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Sunday, March 14th, 2010

Edition 81 Vol. 2 - Week 30


Lacks Impartiality?

…A Curious Case In October 2009 Justice Denys Barrow was one of three judges who presided over an appeal by BEL of a decision rendered in the Supreme Court. BEL challenged an instruction by the PUC which BEL’s CEO Lyn Young said showed that the PUC acted like a manager rather than a regulator. According to Lyn Young, the PUC dictated that


Consummate UDP Crony

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Justice Denys Barrow By: Rhenae Nunez Belize City, Thurs., March 11th 2010 “There’s no aspersion on Judge Barrow but knowing that his son sits on the commission, knowing that the firm that carries his name—Barrow and Company— is representing the PUC in another case that B.E.L. and the PUC have. We didn’t think it looked right.” Lyn Young, CEO, BEL. The principle that justice must not only be done but must appear to have been done is on trial in the case of Belize Electricity Limited versus the Public Utilities Commission in the Belize Court of Appeals.

Dr. Carla Barnett, Manager of Barnett and Company

Lyn Young, CEO BEL

Belmopan Mourns ‘TEACHER GRINAGE’ One of their best teachers dead and prays for the speedy recovery of the others The bad news of this human tragedy spread like wild fire all across Belmopan and its surroundings last Friday afternoon when four teachers from the Belmopan Comprehensive High School were involved in a traffic accident in the area of Saint Mathews as they travelled in a Toyota Corolla car back to Belmopan from a Teacher’s Retreat. The sketchy third-hand information rushing in at the time was announcing that one of the teachers had died on the spot and that the other three had to be rushed by ambulances to Belize City’s KHMH trauma centre for specialized treatment. As information continued to flow into Belmopan, anxious residents became even more

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No doubt, Dr. Carla Barnett has been places in her life. She has achieved and has earned the respect of many throughout the region. Dr. Barnett returned to Belize after serving as Deputy Secretary General of Caricom. She served as Financial Secretary under the former PUP Government until May of 2007 when she abruptly resigned amidst a slew of scandals in the media about government spending. The allegations were particularly about the Universal Health Services Hospital guarantee by the PUP government. Dr. Barnett also served as Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of National Development and she later succeeded Hugh McSweaney as Financial Secretary. Following her resignation in 2007, Dr. Barnett re-emerged in January of 2008 when she authored a letter to the editor of the Amandala Newspaper “discussing”, “the need to strengthen accountability for public funds.” In concluding her thesis on how the much coveted Venezuela funds were to be spent, Dr. Barnett said that the money can and will be spent outside of the Act (the Finance and Audit

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010


THE ART OF DISTRACTION There seems to be a deliberate structured plan by the United Democratic Party (UDP) government to distract and confuse the people of Belize. We say this because two events occurred over the last week that can only be viewed as the handiwork of a deceiver and master of deception; in this case we are referring to no other than Prime Minister Dean Barrow. In their weekly propaganda organ, The/El Guardian stated in their headline that interest rates will be decreased. They went on to state that the commercial banks hold the key to saving the Belizean economy if they would only lower interest rates on deposits and on borrowings. In the article, the writer also urged the government to pass legislation to do such. However, while the headline was presented to confuse and distract Belizeans, the story was not decisive and could only be classified as a “trial balloon”. In the end, the piece was void of any facts and to say the least, was mere stupidity coming from an Editor that could only find his mouth when it is time to consume beverages. As usual, the UDP found another trick to diminish the hopes of Belizeans by misleading them into thinking that they will be able to access lower interest rates. Everyone, especially the Governor of the Central Bank and his boss the Prime Minister, knows that this will not happen. The party organ also hinted at the idea that someone receiving lower interest rates at the commercial banks will in turn, invest in risky business ventures. This, however, is absurd because no investor will invest in an economy where the government has successfully created an anti-investor climate. What the UDP government is hoping is that it will be allowed to regulate the interest rates downwards for the commercial banks, whilst increasing the interest on their Treasury Bills. The UDP government is hoping that this will open a way for them to borrow money from the private sector without going to the House of Representatives for approval. Senator Godwin Hulse should be jumping up and down on this one; or maybe one will become blue in the face before he takes on his idol, the Prime Minister. Note that GOB will embark on a campaign to dupe depositors of

the commercial banks convincing them to withdraw their deposits and invest in government paper. Government desperately needs all the money they can get their hands on to balance the budget so they can continue to fund their extravagant lifestyles while the Prime Minister continues to tell Belizeans to tighten their belts because the worst is yet to come. The other distracting event was the presence of the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National

the Adventist Mission for closing its schools last Friday in protest of the senseless and unabated killings that are plaguing our streets. The government does not have a clue on how to address this problem. Cabinet members are busy enjoying foreign trips abroad and eating and drinking top-shelf foods and liquor. For them, the people on the Southside are a distant reality. Why doesn’t the government provide the necessary support for developers of the Belize Cruise Terminal

but the UDP government has refused to approve the Cruise Terminal port project in the Port Loyola area. This is a project that will transform Port Loyola and the entire Southside of Belize City into a bustling field of economic activity that will trickle down to the Southside poor. By natural instinct, people will start to beautify their properties and become entrepreneurial in spirit. When the question is asked of the government why, everyone knows the answer which is they are vindictive and incompetent to assist poor Belizeans, however, when it is to assist immediate family members and UDP cronies, the government goes to any length to see the project through. They should pursue the construction of the Belize Cruise Terminal in the same vigor that they fasttracked the Boledo License for Brads and Company. Jobs are necessary for people to have a dignified human existence. The UDP government wants people to be beggars; ask Hon Gapi Vega. The Opposition needs to go on the record to guarantee Belizeans that in 2013, they will no longer be deprived of desperately needed jobs and will support all projects that will operate responsibly and provide employment. However, pressure should be brought on the government to act now and desist from further stifling the economy.

The other distracting event was the presence of the Commissioner of Police and the Minister of National Security at the funeral of Teddy Murillo...Mrs. Murillo should have had them removed from the church for desecrating the celebration of her son’s life. Security at the funeral of Teddy Murillo. Everyone knows that if you combine these two incompetents (Jefferies and Perdomo) into one, you will still not be able to muster one full confused person. However, no one takes them seriously because it is clear they were there only for a photo opportunity. They are the ones directly responsible for all the violent criminal behavior that is occurring on our city streets. Mrs. Murillo should have had them removed from the church for desecrating the celebration of her son’s life. They were taking Belizeans and the family of Teddy Murillo for a puppet show or as Belizeans would say a “pappy sho”. However, this seems to be the strategy of the UDP government which is to provide one distraction after the other in order for Belizeans to not focus on their incompetence and the punishment that this government is inflicting on them. As mentioned in past publications, we at the Perspective will always have an axe to grind with the government of the day because they were entrusted with the responsibility to act in the best interest of the Belizean people and so far, this UDP government has not shown that they have the capacity or the will to do such. This publication applauds

to proceed with the construction of the new facility for cruise ships? This will immediately provide 5,000 much needed jobs. Instead, mention has been made of the Prime Minister giving carte blanche support for a RCL facility in the south, which is not practical and is years away from reality. The government has an opportunity to slash the unemployment rate almost in half,


25 Nanche St. Belmopan

Sunday, March 14th, 2010


Barrow Lacks Impartiality?

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BEL entered a contract with a certain company. The PUC went further to dictate the conditions of that contract to BEL. Young said that the terms were not good for BEL, its customers and Belize . “The issue was whether or not the PUC can tell B.E.L. which company to do contracts with and to dictate the terms of the contract,” Young said. The Supreme Court decided in favour of the PUC. BEL appealed the decision and at the center of the appeal is the question of Justice Denys Barrow’s impartiality. Justice Denys Barrow is the brother of Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the father of PUC Commissioner Kimano Barrow. BEL asked for Justice Barrow’s recusal from the matter and for the decision rendered by the Court of Appeal in October to be set aside and for the matter to be reheard by a panel of judges that does not include Justice Barrow. BEL asserts that there was an appearance of bias on the part of Justice Barrow in carrying out his duty. In November of last year, Channel Seven carried a story in which it featured an affidavit submitted by the Law Firm of Musa and Balderamos on behalf of BEL. The affidavit asserts that: “… (the circumstances) give rise to a reasonable apprehension or suspicion on the part of a fair minded and informed member of the public that

(Justice) Barrow lacked impartiality.” According to Channel Seven News, who apparently got a good look-see at the affidavit submitted on behalf of BEL, the application further stated that Justice Barrow is listed as a member of Barrow and Company on the company’s website. Barrow and Company, according to Anthony Sylvestre, attorney for BEL, has an “ongoing client relationship with the PUC”. Also according to Channel Seven News, in an affidavit by BEL’s business manager, Rene Blanco, he said that Justice Barrow appeared, “extremely opposed” to BEL’s position. Is the matter just a confluence of prior events and does it portends a series of implications yet to unfold? Has a legal Pandora’s Box been opened with this appointment and legal sprites have been let loose? Justice Barrow’s appointment was supported by the Leader of the Opposition John Briceno. It has been accepted by many that while Barrow was still a practicing attorney he has penned articles in the UDP’s party organs the Guardian Newspaper and its predecessor the People’s Pulse. Denys Barrow has always openly supported the political career of his older brother, now Prime Minister Dean Oliver Barrow. There have been rumblings of unease in the legal

community over rumors that Justice Barrow is being tapped to be the next Chief Justice of Belize. The unprecedented appointment and the concerns it raised prompted Justice Barrow to give an exclusive interview to Channel Seven News – something heretofore unheard of for Belize Justices at any level to do. The cloud of doubt which hangs over Justice Barrow’s impartiality or the lack thereof will prevail as long as his brother, Dean Oliver Barrow is Prime Minister of Belize and may prevail as long as he, Dean that is, is actively involved in partisan politics. The issue’s profiles are sharpened by the widespread perception that the Barrow Administration has been blatantly engaged in the practice of nepotism. Prime Minister Barrow’s former wife, Lois Young-Barrow, is both the attorney for Belize Telemedia Limited, and the Secretary of the Board of Directors. Their son Anwar Barrow was also made a member of the Board of Directors following the August 24th, 2009 expropriation of the company’s majority shareholding by the Barrow Administration. Lois was also appointed Chairman of the Board of the Social Security of Belize, and was tapped as Belize’s representative to the United Nations. Her ex-husband has admitted in the

National Assembly that her law firm has been paid more than $1.5 million in just the past two years for legal services on behalf of the Government of Belize. He has pointedly refused to answer questions as to how much more is owed to her firm which is also comprised of the couple’s daughter Deanne. It has long been rumored that she will be appointed to replace Wilfred Sedi Elrington as Attorney General not only because the Barrow administration has relied on her law firm almost to the exclusion of nearly all others in several high-profiled and lucrative cases, but also because at the last meeting of the National Assembly the Barrow Administration rammed through a constitutional amendment that would allow her ex-husband to appoint her to the position without having to appoint her a senator. The legal arguments concluded on Wednesday in the Court of Appeal and the panel of judges comprised of Justices Elliot Mottley, Boyd Carey and John Sosa has reserved decision. The repercussions of the appointment of Justice Denys Barrow will continue to reverberate, however, especially whenever he chooses to sit in on any matter that appears before the Belize Court of Appeal, the highest court in the nation, that has anything at all to do with the Government of Belize, the Barrow Administration, the Barrow family or politics generally.

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

PAGE 4 Given the current climate of distrust and discord existing between the Police and our community, I thought it fitting to resurrect an old article that I had written some time aback. The situation, as it stands is distressing and if not ameliorated, will land us in a mess from which we will never be able to recover. Ask Jamaica, ask any or our neighboring republics, ask anyone! The Crooks report was a waste of time and money. The resource shortfall of the Police Department is a minor part of a much bigger problem that extends deep into our communities. A committed and honest group of Police Officers, and a community willing to get involved, will be far more effective than all the expensive and high tech equipment in the world. That of course, is a whole other issue. What is most crucial at this point is a serious collaboration between the Police, the community and very importantly, the media. We can ill afford to play politics with this issue of crime; for what is happening is a direct result of just that. The current administration while in opposition set in motion a dangerous stratagem that has proved the causal nexus of what is happening today. Operatives within the very Police Department, strategic instigators in the community and facilitation by a hostile and biased media gave impetus to the dangerous and prevailing atmosphere of lawlessness that besieges us at the moment. The current opposition must now take the moral high road and not use our current state of distress to gain political mileage. There are issues galore to be called to the carpet as it regards this current administration for GOD knows, they totally fouling up! It will do none any good to wish for this current climate of fear to prevail however, for long after tyrants are gone, the problem will remain to haunt us. If our society is to reach within a shouting distance of containing crime, maintaining order and restoring respect for authority; these three integral components must bridge the chasm which separates them from each other. The Community, the Police and the Media share a unique and sometimes fidgety relationship, but each within its own realm of responsibility, must rise to the task of promoting peace, encouraging harmony and securing a safe environment for social living. From the early days of civilization, human beings realized that the very survival of the specie depends upon a reasonably defined and mutually agreed upon rule of order; a correlation that would move us from what Hobbes referred to as a “state of nature” to a fraternity of fellowship with intended justice for all. Thomas Hobbes, the noted British philosopher whose “Social Contract Theory” is widely regarded as the premier blueprint for social living, suggested that without such a system of law and order in place and a civic duty to abide, the human race would be faced with “a war of all against all in which everyone is vastly worse off.” In “Leviathan”, his powerful documentary on social living, Hobbes writes, “then only, when the voice of

duty takes the place of physical impulses and right to appetite, does man, who so far had considered only himself, find that he is forced to act on different principles and to consult his reason before listening to his inclinations.” What Hobbes tells us, is that if there is no defined code for conduct and no guide for human behavior, then the result would

relied upon to police themselves. Enter the fourth estate! The media has good potential for keeping the Police in check. The public is given free access to the airwaves and aggrieved persons are often seen on television pleading their cause. This is not without pitfalls however, and requires much diligence on the part of the media. Usually when

A committed and honest group of Police Officers, and a community willing to get involved, will be far more effective than all the expensive and high tech equipment in the world. be total anarchy where a “dog eat dog” mentality would prevail. Was he speaking to us, Belize? It is the state with its set of laws, together with the power of enforcement that society agrees to give to it, that allows us to move beyond this unacceptable “state of nature”. Only in such an environment, where moral and legal rules exist, can our lives be reasonably structured toward a peaceful coexistence with each other. Of course, if there are to be rules and regulations, then there naturally arises a need for those who will enforce these rules and ensure that those who violate them are called to answer for their actions. To the Police is given this daunting task of enforcement and in their hands is vested the authority to enforce laws and arrest lawbreakers and take them before a court of law. That is where their authority is supposed to stop however. They are not authorized to judge or to administer punishment. This brings us to the old Latin phrase, “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?” First asked of Socrates in Plato’s Republic, it is translated to mean, “Who will guard the guardians?” The fact is that while we depend heavily upon the Police for safety and service, way too often we hear of brutality, corruption and abuse of authority; more recently we have even been hearing rumors of a Police death squad and Police hitmen for hire. None would be so naïve as to believe that, at least in some instances, these stories do not carry some element of truth. The question is then, how do we prevent this and how do we keep our guardians in check? The Belize Police Department has a well established Internal Affairs Department for just this purpose but despite their best efforts, not everyone is convinced that the Police can be

a story is told, it is given only from the side of the narrator. It is incumbent upon the media people to do some homework and get both sides of the story before putting it out to the public. Quite often, the media’s tendency toward sensationalism distorts the fact and gives viewers a warped sense of what actually transpired. The public also, is oftentimes gullible and all too willing to condemn based on simple hearsay. Due process must be allowed to all, public and police alike. This might come as some surprise, but there are times when people will lie, and yes that includes the Police! The irony of course, and an inescapable reality is that while in many instances

the community, the media and the Police act as separate entities and seemingly often at each other’s throats, we are all just passengers in the same boat. Once the day’s work is done, members of the media must return to their homes, which for many, are based within the very community that is so adversely affected by the negative reporting. Police Officers also live and raise families in these communities that are affected by their poor performance of duty. Another irony is that many of these reporters who seem intent on destroying public confidence in the Police and promoting the interest of criminals, have themselves been victims of crime and have needed to call upon the Police for assistance. The media must do more to educate, enlighten and inform as opposed to just shaping public opinion to suit its own or someone else’s selfish agenda. The Police must remain vigilant and realize the need to deliver quality service to the community without fear or favor. Each citizen must be treated with respect and dignity and the laws must be applied evenly across the board. We cannot take an “animal farm” approach to law enforcement and politicians must step back and leave law-breakers to suffer the consequence of their actions. Most importantly though, the community must become considerate in its demands, more generous in its contributions, and more objective in its analysis of what is presented by the media. The Community, the Police and the Media must close ranks and must each fill their respective roles. A society with a hostile and negative media, a demoralized Police Department and a community with no respect for rules will never withstand the aggression of crime. The Police needs the media to interact with the community, the media needs the Police for protection and for information and the Community needs both the Police and the Media. With all three on the same page, we just might become effectively equipped to begin our assault against criminals and crime.


To kick off the long weekend, on Saturday 6th March, the Fort George Constituency held is 2nd

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010


Belmopan Mourns ‘Teacher Grinage’ Continued from page 1

disconcerted as they learnt that the four educators involved were Teacher Neomi Barrientos, Teacher Andrea Gonzalez, Teacher Ulyses Augustine and Science Teacher Carlisle Grinage. The incident occurred just after 2:00 in the afternoon between miles 38 and 39 on the Western Highway just before approaching a small up blind hill when travelling towards the bridge. Initial investigations suggests that a Ford Explorer SUV transporting three American tourists apparently lost control and swerved into the oncoming lane smashing into the car before coming to rest on the roadside with extensive damage to it right side. Two of the three persons travelling in the red Ford Explorer were identified as Burton Brooks, driver, Laura Locke and another U.S. national. Brooks and Locke were critically injured in the accident but no further details have been released on them. The Toyota Corolla car transporting the educators was being driven at the time by Teacher Soemi Noemi Barrientos was totalled on impact. Teacher Ulyses Augustine was clamped between the crushed metal and had to be cut out of the crumpled metal in order to be freed. Biology Teacher Carlisle Grinage, 39 year who was seated in the back seat immediately behind the front passenger died immediately after he suffered a broken neck when it snapped on impact. As we know it at this time the remaining three

teachers are alive even though Teacher Barrientos underwent two emergency surgeries because she had some internal haemorrhaging, thankfully, doctors were successful at controlling it. The other two were critically injured but are in stable condition with promising signs of recovery. As we go to print the most grievously injured of the three survivors have not been told that her beloved colleague, Carlisle perished in the nightmare accident as it may affect her recovery. As of Thursday, Medical Authorities wre requesting blood donors to assist the teacher who underwent surgery.The student body of over 800 students and 60 remaining teachers at ‘Compre’ are in a state of shock over the sudden loss of one of their most esteemed teachers coupled with the absence of the other three teachers that are an integral part of the educational mechanism at that institution. Mr Grinage, as he was affectionally known, was an outstanding teacher in general science but master in biology, he thought at ‘Compre’ for seven years and there is not and will not be any easy replacement. A well attended candle light prayer vigil was held last Saturday evening on the grounds of the learning institution where between five and six hundred perplexed students, teacher and residents of the Belmopan area attended. Teacher Grinage will surely be missed

by ‘Compre’s’ past alumni and present students as well as his learned colleagues in the teaching profession as a just man whot walked in his integrity, always ready to facilitate his students; finding innovative ways to make learning easier as he gracefully imparted his teaching abilities. He was a good husband and a dad that loved his children. After he left school in the evenings, he would go home pick up his children and often he would be seen jogging and doing exercise with them in the area of the National assembly. Surely his family and students are grieving his loss but they are blessed to have crossed and walked the path of this righteous man. A mass celebrating his life was celebrated at the Our Lady of Guadalupe Co-Cathedral in Belmopan and the more than 800 students of both the Belmopan Comprehensive Secondary School as well as students of Our Lady of Guadalupe attended the funeral procession onto the cemetery Thursday morning since three of his children attended the primary school which is not too far from where he lived. He is survived by his wife, Mrs Gersha Grinage, two sons and one daughter, his mom and dad, five sisters and two brothers. May he Rest in Peace.

Dr. Carla

Barnett, the

Consummate UDP Crony Continued from page 1 Reform Act, 2005). Barnett said that it is not the first time that it has been done. Barnett said: “The fundamental principle is that a government is limited by law to spending up to the amounts approved by the House of Representatives in the various budget lines set out in the Approved Estimates. There are stringent legal requirements for exceeding budget lines. But these requirements are sometimes ignored, the accountability process thereby undermined and there are no meaningful penalties for doing so. If we accept this transgression on the basis that it is being done with good intentions, we must always bear in mind that it could just as easily be done with bad intentions.” Gee! We wonder where is Barnett’s assertiveness and integrity when it comes to her party in government? From the very outset, it took the UDP five months to construct a budget and during those five months of UDP fiscal exploitation, junior Minister Castro got $4.5 million of taxpayers’ money from Barnett’s Prime Minister to go play Continued on page 11

BOGUS KREMANDALA Pretends to care about Black Southside Belizeans

Willfully ignore Barrow & UDP’s Corrupt Practices Decieves Belizeans into thinking (His)tory is Belize’s History.


Sunday, March 14th, 2010


CYDP is BOGUS by: Nuri Muhammad Among youth at the street level, I get the impression that there is no respect for programs like CYDP and Youth for the Future. These programs don’t appear to have any credibility among youth and are not seen as providing leadership on any of the vital issues affecting youth in this country. You would think that at a time when most of what is occurring in our society, be it, crime, violence,

as a part of a Gang Unit of the Police Department as exist in other jurisdiction like the US it would have made more sense. Such a Unit would be fully staffed by police officers, with clear terms of reference of the role they play in the overall management of crime and is answerable to the Commissioner of Police. Instead what we have is an appendage of the department masquerading under the guise of being

What has the UDP done with YFF, a comprehensive approach to youth development introduced by the Rt. Hon Said Musa and the PUP in 2002? They have replaced it with CYDP, a narrow focused, single issue, public relations gimmick as their answer to youth development. unemployment or police corruption, all of which affects youth, that YFF or CYDP would be leading the way in informing and enlightening the population, especially youth. Not even a forum or a radio program; nothing from the so called gatekeepers of youth development. What has the UDP done with YFF, a comprehensive approach to youth development introduced by the Rt. Hon Said Musa and the PUP in 2002? They have replaced it with CYDP, a narrow focused, single issue, public relations gimmick as their answer to youth development. The whole idea of CYDP as a separate police program was a mistake in the first place. That program was successful in its first year (1995-6), because it brought gang violence in Belize City down to zero, but today the demographics have changed and that old approach from ‘95 has outlived its usefulness and need to be updated rather than duplicated; in fact, if you use the first CYDP as a measurement, clearly it reflects that today’s CYDP is ineffective and incapable of bringing gang violence under control, despite the PM”s special subventions. CYDP had a split personality of sorts from its inception. Was CYDP a police program with a social work component or a social work program with police component? That two headed identity affected the early definition of CYDP. In the end it was made clear that CYDP was a police program but incapable of managing itself as a social work program. Today that schizophrenia remains; who does CYDP answer to, the Commissioner of Police, Minister of Youth, Minister of National Security or the Prime Minister, or all of the above? If the current CYDP had returned

a social program. Therefore CYDP, despite “Youth” being highlighted in its name is a police program. Not a Community Policing program but a “special” police program. The problem is that the UDP has returned to the scatter shot approach it used in the 93-98 administration to administer youth affairs instead of maintaining the course already outlined in the proposed YFF Act which saw youth development as a comprehensive, multi-prong approach to engaging youth at every level of the population. The YFF Act would have enabled youth development for youth, by youth. Youth for the Future had encompassed the best practice of CYDP experience

and incorporated in to a unit of YFF called the Conflict Resolution Unit. This Unit not only remained engaged in resolving conflict among rival youth but it always also involved in outreach training in schools and other youth groups on alternative ways of resolving conflict. This YFF unit took the early experiment of CYDP to another level. YFF also gave attention to other areas of youth development simultaneously while attempts resolving street conflicts, i.e. employment, access to youth enterprise funds and youth governance. YFF provided an umbrella approach which saw many youth issues addressed by youth for youth. We can’t do youth development in a void or depreciate it down to backburner status with junior Ministers

who are disengaged and disinterested. Structuring youth development on a broad based comprehensive approach takes commitment and dedication as well as an enabling budget. YFF continues to be without a Director and without funding, two critical elements for its resurrection and success. The framework already exist, it has been tested and tried and shown to produce results, what it needs now is a leader and an enabling budget. Leaving a police program to define the platform for youth development in this country is revealing and disgusting. It reflects the distain in which youth are held at this time and what little interest there is in facilitating and supporting their future. (Comments welcomed at

JOE COYE SPEAKS OUT LOUD Against UDP’s concerted and sustained smear campaign I am extremely disappointed with the dismissal of the malicious prosecution case I brought against Alfred Shakron and I have been strongly advised by my lawyer to appeal. But this case must not be taken in isolation. It must be placed in the proper context of what I strongly believe to be a concerted and sustained smear campaign driven at first by a vindictive hatred and then by an insatiable greed to destroy myself and consequently my family not just politically and financially but certainly characterwise. This debased and vile campaign has its origin in the preelection campaign by my political opponent who then described me as his enemy in a radio show. The facts and circumstances underlie my firm conviction. First

it was the FIRE BOMBING of the ministerial vehicle immediately in front of my home in the wee hours of the morning while my family and I were asleep. The lives of my entire family were at great risk. That was a cowardly act and the product of a vile mind that was prepared to win at any cost. Next it was a flyer with a picture of my son’s home suggesting his house was financed by corrupt funds. Then it was a memo purportedly coming out of the lands department attached to a flyer saying that fifty-seven lots were sold to me for a total of $4,000. How absurd. And then in the euphoria of their post-election victory rally the now Minister of National Security, apparently inebriated by more than the exuberance of the victory,

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010


Marion Jones signs with WNBA’s Shock

“I’m a Competitor”

“I want to play against the best in the world”

Associated Press: Wednesday10th March 2010 TULSA, Oklahoma - Former sprinter Marion Jones signed with the WNBA’s Tulsa Shock this past Wednesday, hoping to launch a new career after losing five Olympic medals for using steroids and doing jail time for lying to federal prosecutors. Jones was a star at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney but admitted two years ago that she had taken a designer steroid known as the “clear” and was stripped of her medals, including three golds. She also spent about six months in a Texas federal prison for lying about doping and her role in a check-fraud scam. Jones said playing for the Shock is not about her past but instead fulfills her dream of playing basketball against some of the best players in the world. “The word redemption is not in my vocabulary,” Jones said at a news conference, flanked by team president Steve Swetoha and coach Nolan Richardson. “I’m a competitor, I want to play against the best in the world, and I know that I will be doing that.” Before Jones became known as the world’s fastest woman, she was the starting point guard on North Carolina’s national championship team in 1994. She was drafted by Phoenix in 2003 but never played in the WNBA. The 34-year-old Jones joined the team just four days after working out for Richardson, who is also the team’s general manager. She was signed to at least a one-year contract but terms were not disclosed. “I think when I even started to think about ‘this’ 10 months ago, I know how much the game has grown from the time that I played,” Jones said. “And that became even more of a challenge for me, because I know that although I know certain things and played a certain way, that it’s 10 times faster, that the athletes are 10 times more skilled.” WNBA President Donna Orender, who attended the news conference, said Jones generates interest in the league because she’s a highly accomplished athlete who has competed on a global

stage. “This is a tremendous, real-life story of a person who made a choice that was not a wise choice, but is saying listen, ‘I’m going to be a role model, I’m going to showcase what I’m going to do with the rest of my life,”’ Orender told The Associated Press. “I join the rest of America in wanting to watch this story unfold.” Jones will join a team that is a work in progress. AllStars Deanna Nolan and Kathie Smith had agreed to contract extensions, but apparently won’t play for Tulsa when the season begins in May.

Richardson said Nolan has indicated she intends to skip the upcoming season to rest instead of relocating with the team, which moved to Tulsa from Detroit in the offseason. And Smith, a six-time All-Star, has already said she doesn’t plan to play in Tulsa and is listed as a free agent by the league. Also unknown is how much of an initial draw the city’s only major pro sports team will be. Tulsa County has a population of about 592,000 and Tulsa is the second-smallest city with a WNBA franchise, behind Uncasville, Conn.

If nothing else, Jones could be a draw. “She made some ill-advised decisions in the past, but everyone deserves a second chance to excel at something they love,” Swetoha said. “The city of Tulsa gave a struggling franchise from Detroit a second chance, and I’m confident it will do the same for Marion. We couldn’t be happier to have her on board.” The Shock will play at 18,000-seat BOK Center downtown. The team itself has a great pedigree: Detroit made its WNBA debut in 1998 and won titles in 2003, 2006 and 2008. Richardson, who led Arkansas to the men’s NCAA championship the same year Jones won the title at North Carolina, plans to play the same “40 Minutes of Hell” style in the WNBA. “Watching her go through drills, I saw a player who’s perfect for our system,” Richardson said. “The one thing I do know is she can run, and any player on my team who wants to be successful needs be able to run.” Marion Jones is daughter of Belizean parents and has been considered Belize’s Darling ever since she proudly held the Belize flag up high together with the US flag at the Sydney Olympics when she won the gold in 2000 that the Government decided to re- name the only national sports stadium to be known as ‘The Marion Jones Sporting Complex’.


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shouted words to the effect that he would jail me. Then the postelections attacks, followed. First, it was the placing of cautions in February 2008 on the fifty-seven lots in the University Heights project for unknown reasons. The title holders were penalized clearly with the intent to smear me. After ten months of frustrating attempts the cautions were lifted. Then just two weeks later the cautions were placed again repeating the same frustrations until the cautions were finally lifted in January 2009. But that was not to be the end of that. On January 14th, 2009 a civil suit was filed against myself and Mr. Florencio Marin alleging that we colluded to sell government lots 90ft.x 60ft. for $4,000 that should have been sold for $20,572.44 . Again, how absurd. These were undeveloped swamp lots with no electricity, no piped water, no roads or streets, not even an access road to the subdivision. These were all provided at the expense of the title holders. The charge was dismissed by the Chief Justice as being

inappropriate. The decision is being appealed. Concurrently with the above there was a sinister move afoot, the worst of them so far. A criminal act was being concocted against me. In March of 2008 I was reliably informed that at least two attempts were made to pressure Alfred Shakron to sign a prepared declaration knowing it to be untrue. This information was corroborated by a third party who told me that Alfred Shakron did visit him around this same time in a very distressed mood saying that he was being pressured to make a false statement against me. And then on the 25th day of April, 2008, I was arrested. The case was adjourned to the 10th day of July, 2008. On the 24th day of July, 2008, the charge was dismissed for lack of evidence. Important to note in this synopsis: 1) The prosecutor refused to make the police file available to us despite the exposure requirement. 2) When we did get the file despite the refusal, we found where the investigator’s report to the DPP clearly stated that he was directed to make the arrest before he could make an independent

investigation. Is this justice? And then the last attack, so far, was delivered at the heart of the family’s over-ten-year business venture in Placencia. It is now apparent that the conspiracy to tarnish my name as a professional public accountant was not enough. They must now destroy us financially. A 10 acre parcel that is the first phase of our multiple-site tourism-residential project was “confiscated” by the Minister of Natural Resources in July of 2009, ostensibly for a nature reserve. This was once 10 acres of swamp land that we had fully developed with a marina over several years. I say no more! This matter is now before the court. I bear no hatred for the human worth for that would be an unbearable burden. But I do despise the acts of hatred against my family and myself. I harbor no irrational anger for that can blind me to the good in humanity, but I am angry. And I will be relentless in the pursuit of justice.




Sunday, March 14th, 2010


Biden urges Israel to

take risks for peace JERUSALEM – The U.S. will back those willing to “take risks for peace,” U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday during the highest-level visit to Israel by an Obama administration official. Biden said he was pleased that Israelis and Palestinians had agreed this week to resume indirect peace negotiations with U.S. mediation. His two-day visit to Israel seemed clearly aimed at assuaging Israeli concerns that President Obama has been less friendly to Israel than his predecessors, and Biden offered effusive praise. The announcement of indirect talks, which will be held through a U.S. mediator, marked President Barack Obama’s first diplomatic breakthrough in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But the new peace push is sure to face enormous challenges, including sharp divisions among the Palestinians and a hardline Israeli government seen as unlikely to make wide-ranging concessions. Biden said he hoped the beginning of indirect talks would be “a vehicle by which we can begin to allay that layer of mistrust that has built up in the last several years.”

U.S Vice President Joe Biden, left, shakes hand with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Polls show that Israelis have come to see Obama as less sympathetic to Israel than previous presidents. Biden’s comments appeared aimed at bolstering the administration’s standing both among Israelis and their American supporters, whose backing is seen as crucial ahead of next November’s congressional elections. Iran appeared to loom large in Biden’s discussions with Netanyahu, and in the

joint appearance with the Israeli leader Biden said: “We are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.” Israel has been pushing for stricter international sanctions targeting Iran’s nuclear program, and has refused to rule out a military strike if sanctions fail. Obama began his term with a push for Mideast peace, prodding Israel to freeze its construction of West Bank settlements

that swallow up land the Palestinians want for a future state. But that call came just as Netanyahu took over in Israel, and though the Israeli leader scaled back settlement construction, he would not accept a full freeze. Obama’s insistence on a total settlement freeze is seen by many in the region to have backfired by encouraging Palestinians to stake out a position that was politically untenable for Israel’s hawkish government. The Palestinians are still saying they will not talk directly to Israel unless it freezes settlement building completely. But hours after Biden’s arrival Monday, the U.S. announced the sides would begin indirect peace negotiations. The fact that the discussions will be held through a U.S. mediator attests to the estrangement between the Israelis and Palestinians, who have been speaking to each other directly, on and off, since the early 1990s. Biden also was slated to meet Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday before traveling to Jordan on Thursday.

Quake exposes poor construction in Turkey OKCULAR, Turkey – Homes in eastern areas of Turkey prone to earthquakes must be better built to withstand jolts like the magnitude 6 temblor that toppled village houses and killed 51 people this week, the Turkish government acknowledged Tuesday. Hundreds of quake survivors sheltered overnight in tents after being left homeless by Monday’s pre-dawn quake, which exposed Turkey’s lag in constructing sturdy homes near the country’s two major fault lines. Health Minister Recep Akdag said the mud-brick homes typical of Turkey’s impoverished villages “topple down in the slightest of jolts, and those caught beneath die from lack of air.” “It has been this way for a hundred years, and we have to beat this,” Akdag said. The earthquake — which hit at 4:32 a.m. Monday near the remote village of Basyurt in Elazig province — caught many people in their sleep, shaking the area’s poorly made buildings into piles of rubble. Worst hit appeared to be the Okcular, where 19 of the village’s 900 residents were killed and only a few homes remain standing. The Kandilli seismology center said there have been more than 100 aftershocks, including one measuring 5.5, since the initial quake, which the U.S. Geological Survey listed as having a magnitude of 5.9. The region 340 miles (550 kilometers) east of the capital, Ankara, is near the East Anatolian Fault — one of the two major fault lines that cross Turkey. The other is the North Anatolian Fault, which runs near Turkey’s largest city of

Istanbul. He pledged the government housing to Muslim traditions, but a few funerals Experts cite a two-thirds chance that a agency would build quake-proof homes in were put off until Tuesday. major quake will hit Istanbul within 30 the area. Fifteen of the deaths occurred in Yukari years. Others estimate a 2 percent annual “We must ensure building resilience,” Demirci village, four in Kayalik village, probability of a large temblor in the city Labor Minister Faruk Celik said. “We another four in Gocmezler village, and that his home to 15 million people, or one- are living on the earthquake zone, and we 10 died in hospital in Kovancilar town, fifth of Turkey’s population. don’t know what can happen to us from officials said. Despite two massive quakes killing some one day to the next.” Survivors crowded around bonfires to 18,000 people in northwest Turkey in Authorities urged the people in Elazig keep warm overnight while sheltering in 1999, seismologists and civil engineers province not to enter damaged homes that makeshift tents made of plastic sheeting warn that not enough has been done to could collapse from aftershocks. provided by the Turkish Red Crescent. The protect Istanbul in the event of another Most of the 51 people killed in Monday’s government said it also sent prefabricated strong temblor in the region. quake were immediately buried according homes and mobile kitchens. Istanbul itself planned to assess the city’s buildings to identify those needing reinforcement or demolition, but experts say the follow-up work has lagged. Part of the problem, some say, is a lack of oversight in construction. “It is not small earthquakes that kill people, it is unlicensed constructors and disorderly construction that kill,” the Ankara-based Tum civil engineers federation said in a statement. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan blamed many of the 51 deaths from Monday’s quake on the shoddy mud-brick Quake survivors spend night in tents – Survivors are seen near their buildings typical of the destroyed house in Okcular village, in the eastern province of Elazig eastern region.

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Latin america/regional

9TH US MISSIONARY FREED IN HAITI, RETURNS HOME PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – A U.S. missionary held for more than a month in Haiti on kidnapping charges flew back to the United States after being released from prison, while the leader of her Baptist group remained in custody. Charisa Coulter and Laura Silsby were the last two missionaries still in custody of 10 that were arrested for trying to take 33 children out of Haiti after the earthquake. The other eight were released Feb. 17. Coulter, 24, was freed Monday and whisked from her jail cell to the airport by U.S. Embassy staff. Wearing a red tank top and sunglasses, she declined comment as she quickly got into an SUV that took her to the Haitian airport, where she caught a flight back to the United States. Coulter’s father said his daughter arrived in Miami late Monday and went straight to a hotel. Mel Coulter said her release brought a mix of joy and sorrow, because the leader of the Idaho-based missionary group, Silsby, was left spending the night alone in a Haitian jail. “It is good news, but it’s tempered,”

Charisa Coulter, second from right, of Meridian, Idaho, one of two US Baptist missionaries held on kidnapping Coulter said. “We’re really happy to have our daughter back on American soil. But Laura is still there. So this is really only completing part of the journey for the two of them. My daughter has left her best friend behind.” He did not say when his daughter would head to her home in Boise, Idaho. Silsby, 40, said she was glad about Coulter’s release. Defense lawyer Louis Ricardo Chachoute said Coulter was released because there was no evidence to support the charges of kidnapping and criminal association. He predicted Silsby would be released soon as well. “There are no prosecution witnesses to substantiate anything,” Chachoute said. Coulter is a diabetic and had medical difficulties during her confinement. She was treated at least once, on Feb. 1, by American doctors after collapsing from what she said was either severe dehydration or the flu.

After the hearing Monday for Silsby, Judge Bernard Saint-Vil said he heard evidence from a police officer who said he stopped Silsby from loading a bus with children near the Dominican Republic consulate in Port-au-Prince on Jan. 26. That was three days before her group was arrested while trying to cross into the Dominican Republic with 33 children. “I found inconsistencies in some of Laura’s statements,” Saint-Vil told reporters, saying he planned to visit the Dominican consulate to resolve them. The Americans’ arrest came as Haitian authorities were trying to crack down on unauthorized adoptions to prevent child trafficking in the chaos following the catastrophic Jan. 12 earthquake. Silsby initially said the children were orphaned in the quake that the government estimates has killed more

Ousted Honduran leader to head Petrocaribe’s political body

Ousted Honduran president, Manuel Zelaya, has been appointed to head the newly established political council of the Caribbean oil alliance, Petrocaribe, Mexican media said on Sunday. Petrocaribe is an oil alliance between Venezuela and 17 Caribbean nations,

which allows member states to buy oil at preferential rates and with deferred payments. “This newly established Petrocaribe structure will be charged with issues of democracy and stability in the Latin America,” Mexican media

quoted Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro as saying. The appointment comes shortly after Zelaya’s meeting with the Venezuelan leader, Hugo Chavez in Caracas on Friday. Zelaya was ousted as president in a coup on June 28 last year and the presidency was taken over by parliament Speaker Roberto Micheletti. Shortly after the coup, Chavez suspended Honduran membership in the consortium. Porfirio Lobo of the Honduran opposition National Party won elections in late November.

than 230,000 people. But the AP found the children had been given away by still-living parents. Chachoute said the Americans only came to Haiti to help the country. “Firstly, there was no criminal conspiracy; secondly, there was no child snatching,” he said. The Baptist group planned to take the children to the neighboring Dominican Republic to an orphanage that Silsby was creating in a former hotel. The judge released the first eight Americans after concluding parents voluntarily gave up their children in the belief that the Baptist group would give them a better life. But he decided he still had additional questions for Silsby and Coulter.

Haiti’s president heads to Washington to talk aid PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Haitian President Rene Preval is heading to the U.S. to discuss what is needed to rebuild his shattered country. Preval says he plans to personally thank President Barack Obama on Wednesday for the private and public U.S. aid that flooded into the country after the Jan. 12 earthquake that killed an estimated 230,000 people. The Haitian president told reporters before leaving Monday that he also hopes to discuss what next steps are needed for reconstruction. He says Haiti needs help with job creation and less donated food, which can undermine local producers. Preval’s trip includes meetings with Secretary of State Clinton, Attorney General Eric Holder and the head of USAID.

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Twenty-four players took part in the competition, of all skill levels and ages. It was a fun day for the neighborhood as there were food, drink and excitement as the players battled, strategized and in some cases ‘matched’ their way to the final table of four. In the end Albert Pou of Pinks Alley took home the win and the first-place cash prize. The organizer of the event was Henry Usher, who is a member of the PUP Fort George Constituency Committee.


He said that he intends to have regular tournaments in the division in order to put together a team that will compete throughout the country. Next up, according to Usher, is a basketball tournament and in the summer a program at the Fort George Resource Centre. In addition to the educational and sporting events, Henry Usher has been working in the division, doing what he can to alleviate the suffering brought on by the stifling, vindictive and incompetent economic policies of the UDP at the National and Municipal


new homes have been built in the area and countless others repaired. At the start of the last two school years, Usher has assisted residents with school fees and expenses. He said that the arbitrary cancellation of scholarships by Minister of Education Patrick Faber was a travesty that would only perpetuate youth delinquency if left unabated. He said, “As a community we cannot stand by and watch these children fall by the wayside. The government is blind to the damage they are doing to Belize’s education

system. And when they do realize they are wrong,

they are too arrogant and vindictive to fix their mistakes. Once again the UDP has proven itself an utter disaster for Belize.” Usher has stressed whenever he meets with residents at the Fort George Office or at their homes that only if they come together as a community and worked hand in hand could they survive and prosper as one. The challenge to build a better Belize is one embraced by the PUP in and out of office. The work continues.

Sunday, March 14th, 2010


SCIENCE & TECH Airports Could Get MIND-READING SCANNERS WeCU Technologies is building a mind-reading scanner that can tell if a given traveler is a potential danger - without the subject’s knowledge. WeCU Technologies (pronounced “we see you”) is creating a system that would essentially turn the public spaces in airports into vast screening grounds:. “The system ... projects images onto airport screens, such as symbols associated with a certain terrorist group or some other image only a would-be terrorist would recognize, company CEO Ehud Givon said. “The logic is that people can’t

help reacting, even if only subtly, to familiar images that suddenly appear in unfamiliar places. If you strolled through an airport and saw a picture of your mother, Givon explained, you couldn’t help but respond. “The reaction could be a darting of the eyes, an increased heartbeat, a nervous twitch or faster breathing, he said. The WeCU system would use humans to do some of the observing but would rely mostly on hidden cameras or covert biometric sensors that can detect a slight rise in body temperature and heart rate.”

Dr. CARLA BARNETT, the Consummate UDP Crony Continued from page 5 with behind Black-Bun in Crooked Tree. We all know the outcome of that! Better yet, before the first UDP fiscal year was over we were alerted that that we were on the reef, short over some $60 million by none other than Lord Michael Ashcroft. The esteemed Dr. Barnett has had nothing to say in the face of the blatant corruption, cronyism and nepotism being practiced by her government. We wonder how come Dr. Barnett had not a word of criticism for the way Belize Telemedia Limited was taken over by her Prime Minister Barrow? Where were her comments about proper procedure? Where was Dr. Carla Barnett’s criticism/review/discussion of Barrow and Flippin’ Melvin Hulse’s malpago SI which tried to convince Belizeans that we bear no liability for

the liabilities of the once private BTL? Look at how Dr. Barnett plops on the board of directors of Barrow-media where she is collecting a big fat salary. This time around Dr. Barnett came up with a better plan….she did not want an official government posting. She wanted to life high off the government. So she devised a plan and out of it came Barnett and Company. We’ve checked but could not find any public notice of a tender for a budget consultant to the government. Barnett was awarded a contract to construct the Government’s annual budget and this year’s gig is the Horizon 2030 project. Will Barnett and the Prime Minister eventually tell the people of Belize how much this charade is costing us and in whose big head was this latest sick plot constructed against the people of Belize?

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HOROSCOPE Aries March 21-April 19

first one on the bus gets the seat of their choice. Although whatever bus you get on the start of the week may take a circuitous route -- adventure is in the air! Tuesday TandheatWednesday, the detours pay off: Everything the world puts in your path is useful to

you in some way. Your reputation at work is top-of-mind, and nothing satisfies you more than coming into a whole bunch of sudden success on Thursday and Friday. But as you know, what goes up also comes down: This weekend is the comedown. Do as little as possible.

Taurus April 20-May 20


omeone may be devising a scheme to separate you from your money at the start of the week. You are too smart for that. Your charming ways have a sort of steamroller effect, and you may be able to convince someone to bark up another tree by your sheer likeability. Midweek, your thoughts are on travel -- that’s one area in which you’re willing to be separated from your money, what with all the places you haven’t been. Friday finds you trying not to read too much into everyone else’s idiosyncrasies.

Gemini May 21-June 21


ou and your partner in crime (or in love) are on a different level on Monday -- a higher plane than everyone else. It’s golden. Let yourself bask in it. You can do anything. You’re in charge of your destiny. Tuesday and Wednesday, control of your destiny seems a bit more elusive, but an anecdote on Thursday makes you realize you don’t even know what you want. (So it’s a good thing you’re not in charge of the future.) Your opinions have never been as up in the air as they are on Friday.

Cancer June 22-July 22


nergy sources are hard to come by on Monday -- all the fossil fuels on the planet couldn’t get your engine going. There is a problem in your social or private life, and it may take a few days for you to realize just what it is. Tuesday and Wednesday, you’re basically hibernating. You require alone time. Thursday and Friday, when you’re in conversation with someone else, go for an intellectual connection over an emotional connection.

Leo july 23-August 22


f you feel sor t of woozy, a lit tle warm and slightly delirious at the week ’s outset, the diagnosis is clear: Spring fever! Your hear t ’s go ing pit ter- pat, whether you’re infatuated with someone in par ticular or the world at large. Take time to give your love karma a boost around Tuesday or Wednesday by dishing out some sweet c ompliments or even playing Cupid.

Virgo August 23-Septemer 22


ake c are of work or family obligations on Monday; you’ll def initely want the decks clear for more romantic mat ters on Tuesday and Wednesday. Take your honey, if you’ve got one, on a date that in volves a dif ferent cuisine or activit y or a fresh facet of you. If you’re single, you c ould meet someone in an unexpected way, even via a work c onnection.

Libra September 23-October 22


You have the balance of a seal on Monday, and a lot more skills than a seal in the communication realm. Your ideas are well received, and the responses you get inspire still bigger ideas. Nevertheless, Tuesday and Wednesday are a letdown. You are very much in your head, but your thoughts tend in a looking-into-your-past direction -- in particular, parts of your past that you feel weird about.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

he most abstract concepts have direct correspondence with your dayT to-day life at the start of the week. You may feel very influenced by philosophy. You may also have the sense that something is too good to

be true. The truth is, things are simply good right now. Midweek, you manage to broker an agreement between two coworkers who normally can’t even agree on the time. The upshot of Thursday and Friday, days defined by an emotional outburst on the home front, is an illuminating discovery.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

our confidence makes you sparklingly attractive, especially on MonY day when everyone else is dragging around. Watch for a happy romantic accident. Money or work may be uppermost in your mind on Tuesday and Wednesday, but if you’ve got a date, take in some music or art for best results. The end of the workweek, however, definitely finds you in a more creative mindset and you’re relating to others beautifully. A love connection’s a distinct possibility.

Capricorn December 22-January 19


ometimes inventing a structure -- imposing limitations on yourself -- is paradoxically freeing. It clarifies your goals and defines a means to achieve them. Your goals, high-minded as they are, might not seem achievable as you set out this week, but by Wednesday you’ll be farther along than you imagined. Thursday and Friday, the future remains your primary interest. You may even babble on about it to people you barely know.

Aquarius January 20-February 18


ou are not alone on Monday. You have your troops behind you at every juncture. You are powerful, although you are choosing to exert your power in benevolent, beneficent ways. Tuesday and Wednesday are unexpectedly complicated days, and you get a bit disoriented in the maelstrom, but by Thursday you’ll be sailing toward smoother waters and clearer skies. Friday is also sunny -- metaphorically and perhaps literally -- which everyone seems to interpret as a reflection on you.

Pisces February 19-March 20


he hyperawareness you experience at the start of the week may be a bit exhausting, but it’s extremely useful too. Subjects to be sensitive of: your boss, the way you come across when expressing your opinions, the difference between right and wrong. It’s a very mixed bag. What you can do to relieve yourself of anxiety is confide in friends on Wednesday and do some kind of volunteer work (or even just help someone else with their bags at the grocery store) on Thursday.

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SHOOTINGS, CHOPPINGS AND KILLINGS Mark Ninth of March Weekend By Rhenae Nunez Ninth of March, once observed as Baron Bliss Day is now recognized as National Heroes and Benefactors Day but heroes and benefactors are hardly who dominated the news over the week-end, rather it was robbers and Elvis Bevans shooters. Matias Duran The blood bath started in the Stann Creek then turned District at about 3:30 and pointed a.m., in the wee hours of the weapon at the officer, Friday morning. Security Supervisor who then fired two shots one of which Lloyd Augustine was attacked by a struck the teenager in the chest. Neal is knife wielding man known to him as said to have died at the scene. Police “Face”. Augustine told police that claim they retrieved the chrome color “Face” approached him as he worked edweapon, an LR Rossi .22 calibre in the vicinity of the Placencia Airstrip revolver. They also claimed to have threatening to kill him. With that, recovered the weapon that killed “Face” stabbed Augustine between the Elmor Neal, a Glock 9mm pistol with eyes with a knife. magazine loaded with twelve live 9 In Orange Walk District land was the mm rounds. bone for a near fatal confrontation. The police department has been rocked Alidio Guerra, 46, visited a property by scandal after a series of civilian in the Santa Cruz area of Orange Walk deaths that involved police. A police along with Bartolo Chi. Once at the officer is alleged to have shot Teddy property the men encountered Gabriel Murillo, a deacon in the Adventist Castillo, 49. An argument ensued Church. So far no charges have been between Alidio Guerra and Gabriel brought against Officer Griffith, Castillo during which Castillo drew alleged to have been the shooter. his 16 gauge shot gun and shot Guerra Teddy Murillo had no criminal record in the left knee. Guerra’s leg had to and led a positive life. He was a student be amputated at the knee. Castillo has at UB in Central Farm, Cayo District. been arrested and now faces charges of Elmor Neal’s killing has once again maim. raised consternation and questions Last Friday night in Belize City five about the integrity of the Police people were shot around 10:53 pm at Department, the presence of rogue the entrance of an alley on Water Lane. cops in the department and whether Tony Gamboa, 23, Vanzie Lamb 40, there is a state-sanctioned death squad Lyn McKenzie 29, Mark Avilez, 8, and in full operation. Commissioner of Geneive Coleman 29 were gathered Police Crispin Jefferies has ordered a at the entrance of the alley when full investigation into the incident as is a lone gunman pulled up from the standard in any shooting that involves direction of Baghdad Street and started an officer. shooting. The shooting sent the groups Tyrone Thomas, 27, is at a loss for scrambling for cover. A witness related explanation why he was shot around that they had purchased a quart to 7:50 pm on Saturday night as he stood drink, something they always did. She at the corner of Central American had just left the area when the mayhem Boulevard and Trinity Street. Thomas broke out. She later learned that her said that a male person approached sister and nephew, Mark Avilez had from the direction of Matura Street and been shot along with others. opened fire. One of the bullets caught Tony Gamboa and Geneive Coleman him in the upper part of his left arm. were treated and released. The others, He was treated and released. Thomas police say are listed in stable condition. was shot in the same area where Elmor That shooting was unprovoked as Neal was shot earlier by police. members of the group say that they are Later on Saturday night John Matus, not affiliated with any gangs and the 22, was shot in his right arm as he residents are not known to be affiliated stood with friends in front of a snack with any gangs. shop at the corner of Euphrates Avenue On Saturday Elmor Neal, 18, was shot and Cemetery Road around 11:55 pm. dead on Central American Boulevard Police were told that two young men by a police officer. According to rode up on bicycles from the direction police, an off duty officer was driving of Glenn Street. One of the youths his private car and when he reached opened fire and one of the bullets the corner of Faber’s Road and Central caught Matus. American Boulevard he noticed Commissioner of Police, Crispin Elmor Neal pointing a chrome colored Jefferies has launched another firearm at another man. Police say that investigation into the death of Custom the officer stopped, got out of his car, Officer Matias Duran. Police were identified himself to Neal and ordered called out to the Hi Five Club in Orange him to put the weapon down. Neal Walk Town about 3:30 am on Sunday

Jeffrey Kelly h i s back. Police say that Vellos was at ra Glenford Matu his business place, morning Bun’s Car Wash on where a fight Monday around 8:30 a.m. was reported to be in progress. Police say once there, when Francois with whom Vellos had they found three persons engaged in a a misunderstanding with walked in. brawl and that one of the three was a Francois allegedly took out a gun and police officer. Police collected Matias fired three shots at Vellos. He was Duran and Shawn Richards, placed injured in his left lower back and upper them in the pan of the police pick-up back. Vellos was taken to the KHMH truck and took them to the Orange in critical condition. On Wednesday another senseless street Walk Police Station. While the vehicle was travelling on killing ended the life of a young father Queen Victoria Avenue, an inebriated of four. Family members and friends Duran allegedly jumped out of the are in-sensed over the cold blooded pan of the truck and sustained serious broad daylight killing of Glenford injury to his head. He was rushed to Matura. His attacker rode up around the Northern Regional Hospital and 7:30 on Wednesday morning as he was then later taken to the Karl Huesner on a break and catching breakfast on Memorial Hospital where he died the sidewalk on Euphrates Avenue. while he was undergoing treatment. Reports are that Matura was first shot This incident like the Herrera, Murillo in the head but he managed to run for and Neal cases has sparked casted his life and hopped a nearby fence. more doubt on the Police Department. The gunman gave chase and continued Family members have expressed to shoot. After collapsing behind the disbelief and have stated that they will fence he was taken to the KHMH where he died about one hour later. There are sue the department for negligence. On Monday night Jeffrey Kelly met speculations about the motive for the his demise as he stood in front of a killing. His family members say that Chinese store at the corner of Prince Matura was killed because he was a and East Canal Streets around 7:00 pm. witness to the Elmor Neal’s killing on Kelly, not known to be affiliated with Saturday. His family says that Matura any street gang and who led a quiet was always inside his home and very life, was at the store buying when his seldom went anywhere other than killer rode up on a bicycle and fired work. several shots at him. Kelly was shot Elmor Neal’s family does not believe that Glenford Matura was a witness in seven times. On Tuesday night around 7:00 pm Elvis his shooting death, however. They say Bevans was shot as he rode his bicycle he only rushed to Elmore Neal’s side on Neal’s Pen Road. He was heading after Neal had been shot. toward Kraal Road when someone There have been mounting calls for rode up behind him on bicycle and the removal of Minister of National fired shots at him. Bevans was shot in Security Carlos Perdomo. Those calls have fallen on deaf ears as there has his left leg and foot. Corozal police are looking for Donovan been no reaction by the government to Francois after he shot Omar Vellos in address the importunate crisis.

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When the mantle of leadership of the People’s United Party changed almost two years ago at its special leadership convention in Belmopan, the successful elected leader and his team of advisors opted, as a part of their criteria, to distance themselves from what they regarded then as the ‘Old Guard’ of the PUP. They allowed a state of confusion and division to take root within the rank and file of the Party as well as in the minds of the ordinary Belizeans giving the perception that the new leadership had (or desired) no alliance or relationship with key elements of the previous PUP administration of Said Musa. To some degree, the new leadership of the PUP was fueled by some of the same former members of the Said Musa Cabinet and PUP parliamentary. The immediate action of the new PUP leadership created dissonance and distorted the traditional image of the PUP. The “big tent” approach was thrown out the window and many PUPs believed that they were being deliberately overlooked or discriminated against because they openly supported the previous leaders.

Musa faction on the other to the unite, strengthen and prepare to do battle with the true enemies of the people, Kremandala and the UDP government. A people that are united will never be defeated! It is now evident that there is no division between the ‘Old Guard’ and the ‘New Guard’ of the PUP; only between the infiltrators of Kremandala within the PUP. As some would rightly say, the table has now turned on the Zinc Fence and their band of parasites that have done everything to destabilize the Party. There is now a collective sigh of relief since Johnny Briceño and Said Musa decided to unite forces and begin the march to victory.

PUPs, are experiencing under this vicious, malicious and corrupt UDP government and its municipal bodies. People are mad with the UDP and they are speaking out about their bad experiences; of the lost of their lands; of children having to leave school because of unaffordable school fees; of the rising cost of goods in the stores; of crime and violence that is out of control and of recently, the seemingly sanctioned death squad within the Police Department. All these and many more are coming from the grass-roots people at these consultations; that is why this Columnist fully supports these consultations. It also gives the masses

PUP had the last two consultations on a Thursday night, the same as Trench Sandiford’s ‘think tanking’ fiasco; it makes me wonder whose ego is bigger because the clash of events is one of the excuses that Trench Sandiford uses for not attending the consultations. Is she bigger than the leadership of the Party? As for the two Deputies, they just plainly and out rightly snubbed the consultations to show disrespect to the leadership and in making their point, with the support of the Chairwoman, the Hon. Mark Espat’s presence at last Thursday’s ‘think tank’ at Independence Hall is more important to them than Johnny’s consultation. This week, the consultation will be in Belize City and it will be interesting to see how these mischiefmakers behave.

At first, cynical outsiders tried to give the false impression that the National Perspective was just making mischief in the PUP and disregarding the best interest of Belizeans on a whole for the sake of politics, however, it is now clear that the National Perspective played (and is playing) a pivotal role in bringing the leadership of Johnny Briceño on one hand and the Said Musa faction on the other to the unite, strengthen and prepare to do battle with the true enemies of the people, Kremandala and the UDP government.

It is now believed that Kremandala was key in portraying a splintered PUP while trying to high -jack a few inexperienced elements within the leadership of the Party. They began to destabilize and demoralized Briceño’s every move while playing the waiting game for the opportune time to strike like a viper and replace Briceno’s leadership with their choice; their very own Mark Espat. The true rank and file foot soldiers of the Party that were disgruntled and traditionally believed in this historical mass Party, decided to speak out and immediately went on the offensive in defense of the PUP against Mr. X and his blood suckers behind the Zinc Fence. The National Perspective was born as a deterrent to the un-holy ambition of the Zinc Fence to resist the slow takeover of PUP. The Perspective’s debut was a blessing to PUPs like me. At first, cynical outsiders tried to give the false impression that the National Perspective was just making mischief in the PUP and disregarding the best interest of Belizeans on a whole for the sake of politics, however, it is now clear that the National Perspective played (and is playing) a pivotal role in bringing the leadership of Johnny Briceño on one hand and the Said

This columnist often criticized the PUP Chairwoman, Carolyn Trench Sandiford, former Collet Division PUP Standard Bearer, for being perceived as a surrogate of the Zinc Fence. I have publicly accused her of sabotaging the way forward in Johnny’s leadership. Often, I am disappointed when she chooses to reply publicly in her defense, unlike others that I have exposed for their hypocrisy in the Party. I find the Chairwoman to be very clever and crafty in her mischief in deliberately keeping the Party and its leadership divided. After being silent for almost two years, the now united PUP started what they called “Consulting with the People”; the first being held in Orange Walk Town; the second being in Cayo and the third in Dangriga. A fourth is to be held in Belize City. These public consultations are being endorsed by all the leaders that are serious about unity and battle-readiness for the PUP’s return to Belmopan in 2013. The response coming out of the consultations are encouraging and overwhelming and signify a true sign of victory especially in light of the inexcusable torment Belizeans, especially the

an opportunity to hear from its leaders and aspiring leaders. The people have heard, so far, from the electrifying former Assistant Commissioner of Police Maureen Leslie, Hugh O’Brian and Ivan Ramos; the fired-up and energized Deputy Leader Hon. Francis Fonseca and the Party Leader Hon. John Briceño, all sharing a message of real hope to the people; a hope that will return the PUP to save Belize from the sadistic actions of this callous UDP Government. It is noticeable at these consultations, though, the obvious absences of the Chairwoman of the PUP and the two worthless Deputy Leaders. It is no coincidence that these missing Deputies and the Chairwoman are perceived as infiltrators of the Zinc Fence that want to create their own faction within the Party. Thankfully, they are being stopped dead in their tracks. Trench Sandiford started what she called a ‘Think Tanking’ event based on what she thought would attract the ‘pseudo intellects’ within the PUP. I believed that her ‘think tanking’ at Independence Hall has no bearing with the official Party position because the

The Chairwoman has her own propaganda page in the Belize Times along with her boring Tuesday morning appearances on the Vibes Radio Morning Buzz show. In last weekend’s issue, she penned was an article entitled “Finding a Role for Everyone” where, like Father X, she ‘bigged’ up herself and spewed loads of bullshit. She spitefully left out the Party’s consultations with the people and did not shed a light on the Party’s intentions as to the concerns of the people coming out of the consultations. Instead, she lamented at pains about “her” think tank. So selfish and plain worthless is she, that she even attempted to show down the present PUP leadership as dumb. In reading Trench Sandiford’s articles, one would believe that as Chairwoman, the interests of the rank and file PUPs are being represented and looked after only by the Chairwoman at the Secretariat. I urge you to take a visit to the Secretariat and ask to see the Chairwoman; don’t be surprised by the response you will get. In fact, that office is being run by two of Trench Sandiford’s people from the Collet Division. I believe that when the Chairwoman referred to ‘a role for everyone’, she meant her people and I don’t mean specifically from Collet but people such as her division’s former Campaign Manager now University of Belize Chairwoman, Ms. Immani Fairweather Morrison and the author of the “Miranda Report” Mrs. Dionne Chamberlain Miranda who is now at Barrow Telemedia Ltd. (BTL). If Carolyn Trench Sandiford wanted the

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010


Zip Rider canoe wins 2010 Ruta Maya River Challenge 26th overall. Mike and Johnny Searle and new teammate Robert Quilter from Manatee paddled their “Junkunu” canoe to win the Master’s Division, clocking 21:08:59 to finish 19th overall. Their perennial rivals, the “Grumpy Old Men”: Jerry Wilken, Francis Codd and Stanley Bailey placed 2nd in the Masters’ Division, clocking 22:21:27 to finish 30th overall. The St Francis Xavier canoe paddled by 13-year-old Alfred Lopez, Sergio Lopez and Byron Cruz won by a nose against the 1st all-girl canoe “Peacemakers” clocking 21:16:44 to finish in 21st position and win 1st in the Intramural

The University of Belize Black jaguars: Pedro Witz, Kristopher Waight and Elvis Sutherland won 2nd in the Intramural division, clocking 21:50:42 to place 24th overall. The St Ignatius High School team, “Nashus is Back”: Arlin Bautista, Henry Martinez and Oscar Ulloa won 3rd in the Intramural division, clocking 21:51:06 to place 25th overall. The dorey, “Can’t ketch Me down” paddled by Roberto Cabb, Eric Cano and Windell Humes won the Dorey division, clocking 22:13:05 to place 28th overall. The Santa Familia dorey placed 2nd in the Dorey division, clocking 24:07:45 to place 40th overall. Some 83 canoes had begun the race, and over 67 teams finished the

ZIP RIDER Belize City, March 8, 2008 The Zip Rider canoe paddled by Jerry Rhaburn, Efrain Cruz and Felix Cruz and sponsored by Cruise Solutions won the 2010 annual Ruta Maya River Challenge race, outsprinting 6x Ruta Maya champs the Belize Bank team of Daniel Cruz, Erwin Cruz and Amado Lopez, clocking 18:41:07 to win first prize overall in the grueling 4- day race, also capturing the coveted Kinich Ahau (jade head) trophy. The Belize Bank team clocked 18:42:34 to finish in 2nd place. The Caribbean Pride canoe paddled by Chris Guydis of Burrell Boom and Jermaine Sanchez and Justin Sanchez from Flowers Bank and sponsored by Citrus Products of Belize Limited clocked 18:54:454 to finish in 3rd place. The Reagan International canoe paddled by Nolberto Seguro, Jeremy Sanchez and Sheldon Seguro clocked 19:04:15 for 4th place. The N.I.C.H. team: Oscar Cardona, Jimmy Valdez and Manuel Rodriguez paddled their canoe into 5th place 19:30:07. The Coast Guard Redemption team placed 6th, Cool Step was 7th, “Is it worth it” was 8th. “Just Do It’ was 9th and the Belize Coast Guard Cutter was 10th. The Cobb’s Arm Happy Cow Cheese canoe finished 11th, just ahead of the “No Limit Soldiers” who won the Mixed division in 12th place overall, clocking 20:33:00. The “Lost & Found” team: Janise Leslie, Eldon and Derwin Sanchez won 2nd in the Mixed division as they paddled their canoe into 13th place overall, in 20:34:59. The Print Belize Canoe paddled by Evelio Flores, Javier Guardado and Rudolph Gentle returned as champions of the Pleasure division, clocking 20:43:49 to finish 15th

Lost&Found overall. The Police “Crimefighters canoe paddled by Neri Waight, Alfonso Guerra and Jerome Ingram won 2nd in the Pleasure division, clocking 21:01:23 to place 16th overall. The “Born to Rule” team clocked 21:55:18 to win 3rd prize in the Mixed division, finishing

division; Alfred Lopez was also the youngest paddler in this year’s Ruta Maya The Police “Peacemakers”: Jane Usher, Audrey Moody and Francisca Cruz, won 1st in the Female Division, clocking 21:18:40 to finish 22nd overall.

race. Special kudos go to one paddler, Justin, who lost his 2 teammates who found the Ruta Maya too extreme for them. Justin personified the indefatigable spirit of the Ruta Maya as he paddled his canoe all alone over the last 25 miles from Burrell Boom to Belize City to complete the race. Times Sports sez, “Nuff respect, Justin!”

SHALINI ZABANEH, MELVIN TILLETT & PETER CHOTO WIN 28TH ANNUAL BELMOPAN CYCLING CLASSIC Belize City, March 7, 2010 Shalini Zabaneh, junior rider Melvin Tillett and Peter Choto won their respective races in 28th annual Belmopan Cycling Classic, the last dress rehearsal before the Holy Saturday Cross Country, on Sunday, March 7. Team Sagitun’s Shalini Zabaneh of the

Sagitun team won the female race a 50 mile ride from the Constitution Park in Belize City to La Democracia and back in two hours 29 minutes and 54 seconds to win first prize and a trophy. Sheena Castillo riding unattached outsprinted Fiona Humes-Gonzalez for second place in 2:32:57 while Humes placed 3rd a second later.

Team Telemedia Swoosh’s Anthea Sutherland finished fourth in two hours 33 minutes and five seconds. Team C-Ray’s Melvin Tillett clocked 2:35:27 as he won the Junior race, a 50 mile ride from the Constitution Park in Belize City to la Democracia and back to win first prize and a trophy.

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Sunday, March 14th, 2010



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Shalini Zabaneh

Melvin Tillett

Tillett outsprinted the Cayo High Road teammates Daniel Choto and Kyle Gentle took 2nd and 3rd places respectively. Team Clear Di land’s Austin Armstrong was 4th. Mexican rider Johnny Quintal Valencia of the Depredadores team from Chetumal, Quintana Roo finished 5th in 2:38:27 seconds to win the youth category. Team C-Ray’s Christopher Andrews was 6th, Team Cayo high Road’s Aiden Juan clocked 2:38:56 to finish 7th , winning 2nd place in the Youth category. Team Cayo high Road’s Richard Vera and Juan Umana Flores, both of the Cayo

High Road team were 8th and 9th, Umana winning 3rd place in the Youth category. Team Cayo high Road’s Kristopher Chuc rounded out the top 10.Team Clear Di land’s Bernard Trapp was 11th, Edward Burns was 12th, Clear Di land’s Wasani Castro was 13th and Joel Borland riding unattached was 14. Ethan Neal was 15th, C-ray’s Claude Young was 16th, David Tillett of the M&M engineering team was 17th, and Clear Di land’s Steven Castaneda was 18th. C-Ray’s Mitchell lewis and Jeffery Rhaburn rounded out the top 20. Team Zamir’s Peter Choto clocked 4:20:13

Belize, March 7, 2010

Bovell added more buckets as the UB men jumped the Berger boys 22-17 at the end of the 1st quarter. Jorret Jones drained in 2 long treys and Daniel Nolberto added seven points as the UB men led 51-37 at the half time break. Albert Bainton finished with 18 pts for the Berger Boyz, while Greg Rudon tossed in buckets to finish with 21. The Berger boyz’ big centre Elsworth Itza played big in the paint and scored 12 pts, while keith polard entered the ball game in the 2nd quarter and finished with 15 pts. The UB men led 77-60 at the end of the 3rd quarter; Nolberto finished with 19 pts, ‘Muerte had 13 pts, Leroy Louriano - nine points, while Zuniga, Bovell and Jones had 6 pts each. On Sunday in Game 3, the Rising Stars also outshone Ferrari 70-58 on Sunday afternoon. Jaleel Arnold led the attack with 17pts, London Reneau added 15pts and Stephen Smith added 14 pts, Bryton Meighan was good for another 11pts and Hakeem Arzu tossed in seven. Vince Young led Ferrari with 18 pts and Rodwell Neal added 15pts, whiel Dylan Moguel chipped in six and David Robateau finished with 13 pts. In Game 4, Sunday evening, the Belize Bank Bulldogs senior team chomped on the San Pedro Tigersharks 81-66. Earl Johnson, Darwin “Puppy” Leslie and Lennox Bowman led attack hitting treys as the Bulldogs led 1813 in the first quarter. The Bulldogs never let up, leading 44-30 lead at the half time break.

was seventh, Mateo Cruz of the Zamir team pulled in eighth, Angel Tzib of the Western Spirit team was ninth and Quinton “the Baddest” Hamilton of the Zamir team rounded out the top 10- second among Category 3 riders Brian Lopez of the Police team was 11th, Team Santino’s Colombian import Lisban Quintero was 12th, while Kyne Gentle of the Western Spirit team was 13th. Darnell Barrow of the Santino’s team finished 14th, Michael Lewis was 15th – third in Category 3, and Rodrigo Leiva of the Sugar City Starz was 16th. Luigi Urbina of Team Typhoon from Orange Walk was 17th but won first prize Peter Choto and a trophy in the Master’s category. Sherman Thomas of the Police team finished in 18th position – second on his 100 mile ride from the Constitution among the Masters’, while Collett “Bunas” Park in Belize City to Belmopan and back Maheia of Sugar City Starz was 19th – in to win first prize and a trophy in the third among the masters. Elite race. In the sprint to the finish, Choto opened up an 8 second gap from the 6-man Panamanian rider Christian Mcnish of Benny’s Megabytes completed the top 20, breakaway to cross the finish line alone. Team Santino’s Giovanni Leslie outsprinted while his Costa Rican teammate was 21st. Western Spirit’s Jose Choto for second Leroy Casasola and Domingo Lewis, both place, clocking 4:20:21, with Roger Troyer of the Santino’s team, were 22nd and 23. took fourth place 2 seconds later and Team The favourite Marlon Castillo of the Zamir Zamir’s Guatemalan rider Luis Santizo team finished in 24th ahead of 2006 Cross Country champion Shane Vasquez of the rounded out the top five. Nieves Carrsaco was led the main peloton Western Spirit team who pulled in 25th. finishing two minutes behind the winner Arnidez Rivas of Sugar City Starz was in sixth place. Gilberto Santiago Martinez 26th and Kelvin Tillett - 27th.

UB Jaguars & U-20 Belize Bank Bulldogs win in Digicell basketball openers The U-20 Belize Bank Bulldogs and the University of Belize Jaguars enjoyed blowout wins when the 2010 “DIGICELL’s “Ballin-4life” basketball tournament kicked off at the Belize City Center last Friday night. In Game 1, the Bulldogs ran over Hold On Smart 78-63. Kachief Thomas led the Bulldogs with 2 treys in the first quarter and finished with 17pts, while the Bulldogs led 22-7at the end of the 1st quarter. Bulldogs’ captain Sherwin Garcia added 14pts, while Matthew Young tossed in 25 pts and the Bulldogs were up 39-24 at the half time break. Marshall Nunez scored one free throw in the first quarter, leading Smart with 21 pts, while Russell Staine added 14 pts in the 2nd half. The Bulldogs seized a 52-41 lead in the 3rd quarter as Alejandro Baptist, Raheem Staine and Raheem Gaynair added four points each for the win. Beresford Codd, Kingsley Eusey, Devon Wright and Lyndon Arnold added four points each as Smart tried to ‘hold on, bur the Louis Barcelona added 7 pts to take Bulldogs to a 78-63 win. In Game 2 the UB Jaguars held basketball clinic for Brothers Habet Berger Boyz 10777 in the senior tournament. Winston “Air Jun” Pratt led the UB attack with a trey to score 5 pts in the 1st quarter, he would fnish with a monster 33pts. Team captain Stephen “Muerte” Williams followed suit with 13 pts. Ryan Zuniga, Leroy Louriano and Darren

UB Tyrone Castillo Lester Cadle scored 2 treys to lead the Tigersharks with 20pts and Sheldon Williams added 15 pts, but they were still down 46-60 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Leslie finished with 21 pts, Bowman hit a 2nd trey to finish with 20 pts, while Earl Johnson had 12pts, Paul Swasey tossed in 7pts and Marcel Orosco added 6pts San Pedro’s Doug Penland scored 3 treys to add 11pts for the Tigersharks, while Ian

Belize Bank Paul Swasey Carcamo had 5pts and Jesse Martinez and Dandre Robinson each added 4pts. The senior competition continues on the weekend with games featuring EbonyLake, the BNE Oilers and Jamboree, while the junior competition continues this weekend with games featuring the Kremandala Boys, Belize Bank BullDogs 2, Truckers, Orange Walk Running Rebels, Ghetto Ballers, Boom Celtics and Team Castillo.

Sunday, March 14th, 2010



Where is the Opposition? Gordon Smith and I have extensively covered many issues regarding the party. We have been blamed as the two responsible for persistently attacking the leadership of the People’s United Party. I will continue to accept responsibility for whatever discomfort the current leadership feels so long as the status quo abides. Much as I’d like to support the current leadership of the PUP for the greater good, in my view, that is to protect the interest of the people, all the people, I have difficulty working with what is being presented to me as leadership. Certainly we have hammered John Briceño enough and I am sure that he understands however, he is not the only thing wrong with the PUP why the people are not getting the level of representation that is required of the opposition. I finally set foot upstairs Independence Hall earlier this year for the mammoth PUP press conference held in January. That was the first time since I was rudely showed the door from Vibes Radio. Perhaps it may be my last time there and there are people who may be glad if I would stay away but there is just no way that I will give them the satisfaction. The press conference has dissipated like all the huff and puff that the has become the trademark of the new PUP. There is a new agenda at work...consultation. I am yet to understand what the consultation is about. The government continues to treat the opposition and the concerns of the people with disregard because there is no real pressure acting on them. Note I am not the only one that feels this way. There has been a lot of talk coming out of the current PUP leadership, a lot of officiousness and NO action to address the issues that are literally burying us these days. Crime is rampant! People are dying yet the opposition is very placid in their reaction to this crisis. The excruciating cost of living has rendered forty-three percent of our population POOR! Yet the opposition’s response is bland. This has me screaming mad because 43% is close to half of the population and there is no relief in sight. No program or effort on the part of the government to rescue the thousands who have fallen through the cracks. There are 12.5% of our population who are officially listed as unemployed. That figure can safely be added to the poverty figure and we can safely get the sense of the extreme hardships that our people are enduring. It is difficult for the Opposition to appreciate this harsh reality and bring pressure on the UDP because the current leadership of the PUP is disconnected from those realities. When you are unemployed you do not have income coming in and you are forced to live off what you have. For the people who are without jobs, that is not much. The people who are loosing their jobs are not hugely salaried executives who have huge deposits of money that they can live through these tough times. I don’t get the

impression that the opposition gets it or even possesses the capacity to empathize with our people. I am dismayed to watch as some figures in the officious opposition continue to live good because they have been able to grab opportunities created by the former PUP administration. I don’t mind how much I am looked at cross eyed by some of the mad bulls in the current leadership of the PUP. To be women in the executive you are COLD. The lip service you serve is hollow and worthless. Our current state of affairs is desperate. The Communication Director presently held by Narda Garcia is a critical post and we expect more in the form of information dissemination and togetherness. Mrs. Garcia was General Manger of Social Security under the former PUP Government after which she hopped to the executive of the new PUP and was granted a position in executive and at Smart. We are cognizant that we are truly loosing our lives and our country and all we are getting is incoherent ramblings from people who are not genuinely together on our behalf. My major concern is that these people are well positioned to be the leaders of this nation in a few years and we don’t want another set of thieves such as the present bunch who are feeding off the life blood of this Nation. Without an iota of evidence that there will be a National Party Convention this year so that the people can decide whether or not they will continue with the current leadership, I can only conclude that we are being forced to accept the leadership before us. The critical matter to consider here is that our people may change government come the next general elections. We know that, I haven’t really factored the VIP as a real possibility to form the next government even though they have made impressive showing in the political landscape. The next natural choice is the PUP. Do I want to risk the likes of some of the elements in the new PUP becoming a part of the next government? My initial instinct says no, but time will tell! However I am fearful that I will not be given a fair chance given the treatment I have been given so far. Hopefully less people will be marginalized. Many believe the next PUP government will be a government by default and some of the people who are circling and positioning play important role in the next government and we as Belizeans need to make sure they are not only opportunists waiting for their turn to feed at the expense of the real sufferers. We do not need any more of what the Barrows are doing to us now. I am not with it. The time has come and it is time Johnny, Danny, Mark Cordel Narda, Carolyn, Eamon, etc. tell us when the hell we can choose our leaders because it is our right and I demand that it is respected. We are all too familiar with stories of Philip Goldson who stood alone in the House of Representatives against a robust PUP government. His name is etched in our

history for his stance for the preservation of things sacred to Belizean existence. I ask why is it that an opposition with much more than Philip Goldson cannot take this government of big mouths to task. We are living the realities visited upon us because of UDP corruption and disingenuousness. This can only be perpetuated by the lack of motivation by the Opposition to function. My call this week is also directed at the so called “old guard” elements attached to the leadership of the party. You are also called to lead. We are periled and burdened

by the exacerbating hardship visited upon us by this “change” that we were well promised. We need a real opposition! Editor’s Note: The views expressed is the views of the columnist however this publication share similar views on some areas expressed. It is our advice that the columnist is passionate about her party and country and the PUP leadership should have a sit down with such individuals that bring great value in their courage and passion. (Word to the wise)


Said and Evan, media pioneers By: Glenn Tillett One of the traits I always admired about Said Musa is what seems to be his innate ability to focus on the bigger picture and look past some things that I would have regarded as of more immediate concern. It is not that I haven’t seen him emotional or distraught or angry or expressing “negative” emotions, but somehow whenever I spoke to him I never once heard him say that he hated any person generally or personally. For example, I have known both Evan Hyde and Said Musa for about the same length of time, having really met both around the same time several decades ago. At first I was closer to Evan for many years, and it is only in the past decade or so that I have had opportunities to talk to Said one-on-one, and explore some of his philosophies and gain some insight into who he is. Evan can be mercurial, almost the diametric opposite of Said’s preternatural calm, and that was not the only opposing characteristics that the men displayed to my perception. It made me find their bond of friendship odd because their cordial relationship never appeared to me to be one of political or business convenience. I always felt they genuinely liked and respected each other’s qualities and even personalities. I appreciated the time and attention both men have given me through the years, and would never have the temerity to speak on their behalf. I can only say that in their own way they both are “bigger picture” people, and I am at a loss as to try and explain or analyzed their relationship through all that has happened, especially in the recent past. I just feel that there is still a bond there, even if they or their perceived surrogates continue to sometimes quite viciously attack each other. My link to both men I think has had more to do with literature/journalism than politics, even if the perception from other quadrants may see this differently. I started working with the X over at AMANDALA back in ’78 because I wanted to be a writer and

writing for a newspaper was literally the only gig in town. I share with the Little Big Man a love of books, of writing, of philosophy and it was his determination to make a positive difference in the lives of his people that made me commit to helping him in 1998. I decided to employ my talents and skill on his behalf back then, and you all know I can hardly do anything other than write and report. I think both men have helped to shape journalism and media in Belize and both have/had the greatest of impact on media in Belize. Both are equally to be credited/blamed for the media scene in Belize today, and if at times their peculiar collaboration seems more competition than cooperation, that is the way of the world – life is a paradox. My wandering thoughts on Evan and Said surface because I can’t really think about the craft without contemplating their philosophies and actions, deeds and words if you will, on this issue. Journalism is at one of those points in its practice in Belize when we need to rechart its passage. Yes, that is my opinion, and I recognize that that is all it is but it is a strongly held one. It is time for us to start “conferencing” with each other, and by “we” I mean the practitioners of the craft. We are at that point where we need to put our personal, political and professional differences aside and “see the bigger picture.” This is my earnest plea to all who are engaged in the practice at whatever level and in whatever way. It does not matter to me whether you are a salaried employee laboring in someone’s “salt mine” or a lofty owner/executive sitting above the fray. It does not matter to me if you write, talk or push buttons. It does not matter if you report or editorialize. It does not matter if you work for a media house or business house. Does not matter if you are a reporter, editor, director, talk show host, public relations/information officer - let us come together and discuss what it is we are doing and how we can get it done better. It is an open call to all who are interested in the profession. I have a date and place in mind. Contact me if you’re interested.

Sunday, March 14th, 2010




At approximately 4:00 pm on Sunday March 7 2010, at a public community meeting held in Big Falls, Toledo, police officers arrested a villager for exercising his constitutional human rights, that of speaking out. A renowned and respected social and environmental activist Bartolo Teul was arrested simply because he dared to comment on some aspects of Area Representative Juan Coy’s speech given during the above-mentioned meeting. When Mr. Teul presented opposing perspectives and challenged some points brought out by Hon. Coy, he responded by ordering the police to take out and arrest Mr. Teul. The Punta Gorda police officers present (six in total), who were heavily armed with SLR, M16, 9mm guns and long batons, took Mr. Teul out of the meeting in handcuffs as if he just committed a most criminal act. Villagers were amazed, shocked and intimidated by this very scary incident in our village. At no point was Mr. Teul being disrespectful, threatening or abusive to the Area Representative. Villagers who witnessed this outrageous incident are gravely concerned and are asking what next? Are we now under a form of dictatorship where citizens are not allowed to think independently? Is this the change we voted for in February 2008? Where is our democracy, our democratic and constitutional rights heading? This coarse and crude attack on our freedom of speech is absolutely unacceptable. Coy apparently feels insecure in the position he holds and clearly doubts

his ability to lead and is now using intimidation tactics by having armed police officers at village meetings. As far as it can be recalled there has never been the need to have police officers armed with assault rifles and dressed in bullet proof vests as if they are expecting a riot, at our village meetings. In fact, for those who do not understand the dynamics of Mayan villages, there is the Alcalde system, where the Alcaldes are responsible for maintaining peace and order among community members. A heinous crime was committed in Big Falls a few months ago where a prominent businessman was brutally murdered. The response from the police was pathetic and confused to say the least and the criminals are still at large. At that time, it was reported there were no officers available and the one available vehicle had no fuel but this last Sunday they were in abundance to intimidate law abiding citizens. People of Big Falls are outraged by this occurrence and many walked out of the said meeting and have since come forth to express their displeasure and disappointment in the arrogant and poor leadership of the Area Representative. Hon. Juan Coy has been reported for several miscalculated mishaps that have brought undue embarrassment to the people and government he represents. The use of police officers to do politicians dirty work was thought to be a practice of the past yet his command over the police officers on Sunday is appalling and the attention of the Minister of National Security and the Prime Minister is called

to this intimidating tactics and dictatorial behavior of their colleague. In these troubling times, if the Police Department wishes to harness the cooperation and goodwill of the people then they must never participate in acts that abridge the fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens. We hope that this type of incident never again occurs, be it in Big Falls or anywhere else in this country. We strongly encourage our people to

continue participating in our peaceful efforts to uphold democracy and social justice and never to allow politicians to abuse their power and intimidate the citizens of this peaceful and democratic country. Lastly, we wish to remind our fellow citizens of the words of Justice Louis D. Brandeis: The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. END

FINDING A ROLE FOR WHOM CAROLYN? Continued from page 13 grass-roots PUPs to play any role in her ‘think tank’ sessions or other activities, then tell me what better place to be than at the ‘university of the people’ in order to hear for herself what the people are experiencing; not what Bill Lindo a.k.a “Partridge Street John Crow”, who represented Hon. Cordel at last Thursday’s ‘think tank’ is saying about what is good for the PUP masses. This column keeps warning the Party Leader that it is time for the leadership of the Party to reign in and send a clear message to those that are intent on obstructing of the true steps of unity that the Party is suppose to be demonstrating to the Belizean voters and Party stalwarts. You don’t need a crystal ball, Party Leader, to see the three culprits

that are undermining the Party and its leadership. At the Perspective, many have been sounding the alarm against those who don’t want to see the Party united, in the true sense of the word, because it is not in their best interest to see the Party victorious in 2010, 2012 and 2013 due to their own selfish and selfcentered agendas. The Perspective, in the past, has exposed these mischief-makers for who they really are as Hezbollahs and “Followers”. Jeremy Robinson had already dubbed the Chairwoman as a “Reject and a Liability”. The hypocrisy of the Chairwoman and others working for the Zinc Fence organization is so obvious that it leads one to ask who the hell is the Chairwoman finding a role for this time? Those that have Ears to hear! Hear.

Do you know your pressure?! will start to destroy your peripheral or ‘outside’ vision. Gradually, the area you can see will become smaller and smaller leading to ‘tunnel vision’ and eventually, blindness.

What you should see By: Carla Ayres Musa We’re not talking about your blood pressure. We’re talking about the level of pressure in your eyes! This is a symptom of Glaucoma, which is the 2nd leading cause of blindness in Belize, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). The number of diagnosed cases is rising, and while you may have heard about this “sneak thief of sight,” do you really know what it is?

The risk of developing Glaucoma increases from the age of 18 and is more prevalent in certain groups: people of AfroWhat you see if you Caribbean decent (Creole have Glaucoma and Garifuna), diabetics and those with a family history of the disease. But Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that gradually steals sight without warning and don’t be fooled, it can affect anybody. often without symptoms. It is characterized Since severe damage to the optic nerve may by damage to the optic nerve at the back occur before you notice anything is wrong, of the eye, and is often associated with an increase in the eye’s internal pressure. If left untreated, the nerve damage

it is important that everyone 18 years and older has a regular eye exam. This is fast and painless: the doctor will check your vision, look into your eyes and measure the pressure of your eyes. The good news about this devious eye disease is that, in most cases, Glaucoma can be controlled with medication; or with simple laser surgery in more stubborn cases. However, once nerve damage has occurred and vision has been lost, it cannot be restored. Therefore, the aim of the treatment is to prevent any further vision loss. If treatment is started early enough blindness can be prevented, leaving the patient free to enjoy a full and happy life. If you would like to have your eyes tested for Glaucoma, or would like to know more about the disease, call the Belize Council for the Visually Impaired (BCVI) at 203.5206. Don’t Lose Sight of Your Vision!

Sunday, March 14th, 2010



By: Dulce Silva

Homemade facial masks for all skin types Homemade facial masks for dry skin Mix 2 tablespoons of honey with 2 teaspoons milk. Smooth over face and neck. Leave on for 10 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Homemade facial mask to loosen blackheads Combine equal parts of baking soda and water in your hand and rub gently on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Homemade facial masks for oily skin Grate an apple ďŹ nely and then add about 4 tablespoons of honey. Mix it well, apply it to your face wait 10 minutes and rinse.

Homemade facial mask for blemished skin Take a chopped tomato, 1 tbsp of instant oatmeal, 1 tbsp lemon juice. Blend all ingredients until combined. Apply to skin, making sure the mixture is thick enough to stay on blemished areas. Add a bit more oatmeal to thicken the mask if necessary. Leave on for 10 minutes. Wash with warm water. Take a lemon and rub on acne scars for 2-3min, then wash it away. Do this 3 times a week. This will help to reduce the acne scarring. Lemon also works well for clear and awless skin!

Homemade facial masks for normal skin Dip two large lettuce leaves in olive oil and sprinkle a few drops of lemon juice. Place them on both sides of your face, and then cover them with a paper towel dipped in water. Wipe your face with a cotton ball soaked in warm milk, then rinse with boiled warm water.

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Glaucoma and Your Eyes

Glaucoma is an eye condition that develops when too much fluid pressure builds up inside of the eye. It tends to be inherited and may not show up until later in life. The increased pressure, called intraocular pressure, can damage the optic nerve, which transmits images to the brain. If damage to the optic nerve from high eye pressure continues, glaucoma will cause loss of vision. Without treatment, glaucoma can cause total permanent blindness within a few years. Because most people with glaucoma have no early symptoms or pain from this increased pressure, it is important to see your ophthalmologist regularly so that glaucoma can be diagnosed and treated before long-term visual loss occurs. If you are over the age of 40 and if you have a family history of glaucoma, you should have a complete eye exam with an ophthalmologist every one to two years. If you have health problems such as diabetes or a family history of glaucoma or are at risk for other eye diseases, you may need to visit your eye doctor more frequently. Why Does Pressure Rise in the Eye to Cause Glaucoma?: Glaucoma usually occurs when intraocular pressure increases. This happens when the fluid pressure in the eye’s anterior chamber, the area between the cornea and the iris, rises. Normally, this fluid, called aqueous humor, flows out of the eye through a mesh-like channel. If this channel becomes blocked, fluid builds up, causing glaucoma. The direct cause of this blockage is unknown,

but doctors do know that it is most often inherited, meaning it is passed from parents to children. Less common causes of glaucoma include a blunt or chemical injury to the eye, severe eye infection, blockage of blood vessels in the eye, inflammatory conditions of the eye, and occasionally eye surgery to correct another condition. Glaucoma usually occurs in both eyes, but it may involve each eye to a different extent. What Are the Types of Glaucoma? : There are two main types of glaucoma: 1. Open-angle glaucoma. Also called wide-angle glaucoma, this is the most common type of glaucoma. The structures of the eye appear normal, but fluid in the eye does not flow properly through the drain of the eye, called the trabecular meshwork. 2. Angle-closure glaucoma. Also called acute or chronic angle-closure or narrow-angle glaucoma, this type of glaucoma is less common, but can cause a sudden buildup of pressure in the eye. Drainage may be poor because the angle between the iris and the cornea (where a drainage channel for the eye is located) is too narrow. Or, the pupil opens too wide, narrowing the angle and blocking the flow of the fluid through that channel. Who Gets Glaucoma? : Glaucoma most often occurs in adults over age 40, but it can also occur in young adults, children, and even infants. In African-Americans, glaucoma occurs more frequently and at an earlier age and with greater loss of vision. You are at an increased risk of glaucoma if you: • Are of African-American, Irish, Russian, Japanese, Hispanic, Inuit, or Scandinavian descent. • Are over age 40. • Have a family history of glaucoma. • Have poor vision. • Have diabetes. • Take systemic corticosteroid medications, such as prednisone. What Are the Symptoms of Glaucoma? : For most people, there are usually few or no symptoms of glaucoma. The first sign of glaucoma is often the loss of peripheral or side vision, which can go unnoticed until late in the disease.

Detecting glaucoma early is one reason you should have a complete exam with an eye specialist every one to two years. Occasionally, intraocular pressure can rise to severe levels. In these cases, sudden eye pain, headache, blurred vision, or the appearance of halos around lights may occur. If you have any of the following symptoms, seek immediate medical care: • Seeing halos around lights • Vision loss • Redness in the eye • Eye that looks hazy (particularly in infants) • Nausea or vomiting • Pain in the eye • Narrowing of vision (tunnel vision) How Is Glaucoma Diagnosed? : To diagnose glaucoma, an ophthalmologist will test your vision and examine your eyes through dilated pupils. The doctor will also perform a procedure called tonometry to check for eye pressure and a visual field test to determine if there is loss of peripheral vision. Glaucoma tests are painless and take very little time. How Is Glaucoma Treated? : Glaucoma treatment may include prescription eye drops, laser, or microsurgery. • Eye drops for glaucoma. These either reduce the formation of fluid in the front of the eye or increase its outflow. Side effects of glaucoma drops may include allergy, redness of the eyes, brief stinging, blurred vision, and irritated eyes. Some glaucoma drugs may affect the heart and lungs. Be sure to tell your doctor about any glaucoma medication you are currently taking or are allergic to. • Laser surgery for glaucoma. Laser surgery for glaucoma slightly increases the outflow of the fluid from the eye in open-angle glaucoma or eliminates fluid blockage in angleclosure glaucoma. Types of laser surgery

for glaucoma include trabeculoplasty, in which a laser is used to pull open the trabecular meshwork drainage area; iridotomy, in which a tiny hole is made in the iris, allowing the fluid to flow more freely; and cyclophotocoagulation, in which a laser beam treats areas of the ciliary body, reducing the production of fluid. • Microsurgery for glaucoma. In an operation called a trabeculectomy, a new channel is created to drain the fluid, thereby reducing intraocular pressure that causes glaucoma. Sometimes this form of glaucoma surgery fails and must be redone. For some patients, a glaucoma implant is the best option. Other complications of microsurgery for glaucoma include some temporary or permanent loss of vision, as well as bleeding or infection. Open-angle glaucoma is most commonly treated with various combinations of eye drops, laser trabeculoplasty, and microsurgery. Traditionally in the U.S., medications are used first, but there is increasing evidence that some people with glaucoma may respond better with early laser surgery or microsurgery. Infant or congenital glaucoma -- meaning you are born with it -- is primarily treated with surgery since the cause of the problem is a very distorted drainage system.Talk to your ophthalmologist to find out which glaucoma treatment is right for you. Can Glaucoma Be Prevented? : Glaucoma cannot be prevented, but if it is diagnosed and treated early, the disease can be controlled. What Is the Outlook for People With Glaucoma?: At this time, loss of vision caused by glaucoma is irreversible and cannot be restored. However, successfully lowering eye pressure can prevent further visual loss from glaucoma. Most people with glaucoma do not go blind as long as they follow their treatment plan and have regular eye exams.

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Domingo, 14 de Marzo, 2010

Edición 81 Vol. 2 - Semana 30

Carece de Imparcialidad?

…Un caso curioso que se puede comprobar en la pagina web de la compañía. La compañía de abogados, Barrow and Company, tiene una relación de cliente con la Comisión de Servicios Públicos.” Según al director de negocios de la compañía BEL, Rene Blanco, dijo que el Juez

Juez de Apelación, Denys Barrow Ciudad Belice, Jueves, Marzo 11e de 2010 “Sabiendo que el hijo del Juez Barrow es miembro se del comité de la Comisión de Utilidades Públicos y el Bufet de Abogados - Barrow and Company, representa al PUC (Comisión de Utilidades Públicos) alza preocupaciones sospechosas aunque B.E.L. y el PUC tienen un caso pendiente. No se ve correcto.” Lyn Young, Dirigente Ejecutivo, B.E.L. El principio que la justicia no solo de hacerse pero también tener la apariencia que se está haciendo es lo que está en tela de juicio en el caso de la Belize Electricity Limited vs la Comisión de Utilidades Publico en la Corte de Apelación. En octubre del año 2009, el Juez Denys Barrow fue unos de los tres jueces quien presidio sobre el caso de apelación hecha por BEL de una decisión que fue pasada ante la Corte Suprema. La compañía BEL reto una instrucción que la Comisión de Servicios Públicos ordeno ante BEL para que ellos entren en negocios con una cierta compañía la cual es visto por el dirigente ejecutivo de BEL, Lyn Young, como en ves de regular; están comportándose como directores. Según al señor Young, que hasta dictaron las condiciones en el contrato con la compañía con quien BEL debería entrar en negociaciones. El señor Young dijo que las condiciones no son buenas para la compañía BEL, sus clientes, y Belice. “El asunto es que el

PUC tiene o no tiene derecho para ordenar a la compañía BEL con quien hacer contratos y como,” dijo el señor Young. La Corte Suprema sin embargo le concedió la demanda al PUC. Genente Ejecutivo de BEL, Lyn Young BEL sigue apelando la decisión diciendo que el señor, Juez Denys Barrow, es Barrow apareció ser “profundamente visto tener imparcialidad en el asunto. opuesto” a la posición tomada por la El Juez Denys Barrow es el hermano compañía BEL. ¿Es este asunto un del Primer Ministro Dean Barrow y el resultado de eventos pasados o nomas padre del comisario de la Comisión de es lo primero que pasara en el futuro? Servicios Públicos, Kimano Barrow. El nombramiento del señor Denys La compañía BEL pidió remover al Barrow fue soportado por el líder de señor juez Denys Barrow del asunto la oposición, John Briceño. Ha sido y pedir otra oportunidad para apelar el aceptado que mientras el señor Barrow caso porque la decisión rendida por los todavía era un abogado apenas en su jueces es vista como dar favoritismo practica quien ha escrito artículos en al PUC cuando el caso fue apelado en el periódico del Guardián y también la corte en octubre del año pasado. En People’s Pulse, que también siempre el noviembre del año pasado, el canal ha apoyado la carrera de su hermano 7 llevo acabo un reportaje adonde Dean Barrow. Ha habido rumores en se mostro una declaración escrita la comunidad legal que el señor Denys por la oficina de abogados de Musa Barrow esta siendo preparado para ser y Balderamos a favor de BEL. La el próximo Principal Juez de la nación declaración dice “las circunstancias de Belice. La duda que sigue el señor dan suficiente pruebas para sospechar Denys Barrow que si el actuó con que el señor Denys Barrow, quien injusticia seguirá cubriéndolo mientras siendo juez debería actuar con toda su hermano siga siendo el Primer justicia, actuó con imparcialidad.” Ministro de Belice y participando Según al canal 7, quien aparentemente en la política. Las creencias son vio muy bien la declaración hecha por afiladas por la gran percepción que la la compañía BEL, siguió diciendo administración de Dean Barrow son que la declaración hablaba que el juez vistos como practicar el nepotismo. Denys Barrow es un miembro de la La ex esposa de Dean Barrow, Lois compañía de Barrow and Company y Young-Barrow, es la abogada de la

compañía Belize Telemedia al igual también es la secretaria del consejo de administración. Su hijo Anwar Barrow fue también hecho en miembro del consejo de administración siguiendo la expropiación de la compañía el 24 de agosto del 2009. Lois también fue hecha la presidente del consejo del Seguro Social de Belice; también fue convertida para ser la representante para Belice en la Naciones Unidas. Dean Barrow ha admitido al la Asamblea Nacional que su esposa ha sido pagada mas de $1.5millones de dólares en solo dos años por sus servicios legales con el gobierno de Belice. El gobierno todavía no ha admitido cuanto mas es debido a su firma de abogados la cual también forma parte la hija de ambos, Deanne Barrow. Es rumorado en Belice que la misma Lois Young será elegida para reemplazar al Abogado General de la nación no tan solo nomas porque la administración de Barrow ha dependido a la firma de Lois Young para apoyo en muchos casos lucrativos en la cual dinero es colectado por el 10%, pero también que el Primer Ministro en la pasada junta en la Asamblea Nacional; Dean Barrow paso una enmienda de ley adonde alguien puede ser elegido para ser Abogado General de la nación sin que antes tener estar primero en el senado. Todo esto parece perfectamente favorecer a su ex esposa Lois Young. Los argumentos concluyeron en la Corte de apelaciones el miércoles adonde en panal de jueces quien fueron Elliot Mottley, Boyd Carey y John Sosa han reservado su decisión. Mientras el señor Denys Barrow siga en su posición, el tiene poder para influenciar decisiones cuando se trata del gobierno de Belice, la administración de Dean Barrow, la familia Barrow y la política hablando generalmente.


Domingo, 14 de Marzo, 2010

DISTRACCIÓN UDP Parece haber un plan estructural por parte del gobierno UDP para deliberadamente confundir el pueblo de Belice. Nos atrevemos a decir esto porque dos eventos significativos ha ocurrido durante la última semana que solo se puede prever como una obra y trama de un maestro de la decepción y un fraude y particularmente nos referimos al Primer Ministro Dean Barrow. En su órgano propagandístico, el Semanario El Guardián declaro en su portada de la semana pasada que los intereses de la banca se reducirían. Declararon que los bancos comerciales tienen la clave para restituir y salvar la economía de Belice si redijeran la tasa de intereses en depósitos así como en préstamos. En ese artículo el autor también urge al gobierno UDP para que adopten una legislación para implementar tal medida. Sin embargo, mientras el articulo de portada fue publicada para confundir aun mas al publico el articulo fue intencional y decisivo que hasta se puede catalogar como un intento para ver las reacciones de pueblo. Pero en fin el artículo solo sirvió para provocar más confusión ya que carecía de sustancia y termino como aire contaminado que salió de la boca del editor cuando ya se ha pasado de copas. Como siempre, el UDP ha estado tramando otro truco para disminuir las esperanzas del pueblo Beliceño confundiéndolos haciéndolos creer que tendrán acceso a bajos intereses muy pronto. Todos saben que eso solo es un sueño y nunca se realizara y el Gobernador del

Banco Central y el mismo Primer Ministro lo sabe muy bien. El Semanario partidista también aludió que cualquiera recibiendo bajos intereses en los bancos comerciales pudieran retirarlo para arriesgarse en un negocio riesgoso. Esto sin embargo es absurdo porque ningún inversionista invertirá en donde el mismo gobierno se ha encargado de crear un ambiente anti. inversión.

pudo ser más que la presencia del Comisionado de la policía y el del Ministro de Nacionalidad Nacional en las ceremonias fúnebres de Teddy Murillo. Todos saben que combinando esto dos ineptos solo se aumentan la confusión que realmente demuestra el porqué la situación de la criminalidad esta fuera de control. Sin embargo esto solo fue una oportunidad para estar frente las cámaras para estos incompetentes. Lo que este Gobierno UDP Así mismo tratan de tomarle el pelo esperando es de medir el pulso al pueblo Beliceño y de burlarse aun del pueblo para ver si les permiten más de la Familia de Teddy Murillo. regular para bajar la tasa de intereses para los bancos comerciales mientras Esta ultima de seguro es otra aumentan los intereses en los Bonos distracción de este gobierno UDP de la Tesorería. El gobierno UDP para desviar la atención de las espera que esta idea abra el camino múltiples incompetencias y el castigo y una ventana de oportunidad para que le están montando al pueblo. prestarse dinero a ellos mismos como gobierno sin tener que acudir a Como mencionamos en nuestras la Cámara de Representantes para su ediciones previas, esta publicación aprobación. El Senado Godwin Hulse tiene un reto con este gobierno UDP debe estar rabiando sobre esta última porque prometieron actuar en el pero posiblemente quedaremos mejor interés del pueblo y se han morados antes de oponerse a su negado a realizar esa responsabilidad ídolo, el Primer Ministro Barrow. de buen gobierno. Estamos advirtiendo que muy pronto el Gobierno emprenderá una campaña para engañar a los depositores de los bancos comerciales donde trataran de convencerlos para retiren sus balances y inviertan en esos papeles sin valor de la tesorería. El Gobierno necesita malamente dinero en efectivo para balancear su presupuesto con fin de continuar viviendo como ricos y famosos mientras el Primer Ministro le pide a la pobre gente que aprieten los cinturones porque lo peor está por venir. Ninguna otra acción engañosa

Esta publicación así mismo aplaude la iniciativa del la Misión Adventista que opto por cerrar las escuelas el pasado viernes en protesta a las matanzas sin sentido que ocurren a menudo plagando la ciudad. El gobierno no cuenta con la voluntad política ni la capacidad para implementar una estrategia que detenga la ola de criminalidad que nos azota. Miembros del Gabinete solo se preocupan de llenarse sus bolsillos y de viajar como los famosos a ciudades distantes y esa actitud no puede traer ningún beneficio para la gente pobre de la parte sur de ciudad Belice.

¿Porque el Gobierno de Dean Barrow ha optado por detener el proyecto de la Terminal de Cruceros de Belice? ¿Porque no apoyo al inversionista de esa Terminal Turística para Cruceros para comenzar otro proyecto similar que ellos puedan controlar? El proyecto que ya estaba en su segunda fase estaba proveyendo empleos para 500 y a su término iba a emplear unos 5000 trabajadores de Belice en vez de darle carta de aprobación a la facilidad RCL al sur del país. El Gobierno tiene aun la oportunidad de recortar el gran desempleo por la mitad pero el gobierno se niega a aprobar el reinicio de las obras al proyecto de la Terminal de Cruceros de Port Loyola. Este proyecto ya estaba transformando el paisaje de la ciudad pero también iba transformar las vidas de miles de Beliceños, especialmente de los quienes viven en esa área. Pero el gobierno no quiere mejorar las vidas de los pobres porque eso ha sido su mejor excusa política para tratar de mantenerse dentro del gobierno. Lo único que podemos preguntar es ¿Por qué este gobierno es tan desgraciado? Todos sabemos que son vengativos y maliciosos que solo buscan provecho para sus familiares, amistades partidistas como su financiador BRADS y Compañía. Así como se aferran a sus malicias así mismo deben de proveer para abrir una ventana de oportunidad y así disminuir la pobreza. Empleos es necesario para que la población tenga una existencia digna. Abran los Ojos, El Pueblo Esta Despierta.


Domingo, 14 de March, 2010



Aumentan deportaciones con OBAMA Durante el año 2009, 387 mil 790 personas fueron deportadas de Estados Unidos. Un año antes, bajo el gobierno de George W. Bush, las deportaciones fueron 264 mil 503, indicó Angélica Salas, directora de la Coalición por los derechos de los inmigrantes de Los Ángeles (Chirla, sigla en inglés). “Al presidente Obama le pedimos un alto inmediato a las deportaciones y necesitamos su liderazgo para avanzar en la reforma migratoria”, dijo Salas a periodistas. Chirla y las otras organizaciones que participaron en la conferencia de prensa afirmaron que se unirán a una marcha el 21 de marzo en Washington para reactivar el debate sobre la regorma migratoria, en la que

En el gobierno de Barack Obama han sido deportados más migrantes latinoamericanos. Washington, EE. UU.- Grupos de defensa de inmigrantes en Estados Unidos denunciaron que las deportaciones se dispararon 50 por ciento bajo el gobierno de Barack Obama, a quien pidieron comprometerse con una reforma migratoria. sus organizadores esperan congregar a decenas de miles de personas. Pramila Jayapal, directora de la organización One America, afirmó que concretar una reforma migratoria que legalice a los 10.8 millones de indocumentados que viven en Estados Unidos traería beneficios económicos al país.

Jayapal citó un reciente estudio del Centro por el Progreso, cercano al Partido Demócrata y partidario de la reforma, en el que se afirma que Estados Unidos crecería anualmente un 0.84 por ciento suplementario si el Congreso aprobara dicha reforma. “Esto no es una política económica y moral sensata, esto no es liderazgo

ni un cambio en el que podamos creer”, dijo Jayapal, en referencia a la oferta de cambio que hizo Obama durante su campaña presidencial. “Esperamos más, esperamos que el presidente Obama ordene al gobierno que detenga las deportaciones y demuestre liderazgo hacia una aprobación de la reforma migratoria”, subrayó. Obama ha ofrecido impulsar este año la reforma migratoria en el Congreso, donde iniciativas similares fracasaron en 2006 y 2007. La Casa Blanca ha admitido que no están los votos necesarios para aprobar la reforma.

Los Zetas se convierten en cartel del narco, según reporte de EE. UU. de Sinaloa, que al parecer han llegado a una especie de alianza para acabar a la nueva competencia. La magnitud del problema se refleja en el interés que Estados Unidos ha dado a las andadas de los Zetas, a quienes ya los cataloga como cartel y con El grupo los Zetas ha dejado de ser el brazo armado al servicio de los eso le permite narcotraficantes mexicanos y han evolucionado al nivel de cartel, que genera congelar una guerra en se país, mientras se afianza en el territorio guatemalteco. c u e n t a s bancarias de los jefes o El reporte detalla que los Zetas “tienen capital.Los Zetas ahora se denominan prestanombres en ese país, o aplicar el control de regiones enteras de ‘La Compañía’ y en México se han sanciones contra las empresas que le Guatemala”, como lo han constatado afincado en el estado fronterizo de brinden apoyo. Además, ha destinado las autoridades guatemaltecas en las Tamaulipas. Eso ha desatado una US$50 millones para compensar ocasiones en que esa organización ha guerra, según el informe, entre sus información proporcionada al generado violencia en Huehuetenango, antiguos patrones del cartel Golfo y Departamento de Antinarcóticos de Petén, Cobán, Izabal, Zacapa y la sus carteles rivales, La Familia y el Estados Unidos (DEA) relacionada

con los capos. La guerra entre el nuevo cartel y los ya afianzados en la zona fronteriza de México y Estados Unidos llegó al punto de que los carteles de el Golfo, Sinaloa y La Familia desplegaron mantas en el estado de Nuevo León pidiendo al gobierno federal que “les permita” acabar con los Zetas. La consultora internacional Stratfor mencionó en un informe semanal que esa pela por la supremacía de esa región mexicana podría tomar “meses o posiblemente años”. Leonel Ruiz, jefe de la Fiscalía guatemalteca contra la Narcoactividad, explicó que los Zetas se han convertido en cartel, y que sus operaciones iniciaron desde la narcomatanza en Zacapa en marzo de 2008. “Confirmamos la tesis de que se trata de un cartel dada la organización que trabajan y principalmente por la fuerza armada que les acompaña y con la que han logrado mantener el control en diversas partes del país”, explicó Ruiz. Ruiz detalla que hay células en todas partes del país. Entre los lugares donde se les ha visto su grado de operación es Huehuetenango, Petén, Cobán, Izabal, Zacapa y la capital.


Domingo, 14 de Marzo, 2010

BELMOPAN DE LUTO POR ‘EL MAESTRO GRINAGE’ Uno de los mejores maestros y ruegan por los otros heridos

La mala noticia de la tragedia humana no se dejo esperar y minutos después Belmopán ya estaba desconcertada al escuchar de los cuatro maestros de la Secundaria Belmopán Comprehensive estuvieron involucrados en el fatal accidente vehicular que ocurrió el pasado viernes sobre la carretera Western Highway que conduce de Belice a Belmopán en la área de San Mateo. Los Maestros estaban de regreso a Belmopán desde un día de recreo en un auto tipo Toyota Corrolla a eso de las 2 de la tarde cuando el terrible incidente. La noticia conmovió a todo Belmopán es al saber que el muy estimado maestro de la secundaria Carlisle Grinage murió al instante del impacto, mientras los otros tres maestros fueron transportados hacia el hospital Karl Heusner para tratamiento especializado de trauma. Los cuatro maestros que iban a bordo del carro Toyota Corolla son; Neomi Barrientos, Andrea Gonzales, Ulyses Augustine y el fallecido Carlisle Grinage. El incidente ocurrió entre las milla 38 y 39 en la carretera llamada el Western Highway; antes de llegar a un pequeño cerro dirigiéndose casi al puente, investigaciones primarias revelan que un Ford Explorer transportando a tres turistas Americanos aparentemente perdió el control y se metió al otro lado de la carretera adonde choco contra el carro pequeño adonde iban abordo los maestros machucando al pequeño carro de frente y machucando su Ford Explorer al lado derecho. Dos de las tres personas a bordo la camioneta roja del Ford Explorer fueron identificados como Burton Brooks quien es el manejador, Laura Locke y otro estadounidense. Brooks y Locke fueron heridos críticamente pero mas detalles no han sido revelados de ellos. El carro Toyota Corolla llevando a los maestros era conducido al tiempo del incidente por la maestra Soemi Noemi Barrientos. El maestro Ulyses Augustine tuvo que ser removido con una maquina de cortar metal porque el se encontraba entre metales doblados. El estimado maestro de biología Carlisle Grinage, 39 años de edad, quien iba atrás del manejador murió porque su cuello se quebró en el impacto. Los tres otros maestros están vivos aunque la maestra Barrientos tuvo que llevar acabo dos operaciones de emergencia porque estaba sangrando por adentro, afortunadamente los doctores

p u d i e r o n controlarlo. Los otros dos fueron heridos críticamente pero están en condición e s t a b l e . Preparándonos para ir a la prensa, la más herida de los tres sobrevivientes no se le ha dicho que uno de sus colegas perdió la vida ya que podía afectar su recuperación. Las autoridades médicas por el jueves pidieron donadores de sangre para asistir a la maestra. El cuerpo de 800 estudiantes y 60 maestros de la escuela secundaria Belmopan Comprehensive School se encuentran en un estado de shock con la pérdida de repente de unos de sus más estimados maestros en pareja con otros 3 maestros que forman una parte crucial de la enseñanza. El señor Grinage era profesor de ciencia general pero maestro profesional de la biología, el llego ensenar en el colegio de Belmopan Comprehensive School por 7 años y no será fácil buscar un reemplazo para este gran maestro. Un servicio fue realizado por los maestros y estudiantes del colegio el sábado por la tarde adonde se prendieron velas y su memoria fue recordada la cual fue atendida por unos 600 estudiantes, amigos, familiares y residentes de Belmopan. El señor Grinage será extrañado grandemente por sus pasados estudiantes y los que el dejo aun en el colegio, sus colegas que dicen que el camino con integridad, siempre buscando mejores maneras para ensenar a los estudiantes y compartiendo su habilidades de enseñanza con muchos. Aparte de ser un buen maestro, el también fue un buen esposo y buen padre. Después de que el salía de la escuela, el era visto compartiendo su tiempo con sus hijos y corriendo y haciendo ejercicio en la área de la Asamblea Nacional. Sus familiares, amigos y estudiantes los extrañaran pero su recuerdo vivirá como un buen maestro que en su poco tiempo de vida llego a los corazones de muchos siendo un buen maestro, esposo e padre. Una misa celebrando la vida de este gran maestro fue realizada en la catedral de Our Lady Of Guadalupe en Belmopan. Más de 800 estudiantes juntamente con la escuela primaria de Our Lady of Guadalupe adonde sus tres hijos atendían y muchos más familiares e amigos atendieron y pagaron sus respetos al señor Carlisle Grinage antes de ser enterrado. El es sobrevivido por su esposa, Mrs. Gersha Grinage, sus dos hijos y una hija, su padre y madre, 5 hermanas y dos hermanos. Que descanse en paz.



Aries 21 Marzo-19 Abril

El tránsito de Venus por tu signo es excelente para aumentar tus recursos personales. Refleja una etapa favorable para conquistar nuevos objetivos, tanto de tipo personal como sentimental. Ahora tienes más seguridad a la hora de actuar. Tus relaciones te pueden abrir nuevas perspectivas. Es una buena etapa para todo lo relacionado con la capacidad de materializar tus propias ideas en materia de amor. Indica una doble sesión de vitalidad. Revela un periodo de buena suerte, de colocar las cosas en su sitio, de tener que vivir experiencias que te reporten felicidad.

Tauro 20 Abril-20 Mayo

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa doce indica que vives un momento de gran actividad creativa. Refleja la posibilidad de que le dediques más tiempo a la introspección. Tus experiencias sentimentales del pasado van a ser objeto de revisión y quizá te aporten datos que te aclaren muchas dudas. Desde el punto de vista de la salud es el momento de decir adiós a un ciclo y entrar en un proceso nuevo de transformación que se puede materializar un poco más adelante.

Gémini 21 Mayo-21 Junio

Venus transitando por tu casa once indica un incremento en todo lo relacionado con tus actividades sociales y con tu sentido lúdico de la vida. Refleja que vas a vivir una etapa de mucho trato con la gente, de tener nuevas experiencias y a la vez de aprender gracias a esos contactos. Vas a tener una mayor capacidad comunicativa, lo que te hará sentirte mejor y te dará más éxito con los demás. Vas a mezclar la amistad en todo tipo de actividades, desde las comerciales hasta las románticas.

Cáncer 22 Junio-22 Julio

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa diez refleja que una nueva filosofía de vida toma cuerpo en tus esquemas profesionales provocando cambios en tu vida exterior. Con seguridad las circunstancias cambian para que puedas demostrar la capacidad que tienes de hacer las cosas con éxito y autonomía. Llega un periodo muy constructivo para tus intereses. Indica nuevas oportunidades para progresar en tus metas profesionales, e igualmente es posible que recibas ayudas ya sea de forma directa o indirecta.

Leo 23 Julio-22 Agosto

El tránsito de Venus por tu c asa nueve marc a un periodo donde adquieres nuevos enfoques respecto a lo que tienes que hacer c on tu vida. Diversas opciones de funcionamiento aparecen para ampliar tus horizontes. Indic a una etapa donde es necesario salir y ver el mundo. Es un tránsito excelente para aumentar tus objetivos personales a través de los viajes. Ref leja una fase expansiva donde se amplía la inf luencia de tus ideas.

Virgo 23 Agosto-22 Septiembre

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa ocho indica un periodo para profundizar en tus asuntos más importantes y reflexionar en cuanto a tus excesos y tus carencias. Igualmente deberías hacer un balance o repaso de lo que ha sido tu vida, tanto emocional como material en los últimos meses. Te aconseja que cuides tus emociones y administres tu energía de forma adecuada, sin ningún tipo de derroche. Ahora puedes crear un ambiente muy placentero a tu alrededor disfrutando de tus relaciones más cercanas.

Libra 23 Septiembre-22 Octubre

Venus transitando por tu casa siete indica que va a ver mucho movimiento en torno a tu pareja, a tus socios, a tus compromisos adquiridos en forma de contrato, o a todo lo que tenga que ver con tus relaciones con lo demás. Tu energía a la hora de llevar a cabo tus proyectos personales se va a potenciar. Refleja cambios positivos en la forma de entender tus relaciones. Igualmente es un tránsito idóneo para aportar nuevas propuestas, tanto sentimentales.

Escorpio 23 Octubre-21 Noviembre

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa seis te abre nuevas vías para lograr tus objetivos laborales. Tu propio trabajo te puede aportar experiencias muy interesantes. La suerte está contigo pero olvídate de mantener una actitud pasiva o de esperar a que las cosas te lleguen sin esfuerzo. Vas a tener que ser más dinámico. Indica relaciones armoniosas y más actividad social relacionada con el trabajo. Quizá sea el momento oportuno para proyectarte.

Sagitario 22 Noviemre-21 Diciembre

Venus transitando por tu casa cinco indica un periodo de grandes expectativas y avances, tanto en el terreno personal como en el del amor. Vives una racha llena de ilusiones. Revela un aumento de tu confianza personal, especialmente en lo referente a tu vida amorosa, pero también en tus actividades creativas. Los desafíos sentimentales que vivas durante las próximas semanas darán sus frutos. Indica que cualquier actividad social que tengas te puede abrir una excelente racha para el amor.

Capricornio 22 Diciembre-19 Enero

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa cuatro indica que puedes tener oportunidades para involucrarte en actividades comerciales relacionadas con inmuebles o propiedades. Refleja que empieza una etapa positiva en asuntos de hogar, vivienda y familia, e igualmente influye en tu ámbito emocional más íntimo. Quizá tengas que hacer un camino de más responsabilidad personal, aunque en cualquier caso vives un momento maravilloso para lograr un crecimiento interno.

Acuario 20 Enero-18 Febrero

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa tres indica que puedes vivir una expansión considerable en tu vida social. Puedes hacer más viajes cortos que habitualmente conociendo a diferentes personas. Indica que tu mente se reactiva. Refleja que durante varias semanas puedes expresarte de un modo más claro y concreto. Es probable que durante esta época tomes decisiones importantes o formules nuevas estrategias y planes para el futuro. Aprovecha este periodo para llevar hacia adelante cualquier proyecto personal.

Piscis 19 Febrero-20 Marzo

El tránsito de Venus por tu casa dos indica una etapa donde se consolidan tus pretensiones financieras. Vives un momento favorable para sacar tus mejores cualidades en el ámbito profesional. Indica cambios en todo lo relacionado con la economía. Revela una etapa fecunda para tener ideas originales que adquieran valor con el paso del tiempo. Quizá sea ahora cuando puedas desarrollar nuevos proyectos y planteamientos que te permitan avanzar económicamente

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National Perspective March 14, 2010

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