communique. To that end, Embraer -- the world’s third-largest airplane manufacturer behind giants Boeing and Airbus -signed off on the sale of the 35 medium-range passenger planes to China Southern Airlines and Hebei Airlines. Brazil’s development, industry and commerce minister Fernando Pimentel refused to give a figure for the deal. With a list price of $40 million, the value of the deal would be $1.4 billion. Chinese telecommunications maker Huawei Technologies announced it will build a research centre in the Sao Paulo area, with total investment of $300-400 million, Rousseff told reporters at day’s end. Brazil’s state-run oil company Petrobras meanwhile signed exploration and development deals with Chinese giants Sinopec, Asia’s largest refiner, and Sinochem, but no financial terms were disclosed. The two countries also signed deals to boost cooperation in the energy and mining sectors, and voiced support for UN Security Council reform that would see increased representation for developing countries. “The international situation is complex. Against this backdrop, strengthening the China-Brazil strategic partnership has important significance,” Hu told Rousseff in their meeting. Colombia’s FARC rebels. Keiko Fujimori, 35, said two years ago when her father was convicted that she would pardon him if elected, but she has hedged recently, saying she would leave his fate to the courts, where he is appealing. The respected Peruvian investigative journalist Gustavo Gorriti says her father’s government stole hundreds of millions of dollars from Peru’s treasury. “Do we want to see organized crime return to power?” he asked in a preelection column. Keiko Fujimori has a solid base of supporters who aren’t concerned by such matters. They adore her father for taming runaway inflation and defeating the Maoist-inspired Shining Path rebels in a dirty war that claimed some 70,000 lives. Nearly half the rights abuses in that era were committed by security forces, according to a Peruvian truth commission. Humala, who was on the front lines of that conflict, was accused five years ago of torturing and “disappearing” people in 1992 while commanding an army base in the jungle village of Madre Mia. One villager, Jorge Avila,

said Humala detained him, his cousin and his sister and tortured them. He said he escaped but never saw the two relatives again. Avila later retracted his accusation, but there were claims he was paid off. Human rights lawyer Gloria Cano told The Associated Press she finds it unsettling that the two candidates who got the most votes had the most questioned rights records and have “nevertheless not made clear their position on the subject.” Analysts say Keiko Fujimori is anything but a sure bet against Humala. Humala has matured and moderated considerably since losing a runoff 53 percent to 47 percent in 2006 to current President Alan Garcia. “The vast bulk of the media is going to get behind Keiko and the private sector is going to get behind Keiko. A good chunk of the political elite will get behind Keiko. The entire upper middle class of Lima will flock to Keiko,” said Harvard political scientist Steven Levitsky, currently on sabbatical in Lima. “I don’t know if that’s enough to win the election but it’s going to be very close.”

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Despite NATO rift, US holds to limited Libya

WASHINGTON – Despite rebel setbacks and an increasingly public rift with NATO allies, the U.S. will stick to its plan to remain in the back seat of the Libya air campaign, the Obama administration insisted Tuesday after three weeks of air missions that have failed to turn the tide against Moammar Gadhafi. France’s defense minister declared that without full American participation, the West probably would not be able to stop attacks by Gadhafi loyalists on besieged rebel cities. U.S. officials said they were comfortable with their role and had no plans to step up involvement, even as British and French officials said Washington’s military might was needed to ensure the mission’s success. The Americans said NATO could carry out the operation without a resumption of the heavy U.S. efforts that kicked it off last month. “The president and this administration believes that NATO, and the coalition of which we remain a partner, is capable of fulfilling that mission of enforcing the no-fly zone, enforcing the arms embargo and providing civilian protection,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters. “The U.S. has not abandoned this operation by any means,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said. “We still are offering support where we can. I don’t think it’s correct to say that there’s somehow discord in the alliance.” The public complaints of Britain and France, however, contradicted that position, and U.S. officials contended privately that some in Europe appeared to be backing down on pledges to take the lead in the operation once the opening phase was over. The administration had not wanted to keep a primary

role after that point and had made its participation in the NATO mission contingent on having only a supporting function afterward. With the disagreement out in the open, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is expected to hear loud calls for the U.S. to resume heavier fighting when she travels to Germany for meetings of NATO foreign ministers on Thursday and Friday. Those talks are expected to be dominated by the situation in Libya, where rebels fighting forces loyal to Gadhafi are facing increasing challenges and appealing for additional assistance. At the State Department, spokesman Toner said President Barack Obama had been clear from the beginning that the U.S. “role would diminish as NATO stepped up and took command and control of the operation.” He added, “The U.S., of course, as needed, would help out if requested in other capacities, in other capabilities, but really our role has receded in this mission.” At the Pentagon, Marine Col. Dave Lapan said there was no move to increase American military involvement. “I don’t see any planning to re-assert U.S. strike aircraft and forces as we saw early in the campaign,” the Pentagon spokesman said. “NATO has those capabilities to conduct strikes.” “Ultimately, what needs to happen is Gadhafi needs to stop attacking his own people,” Lapan said. “The lack of U.S. strike missions doesn’t change that.” At NATO headquarters in Brussels, alliance officials agreed and said the operation was succeeding. NATO Brig. Gen. Mark Van Uhm rejected criticism of the operation. He said the North Atlantic military alliance was performing well in en-

US envoy departs Ecuador, expelled over criticism

Mon Apr 11, 8:13 pm ET QUITO, Ecuador – U.S. Ambassador Heather Hodges left Ecuador on Tuesday under an expulsion order issued by the government last week in reaction to a leaked diplomatic report in which she criticized corruption among police leaders.

forcing the arms embargo, patrolling the no-fly zone over Libya and protecting civilians. “With the assets we have, we’re doing a great job,” Van Uhm told reporters. France and Britain differed, calling for the rest of the group, in particular the United States, to step up the campaign. At a European Union meeting in Luxembourg, Paris lamented the limited U.S. military role in Libya and chided Germany, too, for its lack of involvement. In a dire analysis, France’s defense minister said that without full American participation in the combat operation, the West probably couldn’t stop Gadhafi’s attacks on rebel-held cities. French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe shredded NATO’s united front, saying its actions to this point were “not enough” to ease the pressure on the city of Misrata, which has been subjected to weeks of bombardment by forces loyal to Gadhafi. “NATO absolutely wanted to lead this operation. Well, voila, this is where we are,” Juppe said. “It is unacceptable that Misrata can continue to be bombed by Gadhafi’s troops.” Britain’s Foreign Secretary William Hague agreed that the allies must “intensify” their efforts, but he used a more diplomatic tone. “The U.K. has in the last week supplied additional aircraft capable of striking ground targets threatening the civilian population of Libya,” Hague said before a meeting of EU foreign ministers. “Of course, it will be welcome if other countries also do the same. There is always more to do.” French Defense Minister Gerard Longuet complained that France

The U.S. Embassy’s spokeswoman, Martha Youth, confirmed the departure to The Associated Press. Youth said the embassy was holding discussions with the foreign ministry over who would be in charge of the embassy in the absence of an ambassador. She said she could not identify that person until Ecuador approved. Ecuador said last Tuesday that Hodges must leave after WikiLeaks released a cable in which the envoy claimed the then police chief, Gen. Jaime Hurtado, was involved in acts of corruption that were known by President Rafael Correa. Two days later, the U.S. government responded by ordering the expulsion of Ecuador’s ambassador in Washington, Luis Gallegos. He has not yet left the U.S.

and Britain were carrying “the brunt of the burden.” He said the reduced U.S. effort — American forces are now in support, not combat, roles in the airstrike campaign — have made it impossible “to loosen the noose around Misrata,” which has become a symbol of the resistance against Gadhafi. Longuet also criticized Germany, which is not taking part in the military operation, saying that Berlin’s commitment to primarily back a humanitarian effort only was “secondary” at best. Germany does not take part in NATO’s military airstrikes in Libya because it sees the operation as too risky. Italy also has been reluctant to get involved in the airstrikes because it had been Libya’s colonial ruler. France’s frustration with the stalemate on the ground, where Libyan rebels have struggled to capitalize on Western air attacks, has been echoed in several Western capitals, but rarely were the comments as barbed as Juppe’s. The reduced U.S. role since NATO took over command on March 31 has clearly affected the operation. “Let’s be realistic. The fact that the U.S. has left the sort of the kinetic part of the air operation has had a sizable impact. That is fairly obvious,” said Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. Libyan opposition spokesman Ali al-Issawi said that Gadhafi’s soldiers have killed about 10,000 people throughout the country and injured 30,000 others, with 7,000 of the injured facing life-threatening wounds. He said an additional 20,000 people were missing and suspected of being in Gadhafi’s prisons. There was no way to independently verify his claims.

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Should Government Nationalize BNE? By: Nuri Muhammad

There is a noise from certain quarters that the government should nationalize the oil industry and thereby gain all the profits that would come from our oil production. While much of this comes across as rhetoric and polemics, any serious consideration of nationalizing our oil industry would have to take into consideration the repercussion of such a move. The model that is used by the promoters is government’s action in taking over Belize Telemedia Limited (BTL). This is highlighted as the precedent for why government can and should do the same thing with Belize Natural Energy (BNE). Take over the operation of that company, pay off its shareholders estimated value, and begin to operate the company as a Belizean entity. Of course, government’s stated rationale for “nationalizing” BTL was to avoid a barrage of litigation from its major shareholder, Lord Ashcroft, who in the opinion of the government, at the time, had become “treasonous in his behavior towards the Belizean people.” In some ways the acquisition of BTL could be described as a “hostile takeover” by government, precipitated by a supportive media and public opinion against Michael Ashcroft. But how can this be used as a precedent for the suggested nationalization of BNE when the same scenario does not exist? There is no hostility between the government and the major shareholders of BNE. BNE, in fact, has been described as a “good corporate citizen”, according to the Prime Minister, paying its taxes and contributing to economic development. So where is the precedent? Some believe that through nationalization Belize would gain all the revenues accrued from sales of our precious crude abroad. No more middleman to take a part of the proceeds; everything goes to the government of Belize. All this sounds good, but this is not how things work in the real world. First of all, does government nationalize the whole industry or just the company, BNE? If it’s the entire industry that will mean no other company will be licensed to explore in Belize; all future prospects will be done by the government of Belize. Nationalizing the industry also means that the pace of exploration will be affected by government’s ability to invest millions to further explore since no exploration will take place except by the government. This will also require a beefed-up Geology and

Petroleum Department, since they will be the frontline for exploration for the newly formed national oil company. Clearly, such a venture will bring tremendous obstacles and will take the government’s attention off the real objective of a government, which is to regulate the industry and gain from the revenue of oil production. The other choice is to nationalize BNE as a single company while maintaining regulatory control over the rest of the industry. In other words, government becomes the principal shareholder in the flagship company in the country while maintaining a regulatory influence over its competition. This choice would mean that government is a competitor in the production and sale of petroleum products from Belize. This would change the equation of the oil industry if government becomes one of the competitors. Naturally that would mean that all the forecast of profitability for BNE over the next twenty five years would now become government’s responsibility. Keeping the largest share of the market for the government owned BNE would be expected. We already see this pattern of behavior with the government owned BTL in relation to its competitor, Smart. Nationalization is not a good idea. To start with, if the objective is to guarantee a revenue stream from the wealth of the oil then the goal is more to insure those funds are received, rather than taking over the running of the companies producing that wealth. Why should government take on the trouble of running a company just to accomplish that? The problem is not with BNE, as a company; there are no complaints coming from the workers of BNE, for example. The critical issue with BNE is insuring that GoB is getting its due from taxes. Why saddle ourselves with the burden of running a company that is already being run efficiently? Why try to fix something that is not broken? And according to the figures coming out of the Ministry of Finance and highlighted by the Prime Minister in his budget presentation last month, BNE is producing, in a robust way, just what government needs at this time: revenues. If BNE is already providing what government is benefiting from why step in and try to fix that in an attempt to assert national pride and chauvinism? Nationalization of BNE is a wayward idea born out of a frustration felt by some people who are not well informed about what is going on in the oil industry, especially BNE. This lack of


Firstly, I feel morally compelled to commend the voters who participated in the Caribbean Shores convention on Sunday last, particularly those who did so of their own volition free of undue influence. I take this opportunity to also express my sincere gratitude to those thousands of voters who have placed their trust in me over almost twenty two years to manage their affairs, a trust that I have never betrayed. The principles of public service and the passion to serve that drove me over those years have never changed, and will never change, but I believe that the times and circumstances have been changed by some of the very men and women in whom I so believed, who, by the way, happen to be in both political parties. Too many have lost their sense of intimacy, self became the universal reference for decision making, and it is no longer what is in it for the people but what is in it for “I”. In the campaign of 2008 my family and I were subjected to the most scurrilous attacks by the UDP opposition, but this seems to be the norm in today’s dirty politics. What, of course, I found most reprehensible is a line of attack made against my family and I in the homes of voters and on the day of the convention – the vilification and acrimony

hurled at me and my supporters by the blue sea of a paid mob. This was supposed to be a PUP convention, and yes, it was. In one of the camps of one of the candidates I saw the faces of those in the upper hierarchy of the party. I saw them in numbers from Fort George and Pickstock. I saw both members and surrogates of the G-7 and those who were opposed to it now lining up against me. And there was also the money influence of external forces, such as the UDP. What was indeed overwhelming was the ostentatious display of seductive wealth – the big tents, the large billboards, the almost 40 taxis apparently lining the park just to display posters of the candidate, the expensive and intoxicating dj’s and their booming sound system, and cheerleaders, then to round it off, an abundance of blue notes that were flooding the homes and streets – all to defeat whom, one of their own??!! Now that the party is over the question to be asked is who paid for all this and why? The English political philosopher John Stuart Mill argues that people can know truth only by discovering it for themselves. Find those who came with their strings attached, follow their stings and you will find the truth. It is commonly felt today that the elites, not the masses, govern the society. Sunday’s convention lends truth to the perception that In our democracy the masses elect the leaders but the elites choose who will be leaders. This, I believe, is the “IRONY OF OUR DEMACRACY”. These are not the views of sour grapes but the “grapes of rational wrath.” (Signed) Joe Coye


Notice is hereby given that Audra Stevens is applying for a Malt &Cider LIQUOR LICENSE to be operated at Mitchell’s Cool Spot, Silk Grass Village,Stann Creek District under the INTOXICATING LIQUOR LICENSING ORDINANCE, Revised Edition 1980. Notice is hereby given that George Jackson is applying for a Publican Special LIQUOR LICENSE to be operated at “Stone Cold Daiquiris”, Mango Creek, Stann Creek District under the INTOXICATING LIQUOR LICENSING ORDINANCE, Revised Edition 1980. knowledge has led some people to how it will all work. Nationalizabelieve that BNE is a pariah com- tion is a major step for which we pany with foreign owners who are nowhere close to being prehave one thing in mind: to rip off pared to undertake at this time. the Belizeans and take the money But I repeat, if the objective and run. Unfortunately this is a is to maximize on the profits comprevailing public perception of ing from a robust oil industry the BNE, and BNE has not yet been way to go is not to take over the successful at establishing itself oil companies themselves, but to as a “baanya Belizean” company. be the enabler and the regulator of For this reason, BNE suffers the the process. It is by enabling more public relations dilemma of being exploration of oil that we encourperceived as an ‘outsider’ rather age the growth of the industry, and than an ‘insider’. it’s by regulating that industry that Those who advocate for the we insure that our environment nationalization of the industry and is protected, and that Belizeans specifically BNE are in most case get the maximum benefit from only mouthing off their opinions our oil. (Comments welcomed at without giving a clear outline of

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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

Police investigating “contract hit” FIFA’s Blatter blasts Barrow threat to CGA CEO ... “leave Bertie alone”!

Thursday, April 14, 2011 DANGRIGA – Reliable reports are that Citrus Growers Association CEO Henry Anderson has been informed by Belize Police that they are investigating reports that he is the target of a “hit” contracted to a Belize City gang. Anderson is in the eye of an increasingly contentious battle between the CGA and Banks Holding of Barbados and their Belizean supporters for control of the Citrus Products of Belize Limited, the na-

tion’s citrus processor. He has reported several incidents of threats and near violence to the Police in the past few months. The CGA’s membership is growing increasingly frustrated because of the failure of the group, which owns the majority shares in CBPL to gain control of the company and are angry over the failure of CPBL CEO Henry Canton to vacate his position following a December 17th Annual General Meeting of the company’s board of directors at which a resolution was carried that in effect terminated his employment. The CGA membership is scheduled to meet tomorrow and it is expected that its membership will be demanding radical action in terms of enforcing their demands that Canton resign. The current annual citrus harvest is expected to close by the middle of next month.

and after a 5 hour stopover took off en route to Nicaragua. Mohamed Bin Hammam, who is challenging the Swiss national in the June 1 vote, has said he’d double the annual subvention, but Blatter has said only FIFA’s governing panel can change funding as he dismissed the offer from the 61-year-old Qatari, who runs Asia’s soccer federation. Blatter, 75, has run FIFA since 1998. (The FIFA congress meets at least once a year where each member association has a vote.) “We’ve already made the budget” for 2011-15, Blatter said. “If you give only money and you don’t control where the money is going, this is not a good gift.” Any increase in annual allowances to members “could only be done by the congress,” he said. But member countries can expect more money from FIFA under a fourth-term Blatter presidency for specific “development programs” and initiatives to ensure every country has at least one playing field and a stadium for international matches. In his remarks at the ceremony to inaugurate the FFB’s new facility in Belmopan, Blatter said that his meeting with Prime Minister Dean Barrow was cordial and respectful, but did not remark on the fact that sports minister John Saldivar had shunned meeting with him and that no member of the Barrow administration attended the ceremony. Opposition Leader John Briceno and the US ambassador to Belize H.E. Vinai Thummalapally did attend. Blatter also told the gathering that he had spoke with Barrow about the differences between the FFB and the administration and that it was agreed that it was an internal problem. “Ladies and gentlemen,” the FIFA President said, “it is a problem of football. Let football in peace. Let football work according to the statutes of footthe receivership was taking over ball and these statutes according to the and that he and the entire staff international federation. were summarily fired without their salaries and severances. Four months later, workers have still not been paid. Eighty-three workers were paid two weeks salary on Christmas Eve leaving the rest for whom the receivership claimed that they could not find any documentation verifying their employment, unremunerated or unpaid. One of those employees who have not received payment is former Operations Manager, Phillip Jones. On Tuesday morning the former workers of National Transport Services met with Labor Commissioner Ivan Williams and Deputy Labor Commissioner Paulette Wagner. The receivership was invited to attend but they were a no-show. After about two hours of Thursday, April 14, 2011 talking the Labor Depart decided BELIZE CITY – Confirmed and declared that they are going reports to the newspaper this to take the receiver and the Belize afternoon are that the Cus-

Labor Department, National Transport Workers To Take Receivership To Court

By Rhenae Nunez Tuesday, April 12, 2011 BELIZE CITY - The vendetta of the UDP government has been exacted and yielded the common result - Belizeans walking the unemployment line. In December of last year receivers Kevin Castillo, Robert Garcia and John Flowers of the Transport Department stormed the Novelos’ compound on the Western Highway just outside Belize City and strong-armed the entire operation. The ambush was orchestrated by the Belize Bank after the company fell on hard times and could not meet its obligations to the bank that was under pressure from the Central Bank of Belize because of their volume of non-performing loans. That morning an estimated 275 workers of the company were rendered jobless after the lock on the gate to the compound was cut off and Phillip Jones, former operations manager was informed that

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“We need the support of the government, but the government should not, and never interfere in the organization of our game, and especially not in the statutes.” Blatter remarks comes against the backdrop of an “investigation” by the Minister of Sports, who signed a statutory instrument authorizing a commission to investigate the FFB’s procedures and elections, and which has refused to certify the FFB as a member in good standing of the National Sports Council, and which has baldly stated that the FFB cannot represent Belize in international competitions. After pointing out that he was accompanied on this tour by FIFA’s international legal counsel who is also a member of FIFA’s executive, Blatter then pointedly said: “FIFA will not tolerate political interference. We know that there is a law, and everybody has to abide by the local law in a country, that’s a principle. But when it comes to international participation, that also the government of a country shall respect the statutes of its own association in connection with the statutes of the international federation, and if it is possible in 207 national associations then it should also be possible in 208, in Belize, in the last one 208. I am sure, you will do it and we will help you.” He then went on to promise to double the amount of funding Belize football has been getting from FIFA. But while Barrow was cordial and may have appeared receptive to Blatter’s entreaties, sports minister John Saldivar continues to hurl threats and imprecations at the FFB generally, and at its President Dr. Bertie Chimilio. In his regular weekly appearance today on WAVE Radio, Saldivar continued his threats to take over the FFB, and to kick FIFA out. The situation appears to be at a stalemate but is fast heading to a showdown but perhaps between big bad John and Barrow, who was once Chimilio’s and the FFB’s attorney when he was Opposition Leader.

Customs seize City Councilor’s vehicle

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Belize City Council member Eric Chang’s green Isuzu DMAX pickup pending the outcome of an investigation to determine if it entered the country uncustomed, and whether or not it is a stolen vehicle. Chang had been “asked’ by the Customs Department to bring in the vehicle for “inspection” from several weeks ago but had been refusing the requests. He was informed that the Department intended to impound the vehicle by the National Transport Department yesterday and decided toms Department has seized to turn over the key.

Sunday,April 17th, 2011

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CHUKKA BAKABUSH must go; (Part 1) If NOT then Carnival must go. Today the world witness’s the worst economic down turn in recent times and Belize is no exception. Unemployment is up, cost of Living is up, fuel prices are up, way, way up; and guess what else is up, way, way up. Carnivals profit!! That’s right! Carnivals profit for 2010 was 2 billion with a“B” as in boy, BILLION United States dollars. Their 12 months profit was greater than the total of Belize’s long term debt including its Super Bond. Despite these obscene profits, Carnival recently dropped the hammer on local Tender operators and insisted that lower rates must apply, even as fuel prices in Belize escalated by 40% over a three month period. In the process many local tender owners find themselves jobless as the Cruise season winds to its end. “How will we service our mortgages and feed our families?” they ask. Carnival certainly doesn’t intend to provide the answers, and Rick Oshea, the foreign instigator of all these woes is no where to be seen. He got the message and left town, a very smart guy. As the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations, FECTAB represents thousands of Belizeans from all walks of life and the many different sectors which have planted the seedlings of Cruise Tourism, nurtured and fertilized the young trees and hold the rights to reap the fruits of our labor. Unfortunately Carnival and their Jamaican buddies have other ideas and have placed Cruise Tourism in Belize at a dangerous crossroads. Carnival seems to feel that it can impose its Jamaican partner, Chukka Caribbean into our midst and expect business as usual. Over the past year FECTAB has met with the media on several occasions, engaged the Belize Tourism Board frequently, and generally taken a path of constructive dialogue. Our passive approach however should not be taken as a signed weakness. Chukka MUST NOW GO. Like Mr. Oshea, the Jamaicans have invested absolutely nothing in Belize and rely instead on doing business through weak third parties who grab at the crumbs being offered. Armed with monopolistic contracts from Carnival, too many are only too happy to lease this, rent that and charter what they can. In Belize we call it Dead Raise. The Jamaicans have invested nothing and have absolutely no financial exposure. Their minority partner recently booted from Management of their operation is the only one at risk. The Jamaicans pay slave wages and undermine the system at every opportunity. Even venders at archaeological sites are denied opportunities to earn a few crumbs. Their mission is clearly operating at bare bone costs so as to facilitate their bosses in Miami and their 2 Billion United States dollar profit. Should Belizeans stand idle by and do nothing? Recently we saw another set of Jamaicans attempt to take over our fishing industries in the South. We applaud our southern brothers for the stand that they took and the Jamaicans seem to have high tailed it out of here. Chukka take note, your turn is now. Another Caribbean conglomerate has been facilitated in buying into the Citrus Industry and not surprisingly CPBL and the local growers are losing millions of dollars while the Caribbean conglomerate makes a killing on the sales of the Belizean citrus products on the world market. This is the same model that is being employed by the Chukka/Bakabush Jamaicans in our Tourism Industry. Note the foreigners are presently being facilitated and defended by born Belizeans officials in the Tourism Industry, but they will be exposed for their conflict of interest participation in part two. Despite a common Caribbean background, Belize as a lesser developed country is far from ready for CSME and the baggage it brings. Economies such as Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago are highly developed, driven by greed at the expense of the masses, and murder rates are among the highest in the world. Belize follows closely behind in terms of crime despite a population of only 312,000 persons and a wealth of natural resources including Oil. This should not be. Tourism is the star to which we hitch our wagon, according to PM Barrow, and no Belizean should be marginalized, not at the hands of anyone, let alone a group of greedy Jamaicans, here for the bidding of their billion dollar bosses in Miami. Enough is enough. Chukka Bakabush must go. Belize is for Belizeans. Tourism in Belize is for Belizeans! Chukka get out!! We appeal to the social conscience at Carnival in the event that they may have one. How can you expect to make millions from Belize without the Belizean people benefiting in any way? How can you expect to be tolerated if your very presence is having such a destabilizing influence in these already difficult times. Other Cruise Lines now express concern for the situation and the potential impact on them. To these other Cruise Lines we say “You are most welcomes and FECTAB will do all in its powers to insure the best possible experience for your passengers, they will be greeted and treated with Love.” The sentiment towards Carnival is quite different. Rick Oshea caused many people to lose their jobs, at least he is now gone. The Jamaicans must now go, and if that’s not acceptable then Carnival must go. The rising tide of public sentiment will float this boat. As a proud and nationalistic people we are also very resilient. We sincerely hope that Carnival will see the folly of their ways (famous throughout the Caribbean) and develop a sense of respect and cooperation for and with the Belizean people. If this is not to be, rest assured that we will do just fine without them. For the Jamaicans we invoke the now famous words of your lawyer, consultant and de-facto manager.

The time has come. The Time is now. Just Go, Go, Go. We don’t care how. You can go by foot. You can go by car. Mr. Melvilles will you please go now. You can go on skates. You can go on skis. You can go in a hat. But please go. Please! We don’t care. You can go by bike. You can go on a Zike-Bike if you like. If you like you can go in an old Carnival shoe. Just go, go GO! Please do, do, DO! Mr. Melvilles We don’t care how Mr. Melvilles will you please GO NOW! Heed our words boys for a long hot summer has only just begun. Go while the going is still good!


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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

Convention Corral D & E Bus Crushes Teen to Death The grapes of wrath in Caribbean Shores

Alex Ramos, 15 crushed to death by D&E Bus

Thursday, April 14, 2011 BELIZE CITY - The ill-feelings generated by last Sunday’s PUP and UDP conventions may not soon dissipate since both losers were two time incumbents, and both saw their party’s hierarchies line up behind their first time opponents, and both were annihilated. In Caribbean Shores a record number of voters turned out for what proved to be a day of spectacle and circus at the Trinity Methodist Primary School. Anthony Mahler easily out-distanced Joe Coye who was seeking a fifth candidacy 762 votes to 373. Austin Waight was also a distant third with only 63 of the 1,271 votes cast. In a statement late this afternoon Coye confirmed last week’s National Perspective report that the campaign had turned contentious saying: “In the campaign of 2008 my family and I were subjected to the most scurrilous attacks by the UDP opposition, but this seems to be the norm in today’s dirty politics. What, of course, I found most reprehensible is a line of attack made against my family and I in the homes of voters and on the day of the convention – the vilification and acrimony hurled at me and my supporters by the blue sea of a paid mob.” He would go on to lament that he was opposed on Sunday by nearly the entire spectrum of the PUP leadership, and vowed that his views were not “sour grapes but the grapes of rational wrath.” The PUP was scheduled to endorse Anthony Sylvester this weekend for Queens Square but as of press time this could not be confirmed. To date the PUP has held 15 conventions, 7 endorsements( Corozal South East, Cayo South, Stann Creek West, Belize Rural North, Colllet, Toledo East, Toledo West), and 8 contested (Corozal Bay, Corozal South West, Dangriga, Corozal North, Cayo North, Port Loyola, Orange Walk North and Caribbean Shores). Of the 16 remaining, 8 are scheduled to have been completed by the end of May. 3 are believed to be endorse-

ments (Mesopatamia, Queens Square and Orange Walk East) while (Pickstock, Cayo West, Cayo Central, Cayo North East, and Orange Walk South) are all contests. Reportedly none of the incumbent parliamentarians in Freetown, Fort George and Orange Walk Central, Albert and Lake Independence will be challenged, while there are active campaigns ongoing in Belize Rural Central (4 candidates), Belmopan (4 candidates), Belize Rural South (3 candidates). If we are to judge by his remarks to the media after being blown out 423 to 191, a margin of more than two to one, in Sunday’s UDP Albert convention, Tom Morrison is not a happy man. Morrison decried his opponent’s spending power, and though he did not publicly allude to the presence of many of his party’s luminaries, who were clearly on the side of his opponent, their presence were a factor in the lopsided defeat to Herman Longsworth, perhaps best known as the man with the contract to build the Marion Jones Sporting Complex million dollar fence, and a Barrow insider. Morrison told Channel Seven’s Jules Vasquez in part: “… My opponent has spent lots of money. I don’t know where all this money came from, it is said that it came from his northern bosses.” He knew he had been defeated even before the polls were closed. Next up for the UDP is the Lake Independence convention this Sunday at the Sadie Vernon High School. 4 candidates, incumbent Vandley Jenkins, former City Councilor and political Jihadist Mark King, businessman Glen Leslie and Ministry of Foreign Affairs employee Percy Lewis, are all campaigning for the nomination. The UDP have held contested conventions in Caribbean Shores, Corozal Bay, Orange Walk East, Corozal South East, Cayo South and Albert, and have endorsed candidates in Freetown, Port Loyola, Collet and Mesopotamia. The majority of its remaining conventions will be endorsements.

by Rhenae Nunez Sun. Apr. 10, 2011 SUCCOTZ, CAYO DISTRICT Residents in the Succotz Village area of the Cayo District claim that the stretch of highway that passes through their village is very dangerous. That sentiment was confirmed when the life of Alex Ramos ended after he was run over by a D&E Bus

as he was making his way home on his bicycle on Sunday evening around 4:00 after playing basketball at a nearby court. The accident happened between miles 72 and 73 on the Western Highway. The D&E Bus was enroute to San Ignacio from Benque. The teen was riding his bicycle in the same direction. Bus driver Roberto Galvez,36 said that he blew his horn to alert Ramos who swerved from left to right in front of the bus causing the bus to run over him. Alex Ramos was supposed to have sat Monday’s Primary School Examination (PSE). Village residents attribute Sunday’s accident to speeding and claim that there have been a number of accidents on that stretch of highway; Sunday’s being the most tragic which resulted in death. Residents also say that their requests for speed bumps have fallen on deaf ears. Drive Roberto Galvez was detained by police pending their investigation.

BEL leaves City Council in the dark

Thursday, April 14, 2011

BELIZE CITY – The Barrow administration continues to struggle today to contain the fallout after having the Belize City Council, the nation’s largest municipal government, disconnected by Belize Electricity Limited for non-payment yesterday. Frustrated City Hall employees have quietly complained that they were forced to sit in the dark, in the sweltering heat indoors, under orders from the Council, who were hoping that that way they could stop the story from getting out. The Council is maintaining that they are current in their payments to the utility and that the disconnection is the result of an attempt to collect arrears owing from the 2003-2006 municipal administration. Both

the Mayor and the councilor responsible for public relations have claimed that the bill was only recently presented to the Council and that they had not had time to investigate and verify that they had indeed been incurred by the Council before BEL struck. Service was restored to City Hall and the Commercial Center, another City Council property, about two hours after the 9:00 a.m. disconnection. City residents are hardly impressed with the explanation since they have several times witnessed workers demonstrating in front of City Hall for wages owed to them. They have also heard the reports that Council at one time or the other owed entities and agencies such as the Social Security Board and the Income Tax Department, and appears to be heavily in debt.

Labor Department, National Transport Workers To Take Receivership To Court Continued from page 12

Bank to court. “We were optimistic that the receiver and the Belize Bank would have some sort of social conscience but that is not the case so the matter will be going to court,” former Operations Manager Phillip Jones told the media. He said that he believes he and the other unpaid workers have a good case because Kevin Castillo and his team en-

tered National Transport Services’ compound illegally. According to Jones, Castillo went to Fabrigas and borrowed a chain cutter and cut his way into the compound. Jones said that Attorney Lisa Shoman is preparing the case to go to court. Some workers who spoke with the NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE expressed doubt that things will work out in their favor. Many remain unemployed after four months.

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Sunday,April 17th, 2011


Achy joints? It could be osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis, the most common type of arthritis, is a condition caused by wear and tear on the cartilage of your joints. This strong tissue usually cushions joints, but can wear down over time, causing joints to ache, and become stiff and painful. There’s no cure, but a variety of painkillers and treatments can help, as can losing weight if you have excess pounds. What Is Osteoarthritis? Your doctor will want to make sure that your pain is caused by arthritis and not another problem. So first you’ll need to describe your symptoms as best you can. Your doctor will ask you questions about your symptoms. Examples of questions include: Is the pain burning, aching, or sharp?, Are your joints stiff in the morning? If yes, how long does the stiffness last?, Do you have any joint swelling? Knowing these things will help your doctor make a diagnosis. If your joints are tender and swollen and the muscles are weak, this will also help your doctor confirm whether you have arthritis. You may also have Xrays to check your joints for damage. Your doctor may want to do blood tests or other tests to see if there are other causes for your pain. What Are the Symptoms of Osteoarthritis? Symptoms of osteoarthritis can range from mild to severe. They may include: Pain: Your joints may ache, or the pain may feel burning or sharp. For some people, the pain may come and go. Constant pain or pain while you sleep may be a sign that your arthritis is getting worse. Stiffness: When you have arthritis, getting up in the morning can be hard. Your joints may feel stiff and creaky for a short time, until you get moving. You may also get stiff from sitting., Muscle weakness: The muscles around the joint may get weaker. This happens a lot with arthritis in the knee., Swelling: Arthritis can cause swelling in joints, making them feel tender and sore. Deformed joints: Joints can start to look like they are the wrong shape, especially as arthritis gets worse. Reduced range of motion and loss of use of the joint: As your arthritis gets worse, you may not be able to fully bend, flex, or extend your joints. Or you may not be able to use them at all. Cracking and creaking: Your joints may make crunching, creaking sounds. This creaking may also occur in a normal joint, but in most cases, it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the joint. Arthritis of the spine can also narrow the openings that make space for the spinal cord and for the nerves


that branch off the spinal cord (spinal nerves). This is called spinal stenosis. It can lead to pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerves. This pressure can cause pain, weakness, or numbness. Some medical conditions can cause symptoms similar to osteoarthritis. Compare osteoarthritis vs. rheumatoid arthritis. Learn about other conditions with symptoms similar to osteoarthritis. How is it treated? There are many treatments for arthritis, but what works for someone else may not help you. Work with your doctor to find what is best for you. Often a mix of things helps the most. Take Control of Your Osteoarthritis Even though there is no cure for osteoarthritis, treatment can help reduce your symptoms and make it possible for you to lead a full and active life. The goals of treatment are to: Reduce your pain and stiffness. Keep your joints working and moving well. Keep you from becoming disabled. Prevent more damage to your joints. Treatment is based on: How bad your symptoms are. How much your symptoms prevent you from doing your daily tasks. How well other treatments have worked. How much damage to the joint (or joints) you have. Treatment for mild to moderate arthritis In most cases, people who have mild to moderate arthritis can manage their symptoms for many years with a treatment plan that may include: Medicines, including acetaminophen (for example, Tylenol) and

nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen (for example, Advil and Motrin), naproxen (for example, Aleve), or aspirin (for example, Bayer and Bufferin). Or you may use capsaicin cream on your skin. Exercise to help keep your muscles strong and your joints moving well. Weight loss, if you’re overweight, to reduce the stress on your joints. Heat and cold therapy, such as hot compresses, cold packs, ice massage, or paraffin wax. Physical therapy or occupational therapy. Assistive devices and orthotics, such as tape, braces, splints, or canes to help protect your joints from injury and take the stress off of your joints. Changing activities or the way you do things to rest or reduce the stress on the painful joint and allow you to move better. Learning and practicing a “goodhealth attitude” to help you cope with the stress and challenges of living with arthritis. Some people who have arthritis also have depression. If you’re depressed, be sure to tell your doctor. Treating depression may help reduce your pain and make it easier for you to do your daily tasks.1 The more you know about arthritis and what you can do to treat it and stay active, the less likely you are to have pain and become disabled. You may also be able to prevent any more damage to your joints. Treatment if arthritis gets worse If the pain and stiffness from arthritis don’t get better or they get worse, your doctor may recommend: Steroid shots. Opioid pain medicines. Physical therapy or occupational therapy.

Hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid) shots. If your pain is very bad, you may decide to have surgery to replace the joint. Or you may decide to have some other kind of surgery that can help keep your joints moving well and prevent your arthritis from getting worse. Some types of surgery include: Arthrodesis. Arthroscopy. Finger or toe surgery. Joint replacement (hip, knee, or shoulder). Osteotomy (knee or hip). Your treatment may include: Using pain medicine. If your pain is mild, over-the-counter pain medicines such as acetaminophen (for example, Tylenol) and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) may help. Commonly used NSAIDs include ibuprofen (such as Advil and Motrin), naproxen (such as Aleve), or aspirin (such as Bayer and Bufferin). But if these don’t get rid of your pain, you may need a stronger prescription medicine. Because you’ll likely take these medicines for a long time, you’ll need to see your doctor for regular checkups. Using heat or ice on the painful joint. Heat may help you loosen up before an activity. Ice is a good pain reliever after activity or exercise. Your doctor may give you gels or creams that you can rub on the joint to make it stop hurting. Having shots of medicine in the joint also helps some people. Losing weight, if you’re overweight. Losing weight may be one of the best things you can do for your arthritis. It helps take some of the stress off of your joints. Exercising to strengthen your muscles. Having stronger thigh muscles, for example, can help reduce stress on your knees. Swimming, biking, and walking are good activities. But make sure you talk to your doctor about what kind of activity is best for you. You may also get help from a physical therapist. Having surgery. If the pain in your joint gets really bad, you may decide to have surgery to replace the joint. There are also some things you can do at home to help relieve your symptoms. For example, there are devices and tools that can take the stress and weight off of your joints and make it easier for you to hold objects, open and close things, and walk. Doorknob covers, tape, braces, splints, and canes may help. You might also try changing activities or the way you do things to reduce the stress on the joint that hurts and allow you to move better. For example, walk instead of jog. Or use a sewing machine to make a quilt instead of making it by hand.

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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

Featured Recipes Births

Braised Pork Roast With AppleBrandy Sauce

Aubrey Jamulet Desiree to Mark Anthony Bethran and Natasha Diane Bethran nee Bevans. Ashna Dilip to Dilip Buhhrani and Shalini Ramesh Budhrani nee Mahitani . Alexa Nicole to Arturo Antonio Portillo and Judy Ann Portillo nee Ramclam. Julio Enrique, jr., to julio Enrique Chi, sr., Isenia Angelica Chi nee Batun


YIELD: 8 servings (serving size: 3 ounces of pork and 1/3 cup of sauce) Ingredients 1 (2 1/2-pound) rolled boned pork loin roast 1 tablespoon dried rubbed sage 1 1/2 teaspoons dried thyme 1 teaspoon salt, divided 1/2 teaspoon pepper, divided Cooking spray 1 teaspoon margarine 2 cups chopped onion 1/2 cup chopped celery 1/2 cup thawed apple juice concentrate, undiluted 1/2 cup applejack (apple brandy) 1 (10 1/2-ounce) can low-salt chicken broth 2 2/3 cups chopped peeled Granny Smith apple (about 1 pound) 1 tablespoon water 2 teaspoons cornstarch Preparation Unroll roast; trim fat. Combine sage, thyme, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper; rub inside surface of roast with one-third of sage mixture. Reroll roast, securing at 1-inch intervals with heavy string. Rub outside surface of roast with remaining sage mixture. Preheat oven to 425°. Place a large Dutch oven coated with cooking spray over medium-high heat until hot. Add roast; brown on all sides. Remove roast from pan; set aside. Melt margarine in pan. Add onion and celery, and sauté 5 minutes. Return roast to pan. Combine 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, apple juice, applejack, and broth; pour over roast. Insert a meat thermometer into thickest portion of roast. Cover and bake at 425° for 20 minutes; reduce oven temperature to 325° (do not remove roast from oven), and bake 30 minutes. Add apple; cover and bake an additional 30 minutes or until meat thermometer registers 160° (slightly pink). Remove roast from pan, reserving cooking liquid. Place roast on a platter; cover with foil. Let stand 10 minutes. Combine water and cornstarch, and stir into reserved cooking liquid. Bring mixture to a boil, and cook 1 minute or until sauce is slightly thick. Serve sauce with pork. Note: Use 1 cup apple juice concentrate and omit apple brandy, if desired.

Ryan Leith Benson, 38, to Carrie Melissa Terbasket, 31,both of Cawston, British Columbia, Canada. Jeffrey Michael Servoss,39, to Lisa Lee Osinga, 39,both of Phoenix Arizona, U.S.A. Ricardo Gamaliel Navaez,24,to Wei-Yun-Chang,28 both of Corozal Tow, Corozal District. Daniel Seth Modaff,35, to Stephanie Lee tripp,30,both of Yorkville, Illinois, U.S.A. Romel Alexander Gomez,21, to Idolly Irene Stains,25 both of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. Raymon Anthony Evans, 24,to Rochelle Denise Barrett,36,both or Teakettle, Cayo District. Miguel Evaristo Verde,27, to Gladys Silvetti Osorio,17, Both of Sarteneja, Corozal. Marcus Rash,30, to Cristina Chub,26, both of Bella Vista, Toledo District Roscendo Cal,29,to Delphina Chub,20 both of Corazon Creek,Toledo District. Ricardo Makin,25,to Avelina Chiac,18 both of Corazon Creek,Toledo District. Elloyd Junior Gilharry,48, to Fidelina Pineda,38,both of Belize City. Jerome Alexander William,29 of Hopkins, Stann Creek District, to Jhoanna Karenina Larrieu,29,of Belize City. Mark Oliver Leadbetter ,32, to Naomi Claire Rutledge, 34, both of Hoole, Chester, England , U.K. Giovanni mendez,32,to Yolanda rodrigues,35 both of Belize City. Jan Roberts Phillips,24, of Ladyville, Belize District, to Letricia Nicole lamb,23, of Burell Boom, Belize District. Stephen Alexander Hartloff, 63,to Carole Susan Leavell,65,both of Lincoln, California, U.S.A Alan Eugene Marks,64, to Tammye Kay Canada,53,both of lake Oswego, Oregon, U.S.A. David Andrew Morgan,36,to Dana Nicole Anglin,30 both of Cedar Falls, Iowa, U.S.A. Daniel Bryan Bredahl,35,to Billie Jo Lori Shoen,30,both of St. Paul, Minnesota,U.S.A Robert Mckinley Rheves,54, to Floripe Del Carmen Carbajal Ocana,39, both of Houston,Texas, U.S.A. Abdulla Saleh Sowayan, 33, to Jennifer Susan Dickey,33, both of Silver Spring, Maryland, U.S.A. Kevin Patrick Johnston,38, to Chantal Delage,35, both of waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Edwin Obinna Ogueri, 41 to Martha Nnnena Mboma,40 both of Belize City. Nelson Perez Blanco, 38, to Silvia Raquel Zena Portillo,26, both of Belize City. Dane Smith, 23, to Mildred Larios, 25, both of ladyville, Belize district. Steve Ortiz, 41, to Marly Minelle Cruz, 25, both of Belize City. Randy Tyrone Hyde, 33, to Lesly Yanery Alfaro, 26, both of Belize City. Eduardo Hernandez, 24, to Lillian Danett Acosta, 23, both of San Felipe, Orange Walk district. Gabriel Quetzal, 37, to Yuri Arzu, 27, both of Corozal town,Corozal District. Elias Moses Cho,26, to Domaris Luceli Itza,17 both of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk district. Jose Benedicio Escobar, 43, to Virgilia Campos, 46, both of San Narciso, Corozal District.


Amber Dishawn Ramclam, 9 Maria Zoila Reyes, 55 Oscar Ervin Mariano, 48 Frances Mazie Marshalleck, 75 Abdul Kareem Theus, 32

Katherine Massiah, 49 Anthony Fitzroy mcfield,65 Victor Louis Jacob, 71 Rual Illizaliturri, 66 Melcheeseadeck Calderon, 56 Brandon Steve Gibson, 22

Sunday,April 17th, 2011

Aries-Even big, bad, bold you needs a little support now and then -- like at the beginning of this week. Since you’re usually so self-sufficient, you might have to ask since the stars send bountiful super energy right to you, and you’re probably ready to make a daring move. Go for it! If you’re staying up late or partying on Friday and Saturday, be sure to make up for it with some healthy stuff, too. Use a little charm to get your desire. Taurus-Be careful of issues that can turn into time-sucks. Just a few little things can eat up a lot of your day. Bring snacks to a meeting or have a one-on-one over a good meal. The act of breaking bread (or doughnuts, as the case may be) creates a bond that’s elemental. A dramatic presentation or long-winded lecture isn’t as forceful as stating facts, projections and expectations in a concise, meaningful way. And you might want to give work a rest this weekend, because love is in the air! Gemini-Being thrifty at the beginning of the week gives you a bit of a creative challenge, and it also gives you a little extra for a future plan or splurge. Make your own lunch and make your own fun. You’re quick with ideas and have the stamina to carry them out. Progress abounds! Watch out for some sort of interference -- a misunderstanding, a busybody, something getting lost in the shuffle. Be clear and concise. The stars send you extra sexiness now. Make the most of it! Cancer-There’s so much to do and so little time this week. Don’t let it all get to you -- the energy that’s coming your way is highly effective, high achieving and will make the higher-ups sit up and take notice. The end of the workweek involves balancing -- budgets, different aspects of your life, even your diet and exercise regime. Make sure the plus and minus columns are working out in your favour. If you’re working this weekend, don’t expect to move mountains. Leo-You have a catlike sixth sense at the beginning of the week, with the reflexive knowledge of how to approach people and situations. You’ll definitely land on your feet now. Look even better, with your personal heat turned up to sizzling. Energy, excitement, fun and fabulousness are there for the taking. Keep your expenditures to a minimum; feed your mind instead of opening your wallet. Virgo-Turn those organizational abilities toward planning a social event or a great date at the beginning of the week -- it’ll likely come together as the best thing ever. You may be the underdog in a certain situation, but somebody’s pulling for you. Figure out who, and get some tips and support. Friday and Saturday are great days to be you. With the stars on your side, you can get a ton done and also attract some attention via your extra sparkle. Libra-Make plans and share your feelings when your energy’s warm and wonderful. Be ready to kindle the spark of a new romantic idea, too! Ask you to get back to work -- and to work through a few things in the realm of romance, too. Process and move forward. Any of those plans you make are especially favored by the stars, and you’re likely to add in a last-minute stroke of genius, too. It’s great for dates! The weekend’s great for socializing, solo or with your honey if you’ve got one. Scorpio-Dreams, intuition and other less-than-logical stuff figure prominently at the beginning of the week. Heed your inner voice, and let your subconscious provide clues. Some real-world hassles require your attention; handling them calmly reduces the stress factor. Your karma gets a major boost if you step outside yourself and donate your time, money or expertise (or all three) to a good cause. Be extra patient with everyone -- including yourself. Sagittarius-A deeper, more meaningful level can be reached at the beginning of the week, whether in a relationship or in your own outlook. Your core values are especially relevant now. You’re a winner on if the stars have their say -- and remember, you can’t win if you don’t play. Take a chance (maybe in the realm of romance!). Beware of imbalances of power; anyone who thinks they’re the boss of you could be problematic. You’re extra articulate and very tuned on on Sunday -- speak up! Capricorn-Conflict, opposition or limiting factors may come into play at the beginning of the week, and your response is everything. Use your powers of patience and flex your muscle of understanding. Make a busy schedule and stick to it - it could come in handy when you’re asked to do something you’d rather not do. Find a goal or two definitely within reach, and not just when it comes to work, either. On Sunday, the vibe is good for kicking off a new project. Aquarius-Even if you’re off-balance at the beginning of the week, stick with your routine as much as possible. Going through the motions has a therapeutic effect. You can identify a contradiction, make a discovery and find a way to move forward that feels great. An interruption or delay could be a good thing now. You’re not so much judging books by their covers as speed-reading; find out a lot in short order. The stars send extra brains and curiosity your way. Pisces-It’s ‘handle with care’ time on Monday -- love’s a little tricky, and you need some TLC. But Tuesday and Wednesday look fabulous for romantic matters, and you look fabulous, too! You have a way with words that’s especially suited to online flirtation or other electronic types of reaching out. At the end of the workweek, be careful of the intersection of love and work, even if you’re simply getting too involved in a coworker’s love drama. When the weekend comes, putting someone else first is especially important. Your love karma’s looking great!

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Your Lipstick Questions, Answered

This week, our Beauty 101 series is focusing on tips for lips. You had questions, and your fellow commenters have the answers: As always, I thank all of you for emailing and posting your tips and tricks, and I apologize that I’m not able to use all of them, due to space issues. There are hundreds of lipstick related tips on yesterday’s post, so be sure to go through it for additional hints and such. And now, a few lip tips from your fellow readers: On Applying Red Lipstick: Here is my four-step process for applying perfect red lippy. It’s not highly scientific, but it is very easy. 1) Exfoliate. As with any cosmetics, you need a smooth canvas before you apply any paint. Scrub lips gently with an old toothbrush or some oiland-sugar mix, then wait until the tingling feeling has subsided to move on to the next step. 2) Prime and line. Slick on some waxy balm or a lip primer - MAC makes an amazing one, but my Mary Kay cheapie also works pretty well. Wait for the primer to dry. Line the outside of the lips with either a nude or invisible liner - this is your safety net for ultra-long wear. Then follow your natural lip-line with a liner that matches your lipstick. This doesn’t have to be perfectly precise, for reasons that will become apparent. Gently fill in the lips with liner. Just kind of roll the side of the pencil against your lips and you’ll be fine. 3) Fill in the colour. Now, take a lipbrush (again, a cheap one works fine) and start applying layers of colour. If you’re a rosy-tint kind of gal, skip the lip-lining step and just mix a bit of lipstick pigment with some lip-balm on your brush. This will give you a sheer, diluted layer of whatever lipstick you choose. For a bright, matte look, just keep applying lipstick, blotting between each layer, until the lips are pigmented enough. Blot again. 4) Line again. Now, this step is really for those of us who are clumsy in our initial applications or super-paranoid about long wear. Remember how you didn’t have to care about getting a perfect outline in the first go? That’s because you’re going to take your liner, sharpen it, and outline your lips

again, with your elbow propped up and your face very close to the mirror. Re-lining lets you fill in any gaps and really lets you get a sharp, precise lip shape. This whole process, when you’ve practiced a couple of times, takes about five minutes. It makes you look instantly ‘done’. Throw on some matte powder and brow liner (before your lipstick, of course) and you’re practically ‘polished’. From commenter LadyCoCo: Foolproof red lips step-by-step: 1. Condition your lips. Healthy lips are going to keep lipstick on way longer, so put on a rich balm or salve before you go to bed, if possible. I like CO Bigelows rose salve; it’s really moisturizing. If you don’t have time to wait a whole night, dab a little eye cream on your mouth; it has way more moisture than anything made for the lips. 2. Prep. When it’s time to apply your lip, start out with a waxy (not slippery) balm. The original Burt’s Bees peppermint-smelling stuff is ideal. Then dab on a lip primer if you have one; if not, eyelid primer works equally well. If you have to, you can usually skip the primer if you’ve moisturized well enough and applied a good waxy balm, though. 3. Brush on color working from the outside in. Shu Uemura’s $35 kolinsky lip brush is supposedly the best, but I find that just about any lip brush works about the same. It should have medium-firm bristles, but size is the most important quality in a good lip brush. It should be small, not wide, so that you’re not tempted to go outside the natural lines of your mouth. You should never do this, no matter how thin you might think your lips are. 4. Line your lips with a lip liner in a matching color. Lip liner seems to have fallen out of favor in recent years, but it’s really the key to a polished red lip. Line carefully and slowly within the natural line of your lipsdon’t draw anything outside your lip line. Some people may find it easier to draw light dashes, then connect them. 5. (Optional) Slick on a red gloss like NARS lip gloss in Bloodwork. This will keep your red lip intact all day and add a sexy, vampy effect.

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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

O. Walk Tech boys win BTL U-15 & U-17 basketball northern champs

Orange Walk, April 10, 2011

The Orange Walk Technical boys won the Belize Telemedia under-15 and under-17 northern regional basketball championships on Sunday, to advance to the nationals to be held in Orange Walk Town on Friday and Saturday, April15-16.In Game 1 of the u-15 regionals at the Andres Campos Community Center in Corozal town on Friday night, the Orange Walk boys blew out the Corozal champs, Libertad boys, 4624! Shimar White led with 12 pts and 8 rebounds, and Michael Shaw added 10pts. Eusebio Espinoza added 8 pts and Izsair Rosado added 6pts, while Gian Chavarria and Chris Manzur each scored 4pts. The Orange Walk boys led from the get go, 11-10 in the 1st quarter, 23-17 at the half, and 29-22 by the end of the 3rd quarter. Corozal’s Marcelo Chimilo scored 7pts, while Jezie Leslie had 5 pts and Rai West – 4pts.In Game 2 of the u- 15 regionals at the orange Walk Multipurpose Complex on Sunday, Eusebio Espinoza and Izsair Rosado each scored 11 pts to lead Orange Walk to a 39-33 win over Libertad. Marcelo Chimilio scored 8pts for Libertad to lead 11-10 in the 1st quarter, Jezie Leslie added 8pts and Roygel West - 7 pts for Libertad to lead 22-15 at the half.Shimar White scored 10pts for O.Walk and Gian Chavarria, Michael Shaw and Johnny Alvarez each tossed in a bucket as they took over the lead 33-28 in the 3rd quarter. David Sedacaey scored

4pts for Libertad.In Game 1 of the u-17 regionals at the Andres Campos Community Center in Corozal town on Friday, the O.walk Tech u-17 squad edged out the Corozzal Rebels 63-62. Tyrone Baptist and Timothy Morey had each scored 16pts, Morey hitting 2 treys and Baptist – one. Roberto Vidal added 15 pts and 5 rebounds while Anfernee Heredia scored 8 pts and grabbed 4 rebounds.The Rebels led 14-9 in the 1st quarter as

Arturo Leal led with 26pts and Roberto Romero’s 13pts, and the Rebels were still up 26-24 at the half. James Neal scored 8 pts, and Shane Belizaire hit a long trey to add 9 pts, but the Orange Walk boys took over the lead 45-43 by the end of the 3rd

quarter. Rebels’ Rai West scored 6 pts, but Homer Peralta captured 11 rebounds and tossed in a bucket for the 63-62 win.In Game 2 on Sunday, Orange Walk u-17 team also blew away the Corozal Rebels 79-63 Timothy

Morey hit 2 treys as he led with 20pts, while Jerry Vasquez also hit 2 treys, as he and Roberto Vidal each added 15pts. James Neal had led the Rebels with 24pts and 10 rebounds, but the score as tied 1818 in the first quarter. Arturo Leal added 22pts to give the Rebels a 4742 lead at the half. Tyrone Baptist scored 12 pts and 11 rebounds as Orange Walk led 58-44 at the end of the 3rd quarter.The Rebels tried to close the gap, with Shane Belizaire scoring 6 points and Oscar Vidal - 5 pts, but with Orange Walk’s Homer Peralta scored 6 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, for the 79-63 win.

emma hoare & rebecca rath win smart beach volleyball tour 3rd stop Belize City, April 10, 2011 Emma Hoare and Rebecca Rath upset the defending national champions Babsy Cadle and Esther Middleton in the finals to win 3rd stop of the Smart national beach volleyball tour, organized by the Belize Volleyball Association at the Buttonwood Bay Park on Sunday, April 10.In Game 1, Shantel Arnold and Tisha Solis won over Tichelle Solis and Brianna Lopez 21-13 and 21-15, In Game 2, Emma and Rebecca won over Vivianni Avila and Kelsey Balderamos, 21-6, 14-21 and 15-7. In Game 3, Babsy and Esther won over Shantel Arnold and Tisha Solis their first loss in two sets 21-9

and 21-17.but they were eliminated when they suffered their second loss and fell to Kelsey and Vivanni in the fifth match of the day.IN Game 4, Kelsey and Vivianni also eliminated Tichelle and Brianna Lopez 21-9 and 21-15 when they fell to Babsy and Esther eliminated Kelsey and Vivianni to meet Emma and Rebecca in the finals.In Game 7, Emma and Rebecca won 21-8, 12-21, and 15-10 over Esther and Babsy to clinch the championship. The tour continues with the men’s third stop at the Buttonwood Bay park on Sunday, April 17.

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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

Raymond Gentle City Boys still No. 1 in in Superleague football




Jeffery Apolonio, Onest Martinez, Allan Flores, Tito Flores and Byron Perez, who not only did not play; they wer not on the bench, and had not made the trip north. Even with only 9 men on the


Defending Superleague champs The undefeated Raymond Gentle City Boys are undefeated and still No.1 in the 2011 Belize Bank Superleague football competition with 21 pts from 7 wins, as they posted their 7th win in a 5-1 blast of the Hattieville Monarchs at the Hattieville field on Sunday, April 10. Star striker Deon Macaulay scored the 1st goal in the 12th minute, and drilled home a 2nd goal in the 28th minute for a 2-0 lead at the half.In the 2nd half, Leon “Lem” Jones scored a 3rd goal in the 48th minute nd he blasted in a 4th goal in the 65th minute.Floyd Jones pulled one back for the Monarchs when he converted a penalty in the 78th minute, but it was their only consolation goal and Ian Gaynair scored a 5th goal in the some seven minutes before the long whistle.The Paradise Freedom Fighters are still no. 2 in the Superleague with 15pts after posting their 5th win: 4-1 over Cayo South United at the Camalote field on Sunday. Zerrick Torres scored the 1st goal in the 12th minute, and Andres Makin scored a hat trick with goals in the 36 and 78th minute and a 3rd goal in injury

time. W i l helm Coye scored Cayo United’s only consolation goal in the 85th minute. Orange Walk United advanced to No.3 spot in the Superleague by a bombing the Griga Knights 5-0 at the People’s Stadium on Sunday. Jarret Davis and Ian Chi led Orange Walk offensive, but this was not the Griga Knights who ahd lost to city boys the week before. The Griga Knights was shot-handed without Darwin Castillo, Kenroy Arthurs,

field, the Griga Knights still frustrated the Orange Walk strikers until the 40th minute when the sugar city boys won a free kick, and Jarret Davis’ kick beat goalie Elias Pelayo for the 1st goal.Davis did it again with a 2nd

goal in the 42nd minute by putting the finish on a play by Ian Chi and Pelayo was embarrassed a 2nd time.This was not the end of pelayo’s embarrassment as Randy Casanova ran through the defense and drilled home a 3rd goal in the 64th minute.Pelayo compounded his problems whn he fumbled a shot by Gabriel Perez and Dean Flowers was right ther to pick up the rebound and blast it into the net in the 84th minute for a 4-0 lead. Flowers did it again with a 5th goal in the 87th minute for the 5-0 rout.At the MCC garden, Third World were no match for Palencia Assassins who posted their 2nd win by a 2 -0 score. Derrick Torres scored the 1st goal in the 6th minute and Brandon Torres added a 2nd second goal in the 91st minute.The competition continues with Hattieville hosting the Griga Knights in Hattie ill eon Sunday, while the Assassins visit Cayo South United at the Camalote field, Paradise Freedom Fighters challenge City boys at the Toledo Union field, and Third World travel north to sugar city for a rematch with Orange Walk united; their first encounter ended in a 0-0 draw.

Triple B’s & Suga City Gurlz lead Delhart Courtney Cup football Punta Gorda, April 9, 2011 The defending women’s football champions, the Triple B’s continue to lead the 2011 Delhart Courtney Cup women’s football tournament, as both teams enjoyed big wins in Week 1 of the quarterfinals, with Triple B’s posting a 3-0 victory over the Little Swaggers at the Toledo Union field in Punta Gorda Town n Saturday, April 9.Sarah Arzu scored the first winning goal in the 1st half and added a 2nd goal before the half time break. Kara Kisling added a 3rd goal in the 2nd half for the 3-0 win.Suga City Gurlz also stunned the Las Flores Galactic Girls 7-0 at the las Flores field on Sunday, April 10. Tamarah Baptist led that tack with a hat trick, scoring the first wining goal in the 9th minute and adding two more goals in the 29th and 38th minutes. Dalia Mai added a 4th goal in the 42nd minute to lead 4-0 at the half time break.In the 2nd half, Noemi Magana scored a 5th goal in the 53rd minute, Dalia Mai scored her 2nd goal of the ball game in the 75th minute and team captain Karen Garcia added a 7th goal in the 87th minute.The West Girls also put themselves on the good foot to winning a berth in the semifinals by a 2-1 win over the Bella Vista Latin Girls at the Mar-

shalleck Stadium in Benque Viejo del Carmen; with Kimberly Perez and Shirley Codd each scoring one goal for the West Girls, while only

Maria Acosta scored for the Latin Girls.Corozal United FC also looked to secure their place in the semifinals, by a 2-0 win over Pumas Auto

Rentals at the Carl Ramos Stadium in Dangriga, with two goals by the team captain Miriam Villamil and Mindy Canul.The quarterfinals continue with the re-match games as the Triple B’s will host the Little Swaggers at the FFB Stadium on Saturday, April 16, while the Suga City Gurlz will await the Las Flores Galactic Girls at the Louisiana Field on Sunday April 17, the Bella Vista Latin Girls will host the West Girls at the Bella Vista Field, and Corozal United FC will host Puma Auto Rentals at the Santiago Ricalde Stadium.

ABL Swingers win Women’s Month volleyball champs Belize City, April 10, 2011 The ABL Swingers of Atlantic Bank won the volleyball championship volleyball tournament organized by the Women’s Department during the March Women’s Month. The ABL Swingers won the championship final in a hotly contested battle against the Social Transformers of the Ministry of Human Development and Social Transformation. The Pacesetters of the Youth for the Future won 3rd place.Other participating teams included the Sex Busters of BFLA,

the WIN-Belize Bembes and Girls Power of the YWCA.Women’s Issues Network of Belize (WIN-Belize), the Young women’s Christian Association and the Belize Family Life Association add their congratulations to the champions, and acknowledge the contribution of the e sponsors, Jex Trophies, who donated the 1st and 2nd place trophies and 1st place medals. The BFLA donated the 2nd place medals, and the Women›s Department donated the 3rd place trophies and medals.

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Sunday,April 17th, 2011

$559,191.00 PRIZES PAID SINCE ST JANUARY 1 , 2011


National Perspective April 17, 2011  
National Perspective April 17, 2011  

National Perspective April 17, 2011