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Sunday, December 13, 2009

‘DI EAT WI SUPPA’ Marc Melville (Jamaican)

Tom Wilson (American)

Yvette Wilson


A UDP Government came to power giving Belizeans high expectations since they gave the distinct impression that they would ‘mek life betta’ for everyone, but all that has become real over the last 22 months, is a declining economy in recession and mounting misery that has left thousands of Belizeans without the slightest means of subsisting as a family with dignity. During the previous PUPadministration, the economy was buoyant, there were jobs in different fields, heads of

households could have provided for their loved ones with dignity and pride because every productive sector that contribute to the economic growth of our nation was flourishing. One such sector that was consistently prospering was the Cruise and overnight Tourism into Belize whereby Belizean Tour Operators provided hundreds of jobs and incoming revenues directly and indirectly to many other services providers, but Tour Guides were among the hundreds that had decent incomes

coming in to provide for their families. Today, it seem that ‘foreigners di eat wi suppa while daag di eat the res’ especially because the UDP government through its incompetent Belize Tourist Board (BTB) which has allowed foreigners like Jamaican based ‘Chukka Caribbean Adventures’ to walk into Belize and commandeer a substantial cut of the already established sector that has taken Belizeans many years of sacrifices and careful planning to develop along with

the hard work and dedication of local Tour Operators, the Transport Industry and the Tour Guides working in concert to bring Tourism to what it was before the UDP took it over. Chukka an entity controlled by the family fortune of Jamaican Marc Melville has been operating a medium size Adventure Tour business called Bakabush Adventures since 2004 together with his associate partner Americans Tom Wilson and his wife Continued on page 3

BARROW HOODWINKS BELIZEANS Signs ‘MALPAGO LAW’…. and PERSISTS on LYING “Belizean law and Belizean dignity would be upheld, Belizean pride and Belizean patriotism and Belizean patrimony vindicated.” Dean Barrow said at the acquisition of BTL on August 25th, 2009. Continued on page 3


Sunday, December 13, 2009

WHEN IS THE BTL PAYMENT DUE? This Christmas promises to be decided to build a quarrel with Lord blamed for this debt. You are the a favor for foreigners and no love the worst in recent history for Ashcroft in order to renege on the one that influenced the Hon. Prime for Belizeans. During this week, Belizeans. Even in the perceived arrangement. Minister to pick an unprovoked Belizeans Tour Operators reached worse days of the People’s United They have set out on a vendetta fight with Lord Ashcroft because their tolerance level and launched Party government, Belizeans had to destroy Lord Ashcroft. Note the Lord became your imaginary an attack on the foreign company that is monopolizing all the tours in abundance of hams, turkeys and that Evan Hyde has always been enemy. more. This intense suffering of ungrateful. Once you are unable to The Prime Minister was very gullible Belize. This company is Jamaican poor Belizean started February give him what he wants he becomes and went ahead with the most owned and is managed by a white 8, 2009. This was the day that the an instant enemy. He has had major ridiculous thing that any Belizean American. So all Belizeans get, is UDP became the government of fights with Bowen and Bowen, government can do which is to take the crumbs, all the funds earned are Belize and along with them came San Cas, the UDP government, the a telephone company on credit that trapped outside of Belize, offering an instant slowdown and down turn PUP government, and now Lord is reportedly earning less profit and no benefit to the local economy. of the economy. Ashcroft. Each one of these entities will soon start losing money. In The Belize Tourism Industry During the 2008 political campaign, has been major contributors to the effect, it is a dinosaur. Why would Association (BTIA) issued a the then (UDP) Opposition Leader wealth of Hyde. any investor want to put money in release stating that they support the stated that they had investors lined So while Evan Hyde appears something that he knows will be a foreigners and that the Belizeans operators should accept that up to invest in Belize as soon they will be displaced. This as the “hated” PUP was voted The UDP Cabinet members have been classified as “dodo birds” release was as a result of a out of office. His Minister of National Security also unveiled by Evan X Hyde, who is now an ally of the UDP. By that statement, it is flyer that was being distributed which stated such facts. At this a 360 degrees plan to eradicate crime. Well crime has since easy to predict that it will not be long before that relationship becomes publication, we applaud this escalated tremendously and the strained and fractured. Once that alliance begins to fracture, the UDP move by the person, persons, only relief in sight is that the and their Prime Minister will learn the venom of Partridge Street, or group that saw it important to do something and not allow said Minister is confined to the “Temple of Bacchus” which is a again. Presently, there is a chummy relationship between the UDP and foreigners to displace them. blessing in disguise because he “zinc fence” being held together by the hefty sum cheese involved. This should be a good issue for opposition to rally around. cannot disrupt the crime fighting Hon. Barrow and the UDP are the ones providing the cheese to Krem. the As we have done in the past; we efforts of the police. The UDP Cabinet members Before and after the PUP victory in 1998, it was Ralph Fonseca and have offered unsolicited advice to both the government and the have been classified as “dodo Said Musa that were supplying the cheese to the “zinc fence”. opposition; and they have not birds” by Evan X Hyde, who taken heed. As a result, they is now an ally of the UDP. By that statement, it is easy to predict chummy with the UDP, we predict dead investment? The only way that have taken tremendous public heat that it will not be long before that that as soon as the cheese dries up BTL can be sold is for a government and cause grief to the Belizean relationship becomes strained and he will be switching horses, and Accommodation Agreement to people. We will state for the record fractured. Once that alliance begins at this stage it look like he will be attached to the purchase of its that any of the political parties that to fracture, the UDP and their Prime be switching to a PUP horse. He shares. Since Belizeans don’t have consistently follow our advices will Minister will learn the venom of has shown in the past that he has this amount of money to invest, the be awarded with 2013 government. Partridge Street, again. great practice and style “eating his foreign owner earning, if any, will OPEN YOUR EYES Presently, there is a chummy vomit”. be sent or kept outside the country. relationship between the UDP and On a radio program this week, the We see that this government has THE PEOPLE ARE AWAKE! “zinc fence” being held together Prime Minister warned Belizeans by the hefty sum cheese involved. that the worse is yet to come and Hon. Barrow and the UDP are the by 2011, things should be looking ones providing the cheese to Krem. good. He also stated that he is Before and after the PUP victory not worried about the state of the in 1998, it was Ralph Fonseca and economy. Of course he will not be Said Musa that were supplying the worried because he is not any of the cheese to the “zinc fence”. In 2004, poor Belizeans that will be losing everyone was asked to do some their homes during this recessionary belt tightening and efficiency and period. This UDP Prime Minister 25 Nanche St. Belmopan value for money became the PUP insists on taking Belizeans for fools. mantra. This kind of thinking was The BTL saga is one such example supported by the Association of where Belizeans have been misled Concern Citizens (ACB). Krem and in the end the taxpayers have refused to make the sacrifice and a bill of half billion dollars that tighten its belt and became upset they will have to pay. Now, how with the PUP when they had to will Belizeans ever be able to pay reduce advertisements. this debt? Are we going to be in It is in the same vein that Lord debt until 2049, 2059, or 2069? Ashcroft finds himself in because Evan Hyde, will you ask the Prime he dared to request that Krem give Minister that question, or are you him value for money. In their typical just an old fool that is living in the modus operandi (thug tactics), they past? You, Hyde, are the one to be

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Barrow Hoodwinks Belizeans

Foreigners ‘di eat wi suppa’

By Rhenae Nunez Belize City; Tues. December 8, 2009

Yvette Wilson. Prior to expanding its operations in Belize in June of this year , Bakabush adventures operated 11 busses in partnership with local Premier Charters Tour Operators who transported tourists back and forth to Bakabush’s three attractions namely the ‘Airboat Tour, Lost World Canopy Tour, and Maya Cave Tour. Today, Chukka, with the complicity of Carnival Cruise Lines and their guaranteed financial assistance, coupled with the facilitation of the Belize Tourist Board who allowed them to come in to Belize and take control of this lucrative sector, has cut out the much needed foreign exchange for Belizeans who have worked this sector during the years. Jamaican based Chukka Caribbean Adventures is now ensuring that the majority of this foreign exchange is redirected in to their banks in Jamaica and the USA. While Marc Melville boasts that it was Carnival Cruise Lines that called and prompted him to take on the Belize deal which required the acquiring of twenty six (50) seater Coaches to accommodate his expansion in Belize, he added that the Belize Operation is raking in (or raking out of the country) between US$2million and US$2.5 million since its launch just a few months ago. The UDP has created a window of opportunity for this foreign owned entity, whilst it closed the door shut for tour operators, guides and local investors in the industry which has brought on severe financial implications. The economic effects because of the ineffective administration of this sector among others by the government have a trickling effect on the wider Belizean population. There are many tour operators such as of the public transport system, that has also laid off hundreds of workers because of this decision to allow a foreign base company to bite into this

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It was an audacious move when Prime Minister Barrow announced to the nation in August of this year, that he was taking over BTL. Barrow said then, that this was to put an end to the serial litigation by the majority shareholder of BTL, perceived to be Lord Michael Ashcroft. While that perception has not been established because the ownership has skillfully meshed its identity in a quagmire of trusts, the litigations keep coming which establishes Prime Minister Barrow as either a liar and an inconsiderate, self serving megalomaniac who will stop at nothing to get his way despite the impact of his behavior on the Belizean people and economy. Barrow has still not appeared before the Belizean people to explain as to why according to him, the people of Belize are not liable for BZ$45 million owed by BTL to the British Caribbean Bank of the Turks and Caicos. Neither Barrow’s Board of Directors nor the sympathetic media have been able to shield him from the growing criticisms for his reckless behavior that will further plunge us into depression. The people are still trying to make sense of the fiasco. Executive Chairman of BTL, Nestor “Net” Vasquez in his address to the media during a press conference held last week said, “In July 2007, BTL took a loan of US$22.5 million, from the Belize Bank (Turks & Caicos) at a rate of interest of 12% to be paid over 4 years (2 years in interest and 2 years interest and principal).” Vasquez went on to explain that BTL’s former directors ought to have known that the company could not meet the

obligations under such arrangement. But that is neither here nor there since BTL was a private company and its fiduciary commitments were that of the company and not that of the people of Belize. What the former principals of BTL did with their money was their business and PM Dean Barrow’s only concern then was to collect the taxes. Barrow was adamant about collecting and when BTL hesitated to pay, they were taken to court and their manger threatened with jail time. Around the end of November, the Belize Bank filed action in court to recover US$22.5 million or BZ$45 million plus interest and cost. The new BTL Board has misleadingly told the Belizean people that Ashcroft used the money to buy back his own shares and characterized the transaction as “unlawful and void”. It is an outright untruth because the shares were in the possession of the Royal Bank of Trinidad and Tobago (RBTT). The RBTT acquired those shares from Jeffrey Prosser when the bank foreclosed on Prosser after he was unable to meet his obligations to the Bank. In order to ensure that the British Caribbean Bank, formerly the Belize Bank does not collect a dime of its $45 million dollars, Barrow signed Statutory Instrument No. 130 of 2009, on December 4th 2009. The SI, which the National Perspective dubs “The Malpago Law,” is officially known as the BELIZE T E L E C O M M U N I C AT I O N S (ASSUMPTION OF CONTROL OVER BELIZE TELEMEDIA LIMITED) (AMENDMENT) ORDER, 2009. The convoluted SI No. 130 according to Barrow and Minister Continued on page 6

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area of the tourist sector. Presently, there are several local operators that invested huge sums of money in the area of transportation with loans that they must repay while people like Marc Melville and the Wilson’s laugh at our stupidity all the way to the bank. It is appalling at the quick reaction of the BTIA chose to distance itself and expressing regret over a straight forward issue that affects Belizeans and which they have ignored. BTIA has shown its double standards and hypocrisy coming in defence of Chukka Caribbean Adventures while they have ignored the cries the locals who have equally invested money time and sacrifices in the shaping of this area of tourism. It is far from the truth for the BTIA to suggest that there is harmony involving all the stakeholders within the tourism sector. BTIA has chosen to remain extremely quiet when an issue within the sector is of detriment to Belizeans as compared to the overzealous efforts and response to condemn a publicity flier that is in circulation protesting the foreign domination of a substantial cut of this valuable sector. We call on the CEO of the BTIA; Deisdra Isaacs and her team of experts to direct their efforts on protecting Belizean investments in the sector and to pressure GOB to stop playing politics with important project such as the Belize Cruise Terminal which offers to provide 5000 jobs and give the Tourism sector a whole new dimension. When we see that happening, there is when we will be the first to report BTIA’s seriousness about a section of the second paragraph of their Press Release sent out on December 4th 2009 which states: “At all times, our advocacy campaigns must be geared at first doing no harm to the hard work, investment and success of our valuable industry, but have at its heart a true intent to dialogue and survey solutions to any challenge facing our sector”.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Definition is what refines the pure essence of things from the circumstances ~ Milton For the past few years I have held membership in a couple of forums on the internet known as listservs. The discourse is sometimes trivial but quite often it focuses to a very high level on some very interesting topics. I try to contribute from time to time but as Clint Eastwood would say, “a man has to know his limitations”. Quite a number of the participants are experienced, educated and highly trained technocrats who obviously know their stuff. For my part, I have added abundantly to my understanding of some very complex issues just from lurking and reading and I find myself at times, even embarrassed by my ignorance of some matters. I stand humbled and remain grateful to those who take the time to explain and who contribute invaluably to my enlightenment and to the expansion of my horizons. On one particular listserv, there has been much discussion over the years about one topic in particular which has just recently been pushed full center to the front burner and has apparently reached “boiling point”. (Pardon the pun, please) Global Warming or more specifically Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is as we speak, being discussed passionately at a World Summit in Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. Billed as the largest and most important discussion on the issue yet, the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference opened on Monday December 7th and will run until Friday December 18th. In opening statements, organizers warned diplomats from 192 nations that this could very well be their “last and best chance” to protect the world from this “calamitous global warming”. Of course, the whole issue of Global Warming can by no means be considered “cut and dried” and its proponents have seen a fair and increasing share of skeptics and “deniers”. While the average Belizean has no doubt at some point been confronted with the whole concept of global warming, it is certainly not what one might consider a “Queen Square Market” topic. On the governmental level however, Belize has been very much involved in the whole global warming discussion. As far back as early 2004, the Caribbean Community Climate Change Center (CCCCC) was established in Belmopan after Belize beat out five other competing countries for the honor. Described as the official repository and clearing house for regional climate change data, the CCCCC boast a fully staffed and reportedly functional office in the Lawrence Nicholas Building in Belmopan. Of note also is that Belize is sending a full contingent to Copenhagen including the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. As stated earlier, the concept of a global warming has not gone unchallenged. Some have insisted that the earth’s current climate is hotter than it has ever been which they claim is the result of man’s negligence and indiscretions. Carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) from airplanes, automobiles and other such fossil fuel burning tools and toys of

men are considered to be among the chief culprits. Number one contributor is they say, and get this, “cow farts”. (No shit, look it up) There are those however, who suggest that the whole idea of global warming is a hoax, a scheme to enrich a few and wrest more money in the way of taxes and fines from the masses. Among the skeptics of global warming is Sarah Palin, who in a recent interview referred to the idea of global warming as “doomsday scare tactics pushed by an environmental priesthood.” Without a doubt, the global warming phenomenon has seen a fair share of fanatics on both sides of the aisle. Former presidential candidate Al Gore was recently awarded a Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar for a documentary on the subject and has been rabidly advocating what he refers to as a “principle in physics”. “It’s like gravity” he claims, “It exists.” What apparently also exists is an unlimited flow of money into the pockets of those closely connected with and in promotion of this theory. A couple of months ago, ABC estimated Gore’s net worth at $100 million and growing. Let’s compare that to the measly one million that he was estimated to be worth upon losing a close and controversial election to George W. Bush in 2001. According to one source, “Gore is amassing so much money and influence from global warming that if the problem disappeared he’d have to reinvent it.” Now I might be listed among those considered “agnostic” as far as global warming is concerned. I simply do not know. I have researched and read but the facts are obscured and jumbled. The recent release of some emails hacked from the computer files of scientists who are supposed to be the foremost authority on the subject has not helped. In their secret communications, the scientists discussed ways of misleading the public and suppressing information that would raise doubts about the authenticity of global warming. The so called “hockey stick graph” has been dissected and discredited effectively and other existing data provides little if any proof. In a 2007 interview with Channel 7, Carlos Fuller, since retired chief meteorological Officer and deputy director of CCCCC stated: “With climate change we’re seeing a warming of both the atmosphere, the land and the sea and hurricanes get their energy from the sea. So if the Caribbean is warm than it normally is then you would expect stronger hurricanes and that is exactly what occurred in the Caribbean.” Yet, the just completed 2009 hurricane season saw one of the least active seasons on record. In fact, reliable data suggest that while 1998 was indeed a very warm year, the temperature have gone progressively cooler since. I tell you, I just don’t know! What I do know is that whether or not global warming is real, I believe that there are more pressing problems that pose more immediate and damaging threats to the existence of our specie. Like some, I am more inclined to believe that not unlike mankind the earth is a living, breathing organism that can heal itself. The earth has also always had variations of climate and as is said, “the only thing constant is change.” Man of course, is extremely vain and anthropocentric who thinks that he can control, affect and explain away all other things in the universe. Vanity of vanities saith the preacher! What man should try to control is his greed, his criminality and his immoral ways. These are within his purview to change and repair. While we huddle in summits setting goals for the year 2050 and beyond, our reckoning may very well be no further away than 2012! In the immortal words of Bob Marley, “Have no fear for atomic energy, for none of them can stop the times”.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


GOB Contemplates

Ridiculous Development Concessions to Jamaicans

The UDP Government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow is contemplating to giving development concession to a fly-by-night Jamaican Fishing company seeking a dead raise in the fishing industry while they try to undermine the already established cooperatives that have existed for years in Belize. Considering all the stupidity that they have done since coming to government in 2008, they find it very difficult to attract solid genuine foreign investors to our shores. The so-called investors that they do attract want to take Belizeans for fools with the facilitation of the UDP. The Cabinet of PM Barrow is contemplating a proposal from a fly- by- night Jamaican outfit registered under the name of Rainforest Seafoods Limited which promises (on paper) to double the overall combined seafood production that presently takes five already established fishing cooperatives to produce annually. Even though it is not impossible, it sounds ridiculous coming from this outfit that has no track record just a proposal on paper which will either tighten the competition among the other five coops, drag down our marine resources or cause one or more to close down operation. Rainforest Seafood Limited., proposes to establish itself in the Stann Creek district near the Big Creek Port and promises to hire a work force of forty Belizeans but it is demanding a development concession which is costly giving the impression that it is a company seeking a deadraise in the industry. It seems that they lack the necessary capital to get their proposal rolling off the ground and

they are begging for a list of resources which has a cost to the government and people of Belize. Any genuine investor with capital would do their due diligence in the country, purchase their chosen piece of land to suit the area in which they are investing and then start building. In many cases contributing locally with the purchasing of building materials from already established importers within the country. Not so, with Rainforest Seafood Limited, apparently they have the blessing of some influential politician in the government and are demanding four major development concessions which includes the free grant of two acres of land in their choice area of Big Creek, Duty Free concession on all building materials for the construction of the plant and on all plant equipments to be used for the plant together with a subsidized assistance on the power supply of energy to the plant. Apart from all that, as if that wasn’t enough; they are demanding a tax holiday for fifteen years where this company, apart from getting all the concessions, won’t pay a dime to the Belizean treasury. When considering that this company will have full access and domain over our territorial water and its resources, the proposal by Rainforest to government really sounds like a dead-raise venture at the expense of Belizeans. As soon as they get the two acres, they will take it to the commercial bank and mortgage it for a big time loan which they will most likely use to finance their scheme as many others have done with land given to them. Rainforest Seafoods promises to build a $3million dollar

processing p l a n t complex on the two acres of land which they say will be in proximity

Plus 15 years Tax of the Big Creek deepwater Port in Independence Village and that they will process a minimum of two million pounds of sea food yearly. Presently, the five established cooperatives yield a combined catch of 1.25 million pounds of seafood yearly. The government is contemplating facilitating this venture by allowing them to bring in their own fishing vessels from abroad which will also be free of duty. Last weekend a fleet of fishing vessels entered our coastal waters and headed down south in Punta Gorda where another Jamaican Fishing Company has established itself and Belizean fishermen in that southern community are up in arms because it is disrupting their way of life in Punta Gorda. The Department of the Environment has stated that they have not been consulted nor do they have the necessary license to carry on large scale fishing in our territorial waters. This Jamaican run operation is going under the name of PG Fishing Company Limited as was marked on the vessels that came in last


week While we know that Rainforest Seafoods Limited is currently associated with a Belizean registered company named ‘Aquamar Limited’, which is a seafood export company that belongs to local businessman Mike Dunker, we don’t know what relation the PG Fishing Company Limited have with Rainforest Seafoods Limited. The Government of Prime Minister Dean Barrow has made a political statement expropriating Belize Telemedia because according to Barrow, over an illegal ‘Accommodation Agreement ‘of 15% return that the previous PUP government signed with the Ashcroft Group, their government is really contemplating giving a development concession and tax shelter for fifteen years to Rainforest Seafoods which is ridiculous and totally insane when compared to the accommodation agreement when considering the costly investments that brought state of the art communications technology to all schools and remote areas of Belize.


Mose handpicked by Barrow to head ineffective CYDP for a fee Kremandala gets entire $400K ad budget from SSB X Hyde gets special Accomodation Agreement from BTL (Barrow Telemedia Looting)



Sunday, December 13, 2009



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of Public Utilities Melvin Hulse, gives “full effect to the public purpose,” that “purpose” being the acquisition of Belize Telemedia Limited. That in itself is a farce since Belizeans have sobered up to the reality that the BTL acquisition has been more beneficial to Prime Minister Barrow, his ex-wife, Lois Young-Barrow and their son, Anwar Barrow. Other known UDP cronies are conspicuously placed on the board of directors. The board is a well-paid board. According to the signators of the “Malpago SI”, Prime Minister Barrow and Minister Melvin Hulse, this Statutory Instrument is an amendment to the Principal Order (The Belize Telecommunications (Assumption of Control of Over Belize Telemedia Limited). The amendment encompasses four loan facilities which Barrow has basically said by the SI that he will not honor. The first facility being for the $45 million dated 6th July, 2007 which was signed between Belize Bank (Turks and Caicos) and BTL. The second is an agreement dated 19th September, 2005 which was signed between The Belize Bank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, the Belize Bank Limited, CAEDMAN Limited and Sunshine Holdings Limited. The third is a loan agreement also signed on 19th September, 2005 executed between The Belize Bank (Turks and Caicos) Limited and Sunshine Holdings Limited, the fourth is a facility dated 19th May, 2006 which was signed between The Belize Bank (Turks and Caicos) Limited, Sunshine

Holdings Limited and the Trustees of the Belize Telecommunications Ltd Employees Trust. Lois Young-Barrow, who is listed as Secretary of the Board, was referred to in last week’s press conference as the legal counsel. Lois and Dean’s daughter, attorney at law Deanne Barrow would not be left out of the loot. Deanne Barrow appeared in court with her mother on BTL’s behalf on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 to challenge an application by Speednet for an injunction to prevent BTL from moving Speednet’s equipment that is located on BTL’s property. The Barrow duo lost in court but we speculate that their personal bank accounts won again. Statutory Instrument No. 130 states that the purpose for acquiring BTL is to stabilize and improve the telecommunications industry and to provide reliable telecommunications services to the public at affordable prices in a harmonious and noncontentious environment. What we have experienced so far is a far cry from those imagined possibilities. As litigations mount, the telecommunication industry has become more contentious, more unstable and less reliable with more dropped calls reported by BTL customers and Smart customers blocked for a few days from making international calls, coupled with the looming uncertainty of what will happen next that will once again adversely affect service and business in Belize.


HEROES by: Nuri Muhammad

Black men in Belize have not offered young black males strong images of character to follow. This is not to say that such distinguished characters do not exist in Belize, but collectively, we have not done enough to keep these positive images in front of our youth. As black men, we have been so busy making sure that the other black man does not move out ahead of us and become a hero before we do, that we have developed the habit of tearing down and criticizing every little achievement that the next black man makes; regrettably, in this process we have cancelled out all the possible black Belizean male heroes for our young boys to emulate. Take a minute and ask them who their heroes are and see who they come up with! Then count how many of those are black Belizean men! More than likely they would not have heard the history of men like Clifford Betson, Jamie Nogeria, Telford Vernon, Charles Hyde, Horace Young, Wilhelm Arnold, CLB Rogers, Edmund Martinez or Charles X Egan and so many who were trail blazers at a time when things were far different than they are today. But even today, names like Dr. Arlie Pitters, Dr. Sidney Teager, Dr. Egbert Grinage, the pediatrician; all are modern day black Belizean heroes that most black youth have never heard of. Unfortunately their achievements and so many others are underscored and buried by our gutter-sniping habit of denying each other the honor and respect; not so much in social ceremonies where we postulate and give artificial kudos but more in our daily lives where our children observe how little respect we really show for each other’s achievements. Let’s face it; we blew it; our youths don’t respect us as they should so when we see them acting out their distorted perception of manhood in the streets of Belize City, we really should look at it in a bigger context. How did they get there? If parents and caregivers are the first line of responsibility for the rearing of the child, what method are we using to raise our children, especially boys? What kind of the images we are holding in front of them to emulate? I was recently reviewing a study/research examining the child rearing practices of the various ethnic groups of Belize, both in the urban and rural areas, done by a David Smith, back in 91/92. This study, as far as I know, was never published except for some preliminary findings that were handed out by NOPCA back in 1993. The study revealed that there are distinct patterns of child rearing among the ethnic groups of Belize influenced by historical, socio-economic and environmental factors. For example Smith points out that the cuddling period for the Mestizo child is much longer than for the Creole child. This prolonged cuddling period where the child received continues affirmation affected the early self esteem of the growing child positively. Children, on the other hand, who experience continuous harsh criticism from an early age, displayed very low self esteem. At first glance this research would seem to suggest that Creoles are harsher with their children than Mestizos, until you take into consideration other factors, like the urban/ rural divide and other socio-economic factors affecting those polled. The Creole in the rural areas had a longer cuddling period than those Creoles polled in Belize City and as a result their children were better adjusted than those in the city. However, the Mestizo in the urban area still had a longer cuddling period than Creoles in the urban areas. Their cultural retention of parenting survived the pressures of urban living; at lease at the time of this study. Mind you this study was done nearly 20 years ago and we are living in a different social environment with a consumer oriented culture that affects the urban as well as the rural. While there is still a discernable divide between the urban/rural, clearly, with the introduction of cable, internet, DVDs and radio 24/7, added to the expansion of roads and instant telephone communication, all this has contributed to narrowing that divide. Therefore, the same virus that affects the urban areas also affects the rural communities, to a lesser degree. But despite the fact that this study was done

almost twenty years ago what we see in Belize City today suggest that we still have child rearing patterns that are contributing to the dilemma faced by many young black males. Some justify this situation by saying that blacks had to be tougher in preparing their children for the harsh reality of urban living therefore their children had to be toughened. But if we accept that justification don’t we also have to take the responsibility for the madness we see displayed by that ‘toughened’ youth? Can this necessary “toughening” in our child rearing patterns be the source of some of the difficulties that some young black males have with their self-worth? In fact, no group uses the word “dis” as much as young black men -a feeling of not being affirmed for what they perceive as their worth and therefore, feeling “disrespected”. Throughout their upbringing there was not enough affirmation to secure their personal self worth. It is so out of the ordinary for black men to affirm each other that when a blackman receives a compliment from another blackman he becomes suspicious; “is this a setup?” It is so out of sync with our behavior with each other that we feel awkward and uncomfortable when we receive compliments and affirmation from each other. We are unsure of its sincerity. But deep down we are so starved for affirmation and acknowledgement that even those ‘suspicious’ ones are welcomed and sometimes make us vulnerable to manipulation as a result. Maybe this is why the crack head uses this as a strategy to get money from us as we are temporarily mesmerized by his audacious compliments. A friend told me recently, that the reason black men don’t complement each other is because it will go to their head. That’s like saying: I am doing you a favor when I don’t acknowledge or compliment your good works; I am actually trying to save you from yourself. On the other hand, we are harsh in our criticism of each other, especially when one is not present to hear what’s being said. We don’t spare the rod when it comes to cutting each other down to size. We use the Jamaican term “big up”, and it’s a start in affirming the good deeds of a particular person or institution, but “big up” aught to be a cultural pattern of how we relate to each other and not an occasional slang. Our conversation with each other should be imbued with positive affirmation and respect of each others worth. I love the uplifting spirit of Ya Ya Marin Coleman. While I might not always agree with the position she takes she is always upbeat, affirming and encouraging in her conversations, even when the topic is a negative one. She is a real model of the kind of personality type we need more of among us. Especially men to men. Scientist say that there is a release of the hormone endorphin in the brain when we receive complements and affirmation and that this squirt of hormone in the brain every time we are affirmed actually makes us feel good about ourselves and we tend to treat each other better as a result. This is not talking about bullshitting a person about things that we both know is not true but rather finding good, truthful things to say that actually improves the smooth flow of human interaction. I started this column reflecting on how black men have collectively dropped the ball and must take responsibility for the state of young black males. I am not discarding the historical reasons that have contributed to the dysfunctions that we are seeing played out in the socio-economic conditions of black people in Belize but to the extent that correcting those dysfunctions are our responsibility then more serious attention must be paid to our child rearing patterns and the kind of human being we are trying to prepare for the world. It is up to us to instill discipline in our youth and point them in the direction of education as their way forward for their development. Tina Turner sang: “We don’t need another hero”, but I beg to differ, if there is anything that our young black boys need today its more heroes that they can emulate to work themselves out of the depressed conditions they find themselves in.(Comments welcomed at

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Le t ters to the Editor

WANTED: A MINISTER OF FISHERIES Dear Editor, There is an urgent need for a Minister of Fisheries who has knowledge of the Fisheries and its problems; a Minister who is interested in resolving the problems and whose word is his bond. The present absence of such qualifications works a hardship on traditional fishermen. Fishermen’s livelihoods are being destroyed along with the Fisheries, as a result of the Minister’s failure to act and keep his promise. Early on, the Minister of Fisheries promised to cause legislation to be enacted that would ban net fishing. His promise appears to be worthless. Though he would like to receive from others, he has not kept his promise to have net fishing banned. While the Minister of Fisheries does nothing to ban net fishing, gill net fishing and trawlers continue to destroy Belize’s fisheries and the livelihoods of Belize’s traditional fishermen. Ninety percent (90%) of all gill net fishermen are Guatemalan citizens, who live in Guatemala. They invade Belize’s fishing grounds and take their catch back to Guatemala. Most are licensed to fish in Belize’s water. However, much of such licensing is a violation of Belize’s laws. Nothing has been done to prevent either the illegal licensing or the invasion of Belize fisheries. The countries that have had the leadership and intelligence to ban gill net fishing have profited greatly. The banning was done before the fish reached near extinction. After the banning of gill nets, the endangered fish came roaring back. Those countries now have billiondollar fishing industries for traditional fishermen. Belize’s chance of having a billion-dollar fishing industry is being lost by the failure to act, and the spurning of the rights of traditional fishermen. Either due to other interests that prevail, lack of leadership, or indifference, gill net fishing continues in Belize. The failure of the Minister of Fisheries to keep his promise to have gill net fishing banned allows the further destruction of what fishing that is left for traditional fishermen, and denies the birthright of their children to have the benefit of viable fisheries. Trawling in Belize’s water further destroys Belize’s fisheries. The Environmental Justice Foundation describes trawling “as one of the most wasteful, destructive an inequitable ways to exploit the oceans”. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), in describing trawling, stated “Trawling is like bulldozing a forest to catch song birds”. Trawlers plow up the nurseries grounds of Belize’s fisheries. In doing so, they stifle the reproduction of species that are necessary to maintain Belize fisheries. The situation of the fisheries is bad; the depletion of fish has destroyed the livelihood of hundreds of traditional fishermen. It appears that the Government now plans to make the situation worse. The Government is now considering granting offshore fishing rights to Asian countries such as Taiwan and Korea. The granting of such rights would indicate lack of leadership and be the epitome of ignorance; it would disregard the rights of Belize’s traditional fishermen and their children and the children’s children. Belize’s economy is bad enough without relegating it to the lower level of Somalia’s devastated economy. The media continuously publishes the problems resulting from Somalia’s pirates who kill crew members in capturing ships and thereafter, hold crew members and ships for

ransom. The media is consistent in labeling the pirates as fishermen. They are fishermen who have turned pirates after foreign fishermen destroyed Somalia’s fisheries and left them without means of supporting their families and putting bread on the table. Does the Government of Belize wish to create similar problems for Belize’s traditional fishermen? A leader is one who provides well for the people of his country. The welfare of the people comes first before foreigners, relatives or cronies. Time will tell whether or not Belize has a leader, and time is running. In a true democracy, the people own the Government and the politicians work for the people, not for their own selfish interests or gain. Kenneth Gale

Sunday, December 13, 2009

PAGE 8 By Rhenae Nunez Belize City, December 10, 2009

Barrow, Resign!!

It was the usual charade by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on Krem Radio on Wednesday morning. He rises on his sanctimonious pulpit and Mose and Sharon start drooling. Public reaction to Barrow’s appearance was cross as many who listened and watched were left wondering which Belize the Prime Minister was talking about. Mose Hyde gloated in the company of his benefactor the Prime Minister as they celebrated the expropriation of Belize Telemedia Limited. Barrow asked the Belizean people to bear with him as he visits more hardship on the nation and its strained economy while he pursues his vendetta against Lord Michael Ashcroft. But curious minds are asking, how much of a vendetta is it? The Prime Minister’s law firm, Barrow and Williams still works for Ashcroft’s British Caribbean Bank formerly the Belize Bank. The Prime Minister has represented Michael Ashcroft’s interest since the mid-eighties and has built himself a posh life from the proceeds of his relationship with Michael Ashcroft. In fact it can even be said that Barrow is Prime Minister because of Michael Ashcroft. In case it hasn’t sunken in yet, even though the Prime Minister pledged to be blunt on October 29th when he announced it, the Belizean economy is in recession. But don’t tell that to the folks behind the zinc fence, they can’t see it, except for their workers who always had to humble and slave while the Hydes live large off their sweat. According to PM Barrow, he will do a better job of collecting taxes in the New Year. An ominous

the few zealots who lack human empathy toward their fellow man and woman. There is a new response to Barrow’s proclamations; resign. Later on that day the Prime Minister met with the media where he was hounded about the $45 million loan owed to British Caribbean Bank, even after he signed the “malpago” law. Barrow spoke dismissively about the bank’s expressed intention to go to arbitration in order to recover the $45 million. Downplaying the negative international reputation that Belize has gained and the repercussions of Barrow’s impulsiveness, the Prime Minister said that Belizeans should not worry; he said that going to arbitration is the Bank’s right under the Belize – UK Investment Treaty. According to Barrow, arbitration is a right under the Bilateral Investment Treaty and Belizeans do not need to worry. After he had promised Belizeans earlier in the day that he “will do a

better job of collecting taxes”, the Prime Minister indifferently told the nation that he will incur more expenses on our behalf for the arbitration process because Belize will be represented. The Prime Minister did not bother to say who will represent us in the arbitration; we can only speculate that they will be foreign and perhaps his former wife, Lois Young – Barrow and their daughter, Deanne Barrow will be involved. If not, we suspect they will collect. Whether or not we stand a chance of prevailing in this latest mess that the Prime Minister has gotten us into, Barrow seems very optimistic. He differentiated between ‘expropriation’ and ‘nationalization’ with “nationalization” being the better of the two in this case he opined, because provisions were made to compensate Hayward. Compensation is another contentious issue because the two sides involved cannot agree on the value of BTL. We can only expect to pay more in litigation fees and judgments. The Prime Minister ended his tirade by stating that he will force Michael Ashcroft out of Belize. That will be the ultimate fulfillment of Zinc Fence’s agenda. Quite a turn of events from the days when Barrow and Ashcroft were bosom buddies against the people of Belize. He pledged to “vindicate the move” he made on August 25th. According to Barrow, Ashcroft cannot and will not defeat the sovereign united nation and sovereign united people even though the strong backing that was there on August 25th is rapidly diminishing as the realities of investor flight hit and the recession…oops, depression are very much here with us.

statement’ to the police regarding the incident where he admitted being the person that ended the life Ms Mercedes Carillo and asked for a speedy trial. Since his appearance in Court was only a procedure where the charges were read and not to take a plea, Chief Magistrate McKenzie explained that he cannot get a speedy trial because it was an indictable matter and the process will be played out through a Preliminary Inquiry which will conclude before a jury trial in the Supreme Court. After her detailed explanation, the Chief Magistrate ordered that Jason Lawrence be remanded to the Hattieville Correctional Facility until the 7th January 2010. According to investigations forty years old Mercedes Carillo was having an amorous relationship

with Lawrence. It is understood that Carillo was at her Burrel Boom home in the company of her children when Lawrence arrived there shortly after midnight that Friday morning. He flared up a discussion which quickly became violent. Jason Lawrence then left the Carillo’s residence but returned shortly after armed with a knife which he used to inflict the deadly stab-wounds to the left side of her abdomen and left side of her breast. During this time Carillo’s nineteen year old daughter intervened in an effort to have Lawrence stop his vicious attack against her mom and even took a knife and managed to wound him on his shoulder but that did not stop his rage. Lawrence then fled from the scene. Carillo was rushed to the KHMH but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Dean Barrow

Belizeans Cannot take Anymore of your Madness! warning to Belize’s shrinking working population. After gouging the productive sector and catalyzing increases on interest rates on investment capital in the commercial banks, all eyes of the Barrow administration are turned on the little that hard working Belizeans are earning. That is the only form of economic recovery strategy that the Prime has categorically described to get us out of the current depression; tax our way out. Feigning appreciation for the dynamics of economics and the punishment that Belizeans are enduring, Barrow brought his old rehearsed script. He told the folks at Krem on Wednesday that taxes are down because imports are down. In October he was more detailed. Tax revenues have declined by 10% compared to last year. Imports have also fallen by a whopping 20%. The support and the patience that Barrow has beseeched Belizeans to exercise is all but expired save for

Confessed Killer Arraigned

Jason Lawrence

Mercedes Carillo

“I am guilty and I want a speedy trial.” Confessed killer, thirty-year old Jason Lawrence, a truck driver of Ladyville was formally charged for the murder of Mercedes Carillo and was arraigned in Magistrate’s Court before Chief Magistrate

Margaret Gabb McKenzie on Monday in Belize City. During the routine proceeding where the charges were read, Lawrence told the Magistrate that he had submitted a ‘caution

Sunday, December 13, 2009






Supporters of Honduras’ ousted President Manuel Zelaya chants slogans during a meeting in Tegucigalpa TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras – Honduran activists have ended five months of daily protests demanding the reinstatement of their president since he was ousted in a coup, say they’re moving on now that Congress has voted to keep Manuel Zelaya out of office. Juan Barahona, who has been leading protests since late June when Zelaya was forced out of the country, said Friday that his supporters are “closing that chapter” of their struggle. Barahona said it’s time for Hondurans who support policies in favor of the poor and other themes that Zelaya espoused to shift their focus to the 2014 elections. Hondurans elected conservative, wealthy rancher Porfirio Lobo to be their new president in the Nov. 29 elections. Lobo says that when he takes office in January he will finally end the political crisis that has isolated one of Latin America’s poorest countries. Some countries, including the U.S., have recognized Lobo’s election. But others, including Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina, say they won’t unless Zelaya is restored to office. In Costa Rica on Friday, President Oscar Arias called

Lobo and asked him to consider granting Zelaya amnesty. Arias did not disclose Lobo’s response. Larry Birns, director of the Council on Hemispheric Affairs in Washington, said the administration of President Barack Obama has been “behind the curve” when it comes to Honduran policy. “Instead of crafting a stance that would prove harmonious with domestic and international goals, Washington’s failed Honduras policy became an embarrassment for its lack of grace and class,” he said Friday. Washington initially indicated it would not recognize the presidential election unless the coup perpetrators restored Zelaya. But the Obama administration later backed down and recognized Sunday’s vote. In another sign Friday of the world’s mixed response to Honduras’ current political status, the Latin American Parliament voted to suspend the Central American country’s congress from its ranks as punishment for the coup. “It saddens us a great deal that it had to come to this,” said parliament representative Maria Augusta Calle, of Ecuador.



BOGOTA Venezuelan troops had blown up another makeshift bridge across their frontier on Friday and were holding a Colombian soldier who crossed the border in the latest incidents to test fraying ties. Andean neighbours Venezuela and Colombia began sparring several months ago in a dispute that has disrupted their $7 billion a year in bilateral trade and fuelled fears of a violent clash along their poorly controlled frontier. Venezuela President Hugo Chavez, a fierce U.S. foe, has ramped up his rhetoric with talk of war and ordered Colombian imports cut to protest a Colombian plan to allow U.S. troops more access to bases to fight cocaine lords and guerrillas. “They have blown up another community bridge,” Colombian Defense Minister Gabriel Silva told reporters. “This is another act of aggression and a violation of international rights.” Silva said a Colombian soldier who accidentally crossed the frontier was being held by Venezuelan authorities. Colombia recently released five Venezuelan troops who wandered onto its side of the border. Venezuela’s military said the bridge in Tachira State had been used for by smugglers. Local authorities did not comment on the Colombian charges about a detained soldier. “Troops took out a walkway which was used to transport a lot of contraband food and fuel,” said Gen. Franklin Marquez, a

regional commander for the Venezuelan National Guard. “They are always patrolling to make sure these bridges are not rebuilt.” Last month, Venezuelan troops dynamited two makeshift footbridges across the border because they were used by traffickers. Colombia denounced the destruction before the United Nations and Organization of American States. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, a staunch Washington ally, this week accused Chavez’s government of imposing an illegal trade blockade similar to the U.S. embargo on Cuba after Venezuela said Colombia was engaged in “psychological war.” OPEC-member Venezuela relies heavily on Colombian food products but Chavez is seeking alternative imports from Brazil and Argentina. Colombian shipments to its neighbor plunged 70 percent in October alone. Chavez and Uribe were once dubbed the Andean “odd couple,” able to resolve disputes with hugs and handshakes despite a growing political gulf. Now, while conflict is unlikely, analysts see a growing risk of small-scale border violence. Chavez says the Colombian base plan sets the stage for aggression against his nation, while Uribe says it is an extension of cooperation to end Colombia’s long guerrilla war.


killed in shootout,


M O N T E R R E Y, Mexico (AFP) – Fourteen people were killed in northern Monterrey, including 11 drug traffickers and a woman passerby in a shootout with police, and two police officers during a prison breakout, state officials said. The firefight between suspected drug traffickers and police lasted “more than 45 minutes,” during which a woman was caught in the crossfire, military officials told AFP. Two children were also wounded in the head during the shootout, they added. In a separate incident Friday also in Monterrey, gunmen drove a van through the door of a local jail and opened fire, killing two police officers and setting free 23 inmates, the officials said. Sixteen of the sprung prisoners were former police officers charged with being in the pay

o f drug cartels, while the seven remaining inmates were suspected drug traffickers, they said. Monterrey, with some 3.7 million people, is Mexico’s third-largest city and has been wracked by drug-related violence as the rest of northern Mexico bordering with the United States. President Felipe Calderon has dispatched some 50,000 soldiers and thousands of police in a nationwide clampdown to confront the country’s powerful drug cartels, but has so far failed to stem drugrelated violence that has claimed over 14,000 lives in the past three years.



LA PAZ, Bolivia – President Evo Morales easily won re-election on Sunday, according to unofficial results, getting an overwhelming m a n d a t e for further revolutionary change on behalf of Bolivia’s long-suppressed indigenous majority. An unofficial count of 88 percent of the vote by the Equipos-Mori polling firm said Bolivia’s first indigenous president won five more years in office with 62 percent of the ballots — 36 points ahead of his closest challenger in a field of nine. Jubilant supporters waving Bolivian flags jumped up and down in La Paz’s central Murillo square an hour after polls closed chanting “Evo! Evo!” Center-right former state governor and military officer Manfred Reyes, conceded soon after. He won 26 percent over the vote, according to EquiposMori. The results signaled an opposition in disarray. “Evo Morales has a mandate unlike any other president in the hemisphere, including Barack Obama, this is the fifth national election in four years and his margin of victory has only increased each and every time.” said analyst Jim Shultz of the nonprofit Democracy Center in Cochabamba. Reyes narrowly won opposition bastion of Santa Cruz state in the eastern lowlands with 50 percent — compared to 46 percent for Morales. The three political parties that dominated Bolivian politics for decades have now been all but erased. The last survivor was the National Union. Its presidential candidate, Samuel Doria Medina, a centrist cement magnate, got just 6 percent of the vote, according to the quick count. Voters also chose a new Congress, and an Equipos-Mori exit poll said Morales’ stridently leftist Movement Toward Socialism easily won a majority in both the 36-seat Senate and 130-member lower house. The movement secured a two-thirds majority in the Senate but not the lower house, according to that exit poll. It would need two-thirds control of both chambers to dictate terms of a law on indigenous territorial self-rule, make key appointments unchallenged and amend the constitution to allow Morales to seek a third straight term. The 50-year-old incumbent has been evasive on the latter issue. International observers called the voting

peaceful and without serious incident. Nearly six of 10 Bolivians live in poverty and Morales g a i n e d immense support using increased profits from Bolivia’s natural gas industry to but a dent in it, funding highly popular subsidies for schoolchildren and the elderly as well as onetime payments for new mothers. Higher prices for the natural gas and minerals that account for the bulk of Bolivia’s exports helped the country’s economy grow 6 percent last year. The government expects 3 percent growth for 2009. A victory by Morales would extend the stability he has brought to a country notorious for coups and that had five presidents in the five years preceding his December 2005 election with 54 percent of the vote. The vote comes under a new constitution ratified by voters in January that allowed Morales to run for a second term and that remade Bolivia as a “plurinational” state, allowing self-rule for the poor South American country’s 36 native peoples. Morales detractors say the president is leading Bolivia down the same path as what they call President Hugo Chavez’s totalitarian socialism, while similarly forging dangerous alliances with Iran and Russia. Besides tightening state control over the gas, oil and mining sectors, Morales has nationalized the main phone company and signaled his intention to take over the electrical power industry. But many analysts believe Morales will be careful not to alienate the foreign investors he needs to increase raw materials output — they just won’t be able to own the mines and wells. Last month, Bolivia received a pledge of a $1.5 billion investment from the Spanish-Argentine company Repsol for natural gas development. Relations with the United States, meanwhile, have been rocky. Morales expelled the U.S. ambassador and the Drug Enforcement Administration in late 2008 for allegedly inciting his political opposition. In a speech on Saturday, Morales claimed Bolivia is confiscating more cocaine now than it did when the DEA was active in the country. U.N. figures show that cocaine production is up, however, from an estimated 80 metric tons (90 U.S. tons) in 2005 to 103 metric tons (115 U.S. tons) last year.




Sunday, December 13, 2009



— Obama’s signature domestic policy goal — would provide coverage to more than 30 million additional people over the next decade with a new requirement for nearly everyone to purchase insurance. There would be new marketplaces where people could shop for and compare insurance plans, and lower-income people would get subsidies to help them afford coverage. The federal-state Medicaid program for the poor would be expanded, and there would be a ban on unpopular insurance company practices such as denying coverage based on medical history. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, t ou a walks President Barack Obam c caucus D-Nev., who had invited Obama, of the Senate Democrati sounded confident.Republicans ngton “want this to be, as one senator said, on Capitol Hill in Washi President Obama’s Waterloo,” Reid told reporters. “And it’s not going to WASHINGTON – Casting be.” White House spokesman Bill Burton health care overhaul as a legacy for the American people and failure as said Obama thanked lawmakers for their politically unthinkable, President work and encouraged them to move Barack Obama on Sunday rallied Senate ahead on “this historic opportunity.” Democrats to deliver on their party’s Democrats are keenly aware of former half-century quest to expand the social President Bill Clinton’s failure to pass safety net by providing access for all. health care legislation in 1994, and their At the Capitol during a rare Sunday repudiation at the polls that November. session of the Senate, Obama delivered Obama said this is “the most significant a closed-door pep talk to the fractious social legislation in decades — so Democratic caucus that lasted about 45 don’t lose it,” said Sen. Joe Lieberman, minutes. Deep divisions remain over I-Conn. Obama was accompanied by abortion coverage, but there was hope for Vice President Joe Biden and other compromise on whether the government senior administration officials. Obama should directly offer health insurance in “pledged to work with us in any meaningful way that he can,” Reid told competition with private companies. “They’re going to get it done,” Obama reporters. said as he left. He avoided specifics in Reid has 58 Democrats and two the meeting with senators and took no independents in the Democratic questions. The health care legislation caucus. He may be able to get one or two Republican votes, at the most. He

is still short of the 60 votes he needs to shut off debate and move to a final up-or-down vote on the bill. At Reid’s request, moderate and liberal lawmakers are trying to find a compromise on the government insurance plan that could also potentially attract Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, the one Republican to vote for the Democrats’ health bill in committee. A new idea under discussion involves national nonprofit insurance plans that would be administered by the Office of Personnel Management, which oversees the popular Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Snowe called the possible compromise “a positive development” because it would give consumers more options for buying insurance. Underscoring the chase for 60 votes, and the possibility that she could break ranks with the GOP, Obama met with Snowe at the White House on Saturday. “Progress is being made and that’s not just talk,” Reid said. After three hours of negotiation Sunday evening, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said “we’re not there yet,” but he was encouraged. At least one moderate Democrat was unpersuaded by Obama’s appeal. Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., objects to Reid’s provisions on abortion coverage, to a government insurance plan now in the bill, and to a new long-term care insurance program. “For those who have made a decision to be supportive, I think (Obama) was persuasive,” Nelson said. “There are still issues that have to be resolved.” Nelson said he expects a vote Tuesday on his amendment, which would restrict abortion coverage to cases of rape, incest

or where the life of the mother is in danger. It is similar to language passed by the House last month. The Senate bill now would allow insurance plans operating in a new federally supervised health insurance marketplace to cover abortion, provided they use only funds from premiums paid by beneficiaries. Win or lose, Nelson’s amendment won’t be the end of the abortion debate. Republicans who are nearly unanimous in their opposition to the health care bill said there was plenty of raw political pressure. “The Democrats are trying to squeeze every one of their members to swallow a very bitter pill for the American people,” said GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky. Senators weary from months of debate said Obama made an impression. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., said senators were moved to “deep reflection, and even some tears.” “He talked about how this would be a legacy, that each of us could look back to having been part of, 10 or 20 years from now,” said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., a fiscal conservative. While negotiations continued behind the scenes, the Senate rejected an amendment sponsored by Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., to limit the tax deductions insurance companies take for what they pay their top executives. The vote was 56-42 on a measure that needed 60 votes. Lawmakers also voted down a measure by Sen. John Ensign, R-Nev., to limit plaintiff lawyers’ fees in medical malpractice cases, a politically fraught issue that pits Republicans against Democrats. That vote was 32-66.


DOLLAR QUESTIONS THIS WEEK Symbol Price ^DJI 10,388.90 ^GSPC 1,105.98 ^IXIC 2,194.35


+22.75 +6.06 +21.21

NEW YORK – Be careful what you wish for. Investors have been hoping for signs that the economy is strong enough to justify continuing Wall Street’s nine-month rally. They got the surest evidence yet Friday when the government said employers cut fewer jobs in November than at any time since the recession began in late 2007. But the good news is making many investors uneasy. Traders are asking whether the strengthening economy will lead the Federal Reserve to start raising rates or scale back its stimulus measures, and whether the dollar, responding to higher rates, will reverse its long slide. Low rates and a weak dollar have helped feed stocks’ comeback. So, what happens now depends on where traders think they can make the most money: in stocks as companies make more profits in a stronger economy, or in other investments like the dollar whose

returns will improve as rates rise. “The Fed was forcing people to take risks,” buying stocks and commodities to boost their returns, said Justin Golden, a strategist at Macro Risk Advisors. On Friday, investors were betting that the Fed will raise rates by June. They weren’t happy about that prospect — an initial surge in stock prices that followed the report soon dwindled. The numbers were pretty stunning. The Labor Department said the economy cut 11,000 jobs last month, much smaller than the 130,000 predicted by economists polled by Thomson Reuters. And the unemployment rate fell to 10 percent from a 26-year high of 10.2 percent in October. Beyond the report’s headline numbers, Keith Walter, co-portfolio manager at Artio Global Management, said improvement in the average weekly hours worked and the growing number of temporary employees showed the job market is recovering. That gives the Fed more room to act. But even if the Fed doesn’t raise rates soon, it might cut back on some programs it put in place during the credit crisis to stimulate the economy, including the low-cost loans it has offered big banks. Analysts say that’s the likely first step before any rate increase.

Traders move about the floor of the New York Stock Exchange “The Fed easing cycle might end sooner than thought even just days ago,” said Maury Fertig, chief investment officer at Relative Value Partners. Analysts say that if stocks rise this week, it will be a sign that for now, investors are happier with signs of recovery and making their money from healthier companies than they are concerned about potential Fed actions. But the dollar is still likely to be a factor. A cheap dollar benefits companies in several ways. Those with operations overseas get more dollars when the earnings they make in local currencies are translated into greenbacks. And

they can sell more goods and services in other countries. Analysts believe investors need to lose their either-or approach to stocks and the dollar for Wall Street to hold on to its upward momentum. “We’ll have to see the dollar go up and the market stay up,” at the same time, said Ken Grant, partner at Waterstone Private Wealth Management. “That’s the next litmus test.” Artio’s Walter said signs of an improving economy are likely to win the day. He expects stocks to rise early in the week on continued expectations of a recovery.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Purveyor of Slavery

By: Anonymous ll

The government of Belize is a purveyor of slavery. This fact is exacerbated by the people with this Caribbean thinking and philosophy at the Belize Central Bank. I was flabbergasted to read an advertisement by Central Bank stating that there was an oligopoly of eight entities authorized to trade in US dollars and anyone who trades and are not authorized will be fined up to $10,000.00 and be imprisoned for up to 12 months. Can you imagine that? This kind of nonsense is taken right out of the slave encyclopaedia on how to implement naked aggressive slavery. I believe the Minister of Finance and the Caribenos in the Central Bank have never heard of democratic capitalistic free market where supply and demand rules. Their motto is “Let’s enslave the people of Belize”; one more screw in their coffin won’t make a difference. They are inured to the profligacies of the government leaders and its abrasive Caribbean way of doing business. Don’t they know that when they control the exchange that is buying and selling of US dollars or any other currency or commodities, they are enslaving the people using economics and finance? Why can’t everyone buy US dollars when he needs it? Why do we have to

obtain a permit to purchase the dollars needed? The German economist, Hjalmar Schacht, was the first to invent this control to enslave all the German People and set up, as well as finance a war machine used to conquer Europe. Any government control of buying and selling any commodity is inconsistent with a free market economy. By doing so, the government is an enemy of the people since it inefficiently dictates what you can import or export and in what quantities. As such, the agents of government can maliciously deny you a permit to purchase US dollars and allow the competitors to cut you to shreds. This act by government to control foreign exchange is destructive of free enterprise. Central Bank must rescind that odious advertisement; it must allow competition in the US dollar market, adopt free floating exchange rates, and stop thinking Caribbean or Barbadian. Remember nothing good comes out of that region! Free the people. Why do you need a law threaten them? This clearly shows that the government is not confident of administering with Law and Order! Get the government out of our lives!

BOOTS’ SANITATION COMPANY? By Rhenae Nunez Belize City, December 9th, 2009

those who have found employment opportunities with Boots Sanitation Limited. Times are hard and In May of last year, those at the bottom of the Government and rice economic totem pole are producers locked horns hardest hit. over the price being paid Even with the deaths to the farmers for their rice. of three men just hours Farmers wanted an increase before their charade, Boots in payment because the Martinez tells the nation spiraling cost of fuel was that his program somehow having a crippling impact has lowered crime. Some Minister Anthony on production. Things reality Boots is living in Boots Martinez deteriorated as government when he said, “Probably would not honor their request and instead maybe without a problem like this we resorted to importing over one and a half would have eight to ten killings a day. We million pounds of rice from Mexico while would never know but I am saying that Belizean grown rice was made to sit in the as the Minister I am cognizant of certain silos. realties and what is real.” We introduce this story in this fashion in According to Prime Minister Barrow, order to remind that Prime Minister Barrow $5 million dollars was allotted for the and his government have no compunction program. A check with BML’s owner, about putting aside Belizean workers and Lawrence Ellis revealed that his company producers and squandering our money is still out $3 million. Barrow had said which may be a contributing factor to the that he would not bail out the Belize City depression the Nation is currently in. Council rather he spends $5 million to On Wednesday the UDP’s penchant for conduct another project which will only exploitation was on full display when PM last until March of next year and then he Barrow and Minister of Works, Anthony said that he will look for additional funds “Boots” Martinez packed over 150 workers to keep the program running. News reports donned up neon color vests, armed with are that, the sanitation brigade has been rakes and shovels into the King’s Room at concentrating its work on the north side of the Princess Hotel. It was a festive affair Belize City; evidence of that work is yet to and according to Barrow and Boots, the be seen as north side, like the south side is workers were hired in a special program garbage strewn and vermin infested. geared to making up for the shortfall of This current City Council has abandoned the sanitation companies. A lie since that the environmental aspect of their shortfall can aptly be blamed on the UDP, responsibilities and has reconstructed a particularly, Net Vasquez and Manuel new sanitation contract complete with a full Esquivel. scope of works described. Furthermore, Since the truth and the whole truth is hard the Government has been engaged in to come by from this government, the developing a policy for local government, National Perspective went digging for it. yet the government has reneged on that Our information is that Belize Maintenance commitment and has instead interfered Limited (BML) received a payment with the running of the Belize City recently and by so doing, the company has Council to the extent of devising a piece been able to rehire its full compliment of of legislation dubbed the “Zenaida Moya 150 workers. The message derived from Law”. Prime Minister Barrow suggested the stunt that Barrow and Boots pulled is that the City Council members should take that they want to get rid of BML. Let us a pay cut to address their woeful financial say here that we hold no grudges against issues.


HOROSCOPE Aries March 21-April 19


he start of the week will feel about as exciting and fresh as day-old coffee, but it will give you a chance to catch up on little things you’ve been meaning to get to. As the week progresses, get ready to roll up your sleeves and help a friend in crisis. Coming to their rescue will bring you more satisfaction than you could have imagined. Hold off starting any new projects or signing legal documents until Thursday or Friday. You’ll have an uncomfortable encounter with a jealous co-worker. Keep your cool and all will be fine.

Taurus April 20-May 20


he wonderful energy of your fun-filled, romantic weekend will carry over into the start of the week, bringing positive feedback and good times for your work and personal life. You deserve this happiness. Mid-week, things might start to feel routine, so to perk things up. As the week comes to a close, one of your closest relationships will grow more intense. They really want to know what you think, so voice your true feelings about everything and don’t worry -- they won’t think anything but good thoughts.

Gemini May 21-June 21


family member will be in and out of your thoughts all week -- perhaps a phone call is in order to clear things up? Ignore unwanted advice from coworkers this week, especially if it’s financially-related. Feel good about making your own decisions. You’ll have a lot of romance toward the end of the week ... enjoy some quality one-on-one time with someone who is your partner in every sense. Share your feelings and find out how they really feel about you. They may finally tell you.

Cancer June 22-July 22


his week starts off well -- expect lots of positive encounters with friends and co-workers alike. You’ll have many dates, dinners and appointments to schedule -- the earlier you nail down the details, the better. Keep yourself busy at work as the week continues. You may get a lot of offers. By the end of the week, you may be indecisive about some legal documents. Hold off signing until you are sure about the details.

Leo july 23-August 22

ou deser ve some gold stars for the way you’ve been sticking to Y your budget lately! To make an even bigger dent in your debt, make it a project this week to review your f inances and research some c on -

ser vative investment ideas. This week, you’ll enjoy a nice balance of friends, free time and romance. All your emotional needs will be met (and then some!). You’ll be relaxed and ready to look at some issues more deeply. Tr y to base your c onclusions on the actions of others, not your own ego.

Virgo August 23-Septemer 22


ou’ll be one busy little bee this week, and you’ll love every minute of it! Making order out of the chaos that surrounds you will bring a deep sense of accomplishment. The odd actions of a loved one will make more sense. Take some time to mull it over. If you pull out that credit card too soon, you could be sorry. After such a productive week, you may feel invincible -- but you’re not, so resist setting unrealistic goals. Always take things at your own pace.

Libra September 23-October 22


ven when there are a million details flying around in your head, you’ll find a way to put it all on hold when your friends need you -- and they’ll need you a lot this week. Your listening skills will get quite a workout! A romantic date will give you the attention you’ve been missing for a while. Expect future plans to be made that night. It’s time to re-evaluate your attitude toward money and material goods when a weekend shopping spree brings change to more than just your wardrobe.

Scorpio October 23-November 21

ou can keep a secret, right? You’d better -- someone powerful is going to Y trust you with some confidential information. They may be testing you, so keep your lips sealed! Tough decisions need to be made by the end of the week

-- think long and hard about it. Ask others what they would do. Resist taking the easy way out. People will be increasingly drawn to you as the week continues -- they are eager to shower you with compliments. Try not to blush! By the weekend, you’ll be feeling a renewed sense of power and confidence.

Sagittarius November 22-December 21

he work week starts off a bit rough today -- a conflict with your boss T makes this a bad time to ask about that overdue raise. On the bright side, your friends and coworkers have never been more in love with you! Members of your inner circle are dying to schedule time with you. Say ‘yes’ to every invitation, and you’ll enjoy a week full of fun and laughter. Pay attention to your dreams, especially toward the end of the week. Confusing as they may be, they’ll give you a glimpse into your subconscious that could spark something big.

Capricorn December 22-January 19


et out your calendar and start making those holiday vacation plans -- this week is a great time to do all the research, fact-finding and bargain-hunting you’ll need for a great trip. You’ll get a lot of work off your plate early in the week, but by Thursday your empty inbox will once again be flooded. You may spin your wheels a bit, but by the end of the week, key decisions will get you more organized. You’ll gain power at the office and prestige in the eyes of your friends.

Aquarius January 20-February 18

tarting off the week with some big business moves may not be wise -- save S any deal-making for later in the week. Right now, it’s more about being cautious and not taking things at face value. As the week moves on, you’ll feel a growing closeness to one of your newer friends. Use your increasing confidence to meet new people and be more outgoing in situations where you are usually shy. Your career is your priority at the end of the week, when some deep feelings about ambition could set the stage for that big talk with your boss.

Pisces February 19-March 20

elping those you love can be a tricky thing -- how do you offer good H advice without being too critical? As the week progresses, keep that in mind when people come to you for your feedback. You don’t always have

to know everything inside and out to offer your opinion, so don’t let that stop you. Take a day at the end of the week to clean out your closets and purge yourself of things you no longer use. If a headstrong friend pushes you to get involved in something you’re not sure about, tell them ‘no’ and don’t back down.


Sunday, December 13, 2009


by:Keisha Miligan


Belize City, Mon. Nov. 30, 2009

He cooks very well and his conch fritters are one of the very best here in the city. I am telling you about Gareth Price who cooks food everyday from Monday to Friday and makes his conch fritters in the evening time to sell. He sells from the downstairs of his home, at #3598 Central American Boulevard. When I visited with Gareth, he was busy stirring his rice and beans and white rice. Stewing down his chicken and frying his fish. He had all his items pre-prep, to make his work easier when the time came to prepare his conch fritters. He gets up every morning around 7:00 and start doing his thing. He would get through by 11:30, when he would take the food downstairs and set them up. He has seating arrangements for people who want to sit and eat. Around two he would be through with selling food and go back upstairs and start making his conch fritters. Some days he would have shrimp or lobster, not only the conch. The fritters sell for $0.75, but the shrimp and lobster ones cost twenty five cents more. When we asked him how long he has been making fritters, he said for over 15 years. He learnt and got the cooking skills from his grandmother who cooked on fiyah haat. He use to practice cooking small things first,

Belize City, Tues. Dec., 8, 2009 You can tell that she loves cooking and music from the way she moves to the beat of a favorite song, sung by a Belizean Mr. Program, called, “See I Rise”. The lady I am telling you about is Therese “Golda” Johnson. You see her in the kitchen smiling, singing and cooking. Those are her delights and where she is her heart is content. She loves cooking and just before that song came out, Therese decided to start making

such as frying eggs, before he began practicing on bigger food items. He practiced on the fritters until he was given enough comments on them and told that he would be able to make it in business. He started out by riding on a bicycle and selling his fritters. He stopped for a short time when he went to the cayes to work, but restarted when he returned to the city. He rode around on his bicycle then, but later after knowing that he had become established and known, he knew that he could make it by selling from one venue. Later he decided to sell the food, as he had nothing really to do throughout the day after preparing everything the prior night for the fritters. The time that he gets downstairs to sell his fritters is usually around 3:00 and he would be there until around 6:00 when the fritters would normally be sold out. There are two reasons why he decided to open his own business. One is because he always needed extra cash and two is because he had grown out of his job and they could no longer afford to pay him. The secret to having a great business is the taste of your food. He ensures that the food and his fritters are done to his best ability. If ever you want to ensure that when you arrive you can get your food or that tasty conch fritters, you can call Gareth at 666-7275.

Anna Reyes always loved doing hair and after she took up a course at Alma’s Beauty Training School, she furthered her studies abroad and has returned and started her very own salon in the heart of the city. I visited and spoke with Anna at her place of business, “Twin Image Hair Salon”, located at #18 Bishop Street. She believed that she could do anything that she put her mind to and plunged on towards her dreams of being a hairdresser. She learnt a lot from the course at Alma’s and received a certificate there for her training and her accomplishments. She knew that would allow her to be recognized, but there was more she wanted to learn about dealing with and attending to hair. She took a trip to Richmond,Virginia, where she attended a school there and specialized in dealing with Afro American hair as well as others. There on the wall of the salon where she studied there was a picture of a black and white woman

facing each other, hence he reason the name Twin Image was derived at for the name of the salon. She loved it so much she decided to use it as the name for her shop here. This marks a little over four months that she has opened the doors of her shop. She loves it. She specializes in everything for hair. She does treatments, colors, highlights, cut, relax, flat-iron and wax. She deals with both men and women. She waxes the eyebrows for only $5. When it comes to the price for hair, she charges according to the length of the hair and what they want done to it. She is opened from Mondays to Saturdays and closed on Sundays. Even though she works on an appointment basis, she also deals with walk-ins. Her opening hours are from 9:00-7:00. Anna encourages all Belizean who want that special, unique look to visit her salon. You will be satisfied!

GOLDA’S TASTY PASTRIES pastries for a living to support herself and her four sons, being a single mother. Sure enough, when I visited with Therese, she was singing in her kitchen and cooking. She told us a little more about her small business and what motivated her to start doing it. She makes most pastries you can think of- lemon pies, coconut tarts, powder buns and milk cake.

Eventually she will make others, but for no she is settled on these ones mentioned. She would bake early mornings and evening and have a young man ride around on bicycle and sell them for hr. sometimes she would get out there herself, when he is busy and sell her own pastries. It is not a big salary said Therese, but she thanks God that it allows her to provide the basic needs for her children. As she pre-preps like many other business owners, she

would get up at 7:00 in the morning times and begin making the pastries. They are tasty and melts in your mouth, way pastries are supposed to. She sells her pastries very reasonable. The jam rolls cost $1, $2 for the lemon pie and $2 for the milk cake. The powder buns are 2 for a $1. Even though she works on a small scale, she is willing to cater for small functions and can be reached at 207-2016.

Sunday, December 13, 2009



Red Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when we focus on caring and sharing. Really and truly, the Christmas season in the true Christian sense, is known as the season of Advent; it is when Christians prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The Advent season is based on spirituality and culminates on Christmas Day which is traditionally celebrated as a feast comprising of ham and turkey. Of course there is cake and lemonade as well as the sharing of gifts among family and friends symbolizing unity among Christians. In these modern times, the Christmas season has become completely commercialized where materialism, partying, drinking and merry-making supersedes the true meaning of Christmas. As a token, people would make the sacrifice to attend their Christmas Eve mass/ services at their various churches or parishes of their choice. For many, they feel a sense of satisfaction or gratification that they are fulfilling their Christian, moral obligation by attending church. I am trying to frame a back drop of what the Christmas tradition used to be. For the many young people of today, the commercializing of the Christmas season is what they are accustomed to and what they look forward to. It is, therefore, very important to reflect

particularly on the young people during this Christmas season. While it is an unwritten practice that we take a break from politics during the Christmas season, I think it is important to point out that politics will impact and affect this Christmas season 2009. Allow me to separate the Christmases

Life” Program’ which employed over two hundred (200) Belizean youths from Belize City. These young people were transported from Belize City to a facility at Mile 31 on the Western Highway. They were provided breakfast and lunch every day along with a weekly stipend. This effort helped in making their Christmas a lot better for them and their families. During the reign of the PUP, almost every PUP area representative, as well as constituency caretakers, held Christmas parties for children in their constituencies as well as for adults; especially the mothers. Since the change of government in 2008, social events have taken a serious blow and have since sunk to the back burner. As I write this article, I cannot recall any social event that occurred last Christmas; but even if there was any hosted by the then new UDP government, it would have been under subjective pressure from what

The UDP, while campaigning in 2008, created a false perception that they will make every day seems like Christmas. We are now faced with the reality that that ain’t so; we know for sure that this Christmas will be oh, so RED. of the past under the previous PUP Government from Christmas under this UDP Government. When the PUP was in government, young people especially students - looked forward to getting Christmas jobs where they were given the opportunity to earn a little income during their Christmas vacations, thus, giving them economic independence to participate in however they interpret their Christmas season to mean. I recall in December 2007, under the PUP, then Housing Minister Ralph Fonseca launched the “Get A

the previous government did. As we approach Christmas this year, it is safe to conclude that this will be a RED Christmas. For clarity, a red Christmas or a UDP Christmas is one that will be remembered with a sour taste particularly when we recall the 1995 Christmas where almost nine hundred (900) public officers were retrenched. That memory basically defines what a red Christmas is. As we live everyday in these very economically haad times, it is important

to discuss these pertinent issues since frustration, particularly among our young people, can give rise to many social ills. It pains me every time to imagine the possibilities of a lack of part-time Christmas jobs, financial resources and state sponsored social events such as constituency Christmas parties. The truth is that thousands, if not tens of thousands of our nation’s young people who were eligible to vote and in some cases voted for the first time, supported the UDP in 2008. The thing is when these people went to vote, they voted for betterment; for hope; they voted with the expectation that their lives would be better. The UDP, while campaigning in 2008, created a false perception that they will make every day seems like Christmas. We are now faced with the reality that that ain’t so; we know for sure that this Christmas will be oh, so RED. Our hope is that the frustration being experienced by the young people does not translate into crime and the loss of lives. We also pray and hope for good weather with an occasional cold front or two. I encourage everyone; man, woman, and child to take this advent season truly for what it is and resort back to spirituality and the true meaning of Christmas. Let us pray for betterment and aspire for hope and a brighter future and ask the goodness of the birth of Christ to be with us during this season and that when it is all over, that we can live in a better Belize where Christianity and spirituality create a balance to curb the economic pressure that we experience daily. It is said in Luke Chapter 18:27 “For what is impossible with man is possible with God”. I hope that this message will resound across the nation. Share it with your families and friends, and let’s try our best despite the adversities to make this a safe, blessed and merry Christmas. For now, this is my Impartial View.

DEVELOPMENT versusPRESERVATION: Belize’s Quest to Develop While Marketing Ecotourism

By: Raisa Staine

Belize was not always a popular tourist destination in Central America and the Caribbean. Though Belize has always had sandy beaches, lush tropical rain forests, miles of rivers and deep blue sea and countless archeological sites, many did not know of the natural wonders that the country held within its borders. It is not until the late 1940’s that tourism in Belize, as a marketable product, would come onboard. Belize’s tourism industry comes from humble beginnings. Tourism activities only date back 61 years to 1948. At that time, tourism was almost entirely centered on jungle tours and fishing. Without giving this type of tourism a particular label, this was the start of what Belize would eventually market at sustainable or ecotourism. At that point however, no one saw tourism as a feasible means of considerable income for the country. A decade after the inception of tourism in Belize, an American developer by the name of Vick Barothy built a camp that would host tourists near Belize’s international airport. That bold and ground breaking step by Barothy was the eye-opener that gave greater Belize the idea of making money from tourism. It took 30 years for Belize to get the attention it needed to develop its Tourism product to a point where it was attractive enough to tourist and viable enough for the country to gain substantial profits. Around this same time, the rest of the Caribbean was becoming budding vacation destinations. Nations of the Caribbean were quickly tightening their strong hold on marketing sun, sand and sea thus gaining lots

of attention while Belize’s only cling to the industry, was leading hunting tours through the jungles where tourist would obtain the skins of exotic animals such as jaguar and crocodile. The economic gains of tourism in Belize as it was, was minimal, but its viability gave rise to a string of hotels being built along the country’s coast. Each had its’ own niche or main attraction. Some marketed local cuisine while others capitalized on the hotel’s immediate environment, being built just off the beach. Belize has been making continuous strides to develop its tourism product ever since tourism’s value to society was recognized in the late 1950’s. Being a developing nation, Belize was ready to capitalize on any venture that would yield profits and better the lives of its people. This directly meant that numerous accommodations would be built to host tourists. While hotels were being built, very little was being done to the surrounding environment. Belize was primarily fit for the naturalist tourist, the ones who found enjoyment in minimal to no development. Tourists would enjoy Belize’s beaches, river systems and jungles just as they existed in nature. Other than a few signs to guide tourists on their journey, Belize’s tourism product was largely and almost solely unspoiled and untouched nature. A shift in interest started taking place as successive governments took office. Major steps were made to develop the country and enhance our environment in an effort to attract not only more, but also a wider variety of visitors to Belize. In the simplest form, this meant that roads would be paved, all citizens would have access to potable water and Belize would attempt to reduce its reliance on foreign energy in order to save money. In the late 1990’s, one of the most monumental development projects to ever

take place in the country, The Mollejon Project, would get underway. Belize embarked on making itself less reliant on foreign energy by proposing to build a hydroelectric plant called “The Chalillo Dam” that would dam one of Belize’s major rivers, the Macal River. Without consideration of the many rippling environmental effects that this dam would cause, it seemed like the wisest move for Belize since only 48% of the country’s electricity was being generated in Belize and the other 52% came from Mexico at a high cost to Belizeans. On the surface, this meant that Belize’s foreign expenditure would be reduced significantly, Belizeans would be supplied with reliable electricity at lower rates and areas of the country that did not have electricity would be powered for the first time. Although the Mollejon project would benefit the Belizean populace more so than anyone else, the implications of the successful completion of this project were grand for the tourism industry. The availability of a utility common to foreigners being supplied to Belizeans at a lower cost had major value for Belize’s Tourism Industry. Being supplied with affordable electricity that was being generated locally meant that stakeholders in Belize’s tourism industry could offer a wider range of amenities to visitors. Around the time the Mollejon Project was completed, Belize’s entertainment industry saw a boom. World class movie theaters and casinos joined the list of attractions in Belize. Not only were tourists able to enjoy entertainment familiar to them, but Belizeans were quickly becoming familiar with a type of entertainment that was foreign to Belize. The successful completion of the Mollejon Project happened around the same time that Belize’s Tourism Industry peaked. It is hard not to link the success of the industry at

that time to the success of Belize’s attempt to reduce its reliance on foreign power because our Tourism Product shifted to encompass attractions other than the natural environment. The Mollejon Project did not come on stream without its fair share of down falls and shorts comings. While Belizeans and tourists alike were enjoying the comforts of reliable and relatively inexpensive electricity, the environment was paying a high price. Wildlife in the surrounding rain forest was driven out of the vicinity of the dam, fish population in the river depleted, toxicity of the river increased and flood events occurred. 47.5% of Belize is protected by law. Out of the 47.5%, 15% is wilderness areas. The Chalillo Dam and the greater Mollejon Project continue to pose major threats to a significant portion of Belize’s forestry and wildlife. Striking a balance between development and preservation is never easy. To develop any area, the natural environment has to be interacted with. The dynamics of the environment changes and more often than not, irreversible damage is done. It begs the question, “How much of the environment can be sacrificed to development before it is deemed problematic?” Depending on a country’s policy and desired outcome, the answer varies. In the case of Belize, the percentage of protected areas is a telling indicator of Belize’s aim. Belize desires to become developed but wants to maintain as much of its naturalness as possible. Being nestled in the tropics, Belize’s charm is easily experienced. The Caribbean Sea, warm sun and cooling sea breeze are only modest indicators of the natural wonders to esperience. Belize is not the only country that sits in the tropics, and that reason alone

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Sunday, December 13, 2009



The undefeated Gwen Lizarraga High School girls won their 4th backto-back-to-back Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) basketball championship, blowing away the Pallotti High School girls in both games of the finals at the Belize City Center last Thursday and Friday night. Sheryn Nunez score 18pts leading the Gwen Liz girls to a 51-23 win against the Pallotti High girls in Game 2 of the finals on Friday. Glenda Torres scored 15 pts as the Gwen Liz girls led from the getgo: 12-2 in the 1st quarter, 2311 at the half time break and 35-16 by the end of the 3rd quarter. Jaslyn Cadle added 8pts, team captain Candice Neal averaged 7pts in both finals and Deandra Coote scored a free throw. Pallotti’s team captain Shinelle Lord hit 2 long treys to score 11pts, and Vicky Zelaya was double your pleasure with another 11pts. Khadijah Wilson scored a free throw. Sheryn Nunez also scored 17pts as she led the Gwen Liz girls to a 4016 win against the Pallotti High girls in Game 1 of the finals on Thursday.

Glenda Torres added 11pts, while Audreana Meighan, Janeka Hilton and Krystal Harris each tossed in a bucket. Pallotti’s Vicky Zelaya and Shinelle

Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) basketball championships to be hosted by the Delille Academy at Why Not Island in

Lord each hit a trey scored a 3-pointer; Vicky had 11pts, Shinelle - 5. It’s been a glide for the Gwen Liz girls who have not lost a game since winning the 2006 CSSSA basketball championship, The Gwen Liz girls will represent CSSSA at the upcoming National

Dangriga over the weekend, December 11-12., The Gwen Liz girls will take on the Western champions - Belmopan Comprehensive in the opening game on Friday evening, while the northern champions –San Pedro High School will face off against the and the

Glenda Torres Southern champions, Delille Academy in the second female game. The winners play for the championship on Saturday morning, while the losers will play for third place.


GWEN LIZ BOYS Belize City, December 5, 2009 The Gwen Lizarraga High School boys won the 2009 Central Secondary Schools Sports Association (CSSSA) basketball championship, upsetting the defending champs the Sadie

Ve r n o n Technical High School boys in Games 2 & 3 at the Belize City Center last Friday night and Saturday morning. In game 1 on Thursday, the Sadie Vernon’s boys won 74-71 over Gwen Liz; Kachief Thomas leading with 37 pts while Aaron Cooper added

15 pts. Raheem Gaynair was good for 10pts and Peter Mckoy had 8 pts. Gwen liz captain Sherwin Garcia led with 36 pts, while their big post center Matthew Young scored 15pts; Raheem Flowers added 9pts. In Game 2 on Friday, the Gwen Liz boys tied the series at 1-1 by a 7167 win over the Sadie Vernon boys. Matthew Young top-scored with 34 pts, Sherwin Garcia added 15pts and Raheem Flowers had 7pts, Akeem Trapp chipped in 5pts. Kachief Thomas led Sadie Vernon with 34 pts and Raheem Gaynair and Aaron Cooper each added 8pts as they led 19-15 in the 1st quarter. Peter Mckoy added 6pts and London Reneau – 5pts as Sadie Vernon continued to lead 36-30 at the half. In Game 3 on Saturday, the Gwen Liz boys took the championship 7061. Again the Sadie Vernon boys led 19-11 in the 1st quarter, and powered by Kashief Thomas’ 27pts and Peter McKoy who added 12pts, they still

led 33-26 at the half. Matthew Young led the Gwen Liz boys with 29 game points as they narrowed the lead to 50-49 by the end of the 3rd quarter. Sherwin Garcia added 15pts as they took over the game in the money time. The Gwen Liz girls will represent CSSSA at the upcoming National Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) basketball championships to be hosted by the Delille Academy at Why Not Island in Dangriga over the weekend, December 11-12. The Gwen Liz boys will take on the Western champions – Sacred Heart College in the opening game on Friday evening, while the northern champions –San Pedro High School will face off against the Southern champions, Stann Creek Ecumenical in the second male game. The winners play for the championship on Saturday morning, while the losers will play for third place.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

BDF wins 2009 BPFL championship Belize City, December 6, 2009

The Belize Defense Force won the 2009r Belize Premier Football League championship, blasting FC Belize 4-0 in Game 2 of the series at the M.C.C. garden on Sunday, to win 5-2 on goal aggregate after a 2-1 loss to FC Belize in the Game 1of the series. The BDF offensive was spearheaded by Orlando “Lichy” Jimenez and Dion Macaulay, backed up by Evan Mariano and Denis Serano on the wings, with David Trapp, Gilbert Swazo and Khalil Velasquez holding down the midfield. “Lichy” Jimenez gave the BDF a 2-0 lead when he headed in the 1st goal in the 12th minute, and embarrassed the FC Belize goalie Elroy Rowley a 2nd time in the 24th minute when

Jimenez put the finish on a corner kick executed by David Trapp with a header into the back of the net. The BDF led 2-0, but Ian Gaynair compounded FC Belize’s problems when he took down Deon Macaulay in the goal area in the 35th minute, a n d Macaulay issued no pardon a s he converted the penalty to give the BDF a 3-0 lead at the half time break. FC Belize got 2


Belize City, December 6, 2009 Team Santino’s Greg Lovell won the 2009 Annual Alpheus Williams AIDS Day Cycling Classic, sponsored by the Ministry of Health on Sunday. Lovell clocked 1:54:33 on the 50-mile ride from in front of the Belmopan Comprehensive School to Leslie’s Imports in Belize City to winthte $500 1st prize and a trophy. There were no breaks in the peloton, which proceeded down the highway at a Tour de France pace and Lovell only edged out former teammate Marlon Castillo, now riding for Team Zamir Cycling, at the finish, Castillo claimed the $300 2nd prize and a trophy. There was some controversy as Benny’s Megabytes’ Panamanian import Christian


Orlando Jimenez



opportunities for easy goals when referee awarded them 2 penalties in the 2nd half, but Ryan Simpson missed the first penalty a n d goalie Elroy Rowley choked on the 2nd.

McNish protested that Lovell had bumped him in the heated sprint to the finish. After a review of the official videos, the officials concurred that McNish was blowing smoke and awarded him 3rd prize of $200 and a trophy. Team Typhoon’s Jairo Campos of Orange Walk won the $100 4th prize fourth, while his teammate Nissan Arana claimed the $50 5th prize. Team Zamir Cycling’s Mateo Cruz was 6th, Team Typhoon’s Hipolito Flores pulled in 7th , Sugar City Stars’ Rodrigo Leiva was 8th, Team Santino’s Domingo Lewis - 9th and Deezan Spence completed the top 10.the 6th to 10th place winners won a $25 prize each. Deezan Spence also won 1st place in the Youth category, and Ethan Neal was 2nd, finishing 30th overall. The Cayo High Road team swept all 3 top places in the Junior Category, Daniel Choto was 1st - 11th overall, Kyle Gentle was 2nd - 14th overall, and Darren Williams was 3rd - 26th overall. Defending women’s champion, Team Sagitun’s Shalini Zabaneh clocked 1:11:59 as she won the female race from La Democracia Village at mile 30 on the Western Highway to the finish at Mile 2 for a $250 1st prize and a trophy. Team Swoosh Telemedia’s Anthea Sutherland finished 2nd to win a $150 prize and a trophy and Fiona Humes Gonzalez won the $100 3rd prize and trophy. Domingo Lewis won the Category 3 race with Team Typhoon’s Allen Castillo taking 2nd and Team Indeco’s Geon Hansen was 3rd Team San Cas Red Bull’s Steven Bissett clocked 1:10:59 to win the Masters’ category, Team Pediatric’s Barney Brown clocked 1:11:59 to place 2nd and Bissett’s teammate Andrew Cuthkelvin took 3rd place.

PAGE 15 Jerome “Jaro” James and Byron Usher entered the ball game for Simpson and Sergio Gilharry in the second half, but the FC Belize lost first Nigel Franklin and then Gaynair to red card ejections. Elroy Rowley was caught with his pants down when Macaulay tappeda 4th goal past him into the net in the 85th minute for the 4-0 win. The widow of the late Sir George Brown presented the individual awards to: Most Valuable PlayerBDF sweeper Vallan Symns, who also won Best Defense. The Most Valuable Player award for the playoffs went to BDF striker Dion Macaulay, who also won Best Forward. The Best Goalkeeper award went to BDF’s Woodrow West. Hankook Verdes’ Danny Jimenez won the Most Goals award: 10, while Verdes’ Norman “Tilliman” Pipersburgh won Best Midfielder, Verdes coach Peter Jones won Best Coach, and Verdes’ Sergio Chuc won Best Manager.



Belize City, December 5, 2009

The Ministry of Education/First Caribbean Bank enjoyed 3 back-to-back toback wins, Club 313 posted its 10th win and Nestle’s Crunch Baba Shop posted its 2nd win when the Belize City interoffice softball competition continued at the home of softball at the Rogers Stadium last week. On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education/First Caribbean Bank upset Lake I/Alberts 14-7. In the 2nd game of the evening, Club 313 spanked the Belize City Council 8-5 to give BCC their 2nd loss. The winning pitcher was Oscar Arnold and the losing pitcher was Enid Dakers. Victory never tasted so-o-o-oo sweet for Nestle’s Crunch/Baba Shop as they posted their 2nd win 17-10 over British Caribbean Bank on Thursday. The winning pitcher was Jumoke Castro and the losing pitcher was Evan Lamb. In the 2nd game of the evening BEL pitcher Adrian Gentle led the BEL Pwersockets to their 7th win, hammering Truckers Posse 7-0. Truckers pitcher Jacqueline Bailey was credited with the loss.

Club 313

Nestles Crucnch


Friday, Club 313 excommunicated Telemedia 21-3 to post their 10th win. Club 313 winning pitcher was Kristalee Swazo, while the losing pitcher was Telemedia’s Francis Usher. In the nightcap, Ministry of Education/ First Caribbean Bank walloped the Belize City Council 16-7. The winning pitcher was Marco Villanueva and the losing pitcher was Brian Audinett. Ministry of Education/First Caribbean Bank did it again on Saturday by running over the Truckers Posse: 9-5. The winning pitcher was Claudett Williams and the losing pitcher was Jackie Bailey.

Sunday, December 13, 2009




My grandmother often told me that if I heard my name and did not see anyone, then I should not answer because it could be a ghost. Well last Friday I was told that ghost mi di hala fi mi. The ghost used the name “Apathy”. I believe “Apathy’s” should be “Pathetic”, and for the purpose of this essay, I will refer to “Apathy” by his or her real name, “Pathetic”. The piece scripted by Pathetic in last week’s issue of the Belize Times is the musing of a demented inebriate staggering to keep up as he tries to figure out what is real and what is not. Since Narda Garcia, National Communications Officer on the new PUP’s National Executive has chosen to remain mum on the many issues that are killing us out here; the job has been relegated to Carolyn TrenchSandiford, the party Chairman. As I have said numerous times before, the issue of the PUP’s leadership is of vital concern. That is underscored wherever PUPs meet and talk. The difference between me and others who have criticized is that I have been willing to discuss it openly and I do not use a pen-name to discuss it neither I do not hide my face when I discuss it, therefore those who choose the cowardly method of responding to me using a pen-name…unu da ghost. My grandmother, Mrs. Lucille Melendrez, a true PUP, who loved her party and died for the love of her party,

served for almost 40 years as president of the United Women’s Group, Toledo Branch, and to her honor, there is a street named after her in Punta Gorda because she not only served and loved the PUP but she “served the people”! My grandmother also told me that “when yu throw rock mongst hag, di wan weh baal, dah hi geh di lik” guess that explains Pathetic’s response. Now that my point has been established, and the folks at the Belize Times are reading the National Perspective, we can move on. I am gratified that the National Perspective is serving its niche, therefore your adjectives, diarrhea, rag, etcetera does not phase me. In fact I will be glad to give you low-lives your change from the $67.30 that you paid me. I used $7.00 for taxi fare that day, the $60.00 bucks I will return from my next paycheck from the National Perspective. Pathetic can use it for a few drinks. Borrow from Mayor Zenaida MoyaFlowers’ words, “I think someone has no balls,” when they will attack me because I dare to tell you poor excuses for leaders that you are a dysfunctional bunch. I stand by that assertion. I don’t “whine” about being a single mother, it is a job I perform every single day and I am only too proud to do so and the results I have had are results that would make great leaders of you if you would borrow some of my strategies. It is shameful on your part and it

explains your relationship with your children because they barely know you. How can they, when you spend most of your time drunk and talking nonsense rather than dedicating time and resources to your children. Think of the message that you send to other single, low income earning women in the PUP and the rest of the nation?! You losers actually think that attacking me for being fired by you with $67.30 and for being a single mother, will get you elected? Now that is pathetic and I would laugh but I cannot because there are thousands of women that I speak for when I open my mouth. Answer me this – how do any of the women in the executive of the PUP relate to the hardships that women like myself contend with every single day? Indeed you are Pathetic and I am sorry for you. It is sad that you have not reached high office and you have your tails out on full display…I will remember that when I go to vote, and I sure will remind other women. We make up 50% of the voting population, you know. You can attack me and joke about me being a single mother, goh deh strang. I should tell how it all came about. My children had a father figure…well you guys know a part of that story, he works for you. I will say no more. Hopefully when you sober up, you will figure out that I am not your problem….but you have to sober up first. I am amused that you have no shame and you actually see it fit to attack me in the way you have rather than discuss the issue; that of the leadership of the PUP! By leadership, I mean the entire executive. My good friend Gordon and I have gone after different members of the executive because we understand “leadership” to mean every last one of you in the executive. Since you will not deal with the matter of a

non-communicative Communications Officer, we will bring it to light. Since you applaud the work of a Party Chair that struggled with calling herself a PUP and by so doing brought known UDPs into the party to perform key functions, then we will bring that to light. Since you still have UDPs working for you at Vibes, then we will also say so. Since you hypocritically applaud when we criticize Mark Espat’s ambition for leadership, we will tell you about that too. It is the truth. In my view, Johnny could suck at leadership all he can. Ultimately a vibrant executive should bolster his leadership. An executive that talks about each other and worse denigrate Johnny cannot bolster his image and make him viable as leader. Ultimately, the failure of Johnny’s leadership is really the fault of those folks in his executive. His deputy leaders who blatantly undermine and challenge his efforts and their emissaries who pretend to be loyal to him but are really doing the work of their bosses are to blame. It is hypocritical to attack us at National Perspective in the name of your failed leadership because you really could care less. Your salaries are of paramount importance. I care not to comment about the recently held party meeting at Independence Hall because I wasn’t there. I was told that Johnny declared a truce and admonished his people (if they really are his people) about attacking fellow PUPs. Nice gesture but easier said than done. Until he can rehab some of the demented drunks attached to his leadership, I don’t see anything changing. Simply decreeing a truce will not do. The $60.00 will be in the mail…if there is more let me know, Pathetic.

Sunday, December 13, 2009



“The Attacks will Stop” from the head table were the uppity Senator, Eamon Courtney, National Campaign Manager, and the two worthless Deputy Leaders Hon. Mark Espat-Hyde and Hon. Cordel HydeEspat. Other notable absences were National Communications Director, Mrs. Narda “Nada” Garcia (presently in Guatemala while Dr. “El Bejuco” is confined to his cave) and her 1st deputy Communications Director, ‘Weedy’ Mahler (destination unknown). The announcement made by the Hon. Johnny Briceno to stop the attacks in the Times should be welcomed as a positive move in view of unifying the party bases; however, the Party Leader should be reminded that there is much more to be done to achieve meaningful unity. Such an

They have convinced him that we at the Perspective are attacking him personally and that we do not acknowledge his position as the Party leader. Not so, Mrs. Carolyn Trench Sandiford. I might not like how he “hoodwinked” the delegates at the leadership convention. I might not like his style of leadership, but he won and became the Party Leader. Being the Party Leader, though, does not excuse him from being criticized; it’s called democracy and/or differences of opinion. The National Perspective is far more effective in the growth of the Party Leader’s leadership, than the Belize Times Mrs. Trench Sandiford. The Hon. John Briceño acknowledged at the NPC that he has grown much stronger due to our critique. If he speaks the truth,

The announcement made by the Hon. Johnny Briceño to stop the attacks in the Times should be welcomed as a positive move in view of unifying the party bases; however, the Party Leader should be reminded that there is much more to be done to achieve meaningful unity. announcement could also be deemed as a victory of sorts for Perspective’s Editor Omar Silva, and his team of writers/contributors: G Michael Reid, Nuri Muhammad, the “no holds bar” Rhenae Nunez, Marshall Nunez and Yours Truly who are all hell bent on seeing this party unified. The attacks coming from the Times were written by the likes of the Hon. Mark Espat as the guest Editor, Mike Rudon aka the “Barely Sober” Editor from Belmopan, Dr. Greg “El Bejuco” Garcia and, yes Party Leader, no other than Mrs. “Nada” Garcia (bad communicating “Apathy”). In last weekend’s National Perspective, I uncovered and exposed the alias writer “Apathy” who pens the article “Notions” in the Belize Times (got yu “Nada”). For three straight weeks that column attacked Henry Charles (who she believed was Yours Truly), Said Musa, Ralph Fonseca, the Price family and recently, Rhenae Nunez. Frankly, I was enjoying and looking forward to “Apathy’s” attacks, which have given me much publicity. ”Apathy’s” attacks often come off as quite hilarious and have somewhat exposed the other individuals which she tries to poorly camouflage. I will be greatly disappointed if I am not able to engage her and exposed her for what she is. “Nada” and people like her who surround the Party Leader keep telling him what he wants to hear.

By: Gordon Smith as a new species of dinosaurs - the ones that cannot die; can only switchover), who is considered a flip-flop, uncontrollable, dysfunctional, nasty, rude and downright lazy individual, the leadership of Johnny Briceno will always revert to such predicaments it presently faces with the rank and file of the PUP. For the “loyalist faction”, it will be an uphill battle for the Party Leader to forge unity as long as individuals such as “Nada” continue to function as one of his chief advisors. When Carolyn Trench Sandiford tried to outshoot Arthur Saldivar at the NPC meeting, her cry was that the PUP is definitely going to Belmopan with or without the Perspective (big applause followed). That comment would have come off as serious, but when I looked at the head table, the space for the National Campaign Manager was empty (really, it should be vacated). How the hell are we going to Belmopan when the office of the Chief General of the War, occupied by His Excellency, the Most Reverend, the Hon. Senator Eamon Courtney (oh how he loves titles) is always absent from these council meetings and has no strategy to direct the other field generals and foot soldiers regarding our combat readiness? Do you, Trench Sandiford, think that is fair to the party and to us the loyal foot soldiers? Please get real “girl friend”, Senator Eamon Courtney’s sympathizers (which totals a very, very few) believes that I come off too hard on Eamon. My defense is that the Senator simply cannot handle the huge job of National Campaign Manager. Senator Eamon Courtney is only for SHOW TIME (get the cameras rolling and he will show up). In the Senate there are three PUP Senators. I could bet my last dollar that Senator Lisa Shoman will be the work horse in that Lower House but Senator Eamon will get all the glory and TV interviews. He loves these types of shows, Senator Eamon Courtney, like his friend “Kim B”, will likely be on a magazine cover pretty soon. Like I said, he was a no-show on Sunday for the NPC meeting. Why do you keep snubbing members of the NPC Senator Eamon? It is at these meetings that we want to see and hear about your SHOW TIME ACT. It is plain and simple “G Mike”, Senator Eamon Courtney, the dysfunctional National Campaign Manager plus (+) the mismanager “Nada” Garcia, alias “Apathy”, the lethargic National Communications Director equals (=) Zero, Cero. It is as simple as that Brother Darrel, ZERO, Zilch (how sad?). In closing, I must reiterate that Hon. John Briceno, the Maximum Leader

The Queen’s Loyal Opposition the People’s United Party held a National Party Council (NPC) meeting at the newly refurbished Independence Hall, the party headquarters, on Sunday, December 6, 2008. The meeting was said to be one of the hottest since Hon. John Briceno captured the leadership in March 2008. Shots were fired across the room from friendly and unfriendly forces about party unity and the now famous National Perspective newspaper. But the big shots came from the esteemed attorney-at-law, Arthur Saldivar, who fired the first shot. He was interrupted by the Party Leader who asked him to make his point and move on. When Saldivar demanded that the leadership address the nasty infighting between the Belize Times, the official newspaper of the PUP, and the ever popular but renegade newspaper, the National Perspective, which has wide support from PUPs across the board (and is presently out selling the Belize Times), the Chairwoman, Trench Sandiford, immediately returned fire with much rhetoric sounding more like the B.S. from behind the zinc fence. She ended up having Arthur seek cover from what appeared to be personal and below-the-waist shots. An almost emotional Leni-Jo Usher then took careful aim at the leadership reminding them of the contribution of her family to the party; claiming defense for Henry Charles her son who had been viciously attacked by the Belize Times and the systematic demonization of Said Musa and Ralph Fonseca being referred to as thieves by a certain party official in public. The heavy or what could be described as bunker buster came from Senator Lisa Shoman, who knocked CarolynTrench Sandiford out of her game and quieted her for the reminder of that battle. Senator Shoman caused Johnny Briceño to change his tone and stand on the issues when she reminded the NPC about the ‘big tent’ concept and that the party will only achieved victory when all PUPs feel that they are an integral part of Party. By the time Briceño got to the podium, he was echoing the absolute importance of party unity, acknowledging Arthur Saldivar, Lisa Shoman and others who call the talk show as well as apologizing to Leni-Jo Usher, Henry Charles and the senior statesman Hon. Florencio Marin Sr. and his son the Hon. Florencio Marin Jr. (this was due to the Belize Times’ Headline of last week). The Hon. John Briceno then declared to the NPC that as Party Leader, he will order that all attacks on PUP members cease immediately and if it continues, he will deal with the individuals personally (oh Mike (hic) R U (hic) OK with that (double hic)?). Interestingly absent

then I cannot understand why all the hostility by the others towards the National Perspective. What this columnist does weekly is to warn Johnny Briceño of the dysfunctional people around him especially those that advise him to alienate the many rank and file PUPs like me, blaming us for keeping the party divided. PUPs countrywide will be very happy to learn that the nasty exchange between the Times and the Perspective will come to an end, but that is not to say that the leadership debate will discontinue. Healthy debates between the principal stakeholders of the party are considered good as long as the demonizing of characters ceases. Intelligent debates as a way forward is good for democracy that is why we know that some of the present elected officials of the national executive are not functioning. These debates should encourage them to perform or get the hell out…resign. Many PUPs honestly believe that the nasty exchanges are hurting the party’s chances of forming the next government. However, many understand that the onus to move forward and the obligation to correct the many wrongs that have been done is squarely on the shoulders of the Party Leader. He must start the healing process that should have started a long time ago. Sad to say though, with people like “Nada” Garcia (one of Johnny’s chief advisors also known

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Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Party Leader Declares: “The Attacks will Stop!!”

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of the great People’s United Party, must overhaul his leadership and sack those that are not functioning. Get the National Communications Director to distribute the equity of the party equally and that includes advertising in the Perspective. If it sounds like I’m begging, no problem, after all, we at the Perspective are not SWITCHERS; we are all PUPs. We obviously do have great differences but therein lies the chance for the Party Leader to demonstrate good and intelligent leadership by starting to save this party even if it means compromising with principal factions in order to glue the party together. Neither Gordon Smith nor the Perspective is the enemy of Johnny’s leadership or the PUP. We are trying to make Johnny an effective leader so he can survive the” challenges of the 2010 national leadership convention against the Hon. Mark Espat and the “Zinc Fence, and to shape him as the only alternative to replace the mean UDP government who has inflicted pain and sorrow on our people. We will ensure that he gets stronger, wiser and more compassionate. We are talking about

transforming him as the real social choice, “THE ALTERNATIVE TO THE UDP!” There are foolish and weak people that surround and advise Johnny Briceño. They are imprudent, and are not doing their jobs because they are afraid of being criticized. When “Nada” and the Belize Times refuse to comprehend where the writers at the National Perspective are coming from, and rather stoop to gutter journalism then, I like “Puck” in Shakespeare, must cry out “Lord what Fools these mortals be?” Thank God there are still good people like Said Musa, Francis Fonseca, Anthony Sylvestre, Millionaire Julius Espat, Dan “Crazy Horse” Silva, “Mighty” Mike Espat, and a host of others on the executive. These good ones need to start to act NOW. Please help Johnny, help our Party Leader to not only stop the negative attacks coming from the party’s news organ, but also, help the national executive to unify this grand ole party. Stop all forms of pettiness, vindictiveness and victimization on your members. Those that have Ears to hear! HEAR.


Continued from page 13 continues to push the country to develop what is there in order to become a stronger competitive force in the world of Tourism. Along with demarcating Protected Areas, Belize devised a series of protocols by which developers must adhere to. One such protocol is the required submission of an Environmental Impact Assessment, EIA. Every proposed development must submit an EIA to the relevant authorities for review and subsequent acceptance before the development can begin. This Assessment explicitly outlines the nature of the project, projected outcome and covers all areas of environment impact. As it is written, Belize should never be subjected to significant environmental harm caused by developments that came about in the past decade because of laws that were put in place to protect and preserve the environment. It is necessary to take into consideration the role and responsibility of the government. The Government of Belize is charged with developing the nation and maintaining the environment. The latter is often pushed to the back burner when opportunities for advancement surface. This happens because developing nations gain more recognition for how much they have developed in terms of infrastructure versus how much land, water and wildlife has been preserved. The faith of the environment is determined by officials who may or may not have ulterior motives. To those not intimately involved with the natural world, the environment can be sacrificed because of its perceived ability to renew or take care of itself. Belize has only had small scale anthropogenic environmental threats to date and many have taken that to mean that the country is somehow immune. The Mollejon Project was a much needed one but its location should have been given more thought. It is apparent that the dam blocks one of the widest and most diverse portions of the Macal River. Understandably this was done to generate greater energy from the dam, but the scale of the impact was either overlooked or purposely ignored or underestimated because of the contemplated outcome. Very few dispute the necessity of the dam; but many agree that the Mollejon Project may have had a greater deal of negative impact than was expected. The dam continues to function and serves it purpose while the face of the surrounding environment continues to change. As Belize seeks to further its development, preserve the environment

and enhance its tourism product, more stringent laws are being put in place to prevent further environmental harm and to foster environmental replenishment. NonGovernmental Organizations have also sprung into action to police the tourism industry and other affairs pertinent to the environment in an attempt to prevent the same mistakes from reoccurring. Belize continues to market eco-tourism to generate much needed foreign exchange to better the country and its people and it is known that the industry will only thrive if authenticity is maintained. A more recent venture in Belize, Reef Village, a development that boast of luxury accommodation that ranges from 1-bedroom condos to 2-storey villas and theater fit to host world class acts made its debut two years ago. Reef Village sits on the beach of one Belize’s most prized islands, Ambergris Caye. The developer, Jeff Peirce has taken it upon himself to replant the mangroves to preserve and replenish the natural environment as construction continues. Replanting mangroves also reduces the level of erosion that the island’s coast would otherwise be subjected to. This is a first class destination equipped with the amenities of a developed world but tasked with the responsibility to maintain the “green” of a developing nation. Like the Mollejon Project, Reef village promises advancement for Belize’s Tourism Industry, but success in its entirety depends on how much damage or change to the environment can be prevented. Belize’s splendor was largely thought to predominantly come from the natural environment but recent history has shown a spike in tourist arrivals now that there are developments to enhance “paradise”. If Belize continues to implement and enforce environmental protection laws, the country will be able to achieve its goals. Altering the natural environment is inevitable but the impacts can be minimized. With the right measures taken and will invested, Belize can develop its trade and continue to maintain its protected areas. Editor’s note: Raisa is the daughter of Rhenae Nunez. She is a Geology Major at Binghamton University, New York. Raisa is an honor student doing her mother and Belize proud. This paper was written for one of her assignments in Anthropology.



Derryn Ivana to Darwin George Shivers and Denise Shivers nee King Leonies Christopher to Leon Darwin Gillett and Tracy Gillett nee Usher Hazel Breaana to Felipe Raul Obando and Seidy Obando nee Gonzalez Noah Eddison to Timothy Card and Keisha Marie Card nee Dawson Kaejon Alexander to John Henry Nicholson, Sr., and Kendra Candy Nicholson nee Smith Jehsyka Andazi to Boisrand Austin Panton and Tiffany Panton nee Oshon Israel Benjamin to Wilson Alfredo Castro and Martina Nizeth Castro nee Gonzalez Nevaeh Bibiana Adelicia to Juan Cus and Adelina Biballna Cus nee Balon Maraingelica Carla to Carlos Juarez and Zita Juarez nee Salam

Marriages Oscar Arnulfo Lopez, 22, to Odalie Palma, 16, both of Buena Vista, Toledo District Ruben Leonardo Paau, 24, to Rufina Ishim, 17, both of Bella Vista, Toledo District Lorenzo Pop, 24, to Bernardina Cal, 19, both of San Roman, Stann Creek District Courtney Campbell, 34, to Nikki Stacy Valencio, 31, both of Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District Timothy Marcolino Sho, 23, to Sharlett Teck, 16, both of Maya Centre, Stann Creek District Esteban Ruano, 55, to Irma Yolanda Godinez, 43, both of Blair Atoll, Stann Creek District Michael Douglas Martinez, 26, to Harriet Antonet Mariano, 22, both of Belize City Ervin Gregory Flores, 38, to Kimberly Bernarda Palacio, 30, both of Dangriga Town, Stann Creek District Isaac John Rhys, 33, to Melissa Marie Serabo, 28, both of Dangria Town, Stann Creel District Santiago nelson Bobadilla, 20, of Orange Walk Town, to Indira Andreina Baeza, 20, of Yo Creek, Orange Walk District Alexander Sanchez, 20, to Annie Martens, 22, both of Spanish Lookout, Cayo District Gerardo Klassen, 22, to Liesbeth Martens, 17, both of Spanish Lookout, Cayo District


Luis Rodriguez, 78 Doris Wilhemina Raymond, 80


Two Shop Spaces (Ground Floor) centrally located in Belmopan Through access Street in front of Belmopan Terminal entrance located directly behind Angelus Press Building For Serious Inquiries Call Cel: 666-2290


Sunday, December 13, 2009


Human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). The virus weakens a person’s ability to fight infections and cancer. People with HIV are said to have AIDS when they develop certain infections or cancers or when their CD4 count is less than 200. CD4 count is determined by a blood test in a doctor’s office. Having HIV does not always mean that you have AIDS. It can take many years for people with the virus to develop AIDS. HIV and AIDS cannot be cured. Although people with AIDS will likely one day die from an AIDS-related illness, there are ways to help people stay healthy and live-longer. What Is AIDS? AIDS is the final stage of HIV infection. When the immune system CD4 cells drop to a very low level, a person’s ability to fight infection is lost. In addition, there are several conditions that occur in people with HIV infection with this degree of immune system failure -- these are called AIDS defining illnesses. How Do People Get HIV? According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the U.S. the estimated number of people with HIV/AIDS is about 1,185,000 with approximately 25% of them unaware of their infection. The estimated number of new cases of HIV is 42,000 each year. A person gets HIV when an infected person’s body fluids (blood, semen, fluids from the vagina or breast milk) enter his or her bloodstream. The virus can enter the blood through linings in the mouth, anus or sex organs


(the penis and vagina), or through broken skin. Both men and women can spread HIV. A person with HIV can feel okay and still give the virus to others. Pregnant women with HIV also can give the virus to their babies. Common ways people get HIV: • Sharing a needle to take drugs. • Having unprotected sex with an infected person. You cannot get HIV from: • Touching or hugging someone who has HIV/AIDS. • Public bathrooms or swimming pools. • Sharing cups, utensils, or telephones with someone who has HIV/AIDS. • Bug bites. HIV Tests The only way to know if you have HIV is to take an HIV test. Most tests looks for signs of HIV in your blood. A small sample of blood is taken from your arm. The blood is sent to a lab and tested for HIV.

There are other tests available that check for HIV in the urine and oral fluid. The urine test is not very sensitive. There are currently two FDA approved oral fluid tests. They are OraSure and OraQuick Advance. Does HIV Have Symptoms? Some people get flu-like symptoms a month or two after they have been infected. These symptoms often go away within a week to a month. A person can have HIV for many years before feeling ill. As the disease progresses, both women and men may experience yeast infections on the tongue (thrush), and women may develop severe vaginal yeast infections orpelvic inflammatory disease. What Are the Symptoms of AIDS? Signs that HIV is turning into AIDS include: • A fever that won’t go away. • Sweating while you sleep. • Feeling tired all the time. (not from stress or lack of sleep) • Feeling sick all the time. • Losing weight. • Swollen glands. (neck, groin or underarms) How Is HIV Treated? We’ve come along way from the days when diagnosis with HIV equaled a death sentence. Today, there are a variety of treatments that, when used in combination can significantly slow down and in some cases stop altogether, the

progression of HIV infection. After HIV infection is confirmed, your doctor will start you on a drug regimen consisting of several drugs; combinations of different types of anti-HIV drugs sometimes are called HAART, for highly-active anti-retroviral therapy (HIV is a kind of virus called a retrovirus). Unfortunately, taking HAART therapy isn’t easy. These drugs must be taken at exactly the right time, every single day. Also, a range of side effects may occur, including: diarrhea, nausea, or abnormal distribution of body fat. And, the virus often mutates, or changes, making the treatments ineffective. If your disease has progressed to AIDS, your treatment may also include drugs to combat and prevent certain infections. How Can I Prevent HIV From Progressing to AIDS? You can help prolong your life by taking good care of yourself and insisting on good medical care from a doctor experienced at treating people with HIV infection. Also. be consistent about taking your HIV medications as prescribed. What Is the Outlook for Someone With HIV or AIDS? It depends on how the virus responds to early treatment. When treatment fails to decrease the replication of the virus, the effects can become life threatening, and the infection can progress to AIDS. Even with treatment, some people seem to naturally experience a more rapid course towards AIDS. However, the majority of HIV patients who receive appropriate treatment do well and live healthy lives for years.

can even have it “threaded” by a professional (for example at Rakhi’s Salon) and it doesn’t grow back quick. Brighten up Your Smile Have you visited the dentist this year? For this holiday be sure that there will be a lot picture taking and you want to be able to smile with confidence. Make it a date with your dentist even if it’s just to get a thorough clean, or get a quick whitening touch-up. Get a Manicure Your hands are one of the most visible parts of your body. You may not look at them much, but other people notice them. Whether you want to manicure your own fingernails or get them done professionally, have fun and

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By: Dulce Silva

How to Look Better for the Holidays The holidays are just around the corner and since you’ll most likely be attending Christmas parties and spending the majority of your time with colleagues, friends and family, you’ll want to look your best. Take time to pamper yourself and not pay all your attention to the Christmas shopping and cooking. Take these simple steps to self-improvement and look stunning this holiday! Update Your Haircut When was the last time you got a haircut? If it has been more than three months you should take the time to update your hairstyle. Make an appointment the week before Christmas and get a haircut that flatters your face. If you have uneven hair color, try a hue that’s close to your natural hair color so it goes un-noticed when your natural hair begins to grow. Your hair will be easier

to manage and you won’t have to fuss with it at the last minute. Try New Make-up Change it up a bit this holiday. Try new dazzling make-up, perhaps a new foundation, a sexy red lip color, a bronzing powder or even glitter to add a festive touch. Find out what flatters your face most, and go for it! Don’t try this last minute, experiment days before. Shape up Your Eyebrows Having beautifully shaped eyebrows compliments any face. Your eyebrows frame your face so do not overlook them. Days before Christmas tweeze your eyebrows, don’t over-do it because this may take some weeks to be fixed, or try going for a wax to make it last longer so you don’t have to worry about doing it again for the New Year’s, you

Domingo, 13 de Diciembre, 2009

Edición 68 Vol. 2 - Semana 16


‘COMEN NUESTRO ALMUERZO’ Marc Melville (Jamaican)

Tom Wilson (American)

Yvette Wilson

BTIA FACILITA ESTA JUGADA El gobierno UDP asumo el poder dándole a los Beliceños grandes expectativas prometiendo una vida mejor para todos, pero los único que se han realizado durante estos 22 meses, es causar que la economía se desplome en recesión y la miseria sigue aumentando dejando a miles de Beliceños sin manera de poder buscar el pan de cada día y de proveer por sus familias. Durante la administración anterior del PUP, la economía estaba boyante, había empleos en distintos

campos. Los padres de familias podían proveer por sus seres queridos con dignidad y orgullo porque todos los sectores productivos que hacían crecer la economía de nuestro país estaban floreciendo. Un sector que se veía prosperando era el sector turístico de los cruceros y turismo de vacaciones adonde los guías turísticos tenían una manera de conseguir ingresos para poder proveer por sus familias. Ahora parece que los ‘extranjeros se están

comiendo de nuestra cena mientras los perros comen lo demás’ especialmente porque tenemos a un gobierno incompetente a través del consejo de administración de turismo; han dejado que extranjeros como una compañía Jamaiquina ‘Chukka Caribbean Adventures’ entre y controlen esta area del sector y que se lleven las ganancias que deberían ser de los Beliceños. Todas las personas que han trabajo con el sector turístico incluyen; guías turísticos, la industria de transporte, y operadores

turísticos los cuales han puesto años de esfuerzo y dedicación para elevar turismo en Belice. Desde que el gobierno rojo llego al poder en febrero del 2008, lo único que han hecho es destrozar el trabajo hecho. Chukka es una entidad controlada por la fortuna de la familia Marc Melville en Jamaica. Ellos han estado operando una operación de Turismo de tamaño mediano llamada ‘Bakabush Adventures’ desde el año 2004 juntamente con sus socios, Continuado en pagina 4

BARROW CONTINÚA ENGAÑANDO Implementa ‘LEY MAL PAGO’…. and persiste con mentiras

“La ley y la dignidad Beliceña se honrara, el orgullo y patriotismo y el patrimonio estará sobre todo” Dean Barro dijo durante la adquisición de BTL en Agosto 25 del 2009 Dean Barrow said at the acquisition of BTL on August 25th, 2009. Continuado en pagina 4


Domingo, 13 de Diciembre, 2009


Esta Navidad promete ser el peor en la historia para los Beliceños. Aun bajo los peores tiempos del antiguo gobierno del Partido Unido del Pueblo, los Beliceños tuvieron una abundancia en alimentos, sus piernas de jamón, pavos y refrescos. Este sufrimiento intenso para los ciudadanos dio inicio en Febrero 8 del 2008 y se ha ido recrudeciendo durante su gobierno con una baja en la economía del país. Durante las campañas políticas del 2008,el entonces Líder Opositor UDP declaro que ya contaba con una línea de inversionistas que deseaban entrar a invertir en Belice lo más pronto que el pueblo optara por votar por ellos como gobierno. Su ahora Ministro de Seguridad Nacional había dicho tener un plan de 360º para erradicar el crimen. Durante este último gobierno, el crimen ha escalado punzantemente y el único relevo el que ese Ministro esta confinado en el ‘Templo de Backus’ que es también como una bendición enmascarado porque no puede irrumpir en los esfuerzos de lucha de la policía. El Gabinete de Gobierno UDP ha sido clasificado por Evan X Hyde como una bola de ineptos aunque ahora es un fuerte aliado del UDP. Por esa declaración, es fácil predecir que no será mucho tiempo antes que se frustre o rompa esa relación. Cuando se comience a fracturar dicha relación, el UDP y el Primer Ministro conocerán el veneno de la calle Partridge, una vez más. Actualmente, existe una cordialidad en las relaciones entre el UDP y Kremandala atada por la fuerte suma de dinero involucrado. El Hon Barrow y el UDP ahora son los quienes les proporciona esa suma a Krem. Anterior y después de la victoria PUP en 1998, eran Ralph

Fonseca y Said Musa quienes le suministraban las fuertes sumas a Kremandala. En el 2004, se les solicito a todos para que se fajen y ser más eficientes y la mantra del PUP fue de obtener valor por dinero. Este tipo de pensamiento fue apoyado por todos incluyendo la ACB (Asociación de Beliceños concernidos). El grupo Krem se negó a hacer ningún sacrificio y eso fue el inicio de la discordia con el PUP cuando el PUP redujo sus anuncios. Es la misma situación en que se encuentra Lord Michael Ashcroft y fue porque se atrevió a demandar que Krem le entregara valor por dinero. En su manera típica de operar (estilo rufián), decidieron montar una disputa en contra de Ashcroft y así negar su cumplimiento con el acuerdo. Han montado una venganza para destruir al Lord Ashcroft. Evan Hyde siempre ha sido un ingrato. Cuando el ya no le pueda exprimir mas jugo y le dejen de dar, uno se convierte en su enemigo al instante. Ha tenido estas riñas con el grupo Bowen y Bowen, San Cas, el Gobierno UDP, el Gobierno PUP, y ahora el Lord Ashcroft. Todas estas entidades han sido grandes contribuyentes a la fortuna de Evan X Hyde. Ahora que aparente existir una relación cordial con el UDP, estamos pronosticando que lo más pronto que se seque esa fuente de suminístrales dinero estará buscando hacer un cambio. Ha demostrado en el pasado que tiene la práctica y estilo de comerse su propio vomito. En un programa radial esta semana, el Primer Ministro Barrow advirtió a los Beliceños que le peor todavía está por venir y dijo que no será hasta por allá del 2011, que las cosas se irán viendo mejor. También

declaro que él no le preocupa el estado de la economía. Por supuesto que no está preocupado porque no se puede percibir al grado de aquellos infortunados Beliceños que estarán perdiendo sus viviendas en hipotecas durante este periodo de recesión. Este Primer Ministro insiste en tomar a la población de tontos. La saga BTL es solo un ejemplo del engaño UDP y al fin los contribuyentes de impuestos tendrán que pagar el medio billón de dólares. Ahora, como los contribuyentes podrán pagar tan fuertes suma? Estaremos endeudados hasta el 2049, 2059 o 2069? Evan Hyde, porque no le haces esa pregunta al Primer Ministro, o estás viviendo en el pasado? Hyde tiene culpa también por esta deuda ya que el instigo y convenció al Primer Ministro neófito a provocar una disputa con Lord Ashcroft solo porque Ashcroft se convirtió en un enemigo imaginario de Hyde. El Primer Ministro fue muy dispuesto y continuo con lo más ridículo que cualquier gobierno de Belice pudiera hacer de tomar una empresa telefónica por fuerza y a crédito que tiene menos ingresos y muy pronto estará perdiendo dinero. En efecto, un dinosaurio. Ahora, porque motivo inversionistas optaran por invertir en algo ellos saben será una inversión muerta? La única manera que BTL podrá revenderse será a través de un Acuerdo Cómodo que sea agregada a la compra de las acciones. Ya que los Beliceños no tienen esta cantidad de dinero para invertir, los ingresos de un dueño extranjero, si existe, será enviada al exterior, fuera del país. Podemos ver que este gobierno tiene más consideración para extranjeros y nada de

amor por los Beliceños aunque aparenten lo contrario. Durante esta semana, Operadores de giras turísticas alcanzaron su nivel de tolerancia y lanzaron un ataque contra una empresa extranjera que esta monopolizando todas las giras en Belice. Esta empresa es Jamaiquina y administrada por un norte americano. Pareciera que todo lo que Beliceños están obteniendo es las migajas mientras todos los ingresos en divisas extranjeras están atrapados fuera de Belice, ofreciendo ningún beneficio a la economía local. La Asociación de la Industria de Turismo de Belice emitió un boletín de prensa apoyando a los extranjeros insinuando que los Operadores Beliceños deben aceptar que los están desplazando. El boletín de prensa fue como consecuencia de una papeleta de publicidad que fue circulada al público subrayando los hechos. En este periódico, aplaudimos los esfuerzos de estas personas, o grupo que vio la importancia de dar inicio a una concientización y no permitir que ningún extranjero los desplace. Esto debe ser un buen tema para la Oposición para debatir. Como hemos hecho en el pasado; hemos ofrecido consejos sabios al gobierno y a la Oposición; y ellos no han acopiado. Como resultado han tenido que responder al público porque son temas que ha agobiado al público. Podemos decir con certeza que cualquiera de los partidos político que nos escuchen y sigan nuestro consejo será premiado con el gobierno en 2013. ABRAN LOS OJOS, EL PUEBLO ESTA DESPIERTA!!! Abran Sus Ojos, El Pueblo Esta Despierto!!!


Domingo, 13 de Diciembre, 2009






El proceso electoral estuvo marcado por una amplia participación desde la apertura de las mesas electorales, hasta el cierre de éstas, que inició a partir de las 16H00 hora local (20H00 GMT). El presidente Evo Morales ha insistido en que el proceso electoral de este domingo es histórico porque los bolivianos tendrán la oportunidad de decidir “si siguen profundizando los cambios hacia la democracia o seguir con el modelo neoliberal”. El presidente de Bolivia, Evo Morales, ganó con amplia ventaja los comicios generales de Bolivia y logró su reelección con un apoyo del 62 por ciento, según los sondeos a pie de urna, reportó la enviada especial de teleSUR, Patricia Villegas. Treinta y nueve puntos más abajo se ubica el candidato Manfred Reyes Villa, con 23 por ciento. Los primeros resultados a pie de urna ubican a Manfred Reyes Villa, de Plan Progreso Bolivia-Convergencia Nacional (PPB-CN) con 23 por ciento y al empresario Samuel Dorio Medina, del también opositor Unidad Nacional obtuvo sólo nueve por ciento de apoyo. De acuerdo a los primeros sondeos realizados a través la metodología a boca de urna, el dignatario Morales obtuvo el triunfo en los siguientes seis departamentos del país: La Paz, Oruro, Potosí, Cochabamba, Chuquisaca y

Tarija. Por su parte, el principal candidato opositor, Manfred Reyes Villa, habría sido el más votado en Santa Cruz, Beni y Pando, departamentos que junto con Tarija, pertenecen a la región denominada Media Luna, ubicada al oriente del país, donde existe un fuerte movimiento opositor. En el caso del Senado, las encuestas apuntan a que el partido de Morales consiguió o estaría muy cerca de los dos tercios con 24-25 de 36 posibles senadores frente a los 10-11 que obtendría la formación opositora PPBCN. Más temprano, el Jefe de Estado boliviano, enfatizó que “los resultados de estas elecciones marcarán un otro hito en el país porque dejará de existir la denominada Media Luna para convertirse en Luna Llena de unidad entre todos los bolivianos”. El tercer candidato en disputa, el empresario paceño Samuel Doria Medina, líder de Unidad Nacional (UN), habría conseguido un apoyo electoral de entre el 7,7 y el 10 por ciento. Los medios locales bolivianos ATB, Red Uno y Unitel difundieron estos datos cerca de las 18.00 hora local (22.00 GMT), como establece la normativa electoral nacional. Antes de la difusión de los resultados a


Ministerial de la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas (Unasur), al que faltó la delegación colombiana de alto nivel, se trabajó para constituir a Latinoamérica como una región de paz. En la Unasur, “trabajamos para lo que es el mandato de nuestros jefes y jefas de Estado: una región de paz”, dijo Falconí. Aseveró que América Falconí instó a los gobiernos a trabajar por elLatina ya tiene suficientes desarrollo en lugar de prepararse para la guerra problemas como la falta de El canciller oportunidades, “que la han convertido ecuatoriano, Fander Falconí, resaltó los logros obtenidos en la pasada reunión en la región más desigual”. de la Unión de Naciones Suramericanas Expresó que los países deberían estar en la que se estableció el compromiso enfocados en generar desarrollo y no de constituir a Latinoamérica en en prepararse para la guerra, dijo. y Colombia vienen una región de paz. No obstante, Ecuador desarrollando un proceso de remarcó que el pacto militar colombo negociaciones para retomar sus estadounidense afecta al continente. El canciller ecuatoriano, Fander relaciones diplomáticas, rotas desde Falconí, insistió en que el acuerdo el 1 de marzo de 2008, cuando fuerzas militar que suscribió Estados Unidos militares colombianas ejecutaron (EE.UU.) con Colombia “es un un ataque ilegal contra territorio factor de inestabilidad regional”, en ecuatoriano, bajo la excusa de un momento en el que el Gobierno desmantelar un campamento de la que representa y el de Álvaro Uribe, guerrilla. avanzan en la recuperación de las Con respecto a la gira por España, relaciones diplomáticas, rotas desde Falconí adelantó que se logró un acuerdo con las autoridades de ese marzo de 2008. Falconí, quien acompaña al Presidente país para que los aportes a la seguridad Ecuador, Rafael Correa en una gira social que hagan los ecuatorianos por Europa, denunció que el acuerdo residentes en esa nación europea, sean militar entre Colombia y EE.UU. es reconocidos en Ecuador. un factor de inestabilidad regional que Por otra parte, reiteró que su país no reconoce las elecciones ilegítimas de seguirá afectando a América Latina. Resaltó que en la pasada reunión del 27 Honduras, mientras no sea restituido el de noviembre del Consejo de Seguridad gobierno de Manuel Zelaya.

boca de urna, el presidente Evo Morales, había manifestado en una rueda de prensa ofrecida

por representantes de la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA) como masiva, pacífica y alegre. Fuentes de la Corte Nacional Electoral ( C N E ) señalaron que a partir de las 16H00 hora l o c a l (20H00 GMT) inició el cierre q u e podría

El presidente Evo Morales, apuntó más temprano que estimaba ganar con un 70 por ciento. en Cochabamba (centro), que estimaba ganar con un amplio margen de apoyo, “por lo menos del 70 por ciento de los ciudadanos”, según sus declaraciones. La Constitución de Bolivia señala que un candidato accede directamente a la presidencia, si pasa el listón del 50 más un por ciento de los votos o llega al 40 por ciento de sufragios con una diferencia de 10 puntos sobre su inmediato seguidor. Un total de 5 millones 138 mil 583 ciudadanos, cifra récord en la historia electoral del país, están llamados a votar en las elecciones generales de este domingo donde el presidente Evo Morales opta a la reelección en pugna con otras siete candidaturas opositoras. Los centros electorales en Bolivia empezaron a cerrar sus puertas a las 16H00 de este domingo tras ocho horas de una jornada de votación catalogada

retrasarse en algunas mesas, por la masiva asistencia de electores, para que todos los bolivianos inscritos en el padrón biométrico puedan ejercer su derecho, además continuarán sus funciones aquellos colegios que tuvieron demoras en la apertura. La calma y la ausencia de incidentes ha sido la tónica de la jornada de votación en Bolivia, donde más de cinco millones de ciudadanos estaban llamados a las urnas y donde por primera vez han podido sufragar los habitantes residentes en el extranjero, específicamente en España, Argentina, Estados Unidos y Brasil. La enviada especial de teleSUR al país andino, Patricia Villegas, explicó que según la ley boliviana, mientras hayan personas en la fila de los centros receptores éstos deben permanecer abiertos.

Autoridades Venezolanas decomisan

1650 KILOS DE COCAÍNA La incautación de la cocaína que provenía de Colombia, constituye una acción más de los efectivos de la Guardia Nacional venezolana que en lo que va de año han interceptado unas 56 toneladas de narcóticos. Un total de mil 650 kilos de cocaína de alta pureza procedente de Colombia, fueron incautados este sábado por autoridades venezolanas en el interior de dos depósitos con productos de limpieza, cuyo destino era España, según datos del ministro del Interior, Tarek El Aissami. Miembros de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana (GNB-policía militarizada) y de funcionarios del Puerto de La Guaira (a 20 kilómetros de la capital), dieron cuenta del contrabando que tuvo lugar en la aduana más importante del país. El titular del Interior explicó que el contrabando de la sustancia estaba distribuida en diferentes paquetes que se mantenían ocultos en cajas y se confundían con otras que tenían productos como detergentes y

desinfectantes en su interior. Los funcionarios ya han identificado a seis personas “que no están detenidas pero son interrogadas, y a cinco empresas directamente involucradas en el trámite aduanal” que las llevaría directo a España. El Aissami indicó que la sustancia proviene de Colombia y tenía como último destino España, y formuló “¿cómo sale tanta cantidad de droga en las narices de las autoridades colombianas?”. El ministro agregó que el alijo tenía “un logo de identificación de la organización criminal” a la que pertenece la droga, lo que es “un elemento más para la investigación”, precisó. Esta acción constituye un nuevo resultado de la batalla frontal del Gobierno del presidente Hugo Chávez, contra el tráfico ilícito de drogas, que hasta la fecha ha logrado la incautación de “56 toneladas” de diferentes sustancias narcóticas en este 2009.


Domingo, 13 de Diciembre, 2009

Continuado de pagina 1 los Americanos Tom Wilson y su esposa Yvette Wilson. Antes de expandir su operación en Belice el junio de este año, Bakabush Adventures operaba 11 buses de en asociación con Premier Charters Tour Operators los cuales transportaban los turistas hacia las tres atracciones de la compañía. Hoy, Chukka, con el apoyo y la asistencia financial de Carnival Cruise Lines, doblegada con la facilitación del Consejo de Administración de Turismo (BTB), se les han dejado venir a nuestro país y tomar control de este sector lucrativo. La compañía basada en Jamaica, Chukka Adventures, ahora esta asegurando que la mayoría de ingresos por forma de cambio internacional de dinero es dirigida a bancos en Jamaica y en los Estados Unidos. Mientras Marc Melville presume que es Carnival Cruise Lines quien llamo y lo movió a que tome el trato con Belice. Dice que la compañía hace entre 2millones y 2.5 millones la cual es llevado de nuestro país a otros países. El UDP ha creado una ventana de oportunidad para esta entidad operada por extranjeros. Sin embargo ha cerrado puertas para nuestra propia gente quien se merece cosechar lo que nuestro país los ha dado para sustento. Hay muchos operadores turísticos tal como el transporte público, quien tuvo que despedir a cientos de sus trabajadores porque el gobierno rojo deja que extranjeros vengan a nuestro país para comer nuestra comida. Y los extranjeros después de hacer negocios en nuestro lugar de negocios, se pueden encontrar riéndose todo el camino hasta llegar al

banco. Es sorprendente ver la rápida reacción del la Agencia de Turismo (BTIA) quien decidió distanciarse y expresar lamento sobre un asunto que de verdad afecta a cada Beliceño nomas porque decidieron ignorar el asunto en su principio. Es lejos de la verdad que el BTIA sugería que hay harmonía involucrando todos los accionistas en el sector de turismo. La Agencia de Turismo ha elegido mantenerse callados cuando un asunto en el sector es en detrimento a Beliceños comparado al activo esfuerzo y respuesta para condenar una publicidad protestando la dominación de un corte substancial de este precioso sector. Llamamos a la Dirigente Ejecutiva del BTIA; Deisdra Isaacs y su equipo de expertos a que dirijan sus esfuerzos para proteger inversión Beliceña en el sector y que presionen al gobierno rojo para que paren de jugar sus juegos políticos con gran proyectos tal como el ‘Belize Cruise Terminal’ quien ofrece 5,000 trabajos y que da el sector turístico una nueva dimensión de apoyo. Cuando veamos eso pasar, eso es cuando nosotros seremos los primeros en reportar la seriedad de la Agencia de Turismo sobre una frase dicha al público y así al publico el 4 de diciembre del 2009 la cual dice: “En todo tiempo, nuestras campañas de advocación primeramente son dirigidas para ser ningún daño al esfuerzo hecho, inversión y éxito de nuestra industria de turismo preciosa, pero tener todo el corazón en el intento de hacer encuestas para buscar soluciones a cualquier problema en nuestro sector”

Continuado de pagina 1 Cuidad de Belice; 8 de diciembre del 2009 Fue una jugada y plan audaz cuando el PM Barrow le anuncio a la nación en agosto que el tomara posesión de BTL. Barrow dijo que, esto será para poner un alto a las demandas por el accionista mayores de BTL, quien se cree ser Lord Michael Ashcroft. Mientras esa percepción no ha sido establecida porque el propietario ha envuelto su identidad en un enigma de fondos de inversión. El pleito sigue viniendo y establece el PM Barrow como un inconsiderado mentiroso e egoísta quien no parara por nada hasta conseguir su manera y no importando el impacto a la gente beliceña e economía por sus hechos. Barrow todavía no ha aparecido a la gente beliceña para explicar según a el que nosotros no seremos responsables por la deuda de $45millones debidos al banco del British Caribbean Bank cuando todos sabemos que si somos. Ni el consejo de administración de BTL ni la compasiva prensa puede esconder lo que la gente critica de sus hechos imprudentes que nomas los llevaran mas a la depresión. Presidente ejecutivo de BTL, Nestor Vásquez cuando le explico a la prensa la semana pasada. El dijo, “el julio del 2007, BTL consiguió un préstamo de $45millones de dólares del banco de Belice, Belize Bank, con tipo de interés de 12% la cual sería pagado durante 4 años.” Vásquez luego explico que el anterior consejo de administración sabía que la compañía no iba poder llegar a lo prometido al banco. Pero eso no debería ser el gran caso ya que en ese tiempo la compañía era privada y los asuntos eran arreglados privadamente. La única preocupación de Barrow era de cobrar los impuestos. Cuando la compañía se negó a pagar es cuando el tal Barrow llevo el asunto a la corte y amenazo con tiempo en la prisión. Al fin de noviembre el Belize Bank llevo a BTL, lo cual es controlado por el gobierno, a la corte para recuperar los $45millones de dólares debidos mas el interés. El nuevo consejo de administración de BTL le ha contado al pueblo que Ashcroft uso el dinero para comprar sus acciones en la compañía y clasifico la transacción como ilegal y invalida. Es una mentira porque las acciones estaban en la posesión del banco de Royal Bank de Trinidad y Tobago (RBTT). El RBTT adquirió esas acciones cuando Jeffrey Prosser no pago su deberes con el banco.

En orden para asegurar que el banco British Caribbean Bank no colecte ni un cinco de los $45millones de dólares, Barrow firmo una enmienda de ley no. 130 del 2009 el 4 de diciembre. Esta enmienda a la ley llamada por nuestro periódico como la ‘ley del mal pago’ es una ley que dice que el PM Barrow y BTL, ahora controlada por él, no respetara las cuatro facilidades con las cuales fueron hechas préstamos y hay contratos. Mientras los únicos que si se miran avanzando son su ex esposa, su hijo Anwar y la otra hija Deanne Barrow; todos siendo parte en el nuevo consejo con salarios bien pagados. Según a los firmadores de la “ley del mal pago”, PM Barrow y el Ministro Melvin Hulse dicen que la enmienda a la ley no honorara las cuatro facilidades quienes tienen contrato con BTL. La primera facilidad fue hecha entre el Belize Bank y BTL en la cual fue prestado $45millones de dólares el 6 de julio del 2007. El segundo fue hecho el 19 de septiembre del 2005 en la cual fue firmada un contrato entre Belize Bank, Sunshine Holdings y CAEDMAN Limited. El tercero también firmada el 19 de septiembre del mismo año es un préstamo hecho a Sunshine Holdings por Belize Bank. El cuarto fue realizado el 19 de mayo del 2006 la cual fue firmada entre Belize Bank, Sunshine Holdings Limited, y los fideicomisarios de los fondos de inversión, los empleados de BTL. Lois Young-Barrow, la cual es la secretaria del consejo, fue referida como también siendo la abogada del consejo. Lois y su hija Deanne no serán olvidadas del botín. Deanne apareció en la corte juntamente con su madre en parte de BTL el 8 de diciembre del 2009 para retar la aplicación hecha por Speednet por un paro legal de mover equipos las cuales están en la propiedad de BTL. Las dos perdieron en la corte pero sus cuentas personales bancarias ganaron. Barrow dice que el propósito de la enmienda a la ley fue para poder proveer servicios mejores con tarifas más bajas a la gente beliceña. Los beliceños queremos ver un amejoramiento pero se puede decir que está pasando lo oposito porque mas y mas llamadas empiezan ser cortadas y servicios de larga distancia están desconectados temporalmente y a veces por largas horas. Los beliceños vemos lo que está ocurriendo y lo que vemos los abre los ojos a la realidad de la situación de que este gobierno rojo no está interesado en crecer la economía beliceña pero nomas asegurar el bien estar de nomas ellos y sus amigos.



Aries 21 Marzo-19 Abril

El tránsito de Mercurio y Plutón por tu casa diez indica un periodo donde todo lo relacionado con tu mundo laboral es más transcendente y adquiere más ímpetu. Igualmente le vas a dar más creatividad a tus enfoques o análisis laborales. Refleja que estás dentro de una etapa muy dinámica, llena de actividades. Va a ver movimiento a tu alrededor tanto desde el ámbito profesional como en tu vida social. Si tienes negocios vas a estar más emprendedor. Te vas a sentir muy seguro contigo mismo, tanto en tu forma de hacer las cosas como en tus relaciones.

Tauro 20 Abril-20 Mayo

El tránsito del Sol y Venus por tu casa ocho indica un periodo donde tu seguridad, tanto en el ámbito emocional, como en el afectivo y en el económico, cambia. Ahora puedes evitar los errores cometidos tiempo atrás, tanto en tus asuntos de pareja como en la vida en general. Vas a estar en condición de sacarle más rendimiento a tu experiencia. Revela una fase profunda en lo referente a tus valores más íntimos. El tránsito de Mercurio y Plutón por tu novena casa indica un periodo más activo desde el ámbito mental.

Gémini 21 Mayo-21 Junio

El tránsito de Mercurio y Plutón por tu casa ocho indica una etapa donde puedes descubrir la profundidad de tus recursos emocionales. El desafío durante este periodo está en la forma que tengas de entender la renovación y los cambios de tu vida. Refleja que tu escala de valores aumenta con nuevos puntos de vista. Puedes desarrollar de forma considerable tus contactos más íntimos. Tu capacidad actual para expresar y mezclar la comunicación con el sexo es más fuerte.

Cáncer 22 Junio-22 Julio

El tránsito de Venus y el Sol por tu casa seis indica que el periodo actual es apropiado para tomar conciencia de aquello que no te interesa en tu filosofía de vida. Revela una etapa llena de cambios y de desafíos en todo lo que tenga que ver con tu trabajo, relaciones laborales, salud y las costumbres normales de tu vida diaria. Tu ánimo de participación social te llevará a tener experiencias que te gratifiquen personal y sentimentalmente.

Leo 23 Julio-22 Agosto

El tránsito del Sol y Venus por tu c asa cinc o revela un periodo donde posees un espíritu más c ompetitivo para hacer c osas nuevas. Es el momento de aceptar cualquier propuesta interesante que recibas. In dic a buenas noticias y sorpresas agradables en lo relacionado c on tu vida sentimental. El tránsito de Mercurio y Plutón por tu c asa seis indic a una etapa donde le vas a prestar más atención a los asuntos que se ref ieran a tu salud y al trabajo. Ref leja la impor tancia de que seas muy c onsciente de todo lo que se cuece alrededor de ti.

Virgo 23 Agosto-22 Septiembre

Es posible que te lleves una sorpresa en cuestiones de amor. Mercurio y Plutón transitando por tu casa cinco revelan que debes de apostar por ti mismo. Tu capacidad actual de riesgo es más alta, estás dispuesto al cambio y a conocer gente nueva que te impulse hacia otros objetivos. Confía en ti y despliega todas tus habilidades. Tu mente y tu fuerza de voluntad te pueden abrir otras puertas. Puedes vivir una época excelente para encontrar la persona que buscas. Tus ideas y tu forma de expresarlas serán tu tarjeta de presentación.

Libra 23 Septiembre-22 Octubre

El tránsito del Sol y Venus por tu casa tres revela una etapa favorable para hacer viajes cortos conectados con actividades sociales o con negocios, siempre que tengas cuidado a la hora de conducir. Estás en un proceso personal donde tu vida puede cambiar. Durante esta etapa se pueden acelerar tus proyectos y objetivos de trabajo. El tránsito de Mercurio y Plutón por tu casa cuatro puede provocar dentro de tu ámbito familiar. No es prudente que precipites acontecimientos; actúa con calma. Igualmente es probable que te beneficies gracias a miembros de tu familia.

Escorpio 23 Octubre-21 Noviembre

El tránsito del Sol y Venus por tu casa dos refleja un periodo de oportunidades para mejorar tu situación profesional y económica. Puedes aprovechar este empuje para hacer cosas diferentes que te permitan desarrollarte de una forma más completa. Tu tenacidad y tu fuerza de voluntad te pueden abrir otras puertas. El tránsito de Mercurio y Plutón por tu casa tres indica una etapa apropiada para aprender muchas y distintas cosas. Es el momento en el que tienes que desarrollar todo tu potencial sobre la base de tu propia inteligencia.

Sagitario 22 Noviemre-21 Diciembre

El tránsito del Sol y Venus por tu signo te invita a poner de manifiesto todas las cualidades y habilidades que tienes respecto a tu forma de expresarte y de vivir. Igualmente puedes renovar de forma espectacular tus relaciones sentimentales. Mercurio y Plutón transitando por tu casa dos producen cambios en tu economía y te regala nuevas oportunidades laborales. Es un momento donde tienes que estar dispuesto a conseguir lo que te has propuesto en el ámbito material.

Capricornio 22 Diciembre-19 Enero

Mercurio y Plutón transitando por tu signo mejora y potencia tus relaciones sociales. Quizá ahora tengas más complicidad con determinadas personas o llegues a pactos más consistentes. No te extrañes que tengas más actividad. Igualmente vas a tener que solucionar determinadas circunstancias relacionadas con tu ámbito laboral. Lo que muestres de ti mismo hacia el exterior revertirá en tu interior de forma positiva y renovadora. Es positivo para que conozcas a gente nueva. Te dejarás llevar por tus pensamientos y sensaciones.

Acuario 20 Enero-18 Febrero

Mercurio y Plutón transitando por tu casa doce indican que necesitas orden y control. Refleja que vives una etapa excelente para profundizar en tu vida. Debes percibir con claridad lo que debes hacer ahora para que más adelante puedas mejorar tu rendimiento personal. Es el momento de que encuentres soluciones a problemas o a desavenencias con las personas de tu entorno más íntimo. Deja de aislarte en el ámbito emocional y todo marchará mejor en tu vida. El tránsito de Venus y el Sol por tu casa once marca una etapa donde lo que más te interesa es salir de casa, cambiar impresiones y pasarlo lo mejor posible.

Piscis 19 Febrero-20 Marzo

El tránsito del Sol y Venus por tu casa diez refleja cambios profesionales. Es posible que en el trabajo recibas una buena noticia o negocies algún tipo de contrato ventajoso. El tránsito de Mercurio y Plutón por tu casa once indica que puedes vivir un periodo rápido, donde te ocurran muchas cosas a la vez y donde te puede resultar un poco difícil estar relajado. Indica que estás inmerso en una etapa de relaciones de amistad muy diferentes a las habituales.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

National Perspective December 13, 2009  

National Perspective December 13, 2009

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