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CITRUS INDUSTRY IN CRISIS Sunday, January 24, 2010

Edition 74 Vol. 2 - Week 22

Despite the increased probability of record prices

Henry Canton By: Glenn Tillett Belize City, Thursday, January 14, 2010 Two weeks ago, more than a week of frigid

Mike Duncker overnight temperatures devastated crops in south Florida and most of Florida’s 570,000 acres of citrus likely will have some freeze damage to fruit or leaves, but how much fruit is affected and whether

IS THE GIANT AWAKE? PUP Talk Strong to Barrow’s UDP Government

the cold has damaged trees has yet to be determined. Florida’s US$9.3 billion citrus industry produces more than three-quarters of the U.S. orange crop, most of which is processed for juice and the prospect of a cold snap damaging the crop is usually good news for Belize’s citrus industry. It is normally also the number one topic of conversation in ‘The Valley’ as the main citrus producing area is called, but the prospect of increasing prices is not the primary concern today. The Citrus Growers Association (CGA) owns 51% of the Citrus Products of Belize Limited but growers have grown

frustrated with having what should be a controlling interest but absolutely no say in the management and direction of their company. And as their worries about their ability as an organization to pay off a loan of over $11 million that they owe for 10% of the shares in CPBL grow, so too it appears that their patience running out. The CGA made it clear in several media appearances last week, and a stinging press release, that if they can’t pay they stand to lose the shares and their controlling interest in the company. What’s more,

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AG apologises to the Judiciary …one year after, how pathetic!


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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Give Them No Quarter As the saying goes, ‘good always route to the Privy Council to challenge multiple charges. Many may laugh at UDP, heir to the Michael Finnegan’s triumphs over evil’. This was the case the Chief Justice and the Court of our suggestions - maybe even those in throne, was criminally charged along when the evil UDP government and Appeal’s ruling that the government the PUP leadership - but it is no joke with her accomplices from the City their cronies on the BTL board decided does not have the right to remove the because what the UDP has done to this Council. Other UDP cronies have also to push through an appeal hearing ‘no rights of Belizeans to hold referenda. nation in just two short years is nothing been charged with money laundering, matta wat’. It did not matter that they Again, Lois Young Barrow is reaping short of an abomination. etc. These so-called squeaky clean had to hastily fly in, at the expense of from the tax payers’ coffers. She is being During their campaign the UDP business people have had criminal the tax payers, Appeal Judges to hear paid by Belizeans to travel to London promised that they would be charges placed on them. How ironic, ONE case. The substantive case is to fight a case that the courts in Belize prosecuting PUPs and PUP cronies the same people who campaigned scheduled for the 9th February, 2010 clearly stated in their ruling that they because they allegedly stole from on transparency and accountability and the next Court of Appeal sitting will not allow this UDP government Belize. They quickly found out no were charged for criminal offenses. is scheduled for March 2010. But the to be giving Belizeans the proverbial money was stolen and therefore, no We note however that these cases are spiteful Dean Barrow, who treats the ‘Dry Bukut’. The irony is that by mass criminal charges and certainly no pending for trial to see if there will be Judiciary with such contempt, convictions or acquittals. couldn’t wait. He had to get his Lois Young Barrow seems to have This publication calls on the PUP (government-inway. So because of malice and traded in her United Nations, New hate, thousands of dollars were York posting for the high profile, waiting), that after assuming power in 2013, to set up a squandered for NOTHING. high yield cases; cases she has Presently, Belize is in the worst been handpicked for by the UDP Commission of Inquiry to investigate the sudden wealth economic situation ever. The government. How transparent is 2009/2010 budget has a shortfall of that? Shouldn’t there be an outcry of the families and friends of Prime Minister Dean over 100 million dollars, a wilting by the Bar Association? Or are GDP, and every major foreign they too busy counting the blue Barrow and to ensure that Belizeans ‘follow the money exchange earner (commodity/ notes that it doesn’t seem to matter. industry) is in shambles and/ What is COLA’s public position trail’, since it is obvious that they have truly fl eeced the or in dispute. Yet, the so called on Sedi Elrington’s treasonous “prudent” UDP crowd took the statement? What about the sudden tax payers of this country. decision to spend thousands of wealth of Lois Young Barrow and dollars on a private dispute. And, Anwar Barrow? Poor ‘Shyne’ he is after spending so much of tax payers’ paying Lois Young Barrow’s junket convictions were achieved. Their only the only one that is not getting a piece hard earned money, they still lost the expense and legal fees, Belizeans are attempt at such were feeble charges of the pie, so much for having the paying for their own marginalization against Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca ‘Barrow-cuda’ surname. appeal. How embarrassing! which was trumped up to give the UDP Belizeans are seeing hell around the Were they counting their chickens and destruction. How very, very sad! early, or, did they have insider info Defending the said case in opposition government a week of glory. Those corner, but together, they will destroy that gave them some comfort? These to Lois Young Barrow, and representing charges were dismissed by the courts these UDP demons and restore law and are questions at the forefront of the the people of Belize is Senator Lisa in a heartbeat. order in the streets and contentment in Belizean tax payers’ minds. At present, Shoman. This publication gives kudos However as fate would have it, it’s the economy. This must be the mantra high school students are being sent to Sr. Counsel Shoman for single- the UDPs that are caught with their of all the people. OPEN YOUR EYES home due to outstanding school fees, handedly taking on the entire UDP hands in the cookie jar. Mayor Zenaida but a government can spend what is government on this matter of national Moya Flowers, the blue eye girl of the THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE! equivalent to school fees for almost 50 importance on a pro bono basis and is children on setting up what they had now in the freezing London weather to hoped to be a kangaroo court. But it take on the government’s pit-bull (exbackfired; the learned gentlemen of the wife). Hopefully she (the pit-bull) will Court of Appeals agreed with Senator be put on a leash as soon as the UDP Eamon Courtenay and upheld the are out of government. learned Chief Justice Abdulai Conteh’s This publication calls on the PUP (government-in-waiting), that after ruling. It looks now that the next stop for the assuming power in 2013, to set up a UDP government’s telephone company Commission of Inquiry to investigate 25 Nanche St. Belmopan will be London (Privy Council) or Port the sudden wealth of the families and of Spain (Caribbean Court of Justice), friends of Prime Minister Dean Barrow as this is a government that is unable and to ensure that Belizeans ‘follow to get over the fact that they got a PUP the money trail’, since it is obvious that whipping. While they are wasting they have truly fleeced the tax payers time on malicious actions, Belizeans of this country. are starving and dying on the streets. We ask that the new government in 2013 These poor Belizeans are not interested give no quarter to Dean Barrow and his cabinet of hustlers. We say, investigate anymore in UDP rhetoric. In yet another case, the wealthy wife the present Foreign Minister and try (ex) of the Prime Minister, Lois Young him for treason. We also believe Carlos Barrow, is off on a junket to London en Perdomo should also be considered for

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Citrus industry in Crisis Continued from page 1 they are saying that would suit a small group of large growers just fine. In fact many growers are now saying that those growers have joined with Banks Limited, a strategic investor brought in two years ago, to thwart the growers’ expressed desire for their say in how the company is managed. The first problem is that the directors they thought that they had the right to appoint and/or remove from the Board of Directors of CPBL have refused to go. The three men Henry Canton, Frank Redmond and Mike Duncker, have refused to relinquish their appointments and the CGA has had to file suit to have them removed. Growers blame Henry Canton primarily for their woes and second class citizen status in their own company and industry, even though are the majority in both areas. They charge that Canton had negotiated for himself the sweetest of deals that saw him resign from Cabinet to become the CEO of CPBL seven years ago. They allege that he has done very, very well for himself not only through his ultra secret contract that reputedly not only pays him well until age 65, but since he has been in the driver’s seat his private company, Agricultural Development Services, has been out-sourced all the contracts to provide all of CPBL’s nursery, grove management and equipment repair and maintenance services. A few years ago Canton negotiated the sale of 46.5% of CPBL shareholding to Banks Holding, a Barbadian-Trinidadian based financial group, for $25 million but industry insiders say the effective pay off to CGA was a mere four dollars. The sale divided the industry like never before, spawning an unprecedented level and volume of litigation. And the split not only persists today, but has widened and deepened.

The announcement on Channel 5’s Open Your Eyes morning talk show last week by former CPBL chairman Ernest Raymond that he and six other growers have formed a new grower organization is infuriating the other 400 plus growers. Many see the move as confirmation of their fears that that small group has totally joined with the investors and are determined to get the rest of them out of the company. CPBL has not declared any dividends for the past two years and their decision to not pay dividends represents a serious threat to the sustainability of the CGA. CGA Director Denzil Jenkins told the media: “We are held totally at ransom without dividends from CPBL; we had no dividends last year when the company made $5.2 million. We are getting no dividends this year when they lost $10 million but still there is some $10 million of retained earnings when the company under the Companies Act can still pay a dividend. Without dividends we cannot service our debt with AIB and Social Security for the acquisition of those first ten percent shares. If that happens, CPBL, the growers will lose their 51% majority shareholding in CPBL. We have no other reason but to believe that that is a designed deliberate strategy.” Henry Anderson, CGA’s CEO told the media: “What this is showing is that what should have been our partner is behaving in such a way that it has no regard for the views of the majority shareholder and will stretch out this through to the end. When we look at all of these things that is what we see.” He also said that: “As I’ve said before, growers’ emotions are going high and they may take other measures to basically make their points known.” The citrus harvest is now in full swing, the first grapefruit crop is just about finished

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IS THE GIANT AWAKE? Continued from page 1 By Rhenae Nunez Belize City; Tues. January 19th, 2010 There seems to be renewed energy in the opposition, People’s United Party. On Tuesday the party hosted a press conference at the Party’s headquarters on Queen Street in Belize City. The purpose of the meeting was to bring attention to a myriad of issues besieging the Belizean people as well as to offer suggestions on how the problems can be fixed. Independence Hall was packed with supporters, mostly from Orange Walk who showed up in support of John Briceno, the current leader of the PUP. Briceno, who was first to speak began by asking prayers for the people of Haiti who are suffering the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck the nation one week ago. He called on the UDP Government to give effect to a proposal for a refugee program for a limited number of Haitian families. John Briceno outlined a number of issues on the domestic front. “Our economy is in a mess,” he declared. “For three quarters in a row our economy had negative growth. Should the next quarter show similar results, we will be in a depression.” Briceno outlined a series of issues that he said the UDP government has failed at addressing. “Meanwhile our government continues to make excuses, blaming everything on the past administration, the world recession and everyone but themselves. In two years they have failed to fulfill a single promise they made to the people,” Briceno charged. On the issue of corruption which Prime Minister Barrow fervently promised to stomp out, John Briceno said that the promise is a joke. “Mr. Barrow’s promise of not so much as a whiff of corruption is now a joke, for the word out there is that the government is rank with corruption, a stench that leads all the way to Belmopan.” Other speakers were Mark Espat; Deputy

Leader of the PUP, Francis Fonseca; Deputy Leader and Senator Eamon Courtney, National Campaign Manager. Espat focused his address on the shrinking economy and the crippling effects on the people of Belize. He reminded of a number of unfulfilled promises to the people by the Barrow administration. Espat said, “the first mayday calls were sounded in March 2008, the record now shows that the much trumpeted “stimulus package,” that life raft that was to rescue a drowning economy, was riddled with holes. $200m. Which $200 million, we ask? There is no solid waste management station, no upgrading to the tourism product in Belize City, no improvement to the drainage in Belama, no major works on the Western or Northern Highways, no municipal renewal programs, no relief to the potholes, craters and garbage dotting our City streets.” Espat’s delivery was figurative; he painted a vivid picture of the ailing economy. “Economic activity, as measured by GDP has shriveled for three consecutive quarters – by 2.2%, 1.9% and .2%, respectively. These are not intangible numbers bereft of human agony. They convert to thousands of lost jobs, business shuttered, houses re-possessed, children booted out of the classroom and families broken. For real people it has even meant mealtimes without meals,” Espat said. On the issue of crime, Francis Fonseca said that Belize City residents are gripped by fear. He offered recommendations to address our burgeoning crime crisis. Fonseca suggested, “Doubling the Police Recruit Intake for 2010. Doubling the number of boots on the ground, (officers on patrol), in Belize City. Re-open all Police Booths and sub-stations that have been closed over the last two years. Re-activate and adequately resource the Community Policing and Neighborhood watch programs. It is unacceptable when residents

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Sunday, January 24, 2010


It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power. ~ Alan Cohen The old veteran Harry Lawrence, this past weekend, pulled out his whipping rod and bent the upstart and often schizophrenic publisher of the Amandala over his editorial knee.

reporting, but on this issue, the man has come up “manly”. It is time that Evan Hyde is made to understand that his insidious dogma will not forever go unchallenged. It will take people like Harry Lawrence, who knows the truth and can counter in words, to deflect the harmful and divisive effects of Hyde’s propaganda. The unfortunate thing is that Evan Hyde has all the tools, (intelligence, influence and wherewithal), to make a positive difference in our country. He has chosen instead, like a fly caught in a spider’s web, to remain locked in a 1960’s time warp. Yes, the war for full equality is not yet done but it serves no purpose to continue fighting battles that have already been won. Nelson Mandela is free, apartheid (if only in word) is no more and Barak Obama is president of the only remaining super power in the world. This is 2010, not 1969. Buzz phrases like “straight like that”, “listen Jack” and even “power to the people” have had their day and served their purpose and are really now, quite passé. And

american skipper charged for undeclared cash

Like most people in Belize, Harry Lawrence has obviously deliberately avoided getting into any verbal squabble with Evan Hyde who buys ink by the barrel. Lately however, more and more people have been standing up and saying “enough!” A well deserved and long delayed spanking; ouch! Harry Lawrence had remained quiet for a long time despite Hyde’s incessant attacks against the church and in some instances, against Harry himself. Whether it was the mood of the article or Harry’s particular mood at the moment of reading the article, it proved the straw that broke the back of Harry’s patience. He has apparently and rightfully had enough. A close examination of Harry’s rebuttal reveals that it was not cursorily written; Harry has facts (facts incontrovertible). As far as journalism in Belize goes, Harry Lawrence is no Johnny-comelately; he is a pioneer and a longstanding member of that club. He has been in the newspaper business for over four decades and has been writing since longer than many of us has been reading. If there is one man capable of taking on Hyde, it is Harry Lawrence. Like most people in Belize, Harry Lawrence has obviously deliberately avoided getting into any verbal squabble with Evan Hyde who buys ink by the barrel. Lately however, more and more people have been standing up and saying “enough!” For years this man has been misleading, misinforming and misrepresenting facts to the Belizean people. He does so under the guise of speaking for and on behalf of the people. Finally, someone of Harry’s stature, who also buys his ink in bulk, has dared to ask the question, “What people?” Is it the people of the Northside where he lives and plays or is it the people of the Southside where he makes his money? Is it the politicians who pay dearly for his spin, the business people who gets shook down and intimidated or the young black youths whose labor is exploited to enrich his family and maintain his lavish lifestyle? Which people? Now I am no big fan of Harry Lawrence, for he has done his share of mercenary

how can any man, with a biological makeup of black, white and then some, be condemning any one race or upholding one over the other. How do you know that despite complexion, the Caucasian strain might not be more dominant in your vein? Should you then be feeling guilty instead? Last week, following the devastating earthquake that left thousands dead and homeless in Haiti, and while the entire world, (black, white and other) were scrambling to assist, Hyde was once again busy waving his race card reminding of desolate days long gone. The history of Haiti is intriguing and hag-ridden and worthy of dissertation but not now. Listen, we are all distressed about slavery and the injustices perpetrated by some members of the human race on others, and if we truly believe in a GOD, we are comforted knowing that who should pay, will! We certainly should not forget history but instead of remaining bogged in its despondency we must learn our lessons and move on! It is a new day, a day to uplift spirit and attitude and character. Yes, it is still difficult for a poor man to be rich but then it is still difficult for a camel to enter the eye of a needle. The energy spent on hating any one race could better be utilized in uplifting the entire human race. In this day and age, any boy can grow up to be a Barak Obama or a Usain Bolt or a Muhammad Ali. Any girl can be Beyonce or Michelle Obama or Shirley Chisholm. This is not a time for crying about spilt milk but a time for grabbing the udders and filling one’s pail; a time for relinquishing the past and embracing the future with a passion devoid of hate, malice or prejudice. Belize needs revolutionaries not mercenaries, men of vision not those who languish in the past and spend time raking up the relics of long committed sins. It is 2010, forward to the present and onward to the future!

An American skipper identified as William Russell Jewett Jr. was arrested and taken into custody last Friday morning after elements of the Belize City Police responded to an information and complaint and boarded his luxury sailboat namely the MV ‘Latitude Adjustment’ where they executed a search where investigators found a large quantity of undeclared cash in various currencies concealed behind an interior panel inside a closet of the boat’s master bedroom. The ‘Latitude Adjustment’ which flying a Belizean Flag at the time was moored at the Cucumber Beach Marina at Old Belize Complex situated on the Western Highway at the time of the raid. The hefty sum of cash was counted and recorded as exhibit comprised of ($US120,000) one hundred and twenty thousand US dollars, ($4,208) four thousand two hundred and eight euros, ($5,020) five thousand and twenty dollars in pesos, ($225.00) two hundred and twenty five quetzals and ($23.37) twenty three dollars and thirty seven cents in Belize currency. Unconfirmed reports reaching the Perspective reveal that Jewett’s travelling companion and fiancée with whom he travelled into the

country from abroad may have sold him out to authorities after the two got into a bitter argument over the hefty loot. Sources say she left the marina in a rage stating that she was leaving for good and shortly after, the police showed up to conduct their raided on the ‘Latitude Adjustment’. Although Police have not yet confirmed the veracity of the information provided by the informant regarding Jewett being a fugitive and being wanted in the US for the crime of felony weapon possession and fraud with US Authorities, the Belize police acted on the strength of what the informant filed as a complaint, but when Jewett appeared in Court on Monday for arraignment on the indictable charge of ‘Money Laundering’ which would have been played in the Supreme Court, the Financial Intelligence Unit indicated to the police that they would retract and proceed to charge him summarily instead. William Russell Jewett Jr. was taken back to the Police Station to rewrite the charges which will now be dealt by the Magistrate’s Court and reappeared in Court on Tuesday. He is being defended by attorneys Ellis Arnold and Dickie Bradley.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Citrus industry in Crisis Continued from page 3 and the orange crop is well underway. At a time when prices are going up and production may be just about average, things are souring fast. Jenkins noted that: “Judging from what has evolved over our dealings with partner banks, we can see a very difficult time ahead. As things are going, very shortly we are going to reach that point of no return as far as any kind of peaceful co-existence with a major partner in business”. Anderson echoed his concerns saying that: “We are trying to keep the peace because you have to be constructive in an important industry like this but coming out of December 4th - that flies smack in the face of everything else and things in the valley are very hot right now.” For their part, Frank Redmond, Henry Canton, Mike Duncker and Ernest Raymond have given television interviews seeking to justify their positions and actions. Redmond said in his turn before the cameras that although he did not “… want to represent people who don’t want me to represent them,” he had not resigned from his appointment as a director of CPBL because he did not think it was in the best interest of the growers or company. Raymond for his part failed to identify himself as a former chairman of the board of CPBL, and apparently appeared on the program in place of Canton to push the incorporation of their new growers’ organization. In another interview Mike Duncker, who insists on remaining as Chairman of the board, made it clear that his loyalty was not to the growers who had appointed them to represent them, but to what he called ‘the company’. “I suppose the citrus growers do not understand that the factory has to be run commercially and that when directors are appointed to the board, we are appointed to represent and to make sure that the factory

itself is run very efficiently and we cannot wear two hats when we are in there. We have to represent the factory and we have to represent all shareholders, not factions of shareholders while we are there.” Henry Canton for his part said that “I have to manage for all shareholders, not the principal shareholder. My fiduciary responsibility is to all shareholders.” In a release late last week the CGA called on the trio of Redmond, Funcker and Canton to resign saying in part: “Growers will recall and the Belizean public should take note that Dr. Henry Canton, was the chief architect of the investment agreement and a member of the Board of the CGA Investment Company Limited, and Mr. Raymond was the Chairman of the CGA Investment Company Limited when the decision was taken for the Investment Company Limited to sell off 46.5% of CPBL and receive $4 dollars when in fact the Investment Company Limited owed approximately $12 million dollars for the purchase of the first 10% shares in Del Oro Belize, the company that became CPBL.” Three months ago the Barrow Administration sent its Alan Slusher to try and help resolve the issues confounding the growers and threatening the harvest and industry. The fact that the problems are worsening, the tensions are rising and the litigation is increasing should make it obvious to the Prime Minister that not only is Slusher not the person for the job, but that the government needs to sit up and pay more attention. Belize’s citrus industry was built by George Price and the Peoples United Party who made every effort to ensure that it would collectively promote, preserve and protect all growers large and small. The Dean Barrow administration don’t seem to care too much that this industry earns Belize US$100 million or more every year in export earning, but seem to care even less for the plight of Belize’s small farmers.



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in their community organize themselves to join hands with the Police to fight crime, as was done by the residents of Belama, here in Belize City, and they are ignored by the Belize Police Department. And we must of course never lose sight of the root causes of crime particularly at a time when job and economic opportunities are hard to come by.” Eamon Courtney who was last to speak, held no punches in calling for the resignation of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington, after he said that Belize’s western border with Guatemala is artificial. He said that “the Party takes this opportunity to repeat our condemnation of Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington for his description of our border with Guatemala as “artificial”. We reject that description. We assert without equivocation that we have had and continue to have a real border with Guatemala as defined in the Belize Constitution.” Courtney said that the PUP will not sit idly by and allow the UDP to undermine our national position and to risk our national interests. “We demand a retraction of the statement,” Courtney said, “a public clarification of the true and correct position, and the resignation of Minister Elrington. The national interest requires immediate action. Prime Minister Barrow the nation expects you to act; to do what’s right and to do it now.” Courtney also spoke extensively on the Belize-Guatemala issue and proposed that a white paper should be drafted. “The People’s United Party calls on the Government of Belize to prepare within sixty days a White Paper on Belize Guatemala Relations. This White Paper should have as its main elements, a factual description of the devastating effects of deforestation, cultivation, over-fishing and pollution and other illegal activities; it should elaborate a comprehensive strategy to immediately redress these urgent problems; and thirdly it should provide estimates of the resources – financial and

otherwise – required implementing the strategy. The White Paper should be given the widest possible circulation and be the subject of an informed national discussion before the strategy is adopted as a national plan to effectively deal with these problems. We say that nothing less than this new national effort is required at this time. The PUP stands ready to play a leading part in this new effort.” According to Courtney, more than one year has passed since the signing of a Special Agreement on 8th December 2008. That signing seems nullified by inaction and it was Courtney’s view that we are no closer to the referenda. “In light of the electoral cycle in Belize and Guatemala,” he said, “the prospect of holding a referendum is at least four years away. It is impractical for a referendum to be held until after the 2013 general elections in Belize. This means that the earliest possible time that a court hearing can be held, if approved by our respective peoples, would be in 2017. We believe that this delay calls for a reassessment of the Belize Guatemala relations.” During the question and answer session that immediately followed the presentations, Channel Seven’s Jules Vasquez asked Party Leader John Briceno if he would reign in the renegade National Perspective newspaper. Briceno responded by saying that the Belize Times is the only PUP paper. The Belize Times was missing in action over the Christmas and New Year holidays while the National Perspective kept watch. The press conference - although it was delayed reaction to the very pressing issues was spirited and showed a somewhat unified face of the opposition that has been ineffective because of warring factions within the party. While the party talked a good talk, it is left to be seen whether all the talk will be buttressed by real action. Ed Note: The Perspective speaks for the unheard voices within the PUP and UDP and they are the majority, they are the voters!!!

KREMANDALA $ELLOUT Mose handpicked by Barrow to head ineffective CYDP for a fee Kremandala gets entire $400K ad budget from SSB X Hyde gets special Accomodation Agreement from BTL (Barrow Telemedia Looting)



Sunday, January 24, 2010


the Judiciary NOT UNTIL Don’t short …Chief Justice to GOB 2012 by: Nuri Muhammad

I was talking to a loyal, seasoned and battle ready PUP recently, who opined that the big challenge for leadership of the PUP will be 2012 and not in March, 2010, as some have been speculating. He said, Johnny Bricineo will be reconfirmed as Party Leader at the next party convention and Mark Espat, the waiting contender, will not make any move, despite his recent display of “oneupmanship” over the Party Leader in setting the party’s agenda regarding the Haitian refugee proposal (which by the way, was first suggested by our own Rhenae) and the condemnation of the Foreign Minister’s comment about “artificial borders”. In both instances the direction of the party was set by the lead of Deputy Leader, Mark Espat, and the “zinc fence”. But despite this, according to my friend, Mark will not make any overt move for leadership in March. He said there is plenty of time left, politically, and Mark stands a better chance to wait and make his assault in 2012, or before. Said Musa, on the other hand, has remained supportive of Johnny Bricineo, as Party Leader, and maintains that he has no leadership ambitions despite a group of supporters who continue to urge him to step up. Francis Fonseca, who some thought would have stepped up to the plate seem indecisive about his prospect for leadership and he too has supported the leadership of Johnny Bricineo. Hopefully the Party Leader, by now, has learned how awesome is the responsibility of leadership over this most complex but successful political organization in the history of Belize. Hopefully he will take some advice from Gordon Smith and begin to implement the Big Tent concept in his leadership style and show that he can manage the divergent views under this tent. Only so will he show that he is fit to be leader of the future PUP. So my friend says Johnny will be given tacit support in March because he will be confirmed as a “caretaker leader” until the real test in 2012, or before. If this prediction is correct, Johnny will have a golden opportunity to reclaim his integrity for a dismal first 2 years of leadership and recover from his mistakes and hopefully reestablish his political credibility. He can begin by asserting his leadership by demanding of his deputies more substance than glitter. It is also important that he rein in his deputy, Mark, and insure that he speaks only after consultation with the Party leader. For example, anyone listening to Mark in interviews since the beginning of this year would get the impression that he is not checking with his leader before he speaks to the media. Therefore Mark’s intervention, or more precisely, the “zinc fence” intervention, on the “artificial borders” comment, and the idea of offering refuge to desperate Haitians has become the Party’s platform in the twinkle of an eye—so much for consultation. To the observer this looks like the “tail wagging the dog”; not a complimentary characteristic for leadership. It’s important that the Party Leader assert that he is in charge of the ultimate direction his Party takes, not his deputy. He also needs to open up to the rank and file membership and provide them access to vent their frustration with the hard times they are suffering under this UDP government. He should begin to organize the Southside of Belize City and correct the lingering perception that the party has shifted its emphasis away from the city to the north of the country under his leadership. Maybe he should take another hint from Gordon Smith and look at the latent racism suggested by the blatant neglect of those concerns on the Southside of Belize City by the PUP over the last two years. The PUP has no voice on the critical concerns affecting the people of the Southside. If this UDP government should survive

a full five year term then 2012 will be the time when the vicious blood sport of politics will be revived and the dogs of war will be released. It will be a year before national elections and all parties, including independents, will surface with their agendas. This is time when the leadership of the PUP will become a critical issue for winning the next general election. Some suggest that that time will be too close to general elections and therefore any serious leadership move will have to be made before that time to give any “new” leader time to organize his/her forces for the big win. Others say no, look at 1993, when one year before national elections the UDP was in shambles; divided by a new creation, NABR, with no chance to win; yet months before the elections a coalition was formed which resulted in a new UDP government in the 1993 general elections. This goes to prove the point that: politics is indeed the art of the possibilities; and it ain’t over till its over. The big question remains however, will Johnny still be able to hold on to the support of the Party Executive and the rank and file over the next two years? Will the party continue to go with Johnny or switch to one of the likely contenders, Mark and Said or???? The real Excalibur test will be for that leader who can energize the new vision of inclusiveness amongst party members and break the clan style leadership that has dominated the party. S/he will have to revitalize the rank and file of the party with renewed energy and direct that force toward becoming the next government in 2013. That will be the big test in 2012. Unlike the UDP which has a deficit of seasoned and qualified persons to fill ministerial positions, the PUP, even in Opposition, has an array of qualified and seasoned persons who form a government in waiting. The real problem in the PUP is not about qualifications as much as it is about personalities and ensuring that those qualified are willing to use their talents to further the success of the party first, before their self interest. That Excalibur leader of the future PUP must understand and implement the Big Tent concept: the idea that you can have divergent views under the same tent working on common ground to achieve the common goal of the party leadership. Keeping divergent views engaged in a common cause was seen when Mr. Price had a Cabinet which included Luis Sylvester and Freddy Hunter, on one side, and Said Musa and Assad Shoman on the other. Divergent views sometimes require that the leader expand the size of the tent. With “independence” as the ultimate goal and therefore the basis for common ground, Mr. Price was able to keep contending factions within his Cabinet focused on the Bigger Picture. This was the Big Tent concept in operation. The future PUP will not be a one size fits all but a fusion of divergent views toward a common goal. It will have to encompass a new vision of inclusiveness and allow for new views and ideas to direct the party to its fullest potential in this second decade of the new millennium. So according to my politically grounded friend, the next two years will be “handed” to Johnny to prove himself. This first two years he said can be called, ‘political bratta’: a learning period of grace. Now Johnny must use this next endorsement as a “rectifying period”; a time to reconnect the factions of his party and reenergize the rank and file. So if my friend is correct, and he usually is, as grounded as he is, these next two years will be handed to Mr. Bricenio by the abdication of his rivals, but, in fact, not as a gift, but a bitter chalice. They are not giving Johnny an endowment but a challenge. He either succeeds --- or he fails. (Comments welcomed at

By: Glenn Tillett Belize City, Tuesday, January 19th, 2009 The annual ceremonial opening of the Belize Supreme Court followed its traditional script today, complete with fanfare, regalia, parade, honor guard and speeches. As has become customary the titular heads of both branches of the Judiciary (bench and bar) reviewed their bailiwick in speeches. In his opening remarks the Chief Justice, Dr. Abdulai Conteh quickly got down to business, noting in passing that formal though the occasion has become, it was not in his view “an occasion for histrionics or grandstanding.” Those remarks prefaced his now annual plea for what he called the bemoaning of the allocation of financial resources for the Judiciary, which last year prompted an unwelcomed reply for the Attorney General who customarily moves the closing with a review of his own. The bad blood and feuding that exchange engendered persisted throughout the year and climaxed with an unprecedented public statement being issued from the bench last September. If the Chief Justice’s tone was conciliatory, its tenor remained the same. He pointed out that the Government proposed to cut their allocation for the new fiscal year by 10%, and that was in his opinion unwarranted. “The proper funding of the Judiciary is clearly recognized in the Constitution of Belize where it is provided that the budgets presented by the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal shall be given priority call on the Consolidated Revenue Fund,” he reminded, but he sought to ease the sting of that criticism by continuing: “The Devil here, as always, however, is in the details. In the detailed minutiae of the preparation of the overall national budget, it is probable that some clear and legitimate requirements of the Judiciary were overlooked.” But the Attorney General’s later

reply left little doubt that that was the case, though. Hon. Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington said in his formal speech that while he agreed on the importance of a properly funded Judiciary, that the Prime Minister (and Minister of Finance) was “doing all in his power to strengthen and enhance our Judicial institutions.” He, however, blamed “the constraints imposed on him by the previous state of the our public finances.” He later commented in two interviews that his ministries (Foreign Affairs and the Attorney General) had been given a 15% budget cut. For the Chief Justice was no doubt scant comfort since he noted that the bench faced a burgeoning case load. For the first time that case load exceeded 1,000 cases filed in any year, and despite the fact that the courts had completed 1,116 cases, it still faced a fearsome backlog. He also noted that during the same period the Appeals Court heard and determined a total of 71 cases. The Magistrate’s Court also once again set new records with 15,590 criminal cases lodged and 12,072 cases disposed off; 5,749 civil cases lodged and 4,420 of those cases disposed off, along with 2,837 cases being handled in the Family Court. Dr. Conteh has made it clear that despite a total complement of 14 judges in both the Supreme and Appeals Courts, and a full complement of magistrates, the increasing litigious nature of modern Belizean society means that it is hardly enough. He opined that with “… the admitted economic recession and the consequent national financial shortfalls, which necessitates a belt-tightening exercise across the board … (the proposed cut) … is understandable, but we must caution the need for care so that the administration of justice is not crippled.”

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Attorney General Wilfred Elrington, in his address to members of the Judiciary present for the ceremonial opening of the Supreme Court Calendar year 2010 this past Monday, made a stunning retraction and apologised for his remarks last year that lashed out at Judges and concluded that inadvertence, ignorance and perhaps inexperience may have drove him to stir scepticism and brought on suspicion that has shadowed much of his public functions ever since. In his address to the Judiciary last year, Attorney General Elrington indiscriminately warned members of the judiciary that they were not dispensing justice in a timely manner and were inordinately deficient in the back log of Court cases and the handing down of their judgements and were not in his belief, giving value for money. He reminded them that they were the best paid public officers in the land with the most modern means of transportation together with a 24 hour police guard, among other perks. Elrington told them that they needed to take an inward look, be more diligent and dedicated. During the following weeks Elrington stood steadfastly by what he said and refused to apologise even after a stern response from the judiciary. This week when the Hon. Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington, Attorney General, faced most of the very same members of the judiciary that received the ‘tongue lashing’ last year, Elrington showed remorse and a change of heart. He said: “My Lord I have been aware that there have been persons present in last year’s opening ceremony who took offense to some things I said in that presentation and I wish on this occasion to express my deepest regret

that I was the cause of anyone on that occasion. That was never my intention and I humbly beg that any unhappy remark I made be attributed solely to inadvertence, ignorance, and perhaps inexperience. I have the greatest respect for the Magistracy. I have the greatest respect for the Supreme Court and I know of the tireless work they put into the job. I am aware of that.” While we applaud and recognise that it takes a real man to realise and retract from his wretched ways it is also noteworthy that it took him a whole year to reflect and take consciousness of his deeds. It’s the first time however, that the Hon. Wilfred Sedi Elrington has place himself and the country into an embarrassing position and when pinned down for a retraction or apology to his statement it most often turns into a scandal. Most recently, in one of his remarks to the OAS media in Washington Elrington characterized Belize’s Western Border with Guatemala as an “an artificial border”. This Statement has inflamed the passions of patriotism among Belizeans and has caused uproar demanding that Elrington apologize to the Belizean people or be removed. It might just take another year for the Hon. Wilfred Sedi Elrington to reflect and take consciousness of his words and realize the enormousness level to which he has disgraced the patriotism of Belizeans and the territorial integrity of our Belizean nation. However, there is this ray of hope that he will apologise similarly to the Belizean people, before the 2013 general elections.

…No police presence visible

Police say they have four persons including a minor detained who they believed were involved with the stabbing murder of twenty seven year old Salvador Jose Martinez last Monday during a high school football match held at the MCC Grounds in Belize City. Martinez sustained multiple deadly stab wound to his upper body while trying to rescue a youngster who was being gang beaten by a group of young men. According to police investigations, Elton Meztken and one Edwin Mendez were watching the game when they were approached by three other young men during which time Meztken was singled out in reprisal of a previous altercation with another person. When Martinez tried to assist Meztken the turned on him and served him with several deadly wounds. He was taken out of the sports complex on a bicycle and reportedly collapsed before he could get out of the main gate. By the time he arrived at the KHMH in a car that assisted the dying man, he had already lost a lot of blood. Police say

they have recovered the knife believed to be the weapon used in the murder. The Belize Association of Principals of Secondary Schools is treating the murder at Monday’s high school football game at the MCC Grounds with utmost seriousness and stated that for some time now, they have been continuously been requesting police presence at their school tournament competitions. They say that in all cases they are assured of police presence just to find out the opposite just minute going into their games. The match between Sadie Vernon and Ladyville Technical High Schools is just one of those incidents. This is the second student in two years that have been murdered at similar matches and all that police does is to react and damage control by giving police presence for a month or two then retracts to their same old mode of operating. Post mortem examination carried out on Tuesday on the body of Martinez reveal that cause of death was due to exsanguination due to external bleeding as a consequence of Vascular Flexus injuries, due to stab wounds to the right upper body. No arrest has been announced while the families of Martinez are crying out for justice.

Salvador Jose Martinez

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Putting the “U” back in the PUP By: Glenn Tillett

to burn everything and everyone, good, bad and ugly. I think nearly all members and The past two years are not the first supporters of the Peoples United time that the PUP has been wracked Party were cheered by the now by dissent and nearly torn asunder, unusual sight of the Party’s but I am optimistic that once again leaders sitting together, in public the party will rally around its flag and seemingly singing from the bearers and return to that preeminent same song sheet. It was also an place in Belizean politics it has uncomfortable exercise for some, invariably held. and it will not necessarily exorcise Those of us old enough to all the demons of disunity that remember those days in the early has plagued the ‘Grand Old Party’ Eighties when the Old Man had during the past two years. It will go to struggle mightily against the a long way though. Grand Old Party being sundered I rarely address the issue of how by personalities purporting to the party or even a party handles represent two inexorably opposed the issue of dissent within its ranks but very powerful ideologies. That because it is perhaps the most high flying plane was shot down contentious of issues and it is an by the dissent and descended to the area where discretion is the better electoral depths of a hugely lopsided part of valor. 1984 general elections defeat. But Indeed like Shakespeare’s lovable like the mythical phoenix it rebut boastful knight, I have often emerged from those ashes to form chosen to play dead instead when the 1989 government. confronted by the emotional I would dare to argue that that was warriors who engage in this the start of nearly two decades internecine conflict than to engage. of PUP preeminence because I I not only know intuitively that consider the 1993 General Elections it can bring no good and that it is result an anomaly. If ever there was far more often then not mutually election that was the PUP to lose destructive. Like wildfire it tends and they lost it. The anomaly is that

despite receiving the majority of the popular vote, they did not win the majority of the seats in the House of Representatives. A few more votes, about 4 I believe, in Collet and Toledo East would’ve done the trick. It was pretty clear by the end of 1994 that the PUP would be returned to government whenever the next elections were called. A massive demonstration in 1995 removed all doubt since it prompted the UDP propagandists to start saying that their term was to last for at least five years, three months and a day. They officially served for five years and two months. It is amazing to me that during that time the PUP changed leaders and didn’t seem to miss a beat. I wasn’t involved in the Musa-Marin face off but from where I sat it certainly seemed contentious and divisive. It did not derail the train, though. This week’s press conference was a snapshot of what the PUP could be and even more importantly what must be the Party’s public face. As a committed supporter I felt a visceral thrill when the troika of Briceño, Fonseca and Espat took

their seats at the head table and faced the public. That was a seminal moment. Time froze for just a moment when former leader Said Musa took his seat in the front row and in avuncular fashion, quietly but intently began to follow the proceedings. And as the tableau became a moving screen again I heard the dragon roar. You as a supporter may not like one or even two of our leaders for your own reasons, but they’re undeniably the leaders of our party. Good leadership knows how to accept and handle criticism and even dissent within the ranks. There is a great democratic tradition of discussion and debate within the PUP. There is also an even legendary custom of putting aside differences when the time comes and working for the one goal of serving the people. Tuesday we got a glimpse of the Party’s awesome potential again and already you can feel the fear beginning to emanate from some quarters. Can we, will we build on success?

24th when the majority shareholding in BTL was wrested away by the Government of Belize from its previous private owner. When the injunction was granted the attorney for BTL, Lois YoungBarrow, indicated to the media that she would advise her client to appeal the decision because BTL was not clear where to start since the matter had also been lodged before the Public Utilities Commission by Speednet and had now been brought before the court by Speednet. In Lois Young-Barrow’s view, the court had taken Attorney for Speednet; Eamon Courtney unto itself a role which was clearly that of the By Rhenae Nunez PUC. Belize City; Mon. January 18th 2010 Young further asserted that the Chief The Chief Justice of Belize, Justice, “… did not have the expertise Dr. Abdulai Conteh issued an to determine who is a dominant injunction on behalf of Speednet, provider.” the parent company of Smart, Attorney for Speednet, Eamon a telecommunication provider, Courtney argued that there is a role on December 10th, 2009. The for the PUC. On December 10th, injunction essentially ordered Belize Courtney told the media the Chief Telemedia Limited to revert things Justice, by his decision to grant the to the way they were prior to August

injunction against BTL, had clarified the role of the court and the PUC when there is a dispute between two service providers. This week Monday attorneys for both sides argued the issue of jurisdiction. At the end of the day, the specially convened Court of Appeal agreed with Chief Jusctice Conteh and upheld the injunction. The substantive trial gets underway on February 9th, 2010. At the beginning of the proceedings on Monday, attorney for Speednet, Eamon Courtney Attorney for BTL; Rodwell Williams objected to the special sitting of the Court of and the Government of Belize, Lois Appeal since the matter is only a few weeks away from being Young-Barrow. The expense for this heard in the Supreme Court and he unheard-of, special convention of the said that there can be no prejudice court was also footed by the people of Belize with the tab footed by BTL. against BTL. It is widely reported in the media Although the special convention of that the President of the Belize the Court of Appeal was Lois YoungCourt of Appeal Justice Mottley Barrow’s doing, she was not present and Justice Anderson were flown in court because she is in London in at the behest of attorney for BTL attending hearing before the Privy

Appeal’s Court upholds Injunction against Barrow Tele-media (BTL)

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More Urgent Help Needed in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti – Troops, doctors and aid workers continue to flow into Haiti this week even while hundreds of thousands of quake victims struggled to find a cup or water or a handful of food. European nations pledged more than a half-billion dollars, with euro330 million ($474 million) in emergency and long-term aid coming from the European Union alone and euro92 million ($132 million) promised by member states. But help was still not reaching many victims of the quake — choked back by transportation bottlenecks, bureaucratic confusion, fear of attacks on aid convoys, the collapse of local authority and the sheer scale of the need. “We don’t need military aid. What we need is food and Survivors found 126 hours after Haiti earthquake shelter,” one young man yelled downtown to discourage looting at U.N. Secretary-General Ban So many people have lost homes that for five days, her aunt Patricia Butler Ki-moon during his visit to the city the World Food Program is planning said in Puerto Rico. Sunday. “We are dying,” a woman a tent camp for 100,000 people — Emergency teams said they were still told him. an instant city the size of Burbank, hopeful of finding more survivors in Looting spread to more parts of California — on the outskirts of Port- the damaged store. downtown Port-au-Prince on Monday au-Prince, according to the agency’s U.S. crews with search dogs also as hundreds of young men and boys country director, Myrta Kaulard. rescued a 16-year-old Dominican girl clambered up broken walls to break On the streets, people were still dying, trapped for five days in a three-story into shops and take whatever they can pregnant women were giving birth hotel that crumbled in downtown Portfind. Especially prized was toothpaste, and the injured were showing up in au-Prince. At the U.N. headquarters which people smear under their noses wheelbarrows and on people’s backs destroyed in the quake, rescuers lifted to fend off the stench of decaying at hurriedly erected field hospitals. a Danish staff member alive from the bodies. Water began to reach more people ruins, just 15 minutes after SecretaryAt one place, youths fought over a around the capital and while fights General Ban visited the site where stock of rum with broken bottles, broke out elsewhere, people formed U.N. mission chief Hedi Annabi and machetes and razors and police fired lines to get supplies handed out by at least 39 other staff members were shots into the air to break up the crowd. soldiers at a golf course. Still, with killed. Even so, the U.S. Army’s on-the- a blocked city port and relief groups U.N. spokeswoman Elisabeth Byrs ground commander, Lt. Gen. Ken claiming the U.S.-run airport is being said it was possible people could Keen, said the city is seeing less poorly managed, food and medicine survive until Monday, adding to the 70 violence than before the earthquake. are scarce. Anger mounted hourly lives saved by 1,700 rescue workers “Is there gang violence? Yes. Was there over the slow pace of the assistance. since Tuesday’s quake, “There are still gang violence before the earthquake? At a destroyed nursing home, 71-year- people living” in collapsed buildings, Absolutely.”’ U.S. officials say they old Jacqueline Thermiti said she could she told The Associated Press. “Hope have 1,700 U.S. troops on ground hold on for another day. “Then if the continues.” now and expect about 10,000 either in foreigners don’t come (with aid), “it On top of the European Union’s Haiti of on ships offshore soon. will be up to baby Jesus.” pledge, Britain announced it would While aid workers tried to make their Five days after the magnitude-7.0 triple its commitment to 20 million way into Haiti, many people tried to quake struck, more survivors were pounds ($32.7 million) and France leave. Hundreds of U.S. citizens, or freed from under piles of concrete and said it was willing for forgive Haiti’s people claiming to be, waved IDs as debris. Rescuers pulled a 30-year-old euro40 million ($55.7 million) debt, they formed a long line outside the man and a 40-year-old woman from as well as promising euro10 million U.S. Embassy in hopes of arranging what had been the fourth floor of a now- ($14.4 million) to the U.N. fund for a flight out of the country. The Pan collapsed supermarket on Sunday. Haiti. American Health Organization Officials said they had survived for so “The impact of this earthquake is estimates 50,000 to 100,000 died in long by eating food where they were magnified because it has hit a country Tuesday’s 7.0-magnitude quake and trapped. The rescued woman, Mimi that was already desperately poor Haitian officials believe the number is Dittmer, had left the supermarket but and historically volatile,” said British higher. Many survivors have lost their went back in to buy something she Development Secretary Douglas homes and many live outside for fear had forgotten just before the quake Alexander. unstable buildings could collapse in flattened the building, imprisoning her Norway, a country of only 4.8 aftershocks.

million, said it would increase aid to Haiti to 100 million kroner ($17.7 million). The U.N. World Food Program expected to reach more than 60,000 people Sunday, up from 40,000 on Saturday, spokesman David Orr said — but U.N. officials said they need to reach about 2 million daily deliveries. The Genevabased Doctors Without Borders said bluntly: “There is little sign of significant aid distribution.” The aid group complained of skewed priorities and a supply bottleneck at the U.S.controlled airport. Doctors Without Borders spokesman Jason Cone said the U.S. military needed “to be clear on its prioritization of medical supplies and equipment.” The on-theground U.S. commander in Haiti, Lt. Gen. Ken Keen, acknowledged the bottleneck at the airport with a single runway and little space for parked planes. “We’re working aggressively to open up other ways to get in here,” he said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Part of that will be fixing Port-auPrince’s harbor, rendered useless for incoming aid because of quake damage. The White House said Sunday that the U.S. Coast Guard ship Oak would use heavy cranes and other equipment to make the port functional. France was among the countries irritated that one of its aid planes had been turned back, but Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner urged governments not to squabble over the problem, telling France-Info radio that “people always want it to be their plane ... that lands.” Keen said some 2,000 Marines were set to join 1,000 U.S. troops on the ground and U.N. peacekeeping chief Alain Le Roy said he planned to ask the Security Council to temporarily increase his force of about 7,000 military peacekeepers and 2,100 international police in Haiti. Former President Bill Clinton, the U.N. special envoy for Haiti, was scheduled to visit the country and meet with President Rene Preval.




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PINERA VICTORY COULD COMPLICATE CHILE’S DIPLOMACY , Chile –The new Chilean Presidentelect, Sebastian Pinera, the conservative businessman, who won Sunday’s election by a 52-48 per cent margin over former President Eduardo Frei, vowed to appoint the “best, most prepared, most honest and most dedicated” people to help transform Chile “into the best country in the world.” But Pinera’s long and rousing victory speech made no mention of foreign policy other than his vow to fight drug trafficking, and given his recent comments about Chile’s neighbours, he may find unity on a continent dominated by leftist governments very hard to achieve. Pinera’s election victory Sunday night ends two decades of uninterrupted rule by a centre-left coalition, and returns to power the same political parties that provided civic support for Augusto Pinochet’s brutal 1973-1990 dictatorship. That legacy alone is bound to complicate relations with Argentina, whose leader has made prosecuting human rights violators a centrepiece of her presidency, and Uruguay, which just elected a former leftist guerrilla as its president. According to Pinera’s foreign policy goals include peacefully

resolving conflicts, reaching strategic accords and promoting Latin American integration while protecting Chile’s sovereignty and national identity. “For Chile it’s vitally important to have and maintain good relations with our neighbors and other American nations,” Pinera’s platform reads. But while President Michelle Bachelet tried to defuse border tensions with Peru and Bolivia and avoid antagonizing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Pinera’s more nationalistic tone — and friendship with Colombia’s conservative President Alvaro Uribe — could make relations difficult for Chile with the rest of Latin America. Pinera has criticized Latin American populism as a failed approach, and in last week’s presidential debate, he called Cuba a “dictatorship,” said Venezuela is “not a democracy” and vowed never to concede land nor sea that belongs to Chile. “This tone is clearly going to become an obstacle to building good relations with Bolivia, and certainly with Venezuela,” said Marcelo Mella, a political scientist at the University of Santiago. “It seems to me that nationalistic and chauvinistic declarations won’t help generate a

good climate for resolving conflicts.” Pinera received good wishes on Monday from across the spectrum. Peru’s president called for dialogue even as the international court in the Hague considers their disputed maritime border, and Bolivia’s Evo Morales expressed hope that Pinera will follow through on Bachelet’s promises regarding water rights and access to the sea. “I don’t agree with continuing to divide Latin America between governments of the right and left, when there are models of stability that adhere to democratic norms,” said Uribe, who called Pinera “a good friend of Colombia.” As a billionaire with a doctorate in economics from Harvard University who has vowed to create jobs and boost economic growth in the world’s top copper producing nation, Pinera has unique business experience among Latin leaders. But his holdings also could complicate matters for Chilean diplomats. Pinera’s investments include a large share of LAN, Chile’s main airline, which has sizable operations in Peru,

Ecuador and Argentina that are subject to those governments’ regulations, for example. While Pinera has promised to sell off his LAN shares before taking office in March, he wants to keep control of Chile’s leading television channel and most popular soccer team, both of which inevitably have dealings with other countries. And while Pinera put more than $500 million in Chilean investments into trusts last year, he reportedly has many other holdings outside Chile. Mella, for one, thinks Pinera will soon moderate his campaign statements. “I don’t have any doubt that a degree of pragmatism will exist once he takes office,” he said.


KABUL – Taliban militants struck in the heart of the Afghan capital Monday, launching attacks on key government targets in a clear sign the insurgents plan to escalate their fight as the U.S. and its allies ramp up a campaign to end the war. At least five bystanders and security forces were killed and nearly 40 wounded, officials said. The Defense Ministry said seven attackers had also been killed in the brazen attack, which occurred 10 days before a major international conference in London on ways to shore up the Afghan government to confront the growing Taliban threat. After a series of blasts and more than three hours of subsequent gunfights outside several ministries and inside a shopping mall,President Hamid Karzai said security had been restored to the capital, though search operations continued amid reports that more attackers were hiding in the city. It was the biggest assault on the capital since Oct. 28 when gunmen with automatic weapons and suicide vests stormed a guest house used by U.N. staff, killing at least 11 people including three U.N. staff. Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told The Associated Press that 20 armed militants, including some with suicide vests, had entered Kabul to target the presidential palace and other government buildings in the centre of the capital. Explosions and heavy machine-gun fire

rattled the city for hours. Debris was strewn on the streets, which were quickly abandoned by crowds that normally fill the area. Defense Ministry spokesman Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi said a child and a policeman were killed. TheMinistry of Public Health later said five people — a civilian and four security forces — were killed and 30 others wounded. The attack unfolded as Cabinet members were being sworn in by Karzai despite the rejection by parliament of the majority of his choices. Presidential spokesman, Waheed Omar, said the ceremony had occurred as scheduled, and everybody in the palace was safe. Richard Holbrooke, the U.S. special envoy to Afghanistan and Pakistan, said the Taliban behind the attack were part of a set of extremist groups operating in the border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan. NATO officials said the attack appeared timed to upstage preparations for the London conference. U.S. Lt. Gen. David Rodriguez, commander of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, blamed the Haqqani network, an alQaida-linked Afghan Taliban faction based in Pakistan. The group also was believed to be behind the Dec. 30 suicide bombing against a remote CIA base that killed seven of the agency’s employees in Afghanistan’s Khost province.

The first blast was heard shortly before 10 a.m. in an area where government buildings are concentrated, including the presidential palace, the central bank and the luxury Serena Hotel, which is frequented by Westerners. Azimi said a rocket slammed into the street near the bank’s gate, but there were conflicting reports that the area had been struck by a suicide bomber or grenades. Mohib Safi, the bank’s deputy governor, said employees heard a strong explosion followed by gunfire. He said employees were safely inside and that no militants had entered the building. Police sealed off a large area in the center of Kabul as the clash of machine-gun fire echoed through the mountain-rimmed city. Helicopters buzzed overhead. A car that exploded between a shopping center and the Ministry of Education burned in the street. Fighting raged for more than three hours and one four-story shopping center near the Justice Ministry was engulfed in flames after a group of militants entered the building, throwing grenades inside to frighten shoppers, according to Interior Ministry spokesman Zemari Bashary. Two suicide bombers later detonated their explosives and Afghan troops killed two other militants in the mall, Bashary said. He said other militants were holed up on the top floor, but officials later said the building had

been cleared. Afghan parliamentarian Daoud Sultanzai told the British Broadcasting Corp. by telephone that some of the militants had hijacked an ambulance and used it in one of the attacks. He did not say how he obtained that information. NATO, which said international forces worked with Afghan forces to areas of the capital, said Afghan troops had killed at least two armed insurgents while clearing a building at a shopping centre. Elsewhere in the capital, Afghan troops also surrounded an area housing a well-known cinema and opened fire on militants believed hiding inside. A police officer at the site, Ghulam Ghaus, said the fighting ended after the last suicide attacker inside blew himself up. It wasn’t clear how many others were in the building. The ability of the insurgents to penetrate the heavily secured city — even near the presidential palace and government ministries — also was likely to deal a new blow to public confidence in the Afghan government, already tarnished by a fraudmarred election. The U.S. and British governments condemned the attack and promised it would only strengthen their resolve. Abdul Rahman Hamedi, 38, lamented the violence in the capital at a time when fresh international forces are being sent to southern and eastern regions where fighting has been worst.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Appeal’s Court upholds Injunction against BARROW TELE-MEDIA (BTL) Continued from page 8

Council again at tax payer’s expense. She is there on behalf of GOB in a matter lodged by applicants who challenged government’s proposal to amend the Referendum Act in the Constitution. Critics say that the amendment will prevent holding referenda on important issues such as the Belize – Guatemala issue and give government carte blanche to pass whatever law it desires. Senior Council Lisa Shoman-Clarke is championing the cause appearing on behalf of the applicants. Monday’s proceedings in the Court of Appeal lasted all day and wound up shortly before eight with the decision by the panel of judges to uphold the injunction. At the announcement of the decision, members of BTL’s management who had stayed through the day, huddled for a few minutes and then swiftly filed out of court without offering any comments to the media. Attorney Deanne Barrow who had filled in for her mother, also declined comment to the media. Attorney Rodwell Williams who appeared for BTL was obliged comment and said that, “… what has happened here is a situation where they (Speednet) have gone to the PUC, made a complaint, the PUC is proceeding with that process but at the same time, made the same complaint to the court and invited the court to make orders and adjudication which in our view is what the PUC should be and is in process of doing.” Williams further quipped, “Can you have, as it were, riding two horses parallel going in the same stream, same complaint; you will of course have a recipe for some degree of chaos.” Eamon Courtney said that “… the PUC in the orders that have been published in the newspapers are seeking to facilitate what it is that the government wants and what Telemedia wants. It is pellucid, very clear what they are attempting to do. What Telemedia cannot get in court, they will get from the PUC. Rest assured that we are going to resist what is a clear attempt by the PUC to get around the decision now affirmed by the Court of Appeal.” This latest bout in court is just the latest in a series of new litigations relating to the government-owned BTL. Prime Minister Barrow has

resisted giving clear indication on what the litigations are costing or more specifically what the people of Belize are paying his former wife, Lois Young-Barrow. Observers question the reason for a special sitting of the Court of Appeal when the matter was already scheduled to be heard early in February. On Monday the people of Belize lost but Deanne Barrow who filled in for her mother, the “corporate secretary” at BTL, who is also the attorney for the embattled company, will get paid. This, like other conflicts that the government has become famous for making, was yet another unnecessary expense incurred by the government in the people’s name. As the Supreme Court held its traditional ceremonial opening, so too did the Chief Justice make his traditional plea for more funds for the judiciary. The pleas have fallen on deaf ears, yet the government routinely identifies funds to pay Lois YoungBarrow for unnecessary contentious cases that the people are losing both ways. It has been reported in other sections of the media that Secretary of the United States, Hilary Clinton has written to the Government of Belize asking when will GOB settle with the former owners of BTL. It is alleged that the inquiry by the Secretary of State Clinton is being ignored. Belize’s reputation has been shot by the calamitous move by the government last year when it abruptly took over BTL. Potential investors have shunned Belize because of the message the move sent to them, if they should run afoul of the government. The company has been hemorrhaging since the acquisition making it less attractive to buyers and there is the menacing humongous debts owed to the British Caribbean Bank, formerly the Belize Bank, by the Telemedia. GOB has by legislation tried to dissuade Belizeans of growing concerns about this liability on a straining and shrinking economy, but to no avail. Instead, what was celebrated and hailed as a bold move in August of last year is fast building a bitter taste on the pallets of Belizeans. Prime Minister Barrow has vowed to pursue the agenda and begged Belizeans for patience.

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HOROSCOPE Aries March 21-April 19

a while there it seemed like nothing was getting done. Now, all of a sudden, you’re to cross a bunch of things off your to-do list. Weird how sometimes everything Fjustorabout clicks into place at once. Your recent successes are going to motivate you to make even more ambitious plans for the future. Obviously, you are good at getting what you want. But that begs the question: What do you really want? Where are you going? Where do you want to go? This is going to be a week of exploration and of sharing wild ideas among friends.

Taurus April 20-May 20

power struggle? Where did this come from? This is about the last thing you need right now. Some people take themselves so seriously. You don’t A have the energy to compete with people’s egos, not right now. So early in the week you may find yourself giving in to someone, simply because you don’t feel like the battle is worth fighting. (And by the way, you’re right.) Share your frustrations with your friends. They’ll completely understand. And they’ll help you deal with it. Their humor is perfect for forgetting obnoxious people, and their loyalty to you is absolute.

Gemini May 21-June 21

ou’re lost in the world of ideas on Monday. You’ve been thinking philosophically lately and reading some pretty smart books, and suddenly you don’t Y have a lot of time for reality TV. Actual reality is a lot more interesting. Don’t

forget that you have a couple of pretty smart friends who would love a little intellectual banter now and again. Toward the middle of the week, you might not feeling like getting into any big conversations (you’ll have more personal things on your mind), but this weekend you’re going to want nothing more than to see your friends and talk for hours and hours.

Cancer June 22-July 22

his kind of friction is totally normal. This is what happens when a bunch of people sit down to work on something together. Naturally, there are some T differences of opinion. None of it is personal. Keep that in mind. As you all figure

out what to do next, don’t be afraid to think a little outside the box. Sometimes the craziest ideas are also the best ones. And don’t rush. You have all the time in the world. This weekend -- especially on Sunday -- do something to distract yourself. Organize a dinner party and invite a couple people you hardly know. Make things interesting.

Leo july 23-August 22

hose who are c oupled up c an def initely see their sweetie’s perT spective at the beginning of the week but aren’t especially inclined to adopt it. How about living and let ting live, rather than making an

issue of it? Some excellent instincts kick in around Wednesday and singletons who’ve got the facts about a crush c an put the whole equation together now. Friday and Saturday are fabulous for dates. Find something that challenges the brain and gives the t wo of you lots to talk about - - and leave some free -form time available to do whatever random thing strikes your fancy.

Virgo August 23-Septemer 22


bump in your routine on Monday or Tuesday could be annoying -- or you could view it as a portal to something completely different. Open up your mind, and your heart and soul will follow. Now’s the time to send some flirty emails to online prospects or start a fun project with your sweetie, because midweek you’ll want to stick with the status quo. By Friday, a romantic situation starts to clarify, and your vision of what you want comes into focus. Be forthright about it, but not too aggressive. Sunday brings compatibility into the picture.

Libra September 23-October 22

hoa, you have a ton of energy. You’re in the mood to have fun, and so W are the people around you. (It’s nice when everyone’s on the same page, isn’t it?) The only downside to being social, to having so much going on, is that it’s hard not to be distracted by it. There’s a lot going on at work, too, and follow-through is more important than ever right now. Still, you’re great at building relationships, and some of your coworkers are becoming pretty good friends, too. No wonder you’re doing so well. This weekend, your mood is just going to get better and better.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

hat’s going on at home? The rest of your life is smooth sailing, but someW thing at home is throwing your mood out of whack. Is a neighbor getting on your nerves? Has the heater given out? Are you desperately in need of a plumber? As soon as you fix whatever’s going on at home, you’ll have nothing else immediate to worry about, and you can spend the latter half of the week consumed by romance. If you’re single, this might be a good time to initiate something more serious. If you’re already serious about someone, just enjoy yourself. Sunday should be particularly exciting.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

here’s no such thing as a chance meeting at the beginning of the week T -- a seemingly random encounter leads places you really wouldn’t expect. Making new friends -- or more-than-friends -- is even easier than usual for you now. If you’re thinking about a romantic move on Wednesday or Thursday, you might want to keep thinking: Ideas don’t move into reality all that well at the moment. This weekend, on the other hand, the mind-heart-action flow is seamless -- you’re being utterly yourself, and it’s totally fun and completely winning.

Capricorn December 22-January 19

ou’d love to have all the money in the world, but you’re not sure that this new money-making scheme is all it’s cracked up to be. Sounds Y a little risky. Instead of shaking on it right now, maybe you should take

a couple more days to think it over. Ask a friend who knows a thing or two about finance for some advice. And, in the meantime, spend some time doing something creative. Paint something. Write a song. Whatever. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy life without putting a dent in your wallet.

Aquarius January 20-February 18


onday is going to be the best day you’ve had in a long time. And, Tuesday won’t be too shabby either. Why this sudden stroke of good luck? Well, it’s not exactly luck. A lot of it has to do with your natural ability to enjoy the company of others. You are funny and persuasive, and the world responds well to those qualities in a person. Among your friends, you are kind of a sage these days. That explains why, this weekend, people will keep coming to you for guidance and advice.

Pisces February 19-March 20

ou wish you could help everyone. You wish you could solve the world’s Y problems. But you’re only one small person in a giant crowded world, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over not being all-powerful. People adore you and admire your idealism. And the more you do things to help other people, the more you learn about yourself. (Of course, there are still some mysteries out there, some things you don’t know enough about yet, but you’re open-minded and willing to learn.) On Sunday, take the day off and relax. Make dinner. Listen to music. Let your mind wander.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Young ladies be BUTANE PRICES very careful!!!!! SKYROCKETS BY KEISHA MILLIGAN Belize City, Tues. Jan. 19, 2010 Some young ladies are very naive and may sometimes “look a book by the cover”. In this time and age, you need to be very careful though. You must remember that there are some people, who are bent on seeing you fall and would try you hurt you. Sad to say, it sometimes only for “kicks” as far as they are concerned, when it might be something that would put your life at risk. I say this when I recalled an incident that occurred some years ago. There was this young man I knew very well. In fact he was one of my closest female friend’s ex-boyfriend. Moreover, he was a very close friend of my boyfriend at that time. I caught up with him at a club. He had just gone through and incident in which he almost died. He was chopped brutally in the head and had to undergo several surgeries after he was in a coma for some days. He was always a loving and kind young man. I knew him to well-mannerly and someone who had respect for females. Being that he had to be flown out o Belize for surgeries, I had not seen him since the incident and was happy to see him. He offered to buy me a drink and I accepted the offer. While

standing at the bar, though, I caught up with another close friend of mine, whom I had also not seen for some years. I turned briefly to hug and talk to him and turned back to the bar to get the drink I was offered by my “sweet” friend. As I picked up my glass, a strange feeling came over me. I could not shake it! I don’t ever go against my feelings, seeing what it does, so following my instincts I lifted my galas to the sky and the light from the bar, allowed me to see that there was some white crumb like thing in my drink. I knew that he had dropped something in there. Maybe a pill that did not fully dissolve. I immediately told him and cursed him out, not believing how “low” he had gotten. My friends wanted to attack him, but he had just escaped death and I begged them not to. He was not worth it. That was then laies, in this time of technology there are many other things being prepared. When someone drops something in your drink, you may not be able to see it. Trust your instincts and purchase your own drinks. Don’t accept an open drink from people you don’t trust. And one very important thing, always trust your instincts! You will not be disappointed!!


BY KEISHA MILLIGAN Belize City, Tues. 19, 2010 If wishes were horses, beggars might ride. This all too old familiar saying, and of course, it is true. If we could wish for what we wanted, we would have need nor want for anything. But that is not the way life is designed. If you come from “the ghetto”, the grassroots”, like I do, and was not “born with a gold spoon in your mouth”, you know that whatever you need or desire, has to be worked for. Nothing just comes to you. If it does it is in very rare cases and normally the giver has something to gains well. As I said before, this saying is very familiar. Even though it is old, it lives on. When I think of this saying, I think of the children who cannot and had no say in choosing their parents. All children would wish for a father who is always there for them and treats them with love

Butane gas is up again; this time around Belizean household will have to chin-up ten more dollars in order to buy the regular hundred pound cylinder of butane which has been rising

continuously in prices ever since the beginning of 2009 when prices dive down briefly. Recently in mid-November, the prices of butane cooking-gas and affection. It Hurst when you went up by a whopping seven think of all the delinquent fathers dollars ($7.00) and now by another we have around Belize. I smile and ten dollars ($10.00). The new sometimes it even brings tears to prices that went into effect last my eyes when I see a single father Saturday morning is as follows: attending to their children. Belize and Corozal districts will They can be considered pay one hundred and seventeen nothing but role models. I dollars ($117.00), in Orange Walk remember once I read a story that consumers will pay one hundred and left me crying as I sat behind the eighteen ($118.00). in Belmopan computer. It was about a family of and San Ignacio, the new price is three. A father, a son and a mother. one hundred and nineteen dollars The father had left the mother and ($119.00) and in Benque Viejo one cared not to see the boy, no matter how she called and said that he wanted to see him, his “daddy”. He sent a letter replying, “I make $50 an hour, I have not time to come and see him. I am making money.” Sadly, the child stumbled across the letter one day and he wrote back one to his father some three months after that. Enclosed he had $50 and wrote, I know you have to make money, so I am paying you for an hour of your time. PLEASE DADDY!!!

hundred and twenty ($119.00). In Dangriga the price set is one hundred and twenty-one dollars ($121.00) and Punta Gorda consumers will now pay one hundred and twentytwo dollars ($122.00. A government release says this is as a result of continuous spikes over the last quarter in international petroleum prices and byproducts of the industry. It says this has been brought on partially, by seasonal demand from bursts in increased consumption particularly due to extreme weather conditions and subsequently a draw down on international inventories to meet increased demand. Belizeans may have noticed that the price of diesel also increased by thirty-eight cents $0.38 per gallon when you woke up Sunday morning. The price shifted from seven dollars and sixty-eight cents $7.68 to eight dollars and six cents ($8.06). The continuous rising prices of fuel at the gas stations and in the price of butane bites big into the already empty pockets of Belizeans which has many Belizeans hooked on street side Tacos and $3.00 greasy bags and a pack bread because they honestly cannot afford the price of butane while many motorist have their vehicles parked and uses them for extreme emergencies because of the continuous rising cost of fuel.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010



IS THE PUP REALLY UNITED? Enthusiastic supporters of the People’ United Party joined members of the media on Tuesday as they filled the conference room at the historic Independence Hall for a press conference. Party Leader Hon. John Briceño, flanked by his Deputy Leaders Hon. Francis Fonseca and Hon. Mark Espat, as well as the Party’s National Campaign Manager Eamon Courtney made presentations. Visibly present in the front row of the capacity filled hall, was the former Prime Minister and Leader of the P.U.P. Hon. Said Musa, among many other P.U.P Executive members and officials. The press conference is the tale of two major stories. On one hand was the Queen’s Loyal Opposition, the P.U.P, showing some level of existence and presence by aggressively presenting and addressing major issues that are on the hot plate of the Government and are currently affecting the nation. On the other hand, it energized the base of the P.U.P whose presence in the room had representation from Corozal to Toledo; San Pedro to Benque Viejo. Party Leader John Briceño in a statement delivered; criticized the Government on their inability to address the economic situation while he gave an overview of the pathetic state of the nation. He indicated

that this Barrow Government after being in office for 2 years exhibits total lack of competence in administrating the state of the nation. Deputy Leader, Fonseca predominantly centered his presentation on the worsening crime situation, sighting the urban terrorism in the use of grenades. It was pointed out that we are actually living in a failed state when the best strategy to

the economic policies of the past P.U.P Government. National Campaign Manager Courtney, who coincidentally was the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, discussed foreign trade issues and elaborated extensively on the Belize Guatemala relations. Courtenay declared empathically that the Belize Guatemala Border was, is, and will always be real! He called on the Foreign Minister to retract his statement about Belize’s border with Guatemala being artificial. Courtney pointed out that at the January opening session of the Supreme Court, Sedi Elrington apologized to the Chief Justice and he, Courtenay, believes that it is not only high time that Elrington retracts his statement and apologize to the Belizean people, but that he also resigns. In regards to the unification of the P.U.P, the atmosphere on Tuesday at the Independence Hall, and the perception it created especially with the media, is the

Briceno’s leadership ability has always been questioned. People have always doubted his ability to lead the Party, but the showing at Tuesday’s press conference has given him a very high percentage rating for his ability to have brought this level of unity to the P.U.P. addressing the street crime situation is to trade the grenades for money basically rewarding the criminals. The party declared that that is absolutely not going to be tolerated. Deputy Leader Fonseca recommended that the Government act proactively to double the police recruit intake for 2010, and double the police patrol on the streets particularly in Belize City. Deputy Leader Mark Espat elaborated on the economy, criticizing the Government for their failed policies while taking the opportunity to defend

greatest showing of unity for the People’s United Party since the G7. Obviously, that has to be interpreted as tremendous political leadership on the part of John Briceno. Briceno’s leadership ability has always been questioned. People have always doubted his ability to lead the Party, but the showing at Tuesday’s press conference has given him a very high percentage rating for his ability to have brought this level of unity to the P.U.P. This can have several effects though; naturally the U.D.P would have to become a far better Party and in

so doing, become a better Government, which then means that there would be better goods and services provided to the Belizean people. The fact is that the P.U.P on Tuesday, January the 19th 2010, has not only fortified itself as the Queen’s Loyal Opposition but it created major strength to the prized democracy that we as Belizeans are used to. But greater than both of those, Johnny Briceno today, convinced the nation that he has the aptitude and the requisite leadership qualities to take the People’s United Party to Belmopan in 2013 and become the next Prime Minister of Belize. With the support of his Deputies and his National Executive united as it was exhibited today, the traditional P.U.P. blue machine seems to have been oiling its cylinders and cranking its engine to engage its gears. I believe that Johnny can now use his energies in more effective ways as the leader of the Party knowing that he has the type of support particularly from his deputy Mark Espat. Mark definitely has to be credited as well for putting his energy and support in supporting the Party unity obviously with the best interest of the Belizean people in mind. In my opinion it is the most political work that Mark Espat has done in a concentrated period of time. Mark has done tremendous political work for the P.U.P over the past couple of weeks being vocal against Sedi Elrington, against B.N.E, the Government of Belize on the matter of petroleum and here today again at the press conference. P.U.P supporters as well as the rest of the nation will be looking at the P.U.P a lot more to see if this unity will be sustained. If this unity is held throughout the Village Council Elections, then the dynamics of the political landscape will change tremendously. But the big question remains, is the P.U.P really united? For this week, this is my IMPARTIAL VIEW!

BIG BARROW ‘WIRE TAPPING’ IMMINENT The BarrowAdministration is getting everything in place to implement its wiretap and eavesdropping mechanism to intercept all our telecommunications, be it phone calls or text, e-mails or chat, which will definitely interfere with our civil liberties and sacred rights to privacy. While we are reluctant to consider the extent of this new measure, our way of life will be show- cased in a glass-house to the sole benefit and convenience of this UDP government. This new mechanism device has nothing to do with intercepting the telephonic dealings of criminals and gangsters of organized crime because police are clueless (or so they say) of who the real organized-crime kingpins are. Many believe and it’s alleged that the biggest leaders of Organized Crime are in fact inside the Police, Customs, Immigration, and even within the Cabinet. The smaller runners and mules know the rules of the game and constantly change cell phones and prepaid simcards on every different transaction and frequent the public phones instead. People with sensitive jobs in business and commerce

or public figures, politicians and those involved in high-stakes legal cases may have reason to be concerned about government’s intent to introduce wiretapping and electronic eavesdropping. During the recent Honduran Crisis with the overthrow of President Manuel Zelaya, the Israeli’s provided the defacto regime of Roberto Michelletti an electronic frequency monitor and jamming device similar to the system above which is capable of intercepting all forms of communication. It is believed that the culprit shown above which came into the country assigned to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will be utilized by the Barrow Administration to its full advantage targeting political rivals and blackmail against the businesses that they believe are not sympathizers of their party. This is not the first time that a UDP government has tried to muscle its-way into the private lives of Belizeans. In the eighties during their administration of 1984-89 they used a unit within the police structure called SIS to spy primarily on its political rivals. Today it is no

different, no one will be spared. The address constantly roving virtually PUC’s mobile system might just be to keep the operators on their toes if a convenient tool for the Barrow not in a confused state. Administration to spy on every aspect of the Belizean way of life. Belizeans should be concerned and it’s time to stand up now or regret the deeds of this monster we helped to create in February of 2008. We will now be forced into constant forwarding of our calls in a back and forth order to shield our-selves partly from the wrath of Barrow’s listening device. We may also have to get the software so as to keep our computer IP

Sunday, January 24, 2010


COROZAL LEADS F.F.B. U-16 FOOTBALL QUARTERFINALS – TOLEDO LEADS F.F.B. U-19 FOOTBALL Belmopan City, January 17, 2010 Dangriga Eseini, Corozal F.C., and Guinea Grass U-16 each posted wins to lead the Football Federation of Belize under-16 football competition which is into quarterfinals, while F.C. Toledo leads the under-19 quarter finals, in which Griga Esiene and Corozal FC also posted wins over the weekend. The Corozal F.C. U-16 squad posted a big 6-0 win when they hosted Palmar at the Ricalde Stadium in Corozal on Sunday. Roy West led the attack with 2 goals, while, Jesusito Williams, Urbano Rivero, Nelson Rivero and Dennis Charley added four more goals. The Guinea Grass U-16 squad posted a 3-2 win when they visited Trial Farm F.C. at the Louisiana field in Orange Walk. Brain Westby, Jason Coh and Carlos Landaverde scored for Guinea Grass; while Steve Feuntes and Wilbert Larios scored a goal each for Trial Farm. The Griga Esieni bombed San

Martin Meds 4-2 at the FFB field in Belmopan on Sunday. Shante Castillo led the Griga attack with 2 goals while Raymond Ramos and Keshane Swaso added one goal each for the win. Only Jose Martinez scored for San Martin The Toledo U-16 F.C. drew 2-2 with Las Flores U-16 FC at the FFB field in Belmopan on Saturday. Erick Gonzalez scored Las Flores 1st goal in the 8th minute and Kaylon Hewlett added a 2nd goal in the 19th minute to give las Flores a 2-zip lead at the half time break. Toledo’s Ernie Johnson scored the visitors’ 1st goal when he blasted in the rebound on a free kick by Toledo captain Ardell Avila, which had hit the cross bar. Ardell Avila maxde good on his next try to equalize the score at 2-2. Gilbert Lopez scored 2 goals late in the ball game as he brought Griga Esiene back from a 1-0 deficit to Exodus U-19 F.C. to post the 2-1

win at the FFB field of Belmopan on Sunday,. Michael Whittaker scored a hat trick plus one as he led the Corozal U-19 F.C. to a 4-3 win over Santa Cruz FC at the Norman Broaster Stadium in San Ignacio on Sunday. The home field advantage did not help the Julian Cho Warriors, who

simply could not get a gol as they struggled to a scoreless draw with Atletico F.C. of Belmopan at the Toledo Union field on Sunday. Franz Vernon Jr, Aduan Usher and Teryl Flores scored one goal each as they led Toledo U-19 F.C. to a 3-0 win over Benque F.C. at the Toledo Union field last Saturday

St. Luke’s Methodist girls, got the easy bye to their 5th win when the Queen Street Baptist School girls were a no show for their scheduled game on Tuesday. On Monday, the Queen Square Anglican girls also got the bye to their first win when the St. Mary’s Primary School girls were a no show for their scheduled game. Balika Meighan led the Belize Elementary School girls with 13 pts as they blew away the

St. John’s Anglican Primary School girls: 19-5. Ashley Bailey top scored for St. John’s Primary School with 5 points. The Holy Redeemer RC school girls had posted their 3rd win last Thursday, when Shanice Neal scored one basket for a 2-0 win over the St Mary’s Government School girls. The St Luke’s Methodist School girls run over the Holy Redeemer School girls 7-1 last Friday. Shadine Young, Jenelly Lamb and Brianna

Meighan scored 2pts each for St. Luke’s while Indie Dixon scored a single free throw for Holy Redeemer School. The St. John’s Anglican Primary School did better last Thursday in a 4-2 win over the Queen Square Anglican School girls. Ashley Bailey scored 4 pts for St. John’s Primary, while Kayla Bowen and Aaliyah Perez scored a free throw each for Queen Square.


Belize City, January 19, 2009

The undefeated St Martin’s RC School girls ran over the Holy Redeemer RC school girls 12-1 to post their 5th win and lead the Belize City primary schools basketball competition at the Belize City Center on Tuesday. Gilda Moguel led St. Martin’s with 6pts while Tyra Moreira scored a single free throw for Holy Redeemer School. The other leading girls’ team:

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Ebony Lake FC leads Over-35 football 5-0

Belize City, January 17, 2010 The Ebony Lake FC posted their 5th win 1-0 over Plaza United at the MCC garden on Sunday, to lead the Belize City over-35 football competition with 15 pts. The Ebony Lake took the game to Plaza United from the getgo with Paulie “Fabulous” Bradley and Bernard “Dubu” Thomas leading the charge, backed up by Kenton

Graham and Erlin Usher on the flank. Herman “Chicken” Gentle and Floyd Burgess were doing their best to break up the plays by Plaza midfielders Brian Kelly, Stanley “Jordan” Reneau and Dave Flowers to renew their attack, winning a corner kick which almost allowed “Dubu” Thomas to score with a header, but Plaza goalie Valentine Ferguson handled the challenge. Guillermo Fuentes, Benjamin Mejia

and Rudoph “Super” Humes led Plaza’s counterattack with rocket shots on goal that skidded over the crossbar, much to goalie Glenn Arzu’s relief. Francis Dunn, Ronald Usher, Kenrick Parchue and Lance “Shyne” Usher anchored the Ebony Lake defense to keep Mejia and Fuentes in check, while Arzu grabbed a save to deny Humes’ attempt to head in a goal. Ferguson easily handled Paulie Bradley’s first “soft pop” shot on goal and the Plaza defensive line: Marcus Swazo, Cardell Bernardez and Richard Lopez took care of all other challenges to hold the game to a nil-zip draw up to the half time break. Meantime Plaza beefed up its offensive line with Michael “Water

Plait” Flowers taking over from a banged-up Fuentes and Evan Neal entered the ball game for Brian Kelly, later Maino Bevans came off the bench to relieve Flowers. Eian Henry also entered the game as plaza sought to put away the game with a1-0 win, but it was not to be. Plaza blundered in passing the ball backward, instead of exploiting the space on the sidline to move the ball forward, an error that cost them dearly when Maurice “Magic” Francis came off the bench, intercepted Plaza’s errant pass and set table for Lance “Shyne” Usher to embarrass Ferguson with the winning goal in the 87th minute of play. In the other over-35 match up, Kulture Yabra burned City Stars 4-1 in the nigthcap. Emerson Jones drew first blood for Yabra, and Charlie Slusher made it 2-0 with a penalty conversion as Yabra took a 2-0 lead into the ahfl time break. Slushier converted a 2nd penalty in the 2nd half to lead 3-0, and Jaime made it 4-0. The City Stars finally got on the scoreboard when Anthony Michael scored a late, consolation goal.

Tubal Institute & Ladyville Tech boys lead CSSSA football Belize City, January 18, 2010 The TUBAL Institute and Ladyville Technical High School boys lead the 2010 Central Secondray schools sports Assocaiton Belize City high schools’ football competition, each with two victories at the M.C.C. grounds last week. The undefeated TUBAL Institute boys posted their 3rd back to back win 5-0 over the Nazarene High School boys on Tuesday evening. Clinton Jorgenson led the attack with the first winning goal, and Elston Staine soon added a second, Alden Bradley delivered a 3rd goal, and John King picked up a rebound of the upright to drill home a 4th goal before the half time break. Dion Gutierrez iced th win with a 5th goal in the second half. The TUBAL Institute boys had scored their second win 2-0 over the Sadie Vernon Technical High School boys last Tuesday, on 2 strikes by Clinton Jorgenson. The Ladyville Technical High School boys posted their 3rd win 2-0 over the Sadie Vernon Technical

High School boys on Monday, on 2 strikes by Denroy McCord. Jael Ottley had controlled the ball at midfield and set table for David Ramos who then crossed to McCord for the finish. McCord also cleaned up after Joseph Pandy’s attempt on goal to blast in the deflection from the goalie for the 2-0 win. The Ladyville Technical High School had posted their second win 2-0 over the Anglican Cathedral College boys last Saturday. Ladyville’s Elton Metzken left his teammates playing a man short when he was ejected with a red card in the 1st half, but Denroy McCord scored the winning goal in the 2nd half and McCord picked up a deflection off the A.C.C. goalie on a shot by David Ramos to ice the win with a 2nd goal. The A.C.C. boys did better when they held the 4th ranked Gwen Lizarraga High School boys to a 2-2 draw on Monday. Roy Bonnel scored first for ACC, but the Gwen Liz boys equalized 1-1 before the half time break. Mark Smith scored ACC’s 2nd goal in the 2nd half and

again the Gwen Liz boys tied up the ball game at 2-2 before the long whistle The A.C.C. boys had also struggled to a scoreless draw with the Nazarene High School boys last Thursday evening. The Nazarene boys looked to post their first win with a 3-0 lead over the St John’s College boys last Saturday morning, with Wilhelm Leslie scoring on a free kick to lead 1-zip at the half, and. Nathaniel Sedacey added a 2nd goal and Eldon Myvette headed in a 3rd, but the SJC boys came right back to salvage a draw with goals by Pedro Catin, a penalty conversion by Avian Crawford and a miraculous corner kick that Misael Canul bent like Beckham for a 3rd goal and the 3-3 draw. The SJC boys did not do so well on Tuesday when they gave the 3rd ranked Wesley College boys their second win: 1- 0 with Michael Perera scoring the winning goal for Wesley. The Edward P. Yorke High School posted their first win 2-1 over the

Wesley College boys on Saturday afternoon, with Ceton Martinez scoring 2 goals, one in the 1st half and one in the 2nd half. Again it was Michael Perera, who scored a consolation goal Wesley. The Wesley College boys posted their 1st win 3-2 over the Gwen Lizarraga High School boys last Friday. Emiliano Oliva scored 2 goals for Wesley and Michael Perera added a third. Michael Myvettte and John Valerio scored for Gwen Lizarraga. The Gwen Lizarraga High School girls lead the female competition with 2 wins, while the Wesley College girls posted their first win 1-0 over the girls of Edward P. Yorke High School on a strike by Shantia Garnett on Friday. Gwen Liz captain Candice Neal scored the winning goal to lead the Gwen Liz girls to a 1-0 win over the Edward P. Yorke girls last Wednesday. The Pallotti High School girls battled to a nil-sip draw with the Wesley College girls last Wednesday.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


to believe that the call is genuine. For the most part, they have stuck to their promise to stop the mudslinging from their end and I applaud that. But as I have said, there are agents of disunity in the executive and by their actions it


Strong talks from the PUP…. There was a familiar sense of camaraderie at Independence Hall on Tuesday morning where PUPs from across the nation gathered with anticipation for a press conference hosted by the Party’s Leadership. But equally present was the aura of discord. Seemingly the problem in the PUP that has been dubbed “old guard” and “new PUP” has been

…What next?

allowed to escalate to personal dislikes. I have my personal gripe with certain elements within and no matter how much I try to convince myself of their genuineness on anything they say or do there is always be a credibility issue. The new Leadership of the PUP has called for unity and I’d like

‘THE GREAT ESCAPE’ Grounded on the reef

The “The Great Escape”, an eighty foot luxury yacht is helplessly stuck aground on the reef near Hunting Caye and subsiding causing fears that it may fall apart. The vessel has been trapped there for almost two months now and it has not been removed because its skipper, Albert Barscroft, is being treated in a Guatemalan hospital for a cardiac related illness. He suffered a heart attack after he was detained by the Belize Coast Guard Authorities and was rushed to Guatemala to afford him treatment and has not returned since. We understand that a person identified as Jorge Alfredo Aldana who by verbal contract agreement offered to remove the vessel upon the payment US$10,000 reneged on the arrangement after having

received the ten grand because of greediness and is now demanding another US$60,000 to carry out the work. Captain Barscroft w a s navigating his yacht out of our territorial waters when he got trapped along the Sapodilla Range near Hunting Care area. The Department of the Environment has not carried out a comprehensive study of the immediate area to assess the damages on the reef because the yacht is still stuck on the reef. Because of fear that the vessel may snap the DOE has under taken the task of trying to have the yacht removed from on top of the reef before is breaks and causes a spill of its fuel. It will cost between $30,000 and $50,000 to effectively remove and salvage the vessel from the area and it is believe that the cost paid out will be reimbursed by its owner. The Belize Port Authority has started an investigation to determine what caused the vessel to ran aground.

appears that they would rather maintain the status quo. I was quite amused on Tuesday as I walked around Independence Hall and made contact with glares from some of my nemesis in the gathering. Imagine they dislike me because I dare to speak frankly of what they have done to me. It was also interesting to hear Party Leader John Briceno’s response to Jules Vasquez’s question about the renegades at the National Perspective. Jules wanted to know if the party has any intention to rein us in. Johnny assured Jules that there is only one PUP paper and that is the Belize Times. I agree with Johnny and at no time do we

aspire to speak for or un behalf of the PUP. They have done a splendid job of speaking for themselves. But – I have to give credit where it is due? It was a good effort by the new PUP, if only they would have acted sooner. The messages were precise and painted a vivid picture of our experiences under the sadistic and corrupt UDP. Now I’d like to see the talk being backed up by action. I’d like to see that same tenacity being displayed in the House of Representatives and all PUP members acting like PUP’s participating in concert to fight against the injustices of this UDP government against the Belizean people. The UDP has gotten away with a lot and if anyone is to be reined in my dear friend Jules, it is your UDP party. That bunch that lied to us about “change” and are now putting the worst licking on us than we have ever taken in years! Not even Mr. Esquivel was so bad. With some trepidation I will have to give the new PUP some praise for their stance. Not too shabby work there…oh and please tells dah lady fi stap the glare aata mi.

VACANCY Exist at

Belize Healthcare Partners for the post of a

UROLOGIST Closing date for application is

February 5th 2010

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Jamaica debt exchange could spur the economy

By: AL EDWARDS Friday, January 15, 2010, JA Observer

THE recently announced Jamaica debt exchange offer which sees 350 instruments reduced to just 24 offering an interest rate of 12.25 per cent may -- albeit inadvertently -- help to spur the Jamaican economy into greater productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship. As it currently stands, the government spends some J$182 billion a year on interest payments, thus severely restricting its ability to finance capital projects and provide essential civic services. The global recession combined with government missteps and miscalculations have led the country to a precipitous position, and the government must now secure US$1.3 billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in the form of a Standby Arrangement which will go to ensure both balance of payments and local currency stability. The Jamaican government has now concluded its Letter of Intent to the IMF and is expecting that it will be approved by its board of directors on January 27. The debt exchange programme forms the linchpin of its pitch to the IMF and is an initiative designed to address the country’s woeful indebtedness which comes to a whopping J$1.2 trillion. Vital and important move The magnitude of the importance of this debt exchange programme was made clear by the Prime Minister in a meeting held at Jamaica House earlier this week where he said: “If we do not complete the exchange offer, we will not have an IMF programme, which means no unshakeable commitment to fiscal discipline, no standby facility and no new resources (over US$1 billion of new resources from the other multilaterals). This would severely erode market confidence in Jamaica. “The Exchange Offer is an integral part of the Government of Jamaica’s medium-term economic programme developed in partnership with the IMF. The programme will decrease the public debt ratio, improve fiscal discipline and accountability, achieve higher levels of sustained economic growth and extend the social safety net.” For more than twenty years interest payments on government paper have been the Achilles Heel of successive governments, spelling a recurring cycle of debt thereby earning Jamaica the unflattering sobriquet, ‘The sick man of the Caribbean’. Over the last decade, Jamaica’s domestic debt has increased by an incredible 500 per cent while its external debt has gone up by 100 per cent. Mired in debt, the government has administered yet more debt as an antidote to a virulent attack on the country’s primary organs. Now it finds itself having to go cold turkey in order to save itself and this may

very well be the path to its redemption. Financial sector got fat on paper profits For far too long the financial sector and the affluent have gorged themselves on high interest rates (on government paper), becoming corpulent and lethargic. This method of investment has served to decimate the productive sector and induced a torpor which has left the so-called ‘business sector’ to do anything but engage in business activity. A cursory look at the balance sheets and financial statements of many listed companies invariably reveals a heavy weighting in government paper, making a mockery of any declaration of profits and creditable performances. Earlier this week the Business Observer pointed out that Mayberry Investments Limited earned 85 per cent of its J$2.1 billion gross operating revenue from interest income over nine months to September 30, 2009. Its investment securities at the end of that period came to $14.7 billion while total assets stood at $23.8 billion. Loans and other receivables amounted to only $1.9 billion. NCB earned $22.3 billion or 51 per cent of its $43.8 billion gross income from interest on securities for its year to September 30, 2009. The country’s leading banking entity, Scotia Group Jamaica earned $18.1 billion or 37 per cent of its $47.9 billion gross operating income from interest from securities during its financial year that ended October 31, 2009. Both leading commercial banks, NCB and Scotia, reported end-of-year net profits of J$10.5 and J$11 billion respectively. Sounds very impressive, but it was hardly due to core business and therein lies the problem. The Financial performance of many Jamaican companies, particularly those in the financial sector is a virtual reality, it never paints the true picture. The national debt is a Great While Shark and the financial sector companies are its pilot fish. Kudos to the Golding administration -- at last! The Golding administration, with its back against the wall, has finally become proactive and its latest initiative is commendable. It earns kudos for not making it a mandatory stipulation and insisting that it will not accept the IMF and other multilateral support unless it receives 100 per cent participation. This signals that it wants the entire financial sector to buy into the transaction. This could prove to be tricky. Already there are those who are bemoaning that such a move will impair their balance sheets and force them to the wall. Other cite acute problems with liabilities management. And there are those who fear that finance houses will simply look to address the shortfall in revenue by passing it on to customers through an assortment of fees and nebulous charges. Building real businesses Let’s be patently clear -- the muscles

of many of Jamaica’s leading companies have atrophied.They find it far easier to look to earning interest on government paper than to engage in the cut and thrust of business. This crutch has now been removed and they will have to actively find ways to be more competitive and offer better products and services. Jamaica has always punched above its weight class, and business is no exception. Carl Hendrickson, Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, Thalia Lyn, Doug Halsall and Vincent Chang all built companies exhibiting the best of entrepreneurship and business acumen. Their ventures were not built on paper but on something more substantial -- sweat and enterprise. Although the government may have been forced to go this route by the IMF, it may well help to change the mindset of many businesses. Faced with successive hurricanes, diminishing markets, the end of preferential treatments, Jeffrey Hall and Charles Johnston have successfully changed Jamaica Producers business model, deciding not to export bananas and grow other business arms and so turned the company around. The financial sector must follow suit. The debt exchange problem will see the government saving J$40 billion which can go into more pressing matters like schools, hospitals, roads and other infrastructural endeavours. Though some financial institutions may balk at this latest move and bemoan the impact on their balance sheets, the betterment of the country must be foremost in their minds. The government cannot continue paying out close to J$200 billion in interest payments while the country draws nearer to the abyss. Besides, a return of 12.25 per cent is still very generous and one would find that hard to come by anywhere else in the world. JMMB comes out in support Jamaica Money Market Brokers (JMMB) was the first financial institution to unequivocally declare its support of the government’s debt management programme. A statement read: “In principle, we support the initiative and stand ready to continue discussions with the Government and work through the details to gain the best possible results for all stakeholders and the future of the country. This will have an impact on direct holders of the debt including ourselves and facilitates a more equitable sharing of the burden. “Though the full details of the Debt Exchange initiative are not completed, the JMMB team has modelled several scenarios and prepared various strategies to address the potential impact and we stand ready to execute as necessary. In addition, the Government in designing this initiative also took into consideration the impact on each individual financial institution and is sufficiently prepared to support

accordingly.” It can only be hoped that other finance houses take JMMB’s lead and expeditiously declare their support for the government initiative so that it can get the required consensus it is requesting. To date there has been very little disgruntlement and that bodes well. Both the Jamaica Securities Dealers Association (JSDA) and the Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA) through a joint press release also commended the government The release read: “The JSDA and the JBA commend the Government’s intention to take the hard decisions necessary towards a realistic and sustainable medium-term economic programme that will ultimately lead to increased economic growth and improved well-being for allJamaicans. We recognise that a well designed Liability Management Programme needs to be part of a medium-term economic plan, together with effective tax reform, fiscal consolidation and increased transparency in fiscal management. “We are committed as an industry to play our part, and look forward to seeing the final details of the Debt Exchange programme so that we can respond within the timeframes necessary to help the Government secure the necessary IMF standby Agreement.” The Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) also threw its support behind the government declaring, “The JCC wishes to give a nod of approval to the debt exchange strategy which has been unveiled by the Government of Jamaica. In our view, the planned debt exchange represents the single most important blow which has been struck against high interest rates for several decades.” Forget the rating agencies There are those who argue that this recently announced debt exchange move comes a year late and that it may well lead to further downgrades by the rating agencies. At this juncture, that is a moot point. What is encouraging is that the government has acknowledged the enormity of the problem and is prepared to address it by targeting the single most detrimental obstacle to economic growth -- high interest rates which are a cancer in the body of the Jamaican economy. We do pray that it was caught and removed in time. As for the rating agencies, that cannot be of primary concern. Incurring their wrath is a risk the government will have to run for the greater good of the country. It is the government that is responsible for both the management and well-being of the economy -- not the rating agencies. It is time to roll up our selves and get to work.

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By: Dulce Silva

Acne Scar Prevention and Pimple Treatment

M a n y people suffer with mild to severe acne throughout adolescence and well into their adult lives. While a small zit or blemish can wreck your week, it can turn into something much more bothersome if it leaves an acne scar behind when it fades. With many women worrying about fine lines around their eyes and mouths, others are more worried about the scars caused by acne. Long Lasting Acne Scars Worse than Wrinkles Some Say In fact, adults admit acne scars are much more bothersome than wrinkles due to aging. Thus, if you want better skin it’s important to think about how to reduce pimple breakouts and focus on prevention of acne. After all, once the pimples are present it can be difficult to deal with them. But, if you can head them off before they even show up you’ll be one step ahead of the game and on your way to a face without acne and acne scars. Use these tips to help you reduce not only pimples and blackhead breakouts but also the appearance of acne scars. • Try at-home treatments to reduce pimples: You may be tempted to run to the dermatologist to solve your acne problem. However, before you make the doctor’s appointment you may be able to see excellent results with at-home treatments like Proactiv treatment cream systems or those with Retin A. Many people can see great results in reducing their acne and acne scars with this treatment and prevention skin

product line. The key to these products is often consistency. If you want to commit to doing an athome treatment plan, you must be willing to follow the plan completely. Most of these plans fail because the user won’t consistently use the products as recommended and directed. • See a dermatologist about skin care options: If you’ve tried everything on the shelves to eliminate your acne or acne scars, it may be time to see a dermatologist. A skin care specialist can help you determine the cause of your acne and help you seek therapy for acne scars. Dermabrasion and laser treatments are often great choices for those who want to reduce or improve the look of their acne scars. In addition, skin doctors can prescribe medication if necessary. Another great reason to see a dermatologist on a yearly basis is for a skin check, to eliminate your risk of having skin cancer and not being aware of it. • Use sunblock every day to protect skin: Many people think the sun helps their acne but it often only masks the problem. When the tan fades, the skin will still show inflammation or rosacea because acne vulgaris doesn’t go away fully when exposed to the sun. While you may feel your best when your complexion is tan, sun exposure can lead to cancer which is obviously much worse than dealing with your acne in other ways. Thus, it makes more sense to use a sunblock which will not clog your pores. Acne and acne scars can be embarrassing. If you suffer from cyst acne and deal with an eruption daily, you may also be suffering with acne pain. Thus, finding a way to get rid of your acne and acne scars might be high priority in your life. The great news is there are many ways to reduce the appearance of acne and acne scars. Try the athome treatments and if they don’t work head to your dermatologist for more intense treatment options.

ANNOUNCEMENTS Births Georgiana Amanda to George Alvin Andrews and Pinky Idolly Andrews nee Mckenzie Melody Joy to Michael Matthew Staine and Crystal Naomi Staine nee Smith Brianna Amaya Princess to Brian dennis Marsden Skeen and Alicia Lorraune Skeen Nicholas Santiago Alexandre to daniel Miguel Hernandez and Ana Gabriela Hernandez nee Gonzalez Cynthia Elvira to Smaule VAsuez and Rosa Elvira VAsquez nee Pott Michael Anthony to Bernard Elvis Cutkelvin adn ROse Elizabeth Cutkelvin nee Simon Malachai Gilbert to Randy Roger Jones and MAry Annns Esthel Jones nee Tillett Marla Norma to Eris ramirez and Itzel carillo nee Ramirez Grace Celia to Emilaino Marciano Villamil and Kenia Rosibel Villamil nee Suazo Arrianna Amaiya to Egbert mansfield ferguson adn Sherry MAe ferguson nee Sanchez Evelin Yasmin to Francisco Sosa and MAria Sosa nee Garcia


Mario Ivan Puck, 32, of San Joaquin, Corozal District, to Elvira castaneda, 30, of San Narciso, Corozal District Edwin Ranulfo Alfaro, 28, to Jeanny Rose Reyes, 28, both of Xaibe Village, Corozal District Jiehua Su, 22, to Wanhua Ye, 21, both of Belize City Arsenio Rash, 21, to Maria Umbelina Mejia, 21, both of Caye Caulker, Belize District Dean Martin Perez, 22, of Isabella Bank, Belize District, to Melonie Marie Woodeye, 20, of Double Head Cabbage, Belize District Sam Simmons, Jr., 64, of Charleston, South Carolina, U.S.A., to SArelia Garcia, 39, of Orange WAlk Town, Oarnge Walk Disrict Basil Norman, 36, to Trecia Bodden, 31, both of Belize District Jerome Reneau, 28, to Ernestina Pou, 39, both of Belize City Ermie Marcos Coh, 26, of Guinea Grass, Orange Walk District, to Celia Raquel Pol, 25, of Trinidad, Orange Walk District Armando Javier Uh, 27, of Cristo Rey, Corozal Distyrict, to Naoimi Mibeli Hoy, 20, of Xaibe, Corozal Perfecto Emair Cho, 23, of San Narciso, Corozal, to Laura Beatriz Pineda, 20, of Concepcion, Corozal Sabino Gonzalez, Jr., of 25, of San Narciso, Corozal District, to Monica Nelina Arcurio, 21, of Nuevo San Juan, Orange Walk District Dennis Hilberto Oliva, 23, of Punta Gorda Town, Toledo District, to Ivanny Lorely Hernandez, 22, of San Andres, Corozal District Raul Javier Alamilla, 25, of Gladys Josefina Urbia, 22, both of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Arturo Escalante, 22, of San Jose/San Pablo, Orange Walk District, to Adelita Consuelo Villamil, 19, of Patchakan, Corozal District Edilberto Briceno, 20, to Rosario bibiana Wiltshire, 22, both of Copper Bank, Corozal District Alex Omar MArtinez, 25, to Natalie Norma Alamina, 29, both of Ladyville, belize District Robert Gilroy McClaren, 34, to Keisha Michelle Tingling, 30, both of Belize City Xiongjie Huang, 29, to Xueting Xu, 23, both of Belize City Rasiel Victor Vellos, 32, of Ladyville to Claudina Nicole Gordon, 32, of Belize City David Ramon Nunez, 31, to Clarita Eloida Bacab, 28, both of San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye Abel Rafael Escalante, 31, to Marcy Margarita Meighan, 32, both of Belize City

Deaths Rudolph Alexander Flowers, 14 Amparo Juliana Marin, 65 Wallingford Hilton Myers, 93 Russell Garcia, 58 Margaret Ozaeta Rosales, 62 Clive Neal, 89 Elvira Frances Nunez, 55 Alva Ruth Martinez, 44 David Borland, Sr., 56 Roy Darrell Cuthkelvin, 34 Albert Hendrick Morgan, 26


Two Shop Spaces (Ground Floor) centrally located in Belmopan Through access Street in front of Belmopan Terminal entrance located directly behind Angelus Press Building For Serious Inquiries Call Cel: 666-2290


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Cervical Cancer - Topic Overview Is this topic for you? This topic talks about the testing, diagnosis, and treatment of cervical cancer. For general information about abnormal Pap test results, see the topic Abnormal Pap Test. What is cervical cancer? Cervical cancer occurs when abnormal cells on the cervix grow out of control. The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina. Cervical cancer can often be cured when it’s found early. It is usually found at a very early stage through a Pap test. What causes cervical cancer? Most cervical cancer is caused by a virus called human papillomavirus, or HPV. You can get HPV by having sexual contact with someone who has it. There are many types of the HPV virus. Not all types of HPV cause cervical cancer. Some of them cause genital warts, but other types may not cause any symptoms. You can have HPV for years and not know it. It stays in your body and can lead to cervical cancer years after you were infected. This is why it is important for you to have regular Pap tests. A Pap test can find changes in cervical cells before they turn into cancer. If you treat these cell changes, you may prevent cervical cancer. What are the symptoms? Abnormal cervical cell changes rarely cause symptoms. But you may have symptoms if those cell changes grow into cervical cancer. Symptoms of cervical cancer may include: 1) Bleeding from the vagina that is not normal or a change in your menstrual cycle that you can’t explain. 2) Bleeding when something comes in contact with your cervix, such as during sex or when you put in a diaphragm. 3) Pain during sex. And vaginal discharge that is tinged with blood. How is cervical cancer diagnosed? As part of your regular pelvic exam, you should have a Pap test. During a Pap test the doctor scrapes a small sample of cells from the surface of the cervix to look for cell changes.

If a Pap test shows abnormal cell changes, your doctor may do other tests to look for precancerous or cancer cells on your cervix. Your doctor may also do a Pap test and take a sample of tissue (biopsy) if you have symptoms of cervical cancer, such as bleeding after sex. How is it treated? Cervical cancer that is caught early can usually be cured. If the cancer is caught very early, you still may be able to have children after treatment. The treatment for most stages of cervical cancer removes the cancer and makes you unable to have children. These treatments include: A hysterectomy and removal of pelvic lymph nodes with or without removal of both ovaries and fallopian tubes, Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy. Depending on how much the cancer has grown, you may have one or more treatments. And you may have a combination of treatments. It’s common to feel scared, sad, or angry after finding out that you have cervical cancer. Talking to others who have had the disease may help you feel better. Ask your doctor about support groups in your area. You can also find people online who will share their experiences with you. Can cervical cancer be prevented? The Pap test is the best way to find cervical cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer. Regular Pap tests almost always show these cell changes before they turn into cancer. It is important to follow up

with your doctor after any abnormal Pap test result to treat abnormal cell changes. This may help prevent cervical cancer. A vaccine called

Gardasil protects against four types of HPV, which together cause most cases of cervical cancer and genital warts. You get three shots over 6 months. The vaccine is recommended for girls 11 to 12 years old. It is also recommended for females 13 to 26 years old who did not get the vaccine when they were younger. The virus that causes cervical cancer is spread through sexual contact. The best way to avoid getting a sexually transmitted disease is to not have sex. If you do have sex, practice safer sex, such as using condoms and limiting the number of sex partners you have.

BY ORDER OF CHARGEE NOTICE OF INTENTION TO SELL HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED a statutory body formed and registered under the Credit Union Act, Chapter 314 of the Laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000, and whose registered office is situated at No. 1 Hyde’s Lane, Belize City, Belize District hereby gives notice of its intention to exercise its power of sale as Chargee under and by virtue of a Charge registered at the Land Registry between those hereinafter named and the said Holy Redeemer Credit Union Limited. HRCU will at the expiration of two months from the date of the first publication of this notice sell the property described in the Schedule below. ALL offers to purchase the said property must be made in writing to HOLY REDEEMER CREDIT UNION LIMITED from whom full particulars and conditions of sale my be obtained.

SCHEDULE ALL THAT parcel of land being Block 16, Parcel 405 situate in Caribbean Shores/Belize Registration Section, TOGETHER with all buildings and erections standing and being thereon, the freehold property of WALTER SMITH

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Edición 74 Vol. 2 - Semana 22

Industria Cítrico en Crisis

A pesar De la probabilidad de un aumento en precios

Mike Duncker

Henry Canton Cd Belice Jueves Enero 21, 2010 Hace dos semanas a penas, las congelantes temperaturas azotaron las cosechas citicas de la parte sur del Estado de la Florida en Estados Unidos perjudicando más de 570,000 acres de naranjales cítricos y causando que la coseche sufra algún daño por la congelación. La industria cítrica de Florida gana un total de US$9.3 billones de dólares y provee más de 3 cuartos de la cosecha de naranja en los Estados Unidos. La cual la mayoría es convertida para hacer jugos procesado. Sin embargo la noticia del azote hacia la cosecha de naranjas y productos cítricos en Florida es buena noticia para la industria cítrica en Belice. También es el numero uno tema mas hablado en ‘el valle’ la cual esta localizado en la carretera del Hummingbird adonde la mayor parte de producción es realizada, pero el prospecto de precios que están subiendo no es de mayor preocupación hoy. La Asociación del Cultivo de Cítrico en Belice (CGA) es dueño de 51% de la compañía llamada Citrus Products of Belize LTD. y han llegado ser frustrados a lo que se llama tener un control de interés pero al igual también no tener nada de influencia en el manejo y orientación de su compañía. También se encuentran preocupados en como es que van a pagar un préstamo de mas de $11 millones que deben para 10% de acciones en la compañía de CPBL. La asociación (CGA) hizo claro en muchas apariencias en la prensa la semana pasada que si ellos no pueden pagar, que podrían perder las acciones y su control de interés en la compañía. Lo que hace mas grande el asunto es que esto nomas beneficia un grupo pequeño de cultivadores grandes de cítrico. De hecho, muchos crecederos de cítrico están diciendo que el grupo pequeño han entrado en negociación con un banco llamado ‘Banks Ltd.’, un inversor el cual

fue introducido hace dos años para ser de estrategia, para frustrar los cultivadores/ crecederos de cítricos en su deseo de poder tener influencia en como la compañía es administrada. El primer problema es que los directores que fueron apuntados en la posición y también pueden ser removidos se niegan salir del consejo de administración de CPBL. Los tres hombres; Henry Canton, Frank Redmond y Mike Duncker han negado dejar sus designaciones y la asociación ha tenido litigaciones con ellos para que sean removidos. Los cultivadores culpan al tal Henry Canton por ser responsable en la orquesta de que ellos tienen la segunda palabra en la compañía siendo la mayoridad. Acusan a Canton de hacer las mas dulces negociaciones al beneficio de el haciéndolo resignar del Gabinete y ser el dirigente ejecutivo de la compañía de CPBL hace 7 años. Alegan que el ha hecho muy bien para el mismo no tan solo nomas por sus contratos secreticos que le pagaran hasta que el cumpla sus 65 años. El también dirige a su propia compañía llamada ‘Agriculture Development Services’ la cual usa los recursos de CPBL usando servicios de reparación y mantenimiento. Hace unos años atrás, Canton negocio la venta de 46.5% de acciones de CPBL hacia ‘Banks Holding’ un grupo financial de Trinidad y Barbados, por un total de $25 millones pero personas con acceso de información confidencial dicen que el pago efectivo a la Asociación de Cultivadores de Cítricos (CGA) fue nomas $4 dólares. La venta dividió la industria como nunca antes, haciendo un gran volumen de proseguimientos en la corte sin precedentes. La partida sigue hasta hoy y ha crecido. El anuncio en el canal 5 por el programa Open Your Eyes en la mañana por el antiguo presidente de CPBL, Ernest

Raymond, que el y seis otros cultivadores han formado una nueva organización ha enfurecido a mas de 400 cultivadores de cítrico. Muchos miran la movida como una confirmación de sus temores a que ese pequeño grupo se ha juntado con inversores y que están determinados a sacarlos de la compañía. La compañía de CPBL no ha declarado ningún dividendo en los pasados 2 años y su decisión para no pagar beneficios es una gran amenaza para la Asociación CGA en su sostenimiento. Un director de CGA, Denzil Jenkins, dijo a la prensa: “Nosotros estamos pegados al rescate sin pagos de beneficios por parte de CPBL; no tuvimos nada de pagos de beneficios cuando la compañía hizo $5.2 millones de dólares el año pasado. No estamos consiguiendo nada este año cuando ellos perdieron $10 millones de dólares pero aun hay $10 millones de dólares en ingresos retenidos cuando la compañía bajo el Acto de Compañías todavía puede pagar dinero de dividendo. Sin los pagos de dividendos no podemos pagar nuestra deuda con el Seguro Social ni el AIB por la adquisición del primer 10% de acciones. Si eso pasa, los cultivadores de la compañía de CPBL perderán la mayoría de 51% de acciones. No tenemos otra razón para no pensar que todo esto fue un juego de estrategia.” Henry Anderson, el director ejecutivo de la Asociación CGA dijo a la prensa, “Lo que esto demuestra es que los que deberían ser nuestros socios están comportándose en tal manera de no tener en cuenta la opinión de la mayoría de los accionistas y estirara esto hasta el final. Cuando miramos todas estas cosas, eso es lo que vemos.” También dijo: “La indignación por parte de los cultivadores esta creciendo y llevaran acabo medios para asegurar que sus voces sean escuchadas.” La cosecha de cítrico esta

en gran gira, la primera cosecha de toronja esta casi lista y también las naranjas están llegando cercas también. En tiempo cuando los precios están subiendo y producción esta en el nivel regular, este asunto se está poniendo agrio. Jenkins dijo: “Juzgando de lo se ha evolucionado de nuestros negocios con bancos socios, podemos ver un tiempo de dificultad en el futuro. Como las cosas van yendo, muy pronto llegaremos a un punto adonde no se puede regresar hacia tras con cualquier clase de co-existencia con gran socios en negocios.” Anderson hablo de sus preocupaciones diciendo: “Estamos tratando de mantener la paz porque tenemos que pensar de manera constructiva en una industria tan importante como esta pero saliendo del 4 de diciembretodo esto es una cachetada porque las cosas en el valle están poniéndose caliente.” Por parte de Frank Redmond, Henry Canton, Mike Duncker y Ernest Raymond han dado entrevistas en la televisión buscando justificar sus posiciones e hechos. Raymond dijo en su entrevista que aunque el no “… quería representar la gente quien al igual no quieren ser representados por el, el no resigno de la compañía porque no era en el mejor interés de los accionistas en general y también la compañía.” Raymond en su parte negó identificarse como el antiguo presidente del consejo de la compañía de CPBL, y aparentemente apareció en el programa en lugar de Canton para hacerse encargo de la incorporación de su nueva organización de cultivadores. En otra entrevista, Mike Duncker, insistió mantener ser el presidente del consejo de la compañía, hizo claro que su lealtad no es a los cultivadores los cuales apuntaron a el y a los otros para representarlos, pero a lo

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Domingo, 24 de Enero, 2009

Digo…Enciérrenlos A Todos El refrán dice, ‘el bien siempre triunfara sobre el mal’. Parece ser el caso cuando el gobierno UDP maléfico y sus compinches en la junta de directores de BTL decidieron apelar y pagar por una temprana audiencia sin importar las consecuencias. No importo que tuvieron que cubrir un gran costo para traer a los jueces de apelación en vuelos especiales todo a costo de los contribuyentes de Belice solo para que los jueces pudieran escuchar el caso de apelación de BTL. Bebemos subrayar que el caso substantivo no está programada hasta el próximo 9 de marzo 2010 y la próxima audiencia de la Corte de Apelación está programada para marzo del 2010. Pero este Gobierno vengativo y sus intrigantes de BTL están llenos de malicia y odio y no les importo a que costo que fue miles de dólares para tener estos jueces de apelación en Belice para los días necesarios. Actualmente, Belice se encuentra en la peor situación económica en su corta historia, pues el Presupuesto anual de 2009/2010 cuenta con un déficit de más de 100 millones de dólares, y un PIB flácido además de todos los sectores económicos están en deterioro y diferencias. A pesar de todo este flagelo el supuesto ‘grupo UDP tomaron la decisión de derrochar miles de dólares en un caso privado y después de haber gastado todo ese dinero público, siempre perdieron la apelación, que vergonzoso. Muy posible estuvieron muy seguros de los resultados o tuvieron información interior que les dio esa sensación. Estas son solo algunas de las inquietudes y preguntas del pueblo Beliceño porque por el momento, existen estudiantes que fueron enviados a casa porque no han podido pagar las cuotas debidas de los semestres escolares. Ese dinero derrochado pudo haber pagado las cuotas escolares de por lo menos unos 50 estudiantes con todo ese dinero que se gastó solamente para hacer de los tribunales un circo. Pero el tiro

les salió por la culata, los honorables Jueces de la Corte de Apelación concordaron con el Abogado defensor, el Abogado Eamon Coutenay y se sostuvo la decisión del Juez Principal de la Corte Suprema. Ahora parece que la empresa telefónica del gobierno UDP llevara sus apelaciones mas allá a la Corte Privy Council de Londres o posiblemente a la Corte de Justicia del Caribe en Puerto España Trinidad. Especialmente ahora que parece ser que están bajo fuego político por parte de la Oposición, el PUP. Mientras este gobierno UDP continúan perdiendo tiempo gastando dinero para satisfacer sus egocentrismo malicioso, existen Beliceños que se están sufriendo hambre y otros muriendo en las calles y ciertamente están fastidiados de la retórica y engaño UDP. Por otro lado está la ex esposa del Primer Ministro Dean Barrow, Sra Lois Young Barrow, incursionando por Londres en gasto público en ruta a la Corte de Ultimas Instancias, el Privy Council para retar las decisiones del Juez Principal de la Corte Suprema y de los Jueces de la Corte de Apelaciones de Belice quienes dictaron a favor de Beliceños y su derecho a acudir a un Referendo, Lois Young Barrow busca retractar esa decisión para despojar a los Beliceños de ese sagrado derecho. La ironía es que el pueblo Beliceño tendrá que cubrir y pagar todo los gastos del viaje de Lois Young Barrow. Qué Triste. Defendiendo este caso a favor del pueblo Beliceño y la Oposición política esta la Senadora Lisa Shoman. Este Periódico felicita a la Abogada Mayor Sra. Lisa Shoman que solita enfrento y reto a este gobierno UDP en este asunto de primordial importancia sin costo alguna aunque se está congelando para enfrentar a la Abogada Young Barrow quien representa a los verdugos quienes serán atados luego de sacar este gobierno malévolo.

Este Periódico hace el llamado al futuro gobierno PUP cuando asuman de nuevo el gobierno en 2013 que de igual manera instituyan una Comisión de Investigación para averiguar sobre el enriquecimiento ilícito y rápido de las familias y amistades cercanos del Primer Ministro Dean Barrow y que puedan asegúrales al pueblo que seguirán todo aspecto de la investigación porque estos en verdad han logrado explotar el cofre público de los Beliceños. Le pedimos sinceramente al Gobierno que no les ceda ninguna clase de latitud asi como ellos fueron con líderes del último gobierno del PUP. Que investiguen al actual Canciller Wilfred Sedi Elrington y que lo juzguen por traición a la patria también creemos que Carlos Perdomo debe de enfrentar cargos de traición y engaño. Posiblemente muchos se atrevan a reírse de esta sugestión, pero estamos hablando en serio porque lo que este gobierno UDP le ha hecho a la patria en solamente dos años no tiene nombre ni perdón. Durante las Campañas políticas el UDP prometió enjuiciar a todo los lideres PUP porque los acusaron de robarle al país. Muy pronto después se dieron el chasco que ningún dinero fue robado y por lo mismo todo los cargos falsos fueron derrumbados ante los tribunales y ningún PUP ha sido condenado por las Cortes de este país. Sus intentos para imponerle cargos al entonces máximo líder del PUP y ex Primer Ministro Said Musa y a Ralph Fonseca sufrieron una terrible deriva y solamente les brindo una semana de gloria. Esos cargos absurdos fueron derivado ate la Corte de Justicia. Sin embargo, en un acto de divina providencia, han sido los mismos UDP’s quienes han agarrado con las manos en la masa. La Alcaldesa UDP Zenaida Moya Flowers de la Municipalidad de Ciudad de Belice quien está enfrentando cargos criminales por malversación de fondos públicos. Existen muchos

otros UDP’s quien también enfrentan cargos por blanqueo o lavado de dinero etc. Estos supuestos empresarios honestos ahora tienen una ficha criminal sobre ellos. Qué ironía, son los mismos quienes lanzaron la campaña de transparencia y contabilidad en contra de la corrupción. Sin embargo queremos subrayar que estos casos y cargos en contra esta gente aun esta ante los tribunales y no se sabe si habrá condenas o serán absueltos. La Ahora Abogada Lois Young Barrow al parecer, intercambio su puesto de lujo en las Naciones Unidas para asegurar ser la Abogada del Gobierno UDP para poder explotar los recursos financieros del país de Belice. Donde está la transparencia, donde está la contabilidad? Supongo que debe de haber protestas de la barra de Abogados o de otras organizaciones pero quizás están muy ocupados contando todo esos billetes azules que todo lo demás no parece importar. Cuál es la postura de la organización COLA sobre las declaraciones de traición de Wilfred Sedi Elrington o el enriquecimiento ilícito de Lois Young Barrow y Anwar Barrow. Pobre hijo ilegitimo ‘Shyne Barrow’ parece ser el único que no ha logrado una parte del pie, suficiente por tener el apellido de los Barrowcudas. El pueblo Belicenio estará enfrentando el vivo infierno que se aproxima durante el resto de este gobierno pero juntos con la determinación podrán destruir estos demonios llamados UDP y de tal manera poner y devolver al país a una nación de ley y orden en las calles y asi mismo una economía bouyante para el bien y beneficio de todo el pueblo. Esto debe ser la mantra y entonamiento y grito popular de pueblo ‘Queriendo, Si Se Puede’.

Abran Sus Ojos, El Pueblo Esta Despierta!!!


Domingo, 24 de Enero, 2009



La UE promete más de 600 millones de dólares de ayuda a Haití

El ministro español de Asuntos Exteriores Miguel Angel Moratinos en la sede de la UE en Bruselas BRUSELAS (AFP) - La UE ofrecerá más de 420 millones de euros (unos 600 millones de dólares) para ayudar a corto y largo plazo a la población haitiana afectada por el sismo y podría decidir el envío de unos 150 gendarmes para contribuir en los esfuerzos de seguridad. Al término de una reunión de ministros europeos de Desarrollo en Bruselas, los 27 prometieron desbloquear inmediatamente 122 millones de euros en concepto de ayuda humanitaria para socorrer a la población hambrienta y desesperada tras el terremoto del pasado martes que dejó al menos 70.000 muertos. Al mismo tiempo, aprobaron una ayuda de 107 millones de euros que servirá para la rehabilitación de infraestructuras a corto

plazo y la construcción de refugios. Otros 200 millones serán destinados a largo plazo a la reconstrucción del país caribeño y en especial de la región de Puerto Príncipe. “Hemos querido mandar una señal de solidaridad” a los haitianos, declaró en rueda de prensa el ministro español de Asuntos Exteriores, Miguel Angel Moratinos, cuyo país ocupa la presidencia semestral del bloque. Con este paquete de ayuda, se podrán “iniciar las tareas inmediatas de asistencia urgente” y a la vez los trabajos para “mirar el futuro de Haití con esperanza”, agregó el ministro. La ayuda totalizará exactamente 429 millones de euros, de los cuales 92 millones serán aportados por los Estados miembros


de la UE y el resto por la Comisión Europea, que dispone del presupuesto más importante del mundo para ayuda al desarrollo. Moratinos señaló además que los seis países que integran la Fuerza de la Gendarmería Europea - Francia, España, Italia, Portugal, Holanda y Rumania - están dispuestos a enviar entre “140 y 150 efectivos” a Haití, en respuesta a una petición en este sentido de Naciones Unidas. “Debemos esperar a que nos llegue esta tarde (del lunes) la solicitud formal de la ONU” antes de decidir el envío de este contingente, que contribuiría a frenar la inseguridad que se ha apoderado del pequeño país caribeño con saqueos y pillajes, dijo. La cifra barajada por la UE contrasta significativamente con los 10.000 soldados que Estados Unidos envió a Haití para colaborar con la ONU en las tareas de asistencia humanitaria e imponer la seguridad. Al margen de la contribución europea, los ministros abordaron la coordinación de los esfuerzos internacionales y apoyaron la idea de

celebrar una conferencia que reúna a los principales actores, al margen de la cita de donantes que ya fue convocada por Canadá, el próximo 25 de enero en Montreal. La jefa de la diplomacia de la UE, Catherine Ashton, indicó que abordaría “dónde y cuándo” organizar esa cita durante sus encuentros el miércoles en Washington con la secretaria de Estado estadounidense, Hillary Clinton, y responsables de la ONU. Paralelamente, la vicepresidenta del gobierno español, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, en nombre de la Unión Europea, se encontraba el lunes en República Dominicana y el martes viajará a Brasil con el fin de “involucrar” en los esfuerzos de asistencia “al máximo número de actores”, declaró Moratinos. El presidente de República Dominicana, Leonel Fernández, tenía previsto recibir el lunes en Santo Domingo, junto a su homólogo haitiano René Preval, a representantes de varios países y organizaciones en una iniciativa paralela para preparar la reunión de Montreal. El sismo del pasado martes dejó, según las últimas cifras oficiales, 70.000 muertos, 250.000 heridos y 1,5 millones de damnificados. Ashton afirmó temer que esta última cifra se dispare hasta los tres millones de personas. En la sede del Parlamento Europeo en Estrasburgo (Francia), los eurodiputados observaron un minuto de silencio en memoria de las víctimas. “Estamos muy conmovidos” frente a una de las “peores catástrofes de la historia de la humanidad”, declaró el presidente del hemiciclo, Jerzy Buzek.

EMPRESARIO DERECHISTA SEBASTIÁN ES EL NUEVO PRESIDENTE DE CHILE SANTIAGO (AFP) - El empresario multimillonario Sebastián Piñera se convirtió este domingo en el próximo presidente de Chile, quebrando 20 años de gobiernos de centro-izquierda y permitiendo la primera victoria en las urnas para la derecha en más de 50 años. Piñera, quien obtuvo 51,6% de los votos contra 48,4% del ex presidente social demócrata Eduardo Frei, prometió en su discurso de proclamación “derribar muros que nos dividen y construir puentes de encuentro”, ante 30.000 enfervorizados adherentes reunidos en las afueras de su comando de campaña. Frei representaba a la Concertación, la coalición de partidos de centro- izquierda que gobierna desde 1990, tras el fin de la dictadura de Augusto Pinochet. Poco antes del discurso, Frei fue hasta la sede de Piñera a felicitarlo, y allí el nuevo presidente le dijo que “nuestro país necesita unidad. Los problemas que enfrentamos hoy día son muy grandes y desafiantes, y necesitamos unidad”. Piñera le dijo igualmente a Frei que “para tener un buen país necesitamos no sólo un buen gobierno sino una buena oposición. Estoy seguro de que vamos a tener una oposición leal, constructiva, que va a fiscalizar con rigor, como corresponde, pero que va a tener un espíritu constructivo”. El empresario, de 60 años, llegó a la presidencia con un mensaje de cambio y gracias a que logró desvincularse

de la imagen de la dictadura de Augusto Pinochet, tan asociada a la derecha chilena. Una vez conocida la victoria de Piñera, miles de chilenos salieron a las calles en varias ciudades del país haciendo sonar las bocinas de sus autos y ondeando banderas de Chile. “El país pedía un cambio, los de derecha queríamos algo bueno para el país, demostrar que queremos vivir en paz y no con odio”, comentó una partidaria de Piñera, provista de una pancarta con el rostro de su candidato en una calle céntrica de Santiago. Frei, por su parte, se apresuró a reconocer la victoria de su rival. “Quiero felicitar a Sebastián Piñera; la mayoría de los chilenos le ha dado la confianza para que conduzca los destinos del país por los próximos cuatro años”, dijo Frei en su comando de campaña. “Espero que prevalezca el diálogo, la búsqueda de acuerdo y se mantengan las conquistas sociales que tanto nos ha costado recuperar”, agregó. Poco después Piñera fue felicitado telefónicamente por la presidenta Michelle Bachelet, que durante la campaña había dado un apoyo decidido a Frei y que derrotó al hoy ganador en las pasadas elecciones, hace cuatro años. “Hoy día la gente eligió democráticamente y lo eligió a usted como nuevo presidente de la República”, le dijo la mandataria en una conversación trasmitida por la televisión estatal. “Le agradezco mucho sus palabras y quiero pedirle consejos y ayuda”, le


respondió el presidente electo, quien elogió el mandato de cuatro años de Bachelet. Siguiendo una tradición que se remonta a varias elecciones, este lunes en la mañana Bachelet visitará a Piñera en su casa. La derecha vuelve al poder en Chile por primera vez desde el final de la dictadura de Pinochet en 1990 y concreta su primer triunfo en las urnas desde 1958 cuando ganó Jorge Alessandri. Igualmente significa el fin de 20 años en el poder de la Concertación, la coalición de cuatro partidos de centroizquierda que gobierna Chile desde 1990. De manera paradójica la derrota de la Concertación se da cuando la presidenta Bachelet detenta una popularidad del 80%, que no Piñera propone un pudo endosar a Frei ni aprovechar vira gobiernos de cent je tras 20 años de en beneficio propio, porque roizquierda la Constitución no permite al presidente optar inmediatamente a un B e r l u s c o n i segundo mandato. chileno’, en alusión al primer ministro A partir de mañana, Piñera tendrá afrontar italiano Silvio Berlusconi. la inquietud sobre el posible conflicto de Para acallar críticas, Piñera delegó en abril intereses entre sus intereses económicos de 2009 la administración de gran parte -muchos de ellos en sectores estratégicos de su fortuna en una figura de fideicomiso como la aeronáutica o la televisión- y ciego, donde no interviene en las decisiones su presidencia. Accionista mayoritario de la aerolínea LAN, propietario del de negocios. No obstante, mantiene su popular club Colo Colo y dueño del canal propiedad sobre 26% de las acciones de Chilevisión, entre otras propiedades, se LAN, las que se comprometió a vender ha hecho acreedor al apelativo de ‘el antes de asumir su mandato el 11 de marzo.

PAGINA 4 Continuado de pagina 1 que el llama la ‘compañía’. “Supongo que los cultivadores de la industria de cítrico no entienden que la fabrica tiene ser manejada de manera comercial y cuando directores están apuntados al consejo, estamos apuntados a representar y para asegurar que la fabrica es manejada de manera eficaz y que no podemos ponerlos dos sombreros a la misma vez cuando estamos adentro. Necesitamos representar la fabrica y tenemos que representar a todos los accionistas, no nomas una fracción de los accionistas mientras estamos allí.” Henry Canton por su parte dijo que “Yo tengo que manejar para todos los accionistas, no nomas el principal accionista. Digo otra vez que mi responsabilidad es representar a todos los accionistas.” En una publicación la semana pasada la Asociación de CGA llamo al trió de Redmond, Duncker y Canton para que resignen de su puesto diciendo en parte: “Los cultivadores pueden recordar y el pueblo beliceño debe notar que el Dr. Henry Canton, fue el principal cerebro de el acuerdo de inversión y miembro de el Consejo de la Asociación de CGA, y que el señor Raymond era el presidente de la Asociación CGA cuando la decisión fue tomada para que la compañía de inversión vendiera 46.5% de las

Domingo, 24 de Enero, 2009 acciones de la compañía Citrus Products of Belize Limited y recibieron $4 dólares cuando en hecho la compañía de inversión debía aproximadamente $12 millones de dólares por la compra del primer 10% de acciones en Del Oro Belize, la cual se convirtió en la compañía llamada ahora CPBL.” Hace tres meses, la administración de Dean Barrow mando a su Alan Slusher para tratar de resolver el asunto que implica a los cultivadores y amenaza la cosecha de la industria. El hecho que los problemas siguen empeorando, las tensiones se esta aumentando y litigación creciendo debería ser obvio al PM Barrow que Slusher no arreglo nada y que no tiene capacidad para poder hacer el trabajo y que el gobierno necesita poner mas atención a este tema. La industria cítrica de Belice fue edificada por George Price del Peoples United Party quien hizo todo lo posible para asegurar que promoverá, preservara y protegerá todos los cultivadores de esta industria no importando si son pequeños ni grandes pero a todos. La administración de Dean Barrow no parece poner importancia que esta industria gana US $100 millones o mas cada año, y menos les importa por la salud económica de los granjeros menores.

PG Pide Disculpas a La Judicatura …Un anio despues, que patetico!



Aries 21 Marzo-19 Abril

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu casa diez te da la opción de vivir situaciones bastante especiales, tanto en el ámbito profesional como en el personal. Igualmente puedes vivir cambios imprevisibles y sorpresas dentro de tus relaciones. Actualmente estás sujeto a diferentes influencias externas. Indica que tu vida profesional pasa por una etapa intensa, llena de nuevas emociones. De alguna manera vas a querer romper con las viejas estructuras del pasado. Te puedes permitir ser más auténtico pero en cualquier caso vas a tener que estar dispuesto a asumir tu propia responsabilidad.

Tauro 20 Abril-20 Mayo

El Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón transitando por tu casa nueve indican un periodo favorable para afianzarte y mejorar tu desarrollo personal desde un punto de vista interno. Refleja una etapa para fortalecer o afianzar tu personalidad. Te invita a que muestres tu parte más inteligente. Quizá la suerte te llegue en forma de acciones acertadas relacionadas con los viajes o los estudios.Se abre un periodo de enorme apertura mental en el que vas a tener un mayor sentido de libertad personal. De igual manera es posible que te encuentres más atractivo-a y quieras potenciarte en este sentido.

Gémini 21 Mayo-21 Junio

El Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón transitando por tu casa ocho indican que vas a profundizar en tu interior. Si últimamente estás teniendo problemas en tus relaciones ahora es el momento de la reconciliación. Vives una etapa apropiada para ciertas reflexiones respecto a los recursos compartidos con tu pareja, tanto emocionales o sexuales como materiales. Durante esta época puedes tener ingresos extras pero también es probable que gastes más de la cuenta. Igualmente se van a dar alternativas donde puedes encontrar otras formas de ganar dinero. Es probable que cambien muchos de los puntos de vista que tienes más arraigados.

Cáncer 22 Junio-22 Julio

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu casa siete revela que se pueden dar durante las próximas semanas situaciones urgentes en tus relaciones personales, en especial, con tu pareja. Vas a tener que estar muy alerta y concentrado a la vez. Muestra un periodo que te impulsará a la renovación y al cambio, pero tendrás que tener cuidado con ciertas sorpresas. Algo en tu interior puede decirte que estás cansando de la rutina. La vida te regala la posibilidad de planificar un futuro más cercano a lo que siempre has querido aunque tienes que estar seguro de cada paso que quieras dar. Sé prudente y toma tus decisiones con inteligencia.

Leo 23 Julio-22 Agosto

El tránsito del Sol, Mercur io, Venus y Plutón por tu c asa seis ref leja que en tras en una etapa diferente, en especial, en todo lo relacionado c on el trabajo. Tus relaciones laborales van a ser una de las áreas más impor tantes de tu vida en este momento. Es posible que te sientas empujado por un sentido de individualidad muy acusado. Los desafíos te darán marcha para atender todo lo que te echen encima. Revela un aumento de tu c onf ianza personal así c omo de tu c apacidad para c omunic ar. Todo te invita a vivir una evolución rápida y a la posibilidad de poder mater ializar tus ideas. Es posible que deter minadas circunst ancias te lleven a luchar por mejorar tus intereses laborales.

Virgo 23 Agosto-22 Septiembre

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu casa cinco te ayuda a aumentar tu confianza y a creer más en tus posibilidades. Refleja un periodo donde vas a adquirir más capacidad para comunicarte, en especial, en todo lo relacionado con tu vida social. En tus relaciones personales puedes gozar de ocasiones para construir nuevos vínculos. Vas a sentir cierta urgencia para hacer cosas fuera de lo normal andando a la búsqueda de la originalidad, de la creatividad y de la diferencia. Te resultará más fácil clarificar tu postura personal ante cualquier situación amorosa. Puedes planear nuevas estrategias sentimentales para conseguir tus objetivos.

Libra 23 Septiembre-22 Octubre

or General Wilfred Sedi Elrington


El Procurador General Wilfred Sedi Elrington, en su discurso con los jueces de la judicatura de la nación presentes para la ceremonia inaugural del calendario 2010 de la Corte Suprema el pasado lunes, asombrosamente retracto sus declaraciones derogatorias que lanzo ponzoñosamente en contra los jueces el año pasado y por lo mismo pidió disculpas. En su disculpas dedujo que quizás lo que lo llevo hacer esos comentarios se debió a la inadvertencia, ignorancia, y quizás su inexperiencia. Elrington en sus declaraciones del año pasado dijo que los Jueces no estaban dispensando la justicia de manera adecuada ni efectiva y que carecían de conocimiento de cómo hacer buen juicios para trabajar con rápidez. El procurador general concluyo según su creencia que los Jueces no están proporcionando valor por el dinero y que eran sobre pagados. Les recordó que reciben los mejores sueldos en todo el servicio público en el país de Belice. Agrego que cuentan con los mejores medios de transportación y además de seguridad policiaca con guardia propio de 24 horas al día. Elrington les dijo que necesitan enfocarse más, ser más diligentes y más dedicados a su trabajo. Durante las siguientes semanas después de hacer esos comentarios en contra la integridad de los Jueces se negó pedir disculpas. Esta semana cuando el Hon. Wilfred ‘Sedi’ Elrington se encontró con los mismos rostros de los mismos Jueces en la misma sala de la Corte Suprema en donde Elrington arremetió sus declaraciones el año pasado. Esta vez Elrington demostró remordimiento y buen juicio así como un a cambio y un cambio de conciencia.

El dijo: “Mi señor, estoy consciente que hay personas presentes que estuvieron también el año pasado quien tomaron mis declaraciones como ofensas y deseo demostrar mi más sinceras disculpas por ser la causa de indignación a cualquiera de ustedes en esa ocasión. Nunca fue mis intenciones ofender y por lo mismo humildemente pido disculpas y atribuyo los comentarios hechos a mi inadvertencia, ignorancia y quizás también my inexperiencia. Tengo el más profundo respeto por la Magistral. Tengo el más grande respeto a la Corte Suprema y conozco de todo el esfuerzo que han puesto en el trabajo. Estoy consciente de eso.” Mientras aplaudimos y reconocemos que toma un verdadero hombre para ver sus culpas y pedir perdón, lo que también notamos es que le tomo todo un año para hacerlo. Es la primera vez que Sedi Elrington ha puesto si mismo y al país en una situación penosa y cuando se pone bajo una disculpa su comentario en muchas ocasiones se vuelve en controversia. Mas reciente, en unos de sus comentarios hacia la Organización de Estados Americanos (OAS), Elrington llamo nuestra frontera en el oeste con Guatemala ‘artificial’. Esa frase usada por el enfureció a la mayor parte de Beliceños hasta los de su propio partido político. La gente ha demandado que pida disculpas o sea removido de su poste siendo el Ministro de Asuntos Exteriores. Quizás le tomara otro año al tal Elrington para que reconozca que necesita pedir perdón a todos los Beliceños por desgraciar de manera enorme el patriotismo e integridad territorial de nuestro país Belice. Sin embargo, se espera que lo haga antes de las elecciones generales del 2013.

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu casa cuatro revela que vas a tener que solucionar algunos de los problemas que se dan en tu núcleo familiar.Tu actitud va a ser importante para poder solucionarlos, aunque no todo va a depender de ti. Saca partido de tu buen estado mental y resume tus ideas. Psicológicamente necesitarás recogerte dentro de ti para poder construir nuevos cimientos. Si eres autónomo es un buen momento para llevar a cabo los proyectos que tienes entre manos. En este momento la búsqueda de seguridad pasa a un primer término. Vas a tener que vivir el presente a través de asuntos del pasado que ya habías olvidado.

Escorpio 23 Octubre-21 Noviembre

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu casa tres indica un periodo activo, de movimiento, tanto físico como mental. Tendrás que estar atento para organizarte de forma racional. Es una etapa excelente para presentarte a cualquier examen, en especial al de conducir.Vas a vivir un periodo de mucha competitividad pero tu propio carácter va ser tú gran aliado a la hora de mejorar. Es favorable para desarrollar tus aptitudes o descubrir diferentes recursos personales tanto en el ámbito psicológico como en el material. Favorece todo lo que tenga que ver con el intercambio de ideas o con actividades donde tengas que poner tu mente al cien por cien.

Sagitario 22 Noviemre-21 Diciembre

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu casa dos indica que aumentan tus ideas en lo que respecta a mejorar tu situación económica. Este tránsito estimula y favorece todo lo que tenga que ver con tu dinero y con los valores básicos en los que se asienta tu vida. En el ámbito laboral vas a aprender nuevas cosas. Puedes tener la opción de llevar a cabo tus proyectos de la forma que a ti te gusta, con más independencia, aunque refleja un periodo de cambios y ciertas tensiones por asuntos económicos. Estás viviendo una etapa donde debes tomar conciencia de aquello que no te interesa o no te funciona en tu vida material.

Capricornio 22 Diciembre-19 Enero

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu signo indica más actividad en tu vida diaria. Estás en plena expansión pero es importante que sepas controlarte. Quizá te sometas a una frenética actividad. Empieza un periodo donde cambia tu imagen cara a los demás. Refleja ayudas desde el exterior. Quizá estés ahora mejor preparado para enfrentarte a nuevos retos y superarlos o quizá conozcas nuevas vías de acción que te resulten muy validas. Vas a poner tu energía en solucionar cualquier asunto que no acabe de funcionar del todo. Debes sacar toda tu fuerza pero sin dispersarte ya que pueden darse acontecimientos de progreso personal muy positivos.

Acuario 20 Enero-18 Febrero

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu casa doce indica la posibilidad de que vivas el amor desde una perspectiva distinta a la habitual. Te moverás por instinto. Igualmente te costará un poco más de lo normal el descansar de forma profunda.Indica que necesitarás aislarte de vez en cuando. Durante varias semanas no estarás muy comunicativo. El dialogo con tu entorno debería ser más fluido para evitar problemas. Piensa que existen otros puntos de vista. Trata de rebajar cualquier tensión o conflicto e intenta actuar con mucha paciencia y diplomacia. Te deberías mantener apartado para poder trabajar tus ideas más tranquilamente.

Piscis 19 Febrero-20 Marzo

El tránsito del Sol, Mercurio, Venus y Plutón por tu casa once indica que vas a compartir y vivir momentos muy interesantes. Se incrementarán tus relaciones personales, la comunicación con tu entorno, el intercambio de ideas, etc. Estás en un buen momento para desarrollar con éxito tus iniciativas personales. Si quieres un cambio en tus relaciones de amistad es ahora cuando lo tienes que negociar. Es el momento de avanzar basándose en tu talento y en tu esfuerzo. Tu poder de convicción te puede ayudar a lograr lo que deseas, aunque ten cuidado porque es posible que durante ésta etapa todo lo veas de color de rosa resultándote demasiado fácil tomar decisiones.

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